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STORY CODES: Transgender, Transvestism, Incest, Pissing, Voyeurism, Young Ones, Sodomy, Satanism, Devil Worship, Tribalism, Paganism.

CREATED: 18.06.2023 / REVISITED: 29.10.2023

XIV — Temperance 2


The fourteenth card of the Tarot. When Temperance appears in a reading, it is suggestive of someone who is embroiled in lust. It often signifies sexual relations, but not necessarily heterosexual sex. It could mean gay, bisexual, transsexual, or even incestuous encounters. Androgynous in nature, Temperance is a balance between male and female forces; between light and dark. Temperance is also about taking sex to the next lustful level — to explore the magic of Tantric sex — desire is equal to passion is equal to orgasmic delight.


Connor finds himself in a new relationship with a woman who, like him, is a recent divorcee but also a mother named Roxi. Their relationship is simply a refreshing change. But nothing is ever simple. Moving temporarily into her home, he meets Ashley — Roxi’s transgendered son. With Roxi away frequently from work, Connor finds himself slipping into an uncomfortable attraction that sparks an unnatural and carnal lust.


  • Conner – the protagonist and Roxi’s boyfriend, he’s a freelance consultant, recently divorced (52)
  • Roxi – the protagonist’s partner, is a shift worker and the mother of young Ashley, divorced (46)
  • Ashley – transgendered teen of Roxi, very petite and pretty, only 4’ 10” can pass easily as a young attractive girl (17)
  • Trinity and Elisa, they are transgendered friends of Ashley
  • Akuma – he is Trinity’s younger brother


My name is Conner. I’m a fifty-two-year-old divorcee. I have been dating a fourth-six year old woman and mother, called Roxi. As it turns out, my life, together with Roxi, had taken a few unexpected twists and dark turns.

I mean, discovering her incestuous relationship with her transgendered offspring, Ashley, had been a revelation — not that I was complaining — as I had been insanely attracted to young Ashley from the get-go. I mean, totally besotted by this young perverted diva. She was a complete succubus. And she’d seemed to have spun this strange androgynous web around me — drawing me into their insidious world that seemed to be a rabbit hole; a cacophony of crazy fetishes; demonic worship; and intense sexual perversity.

Had it been a laden trap that I had so willingly fallen into all of my own accord; or had I found myself coerced into this because of my desperation to find love and companionship?

Maybe I was just overthinking the obvious.

The truth was, that I just couldn’t get enough of their unholy sex … Roxi and Ashley, was my darkest dream come true? Close but no. Being a total pervert, I could dream even darker … and I was looking forward to even more deviant fun ahead …


So my initial thoughts were about how Ashley had pretended to be her own mother while corresponding with me over the dating app. Ashley had seduced me (thoroughly — my mind, body, and soul). Ashley had spied on both of us (Roxi and I, whilst having sex). Ashley had instructed me on how and when to have sex with her mother. Ashley made me bow down before her demon sex goddess to pray for more powerful orgasms. Ashley had used my mouth, my cock, and my bladder (and later, my anus). Ashley had turned me into her cum-pig and her piss-and-shit slave. Ashley had completely controlled the game thus far … we’d all been dancing to her tune, up until now.

However, in hindsight, knowing all that I had experienced, I had other thoughts on this delicate matter too.

Obviously, it had been Ashley’s mother, Roxi, who had instigated the incestuous relationship with her young child. It had been Roxi, who had encouraged Ashley to dress like a girl, wear her hair longer (than the others in her class), and put on make-up — enact upon Ashley’s early feminine traits. I realized that it had been Roxi who had used Ashley for her own perverted sexual needs (that her husband was possibly unable to fulfill).

Roxi had been the one who taught Ashley to masturbate. She had inculcated her own child in this insidious and clandestine sexual relationship — all behind her own hapless husband’s back.

I recognized that as an adult, she had been the one who had deceived, cheated, and manipulated everything. Everything! I had wondered about this time in their life — against the backdrop of being in a house with a staunchly religious husband (and father) — how difficult it must have been to hide such a thing.


It had been an exhausting evening of hot, wet, ass-licking, shit-smearing sex — between the three of us, Roxi, Ashley, and I — that had made me cum several times. I was completely exhausted.

They had been dressed up again in their little demon masks and horns — both looking almost identical with their black leather harness lingerie — and their little black leather wings.

Ashley had gotten her mother into pegging — and by pegging — I mean pounding my tight virgin ass with a flesh-colored strapless dildo. Admittedly, it wasn’t like some of those huge monster cocks that would have literally split me in two. Actually, the fake cock wasn’t actually much bigger than my own modest-sized cock — but between the pair of them, they had spit-roasted me for, what had felt like hours.

The anal sex, at first, had been quite uncomfortable and even painful. Roxi’s plastic cock had felt so large in my tight virgin hole. Roxi had been more than eager to fuck me hard and take my anal cherry. It was obvious to me that she’d done this before (probably on Ashley) and knew exactly how to extract her own deviant delights from sodomizing her naive boyfriend.

To be honest, I wanted it as badly as she did. Fucked by my little evil girlfriend. Yes, she was evil. Wicked and corrupted. And I loved her for it. And as I positioned myself on all fours, I told myself to relax. Fuck it felt so big inside my poor little ass-cunt. Sure, I’d fingered my ass many times, but this was completely different.


It had all started with three words.

“On your knees.”

I was now on my knees.

”Kiss my cock.”

I kissed her fake flesh-colored cock.

”Kiss it, like you mean it, fucker!”

I liked her abusive tone. She was in charge. Almost mean and selfish. I kissed it, and kissed it, as if it were Ashley’s.

“Better make it wetter —“

I looked in awe at my sex demon, Roxi. She stood for a moment, silhouetted in the red lights of Ashley’s satanic altar candles. Her vulgar strapless dildo stood out at right angles from her pelvis. There was something so sexy about their little demonic horns and the way their eyes were covered in gothic black half-masks.

Ashley had been videoing the entire scene. The fake flesh-colored cock just seemed to blend perfectly with Roxi’s own skin tones. Like a perfect match. And together with her impish body shape and flattish chest — it completed her demonic androgyny.

Roxi mumbled something that I didn’t understand — it sounded like an ancient language … older than Latin … like black magick? A spell? A chant?

I tried my best to lavish her fake cock — soaking it in my saliva — As I did it, it seemed to be more lifelike. An illusion? Maybe I was kind of tripping? I’m not kidding you. I swear it felt and tasted like a real fucking cock. It even throbbed between my lips and Roxi moved as if she felt me pleasuring her there.

Roxi stepped back, but continued her strange black magick chant … it sounded more guttural now … I wasn’t sure … she seemed to growl like a wild animal.

Ashley now took her place as Roxi walked around me to the rear. Ashley smiled meanly down at me. Fuck. I loved them both so much. They were lust incarnate to me. The first and last thought of every day … my cock throbbed at the very thought of them. I felt Roxi pressing her shecock against my rectum. Was I ready? Even in its more lifelike form, I knew this was going to hurt — but I wanted it to hurt. Ashley stroked my damp hair and pulled me forward towards her shecock. She rubbed her precum over my face.

“You will like our dark magic, cum pig,” stated Ashley.

Roxi slid it in slowly at first. I thought it would never fit. I felt full and stretched. The dull ache is subjugated by thoughts.

Ashley was mauling her aroused nipples that stood outline two little coned mounds from her freakishly narrow chest. All skin and bones. So fair and whitish. So petite … yet, so much in control. Ashley’s cock was already in my mouth. She held me tightly as she fucked my face at the same rhythm as her mother, as Roxi pushed her shecock into my boy-cunt.

“Fuck Christ! You’re so fucking tight,” she bemoaned, gripping my waist tighter.

I could feel her fingernails digging into my skin as she began to seesaw — back and forth — filling my poop tube with her plastic cock. Her strokes had gotten harder, faster, and increasingly more urgent.

“Fuck him — demon mommy — fuck our little bitch!” Ashley laughed and encouraged her mother.

Not that she needed any encouragement.

“Aaaarghhhhhhhh,” I groaned loudly, in pain and pleasure.

My soft little cock hung beneath my belly and leaked copious amounts of precum. It kind of slapped back and forth against my belly, with every thrust of Roxi’s penetration.

As Roxi fucked me from behind, Ashley continued to fuck my face. As I moaned, she held the back of my head as I started to gag from her cock pressing against the back of my throat. I coughed and sputtered for a moment. And then the face-pounding began again.

“Mmmhghghhmmm …” I groaned around Ashley’s delicious girl-cock.

“Hail Satan … Satan be praised,” cried Roxi.

The combination of the taste of Ashley’s cock and Roxi’s movements over my prostate was driving me crazy. With each thrust of Roxi’s cock hitting the base of my spine, there were flashes of white light before my eyes. I was gorging myself on Ashley’s cock at one end and thrusting back to meet Roxi’s thrusts at the other. Being on all fours — my legs and arms began to shake. My untouched cock continued to drip with copious amounts of precum.

Ashley tensed suddenly and groaned, “I’m … I’m cummmmmmmmin’ … aaarghhmmmghghg!”

Her semen pumped into my mouth. It squirted out the sides of my mouth in my inadequate ability to swallow it all. As her cock slid from my lips, my face was greeted with another blast of she-boy cum as it squirted over my face. Both of us were panting from being breathless.

“Aaaarggghhhhh,” groaned Roxi almost at the same time.

I felt Roxi’s shecock quake deep in my bowels. And it felt as if the strangest had happened — she bucked hard against me. Her fingernails sank into my skin and I felt as if she was squirting cum up inside me. But that would be impossible, right?

“Mmmmmggghhrrrrr …” I groaned as my untouched cock spurted semen onto the floor beneath me.

My two lovers changed ends.

Her dark magick spell broken, Roxi grabbed the strapless dildo and with an audible ‘pop’ she pulled out the bulbous end that had filled her cunt cavity, whilst also pressing against her excited clit. She unceremoniously discarded the shit-smeared phallus. It fell to the floor with a soft thud as she now urgently pressed her needy wet cunt-hole against my open mouth. Roxi grabbed my sweat-soaked hair and pulled me tightly to her overheated groin.

“Lick me … toilet bitch … I need to fucking piss … mmmmmm … yer … fucking suck my clit …” she demanded.

With her hands behind the back of my head, she pressed my face harder and harder against her hairless sopping-wet slit.

Ashley had taken her place between my spread thighs. I was still shaking from Roxi’s pounding when I felt Ashley’s tongue licking the crinkled brown flesh around my anus, lubricating it with her spittle.

“Mmmmm, mommy’s got you nice and ready cum-pig,” Ashley said, mockingly.

Straightening up behind me, Ashley pressed her shecock erection against the damp valley of my sweaty ass. I winced again in pain as she sharply slapped my bottom, not once but twice.

“Aaarghhhh … open up cum-pig,” she groaned loudly, “Mmmarghhhmmm … I need to take a piss desperately … in your fucking tight toilet hole … I need to fill you with my piss offering,” she moaned, “Hold still cum-pig.”

Her hands tightly gripped my hips, just like her mother had done. Her blunt cock-head pressed against my battered and gaping flower. No longer a virgin and after Roxi’s dark magick dildo, Ashley’s cock began to sink inside of me much easier.

“AAaarghhhhh … I need to cum again!” she bemoaned.

Despite my hands-free orgasm, my cock had hardened. There was something darkly inspiring about Ashley’s cock, pressing against my prostate, that immediately brought me to a full erection. Maybe it was the thought about being filled with her hot salty piss — and eventually her devilish semen. I desperately wanted to stroke myself, but needed both my hands to support myself, as I knelt on all fours and sucked hungrily on Roxi’s rigid little clitoris as she too, began to urinate into my mouth.

Just then, I felt the bizarre sensation of Ashley pissing right up into my guts. Her urine filled me with its own special kind of toxicity — as she fucked my little brown hole. But there was too much urine, and with every thrust of her cock inside of me, my rectum leaked from her yellowish piss enema.

“Aaarghhhghghgh … Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! … I’m gonna fucking cum … you fucking bastard,” cried Roxi, pressing her piss pussy even harder against my face.



Roxi, Ashley, and I lay together in the afterglow of our perverted sex.

I wish I could say that we’d all cum at the same time. But after Roxi was the first. She came hard against my face squirting copious amounts of urine and girl juice over my face and upper torso, as she bucked hard against me.

“Fuck Gawd! Fuck Gawd!” cried Ashley, as she began to quake almost at the same instant.

I felt her slump over my sweaty back as Ashley began to pump her semen into my piss-filled bowels. Brownish-yellow fluids ran down the inside of my thighs and the entire room smelt of our piss and fecal material. Ashley’s softened cock slid from my anus. I grabbed my rampant dick. I gripped my cock as hard as I could and thrust my fist up and down until I too reached another climax — pumping more ropes of translucent white semen over myself.

We all collapsed together, tongue-kissing wildly. Roxi and Ashley still had on their demon masks and horns. They both tasted of urine and spent semen. Roxi had licked my cum from my chest; and Ashley and her mother had drunk all the dirty brown urine and cum, directly out of my well-fucked asshole — truly sick puppies, both of them.

Ashley had fallen asleep.


It was the moment I had been waiting for — as I had been secretly eager to ask Roxi about what it was like — to seduce her own child at such a tender age. What would have inspired a woman, a mother, to have instigated an incestuous sexual relationship with her own son? What had sparked the idea of gender change in Roxi’s mind? She had never spoken about any of this. And I was, kind of, worried that it may be an “Off-limits,” subject … So, I thought to tread carefully.

”It was Satan,” she said, “He guided me.”

Satan? Did I believe in Satan? No, not exactly. It was all just a fetish thing to me. But the way Roxi said it — it sounded completely authentic. Like there was no doubt or other explanation for it.

“I had lost interest in everything,” she continued, “My life was dull, colorless, tasteless …”

I caressed her hand in mine — quietly urging her to continue.

“I was so bored of sex … with … with him.”

She didn’t say his name out loud — but I knew she meant her ex.

“His commitment to Jesus Christ … the Holy Spirit … and the Virgin Mother … it made him limp,” she spat that last word out, “… And I resented everything about his fucking religion. I hated his fucking Abrahamic God. His worthless beliefs and shallow values … lies … it had made our lives so insipid … so dull.”

Roxi stroked my piss-wet hair — moving the sticky stands from my forehead.

“How? How did Satan guide you?” I encouraged.

“You know … I had never wanted a son. I remember asking the Abrahamic God for a daughter … But then, Satan came to me in an erotic dream. He didn’t need to say that he was Satan. I just knew who he was. And he said that God was cruel and uncaring … but he knew my heart’s desire … he said that Ashley was a special girl … I asked naively, how could that be, when Ashley had a cock and testicles? Satan said all special girls have cocks and testicles. He said that I was to groom Ashley … sexually … show her who she truly was. That my role was to take Ashley as my lover … to make her into a complete androgynous slut … and to open her up to Satan’s gifts of sexual perversion.”

I liked this story. Yes, I did. I liked this story very much.

My cock throbbed at Roxi’s evil agenda … Whether or not I believed in the Abrahamic God or the Antichrist. It didn’t seem to matter — it was the fact that she wanted to fornicate with her own child — that was the real turn-on.

Roxi kissed my mouth. We tongue-kissed and our breathing was heavy. Roxi began to masturbate me as she continued her ‘confession’ (that was my word for it). Her slick fingers glided up and down my stiff shaft as she completed her story.

“You mentioned that Satan called her something special? Who did he say she was?”

”Ashley was a special girl … he said that she was one of His fallen angels … a sexual demon.”

That was certainly believable.

“Satan told me that she had been born as a sexual being. That fucking was her demonic duty. That it was I, that must train her — as young as possible — enlighten her in all aspects of her extreme sexuality.”

“What else did Satan say in your dream?”

“It wasn’t so much what he said — it was what he showed me — a vision of the two of us … “

Her dark eyes burned with crazed intent.

“Mother and special daughter … fucking each other. Incest, he said was one of his greatest gifts … incest and sexual perversion were the gateway to true spiritual wealth. The images were so extraordinary … so incredibly vivid. So fucking real. So vulgar and debauched. A cornucopia of taboo pleasures awaited me, if only I showed piety to his sexual demons — and through black magic, witchcraft, and devil worship — I would find my true north and liberate Ashley from the tyranny of Christianity. God was nothing but a sick bastard. An uncaring fucker. Blasphemy was our prayer. Sexual rituals were our piety.”

“So what did Ashley’s father think about all of this?”

Roxi laughed as she licked my precum from her fingers.

“That fucker! He never knew,” Roxi continued, “He never suspected anything until it was too late. Ashley had blossomed … ‘a cross-dressing faggot,’ he said. ‘A bloody little queer,’ he cried. ‘My son is a homosexual,’ he shouted. Up until that point, we’d been fucked like wild animals, right under his nose. The stupid fuck, never suspected anything until it was just too late.

“As Ashley had become more and more effeminate. He insisted on Ashley talking to the priest and attending Sunday school — lessons about the baby Jesus. He’d make her say the Lord’s Prayer before bed and say grace at meal times. But secretly we talked together, about Satan. Initially, I didn’t want to scare Ashley, as there were too many mainstream lies about the one true God. So I introduced Satan as the “Dirty Jesus,” … she seemed to like this … and prayed to, “Dirty Jesus,” with her young hard cock in her hand.”

My cock had been rock hard and twitching between her fingers as I listened to her tell the story. She stroked me. Edging me slowly as she continued to explain.

”It was when she was old enough to go to for her confirmation — I think she was ten or eleven at the time — she told the priest that she hated the baby Jesus and that she loved Satan … that she fucked her ass with the crucifix. The priest nearly had a heart attack and told Ashley’s father that something was wrong. Something was very wrong. I think that when he got the idea to spy on us … and caught us fucking together. His faggot son and his incestuous wife.

“It was his word against ours. And without any real proof of his incest story, our marriage fell apart. I made sure that I had my own explanation. I had said how religiously dominating he had been, how he’d scared Ashley into saying things that she didn’t mean … he said … she said … Ashley supported my story, and denied any wrongdoing … the court seemed to favor my version and my husband was forced to leave with nothing …

“And with him finally gone, Ashley and I were free to pursue our incestuous and perverted sex life.”


A beautiful story … but my eyes felt heavy.

And soon, I had drifted off into a restless sleep. The story of Satan had been turning over in my fucked-up mind. The incredulousness of it all. Yet, the way Roxi had been so convinced of its authenticity— as if there was no doubt in her mind that Satan was completely real — her intertwining of sexual perversion and whatever was the actual truth.

I could still smell the stench of our sick sex. It seemed to fill my head with provocative images of debauchery; of the sins of incest between a mother and her young child. The thought of her corruptive influence … urging her young one to perform sexual acts with her.

Did I believe in Satan? Did I believe in sex demons? Was there actually a heaven and a hell and a war before good and evil?

Somehow this dark agenda made Roxi’s behavior even more tempestuous. I imagined them both naked, for a moment. Roxi was lying down with young Ashley. Roxi was sucking Ashley’s tiny penis between her pursed lips. It looked more like a pinkie finger. Ashley’s face was hovering over Roxi’s steamy cunt. Ashley’s childish little hand prized her pale labia apart. I could clearly see Ashley’s pink little tongue flicking in and out of the wet opening of Roxi’s slit. In the background, watching over them both, I imagined a dark-horned figure. Neither male nor female. An incubus or a succubus. It could have been Dirty Jesus, inspiring them in their perverted love, inflaming my favorite fantasies with the eroticism of corruption and the wickedness of the fall.

Then suddenly my perverted little vision dissolved … Was this all in my head?

A dream? In my lucid mind, it felt like a dream.

I found myself in a garden at twilight. A garden? An orchard? An oasis? There was grass beneath my bare feet. It felt soft, cooling, and slightly damp to the touch. The smell of blossoms and that distinctive rich earthy aroma filled my senses.

You know that “thought” that says … Well, if this is just a dream, then I can do whatever I want … this was followed by the discovery of being naked. My nakedness seemed unsurprising. Yet, I did think for a moment, what the fuck happened to my clothing? Fuck it! It’s a dream … So why should I care?

I looked around. Turning three-hundred-and-sixty-degrees … around and around and around … the twilight gave me only silhouettes of greenery, of shrubs, of trees … a paradise maybe? No this was definitely not paradise … it gave off a much more creepy sensation. Yes, there was definitely a feeling that there was something very wrong with this place … could it be the Garden of Eden, where Satan, in the guise of the serpent, seduced both Adam and Eve? I believed so.

I shouted at the top of my voice. Nothing happened.

I walked in the gloom. It felt like I had walked a considerable distance. But my dream legs felt no tiredness. I came across a bubbling stream of flowing water. I dipped my toe in. It felt refreshing. I knelt on the soft green of the bank and reached in with my cupped hand. I drank the refreshing water.

“Hello,” said a young voice.

I looked up. There was a naked girl standing on the opposite side of the stream. She looked very young. Almost completely flat-chested and without any signs of pubic hair. She wasn’t alone. There was a young boy with her. They both smiled, unashamed about their nakedness.

“Hello,” I replied, “Who are you?”

“Adom,” said the boy.

”Isha,” said the girl.

I knew these names. ‘Isha’, the name meant woman, and ‘Adom’ meant man.

I stepped into the shallow stream and waded the short distance to the other side — toward the both of them.

“What’s your name?” asked Isha.

Curious, I couldn’t actually remember my name.

“Are you Satan?” asked the boy.

The name sounded familiar. Maybe I was Satan?

“Not sure,” I said, “Maybe.”

“Why is your pee-thing standing upright, Satan?” asked Isha.

I looked down at myself. I was indeed fully erect. My cock stood outwardly from my body. My foreskin was drawn back and excited. Yes, I was sexually aroused by the pair of them. My mind was already contemplating sex with both Adom and Isha. But, Aisha’s question wasn’t one of accusation — no, it was an inquisitive one. A naive question from a naive mind, maybe? Had she never seen an erect cock before?

“Well, Isha, it’s because I like to look at both of you. Your naked bodies arouse me.”

Honesty was the best policy?

“You mean, your pee thing becomes—“

“Excited!” I interrupted …

“Isn’t it dirty … I mean isn’t that where your pee comes out?”

“My cock has many uses.”


“Yes, that’s what you call it. Why don’t you touch my cock? Feel it, if you like.”

“Can I?” asked Isha.

“Of course you can touch it (it’s my dream) … both of you!”

“Me too?” asked Adom, not wanting to be left out of this unusual game.

I licked my lips, thinking about sucking Isha’s tiny breasts, fingering her snatch, while sodomizing her naive boyfriend.

Isha’s fingers touched my pulsating erection. I was already leaking precum.

“Look Isha, it’s wet at the tip,” Adom said, pointing to his discovery.

”That’s because it’s ready for you to suck,” I answered.

”Suck?” asked Adom.

“Yes, get on your knees and put my cock in your mouth, Adom. Suck it. Taste it.”

Adom did as I said. He sucked and licked my cock enthusiastically. I noticed that his cock had also become erect.

”Look Adom … it’s happened to yours too,” cried Isha, clapping her hands together excitedly.

“Touch yourself, Isha, put your finger inside your cunt,” I suggested.


“The place you pee from,” pointing to her cunt.

Isha did as I instructed. She had obviously become wet between the legs.

“Have I peed myself?”

“No, it’s called cunt juice. Taste it!”

She did. She became quite animated in her fingering as she’d never actually done anything like it before.

“Why don’t you let me suck your cock now Adom, while you watch Isha put her fingers inside herself.

Adom’s cock was small, but rock-hard. I peeled back his foreskin and licked his small purple cock-head.

“Aaarghhh … that … that … feels, so good!” moaned Adom as if elated him.

My fingers slipped around his narrow boyish thighs as I started to finger is ripe little anus.

”Ohhhh, ohhhh … that’s where I … ohhhhh …” I pushed my middle finger inside his virgin ass-pussy.

I was drunk with lust. I wanted to throw him down on the soft ground and fuck him hard. But I didn’t. Their nativity was their own aphrodisiac. I was so fucking horny.

“Hey, Isha, come and lick Adom here,” I said, parting his ass cheeks.

“But, isn’t that kind of dirty too?”

“Just do it.”

Adom was in total bliss. My tongue was doing somersaults over his small round cock-head. I sucked and masturbated him, rolling his tiny testicles in my hand, while Isha tongue-fucked his anus. Adom’s child-like hands gripped my shoulders tightly for support. I could feel his impending orgasm rushing forward.

Suddenly he stiffened.

“Aaarghhhhhhhhhh …” he groaned and shot his watery load into my mouth.

His legs gave way and he slumped over my shoulders.

“What? … what was that?” he panted.

“Just the beginning …” I said.



Where was I? I hadn’t finished telling you my dream, right?

That deliciously dreamy feeling spiked with knowing that you can do anything … anything you want … so, after young Adom had experienced his first orgasm, with little prompting from Satan, he quickly became addicted to orgasms and to masturbation. I had called it worshiping the phallus. Soon, he became an eager cock-sucker and cum-eater. I told him about the cock-god and how we worship our deity through the sacred act of sodomy.

He did whatever I told him. A good little boy.

My devious cock sank into his tight little virgin anus. I could feel him squirming in the dull pain from my penetration — but there was a blessed beauty in his suffering. I wanted him to feel me as I fucked him harder and harder. His open moans said, pain … then pleasure and pain … then just pleasure. There was a power in the act, like an act of defiance or victory over decency — and I whispered that we should both take Isha this way. The way of the cock-god.

The dream continued … there was more, much more … but now the details blurred together.

I never wanted this dream to end, but almost as soon as this particular thought entered my mind, I felt myself drift away. Like a bird taking flight, hovering for a moment, looking down on Adom and Isha … and then the winds took me up in their slipstream — soaring higher and higher — and my feelings became less distinct, as I was carried up beyond the clouds towards consciousness as I awoken from this delicious slumber.

Roxi was still asleep. Her arm lay across my chest and her small pixy-like face was pressed against my upper arm. Ashley was nowhere to be seen. Up to something most probably. Up to no good. I loved them both, so very much. I remembered Roxi saying something about us having house guests later, as Ashley had invited her friends over.

I was sure that was going to be interesting.


Ashley’s Asian friends were as bizarre as she was.

Well, almost. The two that I had met were named Trinity and Elise. Trinity was the youngest of the two. She must have been just a bit younger than Ashley (though she actually looked more like a tiny twelve-year-old). Elise was the same age or maybe a bit older than Ashley, but again she appeared smaller and younger.

I liked that.

I’d seen this goth pair hanging around outside, waiting for Ashley. They didn’t know that I’d been watching both of them closely. And from what I could see, it was obvious that Ashley was their so-called ringleader. You noticed that they hung on her every word. They dressed like her. Their make-up was like hers. Their hair was done similarly. They even tried to talk like her. Of course, they weren’t her.

Ashley was truly unique.

And it wasn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination that the three were sexually active together and frequently too — that turned me on immensely. The thought of their three little cocks all rubbing together, in Ashley’s infernal episodes of black magick, rituals, and devil worship … all that black lipstick tongue-kissing … that triangle of cock sucking … that sweet effeminate sodomy … and absolutely gallons of stinking hot urine in their piss play orgies … had me hard as nails.

It also occurred to me that maybe Roxi was also involved with their threesome. But that would make it a foursome, right? Anyway, as usual, she wasn’t always forthcoming and constantly surprised me with new perverted thrills. Fuck! It would be one huge fucking faggot incest orgy!

Just too hot to imagine!


Up until this point, it had been Ashley and her cum pig; or Ashley, her mother and her cum pig. But today it was going to be a little different. Roxi had left for her evening shift. The pagan music began, and like the moth to the flame, I found myself being drawn to Ashley’s den of iniquity.

I ventured naked out into the hallway. Her temple was bathed in its usual mystical red light of sodomistic delight.

I could see that both Elise and Ashley were completely oiled and lying together naked on the bed. Their skin reflected the vulgar red hues of her devil’s den. My succubus, Ashley, lay on top of Elise. They kissed as they slowly frotted against each other to the heavy pagan beat.

I watched wide-eyed and masturbated myself at the same languid pace to this highly hypnotic sight.

Elise had shoulder-length blonde hair, dark lipstick, and Egyptian mascara. Her body was bony and scrawny in build, but looked ripped and very firm to the touch. She had no tits, only two tiny pierced nipples. She had what looked like the beginning of a decent set of abs. The sight of the two of them together was nothing short of incredibly raunchy as they both groaned unabated in their unnatural foreplay.

”You like what you see?”

It was Trinity. She was wearing nothing but a frown and a pair of little devil horns upon her head. Her breath was warm and wet against my earlobe. I felt her tongue. She had been standing right behind me in the darkened hallway.

“Hail the Goddess. Hail Lilith! Such a beautiful sight,” she croaked under her breath.

”Hail … the … Goddess,” I repeated.

I didn’t turn around or take my eyes off the eroticism of the two young effeminate lovers as they squirmed like wriggling serpents against each other, their lips pressed together in a wild tongue-fuck.

The little devil held my hips and began to grind her naked oily body against my rear. I could feel her small, but rigid and wet-tipped erection. She pressed herself harder and harder against me. Her little demon girl-cock rubbed vertically upwards along the cleft of my buttocks … imitating penetration.

“Aarghhh … Beat yer want some of that?”

Her right hand left my hip and snaked around my waist. She’d taken a firm grip on my erection. Her fingers held my manhood tightly — more squeezing me — than actually rubbing. My greasy precum spread over her fingers.

Of course, she was right. I was feeling a little jealous. I didn’t like sharing Ashley with anyone but her mother. I envied Elise getting Ashley’s seductive attention. The attention that I felt that only I deserved. I felt a strange anger and frustration welling up. I wanted her all to myself. I was her cum pig. She was my tiny cock goddess.

Distracting momentarily, Trinity turned me around until I faced her. I had felt reluctant to turn away from Ashley. But now looking at Trinity, I needed the little demon’s mouth. Her androgynous face was slight, thin and her make-up darkened her evil little eyes. She pouted and kissed my lips, holding my upper arms as she pressed her cock harder against mine.

With Ashley, I always felt that she was the aggressor. She was in charge. She wanted only to get her way — But with Trinity, it felt very different. She made me feel much more sexually aggressive. I pushed her hands away and gripped her tightly around the throat. She hung there, passively. I felt I could do anything I wanted to her. It was a strange kind of power.

My tongue forcibly attacked her open lipsticked mouth. She smiled wickedly. Obviously, she enjoyed my control over her and my sudden roughness.

“Suck me off …” I ordered, pressing her down between my open legs.

She complied immediately — kneeling with her hands at her sides. Yes, I liked this new sensation. Her eyes looked up at me, almost begging for more physical abuse, with her pathetic whimpers. I gripped by her long black hair, pulling her face harder against the base of my cock.

“Lick it you dirty little fucker.”

“Mmmm … Yes Daddy,” Trinity groaned in complete adoration.


Something had changed. I wasn’t sure what. Had the center been shifted? I felt something new was about to happen.

“Hey ..”

”Who’s this?”

”It’s Trinity …”

I had never received a call from any of Ashley’s friends before.

“Comin’ over?”

And there I was at Trinity’s house.

She answered the door, dressed like a twisted, kinky nun with a long black satin wimple, a short black satin robe, and an inverted cross necklace. The dirty little slut smiled at my look of approval.

We kissed momentarily.

My mouth pressed against her lip piercings. Her lips parted as we touched. She already tasted of cock. We’d talked about incest before — about how she loved to suck her younger brother’s little cock and how he pretended not to like it. Yet he never tried to escape her incestuous seductions.

“Come downstairs, Daddy … and meet Akuma.”

She insisted on calling me Daddy. Maybe it was another incest thing too?

The little harlot pointed downwards with her silver-ringed, black-finger-nail-polished thumb.

I figured that Ashley, Trinity, and Elise all lived with their parents. But that wasn’t the case. As it turns out, Trinity and her younger brother, Akuma, lived with their absent aunt. They seemed to have run out of the house. It was an old house with a huge basement. Did it feel like cheating? Somewhat. Maybe being with Trinity was even more fun because of that. Maybe I just wanted to see where this was going. More torrid sex with young fembois … maybe I was thinking with my cock?

“Daddy … did you know that Akuma means little devil …” Trinity explained as she took me downstairs into her little private sin bin.

There were mirrored walls and some kind of obscene-looking baphometic altar — something like Ashley’s. It was as if there was some kind of unofficial competition, between Ashley and her friends, to outdo each other in the pursuit of demonic perversity. Not that I was complaining at all. I loved it. All of it.

Without my shoes on, the basement floor felt spongy, as it was covered in these rubber floor mats that you see used by kiddy indoor playgrounds — only these were all black in color. Actually, everything was kind of black in Trinity’s sexy basement playground. There was a real fireplace that lit the room with its conspicuous reddish glow.

There was the sound of something similar to Ashley’s pagan beat … another familiar touch maybe.

I immediately undressed and Trinity guided me to sit down in one of the large black beanbags that scattered around the fireplace. The beanbag’s material felt slightly damp and stunk of burnt things and stale piss. My cock hardened immediately in my fingers, and I just couldn’t help but start to masturbate myself to the throbbing pagan beat.

The first thing I noticed was that Trinity’s younger brother, Akuma, wore no clothes. He ran around the basement completely naked. He was constantly touching his little penis … masturbating himself openly with Trinity’s encouragement. I could see why she called him a ‘Little Devil.”

I knew that it shouldn’t, but the whole incest thing turned me on, more than I would have liked to have admitted to.

Trinity grinned at my obvious sexual excitement (of both her and Akuma).

She began to touch herself whilst staring at me with her sultry eyes. She was a real little cock teaser. Though she was almost silhouetted against the firelight, I could clearly see her robe was tented in the front as her lithe body swayed provocatively to the devil’s music. Her hips pumped and thrust towards me — air fucking — very provocatively. As she danced in the firelight, she opened her black satin nun robe, underneath which, I could make out that she was wearing nothing but her little black leather BDSM harness.

“Go Akuma,” she instructed her naked little brother, “Do as I told you!”

Akuma squeaked in childish delight and jumped across my bare legs so that he sat on my lap with his back to me. My erect cock pressed upwards against Akuma’s oily little anus. As Akuma wriggled on my lap, we both watched his older sister erotically dance in the glow of the firelight.

“Aaarghhh …” I groaned as the little slut of a boy deliberately pressed his butt cheeks up and down against the length of my erect cock, making me frot against him in a most perverted way. Obviously, he’d done this very same thing before — presumably to his androgynous sister during their incestuous games.

“See,” she said to her brother, “It feels nasty doesn’t it? You’ll make the perverted man very horny. He’ll want to fuck you if you don’t stop.”

Akuma said nothing.

It was obvious that he had no intention of stopping. It was all part of his own wicked little game as he increased his deliberate movements, rubbing harder against me, trapping my cock between his rock-hard buttocks in the most obscene kind of way. My hands gripped Akuma firmly and my thrusts started to match his, as I used him like a masturbation device.

Trinity’s robe fell from her shoulders, leaving just her nun’s wimple and so that she stood oiled and shiny in just the harness, that hid nothing.

Akuma’s nasty nun-sister was now stroking her stiff little shecock, getting off on the both of us as we frantically frotted against one another. Her erotic masturbation dance would have driven me crazy, just on its own, but with her perverted little brother dancing on my lap — I was going insane with lust.

My left hand pulled Akuma harder against me. My right hand gripped his tiny penis. As he danced up and down upon me, Akuma slid between my fingers as I began to milk his youth.

“Rape him!” cried Trinity, “Fuck him for Lord Satan!”

Without much effort, I lifted Akuma up in the air. My cock-head poked vertically upwards under his oily open anus.

“Do it!”

The young boy grunted. Pain or pleasure? I actually didn’t care. The first half of my cock slid easily into his stretched rectum. Akuma’s hand began to pound his little cock. Then with a pop, I felt the rest of my cock slide effortlessly into his dirty little bowels.

“Gggrhhhhhh …”

His tiny boy testicles touched mine, and the entire length of my quivering cock was inside his Asian hole.


The experience in Trinty’s dark playground took things to a new level.

As willing as young Akuma had been, as I sodomized him, the joy of such unholy perversion only deepened the darkness of my corrupted mind. The unholy pleasure. Man-boy sex. I had cum so hard and so deep — I’d lost count of the number of jerking spurts of semen I’d shot inside the young boy’s ass-cunt. All the while his incestuous sister had been fucking his face. We’d spit-roasting him between us.

I’d come home to an empty house. Roxi would have been working. Ashley was not around. After a shower to rinse away all the perverseness, I lay naked across the bed. Then fatigue had taken me. Maybe it was some kind of lust trance?

And my uneasy dreams had become toxic with these unnatural sensations.

Had Akuma polluted my thoughts? In my dream, Roxi had been there. Ashley had been orchestrating everything. Like an evil black magick goddess. It had turned into some kind of rape ritual where Elise, Ashley, and Trinity had taken turns penetrating young Akuma, as he hung helplessly before the looming idol of our Black Baphomet.

An offering for dark pleasure. Let me tell you about … if you want?




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