Feature Writer: Kim Hall

Feature Title: Satan Son’s

Story Codes: Satanic, Preternatural, Demon, Incest, Whore, Pedo, WS, Scat, Rape, Torture.

Notes: This is the writer’s first story

Satan’s Son

Satan has many daughters, incest daughters thousands of them. But now he was a son so the next daughter on his cock her gave her a son. As she go off she fell to the floor scream and hold her gut as is swelled, she was rolling around like a rag toy scream. It got bigger and bigger and within a very short time, her gut rip open and out came a boy child. The boy grew in from of his father to a man with in an hour.

He looks down at what was his mother and reach down and with one hand pull and he ripe off her tits and ate it. By this time Satan had taken a female and he held her down in such a way that he could face fuck her as he watch he son grow. He look into his son eyes and could see the fires of hell in it. There was his son standing tall about six feet and built like a race horse. His cock was twenty inch long by six inch wide, his balls each where the size of large grapefruit. As he stood there watch the cunt take his father cock his father push her hard down and start to chum buckets of chum in her month and watch as her started to expand and expanded until it was huge and then it exploded.

Cum was thrown all over the floor and you could watch the other girls little girls around the age of six run over and lick the cum off the floor.  Satan then he threw the cunt in to the fires of hell.

Satan looks at his son and said I am sending you to earth. Do as you wish just send me souls. I am given you great power over humans. The ones that love me and you are to break the one that don’t love me. His son smiled and then vanishes.


My name is Susan I am four years old and my brother is John he is six years old we live with our mother she is a drug WHORE. We lived in a trailer park that was the wrong area of town it wasn’t even safe in the daytime. We would watch our mother with men men and more men. They did anything and everything they wanted. Our mother was a whore and need sex for money to get her drugs. As long as the kid did not get in the way she was happy. The boy was born first and he was two when she had her daughter. The son watch as men uses his mother over and over again. He watches her being fuck in cunt, month and ass. As she start getting older and looking worn out she start to do anything to get money. One day he watch as a man paid and beat her and then when he was done he grab her and held her month open and started to piss. When he was done he threw her on the floor and kicks her and left.

My brother and I lived in the same trailer that we lived in a room that you could not get in she was trying to protect us. But we could see everything. As I started grown my bother start rubbing cunt and like and he show me how to play with his cock. By the time she I was four and he was going on seven I was sucking and he was licking each other off. Both were watching their mother being used and this one night, he looks at Susan and said would you like to be fuck me.

I was eleven and he was thirteen. I have been laying beside you for years. You have drink my cum and piss and I know you love it like our mother. That night I laid there next to him and you could hear her our mother be fuck by some guy. She smiled and say take me. Then he rolled on top and I guided his no long cock into my cunt. I felt the head going in and i knew she want it more now than before. He keep feeding it to me. To a point that was to tight and something was blocking the way. He pulls out and was not sure what to do and I said roll over and lay fat on back. I got up and my left her legs over him and took his cock in her hand and guided it to her very wet cunt.

She felt the head go in and when it hit spot where is was to tight and was blocking it she look down and saw the lust in her bother eye and then drop her body down hard and she felt pain and pleasure at the same time. She pushes and pushes until she was flat against his gut. I then raze myself and start fuck my brother cock. I had been drinking his cum for a while and I loves it. Now I am fuck him and loving it and him. He was lying feeling her tight cunt for the first it and if was heaven to him. He felt her fall down and taken it all in. He love what was happen and want it to last but he felt that he was about to cum and we let it happen. He filled his sis cunt with his seed.

After that night we fuck any time they could. I told him that I want to be fuck in my ass. He smiled and I got on all fours. He told me I get the K-Y. I smiled and said – NO. Rape it like they do to mom. We both knew it was going to hurt and he ask me about it.


He took his cock and guide it to my ass hole. He push in a little. He reach up and grab my thighs and ram it home. He ram it and ram it and I was screaming s screaming more and more. Then John, reached around and grabbed my tips they were only little buds but he grabbed the and he grabbed them so hard and I felt ripped them off my chest. I wasn’t sure how long but I loved every second of it then I felt something deep inside me it was coming up like a geyser, and then it happened I came so fucking hard from just being fucked in my ass. After he was done he pulled out of me and I watched him lay down. He was still quite hard and I could see shit and cum on his cock. I smiled a strange feeling deep in my brain I open my mouth and I took him in my month. I have sucked and drank his cum many times and I love it. But this was new and for some reason I loved it just as much.

After that whatever a man did to my mother my brother did it to me. I loved it so much.
As time went by it was harder and harder for my mother to make money. She did some very perverted things. We watched her as a man came in with cameras and recorded her doing a dog. We watched as a man came in and told her to open her mouth and he shit in it and was told to eat it.

Everything that she did my brother and I did. We were once told by her mother that incest was true love. She also said that men rule the world and females are meat for the pleasure.

One day she left her before she left she gave us food and walked out and said should be back about a week later she came home and she walked into the house and she had breast the size of basket balls they stood straight out. Nipples were about an inch and a half long. She was in the house for about a week or two I guess to heal. She had a large collection of drugs so she was happy.

Now we were thirteen and he was fifteen and one day the same man that took her away came beck and clean out the house and set up an equipment to record what was about to happen. We both were watching. As strip all he had on where these black leather straps and he started to take items from a black bag. Mon was standing there and watches as he set up the place known what was going to happen.

He pull out a wipe and start hitting her on her new tit and back. She was crying but said Master please don’t stop. This meat needs your love. We could see his cock it was huge and pointing straight out. Her brought other item and use them. He cut her back and legs and then took what was salt and rubs it into the wounds. He took out fish hocks and inbred them in to her face and leg. He held her down and took and chisels and places it on her finger and cut it off. She started to scream and he reaches in and got a ball gag and installs it and went right back hurt her. We watch him break her arm and he then twists it around like he wants to rip it off. He did same to her leg.

This lasted for hours and the whole time his cock stat hard. At last you could see he was close to being done and he reaches in his bag and out came a large very sharp knife. He reach over to her left tit and in quick move cut it off and mom watch it fall to the floor.

She screamed so loud. He reached over and grabbed her hair and with all his strength pulled her up onto her feet. He said that is for breakfast. He reaches down and gag her other tit and razed her off the floor and again one move and she fell to the floor – dinner.

He then grabs her hair and lifted her up – the knife came down and she flt the other on come off an onto the floor he reached into his bag and he came out with this liquid I’m not sure what it was called but he poured on toward chest and she screamed even you could see could be explained as smoke. He then turns and grabs the ball gag fr from month shoves his cock in her month and start face fucking her. His cock was huge I could think sixteen inches big around as a Coke can. He started shoving not carry if he met a restriction he shove harder you could hear mom begging for air and he would give it to her until he was ready. You could see his cock leave an impression in her throat you could see cock going farther and farther down into her throat. I’m not sure how long did you could tell he was getting ready to explode.

When he removed his penis from her mouth is covered with blood and goo. He looked down and smiled but is cock was still rock hard. He then grabbed her by her hair brought her face up to it smiled and said I’ve always wanted to do this he grabbed her hair and her hair very hard placed his penis into her right eye and started pushing and pushing you could see blood you could you could see liquid he kept pushing and pushing and after a few seconds mom went limp. I looked up and the only thing I could see was half of it in her head.

He dropped her to the floor reached over and took out a very long saw and cut her head off. He placed it into a plastic bag along with her to tits. He went outside came back in and picked up all the camera and took him outside.

After a while he came back in with these red cans and started pouring this liquid all over the floor. He walked over to the place where we would watch,, he got down on his knees and he looked in and saw us both. He smiled and said did you enjoy the show. I looked at him I said yes. Then you better leave.

I look as Susan and could see the lust in her face and she could see the same in mine and my cock. We and saw his light a fire. We gag some cloths and are little boxes of things and ran from the trailer and hid as it went up. He hid out for a couple of days and got hungry and need a place to stay. We knew the owner of the trailer park and he knew us. For some reason he took us to an old trailer. He told me I have to work to pay for a pace to stay and I started the next day.

The trailer smelled of piss, shit and cum, much like our old place. It had one bedroom and bathroom. The rest was one open trailer. It had a bed and the mattress was covered in piss stains. He took it out and return with an old but clean one. He gave us sheets and some food and left. We look at each other and held each so close. I strip and then I strip her in the front room and lay her down and mounted her willing body and fuck her in our place now. We were there for two years. One day Susan came to me when I working outside and told me she was with child. I was so happy for us. We went home and I fuck her cunt and month.

Nine months later we had a son. We name his Robert. My tit were full of milk and Robert suck both tits dry each time she feed him. Her tits did not change much as you hear about when mother do that. If fact hers got bigger, we later found out that she had 38 JJJ tits. There is very little drop in her nipples were about three quarters of an inch long. Both my brother and I loved coming from my tits being abused.

We need to find bigger place now and me a new job. I went to work for a trucking company and was making good money and we found an apartment. We move in and watch our son grow. He became the hit of the complex. Mostly with girls and woman. They would always offer to help Robert. We were happy there. Our sex lives got even more perverted. One night Susan rolls over to me after we mad love and ask me if I would do something to her.

I said sure – she asks me to use her as a toilet. I look at her and saw the love and lust that I knew she want it. In the morning she waited for me to wake and we went into the bathroom. She got into the shower – knelt down and I walk up to her and she took my cock and put it in her month. I was full of piss and I need to go and I did. She could not drink all of it the first time but she tried. I watch her other hand rubbing her cunt and she was cum as I was pissing. When I was finish she look at me smiled and told me she loved me. She took a shower and left to feed Robert.

Robert was now six years old and growing fast. The local woman where over ever more now and held and play with Robert. One day a young woman of around eighteen came and asks to help. I told her to go ahead and I need to take a shower. When I was finished with my shower I walked out of the bathroom and as I turned to go to my room I saw our sons room and here was this eighteen-year-old girl on her hands and knees with our sons cock in her mouth and she was sucking him like there was no tomorrow.

Even at that young age his penis was large maybe about eight inches or nine inches. I watched him grab her ears turn and look at me and fuck her face. He was ramming it hard and he kept on watching me and giving it to her. I don’t know maybe do it but I drop my rope started playing with myself in front of my son got in as he started to ejaculate into her mouth I exploded in front of him. You could see the female she was rock hard shaking body. He pulled himself out and she fell over crying and screaming and thanking him.

She got up off the floor put our clothes and smiled and walked past me like this was totally normal.

That night after John came home he always drank a lot of beer. The type of beer
his urine yellow. I would be waiting for him or I should be in the best waiting for his loving your after he filled my gut with his nightly piss. I told him what happened this afternoon and he smiled and said our son is growing up. About a week later he came home with this girl maybe around 13 they went into his room and you can hear and slapping her and hitting her and you could hear her moans of pleasure. After a while you could hear her scream yes take me do as you wish. Then I heard the familiar sound of fucking. After a while I look in and he was fucking her cunt. By now his cock was about nine plus inches long and he could not get it all in her.

I shut the door and just smiled and finish what I was doing. A while later he and her left. This became a thing as he would bring over girls for and complex and use them. Now one night when he was fourteen years old and we were at dinner there was a young girl around nine years old underneath the table and she was sucking his cock. There was another girl under the table and she was doing the same to his father. There was also another girl she was given by cunt a licking. He looked over at his father and asked dad’s mom taking care of your needs? He looked at him and said yes why do you ask. He said if she is not enough I can get others for us both.

He looked at me and I smiled I looked at my husband and I said whatever you two men wish. We went back to our dinner.

The next day he comes in with this woman she’s about twenty-one years of age you could see she must be about eight months pregnant. They walked into his bedroom and a few minutes later she comes out and goes into the bathroom and gets into the tub. His dad and I were home and he call to us and he asked us to come to the bathroom, as we walked in here was his female he looked at her and said this belongs to a man that wants to kill her but I want to sell or but she needs to be trained. He walked over to the toilet unzipped his pants walked over to the tub she opened her mouth and she had her first of many drinks of piss. After he was done we asked him he wants her dead. Yes it’s his sister and needs to get rid of her. Wow we said and smiled. For the next three weeks we all used her as a toilet. One day my husband walked in and took a knife and stabbed her in her breast. A little while later our son did the same.

She had her baby a girl in the bathtub with about two inches of your in the bottom of. Later that day a van pulls up to the house and a man got out of it was a big blanket and came into the apartment in the next scene you saw was her and her daughter with this man leave. We didn’t even ask we knew she was gone.

A little about midnight my husband and her son left. This left me home alone and I didn’t but I waited until about 2 o’clock and they both came home and they were smiling and saying I was a good I wanted to know what was about so I asked my husband what happened. He told me that Robert and I went hunting and found these two girls about eight years old. We raped them and after we’re done we took him to this one location where every pedophile is at we took her to these bathroom walked them in and left. A couple of days later there was a police report finding to mutilated dead eight-year-old girls.

After that night there was always females in the apartment. I could not do anything they did it all and when they were home. The used them like they were nothing. A couple of days later my son came in and asked me to come into the bathroom. In their was this lady I know and her daughter about six years old they were both naked and he was standing over the top of them and said,

“This is their true value.”

He shit on them both.

I don’t I was doing but log was about a foot long and it stopped. Then all of a sudden it was like he had the runs and it splattered all over the. I looked down to see both of them eating at log. As he got off you could hear the little girl begging for more I was so surprised because I could understand the pleasure she was getting.

One day he came in with this girl of nineteen. Blonde hair deep blue eyes she had the bimbo look all over her body her tits were huge she had a very thin waist she was about five foot six toll she had long fingernails. He took her into the bedroom and started using not like fucking, but beating her. He then took her into the bathroom and used her as a toilet. He walked out with pair pants she came out wearing six-inch spiked high heels. There in face or a mess. They both walked out of the house and down the stairs. There was a big van down there I washed them open the door she got in and shut it and I just drove off.

When we were at the dinner table, he looked dad and ask have you ever been with under six? Here I am listening to my son and my husband talking about taking a six-year-old girl was just like a normal conversation in this house hold. Think most women would not loved it, I loved it so much. My dad said no not six but you I did do one at five.

They both laughed and went on eating dinner.

About a month later Robert asked dad do you think mom is wearing too much clothing? He looked up for second and said yeah I think she should wear less and if she’s going out she should only were what we tell her. Robert look at me and said cunt don’t you think you should wear less around the house. At look and him and again it sound right so I stood up and strip and sit back down and ate my dinner. Dad looks at me and said we need to make some new rules around her. One – we don’t close our doors. Two we don’t lock the front door. Three – what happens – happens and Robert agreed and I smiled. My men were growing up fast.

This went on for a while. Girls – teens and woman coming and going. Both my men were now fucking any cunt they wanted. I would kneel in my bedroom and watch my man with a woman or a girl. He was a Master and knew how to treat them. I was still getting fuck and drinking his piss and eating his shit. But now in front of Robert. Robert was doing the same with his cunts.

Robert was now sixteen and he said we need a bigger place. Also we had use up a lot of cunts around here. That day dad and Robert left after breakfast and drove off.

One day dad and Robert to me that they bought a new place. We went there and it was fucking huge. six big bedrooms with each having its own toilet. The kitchen was a big as our old apartment. Then we went to the basement. I was dark until Master turn on the light. My mouth drop opens not a window. Long and wide as the house and the height well is was a good fifteen feet higher than Master. I started looking around as the men talk and then I saw something.

I went to Master and told him what I saw. He and Robert had to lift me high up to get what is was and it turn out to be a key. One I have never seen before. That is when Robert said what about the door and next thinking we walk up to the sold steel door. I put the key in and it work. We open the door and it was like so fucking dark and then one found a light switch and a red light turn on. Dad and Robert and then I follow into the room stepped through the arched doors straight into a well-equipped dungeon, and felt a surge of pure damned-soul energy that really did drive me to my knees.

It was full with all kinds of items but covered with sheets. To the right was a dark call light was turned we walked down. Hanging from the ceiling were chains and on the end of the chain were callers. Little farther down was cells. Each was about four feet square. On the floor was a drain. A little farther down was these two large steel doors I opened one looked in it was one big steel cage no lights no windows just a cage. Then I heard Robert talking and he was showing dad how to use the controls.

“This one turns on the heat it can get up to one hundred and sixty degrees. This one controls the air-conditioning and he could take it down to minus thirty degrees.”

Turn around we walked back up and we turn to the right and I looked at what I thought to be a guillotine. We kept on walking down the hallway and then there was his big huge tub. My two men looked at each other and smiled. Then we walked back and turned we want to do this big room it look like one of those entertainment rooms. Big seats chairs and a big screen. After this one side was what looked like computer equipment.

My husband and My Master went over and turned on one of the screens and all of a sudden it was this porn flick showing this woman sucking off horse. Then we all went over to the room and in this other big room there was a cross. An old fashion rack with rope and had pulleys and at the very end was this blacksmith forage with all kinds of steel rods and branding.

We went back upstairs and we were looking around. Then there was a knock at the door and incomes this man he turned out to be the real estate agent. He looked at my two men they talked and they were talking about the Internet cable fiber TV fiber water and various other things. Robert says take it how much the men turned around and said I want to open my own adult business and whore house. But I don’t have the cuts. They said how many he said, about twenty-five. What age – he thought for a few minutes and said around fourteen to sixteen years old. They both looked at each other and they said done deal.

We went back downstairs and we went into the entertainment and my Master wanted me to watch this movie okay so we went over and we put on and I watched the man was impaling a small girl of about five years old on a wooden rod you could see her body in this happen all over the place she was screaming she was begging people to stop after a few minutes you could see the tip of the steak come out beside her neck.

He reached over and took his finger and shoved it into both eyes. She went limp and he removed her and took her into this big room with the tub and put her in and he poured this liquid honor the next thing I saw was a body dissolving into nothing but liquid and it went down into the drain she was gone. I turned and looked at my Master, that was the first time that I orgasm without being touched.

That is when I heard that the man that owned the house was kill. The boys started to uncover the items and I could see any item that could be used to torture, and snuff some one.

Before long we had the house set up as a sex house up stars and a death house downstairs. I was made the house slave and while the house was being set up I now had two men using me. Dad and Robert. Robert cock was getting bigger and in some ways I love it more. His cum was nice to drink and he product a lot. I felt high on his piss and on his shit. I was so happy.

Once the house was ready dad and Robert went out and that very day they came back with 8 cunts in their van. From fifteen to twenty-one. They took them down stairs and hock them to the collars. I went down and watch they use knifes to cut away there cloths and not one moved. I knelt down and watch as they went into the back room and I got up and watch them turn on the blacksmith forage. In a little while he was a red hot. I watched them put the various steel rods in the pit and they started to get red-hot. I watched my son pull up this one steel and look at it and smile this is the first time I’ve ever really seen his smile. He wasn’t a normal smile and was a smile of hatred he was a smile of death it was a smile that I never believed I would ever see in this world. I walked over to him and he touched me he says it’s time for you to change.

I felt my body start to change it got taller I was not about five foot ten. I still had large utters, and for some reason I started to lactate. All of a sudden all my hair on my body fell off my fingernails turned bright red my toenails were the same. I smiled at him and I thanked him. My master came over and he looked me up and down.

“Not a bad looking piece of meat.” He said.

I lowered my eyes and got down on my knees and I smiled I knew my place. I was told to get up and I was told to pick iron I looked at one and it had the words slave on it. I turned around and looked at these three women all were niggers. I smiled again and I picked up another I look like the Nazi swastika and I smiled and my son said good choices bring them with you we three walked over to these girls.

He walked up to this one nigger and took the one iron and branded her right breast she screamed in pain. After a few seconds she just knelt there and you could see a smile. That is when Master bent over and he whispered in my ear I smiled and went back to the forge. I came back with another I it look like the Confederate flag. In a branded her left one. They did that to the other three. And they took the other one that said slave and branded the rest on one tit.

There was one girl and my son smiled at her after he branded her he looked at her he unchained walked rover to this big vice he put her head in it and close the vice down down off the breaker or killer but the holder he then went over and got this hammer and chisel and started beating her teeth out of her mouth. I didn’t know why so I said “Son, may I ask why” he said yes this girl’s mouth is for horses cock no cunt should ever want to hurt a cock. I thought about it and he is right.

If a man is in this house you are to ensure that a piece of meat is there to serve. That is a primary rule do you understand that? I said to him what about me. He said no man other than us will use you unless you request something special. I was told that we are going to have a party tonight you need to get food remember you use those girls down there to do your bidding. After I got the house ready I was told to go to the basement and wait. After a while I was ordered upstairs and in the front room was a large group of men, woman, young man and women and little boys and girls. That was the first of many orgies in our house.

You could smell the sex and it was stimulating. I watched this one walk over to this little girl around six and she smiled and said daddy and he looked at her he took his cock and pointed at her mouth and she smiled and she opened it and she took it over to one side a little later I found out who was this boy around fifteen and he was raping this woman and at the same time he was beating her. She was screaming and he was not letting up the next thing you heard was she saying all my son I love you so and then he turned around and started fucking harass and after a while you could tell that he orgasm and he pulled himself out walked over to this other little girl of about eight and he said clean me off. She did I found a later it was his niece.

It went on like that well into the morning and I was still up watching them when the sun was coming up they were all fast asleep. I didn’t believe what I saw it was just pure pleasure. I had my girls come up and clean the house. As time went by people would get up to get dressed and then leave. I watch this one man get up go over and grab this girl about ten take her over to this woman he kicked her and woke her up and said your daughter needs to pay us open your mouth and he lowered her down and she let go mom couldn’t take it all she didn’t miss much

There was nothing but pure sexual lust and I want it too. I look around and we had six large flat scream television with porn I never before seen. Rape, toilet, incest, beast, torture, and even what was happen there. I look around and saw the cameras. It went on for hours and hours and by the time it stopped, I don’t not think a cunt hole was not use less than three to four times. Went I could I could fifteen men and fifteen mothers, nine sons and ten daughters. There was cum all over the place and the young girls were licking it off and were it was. The men and mine site down and talk and the mother where be use as foot stools, I could not hear what was said as I was in the kitchen make food.

This one young man about sixteen or seventeen came and asked me who owned . I needed to be used so I went to my Master. And he was passed out and my son was the same iced bent down and I asked can I be used and Robert said take that boy and he could use . I smiled and they he ask where the bathroom was.

I walk him to it and open the door and knelt down, he walk and as he was doing so crab my hair and pull me in. He told my knee in the shower and walk over and took his cock and put it to my month witch I open and he started to piss. Now I was lower that shit. Doing my men was one thing others was a new low. When he was done he just walk out like I was not even there. I stand in the bathroom and was used but by him. I started to cry not of pain and of happiness.

At the end of the party these four husband came and told Robert that they did not want their wives anymore and could he help them. Robert asks was it sex of what and they said why do I want an old cow when I have my daughters. Robert call to the four cunts all around forty and they were ordered down stairs and I was told to come. This time they all went into the other room.

Robert came back out and when a took four cuts attached to the collar room. He turns what tits they had into large to huge monster tits. He fix up there body’s to handle the weight and make them look not just sexual but could when any beauty contest. He had in his hand four collars. He order them up stairs and took them to the men that gave up there wife’s. All four men looked and there eye open an months drop. These cunts were one in a billion to look at.

These four are from the age of sixteen to nineteen. Trained to be slaves. There whole life is to please. They are not just cunts Roberts said, no one will ever know but you and your family. They well be best friends to your kids, smart at parities and still are a total slave. They do whatever around the house, cook clean even use their mouths to clean you shit and piss from the toilet you used. They will dress to part as you knew house wife. No one will know there true age. Chose one and take her home. Oh by the way your divorce from your old meat will be in the mail by weekend. One ask what did she get – nothing – not even the cloths on her back – no money no kids, and no life. They all left happy and all said see you at the next party Friday.

There were two other families there and Robert went to them and said we are going to have some fun too their dads. He knew that dads wanted to rebuild and reprogram his wife, daughter and son. He said during the party he saw a video or what look like a young teenage girl and she was taken cock in ever hold but all the men were black.

He wanted to turn his one thirteen old into needing and loving black cock cunt. All three holes, cum, piss and shit. He wanted to see a move where she was gang by fifteen to twenty men and when done begging for more. Begging so hard you believe it. The other daughter was sixteen and he wants her to become a toilet whore like her mother. He was not sure how but ask if I could help. I ask about him and am eighteen year old son old.

I want my cock and his to be about twelve to fourteen inches long and when I cum it would full a cunts guts. I want for it to be able to recharge fast and do it again and again. His son said the same thing. He also adds that he wanted to have any female he wanted. Not a problem I said. So do you want your wife and daughters to have hug tit and cum easy and hard? Do you want them to suck any cock and take it all? To drink it all. Dad said yes on his wife and oldest cunts but want to keep the youngest looking her thirteen year old age. But with some tits. I smiled and knew I own them. No problem leave it to me.

The other dad want with his wife by his side turn into toilet love needing begging whore. But he also wanted that her hands and body held so she could not touch the cock and you could see her face in hard lust and begging to be release to touch it. He wanted her tits to be around thirty-eight double ‘G’ and large nipples that pointed up. No problem I said. He want his daughter sixteen and eighteen to love him and only him and become the best slave a man could ever want. No problem.

Dad and Robert took me along and we went to an area of town that was so unsafe even in the day time. It was so bad the cops would not going unless in force. There are so many run down homes and buildings. Drugs, whoring, rape, murder where the norm. We drove around I knew we were going to be safe. I do not know how just knew. We pulled up to this old gas station. It had not been use in years and we went around tot eh bathrooms and we found one mark female. We look in and I just about threw up it smell so bad. Robert and dad said this will work and smiled. The toilet and the sink were full of shit and piss. Shit and piss all over the floor. The other toilet was just the same.

Dad went to the van and came back with a bag. He took out the drill and started drilling holes in the floor and wall. Robert took out a hammer and started to pound a ring attach to a plug into the holes. The hold time I was there I stood and watch. I was made to remove my shoes and stand in the shit and piss. My brain was loving it and the more I love it more I would rub my feet into it. I was then told to use my hand and clean out the sinks and take my blouse and rub it clean. My mine was begging so had to feel the shit and piss in the sink fallen on my feet.

We then left and met the mam a Young black stud. Robert talks to and after a while we left to look at this old house. We went into the basement and it had no widows and only one light. In the middle of the floor was a mattress. You could see it was still wet in piss. Robert said this will work fine and then he said at least twenty OK. No problem he said. He hand him lots and lots of cash and we left and returned to home.
Robert got on the phone and call two number and said that he need there cunts around three next Friday and then say great and hung up.

We got home and I was told to clean up and return to my Master as I left I watch Robert go to the basement. While I was in the bathroom you could hear screaming hard and loud coming from the basement. I started making love to my Master, and in doing so he was trying to tear off my left swollen breast. It did not come off but I sure loved oh god it’s been a while without cock. In the bathroom screaming, hard and loud was coming from the basement. I walk pass as order and went to my Master. We start make love when he tried to rip my left tit off. Oh god it been awhile without a cock.

We were at it for a long time then Robert came up from the basement. I could not here scream all was quiet. He was covered in blood he stood there – He was – there really is no way around saying this – devilishly handsome as he stood in the middle of the room, in a way that would not only make women consider leaving their husbands, but would make straight men reconsider their choices. The first time I had seen him way, I had wanted to smash my cunt onto his cock. But he would have to order it. I would have kill with bare hands any women who got between me and him, or take three men at once so long as he as one of them. I then knew who I was looking at. Satan son, an immoral pimp, you. I do hope you don’t intend to keep me here all the time I hope you send me to your father Satan.

I got up and to him and bet him to take me. Beg like there would be no tomorrow “You have so many jobs to do,” he continued, putting his hands on my shoulders and sliding them down my back, over my corset I was wearing and onto my ass, which he clenched, nails digging in with delicious pain.

“You’ll be run off your feet. Not that you’ll be on your feet much.”

His voice made even my head swim, my hips mashing into his of their own accord, my hands curling into claws on his upper chest. My head darted forwards and I sank my teeth into the perfect band of muscle between his shoulder and his neck, almost but not quite puncturing the skin. He didn’t even seem to notice, but one finger on my ass moved sideways and pressed against my anus, which opened for him.

“What’s my first job?”

I growled into his neck as I moved my teeth sideways and thought them pointy, digging in hard, this time rewarded by a spurt of warm, intoxicating blood.

“Me,” he growled, “I haven’t had my cock in a lust in hours.”

My husband knew I was right and got down and knelled in from of him.

I fuck this oversize cock deep into his now owned cunt meat hole. I don’t know how long but when I began to get impatient for Satan’s son cum, when his voice in my head…

“Anything you wish, my dear.”

“Yes, cum!” I scream in pure lust and love.

He threw me to the floor and look at me and told me to go and clean the basement. I crawl to the door you could here is cum falling from me onto the floor.

I went down and saw what I have never seen before. But I love it and smiled. In the main area was a female hanging by her neck. Her arms were broken and almost twisted off. Her legs were cut from he cut to here foot. She had no tits and I could not find them. I smile and knew he ate them. A woman strapped into a crucifix had this gold cock about two feet long coming out of her gut, her head was laying by her.

I went in to the other room and found one cunt hang in the air her legs and arms rip off her body and a pole shoved into her cunt and it came out her month. It look like someone had taken a blow torch to her tit and face.

The other one was laying on a table, I came around the table. Her eye were gone, the top of her head was cut open and her brain were on the floor. There was a device in her month that held it open like it was about to rip her mouth. When I pulled out the baseball bat her teeth were gone. Her tit were gone. I could smell burring flesh and looked and her cut was burn black.

I knew what to do and went to a room of the television room and start the big huge oven.

I then reach and old broad axe and started to cut up what was a human and threw them into the ovens. I continue clean to rooms.