Feature Writer: Adrestia666

Feature Title: Adrestia and Satan by Adrestia

Story Codes: Satanic, Transgender, Transformation, Preternatural

Publishing Date: 03.02.2020

Link to Author: adrestia666@gmail.com

Author’s Notes: I am sending a story to you, one of many since entering the darkness. I was given the gift of prophesy and visions when walking in the light and now it has helped me in the dark.

Adrestia and Satan

I was in some sort of what seemed like dungeon doctors office. There was an exam table the looked kind of demonic and like some sort of torture device, as instead of it being padded it was made of steel and almost like a torture chair.
Now this may not make sense but I remember seeing an article of how some shoot saline into their breasts to pump them up.
The doctor comes over and hits some sort of button on a remote and I feel pressure in my asshole as he has some sort of plug in me. I look at him and he tells me not to worry as it will get worse.
I am a little scared and yet want it. He is naked and his cock hanging at about eight inches soft. He notices and than tells me not to worry also as it will grow when its time. Again I am feeling weird but anticipating something and it is not me, but her inside that wants it.
I am made to sit in the chair and he wraps something over my chest and clamps my wrists and my legs put in stirrups as I feel the cold of the steel against me. He tells me not to worry as it will heat up soon enough.
He plugs something into the chair and hits the remote and I get a shock through me. it is not too much, but enough to take my breath slightly.
“That’ll do.” He says.
He walks away and starts to bring in fluids and intravenous bags and stuff. He asks if I understand the concept of new life being born through the act of insemination?
I give him a weak, “yes,” as he stick a needle in my arm and tells me it will make me feel great.
I start to feel dizzy like I want to fall asleep but he controls the amount and say I will not go out as I will enjoy new life. He than brings over a few things and he has on a stand two bags of fluids that look like milk.
He tells me they are of breast milk, but not just any. You see he is a psychiatrist for the damned, as he calls it. He talks to those who are the nastiest of the nasty who are sluts whore and molester and yes, even satanists.
He sticks needles in both nipples and they start to fill slowly as I feel the pain of the stretch. My boobs start to puff as he tells me that I made a promise to the Dark Lord to give for what is needed.
He tells me those women can not perform their duties so I will make up for them, all of them. Than he hits the button again with a shock given. He slides what looks like a pump on my penis and extracts semen from me as I see on a table, what seems to be a cross between a baster and syringe. It is about seven inches long and seven inches around in thickness.
“What is this you ask.” He says.
And tells me it is the semen of the darkest of the dark that he extracted from them to be used for insemination. He pulls the plug from my asshole as he says it needs to tighten back up a bit.
“We don’t want it loose or baby will not feel it, will she?” He says.
He brings a bag of blood next for a transfusion. He tells me as he puts the needle in my arm it is the nastiest sluts and whore blood he has collected so I can have this become mine in a satanic transfusion and it will become mine as I will become them. I feel the warmth as it enters into me as he tells the spirits to draw from me my blood and to allow this to flow for the sake of Satan. I sit and some more shock treatment as now am breathing heavy as he stares at me and in my eyes.
“Don’t worry young succubi,” he says. “He is almost gone and you will be able to have what you seek…” And he asks how Mike is.
I look at him strange, but no answer. Than she speaks for me and say he is locked away inside.
“Excellent, it is time to feed my girl.” He says.
I feel a shiver from inside like a horny girl wanting seed. The needles are withdrawn from my now pumped and pert breasts as he slaps them. I feel the pain and lick my lips as she is coming alive.
He then grabs the huge syringe and leans over and in my ear whispers, “Mike you are about to inseminate her to help bring her home…” and laughs.
I feel the cold wetness of the tip of it touch my hole as planned so the cold makes me clench and make it tighter and than he shoves it into me as I feel it stretch me. I moan as the pain brings some sort of sensation that is like a high.
“Take this seed of darkness so she can be ready to take her last step for you Lord,” he says.  “Let it bring her out and let her body absorb that in which is dark and lustful,” and he again talks to me inside her, “you see Mike, a woman is bred and her womb will bring new life in the form of a baby, but a sissy will take the seed and it will be absorbed into it but this new life is the person who is using the body. Feel your body absorb it as she becomes real so we can give her to our master in a proper breeding so she will be ready for her purpose.”
He looks again as I notice his cock now hard and it looks like a beer can but longer. I must be about nine or ten inches long and as thick as a can.
“Oh yes, this is gonna hurt,” he says. “But the rewards will be great.”
He then reminds me how a marriage is consecrated so a woman has given herself to her husband and new master. He than tells me he will turn his body over so the Dark Lord himself can consecrate this, and he looks down and closes his eyes and when he opens them I see darkness. He looks at me and in a dark voice tells her he is here and ready to accept her and her body in unholy matrimony.
He pulls the now empty blood bag out of my arm and tells me to feel their dark slutty souls go through my veins as he touches me. I feel dizzier and am all but forgotten as i feel like a slutty girl, and instead of being scared of his big cock I feel I want it and he knows it. He takes off the bindings and lifts me from the chair and lays me on a steel bed and slides into place on top of me and licks up my body and than kisses me as he sticks his tongue down my throat gagging me.
He then suckles my tits and looks at me as he lifts my legs and instinctively I wrap them around him.
“Good girl.” He says.
Then he calls forth all the dark souls that have been put into me to become one with his new succubus and shoves into me as i feel the pain of it tear me apart. I can feel the blood as it rips into me and he tells me it is my cherry being popped. He shoves and pulls out and than again so I can feel it fully. He tells me to imagine the pain we will inflict on those as we harvest them for the dark and shoves deeper and deeper as I almost pass out trying to breath, but he keeps me awake.We go for a bit as my body succumbs and opens up and at this point he can go all the way into me as I feel it.
He looks down at me. “That’s it, that’s where I need to be. now take me into you my girl and let daddy make you his.”
He leans over and kisses me passionately as he takes me til it is time. I feel the heat as he cums deep inside me and I am no longer Mike and he is not the doctor as it is Adrestia and Satan himself in a moment of deep lust.
He pulls out and strokes a few times and shoots all over me, drenching me and than allows himself to go limp. He closes his eyes once again and when he opens them it is the doc back. I see his limp cock dripping his cum and my blood and he notices. He tells me it needs to be cleaned off and we hop to our knees and start to lick it clean and than slide it in our mouth to make it hard again.
We gag as we milk him until he cums and we swallow every bit, but we keep him hard and he cannot understand. We tell him to lay down as his long thick cock is standing straight up we get into position and tell him it is his reward. He moans as he feels himself entering us as we lean over and tell him to taste our sweet milk.
He sucks our breasts to taste the milk of the slut. We bounce i his lap as we ride him and squeeze our muscles to drain him and he starts to shiver and we pulls back and he asks why. We tell him we need more as we start to edge him over and over til he is frustrated and pulls us down and rolls on top of us and pounds us like a toy.
We have brought him to that moment of lust so string as he rips us apart again and than feel him quiver one last time as he moans and releases inside us for a good minute and a half of continuous cum. He falls onto out body limp as he hold him to make sure we get every drop.