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AUTHORS NOTES: This story was originally written back in 2005. Thought I would re-upload again for anyone who missed it the first time (It was progressively uploaded on “Lollywood” from 10.12.2011 and fully uploaded on ASSTR on 14.01.2012). This was the very first story that I ever wrote and draws a lot of semi-autobiographical inspiration.

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Under My Bed (A Bedtime Story)


Some children really don’t like being left alone in the dark, and become anxious when the lights are turned off in their room. Instead of falling asleep, they become very alert, hearing monsters every time the house creaks, or ghosts with each gust of wind outdoors. Many child try to overcome their fear of the dark by leaving the bedroom lights on, or the hall light on and the bedroom door open. This is our protagonist, aged ten years old with a very active imagination, he could have sworn that there was a monster lurking in every shadow. This irrational fear of the darkness, coupled with religious teachings about the existence of demons and devils led to many nights of abject terror. On his eleventh birthday, all of this changes.


As far back as I could remember I was really scared of the dark.

This probably doesn’t sound strange for a young child. Maybe it was my imagination or that I had seen one too many bad horror movies — though I really doubt it. As far as my memory serves me, I could not sleep at night unless I slept with the door to my bedroom wide open, so that the ambient light from the long hallway could shine brightly into the far reaches of my bedroom.

Another little idiosyncrasy was that I would never even allow my hands or legs to dangle over the edge of the bed or even be exposed from below the bedclothes. My blankets were tucked in tightly – just in case the monster under my bed would try to get me.

My childhood bedroom was very small, with just enough room for my bed, my small desk, and an old antique wardrobe (that had a large dressing mirror on the inside of the left-hand-side door). The best thing about my room was the large bay window with its broad windowsill that looked over the street from the upper floor of my family’s two-story semi-detached home. This is where, on cold days, I would lean up against the warmth of the radiator and draw in my sketchbook until I was told that I had to go to sleep.

I would always try to stay awake as long as I could – sometimes my mother and father would let me sleep in their room, but as I got a bit older, this soon stopped. I would tell them about the monster that lived under the bed, but they would tell me not to be such a baby, that it was time to grow up – there was no such thing as monsters … they were so wrong!

I told my mom that I heard things move in the middle of the night and that I could sometimes hear whispers from beneath my bed. She told me that I had an overactive imagination and that it was probably the sounds from the television downstairs. They made a joke of my fears, saying that I was just being a crybaby — They just didn’t understand how terrified I was.

At bedtime, I would undress quickly, put my brightly colored flannel pajamas on, and jump onto the top of my bed, so that I never gave the monster the chance to reach up and grab me. Sometimes I would surround myself with an army of soft toys for protection. This was my fortress of the night and I thought that they would protect me from the monster from the underworld beneath my mattress.

It was the night of my eleventh birthday when this all changed.

I was the smallest among my friends, standing only four feet and eight inches tall. I was also certainly the youngest in my school year. The new school year had just started and I distinctly remember one of the older boys talking about sex. He had mentioned that sex felt like rubbing your penis with slippery soap in your fingers and palm. I thought it sounded really interesting — though I guess I was really naive about the whole thing.

School finished at three-thirty in the afternoon and after the half-hour walk back home, I had about two hours until my parents would return from work. As I was all alone, I thought I’d try an experiment. It was curiosity more than anything else. So, I went to the upstairs bathroom. I pulled my pants down and got myself erect. I soaped up my fingers and began to rub myself … it certainly felt soapy I guess … but nothing much happened. I really wondered what all the fuss was about and disappointed, I dismissed the thought until that night in bed.

It wasn’t even my bedtime when I said to my parents that I felt tied and was going to bed. They were preoccupied with eating dinner and watching television or something, so I went upstairs to my tiny bedroom.

I pushed the door closed to slip into my cozy flannel pajamas – but instead of opening the door again and immediately slipping under the protective layer of bedding, as I did every night. I just stopped.

My heart was racing a million miles an hour with the strangest thoughts – my pricklet tented the front of my PJs. I slipped my hand beneath the hemline of my pants and felt the tip of my small hard penis which had become wet with sticky fluids at the tip.

I pushed the door shut again, just to make sure it was securely closed.

… And turned the lights out.

It felt weird …

I had never done this before but for some strange reason, I was no longer afraid. I swear, it felt naughty but nice. I stood in the dark for a few seconds, as my eyes grew accustomed to the low level of light.

Everything was very quiet.

“Take them off.”

I heard a purring whisper from within the darkness of my room.

“Take them off and lie down.”

It was kind of hypnotic.

In a trance-like state, I slipped out of my pajamas again, leaving them on the floor in a heap beneath my feet. I then lay naked on top of my bed. The dark silence was buzzing around me. My penis was very erect and it felt very naughty being completely naked and hard laying there above my bed cover – something I had never done before.

“Touch it … touch yourself,” the almost inaudible voice said, “Touch yourself.”

It felt so weird and surreal. Like it wasn’t my own hand, though I know it was.

“Rub yourself, like you did today, only much, much slower …” the whisper ordered.

I draw my foreskin back and forth slowly with my thumb and forefinger. More sticky fluids leaked from the tip of my little hard penis. It throbbed beautifully. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh! I liked it. The wetness continued. Beads of stickiness formed at the tip with every successive slow stroke.

“Taste it. Put your finger in your mouth …” the voice told me very persistently.

I rubbed the fluids between my fingertips and then brought them to my lips. The taste was slightly salty, but not unpleasant.

“Rub faster … rub it faster …”

The faster I rubbed the more the sensation grew in my groin. Like tingling heat. Growing and spreading through my entire body from my head to my toes.

I felt a kind of guilt like I was breaking a law or doing something that you have been told was not allowed, even wicked or bad or evil. I wanted to stop myself, but my hand had a will of its own, rubbing my foreskin back and forth, faster and faster.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh …”

Suddenly without any warning, my entire body began to shake violently. It was a tremendous shudder, like nothing I had ever felt before. My whole body felt like it was convulsing. More liquid shot from the tip of my penis, across my chest and face. Like a bolt of lightning had hit me or an uncontrollable electric shock?

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh …”

What had happened? I was panting heavily from the unexpected experience. I didn’t understand what had happened. It felt good. Really good. But at the same time, I felt bad. Really bad. What had I done? I just wasn’t sure.

All I knew was that this must be a bad thing and that I should never do it again.

What would Jesus Christ think? Years of Sunday School and bible classes filled my mind. Jesus, our Savior (who died on the cross for our sins) could see what I was up to. What about God Almighty? Oh dear? The angels and the saints? I was still trembling inside as I tried to catch my breath. This must be the most sinful and wrongful act I had ever done.

The shock I felt was a reminder not to repeat these actions ever again.

It was the monster. He was up to something.


The next evening took forever to come around. My penis had been hard at school all day, chafing left and right, against the rough material of my school shorts. I must pray to Jesus Christ and never repeat this terrible wicked thing. I must ask for his blessing and guidance, strength, and forgiveness. If I don’t ever do this again, could I please still go to heaven? The monster under my bed is very bad. I defused my responsibilities for my own actions, saying to myself that it was the monster’s fault — not mine.

I continued to further consul my bad behavior by telling myself that I must sleep with the light on for the next few weeks to completely get over it — with the door wide open and no privacy. Yes, that was the plan.

But as night came, my penis couldn’t wait to take me to bed. I quickly closed the door and didn’t even bother with my pajamas.

Turning the light off again.

There it was that fantastic buzzing feeling of doing something extremely bad and taboo. Naked and hard, I lay back on the cool material of my bedding, eager to start playing with myself again. The urge was irresistible and built quickly and was unbelievable – it felt inevitable and completely unstoppable!

Taking my little boy-cock in my hand and rubbing it slowly at first, it felt so very wrong, but I didn’t seem to care anymore. In fact, it felt more fun because I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this bad thing to myself. My dead relatives in heaven could see what I was up to. My grandmother would turn in her grave. My simple thumb and forefinger strokes were replaced with an iron-fisted grip … squeezing hard on my thin cock shaft.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh …”

That feeling again. It felt so naughty. So nasty! My breathing became shallow and short as the erotic sensations built inside me.

“Put your finger in your bum while you rub yourself. Push it in further … that’s it, doesn’t it feel nice … Yes, why not think about your young friends … ah … all naked, rubbing themselves just like you … playing with their little cocks … wouldn’t it be fun to watch each other do this … maybe rub each other … maybe suck each other …”

These thoughts were just too much. I began to jerk violently again as I did the night before.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh …”

Uncontrollably so. I sprayed my cum across my chest and chin – when the shaking and trembling subsided. My monster hadn’t finished yet …

“Eat your spunk for me …”

I gingerly tasted it, and then taking a small glob of cum I smeared it across my lips. It tasted soapy and salty. I took some more. That night, I quickly fell asleep dreaming of things I could try to stick in my bum while I masturbated with my monster.


The next day was a complete blur.

All I could think about was masturbation. I started to fantasize at school about my immediate circle of young male friends, wondering what it would be like to have sex with them, to suck them, to fuck them — sodomy was so forbidden. Anal sex between young boys.

Night after night, the voice from beneath my bed filled my head with strange fantasies that seemed to get more and more bizarre, especially for one so young. When sex with boys seemed to get a little less shocking, I thought about being tied up and forced to participate in pagan sex rituals. A young boy, probably my age was tied between two vertical poles that resembled the shape of erect penises.

“Suck him … knee before him and suck him till he spurts … drink his nectar …”

The voice seemed to be emboldened by my eagerness to allow these thoughts to play out – and though only fantasy, it was as if I were the monster’s willing student.

Every night my thoughts and fantasies become more perverse than the one before.

It was delicious!

“Fuck him for me. Fuck his ass. Cum inside him. Shoot your spunk up his asshole. Fuck his tight shitter!”

Yes, I thought. Fuck his unwilling arse. The unwilling boy would scream in pain from my anal fucking. He would beg. But his pleas would only inspire greater evils.

“Whisper it … say it out louder … I want to hear you say it …” my evil monster urged.

I saw myself as a high priest overseeing a perverted sex rite.

“Rape him, let the orgy begin …”

It felt sexy just whispering these profanities. The more perverted they were, the faster my heartbeat. Again, I trembled all over. My heart felt like it would explode. Then I squirted hot semen across my face and pillow.


One night, I was so eager to begin my taboo masturbation games that I completely forgot to use the toilet before bed, and consequently, my bladder was very full.

I was about to dress in my pajamas and run to the toilet down the hall when the voice said to me,

“Stop! Don’t waste it … I want you to pee in your hand and rub yourself.”

This is weird I thought, but I did it. A small amount of pee dribbled out of the end of my erect cock – it was hard to pee when I was so excited. But my heart beat faster – as fast as it did the first time I listened to the voice. This was a sign. I really liked the sensation of my piss-wet fingers rubbing up and down my shaft. The smell was slightly acrid, but not too pungent.

It felt dirty, disgusting, and very nasty. Soon I had another earth-shattering orgasm – I was hooked.

After that, I kept an old dirty towel under my bed – close to my monster. So he could smell how nasty I had been. I would lay it across my bedding before I lay down.

“Piss over yourself for me — I am Piss God — worship me with your urine. Masturbate and piss-wank!”

My monster had a name.

“Piss God. Oh, hail, Piss God.”

He was bad. Very bad and in my fantasy world, I was dancing naked around a huge erect phallus, urinating over myself and my nasty brotherhood of perverted boys. It was an all-boy piss orgy, climaxing in the arse rape an unfortunate sacrifice to our beloved Piss God!

“Hail Piss God! Hail Piss God!”

As my tribe of cannibalistic nymphomaniacs would descend upon our victims, first piss-drenching them, then preparing to violently rape them and consume their innocence in the name of Piss God! I didn’t hesitate to join them in their chanting …

“Hail Piss God! … Sacrifice to Piss God! … Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Sacrifice!”


I began to really dig the smell of urine on my skin whilst in my masturbatory trance. With one push too much, I pissed across my face. My tongue licked my lips. It tasted like salty water. I grabbed a glass from my nightstand and urinated into it until the glass was half full. I put it to my lips and drank a few sips, then a mouthful. I feel so nasty. My cock exploded in screaming pleasure.

“You honor your Piss God by drinking his sacred elixir.”


At school, besides noticing young boys, I had started to take an interest in girls too. My friends and I started sharing porn magazines filled with tits, bums and vaginas. I dreamed of more elicit material – bestiality, boy-boy sex, golden showers, anal – but I would have to wait a few years before getting my hands on what really turned me on.

A chance comment by a young friend, Perseus, whom I had fantasized about more than a few times, was to introduce me to what he called a hermaphrodite – that was half boy, half girl. With both a penis and a vagina.

This had a profound effect on me. My cock hardened immediately at the thought of such a divine creature. That night was dedicated to the worship of a glorious phallic goddess, a hermaphroditic goddess, who would make me suck her tits, balls, cunt, and enormous cock. Then drink her delicious piss.

“And eat her shit!” the evil voice added.

Sucking a nasty finger or two from my arse play was quite a different thing to actually eating my own arse fudge. But I let the fantasies build. Voodoo drums beat loudly and a chorus of naked boys chanted.

“Piss God! Piss God! Piss God!”

My dirty towel stunk of weeks of stale piss. I loved it. It was a full moon and the light illuminated my perverted games. I left the wardrobe door open so that I could watch myself in the full-length mirror (that was on the inside of the open door).

That day I had painstakingly drawn a large penis effigy in my sketchbook (being careful, not to be caught doing it).

I turned to the page and propped it up to worship before it. I had also secretly taken one of my mother’s best crystal champagne flutes from the display cabinet. I quickly filled it with my dark yellow urine. With great concentration, I knelt over a small bowl. As my bowels opened, I felt a large turd slip from my arse. The smell was very exciting.

The concept of evil was something I was very familiar with and afraid of. Even my wildest fantasies had always known there was a line. But tonight I felt differently. I felt darker. I welcomed this evil.

“Drink your urine in worship of the Prince of Darkness …” said the voice as I watched my reflection drink my strong piss brew.

I studied myself as I pounded my young cock meat, head filled with evil and forbidden thoughts.

“You are now ready to taste the bitterness of Satan’s feast …”

Beating my cock as hard and fast as I could, I knelt down over my first offering to the Devil. I felt slightly lightheaded as I inhaled deeply the disgusting vapors from my stinking feces …

“Eat from the altar of your Master … worship Satan …” the voice insisted.

My mind was filled with a demon orgy of evil children, just like me, all fucking and sucking on our unwilling victims, their pathetic cries for mercy were like music to our ears, as we saturated them in our pungent hot urine and smeared their tear-stained faces with our stinking shit. As I drew my tongue along my nasty turd, the revolting taste triggered my orgasm and moaning lewdly.

I groaned uncontrollably as I sprayed my milky cum over the mirror.

I felt so exhausted and weak from the sheer strength of my orgasm, and as my softening penis dipped with transparent fluids, I could not believe what I had done.

It was as if the voice of Satan had called and I had answered. Hail Satan!

After that night, my sexual thirst became unbearable. I could no longer wait until the night, to masturbate. At every opportunity alone, my hands would be in my pants playing with my stiff little boy-rod.




My monster had told me to invite my school friend for a sleepover. I had never had anyone “sleepover” at my place before and I was worried that my parents would say no.

They didn’t.

So I did as I was told (by my monster) and was very excited when Perseus accepted my invitation to a sleepover without hesitation. He gave me one of his warm smiles that made my balls twitch. Fuck, he was hot. I wanted to suck his cock so fucking badly. I also wondered what his piss would taste like. As we walked back to my house from school together it was really hard to hide my erection. I couldn’t help noticing that Perseus found it hard to hide his too.

Once in the front door, we both dropped our heavy school bags. I shouted to my mum that we were home and we both ran upstairs to my room. My mum shouted to us to keep the noise down and play quietly.

Yes … our evil little playtime was about to begin.

I closed my bedroom door quietly and as I turned around, Perseus stood next to me – very close to me … we looked at each other like two very guilty co-conspirators. I was shaking inside with the sheer excitement of the moment. He made no attempt to disguise the obvious tenting of his pants. Our hard-ons were almost touching. I ran my fingers across his magnificent bulge. I could feel his cock move inside his pants as it responded to my touch. He let out an almost inaudible moan and his hand reciprocated across my eager crotch. I pulled his body against mine, and we began to grind our hips together, dry-humping our hard little cocks against each other. It took only seconds before we put our hot young mouths together and Perseus’s rough tongue snaked between my teeth.

Mum called us for dinner, so reluctantly we straightened ourselves up trying our best to conceal our stiff little cocks, and headed downstairs. At the dinner table, Perseus drank three glasses of juice and winked at me. I did the same. I hoped that we would be able to recycle them later. He had the face of an angel … but the mind of a wicked little demon … I thought …

It got dark and quiet early at this time of the year and after dinner, Mum and Dad retired to watch the box as I predicted – so we immediately took the opportunity to disappear back upstairs. I told him not to worry and that they wouldn’t disturb us, as they are always busy and never come upstairs until well after my bedtime.

I was eager to take up where we had stopped before dinner, and Perseus wasted no time as he leaned forward and kissed me on my open mouth. I turned off the bedroom light and the room burned with a devilish glow from the streetlights. We quickly stripped and the smell of naked boys and dirty little cocks filled my bedroom. I could not take my eyes off Perseus’s hairless cock as it pointed to the ceiling. I wanted it in the roof of my mouth as I had imagined many times in masturbation.

Perseus lay down across my bed and I joined him. The heat of our bodies feel so good, as we slid our hairless torsos together and I took his fabulous penis in my hand for the first time, I could not wait to suck on his hot hard flesh – between my lips, it felt better than I had ever dreamed of. I stroked the tight flesh at the base of his shaft, as I sucked his knob as hard as I could. Perseus’s mouth felt like an expert, as his tongue worked on my immature cock and balls.

“Let’s worship Cock God and drink his forbidden wine!” suggested evil little Perseus.

He didn’t have to ask twice, I thought. As Perseus urinated into my open mouth.

Perseus dug his fingers deeply into my sweaty anus, as I returned the watery favor. Pissing a nasty mouthful down his urine-thirsty throat. There was just too much to swallow and our bodies quickly became damp in spilt urine. The smell was incredible – much better than just my own urine smell alone. Both of us were now breathing in short shallow and heavy pants of excitement. We lay face to face, our pee-wet cocks rubbing furiously against each other, as we tongue kissed to taste each other’s pissy mouths. Perseus urinated between our bodies as we rubbed together. I wanted to save my bladder for somewhere else.

Eager hands pulled my small ass cheeks apart, as I did the same. Entwined again in a sixty-nine, each of us masturbating ourselves, this time we both feverishly lapping at each other’s rectums, firstly sticking our tongues into each other’s filthy sphincters and then trying to tongue-fuck each other’s as deeply as possible. The nastiness of this moment was unbelievable.

With the mental picture of sodomizing each other, I took the initiative and knelt behind Perseus. Putting the head of my stiff penis against his tight little hole, he pushed back onto my cock shaft, sinking my cock-head beyond his opening and into the fuck tunnel of his virgin anus. It felt so tight and so good. I began to slide slowly back and forth, and Perseus met my every movement – his hand worked his cock and balls, as he thrust back against me taking my pissing cock deeper into his delicious bowels.


After that night, Perseus and I met for regular sleepovers, when we weren’t sucking and fucking or pissing into each other’s mouths. We were scheming new perverted ways to serve Cock God. He told me that he had been initiating some sex games with his younger sister.

The nasty fuck!

First, it had been “Show me games”, then getting her to play with his hard little cock while letting him finger fuck her tiny bald cunt. This had eventually lead to them licking and sucking each other’s genitals … He had not fucked her yet, saying that he had been saving that so that we could both use her for some Satanic incest fun together – I was already imagining her tiny little body, bound with arms held high, our eager cocks pounding her hairless pussy and ass together (even feeling our cock rubbing together inside her as we both pressed against the thin membrane separating her two fuck holes).

Perseus lived in an old Victorian-style house, his elderly parents were never home. His dimly light basement was previously unused. It was stacked up with dusty old boxes, and newspapers and it smelt of stale piss like an old pervert’s toilet. It was the perfect place to convert to our private temple, a sacred place that we could dedicate to our evil master, who demanded more perverse sexual rituals of both of us. And Perseus’s cute little baby sister would provide us with our first conquest.

It was early Friday night and Perseus’s folks were going away for the whole weekend. I had been invited over for a sleepover to keep him company, while Perseus babysat his own kid sister. What parents would leave their kids along with a nasty perverted child like me? Cock God must have intervened. Hail Cock God. Hail Piss God. The scenario was perfect. No interruptions, no adults, and no limits for two whole days (and two whole nights!) You could almost hear our hearts beating wildly and racing with adrenaline, both watching from behind the net curtains as his parent’s car pulled out of the driveway.

We wasted no time getting naked, throwing aside our clothes, chasing each other around the house, and screaming all kinds of obscene profanities, as our stiff little cocks drummed against our bloated and urgent bladders. I smiled to myself, as my heart beat loudly in my chest, thinking that Satan would already know what we had in store!

As we climbed the stairs to his sister, Kay’s bedroom, Perseus put his forefinger to his lips as a signal for us to be quiet. My dick was already dripping with pre-cum and Perseus was masturbating himself slowly, as we watched her playing in her room through the crack in the door oblivious to our evil intent.

Perseus whispered in my ear to stay out of sight for a moment, as he entered her room first. Kay looked up at him naked and erect. She grinned at him knowing that, with mummy and daddy gone, they were about to play “Sex games” again. Without a moment of hesitation, Kay gripped his penis and took it willingly into her perfect little mouth.

I nearly blew my load watching my young demonic lover, about to commit incest with his younger sister in the name of Satan. It was so evil! Soon she was naked too, Kay’s little buds for pre-teen breasts and puffy cunny looked ripe for sacrificial rape! Perseus fucked her mouth slowly, obviously teasing me, as they both moaned loudly and uninhibited without any adult supervision.

Perseus waved to me to join them. I wasted no time. I wanted to sink my cock into this nice little virgin cunt or better still, into her virgin ass. I had never fucked a girl before. The fact that they were both brother and sister turned me on even more … Standing next to Perseus, we tongue kissed while his sister watched with her mouth full of her big brother’s cock. Her little hand reached out to stroke my cock. I pushed her hand away and told her that she had to first make a promise. A promise to our true god, the Devil!



We quickly moved our kiddy orgy down to the basement. Perseus and I had taken a little time in preparing and redecorating with stuff we found lying around among the piles of junk and old boxes down there. We had started by scratching in chalk a crude phallus across one of the walls, followed by inverted crosses and Devil’s pentagons.

A dank mattress had been placed in the center of the room. On one side was a low altar made of boxes covered with a simple black cloth, upon which we had placed an old dinner plate, a faded metal goblet, and a phallic-shaped “Candle-cock”. Behind the altar stood a large dressing mirror, peppered with corroded silver from age. On the other side stood a high-backed armchair, its upholstery and stuffing had seen better days. We had removed its seat area to make what we called our “Toilet throne”.

A rusty candelabra burned with an orange glow, our perverted shadows cast eerie shapes across the stark brick walls of our dungeon lair and as we got started the basement took on a fiery red light from no apparent source. It felt stiflingly hot and sweaty, but I liked it. Naked and all very excited, we gathered in a kneeling position, just as our teacher had told us, in front of our makeshift altar and awaited his next words. Perseus and I flanked young Kay, both our cocks pointed upright in salute, dripping with anticipation of what will happen next.

Holding her immature labia apart we had the perfect view of Kay’s torrent of hot delicious piss as it noisily filled the goblet. Taking the brimming vessel of urine, I offered first to Perseus to drink, then Kay, and finally, I consumed the last third. Her piss tasted different to mine, but I liked it. Licking the spillage from my boy-fingers, I watched Perseus lapping the piss droplets from around his sister’s pinkish little cunt lips.

All innocence was gone from Kay’s little face. She was one of us now. Obviously enjoying her nasty tasks, she grinned at the kinkiness of this new endeavor as she squatted over the plate. Kay was now slowly finger-fucking her virgin cunt. Looking more cock-hungry and whorish every second. Three demonic children filled with perverted lust.

Perseus and I started to suck her little tit buds and masturbate ourselves until a familiar odor told us that something was emerging from between her spread legs. Cocks in hand in masturbatory prayer, we both knelt on either side of her rear opening, so we could both watch her deliver this unholy offering. Unholy birth. The smell of fresh young girl shit was such a turn-on … I wanted to cum immediately, just from its sweet-foul aroma alone. And then the sight of watching her soft brown ropy turd slide from her tight hole. It hung for a few seconds, before breaking off and falling onto the plate. It was almost too much to take.

Perseus and I wasted no time in taking advantage of her girl-shit offering. We both took a handful of her fresh shit and brought it to our noses to inhale the heady scent. Fuck it was sublime. My tongue snaked out to flick along her brown meaty filth and taste its evil bitterness. Fuck, we panted loudly together, grinning at each other in our collective depravity. Cock God. Piss God. Shit God. We smeared her slimy feces over our rampant cocks. We rubbed it across her flat childish chest and covered her baby cunt and ass in ritualistic enthusiasm.

Hail Satan. Hail sexual perversity. Kay groaned as she touched her shit-coated clit.

It was time to empty our bloated bladders as we eagerly drench ourselves, and each other, rubbing the sweet piss wetness over our skin. Perseus and I both aimed our pissing cocks over his baby sister, making sure she was truly soaked in our hot salty liquids. We wallowed in the divine taste of our fresh urine and inhaled like connoisseurs, the strong concentration of dark yellow urea. Beneath us, the mattress had turned a messy light brown with our disgusting piss-and-shit cocktail.

I told Perseus to fuck his baby sister’s virgin cunt with the “Candle-cock” and we both held it steady as Kay positioned herself over it. I casually glanced sideways in the old mirror and caught sight of what should have been our reflections.

But, instead of seeing the three of us reflected there, what I saw, were three red-skinned creatures with small horns — two naked demons furiously masturbating their elongated cocks and rubbing dripping cock heads together. Their cock shafts were as thick as our arms. And there was a third, another androgynous demon — unblessed both a cock and a cunt. With head thrown back and mouth wide open, the futa madly stroked herself faster and faster, as she slid up and down onto the “Candle-cock”.

My concentration was momentarily broken as Kay screamed in agony as her body weight took her down the length of the “Candle-cock”. Her hymen penetrated, she started to fuck up and down on its thickness. We both licked at the blood smears between her legs as she lifted herself up, to then descend again taking more and more of its length into her young tiny body.

Our pale young bodies were drenched in piss, and smeared all over, with brown streaks. We frantically rubbed against each other, frotting wildly, until Perseus began to mount his incestuous little sister. The little incest priestess used her tiny fingers to guide her brother’s pulsing cock towards the opening of her tiny labia. We all sounded out of breath, gasping for air and panting loudly — sometimes groaning from sheer wantonness and deviant delight.

Perseus pushed forward so that the rounded head of his wet penis was inserted inside the opening of his sister’s bald mound. Kay began to moan lewdly, almost insanely, as her older brother began to enter her virgin cunt. I stood behind her and held her tiny waist as I prepared to push my cock into her delicate rectum.

“Oh, fuck yer.”

My slim little cock could fit, but it was still deliciously tight. There was almost an audible pop as my cock head pressed past her sphincter. Her poop-hole muscles gripped my shaft. She rocked back and forth between her brother and me. She screamed louder and louder in both pleasure and pain as the three of us exchanged saliva-drenched wild tongue kisses.

I caught myself looking up again into the old mirror at where our reflection was supposed to be. I remember the rush of sexual butterflies in the stomach, that I had felt observing the disturbing scene of the demons in the mirror. Had it been my overzealous imagination? Fired by my unnatural interests in devil worship, succubi, satanism, sexual vampires, witchcraft, black magic, and voodoo? An evil and demonic dream? Or was it a vision of our own collective horniness?

Our mutual corruption overflowing, driven by nefarious lust and an awakening of the darker side of our own sexual awareness — as if infected by sex demons. Or was it our rejection of religious and spiritual goodness, embracing evil and willingness to decent to the fiery depths of Hell itself?

The reason was unbeknownst to me.

I simply didn’t care a fuck. All I knew was that there they were there again. The demon that was I, looked back unblinkingly and apologetically at me. The demon’s impish expression was twisted in obvious enjoyment of the sheer vulgarity of this situation. I watched myself, as my demon slavishly buggered the young girl. Its thick-veined cock moved in and out increasingly intensity-moving piston-style as my demon victimized her gaping anal hole.

It looked like pure evil.

Perseus shuddered and began to scream loudly as he came hard inside his baby sister for the first time. Shooting his pre-teen seed, penetrating deep into her immature womb. He fell backward, exhausted, onto the dirty mattress after his cock slid from between shit-stained thighs. He grinned broadly, saying all kinds of cock-worshiping, blasphemous vulgarities as he watched me sodomize his younger sister’s ass. Fuck yer! Fuck yer! He kept saying over and over as he rubbed his cock back to a fully erect state.

Hard again, he wasted no time in positioning himself behind me — effectively, making me now the meat in this new sandwich.

I felt the heat of Perseus’ wet mouth as he pressed against my neck — almost chewing at my flesh. He pressed his narrow finger against my puckered anus. The first digit sank into the first knuckle and then the second, as he began to finger-fuck me. I cooed in double delight.

With every thrust of my cock into his baby sister, Perseus’ slender fingers wormed themselves deeper and deeper into my bowels. He leaned heavily against my sweaty back and whispered more wickedness into our ears, corrupting me beyond any possible redemption. Unholy love. Shameless perversions. Incestuous rites. Evil intentions.

I desperately wanted him in me, to fill my boy-pussy as I fucked his tiny sister. I wanted him to fill my filthy bowels with his rock-hard pissing cock. Fuck me, I said in my mind — too animalistic to form the actual words. I needed no words. He sensed it. He intuitively knew what I wanted. Soon the three of us were sodomizing each other in a daisy chain of impish perverted lust.

With every thrust of his delicious cock in my shit hole, massaging my ripe prostate, I could feel my orgasm building fast inside of me. It was just too much for my young mind to take. Like a chorus of sex demons all screaming as my monster did all those nights ago, I felt the moment arrive — I was about to explode in orgasmic delight — a cum like I had never experienced before. I pulled my shit-stained cock from Kay’s poop tube. Bucking uncontrollably, my white-hot sperm erupted across her little baby’s back.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!”

Finally, we all collapsed together. Naked and totally exhausted we lay across the filthy mattress. It felt like I was awake but at some level of consciousness. I must have been aware that I was already dreaming. Knowing that it was a dream and therefore giving in to its corruptive narrative without question — slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss of my own perverse nightmares.

It was as if I had crossed through the mirror surface into the demonic never world beyond. The first sensation was that of a hot breeze sweeping across my naked body.

I stood on the outside of an ivy-covered wall. An ancient old wall made of heavy irregular moss-coated stones that continued, in both directions, as far as the eye could see. Only broken by a single small wrought iron gate, decorated in an ornate phallic latticework of interlocked erect penises.

Even in this dream-like state, my senses all tingled with the anticipation of both fear and delight.

Still, despite my trepidation, I had to know what dark secrets lay beyond this imposing wall. But, even in my dreamlike state, I was acutely aware that this was not merely a gate, but a metaphor for a choice. A dark choice that must be made. To not pass through the gate was to reject this path, but to enter was an act of commitment into the unknown, a journey into a villainous purgatory. I instinctively found the gate handle and turned it without a second thought, its smooth girth and shape resembled an erect penis in my hands and as I turned it to open the creaky gate inwards it felt more and more like human flesh than cold metal.

Inside, the gate closed behind me. I could smell the sickly sweet fragrances of an overripe apple orchard that thinly disguised the more base, evocative and primitive smell. It was the stench of sexual arousal. Inside this hidden garden, all seemed peaceful, calm, and tranquil. The twilight reduced the trees to mere silhouettes against a blood-red sky.

My eyes began to adjust. In the shadows close to where I stood, under the heavily knotted branches of a giant old apple tree, there lay asleep a young girl. Naked, she lay across the virginal earth. She appeared to be about the same age as me. Her raven-black hair and blunt fringe were in sharp contrast to her pale translucent skin.

Her body looked so firm and silky … a young girl about to blossom … pure, perfect, and untouched … in my mind, she could have been Eve and this could be Eden.

But I knew it wasn’t.

This place was about corruption, perversion, and a fall from grace.

As my monster slowly revealed his true identity to me, so it was that I instinctively knew that all before me was also evil and twisted. My shadow side grinned as my mouth salivated. My hands touched me. My cock was hard and dripped with precum.

The serenity of the moment was suddenly broken by a low hissing sound.

Above her sleeping head, hanging from one of the low branches was a long black snake. Until it moved, it had appeared to simply be part of the branch. It uncurled its twelve-inch length. It descended. Sliding slowly and deliberately down across the girl’s bare shoulders. Its slimy wriggling length made its way across her small puffy chest and down between her open legs. The sleeping girl parted her thighs in anticipation of the serpent’s course.

I lazily stroked my cock as I watched in my own private bliss.

The snake hovered its head in front of the girl’s hairless genitals, probing, tasting, and hissing as its forked tongue gently teased her underdeveloped clitoris. Her body responded to its gentle caress. And in her comatose state gave into these primitive urges.

I saw her back begin to arch. Droplets of sweet girl sweat began to form across her face. She moaned lewdly. Her body twisted and wracked by jolts of ophidian pleasure as she climaxed again and again. The serpent began to enter her. First, the serpent’s diamond-shaped head pressed through the girl’s vaginal opening, pressing it wider as its girth filled her. Then, as the girl continued to groan out loud and wriggle and quiver in perverted pleasure, the entire reptilian length of its scaly body entered her. Finally, as its pointed tail disappeared inside her virgin flesh, I heard the sounds of primal creatures celebrating this unholy union.

As the snake vanished completely into the body of the lithe girl. I sensed that this divine young Eve had joined with the evil serpent. And as the metaphoric process continued, I glance down between her open legs What I thought was the head of the snake re-emerging from her vagina, looked more like the head of an erect penis, and as it grew forth from between her legs. Obscenely banana-ing upwards. It was not a snake but seemed to be more like an extension of the girl’s own tender young flesh — in the shape of a hard, thick, veined cock.

Her transformation complete, she stirred from an unconscious state with eyes, not that of a young nubile girl, but that of a wicked cock serpent. They looked at me. I saw them as depraved, deviant, and needy of sexual gratification. She stared straight at me, her small fist began to stroke her enormous appendage, its bulbous helmet head dripping with slimy fluids. An evil stench fills the air, a fowl concoction of cum, feces, and urine.

The garden itself transformed into a burning red graveyard of evil stone gargoyles, all endowed with enormous erect cocks. All around was filled with the sights and sounds of depraved orgy of naked young boys, like me, all worshiping Satan! Everywhere I looked, the garden was filled with a brothel of sin, boys were masturbating, cock sucking, sodomizing each other … a group of boys restrained a singular victim will a flaccid penis, he screamed for being repeatedly raped in every orifice by the young brethren of the Devil.

With a serpentine-like hiss in her tone, she spoke to me.

“Long I have waited for you, hidden in the shadows. I have guided you. Shared a sampling of my evil pleasures with you. Yes, my wait beneath your bed has not been in vain. Young sex demon your journey to Satan is just beginning!”

As I climaxed in my dream, I simultaneously awoke to a shower of fresh cum steaming out of my throbbing little cock.




Every summer holiday as far back as I could remember was spent at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in the countryside and this year was no exception. My parents would make the twenty-mile drive out of town, down winding country roads, cross the rolling hills, and through the endless tree-lined fields. They would leave me with my Aunt, who was my father’s youngest sister for the entire school holiday – a period of six weeks that seemed to stretch, at my age, for an entity. I loved it, without my folks around I could do pretty much whatever I wanted. And I got away with murder. Usually at the end of my holidays, when I would have to return to school — I would hate to leave.

I loved the secluded old ivy-covered mason style, with its rambling gardens surrounded by dense woodlands as far as the eye could see. As my parents pulled away down the sweeping gravel driveway, my Aunt and I stood together and waved goodbye. It was now time for some cookies. In my Aunt’s house, there were always lots of nice things to eat and drink. My Uncle was never around and never knew the reason, so besides my Aunt potting around her enormous estate, I was pretty much left alone to play carefree.

People would say that we looked a lot like each other like she was my mum or more often, my big sister. I liked that. She always looked so well-groomed and perfect in her attire. Everything matched everything else. With her girlish face, strong eyebrows, and slender nose. I guess she must be thirty-something, but her spiky fringe made her look much younger.

In previous holidays I would explore this fantastic old house, and play all sorts of childish games in the huge gardens and surrounding woodlands. But this holiday was different. From the moment I arrived, it was not the same place. My eyes saw things in a new light this summer. I guess my monster had changed everything. Nothing would ever be the same again – not even my childhood playground. My Aunt told me to take my rucksack upstairs and unpacked.

The old house had many rooms, some musky, dusty, and seldom used. My rather eccentric Aunt had collected all kinds of art and sculptures from a myriad of origins and they were scattered throughout the house. As I looked around the guest bedroom, some of these objects that had eluded my scrutiny until now… what appeared previously as strange and curious, actually on close inspection was incredibly erotic and illicit. Some of the paintings were weirdly demonic in theme, symbols of occultism, witchcraft, satanism, paganism — some even baphometic. My little cock became rock hard examining a very evil phallic Indian statuette, the dark mother Kali Ma, perfect for insertion into my anus I thought. Another of a demonic Priapus-like figurine with disproportionately large genitals.

I picked it up and eagerly licked its rampant cock.

The night here was incredibly dark. Without any street lamps, car lights, or the glow from neighboring houses, there was nothing to break the inky blackness and thousands of stars that filled the night sky. Also at night, there was no sound. Coming from a busy city, this was something I was not used to. This time I actually looked forward to some nasty fun in the dark silence of this new and exciting erotic playground.

It had been late in the afternoon when we first arrived my Aunt had run a bath for me, as she had done every night of my stay in previous years. The guest bathroom smelt of a particular brand of soap that my Aunt favored. The bathroom itself was large by my family’s standard, everything was sparking clean as I was the only one that ever used it.

She watched me strip down and as I glanced in the mirror I noticed an exciting twinge come across her face at the sight of my skinny naked body that immediately made the blood surge to my cock. Undressing in front of her was actually exciting to me. I quickly jumped into brimming bath water that was filled with soapy bubbles, so that she wouldn’t notice my arousal.

I remembered being bathed for years, even a vague recollection of shared bath times many years earlier. In those times seeing my Aunt naked was nothing unusual. Bath time was always fun. Splashing her, climbing over her, swimming around her soft form. But that had been a little time ago now.

Taking a wash clean from the sink, my Aunt bent down over the bath rim and rubbed the soapy water across my back and down my arms. It felt slightly abrasive but refreshingly pleasurable. She soaped my chest and stomach and reached down between my legs. She rubbed the coarse material of the washcloth up and down my crotch.

My cock responded to her firm touches that had discovered my excited state. She was now masturbating me very slowly through the material that was now wrapped around my cock and balls. I didn’t say or do anything, just sat in the bathwater as if everything was normal, but I knew it wasn’t.

It felt dirty and horny and I wanted to moan for faster movement. I wondered if she was aware that she was actually masturbating me. But I continued sitting there as if I was unaware of what these sexual sensations meant. Maybe she had done this before and I had not understood the significance. Fuck the way she was rubbing me was bringing me dangerously close to orgasm.

She abruptly stopped her tease game and turned to retrieve a thick white towel from the rack. She told me to climb out and stand up on the thick bath rug, so she could towel dry me. This time I made no pretense to hide my hard little member. She slowly towel-dried me, again paying special attention to my stiff little genitals. Again, I pretended as if everything was perfectly normal, though I yearned for release. It didn’t happen.

As I stepped naked into the guest bedroom my freshly pressed pajamas were laid across the big double bed. My Aunt pulled the large ceramic chamber pot out from under the bed and told me to “Do my business” before getting into bed. I never quite understood what the necessity was to use this antiquated device when the bathroom had a perfectly good toilet. Before I had always just done what I was told.

I pulled my hard pecker downwards under the lip of the pot and let a little stream of dark yellow piss pour forth into the cool ceramic container as my Aunt watched. A small ‘plop’ was followed by several more and I was done. The warm dry washcloth was rubbed across my genitals and anus hole. My cock was sure to drip urine and pre-cum, while my dirty little ass leave a nasty long skid mark in the cloth.

My heart raced a million miles an hour with lurid thoughts, about her motives and what exactly she was going to get up to whilst she thought I was fast asleep. She helped me step into my pajamas, and her face was very close to my stiff member, I thought for a moment she was going to take me into her mouth, but she pulled the elastic waist up and over my waistline and patted me on the bum.

She pulled back the bedcloths and I jumped in between the cool crisp sheets. She leaned over me, telling me to have sweet dreams, and kissed me goodnight on the lips. Retrieving the tainted bowl from the floor by its antique handle, she turned the light out and closed the door.

I immediately jumped out of bed, diving my hands into my pajama pants and masturbating myself vigorously. I slowly opened the door to the guestroom and looked down the long corridor. It was all clear. My Aunt had gone to her bedroom taking my preteen offerings with her. It felt so nasty pretending to be naïve, leading my Aunt to think that I was unaware of what games she must have played for many of my young years, preying on my unsuspecting innocence.

Maybe the door would be locked I thought. It wasn’t. And I silently slipped into the dimly lit room. Black candles burned and the pungent smell of incense filled the air. She must have prepared this before I took my bath. I quickly hid behind a large wooden chest of draws and as I inched forward I had a perfect view of my Aunt kneeling naked in the center of the large carpeted room. Her clothes had been removed, scattered across the room in some haste. She was breathing heavily and was so eager to begin her evil little ritual, that she was too excited and totally oblivious to my presence.

Between the naked rear of my kneeling Aunt and a large oval standing mirror was the soiled cloth and ceramic chamber pot. With one hand between her legs, pleasuring herself, and the other bringing the cloth to her face. She first inhaled the smells from the raw cloth, tonguing the shit stain from my ass and wiping. She then soaked the entire cloth in the piss and shit mixture of the pot. Her slender fingers worked her fuck hole that drips with her slimy cunt juices.

Bringing the piss-soaked cloth to her mouth she sucked at the trapped fluids in the material. I have an unobstructed view of her reflected in the mirror — but I don’t see my Aunt, I thought I saw a demon smearing my small shit pellets across her small chest, then bringing her dirty fingers to her mouth.

The demon was panting and whispering to herself.

“Oh, Master of all Evil. He must be close to the age of knowing. His urine and feces taste better each year. Let me be the one to test him. So that we may offer you sacrifice. Oh perverted demon I have waited so many years to openly abuse this child. Let me take him and use him for our mutual pleasure.”

She picked up the chamber pot and drank its disgusting contents.

She convulsed in our own private ecstasy.

A voice in my head said, “Yes, you want more. Her soul is yours for the taking.”

Silently I move back into my bedroom and slip beneath the light bedcloths in fake sleep. A light from a crack in the door fell across my face. And as the light faded, I quickly removed my pajama bottoms. As my eager cock demands attention with manipulative thoughts of my new situation. The predator will be come prey I thought. Soon my perverted, devil-worshiping, Aunt is doing anything I want.

I was looking forward to bath time the next day.

All day I had been imagining all sorts of situations involving sexual activities with my Aunt. When I heard the sound of the bath water running, I flippantly asked her to join me like we did years ago. My request was unexpected and caught up in the moment she hesitantly agreed. As we stripped naked, I made it no secret that my cock was very hard. Not in boyish fun, but in a sexual thirst.

My Aunt’s body was firm and slender, her breasts almost flat and boyish. She got into the shallow water first, maybe out of initial embarrassment, as it had been many years since we had done this. But I kissed her full on the mouth, the point of my tongue forcing its way between her puckered lips. She was shaking with excitement. I reach below the waterline and lift the plug. As the water quickly drained I climbed onto the edge of the tub facing her.

As I touched myself lewdly in front of her, she looked hungry and excited. One of my hands fingered my anus, whilst the other idly stroked my penis. She was now crouched on all fours in front of me, her nipples pointed like bullets and her shaved cunt glistened with fresh sex juices. I told her that loved our bath times, but this time I needed to make pee-pee. I looked coy and desperate, but my hand thrust up and down my cock flesh. As I pointed my cock towards her upturned face I started to urinate over her.

‘Drink,’ I ordered as she gulped like a dying fish at my acrid yellow piss stream.

Her mouth quickly followed the piss to its source, sucking my hard little cock in her hot lips. Her mouth felt like a tight cunt, sucking, licking, and scraping the edge of her teeth against the delicate underside of my penis.

The smell of my urine filled the air. I told her that I was thirsty too, to which she grinned evilly.

“You are quite a little devil aren’t you?” she remarked, in a mock telling-off tone.

She picked me up in her arms and carried me into her bedroom and to a door to a room that I had not entered before in all my years of staying in her house. Inside the small windowless room, every wall was covered with images of child pornography, of huge cocks entering young bodies, men sodomizing young boys of my age, men fucking flat-chested young girls, boys sucking other boys, girls licking mature shaved cunt lips and sucking their filthy asses, children performing oral sex with various animals, young open mouths drinking piss from older children. Intermittently, images of demonic worship, devils with erect cocks, perverted shemale succubi.

The room was perfumed with the dank smell of piss and fecal matter. It was her temple of perversion, dedicated to her own deviant demons of lust (her monster).

We tongue-kissed for a long time. I could taste my piss in her saliva. As we broke from our wet kiss, she laid me on my back across the putrid floor and squatted over my face.

“Drink young demon, long I have waited for this moment. And tomorrow you will meet many others like us.”

My tongue briefly explored her loose labia and thick clitoris, before she began pissing into my open mouth. Her piss tasted strong and heady. There was just too much to swallow, as the deluge poured forth and drenched my face, hair, and upper body, as I wallowed in its depravity. She panted heavily. Her shit quickly followed and as it filled my mouth cavity with its foul stench and equally foul taste, she moaned lewdly.

“Hail Satan! Hail Satan!”

It was as if I could feel the years of her patient devotion to Satan, waiting for this very moment of release.

I was looking forward to meeting others like me.




It was late Sunday evening and the sound of church bells filled my head. It was still very hot and sticky. Sitting in the uncomfortable hardwood pew, I looked up at the oppressive Gothic ceiling of this gaudily old medieval church. It had seen better days and the centuries of filth actually made it look more ominous and imposing.

It was to be the last mass for the day and the gaunt-looking priest stood in the pulpit to give his sermon to the faithful. He spoke slowly and deliberately. His voice drifted across as if the sermon were directed at me. Maybe it was.

“… And so it was that the great serpent walked erect like Adam and Eve and was equal in height. It could talk and was in the habit of conversing with the first woman on earth. It was clever enough to meddle in the lives of the first humans and to offer them the benefit of counsel. To be sure, it was bad advice. Slyly the serpent induced Eve to desire the fruit of the forbidden tree. Gently and cleverly it pointed the way to disobedience of the divine command. And as the woman fell to the serpent’s wicked will, so did man.

“It was by the guile of the serpent that Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden towards a life of sufferance for disobedience. For the serpent lusted for Eve. It had seen Adam and Eve in their conjugal act and was animated by a passion for their sexuality. It sought a union with Eve. An evil and corrupt union. For the serpent was the first illicit desire of sex, the first thwarted passion of love, the first struggle with animal desires that transgressed and perverted love of all that is divine.”

His words cast a strange spell over me. His imposing way and angular face expressed his deep appreciation of this story. My little cock was rock hard and made a damp patch against the fabric of my shorts. As my mind filled with images of falling on my knees to suck his nice big juicy cock beneath his religious vestments. To taste his delicious pre-cum and suck his hairy old sacks dry.

The priest called forth the small congregation to receive communion. I watched my Aunt kneel at his feet and receive the “Body of Christ”. I watched her tongue extend to lick the tips of his fingers as she received the wafer. He leaned forward, with words only for her ears. Then they both glanced back silently over at me. I wanted to taste his piss. I wanted to be drenched in it.

I waited silently excited, as the service continued, with more prayers and songs of praise from the choir of alto young voices. I exchange a glance or two with a young feminine boy in the choir. He looked uncomfortable with my measured stare, as we looked at each other just a little bit too long. Suck. Fuck. Suck. This priest was making me feel so horny!

As mass ended my sexy aunt sat next to me. She placed her coat across my lap and fondled my private parts discretely. My aunt’s fingers masturbated me as we waited. I wanted to moan but had to stifle my voice. She told me to be patient. That I am to be tested by a high priest later in the church library. Testing sounded serious. But exciting at the same time. I hoped that the testing would involve something nasty.

As the church emptied slowly, we remained behind until the last of the faithful had finally gone home and the church helpers had closed the doors.

Finally, the hall was completely empty and my aunt stood up. She leaned back against the rear of the pew in front of me. She lifted the hem of her short shirt to show me that she had no underwear beneath her skirt. As she exposed herself, she pulled my face forward against her hot sex. She tasted of salty urine. I sucked hungrily at her labia and hard clit (that resembled a little cock). I pushed my tongue between her pussy flesh and into her wet fuck tunnel as she gyrated against my face.

It felt dirty doing it in a holy place. Doing sex things in the House of God …

“Fuck Jesus. Fuck God!”

I thought about worshiping Satan as I masturbated and sucked my aunt’s hard clit-cock. I wanted to do much more, but my Aunt pushed me back against the wooden pew. She pulled her skirt back down and wiped my face with her hanky. She tongue kissed me, tasted her own juices in my mouth, and led me through the doorway towards the hidden church library.

She knocked on the old solid-wood door and awaited a response. Someone observed us through the peephole and I could hear the unbolting of locks as the door opened.

The young choirboy, whom I had stared at during the service, attended to us at the doorway. Close up he looked good enough to eat. His soft blond pageboy hairstyle framed his pretty little face and made him look no older than about eight or nine years old. His effeminate gestures made me want to fuck him even more. He silently ushered us into the library and locked the door behind us.

Inside the sparsely appointed library, which was not very much bigger than a double garage, there were a few high-backed wooden chairs, a long desk, a couple of stalls, and a red cushioned prie-dieu. The walls of the library were filled with rows of old dusty volumes.

The thin priest sat at the desk pawing over a leather-bound book opened across it.

He looked up to the heavy publication and acknowledged us. My aunt sounded very subservient as she introduced me as the “Boy that she had spoken about”. The priest responded with a knowing nod, telling her that she had done the right thing to bring me to him. He looked at my aunt sternly and said that he could smell her cunt on my face, that I was to serve only the “Serpent”. She went to respond, but he told her that she was to be silent and only to observe. He offered her his hand and she sucked his forefinger, bowed demurely, and sat down on one of the high-backed chairs.

He pointed to a stool in front of the desk. His hungry dark and piercing eyes viewed me like a piece of meat to be consumed.

He asked if I had understood the service. Was I familiar with the stories of the Serpent? I nodded. He added that, in fact, it was the Serpent that gave Adam and Eve the glorious gift of carnal knowledge. Did I know what carnal knowledge was? He didn’t wait for an answer. He continued to say that my aunt was a devout believer, a loyal servant of their faith and that she had asked the high priest to help me understand the ‘Way of the Serpent’. He explained that the Serpent was indeed a noble, divine, and sacred creature; that I was in fact, privileged to be considered to offer one’s service.

He told the choirboy to remove his vestments and to pray for “Purity of thought”. The nervous young kid immediately removed his clothing and nervously knelt naked at the prie-dieu. He kept his eyes lowered as he began praying his little heart out loud.

“Bless me, Father, this, forgive me, Father, that.”

I could not but look on hungrily at his gaunt nakedness. His thin, puny body inspired devilish thoughts in my mind. A nasty lust festered in my groin as I could not prevent myself from imagining fucking his sweet little mouth; then bending him over and sticking my hard little cock into his bum hole. Doing it, I mean, sodomizing him before my Aunt and the evil priest would be so unreal.

My cock was hard and throbbing.

Then the priest called me to sit on his lap. Dirty fuck, I thought, I know what he wants (and I wanted to). And sure enough, as I sat on the edge of his knee, his large sweaty hands held my narrow waist and drew me closer to his burning crotch. I could feel the stiffness of his erection pressing upwards against my rectum. I could feel it hot and throbbing against my rear.

I wriggled against it — teasing the old fuck.

Yer, he definitely wanted to stick it into me and he panted with wicked anticipation. He began to whisper obscenities in my ear, as his hot tongue snaked its way inside my earlobe. He said unholy and blasphemous things that made my cock twitch. Carnality was next to godliness. His breathing deepened. He was panting heavily and frotting against me. He said something about the many new pleasures to experience in the “Service of the Serpent”.

He guided my attention to an old book that he had been reading as we had entered. It was a large publication and had a metallic medieval-looking crest embedded into its battered old leather jacket. The crest was made up of a snake arranged in a complete circle so that its head and tail touched at the topmost part of the circle.

The evil priest explained that this crest symbolized the “Way of the Serpent”. That the Serpent consumes its own tail, forming the circle of eternity. My thoughts flashed back to my dream of the primal garden and the Serpent that had penetrated the young virgin girl’s vagina as she lay asleep by the tree — then re-emerging as a phallus.

He opened the heavy cover. The pages smelt of spilled semen. He gestured to an illustration on the open page. The borders were a highly decorative latticework, made up of alchemy symbols and black-skinned demons that all sported huge erections. Inside the elaborately erotic border were drawings of several young boys in various stages of undress from what appeared to be religious vestments (not so dissimilar to what the choirboy had been wearing. There were many naked boys, some of which, were simply masturbating themselves, while others copulated together. Some of the young boys were performing oral sex on each other. Oh, how I wanted to suck the little choirboy. I looked over at him as he prayed. The priest asked me if I had ever consumed a Serpent’s tail before. He pointed towards two boys in a sixty-nine position, greedily sucking each other’s cocks. I was dripping a river of slimy pre-cum inside my shorts.

The evil priest turned the page.

There were more highly decorative panels similarly appointed with demonic symbolism and eroticism — each of the panels contained its own perverted treasures. Now the theme of the illustrations changed. It showed the naked young boys with older boys and even adult males. They too were performing various sexual acts, like oral sex on each other. Others, showed more naked figures, some embracing each other so their penises rubbed directly against each other. Yet more boys were on all fours, so that the older men could kneel and sodomized them from behind in a doggie style.

Looking closely at the images of sodomy, I wondered if that is what the priest had in mind for me the choirboy, or both of us. Whilst showing me the perverted images, the priest began to rub against my backside more vigorously. It was obvious that the old fuck was getting off on sharing his pornographic bible with me. He was engrossed in this sensation and as we looked at it together, his hand rested against my lap and he began to feel my hard little cocklet through the rough material of my shorts. I bucked eagerly against his sausage-fat fingers as they pressed and twisted my little cocklet in the most divine manner.

I could smell the oily vinegar stench of the priest’s sexual arousal. He was now, no longer sate with fondling my cock and balls, but was truly masturbating me. He asked me how the devilishly pornographic pictures made me feel. I groaned and responded by moving my own hand behind me and openly rubbing it directly against his bulging big cock. He rocked against my little hand. Now we were mutually masturbating, as I rubbed the flesh of his hard-on through his thin priestly gown. It felt so long and thick — so much bigger than any penis I’d ever seen. He groaned openly in his approval. He said that I learned quickly. That it pleased him, that I understand the “Ways of the Serpent”.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my aunt sitting wide-legged on the high-backed chair. She was watching the pair of us closely — almost enviously. She had her skirt up around her waist and one of her hands between her open thighs. While the other hand was beneath her top. I could make out the distinctive shape of her fingers wrapped around her tiny breasts. She was really getting off on what she saw.

The priest lifted me from his lap and told me to undress.

“As it was in the Garden of Eden”.

He placed the heavy old book on the angled prayer table of the prie-dieu before the naked choirboy. He left it open on the last page that I had seen. The sodomy page. I was feeling very horny. I wanted nothing more than to fuck the petite blond boy, as he knelt praying to himself. The priest told me to stand beside the prie-dieu as he began to fondle the choirboy’s exposed small bubble butt and tiny little flaccid penis. He quickly pulled his vestments over his head and was naked too. This was the first time that I had seen his rigid cock. It looked huge in comparison to ours. His cock stood upright but bend to the right over his gaunt hairy thighs. His cock was as thick as my arm. Its veined shaft and bulbous knob looked so incredibly angry and blood bloated.

He bent forward, lifting the face of the coy choirboy and roughly tongue-kissed him. The choirboy struggled unwillingly trying to resist the priest’s persistent sexual advances. The choirboy gagged as the priest’s thick tongue penetrated his tiny orifice. The unwilling choirboy squirmed uncomfortably, his mouth filled with the panting priest’s tongue. The choirboy whimpered pathetically as the priest forced himself upon him.

His big hands roughly groped at the boy’s smooth ass cheeks — parting them to press directly against the delicate brown flower of his anus. The boy had been crying continuously. I could see the priest’s fat digits pumping in and out with no form of lubrication. Watery-eyed, with tears rolling down his cheeks, the choirboy sobbed deeply, then almost hyperventilating and unable to catch his breath. The priest was relentless, finger-fucking him harder and harder as he eagerly pressed himself against the choirboy’s smooth young buttocks.

Despite the choirboy’s obvious physical signs of objection, the priest acted completely indifferently towards the apparent suffering. He now instructed the choirboy to stroke his large throbbing cock. Sobbing heavily, the choirboy’s two shy little hands tried hard to clasp around its thick girth, drawing its loose foreskin back and forth over the angry bulbous head that was now dripping a river of slimy pre-cum.

Returning our attention to his book. As the priest turned each cum-stained page, the detailed illustrations became more and more perverse – boys with boys, boys with men, men with men, oral copulation, masturbation, analingus, bum-fucking. There was a constant orgy of depravity, filled with degradation of all kinds. Bondage, punishment, whipping, pissing, shitting, bestiality and ritual rape. He pushed his dirty forefinger into my mouth (that had been in the anus of the choirboy) and moved it in and out in a fucking motion and sucked hungrily on the slim-coated digit as I masturbated myself. He grunted in approval.

My hand eagerly pumped my cock, roughly in time with the priest’s masturbation as he turned each page. The last page depicted a grouping of naked entwined bodies gathered around in worship of a mythical-looking beast. An androgynous demon. A beautiful Baphometic creature, blessed with both the genitals of men and women; a twin-sexed goddess, who was urinating over them with an enormous Serpent-like cock. Oh my fucking god! Could they too be worshiping my monster?




My enjoyment of these images was very obvious to the priest, who immediately recognized my interest like an evil mentor. And it was even more obvious that it was not so with the awkward choirboy. His uneasiness became complete anxiety, he had firstly looked confused and then afraid. His fear was palpable, and any efforts he had made to please the evil priest’s thick cock were met with disgruntled impatience of the lack of satisfaction.

“Rub it harder! Harder! Harder boy!”

The priest seemed to relish the choirboy’s suffering. He now ordered the young boy now to suck his long greasy tool. Reluctantly the choirboy lowered his head and complied with the priest’s orders.

The choirboy parted his lips and placed his reluctant mouth around the tip of the priest’s nasty fat cock. His little contorted face was flushed with disgust from the taste of the oozing precum that now drenched his lower face.

His pathetic demeanor only made me desire him more. I asked the priest if it would please him, to watch me use him like his sexy pictures showed.

“Wait your turn boy. Watch and learn what it means to truly ‘Kiss the Serpent’,” the priest told me.

I exchanged glances with my Aunt, who had already orgasmed several times during my testing.

The nasty priest wrapped his hairy forearms around the torso of the naked boy and pulled him towards his groin. Lifting the choirboy in the air, positioning his exposed bottom just above the tip of his erect cock. I knelt down lower for a better view as he made the unwilling boy “Kiss-the-Serpent”.

As the priest pressed the head of his cock against the choirboy’s tight virgin sphincter, the realization of what was about to happen to him sent him into instant panic. The young boy began to twist and turn against the priest’s firm grip. He screamed out.

“No … No! Please no!”

But it was all too late. His face was awash of pain and disgust. His eyes watered and his pale face clenched against the impending downward movement that would impale his rectum upon the hungry perverted priest.

“Kiss-the-Serpent … Kiss-the-Serpent …” chanted the priest and my Aunt over and over.

Excitedly, I joined their chant.

“Kiss-the-Serpent … Kiss-the-Serpent …” I just whispered at first.

My voice getting increasingly louder as I watched in complete awe.

“Kiss-the-Serpent! Kiss-the-Serpent!”

The priest’s powerful arms controlled the downward movement of the struggling boy, who now thrashed against him.

“No … Aaaaghhhhhhh… Nooo!” he screamed.

I could clearly see the thick crown of his veined cock spearing the furrow of the boy’s ass cheeks. The choirboy continuously whimpered and yelped.

“Kiss-the-Serpent! Kiss-the-Serpent!”

His body went limp, as he no longer had the energy to resist his imminent sodomy. By now at three or four inches of the priest’s cock was already inside him. The priest pulled back and then thrust upwards filling the boy’s bowels, churning his insides … drawing it back and mercilessly thrusting again and again until he was balls’ deep.

“Nooooooo …”

“Kiss-the-Serpent! Kiss-the-Serpent!”

With the choirboy dangling against the priest’s heaving chest and muscular stomach with his cock completely buried inside the boy. The priest grunted in his efforts to bring himself closer to his orgasm and gave me a grimaced smile that encouraged me to masturbate even more furiously.

The movements of the priest became faster and more urgent as he was reaching climax.

“Fuck yer!” cried my Aunt.

Her fingers were a blur of movement as she watched the boy’s rape.

Without warning, as I jerked myself faster and faster … my own orgasm suddenly took over. I bucked uncontrollably as I sprayed my clear boy cum over myself …

“Oh, fuck Jesus! Fick God! Oh, fucking yer!

How I longed for my first opportunity to “Kiss-the-Serpent”.

Finally, the priest groaned. He came deep inside the boy’s de-virgin-ed ass. The limp choirboy slid from the priest’s spent cock and lay face down on the stone floor of the library. He didn’t move much … he just curled into a ball and continued to quietly cry.

The priest sat down once again against the high back chair and beckoned me forward. I quickly moved between his knees and knelt in front of him. His big cock was still rigid and covered in a concoction of semen, blood, and boy shit.

“Clean me, boy. Pay homage, as it will be soon your turn to the Kiss-of-the-Serpent.”

I quickly looked over my shoulder at my Aunt, who was watching intently. Her eyes were glazed over with lust at the sight of me performing ass-to-mouth on the high priest. Placing his hands on the back of my head he steered me forward. As I lent towards his groin, my tiny hands wrapped around the base of his shaft, guiding the putrid cock between my hungry lips.

“Argh … That’s it, boy. Lick it. Suck it … Worship it for it is your God!” cried the priest.

The priest’s cock began to immediately harden in my mouth and then urinated into the back of my throat.

I gulped at his heady brew, tasting the strong salty liquid as it quickly filled my mouth with more fluids than I could swallow. Soon my face and torso were drenched in his hot piss … after which I knew instinctively what to do. Without another word, I mounted his thick hairy legs and positioned myself above his priestly cock. And once face-to-face with the priest, I kissed his mouth as I lowered myself upon his throbbing organ.

I thought about all the things that I had managed to fuck my ass with … this was certainly the largest … and, of course, the most exciting. Despite my recent cum, my pricklet was once again erect and oozing its own pre-cum.

The priest’s fingers wrapped around my tiny little cock rubbing it in its own wetness and then bringing his wet digits to my mouth. I sucked his fingers as he commanded me to ‘Kiss-the-Serpent’.

Using all my body weight I forced myself down upon his thick rod. It was painful at first and felt like it would never fit. I pushed harder, using one of my hands to pull the cheeks of my ass apart so that I could accommodate his rigid cock.

“Kiss-the-Serpent. Kiss-the-Serpent.”

I could hear my Aunt chanting … encouraging me to take more of the priest into my delicate hole. I felt stuffed and stretched.

“Oh fuck it hurts!”

The burning sensation was tremendous, though I had only managed to take half of its length inside me.

Pain and pleasure. I wanted it in me… all the way … Suddenly with an audible pop, I felt myself slide down the rest of his shaft until my bum cheeks were pressed hard against his hairy legs. Again without instructions, I instinctively drew myself up, raising my small frame along the length of his turgidness and then downward again in slow, even strokes.

“Kiss-the-Serpent. Kiss-the-Serpent.”

The priest filled my mouth with his rough tongue and I moaned lewdly into his open mouth. The pressure against my prostate was incredible and though his cock was so thick and long, I began to glide back and forth increasing the tempo with the increasing pleasure that warmed my guts. I wanted him to cum inside me, I wanted to be impaled on his unholy meat, I wanted to be filled with his evil semen … I wanted to ‘Kiss-the-Serpent’.

My Aunt had drawn the choirboy between her open legs and she bucked against his unwilling face as she watched me ass fuck the priest with every sinew of my being.

Lost in the illicit pleasure of sodomizing me and no longer able to control himself, I could feel the priest’s strong hands now holding my waist as he matched my rhythm, pushing harder and harder against my perineum. He grunted with stern effort and then gasped.

“Oh, Satan!”

He began spurting his seed deep inside me, bucking fiercely with the tight muscles of my anus milking his balls. The hotness inside of me triggered my own delight as my untouched cock quivered in an almost dry orgasm.


My Aunt smiled. We kissed passionately for what seemed like ages.

She said that I had done well.

She also explained that the evil priest had not expected me to be so skillful in the art of Kissing-the-Serpent (being my first time with an older person) and that we’d both been invited to their inner sanctum. She said that it was a special honor.

I asked about the inner sanctum, but my Aunt could only say that it was an important step on my journey to full commitment to their Order … that should I be accepted, there would be many more perverted sex rituals, like my initiation with many other men and women, sharing their attractions to young boys and girls in the glory of Satan’s love.


The next week we returned to the old church.

The naked procession, led by the old priest, walked silently down a steep spiral staircase carved into ancient solid rock. The under-belly of this decrepit old church appeared to be much older than the rest, predating the above-ground structures by many centuries. Ancient, like the dark gods, my Aunt had whispered.

Beneath my bare feet, the stone flooring felt surprisingly warm, as if the rising heat from hell was fueling our journey. The vaulted ceiling height dropped sharply above us as the corridor narrowed, almost crevice-like, until there was only enough room for us to move in a single file. The stone walls looked dank and pitted with neglect… and as the light dulled, I stayed close to my Aunt.

Was it the sound of my heart? Or a primitive chanting beat?

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith!”

I asked my aunt what ‘Lilith’ meant.

My Aunt said that it is the story of creation … the part they don’t tell you a Sunday school … Lilith the living serpent was a keeper of the “Tree of Carnal Knowledge: in Eden … Lilith was the originator of Sin. She was an androgynous demon, also known as the Bride of Satan. History, my Aunt added, said that she seduced Eve and fornicated with Adam. But our mythological lesson was cut short as we arrived at our destination.

A large heavy oak door was engraved with the insignia of the Serpent consuming its own tail.

The evil priest opened the heavy door and led the way beyond, and inside the dark vaulted chamber, the distant echoes of chanting intermingled with the crackling sounds of the burning torches that illuminated the dull rock. The intermingling door of burnt sulfur, human sweat, and stale urine filled my nostrils.

The double-volume height of the chamber was broken up by intermediate vertical drapes decorated with elaborately illustrated serpent-like transgendered demons. Each of these demons was blessed with both male and female genitalia. Their cocks were prone erect; their vaginas were open and wet.

Every surface of the Temple seemed to be completely covered with some form of perverse pornographic imagery that made my own little cock drip with anticipation and that filled my black heart with deviant ecstasy. We had reached the Temple proper.

It was not that big and from the entry, I got my first glimpses of the entire ritual layout of three concentric semi-circles. At the second tier, there was a gathering of twelve or more naked boys (all about my age). They were all kneeling in three rows, roughly in a semi-circle upon an inverted pentagram carved into the stone floor.

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith.”

They were all chanting rhythmically and masturbating each other. Each boy masturbated the next boy immediately to his right … in a daisy chain of slow masturbatory prayer … their eyes were all tightly closed … their angelic little faces were all in a trance-like state … a pleasurable calm before the tsunami.

Immediately behind the masturbating rings of young excited boys, on a slightly raised platform on the third tier, were an equal number of naked adults … mostly older men, with a few old women scattered among their ranks. They too were all kneeling and moaning softly as they eagerly swooned over the young boys in front of them – like predators, awaiting the time when they would get their pedophilic gratification. I couldn’t make out their faces as they all wore strange animalistic masks that covered the upper part of their faces, eyes, and noses, as if at a bizarre sexual masquerade ball.

At the innermost tier of the perverted Temple was a heavy wooden throne with snake-scaled arms and a high back elaborate carved with intertwining phallic and serpent-like motifs. Roughly in the middle of the seated area, protruded upwards about eight inches, a thick wooden dildo designed to impale its intended occupant.

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith.”

The haunting chant gave me an eerie strangeness of déjà vu.

The evil priest instructed me to join the ring of other young boys … to take my place with my brothers and to pray to my monster … to pray to Satan … and evoke the snake priestess of my darkest sexual dreams … of perversity and evil transformation ….

The evil priest stepped forward. He had also donned a mask that resembled a reptile, and taking his place next to the pierced throne … his erect cock looked even bigger than it had done before. In his arms he held the wriggling body of what appeared to be a long black snake, its head was raised, observing us all as the proceeding began.

As I stepped into the center of the boys, they moved to accommodate me, temporarily breaking the masturbatory chain, and as I knelt to join them … a hand immediately clasped my cock tight and immediately began thrusting my foreskin up and down very slowly. Looking down at the boy’s cock to the right of me, I quickly placed my hand across his hot meat to return the pleasuring.

Out of the corner of my eyes, which were not as completely closed as the others, I could see my sexy Aunt and another female bring forth the young choirboy across the temple floor. He was squirming against their efforts to bring him forward and it took the two of them to secure him by his wrists and ankles between two vertical cock poles, so that he faced the adults between the second and third tiers, just where the podium was raised – its slight elevation gave the adults the convenient position of standing with their groins at the level of his tear-stained face.

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith.”

The rhythmic pace seemed to move up a gear and the oil lights seemed to flicker with greater intensity. My cock was leaking pre-cum, as was the boy’s cock that I held. There was a sexual tension and restlessness in the deviant congregation, as they all moaned and wailed, rubbing themselves in time with the slow chanting beat. The line of boys in front of me seemed to push back so that their backsides and our cocks touched, at the same time, the line of boys behind me, seemed to push forward, so that I could feel a cock against my rear.

The high priest spoke in an ancient tongue … it could have been Latin but I didn’t know… it was the Devil’s language.

“Formicemur ad gloria niger daemoncius serpens,” (Fornicate for the glory of the black demon serpent).

The adults reprised.

“Adoratio niger daemoncius serpens, ave Satanus,” (Give worship to the black demon serpent and hail Satan).

To my unknowing ears, the words were simply black poetry, to the boys that surround me the words seemed to surge their wanton passions … my cock was squeezed tightly in a vice-like grip as it was pushed forward into the anal opening of the boy in front of me … the sharp smell of sweaty naked boys, unclean cocks and toilet sex was intoxicating.

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith.”

From behind one of the vertical tapestries emerged an enigmatic dark-skinned woman. She appeared like an ebony goddess with long flowing raven-black hair, that trailed across her chiseled features and down her back past her waistline. Her flowing gown was open to the front, exposing the long stringy muscles of her thin thighs and almost skeletal framework. I knew instinctively that this was the one that was called Lilith.


To be continued?


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