Feature Writer: Succubus Maryann
Feature Title: Part 5 – The Lilin Coven
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: Transformation, Demon, Demoness, Demongirl, Futanari, Rubbertemple, Bigboobs, Bigbreasts, Cumshot, Horsecock, Succubus, Cumflation, Rubber, Nuns
Abstract: The succubus Maryann, are been summon to Lilin’s Coven. There on where she born like demoness creature “The RubberTemple” and during unholy blood moon ritual. She will face her demonic future. I want to thank my friends @gcharis and @blazingjoyride for their patience and support that they are given me in this adventure, also would like to mention @joebetween, who are been an inspiration source on this saga. Also I would also like to thank xMLx for the permit to use the OC Dezrael, his drawings of Dezrael have been a source of inspiration: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xMLx/profile. ‘Rubbertemple’ concept belongs to Sabrina Blaze. The Oc’s: Nobiess and Uppercrust couple and Louisa belong to @gcharis http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/gcharis/profil; The OC: Maryann Succubus, Cassi ‘The Naga’, Lady Spermula, and Sephora, belong to me.
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The Lilin Coven


“Lilin were, according to Hebrew mythology, female demons (succubae) children of Lilith, Adam´s first wife; who gave birth to countless vampires and demons. Lilith, created before Eve, embodies evil beauty as well as the mother of adultery and passionate fornication.”


The Friday October 30th finally came around.

We were excited with the up and coming ceremony. My adorable creatures had been wondering for day, what would happen in the ceremony? I told them that I knew very little – just, that I had a very simple information. I knew what, Sabrina, the Mother Superior, had told me. She was the ruler of the true Lilith’s Temple and caretaker of its source. The source of Lilith was located in the RubberTemple in England.

The ceremony would serve to summon Lilith. I had researched a lot on the internet and in the books that I jealously guarded in our library. I was always looking for more information over the years, and to be honest with them, there was very little certainty, only myths, half-truths and folklore entertainment of people. For the trip to England I had planned a route across Europe. We should leave early in the morning on Friday to be on time for the ceremony scheduled for Saturday, 31st on the RubberTemple.

Two vehicles would travel: my old demonic 1946 Plymouth Coupe 5 windows, black; and the newest acquisition a 1925; Rolls Royce Phantom, shiny black; a truly old aerodynamic fashion Coupe.

I personally inspect my dark daughters; as they were arranged before boarding our carriages. Cassi was wearing a red latex long dress really tight for her that huge her hourglass shape. Spermula by other hand was dressing in her black latex nuns outfit with a short skirt that show her amazing long legs and long patent high heeled boots, her horns sprout at each side from her white coif.

\Sephora wore a heavy corset Gothic black dress, with long sleeves and high neck; the long skirt have a high open on the middle to show her long latex encased good shaped legs and her ballet boot heels, the wide skirt hide her spider butt. Finally I was dressing a black long sleeved pencil dress, three-quarter length, with wide open cleavage with a hint of elegant laced enticement, red trimmed, and high collared. The dress envelope my curves tight like a gauntlet and the open show my massive big breast.

“The Mother Superior.” Sabrina asks me something really important, “Not hide our true nature, this will really important for the ceremony!” She specifically requested.

We should be in our demonic bodies during the twenty-four hours before the ceremony. So we travel our way like Succubae.

We leave as we had planned, our first stop was in Amsterdam where we would find Dezrael, then would continue throughout Holland, Belgium would cross to enter France and then go to England. The ride was smooth and pleasant until we reached the suburbs Amsterdam. Dezrael awaited us at the entrance to her Mansion Town. She was sitting in her old 1930 Mercedes 770K, bright silver. I got off the Rolls Royce and I approached to her door, she had left the car and we kissed with lust as our bodies merged into a fiery embrace.

In his car had two dark creatures one of them was her demonic slave ‘Brigitte’, the other was unknown for me. Brigitte smiled at me as her long tongue licked her lips with lechery. Dezrael and I talked for a while, while our daughters were waiting patiently in their cars. We returned to our vehicles and we left all of Amsterdam on way to Stonehenge; Wiltshire county in South West England, our finally destination.

On the way I explained to my daughters where we going to be on Saturday and the important mean of this astrological event that will happen there.

Stonehenge was coming from the Old English words stān meaning stone, and either henge meaning hinge or hen(c)en meaning hang or gallows or ‘Instrument of torture’. The archeology evidence said that Stonehenge have been a burial ground from its earliest beginnings and contain human bone from as early as 3,000 BC.

The Blood Moon will take on 31th October. This kind of astronomic phenomenon Total Penumbral Eclipses are really rare. The portion of the moon which is closest to the umbra can appear somewhat darker than the rest of the moon.

We leave Prague at 7.00 am, with eighteen hours of travel, with a short stop in Amsterdam, and four extra stops for fuel supply. Finally we arrive to Calais, in time to address Eurotunnel Shuttle. For us the trip not end here, would take two hours more to reach England. We arrived to Dover at three in the morning. Then we traveling for the England countryside until we found the Stonehenge well known silhouette on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire and then our finally destination the RubberTemple.

The RubberTemple was building around thirteen hundred. This splendid pentagonal castle was clearly influenced by darkest and unholy designers from that time and it was considered to be a unique, cursed and damned. Constructed from limestone ashlar with hipped Welsh slate roofs and comprises a square main block with flanking pavilions. The towers in front of the castle each measure seven meters (twenty-three feet) in diameter and are about four meters (thirteen feet) high, each having a modern parapet. The walls are one meter (three feet, three inches) thick. Between the towers at the level of the battlements are a projecting galleries or barbican which would have been used to defend the front entrance. Above the portal over the front entrance was carving on the rock ‘The Goat Mendes pentagram’ like a coat-of-arms.

At the top of the stairs leading from the courtyard, was located passageway that, on the left, led into the Great Hall behind a wooden screen with arched openings. This room was the formal heart of the castle, where the whole household would meet for feasts and special occasions. The walls were covered in rich fabrics and tapestries. A musicians’ gallery was above the wooden entrance screen. The fireplace was flanked by demon statues playing with the fire. The doorway leading from the Great Hall into the Lobby was also redesigned at this point of time but Mistress Sabrina left untouched the tall windows and the old wooden roof.

A one side of the castle was includes a unholy round chapel. A rare rotunda staircase gave access to superior levels where was located the private rooms. The upper rooms have been the most inviting part of the castle. Like the Great Hall, they were high rooms with intricate wooden roofs. Each room had been two tall windows looking out upon the landscape and a third looking into the courtyard. The rooms like many other parts had painted ceilings with unholy creatures and ornate fireplaces with statues on blasphemous acts.

Mistress Sabrina was on the door waiting for us with her stern gaze!

“You arrived just in time my bitches!” She yelled at us from the entrance.

As we descended from the vehicles. Dezrael first entered the temple, followed by her dark daughters: Brigitte and Ankash. Later, my creatures and I entered. Each one shows the respect, kneeling down and bowing before Mother Superior’s, licking her shiny red high heels.

Just when I lifted my body. A loud motorcycle noise filled the temple front door. I looked back to see where the noise came. Aside from the cars, two custom made choppers was parking. One of them was a Harley Davidson shiny red ‘Panhead Ghost Ryder’ and the other one a beauty Vintage BMW 1950’s Police bike, painted on shiny fuchsia and white, a silver pentagram was also print on the fuel tank.

“More guests had arrived!” The Mother Superior solemnly announces.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“The girl on the Police bike is Nobiess the Patrol Demon!”

She was wearing a tight fuchsia top and short skirt latex cop uniform. She also had very long blonde hair and covered her forehead horns with her fuchsia latex cop hat. On her legs was wearing fuchsia lace top Opaque Polka Dot thigh highs stockings and sexy long boots high heel, no heels back and fuchsia laces at each side. Before she gets in the Temple; she viewed her full pink lips and silvery eyelids in her small hand mirror.

“Mmmuack, they won’t be able to resist!” She said as she kissed an inch away from the mirror and batted her long black lashes.

The Patrol Demon folded and stuffed her wings and but her large dick was impossible to hide with her short skirt.

“Nobiess?” I inquired to Mistress Sabrina.

“Yesss, Nobiess and mean No Bull Shit. She could see right through the Upper Crust! Isn’t a funny name Maryann?” Mistress Sabrina replied. “Your other sister is Louisa is a Superior Mother like me!”

Louisa was wearing a sexy black latex skirt, a nun habit top with the Baphomet sigil print on shiny black over her white front, and over her head a traditional latex nun hood. She had two black long horns on her forehead, black lips and black eyes with silver iris. Her delicious legs were encased on black diamond net thigh high with lace top stocking open foot finish over her big black hooves.

Mistress Sabrina continued.

“Nobiess has a long history. Was on his earliest years an altar boy for a priest that favored him only to gain access to his sister, the priest impregnated his sister and she committed suicide from the shame. In the 1400’s Nobiess vowed revenge and gave himself to Satan himself! The master of demons, transform him into a beautiful lust demon in order to lure the priest to his own execution.”

“Louisa born long time ago. It was early in the medieval era. She was born in Rome in 542 AD. Her parents had died of the plague and she had been given to a Catholic orphanage – where she growth up. She became into a young beautiful nun, but she was tantalizer by the lustful, when she gets to her fifteenth year. She made a deal with the Devil! She wanted a cock and the Demon gifted her with a long and thick penis – in order to turn all her parishioners to sodomy and sin, especially the young men. A powerful gypsy patriarch cursed her after turning his grandson into a sinner through sodomy and sentenced her to a life of unending old age with the only hope of finding two shemales to break the curse.

“She finally on pass century, more exactly 1962, on San Francisco, USA. She found two young priest Father Peter and Father Todd, ass beating one to another. She blackmailed the young priests and with a powerful spell. She forced them wear latex nun habits and underwent a first transformation. They became into lustful Shemale, fucked Louisa and with his loads sperm into her Mother Superior; the spell was broken and she rejuvenated, her dark transformation advanced to become into a powerful succubus. Finally they drank her black cum, and with that completing his transformation into futa demons as she.”

Both all leave at the feet of the Mother Superior bowed down and licked her heels.

“Let us, daughters of darkness, we must prepare for the ceremony.” Mistress Sabrina said.

We entered together. While the heavy wooden door closed behind us alone, we could hear the loud crunch of rusty hinges. Our heels and hooves echoed on the stone floor as we moved towards the central salon of the church. We arrived at the doors of the main temple hall. In a flash I remembered my first entrance to the temple when Dezrael brought me to receive the dark blessing of the Mother Superior!

Inside the main hall, and was the assistant Mother Superior, my daughters: Sephora, Spermula and Cassi, Dezrael and daughters! Also was Teddy and Tommy; the two creatures who had broken the Louisa curse’s. Two beautiful demonesses were waiting impatiently, when Nobiess entered; they ran to meet her, were her creations.

“The Uppercrrust couple!”

The Nobiess creations, the Uppercrrust couples, all began when Nobiess force, The Reverend Steve, Mr. Uppercrrust to be addicted to her latex dildos. He eat dildo by dildo, meanwhile was become into a beautiful black haired, page cut, shapely young futa with long black nails and black lips. Steve transformation ended when the futa sucked Nobiess’ cock and swallowed her precum then began to slowly sprout black horns on her forehead, black points on her ears and black wings on her back. Her feet grew into black hooves and a small black delta tipped tail popped out near the end of her spine. Her tongue grew long, black and forked as she licked and sucked.

Also some time after Mrs. Uppercrrust was transformed into a lovely, sexy red ruby metal flaked, demon girl! With long red tail, black hooves and black horns on her forehead. Long black clawed hands. Wide always wet cunt with black lips with juicy nice big breast with black areolas and nipples. Her Long black hair achieves the rounded and delicious red ass.

The center of the temple was round and wide, the ceiling contained a large vault where could get sunlight and was covered by a curtain during daylight hours, the floor was carved on the stone the sigil of Baphomet, the five-pointed star also known as The Sabbatic Goat. The name of Samael and Lilith was written on the inner circle and some Hebrew letters at the five points of the pentagram which we would use to summon the Leviathan. In the center of the pentagram a round hole. It was perfectly carved to what looked like a large round stone hollow.

The Mother Superior clapped their hands calling the attention of all.

“Very well, my dear children, today we will be witness a big event! An event that has not occurred in 5000 years! Today our forces will open a portal that allow the arrival of our Mother Lilith She will stay with us for five days; will bless us and strengthen our dark spirits on earth. After that; she will back at her realm.”

Mistress Sabrina said, “The Ritual will begin at 6.00 pm. And I must be very clear on this! As we reach this time, there is much to do. We must place candles and other ritual elements in the correct positions, and prepare ourselves for the encounter with HER! So let’s do it. At each point of the star will be one of us – Maryann, Dezrael, Louisa, Nobiess and myself. The rest will be stand behind us! Each one of you will be distributed on a second circle. It is clear?”

“Yesssss Mistress!” We responded in chorus.

“Well my demonic bitches! Which will be in the inner circle will wear red latex robes with hood, the rest will dress black latex robe.” She said.

Mother Superior continued speaking us.

“You have about ten hours to prepare for the ceremony. At 5.30 pm bell will sound calling to  The Lilims Coven, The Lilth daughters Sabbath. I want that all of you: Maryann, Dezrael, Louisa, and Nobiess come with me to my personal dungeon. The other ones know what should do, all this room must be clean, and all things must be on the right place. My personnel assistant Sinister! She will assign the task that fall to each of you.”

With that Mistress Sabrina retired, we follow her and the others started doing the assigned tasks which Sinister diligently indicated. We all walked in the private dungeon of our Mother Superior, she sat on his throne, inviting us to sit in chairs that formed a circle by her side.

She began speaking to all.

‘“Welcome all my fiendish creatures. My Dearest Harlots of Hell! Today is a very special day! We will together summon Lilith’s presence! On this ceremony will open the portal that allows the entrance of our Queen, The Mother of demons Lilith to our reality. We will receive directly from its original source, her dark blessing!! Do you have any questions?”

“Mistress Sabrina, Could you explain us, how will be the ceremony.” I asked her

“Maryann!! Of course my delicious bitch!!” She answered me and continued: “First and foremost: There shouldn’t have sex or masturbate until the start of the ceremony!! I need to concentrate as much of your sexual energy until the arrival of the time of the ceremony initiation. It’s clear?”

“Yes, Mother Superior!!” We answer.

“Wonderful!!” She nodded, “Each of you will be located in a corner of the star. At our sides will be our creatures our creations two on each side of us. With that we will complete the dark circle. At each point of the star it will be located a chandelier with five black candles. After the invocation began to fill the black hole, our sperm and blood! This must happen before midnight. At that time the reddish light of the Blood moon will fall perpendicularly upon the black hole; a gate of hell will open, and then our beloved Queen will be able to enter our world!”

We listened all excited to her story, my tongue tastes each of her words in anticipation of what would be the end of the ceremony.

Sabrina continued, “When our Mother and Queen will be here with us, The dark Feast will begin, she will choose one of you, between the newest, to accompany her and drink from her dark fountain, the corrupt essence of lustful. After that each of us may lay with her and participate from her delicious ambrosia.”

We talked for a few hours more. As we drank blood drained from one of Sabrina´s victim hanging upside down in her dungeon. She buried several times her fingernail into the victim´s throat; his body fainted, and was collecting the blood from the wound in a large black calyx. All we drank from the same goblet, passing the calix from our clawed hands to other while keeping up a pleasant chat.

It was unveiled part of the great plan: Unleashing the dark forces, spreading their corruption and lust. We were all extremely horny, as harlots in heat. We had a week of abstinence; As Mistress Sabrina demanded us. Only one touch of each other put us on fire; each time shaking more and more! To suppress and control my huge hard on; I whipped several times my big horse cock with a cane.

The rite bell began to ring inviting us to enter the ceremonial room; it was time to begin grand ritual. All got up from our chairs, Mistress Sabrina began to scream with lust, stroking her delicious body with his long black nails. The rest of us started to howl like beast bitches in heat; our inhuman cries would stagger any human being.

We walked towards to the main hall and entered; Mistress Sabrina pointed us where must be located. We was taking the position and we dressing with the ceremonial robe over our bodies, I looked down checking that I were stood within the larger circle with the pentagram drawn within it. Behind us, was five chandeliers, each one with five black lit candles; those filling the room with a faint amber glow.

Our Mistress picked up the large thick antique dusted leather bound book resting on the altar behind her and stood in the larger circle like we did. She gave the book to Sinester her assistant. She was placed in front of the Mother Superior; and the holding the book between her hands like a living lectern. At 6.00 pm the bell sounded six times stronger.

The dark ceremony began. Sabrina open the book where was marked and started to speak loud and clear in an ancient language. She gazes into the Baphomet’s sigil carved on the stone floor. The sigil began to glow bellow. Her eyes began to shinning with soft red light while she speaks loud antique words in a canticle deep voice.

“Marag Ama Lilith Rimog Samala Nanmah!”

Mistress Sabrina faces to North side and yelled, “From the dark pits of the earths, we call you; Black Goddess! Lilith, arise and come forth!”

Facing west, “From the Serpent`s lair in the unholy waters, we call you, Queen of Blasphemy! Agrat, arise and come forth!”

Facing South, “From the mountains and hills, where the Sabbatic fires burn, we call you, Mother of Fornication, Mahallat arise and come forth!”

Face East, “From the black skies of the night, we call you, Princess of Screeching, Naamah arise and come forth!”

Then Mother Superior faced to the center of the dark circle. Next she looked fixedly with her red glowing eyes wide open deep into ours, “The Gates are open wide and the children of Lilith are coming on the wings of the shadows.”

“Lil-ka –Litu! Lilith Malkah ha’Shadin!”

“We invoke you, Goddess of the Moon, Mother of the witches and Queen of forbidden delights! Come forth from the dessert caves of the Red Sea, Come to us! Mother of fornication! Samael´s consort, Ancient Goddess, who rides the darkening crescent across the midnight skies, Mother of Demons! Maiden and Harlot! Princess of Screeching, who flies though the night and screeches in the dessert. Scarlet Whore, who rides upon the back of the Blind Dragon. Sinful Hag! Eros and Tanathos incarnate!”

“Marag Ama Lilith Rimog Samala Nanmah!”

“Hear our calling! Come to our temple of flesh! Appear before us! Mother of the Dark Wisdom. Reveal to me the secrets of your unholy communion. Awaken our senses! Break the shells and dissolve the worlds, as you approach intoxicated by the elixir of the Blood Red Moon!”

“Marag Ama Lilith Rimog Samala Nanmah!”

“You are passion, death and ecstasy
Your mouth drip with fresh blood
Your forked tongue drips with deathly venom
Your eyes are black as death
Your breath is the stench of carrion
Your womb is the lair of the serpent.”

“We call you, Mother of Harlots who holds the chalice with the Blood of the Moon!
We call you, Serpent´s Fire that burns the Veil of Illusions!
We call you, Alien Woman, who seduces and leads the righteous onto the path of fornication!
We call you, Queen of Sheba! Consort of God!
We call you, Bride of the Devil, who rules the Kingdom of Eternal Shadow!
We call you, soul of every living creature,
We call you, End of all flesh, the womb and the grave!
We call you, your Lilims call you! We the darkness daughters call you! Lilith!”

“Marag Ama Lilith Rimog Samala Nanmah!”

Our Mother Superior continued her speech in antique language and that is when it all started. Suddenly we were surrounded by a purple dark light emanating from the circles sculpted on the stone floor. She continued chanting as we felt the air within the circle become thicker. It felt like being submersed in water but easier to move within. The edges of the circle became walls of dark light that we could no longer penetrate like being confined within a large water tank of some sort. Sabrina began chanting louder and suddenly stopped and slammed the book shut, her red shining eyes wide looking towards us across the circles.

“Dies diei agere Matrem Magnam; Reginae nostrae! Fornicationum regina! Obscurum deae! Lilith Dei Genitrix, gratias agere pro omnibus nobis Quis autem gratias. Scimus enim quoniam si non nolo nostris incolumibus omnibus. Es et magnae virtutis valde pulchrum magna imperatricis accipiendi gratia vobis et deinceps excepisse possumus condimentum magis gloriam nomini sancto tuo et in honorem tuum est Sagrada Ardat Lilith, cum devotione et amore; stabimus coram te! Hail Lilith!”

“Today is the day to thank the Great Mother; our Queen! The Harlots Queen! The Darkness Goddess! Lilith our Mother, thank you for all you do for us; thank you for who we are. We know I would not like that if you were not on our side. You are a great goddess and your virtue are very beautiful , great Empress , thank you for accepting and for welcoming us next to you, so we can improve more and more to honor and glory of thy holy name Ardat Lilith, with devotion and love; we stand before thee! Hail Lilith!”

We all answered with a loud, “Hail Lilith!!

Sabrina continued her song of praise.

“Ohh Lilith Mater daemonum!
Indicet nobis de via pessumae vestri sumus; intus non crescat;
volumus expandit alas suas tenebras spero lucem.
Vestri sumus foedus inite damnati meretrices;
Ostende nobis!! Quam quo resurgens Conditor Nos mentum in caelo;
et in plenitudine sancta fervorem excitare!
Volumus tensis corrupti seminis!
volumus qui seminatis super sitis concupiscentia!! Dic nobis!! Ostende nobis! Hail Lilith!”

We yelled loud, “Hail Lilith! Hail Lilith! Hail Lilith!”

“Ohh Lilith Mother of demons!! Tell us about the way, we are your sluts; we cannot grow within you; we want to spread the wings of darkness. We are your dammed harlots; Show us!! How to raise our chin against the heavens; to stir the rage in the holy and good! We want to spread your corrupted seed! we want to sowing your Thirst for lust! Tell us!! Show us! Hail Lilith! Hail Lilith! Hail Lilith!”

“Sub obscuro lumine Luna Rubri, In fuga autem noctuae,
Te invocamus, oh virtus! Lilith, Reginam Noctis!
Fer praesentia devorans, Veniat ad bestiam inferni Samael!
Et tuam ipsius animam, pertransiet carne, Ora pro nobis ad tuum sacrum Dwell!
Sponsa Chaos, Mater tenebrae, Exite cum corona argentea!
Et aperuerit ostium ventris tui, Vagatus terram centum bubus uotis
Filios vestros tollet et filias! Tu enim es itinera Sitra Ahra!
Et super atra faces es, Intra nos profane arulam.”

“Hail Lilith! Hail Lilith! Hail Lilith!”

“Under the Dark Light of the Red Moon, And Under the flight of the Owls, We invoke thee, oh Might.
Lilith, Queen of the Night, Bring us your devouring presence, Come with the Beast of Hell Samael!
Through your soul and flesh, lead us to your sacred Dwell, Bride of Chaos, Mother of Darkness.
Come forth with your crown of silver, And open the entrance to your womb, Spread by the earth the Hecatomb,
Take your sons and daughters, For You are the roads to Sitra Ahra,
And for thy art the black flame burns, inside us profane hearth.”

We were in fire; our eyes shining with lust! Our bodies were in heat! Sabrina takes off her robe and begins to stroke her large dick. Sinister and Spermula knelt beside her and began to masturbate Mistress Sabrina, taking her long cock between their clawed hands and tasting her with their long tongues. Each ones of our dark creations did the same. In Dezrael’s front, were kneeling Brigitte and Ankash both played with her immense horse cock.

On each side of Louisa; Teddy and Tommy began to masturbate her fiercely. Nobiess meanwhile was being sucked by Uppercrrust couple. As for me, Sephora began to lick my dark ass hole with her long black tongue into a prolonged dark kiss, playing with my demonic prostate, while Cassi with her long black claws, massaging and stroking my huge horse cock.

Our eyes began to glow with a dim light, the excitation of all approached, I felt like my body tightened, the air around us became very thick, the Baphomet´s symbol shone with greater intensity. Our bodies convulsing, are trembling, with each managing from our lusty daughters of darkness. A collective climax approached, our Mother superior scream with lust.

“Devil bitches, harlots of hell, cum with me, our dark semen and our blood will open the Dark Portal! We may cum! Cummmmming with meeee! aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

The pressure built and built, until a damn burst inside me erupted from my balls. The first cum release was enormous, causing my whole body clench and release in a mighty orgasm. Our eyes shone with fury and lust, and our bodies shake violent, meanwhile large streams of black thick spunk left our big cocks, but also our breasts dripped large amounts of black milk, and our vaginas and ass, spat streams of black juices, bathing the stone floor that glowed with a purple light.

Our juices running toward the Black Hole, located just in the ceremonial pentagram´s center. The round pool began to fill. I quickly built a second orgasm. I was held captive by the alternating pleasure and pain in both, my cock and breasts. The sensations built and released in an unending cycle with less recovery time between each release. The pain, a little less each time until I was drowning in a sea of overwhelming pleasure. I was almost continuously orgasming as rivulets of liquids ran down my legs.

Our Harlots, continued masturbate us, also they began to fuck hard themselves, and from their bodies began to flow thick jet black juices, contributing with their semen to fill the Black Hole! We unloaded black sperm, with each convulsion from our bodies, our eyes shone with great intensity; the lust dominated our cells; we were all, into a deep trance of lust. The Midnight approached and the Black hole was already a black cum pool. Our Mother Superior took her wrist and bit herself, jets of crimson red blood started coming out of her wound.

Each of us did the same, a river of blood and semen came out of each us, mixing in that dark hole that had formed in the Pentagram´s center. The outer circle behind us shining more and more! A dim red light began to be reflected in the black pool. We were creating The black mirror with our dark seed and blood. Finally at midnight, the light of the Red Moon fell perpendicularly on the black semen pool, and from the edges of the Black Hole pit of hellfire flames emerged, our bodies were all connected in ecstasy, slowly we danced with lust, our eyes shone with an indescribable intensity.

From the Black Pool, began to emerge thick tentacles with penis head, others with a head shaped like a vagina, the tentacles were driving obscenely creeping, crawling on the floor full of remnants of sperm and blood. There were many, thick, viscous, and seemed hungry! Quickly they began to wrap our legs! Our eyes were shining with the intense shine of lust that consumed our bodies. The tentacles began to rise glued to our bodies, bathing with sticky mixture of semen, blood and black viscous juices. The tentacle with vaginal head opened to swallow mi sister´s cock, and those who had shaped penis head began exploring every hole, cunt, ass and mouth.

A large female body began to form on the black pool. She was at least 6 foot tall, a black veil cover her naked body, with large huge firm breasts and strong yet feminine curves. She had what looked to be soft, white skin! The purple light that had previously been coming from the circles on the ground were no longer there. The dark body was drench on black cum! She emerged from the black hole! Her arms outstretched to each side, her body bent forward, she slowly lifted her torso, and their bright red eyes stared at me! Her eyes glowing! Was our Queen! Lilith. Behind her other body emerged, taller than her, heavy muscle shape, with a shiny red skin! Samael!.

She stepped towards me, gently grasped my chin to bring my gaze to her eyes.

“Mhhhhhh, yesssss you are the chosssssen oneee!” She spoke while a wicked smile parting her lips a long forked tongue licking her black lips. Then she said, “I’m Lilith Mother of Demons, Queen of darkness!!, and He is Samael. Maryann! You my daughter of darkness! Will never experience anything like you will tonight.”

I knelt in front her dark beauty, leaned toward her feet, three toes in front ended with huge black claws, a finger backward over a long black claw. My long black forked tongue licked her feet. Showing her, the supreme adoration and my total surrender! She snapped her fingers; on my neck a black wide leather collar appear from nothing and was attached a long silver chain.

She pulled the chain making bow my head and yelled, “Move your ass bitch! Come with us!”

I tried to sit up, the huge, muscular and strong body of Samael, was next to me, I lift my eyes and saw into his eyes filled with fire; he offered me his strong arm and I stand up with his help. We walked together toward the black hole. The Leviathan tentacles that emerged from the edges on the black hole held the rest of my sisters in the dark in a great delight of lust. A spiral staircase was located on the center of the black hole descended into a deepness that was bathed in fire.

Lilith started down the stairs, I walked behind her and Samael followed us closely. We went down; the amber light of the ceremonial hall was lost up in the distance. With great reverence.

I asked Lilith, “Mother with your greatest permit. May ask where we going?”

My dear harlot, “We’re downwards to my bridal chamber in the depths of hell. You must also know that when you back to your reality, you will not be the same!”

Finally we got to stone floor with a wide corridor, torches light up either side, leading us to a heavy door of heavy wood. Our hooves and claws echoed on the stone floor, I followed closely Lilith chain that kept gripped between her claws. Behind us was the imposing, muscular figure of Samael.

Upon reaching the door. Samael was ahead of us and with his powerful arms he opened the heavy doors, leaving us to get in first and closing them behind us again. We entered in a round chambered with a large balcony on one side and a huge bed and two thrones at the other room side. Many torture and pleasure objects like: whips, canes, crops, chains, handcuffs, dildos with thousand shapes and thicknesses was hanging everywhere; the divine room for pleasure and pain!

Where we are Mother? I asked.

She answer me, “You’re in “THE HELL”! My Harlot, on my private chamber, on the underworld depths.”

She cares my face with her large claws, and continue talking, “Come with me a watch the valley of the lost souls!”

We approached to the balcony and she showed me a valley filled with fire and bodies that were crying pleasure and agony. She returned her gaze to the big master bed; Samael sat on his huge throne, with wide open legs and begging for someone that want stroke his demon cock, while watching us with eyes of fire. His huge horse cock was longer and wider than mine.

Come on Maryann. She said, “It’s time to play with you.”

Her tongue hissed and licked the mouth and her red fire eyes glowed with advance lust. We approach to the throne of Samael; she stood in front of him! Samael continued furiously patting the horse cock with his black claws, his skin was bright red like mine, had two huge, thick black horns on his forehead, his face broad and strong cheekbones, his chin very sharp, thick nose, with piercing in his nose.

His face was shaped like a beast; a thick black broad tongue licked his lips, his formidable and thick legs ending in hooves of a goat. The powerful arms ended in hands wide and long black claws. Behind immense wings covered with small black feathers. A huge and wide tail ending in a sword played between his legs. I watched the movements of Lilith’s consort, while my huge tongue licking my lips. Samael rose from his throne. Lilith took my face with her claws, and forced my face to her, my eyes fell on hers!

She then kissed me deeply as Samael stepped behind me and pressed his heavy muscle red body and his large horse cock to mine. Immediately I was erect. Lilith´s black forked tongue then entered my mouth and snaked it’s was down my throat as she began stroking my horse cock with her large, owl clawed hands. At the same time, Samael reached in front of me and began playing with my cock shape nipples. Lilith then began fucking my mouth with her long tongue which began to thicken and expand deep into my throat.

Slowly she snaked her tongue out of my mouth as she worked her way down my body and wrapped it around my straining dick. I felt like a sharp claw, began searching through my legs my ass hollow, was Samael. Meanwhile his wide a sticky goat tongue, was licking my horse cock shape head nipple. Suddenly I felt a tweak in my pelvis as Lilith bit into me, her forked tongue continuing to stroke my length. Her tongue then retracted and she lightly kissed where she had bitten me.

“My venom will give you strength to make sure that your body can survive our treatments.”

She stared before me, while Samael still running his long claws over my trembled body. Then I got my first glimpse of Lilith’s pussy. It swollen with thick dark purple lips and a large red protruding clitoris, at each side of her huge pussy lips, sharp and long fangs like a snake mouth was eagerly waiting for a victim, a thin forked tongue sticking out and licked the edges of the thick lips.

She, with a wicked look told me, “You are going to enjoy this pussy!! I want to feel your big cock inside me!”

Samael stepped towards me; my strength was clearly no match for him. Lilith´s wicked smiling face was suddenly right in front of me and she kissed me while bringing my hands to her enlarged breasts and nipples. She climaxed with my claw hand touch. Then I felt something that was covet for me. Samael’s huge horse cock was pressed between my butt cheeks, poised to penetrate my hungry ass. Precum poured in a stream onto my hole as he pressed his heavy muscle chest into my back and whispered into my ear.

“You´re going to love this, whore.”

Samael picked me up by the waist and I felt the head of her cock begin to push into me. My sphincter spread against my will, but for some reason I was immensely turned on. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life. Lilith`s body was pressed firmly to mine, I could feel her breast pressed into me, as the head of Samael´s penis pushed past the ring of my anus muscle. The pressure on my insides increased as Samael continuously fed his monstrous cock into my ass.

Lilith takes my huge cock into her mouth and began to suck me! My lust building more high, I felt like her mouth and throat walls wrapped around my pole meat, like an anaconda that devour her prey! He slowly pressed forward, inch by inch as I felt his bulging cock roll over my demon prostate. Suddenly I came with a torrential explosion of my black cum gushed deep inside of Lilith’s throat. With that Samael quickly slammed the length of his meat into me and I felt his big bull balls heavy piercing with pointed pins, slapping into my legs. My legs were bleeding, dark blood splash on the floor. Strong hard pain and pleasure was filling my body.

“This won’t enough.” stated Samael.

Suddenly there was a leather bench in front him. He lay on the leather bench and lifting me with his strong arms, onto him. With his huge clawed hands wrapped fully around my waist picked me up and began to slide me, back and forth on his long dick. I was straddled over Samael enjoying his demon cock deep inside me, was in fire, my eyes began to shine with pure lust. He asked Lilith to join us on the bench. I could feel my anus stretching and beginning to loosen as Samael slowly lifted me up and down on his huge horse cock. With each foot-long down-stroke I reached a new peak, cum leaking from my cock, my nerves tingling from within.

Lilith then quickly hopped on top of me, her cunt tongue wrapped my horse cock and research down slid until get my balls and them my own pussy lips, She slid my horse cock into her dripping pussy. While my dick was not nearly as massive as Samael, Lilith´s vaginal walls had tightened causing her to orgasm with her first down stroke. I felt the prick of her sharped cunt fangs on my dick. With her smooth body pressed against mine, my skin was tingling all over from the contact with my demon Queen. Lilith’s pussy was now squeezing my cock inside her juicy cunt as the Samael demon giant meat pole continued reamed my tight ass.

“There you go my bitch, time to be mine.” Samael leered.

Immediately he began to fuck my ass with incredible vigor sending me to new heights as his cock pounded into me while Lilith bounced on my dick from the sheer force of Samael’s thrusts. Orgasm after orgasm rocked mine and Lilith’s body. Samael continued to slam into us. I could feel that my anus had been loosened despite it’s tight grip on Samael’s cock. He began to howl as my body began to tremble from the impending climax.

All of a sudden I felt Samael’s cock expand and bulge as his dick pumped huge torrents of black sticky cum deep into my ass, sending me over a peak I never knew existed. My horse cock began continuously spraying its contents into Lilith´s pussy causing her to climax as well. Samael continued pumping her enormous meat in and out of my ass with his black seed dripping from my ass hole pushing me full of his juices deeper inside me! My belly began to bulge from the immense amount of devilish cum. My brain burst as my balls clasped tight and load after loads of black seed run deep into Lilith’s womb, causing her orgasms so intense that we passed out from the pleasure for few minutes.

I was in fire and want more much more! Then it happened. Lilith looked at me and smiled.


With those words she sat over my face and spread her heavy piercing labia in front my mouth.

She order me, “Lick my cunt my beloved harlot! I want that you going really deep inside me with your tongue, filled me, and clean my inner hellish womb.”

My long forked tongue, opened way between my black lips, was introduced separating her labia, meanwhile her long cunt tongue was wrapping around mine and going deep into my throat. My tongue pushed deep within her womb. My tongue started to get in and out quickly, while black mussel’s juices dripping from her, filling my thirsty throat.

“You’re a real fucking hell Maryann; you train well in your oral arts give pleasure to know a hot slut! Come, come, yeah, yeah, yeah, give more, more, bitchsssss!” She yelled.

Lilith contracted with several strong spasms her unholy cunt, her body began to shake, meanwhile a cascading black cum filled my mouth and began to spill down the sides of my lips as she buried even deeper her pussy on my face.

I lay face up on the bed, trying to catch my breath; my infernal Queen and her consort were just beginning.

“This is just the opening Harlot!” Samael scream me with a creepy laugh.

I said him, “Come and fill me!! I´m starving!! Feed me with your endless lustful!”

He was still stroking his erect cock. His eyes lit on fire glowed even more strongly; Lilith´s eyes were also on fire. Both looked at me with lust, with deep lust. They fell on me like I was their prey, He approached my body, he lift my legs and opened exposing my huge cock and my hungry pussy and ass. Lilith was furiously stroking her clitoris, which began lengthen. She continued stroking with one hand, her increasingly large cock, which began to drip delicious black juice that fell upon my lips, my long and hungry tongue searched the head of her penis, wrapped it and pulled up to my mouth.

Samael’s cock penetrates me with one stroke into my vagina, was deeply sunken, his restless tail looks underneath my ass and penetrated me wildly. As I began to savor the delicious Lilith’s cock, which began to furiously fuck me in my mouth; while its claws stroked my long nipples. Her eyes shone with fire, also Samael ones. She was screaming on pleasure as I sucking her cock hard.

Suddenly her eyes began to cast flaming fire, same was happen on Samael’s eyes, also he opened his mouth and flames of fire began to flow. The flames of Lilith and Samael slowly danced in the air, until finally joined and moved with every convulsion and wrapped in a depth embrace of lust bodies. The bound eyes flames, down into my eyes, searching! My black eyes began to shine with intensity until they were touched by the red flames. I convulse, arching my back, my body tensed; to feel the wave of pleasure that filled my body in contact with the flames that poured from their bodies.

Their demonic energy begins to fill my body, as I felt that energy through my body. They both furiously fucked me in my pussy, my mouth, my ass, and caressed my huge nipples; my demon brain was over helmet! I felt like our bodies cum together in a single abduction of lust, and together were about to reach a climax that never before had been, they looked me straight in my eyes, the flames became more intense, filling my soul with hellfire, an inhuman scream came out of my throat.

Samael and Lilith unison, also shouted a hellish howl that shook the bedroom furniture. Samael black seed filled my hungry cunt. The Lilith’s dense juices filled my throat and stomach. Severe pain rushed through my head, my face, my long claws, and my genitals, pleasure and pain raced through my whole body, my body hammered.

My eyes shine changing from the deep blackness to a dark red shiny fire. They withdrew their cocks from my holes, and from them poured loads and loads of black cum; part of my body remained sunken in a large puddle of black cum. My red body shone with unnatural intensity, full of lust, wickedness; my eyes were intense flames of fire, they smiled at me with a grim smile.

“You’ve filled with our darkest lust, now you are united with us in an eternal loop, you can descend to us whenever you want, you’re already a creature of hell, you’ve bathed in fire hell, your body is undergoing another change, your skills and powers are like ours, have received a baptism in fire and black semen, to finish your transition just need drink my blood.”

And she offered me her wrist. I buried my long fangs into her wrist and started to drink his blood.

“Yesssss drink! Daughter, quench your thirst for knowledge, your thirst for lust! This is the forbidden fruit now you know all you need to know about our origins, your term search, you are now one more of the infernal beasts, you live to corrupt the human soul and drag to eternal lust, that’s your mission, you feed upon human lust as I have done for centuries. Your thirst and hunger are endless as ours!”

Aided by the support of the powerful arms of Samael and Lilith, I get out of bed, she led me to a full-length mirror, as I watched fascinated as my muscles are reformed under my skin; I felt like my body began to change again. From my head two black horns began to emerge on either side, my already long pointed ears grew even more, my long claws lengthened even more, from my vagina and ass two thin tongues emerged licking my body, my crotch, my buttocks. My legs swelled even more defined muscles! Just like my arms.

“Welcome to the Hell, my devilish daughter!”

Lilith took me by the chin and kissed both deeply as our tongues played between them.

“Why we did not try these new dark improvements in your body?” Lilith said while devilish smile crossed her face.

Samael was squeezing my buttocks with his long claws. Lilith took me into bed again and told Samael, lie down, he smiled and did not say anything.

“It’s time for you Samael, you try this delicious cock, she said as she caressed my huge horse cock and you cum slut suck him on! As I want to taste your ass and your pussy at the same time.”

Lilith said that and her hand played with her long dick that began to split in two!

“You are surprised Maryann? We can modify our bodies to give or receive pleasure dear!”

She began stroking her long claws over her two huge cocks. While; I with my long tongue started stroking huge Samael’s cock. Lilith stood behind me, my ass and pussy were totally exposed, anxious to receive her cocks. She approached my body, my newest cunt and anal tongue search out for her cocks, wrapped and pulling both huge cocks into my hungry holes.

She began to catch up with strong movements while I felt like my big cock was deeply swallow by Samael’s throat, I swallowed as well his big cock to its base. My huge tongue sank into his ass, as I wrapped his huge balls. Lilith cocks whoring my holes for immeasurable time, the room was filled with moans, cries of pleasure.

She was in total ecstasy!

Our eyes shone with fire! our every move in a synchronized infernal harmony in search of deeper rapture of pleasure, approaching slowly. Our bodies convulsed simultaneously, my vagina and my ass were filled with delicious black honey Lilith, outputs its very depths, while my cock unloaded all its power in the throat of Samael, while filling my hungry belly with all his dark essence.

She broke off the kiss that we gave to us and said, we must return to your sisters, I turned and saw Samael, Lilith said, the stay here, but you can be with, whenever you want, I kneel before him, and take his huge and delicious cock and sucking it, I gave him a delicious bite, he groaned!

Samael said to me, “You’re a fucking delicious bitch! Anytime you summon me will fill you with my dark juices again. Maryann now you are an infernal bitch!”

I thanked him for his comments, biting his cock with my fangs and drinking some black blood.

“Thanks my demon!”

I got up and then left the bridal chamber, searching the hallway and staircase, which had descended. We returned to the surface, it looked like time had not passed up, I asked Lilith, how long were in her chamber? We were more than six hours dearest, but here in this reality have just spent few minutes! Leviathans taking my sisters were following each hollow pleasure, every erogenous zone of their bodies. Lilith raised her arms and clapped her hands. At that moment the tentacles stopped and began to withdraw. Leviathan, let stand the bodies on the floor, their eyes shone with blissful filled with lust. They moaned!

From their swollen bodies; starts to flow jet of black juice that washed across the floor. Lilith ordered Leviathan back to the depths of hell, the beast began to recede; it huge tentacles emerging from the underworld was retreating, the end of the eclipse is coming and with it the infernal gate will be closed. Lilith was staying with us a few more days until the next coven in six days. So Lilith could share with the rest of her daughters.

She speaks to me, directly into my mind.

“You must back, with your daughters, share with them your newest gift, I would like that you spread the corruption over the famous Convent of St. Agnes. Fill those nuns with our sinner seed. Will be a great challenger for your daughters and you my dammed harlot.”

I nodded, as we walked to her throne, where you would expect the vows and the worship of rest of my sisters. I sat on the left side; the right was reserved for Mistress Sabrina our Mother Superior.

My daughters approached Lilith, licking their paws, after Nobiess and its creatures, Dezrael and theirs, Louisa and her slaves finally Our Mother Superior and her assistant, when Sabrina was to lean; Lilith stopped her, You do not need vow me Sabrina! You are the beginning! Sit next to me! And she took her place. The rest of my sisters and daughters were sitting around us in a circle.

She began to speak to us all here at my sides are: The beginning and The endless, all must work to achieve our seed spreading darkness and lust. Maryann has a task ahead, the rest of you assign to them their duties for the next years.

Lilith said, “I will share my juices to strengthen our ties and increase your powers! Maryann passes me the Goblet!”

So I did. She bit her wrist and filled the cup with her blood, and handed it to the Mother Superior.

She ordered her to drink, “Drank Sabrina, fill your lust thirst, then you spend the rest of your daughters.”