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AUTHOR NOTES: For my good friend Eldassi Sside from Paris. Where the sun doesn’t shine – well not that often). Thanks for the ingredients to the story outline. I hope I can do it justice.

CREATED: 03.09.2017 / REVISITED: 25.11.2023

Zaliva & Her Evil Daughters 3


Zaliva is a thoroughly evil woman. She is the worst kind of narcissistic predator, who objectifies others, using them for her own sadistic sexual needs. Despite having powerful friends in high places she decides it better to escape the heat by taking an extended vacation in Rio – a place where she had heard that they actually shoot vagrant families. How wonderful!

In New York, there are those who have been watching from the sidelines and now as Zaliva makes her move, they are closing in to take advantage of the opportunity that her plight presents.

In Rio, life would be cheap, and with all the financial resources and time on her hands, there is no telling what she will get up to. Zaliva and Ivy plot to get rid of three potential witnesses. They had already contacted comrades from Rio’s underbelly. There, Zaliva’s maid will be making her starring debut appearance with her two effeminate boys as the ill-fated talent in a devil-worshiping snuff movie.

While the blood runs freely; Rio has a dark energy all of its own. Zaliva and her evil daughters make an uneasy alliance with the witches of the famed Macumba occult, and Zaliva’s past is never too far behind her eight-inch stiletto heels.


Sunday 27th September 2010. At an undisclosed location in Vila Mimosa, Rio’s famed red light district.

The two castrated boys, aged nine and ten years, hung lifeless and bloody. Carmilla Santos, the black voodoo goddess, who was known by her close associates as Dom Carmilla took in the scene before her.

Dom Carmilla was not alone. With her stood four of her sadistic teen witches, Benedita, Esperanza, Freira, and Guia, all dressed similarly to their slender black mistress.

The young black witch, Esperanza, turned and strutted over to the video equipment that had been set up on a long bench and switched the monitor to playback. There on the big screen was the image of Dom Carmilla’s svelte and feline body. She looked like an oiled black devil.

Esperanza turned up the volume so that they could all enjoy the screams of their three victims.

The black witch’s voice was shrill as she cried, “Vai-te foder! Gozarrrrrrrr! (Fuck you! I’m cumming!)”

The dark lyrics of the satanic background music rang out as the death dance continued.

Hell on fire, lust, desire, The devil wants to stick you, yeah, the devil wants to lick you, Wants your body, he wants your spirit, He comes to you at night, he wants to take a bite!

The graphic video showed Dom Carmilla parading her narcissistic nakedness that was completely oiled up and as shiny as her thigh-high PVC stiletto boots, long gloves, and demonic hood with matching horns. Blood splattered her face and breasts. A huge knife dildo strapped around her groin stood out like a demonic cock, bloody and savage.

Naked, twisting, bodies sweating, You can’t escape his hunger, screams like thunder, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Evil, Spread your legs and scream, no this is not a dream!

Benedita held the boy’s severed genitals up as video cameras purred and Freira recorded the gore of the final moments of their black magic offering as they called for Satan’s blessing. It had been a vicious human sacrifice. A small redheaded woman also hung lifeless between them, raped, tortured, crucifix, and finally gutted. Nails had been hammered through the woman’s wrists and ankles – her clitoris had been cut away and her vagina torn open after penetration by the knife dildo.

Dom Carmilla was not the only one drenched with innocent blood. The two New York witches, Zaliva Ivkin and Ivy Eiceart, and Zaliva’s two juvenile daughters, Vera Ivkin and Dina Ivkin, all wearing similar demonic outfits, stood feverishly masturbating themselves as they all participated in the sexual torture and slaughter of their maid, Ms. Angela, and her two feminized pre-teen sons.

Zaliva, was infamous too, but not in Rio. In New York’s high society, she would have been instantly recognized as the wife of the deceased Dr. Alexander Ivkin, the infamous plastic surgeon to the stars. Now Ivy, Zaliva, and her two evil daughters removed their masks. The only witnesses to the atrocities of Zaliva’s cult were now dead. They began to hang the entrails of their victims over the perverted statue of the naked and prone baphometic demon that they all gave depraved worship to. Masturbating with bloody fingers as they chanted in Latin.

“In nominee de nostre Satanas: Lucifere Excelsis! Introibo ad alatare Satanas. Ad Satanas qui laetificat gloria meam,” chanted Zaliva.

“Lucifere Excelsis!” responded her daughters and the other witches.

“Manducare convivium Satanas!” cried the evil witch to complete their verminous requiem.

Dom Carmilla, known for her sadistic and murderous antics in the Macumba and satanic circles of Rio, released the bloody knife-dildo that had been strapped to her groin, fall noisily onto the concrete floor, as she too joined the other witches in their morbid satanic masturbation dance.

Cursed hell-hound, craving demon, He fills you with pain and now you’re bloody and stained, Hurt and beaten, oh, shamed and weakened, He will possess you, he will molest you.

The evil video purred.


Sunday 27th September 2010. At an undisclosed location in Vila Mimosa, Rio’s famed red light district.

Young little Dina had watched in complete awe as she rubbed the neb of her erect clitoris. It felt so fucking nasty. The evil lyrics of the music seemed to echo the rapture of degradation that had fallen upon their maid and her two young children.

Sex with Satan, ex-communication, Degradation, humiliation, thrusting, shoving, animals humping, Lusting loudly, snorting, panting, He’s like a dog in heat, you’re just another piece of meat.

Dina had entertained these violent sexual thoughts on many occasions, but to see her fantasy be played out in front of her was quite another thing. Her nefarious mother, Zaliva, and the nigger witch were going to kill the maid and her two boys, she knew that; but the whole macabre ritual and snuff video setting was exciting beyond her expectations.

They all danced to the throbbing beat and touched themselves as they prayed to the Baphometic demon that took center stage in the slum warehouse serving as their temple for this secret rite. It was all so raw and base. Life was cheap here in Rio. In the short time she had been there with her mother, sister, and their mother’s lover, she had come to see that in this desperate place (where the police shot vagrant families) the witches could do whatever they liked and nobody would even batter an eyelid.

She knew that this would not be the last time that their rituals with the nigger witch would escalate to murder.

Dina and her younger sister, Vera had both knelt before the nigger witch and drank her salty draft as she urinated into their open mouths. The acrid smell filled her lungs and the bitter saltiness washed over her tongue. The two young children both alternated between licking and sucking at her wet black cunt, as the evil woman demanded them to gratify for the devil’s pleasure.

As the nigger witch prized her dark-skinned labia open, the girls could see the contrast between the blackness of her outer skin and the bright cerise of her inner cunt tunnel. Her filthy disdained anus smelt pungent and tasted of bitter chocolate as they took turns licking around its opening, flicking their little tongues into her stinking bowels.

Now, Dina watched the black witch don the ‘knife-dildo’ which was composed of a double-ended black shiny phallus; one end was blunt, while the other was tipped with the upturned curve of a blade that extended some four inches from the tip of its cock head. As soon as the witch had inserted the blunt end inside her own cunt, and strapped it around her waist, the young girls kissed its obscene shaft, being careful to avoid the sharpness of its knife edge. The ‘knife-dildo’ looked so incredibly evil. It was the death-fuck.

The nigger witch danced around, thrusting the ‘knife-dildo’ back and forth with her slender hips as she prayed to the sex demons and air-fucked with the devil himself. And then it was time, as she stepped up before the screaming maid and pressed the dildo between her open legs (that were nailed to the inverted crucifix). Dina masturbated furiously as she watched wide-eyed.

“Fuck the Devil! Fuck the Devil! Fuck the Devil! Fuck the Devil!” they all chanted.

“Vai-te foder! (Fuck you!)” cried the nigger witch.

Dina wasn’t sure of its meaning, but understood that it was time to kill the ritual sacrifice. Dina hoped that one day she would be the one to offer the devil the life of a human sacrifice … Maybe a young boy, she could fuck anally … That would be so fucking hot!

Death filled this demonic theater. All three of the victims had been screaming … The maid had had her clitoris cut away; while her boys had been castrated. Now they were silent. Lifeless. Their blood was everywhere. The witches were in lustful rapture as they ground against one another, kissing one another. Dina prayed to the devil as she jerked and convulsed in the most perverse of orgasmic delights.


One week earlier. Friday 17th September 2010 in New York City

Detective Gannon noticed the tiniest vertical sliver of light coming from the edge of a wall panel. Something concealed? A secret door maybe? Gannon’s interest peaked. He wiped his brow.

His expert fingers found purchase and he managed to open the panel open. Inside it was a treasure trove. Intrigued by the extent of Zaliva’s occult library and dark sexual playthings, he began to get a picture of who she truly was. Alone in this secret satanic playground, he could not help himself and he quickly unzipped his pants so that he could rub his hankering flesh as he could not help but imagine this strange enchantress using the phallic crosses and blasphemous objects to satisfy her perverted desires.

Discovering several hard drives took the whole scenario to another level. Gannon plugged one into the small laptop that he kept with him to check the contents. They contained video files and photographs. There were hundreds of video files and maybe thousands of photos. The videos containing explicit footage of the woman herself, Zaliva, and all her deviant housewife witches … Gannon could not believe his luck. He had hit the blackmail jackpot.

This was incredible. A treasure trove of incriminating scenes; videos and pictures of the worst kinds of sexual depravity; videos and pictures of lesbian rape; videos and pictures of incest; videos of young friends of her children engaged in all manner of inappropriate activities. They were all there: Ms. Ivy Eiceart, Ms. Abaigeal Legend, Ms. Cori Butcher, and Ms. Fallon McGregory … The whole fucking lot of depraved bitches.

He immediately recognized the Governor’s daughter among the guest stars. Holy shit.

Gannon found an Excel spreadsheet that described a whole stockpile of illegal materials that were privately financed by Ms. Ivkin and her immediate friends … clandestine investments in sordid underground projects involving Satanism, pedophilia, and even snuff. He had not expected that before. She was one hell of a nasty piece of work. This material was obviously not stored in the immediate location but would have been stored somewhere close by. This needed further investigation.

All the time Gannon looked through the spoils of Zaliva’s secret lifestyle, he rubbed himself in pure delight.

“Oh, Holy fucking Christ!” he exclaimed.

Gannon bucked and shot his disgusting load over the heavily carpeted floor. Fuck. DNA trace evidence is everywhere. Shit. Well, the plan was not to ever take this to court. No, this would be worth a pretty penny. Ms. Ivkin would pay a handsome fee not to have this splashed across every tabloid in the State of New York. He tucked his limp, wet cock back into his pants. He cleaned up the floor and himself.

Gannon gathered some of the most prized items into his bag and slipped out of the secret chamber. Before leaving, he made sure that the internal light was switched off so that nobody else would discover the concealed door as he did. And taking the evidence he needed he left the apartment.



Two days prior to the murder. Friday 25th September 2010 in Rio de Janeiro.

Ms. Angela and her two sons, Tony, aged nine years, and Nathan, aged ten, were greeted by one of the hotel drivers from the Belmond Copacabana Palace. The heat and humidity were so different from New York City. Ms. Angela was already sweating uncomfortably. She did not want to leave, but the Mistress gave her no choice. Now they were here, she could not wait to shower and change. The driver smiled and pointed towards the exit. With their minimal luggage in tow, they were speedily delivered to the Grande Presidential Suite.

Vera and Dina looked genuinely pleased to see their two playthings again. It was only a few minutes after their arrival and Zaliva’s daughters had ‘Natalie and Toni’ undressed and in the hot tub.

The Mistress (Zaliva) showed Ms. Angela to her servant quarters. It all seemed almost normal. They could have been back in their New York home. All the rooms were large and cool. Ms. Angela was eager to use the bathroom.

“Mistress it’s lovely here,” remarked Ms. Angela mindful of her mistress’s temper.

“Yes. Perfect isn’t it? Well, we have some interesting plans ahead. Remember I said that we would be making a video here? Sunday night at the movie studio in Vila Mimosa. Our host, Alessandra Santos, is very excited about making a video.”

Ms. Angela remembered the black demon that her Mistress referred to as Dom Carmilla from her most recent visit to New York City. There had been an all-night satanic orgy. She was shocked at how unpleasant the woman was and how large the woman’s clitoris had been. The orgy itself had been a particularly depraved one, even for the New York Coven. This Brazilian woman was very evil she recalled. Being associated with such evil and perverted people was sure to have a negative effect on her employer.

“Well, if you don’t mind Mistress, I just need to use the bathroom,” stated Ms. Angela plainly as her bladder urgently reminded her that she needed to go.

“Well, If I do mind, then what?”

It was not the answer that Ms. Angela had expected from her boss after a long day of travel.

“What if I need you to lick me out? Now?”

Ms. Angela could see where this conversation was going and she never liked to cross her boss’s words. Ms. Angela immediately stripped naked. Her flabby white tits looked all the more saggier crowned with her nail-hard pinkish nipples. The maid dropped sheepishly to her knees before Zaliva like the completely compliant slut maid she was; a totally obedient slave; subservient and demure. Unable to hold her bladder any further, she pissed herself; her sour yellow urine pouring down the inside of her thighs and soaking into the luxurious carpeted floor.

Zaliva laughed, enjoying the power she had over the small red-headed woman that now stank of acrid urine.

“You disgusting little cunt. You pissed yourself again … Haven’t I warned you? Didn’t I tell you what I would do to you if you ever peed without my permission? Just look at you! Fucking dumb whore … you must love piss? Look at your stupid piss-wet ginger cunt … It looks disgusting. You must shave it bare … Like this …”

She lifted her short tartan Tory Birch skirt, revealing that she was knicker-less beneath. She pressed her hairless groin forward to encourage her slave to kiss her naked moist mons.

“That’s right you filthy little piss whore,” she groaned.

Ms. Angela began to feverishly lick her Mistress’ twat and finger her Mistress’ anus.

“Worshiping my cunt always comes first! Always!”

Zaliva ground her wanton cunt against the upturned face of her maid, rubbing her clitoris hard against the woman’s mouth.

“Lick harder … Aaarghhhhhhhh … that’s it you fucking cunt-licking whore!”

At that moment Ivy peeped in.

“See. I’m your Mistress. If piss is what you want … then piss is what you’ll get!” cried Zaliva.

With that said, Zaliva peed over her maid’s face.

“What is this?” she asked, knowing full well what was going on.

Ivy quickly peeled her short skirt away and rubbed herself as she watched her lover, Zaliva, fucking their maid’s piss-wet face. Holding her cunt lips apart she too pissed over the kneeling maid’s shoulder, her hot salty urine ran down both her front and back.

“We have a real piss whore here,” added Ivy as she pressed on her urethra to force her piss jet higher so that it fountain-ed over the maid’s hair and down her face.

“Fuck! Ivy, you’re making me wet,” laughed Zaliva, “Don’t you dare spill a drop!” she added as she again pissed forcefully into the kneeling woman’s face.

Holding Ms. Angela firmly between her hands, Zaliva pissed directly into her open mouth. The yellow sour liquid was too much for the maid to swallow, and copious amounts sprayed over her chin and white flabby tits. The two witches laughed loudly, enjoying the humiliation, as they both ground against the maid’s head, front and back.

“Fuck. I need a shit,” said Ivy, as she farted loudly.

“Get the fucking stupid bitch to eat it!” said Zaliva, always keen to debase her subordinate.

“Yer!” moaned Ivy, getting herself ready to shit over the maid’s face.

“Please miss,” pleaded the maid.

“Hold yourself toilet slut … Your Mistress wants to see you eat her lover’s offering. Satan be praised.”

“Please miss. I really need to relieve myself.”

“Do it,” said Zaliva talking to Ivy.

“Errghhhh … Satan be praised,” Ivy grunted as she pressed down upon her bowels.

The odorous smell of fresh shit hit Zaliva’s nostrils before she saw the long brown turd slide from Ivy’s opening asshole and fall several inches downward onto Ms. Angela’s piss-wet chest.

“Fuck yer!” Ivy groaned in self-satisfaction, shitting and masturbating furiously.

The debasement was such a get turn-on to both of them. Zaliva reached down and picked up the fat ugly turd in her left hand. It was firm enough not to fall apart as she jammed it into the maid’s mouth. The smell was overpowering.

“Eat, you fucker!” commanded Zaliva.

The maid did as she was told. She wanted to please her evil Mistress. She loved to be humiliated, to be forced to do these degrading and disgusting things for her. That is why she loved her.


Two days prior to the murder. Friday 25th September 2010 in Rio de Janeiro.

Dina was happy to see their maid, Ms. Angela finally arrive at the Belmond Copacabana Palace. She and her sons, Nathan and Tony (whom Dina called Natalie and Toni) had traveled separately for reasons that she did not know. All she cared about was that they were here in the Grande Presidential Suite and that meant that she and her sister, Vera, could have some sexy fun with the two feminized boys. Dina called the effeminate boys over to the poolside.

“Come in. The water is lovely,” said Dina, tempting them with a cooling splash.

“But, we don’t have any bathers,” said Toni.

“You don’t need bathers stupid. It’s totally private here. Nobody can see us. Look, we’re naked.”

She lifted her torso above the waterline, to show the boys that she was in fact totally naked.

“Cool,” said Natalie.

Natalie and Toni eagerly stripped from their travel clothing and jumped into the cooling water. The four children splashed around for a while; their laughter rose as they fooled around, grabbing and splashing each other with an almost naive playfulness. This would have gone on for quite some time if it was not for Dina, who had other more deviant plans.

“I wanna play a different game,” she instructed as she pulled herself up onto the edge of the swimming pool, “Come on .… Let’s play yellow water, brown doo-doo.”

The three other young children climbed out of the water and joined Dina as she lightly towel-dried herself. The warmth of the sun immediately heated them up after their cooling swim.

Dina coupled with Natalie, while Vera coupled with Toni. Each of the girls began to kiss and caress their respective partners. Natalie responded to Dina’s advances, spreading his legs wide, allowing her access to toy with his boy-sized cock and hairless little balls. His pecker stood up immediately in response to the girl’s artful touches.

“Mmmmmmm …” Natalie moaned lazily.

He looked across at his younger brother who was equally aroused.

“Come,” said Dina, “Let me see you suck Toni’s girl cock.”

Dina encouraged the two boys to copulate orally. As they sucked each other’s hard little cocks the two girls looked at each other mischievously before they stood over them and began to piss over them, squeezing their cunt lips and directing their ‘yellow water’ spray over the faces of the boys. Her ass felt full. She needed to shit soon.

It was obviously a game that the four children had played before. The girls sang the words ‘Yellow Water’ as they pissed more. The boys opened their mouths and drank from the salty piss streams as the girls squatted over them, guiding their mouths directly onto their piss-wet pussy. Dina and Vera kissed deeply as they sank their cunts onto the boys’ tongues as they began to lick them out. Dina rubbed her clit and ground her wet cunt harder against Natalie’s face. His little tongue flicked in and out of her cunt and over her puckered anus. She loved the domination. She farted loudly and giggled.

“Do it,” said Vera.

Dina lifted herself from Natalie’s face, not wanting the pleasuring to stop, but needing to empty her nasty little colons and bowels.

“Lick my ass,” she ordered.

The boy did as he was told. Dina groaned in pleasure feeling his mouth pressed closely to her nether hole as he performed the ‘kiss of shame’.

“Open your mouth and eat my ‘Brown Doo-Doo’ …”

Natalie was a compliant shit slave. The smell became more pungent as a long black-brown log slipped from her tiny little brown wrinkled anus. The turd hung between her open sphincter and the boy’s open mouth. He sucked upon it as its meatiness pressed downwards against his pinkish tongue, filling his enter mouth like a nigger cock.

“Fuck yer,” said Vera hungrily.

Dina lifted herself higher as the disgusting turd huge between them. She rubbed herself faster and faster, thrilled at her own pervertedness. Vera got down next to her sister and began licking her sister’s cunt and then down beneath, licking at the wet brown surface of Dina’s stinking turd as stuck upwards from the boy’s mouth. His lips had closed around its meaty girth so that it stuck out from his lips several inches … still conjoining him to its creator. Toni knelt beside Vera watching Dina very closely, as she emptied her bowel into his brother’s open mouth.

“We must eat the Devil’s feast,” whispered Toni.


One week earlier. Sunday 19th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

It was already a balmy afternoon after their arrival at the Santos Villa and their introduction to Macumba voodoo at the bizarre and highly sexual initiation.

Zaliva slept uneasily. Her disorientation was exacerbated by the darkness of the room in which she was awake in. Still half dreaming and half awake, she half remembered and half imagined. She saw an image of the dark goddess before her. She knew intuitively that she should kneel before her; to bow done in homage to the naked one; and to seek out the goddess’s favor. She must gain her affirmation, maybe seek her adoration. But as she looked upwards upon this malignant force, she noticed that the goddess was shrouded in a shimmering darkness that mingled with the fogginess of her own conscious state. What exactly was real? What was make-believe?

She dearly wanted to believe dearly in the sensual goddess. Around her, Zaliva saw other demented women all in the throws of worshiping the dark voodoo goddess. They tore off the clothing, fighting and struggling against unseen forces that Zaliva took to be their innermost demons.

The voodoo goddess spoke … But only she could hear … The other women lay naked and prostrate before the dark goddess … Some masturbating … Some fornicating … Some excitedly offering their own naked children … All barring their sinfulness. But the words of the voodoo goddess echoed and reverberated in only her mind … For only her to hear … Because SHE was the chosen one?

Everything crashed together as the content of her mind was shaken up as if inside a twister. Was Carmilla the voodoo goddess in her strange awakening dream? Surely not? What did the voodoo goddess mean by her chosen one? Was this our own narcissism deluding herself? She thought how oftentimes God and the Devil seemed to be one of the same, indifferent in their sufferance of humanity … They simply exchanged their masks., like a delicate interplay between opposing poles, positive becomes negative, white becomes black, day becomes night, good becomes evil … A never-ending cycle.

It was too much to fathom in her state of mind. She felt shattered. She was still very sore from being fucked so thoroughly and continuously for almost the entire evening by the four black boys. Oh, their delicious hard cocks had really been splendid. Pumping her with tainted jism in their drug-fueled Macumba orgy.

She had vivid glimpses … flashed before her eyes … Of the initiation ritual … The smell of the smokey Macumba temple dedicated to the worship of Satan … ‘El Templo do Diabo’ … The black cat’s blood … The pseudo-Christian and sadistic sexual symbolism mixed in an uneasy concoction … The burning Baphomet, so phallic and so beautifully evil … The heinous prayers to Lord Lucifer … The endless perverted sex… Praise the devil … Fucking … Sucking … Cunts and cocks everywhere … Oh! Hail Satan … Cumming over and over … Orgasm after orgasm … The black boys who fucked her with their thick cocks … Vaginal … Anal … Oral … The semen, the delicious salty boy semen … The drumbeat got faster and faster … Inspiring their fucking to get harder and more desperate with every passing second … Unholy sex … Praising the Devil.

There had been a lot of drugs involved and maybe some of her recollection of the previous night was tainted by her substance abuse … The vivid glimpses blurred together like a psychedelic dream of pleasure and pain. She was not sure what chemicals she had consumed but she felt as if she had been hit by a freight train.

As her consciousness became a little less hazy, she realized that she was lying on a wide low bed. Her head still felt too heavy to lift … But still she tried. She was in a darkened room, but through the heavy drapes, she could almost feel the blaze of the midday jungle sun. She pulled herself upright and leaned back heavily against a hard bedhead.

She was not alone. Zaliva fumbled for the bedside light.

“Don’t do that,” it was the distinctive Brazilian accent of Dom Carmilla.

“Where am I?”

Zaliva immediately felt Dom Carmilla’s hands probing her nakedness.

“Don’t fear me. You are safe here my dear. You are with me and I am your goddess,” Zaliva did not answer right away, “You were truly magnificent last night … The sexual demons were very pleased and blessed our union.”

“Our union?”

Now she felt Dom’s slender fingers penetrating her sore cunt, rubbing her labia and stimulating her willing clitoris.

“You felt it too. I know … You and I have a common destiny. The demons have brought us together.”

“I don’t know what you mean?”

The Dom’s fingers thrust inside of her painfully.

“I think you know. Search the darkest recesses of your mind. After all, I am your goddess …”

Zaliva remembered her dream. The dark voodoo goddess and her fornicating worshipers. She had wanted to believe that she had been chosen. She had wanted this … But strangely, she also felt an underpinning fear. She was fully aware of what this evil woman was capable of. She did not want to be a victim … Willing or not. Maybe it was best to play along for now? Maybe she should not play her hand? Wait and see where this was leading to.

“Yes. The dark voodoo goddess …” repeated Dom Carmilla, as if reading Zaliva’s dreams.

“It was just a dream?”

“More than a dream my dear, for it is the Devil’s destiny for us.”

The Dom’s fingers were stimulating Zaliva’s clitoris. Despite the soreness, she was feeling horny again. Very horny. Thoughts of the ritual collided with dreams of the dark voodoo goddess.

“My high priestess. You will serve as my high priestess.”

Zaliva felt orgasmic. She purred. She wanted the black witch to bring her to climax. She craved more boy cock. More cocks. She began grinding and moaning uncontrollably.

Dom Carmilla stopped at the height of Zaliva’s stimulation.

“Don’t! Don’t!” whined Zaliva in the darkness.

“It is time. You must come with me.”


One week earlier. Saturday 18th September 2010 in New York City

Detective Gannon had discovered their exodus. His nose for trouble was right.

Rio of all places. He knew people there. He had many friends, cops, and ex-cons in his Rolodex; and Rio was no exception. He chose to call his law enforcement buddies, Ade Lima, and Batte Goulart, who were both still involved with the local civic police force and were well known within their own wider network of underground informants. The word ‘local law enforcement’ was a rather loose term applied to Abe and Batte, as they spent the majority of their time extracting protection money from the local prostitution rackets in Vila Mimosa.

Gannon asked Abe and Batte to find out about the two new arrivals, Ivy Eiceart and Zaliva Ivkin; the latter may be traveling with two pre-teen daughters … And while they were at it, any information about another suspect, a woman called Ms. Angela, who could be traveling with two young boys? Abe promised to come back to him quickly and Detective Gannon thanked them in advance. Both Abe and Batte were reliable as long as there was a serious cash incentive involved … but in Arthur Gannon’s case, they both owed him a big favor and he was calling it in.



One week earlier. Sunday 19th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

Zaliva tried not to show her frustration. The witch had brought her to the brink of a delicious orgasm and left her hanging, but after a brief moment of breathless recovery, she decided to see what the black witch meant by ‘it is time’.

The witch drew back the blinds and the harsh light of the afternoon sun filled the witch’s bedroom.

“You will find this very interesting.” Said Dom Carmilla.

Her curiosity eclipsed her fear of this deadly and powerful woman. Zaliva had promised the sacrifice of her maid and the maid’s two young children. Intentionally or not, she hoped this would more than demonstrate her willingness to serve the dark voodoo goddess as her so-called ‘high priestess’. She had many fearful conclusions about the Macumba witch, but now was not the time to confront them.

Dom Carmilla opened a secret door in the paneling of her bedroom wall. Behind the hidden door was a long dark passage. Naked, Dom Carmilla led the way. It was just big enough for them to walk in single file. The camber seemed to slope downwards sharply and the intermittent lights were not ample to light the sides of the passageway, only their distance and regularity showed that the passage was long and narrow.

“You have heard many things about my private zoo,” she said.

“Yes, I have,” answered Zaliva.

“Well, this passage leads directly to the zoo. There are oftentimes, I crave the more depraved … The more perverse … The more animalistic side of my sexuality.”

Could there be a darker side to that which Zaliva had already experienced with the black witch? The ritual of naked young boys had been quite extreme.


One week earlier. Sunday 19th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

Dina snuggled up against her baby sister, Vera, who was still fast asleep. She gently rubbed her forefinger back and forth against her sister’s slit, until it began to moisten and her tiny clit became erect.

They had stayed over at the nigger witch’s villa, located in the wilds. They were surrounded by a jungle-like garden that made strange and scary noises at night. Dina had felt a bit afraid of this place, despite the extremely sexualized situation.

She had enjoyed the fun with her new nigger lovers, and long after her mother had disappeared with The Dom, she and Vera had continued their vulgar couplings with the remaining two nigger boys. Enjoying their long nigger dicks over and over.

Now the boys lay comatose. They appeared deadly exhausted after their drug-fueled orgy. Both lay on the large bed next to Dina and Vera. Dina began to idly play with one of their cocks. Her small fingers caressed its long dark flesh, which even in its flaccid state, looked so incredibly thick and elongated … Like an ugly fat snake.

She leaned forward and took the dark moist flesh into her baby’s mouth, licking and sucking at it until it began to harden against her lips. She smiled to herself and doubled her efforts. The boy’s organ was now fully erect and far too big for Dina to get her mouth around its wet bulbous head. She was content to lick and suck at it, making it bead with cock juice. She devoured the fluids that pooled at its tip, drawing her tiny tongue up and down its frenulum. The boy shuddered but remained static. Dina straddled the sleeping boy, pressing his hardest against her tight little pussy. She was wet. So wet. She needed it inside her. She wanted to evoke the sex demon again inside the boy’s cock, so that she would orgasm again as she had done the night before.

Dina noticed her sister stirring.

“I need it inside me,” she whispered to Vera.

Vera turned to the other sleeping boy and began to masturbate his flaccidity into rock-solid hardness.

“Nigger cock is hot,” replied Vera.

The two sisters looked at each other and grinned with waywardness and mischief. Vera sucked loudly upon the boy’s swelling member and then, like her big sister, mounted the boy’s body. Instead of trying to insert it inside herself, she rubbed her baby cunt up and down its length, frotting against it with impious ardor.

“Ahhhggggghhh … I gonna cum!” moaned Dina’s baby sister.


One week earlier. Sunday 19th September 2010 at the Santos Villa private zoo, Rio de Janeiro.

Dom Carmilla held Zaliva’s hand and guided her down the narrow passage. They emerged below a giant greenhouse canopy. It was hot inside. The air was still and humid. The smell of lush vegetation felt almost overpowering. There were cages of various dimensions that lined the outer rim of the circular enclosure, each dark and cavernous. Dom Carmilla brought Zaliva to a specific cage and unlocked the rusted cage door.

“They are all sexual freaks. Demonized by my witches for my pleasure. But Kaka is one of my favorites. You will find her very exciting,” qualified the black witch.

Now Dom Carmilla held the cage door open.

“Enter if you dare … My High Priestess …” taunted the voodoo goddess.

Zaliva reluctantly stepped over the threshold. Zaliva felt the cold sweat tickle down her back. She could not refuse. What if this human freak, Kaka, tore her apart? She tentatively looked around and the black witch closed the cage door behind her. Only when the door closed again did Zaliva notice the movement from the rear of the cage? Zaliva immediately felt panicked. What had she let herself in for? She moved back towards the gate, but it was secured again. She saw the black witch smile evilly. Zaliva turned back to face her fears.

So saw a dark shape against an even darker interior. The straw floor covering seemed slightly damp upon her bare feet and she felt strangely bare and vulnerable in the circumstances, as she was scrutinized by whatever it was that moved beyond her line of sight.

“Kaka. Kaka,” called Dom Carmilla, “Kaka. Kaka.”

A cackle of laughter seemed to spontaneously react from the adjoining cages accompanied the Dom’s words. There were more eyes upon Zaliva from all directions. Zaliva looked into the shadows to prepare herself for whatever it was that lurked there.

“Kaka … Wear your mask … You don’t want to frighten your new plaything?”

Play thing? Fuck! Zaliva wanted to kill the fucking black witch. Her attention was momentarily distracted by movement around the cage peripherals; and more rustling of activity in the shadows, followed by more insidious laughter.

“Show that you are unafraid my priestess. Show her how much you want her,” taunted the black witch from beyond the bars of the cage.

What gross monster lurked beyond the light? What sort of game was this? Maybe the chosen one gets eaten alive by fucking monster sex freak? Zaliva was shaken. It was then that Zaliva noticed the many strange faces pressed up between the bars of the adjoining cages. Generic mutations? Dwarfism? Freakish misshapen faces? Congenital deformities? Imps? Their eyes stared unblinking at her; their cackle unnerving her.

“Play with your cunt! Show her your delicious cunt!” cried the black witch.

Zaliva felt like a fucking puppet. She hated the witch for toying with her, but she did as she was told. She was not used to taking orders … She was used to being the one giving them out, controlling every situation. She despised it but felt strangely compelled.

It felt awkward, but despite that, she fingered herself before the prying eyes and within a short period, it began to feel bizarrely erotic … Performing before the fucking sex freaks, so they could get off. And they did. She noticed their masturbatory movements. Laughter and groans. The sound of their self-pleasuring rose towards a fever pitch. The freaky fucking monsters, obscenely pressed themselves against the bars, showing their excited genitals off as they jacked off to Zaliva’s little cunt playing show. Dom Carmilla groaned as she played with herself too, watching from the safety of behind the bars.

And then Zaliva saw Kaka. Her face was covered in a strange masquerade mask that concealed the upper portion of her face, eyes, and nose. The black sculptured mask gave her a dark demonic unicorn appearance. She wore a black leather fetish harness that made her body sensual and emphasized her beautiful firm breasts. The harness extended down each of her legs and wrapped around her thighs like a garter. Her exotic long black hair was full and luxurious and flowed down in a single ponytail behind her unicorn mask. She appeared to be of similar height and build to Zaliva, not for the knee-high stiletto boots. Kaka would have been a model of feminine beauty if not for the huge abnormality hanging between her legs.

Kaka strutted into the dull light coming directly under the greenhouse roof. Now Zaliva could clearly see that the creature was blessed with both sets of sexual organs; an open wet cunt and a huge erect cock. The wet purplish head of Kaka’s male phallus was exposed as her foreskin had fully retracted and just below the base of her hairless shaft, running along its delicate underside, were a pair of fleshy open labia glistening with female lubricant, to complete her hermaphroditic configuration.

The freaks in the adjacent cages rattled the metal bars as they laughed and cackled with even greater excitement, egging the pair to begin their fornication. The menagerie made obscene ‘whooping’ sounds, like animalistic barks, shouting ‘biscate’ (slut) and ‘boceta’ (cunt). They all grunted and panted excessively as they all watched and furiously masturbated themselves.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” commented Dom Carmilla.

Zaliva said nothing but turned toward where Kaka stood waiting. The freakish unicorn hermaphrodite was now stroking herself to a full erection and fingering her cunt at the same time. She stood and watched Zaliva play with herself.

“The chosen one must not disappoint her voodoo goddess.”

Zaliva hated the fucking witch but was equally excited. She wanted to get even, but that would have to wait for now. What would this animal do? With both cock and cunt … A truly hermaphroditic demon to be worshiped. She couldn’t wait to fuck this strange creature and take its essence inside her mouth, cunt, and anus… If it did not kill her before they fornicated. The animal audience screamed. Kaka drew nearer.

“Ajoelhe-se e sugue pinto (Kneel and suck cock),” said the freak in a gravelly low voice.

“Kneel …” shouted Dom Carmilla, who was obviously enjoying Zaliva’s fear.


Sunday 3rd October 2010. At the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

In the short time they had been in Rio de Janeiro, she had already seen many sights to convince her that this was no paradise … That life was expendable here … And that there were countless numbers of ruthless and reckless people ready to slit a throat for a few dimes … Every turn showed telltale signs of their desperate economy, of maniac worthlessness and systemic destitution.

Murder here was so commonplace, that it had become hackneyed. The body count was rising faster and faster. But nobody seemed to care. Not the police; not the government; and even the aid workers were all in on the gauntlet of death… Everyone was cashing in.

She was not sure whether the fear was rational or not. The Macumba, the ritual, the zoo, the freakish hermaphrodite, the murder of her maid, and the whole ‘chosen’ one thing? What was that? There was some kind of board game here, but she was just one of the pieces. All Zaliva knew was that she did not want to be a pawn.

As much as she wanted to reach out and trust this strange woman; who had so far shown only positive intentions towards Zaliva, her daughters, and her coven; there was a nagging doubt in the back of her mind. Was it her twisted psyche, that saw specters where there were none?

Dom Carmilla was not only a powerful woman within the local occult community but a very wealthy individual with seemingly limitless funds. The combination was unnerving. It would have been easy to conclude that if Dom Carmilla wanted them dead, they would be, and there was little or nothing they could do to stop it. But still, the vision of their safety at risk was perpetual. What was the true nature of this uneasy union?

The voodoo goddess had carved a role for her (and her alone) as her high priestess. As much as this notion sounded very interesting. Of course, she got off on all the dark magic rituals, sexual perversity, blood sacrifices, and demonic debauchery … But fundamentally, she remained untrusting of it all. Dom Carmilla was not supernatural … She was a woman and she would have the same weaknesses that any other woman would have. On all counts the Dom seemed to believe in her own magical abilities; or at least she was great at pretending that she did.

She needed to neutralize the most immediate threat (be it real or perceived). So Zaliva’s plan was very simple. Dom Carmilla would have to die.

If Zaliva attempted to kill her and failed, it would bring disastrous consequences. If she succeeded and others in her coven found out it was her, this would bring equally dire results. She had to kill her and make it look like it was someone else. Like an accident? Like a deadly rival? She could not afford to make a mistake. These were all deeply devoted followers, who fundamentally believed in Dom Carmilla’s supreme power and that this demonic power welled from the hell-raiser’s ability to channel Satanic forces.

Thinking about it gave Zaliva the jitters. Her cunt was dripping with anticipation. She sank three eager fingers into her greedy slit, rubbing the back and forth before pressing her hardened clit.

“Fuck, yes! Fuck, yes!”


Sunday 3rd October 2010. At the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

Dina felt a little uneasy around Freira and Guia, the two of the nigger witches, but they had agreed to show Dina and Vera around The Dom’s special zoo. Dina had imagined all sorts of things about the sex freaks inside. It made her very horny. There had been much talked about it and now the two girls were very excited to be at last allowed to visit.

With great trepidation each walked naked together with Freira and Guia through the jungle-like garden to a separate building that housed the zoo. The maze of greenery held its own fearfulness. Dina held Freira’s hand and Vera held Guia’s. Dina squeezed her little digits hard against Freira’s. They smiled at each other, the nigger’s white teeth contrasting against the darkness of her ebony Brazilian skin.

The zoo structure looked like something between a bunker and a huge greenhouse, hidden amongst the massive Amazonian trees. The doorway was small and they entered one by one.

Inside the smell was pungent … kind of organic aroma of exotic plants and blossoms that seemed to be disguising something else; animalistic, base and sexual, bordering on fetid and raw. The ring of barred cages looked empty at first sight. But as Dina looked closer, she noticed that there were inhabitants behind the tall black bars. Their presence seemed to spark a round of howling and whooping from the menagerie inside.

Though the so-called freaks seemed timid, their din began to become overwhelming. The freaks did not come to the front of the cages, nor did they carry on as if it were some natural habitat like the animals in a zoo. No, they kept watching the visitors carefully and crying out.

“They don’t seem to be very happy?” said Vera rather naively.

“They aren’t,” answered Guia, ‘They are always hungry and always very horny.”

Freira and Guia guided the two children closer to the barred enclosures and produced a large key that enabled them to open the cage door.

“Are we going inside?” asked Dina.

“Yes … Go inside,” said Freira, indicating that the two girls should step inside.

“Is it safe?”

The two witches laughed.

“Fuck no. Get in,” they both laughed again as they shoved the children inside one of the filthy cages and closed the barred door behind them.

“Hey!” cried Dina, “Let us out!”

The two witches retreated from the door. Their eyes never left the sight of the two near-naked children inside the freaks’ cage.


Saturday 9th October 2010. Vila Mimosa, Rio’s red light district.

It had been just shy of a calendar month since they had all arrived. Zaliva took a long drag on her cigarette. The smoke curled as it defused into the warm air of the busy bar. Ivy sat across from her at the small table in the dimly lit interior. The throbbing of a neon-tube lighting overhead competed with the dull syncopated bass from yet another strip club upstairs.

Vila Mimosa was alive with people. What the red light district lacked in charm, it made up in hustle and bustle. It was the darker side of Rio… ‘VM’ as it was known to locals, was a far cry from the glamorous scene of the Copacabana. The area was also infamous for its criminal gangs, drugs, and murder.

The jumbled warren of dilapidated buildings, blind alleys, and leaking pipes was a mixture of ramshackle houses, laundry services, pool halls, and bars cluttering the main drag, all posing as respectable businesses. But with over four thousand visitors a day, Vila Mimosa was a thriving metropolis dedicated to sexual pleasures and perversions of all persuasions. Many of those found working in the red-light district did so out of necessity and a serious lack of lifestyle alternatives.

Zaliva could smell the delicious desperation around her.


It turned her on. She could not help but finger herself discreetly as she looked around.

Zaliva watched a near-naked barmaid, dressed like most of the girls in VM, in a bright yellow thong and an unmatched half t-shirt top. Her slim athletic body seemed to call to Zaliva as the waitress made her way between the crowd of sweat-drenched patrons as they groped promiscuous prostitutes as they gyrated to the throbbing beat… And at twenty bucks a fuck, this was definitely the cheapest place for sex.

The young waitress finally arrived and deposited two Caipirinha cocktails on their little corner table. Zaliva handed her a turquoise-colored “100r” note that was worth about thirty dollars in the United States. As the girl went to take the money, Zaliva gripped the girl by her wrist and gently pulled her close to her face. The waitress did not try to resist. She looked puzzled and was not sure what to expect until Zaliva whispered in her ear. The young girl smiled broadly and they both kissed gently mouth-to-mouth. Zaliva’s hand mauled the girl’s tiny breasts for a while and then instructed the young waitress to get down on her knees below their table. Zaliva drank her cocktail, grinning briefly at Ivy; and then her eyes began to roll back in pleasure as the waitress began to bury her very pretty little face between Zaliva’s knicker-less open thighs.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good!” exclaimed Zaliva.

Ivy took her pleasure from the young waitress too and then the girl left them alone again. During the entire time, nobody bothered to look. The crowd seemed to be hungry for other delights.

Zaliva returned to the sordid business ahead of her. She had to talk to Ivy. And she needed a place where they would not be under the watchful eye of their host, Dom Carmilla. The night on the town had been the perfect excuse and saying that they wanted to explore on their own, seemed not to come as a surprise, but more as an expectation. Now alone with Ivy, she spoke low and quietly.

“We are going to have to kill her,” Zaliva said to Ivy.


“Dom Carmilla.”

“And how do you think we’re going to manage that?”

“I have a plan.”




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