“Nothing Without Sin”


Feature Writer: Bobby Young

Feature Title: “Nothing Without Sin”

Published: MEWE/  31.07.2020 / Posted on Satanic Assembly

Link: Nothing Without Sin

“Nothing Without Sin”

Just read the first few chapters of “Nothing Without Sin”..and it reminded me of my time in the orphanage and how i met my adopted family. My sister was older and was also adopted. My parents were successful and well educated, but as with many professionals, they were self absorbed and not really aware of what sacrifices were needed for family and being a parent. I am a better person for being adopted and going through that experience, but the person who understood me best was my adopted sister. She had also been abused young and had urges like me. We helped each other cope with our desires, never really understood why.

2 thoughts on ““Nothing Without Sin””

  1. i have to say this is one on the best stories i have read………..so many wonderful moments, David seeing Ninas bald cunt for the first time…………Nina grooming an albeit willing Steven……….Susan wanting to see her husband fuck her kids……oh and the wonderful afternoon David had with Sara and the kids………i do wonder if that wouldnt be a wonderful spin off…………Sara brings out the best in David…………..

  2. Love to hear about the corruption of a priest!

    Jesus would be looking down, crying.

    Satan would be looking down, wanking!


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