“People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether still believe in the devil… Evil is always possible.”

My new email address is XPANTHER2019@PROTONMAIL.COM

This website has been created out of the turmoil of ASSTR. If you are a fan/contributor, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Here is a collection of my stories for those that enjoy rather dark material.

About me… I live in Asia… I’m a guy (I actually get asked if I’m a girl somethings, not sure why?)… I’m pansexual… I enjoy writing as a form of expression my fantasies and have always had a love of dark things and many paraphilias. Raised as a Christian, I have chosen not to believe in all the bullshit… and now get a great kick out of all the calamity of religious nonsense. This kind comes out in my stories I guess. There is something really interesting about the process of corruption that never ceases to excite me. I’m certainly no professional at either writing nor at website management, so please forgive my rudimentary understanding of both.

“Aren’t there gradations of evil? Is evil a great perilous gulf into which one falls with the first sin, plummeting to the depth?”

I am happy to report that the site gets lots of sinners visit and I’d ask, if you don’t mind to leave some words of wickedness and encouragement – as I am very needy of affirmation (LOL)… if there is something you like, please mention it, as feedback is important to me; if there is something you’d like me to consider (ideas, plots, narrative, improvements)… dialogue would be great!