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Spiritual possession is a phenomenon in which a stray being from the Spirit World constantly or temporarily possesses and exerts a negative influence on a person living on Earth. Most commonly they are known as ‘evil spirits’ and, although many people may scoff at the idea, it is a real and undeniable fact that they exist and influence our lives.

The concept of spirit possession exists in many religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Haitian Vodou, Wicca, Hinduism, Islam, and Southeast Asian and African traditions. Depending on the cultural context in which it is found, possession may be considered voluntary or involuntary and may be considered to have beneficial or detrimental effects on to host.

Our protagonist, Gabrielle seeks revenge against her abusive father and finds what she needs through a pact with Satan. In the process, she has infected herself and her sister’s twin siblings, Simon and Simone, with sex demons that she had unleashed through a blasphemous painting that she created from our own sexual fluids and waste.

The events lead to Gabrielle discovering the truth about her father’s checkered past with the corrupted church and that her own predetermined destiny will bring them all to a new understanding of the power of procession and the dark powers that manipulate them all.

POSSESSION Chapter 4 (1,580 WORDS)

“Surely you know that people who do wrong will not get to enjoy God’s kingdom. Don’t be fooled. These are the people who will not get to enjoy his kingdom: those who sin sexually, those who worship idols, those who commit adultery, men who let other men use them for sex or who have sex with other men, those who steal, those who are greedy, those who drink too much, those who abuse others with insults, and those who cheat.” — 1 Corinthians, chapter 6, verse 10

Gabrielle and the kids took a seat in the hard wooden pews. The service at the Sacred Hearts Chapel is already in full swing. She watched her evil father at work as he gave his animated sermon from the raised oak pulpit to the captivated audience of villagers. They were all simple rural people who saw coming to church as some kind of sordid entertainment. All of them seemed to reel as he spat his condemnation at them and their fear of him, the church and god was palpable. Was it pleasure from pain or pain and pleasure? Or more like a religious roller-coaster ride of chastisement and absolution? Gabrielle could feel their personal sins burning inside as their digressions percolated to the surface.

Though she had heard Father Saber’s use the very same words before many times, for the first time her body shuddered with unexpectedness at a new understanding of hidden and secret meaning. The Sacred Hearts Chapel was a farce. Her father was no man of god but a priest of wickedness. As she listened to the familiar story of malevolence told, she found she understood his words from a very different perspective.

“The devil makes work for idle hands! Just like the WHOREDOM of JEZEBEL and FORNICATION of Ashtoreth … make no mistake that in God’s eyes masturbation is a sin! Masturbation is a SIN! Masturbation is a sin!”

“AMEN! Masturbation is SIN” Chorused an awkward congregation of single adults, grandparents, parents, and teens and young children.

“Those sacrilegious demons involved with ungodly sexual activity and bondage! Jezebel was an active Ba’al worshiper. Do you know what the idol Ba’al looked like? It stood straight up and had the shape of a male’s sexual organ. Ba’al was a sex demon to the core!”

The twelve-year-old twins, Simon and Simone, both fidgeted at her side upon the uncomfortable seating dressed in their Sunday best. She momentarily looked at their angelic faces and they both grinned sardonically back at her — their expression ablaze with secret wickedness. They were no longer children, but the human hosts of her sex demons. At first glance all that was apparent was their purity and innocence; only a glint of depraved lust twinkled in the sweetness of their eyes. Gabrielle felt a deep yearning for copulation followed by a strong spasm in her lap. She groaned silently as something wet slipped back and forth at the entry to her vaginal orifice – her own metamorphosis had sealed her with her pact with Satan.

She thought about how she wanted to entrap her priest father; to punish him for the cruelty he had inflicted upon her and her siblings. How many times had she imagined castrating him in full erection? Impale him upon her new appendage? Her she-cock penetrating his unworthy bowels; how sweet would be her revenge? For all the countless times he had punished her, humiliated her, and abused her – Little Gaby’s childhood was ruined, taken from her and even her basic human dignity deigned. She had been so trusting, so innocent, so gullible back then. His surprise at her audacity would be so fucking delightful.


Father Saber eyed his usual congregation. Yes, they had heard his ominous words many times. Their guilt always showed in their ridiculous faces and this gave him great satisfaction. They were all sinners! All of them! Their carnal thoughts lubricated his sexual arousal. He drew deviant pleasure from their flawed faith. These so-called godly people were nothing more than evildoers, blaspheming, fornicating, and sinning at every opportunity. When they all leave the church, he would touch himself before god and cum in hot spurts of devilish pleasure.

The Sunday evening service was at an end and as the congregation filed out the rear of the Sacred Heart, Father Saber’s eyes blinked a few times and then focused on a familiar face remaining behind in the pews center and left of the altar. It was none other than his own little Gaby and her sister Claudette’s twins. Well, well … God works in mysterious ways, he thought to himself. Images of her naked young body prostrate before the uncaring Jesus, and the pleasures of her punishments made it difficult for him to lose his pressing erection. Beads of pre-cum were already seeping down the length of his slimy cock. He breathed in deeply and stood with his hands folded across his bulging cassock.

“Well, well, well! What an unexpected surprise,” said Father Saber.

“Father …”

Evil thoughts filled his mind as they did frequently as he reminisced, not just of the abuse of his own children, but in a time before, as a young novice priest joining the dark clergy.

It had been a time of ambiguity. Upheaval, unrest, and religious scandal gripped the clergy. In the face of a critical community, the church had outwardly condemned homosexuality as a scourge, as a disease, saying that it was an affront to all godliness and holiness. Yet his Abbott, a raging queer, who thought nothing of using his subordinates for his own venereal pleasures, had institutionalized his own form of sacred homosexuality that especially condoned the use of oral sex and sodomy as an integral part of their secret pedophilic rituals. Saber had been a young and promiscuous bisexual in those formative years and his activities had attracted the attention of the Abbott’s inner circle that he came to learn worshiped the three demons.

Within the grounds of the sacred monastery there had been a great garden with avenues of tall green fir trees, sculptured rose beds, and at its center an intricate maze. Only a chosen few knew that way through its labyrinth of high hedges that lead to a secretive central chantry. There under the light of the full moon the sacred brothers would gather completely naked to pay homage to a highly erotic wooden carving of Pan, the famed god of nature with his fertility and sexual prowess. With the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner, as a faun or satyr, the Abbott’s idol depicted the elements of the first demon, Pan, as the god of sex, a horned god, a phallic god.

Saber was brought forward as one of the Abbott’s new initiates. The Abbott told him that as part of his initiation ceremony that he must take the long wooden phallus that extended upwards from between the hoofed legs of the statue, in his anus and masturbate himself before the congregation. The Abbott instructed him to pray to Pan, the god of masturbation, for powerful orgasms and strong ejaculations. Tenuously Saber did as he was told as the bizarre ritual began. The other naked clergy watched him, touching themselves and each other as Saber slowly rubbed his cock and pressed his rectum against the greasy wood phallus, soiled with the slimy fetal matter of the previous initiates.

Saber let the wooden cock of Pan, slip deeper and deeper inside his bowels until he could no longer accommodate anymore. There, he pumped his erect cock as hard and as fast as he could. The brothers of the pan cult encircled him as he performed for them. They all danced around him, drunk on sacred wine, chanting obscene prayers in Latin to their exulted god of wanton lust and panic sex … of sex in its grunting, groaning, moaning, dirtiest form.

The Abbott had a young child novice kneeling between his open thighs. His hands firmly holding the young boy’s head as his hips thrust upwards into the warm wet mouth of the pre-teen … the boy struggled, suffocated by the length and girth of Abbott’s rampant cock as it violently raped his mouth in offered sacrifice to the god of homosexual depravity. Pan was the pagan sex god. Their cock god, the incubus demon, the god of sexual deviance, rape, and torture!

Saber watched the frenzied orgy unfold around him as he quickly reached his first orgasm of the night. A fountain of hot semen exploded over his upper chest, neck, and face as he jerked uncontrollably upon the penis of Pan – the Satanic cock no longer feeling like a wooden carved phallus, but more of the real flesh of a demon cock. Saber found his erection undiminished. He was still hard as nails. He slid from the statue’s appendage and continued stroking his rigid tool, while subconsciously licking his lips and tasting his own hot salty spunk.

The other priests pressed closely together, bringing forth another pre-teen, and held him down. The Abbott said that this was the final stage of their surreptitious ritual – he was to sodomize the youngster as his offering … ‘Praise be to Satan’ added the Abbott making no doubt in Saber’s mind that the dark brethren no longer worshiped their limp Almighty God and that this Satanic rite was his right of passage into the ranks of the Abbott’s depraved sacred sect.

“Father?” the voice of his daughter brought him back to the moment.


POSSESSION Chapter 5 (2,467 WORDS)

“There the male Qedishim engaged in shrine prostitution, allowing other male worshipers to use them for anal sex in sacred offerings to Asherah in the house of Ba’al, as did their princess of Tyre, Jezebel and her sacred harlots, in the worship of their phallic sex gods.” — 2 Kings, chapter 23, verse 7

The last of the congregation had finally gone and the heavy church doors closed out the sounds of the street. The last light of day poured through the murky stained glass windows, illuminating the four of them alone inside the old nave. Gabrielle stood up from the uncomfortable wooden pew. She had noticed the unmistakable bulge in the front of her father’s Cossack. Though her cunt was slick with her own sexual arousal, Gabrielle maintained the composure of concern and anxiety for the welfare of the two young children at her side.

“Gabrielle … My dearest,” his warmth was genuine, but more from sexual anticipation than from any tenderness of kin, “And you have the beautiful twins with you, I see. How perfectly wonderful,” his silver tongue had Gabrielle on her guard.

One would have expected a loving father and daughter to embrace. However, this was not the typical relationship between family members.

“Father … I come about an urgent matter. I am in need of your religious counsel,” she lied.

“What is it, my dear?” Asked her father with an enigmatic smirk.

“Can we talk? I mean, talk somewhere … more private?” she added pretending to appear uneasy at the sight of the huge crucifix that hung over the church altar.

She knew her erect nipples would be obvious through the gossamer-thin dress that she had chosen for her father’s seduction.

“My apologies. How rude of me … it’s just such a surprise,” he cleared his throat, “Of course my dear.”

He pointed towards the small door to the sacristy, located at the rear of the church altar.

Gabrielle remembered the first time her father caught her touching her private parts. Fingering the soft folds of her baby pussy. She had been only about ten years old at the time. She had been fantasizing about other young girls and imagining what it would be like to touch their pussies in a similar way. Soft flesh, wet and warm inside. Nice. He had shouted at her, shaking her from her soft focus. He abruptly grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the steep stairs and into the creepy chapel basement. She cried for him to stop, to let her go, that she was sorry for sinning. She was never to do it again.

She had remembered the basement as a terrible place that later would become synonymous with sinfulness … her sinfulness. There among the church relics was a large crucifix that had once hung from heavy chains in the chapel. It had been desecrated with a painted phallus drawn against the stomach of the near-naked Jesus and stood inverted against the basement wall. She was sobbing by this point. She would have done anything for her father just to let her go. She hated being caned and the pain and humiliation were extreme to her.

Her father had stripped her naked and forced her to kneel before the dirty old cross. Jesus looked blasphemous lying upside-down with his painted penis pointing towards his contorted face. Gabrielle had called out to her father between heavy sobs. Please stop. Please stop. She expected the worst. Her father produced his favorite short cane and told her to pray to the upside-down Jesus … with my fingers inside her pussy … to show Christ her most sinful act. When she refused, her father beat her hard. The cane touched with fire in her naked ass. She wanted to die but she complied with his orders. She gingerly fingered her labia before Jesus. Her father beat her again, telling her to pray harder.

He had unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. It was the first time she had seen her father’s penis. She remembered it being dark-skinned, thick, and standing straight up in his hand. Again he told her to pray harder, but again she could only weep. When she pleaded with him to forgive her, he began to urinate over her … he aimed his salty hot piss over her tear-stained face and bedraggled hair. He laughed sardonically and continued to rub his erect penis in front of her. He had ordered her to open her mouth. She wanted to scream but was too worn down. Her father’s piss tasted acidic and foul. She gagged as she tried to swallow.

Gabrielle followed her father. She told the twins to wait outside the sacristy doorway. She entered. Inside her father gestured towards one of the well-worn couches that faced each other in a conversational arrangement.

“How long has it been my love?” asked Father Saber.

“Please, Father. Let me come straight to the point. I think that time is not on our side. The matter is grave and it concerns the young twins. I have reason to believe that both Simon and Simone are not themselves. I mean they seem unwell. I suspect they may have the sickness … Father.”

“Then a medical doctor should surely give you better advice than I.”

She could see him lustily eyeing her small breasts, crowned by her dark nipples beneath the light fabric. Now seated, the bulge of his erection was well hidden in the deep folds of his Cossack.

“No father. They may have THE SICKNESS … It is a spiritual matter, Father … It’s not medical … It’s a matter of faith … A matter of blasphemy against God’s will.”

“I don’t understand?” answered Father Saber, taking hold of her quivering little hands in his.

Her father’s palm felt clammy and damp with his perspiration. As he sat forward to the edge of his seat, his hairy legs brushed amorously against her bare flesh.

Gabrielle even leaned closer to her father. She could hear the erratic breathing pattern of her father’s sexual excitement. She could smell his arousal. She remembered the times he would make her strip naked before him so that he could do his godly duty and inspect her precious virginity … she vividly remembered the feeling of his thick, rough fingers pressing against her delicate young labia and clitoris, making her instantly wet, in the guise of his so-called pious examination.

“THE SICKNESS … they have the SICKNESS father. I suspect they may be possessed! You always warned us about such things, about the evil spirits that could enter us. You taught us about the dangers of masturbation, pornography, and the sin of sexual thoughts. How evil awaits us in the shadows … waiting for our moment of weakness. I feel there are demonic forces at work here. They are under the influence of highly sexualized spirits. sex daemons … the twins need your help father! Only you can save them,” she baited.

“Possession … sex daemons … exorcism?” he was almost quaking with obvious delight, “I … I must examine them immediately … without delay. Their very souls are at risk. Yes. Yes. You did the right thing, my child. YES. YES. Bringing them to me. I have much experience with this sort of thing. Bring them here to me now.”

Gabrielle pretended to look relieved and comforted by her father’s compassionate words. She felt her own demons pressing against the inside of her vagina. She stood up and returned to the doorway, where the young children had been waiting. She paused.


“Yes, my child?”

“Maybe we should take them to the … chapel basement?”

Her father looked a little surprised with her request. He subconsciously licked his lips.

“Yes, my child. Yes, that is an excellent idea.”

Her father led them down the steep stone steps to the darkness of the secluded old chapel basement.

It looked as it did all those years ago. It smelt dank and musky with a carious odor that Gabrielle could only describe as rotting wickedness. There was indication of some usage – more than a dozen large candelabras with aged layers of melted wax hanging from the darkened metal holders. The upside-down Jesus was still there. Now mounted upon the wall, but still strangely inverted, a small altar and a dirty old mattress lay before it as evidence of some kind of ungodliness, maybe black mass.

Gabrielle remembered how she had been at one time very afraid of this addled place, but despite the fear, there had been a disparate excitement to be there. She had come to the basement quite frequently after her father’s first punishment. On her own, she would strip naked before the upside-down Jesus and touch herself in front of him – showing him how she loved to put her fingers inside her dirty little cunt and ass. Her orgasms seemed to be so intense there. Sometimes she would kiss and lick at the ‘penis’ of Christ. It gave her such a thrill as she imagined touching, kissing, and sucking her own father’s cock. She remembered how she progressed to rubbing her bald little cunt against the body of Jesus, pressing her engorged clit against his sacred face then urinating over him and laughing just like her father did at her.

“Undress them. So that I may examine them fully,” he added.

“Yes, father. Do we … do I need to undress too?” she asked, already knowing what her father would say.

“YES. We must fight evil with evil … undress yourself before me.”


Father Saber felt his whole body tingle at the words uttered by his youngest daughter. Gabrielle was still as delicious as she was a young pre-teen. He wanted to fuck her sweet mouth from the moment she was born. He had fingered and licked her sexual areas as a baby, but by demonic design had re-framed from raping her. As a preteen, he had extracted some highly restrained experiences that now seemed to come around full circle. The serpent eats its own tail. But now looking with lust upon the two naked children; his own kin by incestuous and illicit fornication; he reminisced about the depraved rape rituals of the dark angel, Pazuzu.

The worship of the second demon of the evil and perverted Abbott was Pazuzu, also known to some as Melek, Meloch, and Moloch … Saber quickly learned of the Abbott’s thirst for child sacrifice. The Abbott seemed to crave above all else the corruption of innocence — destroying that which God held most dear.

For this initiation, Saber discovered other secretive places inside the great monastery. Deep in the fire-lit catacombs lay a hidden temple devoted to the worship of this evil sex demon. Pazuzu’s effigy depicted him as having the body of a man, the head of a dog, the talons of an eagle, two pairs of wings, and an enormous erect serpentine-like penis. Like Pan, Pazulu, too was a cock demon. The Abbott enthusiastically explained to Saber, saying that Pazuzu was created as an angel to worship and serve God. After rebelling against God with Lucifer, God banished them and all their cohorts from Heaven, and they became demons. As a demon, Pazuzu sought to violate and destroy God’s favored creation, humans.

The archaic ritual was performed as it had been done in ancient times in the Middle East. At that time performed by the Qedishim, male temple prostitutes, and now by the Abbott’s inner circle. His followers all wore grim-looking animal masks and horns as they danced erotically in the subterranean firelight, frotting their erect cocks against the large stone effigy of Pazuzu and then against each other. As they all began masturbating to the throbbing primitive beat, a young boy was hastily brought forward dressed only in a small white loincloth fastened around his waistline. The Abbott resided over the ceremony, as the high priest, presenting the boy to the evil cock demon as an offering of innocence to be consumed.

Saber lay upon his back across the hallowed stone altar before the demon effigy. Transformed from Abbott the high priest of Pazuzu, he made guttural chants in archaic tongue as he cut away the simple white fabric of the boy’s groin covering with a jagged sacred knife. The boy’s eyes were filled with dread and terror. Taking the boy’s flaccid genitals in his hands, the high priest caressed them forcefully whilst muttering further indistinct words of sex magick. All the while the Qedishim stroked the high priest’s rampant cock that dripped pre-cum juices. The boy became unwillingly erect despite his obvious fear. The high priest wasted no time in orally copulating with his small erection, lapping at it with his tongue and then taking it in its entirety, together with his under-developed scrotum into his salivating mouth.

The Qedishim had formed a circle around the stone altar as the high priest positioned the boy over Saber’s prone cock, so that it pressed against the boy’s virgin rectum. Saber tasted the hot salty fluids and felt hot splashes over his face and chest as the Qedishim all began to ejaculate over him. Saber moaned deeply as the high priest forced the young boy’s body downward, impaling him upon Saber’s eager cock. Saber lost control and feverishly thrust upwards, over and over, burying the length of his engorged cock deeper and deeper into the boy’s tight bowels. The boy’s screams were drowned out by the evil chanting of the Qedishim.

Gabrielle had done as he had requested. Saber blinked at the blessed sight of his own naked daughter touching herself, legs spread wide across the filthy mattress that covered the basement floor in front of the inverted cross. The two horny pre-teen demon children flanked her. It was the recitations of a long-forgotten dark prophesy foretold – the serpent eats its own tail.

Both children looked engrossed in their own sexual depravity. The small boy, Simon, was fully erect. He was preoccupied with vigorously rubbing his foreskin back and forth. His tiny sister, Simone, fingered her small slit and the neb of her clitoris with an eagerness that could only be demon-inspired.

“Look, Daddy!” cried Gabrielle in the sweetest of voices, “Look at us sin! We are filled with shame! You must help us cast out the demons that infect our loins! We are being corrupted! Oh please, please help us Daddy! Save us from our wantonness!”

Saber looked on and shook with immoral ecstasy.

“Look you fucking cocksucker!” groaned Gabrielle as she took on a very different and lewd tone to her voice, “Look at my cunt, Daddy … it’s so hot and juicy … look at my niece and nephew … show us your cock … fuck the Jesus into us, Daddy! Fuck my demon-infested ass! Rape me! Fuck Me! Fuck the HOLY shit out of us! Cum in my pissy cunt! FUCK ME FOR CHRIST! Impregnate me you faggot fuck!”


POSSESSION Chapter 6 (2,388 WORDS)

“Realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching, according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, with which I have been entrusted.” — 1 Timothy, Chapter 1, verses 9-11

Father Saber held his heavy bible aloft. He wiped the sweat from his brow and hesitated for a brief moment. The words were hard to form as if he had something lodged in his throat. Aroused. Scarred. Fighting his own demons, he felt ambivalent about his so-called calling and what he must do in this sacred exorcism.

“And as ye go, preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give,” chanted the dubious Father Saber.

“AMEN, you FUCKER! Now SODOMISE ME before the upside-down JESUS. I AM YOUR JEZEBEL! PRAISE TO BAAL! PRAISE TO PAZUZU! PRAISE TO PAN! CHRIST BE FUCKED! PISS OVER ME … BAPTIZE US IN URINE as you did once when I was still a child!” screamed Gabrielle.

She pushed the young boy’s face against her hot dripping cunt, rubbing him back and forth between her open legs.

“Unholy children … you are all demonized! I must save your souls from damnation! Save you from your own demonic lusts!” exclaimed Saber grasping tightly at his bible, “And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour. And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils!” continued the breathless priest.

His words proclaimed his need to rescue them all, but his hands dropped the heavy bible and tore open his cassock as he tried to free his pulsating erection.

“Hallelujah to the SAVIOR! FUCK YER! Stick that big cock in my ass Daddy. Sodomize me like a temple whore! I am your JEZEBEL! PRAISE the true and only god … PRAISE BE TO SATAN! BAPTIZE US IN URINE!”

“We must repent! We must abstain! We must pray to God for forgiveness!” grunted Father Saber as he reached his breaking point.

Even as he spoke, he joined them in their wanton nakedness. His thick fingers wrapped firmly around his slimy cock shaft. He groaned in self-pleasure, yanking himself faster and faster in an uncontrollable licentiousness. Now, pointing the eye of his cock at the upturned face of his daughter, he began to piss. His stream of hot yellow fluids flowed across her face and into her open mouth. The children drank the foul liquid acknowledging their unholy initiation.


Her hand took over the masturbation of her father as the two young children began to copulate upon the mattress. The boy pressed his small cock against his sister’s even tighter sphincter, pushing only the head of his cock into her little pink hole at first, and then sinking his cock deeper and deeper until his scrotum pressed against her.

“Oh my … Oh my!” wailed Father Saber

His eyes almost completely white, as his eyeball rolled upwards, lost in guilt and shame; at the same time consumed with the craving for wickedness and salacity.

Gabrielle took her father’s tainted cock between her lips, excitedly sucking his engorged cock head. Pre-cum slime dripped from the corners of her mouth as she grinned with satisfaction.

Saber’s heart beat loudly in his ears. He could hear the drums of Belphegor calling to him – Belphegor was known as the ‘Devil in the Ass’ perhaps because its sacrificial offering was human excrement. The third demon of his evil initiation overwhelmed his consciousness. He was transported. He was once again in the temple of Belphegor, the shit demon worshiped as a phallus. Belphegor was also known by many names including Abel-Shittim, Baal-Peor, and the androgynous Ba’al.

They all knelt before the sister-nuns. In the monastery the sisterhood always looked ugly, dull, and dreary, but this nun of very different. She was one of three rather alluring nuns who joined the Belphegor initiation ritual. He was in awe of her as she moved with her flowing white habit emblazoned with a blasphemous inverted cross thrusting back and forth to the drums of death. Beneath her pure white wimple, he could make out her fine bone structure and soft alabaster skin. The three nuns seemed to all snarl at the congregation as they gathered around them. The drumming that filled the temple seemed to also subside momentarily as the three nuns spoke many obscenities out loud, calling for Ba’al to accept their humble offers.

The most dominant of the three stepped forward and pressed the Abbott’s eager face to her thrusting crutch. As the three all began to progressively undress, Saber could see their exposed small, firm breasts, like two slender cones topped with pierced nipples. Blasphemous tattoos decorated their upper bodies and proclaimed them as a Whore Priestesses of Ba’al. The other worshipers stripped naked and prone – stroking themselves as they knelt in the worship of the shit demon.

The Abbott remained kneeling before the Whore Priestess of Ba’al as she removed her habit completely to reveal their true sexual nature. From between her milky white thighs extended a long and hard cock that rivaled this most well-hung of her worshipers. The Abbott’s mouth engulfed it as the Whore Priestess enthusiastically fucked his face. She groaned lewdly. His fingers wrapped themselves around her transgendered sex organ, rubbing faster and faster as he tried to milk her of her sacred juices.

The young initiates, including Saber, were presented in a single line to their respective Whore Priestess. Reluctantly, she pulled her cock from the mouth of the cooing Abbott and stoked it as she visually examined her fresh meat. She pointed to Saber and he was pushed forward next to where the Abbott of still kneeling. The Abbott moved aside and the Whore Priestess offered her rampant cock to Saber.

He leaned forward to take it in his mouth, but before he could do it, she urinated into his face and opened his mouth. Saber gulped at the fierce flow of hot salty liquid. He would never forget the divine and bitter taste. The Whore Priestess laughed as she soaked him in the initiation of the demon Belphegor. The other Whore Priestesses and worshipers all joined in the wet masturbation orgy, pissing over themselves and each other, in an effort to drink as much of their golden fluids as they could.

The temple of Belphegor stunk of the acidic aromas of sweat, sexual arousal, and urea. The Whore Priestess took Saber by the hand and led him before the great effigy of the phallic Ba’al. He lay down on the altar bed so that she could stand over him to defecate over his face and chest – making her ritual offering to Belphegor, the demon of shit!

The pungent fetal smell filled his nostrils as he licked feverishly at the Whore Priestesses’ filthy rectum. She grunted in satisfaction as a long dark turd pushed its way forward from the small orifice. Saber sucked at the bullet-shaped turd as it slid further from her dilated anus. Blasphemous prayers to Ba’al accompanied the bitter taste that followed.

It all came crashing back to Father Saber. Sweat poured from his forehead. Deviant desire filled his heart. Dark urges flowed through his veins. His mind raced with the sickness. Oh HEAVENLY GOD! The sickness … we all had the sickness.

Why had he been forbidden to rape is youngest, whilst having no limitations on her two older siblings? What was it about her unholy virginity? The twins, Simon and Simone, had been the product of his incestuous coupling with his older daughter. How he had enjoyed filling her with his evil seed. And his son, pumping his pre-teen guts with load after load, raping him night after night. His wife had gone mad!

She suspected him of many things. He had driven her to kill herself … for the glory of Satan. What was the Devil’s plan? The antichrist? His daughter was born not of his seed, but of that of the devil. Maybe this knowledge is what sent her mother to her grave. Oh dear … the shame of it all. Raped by an incubus. Raped repeatedly by an incubus brought forth by her husband. Was she truly the daughter of Satan?

“SUCK MY CLIT YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD! DADDY IS A COCK SUCKER!” Gabrielle laughed with a wickedness that chilled Saber.

They were all infected with sex demons. Hell on earth. There was no escape. He would pay dearly for his sinfulness. The twins took turns sucking his rampant cock and licking his disdained anus as he pissed down their throats and defecated in their mouths. They had the sickness. Incestuous urges. The smell of Ba’al worship filled the small sacristy. Their hands, mouths, cunts, cocks, breasts, and assholes all worked in unison to perform demon acts of debauchery and depravity. She stood up and beckoned him to kneel before her.

Saber went down on a bent knee and frantically licked his daughter’s snatch.

“That’s it FUCKER. PAY HOMAGE! SUCK MY CLIT! SUCK IT HARDER!” screamed Gabrielle.

Her body began its metamorphosis.

The change began deep within her. Gabrielle’s cock began to expand within her vaginal passage and emerge like a plump white sausage pushing forward. Its thickness first dilated, then parted her blood-engorged cunt lips in the process. Copious cunt slime poured over her father’s face pressed against her in cunnilingus.

Fear and excitement filled his mind. He dared not stop lavishing her mutating groin with his tongue. Saber heard his daughter gasp in pleasure as the animated white-fleshed appendage continued its curved growth, expanding outwards and upwards, as he closed his lips around its bulbous knob. There was no doubt in his mind that she was the devil’s daughter.

“Suck me you pathetic FUCKER! Serve ME! Worship ME!” Gabrielle cried.

Her father and the two young children gathered around her – their mouths and fingers paying homage to the butterfly as it emerged from the chrysalis. Saber released her cock from his mouth, breathing in hard to catch his breath.

“Did I say stop? NO, I didn’t SODOMITE … bend over … offer yourself to ME!”

Silently Saber knelt before his demonic daughter. Transformed, she was no longer Daddy’s little girl abused, but now satanic royalty. Her will was to be obeyed. The two devil children ghoulishly danced around him, groping at his genitals. Teasing him. Arousing him. Pushing him. Urging him on.

Saber’s eyes cast over the discolored and disdained statue of the Body of Christ, the mockingly upside-down Jesus on his inverted crucifix. The ritual of resurrection had begun – the dying god’s rebirth, brought back into the human world, just like Osiris, Baldr, Quetzalcoati, Izanami, and Jesus himself – Saber knew that this was the rising of Ba’al, of Pan, of Belphegor – the demons of his wayward monastery had returned in the form of his daughter, Gabrielle.

“Forgive me Holy Father … Forgive me! ARGHHHHHHHHH … OH YER, FUCK JESUS,” he grunted looking at the grave image upon his occult altar, “FUCK the NAZARENE! Fuck you ALL to HELL!!”



The young boy, who was once his grandson Simon, had shuffled around Saber as he knelt before the crucifix. The puny little boy positioned himself so that his groin was now aligned with his face. The boy’s cock was no longer that of a boy-child – it had also morphed, as had his facial features. No longer the face of an innocent, but disfigured, contorted, deranged with devilment – the creature had the face of sexual wickedness and its longer and thicker demon cock throbbed in Saber’s face, dripping with pre-cum juices as it grabbed the back of Saber’s head and forced him down upon his red hot cock meat.

In the corner of his eye, Saber’s caught off the tiny young girl, that use to be Simone, before she crawled beneath his stomach and attached herself to Saber’s wanton cock – her appearance had altered just as much as her twin brother. The once sweet face was replaced with iniquity – a ghoulish expression of unbridled malevolence. It too had the look of evil insanity. Saber groaned as the creature took hold of his cock and balls, manipulating them, whilst tonguing his cock-head bringing Saber waves of incestuous ecstasy.

Saber’s ass was on fire as his evil daughter penetrated him; her satanic cock pressed against his oily hole and with a distinctive pop started to plow into his filthy bowels. The displaced basement filled with heat and the preternatural chorus of hellish squeals like pigs being cruelly slaughtered. Was this hell? What had he done? Was this preordained or his doing? Was this how deliverance felt? Was this his death before rebirth? FUCK, the pain was intense!

The side of Saber’s mouth dripped with drool as his grandson’s cock fucked his face with insane intensity. Fingers more like clawed talons, grasped at his bruised rib cage. Blood flowed, as Gabrielle’s pulsating cock seemed to fill him completely. Stuffed. Sodomized. Raped. He gasped for breath but could not breathe against the demon cocks that filled him up. Heat upon heat. It was like a fist thrust upwards from his sphincter to his throat fucking him harder and faster with every passing moment. He felt skewed, like meat on a spit, between the two cocks that filled his orifices. His misty eyes were filled with tears of pleasure and pain. He felt them both cum – hot fluids squirted forth down his throat and up deep inside his guts, anointing him with the host of the evil spirit.

His ears were filled with the deafening chanting of dozens, maybe hundreds of evil brethren. It was as if all the demons of hell celebrated the birth of their anti-Christ.


Chapter 7 EPILOGUE (131 WORDS)

There is a small gathering at the Sacred Hearts Chapel. It is the unveiling of the church’s Sunday school class. Father Saber thanks God Almighty for their blessings; he thanks the organizing committee for their tireless efforts; he thanks his daughter for her contribution to their small community. The parents disburse quickly, leaving their sons and daughters to the attention of the priest’s daughter and her two helpers, Simon and Simone. Sunday, the holy day, will bring some new lessons to the children of the Sacred Hearts Chapel. Gabrielle is very excited about the art class.




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