Feature Writer: Nada Bit
Feature Story: The Devil’s Nudist Camp
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THE DEVIL’S Nudist Camp


The Reynolds arrive at the gate in the family minivan. The instructions were very plain that they remove all clothing. The bored family had looked for alternative life styles and ran across and advertisement for this nudist camp. Struggling with their thoughts, the young parents had sought guidance at the local Catholic parish and older priest. Their first counseling session was enlightening as to the sudden sense of need for excitement. It had been a summons by God for them to explore. As the priest patiently explained to the young parents that needs had to be met unless they live in denial and fear.

They had married very young when Jim Reynolds was 17 and the petite Sarah was 16. Sarah had been a virgin as Jim manipulated her small straining tits in the back seat of his dad’s car. The experience was exquisite as her turgid nipples swelled to almost painful sensations as they were still developing. Jim gently sucked the puffy pink tips in an effort to relieve her pain and she had immediately orgasmed, a very new and wonderful sensation as it was her first in her young life.

She molded her small body against her boyfriend as she squirmed uncontrollably in his embrace. The small blonde felt the turgid lump in Jim’s pants just as she realized she might have wet her panties and jeans. A wide dark spot appeared in the crotch of her tiny hip hugger jeans as Jim held her tiny ass against his cloth covered cock and ground hard against the small crotch of her own jeans.

Thankfully Jim’s eyes were squeezed shut as he ground their young slim pelvises together, Sarah relived he had not noticed the widening dark spot. The car was getting hot and unbearably so as she removed the rest of her tube top and small bra completely unnoticed by Jim. The sensations and newest over whelmed her as she clawed at Jim’s shirt causing him to open his eyes and gaze at her young breasts.

Releasing his grip on her small ass he fondled the wondrous protrusions on her slim torso causing Sarah to begin a frenzied pumping and grinding against the large tube straining to burst her boyfriend’s zipper. As the car steamed up more Sarah began unzip the small hip huger jeans that left hardly and inch of protection for her tiny virgin pussy had a hand ever dared to wander so close. Jim was so in love with the precious young girl he had strained not to push her for fear of losing her.

When she lifted from his body, he saw her frantically tugging the tight pants off her hips pulling her girlish panties down enough for him to glimpse the sparse blonde hairs on her small mound. She sat back on her knees now seating as she tore at his pants in frustration having never undressed anyone but herself. Jim a bit dazed at this sudden experience with his darling petite girlfriend finally looked down reaching to help with stubborn zipper, he also noticed the small crotch of her panties that were askew enough to reveal her small pink treasure.

Jim was concerned about her reaction if he lowered his jeans as he knew he was rather large and seemingly larger due to the passion that overwhelmed their sense of decency and religious training. As the jeans parted his turgid phallus had grown above white underwear with and angry looking tip from rubbing against his rough jeans. Sarah had never seen a boy’s penis before but had heard other girls gossip about boys and some used gross terms like cock and pricks in her all-girl catholic school.

Jim had likewise been raised in and all boy Catholic school in a mirror school intended to separate the sexes until they were adults. The naive young girl wondered how such a thing would be possible for the purpose God intended when marriage and child bearing would be part of her duties. In naïve fascination she reached for the tube causing Jim to shudder as she accidentally rubbed across large cock head that was very wet.

Jerking back, she wondered if she hurt her love, first love and love forever as far as she was concerned. Their separated bodies caused a cooling that struck her small young budding tits and especially the puffy nipples that had grown reddish as they pulsed. Jim could only gaze in wonder of the beautiful sight of the small girl squatting on his legs widened to also reveal her tiny mound. He slowly guided her small hands to his straining cock and a cock it was.

Surely nine full inches that has caused him embarrassment in the boy’s showers at school. Sarah simply stared as she lent down for the waste of his underwear slightly brushes her face against the large wet tip as she tugged the garment down. It simply looked beautiful to her like the flowers that bloom every spring she often picked as souvenirs of the freshness of nature and God’s graces. With a final hard tug, the wonderful hard thing popped upwards striking her slim young chest between her straining little tit cones.

It felt unimaginable to her straining body as she bent forward to increase the wonderful sensations. The weeping slit pulsed maddeningly wetting her chin as she looked down at the fantastic toy it brushed her perfect pink lips. She subconsciously licked her lips as she breathed hard and found the taste amazingly delicious. Jim stared in amazement as she held his large cock in the air and began to lap her tiny pink tongue through the unusually large piss slit seeking more of the new syrup. It was most certainly syrup to her as sticky and silky as pancake syrup, but much more enticing.

Straining her small mouth, she gently nursed at the flowing tip hoping not to hurt her love. Jim jerked anyway at the feeling sending the top inch of thick cock into her small mouth. She held firmly as the delicious fluid was now totally contained in her mouth thrilling her young taste buds. Jim finally relented to the sensations and laid back while reaching out to stoke the darling little cones hanging from the small chest. He was completely unaware of Sarah grinding her small somewhat bare mound against his knee.

The fabric on his knee was now saturated in fluids and the smell consumed the interior in pure ambrosia of young cunt. A smell very new to both as the passion got out of control even further the small piece of fabric that had been protecting young mound ripped on the rough jean fabric bring her small cunt lips in direct contact with the hard knee cap and rough fabric. Mindlessly continuing to pump her small hips as she sucked on her lover cock tip, the tiny virgin lips parted causing her small bulging clitoris to come in contact with anything for the first time.

The cock head still in her mouth she winched and jumped at the insane sensation, but she had hurt herself in her frantic thrusting. Jim noticed and his love for her made him lift the tiny body up in fear she was in pain leaving his pulsing cock laying on his chest as he raised his love to his face. Her small panties now useless but still hanging on to her slim hips he brought her small crotch to his face. He had heard others at school describing this and never believed the wild stories, until now.

Holding Sarah firmly to his chest he lovingly licked at her reddened young slit. He noticed in pure wonderment at almost bare mons that held only a trace of soft hair that brushed his tongue as well. They were saturated in what could only be the source of the fantastic smell that permeated the steamy cabin of his father’s car. He pulled her tiny hips forward as his darling sighed in appreciation of the gentle but exciting relief. Jim stared up at her dainty breast as he cautiously lapped and kissed her bruised young cunt hoping to help his hurting girlfriend.

As he lapped at the delicious essence Sarah began grinding once again as she lost control of any conscious actions. Jim opened his larger mouth easily engulfing the crimson mound in a loving wet embrace. The little teen became frantic as the new feelings transformed her naivety into full understanding of her young body. She held her love forever’s head against her small opening as she let out a small whimper flooding her lovers’ mouth with delicious nectar nether knew existed. As she slumped against the window Jim carefully lifted his love back to his chest gazing at the wondrous sight of her small tits he gently fondled the now softening nipples.

Sarah relaxed and slid down to bring her tender breast to his mouth unknowingly pushing her slightly pulsing pussy against the huge tip of Jim’s cock. So small she could not get her chest down Jim’s torso with brushing her small slit across the broad tube. The electricity began to over take her again as hip slim hips began to pump against the bottom of her lover’s cock not knowing the intense sensation she caused just beneath the large pulsing slit. She molded her body to her young lover as her small tummy became saturated in the slimy fluids pulsing out. Her own spend became a mix of slick fluids with his as she ground against Jim’s aching cock.

Her small tits became too tender for any more as she raised up causing the thick tip to caress her small slit while spreading her swollen cunt lips. Jim held her tight and looked in her eyes as he pulled her further against his urgent cock making the small opening spread and uncover her raw clit. With an animal surge Sarah forced back hard against the broad pulsing head to increase the wonder, winching slightly at the sudden entry. The broad head remained out of her tiny cunt but the tip spread her in a way she had never felt before.

As if revealing for the first time all of the nerves in her small pelvis she lunged again and impaled her self on the broad tip surrounding the head in unbelievable tight embrace and warmth. Jim was beginning to lose control of his pelvis as it struck forward pushing another inch into his love. Sarah bolted upright at this intrusion barely rubbing her hair against the roof of the car, but her hips continued to gyrate uncontrollably. Pushing her small hands against the roof she thrust hard as a third inch of cock tore her virginity away.

The pain her girlfriends had spoken of did not occur as her supposedly more knowledgeable, experienced friends had warned of. It was simple bliss for her as she ground herself down, filling her small tube with thick warm flesh as it stretched more and more. Her fuck tube went out of control with rhythmic squeezing and her small pelvis met Jim’s flat young stomach. Jim was frantic as the feeling of her tight tube drove him crazy with lust. He knew well that he should not let his sperm out until he was married and in love enough to make a family as God wished.

Sarah held him firm on the back seat as she ground harder reaching perhaps her sixth orgasm in her young life while forcing the broad cock head against her young womb almost painfully spreading the smaller opening until the tip had entered there as well. She convulsed and Jim was helpless in trying to pry her writhing body away. Sarah was in hopeless continuous orgasms as his fervent sperm erupted directly into her small womb with endless pulses of rich teen cum. Sarah had gotten pregnant and religion, perhaps duty demanded they get married.

Despite the initial embarrassment and shame Sarah had become a living cock slut fuck toy for her husband. She was constantly sucking on his thick cock for sperm or cramming her swollen pregnant belly against him in endless orgasms. She was having an orgasm when her water broke and the rushed to the hospital. The doctor was amazed at the dilatation her small womb had already achieved unaware of Jim’s large cock that had long since been embedded repeatedly in tiny body. Sarah had an orgasm during birth only minutes later as the nurses stared at Jim and traded knowing glances.

Little Cynthia emerged bright, pink and healthy with hardly a cry, but her small head was covered in much more than birthing fluids as a few nurses snuck a taste of the obvious sperm on the tiny infant. They dutifully cared for their young child as they continued to fuck as often and frantically with Sarah having no discomfort from birth. She was completely insatiable and she quickly became pregnant due to the instant fertility following birth. Jasmine followed in less than a year joining the loving family. Just as soon little Jim was born as parishioner’s began to shun the obviously rampant young couple. They kept their children away as rumors and gossip isolated the family.


Now with Cynthia at 12, Jasmine now 11 and little Jim 10 they sought a place to live out from under the controlling scrutiny. They had finally found condoms that would fit Jim as he continued to grow reaching a thick 11-inch cock leaving the small Sarah’s womb in permanent gape. Sarah’s mound had become somewhat bulging as well making any pants look obscene pushing her pussy out and distracting husbands and some young boys to the point of a community vote pressed by wives to rid the evil attraction from their community. Such sinful people did not belong in their town.

The Devil’s plan had come together nicely as the already corrupt priest guided their journey ahead. The Devil had long ago endowed the priest with a magnificent thick cock for his obedience in such matters. Many of the nuns walked awkwardly from his chambers having received divine guidance. Their legs streaming thick grayish liquid as they hastened to their chambers only to be stripped by waiting nuns eager to suck and lick her swollen cunt clean. Many overwhelmed rode the still dazed nun with their swollen shaved cunts in a frantic lesbian orgy.

Crucifixes dripped as they were hung back reverently on the walls of their chambers. Each straightened the thick black material over their naked bodies with a casual grip of shaved cunts they obediently filed to mass or dining. There was not one pair of panties in the entire convent adjacent to the immense church.

The priest’s pulpit was unusually large as two of his altar boys knelt in naked spender, hidden from all. The remaining alter boys stood in striking white gowns that hid their rigid young cocks. Each was naked below the gowns as they attended the younger priest in serving communion and other menial tasks. The younger priest often fondled the small boys behind the large altar adorned with glowing candles and gleaming communion wear. The younger priests delivered the altar boys sperm into the goblets earlier as they each sucked fervently on the small boyish cocks, holding their firm white buts against their faces while, others milked them for each service and the community well being as their priest had ordained.

The sperm quickly dissolved in milky clouds as sacramental wine was poured thus ensuring all would receive the glory of God. The priesthood possessed the addictive nectar that their Lord reserved for the special few. Jim and Sarah had been among the special recipient’s long ago unbeknownst to either. The priest began to bellow out his demeaning sermon on the assembly declaring all of them sinners in need of redemption as two small naked boys, both, eagerly licked his swollen shaft beneath the pulpit. They were always two as not one of the children could hope to get the immense shat in their small mouths.

The priest pounded the pulpit as he delivered his sermon and the young boys silently slurped the huge piss slit anticipating the eruption of the priest’s final declarations to the congregation. In his vicious closing admonishing their sinful ways he let his sperm coat the faces as they swallowed frantically but could not keep up with the flow.

They remained silent as parishioners exited the church emerging a wet sticky mess and wide grins as the younger priest in training rushed them to the altar to lick their tiny bodies clean as some had the entire balls and penises firmly in their mouths. The other alter boys raced to the pulpit to lick the dripping cum form inside the horribly stained interior matted with dried cum that had not been removed to preserve the delicious smells of sperm the priest inhaled at each service.


The priest retired to his chambers attended by the altar boys old enough to produce sperm. However young, it was delicious as they face fucked the priest in a specially designed chair. They could easily present their groins for the priest’s pleasure allowing his long tongue access to both cocks and pink gaping anuses. Many of the abused asses horribly swollen from the night before as younger priest made their dutiful rounds to ensure the boys had lights out. Their small legs smeared the priest’s arms with thick cum that leaked from horny holes, soon to be cleaned by their adoring leader. Their Lord had been good indeed.

As Sarah and Jim listened intently for the priest’s guidance, they could not help but notice the swollen log impressed against the long black robe. The priest continued his guiding advice as his cock became erect before Sarah’s wondering eyes. Jim could feel her squirm as they tried to sit obediently for the fatherly advice.

Jim started to grow erect, as well, as the conversation continued until Sarah could no longer contain herself. Sarah practically leapt across the room like a small leopard scrambling before the priest’s unusual throne grabbing at the obvious now obscene bulge below the thick robe. She quickly pushed the robe up, over the priest’s stomach, as she impaled her mouth on the twelve inches of thick dripping cock.

She had long ago lost any sense of gag reflex as her still young tender throat devoured the shaft down her esophagus. She reached below her small skirt exposing her pink gaping pantiless cunt to both the priest and her husband stroking his nine inches of thick cock as he sat on the couch.

The priest kindly lifted his black boot and with sharp pointed toes to her gaping cunt as she removed her frantic fingers moaning as she sank on the thick boot. The boot was quickly coated in thick cunt slime as the priest beckoned Jim closer to fondle the large throbbing cock. Jim found that he could easily kneel on the broad arms of the throne that the other boys would have had to stand on.

The priest pulled Jim closer and eagerly slurped at his dripping pre-cum and pulsing cock slit. The priest wrapped his arms around Jim’s ass pulling him forward into the priest’s sucking mouth. The priest had no gag reflex thanks to his Lord and throated the pulsing phallus with ease.

Jim’s hip movements became more pronounced. He intuitively understood he was to face fuck the priest, while his small wife stretched her cunt on a thick slime covered boot while pumping herself over the priest’s twelve inches of flesh. Sarah gasped as she squirted and convulsed on the pointed boot in a brutal orgasm. Jim tightened and pulsed, sending jets of sperm down the priest’s eager swallowing throat.

Regaining his senses, he realized Sarah could not maneuver her small body enough to allow the priest relief. Jim grabbed her ankles and held her suspended, above the huge cock as he violently raised and shoved Sarah’s throat down the priest’s shaft, as if he was jacking the cock himself. He used his small fuck toy wife like a jacking hand; and seeing her glistening slimy cunt, he drove his tongue directly into her gaping womb. He pumped her small body up and down causing her throat to fuck the priest like a rampant slut as his tongue forced itself deeper into her cunt and womb. Sarah began to tremble at the vaginal stimulation from Jim’s tongue, as her throat continued to milk the thick impalement.

Without any warning, the priest began to erupt hot sticky streams of his semen into Sarah’s stomach. Her tiny hips gyrated violent squirting as her cunt spasmed, sending cunt slime directly into Jim’s mouth.

The couple left the chamber thanking the Father for his guidance. They looked as the pristine couple, often seen leaving counsel. Jim held firm to the quivering Sarah as she considered the guidance they had received.


The family had arrived at the holy gate as directed.

The nudist camp was actually a convenience for the Lord Satan. It had been in existence for millennia quietly hidden in a dark forest. The young Reynold’s family now free from the scrutiny and lewd comments eagerly removed their clothes as the guard watched. Little Jim was beside himself and launched into daddy Jim’s lap wrapping his small arms around the stiff cock. Cynthia and Jasmine giggled as Sarah turned to tweak their budding puffy nipples. She pinched Jasmine harder knowing she lived for pain and abuse that made her small cunt quiver into instant orgasm. Recovering she screamed at her mother declaring that one did not count for the daily quota each girl was given as allowance. She felt tricked even though her tiny slit pulsed clear juices on the back seat.

Cynthia knew her place and quietly bent forward to fondle her mommies small tits and twist her sensitive nipples. Her own tiny cunt pulsed in anticipation of the families and fun within the gates. The smaller ones were always so eager. Cynthia suspected there were young girls as virgin as she was who liked their small cunts licked as much as she did. Cynthia really like cunt juice but few at her old school allowed her to suck their pussies.

As she thought of her impending delights, she absentmindedly pinched her mommies nipples real hard as she squeezed her slut moms tits. Jasmine sensed the tremors and quivering as her mom started to shudder, clambering over the front seat back she quickly ducked on before her spasming mommy, crouching on the floor board she fastened her small mouth as well as she could as Sarah erupted in squirting violent orgasm. Jasmine sucked as hard as her tiny mouth could but was flooded in mommy squirt as usual.

Jasmine enjoyed cock slime more but was always eager for mommy cunt slime, especially if daddy sperm was inside as well. Jim lifted little Jim off his lap, removing the small pink tongue trying to drive into his piss slit and deeper into daddy’s cock if he could, gently setting him between the still quivering mommy Sarah as he instructed Jasmine back to her seat. They had yet to even pass thru the gates of heaven they were soon to find as the gates of hell training grounds careful orchestration to entrap families with young virgins that have not had their first period yet.

The Devil had sensed Cynthia’s impending menstruation cycle to begin and had urged the priest to press for their conversion. The family minivan slowly followed the lumbering guard to a small cabin that would be their home at the “resort” nudist camp. Jim grabbed the small case from the rear that held only toothbrushes and other toiletries.

The huge guard held Sarah’s door as she emerges sending a thick finger up her squelching cunt as he helped her out of the minivan sending mommy into violent orgasms before her small feet hit the ground. The guard’s enormous hand could easily hold her small bottom like a bowling ball and she knew it. The guard sucked her slime off his big finger as he assisted the quivering mother to the cabin door as she wondered what the guard’s cock must be like.

The young family quickly discovered none of the cabins nor any door had locks. The cabin was small but comfortable with a single very large bed. The sheets looked more yellow than white due to accumulation of cunt and cock slime permeating the cabin with primeval sexual smells. Mommy was still quivering as it seemed to take her longer and longer to overcome her pervasive orgasmic state haunting her since their priestly counseling only weeks before. As they surveyed the adequate but sparsely furnished cabin the door burst open with two eager young toddlers seeking sperm.

The small boy and girl had yet to learn any sense of decency or decorum as they reached for Sarah’s creaming cunt with their small hands as if stealing candy. The kid’s sister beat him to the prize and he saw Jim’s 11-inch cock pulsing with drips of pre-cum. As his sister pummeled Sarah’s dripping cunt licking anything her small mouth could find in the way of cunt slime, the small boy grasp Jim’s cock like a tiny leech sticking his tiny tongue deep into his piss slit while hugging the phallus with is small arms.

The Reynolds kids looked on in startled wonder as another large woman entered yelling for her kids and begging pardon for the intrusion as her kids were a constant furry running her ragged. And the ragged the lady was indeed a mess as her large labia dangled between her legs and her large breasts seemed bruised and swollen with stiff inch long nipples. Cynthia could not contain herself any longer despite having hoped for virgin cunt cream the sight before her was mesmerizing. She quickly lathed her small mouth on the closest elongated nipple barely able to fit the thick meat she bit and chewed her mouth along until her mouth was stuffed with tit flesh.

The frantic mom had come to retrieve her kids and apologize to the new comers, but she had been conditioned over her families first year to be a subservient slut meaning she would remain available to any and all at anytime of day or night. She was a sub slut and had grown to love abuse leaving herself in almost constant orgasms as she was always under some form of attack. The large guards were always around accounting for gaping cunt and ass while her labia had been chewed by every child that came across her, treating her cunt like bubble gum or candy the be chewed.

Her training made her a slave fuck slut to stand or lay down or bend over for whoever pushed her in whatever direction and position they wanted. She had just been assaulted by two young teen girls as she searched for her wandering children, she was forced over a picnic table to be dual fisted by the ravenous girls using their sharp teeth to nip at her hanging labia like piranhas.

The slim arms hammered her gaping ass and cunt as their father came upon his daughters and the hapless sub-slut. He grabbed her hair and shoved a slimy cock down her throat as he mauled her bruised tits further twisting her nipples until she groaned enough to set his cock pumping her throat full of sperm. He ordered his daughters to the showers letting finally enter the newcomers cabin suspecting her toddlers were once again out of control. Thus, was her haphazard appearance as she stood obediently for Cynthia’s softer lips and gentle tugging at her abused purple labia while providing an amazing sensation on her tit like a cow milking machine. Having no choice, she stood on quivering legs as Cynthia brought her to a screaming orgasm while her toddler fist fucked Sarah into a coma of squirming hot liquid cunt. Her cunt never stopped pulsing from that point forward at the Devil’s nudist camp.


The Devil had sensed the arrival of young Cynthia and her impending first period. Virgin yet to be fucked blood and delicious womb expenditure awaited his snarling fang filled maw of a mouth. I was more snout than anything like a human mouth protruding from a scaly head adorned with sharp horns.

His body was immense in every way imaginable. The scaly body could remove human skin at will while his long tail could break anyone in half as he wished and sometimes accidentally if a curious child wandered to close when he was fucking something else to death. Sexes meant little to the demon after sucking out the virgin girls fist blood. He allowed his guards to train the rest as they saw fit while occasionally snuffing someone on his two-foot cock. They always screamed bloody murder as the thick rod destroyed every organ in their bodies before it emerged in bloody froth form their gagging unbelieving throats, perhaps bloody murder was apropos for the experience.

He always enjoyed the gathering crowds waiting patiently until they could get at least a lick of his vile sperm and the froth of blood covering his latest victim. His sperm was intensely vile having aged for thousands of years in enormous testicles that were always on his rock throne of blistering volcanic heat. His anus was equally vile with accumulated feces and constant smothering heat that fermented his groin into a disgusting vile mixture that the converted above his chamber craved like hungry dogs.

Families would fight each other as children darted in like small hyenas stripping whatever nasty substance they could quickly capture in their small mouths and scamper out of the way to savor their morsel of vile devil substance caring only for the horrible taste and smell it caused in their nostrils for the rest of a day or night. Their shit was often collected before it could hit the surrounding grounds as the Devil’s taste continued to be a delicious bouquet for the deviant nudist.

Piss was never wasted as families had designated urinal member that fought for the privilege and the youngest snuck around for a wandering cock or pussy that needed draining. Piss was never ever wasted in the deviant commune. Diapers were completely unnecessary as children were often a fixture on someone’s face wherever people wandered. The long-hidden cocksucker trails were now a useless bygone of the gay men secretly leaving families to suck out sperm form some strange cock. The devil had delivered their last taste of pre-cum as his cock drove straight through their bodies erupting from torn asses in a mass of grayish slime. He dragged the dispatched bodies below still warm for his destroyed disciples to fuck and chew on. The cocks sometimes torn away as the men still gurgled in death throes.


Cynthia had snuck away to a small pond she had learned was secret meeting place for many curious young girls, some dragging their toddler sisters along having been charged to watch over them. Cynthia marveled at the open meadow adorned with young nude girls at every glance. Some had budding firm nubs like her own while a few hard-tubular protrusions with swollen purple nipples as if they had been sucked a little too hard.

Everything looked delicious but she focused on the bare small cunt mounds for any sign of moisture when the perfect delight emerged from a small opening in some bushes. The small precious slit was dripping fluids down her legs as she stumbled with a silly grin when Cynthia noticed her mother trying to hide behind the brush crouching on her knees.

Cynthia smiled sweetly at her mommy and Sarah knew she had been caught in the kiddie pool by her own daughter. She struggled upright holding a toddler firmly on her cunt almost smothering the slobbering young girl still sucking frantically at her gaping cunt while her body dangled between Sarah’s legs. Cynthia beat the hoard of wannabes to the staggering perfection still in convulsive orgasm from Sarah’s hard cunt sucking.

The small preteen gave no resistance as Cynthia grabbed the slender girl snaking her small pink tongue along the perfect pink slit as it continued involuntary orgasmic contractions. Holding the smaller morsel of cunt flesh by her tiny but she dove hungrily into the leaking slit with ferocity that surprised her while sending the young girl into a catatonic state of mindless pelvic thrusting bruising Cynthia’s pink lips into purple swollen cunt sucking machines as her sharp tiny teeth tore at the child’s already abused cunt opening trying to drive in further knowing the young womb was so close.

She was startled at the sudden iron taste looking down she had chewed the undeveloped vagina into a bloody mess. Some startled girls stood close by as Cynthia raised her blood covered and dripping mouth, raising her head enough to swallow the load of preteen cunt cream and blood filling her mouth. Other small girls approached with cautious looks of horny anticipation as they tried to spread their small vulnerable cunt lips apart in the hopes of not being chewed as hard.

Cynthia spent the next two hours dining on young cunt juice as the little girls watched one after another sucked into staggering orgasms many held tiny vulvas exposed already wet and dripping virgin cunt juice bubbling out of their perfect pink cunt tubes. The young spent preteen sluts were still convulsing on the soft grass as Sarah and her young daughter strolled back towards their cabin through the winding dark path.


Slithering tentacle like tubes suddenly surrounded their ankles and small bodies dragging them towards a hole in the land neither had noticed before. Back at the cabin’s men were gathered around a picnic table surrounded by many picnic tables. Jim sat on a bench of the middle one almost as catatonic as Sarah while his mouth was continuously pounded by cocks. Smelly cocks reeking of boy shit opened mouth stretched wide for one assault after another. His face was a smear of disgust dripping with brown slime as he eagerly sucked on whatever was forced in his filthy smelling mouth frothing with sperm, he could not quite swallow.

Man, after man had been destroying young boy ass all round him in the picnic grounds as one after another raised a full boy or just gaping pink ass above his face letting him savor the delicious young anal cavities while alternating to some daddies dripping filthy cock filling his wide throat with amazing amounts of cum. Little Jim was holding tight to his daddies chest as he licked as the drips of slime covering his father’s face. He could barely move as he was impaled with his daddies eleven inch cock deep in his tiny pink ass gaping the young child obscenely as the little boy pumped as much as he could up and own the huge shaft.

Little Jim’s face was as smeared in slimy brown grayish white tinctured slime as the small boys his daddy could not clean were placed upon his ecstatic smiling face. Little Jim had never truly orgasmed but his tiny body quivered in spasms as his tiny ass was slammed repeatedly up and down daddies’ big cock. Each penetration bulged his slim torso with a clear outline of a huge cock head pushing against his tiny stomach wall.

An hour later the group died down as spent fathers gather their own young boys not knowing or concerned about who had defiled their prepubescent asses. They all knew who had cleaned their children as well as their now dropping cocks swollen still but more flaccid. Thick menacing meat swung between the masculine legs as they fondled their little boys cunt asses for any remaining sperm, most finding little more than brown slime they licked from their long fingers sharing soft kisses of brown slime with their little boys.

Jim came out of his dazed and bewildered state to feel little Jim pumping his tiny pelvis against daddies’ stomach not realizing the source of warmth surrounding his huge cock. Little Jim was so tired his small pumping efforts had dwindled to mere half inch thrusts as he was nestled firmly on daddy’s pubes and 11 inches of rock-solid cock was embedded in his tiny body. He had long since had too many dry orgasms for his small cock to even peek out of his slime covered small foreskin seeking to protect itself from further stimulation.

His small marble sized boy balls would have retreated as well except for the extremely large object in his ass that prevented any room for their escape to safety. They had been chewed and sucked into purple meat sacks dangling against daddy’s stomach as the gentle rubbing of small boy balls made Jim look down for the increased source of stimulus. The once small sack was now swollen and purple as if someone had tried to suck the poor things off entirely.

Jim groaned at the sight holding little Jim tight while his cock erupted streams of delicious orgasmic contractions throughout his body in shivering climax. The impaling daddy cock pulsed streams of sperm into his young boy’s internal organs threatening to come out the child’s panting mouth. Jim lifted his young son, gently extracting his softening but large cock holding above his open mouth as his own seed fell out in clumps into his thirsty cock sucking mouth.

Lowering the child to gently clean and nurture the abused balls he felt the boy slump across his head in soft content slumber. He had not had his nap today as they had tried to get back to their cabin. Jim laid little Jim gently on the large bed and collapsed next to him still covered any number of young boy shit and enormous amounts of man sperm that had drenched them both.


Sarah had tried to struggle against the slimy tentacles surrounding both her and her small daughter. Idly wondering if Jasmine was safe somewhere not realizing her own daughters’ tiny cunt was one of the slim slits she had been sucking on back in the grove. Little Jasmine had been thrilled until her mommies’ sucking started to hurt as if she would lose her small vagina altogether before ever having a cock or orgasms.

She had wandered back the same path towards the cabin as she too had been captured by meandering tentacles slithering out of the cave, she had not noticed either. Her meager struggles were no match as more tentacles of various shapes began to approach. Two had suctioning mouths that quickly attached to he tiny nipples on her flat chest causing almost instant convulsions while a large snake like mouth slivered a slimy wet tongue up her small virgin vagina.

Carefully thinning as it passed her intact hymen as the treasure master would savor later at first blood. But the demon slivering tongue knew there were virgin ovaries full of rich delicious undeveloped eggs. That was their reward for capture until there only remains were spent warm bodies. The searching tongue was nothing Jasmine had ever felt before as it snake into her small uterus and tiny womb finding the small Fallopian tubes slithering hungrily towards the virgin human eggs.

The slithering serpent found one of her small ovaries licking fervently at the tiny bulb for every egg the young girl had on that side of her tiny torso. Jasmin squirmed against the invasion not really knowing if it was to expel or luxuriate in the unusual sensation. Her small pelvis lost control as the elongated serpent tongue retreated only slightly to seek the other small sack of eggs. The coiling tongue had curled inside her small womb so as not to lose its purchase of young womb. Jasmin contorted in her first orgasm as tentacles sucked her small nipples into obscene tubes of purple slender and the snakiest tongue licked and coiled in her small womb in slimy searching.

Jasmin had passed out when Sarah and Cynthia were led into a large chamber of ancient stone.

A crowd of murmuring people stood naked around a circular symbol with a strange star composed of too many points. The murmurs increased to chants as Sarah and Cynthia were brought forth to an enormous stone throne. A huge slimy, scaly creature with snarling fangs sat holding little Jasmin in his lap and her tiny kegs and small arms were wrapped tightly around a two-foot leaking cock with a pulsing huge slit of grayish liquid.

Sarah gasped as she was brought closer and recognize her young Jasmin. Her tiny legs allowed he to stand upright as she licked the grayish slime for a mouthful while settling down. Her small pelvis continued to moved as Sarah and Cynthia both saw the forked tongues entering her now gaping cunt, thick grayish slime dripped from her open hole as she leaned back to swallow the thick slime in her mouth.

Smiling she shouted ‘hi mommy’ as she stood once again to lick at the wide slit.

Her small flat chest now showed long hard tubes protruding three inches from her chest with wildly thick purplish nipples completely out of proportion too her small body. Slithering serpent like tentacles snaked along her small tummy latching on to bulging purple bulbs as Jasmin convulsed in violent orgasms grinning at her startled mommy and older sister. Sarah crept slowly towards the stone throne as Cynthia was engulfed in tentacles possessing glistening open mouths and pulsating cock shaped crowns.

Surrounded and helpless, the tentacles attached to her budding titties while another leaking cock shape invaded her throat in rhythmic pumping. She was still scared until another of the leaking tentacle cock rammed inside her tiny ass lifting her up to the Lord Devil.

Sarah was spellbound at the sights and sounds.

The entire chamber was full of adults and small children groping whatever they could reach. Men laid on their backs as young boys straddled the demented faces pumping thick globs of brownish grey goo in their open mouths grabbing at the slender hips to pull the gaping slime filled asses to their mouths in loud slurping.

Little girls were violently shoving their small arms in cunts as mothers and sisters laid back to suck the tiny cunts. The adolescent cunts appeared small on the slim bodies until they raised up to reveal gaping holes while settling their equally gaping asses on the ravenous mouths and deeply searching tongues.

Two large demonic dogs were led out before her as she blinked her eyes rapidly trying to comprehend the obscenity before her. Cynthia’s gasping orgasms from her first anal fuck momentarily made her watch her oldest daughter being raised above the enormous beast’s fang filled snout. Moaning directly in front of her returned her gaze to the demon like dogs. Her husband, Jim, was suspended below one huge beast held up by nothing more than the cock embedded in his ass as his mouth hung open slack and dripping slimy liquid.

Below him little Jim squirmed impaled on his father’s eleven-inch cock. Little Jim’s hands briefly brushed the stone floor as Jim was raised and lowered in rhythmic pulses of the demon both him and his young son in an incestuous orgy of bestiality ridden delirium.

Little Jim’s small mouth dripped grayish fluids as well in a demented smile of utter bliss as he used each touch of the stone floor to push himself as hard as he could against his daddy’s cock seemingly hoping for the huge cock head Sarah knew well to push out of his gasping mouth. As the other beast approached with a dripping violently throbbing cock beyond her wildest imagination, she heard Cynthia moan.

The Devil lord had slithered his forked tongue deep in the small child searching for his long-awaited treat. The serpent cock embedded in her now gaping ass rammed violently up forcing her first period to flood out in a gush. The Devil Lord closed his fang filled snout only enough to suck her young womb disposals in his slurping mouth. The searching forked tongued shot up Cynthia’s cunt sending her into violent unrelenting continuous orgasms further flooding her bloody stream of virgin womb spending’s down the snarling open fang filled cavern.

Small drops escaped between his large fangs dripping onto Jasmin’s upturned face as she was swallowing another mouth full of demonic slime. She looked at her older sister dripping reddish fluids as she licked her lips of the bloody drops. Jasmin leaned against the scaly belly of her new toy as she waited for any additional bloody cunt slime. The bestial demon Devil Lord roared a she lifted the quivering Cynthia high above his grotesque face shining bright red eyes directly into Cynthia’s soul.

Cynthia sighed in recognition as she was hurled downward on massively thick two foot demon cock. Orgasms consumed her as she descended ripping every bit of flesh in her spasming cunt while thick bloody ooze drooled from her gasping mouth until the huge demonic cock head emerged from her throat in a bloody frothy bath that covered Jasmin below. Jasmin raised up to lick at the horrendous head sticking out of her sisters head, collecting a mixture of blood and strings of internal organs that had been stuck in the still pulsing giant piss slit.

She kissed her older sister’s face tenderly as she settled against the rough scaly body to swallow once more. Cynthia hung silently impaled on the huge demon cock as minions of the debauched group raced to lift the dead body away. Children no longer knowing where there parents were as mouths drooled thick cunt and cum slime in anticipation of the feast. Daddies rose with stiff cocks still firmly embedded in whatever young boy they had been fucking.

Cocks never went soft and cunts remained in constant drool of whitish fluids depending on the time of the month. Some held small children firmly against their gaping cunts endlessly orgasms into the sucking mouths as they reach for the limp young body. Sarah sighed in recognition as the demon wolf like creature approached with the huge throbbing cock below its hairy belly. Sarah looked once more at her drooling husband still pumping frantically into little Jim’s ravaged leaking ass.

Enormous loads of sperm continued to drip around his daddy’s constantly plunging cock. Big Jim had no idea how many loads he had forced up his precious son’s destroyed loose hole. Big Jim remained deliriously hanging from the bestial belly with 15 inches of cock massaging his colon up to his stomach. The huge knot was firmly pulsing against his overworked and over whelmed prostrate while sperm continued to pump painfully into his young son.

Sarah reached for the menacing thick tube of dripping demon cock feeling the slime between her fingers and grasping hands. Moaning as orgasms ripped through her while she accepted the huge stalk down her throat. The never ending length seemed to massage her fucked out vagina when she realized Jim had crawled close enough for little Jim to fit both small fist up her cavernous slime filled cunt, grabbing at her open uterus to pull his small head deep in his mommies cunt as he licked at every crease he could reach with his small tongue.

The beast impaling big Jim needed another release as it thrust deeper still in the fucked senseless father. The impact sent his own 11 inches deeper still in little Jim as his head was forced against his mommies gaping womb. Her enlarged cunt made obscene burping noises as she was force to inhale more of the bestial cock and slime as her son and herself became a conjoined spit roasting fuck frenzy. As her pulsing cunt gave her licking son needed air the child’s body became drenched on the outside with mommy cunt slime as daddy pumped rivers of hot sperm deeper with each savage thrust.

Cynthia laid nearby as she was being disembowel by delirious moms refusing to share a single drop of blood or filthy fouled intestinal remains. Many tore in a tug of war for the stretched out organs while the small kids dove for a quick mouthful of whatever remained. The mass of hysteria starting shoving each other aside as fathers held rampant cocks firmly in young boys asses they began to tear at Cynthia’s once budding titties while the biggest mom fought to rip her small cunt lips off in gulping swallows.

Orgasm would overtake the first eaters as they held mouths to cunts or cocks up tender holes. Others were allowed access to the dwindling flesh as orgasms filled them all. Sarah was being pushed towards the bloody remains unaware they were of her young daughter. Her faced was smeared in the bloody carcass as the bestial cock hammered her throat and her small sons head was battering her uterus.

Little Jim had managed to reach his slender arms along side his body as he rammed both in a diving pose while each pounding of daddy cock had stretched him to the limits of his stomach forcing him further into mommies slime ridden womb. Sarah had ceased to gag as she accepted one load after another in rapid streams of disgusting yet delicious demonic canine sperm. The family had been pushed and pulled until they across Cynthia’s bloody bones as more and more devil dogs joined the frenzied feast.

Bones crushed beneath the delirious family as they were hammered into oblivious, mind numbing madness. Jasmin had been forgotten as she hugged her new toy firmly between her elongated tit tubes. She had discovered if she slid her tiny pelvis against the scaly cock she could have an orgasm at each rise for more yummy slime. Her little tummy was filling and it put pressure against her pelvis forcing her small clit exposed to the rough scales. Her seat became a puddle of he own cunt slime as she rose only to rubbed her bare pubis raw.

Small trickles of blood began to flow as she continued to grind and ruin her young mound. Her small clit was in threads of dangling meat as the devil lord raised her over his gaping jaws. The forked tongued licked at the bleeding scrapes and dangling bit of clitoris that remained as he held her patiently sensing what was to come. In perfect timing his broad tongue destroyed what little was left of her small vagina as the forced pressed her overfilled bowels. The jowl like maw surrounded her pelvis as the insistent tongue drove harder and deeper.

Her small bowels could take no more as her small anus blossomed with a stream of delicious young shit. The long talon like finger pressed harder to squeeze any remaining shit laced with cunt and sperm flavor that had been her diet of late. The increasing pressure made her bladder burst. Only not through her small urethra that was clamped to her pelvic bone. Sharp talons penetrated her tiny tummy sending delicious little girl piss down his throat as slivers of girl shit hung between the large fangs.

Jasmine had been one to keep for first blood but her destroyed, bleeding young cunt mound and dangling small ripped clit dangling drove the beast into a frenzy as his adoring followers writhed on the scum covered stones before him. The smallest either impaling a hole or having their own once small holes stretched by fingers, fist and huge daddy cocks. Most had no idea where daddy or mommy were in the steaming mass fuck slime as they happily accepted whatever mommy or daddy needed fisting, cunt sucked out, or daddy cocks that remained pulsing delicious sperm for the delight of mouths and young gaping holes.

The Devil Lord roared as Jasmin’s tiny legs snapped violently up both sides of her bloodied body. The first bite removed her lower body just below her chest and the tubular protruding tit flesh each capped with purple blood engorged bulbs that had once been only pink dots on her flat chest. Before Jasmin could realize pain or what was happening her small body disappeared in a gulping swallow. The beast reached out for one of Cynthia’s remaining bones as he cleaned his fangs of girly shit sucking the bone for each filthy brown morsel.

Sarah and Jim were unaware of Jasmin’s demise the remaining family was just meat in a fuck puzzle between two demon canines. Sarah’s stomach was bloated with foul sperm as she was dragged off little Jim’s arms and saturated head with the canine knot stuck behind her teeth. The sudden evacuation of her gapping cunt caused her bowels to spasm drenching both Jim and little Jim in brown speckled streams of undigested sperm. Little Jim content to remain a permanent fixture on his daddies cock, his now freed head turned to lick daddies face as Jim cleaned the young child’s neck before driving his shit filled tongue down little Jim’s cooing throat.

Sarah was left alone as Jim’s mount turned to take the father and son to a corner for further fucking as needed through the night and perhaps forever. The impaled father had never ceased squirming lewdly even thought the huge knot was locked tight inside his stretched out ass lips. Little Jimmy had no intention of leaving his daddies huge pulsing cock even if it meant he would have to shit out his throat and somewhat thrilled at that prospect. Daddy continued to refill him a he sucked the now throat movements from his small squirming son’s mouth in a convenient recycle of foul fluids that would get more intense as they fermented for brief times in each stomach. The happy hound wrapped his huge paws and claws around the joined incestuous gay present the Devil Lord had given him. Father and son slept in smelly but warm fur until the next round of fuck meat orgy was demanded of them.

Sarah’s mouth was still locked tight with the throbbing knot as her beast dragged her leaking fucked out body across to a different corner. Children nestled expectantly behind her as the constantly pumping cum fountain would once again force her bowels to explode with expenditure becoming whiter due the steady sperm diet she was beginning to enjoy. Realizing her jaw had not broken or become dislodged she managed to stretch just enough to free her tongue to massage the under side base of canine cock. Her mouth fucking master felt her small hands to wrap tightly behind the huge flanks. As a wandering finger crept to the disgusting shit hole of her beastly master his lower body shivered and pulsed out more deliciously foul sperm.

Sarah explored in experimentation as she placed a slim finger in the horrible beastly ass hole. She could only bring the her filthy finger to her nose for deep snorts of the worse smelling brown slime she had ever encountered. It also caused electrical pulses directly to her unused cunt and wanting swollen clit. She cleaned her long finger nail of inside her nose for a continuous cocktail of disgusting shit with each breath. Using both hands she reached as far as she could behind the canine flanks burying a finger from each hand firmly up the beast’s ass hole making a solid grip if the large cock ever attempted to escape her very happy throat.

The dog whined slightly it dragged Sarah to his cage in the dark dank piss saturated dungeon. The smell sent more shivers to her bulging clitoris as another set of orgasms overtook her squirming body. She knew that an eventual flood of putrid canine piss would have to be consumed and disposed of somehow through her own whorish pumping pelvis. As the new owner of her fuck slut throat curled his furry body around her highly sensitive naked body she suddenly released a stream of milky female squirt in front of the beastly head.

The demon lapped at the gaping hole he found between the slim slime covered legs. Sarah drove her fingers as far as she could in the disgusting anal cavity while her appreciative lapped his broad raspy tongue across her bare pubis occasionally seeking the smells further behind. Sarah locked her hands firmly with slim fingers wallowing in filthy shit curling her slim body up and locking her legs behind the huge beastly head giving the animal permanent access to any hole it wished. Sarah briefly thought of Jim and little jimmy when she remembered the two locked in cock fucking frenzy with the other massive beast as Jim was cleaning his child’s body of the shit stream Sarah had delivered.