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The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts 7

The teens all camel toe and hard nipples just welcomed them. Like littles sisters they were so darling and so innocent wanting to be cheerleaders.

Their leader was just stunning as budding lezzies glared in hunger hoping others would not see.

OK babies sit here while we finish and its just us so yes you can shower with us.
The satanic brownies could care less about cheer anything just searching for the first target. One teen went to far as a pussy lip slipped out. She is mine. Well just look at her. I will take that one for now.

The seven college girls with trophies had eyes on the leader. She was so beautiful and her tits! Yes, they had eaten pussy so closed up together they turned to each other for anything.

So many competitions they all knew each other. But this lady leader made them whimper. Will she get it in the huge shower too, naked so they could see?
This was just too easy but may be some fun. Let’s wait and see.

The shower. The tiny so innocent things helped like little sisters. Holy fuck in hell as the leader just walked by naked. Even those without such thoughts struggled to get the sweaty things off.

The so innocent darlings could not reach the soap each asking their targets for help.
They had no idea what would happen as the college coaches maneuvered for some place on the leader.

One after another the take over to Satan went slow. Can you help me, in the place’s mommy helps?

Of course, honey as she rubbed the soap. What harm we are just girls anyway. She knelt and shivered. Her little sister never looked like this or got her horny. More here please. Her puffy muffin.

It was the same for each poor teen getting dissolved by child.

Their leader was gone. Gone as so many towels dried her. in some dorm room the teens were doing a good job but would be shown what pussy cunt eating was all about. It was on as each tender thing was dried very hard. I don’t like sleeping alone and my big sister let me.
The targets for now had no chance.

The overall leader of the camp was thirty a professional cheerleader for seven years. The star for two now. Looking twenty at best and like she still be in college. She was cheer girl at six just jumping around with other little girls. Showed promise and coordination at eight and sent to a gymnastics/cheer camp.

All bunked together one her where her button was changing her life forever. She just could leave it alone and would wait for everyone to leave so she had a few moments of private time. This did not escape the young female coach an owner.

The stall door opened. She could not get her little hand away fast enough stuck with her panties and shorts around her ankles. What are you doing? Just peeing mam. How cute she was a “mam”. No, you weren’t were you. No response knowing, she was in trouble. It looked like you were being naughty, very naughty. Yes, mam she stammered, I won’t do it again, but it feels good and well….

Pull those up and come with me. Oh, shit she is going to call mommy!

You know what happens to bad little girls don’t you. Yes, she stammered. The office. You have a choice of me calling your mommy or get a spanking. The coach was weaving and testing another horny little girl as she had been a sadistic lesbian since college. The subs just came to her she was so good.

Anything but calling mommy and her finding out. She new she was being bad and loved in like she was addicted already thinking over things to try at home when she was alone.
Spank me as she trembled but not from fear.

OK the pull those back down and get over my lap. She pulled her shorts and panties completely off kicking the aside and laying across the young coach’s lap. The coach was delighted at not telling her to take them off. She showed promise.

Her tiny white ass perfect and precious but would be white for long if it worked. Slap the girl moaned. Slap she gasped. Slap she raised her ass up. Five more getting just a bit harder as coach tested the waters so to speak.

The water was very wet, and that tiny ass was getting pinker.

Had enough child? No mam I was naughtier than that and I need to learn to be a good girl. Ten slaps very hard her ass was red. She almost bent in half to present for more.
The coached rubbed her red ass getting a very good feel of child slut. Her finger went under and touched the child held her breath grabbing as much of the couch cushions as she could.

Is this where you were touching. Oh yes mam. It bad to do that isn’t it. Yes, is you naughty thing. I should call your mommy.

Please teach me more. The sharp finger nail almost ripped her button finding her tiny so virgin hole violently pushing in. Ripped her hymen as the child filled the palm of her hand with virgin cream.

She pushed her finger in as much as possible and beat the tiny ass with her other. The child just pumped up and down on her finger.

Coach was devious inside her fuck keeping her sharp finger nail right up against the wall scarping hard as she pulled it out scraping hard as it went over her tiny g-spot inside she did know she had. The inside part of her clit bud.

She put her two biggest fingers together and shoved up to her palm. Oh mam! Ten more wicked slaps. the not much virgin white cream overflowed her palm and dripped on her thighs. She started scraping at the tiny ass star so pink and perfect no lube as she dug at it. Ripping at one side and another.

Are you OK baby? Had enough? No mam I was really naughty, wasn’t I? Her thumb plunged almost tearing the inside of the silky ass tube.

The naughty nasty child bucked not to get away, but for more. Ten more of the hardest slaps she could managed as her damn arm was getting tired and her lap and the couch was becoming a pool horny child slime.

Reached up under her tiny T braless of course the scrape her dots and slim chest with her sharp finger nails ripping and raking. I think I need more mam! She pinched as hard as she could with her two fingers so deep in tiny child cunt tube, she could scrape her tiny uterus and with her thumb deep in child ass almost tearing the thin membrane separating the two channels of fuck.

She looked at the child’s face as her mouth was open slobbering. Her eyes closed but not clinched.

Hell, the coach was getting tired and horny as hell, so she just finished it off reaching under her slim hard tummy getting her sharp finger nail just right to rip the tiny tube open more s she get just behind the child clit the with her thumb pinched down hard. The tiny ass raised up sharply for a few seconds as the child mewled and whimpered.

She finally for god sake collapsed.

She woke feeling all the fingers and thumb sucking out. She knelt in obedient sub slut posture on pure instinct. Thank you, Mistress, for making me a better. What the hell?

How could she possibly be any better? MISTRESS!

You are a nasty naughty little sub slut, aren’t you? Sub Slut fixed in her mind, she liked it.
Your sub slut mistress.

The young coach was panting. God bless who ever brought this treasure. She pulled he t-shirt off as her solid tits barely moved. Small but sharp with huge puffy nipples like two tiny cones.

Are you a good little sub slut? I am trying mistress.

She was trying to get her damn shorts off but they were so tight they stuck on her small rock hard ass.

Keeping her head down in obedience she reached up to rip them off. Who told you to do that slut? No one it seemed what you wanted for me to learn more. How to be of service. For you mistress.

Look at me slut and tell me what you think needs service. She looked at that perfect hard body. She looked straight in the young coaches’ eyes now. It is not for me to say mistress. OK slut do you see anything you like you whore?

She looked hard all over the perfect body, the tits, the stomach with an unusual six pack and puffy wet real pussy.

She bowed again, all of it mistress. Come show me slut. Mistress if you will I prefer SUB-SLUT if you permit. Holy fucking shit!

Then come help your mistress sub slut. Yes mistress.

He crawled up and went to the left tit cone with her eyes on her coach mistress’s eyes to watch for further instruction. Good sub-slut but a little harder, she chewed until mistress said yes you fuck.

Now that she knew the correct pressure her mistress wanted from her, she had her mistress grabbing at the couch whimpering as she wanted to be and tried to be the best SUB-SLUT.

She served her so well she was drooling but wide eyed. Half hour she drifted down her mistress but there was nothing to chew as she was so solid, she just mouthed all over ever so slowly it was almost unbearable.

Mistress if you permit, I cant serve you properly like this, lifting each leg a place her mistress’s feet just right the moaning coach just sank down further and spread for her sub-slut.

It was close to torture as her sub-slut licked her ass both still nothing to chew so she sucked asshole. Young coach was about to rip the couch apart.

At first a so soft delicate lick up on the sensitive skin between her ass and pussy. Then maddeningly up each side of puffy pussy lips and back down to lick the other one just on the outside. Coach was gasping.

Feeling meat, she chewed with prefect pressure her mistress wanted. One puffy pussy lip then the other.

A pool of cunt slime filling her cunt cup as it was up like a small bowl.

Back over her mons just on the edge of clit but mouthing all over.

She looked down in wonder at the tiny sub-slut demolishing her. She forgot time and did not care as it was delicious torture.

SUB-SLUT just had instinct already knowing when this mistress and that would follow were ready.

Coach just stare din wonder as the tiny face as if hiding until she felt the tiny tongue poking at her ass then softly licking up insanely slow to lick in her full cunt like a kitten licking cream. Well she was.

She was perfect and horrible. Almost terrifying.

She licked her bowl clean then put as much of her tiny mouth on her hole sucking all she could. Insanely maddening.

Her mistress was ready for her sub-slut as she put her tiny mouth over her now red clit up and out more than ever and red.

So soft sucks. Tiny bites. The just chewing sucking.

She was kneeling I obedient sub-slut posture right between her slim legs.

Come up here you fuck whore nasty naughty sub-slut. Yes mistress. Kiss you fuck. Yes mistress.

It is late so I think you should stay here. As you wish.

The coach did call her mommy. No mam no problem. She might be the best. She performs brilliantly as performs every task with perfection I have never seen before. I think if she can stay for the rest of the summer, she might just be the best anyone ever saw.

I had no idea but how much? No mam I have a way to give her a sort of scholarship.
Does she need any more clothes or anything? No, we have all she will want or need. Does she want to stay? Talk to mommy baby.

Mommy I love it here and am leaning more almost every day as new things are asked. I seem to be good mommy. Please let me stay. Ok baby as long as you are happy. Thanks mommy.

Mommy was very happy as she turned the porn back on sinking her biggest dragon dog cock dido up her mommy cunt getting it knotted. All of her clit vibrators and clit clamps with the machine close that would suck out her clit for the clamps and sucking her nipples into horrid purple tubes she could cane or needle or just use violent sharp tooth clamps.

All summer now. The big TV porn clip. Perhaps one of her favorites pick up just as she had to answer the phone.

The small girl was shoulder deep with one arm up the ass, the other up her cunt. Biting her long clit.

The woman looked so much like her it was as if it was her. All summer as she winched every time on this scene.

The fish hooks on long fishing string plunged in each nipple as she was pulled up by her nipples until she had to bend back. It was horrifying and the horniest thing. If she only knew who she lived with and pampered. Her child.

It was Sunday and all had the day off. You were perfect you fuck.

Thank you, mistress. Now get your sub-slut whore ass back in bed. Yes mistress.
Her teen years were hard as it was difficult to find mistresses that would accept teen sub-sluts and she could drive yet.

She never let on at school or anywhere playing the perfect little girl but did unthinkable things to herself at night.

Now that she could drive and had her own car it was still hard to find new excuses for over nights or weekends in basement dungeons. Thankfully mommy let her go so mommy could absolutely demolish herself. If they only knew everything each craved lived in the same house. A mommy pain slut fuck and daughter sub-slut now looking for more and different pain.

At college she perfected two arts. Her cheerleading and sub-slut, keeping both separate and her pain need so deep. For that her online name for subs looking was SUB-SLUT.
So deeply hidden in her private filth it took all her strength not to kneel. The satanic English teacher/troop leader knew everything about every female at camp.

The hand shake and staring eyes she was looking at a mistress. It was instant. She had seen the look telling her to kneel. Thankfully not in front of the other little girls.
Something just transferred as sub-slut met the best mistress. We are all her to serve and make you all happy this week. The girls will learn quite a bit here.

The camp was maybe too easy to be good entertainment for her husband Satan.

They could already not stay away form each as the non-satanic little girls and seven college coaches were beyond horny.

Sub-slut /pro cheer leader laid out naked. She and her college perfections had a separate floor away from the young girls.

The brownies were turning them all so quick on the first night, really evening still they would not have heard anyway.

She just laid back in pure submission with nothing, but her dog collar specially made to match her hair and nipples and the red stripes on her meat. Her whore fuck sub-slut meat.

The satanic English teacher just appeared in a black dog collar and black thigh high boots.

Her blonde hair fiercely pulled back. Her tits hard. Her blue eyes she used to first mesmerize were red.

She laid out waiting as she each college girl scream until silent. One after another wishing they had not washed her or met her they were so young they all went quick.

Each would suffer in continuous orgasm until she let them go, for tonight.

Five she was getting closer. Six and seven.

She was startling beautiful and horrifying at once.

Hi SUB-SLUT. You are mine all week if you live. Yes mistress. Come to me.

She leapt up and knelt. Bend over you fuck. the sharp toe of the one boot went so hard up her ass-shute. Lick my boot clean sub-slut.

The hard cane went deep up her ass crack. Bend back sub-slut. She obeys and presented.

The hard cane hit right on her left nipple almost slamming it back inside. The same on her right one as she remained silent.

She remained in position as ordered, silent but eager for what would happen.
The tip of one boot was violently kicked up her ass as most of it was it in her ass. The hard cane left red welts on her back.

Get my boot clean you fuck whore sub-slut.
Present sub-slut she immediately turned over in a deep back bend to provide her body and cunt meat. Her clit was now three inches as the hard cane came down hard right on it.
Cum you fuck whore sub-slut she squirted a river as the cane came down. Again, you fuck as the cane came down, she covered the wall.

Eat sub-slut, she sucked and chewed the ass hole. Drink you fucking whore as the cunt went on her mouth now trained to not let one precious drip of mistress piss be wasted. It was a favor from a mistress.

She was such a willing perfect sub pain slut the satanic English teacher/brownie leader now brutal mistress ask her if she wanted anything as the cane rain down viciously on her solid tits and open red cunt meat and long clit. The pro cheerleader with her deeply hidden other life was nothing but deep red welts on the verge of bleeding. Yes mistress. Tell me slut as the cane came right down on her long clit.

If you allow mistress. She raced for her box as fast as possible, her hidden box.

She did not or would ever make a mistress wait as she quickly put the worst nipple clips, she owned letting them snap hard biting in to her already horrid long nipples. She was so trained now she did not dare make a sound as it hurt like pure hell. The only way they would come off they would have to rip her nipples off. They were her worst and best in her fucked-up head.

Long strong strings were handed to mistress as she went into a deep back bend on young girls should be able to do.

Even mistress was impressed as she pulled the strings harder and harder pulling tit up to cane deep. Cunt and long clit presented to her mistress the vicious kick up boot toe almost sank the mistresses boot up the cunt that still looked like puffy young lips regardless of any destructive things done over the years.

The cane came down as hard as possible on her long clit up in perfect sub-slut presentation for use. She collapsed. She was gone finally. It was the best she ever felt but she may have gone overboard but this mistress was the best to ever own her.

The brownies had destroyed all of the little girls turning each tender young budding cheerleader in to slut. That simple they were all slut.

Performances and routines the next day were off. The leader had on her loosest and longest sweatshirt and baggiest shorts down low on her hips trying to hide her body and keep anything from touching any part of her.

The seven college cheerleader coaches were the same. Just distant looks thinking about last night and wondering if they liked it or not?

All the little girls just had dreamy looks on their small faces. Their first orgasms they did want more.

They got through the damn day and back. The hell with food or breaks or anything but getting back to the dorms. A cheer/gymnast camp of fuck slut.

They held each other daddy, mommy and slut daughter discussing their day of vacation. All naked. Daddy would lean over to lick a spot of sperm off his gang bang slut wife. The tiny naked daughter loved what the woman had taught her today but stood out of the way as daddy sucked as much sperm out of mommy ass and mommy cunt. It was all open and all released now. Accepted as norm thanks to the Satan Queen and her assassins.

Mommy, daddy it was the best day of my life and this is the best vacation ever. I got to eat cunt and drink piss and had orgasms. I love you mommy and daddy. Well we are having fun and have six more days. Do you want to go to the rides tomorrow?
Only if you want but I like the play room right here. We do too baby.
Breakfast was just naked family’s as the entire Disney hotel was fuck orgy sluts of all ages or gender.

No matter where they looked there was streaming videos of any filth any wanted. Disney was truly a very magical place for family fun.

Little girls would giggle at cartoon caricatures fucking. Goofy had a huge cock ramming for one child.

Wily E Coyote caught the road runner and fucked the hell out of her. So that is what the road runner was running from!

The buffet had whatever any wanted as the naked staff instantly brought out any thought of food. Random moms and dads helped each other if some cock needed a quick sucking or some pussy needed orgasm. Disney was just very friendly families.
If a child wanted sperm syrup huge pitchers full was poured. Satan sperm of course.

Some moms wanting it on their eggs. Some said what the hell just pour it all over. The dads like it too.

Cereal with sperm. Tater tots with sperm. Chicken nuggets with sperm. Whatever any one wanted it was provided

The piss crazy mommy had her own lounge chair out in the open for any girl or boy that needed her as she spread out there was no limit about her fuck or who wanted to do what. She was open and available.

Mommy can I watch you for a while? Sure, baby but don’t you have friends? Yes, mommy but now I have lots of friends and I heard there would be a big sleep over.
And daddy, can I watch you too? Of course, you can princess.

A new room just appeared as some mom thought for a second of being hung up helpless and abused. Several others had the briefest of the same. Bondage and abuse.

Helpless abuse. Complete fuck sluts unable to stop anything done.

Disney was a magical place for families.

The naked Amish teen was washing the horses. Naked mommy and she had washed their purity blanket from her first date. Handed down for ages. Mommy just hid a grin as not one drop of cum was on it. It had almost never had any sperm on it as the woman in her family sucked it down.

She silently glimpsed at how small her tiny child’s mouth was and that big boy she went with keeping daddy under control. Just shake his hand dear and don’t say anything.
We have all night just like my parents on my, our first date. Big brutal daddy well remembered that date. He just grumbled.

The Satan Queen delivered the same to the small Amish community as she had the Mormons just for fun to see what would happen. Amish were just hidden fucks even more horny.

He had to watch his daughter as her tiny pussy was prepared for her date. Just tiny hairs still mostly young fuzz. Just like his wife way back before razors were allowed.
Then his baby bent over to help mommy, his darling cock sucking sperm crazy fuck that loved being pound fucked until he just had to get some sleep.

Way out in nowhere far away from any outsiders the men had been convinced that the less washing they needed to do the more they could do and help on the farm.
Don’t worry she knows boys get like that, but you might scare her a bit. Grumble.
Every horse barn was off limits during breeding season as the mares came in to heat for fuck.

The men knew it was needed to sustain the community, but it meant only their cocks would be in demand.

The one thing left for them was all of the Amish to get together for the orgy they all wanted but hid that was released on the Mormons. Oh, this would be fun.

All of the huge men dearly loved their cock sucking wives but had eyes. All of the women were startlingly beautiful as the young daughters. Only thoughts but the slim bodies and poking nipples were making a frenzy of darker thoughts.

The Satan Queen giggled about how much fun she would give her love, Satan with new group of play things. Leaving her very capable assassins at the camp to fuck the living shit out of the leader, seven hard bodied college girls and the river of child.

It was not breeding season but the horses that worked so hard and did so much had to be taken care of.

She dried and brushed one big horse rubbing her young hard titties that helped get ready for what was necessary and needed. It made all of the women of all ages horny as hell when horses needed help.

She did the same to their other stud horse as her tiny virgin pussy dripped.

Pussy slime was the only thing ever in the fresh hay. It was a sin here to waste sperm.
Mommy taught her so when it was her job so mommy could tend to the vegetable garden necessary for her family it was just what had to be done.

The big horses were used to this and just stood. Maybe they liked it so their cocks would not drag in dirt or gravel.

For two months she knelt naked as her naked mommy got underneath. Now be careful on this part because that’s what makes our fouls and where it comes out. We don’t want that harmed. Yes mommy.

Now both like it licked at first and it will go faster as she held horse cock as her baby watched dutifully.

Is that the hole mommy, but mom could not answer stretching her mouth as her mommy taught her.

Now watch close how I do this because I have to get up a bit for all of it. Yes mommy.
Mommy showed her how to get the huge horse flare all inside as she moved forward until it hit her throat before getting on her knees and hands to be horse fuck hole. Just one long tunnel of fuck tube.

The horses were well trained and rather tame waiting for the signal. The slap.

Twenty inches at the slap drove. The child saw her mommy bulge from throat to tummy as mommy’s tummy really got big over and over. The horse shook until he was done, and mommy had to crawl back to let it plop out and shrivel back in.

The same with the other valuable horse necessary for her family and the community.
She was a natural and watched closely. Better than mommy because she loved it. Not a duty required as it made her crazy horny. Mommy did not grab her pussy meat when she did it. it was her own invention.

Are you ready babies as she put the big brush away where it belonged.

Two huge horses stood side by side as in much love horses could have for a human.
Cradling both huge furry heads tall over her she kissed each and pressed up for horse titty licks.

Both slobbered her body as she told them what good boys they were. You are my babies aren’t you. You big babies love me too. They both knew just when to chew. Like circus animals they chewed in synchrony.

Good babies as she cradled their big heads giving them both kisses. OK babies.

The horses did not have to move when she helped. No signal and no waiting. No licks they were ready already as she did not kneel. She just got in position in her own way and plunge her body all the way down until her slim stomach looked like it would explode. Then all the way back up to start plunging back and forth as the horses let her fuck her body until she felt them fully helped.

She gave the first and dainty kiss on his snout, good boy. Good baby. Let me help your friend before you I can put you both to bed. Horsy just loved her giving her a very long lick form her tummy full of his sperm right up between her titties.
Same with the other and he did the same the same to the tiny thing that took care of them.

The horses did not have to be led or told as they went in their stalls and got a bucket of oats each the stalls left open. Hell, the horses were going nowhere.

Hi mommy I took care of the horses can I help you now? Her tiny tummy bulging with horse sperm naked mommy knew her tiny thing needed her for a few moments standing naked to give her a mommy kiss and shove half one hand up daughter pussy. They came up with this new tradition on their own.

It made the garden better and made her daughter very happy. A win for the horses. Win for the family and huge win for her tiny daughter. Thanks mommy. Get some carrots baby while I get a few more potatoes. Stew mommy? I love stew. Yes, baby get six of the biggest please.

It needs a little more mommy do you have any? Mommy spread her legs as huge globs of fuck were pulled out and dropped in the stewing old kettle.

Daddy is home mommy! Can you take care of him? I have biscuits in the oven. Yes mommy.

She loved her daddies’ cock better than her horse babies. She loved until it was soft.


Thanks baby.

Yes, daddy as she licked her lips.

You are so good honey this may be the best stew ever. Your daughter helped me. I thought I tasted it. thanks baby. Yes daddy.

She was young and maybe too young to be in college but brilliant. In junior high the scholarships pilled up. She was excelling in college classes as junior in high school. Graduating at sixteen.

She had one problem. She was a secret slut but never dated. She was just always horny and wet.

She had her choice of medical or law as she was accepted. She chose law at first for now.

The law firm building was all marble and mahogany.

Offered an intern position by the richest and best law firm. Led by a woman.

She was an eloquent speaker but could not utter.

The woman she met was just too stunning. Too perfect. Too much to comprehend.

So, you are here for our intern position? Yes mam. Oh, don’t call me mam for god sake. We are friendly here and just use first names.

She would ruin the interview as she trembled not sure where to look. Those poking tits or the bulge of woman in the skirt.

I nave heard you are quite smart. I think I could use you around here to help us.

Holy fucking hell use me and for dear god quick!

She had dressed so perfectly to look as professional and like a woman instead of girl. Her long blonde hair in a fiercely pulled back pony tail as the ends danced on her tiny ass.
Her damn tits. Her fucking damn tits. Her nipples were poking, and she just knew it. Her best bra was being ripped by her fucking damn nipples.

The woman’s perfect long red hair. Her tall perfect body slim. Her tits and the pokes.

That huge bulge of woman in that skirt held up by long perfect legs.

She had never been touched by anyone but herself as there was never time. Just wrap those fucking legs around my head.

I will try. I just started though but learn fast. I will at least try anything you want. You fucking will you tiny fuck darling. I own you.

Come with me dear and let’s get you shown around where everything is. I think you will fit in quite nice but I know other firms want you so its all up to you.

But I will double any other offer. Holy fuck just let me at that thing in your skirt.

You will be brought back to me later for your decision.

The entire law firm was female. Young pretty female. All perfect. Very floor all marble and just unbelievable.

Her tiny body stunned the everyone. Each lesbian mind the same, god she is the most precious piece of fuck.

She was trying to breath at all and everything. Everyone she met was just beautiful. Everyone hugged her hard making her damn tits worse.

She had tried so hard to look older and capable but still she was fuck on two slim legs for rampant lesbians. She had walked to intern for young pussy destruction. Young firm tit destruction.

All she had was her instinct that she would love working here. Not knowing why and undetermined about her sex life having never been with anyone.

I would like to try and do my best here. Her is my offer. Holy fucking hell! I do not like to waste time with negotiating and the back and forth when I see what I want.

She somewhat stumbled as she was led to the enormous leather couch.

Staring at the numbers as she was placed and the lady, the woman actually sat beside her. her hand on her shoulder then around.

Her decision solid as she turned her tiny face with bright blue eyes to that beautiful red head and her startling green ones.

For the first time in her life she lost it all and completely. She kissed a woman she really did not know at all.

So, is that a yes? She crawls over devil be damned. Her tiny pussy was about to explode and her tits, her fucking damn tits had just had enough.

She planted her mouth on the woman’s.

She felt her skirt zipper going down as she sucked the first mouth, tongue the first anything really.

Then the hands on the back of her best panties. Another unbuttoning her best most professional blouse she had.

It came off so softly as her slim chest was hard poking young tit.

The nails scraping from the back of her best panties up her silky back her best bra unclipped. It was gone and she was tit. Two very perfect tit meat.

The hand down deep in the back of her very best panties she did not know how her best most professional looking skirt got off. Her best panties ripped as they were mostly just lace anyway bought the day before.

The long finger up and down until it went up to her pussy.

A finger not her own.

She just changed instantly as she sat and unbuttoned a blouse not on her. Unclipped a bra not hers.

Unzipped a skirt not hers. Ripped panties not hers.

Yes, if you want me.

But the only pace I have is on campus. Not now baby. Yes.

You live with me. Yes. Any clothes you want, and all the girls can help you. Yes.
Anything yes.

May I? she sat her tiny ass on it. she felt it. She just had to see it.

Even more beautiful than any other part and she did not know why. It was mound. Perfect and bare. Wet and puffy.

Out of no where she licked it twice then ate puffy woman cunt like she had done it all her life.

Enough baby, please baby, OK baby one more.

Holy fucking hell she was good!

Come up here baby as she played with her nipples. Do you have to get back tonight? No it is Friday and I have all weekend.

Do you want to stay with me? Oh yes, please, please, please!

Relax child we have all weekend.

Come with me to my home. But my clothes.

Come child. The rest of the top floor was her huge suite as the huge mahogany door opened.

Then closed and automatically locked.

Built as a safe room and sound proof but incredible as her naked teen body was shown by the most beautiful woman on earth showed her everything.

Her bedroom! That huge bed for eight people let alone two so slender.

She is pointing at the dresser she could have and these are your closets but if you want make up or anything her perfect woman back and ass turned as the young perfection pulled her hair tie off. Her long hair released it was a drape of soft long hair all over her tiny tits and tiny ass. She still had not seen her asking if she was hungry, we have anything or can get…

Yes, I am still a little hungry.

The late sun just made it worse. Now the head of the biggest most sought law firm could not speak.

She had been before the supreme court several times winning every case.

She mumbled at what she was seeing. It could not be real? Nothing could possibly even exist, not on this earth!

Maybe one more time please as she laid out on the huge bed in a blanket of blonde silk.
She did not squirt. Never but did three times. She lost track of her orgasms at seven. Her woman tits were a little sore. Her clit damn sure was sore!

Perhaps we could look in your fridge and everything now. Holy hell she did not know if she could get up!

I read about cooking, never had pans or a stove like yours.

She somehow slinked in as she smelled the food. Her perfect long legs still unstable.

The blonde drape with her tiny back and prefect young ass was busy in her kitchen moving things taking things out of the ovens. Turning off everything and just perfectly making chef plates she had some how reached and she seldom used. Maybe never used.
The blonde drape of perfect young thing came to place of delicious smelling food. I hope you like it, I only read about it and this is my first time and I get better with practice.
Get better!

Practice on what? Me or food! Hell, she already cooked me!

Oh baby this is wonderful. Is there anything I can do for you baby?

Maybe later after I clean up.

What the holy fucking hell!

Do I have to sleep in that room as she dried her tiny hands?

The best lawyer on earth. The richest lawyer on earth. Was led to her own bedroom as the blonde drape pulled the cover perfectly for both. She laid back asking if she could do what she did in her interview? You don’t have to, I just liked that part of my really first interview.

All blonde. All young perky tit. All young pink pussy.

The best of the best was speechless and helpless as she got between those slim legs.
Saturday morning in her huge marble shower she so rubbed and washed. Her hair washed better than the most expensive salons.

Let me see what I can do about breakfast. I only read about coffee, but I think I know how. Here they are.

It was the best coffee she very tasted. Eggs Benedict just the best. Prefect toast crisps she had read someplace in France made.

The perfect plates and perfect young body. In front of her as she said she only read this once and used what I could find, but I get better. I promise I will.

Did she have legs? If she did, she could not feel them. Not after her wake up!

Oh, fuck the food! Is there anything she cannot do? Can I keep her? maybe she is keeping me. That’s OK too as long as she stays.

She cleaned the kitchen and dishes putting everything perfect. I need to brush your hair out, I read that too.

Her death on two slim legs but what the hell!

Her first time. She had seen it. The other Mormon woman seemed to like it. she would try at least.

Now lay back right here and we will help. Down a little more as its better for the horse and you.

Its your first time so hold tight to these. Don’t worry as we will stop it if you look in pain.
It only hurts at first and you like it or don’t. We all have things we like.

Get more down there as she felt the lube. She held with white knuckles now unsure.
Mommy I have his cock already for you.

The huge horse flare rubbing up and down as her child held it.

She looked at the oldest not really old as she looked at her face and her cunt to make sure.

She nodded as in perfect sync the horse was slapped, her daughter got out of the way.
She might have lost one or both lungs as she screamed bloody murder.

Twenty-one inches of horse. All up her deep. Very deep. She loved it now wondering why she waited so long.

Spiting out the leather so she did not bite her tongue. Released the grips and searched don the handles on the special harness as each Mormon fuck like different ones. Their

Mormon men could make anything out of nothing.

She tried each to be sure as she damn sure liked being so packed with cock.

These feel right. She held her self up and just rammed her self on horse. Sawing her self. Her body and horse fuck cunt meat just shredding her. The horse was not doing anything but being a huge fuck pole.

The other woman made a soft blanket on the hard horse fuck bench so her landing, when she was through to at least not hurt.

His tiny Mormon child held his huge Mormon daddy cock. His huge ruff hand stop rubbing her beginning titties. Just watching her fuck her body to shreds.

All the Mormons were holding something as a horse was being raped. Daddy huge fingers went deeper in daughter pussy. Mommy’s got sucked harder.

It was simply unbelievable as a horse was being raped. The poor huge stud horse looked for someone, anyone to get her off.

The two mousy red-haired twins, a librarian gang bang fuck slut and a bank teller dog fuck whore. And now lesbian lovers closer than ever before. Just inconspicuous mouse’s by day and cunt and ass sucking lesbian fucks by night.

They shared the hidden fantasies with each other. I think I would like to go with you if they will allow me.

I think I might go on a walk with you tonight to meet your dog friends. Taking turns brushing each other’s long hair as they did as kids only naked now with soft kisses and stokes over identical crimson puffy nipples looking as if they were just entering puberty.
The long hot soapy shower they shared made life so much better. No more hiding. No more making excuses or lying to each other. Even their periods were synchronized.
Let’s stay in today. I was thinking the same and we have leftovers.

They cuddled on the couch naked watching some long movie with tiny licks on tiny ears or so slight touches on identical stiffening puffy nipples. Identical erogenous zones they knew just what to do to each other. Making each other tremble slightly driving each other insane. Not much tv and neither would remember what movie was on. They loved to suck each other’s nipples except they had to take turns. Both loved the buildup as little identical pussies were just brushed over by slim soft fingers.

They had each other panting but just did to each other what they both loved.

One long sloppy deep kiss until they just wrapped easily fitting to together to suck cunt. It was harmony but lustful fuck slut lesbian harmony. The sucks, lifting for ass licks and clit nibbles in perfect synchrony as they were eating themselves.

Just getting tighter they might fuse as one if any hotter. Like the egg long ago that split to make them.

They went off together in each other’s mouths holding tight to each other as pussy cunts pulsed until they just could not anymore.

The mommy sat naked last night like everyone in the restaurant as the plate she wanted was placed. Perfect filet, massed potatoes and peas. She looked at it and it was just as ordered but steak did not soak piss. May I have a bowl please it was there. She shoved the mashed potatoes and peas into the bowl and gave her cock sucking husband her filet.
The small servant was standing not needing words as the piss crazed mommy put her bowl between her slim legs for piss. Two others standing by as she emptied her too small bladder. She looked in her bowl of piss food and it smelled good, but she put under the next tiny pussy for more. The bowl was getting yellow and sloppy as the next came up. She only dribbled a bit until piss slut mommy twisted one of her tiny nipples like she was a faucet, and she was.

Thank you as she put the bowl in front of her and stirred her piss food a little then ate her piss soup meal as if it was perfectly normal. Lifting the bowl after she got all with her spoon, she lifted it up to drain the rest and lick her bowl clean.

Thank you that was perfect and delicious, but can you save it for all my meals.
At breakfast the bowl had her new name on it. PISS SLUT.

Three perfect pancakes cooked to fit her bowl the girls lined up and filled it with piss for her. She just cut the pancakes up so the piss would soak in and silently chewed piss pancakes. Perfectly normal.

She was going out naked like all others to her lounge chair when the tiniest thin was dancing around. What’s wrong baby.

I made have made a mistake. I told mommy I did not need diapers any more like some little girl, but I need to pee bad and everyone will see and laugh at me.

Here let me help as she lifted the tiny thing up one her mommy piss slut mouth and drained the child.

Now go have fun baby and if you need me again my lounge is the one at the end of the pool. Now go be good with a soft pat on her tiny ass. Thank you so much for helping me.
Delighted no one had taken her lounge chair as the sign above hung magically. RESERVED. PISS SLUT.

The first to come to her had a problem though. Her period hit just this morning and it was her first. Piss slut mommy saw the tiny string but pulled her over her face and sucked the blood-soaked tube of cotton out and chewed it a bit and sucking before spitting it put perfectly white again pulled the slim thing down for her first morning drink of young piss.

Thank you. Now go have some fun just put one of those nasty things in again. Just come to me when you need. Now go on with your friends to suck some cocks for a while. Perfectly normal.

The rich beautiful red headed lawyer thanked the blonde blanket of perfection at how delicious it was.

Thanks I read about it somewhere.

You were bad waking me up like that. I am sorry if you did not like it, but do you know what you look like?

Its not all my fault really when you were laid out and beautiful.

But still I think you need a lesson. Yes, I guess I do playing along. Let me clean up first cause it drives me crazy with things are out of order. I hope it won’t be a problem, but I have been like this all my life. Please let me clean up first and you can give lessons as much as you want.

Just how more precious can she get?

Now lay down and the blonde drape of perfect fuck laid out so young and tender. Death on two slim legs.

She trembled as the most beautiful woman covered her and licked her tiny ear. Oh fuck that felt good.

Are you going to do that again? Probably. Are you bad? I don’t think so.

She just let her tiny arms be stretched out as if pinned. As her forehead then nose then lips to ear other ear.

Do you like it here? Oh yes.

Will you be good? I will try but when your naked like this morning I cannot guarantee anything. I hope that does not make me bad or anything but just look at yourself!
So precious and very honest.

Slowly down her slim neck, her slim shoulders and the oh god her nipples. She had so sensitive nipples.

Still pretending to be pinned and captured and helpless but now her fingers entwined with the beautiful woman’s as if holding hands.

Shaking like a leaf her titties were licked and sucked. So agonizingly slow and all over just going lower.

Her tummy and belly button she could hold back a whimper.

So damn precious.

The dust on her puffy mons so blonde it was transparent.

She not grab that perfect red hair so soft as her tiny hips were held hard and lifted up.
Oooohhhh! Her perfect young meat was eaten down to her ass all over her pussy over and over in soft torturous lessons.

Do you still want to work her, work for me, work for us? Yes, but I need to make you lunch. Not yet I think you need more lessons.

She left a puddle of young on the bed to make a late lunch dinner. She had to think something up as she was still unstable.

Finally, perfect bowls of Cesare salads one large plate of buttery croissants she once read but made it her way and better.

The lawyer just loved her moving back and forth with perfect precision naked as her long blonde hair whipped around over her tiny tasty ass.

Her private apartment was a ten-star restaurant, but no one would ever know.

Tomorrow morning you will be taken to get clothes suitable for my firm. We don’t wear panties here but if you prefer, I will allow it. no bras either but you don’t need one anyway.

Everyone is very friendly here but never force anything. And we are all lesbians so I hope that will not be an issue for you.

I would like to go in early to look around for how I can help. I am not just going to sit and besides I just can’t.

She cleaned all up perfectly and said. About you and my lessons. I think it is the proper thing to do something for you, but only if you want.

The best lawyer on earth laid out pretending to be captured as all she had done was returned more and better or worse at times.

The plate was covered on the table with her breakfast of some European something absolutely delicious, but she was gone.

She went to her office sighing wondering if she went to fast.

Soft knock and she came in with a perfect French braid dancing on her tiny ass. She had her best skirt on but found some silk blouse the would fit and almost transparent

I am sorry but this one looks better and more professional. So I looked around and saw some things that could be better. I only got through half of all the law books though as they are really big even for me.

So anyway, I made some changes to your in-basket and have the ones you have to see first and those that can wait as the trials won’t happen for some time.

Let me go clean up the dishes and then tell me what you want me to do. She just danced away.

Her fucking desk was so perfect as she easily read thru law suits already noted in some places.

OK now I saw somethings on the other floors but was not sure. Oh, and that one there I had to find a book for, and I think it is the is wrong argument and this one makes more sense to me as the law book put in front of her and the tiny finger that made her bat shit crazy yesterday pointed. See right her.

What the holy fucking hell!

Oh, and if you want anything for dinner, I can get it while I am out for clothes, so well just let me know. So, I will be outside looking around and read more until you need me or anything I need to read some more.

Someone just fucks me to death quick! Before she kills me. Tiny death on two slim legs.
The secretary always came in early but stared at those tender hard poking tits and her desk.

Well let me know if I can help because someone is taking me shopping but anything will be done by tomorrow morning.

The twenty-two year old just sank in her chair as the most perfect thing went to her desk which was just a tiny table and chair just across. It was a good day to wear granny panties and two fucking pads.

She would have to look at the young thing and perfect pokes but hell the table had nothing to hide her tiny skirt and bare young pussy.

She fucking had no make up or lipstick and was just perfection. But she sat going through page after page oh law books until she needed another but did not need help as she found a stool to reach but she still had to stretch a bit to put one back to get another.

Every move her tiny ass.

She had to get some drying towels from the bathroom as she was already puddling in her chair.

The lady to take her shopping came for her but she said one second please knocking softly on the door to put another law book down and open pointing now this is old but still stands and could help out.

I guess I will be back later.

The poor, poor lady looked frantic as seven girls carried bags of clothes that could have paid two law school scholarships.

The tiny thing stopped at her desk to say she pick some stuff up she just remembered and thought she would like later.

The frantic lady had to be helped to a chair and the law firm started. Wiping her head, she mumbled who the fuck is that thing? What happened?

She made me help! She ate me apart so hard I am afraid to pee because I will have to touch it. look as she raised her skirt. They all knew cunt meat but hers did look swollen and red.

The tiny thing met everyone with hugs making each quiver from the gossip that had already reached everyone.

How can something so precious and beautiful be capable of such?

A fucking child still!

Its five mam and if you have nothing, I will start dinner. Oh I finished all the books if you or anyone has any questions.

She danced away.

The child was spot on with every change to arguments and thing she found, and it was her first day!

Got a question go ask the blonde. I just can’t after the last time. Hell, it still hurts.

OK I will go but don’t wait for me for lunch. The perfect answers were quick but the cunt sucking took more time.

Part delight and perfect and part devil.

OK look this over because it needs your signature. It is about your college. We don’t really have scholarships, but you have already turned cases around the firm wants it for. All the firm wants it for you.

Looks good she signed quickly apologizing she had to check something on the stove but be right back.

Just go ask the fucking blonde it is not that bad.

Daddy and daughter had practice something for the next family orgy party so the woman would not fear her daddy.

The mommy’s still clasp their legs when his cock came out. Many just holding their fuck. the tiny child had a lacy corset over her tummy and dots.

Lacy thigh highs on so small legs. Come daddy so you can have more friends.
He picked her up in the middle of the room upside down letting her get just right holding her tiny legs.

She pinches his leg as he put his mouth on her tiny daughter pussy letting her down as all fourteen went right in making the lacy corset bulge. She pinched and was pulled up for a deep breath, but his daddy mouth never left her tiny pussy. The room was silent as it happened twice more until she slapped and got daddy chewed and used like a cock pump up and down. She came several times but young she had so much more. Daddy did not as his hard-long cock plopped out at 90 degrees.

I hope that worked daddy, but I want to go see her for a while if that’s OK.
One after another came to at least touch it. the more as they fought to try to hold it. None could.

The one that dared to lick got a hard slap on her ass making it go in her mouth. Fuck you damn sluts it’s too big!

The newest and tiniest of all the woman but not a mommy. She was Japanese with few English words. Her long black hair down to her ankles. Dark almond eyes. Tiny tits except for dark nipple cones. A few strands of silk on her pussy just for show. Barely bigger than his daughter she held it. She rubbed it unafraid. Her body porcelain white the Japanese way kneeling to worship it with her soft tongue.

All eyes watched the scene. She pushed her tiny body and hard tits pulling him down for kiss.

She nodded at the carpet and he was just too stunned. She pointed at the carpet and nothing.

She turned to one mommy, fuck? yes that’s right.

She pointed at her silk then the carpet and sort of asked, FUCK?
She just pushed so softly the Japanese way to prepare a man. Make a man know he was praised and above all she was his if he wanted. His tiny daughter delighted that daddy had a friend.

She drifted like a snake down once she got it in place so slow with her eyes on his. Oh, goody I think daddy has a very good friend.

So maddingly up and down or just pelvis pumps until she just went on his chest for a quick rest but then started all over but putting his huge hands on her small cones.
Daddy just lifted both up as she orgasmed assuming she had permission as he absolutely flooded her tiny tube.

She is just visiting and cannot stay long. What would it take? She was going nowhere if he could help it as she was still silky wrapped on his huge body not understanding any words but wanting to stay with the best thing/man that just gave her the best fuck of her life.

The judge with someone’s child on his cock said just give me all you have about her passports or any papers and it will be done by Wednesday. Hell, he owed the man after his daughter fucked and sucked him.

She could not understand a word as she was led around but knew kitchens even if American kitchens were so big. Bathrooms yes. Then her daddies’ room with the huge bed and huge marble shower this could not be real, not for her. She was fourteen.

She started to pull on some shorts, but daughter shook her head know. OK.

Daddy came home hanging his coat as it was getting cold then just got naked as the new norm.

Hi baby. Hi daddy. She is in the kitchen daddy.

I have been teaching her some words but maybe someone else would be better if they understood her.

Oh, daddy she is so friendly I hope you keep her.

Just one long drape of black hair at first until she realized he was there and paused to get on her toes for a quick kiss but pointed at the table.

How she had done it would remain a mystery. She somehow made noodles and found some shrimp and sauces she had to taste first as the American’s had so different things. But this American had a very big cock and she wanted to keep it.

He tried to get up, but she shook her head as if was not allowed. She went for his tiny fuck daughter barely much bigger holding tiny hands at pointed for her to sit.

Real Japanese did not make just plates, only bowls of food the family way.

But she could knot find a chop stick to save her life until she found American silverware.
She would let them serve themselves as it was the worst sin. She held each bowl to see if she should as they just nodded. It just smelled wonderful whatever it was.

Finally putting some on her plate she sat but had to look at the fork not sure how to use it until naked daughter nudge her. oh, that’s how.

Oh, daddy can we please keep her. baby she is not a puppy and I don’t know how to ask her. yes, you do daddy as he was pushed into his bedroom and she was splayed out for him just hoping in her Japanese mind he would keep her.

She was pinned and he was over twice her size. These people did not understand a woman’s duties.

Maybe he was going to kill her. His soft tongue was startling on hears ears and face her mouth her lips on her forehead and just all over.

The down her slender neck Americans or this one just did not understand but she no longer cared.

She finally stops struggling and relaxed and eaten in a very un-Japanese way.

Each touch made her tremble as this was just not done. Females gave pleasure and not allowed to feel this.

She just went off the first time one titty was sucked unable to contain but did not get whipped. Then twice as her other tit shameful at her behavior and loss of obedience.

He was not holding her back anymore she realized but still felt captured. Captured by him a hug American. A very stupid huge American not knowing about her duty.
A very stupid big American making her feel things she could not conceive before and all over.

She just gave up any attempt as his soft mouth went on where no mouth had been.

She woke up in huge strong arms, huge American arms with her small head on his chest as his fingers softly stroked her.

Whatever just happened it happened several times and now wanted more.

Does she want to stay? Does he want to keep me?

Of course, his tiny cock sucking fuck slut daughter had to intervene.

She made the both stand naked. She pointed at her daddy nodding up and down the side to side in a no.

She quickly nodded up and down in a solid yes. Daddy was already holding her.
She pointed around but she did not understand. His daughter spread her tiny hands out she still did not know what she was going on until daddy took tiny body pointing at her then him. then clasped his hands.

She damn well understood that as she almost lost her fucking head pulling him back to bed.

It was her turn to teach the Japanese ways.

The identical mousy red headed twins looked like two girls’ hand in hand on a walk. But on a mission to share their filthiest. Now the dogs will ruin these, so I put them up here. They went in the hidden soft meadow with dogs standing. The poor dogs did not understand two as they only fucked the living shit out of one for several nights now. But which one?

Now I like to start like this as she sat her tiny fuck slut ass to fondle one until it came out enough to suck.

They taste good to me. Try one but like I said once they start fucking, they only stop when they are through with you like all other bitches they fuck.

Now that one over there is the leader I think and his the biggest. Sometimes he lets the others fuck me first but usually just fucks me. Oh the orgasms I started having are really strong just as a warning. One night I passed out and knew you would find out but now that you know I am a dog fuck slut.

Do you ever suck them? In the cage I have to suck lots of cocks and swallow sperm. Is that good? Not at first but I do like it now. Have you heard back yet if I can go with you next weekend? No I guess he has to check with some people but I told we could both fit and then they can fuck our holes and mouths so we can taste each other’s cunt and ass slime as well as cocks.

Come here baby. You are a big boy, aren’t you? You wont bite me, will you? No, you are just a big puppy. Wow this is big sis. It looks different though with the pointed end, but I think it will be easier really. Nine inches to this thing. Is this the knot thing you like? Yes, that is what gives me the hardest orgasms.

That makes ten inches and with the next one behind it to his big furry balls that makes eleven.

Well I am going to try it. what are you going to do? Oh, you are already.

She studied the huge dog meat giving it licks all over and on the fat knot and his furry balls until deciding the best approach making her mouth and throat dog fuck. She had started to like throat fucks now. It made her feel like a real slut.

Let me get ready for you baby. I hope you help me. She easily crawled under the huge dog with her pale ass sticking out between his front legs until she got her mouth and throat just right making her a fuck tube as straight as possible.

The drips were different and constant, and the tip was like one of her sisters’ nipples. She loved the marbled look some white, some red, some purple with lots of blue veins.
Taking the dog cock tip, she crawled forward sinking her throat down to the knot her tiny ass now under his dog chest when doggy took over and did what dogs did slamming the rest knot and all.

She never felt sluttier loving the used fuck feel having no control and just a fuck.
Her mouth never felt so full as it locked in and she could still lick at his big furry ball sack.

Using all of her throat skills with swallowing contractions the dog did not have to move as a tiny vacuum sent him off down her throat. She really liked doggies as she could feel very throbbing pulse vibrating her body as she became a dog cock sucking slut and dog sperm drinker.

She wished everyone knew she was just a slut even if she looked like a child and had to pretend to be a good girl. If only she could fuck and suck in the library.

The cheer/gymnast camp was going well as the tiny bad little girl needed lessons everyday ta the hands of the young leader. She was up to three in her naughty ass now and getting better at being a cunt sucking sub-slut. She was finding so many little friends that liked things up their holes too.

Like a good little sub-slut she was recruiting for her mistress. She brought one that had been naughty last night.

So you are a nasty little girl? Last night I was. Do you need to have lessons and some spanks baby so you will be good little girl? Yes mam.

Mommy went a bit overboard finding out she had all summer now and went on line to buy the newest dragon dog knot dildo even bigger. And a wand she watched on some porn the lady seemed to like a lot. She got the one that plugged in so she would have to bother with batteries.

Her toys arrived as she took the package from UPS lady that always delivered her packages now as she was a lesbian mistress and the mommy opened the door naked as if presenting herself.

She raced to get all her dildos and toys all laid out for the day, found her favorite porn site and opened the box. She held the newer and bigger dragon dog cock licking it marveling at the larger knot and how much it would hurt.

The wand was bigger than she thought as she unwound the long cord she was happy she would not need the extension cord she had ready. Plugged it in for a quick try and holy shit is was powerful.

She could wait no longer as she got everything just right to slut herself and do as much to her mommy clit and nipples as she could.

She started one of her favorites with the one that pumped her cunt out and had machine driven dildos she used up her ass and destroying her cunt even harder and it was almost two hours.

Her best and harshest nipple clips biting she got her ass just right and pressed back slowly to feel all the pain as much as possible hoping it would hurt more.

She tested the new wand for the settings as her favorite part was coming up. The lady had sucked her cunt into a flower with one machine driven dildo ramming her ass tube already then got the bigger one in her horrified cunt meat and got that machine going.

She loved it when she starts squirting as it went on for another hour and half. She made ad dripping mess of the camera and everything screaming like she was being tortured by dildo.

Mommy pain slut sat down on her new bigger dragon until she felt the bigger knot snug and turned on her new wand at the lowest setting. Mommy did not squirt she puddled white cunt.

Oh, she loved her knew things using her open hand to twist her brutal nipple clamps gushing out filth for her mouth and cunt. Fuck me and use me. Whip me and hurt me.
She went a little over the top for her yet when rubbed the magical wand too hard and it went in her cunt. The big head pushed her cunt tight and right behind her inside g-spot it pushed her abused clit out. It felt so good though she did a bad thing sitting all the way down.

She was frantic and scared as the huge knot locked in her ass tube pressing her cunt locked on the magic wand head. Right above her above her g-spot it vibrated so strong her mommy clit wiggled.

Over whelmed in the most violent orgasms when tried to move and unlock she accidentally put it one high.

That is how her best friend found her the next morning also a single mom with her child at cheer/gym school learning to be a good little slut.

She was just back from a trip and as always came over for coffee unannounced using the back-sliding door only in her robe but otherwise naked. She heard moans but did not smell coffee.

Her friend was a slobbering moaning mess having been stuck all day, all night and now the next morning. On her side and whimpering in a pool of cunt and a distant lost look as she was in another dimension.

Her friend did not recognize her or that she was there. She will now be a better friend as he through her robe in a chair revealing huge nipples with hanging rings for weights and rings on her bare mommy cunt for the same. When she was home alone, she walked around naked but with weights on each ring as making every step painful.

Mommy woke up naked being held by her naked friend that had shut off the magic wand and had to figure out how to get her unlocked as the huge dragon dildo had to be tugged out first to make room in her mommy cunt.

I am so embarrassed. But did you like it slut? Slut! Her friend softly massaged her mommy nipples having removed her best clips.

I wish I knew this before as we could have having so much fun together slut. I am a slut too.

Do you ever think about your daughter like I do? Her tiny pussy? Sucking it when paly slut whore like me, do you get really nasty thoughts?

Yes, I it is hard when I bath her, what about you? Me too I just want to eat it instead of washing it.

Do you they would taste as good as they look all young pink and clammed shut you would have trouble getting them open. Oh, we will be very good friends.

I like that one too. Oops the TV was still on and the final shot of the camera being covered was still right where it stopped.

Let’s get you some water or something but don’t clean up it smells so good I may want to taste some.

Thanks, I was thinking I would die like that as the orgasms that damn thing does to me makes me helpless. I like that helpless feeling too like anyone can do anything and you can’t do a damn thing about it whether you like it or not.

Tried whips. No, I don’t have any yet. I have some if you are willing to share toys. I would like you to tie me up a bit and do nasty things but some of your toys look too big.
Well the thing about those they push out your clit so hard it is easier to beat if you are into that.

The small perfect blonde raced through every law exam in every state as sophomore but to young to practice and no law degree yet. Hell, she could teach law.

Focused young thing at anything professional by day and perfect slut at night. Except when one of the other girls needed some help to get through a hard day.

Just go fucking ask the damn blonde it won’t hurt too long, and it is quicker.

But what she did to my tits last time! Well if we wore bras or panties it would not be so easy for her, but she is good and saves us all time.

The beautiful richest lawyer and best lawyer barely had to get out of bed as everything would be done to perfection and the tiny thing would come back to bath her and fix her hair. I already packed everything, and the bags are ready, breakfast in on the table but I have to help someone really quick but will be back soon.

You are kidding right? This is just a joke isn’t it? well it will cost you three and I don’t have much time.

Oh fuck you can’t even write shaking like that just raise your skirt and let me print it out.
Three as she held the papers. Everyone knew that look and somewhat suffered the same but not three in a row. She was hugging her pussy and seemed not to be able to find her cubicle. Others help her. that fucking cunt eating monster. Yes, we know.

Her first big trip with her boss that she had made some changes to and had everything ready standing perfect in horribly expensive clothes and prefect long French braid.

She was more excited about being in or on the private jet. The bags are in the limo an di have cleaned everything up, but your jet is on the ramp already warming up so best we go.

Of course, the crew and pilots were all female and all lesbian delighted at the young darling. If they only knew!

The huge meeting room pack with their lawyers and just them. One the best and some child.

She just acted politely as if taking notes as she was just introduced as an intern. The first break we can’t help them they have broken laws I seven states and it will lock your firm for years so if you ask me I say lets get out of here no matter how much they pay they are guilty, mam.

The room of lawyers were stunned in two ways. The beauty and the no as they just left.
She had already canceled their rooms for the crew as well a she asked to see the galley and what they had to cook with on a jet. Not much but made do serving the two stews and pilots after serving her boss apologizing as it was the best she could do.

She took bites saying I guess it makes since not to have gas stoves on jets so I will have to read up on jet cooking.

So, fucking delicious made out of nothing.

Oh, that stew had no idea of the mistake she made just thanking her with a hug and the finger drove right up her bare pussy meat.

Never hug her or you will suffer. The poor young stew had to be helped down the stairs with a distant look.

The new Disney dog park was now a petting zoo with animals that had huge cocks hanging for little girls to play with. Mommy’s liked them too.

Everyone had a choice of filth. Dog fucks in the kennel left open as mommy’ came and went back to their babies playing with some cock.

Can I try it mommy? Oh no dear not yet but this is fun too. See that. Yes mommy. That is fun to lick until you get bigger baby. Thanks mommy it is really creamy.

The poor teen was having problems again with her first period, so she went to PISS SLUT.

He was about to leak and new it. What’s wrong baby? It feels like it is doing more and coming out.

Come sit baby. Mommy PISS SLUT just got better deep inside to lick out as much as he could saving the teen embarrassment. Have you been sucking cocks? Yes, mam eight so far. Well go have fun and come back if you need help. It wont last long but the first is somewhat surprising. Yes mam, thanks as she just went back for cocks to suck.

Poor, so poor daddy. His tiny cock swallowing child found her daddy a friend. She could not understand or speak a word of English yet naturalized with no tests. She cooked strange food, but it was good. But best of all she found daddy a friend that fuck the living shit out of her wonderful daddy.

She liked her to playing with her long black hair like a doll. She was barely and inch taller his princess.

Daddy had to lay out naked for English lessons. This she pointed. Yes balls, balls good yes? Yes balls good. It was absolutely agonizing.

She pointed and his tiny princess nodded but put her finger to her lips. He like? Yes.
Oh, fuck they held his hard fourteen inches with four small hands. Cook? No cook. Cock. Cock good. Oh yes cock good.

She went down to the spot with no name and poor daddy had a very good new friend teaching her daddy Japanese.

She went to make a bowl of cereal as her loving wonderful daddy got the holy shit fucked out of him by her new friend too. She was simply delighted that she found her daddy a friend.

Cheer/gym school was getting different as everyone was naked and little girls learned higher leaps and bends and tumbling with fingers in their tiny pussies. If they did really good, they got to suck her nipples.

They did the best and tried the hardest.

Somehow word got out and her old college friends were eager to help little girls.

The mommy’s gather as always for coffee just chatting and petting the hounds about to just rape the living shit out of them. It was the first time the huge dogs outnumbered the mommy’s as so many had been adopted from families that could no longer control them when the precious puppies grew up.

No fence could keep them from getting out to fuck something. Unknowing mommies wanted them away from their tiny daughters.

They went out and fucked anything that walked and a danger to the community now.

They were loved here though. So horny and big. Expensive to feed but worth every penny.

He locked me last night I think he is getting bigger every time.

Sip of coffee and suck of dog cock.

She bought her toys with her for coffee the next morning just walking in naked in the back door for two mommies to play.

She had her best weights on her nipples and cunt lips. Both sitting for coffee mommy lifted her friends’ weights letting the drop. Don’t they hurt? Oh yes, they do!

I have the living room ready with al of my toys. What did you bring?

Well it may not be for everyone, but I like this one the best when I beat my clit. These canes are good too. Yours look better now but you are always wet. Yes that is a problem now.

Did you dream about your daughter last night? Truth, yours or both is got all mixed up I am such a whore. But you’re are a good whore because I wonder how they would be together or with us.

Yes, they both have such tiny asses and so damn pink it would be a shame to make them all red.

Yes, but fun.

If they only knew. Mommy’s daughter was the one to bring her friends daughter to coach for being bad.

Now what happened and don’t you dare lie. I licked in a bad place. How bad? Very bad and for a long time. Did you like it? I am not supposed to but yes.

So what do think you think your punishment should be? Well she said I would be spanked hard. Is that what you want, spanking and not call your mommy. Please not mommy, she would be really mad.

Her spanking went a bit different. Young hard body perfect coach got naked as both little very bad girls.

She laid down for her spanking but smelled something that was better than last night. Her suffering was not the hard slaps, but the warm soft bare bulge of real big girl pussy.

Warm real girl pussy smelling so good. She was not squirming to get away, she was squirming to get down to it.

Mommy’s tiny daughter was being bad again on her knees naked being bad on her little pink pussy as her friend was being punished. Coaches titties were so hard and beautiful with big nipples like cones. Better than ice cream cones.

She just had to even if she got spanked again, she had to feel one. Coached looked at her pretending to be mad but loving the little girl’s hand. What are you doing down there? Being bad again mam.

She felt her chance as the grip released as her friend was being questioned and slunk off coach’s lap between coaches’ firm young legs and got really bad. The sudden tiny tongue on her rather big puffy pussy shocked her. Before she could move though the other was in her on her lap soft tender and naked sucking her perfect tits and she really liked cones.

She stammered mow both of you are being bad. Yes mam. You will need to be punished you know. Yes mam. Oh, you are bad little girls. Very bad little girls.

Give me that nasty finger so I can see what you were doing. The tiny finger was more than wet it was sticky and a bit filmy. She sucked it clean as the little girls were being very bad.

Her first orgasm hit hard having never had such simultaneous stimulation. Of course, she had sex and fucked but this was maddening. Oh, you naughty girls as her second hit even harder. She had to be child pussy sucked even harder because of all her juices. That started and endless and rather helpless continuation as the more she did the more they did to her.

Poor daddy was still sleeping. His tiny daughter helping the slim Japanese not much bigger or older with English and how daddy liked breakfast. Poor daddy needed food and energy. Both naked and very good friends as well.

Eggs. She nodded. Pan she nodded, pan. Bacon. Bread. Toaster confused her and it had to be shown. Giggling naked and cooking with hugs. The Japanese pointed behind her with a questioning look. Ass. Ass very good. His child laughed out loud, yes ass good. Her poor daddy.

Miss daddy? Yes, but you now. Share daddy? The Japanese got a fierce hug as there was nothing like her daddy’s cock.

The finger hit her small chest, like you too. She pointed back me like you as English lessons were about to change. Share daddy and share each other. The Japanese did not have to have that explained as the tiny hand rubbed the few silky strands massaging. Oh, she loved being an American now.

Poor daddy as it was Saturday morning and breakfast was brought to his huge bed for six adults it just made so much room for them to squirm around barely one adult size together.

On propped his up as he looked at two pieces of perfection. One his own daughter and one he just met really. Both horny cock sucking demons and fucks seemingly never tiring. Poor daddy was damn tired. Daddy cock even more so.

A prisoner in his home but happy prisoner.

He felt the movement on his bed. The dishes done it was share time. He closed his eyes.

The seven opposing lawyers were wondering why the fuck they were talking to a child. I just wanted to give you all copies to look over at our newest proposal before she is finishing up her call and come discuss any questions.

The opposition of seven men from another huge law firm were taking up too much time now. Send in the assassin.

The folder of signed papers all signed in perfect order as always. I will be right back they need some help to the lobby. The men were mumbling not speaking until they were in their stretch limo.

What just fucking happened? Who the fuck is that thing? She beat us on ever issue! Yes and she fucks good too. They finally laughed it off as one of the best mornings ever with time to stop for breakfast and come up with a plan to save face.

If you have nothing for me immediately there is a problem down stairs but should not take long. The girl was shaking at having asked the blonde. What would she have to pay? Would it hurt like they were saying?

She had given the crew a list of how to stock the galley so there would be something to actually cook.

It was a long overseas flight so everything that could hold food was packed. The same two lesbian stews, but four lesbian pilots for the required rest. Newer jet with a bigger galley and rest areas not needing to stop for refueling as it saved time and proved to be cheaper in the long run.

She had it packed to the hilt as god knows what those people would have or eat.

The stews were allowed to serve drinks and help clean up as long as they did it right.

They could not wait to hug her as it just devilish. Yes, it was, but know one had figured it out yet.

World dominance was something the Satan Queen wanted for her husband, the true lord, Satan but it would take time.

Twenty huge lounge chairs easily converting into very comfortable beds for growth as all the numbers did make sense after all. One small conference room of sorts unneeded as long as she was around. Two showers in back and five makeup and hair stations.

All it lacked was one bra or pair of panties.

After lift off it was a naked flight for seventeen hours. An overseas naked lesbian all lesbian flight.

Oh, thank you for saving me time this morning, how did it go? Well we got the results, but they don’t taste good. That got a really loud laugh. No, they don’t.

She was hung up helpless in the newest Disney room. Even the Satan Queen was bit surprised how popular it was with the mommies. She added a daughter station in a smaller child size so mommy’s and daughters cold share watching each other being whipped and abused together as a family.

The X frames adjusted to spread out more for more on clits or push out tits, so all sides got it equally.

The little brownies practiced rope and knot skills on mommy’s until tits were purple tubes making nipples just bulge out more for whatever they thought of.

PISS SLUT mommy was the best at helping the just ripening teens through those embarrassing first periods.

Washing it down with child piss.

The county fair was quite possibly the best. Those little girls were so helpful and so friendly everyone loved them. So many new tents very popular. Food selling like never before as little girls licked the corn dog with the new tasty stuff and the hotdogs with buns saturated with something everyone seemed to love. On French fries and way better than powdered sugar on any treat.

As the Four H girls were learning new things in the barns one tent had a line of mommy’s straining to see inside. It could not be that good. But all the mommy’s recommended it.

Dildo chairs, dildo benches with tie downs. Something they could sit on and control. Oh, but you just have to try it! this tent did not need a sign.

The DFM tent for daughter fuck mouths.

F tent for fisting.

B for bukkake tent.

A for the anything tent.

The barn, well the barn with naked girls did not really need any explaining.

Her attention went back to the jet as the so wonderful sometimes horrid blonde needed help for once.

She was so damn good in her acting she was the prefect assassin to anyone to the true lord, Satan. Slow and methodical capturing anyone before they knew what was happening. The Satan Queen had created her irresistible perfection no human could resist. But her delicious cunt delivered Satan himself through her body.

She stumbled a bit before collapsing spread open cupping her little pussy and pulling her perfect puffy nipples. She needed their help for once an had them all eager unsure if they would get just one chance at her.

The first young tiny stew that had hugged her and got chewed apart for her tender act went to her. licking at the wet puffy leaking young pussy to eat Satan from her. The Satan Queen had bestowed endless orgasms that were very real as an award for how well she had done.

The other stew sucked her perfect nipples and sucked titty until she could have some pussy. The first stew had a different look on her face as the conversion soaked and infused her to a new slut for Satan.

The next stew fell hard eating her perfect ass frantically fist fucking her cunt to shreds.
The two captains were twenty-seven, the two copilots twenty-two. In cockpit chairs they were safe to keep them all safe. All four beautiful, slim and hungry lesbians for young meat and each other as the crew only got one suite on layovers.

The blonde thanked them each with quick finger fucking orgasms looking deep into their eyes watching Satan take them. She was just the vessel. His and his Queens vessel and she was damn good.

Last night their innocent children safe at cheer/gym school as they looked over each other’s toys. She wanted to try one of the dragon dog cock dildos but not the one she found the mommy impaled and locked on. She would have to be more careful with that damn wondrous wand as she could have truly died if not saved by her friend that was a pain loving fuck too. Just two fuck slut whore mommies’ sipping coffee and talking about how to fuck the living shit out of each other as if it was the most normal thing.
Can you try that on my clit? Yes but I like it hard now so you tell me.

Well this one once I get it locked pushes my clit out even more, but I have not tried actually hitting it. Hell, it is already so hard and sensitive when I just think of a day of being such a slut. I so happy you are one too because I was really embarrassed.

Maybe some on my nipples too with this thing. Yes, I like that one too when I get going.

Can you put that one back on first as it looked interesting as everything was covered in cunt fuck.

Already in the player just push that button.

Coach had never seen a harder working group of hopeful future gymnast or cheerleaders. Now they all preferred being naked so tights or tiny leotards no longer restricted their tiny body’s or slim limbs. The real plus that urged them to work harder was the access it gave beautiful coach to their holes as they were lifted and helped. The deeper the finger or two accidentally went the harder they drove themselves.

Coach had to maintain some professionalism in an almost translucent white leotard so tight it almost slip her pussy lips and barely covered her titties even though they could already be seen. Well, at least it was something!

These girls made her absolutely crazy to begin with as she already had child thoughts. Pedophile thoughts and the reason for her school. No one would suspect as she helped them through tumbles or lifts as she got to touch and feel titless little body’s and those tiny pussies.

But she was even more insane after punishing that one last night and her friend ate her nipples before mounting her mouth like it was a balance beam.

She was panting already before the first break as her tight leotard had split her pussy lips and her perky solid tits would not stay hidden from al her eager strenuous stretching and helping.

As she called for their first break to drink and keep hydrated the conniving little demons turned on her. These little bitches were all very naughty and nasty children and too many to fight off and maintain control. It came off so quick as now her transparent leotard was now just a strip up her ass and cunt and just a string between her perfect titties.

She was strong but just too many as her body was stormed like an invading army. A wonderful soft young tender invasion.

On her back naked she was little girl meat to play with and chew and bite. Covered in tiny girl nipping her ears, lips, face, neck, tit meat when her nipples were already occupied by girl mouth. Her rock-solid toned tummy getting tiny girl mouth biting. Her pussy lips being chewed by separate girl mouth. All over her legs and her toes. Pinned down in a tiny girl take over and helpless. It was pure heaven.

She had so many orgasms and sucked so many precious tiny pussies before they let her up. Now get something to drink you fucks. You know how important it is to stay hydrated. You are all bad girls and you are all in for it this afternoon. And did that on my clit! You, you little devil will pay. The girls just giggled. They liked paying for being bad.
Wow that really does make it stick out more. Yes, when I sort of put it in backwards the knot gets right behind the g-spot and pushes my clit out. It makes me feel helpless as my clit can’t try to hide.

Looks like another half inch, are you sure? I want to try and if I don’t like it we have this thing, the magic wand.

Well OK but can you lean back more as you wanted to try it on your tits and nipples. That is good but tell me. I like it but you may not. I am ready.

It was just short of being a cat of nine tails whip that stripped flesh. It not only hit her long vulnerable clit it went all over leaving red marks. Oh, that is good, can I have more. Not yet you bitch fuck slut whore as it came back down on one of her helpless tits. All over her tit meat and punishing her nipple. Red marks on one tit. Even harder on the other, you are a fucking whore. They were really getting into it.

Look at what you are doing you fucking slut, as it came down on her cunt meat and clit pushed out by the knot.

You really like this you fuck. WHIP! Look at you whore Cumming like that and making so much mess.

The magic wand, the fucking magic wand as she was a helpless fucking pain slut whore.
Sitting and sipping coffee again now with mommy’s fuck slime they scooped up so good in coffee. So you like little girls too? I only have thoughts about it when I hurt myself as is would be so wrong and nasty. Yeah me too. It would be so wrong and nasty to suck any little pink child let alone your own daughter. No, I do think about it when I see how wet her tiny panties get and suck out as much as I can like I am a very bad mommy that should suffer. ME TOO as they high fived.

Now lay back you child pussy sucking slut. You are a bad mommy you fuck. You slut. You filthy minded whore mommy.

Oh, that was so much better than doing it to myself. It made me feel like a real helpless slave slut whore. I am so glad we found each other. You can just stay over if you want. Well our tiny pussies, I mean our daughters won’t be home for. Can you just imagine sucking for real though? Get it fresh not just off panties.

Are you hungry? I have food. Yes, but we are food for awhile and we better take a break before we beat each other apart. Hard embrace and deep tongue searching kiss before they fell of in a tight 69 of cunt sucking soft to give beaten clit and cunt some warm relief before they beat each other. Do you like ass play?

The county fair was going better than ever as little children ate fuck slime Satan sperm cotton candy. Hot dogs with fuck and some new candy of pure Satan. They loved it.
Women stood around in wonder as the dildo tent had turned into a competition of sorts.

Who could ride what the longest?

The machine kept driving the huge dildo as one mommy held the chair arms. She was gurgling and slobbering but would not get off. Forced to drink water as she flooded.
Two hours the huge dildo sawed her cunt and it looked like she would just stay.

The booth that sold something called Symbian was running out of stock.

The small daughter faces dripping some completely saturated in daddy sperm. Daddy’s ate festival food better than any human drug. They were always hard now walking up to someone’s daughter to mouth fuck. Their own daughters were there too but daddy’s throat fucked their own first before trying someone else’s.

The four H club girls in the barn found out small calves liked any nipple and other animals fucked any hole. Shit covered straw in their hair with some animals’ sperm dripping out and all over their legs.

They loved the one mule that would win that category as it was the only one as it really fucked hard and the small girl did not mind sharing.

The jet landed in some horridly hot place of sand. The woman covered head to toe in hot black robes so only their faces. This place and these men treated women like slaves and property and covered.

There was a reason to keep them covered. They were all gorgeous. Walking fucks too tempting for others to see. But they had communal baths to bath each other of sweat and dirt. It was duty to bath women visitors here. The lesbian crew was stunned as the two lawyers, well one just a child really.

But holy fucking shit when the long robes came off! The long silky black hair was the only hair anywhere. The rest of them was pure fuck and perfect pure fuck.
One stew had an orgasm already before getting to the damn warm bath to be soaped by soft sponges. Satan had really gotten to her fast and hard. But what these beautiful women did in the baths!

They loved the tiny blonde thing as blonde hair was so rare if it existed only visitors to their country.

The bosses long red hair even more rare. And she got lots of attention.

What they considered as a wonderful spread of dinner was simply horrid with animal heads and eye balls a delicacy.one stew passed out a man plucked one for her.

How anyone could live with food and very strange spices. None ate.

What they wanted would be decided later as the blonde needed an hour to learn this damn language.

Somehow that message got across.

They went to the harem room of just soft anything to lay back on or sleep on but mostly to play. Here the damn men did not control.

I am sorry I don’t get it all yet but so far, they will pay a lot for little effort. They really have more money than sense and don’t need us but just look at what they want to pay you!

The entire harem infected with Satan would infect the men quickly so one country down.
They had really good pussies it is horrible the men don’t eat them. No, they just fuck them. Like all men they are beast, now come here baby.

Oh, baby you eat me so good!

Satan gave her relief. The mommy had fucked everything including the parts of her daughter as Satan cock split her open. The so satanically crazed mommy was all gaping hole now the animals did not want her anymore.

She gave her own daughter to him forcing her down on his huge cock until she split open and mommy licked inside ripping and biting her daughters’ organs to lick the true lords cock inside her child.

Ripping her daughter apart for Satan hound food.

The marble table with seven-inch spikes being heat up until it was red and searing.

Her daughter gone and eaten the sharp hooks in her long useless clit even animals did not want and in her huge nipples. She hung by three horrifying she screams out her love for Satan as her nipples ripped apart and her clit, she slammed down on the spikes for one final long orgasm as she cooked and melting and splattering like bacon until she started to just drip off for hound food. Her pelvis was the last to go as her legs were gone it was just what was left of her hips to melt still having orgasms.

She was delicious.

Her poor wonderful daddy was taking a nap. He had a new friend she got for him. They both sucked him and took care of him. And she had a new friend too not much bigger. Playing like each was a doll taking care of hair and food for daddy and fuck for daddy. She had to be helped as her tiny arms would quiver when she used her entire body for a mouth, throat and tummy daddy cock fuck. She loved it when daddy went deep in her belly.

Her wonderful daddy had a good breakfast and thorough fucking and needed his nap.
They kept quiet as they played with each other as the bed was big enough. She was learning Japanese too. They were wonderful and tender how they did things slow and soft.

She had titties to play with and stroke as she learned how to be soft and slow on her as well. Sharing so soft rubs on pussy meat. Tender soft licks and kisses. Just slow and enjoyable.

Both tiny asses and perfect young bodies as the Japanese had very sensitive small cone titties.

Her own tiny dots got more sensitive as they played. So slow and so soft and warm and quiet not to wake him.

Tiny tongues all over each other’s faces. Up and down each other.

No frenzy in the Japanese way. Just tender but insistent.

For pleasure in duty. Now to each other. Oh, she loved daddy’s friend.

Her hands felt so different on her tiny ass not big like daddy. No hard pushes anywhere as if testing each other for what each wanted. Their friendship grew. Naked beside poor wonderful fucked daddy.

The tiny Japanese pulled at her tiny strands of pussy hair pointing at her bare one. No, no! good, very good.

Keep? Yes keep.

You like? Yes I like.

You like me? Very much like you as they kissed.

Like you a lot she teased her with the few words. Me like you, OK?

Yes like me.

Good. We play as she pointed at daddy? His tiny daughter put her tiny finger to her lips for the universal signal of silence. She nodded in understanding and hug her tiny body to hers in a deep kiss.

They moved far enough away not to disturbed daddy as daddy’s tiny child was laid out and licked. His child was learning Japanese as he did not grab her hair just draped it on her. Not one bite. But all over her tiny body like she was being licked by a silky blanket.

So tiny licks on her pussy for just so soft tiny orgasms.

Tiny ass licks. This beat any hard orgasm hands down as it just lingered.

The Japanese laid out for her to study the Japanese ways on her. she learned very fast but went just as slow and soft. The tiny Japanese used her long blonde hair to drape her. So soft.

She loved America and Americans.

They did not hurt girls. They did not whip girls or hurt titty.

They loved girls and titties and pussy.

Glad she did not remove her hair to be the same as it was very much liked.

Neither had much clit but made do with what they had.

No fierce hard loud orgasms or thrashing about. They were in the kitchen making daddy dinner. Naked and together with tiny kisses.

Poor daddy was limp and hanging. Very long hanging but one big huge limp noodle.
Daddy I think if she saw some American movies, she will learn English faster. She had never had popcorn so let’s make lots.

The two silky drapes of tender warmth snuggled on either side of daddy for her first American movie.

All was good so far as cheer/gym school just slept naked entwined coach and little girl.
The Mormons let their horses rest after a weekend of fucking mommies. Amish daddies went for sleep after wife and young daughter sucked and fucked him.

Satan filth filtered through the entire horrid country with millions in the law firm account.

Moms kept the tight ropes the brownies had tide so tight as mommy nipples bulged purple.

The ass fucks gaped as they left the tent of dildo machine fucking. Most with husbands carrying sybians.

All was good for now as the Satan Queen went to search for new prey.