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One such person is a Czarina Schmidt. A university student majoring in European history discovers her true self in the Dance of the Amanojaku … the mirror image of a demure and submissive twin, Czarina has a need to seduce, dominate and humiliate her seemingly unwilling sister in a game of voodoo and black sex magic, where the deeps of her depravity know no limits as the perverted rites of wickedness.

Amanojaku — The Twin


Czarina Schmidt walked through the somnolent archive section of the Bibliotheca Palantina, at the old Heidelberg University library. A collection famed for having more than 5,000 books and 3,524 manuscripts. The archive was the home to some very rare and unique publications, some said to be more than a thousand years old.

At this late hour, Czarina was just one of a few students left among the silent racks of oily and woody-smelling manuscripts. The dim light made it difficult for her to read some of the faded gold leaf titles upon the vertical spines of the countless ancient manuscripts.

She was about to call it a night when the sweet fragrance of vanillin and aromatic anisol caught her attention. It drew her to an odd-sized book, shelved just above her eye level. She reached up to retrieve it. She felt along the ribbed spine as she lifted it from between two smaller manuscripts that supported its weight upon the shelf.

Carefully removing it, she could feel its weight and dimension. This was a very aged publication. It seemed to tingle against her palm as she touched its strange covering. Czarina was unsure of its origin. Even the dull metal clasp seemed difficult to identify. Victorian? French Revolution? Islamic? Christian? Pre-Christian?

It was not exactly what she had been looking for; more like it had found her. The latch would not yield to her curiosity, so she carried it to a narrow reading table for a closer examination under the glow of a study lamp. The material had the texture of human skin. Yes, she was familiar with this practice, Anthropodermic bibliopegy, popular in the thirteenth century and even as late as Victorian times; but this was not stiff like the leathery versions she had encountered before.

She remembered that the use of human skin was less used by Esoteric Studies, sorcerers, and black magic … a myth-busted some time previously, but ironically more popular with pious and religious doctrine. This was something else with a pattern she could only describe, as the blind embossing that was intrinsically phallic.

She would take it back to her room. A strange thought for a conservative girl that always followed the rules, as this was not permitted. All publications of the Bibliotheca Palantina were supposed to be under strict climate control, as moisture and temperature changes could adversely affect their condition. Its oversized and awkward shape would make it difficult to conceal as she exited the library. But Czarina had made her mind up.

Even through the material of her shawl, her fingers pricked with the paraesthesia of pins and needles. She slipped through the library’s less-used northeast exit. Nobody had given her a second look — she blended in — she was just another student strolling across the old Gothic campus towards the Erasmus Students Residences, where she shared a two-bedroom apartment on the third floor with her twin sister, Veronika.

The small apartment was empty when she arrived back. Her mirror-image sister was probably still out with her wild friends, partying in some beat-throbbing club, drinking herself blind, smoking weed, and acting promiscuously. Though they looked alike, their personalities could not have been more different … Czarina the virtuous and Veronika the slut!

She closed and locked the internal door to her room. There was something magical about this manuscript. It had an unusual energy. Czarina remembered in Necromancy, the so-called procedures for getting divination from the dead and having conversations with spirits were not called spells back then, but, “Experiments.” She wondered if the strange book was some kind of spiritual experiment, as it did not seem to fit any of her previous encounters with so-called enchanted publications. She checked the door again, privacy at last.

She sat up on her bed, propped up against the wooden headboard with the manuscript placed upon her lap, whilst she examined the closed metal clasp. Her fingers fumbled for a few minutes, taking care not to break it in an effort to overcome this minor stumbling block, “Slowly does it …’ she thought.

The pages of the manuscript vibrated with an increasing power against her lap. The sensation grew so intense that it made her clitoris erect and her vagina throb with miniature surges of unexpected sexual excitement.

A deeply recessed memory of her twin sister, Veronika, bubbled to the surface from her unconscious mind … she could see them both, as little eight years, playing together … Czarina had always been a very smart child, fast to learn to read and comprehend, and certainly much faster than her sister.

She had found her father’s secret stash of pornography and had become obsessed with the things that she had seen, especially between young women. She had read about something called, “Incest,” and had had the idea of coercing her more naïve sister into it. It all began when she introduced the idea of playing a naughty game, while their mother and father were out … a naughty game that she had instigated knowing full well what she sexually desired.

When Czarina had caught her twin kissing the full-length mirror, Veronika had sheepishly explained that she was practicing kissing boys. Czarina seized the opportunity and offered that she could practice on her. It made sense, as they were twins — it would be like kissing the mirror — only the mirror would be kissing you back right?

Veronika reluctantly agreed and Czarina eagerly pressed her soft lips against her sister’s. It felt wonderful. They kissed gently for what seemed ages, holding each other close. Czarina stroked her sister’s back beneath her top and along the top of her thighs. When Veronika purred like a cat. Czarina pushed the tip of her tongue against her sister’s lips, parting them gently to allow her dominant sister to probe into Veronika’s delicious little mouth. Soon their tongues moved back and forth freely between each other in an open mouth kiss.

As Czarina kissed Veronika, she imagined doing some of the things she had seen in her father’s magazines … the very young girls sucking each other’s breasts, licking hairless pussies, legs scissored as they rubbing their clits. Czarina’s hand snaked up the front of her sister’s blouse and began to rub her soft little mounds. Veronika looked confused but not unhappy. She asked Czarina what she was doing, and Czarina said that this was all part of a new game to practice, what she called “sexing” each other.

Veronika had felt funny and had wanted to stop at the kissing part, but Czarina was much too manipulative to let it stop there. Czarina had imagined doing many other, “Sexing,” things with her twin, and in the pretense that it was only practicing, she convinced her sister to get naked a lie in bed with her.

Czarina had forgotten it all, but now she had a full recall. She remembered that rubbing against her twin had felt better than incredible. She continued to kiss her sister’s neck and shoulders as she laid on top of her, breast to breast, pussy-to-pussy … suddenly the metal clasp that held the manuscript closed, simply yielded.

A whitish moonlight seemed to fill her vision, blinding in its intensity and brightness … Czarina was no longer laying on top of her bed, but found herself in a wooded clearing, in a place that felt familiar … maybe a place from her childhood maybe … a magical or enchanted grotto … or somewhere from a childhood fairy tale? She was not sure.

Czarina could make out the waifish figures of six dancers, cavorting in a circular motion. Their deosil was slow and deliberate. Their hands clasped loosely together. She was shocked at their acomoclitic naked forms, bathed in the descending moon that shone upon the like a giant spotlight upon them. They were akin to what Czarina would imagine angels to be … with delicate white wings extending from the center of their backs with long white hair that descended to the waists.

As she looked closer they seemed to be emaciated as she as shoulder blades were prominently sharp and their ribs and spines could be clearly seen. They released their handhold on each other and their separate slender forms moved with innocuous grace and beauty … one turned to face Louise and beckoned her to join their circle … Czarina felt mesmerized; draw forward willing or not … she became aware of her own nakedness for the first time as the moonlight illuminated her body.

Czarina found herself kneeling in the center of the circle. That’s when she first noticed that the angels were all hermaphroditic. Without any warning, their dance quickly began to change with a slow and deliberate salaciousness. Their hands no longer moved in gracefulness, but instead, they all began to caress their small breasts and naked genitals, arousing both themselves and each other. Czarina could but stare in disbelief. Their flaccidness was replaced with tumid organs that banana-bent outwards and upwards.

They all chanted blasphemously over and over as they began to masturbate and dance around Czarina in lewd and vulgar thrusting movements. They whispered obscenities that only excited Czarina even more. Czarina realized she was surrounded by the fallen … they were demons that were offering her a dark and illicit choice as they beckoned her saying —

“Dance with us and you will receive the gift of your darkest desires …”

Czarina blinked as if waking from a micro-sleep. She was back in her bedroom, still lying against the headboard of her bed, with the manuscript across her waist. She was highly aroused. Her pussy burned with a wanton delight that sent shivers up and down her entire body. Czarina’s heart beat faster as she quickly stripped naked, and sat on the bed as she had down before, but purposefully placed the manuscript against her dripping wet sex … she was rewarded with a pre-orgasmic bliss that penetrated her entire pudendum.

“Aaaarrrgghhhh …”

She groaned lewdly to herself and opened the manuscript. Glancing down at the open page she could see an illustration of two beautiful young twin sisters, no more than eight-years-old, alike in features and body … caught in a naked embrace, their bodies entwined, their mouths together in a Sapphic kiss.

Czarina’s fingers twisted beneath the manuscript to penetrate her wet fuck hole.

“Oh my god, this couldn’t be?”

The images of the girls even looked like her sister and she had done at that age. The drawn figures had the same slender build, shoulder-length hair, and flat chests. She knew that this was wrong, but at the same time, she connected her repressed memories and recognized that she had fantasized about her sister in a sexual way many times before — in those private moments it was the one thought that always succeeded to take her over the edge … incest… delicious incest … deviant incest … they would know each other’s bodies — know how to please each other. It was forbidden. So fucking taboo.

She turned the page, to find the next spread filled with highly pornographic drawings of the two sisters, they looked older and had now developed breasts and pubic hair. Pictured in various sexual positions, pleasing each other with fingers, tongues and their legs scissoring together in unabated tribalism. Czarina orgasmed at the sight of her dark fantasy playing out across the pages.

Panting from exhilaration, she turned another each page to the jolt of new kink. This time the illustrations showed the same twins fornicating together and other very young girls. The sisters were instigating them in some form of initiation ritual in which their sexual coercion, corruption, and debasement seemed to be the objective. Czarina shuddered again in explosive orgasmic delight … cumming hard against her fingers and the vibrating manuscript as the Dance of the Amanojaku had consumed her soul.

Czarina’s breathing finally slowed. She had pushed the manuscript from her lap. She hated herself for how she had seduced her own kin. Momentarily, she had a feeling of self-loathing and disgust that was punctuated by a deep sense of guilt and shame. She loved her sister.

They had shared most things in their eighteen years of life, up until college. But then again she could not ignore how alive it made her feel in the thought of seducing her twin once again. Just as she had done when they were children.

She wanted that feeling of being in power over her again — that Veronika was hers, only hers, to do whatever she wanted to do with — at that moment, she realized her darkest desire was not only to rekindle the bonds of sisterhood but to make Veronika her incestuous lover, to do obscene, vile and disgusting things together — to bear the next generation and to inculcate them at a very early age into the twins’ incestuous sex fantasies, willing or not.




It was late by the time Veronika got back to their apartment. Though she was still very drunk, she managed to get inside without making a lot of noise.

Veronika was still dressed in her thigh-high boots with their metal stiletto heels, hipster pants, and leather bra top that displaced her heavily tattooed and pierced body. Veronika’s heavy-handed white foundation looked ghoulish with her black eyeliner and contrasting red lips, all framed by her fiery red hair. Her peaked cap, swastika armband, long black gloves, and iron-cross choker screamed, “Nazi fetish.” It was a very controversial look, but Veronika liked it, not specifically because of the social taboo, but because it asserted her preference for kinky sex.

She knew if she woke her strait-laced sister, she would make a scene the next day.

“… Oh yer and fuck it was Sunday, the day the stupid bitch goes to church and prays and all that shit … prays to her God Almighty to make her vagina even tighter …”

Veronika stifled her laugh. She noticed her sister’s bedroom door ajar and peered into the darkened room. Her twin was asleep on top of her bed.

The place smelt funky, something putrid like stale piss or vaginal discharge. She noticed that her sister’s nightshirt was twisted up around her waist and from where Veronika was standing, the light from the doorway fell across her sleeping form, giving her sister an eyeful of her exposed crotch.

Veronika crept inside and knelt down next to her sister’s sleeping body. She could hear her slow repetitive breathing. Not snoring, but the depth of her sleep was obvious. Veronika removed her long gloves and couldn’t resist rubbing her finger along the delicate folds of her sister’s labia. It felt really kinky. Fucking nasty. “Fuck it makes me feel horny … stupid little bible girl gets a finger fuck from her tasty twin,” Veronica thought.

Veronika lent across carefully the bedclothes. This time she licked her sister’s pussy, pushing her pierced tongue shallowly into the folds of her sister’s flesh. Her pussy tasted like dry sweat and menstrual blood. Maybe it was just the alcohol, but she wasn’t really sure why she was doing this, only that it was making her incredibly turned on. She slipped her hand into her pants and quickly found herself exceedingly wet. She licked her sister again only to find her sister’s slit had become very moist with sexual secretions, “The dirty church bitch likes being licked out …”

As she performed cunnilingus on her corpse-like sister, her arousal intensified ten-fold and strong spasms erupted as fingers found her clitoris. Doing this to her sleeping sister was an incredible thrill. Her sister tasted as nasty as her own. She’d sucked her cunt juice fingers so many times. But it did feel strange to lick out her twin and find they tasted the same. She sat back just as her sister stirred. Her sister groaned out loud but didn’t awaken, but instead parted her thighs even further, giving Veronika even greater access.

Veronika felt wicked, “Fucking Jesus cunt bitch …” she thought. Veronika’s hand pressed harder against her own wetness sinking three digits as deep as they could reach inside herself, “Fuck this is nasty …” She let her tongue penetrate even further inside her comatose kin. Savoring the tangy juices she lapped carelessly over her sister’s erect clitoris causing her to moan frequently in her REM restlessness.

She replaced her tongue with the three-ringed and tattooed fingers of her free hand. Meanwhile, her mouth trailed downwards until it reaches her sister’s puckered pink anus. It smelt nasty. She was rewarded with the bitter sharp taste of a dirty hole. She pushed her tongue hard against her sister’s sphincter and found like easily slipped an inch inside her rectum. Her sister moaned as if in a sleepy orgasm. Veronika suddenly came.

“Oh fucking Jesus Christ fucking Mother Mary,” her orgasm was strong.

The drink seemed to strongly influence her ability to make sense of what she was truly feeling or any sense that she could be violating her own kin. All she could think was the intensity of her orgasm was off the scale.

Veronika almost fell back on her long pointed heels, not quite believing what she had just done. Czarina still seemed to be fast asleep … still spreadeagled.

“Fucking holy skank, you taste fucking nasty bitch …”

She slipped back out the door and into her own room … to furiously masturbate again and again remembering what she had just done to her own sister.

It was late in the morning when Veronika rose. She desperately needed a shower. She stunk of sex, booze, and cigarettes. Her sister’s door was closed, so she quickly skipped naked into the bathroom for a hot shower, “A lazy day of rubbing my cunt.” With her sister at church, to teach her stupid little Sunday school class for the kids from the state-run orphanage, she would probably masturbate all morning. She loved to finger herself whilst looking at perverted porn on the Internet.

She had on many occasions fantasized about impersonating her sister. She would dress like a nun. She pictured herself teaching the class from a different bible — the Satanic Bible — getting the young fucking orphans to strip naked, to play with themselves and each other, “Fucking hot.” She would have them performing perverted sex acts culminating in an orgy devoted to the Devil. The authorities would blame it on the church and her stupid sister.

But as she left the bathroom, Veronika could feel the eyes of her twin sister, follow her as she pranced barefoot across their lounge room floor from the steamy bathroom towards her bedroom. A towel covered her wet hair and her damp body wrapped in another. Usually by now, she would be gone, but instead, she sat by the window dressed in a short dressing gown.

“Hey, no church today sis?” Asked Veronika casually.

Veronika was still horny as hell from the night before, she had resisted the urge to touch herself in the bathroom as she was hoping Czarina would leave her alone to masturbate in the comfort of their living room.

“What’s it to you? Need some time alone?”

As her sister stood up, Veronika noticed her gown fall open from the front, exposing her newly pierced nipples and her sex shaved down into the shape of an inverted cross. She could not believe that her conservative sister would ever do anything so blasphemous.

Fuck it was hot.

If it had been anyone else, she would have thought it just cool — But on her Jesus-loving sister — it just seemed so wrong it even more deviant. It was then that she also noticed a large book she held under one arm.

“If you want to play with yourself, don’t mind me,” added her twin.

Veronika felt completely stunned. She’d never heard her sister talk that way. It all seemed a little vague through the alcohol blur, but she clearly remembered getting off on eating her sister’s asshole out. She did not think her prudish sister actually knew what. “Play with yourself,” meant. She probably thought it too sinful! Her new look combined with her blatant talk was actually having an effect on Veronika. Something in the back of her mind made her feel a sense of déjà vu with a prickly sensation that made her cunt wet.

“Maybe I’d like to watch or even join in?” suggested her sister as she openly rubbed her sex in front of Veronika, “Incest makes me so fucking horny?”

Veronika’s damp towel fell from her body onto the lounge floor, leaving her completely naked. At first, it felt rather strange being nude in front of her twin sister. Her hand slipped between her legs as she matched the provocative stance of her sister.

Yes, it had been years since they had played not so innocently naked together in the bath as children … Yes, she remembered a time when they had both explored their preteen interests, sexuality together, and their identical shape and features … YES she remembered their secret sexing game … YES she felt excited under her sister’s unflinching stare … YES, vivid memories that that both must have repressed came flooding back; nasty, perverted and taboo … YES she wanted it all again with her sister and Mistress …

“So now you recall?” asked her audacious twin.

Veronika nodded as they both stood about two feet apart, both identically playing with themselves.

“Yes, I remember our sexing game,” replied Veronika with mock coyness.

“Come here and kneel before me — lick my pissy pussy just like last night — and taste how fucking wet I am for you?” her twin commanded.

Veronika blushed in shock at being caught out.

“You weren’t sleeping were you?”

Her sister laughed. Veronika felt a strange power emulating from her twin — a power over her that actually excited her more than anything she had experienced since they were little children.

Veronika fell to her knees and waited in wild anticipation in front of her evil twin. Czarina shed her robe and stood completely naked over her. Dominating her. She rested her left hand upon the back of Veronika’s head and pushed her gently forward to meet the angle of her narrow hips so that Veronika’s mouth made contact with Czarina’s blasphemously shaven pussy.

“Kiss my incestuous cunt sister — show me how much you want me,” she suggested and Veronika enthusiastically sucked on her twin’s mons, “Suck my clit — lick me out and taste my cunt slime!”

Veronika pushed her tongue into her twin’s hot pussy using the piercing to tease her to the edge of orgasm. She sucked her slit, dragging her tongue upwards between her fat labia, drawing the flat part of her tongue over her sister’s sensitive clitoris.

“Aaarrghhhh … fucking hell … aragggghhhhh…” moaned her twisted twin as she began to cum over her sister’s face, squirting a gush of her juices everywhere.

They kissed wildly sharing their bodily fluids.

Veronika retrieved the manuscript.

“What is this?” she asked.

“It is what brought us back together.”

“I don’t understand?”

“I believe it is enchanted. Magic. Both … Can you feel it makes you horny just holding it?” Veronika nodded, “I don’t know exactly how it works, but I imagined having sex with you and it happened. Open it for yourself.”

“The clasp is locked. It won’t budge.”

“That’s it … I think the way the magic works is that to unlock it, you have to fantasize … fantasize about your darkest sexual fantasies … you have to open your mind.”

“Cool,” Veronika closed her eyes for a few moments and the lock sprung open.

“Amazing Veronika — What did you think of?”

“I just imagined the both of us going and visiting the Voodoo Mother— the Black Kalfu — I saw her pitch-black body, large nigger breasts with her necklace of human bones, and the bright pinkness of her cunt flesh. She was in the middle of a ritual involving the molestation of a very young girl, maybe about eight years old … offering her essence to her evil voodoo spirits in return for Bacalou’s gift.”

“What is Bacalou’s gift?”

“Bacalou is a moon demon whose evil gift is the most potent of all orgasms.”

“What did we do when we caught her in the act?”

“We did what I have always fantasized about … we joined in!”

Veronika opened the page and staring back at them both, the manuscript had faithfully captured Veronika’s evil dream — only they were just molesting a single child — but offering a dozen or more tiny human sacrifices to appease the voodoo witches’ sexual demons. The girls both masturbated frantically, gushing their cum over the perverted pages of the manuscript. They would be visiting the Black Kalfu very soon.




The neighborhood was a complete slum filled with poor migrants, mostly Turkish, Arabic, and Negro. Crime was rife and everywhere Czarina looked were signs of degradation and vandalism.

Broken glass, used condoms and garbage littered the dimly lit subterranean corridors. The few remaining fluoric lights flickered and buzzed like angry insects. This was syringe central. Nobody came to this part of the city unless they were looking to score, fuck crack whores or die.

Czarina and her twin sister, Veronika, dressed Nazi chic, their cunts and nipples exposed. They descended the filthy stairwell that stunk of human waste.

They came to a lower landing, where the door was marked with the sign of a crescent moon. This was the mark of the Black Kalfu. They knocked and waited. A tiny pinprick of light announced that they were being watched through a small spy hole.

“We bring a gift for the Black Kalfu,” announced Czarina.

The door opened and a pretty young nigger girl, naked to the waist, silently ushered the twins inside. Between her flat breasts was tattooed a small skull and crossbones … the sign of her allegiance to Bacalou, a Haitian voodoo evil spirit.

“The Priestess will judge you.”

Inside, the place stunk of putrid smells of decay. Void of any natural or artificial lights, only large black candles illuminated the damp walls that were covered with peeling wallpaper and spray-can-graffiti. The air vibrated with the persistent beat of Haiti drums and the groans of naked young nigger-boy being anally fucking by a nigger transsexual in the center of the room on an oversized bed, their grunting efforts were being appreciated by a crowd of two dozen shady onlookers, some touching themselves as they watched.

The young girl made her way to the side of the bed so that she was close to the transsexual as she lay on her back fucking the boy as he rode her long black cock. Her libidinous body arched magnificently as her deeply penetrating thrusts pumped in and out of her nigger boy lover. Her face displayed her obvious enjoyment of fucking him extremely hard. Czarina could feel herself get wet between the legs watching the dirty niggers as they fucked faster and harder to match the sounds of the drums as they accelerated their tribal rhythm.

The young girl coyly whispered something in her ear and the transsexual seemed to be almost in orgasm. She groaned in complete frustration and athletically pushed the young male off of her as she sat up, looking fiercely at the twins. Her long black nigger cock bounced against her stomach, still dripping with a combination of freshly ejaculated semen and nigger ass juices.

“Move. Get out! All of you get out now!” the black transsexual snapped, moving fluidly to the end of the bed nearest to the twins.

The confused crowd quickly disbursed leaving just the young girl, the tranny princess, and the twins. Czarina voyeuristically stared at her slim body that was drenched with perspiration and reeked of nigger sex.

“Gift for d’Goddess? Yew fuck’n Nazi trush, think d’Black Kalfu wants anything from d’likes of yew white sluts?” she spat in heavy Creole.

“The Goddess is expecting us. If you fuck with us, she will not be pleased,” said Czarina quietly and confidently.

Her demeanor seemed to get through the aggressive tranny for a moment — almost taken aback at Czarina’s coolness — her bright eyes danced across the tranny’s long dripping cock and large hairless balls

“You are a Priestess of the Goddess. You do her bidding. And she would be highly appreciative of you delivering us to her,” followed Veronika in their ‘good-cop-bad-cop’ routine.

The twins flanked her. Veronika stepped behind her, while Czarina stepped in front. Czarina embraced the heavily perspiring Priestess, pulling her close and pushing her vagina against her cock, as she kissed her full on the mouth. At the same time, her twin sister embraced the Priestess from the rear. Veronika’s mouth sucked and licked at the nigger sweat that ran down her neck as she reached around her body fondling her pert breasts and rubbing herself against her damp ebony bottom.

The Priestess returned Czarina’s kiss, pushing her tongue into her mouth and accepting the caresses from the sexy twins.

“Yew white Nazi shit are fuck’n hot. Maybe ayes wrong to judge yew too quickly. Jouir (Enjoy/Come) let’s get more comfortable … Hmmmm.”

The three climbed onto the bed. The Priestess moaned as Czarina took her hard nipple into her hot mouth while her sister began licking out the semen and shit from her rigid black weapon. The Priestess accepted the onslaught of pleasure as if it were her privilege, gyrating her hips on Veronika’s face. Czarina moved up her body until her dripping cunt hovered over the nigger Priestess’ face.

“Lick me out you nigger fuck! You stink like shit! You need to be taught some manners…” Laughed Czarina.

She dropped her full weight upon the woman’s face — just as Veronika bit down on her cock head — the Priestess screamed in agony and joy as she was smothered by Czarina’s cunt. She tried to fight them, but the twins were much too strong, “Die you fucking nigger slave,” Evil coursed through their veins.

“Abuse her … Castrate her … Kill her … if you want. I’d enjoy watching the two of yew. But I have something much more sublime in mind,” it was the Black Kalfi, her ascent similarly heavy as the Priestess.

The Black Kalfu was known as the Goddess of Night City, some called her Oshun, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of Sex. She walked into the center of the room as if on a Milan or Paris catwalk. Her poise was Royal. Czarina let go of the struggling Priestess, who immediately broke free to crawl off the bed.

“By Erzulie, our goddess of love, beauty, and dance … know that in this dark place, it is d’Kalfu decides who lives … who dies.”

“Goddess … I …” Stammered the Priestess, flush with anger, embarrassed that the twins go the drop on her.

She raised her hands to cast a magic curse.

“Cesser! (cease),” shouted the voodoo goddess.

“But …” objected the Priestess.

“D’aye be no hex!” ordered Kalfu.

The twins climbed from the bed and approached the Black Kalfi, who opened her long ritual gown covered with black beads, human bone fragments, and black feathers. Revealing her heavily tattooed ebony nakedness beneath. Around her neck, she wore a choker of cowries shells, and dangling beneath it a large inverted cross that hang over her disproportionately hefty breasts. Her wiry body glowed with black magic.

Czarina and her sister knelt before the voodoo succubus, who thrust her hips forward. The stink of nigger sweat and sex was overwhelming. Czarina knelt up and gave the Black Kalfu’s cunt a quick tongue bath. Her cunt tastes of nigger shit and semen. Her twin did exactly the same. Satisfied with their ritualized subservience, she closed her gown and indicated that they should stand.

“You have brought me d’Manuscript?” asked Kalfi.

“Yes, Goddess. As we said we would,” replied Czarina.

The young girl shuffled forward with the heavy manuscript in her arms.

“Excellent,” affirmed Kalfu, as she looked approvingly.

She beckoned the girl to her side and examined the manuscript for herself.

“And your end of the bargain?” said Veronika expectantly.

She knew they could do anything they wanted with the Black Kalfu’s blessing —‚who was also well known for her black sex magic and sexual cannibal practices — nobody messed with her. Even the police kept well clear.

“Bien sûr (of course). My Priestess will show us the way,” ordered Kalfu.

The rather disgruntled Priestess led the way ahead of Kalfu with the tiny nigger girl in tow. The twins followed them back out into the dark corridor, as Priestess led them towards Kalfi’s inner sanctum. The basement was a twilight labyrinth of narrow corridors and many rooms bathed in sleazy red light — a subterranean brothel where anything and everything goes — the sounds of sex, torture, and drug-induced-misery sweated from the very walls of this voodoo hell. Czarina and Veronika caught a glimpse here and there were naked bodies, men, women, and transgender.

They came to a place watched over by two males dressed in black gowns wearing ritualistic masks that obscured their identity. They bowed, parted, and opened the large double doors.

Once inside, the doors the two males closed behind them, closing out the chaos of the slum brothel behind them. They both stood to attention like tribal gargoyles awaiting further instruction from their Goddess. There was a candle-lit feast laid out upon long wooden tables and the air was thick with aromatic smoke.

The decor was a confused but exotic collage of French-Rococo blended with African tribal influences — the touches of Vodou masks and skulls added mysticism to the rich dark carpets and fabrics — a boudoir of blood and gold. There were paintings of the Black Kalfi on the walls. She appeared younger than she looked today, though the painting themselves were ancient, much older than possible for the difference in her appearance, “She knows the secret of slowing the aging process?” Though Czarina.

At the center of the octagon-shaped room was a gilded cage. Czarina approached it but stepped back once she’d seen its contents. Inside were a number of long black snakes that hissed as they slithered across each other in constant movement.

“Serpents diaboliques (evil serpents),” answered Kalfu to their unasked questions, “Bring d’Manuscript?”

The nigger girl brought the manuscript to her mistress, who sat upon a throne of human bones. She ran her hand across the skin-like surface. Her face expressed the sensation that the twins knew she would feel — the dark magic crackled around her — the dark trade would be done. The twins moved closer together. Czarina could still taste the bitterness of her foul succubus cunt. She was imagining her sister’s vision of the Voodoo Mother molesting an offering to Bacalou, “Oh Bacalou, pervert demon.”

“My Sister had a vision of the three of us. A ritual. A girl. The Gift.”

“Le coq de démons serpents … Yew seek d’Bacalou’s gift?” replied Kalfu, her hand moving beneath her long black gown as the manuscript effects took hold, “Le démon lune (moon demon) does not bestow this gift so easily. And yew must know that it is l’orgasme ultime (the ultimate orgasm) — how d’say? — More powerful than any aphrodisiaque. More addictive than any de drogues dures (hard drug). After which nothing else sates.”

“I have seen it in my dreams,” said Veronika, her hand openly touching her wet sex that pouted above her long seven-inch stiletto boots.

“The price is votre âme (your soul) … are you prepared to pay?”

“My soul is already bartered. We know what you know. It is just a ritual away.”

“Et vous (And you)?”

Kalfu looked at Czarina.

“I share everything with my sister. Our dark journey has already begun.”

They kissed and fingered each other.

Kalfu smiled her arousal heating further.

“Then we are all malfaisant (evil) kindred. Yew shall have your ritual. We will make d’offering. Yew will feel the power of magie sexuelle noire (black sex magic).”

Kalfu signaled to the Priestess, who opened a wide side panel to the far end of the room. Czarina’s mouth watered at the sight of a group of naked nigger children cowling against the floor of their enclosure. “The Devil lives here.”

“We will need a special offering tonight — something a little harder to come by — offrent des sacrifices (bring the sacrifice).”

The two males opened yet another panel and retrieved a young white girl, no longer that nine or ten years old. She wore a simple white tunic and her feet were bare.




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