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AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is the follow-up to a story that I originally wrote back in February 2015. I always meant to come back and do some more with the characters and the whole O.T.O and Aleister Crowley subject matter — for those purists — please take this as just adult fiction — https://littlesally666.com/nefarious/

Nefarious 2


Definition of NEFARIOUS; from Latin Nefarius “wicked, abominable, impious,” from nefas “crime, wrong, impiety,” from ne- “not” (see un -) + fas “right, lawful, divinely spoken,” related to fari “to speak”. Related: Nefariously. Adjective: to be evil; wicked; sinful.

Following the death of his mother and the arrival of the Oriental governess, Lewis and his younger sister, Louise, are both propelled into a nefarious world of the Ordo Templi Orientis. It is a deeply disturbing and perverse setting for the two preteens.

About the Ordo Templi Orientis

Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) (‘Order of the Temple of the East’ or ‘Order of Oriental Templars’) is an international fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century. English author and occultist Aleister Crowley has become the best-known member of the order.

Originally it was modeled after and associated with European Freemasonry, such as Masonic Templar organizations, but under the leadership of Aleister Crowley, O.T.O. was reorganized around the Law of Thelema as its central religious principle. This Law—expressed as “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” and “Love is the law, love under will” – was promulgated in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law.

Similar to many secret societies, O.T.O. membership is based on an initiatory system, father to son, mother to daughter, with a series of degree ceremonies that use ritual drama to establish fraternal bonds and impart spiritual and philosophical teachings.


It was the early hours of the morning when I awoke. Or at least I thought I was awake? I was still in that place between sleep and awake, where you are not quite sure what is real. My body was saturated in a sticky sweatiness that cooled me in the strong breeze that made my drapes dance back and forth. Outside the sky was blue-black and only the thin crescent illuminated my bedroom around me.

In my semiconscious state, I was recalling all that I had experienced the day before as if it was still happening around me. I no longer felt that sense of conflict about it – but feared what would become of me in consequence. Should I not be struck with lightning from my accursed Messiah or did these malevolent spirits bless me?

The young boy’s face was flushed and stained with recent tears. I could see the sheen of wetness down his cheeks and the redness of his dispirited eyes. He had been abducted by the Orientals a week prior. The boy was just another common street urchin, nothing special, a homeless child, no older than myself. They knew that no one would miss him; after all, he was a nobody. I also knew he was not alone. They had kidnapped others, more destitute children, and brought them to our grotto – their fate hung in the balance at the hands of the perverted Governess.

Again, I heard his scream from the thrall. The nubile young boy twisted and turned against the heavy metal manacles as he hung helplessly upright before their malicious sex idol. The Orientals danced naked about him possessed in pagan worship while my own sister performed oral sex upon him. Sounds of his anguish had filled the grotto as the Governess had taken her depraved pleasure, sodomizing him in ritual veneration to their evil demon god.

All that time I had not moved. I had been frozen, hiding for what seemed like an eternity behind the huge wooden idol as their scandalous activities ensued around me. I was deeply ashamed of what I saw, but incredibly aroused by it too. My rock-hard cocklet pulsed and pressed urgently against the inside of my pants. I was wet with pre-cum as I could not help but touch myself. I felt helpless to aid the poor boy as he was raped firstly by the androgynous Governess and then by her twin disciples. Would I have actually aided his escape? Or assisted the Governess and the twins? Or even more disturbing, I questioned, would I have raped him too? Was I in complete denial of my true nature?

These more baser, more intrinsically evil instincts seemed to overtake me. Control me. Will me. I think I would have remained inert, hidden behind the wooden idol, like a shield from my own conscious thoughts if the Governess had not called for me. The boy looked limp as she forced her cock into his impossibly tight rectum. I was waiting for her to pound him with her delicious cock, impale him for her venereal pleasure, but she did not. Instead, she withdrew her feces-stained cock and called my name. My name.



“Lewis. Come to me!”

Sheepishly I exposed myself. My face burned with shame and fear. I was not part of their evil game. I was a good boy, a Christian boy, a God-fearing boy — a boy that my mother would be proud of. I wanted to run away from it all. My legs felt heavy and languish, while my mouth was dry and parched.

“LEWIS … Come and kneel naked before me,” she commanded, “For I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge and Delight and bright glory; to worship me take wine …”

I did as she commanded me to do. Meekly, obediently, I mindlessly striped and knelt before her while my sister and the two horny twins watched. They all looked insane… crazy and drunk with the devilment of their lust. My cock twitched in anticipation and my heart beat loudly in my ears as I sank to my knees and she offered me her filthy shit-streaked cock flesh.


She stared at me intensely. How could I refuse?

“I am above you and in you. My ecstasy is in yours. My joy is to see your joy … And the sign shall be my ecstasy … SUCK ME! Be thy willing servant.”

My hands were shaking as I reached and took her thick member in my fingertips. I drew back her foreskin as I closed my mouth over the igneous mushroom-shaped head – marking my servitude to her, to her evil god, to the deeds that would inevitably shape my destiny.

“My ecstasy is in yours!” chanted the three cultish young ones.

I felt my younger sister’s small hands wrap themselves around my cock and pull my tight foreskin back and forth as she slipped between my legs and her lips pressed against the underside of my little boy’s testicles.

“Grrughhhhh,” I groaned into the Oriental’s cock as she thrust more urgently back and forth between my open lips.

“And the sign shall be my ecstasy!” recanted the governess.

The bitter taste of her ass-soiled cock intermingled with the salty residual of piss and pre-cum. I sucked the head of her engorged cock head, running my tongue around the edge of its blood-filling helmet, then lapped up and down her veined shaft, licking and sucking as I had imagined many times before.

Now my sister’s mouth engulfed my entire penis sucking as hard as I sucked the governess … a sucking chain. As the pleasure built from my loins, I felt the governess thrust her narrow boyish hips against my face, urging me to take more of her cock flesh, to work harder to appease … my evil cock goddess. Her hands grabbed my hair as she thrust stalwartly, forcing even more length into my small boy orifice.

“And the sign shall be my ecstasy!” she groaned loudly, pumping my mouth and throat full of her warm salty semen.

I momentarily choked on the heavy load and she released her vice-like grip. Cum squirted across my face and flowed from the corners of my open mouth as my sister continued to try and suck me dry.

“Burn upon their brows, o splendorous serpent!” cried the twins.

I looked up, towards the sounds of heavy metal scraping and chains rattling. The twins had pulled the heavy I-beam forward and lowered the captive boy’s torso down to a forty-five-degree angle in the direction of the perverted sex idol.

“The child of thy bowels, he shall behold them!” chanted the Oriental.

She grabbed me and pulled me to my feet, bringing me around so that the boy’s mouth faced my groin. By now his discord was palpable, he must have known what was coming next as he trashed against his unyielding bondage. The Oriental slapped the boy’s face hard and she pulled his face upwards towards her by his hair.

“Accept your fate boy or I will cut your throat. Pleasure him to my satisfaction … do you understand?”

The crying boy nodded and his eyes sank back in acceptance of his fate.

“Now! Let the rituals be rightly performed with joy and beauty!” she cried, feeding my cock into the boy’s dry mouth.

“Suck me!” I commanded as if the Oriental spoke through my mouth.

He lamely responded by wrapping his lips around the shaft of my cock. I pushed my hips forward.


The Oriental laughed. Pleased with her corruption. Her hand pressed my ass further forward and I followed her lead, fucking the boy’s mouth. His meek effects to please me were met with stauncher words.


My mellow rocking soon became harsher, more self-confident in taking my dark delight at his expense. Soon I was thrusting fiercely as my pleasure grew. He was just a receptacle for my amusement. I wanted to reach orgasm. I wanted to appease my new goddess.

“URGH …” I screamed in frustration at not being able to get my release.

“Supreme and terrible God … A feast every night unto you, and the pleasure of uttermost delight!” chanted the Oriental, as she stroked her spent cock back into its fully erect state and then began to rub it hard into the clef of my buttocks.

“O Splendorous Serpent!” cried Cheng and Chong.

Cheng and Chong, both stroked themselves vigorously as they watched my dark initiation. Before I was able to reach climax, they pulled me between them, sandwiched, as their wet swords quivered against me. Cheng and I faced each other and his mouth quickly found mine, roughly tongue-kissing me, pressing his open mouth harder and harder in an effort to get his tongue to the back of my mouth. His hips rutted against mine, and our cocks pressed and rubbed lengthways against each other with exquisite results. Oh fuck it was going well! I loved his cock.

At the same time, I felt the blunt end of his brother’s, weapon pressing against the sweaty furrow of my narrow anus. Chong’s hands grabbed my slender waist in an effort to get better leverage to enable him to force himself inside my tight little virgin anus. I wanted him in me. I desperately wanted to feel the full length of his rigid cock as far as it could reach into my filthy bowels. I wanted it to fill me up.

To ram upwards further and further as I twisted cock against cock with his brother Cheng. Finally, the dull pain became sharper as the girth of his cock head pressed past my tiny sphincter. I felt stuffed, full, like I wanted to take the biggest shit ever. I pressed backward against him, meeting his dull thrusts in an effort to impale myself further upon him, half in pain, half in pleasure. His groans filled my ears and his brother’s tongue filled my mouth.

Now in the illumination of the crescent moon, I lay prostrate upon my back in my crib hearkening to the sound of my heart beating loudly in my inner ear. Without covers, I felt the moistness of the night mist creep across my nakedness. My body ached from all the perverted thrills – both real and imaginary. Dreaming. Awake. My eyelids flicked, one minute they felt dense, forced shut with ponderousness, then open with curiosity and vividness the next. Shadows seemed to conspire to form words from my father’s books: ‘Aleister Cowley’; ‘Law of Thelema’ and; ‘The Baphomet’. What did they mean and what was their significance?

O Splendorous Serpent.

There was a distinctive touch of something with a reptilian texture that moved against the skin of my inner thighs in the darkness. My body refused to move. Comatose. My eyes faced upwards against the shadowy ceiling.

The initial letters O.T.O. appeared in my mind and once again pictured the twin serpents encircling the dark idol erect phallus. So hard and long. Inhuman by their dimensions. No longer a statue, but a living God. The serpents seethed and hissed. Their sinuous serpentine movements are enchanted and hypnotized. They entwined themselves around the base of my rigid cock. Their coils flexed, constricted, and undulated. Ripples of pleasure surged through the tightness in my scrotum and perineum. The serpents both moved as if obeying a hidden snake charmer’s pundi. Long forked tongues teased me simultaneously, flicking and licking at my urethral meatus and the edges of my sphincter. My entire body felt engulfed in tremendous titillation.

I felt the warmth of one of the snake’s tails enter my rectum, pressing past my sensitized sphincter and into my bowels. I groaned but could not hear myself. The pleasure intensified and more of its slender body entered me, reaching up and pressing against my prostate. Its undulating movements pressed sensually against my insides, inducing even stronger sensations as its tail reached higher inside me. Mysterious new pleasures washed over me. My warm salty semen sprayed over my face and upper torso as I convulsed in the unexpected anfractuous pleasures of multiple orgasms.

“And the sign shall be my ecstasy!” I could hear the Governess’s voice.

As the sensation slowed, I felt overcome and was once again engulfed in a silky-soft sleep.



It was a hot summer night when Cedric Strathspey, my father, returned to the Glen of Rothes’. I had been anticipating this moment for quite some time. Unclear about how the Governess would react. Would she tell my father of my aberrant behavior? I could not imagine what he would do, how he would punish my sister and me, and how could I live with myself now that he knew. I thought about running away. Escaping his wrath. Where would I go? I had distant relatives south of the border in London. How would I get there? How would I explain myself to them?

There seemed to be no answer other than wait and see. The Governess gave no clues on her intentions. Thinking about her evil deeds, how she had got the twins to abduct homeless children and use them in their evil rituals – how could I say anything without implicating myself? I was guilty of the most sordid and horrid acts. I could say that I did it unwillingly, that this evil Governess coerced me into it. Yes, I could tell my father that I was led astray, too young to know the difference between right and wrong. Would he believe her or me? After all, I was his son. It would be my word against hers.

As usual, I watched the arrival of my father’s car, from the third-floor turret window, as its headlights carved a path through the pillars of blue-black furs. Upon his arrival, my plan would be to pretend to sleep. To be a motionless child, counterfeiting sinlessness. Then, when they thought I was sound asleep, conducted reconnaissance from the many secret passages that lay within the century-old panel-wood walls of our house.

I returned to my room and lay beneath bedclothes as if in the grips of innocent slumber – dreaming my childish dreams. There was the muffled voice of the Governess and my father outside the door.

“… yes my Lord …” answered the first voice a question unheard.

“… children of O.T.O?” Asked the second voice.

“… they have been prepared …”

There was a short pause. I strained to hear more.

“… the room has been made ready …” said the first voice.

“… excellent …” replied the second voice. “… he is nearing the ‘Age of Knowing’ … soon he will be ready ….”

Age of Knowing? O.T.O.? The door creaked open and a slither of gaslight fell upon my face from the hallway beyond. I kept my eyes tightly closed but turned away as if moving in unconsciousness of sleep. The door closed and the voices again became more distant. The conservation was broken and I caught only glimpses.

“… the initiation ceremony …”

“… the beauty of incest …”

Jumping from my bed, I quietly entered the passage from within my wardrobe and made my way through the pitch-black passageways towards where I could hear the continued voices deep in secretive conversation. I pressed my eye to the peephole in my father’s chamber. In the flickering candlelight, I could make out the silhouettes of my father and the Governess. They were both undressing together.

“For I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge …” said my father in his gravelly voice.

Seeing him standing fully naked for the first time in my life shocked me. I could clearly see his flaccid penis and testicles hanging against his hairless crutch. The Governess was also naked, but her penis was already semi-erect. She knelt down before my father and began to fellate him, bringing him very quickly to full erection. Her thin Asian lips engulfed the crown of his penis and small fingers wrapped around its base, as she made obvious slurping and sucking sounds.

“And Delight and bright glory …” he continued as he began to thrust into the Governess’s mouth and hands.

My own penis had become hard as nails. My hand moved with a mind of its own, rubbing my cocklet’s foreskin back and forward as I watched my father take pleasure with the perverted Governess. I was working up to a climax, when the Governess, pulled away from my father. His cock was quivering, still wet with her saliva. I stopped masturbating and held my breath.

“I am the snake that giveth knowledge,” chanted my father, “As my son will follow in my footsteps as a priest of O.T.O. … so will my daughter become a priestess of O.T.O. and bear fruits for Satan …”

”Yes, Master,” replied the Governess.

I was just wondering what that would mean … To follow in his footsteps and to become a priest of the order. I saw the Governess move out of view for a brief moment. She then reappeared with my younger sister. Louise was dressed in a simple white vestment that was decorated with gilt inverted crosses on the front and the back. Her pubescent nakedness was clearly visible from the open sides of the garment. Her eyes looked straightforward — as if in a trance. Her movements were elegant and graceful … like a ballerina.

“Do what thy wilt,” chanted the Governess.

“As by the Law of Thelema,” replied my father.

She knelt down before my naked father. His cock was now a stiff rod pointing upright. I saw my sister stroking it with both hands, kissing its length, and then, taking its fat mushroom head into her mouth.

“Ah, incest … such a delicious sin …” I heard the Governess mutter as she watched and stroked herself, “Make your father ejaculate my dear … just as I taught you. She has such a delightful mouth, don’t you think?”

I didn’t hear my father’s reply as I was far too caught up in my own self-pleasuring.


I didn’t need to wait long to find myself following my father’s footsteps.

As I was told about my further education in Thelema. It was to be for six weeks, under the close guidance of the O.T.O. The journey from our ancestral home ‘Strathspey House” to the Abbey of Thelema did not take as long as I had expected.

Maybe it was the excitement of travel, or maybe because I was to be traveling alone with only the Governess. The trip to the Port of Glasgow had been relatively uneventful — if not boring. I was very familiar with the Scottish countryside. But arriving at the Port of Glasgow and seeing the ocean liner for the first time was overwhelming. It was simply huge. There was some 25,000 tonnes of steel and the RMS Empress of Scotland was about seven hundred feet long and eighty feet wide. I was told that the ship had done many transatlantic trips to the Americas — but this was to be a voyage to the warm seas of the Mediterranean.

Under the dull white sky, the seagulls squawks. We walked along the jetty with three porters assisting with our luggage. Maybe it was the smell of sea air and diesel fuel that made this feel like one of “Peter Pan’s” adventures in Neverland, or maybe a pilgrimage to a far-off land. In a way, it was both. Ironically, I would discover more about Pan, rather than the Peter part, and that Neverland was charged with real darkness.

The weather forecast for the journey was fair. Some mystic fog. But the sea could be very unpredictable and Glasgow to the Port of Palermo, in Northern Sicily, would take six days and five nights. My father, of course, had booked the Governess and myself in first-class accommodation — and our luxurious estate rooms were the best the vessel had to offer. There were other first-class guests that seemed to think we didn’t belong there. I ignored their obvious stares. A scrawny boy and an oriental.


Once on board, the Governess immediately began my education route to the Port of Palermo.

She’d said something about my younger sister. I remember seeing my sister perform oral sex on my father — her small head bobbing back and forth as she learned to suck his adult-sized cock — which was followed by the pair of them taking her vaginally and anal at the same time. I had masturbated the entire time … more the voyeur than the participant … The Governess said that Louise would become one of my father’s female concubines, as was the tradition of O.T.O. Once old enough, she would begin to secretly bear children specifically for the purposes of human sacrifice. It was unsaid, but it seemed the O.T.O. priesthood preferred their young male lovers, many of whom were feminized. She would become a priestess and I would become a priest — as was the Law of Thelema.

Without the twins around, the Governess wanted to pound my ass-pussy day and night. I was very excited about the prospect of serving her sexually — appeasing her demonic proclivity towards depravity — and learning how to serve Satan’s secret agenda. Of course, I knew that would mean drinking gallons of her cum and urine.

“Know that all the O.T.O. — like your father — are vile perverts, rapists, and murderers,” she grinned, “And that your father has instructed me to make sure that you follow closely in his footsteps.”

“Has my father ever killed anyone?”

The Governess seemed to like this line of thinking.

She laughed and said, “Only the ones who deserved to die!”


She didn’t really answer my question, instead, she talked about the demons.

”Occult magick is very powerful. You will see it for yourself. Demons bring many dark joys!”

It was then that I remembered how my father had talked about Hell. He mentioned how it seemed that people were drawn to hear stories about Hell — for its sheer entertainment value — He’d said that people wanted to hear about hell. That hell was becoming an attraction in itself. All those hellfire sermons. All that prophetizing about the duality between heaven and hell. Just look how they vividly visualize the story of hell. See the many paintings and frescos that all favored this abominable fancy. And as those who’d ascended up to heaven gazed down upon the horrors of the doomed they saw naked men, women, and children — all sinners — being served to monsters and demons and screaming as they were tortured in hell for eternity.

Metaphorically, he said, these depictions would never be complete, without an evil angel to overlook this horrendous netherworld of fire and brimstone. My father said, “It’s the Devil, himself, that presides over hell and entices us to join him there … And he had many dark ravens … Just read the Book of Revelation, chapter twelve, verses nine.”

I could hear his crackling voice in my mind as he opened his copy of the Bible.

“… And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his ravens were cast out with him.”

My thoughts about sex demons and the antics of hell were never far from my thoughts. My little boy cock stirred instantly at these strange words and the onslaught of the bizarre fantasies that they created in my young and very impressionable mind.


This was all to further my so-called satanic education. As the preteen son of a senior follower of the O.T.O. — I was to meet with enigmatic Lord Crowley in person — and then partake, over six weeks, at his occult sex school in the old Abbey.

The school was located in Northern Sicily at the Abbazia di Thelema, just outside of Cafelu. It was a beautiful, peaceful, and very private place. The weather was temperate and we were instructed to be naked at all times, with the exception of our simple sandals. All my fellow students were male — though many were encouraged to adopt more effeminate roles. Sodomy was an important part of many of the occult sex rituals.

Masturbation was considered a prayer to the Devil … and to mutually masturbate with your classmates was encouraged … as was fellatio and analingus. It was said that the school had special sex shrines dedicated to Philantanus, the demon god of pederasty, and to the great god of masturbation, Pan. They said that within these temple-like shrines, many of the young boys (also called catamites) were initiated in some of the most perverse sexual acts by Lord Crowley himself. Secret rape rituals. Even sex with demons. And I was told that if I was lucky enough to choose for this special duty, it would be as if I’d had sex with the Devil himself — it sounded incredible and though I desperately wanted to be chosen — I would have to wait until the selection was made.

My Governess cautioned me to take my vows seriously. This was a serious matter. I was entering a dark world, Pan’s Neverland, and here there were things, not of this world, involved. Yes. The demons are real, she quaked.



My first day as a catamite had been quite enlightening.

It had begun as an introduction between the young catamites themselves. Maybe fuelled by the wine — probably tainted with strong aphrodisiacs.

Then all young preteen catamites were led into the central shrine that was called “Hell”. We were two dozen in total and our six tutors stood on a low podium in front of us. Lord Crowley stood right at the front of the group. It was a little intimidating being in his presence.

We’d all heard so many of the bizarre and libidinous stories. Evil and wicked tales of his control over malevolent spirits and the command of sexual demons. Fables of strange sex rituals involving conjuring, rape, abuse, and even human sacrifice. Even if only ten percent of it was true, it would still have been incredible — but I doubted that — I secretly wished that it was all true. I wanted to partake in a human sacrifice. It sounded so deliciously evil and it turned me on like nothing else.

”Catamites! In order to know virtue,” Lord Crowley began, “We must first acquaint ourselves with vice … Note the esteemed words from the great Marquis de Sade … and this is where we must begin your journey … together.”

I and the other catamites had all observed the requirement of complete nakedness, and most showed signs of sexual arousal. The tutors, on the other hand, all wore long black hooded gowns that gave nothing away.

The Hell Shrine was a circular domed space. Not huge and more intimate. It was dark and kind of eery with walls painted as if engulfed in the flames of Hell. There were oil torches that provided light as there were no windows and only a single door that was now closed. Altar beds, obviously intended for sexual congress, were placed around the periphery.

The floor was warm and mosaicked with designs of copulating demons endowed with both breasts and penises … that cumulated in a huge black marble statue of the Baphomet itself that stood opposite the closed black shrine door. It all reminded me of the pictures that I had seen in my father’s obscene books — especially the demonic statue — with its goat-like head, curved horns, and hairy hind legs. It had sensuous breasts, an erect phallus rising up from its groin, and there was a burning flame emitting from its skull.

”Saint Augustine once said …” Lord Crowley intimated as he paced across the podium, “That sexual sin is one of the key signposts on the road to hell. Lust requires for its consummation, darkness, and secretary, and not just for unlawful intercourse is desired, but for … sexual perversion, fornicating filth, and evil depravity as its earthly accomplices.”

Lord Crowley didn’t actually introduce himself — he didn’t need to — instead, he instructed us all to begin masturbating ourselves while contemplating the demon gods of Pan, Philantanus, and the Baphomet … as he and his perverted tutors looked on. A simple instruction, but never-the-less for some it seemed a little humiliating — such a private act, not usually performed by preteens in front of complete strangers, and certainly not in front of the man and the faculty that we hoped to impress. Maybe the lightheadedness of the corruptive wine helped, but soon everyone seemed to get passed this small barrier and were getting worked up and close to spilling their seed upon the demonic floor tiles.

Lord Crowley told us to stop.

We did exactly as he instructed. Then he told us to pair up, boy-with-boy, and mutually masturbate with each other. This too was met with some minor trepidation and awkwardness. But again, our horniness took over and I took great delight in both the sensation of another catamite’s hand on my cock, as well as gripping my partner’s stiff penis.

My young boy partner, David, was quite effeminate. I liked that. He seemed very shy, but like me, I could feel he was getting off on it. His cock was similar in size and girth to mine — it throbbed angrily between my fingers and was slippery with copious precum. Gripping his cock and drawing back his foreskin, he grinned and let out an obvious moan of pleasure. As I started to stroke him slow and hard, I was already imagining taking his boy cock and testicles into my mouth. Of course, I only did what Lord Crowley instructed me to do.

Again, before any of us reached ejaculation — Lord Crowley told us to stop.

He told us to change partners and begin again. We did this several times. Each time we got closer and closer to orgasm. With each change of partners, we became more libidinous. We furiously tongue-kissed each other … gripping each other and even frotting cock-to-cock … fingers exploring each other’s nether holes, sucking each other’s nipples … some had already started to engage in cock sucking. I found myself back with effeminate young David. I was immediately in love. I wanted to fuck him so badly … cum in his mouth and inside his tight bowels … to do all that my pissophile governess had taught me to worship and enjoy. We kissed open-mouthed. Lust had taken over.

“Magna Baphomet,” Lord Crowley spoke ominously, “Magna Baphomet. Niger corvus Deus. Te invocamus ad nostrum ritum honorandum.” [Great Baphomet. Dark Raven God. We call upon you to honor our ritual].

Even on the podium, we could see that the tutors were obviously enjoying this introductory process … breaking down our barriers of inhibition … leading their catamites towards ways of the Cabbala and Cowleyism … as they too began rubbing their bulges through the thin silky fabric of their ceremonial gowns.

“Some catamites are born sodomites,” growled Lord Crowley in parody, his black silk gown lay open from the front so we could see his fingers stroking his thick, long adult-sized cock, “Some achieve sodomy, and some have sodomy thrust upon them …”

His five tutors also had shed their ceremonial gowns. Like my oriental governess … they were all long-haired, fair-skinned, and lithe in their fake femininity … but all well-endowed with thick dark-skinned cocks and low-hanging testicles. They stepped down from the podium and we gathered in small groups of four around each of them. David and I somehow ended up in Lord Crowley’s entourage.

He led us to one of the altar beds and laid down as each of us took turns sucking his unholy cock until it was truly lubricated in spit. David was the first to climb on top to take Lord Crowley’s cock into his tight little eleven-year-old anus. This was obviously the moment that the old pedophile had been looking forward to as he gripped David’s waist tightly and thrust upwards into David’s eager boy-cunt. I straddled Lord Crowley’s chest and felt his hungry mouth gobble my little boy cock. We all changed positions again and again. We all changed partners again and again.

I think I was one of the last to be fucked by the fervent Lord Crowley, whose cock was much bigger than the governess or the other orientals that had fucked me before. I rode the Devil himself … his magnificent cock was painfully delicious as he bumped the base of my spinal column as spurted his thick load inside me. The Devil’s cream filled my guts as I slid from his still-hard cock … even hornier than ever.

The orgy had now gone wild.

The sounds of grunting and moaning filled my ears. The smelt of catamite sweat and semen filled my nostrils. The sight of thrusting and intertwined bodies. The feel of catamite flesh surrounding me. The taste of cock and anus upon my tongue — I’d sucked at least a dozen cocks — catamite cocks, transsexual cocks, and pedo cocks already.

I found myself on my knees with one of the gaunt transexuals gripping me from behind. As he thrust into me I could sense that my faggot teacher was close to climax. His feminized hands, with black painted nails, held my ass-flesh tightly to gain purchase. His thrusting became more and more urgent as he reached his ejaculation. It was a meshing of bodies, David’s cock was in my mouth, and there was another young boy laying beneath us so that with each thrust of the tranny up my bum, our little boy cocks rubbed exquisitely together.

Finally, I bucked and ejaculated, squirting my watery boy-cum between my stomach and over the boy’s chest beneath me … all at about the same time as the pedo-faggot tutor shot his girly-cum load up my tight little anus.

As I said, my first day as a catamite had been quite enlightening.


On my father’s instruction, my governess returned back to Scotland. Reluctantly she’d gone. I was left on my own. And as I mentioned, I was already in love. David and I slept together every night after the initiation orgy. Taking turns fucking and sucking each other. Often there were other young boys involved, threesomes and foursomes. Sodomy for Satan, was the prized sin.

Of course, I introduced David to the love of urine that my governess had instilled in me. It wasn’t long before he too had shown his perverted interests in wetting our bed together, pissing into each other’s mouths and urinating while buggery, and giving each other a urine enema.

“For I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge and Delight and bright glory; to worship me take wine …” I repeated verbatim from my governess.

Sometimes, I missed my younger sister, Louise. I imagined her fucking my father — taking his cock in all her virgin holes. I looked forward to fucking her and being sodomized by him. Incest held a special place in my journey to Satan.

“Tell me what it’s like?” asked David as he stroked my swelling cock.

It had remained limp for about two seconds. Between David’s fingers, my cock became instantly nail-hard. He sucked it in his slutty little lips.

“Tell me what it’s like fucking your own sister? What did her piss taste of? Did she make you cum as hard as I do? Is her ass tighter than mine?”

I laughed.

“I love you. Stop being so jealous!”

“I cannot help it. I want you all the time. I love you as much as I love Satan!”

David’s small fingers were worming their way up my greasy asshole. He had two fingers inside of me. He sank them into me, up to the second knuckle — finger-fucking me — as he intermittently sucked my cock and stroked it.

“Do you love me as much as Satan?”

“My love of Satan is different to my love for you.”

“Satan isn’t finger-fucking you. I am …”

We laughed together.

“Do you believe in the dark spirits?” asked David.

“You mean the sex demons?”

“Yer, dark spirits …” David whispered, “Demons … supernatural stuff … I mean, I know of at least one catamite who left the school because he was actually afraid.”

“I don’t know. I want to believe. My father believes,” I replied, unsure where this conversation was going.

“I heard that Lord Crowley had a threesome with two of the youngest catamites. One of them said that he conjured up a sex demon that took over the body of this other boy. The demon fucked him like he was going to fuck him to death … the boy got really spooked … he left shortly after that.”

“And you believe that story?” I was skeptical.

I mean, up until now, it had all been like some kind of crazy sexual fetish stuff. Devil worship … The Baphomet … The she-demon priestesses … Lord Crowley’s fuck school for faggots and pedo perverts … but this supernatural stuff sounded so creepy. Yes, I hoped it was true.

“How do you know it was true and not some made-up shit?”

“Because the boy that got raped, before he left, was taken to the infirmary. He had been raped savagely. I saw him myself, Lewis. I was the one he told … only me.”

We didn’t speak much more about it, but I was hoping to find out more. He’d stirred darkness inside me.


The next night we were meeting again in the Hell Shrine.

It was supposed to be some kind of special gathering. Everyone would be there. Everyone was so excited. It was to be some kind of Gnostic Sacred Mass. Something about The Equinox or The Blue Equinox (as it was also called). A night dedicated to the supernatural, they said. Ghosts? Goblins? Succubi and incubi? Sexual demons … and Pan and Philantanus.

We’d all read Lord Crowley’s delightful poem, Hymn To Pan …

“Do as thou wilt, as a great god can, O Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! I am awake. In the grip of the snake …”

How David and I loved those words … such exquisite poetic perversity. We sang those very words together as we urinated over each other. Bathing in our golden offering to the great god Pan.

But the ritual seemed a little more solemn and serious as we gathered in Hell Shrine. For this was a conjuring ritual that involved our rebirth and the sex magick of the infamous Raven over the Dove — characters that I had believed to be fictional — but tonight we were to partake in this initiation of sorts … as catamites to acolytes of the O.T.O. And beyond towards our potential priesthood.

The Hell Shrine was hot inside.

There was a pyre burning upon a ceremonial structure that protected the mosaic flooring in front of the idol of the Black Baphomet. The firelight cast a red and orange glow across the Raven-masked faces of the participants. Out of the two dozen catamites that had started at the Abbey, we were down to just more than half. Twelve catamites in all, including David and myself.

I was really unclear about the fate of the others. Maybe it wasn’t to their liking or maybe they were not up to the priestly duties of hypersexuality with both their fellow catamites and the demanding perversions of our esteemed tutors. Maybe David was right about the malevolent spirits conjured by Lord Crowley. It wasn’t that I doubted David’s explanation — in all honesty, I had found the story highly arousing — I know it was wicked, but I kind of, secretly hoped that I would witness such a very evil experience … and very soon.

Everyone was dressed up. The catamites were all dressed in black tops and black thigh-high stockings. Our arms were attached to bird wings made of large black feathers. The tutors all wore more extravagant costumes with high necklines of feathers and bird-beaked masks, that reminded me of the plague doctors.

“The King of the Raven was hurled down,” cried Lord Crowley, “That ancient carrion crow called the Devil, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his Raven with him.”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The tom-tom rhythm matched the thumping of my darkened heart and throbbing of my cock. The evil transgendered Ravens lead their catamites into a masturbation dance. We jacked our cocks as we danced vigorously around in a wide circle — flapping our black wings and beating our cocks to the sound of the tom-tom.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

It was about this time that I was wondering about the whole Raven and Dove theme — as everyone looked more Raven-like in a dark and evil way. What or who was the Dove? I didn’t have to wait long, as a solitary small figure was pushed out into the center of the circle of horny, masturbating Ravens.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The Dove was, in fact, a young boy dressed in pearly white … I guessed that the short white wings and white haloed laurel in his hair signified to virgin Dove. His costume was minimal — nothing more than a translucent bra-like top and a mini shirt — that did nothing to hide his small flaccid genitals. He had initially fallen to the mosaic floor in a clumsy manner. His eyes were first filled with surprise as he wondered what was going on. And then with a deep fear, he looked around at his evil captors.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

“As the Devil’s Ravens encircled their prey, they felt the dark joy of hunt draw to a close. It was time to sate their insatiable hunger and gorge themselves upon the purity of the Dove.”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Lord Crowley stroked himself faster and we all followed his lead …

“Magna Pan. Niger Corvus Deus. Profer daemonia sexus. Hanc oblationem columbae.” [Great Pan. Dark Raven God. Bring forth thy devils of sex. Take this offering of a dove].

Our cocks pointed upwards in satanic salute as everyone, with the exception of the Dove, growled in their depraved ecstasy of our masturbation frenzy.

The little Dove managed to stagger to his feet — and first, he tried to make a bee-line for the door. But it was firmly closed and locked. And he didn’t even make it through the circle of dark figures that closed in on all sides.

“Ave Pan. Corvus. Egredere et accipe terrena,” cried the Lord, “Ostende nobis teipsum. Ut nos in tuo honore rapiamus et occidamus.” [Hail Pan. The Raven. Come forth and take what is earthy yours. Show yourself to us. So that we may rape and kill in your honor].

Thump. Thump. Thump.

It seemed I was about to make my wish come true.

The Dove screamed suddenly.

We saw his small immature body lift from the ground. Something was there. Something had materialized. Invisible to my eyes, but I would see its effect on the Dove. The Dove hovered for a moment as invisible hands lifted him up. He screamed again, as his body was plunged downwards upon an invisible appendage that had thrust upwards into the Dove’s virgin rectum.

His eyes were wide open. We could see that his anal opening formed a perfect open “o” as his body moved up and down upon his invisible invader.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Now his constant screaming began to cease as the Dove’s body simply dangled and danced like a puppet to the thumping Tom-Tom beat. The body of the Dove jerked as the conjured entity fucked it hard over and over. Was he unconscious or did he feel the painful thrusts — each and every one of them — I hoped for the latter.

My own cock was creaming with precum in my hand as I pumped to the beat and watched with evil delight. Yes. Yes. Yes … fuck the fucking Dove. Harder! Harder! Take his life. Fuck him raw. Sodomize his ass to death. Take the soul of the Dove down to hell …

Thump. Thump. Thump.




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