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CREATED: 04.07.2023 / REVISITED: 22.07.2023

Divine Redeemer


GERMANY — A jarring report outlining decades of rampant child sex abuse at the hands of greedy nuns and priests in Germany, paints a troubling picture of systematic abuse in the German church.

The report is the byproduct of a lawsuit alleging that orphaned boys living in the boarding houses of the Order of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer were sold or loaned for weeks at a time to predatory priests and businessmen in a sick rape trade. The men involved in the lawsuit say as boys they were denied being adopted out or sent to foster families because selling them for rape lined the sisters’ coffers for their “convent of horrors.” Some of the boys were then groomed to be sex slaves to perverts, the report claims.

The alleged abuse went on for years, with one of the males claiming the nuns even frequently visited their college dorms after they had left the convent. He said the nuns often drugged him and delivered him to predators’ apartments. The Order of Sisters of the Divine Redeemer did not answer multiple requests for comment about the allegations.


The Order of the Divine Redeemer is not a safe place for its many unfortunate orphans. Under the twisted stewardship of the Dark Abbess, the Sisterhood has become an infestation of devil worship and sexual deviancy. And when hard times come, and families struggle to feed their young, the monastery finds a way to, not only satisfy its Sisters’ own sick perverted tastes, feeding other wayward clergy and rich perverts with an endless supply of young flesh — and also to become wealthy from the sexual exploitation of those sent to their orphanage.


  • Sister Heidi Bohn – Sister of the Order of the Divine Redeemer
  • Sister Johanna Schuster – Sister of the Order of the Divine Redeemer
  • Sister Frieda Brandt – Sister of the Order of the Divine Redeemer
  • Abbess Helga Kaiser AKA Dark Abbess – Abbess of the Order, Clitoris Demon
  • Archdiocese Rainer Maria – Archdiocese of Dunkelheit
  • Sandra Berger – Reporter, show host, and author with the Deutsche Welle
  • Hans, Jonas, and Otto – three orphan boys, aged between 8 and 11
  • Father Tomas – parish priest and pervert
  • Maria Orsic – occult medium, founder of the Vril Society, 66
  • Cardinal Bengsch – high church official



2023 — Dunkelheit, Germany.

“And headlining in today’s news were the shocking revelations that revealed decades of systemic sexual abuse of orphans from the Dunkelheit Monastery under the Holy Order of the Divine Redeemer. The Dunkelheit has been dubbed as the ‘Convent of horror’ as more victims of abuse come forward with terrible stories of boys, as young as seven years old, were groomed to be sex slaves to perverts,” said veteran reporter and show host, Sandra Berger of the Deutsche Welle.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

It was a time of ignorance. Before mobile phones, the internet, and even before color television. Before the sudden death of the old abbess and the rise of the new, the Sisterhood of the Divine Redeemer had been a safe haven for the children of the poor. In times of great suffering, it was not uncommon for these poor families to surrender one or two or even all of their children to the Sisterhood. Better a life without starvation and extreme hardship.

The Dunkelheit Monastery had been always seen as a devout sanctuary — but yet still a caring place for the unfortunate. But under the stewardship of the new abbess, things had rapidly changed. The old abbess had been a great believer in redemption, but the new abbess saw no need to be so forgiving. Some even said she was a sadist. These were vicious rumors. Some say the new abbess had actually poisoned her predecessor — greedy for power and the opportunity to exploit her absolute authority over the convent and beyond.

Some many secrets.

The new Abbess Helga Kaiser had been in her early thirties when she had assumed the responsibilities of her rank. A tall, elegant woman with small breasts, she had always outwardly espoused the values of her religiosity and faith in Jesus Christ. Supposedly a God-fearing woman beyond reproach. But this was just a thin veneer — a facade for something far darker and more dangerous — for her and her followers had always secretly partaken in the worship of the Devil. Her followers sought communion with the Devil through her, and her physical abnormality made her somehow demonic.

They referred to her privately as their Dark Abbess.

Within secret places, hidden deep inside the Dunkelheit Monastery — those most loyal to her would perform the Black Mass, the Miser Niger — bowing down before the unholy Black Baphomet, their goat-headed, angel-winged, androgynous demon god. There, the true horror of their evil pagan rituals would be carried out. Now and again, an orphan or two would simply disappear … possibly taken for the expressed purposes of abuse, rape, and human sacrifice.

As the Dark Abbess assumed control, of the everyday life of the convent, changes were abreast. Subtle at first. Of course, the Abbess Helga sought a lifestyle not so uncomfortable and humble as her predecessor. Some claimed it to be obsessive and even libertine. Her loyal sisters no longer suffered in an improvised way as they were afforded more creature comforts and with hard labor there was plenty of time to pursue their more sexual activities.

Of course, there were those who stood to oppose change and were outraged by the seemingly sinful excesses. But these sisters were quickly silenced. They were either unceremoniously transferred away to other convents or simply disappeared — possibly offered to Satan in the Dark Abbess’ evil rituals of carnal pleasure.

Soon all the obstacles that had stood in the way of the Abbess Helga were removed. She could have anything and do everything she wanted behind the secretive wall of the Dunkelheit Monastery. And what she wanted was unfettered access to young flesh — and her true nature of the sadistic pervert and pedophile would rule the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer henceforth.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

The Dunkelheit Monastery was huge by any measure. It had been designed more like a fortress rather than a place of divine worship … with shear stone walls that towered thirty feet above the surrounding landscape and even taller battlements that served to keep the occupants in as much as keep unwanted observers out. The only entry was via a fortified portcullis with a drawbridge over a water-filled motte. During the daylight hours, the drawbridge remained down, but after their sunset vespers, the only means of exit remained sealed.

Built-in a time when such architecture was more about function than aesthetics, the monastery was sturdy, impenetrable, and austere. The Sisters of the Order of the Divine Redeemer had occupied this place for over four hundred years — maintaining its original materials of granite stone, wrought iron, and solid timber, with few changes over the centuries. It was a drab, cold, and colorless place.

At its heart was a large cathedral-like chapel that was surrounded by a large open cobble-stone courtyard. The chapel was winged by the inner buildings of the Dunkelheit Monastery that consisted of several accommodation buildings, a library, stables, a kitchen, a workshop, an armory, and an assortment of smaller annexes that were connected both above ground and below by tunnels and covered walkways.

For the cloistered nuns, their general hive of activity had historically centered around the inner building, their chapel, their statues of religiosity, and the places of working, washing, eating, and sleeping. The largest of the annexes had been converted for the needs of the many young orphans that needed to be accommodated in the monastery.

Beneath the old battlements were many stone-walled tunnels that lead to places less frequented. Stone staircases spiraled downwards into the darkness of a network of unused dungeon-like cellars that had been intended for the storage of grain and other essential supplies in the time of battle or siege. Behind these heavy locked reinforced doors — were places that were perfect — for the clandestine activities of the Dark Abbess.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

“What is the meaning of your interruption?”

The austere Abbess Helga Kaiser (the Dark Abbess to her followers), tapped her fingers impatiently.

”We caught her your Holiness,” said Sister Heidi Bohn.

Sister Heidi and Sister Johanna Schuster had been Sisters of the Order of the Divine Redeemer for the majority of their adult lives. Between them both, they held the slumped figure of a third nun, Sister Freida Brandt. Sister Freida was slightly younger, appearing to be in her early twenties and a newcomer to the Order.

Sister Freida lifted her head. She had been brought to the private room of the Abbess. She was shocked at the luxurious trappings of the Abbess’ office and the adjacent bedroom. The young naive nun could see that the bed was enormous, a four-poster with elaborate carvings that were far too detailed for Sister Freida to examine from where she was. Upon the Abbess’ side tables, there were fine wines and a freshly prepared banquet, all organized on gleaming silverware.

The nun couldn’t help but notice the lewd wall tapestries that hung from the high ceilings. These darkly-themed embroidered artworks were embellished by strangely libertine figures of naked young girls and effeminate boys (sporting tiny erect penises) playing like sprites in a forest-like playground. It all lacked the religiosity that the young principled nun had come to expect. Sister Freida had no idea that their Abbess lived such an inappropriate and excessive lifestyle.

“And what exactly do you think you were doing?” said the Abbess, “Speak up!”

Sister Freida lifted her wimple-covered head. It was obvious that she’d been crying. She tried to straighten herself upright, but the two Sisters held her firmly between them. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“It’s just a misunderstanding your Holiness—“

“Misunderstanding? Spying on your own Sisters?”

It was true. Sister Freida had been where it was strictly forbidden for the new nuns to go. Against instructions, she’d foolishly ventured into the bowels of the monastery and had witnessed unnatural things. Was it some kind of dark ritual gathering around an androgynous idol? Black-shrouded forms soon became naked tattooed figures. Dancing wet bodies grind in the firelight. Sisters with penises. Crying. Hard throbbing cocks. Moaning. Perverts. Demons. Screaming. Demons fucking the bound and helpless bodies of naked young orphans.

The Abbess glared unforgivingly.

“Sit her down. I want to know what exactly she thought she saw.”

”Yes, your Holiness.”

’I … I … I saw nothing,” claimed Sister Freida, “It was too dark. I could see nothing.”

The Abbess felt her abnormal clitoris harden beneath her robes. She knew exactly what the young nun would have seen. Evil and wickedness. Sexual perversity. Devil worship. Unnatural deformities. Rape. Pedophilia. It excited the Dark Abbess — being discovered meant this nun would have to be dealt with severely under the pain of death … but why rush? She could extract some pleasure from this process. Why not taunt her for a while? Fuck her before disposing of her, maybe? She gave a knowing look to Sister Heidi and Sister Johanna. They would know what she was thinking too.

“More importantly … who sent you to see … nothing?”


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

Sister Freida’s fear was palpable.

What had possessed her to venture down into the dungeon-like bowels of the monastery? She’d heard crying. The sound of crying children.

She was not tasked to look after the orphanage and had no reason to get involved. But being new to the convent, she hoped that this new assignment would be a chance for her to start afresh — away from her unnatural desires to touch young ones inappropriately in their most private of parts. However, there has been no record of her crimes and she thought she’d try to find solace in the hard work of the nunnery. But her predatory instincts had got the better of her. Now her curiosity had driven her to investigate the “off-the-limits” places.

The sight that she witnessed was one that sparked her darkest of desires.

Firstly, there was the sinister figure of the demonic idol; with its goat-like head, angel wings and ample female bosom; and rising up from between its cloven foot was an obscenely enormous erect phallus. It was a demon.

Her mouth watered, sexual excitement had caused her cunt almost instantly to spray the inside of her underclothing with copious amounts of girl juice and urine.

There were the four nuns gathered in a loose semicircle, with nothing on except their wimples. Their youthful sensual bodies glistened in the candlelight with a wet film of sexual perspiration. They were all chanting in Latin and masturbating themselves — as something between them began to wriggle.

That was when Sister Freida caught sight of the young preteen girl that they had restrained between them — spreadeagled and bound by her hands and feet, painfully over a black-clad altar. Her chest was completely flat and her moms were hairless. So young. So vulnerable. She struggled against her burning bindings — but Sister Freida could see that the young one was not going anywhere.

One of the naked nuns mounted the altar and crouched lowly over the young girl’s face. The girl was trying to twist her face to the side, away from the nun’s open labia, but one of the other nuns held her head firmly. Sister Freida watched with glee as the nun pissed over the girl’s face and upper body. Then, as the other Sisters chanted loudly, mashed her shaved cunt and erect clitoris directly onto the girl’s reluctant mouth.

It was shocking yet divine. Sister Freida’s genitals were throbbing at the scene. Her inner clothing was drenched through her unstoppable arousal.

One of the remaining Sisters had donned vulgar black strapless dildos. Its black ribbed length curved outwards and upwards — sticking out obscenely from the nuns’ hairless cunt holes. Nuns with cocks. One of the cock-nun pulled the girl’s legs further apart as she positioned herself between the girl’s spread thighs, in readiness to penetrate the girl’s tiny vagina. The others awaited their turn.

Sister Freida’s untouched cunt was convulsing with dark energy. She wanted to mount the young girl’s face. She wanted to object-rape her with a fake cock. The girl’s screams were muffled and then silenced by the nun riding her face hard and screaming in a powerful orgasm — witnessing this dark lesbian rape ritual gave Sister Freida a cathartic feeling — she knew she was not alone in her desire to serve her sexual demons — and to participate in such a dark and perverted ritual.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

“Strip her naked,” ordered the Dark Abbess as she rubbed the neb of her unnaturally large clitoris through the thin veil of her black gown.

“I swear …. I saw nothing,” lied Sister Freida.

She tried to resist the humiliation of being de-gowned before the Abbess, but Sister Heidi and Sister Joanna overpowered her efforts and within a minute, she was stark naked before their eyes.

”Her underwear is soaked,” said Sister Heidi.

She held the offensive garment up.

“Give it to me,” ordered the Dark Abbess.

Taking the soaked garment in her hand, the Dark Abbess brought it close to her nose. She sniffed at it.


”I saw nothing … Please let me go!”

“I smell the aroma of intense excitement. You watched my followers while they gang-raped a young one in The Theater. You watched her scream while they smothered her, soaked her in urine, and then raped her face, her cunt, and her anus — and it brought you to orgasm?”

Sister Freida looked horrified. She was completely exposed, both physically and mentally. Her face was flushed with humiliation. What would the abbess do to her?

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whimpered, “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Release her,” barked the Dark Abbess, “Leave us, both of you.”

Sister Heidi and Sister Joanna did as they were ordered to do and with the door to the Dark Abbess’ quarters closed, they were alone.

“I think I was too fast to judge you, Sister Freida.”

The younger nun was still standing naked before the taller authority figure. The Dark Abbess unbuttoned her gown.

“Knee before me. Pledge your fealty to me. Embrace your darkness … your perverted and sinful ways … your evil passions … your desire to serve a demon god.”

Still afraid, but unsure of where this was leading, Sister Freida knelt before the Dark Abbess immediately. She subconsciously licked her lips, imagining the Abbess’ wet cunt beneath her flimsy gown. Maybe the Abbess was her savior? She would do anything for this woman if she would be able to do the things that she’d witnessed earlier.

The Dark Abbess’ gown had fallen from around her shoulders, exposing her shapely, but small, fist-sized breasts and thick erect nipples that stood out from her pure white flesh, hard as bullets.

“I can think of nothing more desirable than to serve you and your sex demon,” she admitted.

The Dark Abbess grinned and held Sister Freida under the chin. As her gown fell to the floor, Sister Freida’s eyes widened in shock at the size of her new mistress’ abnormality. Her eight-inch clit-cock stood outwards from the top of her labia. Like a horn. A demonic horn that needed a willing mouth to satisfy it.

”I’m your demon god,” crowed the Dark Abbess, “Now pleasure me!”

Sister Freida fell to her knees. Her hands extended in total adoration, her fingering worshiping the Dark Abbess’ cock. Just touching it, brought the young nun close to orgasm.

The other nuns had returned and undressed. They both knelt down too.



2023 — Dunkelheit, Germany.

“As further allegations arise, victims claimed that they were abused at least once a week between the ages of 11 and 14, often by more than one of the clergy. ‘We had no words to describe what was being done to us. Nor did we know what it meant. And it did not stop at physical pain. We had a clear sense of humiliation and being used,’ they told Deutsche Welle when the investigation was due to be released. They called the redactions in the investigation report released in January as ‘scandalous’ and said that denying the journalists the right to publish the report was “like being abused all over again,” continued the veteran reporter, Sandra Berger.

2023 — Dunkelheit, Germany.

The Archdiocese of Dunkelheit, Rainer Maria, was shocked at the magnitude of the problem.

It seemed that the allegations of the so-called victims had started an unstoppable rollercoaster of issues — that exposed not only the Dunkelheit Monastery and the Order of the Divine Redeemer, but had spilled over to open criticisms about the entire church and her legacy as the church leader.

This was not acceptable.

She had ordered the investigation to be stopped and the report to be deemed private and confidential. But even with her power, it seemed that the bad news had managed to reach the tabloids and was already poisoning her reputation. The whole Dunkelheit Monastery would need to be shut down — immediately — all the nuns responsible for these gross acts, would need to be transferred … out of the reach of the media circus. Any evidence would need to be destroyed. Like a septic limb — it would be removed.

The church had an army of litigators and corporate lawyers and many of the local judges in their pocket. It seemed the best that could be done is to discredit the victims with fake news and reduce the damage caused by the investigation report through censorship. Everything of any consequence would be redacted. All news reporters would be forced to sign non-disclosure agreements … and the remaining victims would be paid off quickly together with gag orders to kill this thing once and for all … then the church propaganda machine of public relations would need to be set in motion.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

“Aaarghhhhh …” Brother Tomas gasped.

He had shot his third load into the anus of the young boy. His own body was covered in the sweat of his perverted labor. He savored the delicious sensation of the boy’s tight anus gripping his cock as he penetrated him over and over — to Brother Tomas, there was nothing quite as exquisite.

The young one had been crying and wailing — crushing him beneath the weight of his oversized body. Nobody would come to his aid. It was obvious that the boy took no pleasure from being brutally sodomized, but that again, only heightened the wayward priest’s sadistic pleasure.

“Clean me. Clean me, you little bastard,” he’d order the boy as he slapped his face hard with his open hand.

He’d forced the boy to lick and suck his dirty cock, as it had been covered in the boy’s own blood and feces after the first time he fucked him. A virgin. So delightful. It was a total power trip. He could make the little runt do anything he wanted with no consequence.

Now he was completely spent, the boy’s body didn’t even move in response. Brother Tomas withdrew his softening cock and rolled over on the silky bedding. Maybe the boy was unconscious. Maybe he was dead. He didn’t actually care. All he knew was that the Sisters of the Order would take care of everything. They always did.

Of course, it may cost a little extra. But he was spending the coffers of his local parish, which had grown wealthy from the donations of the poor. Ironic really. The poor pay for their perverted sinful pleasures. Fucking one of their own orphaned children. All the more enjoyable.

It had been a regular thing. Almost once a week. A fresh new boy each time. Hand-picked. So delightful.

He knew that he wasn’t the only one. There were others. Many others. All eager perverts, just like him, enjoyed sex with either young boys or young girls, and the Order of the Divine Redeemer had become infamous for their convent of perverted pleasures. Those devil-worshiping nuns seemed so dispassionate about the fate of these vulnerable children that they were supposed to protect. It was more than just a business to them. The nuns seemed to take pleasure in it all. From top to bottom, they were an evil and wicked institution. He was grateful that they were — otherwise there would be far too many risks involved in getting his fix elsewhere.

He had heard stories about their Abbess being some kind of demon. An androgynous devil. A goat-headed devil with angel wings, cloven-hooves for feet, and an enormous phallus … Far fetched? Maybe, but it was very easy to believe. After all, pleasures like this were not found in the house of the Abrahamic God. He had only dared to visit the Dunkelheit Monastery during the daylight hours — as he knew the drawbridge was closed after dark — and after dark, who knows what preternatural evil could befall upon an unwanted visitor.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

The Dark Abbess knew she had many jealous enemies. Few knew much about their lucrative business of prostituting out the young orphans of Dunkelheit to the local clergy and other wealthy and powerful perverts. The gold had lined the Abbess’ personal pockets … some had been used for bribes … some used to enhance the lifestyles of her most faithful followers … most had been invested and she had accumulated more than a king’s ransom.

At the beginning, the gold and silver had been really just a happenstance to her real agenda — but wealth can buy many things that a demon can use in her campaign of evil.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

Hans, Otto, and Jonas hadn’t been long in the Dunkelheit Orphanage. Their respective parents were no longer able to support themselves, let alone their bellowing numbers of offspring. The church actively discouraged any form of contraception — saying it was a sin to waste their semen — so the unwanted children ended up under their control.

The orphanage was simply a terrible place. Squalid conditions, cramped accommodations, and only enough food to keep the children from actually dying of starvation. They were put to work by the cruel and uncaring Sisters, who seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in making their young lives a misery.

They were told that if they did exactly as the Sisters told them, that they might be sent to live with rich families as their adopted children. Of course, this was a complete fabrication. And when children disappeared, it was assumed that they had been chosen by some wealthy family and had left the orphanage for good — but how wrong that assumption had been.

Young Hans was like the majority of the boys in the orphanage. An ungifted boy with a slight build, he imagined a life in a well-to-do household with a kind stepmother. Clean clothes to wear. Shoes on his feet. A warm and comfortable bed to sleep in. And all the food he could eat.

The truth was, he wasn’t going anywhere. The Sisters were unsympathetic to his stuttering and his awkward limp. They worked him hard every day. Feed him less every day. At his current rate, he wouldn’t last very long under these extreme conditions. But there were many like him — both girls and boys — from impoverished families. Unloved, he would die within a year, if not sooner.


Otto was the first of the three young boys to experience the true nature of the Dunkelheit Monastery. He was a pretty little thing with fair hair and sparkling blue eyes. His skin was fair and unblemished. The Sisters had quickly singled him out for “lighter duties” and he was afforded a better diet. Even his quarters were different from the likes of Hans. He was made to wash and keep himself decent, though he had no idea of the real reason behind his pampering.

He was soon separated from the rest of the children and kept with others like him, in readiness for rent or even sale to the highest bidder. He would fetch a good price at the market. The wealthy perverts and abusive clergy seemed to prefer the young pretty boys over the girls. The more effeminate the better. The Sisters knew their extreme tastes and preferences. They would dress them accordingly. Some of the buyers made special requests. Some of the children would never survive their ordeals — of course, the price would be much higher.

Even before being abused by outside sexual predators, the Sisters used boys, like him, to satisfy their own sick impulses. Most of the time, they were discerning in this process, as they also were expected to generate a healthy profit. Usually, the ones they selected had almost reached their use-by-date. It wasn’t a perfect process — but the impulses of lust, greed, and perversion made uneasy bed partners.


Jonas was very different from most of the other boys.

There was something about him. Something dark and wicked. He appeared unshaded by it all. From the earliest moments, one could sense that he was more than just a willing subject. Though he was an attractive young boy, very suitable for the Sisters’ sex slave market, he had demonstrated an unnatural willingness to serve.

In Jonas’ case, it had been the Dark Abbess herself that had taken an immediate liking to this boy’s sexual demeanor. He was immediately brought to her private chambers for very special sex training. The Abbess kept a small, personal harem of young boys and girls for her own gratification. She’d select the most pretty ones that were healthy and free of disease. These wicked ones were as depraved and twisted as their mistress. It was here that Jonas quickly learned to perform for his demonic mistress. He could see that his own pansexual and perverted ways were more than acceptable — they made him special in the eyes of the evil Abbess.

The Dark Abbess was rarely sate. She and her special guests often demanded private rituals where children would abuse other children for their mutual pleasure and entertainment. Devils devouring angels. Jonas was a sissy sadist from the start. Given the opportunity to inflict suffering upon others seemed to intensive his orgasms. He loved to flirt and act feminine for the Dark Abbess and her perverted guests — but equally enjoyed raping the smaller and more vulnerable ones.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

Jonas and the other sissy boys of the Dark Abbess’ entourage were all dressed as little demons with large horns upon their heads and tiny black bra tops and black skirts that were too short to cover their erect little penises. The Sisters had applied dark makeup that made them all look very feminine. Jonas loved the special attention and felt sexually aroused knowing that they were to all participate in one of the important satanic rituals for their evil mistress.

He’d been told by one of the other sissy boys that there may be a human sacrifice offered to the Devil and that they would get to have sex with the chosen one before an audience of the Dark Sisters and the Dark Abbess herself. It would be a great honor to rape and kill to prove their allegiance to the Devil.

The larger rituals always took place in The Theater that was deep inside the monastery. A place of abject fear. Jonas had only been there once before and hadn’t really understood its true function. But tonight, after the drawbridge closed, the whole monastery came alive with a strange dark energy. His cock had never been harder.

The anticipation quickly built as the Dark Sisters escorted the young sissies into The Theater.

There was to be a special performance for the Dark Abbess and her invited guests. The performance depicted a great battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. It was in fact a way of demonstrating the futility of goodness — as the expected outcome would be the overwhelming victory of evil.

It was to take the form of four young demons and four even younger angels — of course, the Dark Abbess had arranged that the demons were selected from the most sadistic children of her harem. The unfortunate angels were ill-matched for the encounter — being smaller and physically unable to defend themselves. They were never going to be able to stand up against these real-life monsters that would abuse, torture, and rape them — for the entertainment of their sick and depraved audience.




2023 — Dunkelheit, Germany.

“The investigation reports included many horrific incidents of extreme cruelty at the hands of the nuns. Children were punished by birching for non-compliance to their sexual demands. Victims painted a picture of a dungeon-like place where they were bound naked before demonic idols to be sexually abused in sick, perverted sex rituals. Some mentioned wild sex orgies and all night sex parties where both male and female abusers were free to do whatever they wanted to them. Others reported that they were drugged, awaking to find their genitals and anus in pain after being used by priests,” told the veteran reporter, Sandra Berger.

1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

Maria Orsic was an elderly woman in her sixties. She would have been strikingly beautiful in her earlier years. But now, her signature long pony-tailed hair had turned mottled grey and her skin was sallow and waxen. Maria was known in certain circles for her occult knowledge and had been rumored to be the original founder of the controversial Vril Society that had worked together with the Third Reich during the Second World War. None of this was ever proven, but it was true. Did she actually have occult powers? Could she read minds? Was Maria able to see into the not-so-distant future?

“What do you see?” asked the Abbess.

Maria stirred in her delicate trance-like state.

Some claimed she was a ‘Goddess Of The Devil” and Adolf Hitter’s personal medium. Of course, all these rumors were simply conjecture and unproven, but she had been a long-term associate of the Order of the Divine Redeemer and was a staunch supporter of the Dark Abbess. She was a consociate with intimate knowledge of the Order.

“I fear that trouble is brewing, dear Helga,” remarked the perceptive medium.

Maria was rarely wrong about her lucid visions. Her eyes had been just eclipses of white. Now they had returned to normal. Her facial features showed signs of her graceful aging. But her beauty had not completely faded.

“The Cardinal Bengsch?” asked the Abbess.

“Bengsch … yes, I see him … he will make a demand of you for something of high value.”

The Abbess looked very unsettled. But the forewarning was better than an ambush. She had suspected as much. His sudden visitation spelled trouble. He was a man that few would stand up against. A man of the cloth and a man of the devil. He played both sides. The Abbess and the Cardinal were no strangers to the darkness. Neither friend nor foe — up until now.

“He thinks he’s untouchable. However … his vanity is his vulnerability,” she continued, “But tread carefully Helga, for he has many powerful allies.”

The Abbess was now pacing back and forth.

“What … What do you suggest?”

Maria caressed the Abbess’ hand gently in hers … more like a lover than a spiritual advisor. The Abbess responded to their secret bond with a kiss on her lips. Maria closed her eyes as if in a sensual trance. Their tongues began to dance back and forth, twisting and intertwining with a passion shared only between two intimates.

“We must kill him.”

The Abbess nodded in silent agreement.


1961 — before the scandal in Dunkelheit, Germany.

The arrival of the dreaded Cardinal Bengsch was no small occasion in Dunkelheit.

The whole town of Dunkelheit celebrated with pomp and ceremony. A ticker tape parade. A marching band. The key to the city. Even the thousands of poor of Dunkelheit lined the streets for a chance to glimpse him in his famous golden carriage. Made of solid gold? It made for a good story.

His entourage kept everyone at bay, while the old Cardinal made timely pit stops to bless the very young. On several occasions, he got out and walked alongside his carriage, taking the opportunity to kiss babies and bless them in holy water. The crowd applauded in their civic salute.

Cries of, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” could be heard.

Other families that couldn’t make it to the crowded streets, stayed at home and watched the parade and celebrations on their black and white televisions — fathers, mothers, grandparents, and siblings all gathering together for this special visitation.


After a long and arduous day, the Cardinal’s ceremonial coach finally arrived at the entrance to Dunkelheit Monastery. It was close to sunset. The golden carriage, drawn by four elegant white horses, made its way across the drawbridge and across the cobblestone courts and came to a halt in front of the decorated Cathedral. Behind the carriage, the heavy and impervious drawbridge lifted with the clanking of heavy chains.

There was a special gathering inside the courtyard to welcome his Highness.

He was greeted most rapturously by the Sisters of the Order of the Divine Redeemer. The Abbess, in formal wear, greeted Cardinal Bengsch herself. Maria Orsic, was there at the Abbess’ side. The Cardinal, of course, recognized the famous occultist. He nodded to her and to the Abbess as he stepped down from his carriage.

Now all the formalities were observed — the mood immediately changed.


His formal procession bypassed the great Cathedral to descend down into the bowels of the old monastery — to the place they called the Theater. The Abbess, Maria Orsic, and the Cardinal Bengsch had all changed their formal religious outfits to don the dark hooded robes of occult ritual — with pointed hoods that covered their upper face with only small slits, cut for their eyes. The gold-embroiled inverted crosses made it known that this was not a ritual for the Abrahamic god.

The Theater was, like its name, theatrical in design. A voluminous space and semicircular in shape, the Theater had sloping terraced floors that led downwards towards a series of platformed stages at the front.

Upon the highest platform rested a huge phallic idol of the Black Baphomet.

The idol was flanked by two mid-level platforms. One of which accommodated the high priestess and her honored guests. On the other side stood the choir boys. There was a central platform, lower than the rest that could be reached by steps from the Theater floor that reached across its entire width. There were several vertical poles on this low platform, between which the ritual offerings (orphans) would be secured before the audience.

The Theater was surrounded by thick stone walls that were covered with long cloth banners emblazoned with the sigils of seventy-three demons.

A gong sounded and the audience slowly filed in. Like a sea of darkness, their long robes flowed around their bare feet as they moved silently into their designated positions. The Theater felt uncomfortably hot and humid as the evil clergy filled the terraced slopes from front to back. A forest of pointed hoods and inverted crosses. The walls seemed to vibrate with hidden evil as the entire enclave of perverted nuns gathered for this special ceremony.

Another gong sounded. It was time. An offering would be made. There was an uneasy tension that filled the Theater … Maybe in expectation of the supernatural? Maybe in anticipation of unholiness to come? Maybe in eagerness as they awaited their evil desires to be sate?


The Cardinal, the Abbess, and Maria Orsic stood together above the crowded room filled with nuns. The Abbess stepped up to the pulpit. She looked to the left-hand side of the staging. The Abbess watched impatiently as a sister, obviously in charge, fussed over the last-minute arrangement to the choir of children. She made sure they all were ready for their part in the opening ritual. Then they were ready.

Maria gave the Abbess a discreet nod.

She knew that the Cardinal must not leave this place alive. The ritual would be too public. Too many witnesses … too many eyes. No, it would need to be done covertly. A private death. Only the Abbess and Maria knew how and when. Could they make it look like death by misadventure? They knew many secrets. Supernatural secrets.

Their thoughts were momentarily interrupted as a chorus of young soprano voices began to sing. There was an eeriness in their sweet voices as they harmonized their unfamiliar songs of praise.

“O demons, O demons, O blessed are the meek, Rejoice in blasphemy, grant us the evil lust we seek, O demons, O demons, O blessed gifts from beyond the light, Praise be given, maketh me your chosen sodomite.”

The choir of young singers all stood almost completely naked, besides thick black leather chokers, each adorned with occult symbology. Each boy’s penis stood to attention before their greedy-eyed audience of perverts. These were not the usual hymns of Christian praise. These songs praised the adoration for the lust of the demonic.

The young sweet voices sang the lyrics in satanic verse.

“O demons, O demons, O grant us your gifts of sin, Bring forth thy wickedness from within. O demons, O demons, O Worshiping you O Evil one, Offering sacrilege, against the crucified bastard son.”

Their sweetly high-pitched and innocent voices echoed in the deep and dark eaves of the Theater. The lyric had stirred many of the Sisters of the Order to wet themselves.

“Amen,” said the Abbess.

Her voice was sharp and clear.

”Amen,” replied the congregation.

“Hail all. Hail Cardinal. Hail Truthsayer. It is our greatest honor,” she lied, turning to face the Cardinal, “And a pleasure to welcome you to our humble abode.”

“Amen,” repeated the congregation.

The Abbess stepped back half a step and lowered her gaze so that the Cardinal would be the center of attention. The Cardinal smiled with an evil grimace. He adjusted himself, before his opening address.

”Your Highness, Abbess Heidi Kaiser, Sisters of the Order of the Divine Redeemer, Sister Maria Orsic, it is with great joy that I find myself once again in your fold,” said the ungracious Cardinal, “So much has changed since the unfortunate passing of your predecessor.”

There was a short pause.

“Enough said about that. Now — of the joy of joys — the divine voices of the young,” he looked over at the naked choir boys, “So lifts my heart, my soul, and excites my loins. How exquisite a ritual, where they may stand naked before us … I find myself in rapturous lust just looking at their beautiful naked bodies. My carnal instincts are lifted … as is my sodomistic cock. Hail the darkness.”

”Hail the darkness,” replied the horny audience.

Everyone seemed on edge in anticipation of the murderous orgy that was about to commence.

”Let my words be brief, so that we may all join in blasphemous rapture, and enjoy the fruits of our Lord Satan. To abuse and rape in his great name … Let the ritual begin.”


It had been a night of nights. But now with the ritual concluded, the Cardinal took the opportunity to discuss a pressing matter with the Abbess. He’d sought a moment alone with the Abbess, but she had made it clear that anything said to her, could be said in the presence of her spiritual adviser and Truthsayer, Maria Orsic.

”Well then,” the Cardinal began, “I have heard about your successes. Congratulations are in order.”

”Successes?” asked the Abbess, playing dumb.

“Why yes. It seems you have been amassing a fortune from your sex trade. Come now, Abbess. You don’t think I hear of such things. My ‘little birds’ tell me that it has been worth a King’s ransom.”

”A gross exaggeration, My Lord.”

The greedy Cardinal wasn’t buying it.

“I’m not one to fool with. You live by my grace. And my tax is ninety percent.”

“Ninety percent,” recounted the Abbess trying to quell her anger.

”Be grateful that I don’t take it all.”

Before the Abbess could counter, the Cardinal turned on his heels, adjourning to pursue his own private pleasures.


So Maria’s vision was true.

The medium was rarely wrong. But that didn’t help … the Abbess was livid. Little birds! She wondered who could have betrayed her. Someone in her sisterhood? Surely not. Most had served her for many years. Could it be that new recruit who had only just pledged her piety to the Abbess? Sister Freida. She had never shared anything about the fortune that the Abbess had accumulated. But she had been in her bed chamber — could she have seen something?

Maria had predicted that he would demand something of great value … but ninety percent … the number rolled around her mind. Ninety percent. His words cut like a knife. “Be grateful that I don’t take it all.” … The Cardinal was a powerful man. He was a pillar of German conservatism with my allies. And the Abbess knew whatever action would need to be carefully considered.

The Abbess grinned to herself.

The Cardinal may be a powerful man — but he was just a man — fallible and imprudent, driven by his baser instincts and therefore vulnerable.


All the pomp and ceremony was over, but the greedy Cardinal had looked forward to sating himself with a young boy lover that he’d handpicked for his private enjoyment.

During the orgy ritual, he’d witnessed a young boy that the nuns had later identified as Jonas. It seemed that Jonas had castrated another of the orphan boys in a ritual dedicated to his honor. Jonas had performed a ritual dance dressed like a small demon. Before castration, the unfortunate orphan had been brought close to ejaculation by the boy demon. The pretty young boy demon was extremely feminine — but the Cardinal had been taken in by his darker side. The whole ritual, dance, and human sacrifice had been highly erotic to the Cardinal’s delight and excited him to the point where he had insisted on a private audience with the boy demon.




What happened exactly at the ritual in the Theater? What fate awaits young Hans, Otto, and Jonas? What will happen to the Abbess? Will the Abbess pay the price extracted by the greedy Cardinal? Will Maria and the Abbess go through with their murderous plans? Who had betrayed the Abbess?


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