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CREATED: 01.12.2023



The Emperor Tarot is the Fourth Card of the Major Arcana. The Emperor represents a willful and dominant lover, who likes to be in control. You may find that the Emperor is a selfish lover, who puts his or her own desires first (beware they can be cruel, wicked, and even perverse). Being in a relationship with the Emperor could feel as if you are walking on eggshells since the Emperor will not forgive you if you do something he or she doesn’t like — The Emperor Tarot is about sex with a partner of power and status that will involve your complete submission.


The old Emperor is dying. Soon he will pass and the helm of his empire should be taken over by his eldest son. The old Emperor was wise, benevolent, and much loved by his people — and his eldest son was also held with much regard — for his youthful leadership and high moral standing. His second son, Gaius, was arrogant, selfish, and crafty. Some say that he even had a hand in poisoning his brother so that he could rule instead. Where his father, proclaimed Christian beliefs, upheld the teachings of the Bible, and lived with honor, respect, and civility — his second son was the complete opposite. He indulged in promiscuous sex and every taboo possible. Under the consul of a witch, he begins to unravel all that is good and decent — replacing it with evil and wickedness — something we all need more of.  


  • Emperor Brutus (75) – Old Emperor, father of Felix, Gaius, Dresus, and Lovita
  • Gaius (16) – The second eldest son of the Emperor
  • Dresus (14) – The younger brother of Gaius
  • Lovita (12) – The sister of Gaius
  • Felix (18) – The eldest son of the Emperor
  • Nonus (15) – A jealous gay lover of Gaius
  • Aelia (28) – A secret witch, occultist, and the consul to young Gaius
  • Titiana (12) – Slave girl, sex slave, small and slender
  • Ursus (12) – Slave boy, sex slave, effeminate, and slender
  • Marcus (50) – Aid and advisor to Emperor Brutus, a latent homosexual 
  • Pricilla (40) – Second wife of the Emperor, mother to his four children
  • Abdul Bin Marid (16) – Son of Marid, Shaitan Warlord of the East
  • Heliogabalus aka Helios (20) – Ruler of the South, transvestite



“As the empire mourned the loss of their paternal father and spiritual leader, I feel the forces of darkness have once again returned in the form of an imposer. But how to stand up against such wickedness, for I am fear of my own life at the hands of these demons — be it that I feel as a demon myself.” — Extract from the secret journal of Marcus, Aid and Consul, to Emperor Brutus, now deceased.


Marcus was deeply saddened by the decline of the Emperor. His Emperor. 

Emperor Brutus was old. Very old. He’d ruled with an iron fist for five decades and was now seventy-five years old. He had lived beyond the usual expectations of a world caught up in so many battles and conflicts — and during the majority of his reign, his empire had flourished. His people loved him dearly. He too loved them dearly. There had been a lasting peace. 

Marcus had seen his fellow countrymen adopt the strongly Abrahimic beliefs of Emperor Brutus, who lived a simple, honorable, and respectful lifestyle. Though he didn’t subscribe to Christianity, Marcus never openly criticized it. So this is how it was — a simple and righteous lifestyle under Emperor Brutus. The benevolent Emperor never thought of himself — it was always, his family, his people, and his empire.

Marcus had consoled the Emperor’s wife, Pricilla. She was much younger than her husband. At forty years old, she was still as radiant and beautiful, as she’d been as his virgin bride. She’d given him, four beautiful and healthy children — three boys and the youngest, a girl.

The eldest was eighteen years old. Felix was a warrior-commander, a statesman, a natural-born leader of men — he had already won over the hearts and minds of his people as the logical successor to his eminent father — but alas, a strange illness affected him suddenly.

The third son, Dresus, was just fourteen. A very likable, rather effeminate, but studious boy. And then there was Lovita. Lovely Lovita. She had just turned twelve at the time of her father’s demise. She was much like her pretty mother. Slight and small in stature, but had the potential to bloom into a very beautiful woman.

Then there was Gaius.

Gaius was sixteen and was the Emperor’s second son. Unlike his older brother, he was unpopular. It was rumored that, behind his father’s back, he was a prolific philander and fornicator. Some even accused him of devil worship. His demeanor was very dark and brooding. They said that he even sought the counsel of a witch-whore. None of this was substantiated. Just vicious rumors. But nevertheless, the fact remained, that if the older brother failed to improve in his health, it could be Gaius that would soon become … Emperor Gaius.


The old Emperor called for his most trusted adviser, Marcus, and his beloved wife, Pricilla, to be at his side. He knew in his heart of hearts, things were getting worse. Time was not on his side. His face was now gaunt and lacked any color. His once jet-black hair was reduced to a shock of white. He coughed intermittently as he tried to speak. There was blood in his spittle.

“Marcus,” croaked the dying Emperor, “Marcus, is there any improvement in my son? Is he getting better?”

Marcus took his hand reassuringly, but the truth was there wasn’t any good news.

”No, my Emperor. Much the same. The physicians are trying to cure him, but nothing seems to be working.”

The Emperor coughed hard.

”My dearest,” soothed Pricilla, “You must not get overly worked up. They are doing everything possible for our son. I’m sure that he’ll pull through — he’s your warrior-son. He’s battle-hardened and as strong as an ox.”

The Emperor beckoned her closer. Much closer. Pricilla bent close to hear her husband better.

“This may be the work of dark magick,” he whispered so that only she could hear, “Someone has done this. I know it in my bones. Our enemies are watching and waiting for us to falter. We must not let this happen. You must prepare Gaius — for he is the next in line.”

“Gaius? Do you really think it will come to that? Gaius is not you. Gaius is but a shadow of his older brother. Gaius knows nothing of statesmanship or leadership — he’s a …” her voice trailed off, seeing her husband’s eyes rolling back into his head … “Marcus, get the physicians … get them all, now!”


Dresus and Lovita watched over their older brother. His head turned left and right, but his eyes were sunken and closed. Lovita’s dainty, young fingers held the silken cloth, as she lovingly dabbed the sweat from her sick brother’s forehead.

Dresus pressed his fingers tightly together as he prayed to their Abrahamic God for Flex’s recovery.

“How could this happen? He was always the best of us … the strongest. He’d never get sick,” said Lovita.

Lovita was only twelve and Dresus was just fourteen, but they were aware of the consequences of the situation, and both feared the worst. The physicians fussed about, but they couldn’t do much to improve their brother’s condition. With their father, the Emperor, being old and almost comatose, the siblings needed to stick together. They’d both tried to get Gaius involved, but he was always so aloof about everything. Lovita thought him selfish and ungrateful, for all that his father and elder brother had done to keep the peace and stability in a time when everything else, outside of the empire, was dangerous.

“They say that if this continues, that Felix may only last another week — two weeks at most,” said Dresus.

“Oh, Dresus, what can we do?”

”We can pray that God will help us in our hour of need.”


Pricilla looked but couldn’t find her son. Gaius was nowhere to be seen.

“Where is that damn boy?” she said to herself.

His absence was not uncommon.

Their mighty imperial palace was vast. With many reception halls, stately rooms, libraries, dining rooms, a chapel, banquet rooms, offices, residences, bed chambers, guest rooms, bathrooms, cabinets, lounges, a greenhouse, a bathing pool, and a conservatory, as well as many service areas, servant quarters, kitchens, storerooms, panties, larders, buttery, the stables, guard house, and the armory. The grand palace was centuries old and there were many secretive places that even Pricilla would never know about.

On reflection, she seriously doubted Gaius’ ability to ever step into his father’s shoes. And though he was next in line, maybe there was a way to postpone the succession — giving Felix time to recover. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her son. She did. She just didn’t trust him. He could be so dismissive of his duties to his family and to the empire. How could such a wayward boy become a great emperor? Maybe she was overthinking it. Maybe she was just upset about Felix. It was a difficult time for everyone in the court of the dying Emperor.

She had to compose herself.

She’d returned to her private rooms. She needed to rest. Fatigue, stress, and too much responsibility had exhausted her completely. She undressed herself. As each layer of clothing fell to the floor, she felt mentally lighter — until she was completely naked.

“Tatiana? Titiana, is that you?”

”Yes, Mistress,” Tatiana dutifully replied.

Tatiana looked so weak and fragile. She was a small twelve-year-old slave girl who took care of Pricilla’s private needs. The naked young girl was completely flat-chested, extremely bony, and looked seriously undernourished. Her head had been shaved (like most of the imperial slaves). Her small vagina was bruised and tainted — as Pricilla had taken to using a bone strap-on to fuck-rape her the night before.

“Come, I need you between my legs,” she instructed the impish slave girl.

Pricilla wasted no time, pushing the girl’s obedient mouth down upon her oily, needy, and unwashed cunt.

She reached for the wooden paddle. She thought to beat the girl, while she performed cunnilingus. Sex without inflicting pain wasn’t sex at all. The young girl’s tongue penetrated her.

“Ough! Yes, deeper,” she moaned.

It felt divine. She would beat the slave if she faltered. For a moment, Pricilla wondered what it would be like to have Lovita, her own daughter, perform such a task.

“Oughhhh! That it’s, suck my cunt, you filthy little slut!”

With that wicked little incestuous thought, Pricilla began to piss over Tatiana’s face.


Gaius, of course, was by nature, more clandestine than most. Maybe it was something he learned from his mother. He had many hidden locations to meet his secret lovers that were out of reach and beyond the prying eyes of those who could use his sexual perversions against him. He was a master of concealment and covertness— hiding, who he really was, and what he was really up to. Of course, there were many rumors — but they never really touched the real truth.

“So, what you’re saying is that if your brother doesn’t actually recover, I could be the lover of the new Emperor?” asked young Nonus, who lay naked next to Gaius.

It was true. Gaius, the second eldest son was next in line to become the Emperor. His older brother, Felix, got worse by the day. If reports were true, he could be dead within the week.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Nonus. You and I know that this may just be a temporary situation. For all we know, my warrior-brother could make a full recovery.”

But that wasn’t the truth. Far from it. Gaius wasn’t about to tell young Nonus, or anyone else the truth. This was a dark secret, only known by himself and the occult witch, Aelia. For it was she that had poisoned his brother — so that Gaius would ascend to the throne of the Emperor in his place. He would become the single most powerful man in the Empire.

Aelia and Gaius had become lovers, unbeknown to the young and impressionable, Nonus.

Nonus was a fifteen-year-old male. He was very pretty and effeminate (just as Gaius liked them). Besides the sex, he was nothing to Gaius, an expendable pawn in this game of greed and power. Yes, Gaius enjoyed their sodomy, but Aelia was something else. Aelia was a dark creature of the night. A witch-whore. Some say she was a demon in disguise. She possessed both male and female genitalia — a true hermaphrodite — that could please Gaius in many perverted ways. It was she who taught him the ways of the craft, of evil, drawing him willingly into her world of sexual depravity. Actually, she didn’t need to coax him too much, as he was already a hyper-sexual, who was only turned on by the most deviant of acts. He was easily bored. So, the more extreme, the more the thrill.

And Gaius had plans. Big plans. He was by nature a schemer. He only thought of himself. He objectified everything and everyone. He was nefarious and a narcissistic. People, including his own family, were there to use, to be manipulated, to be abused (should the opportunity arise). He would kill his father and his brother, to get what he wanted. What he deserved. And then, he fully intended to use his younger siblings and his mother in his perverted games. Yes, there were no limits to Gaius’ sexual desires. Nothing was taboo to him. He saw no limits.

For now, he just had to be patient and await the death of his father and the imminent deterioration of his older brother — to move too soon would appear negative — or worse, give away his real intentions. Gaius wasn’t the popular choice. Everyone loved his father — and it seemed that they loved his eldest warrior son too. Gaius had no cards to play in this popularity contest. But, he also knew that it was just a matter of time before his brother began to wither away, almost as fast as his father.

But, there was no denying it, Gaius was excited. As the Emperor, he could do anything he wanted. He could take any number of lovers he wanted to his bed. Order any execution. His pleasure would be everyone’s duty. He could even make himself a god, to be worshiped through blasphemous rituals of perverted sex and even human sacrifice — how wondrous, he thought to himself.

“And what part would you play, dear Nonus?” asked the devious Gaius.

Nonus wasn’t exactly smart or even cunning. His part would be whatever Gaius said it would be … until Gaius grew bored of him. Gaius pressed his head down in his lap, towards his engorged cock. Nonus, for now, would be an obedient cock-sucker. Gaius needed to cum. Nonus was just a masturbation tool. A thought that pleased the potential new Emperor. Yes, Gaius could imagine forcing his young brother and sister into being his libidinous sex toys. How delicious that would be? He held Nonus by the back of his head as he face-fucked him hard.

“Aaarghhh …” groaned Gaius as he reached his climax in Nonus’ pretty, young mouth.


The church bells tolled sadly. The flags were half-mast.

It was a misty, somber day. Emperor Brutus was no more. He’d passed away that very night. And his people mourned. But as they mourned, they also were told about the elder son, Felix. He was also close to death. What a terrible outcome … but maybe not for all.

Gaius would need to rise to the occasion — Pricilla and Marcus would do all they could to prepare him. Pricilla wasn’t happy about it. Marcus kept his opinion to himself. Only Marcus’ secret journal recorded his real thoughts.



“I dreadth the most. I fear for the empire. At the hand of a new Emperor, I see the end of aplomb. The next in line is no nobleman. He’s crass, crude, and a blunt instrument. He brings corruption, manipulation, perversity, and even death. He throws away all that is light and replaces it with darkness. Dare I say, he is a devil in the guise of a ruler. However, a blunt instrument can still be useful — and I am compelled to follow in my hope that I may harness his power for deeds and outcomes that only I would preference.” — Extract from the secret journal of Marcus, Aid, and Consul, to Emperor Brutus, now deceased.


It had all gone as planned.

Aelia smiled to herself in the mirror. She was pleased with herself. Her fingers gently touched herself. Though “she” was her preferred pronoun — her reflection was a mixture of many things. Femininity and masculinity. Purity and wickedness. Innocence and depravity. There was an undeniable natural allure about her. Men wanted her. Women wanted her. She was enchanting. At the same time, there was a hidden hint of something, that could only be described as sly and repulsive. Her feminine side seemed to dominate her outward appearance. She walked with the elegance of a dancer. She sang with the voice of a siren. She fucked with the rage of a crazy demon.

Over the years, she had learned many secret ways. Occult ways. Demonic ways. Darkness was her way. Her role as the secret adviser to the second eldest son of the Emperor had been challenging. He was her toy … her imperial little puppet. She held the strings. And she would make him dance to her tune. That didn’t mean that she didn’t enjoy her toy. He was incredibly handsome and could be very charming (when he needed to be), and he was a complete pervert in bed — she loved that the most.

However, it had been his ineptness that had led her to take matters into her own hands — and now it was her young lover, who must play his part. An important role. A demanding role. But as the new Emperor, Gaius would be empowered to do all the evil things that they ever talked about together.

Her naked reflection looked back at her. She was beautifully deformed. She couldn’t resist stroking her rigid little cock and fingering her juicy cunt together. Self-pleasuring felt so divine. It felt amazing to think that she would no longer have to hide herself. She saw herself as a witch-goddess. She would no longer be just a freak — she would be revered and honored. Gaius had promised many things, but he wasn’t known for his reliability. She would need to pull his strings.

Gaius was to make her the high priestess of the new satanic order. The days of the Abrahamic God were numbered. So, all the churches and cathedrals would be turned into places of worship for the great god of the witches … the twin-sex demon … half man, half woman, all goat … the Baphomet. And all the empire would pay homage to the Baphomet. How fitting for the end of days … she imagined the all-night rituals … the offerings … the perverted orgies … the child sacrifices … oh, these thoughts brought her close to ejaculation.

“What are you doing?”

It was Gaius. He had been watching Aelia for a while.

“I was imagining the new empire. Such delicious thoughts …”

Aelis hadn’t stopped stroking herself. In fact, she turned around and faced Gaius, her fingers gripped her banana-shaped cock, stroking it teasingly. Gaius was naked too. His sixteen-year-old cock was hard and began to drip with precum at the sight of his hermaphroditic lover.

“Before I fuck you. I need you to know, that I am somewhat concerned with the plan. Why is my brother still alive? Why isn’t he dead yet? Did you poison him correctly?”

“Gaius — it’s supposed to look like an illness — not a poisoning. We don’t want to raise any alarms. He hasn’t got long. You need to be patient.”

”Patience isn’t one of my virtues. I want to be Emperor. I want him to die now. My father is dead. It’s now my time.”

“You want your mother to investigate us? You want to blow our chance?”

”My chance. My opportunity. I will be Emperor. Don’t forget your place, witch-whore!”

Gaius gripped Aelis’ long hair and pulled her to her knees. It angered her to be subservient to this impatient boy. But this wasn’t the time to lose it. Not yet. Aelis could see that her impetuous lover was acting like a spoilt brat. He was an important part of her plan. But it was her plan — all Gaius was good at was fucking. She loved his cock fucking her holes — but he’d better not fuck-up her plan.

”Everything,” she said with a false calmness, “You will have everything, dear Gaius. They will make you a god!”

Her mouth closed around his eager cock, sucking his juicy cock-head, as her fingers worked their magic on his tight ballsacks and penetrated his anal flower. In seconds, she had him gasping and thrusting desperately against her face. His copious precum flowed into her mouth. She milked him.

Such a delicious little cock, she thought, I shall have many young cocks serve me soon.

”Aaaghhh …” her sex magick had him panting.

Gaius’ hands gripped the back of her pretty head so that he could throat-fuck her. She knew how to please him. Her mouth, her cunt, and her anus, all provided him with such orgasmic delights. And her cock could fill his mouth and rectum like no other boy lover ever could. Yes, she was spectacular in bed. He’d better not let her down.


Priscilla had been in mourning. Though all the official ceremonies were over. The loss lingered.

It saddened her greatly to think that her husband, the father of her children, a great and wise man had finally gone. Delius and Lovita had been constantly watching over their oldest brother, but despite all that had been done, there had been little improvement. No, it had got worse.

Priscilla noticed Gaius’ conspicuous absence from it all. He’d been there briefly at the great funeral. He’d made appearances at all the “right” moments — but it felt superficial — fake. Was this how the boy dealt with grief? What did that boy do with his time? She needed him to be close to her, but she felt a void.

She must ask Marcus to “keep an eye on him”. Reliable Marcus. Yes, Marcus would know what to do.

Maybe she needed a distraction. Something to calm herself from the stress. Where was Tatiana? She needed to beat the girl again. Maybe this time she would break her legs and arms. 


Marcus had been keeping an eye on Priscilla’s second eldest.

Gaius had been an interesting subject for him to watch. Well, more like spy on. It had stirred something in him that he’d not felt in a long time. Ever since becoming the consul to Emperor Brutus, Marcus had felt it necessary to suppress everything else. The Emperor’s needs came first. And even though as a youth he’d experienced some homosexual feelings — they just were not appropriate — not in Emperor Brutus’ Abrahamic world. The Abrahamic God did not look kindly upon his breed. Yes, Marcus was dedicated to this man, who in many ways, he loved.

Now, watching his precocious son, while he sinned with other young boys — it reminded Marcus of the days before the empire — when their priests worshiped other gods and even demons.

As a young freeborn boy, Marcus had been brought to the Temple of Philitanus — the Demon of Pederasty. There, he’d experienced many of these forbidden delights. He’d lost his own anal virginity in a ritual performed by much older boys. They had called it “Bucha Bazi,” which roughly translated to “boy play” where the young handsome boys would dress like pretty girls, wear make-up, and dance erotically, semi-naked, for the entertainment of the “Bacha Baz” or “boy lovers”.

Of course, this ancient practice didn’t stop at simply entertainment — in the Temple of Philitanus — it was famed for its sexual abuse and rape of these delightfully effeminate slave boys — all before the idol of the demon of pederasty. As a freeborn and not a slave, he was treated differently and not one of the many abducted young ones that would be raped repeatedly by the perverted worshipers. Gaius’ beautiful young body reminded Marcus of those pre-Christian days. Before “Bacha Bazi” had become outlawed by the Abrahamic church.

Marcus found his hand rubbing his stiff cock as he secretly spied upon Gaius.

Gaius had no idea that he was under observation. At the time, Gaius was fucking one of his young lovers, another freeborn boy called Nonus. Gaius was very animated. He treated the boy roughly and forcefully. There seemed to be no real love, just pure unadulterated lust. Yes, thought Marcus, if this boy became emperor — maybe he’d see a return to the old times — those perverted and sinful times. And once again, he could indulge in such glorious acts.


“So, what did you discover, Marcus?” asked Pricilla impatiently.

She seemed so worried about the future of her family and the empire.

“He is just a studious boy,” lied Marcus, “He takes the time to train his mind in readiness for what is to come.”

Even as the lies left his lips, Marcus felt a stirring in his loins as his sexual mind contemplated the return of “Bacha Bazi” — He knew it was wrong. He knew that he should tell Pricilla that her son was a filthy little sodomite. Bringing back the wickedness of homosexuality into the empire would run against everything that the old Emperor fought for. But, he was gone forever. And would that be such a bad thing? For a moment, Marcus felt it could be a new form of freedom. Sexual freedom.

”He just disappears. He seems … so out-of-touch,”

”He will make an excellent Emperor. He needs our complete and utter support. He will be different from Emperor Brutus. But, that is inevitable. Change is the only constant.”

Pricilla wasn’t convinced.

”You sound different, Marcus. It seems that you’ve made an abrupt turn?” asked Pricilla, “You must have been very impressed with him. You were so worried. So concerned. What changed your mind?”

Marcus sensed her apprehension in his behavior. And why wouldn’t she? Her son was a fornicator, a secret pervert, a sodomite … as such, he would be easy to manipulate (even blackmailed) … but she didn’t know any of this, as she just saw him as a loose canon. But if Marcus was able to influence him … control him … the possibilities … yes, it could be very interesting.

“We have to accept the fact that Emperor Brutus is gone,” Marcus said, “Felix may never recover. If he does, he’ll be a shadow of his previous self. We need to take affirmative action and put our faith in the next in line. Gaius will be Emperor, and we must align ourselves to this.”

“Marcus, you have been a trusted adviser to my family. Your words are reassuring. I just feel there’s something not right about this — Brutus said something before he died — he mentioned black magick. Occult practices at work. Could Felix’s condition be caused by black magick?”

“Listen to yourself,” answered Marcus, “Black magick? What are you thinking? Do you think for a moment that Gaius would poison his own brother? Maybe the Emperor was losing touch towards the end. Imagining things … That’s just crazy talk.”

“You … you think so?”

Pricilla actually seemed relieved to hear this. It was as if she was setting down a heavy burden. But this new information did spark a thought in Marcus’ twisted mind. Black magick. Occult practices. Witchcraft. Poisoning. He knew of someone within their court — a witch called Aelis — he had observed her comings and goings of late. Actually, few things escaped his privy. He knew many dark secrets. Secret places where the emperor-to-be could be found fucking boy slaves. He knew that Pricilla had a young lesbian lover of her own (a simple fact that would make her also manipulatable) — Maybe the old Emperor was right?

“I think we need to forget all these negative thoughts,” he would tell her what she wanted to hear, “There’s no plot here, just an unfortunate illness. Rest your mind. Pricilla, we must all support your son. Gaius will be Emperor very soon.”



“I have felt the influence of a conspiracy beginning to unveil itself to me. I feel the dark gods and demons are awaiting their time. I know that there is a darkest and that it envelopes us in its corruptive sin. But, I am drawn to it. I know that it is wrong and, even, sick and depraved. But I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. My shadow side beckons it. Inevitability. As if one is plunging deeper — downwards into its sensuous, silky and sinful depths.” — Extract from the secret journal of Marcus, Aid, and Consul, to Emperor Brutus, now deceased.


Aelis and Gaius both looked at the naked hooded fifty-year-old man on the floor before them. His hands and legs were bound tightly. He struggled helplessly against his bonds to get free. But, he wasn’t going anywhere.

Gaius kicked him hard.

”Awwwhhh …” the man reacted to the pain.

“Fucker,” Gaius said, “You dared to follow me? Spy on me.”

He went to kick him again, but Aelis shook her head.

She pulled the hood away.

It was Marcus. Marcus blinked in the ambient light of Gaius’ not-so-secret abode. They had caught him spying on them. Then, in a change of events, they had managed to get the drop on Marcus. Now he sat, bound and helpless on the floor before them.

“Well, well, well. It’s our new hopeful and his hermaphrodite witch … I presume,” said Marcus sarcastically.

There were bruises on his limbs, where he’d been subjected to Gaius’ anger.

The truth was, he’d been watching them both for quite some time. He’d watched with some measure of perverted delight, especially discovering Aelis’ secret — that she was not a female. He’d enjoyed watching her fucking Gaius, and the two of them slobbering over each other’s wet little cocks. He had been so caught up in their sexual exploits that he’d allowed himself to get caught. Now he felt foolish.

“You think you’re so fucking smart, Marcus,” laughed Aelis, “You think you’re the only one with a play on things?”

Aelis took out a long curved dagger. The blade must have been and least six inches long. Did she intend to kill him?

“You will learn respect for our new emperor,” said the witch as she brought the sharp dagger very close to his exposed genitals.

His heart thumped in his ears — castration was not part of his plan. And it seemed that castration wasn’t part of Aelis’ plan either — instead of stabbing or cutting him with it, Aelis cut away Marcus’ bonds.

Marcus sighed. He looked visually relieved. He rubbed his wrists where the ropes had chafed his skin.

“What … What … exactly do you intend to do with me?” asked Marcus.

Gaius pulled a young boy slave forward. The slave boy’s name was Ursus.

Marcus had seen them using him in their mutual toilet sex play. Ursus’ head was shaved. The boy looked very effeminate as he stood before him. Naked to the waist, he was dressed only in a pair of translucent harem pants with bare feet. Upon his wrists and ankles were small bells that chimed as he moved. He smiled at Marcus with lusty eyes decorated in dark purplish-red mascara and had a white butterfly painted in the corners of his eyelids just below his eyebrow line.

“A peace offering,” said Gaius, “You will not stand in my way. You will say nothing to my scheming mother or my stupid siblings. You will say whatever I want you to say. Do you understand? You think we don’t know about you and your secret little cravings. You dare to think you can manipulate me.”

Marcus was unsure what to think. He’d underestimated the boy emperor. That had been a mistake, but certainly, not all was lost, maybe things could be accelerated or be turned around from here.

“So, a truce,” replied Marcus, cautiously, “And … this harem boy?”

“You imagine the return of the days of Bacha Bazi. Don’t you? Well, this could be the beginning of a new chapter. You will administer this new beginning for me, Marcus. It will be a mighty new empire. Not one under the Abrahamic God. He will be forgotten. The oppression will end and he will cease to exist. And in his place — the Baphomet will rise again. The demon sex gods will be worshiped once again. And I shall be a god-emperor. All will cowl down to me and do my bidding — do I make myself clear?”

“You certainly make an eloquent proposal,” said Marcus, “I certainly see the empire as you have just so beautifully described, my Emperor.”

”So, we have an accord?”

”Yes, I will whole-heartedly support your claim, and administering your ascension will be a great honor.”

Marcus got on his knees and knelt naked before the boy emperor in fealty.

“Please, Marcus, take a seat. Let us share this moment that will help shape our mutual future.”

Marcus sat down on the cushioned flooring of Gaius’ boudoir as he nursed his bruised limbs. Though the setting was one of sensuality — he was very conscious of his nakedness and looking at the semi-naked young boy seemed to stir his libido. Gaius and his hermaphroditic witch sat opposite. It seemed almost incredulous to think that he would be in this situation — be it, that his mother’s spy had been caught red-handed.

Ethereal music began to drift into his consciousness as the young slave boy began to dance before him. His narrow hips began to gyrate to the slow pulse of the oud, the qanun, and the nay. Marcus watched the boy’s long painted fingernail stroking his puffy little chest (as if he had breasts) and twisted his pierced nipples.

Marcus couldn’t help but notice Aelis’ hands as they stroked the front of Gaius’ loose pants. They tented with his boy emperor erection, and so did Aelis with her transgendered cock.

Marcus’ eyes returned to the dancing boy. The boy emperor could certainly invoke the pleasures of the Bacha Bazi. Yes, it was almost as if he could taste this young thing as the boy provocatively thrust his immature hips back and forth as if air-fucking another. Yes, thought Marcus, back in the days of the Bazi, there would have been a dozen or more of these delightful boys. So wolfish. So feminine. Their dance would tease their onlookers to unnatural passions. Passions that could only be sate by stabbing one’s cock in their child-like rectums. A sodomistic orgy would ensue.

The boy moved within a foot of the naked Marcus. The little bells on his wrists and ankles made a twinkling sound. Marcus’ cock stirred and was fully erect. It dribbled with precum. He wanted desperately to stroke himself — but felt restrained in the presence of the boy emperor. The young slave’s cock was erect too. It pressed outwards against the thin fabric of his harem pants. With a movement of his wrist, his young hard cock poked out of a slit in the front of his flimsy costume.

“Suck him, Marcus. You want him. And he wants you,” crooked the hermaphroditic witch.

Marcus was visibly trembling. His face was a mask of lust. His hands reached out and gripped the boy by his narrow waist. He leaned forward and began to lick the slave boy’s cock, tentatively at first, then more fervently, until he had the boy’s entire genitals, cock and balls, inside his hungry mouth. The boy squirmed against him, thrusting back and forth in perfect time with the bewitching music. His small face grimaced in pleasure and pain as Marcus sucked and sucked.

“Take him, Marcus. You want him. And he wants you.”

Aelis’ words broke his focus on eating the boy’s genitals and he roughly turned the boy, as he spat on his anus. Memories of the older boys doing the same to him, came crashing back. He remembered how it felt to have an adult-sized cock up his narrow rectum. He pushed the slave boy onto his fours and knelt behind him. He pressed his precum-coated cock head against the boy’s anal flower.

“The Devil is in your loins,” said Aelis, “Consummate your allegiance to us with this offering.”


Young Lovita was crying alone in her private chambers. It had been a particularly difficult night. Dresus her brother came and sat on the bed beside her. He put his arms around her, to comfort her.

It had been so distressing watching their oldest brother wither away before their eyes. He was their champion. The family’s champion — and seeing the inept physicians fuss around him, making no progress, only compounded the matter.

“I’m sure everything is going to be alright,” said young Dresus, even though he knew in his heart that it was a lie. A white lie. The fact was that his brother, Felix, was dying. But he lacked the words to express his concern and love for his younger sister, and his desire not to see her suffer.

“You know that’s not true,” cried young Lovita.

She sobbed openly into his neck wetting his skin with her tears. His embrace felt good. She needed him right now. It felt that he was all she had left. With everything else in upheaval, he seemed to be her rock. Gaius was uncaring, aloof, and distracted by his own selfish needs, and her mother seemed very distracted too.

“I love you,” said Dresus, “I’m here for you.”

Lovita looked at him through her teary eyes. He’d always been so kind and caring to her. He’d always been the one to listen to her problems, and gave her time, whereas everyone else seemed to think that her feelings were not important — she was just a kid.

“I love you, Lovita.”

“I love you, too.”

She rested her hand gently on his lap. It was only accidental, but she suddenly felt a hard lump in his groin. She was not sure why his penis would be erect, but she didn’t move her hand away.

“Aaargh …” he moaned subconsciously.

She heard him and instead of immediately removing her hand in disgust, she pressed her fingers against his bulge, gripping his hardness.

“Aaarghhh …” Dresus groaned again.

His hand gently covered hers, encouraging her to touch him through his loose tunic. She turned her head and his lips brushed her wet cheek. He kissed her cheekbone. They said nothing more. Lovita kissed his lips gently. It was still a sister-brother kiss. Nothing more.

Dresus’ hand held the back of her head, guiding her towards him, he kissed her back. He pressed his lips against her. This was a lovers’ kiss. An incestuous kiss. She liked it. Her heart beat faster and faster. And she felt a spasm between her legs. She liked her brother’s gentleness. She opened her mouth and they began to kiss much harder, pressing themselves urgently together.

Dresus’ hand moved her delicate little fingers up and down against his tunic-covered erection. His tongue flicked into her mouth. It was as if he’d done this before. Many times. Maybe in his incestuous fantasies. But now it was happening, for real.

Lovita didn’t resist his sexual advances. In fact, she seemed more than willing to let her brother do whatever he wanted to her. She felt loved and wanted. She needed him. She stopped rubbing him through his tunic. For a brief moment, Dresus thought she wanted to stop altogether. After all, this wasn’t supposed to happen. It was forbidden by Christian law. Then, he felt her hand snaked beneath his loose tunic and began to rub his boy cock — her fingers gripped his moist shaft as she stroked his gently.

He whimpered and moaned into her mouth as her tongue slipped between his lips. They began to tongue kiss with more fervor. It felt so taboo. It felt so good.

Lovita opened her bare legs invitingly. Taking Dresus’ hand, she showed him where she wanted to be touched between the legs. She was wet. Very wet. Dresus was trembling with passion for his beautiful young sister. He’d never touched a girl before, as they were both virgins.

”Stick your fingers into me,” instructed Lovita.

Dresus did as she asked, gingerly at first.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it,” she encouraged, “Further! Stick them in me … mmmmm!” 

“You’re so wet,” he said.

”It’s because I like what you’re doing to me … brother.” 

Calling him, brother, seemed to make him even more amorous. The very idea of brother and sister love ran against everything they had been taught in their Christian upbringing.

“And I love you playing with my cock … sister.” 

She kissed him hotly on the mouth, as he finger-fucked her incestuous cunt. Lovita stroked his needy cock which quickly became soaked in his precum. He quivered with taboo pleasure. 

“You know this is a sin,” he panted, “We will go to hell, for touching each other.”

“I don’t care, I want you to put your cock inside me. I want my brother to fuck me, now.” 


Gaius awoke from a mysterious dream. He was very animated in his thoughts. His cock was stiff and wet. He’d dreamt of his imperial coronation. It had been a pompous ritual. The passing of his sick brother had laid the path open for him to ascend to the position of ultimate leader of the empire. He’d become the god emperor.

He’d awoken suddenly.

Next to him, was his lover, Aelis. She woke up with him and listened attentively to his words.

“It felt so real,” he began, “It was as if I were already made god emperor.”

“And you will be, soon enough,” replied Aelis as she began to stroke his erect penis between her eager fingers.

“I dreamt that you had called together all of the most perverted artists of my empire, ones that had been persecuted as heretics under my father’s rule. You’d orchestrated them to design a great pleasure palace — to be dedicated to our most outrageous of festivals, and wild orgies. These queer artists conceived evil designs with depraved murals, depicting my most extremes of sexual fetishes and cruelty — It was so fucking beautiful.”

Aelis grinned broadly as she masturbated him. It was as if she’d magically placed these thoughts into his head.

”The artisans, architects, painters, sculptures,” Gaius seemed totally animated by his dream, “They all worked together to conceive the most libertine of designs — devoted to the divine phallus of their demon emperor. In my dream, you had selected dozens of beautiful trans-slaves, all with magnificent cocks. They performed outrageous acts nightly for our sexual entertainment. There were also young cherubs sluts, both male and female, and even goat-like animals. Our imperial guests would be naked and the entertainment would trigger a carnal atmosphere, where offerings must be made to me — young human sacrifices, abortions, castrations — and I was worshiped, not just as their god-emperor, but as the Devil himself!” 



“There are many possibilities that my mind conceives. There are paths that are pathed with riches and treasure. There are paths pathed with glory and divinity. These are paths that bring back to the darker times of wickedness and depravity. Which, we take, will be the choice of the new boy-emperor — I am becoming a believer that the darker ways hold a magnetism that will be hard to refuse.” — Extract from the secret journal of Marcus, Aid, and Consul, to Emperor Brutus, now deceased.


Marcus announced the arrival of their special guests and their honor guards. They were from lands beyond Emperor Brutus’ borders. They all brought gifts to pay tribute to the new boy emperor (to be). There was Heliogabalus, the famed ruler from the South, and Abdul Bin Marid, the son of the Warlord Leader from the East.

“I will meet with this Marid first,” answered Gaius.

“Just be aware, my Lord, that Marid’s tribe is very different from our own. They practice many bizarre customs and rituals. Know that your father would have nothing to do with their people and believed them to be beyond barbaric. An alliance, my Lord, may bear some new opportunities … I do believe that in their local language, his name ‘Marid’ means powerful demon …” Marcus explained.

This seem to strike a chord with Gaius and Aelis, who looked at each other.

“Abdul the Demon. Interesting,” answered Gaius.

“And, this Helios … she was also very unpopular with my father too, I believe.”

“She is a he, my Lord. A transvestite. There are many rumors of life under the rule of Helios. I am sure that you will find them entertaining. Hellos is no Christian either. They worship the God of the Phallus. They have always been scorned by your father.”

“Then, we must know more about Helios and her Cock God.”


Marcus arranged a more discrete setting for Gaius to meet with Abdul. Rather than to draw the attention of his mother and all the officialdom of such a visit. Of course, he knew that she would be furious, knowing that such an audience had been granted without her consent. He would deal with that later. Aelis awaited in the wings — so that after the formal introduction, both she and Marcus would observe secretly.

”Presenting, Abdul Bin Marid, Son of Marid, Warlord and Ruler of the Lands in the East, and his honorarium and entourage,” announced Marcus, “Welcome, Abdul Bin Marid.”

Abdul was a lean young man. Almost identical in age and height to Gaius. He was un-bearded, which was uncommon among his tribal people. He wore a fitting silken tunic and sandals on his feet. His skin was darkly tanned. His hair and eyes were both as black as a raven. Gold glittered from his pierced ears and nose. He wore gold rings on both his thumbs and toes. He was obviously no warrior. He was a boy who enjoyed luxury and pleasure — much like Gaius.

“Emperor Gaius,” began Abdul, “I humbly come before you today, to pay homage to you, as the new boy emperor.”

Marcus bowed. His eye caught Gaius’ and they smiled knowingly before leaving them both alone.

Gaius was comfortably dressed too. He wanted to make his visitor feel at ease. He too, had worn just a simple tunic and sandals. Aelis had given him a leather choker to wear that was inscribed with Shaitan symbology.

“Please Abdul, let us dispense with all formality. Yes, we are both sons of great men — but it is our time now. Let’s sit together as boys and just talk together.”

Abdul seemed to like the familiarity. Maybe he had not expected the boy emperor to be so welcoming.

Gaius gestured towards an ornately decorated raised platform with thick throw rugs and soft cushions covering the floor. They both sat on the platform, with a low table between them. They had met in a small stateroom, that gave them privacy. The wall hangings were discretely pornographic and suggestive of homosexual liaisons. Copious food and drink had been laid out. It suggested a warm and receptive welcome, with a touch of intimacy.

Behind the wall hangings, secret eyes watched and waited. 

“Your setting for our first meeting is interesting. more befitting … two close friends … or lovers. Your father was so formal. He hated my father and my tribe.”

“Abdul, I am not my father. I want us to become close friends …”

“Your emissary, Marcus, has spoken highly of you, as the next boy emperor.”

“My coronation is yet to come. But, with my elder brother unable to succeed, my ascension is almost here.”

“And, this is why we are both meeting so discretely. My father is also very elderly. Sick and infirm. Some say he is unfit to rule, and that he should step aside and allow his son to take his place. And he’s stubbornly holding on … But enough talk of our fathers — your choker — it’s of Marid design. It shows an alliance to ‘Shaitan’ … ‘Satan’ in your language … You wearing it is a sign that we both seek to appease different gods to your father, no?”

“Let’s not be coy, Abdul. We both worship the god of sexual pleasure.”

“Then I was right to seek you out … my visit here is not in vain.”

“Quite the contrary,” Gaius lifted an empty goblet, “I believe that you have a tradition, of drinking each other’s urine, before sex … to seal a secretive bond.”

Abdul lifted his empty goblet.

“But, that is usually between Shaitan lovers?”

Gaius lifted his tunic, beneath which he wore no underclothing. His cock was fully erect. He held the edge of the goblet to his cock, and pissed noisily into the metal vessel until it was brimming with his hot, salty urine.

“Your white cock meat looks delicious,” remarked Abdul.

Abdul’s hand gripped his own circumcised, dark-skinned cock and stroked it as he watched Gaius fill his goblet. It seemed that he had worn nothing under his silken tunic either. They were of the same like-mindedness. Both had anticipated sexual congress as part of their meeting and mating ritual. Both sodomites. Abdul pressed his hardened cock downwards and pissed noisily into his goblet too.

They exchanged goblets.

”Hail Shaitan,” said Gaius.

”Hail Satan,” responded Abdul.

They both drank their contents. Gaius wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Your breath will stink of my urine,” said Abdul with a promiscuous grin.

”Your mouth will stink of mine,” replied Gaius, “Come let me taste your mouth.”

Gaius swept the table, sending food and drink flying across the floor. They both laughed at the mess.

The boy emperor pulled his tunic over his head. He stroked his cock and then lay naked across the table in front of Abdul. His cock throbbed in anticipation of feeling Abdul’s dark meat against his own.

“A union between our tribes — but first a union of our cocks!” cried Abdul.

Abdul stood over him and removed his loose tunic. Abdul was all stringy muscle. Lean, sexy, and clean shaven. Gaius saw the Shaitan tattoo across Abdul’s groin. Tattooed against his coffee-colored skin, it was the image of a terrible horned demon with a huge open mouth … that made Abdul’s black skinless cock appear as its penal tongue.

”It appears that my bladder isn’t empty,” said Abdul.

”Then, baptize me for Shaitan … soak me your stinking nigger piss!” 

Abdul laughed and pissed over Gaius’ face and chest, 

“Nobody has ever dared to call me a nigger before!” 

“I love nigger piss!” 

Gaius licked his salty, wet lips. 

The barbarian’s son laid on top of Gaius’ urine-soaked torso so that their cocks rubbed directly against each other. Both, are already wet with piss and clear precum. Abdul began to lick his face and grip his piss-soaked hair. Then, he pressed his mouth against Gaius’ — they kissed passionately for a long time, their tongues dueled between their lips and teeth.

Abdul’s black cock was at least three or four inches longer than Gaius’. Its black skin was slippery as Gaius’ hand gripped and pressed their cocks tightly together as he began to masturbate the both of them.

”Aaarghh …” groaned the young body emperor. 

He was already anticipating the feeling of Abdul’s long black sword inside his filthy bowels. 

“Your aid has told you something of our secret rituals,” asked Abdul, between pants, ”That are performed nightly, in our temples dedicated to our rape god. He is Shaitan. Your Satan. Our black-skinned priests live on the flesh of the human sacrifices we make. You must join me there and drink the semen and blood of the young ones we offer. Castration can be so beautiful … And the temple rape orgies are so outrageous — every depravity known to man … and Devil — are all performed there.”

Abdul thrust urgently against Gaius’ hand as it slid back and forth, gripping their sex organs tightly together.

“Soon, we shall similarly perform these sick and evil acts, across my empire. The Abrahamic God will disappear — only the Baphomet shall be worshiped here.”


Aetis and Marcus waited impatiently for Gaius and Abdul to finish their meeting. They both knew exactly what would transpire. It was all part of their plan.

“Marcus, it pleases me to see how you have served Gaius. It was, so what unexpected, as you were so loyal to his father and his Christian ways.”

”I loved that man. But he is dead, and so will the Abrahamic God.”

”Why the turnaround?”

”Because under Brutus, I was forced to persecute my own kind. The church demanded their castration. It angered me to do it — but that was the job. Now, under Gaius, we’ll see the Christians suffer. Let their priest be castrated. Let their priest be hung from their churches. Let Satan rule — and let the fires of hell take those who stand in our way.”

“Now that we have an alliance with the East, we must be as adept, with the Ruler of the South,” said Aelis, “We will benefit greatly from their trade in slavery and exotic animals — I have heard it rumored that Heliogabalus came to rule at the tender age of fourteen. It is said that she had many lavish parties, and in the middle of the feast, has released beasts to devour her guests.”

“I’m sure that some of these stories are sewed by her enemies,” Marcus afforded a brief laugh, “Others say she is the Queen of Decadence and that everything around her must be reconstructed in her queer image … these I am not sure about, but I do know from first hand that she worships the penis and has a harem of male prostitutes to satisfy her deviant needs.”

“Let us see how our Lord, fairs with Queen Helios.”



“As the twilight stage of the new boy emperor begins — I sense an accord of the most evil and depraved. It dives deeper and deeper into the darkness with an estranged sense of evil possibilities that have never coincided before — running off with a power of its own. I feel it in my heart, my soul … but most of all in my cock and balls.” — Extract from the secret journal of Marcus, Aid, and Consul, to Emperor Brutus, now deceased.


It was the following day that Abdul Bin Marid returned to the East. There was no incident. Pricilla heard about their meeting but knew nothing of the details. Her mind was still on her eldest son, Felix. She seemed less interested in Gaius right now. But Marcus had handled the situation with finesse. She was satisfied to hear that her son was involving himself, finally, in issues of the empire. And she had other things on her plate.

The meeting with Queen Helios was scheduled for the early evening. They were to meet on the royal barge. It was a large vessel that had been commissioned by Empire Brutus and was intended for formal receptions. And once away from the dock, the barge provided uninterrupted privacy in its inner staterooms. Aetis had arranged everything. She had introduced the Queer Queen to Gaius, and, like before, had left them along to observe in secret. Only a small group of musicians remained hidden behind a paper screen, as Gauis had requested some mood music for the evening. It was a seductive atmosphere, with warm red and amber lighting, the soft beating of the tonbak, the repetitive notes of the ney and oud, and the tingling melody of the kahmancheh.


Gaius could detect her use of sexual pheromones, hidden under the guise of her heavily perfumed body. She sort to caste him under her sexual spell. It was a sign that she was as duplicitous as he was. He would play along, as he had his own plan in mind. With all of the formalities out of the way, they both sipped upon goblets of red wine.

“Well, Gaius, we finally get to meet alone,” said Helios, “Mmmmmm, I must say that having the promise of a potential accord with you, after your father’s rejection, is rather bittersweet. Mmmmmm, He was … such a difficult man, to say the least.”

”You honor us with your visit great Queen. My late father made many mistakes,” soothed Gaius, “My intent is to be open and sharing with you.”

Helios smiled broadly and moved with the flamboyant confidence of someone who was used to getting her way.

“We both could benefit from trading … together,” she cooed and flirted with her eyes.

Her effeminate voice was almost overly dramatic. She’d been labeled the “Queer Queen” because she was born male, but had adopted a female persona. Anyone calling her sir, had his or her tongue cut out.

Her flamboyant dress was very short in the front but with a long fishtail at the back. It had wide billowing sleeves that were designed to look like the wings of a brightly colored moon moth — a patterning that resembled many large eyes. Below the delicate see-through fabric, her torso and limbs looked bone white. She didn’t hide or try to pretend that her chest was anything other than completely flat and her narrow midriff displaying her bejeweled belly button.

They both sat practically half-naked together, in the seclusion of the inner sanctum.

”The sensual music is divine. It inspires my love of ritual and eroticism,” said Helios. 

“Eroticism. Fetishism. Sodomy. The worship of the Phallus … aren’t they all inspiring? Your seductress dress, perfume, and succubi elegance … all appeal to my love of ritual and eroticism.”

“You toy with me with your provocative flattery. It promises the potential of a fleshly congress together.”

”Wet flesh. Erect cocks,” continued Gaius.

”Masturbation dancing. Oral copulation.”

”Ah, to plunge one’s tongue inside the anal flower,” replied Gaius, licking his lips.

”Wasn’t that the plan all along?” asked the Queer Queen.

They both smiled at their mutually perverted arousal. Neither made it a secret of touching themselves.

“But wait … I have a special gift to share … if it please you, my beautiful boy emperor?”

There had been many gifts exchanged. One such gift had been brought to the stateroom wrapped exquisitely in fine black silk. Helios seemed excited to unveil it.  She pulled a ribbon and it lay open for Gaius’ inspection — the gift was a large black marble throne. 

”Thank you for your many kind gestures,” answered Gaius.

“It is a replica of my own. It is made by some of my most skilled and perverted artisans,” said the Queer Queen, “In fact, if you would allow it, I would order my artisans, given a month or two, to turn this rather stately vessel in a fetish paradise … floating pleasure palace dedicated to only the most profane of perverted sex acts.”

Gaius loved the idea. Yes, he wanted a floating fetish palace. He thought of his dream. His cock twitched beneath his fingers. Helios’ eyes sparked at the effects she was having upon this young man, whose queer cock she longed to suck.

He got up and examined Helios’ gift. His hand ran over the smooth marble throne.

It consisted of four intertwined figures. The first, that formed the seat of the throne was that of an eight or nine-year-old boy on his hands and knees. The boy appeared to be spit-roasted. To one side, forming an armrest was the body of a kneeling horned transexual demon with its erect cock forced down the boy’s gullet. Mirrored on the other, was another demon with its cock buried in the boy’s bowels.

The back rest was formed by a third kneeling demon — its body and breasts formed the rear of the throne, but its erect cock curved upwards over the back of the boy, at such an angle, that anyone sitting upon the black marble throne, would find about five to six inches of marble cock up his or her rectum.

“When you are seated naked upon your throne, my beautiful boy emperor, everyone will know that the Demon of Sodomy rules your cock,” said the Queer Queen rubbing her turgid cock.

”It is certainly a thing of such exquisite beauty,” marveled Gaius, “I can imagine being seated upon it, as I preside over a great orgy of transvestites and young effeminate boys — here on my newly decorated floating pleasure palace. Maybe your artisans can indulge me with a huge fountain of urine as a centerpiece; with naked slave boys bound around its base; in celebration of our great Cock God, Pan.”

”Oh, yes. A feast of devilment, sodomy, fellatio, urolagnia, and coprophilla. And I would want to be one of your first honored guests. The both of us could share a bath together in boy piss and semen,” added Helios, obviously thrilled by their evil and depraved connection.

She turned her attention back to the throne.

“See, the angle of its cock is such that as you rock back and forth upon it, it massages your prostate perfectly, keeping you hard and dripping with precum. Of course, it needs to be cleaned by the mouths of young slave boys regularly, just in case you leave any offering upon it.”

They both laughed.

“Offerings to Belphegor … the great shit demon no less,” teased Gaius.

Gaius’ hands caressed the breasts of one of the transgendered demons.

”Why don’t you try it?” suggested the Queer Queen, her wicked eyes wide with carnal lust.

Both Gaius and the Queer Queen stroked themselves as they shared the examination of Helios’ gift of the perverted throne. Neither felt a need to hide the fact, as both knew that part of this meeting would involve their sexual congress. Both seemed eager to make it happen.

“Yes-s-s-s …”

Gaius lifted his thin tunic, beneath which, he was naked. His cock was throbbing and wet-tipped. Helios watched and fondled herself through the ultra-fine fabric of the short front of her dress. It had already become wet with her own precum juices.

“Argh …” he groaned as the tip of the devil’s penis began to penetrate his sphincter.

As Gaius slowly sat back against the warm marble penis that pressed upwards into his bowels, Helios’ arms moved like the wings of a butterfly, her body undulating to the tonbak beat and erotic sounds of the hidden musicians like a demonic chantress. Now that he was fully seated on the throne, every slight movement stimulated his sensitive prostate.

“Yes, feel it inside you. Feel its sodomistic power. You will be a great boy emperor and we shall feast and fuck like demons together.”

Without a further word, the Queer Queen knelt before him and took his throbbing cock into her warm wide mouth. She sucked his cock head and tightly gripped his shaft and testicles. A divine pleasure. Her head bobbed up and down to the tonbak beat. Her viscous saliva coated the length of his cock.

Her butterfly-like movements were slow and enchanting … the eyes of the evil moth, devilishly inspiring … if not, sexually enslaving.

Then, standing once again, her cock standing in full view from beneath her short dress. The Queer Queen masturbated herself, stroking her rigid cock, as she resumed her strange erotic dance for a few moments before she began to mount Gaius. Now they were face to face, upon his thighs. Like Gauis, the Queer Queen wore no undergarments, so as she straddled his lap, his cock pressed against hers — frotting cock-to-cock. Her weight ground against him forcing the marble phallus even further into his bowel. And then, with a slight adjustment of her position, he felt his cock begin to sink easily into her oily anal passage.

“Aaaahhhhh … you are finally inside me … aaaarghhhh … ” she groaned, “Let the Demon of Sodomy be praised!”

She wrapped her moth-like arms around him, wildly tongue kissing his mouth, as she began to ride him harder and harder … jerking up and down, and thrusting herself, faster and faster, against his needy cock. With each thrust, Gauis felt the dark enchantment of the throne’s phallus fucking his guts.

Orgasm was close. Their sexual accord had begun. 


Of course, Aelis had spied discretely. Burning torches had illuminated the obscene marble throne. She’d watched Gaius, who was naked from the waist down, take a seat on the gifted throne. The Queer Queen was no stranger to black magick. The marbled cock of the transexual demon had penetrated his rear. She saw the Queer Queen knell in the pretense of fealty before Gaius — then taking his cock into her mouth, as she sucked and masturbated him. Soon she mounted him so that her cock pressed against his. And then his cock pressed upwards into her queer asshole. They fucked like wild animals — cumming hard — just as Aelis had planned. Aelis, herself, felt deeply aroused watching their perverted passion. Marcus’ mouth had been wrapped around her cock as she observed. 

Now, they lay together, upon one of the soft couches.

“Mmmmm, open and sharing, you certainly are,” Aelis heard the Queer Queen say, “Such a handsome and depraved boy. Mmmmm … you must have many lovers to attend to your intimate needs. But, I sensed that your adviser … Aelis … yes, Aelis, she is one of them? Mmmmm … such a lucky girl.”

“You are very astute, my dear Helios.”

“Mmmm … and you wanted to ask me if all the rumors are true? Does the Queer Queen worship the male organ? Does she consort with fresh nigger slaves every night? And in the morning, does she have them executed, so that they cannot share her twisted bedroom secrets?”

”It crossed my mind,” he answered and smiled at her apparent flippant cruelty, “And, if you are known as the Queer Queen, then, am I to be known as the Boy Emperor of Buggery …”

“Mmmm … Cock is God?”

“The Baphomet is both male and female at the same time.”

“That thought, mmmmmm … It does stir me to erection, even after such a powerful climax. And your lucky girl, is she really an occult witch? A true hermaphrodite? … so my spies tell me. Oh, I must sample her. Delightful. Mmmmmm. Please, allow me a night of pleasure with her. I would be most grateful. Maybe a threesome?”

“Helios, you dirty perverted faggot … read my mind!”

“Oh, I do so look forward to the ins and outs of rigorous trade between us. Worshiping gay cock is always more fun when performed together — it has been so invigorating getting on one’s knees before the boy emperor of buggery.”

Aelis fucked Marcus’ face as she listened to their banter. Yes, she thought, a threesome, that included her, would be an excellent way to keep close tabs on these two perverts of power.



“As the twilight stage of the new boy emperor begins — I sense a gathering of the most depraved. It dives deeper and deeper into the darkness with an estranged sense of evil possibilities that have never coincided before — running off with a power of its own. I feel it in my heart, my soul … but most of all in my cock and balls.” — Extract from the secret journal of Marcus, Aid, and Consul, to Emperor Brutus, now deceased.


Pricilla let the dead girl’s body fall to the floor. She’d really been very depraved this time. She’d strangled the life out of her slave girl while fucking her anus with a large bone strap-on. It wasn’t the first time. There had been a few along the way. She really didn’t give it much thought. She’d get a fresh slave girl or boy to take her place. That was, after all, their only purpose — to give her the pleasure she deserved … be it sexual or murderous or both together.

Of course, her late husband Brutus, would never have approved. That’s why it had always been so clandestine. Up until now. He was gone. And she would do whatever she wanted from now on. She stepped over the lifeless body and poured herself a large goblet of wine. She undid the clasp around her waist and the bloodied bone strap-on fell noisily to the floor. She’d been imagining it was her own daughter, Lovita. Incest always drove her to the point of madness. To fuck and abuse Lovita seemed a delicious delight that she couldn’t ever have.

Why not? 

The dead girl’s eyes stared upwards — almost bulging out of their sockets — and the distinctive red marks of Pricilla’s grip, left no mistake about what exactly happened. She’d call Marcus to dispose of the body. Just like he’d done a dozen times before. 

She’d take a ride down later to the local slave market. Disguised of course. She’d watch the possession of naked young children with their pathetic shaved heads. She’d pick a few for further examination. The slave master was very shrewd. But she’d leave the negotiations to Marcus. He had a way with these people. Sometimes sampling meant sex. Sometimes just a thorough examination. No disease. No injuries. Obedience. 

The thought of a fresh sex slave and the intoxication of the wine made Pricilla more than amorous. Maybe she could fuck the girl’s dead body. How would that feel? Fuck those bulging eyes. Fuck her intestines. Her cunt was wet at these wicked and unnatural thoughts. 


Lovita and Dresus had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. There would have been nothing wrong with that, only they were still both completely naked at the time, following their incestuous love play. After losing their virginities to each other — they had fallen into a peaceful and loving sleep. 

Gaius looked on. He smiled to himself and felt his cock move beneath his tunic.

It didn’t take more than a second or two for his devious mind to figure out exactly what had happened between them. Interesting, he thought to himself. My younger siblings copulating. Incest is such a delicious sin. And they didn’t ask his permission. What would be a fitting punishment for this heinous act? 

“Well, Dresus? You filthy, perverted, little bastard. What have you been doing to your innocent sister?”

They awoke and realized that Gaius had caught them together. Lovita tried to cover herself unsuccessfully. Dresus looked as if he was going to run off … but where to run … with his older brother standing against the door. 

“It’s not what you think,” Dresus cried.

”It’s exactly what I think it is. You raped her. You took her innocence. You evil little bastard.” 

“It’s … it’s not like that,” stuttered Lovita, “He didn’t rape me …”

“Shut up. He would have told you to say that. You’re too young to realize what your perverted brother has done to you,” shouted Gaius in mock rage, “You will be castrated for this!”:

”Please .. No … please, brother … I’d do anything …” sobbed Dresus, whose fear was palpable. 

“You filthy rapist. Your own sister! How could you? You’re supposed to protect her. Not rape her!” scorned Gaius.

His cock thickened beneath his tunic thinking about all the nasty things he wanted to do to the both of them. 

“Please don’t hurt him,” begged Lovita, “I love him!” 

“Love. What do you know of love?” Gaius pulled out the blade he kept hidden in his sash. The sharp metal blade gleamed in the low light of their bed chamber, “Why wait for a trail? I will gilder you, myself. Right now!” 

Lovita was wailing. She tried to crawl between them, as Dresus scrambled backwards against the bedhead. He was shaking with fear. Then he pissed in pure fright as Gaius lunged forward. But instead of cutting him, Gaius used his superior strength the knock him down to the floor. 

“Get up,” said Gaius, “It’s pointless trying to fight me. Get on the bed. Lie down. Put your hands and legs out.” 

Dresus did exactly as his older brother told him. His eye never left the blade. Gaius tore the bedsheet into narrow strips and gave them to his sister. 

“Tie his arms and legs to the bedposts,” he ordered.

Lovita was sobbing deeply but did what she was told. Now Dresus was immobilized. Gaius smiled to himself. 

“Please don’t hurt him,” begged Lovita, “ I love him.” 

“Yes. Yes, you mentioned that. Well, let me see. You say it was consensual?” Gaius asked. 

“Yes. I wanted him to …” 

“To fuck your little tight cunt?” 

Gaius didn’t wait for her answer. Instead, he pulled her naked body towards him. 

“You love your brothers, don’t you?”

Lovita wriggled against Gaius’ strong grip. 

“Yes,” she muttered. 

He put the blade back in his sash. Dresus looked momentarily relieved but wasn’t sure what his unpredictable brother would do next. 

“Show me.” 

Lovita looked unsure of what Gaius meant. Show him. Show him what? 

”Show me — that you love me.” 

Lovita felt exposed, being naked in the arms of her brother, Gaius. 

“Kiss me.” 

She sniffled and awkwardly she pecked Gaius on the cheek.

“Is that how you kissed Dresus? Or did he coerce you into all of this … raping you against your will?” 

Lovita could see where that could lead. 

“I kissed him on the lips.”

”Oh,” said Gaius in mock surprise, “And where else?” He pushed.

He was enjoying every tortured moment. 

“Just … just … his lips,” she muttered. 

Gaius pushed her down on her knees in front of him. She looked beaten and humiliated.

“Lovers don’t just kiss on the lips, Lovita. Lovers kiss each other in intimate places. Come now, don’t be shy. Show me where you kissed your brother.” 

Gaius lifted his tunic over his head. He was now, as naked as the both of them. His cock-meat was dripping with precum. His shaft was hard and throbbing. His cock looked much bigger and thicker than his younger brother’s. 

“Kiss it. Kiss it, like you kissed his cock. Prove your love. Show me that it was consensual … so I don’t have to cut his pathetic little testicles off … SHOW ME … what you did to him.” 

“Leave her alone,” cried Dresus.

”Shut the fuck up. Or I will cut you. Not another word!” 

Gaius grabbed Lovita by her hair and pulled her sharply towards his cock-head.

“Now where were we? Oh, that’s right. Kiss it! Show me you little slut!” 

To Gaius’ surprise, he felt her small hands cradle his buttocks. Her small fingers touched his anus and perineum. It was sensitive. Not shy, but more curious. She began to kiss his cock. Delicately at first and then with more zest. She started to lick and taste his precum, before taking his entire cock-head into her little mouth. Her fingers gripped his shaft tightly and began masturbating him with lusty long strokes. She moaned as she sucked and as Gaius looked down, he could see that she was touching herself as she sucked him off. 

“I wanted it to be you,” she panted. 

This was a little unexpected. Lovita was still on her knees, while her fist was wrapped tightly around her older brother’s cock. She continued jacking his cock meat as she looked upwards at him in the pretence of innocence.  The middle finger of her other hand began to worm its way up into Gaius’ anus. 

”It’s always been you that I wanted. You never notice me. I had to fuck Dresus, to get your attention. I want your cock, brother, in all my holes. Fill me with your hot cum. I will do anything for you. I want you to take me as your wife and whore.” 

”You dirty, little slut,” replied Gaius, “A schemer. An incestuous schemer. I like that. Hmmm … my wife and sister. Yes. A wife and a filthy, incestuous, cum whore!”

Dresus looked shocked. 

Gaius was amused by this sudden turn in events. It had been completely unexpected. His vile mind was filled with new possibilities. He would have to test her willingness to please him — after all, she did say “anything” — but then again, when he became emperor, there would be nothing beyond his reach.


To be continued?


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