Feature Writer: Maryann
Feature Title: Part 2 – The Naga Cassandra and Lady Spermula born
Introduction and acknowledgments: I want to thank my friends @gcharis and @blazingjoyride for their patience and support that they are given me in this adventure, also would like to mention @joebetween, who are been an inspiration source on this saga. The OC: Maryann Succubus, Cassi ‘The Naga’ and Lady Spermula belong to me.
Story Codes: Bigboobs, Big breasts, Cumshot, Demon, Demoness, Demon girl, Futanari, Horse cock, Succubus, Transformation, Cuminflation, Latex, BDSM, RubberTemple, Rubber, Nuns, Naga, Tentacles, Corruption.
Author’s Notes: Maryann now a powerful succubus move to Prague city and the adventures creating her own coven begin!
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Some minor stuff / otherwise, I’ve tried not to change anything
Uploaded: 30.11.2018


Part 2 – The Naga Cassandra and Lady Spermula born

I said to Peter as I pointed at Cassi face, “Well it’s time to fill the bitch’s holes.”

Cassi was fiercely masturbating her corrupt blackened pussy with her long black nailed hands.

“Lie on your back Peter!” I ordered him, “Cassi my devilish harlot it’s your time to take the Sissyboi virginity!”

She gave me a wicked smile, got up and positioned her cunt over Peter’s body and with an agile movement took Peter’s elongated hard on, and buried the now lengthened and widened cock deep into her hungry pussy.

I went around to her back side. I watched as she buried Peter’s penis inside her pussy, pumping on him over and over, again and again with a lustful rhythmic movement. Cassi rested and laid her body on the Peter’s chest, face forward. I got into position so that I could bury my enormous cock in her ass. She offered her breasts to Peter’s mouth. He began to suck from her swollen black nipples as black milky juices poured from her. In the last hours Cassi’s breasts had grown to a full C cup. Cassi lifted up her hungry ass, and with my hands, I pushed her butt cheeks to the sides, leaving her asshole completely exposed.

First I stuck my long black tongue inside. I gave her a deep dark kiss, licking her anus. She moaned loudly with pleasure as she felt my tongue invade deep into her until I touched her inner wall. I introduced my tongue again, licking deep into her ass and greasing it with my mouth juices. I took my tongue out of her ass and put her in position to bury my cock. She panted heavily.

I pressed the tip of my cock against Cassi’s asshole. Even with a strong push of my hips, I couldn’t get inside her tight sphincter. It took two more attempts.Then finally I buried my long piece of meat inside with a forceful thrust. Cassi screamed in complete agony. She felt the rush of my shaft plunge deep inside of her. She sunk her nails into Peter’s skin.

I could feel my cock touch Peter’s penis within the body of Cassi. Just a thin tissue wall was between us. She screamed in pleasure and pain with each stroke. With my hands I took Cassi by her torso and lifted up her body and head. She was now in a vertical position. I hugged her breasts from behind and started to kiss her neck. I bit her at the junction of her neck and shoulder and sucked the blood; leaving behind open wounds. The blood flowed freely and rolled on to her back and chest. Peter sat up and began to lick and imbibe her blood. At that moment, we were all unified in the ecstasy of lust and blood.

I spoke into Cassis’s ear. “Do you want to join me and live a life of lust, pain and pleasure for all eternity?”

“Yess Mistress!” She replied me with a loud moan and panting with deep pleasure.

“Do you freely deliver your body and soul to me?” I asked her again.

“Yesss, Mistresss!” She hissed with her black forked tongue slightly protruding from between her lips.

She was in a trance lust and I whispering on her ears, “Do you deliver your body and soul to Baphomet?”

“Yessss Mistresss!” She screamed again, “Yesss Mistress! Fill me with your seed! Yeaaaahhhh Mistresss! Take my blood, my body, soul and whatever you want, I will be yours forever!”

I screamed, “Yessssss my whore! ​​Drink my blood, Gothic harlot!”

I bit my wrist and my dark blood spewed out and I offered it to her. She began to drink eagerly, a few drops rolled over Cassi’s body and Peter licked. My body tensed.

“I’m cumminnnngggggg!” I screamed.

And a massive load of black cum poured into the Cassi’s ass. The huge amount of black sticky goo that came out of my big balls filled Cassi’s stomach, which began to inflate by the vast amount of semen. She looked pregnant. Peter cried in delight as he came into Cassi, filling all her uterus.

His orgasm demonstrated that the effect of corruption had also moved into his body; the amount of sperm was not normal for a human being. Cassi fell on Peter’s chest; spasms of pleasure shook her whole body. Then her eyes darkened, they were almost totally black obsidian like a stone. From her mouth came black cum and Peter licked it up. I pulled my stick from her ass with a loud ‘puff’ and out of it a stream of black semen began to flow that spread across the bed. Cassi was still sweating and shivering.

Now my body began to change in front of Peter’s eyes. He was mute as my skin turned red, my feet became hooves, from my forehead emerged two large horns, and my nails grew into long sharp claws. My breasts grew larger and my long nipples took on the shape of horse cocks. My piece of meat began to morph and grew into a enormous horse cock. From my back emerged two large leathery wings and my dorsal spine elongated until it became a long tail tipped with a dick shape. My forked tongue slid from my mouth and pointed fangs grew between my lips, my ears also enlarged and became pointed. My eyes turned black with red vertical pupils. Peter stared at me wide eyed, dumb struck by my transformation.

I stood up in front of Peter stroking my horse cock.

“Do you love my true nature Peter? Yess It’s me your Mistress Maryann a succubus, demon of pleasure, sex, pain, corruption, depravity, and lust.”

Peter could not find any words and was unable to speak. I ordered him to get up and follow me. He took out his cock from Cassi’s cunt and stood up. He looked at Cassi. She was still trembling.

“Leave her alone. Cassi’s body is changing.”

He looked at me with fear!

“Hahahahahahahaha!” A demonic laugh came out of my throat. “You deserve some answers my beloved Peter. Cassi will soon become into a beautiful Naga! A Naga is a creature of darkness. She gave her body and soul to the lust. She will cease to be human and become demonic being, a sort of, snake-woman. Her deepest and darkest desire is coming true! Come on Sissyboi, follow me!”

My heavy hooves echoed on the stone floor. He hurried up to follow me, shaking in fear. Seeing his reaction I tried to calm his nervous.

“Relax Peter. You are not going to die. I do not want to kill you. I have better plans for you!”

We descended to the dungeon level. Peter was silent, breathing heavy.

“Follow me Sissyboi it’s time for a bath!”

Then we entered a room where there was a big round black tub filled with a reddish liquid color located at floor level. I got into the tub letting the red liquid bathe me.

“Come with me Peter and sit beside me!” I ordered him.

Peter entered and discovered that the liquid was warm. He sat next to me, still shaking.

“Why are you so quiet, pet?” I asked him.

He murmured, shaking in fear: “I’m really scared, Mistress Maryann!”

“Why are you afraid my dearest pet?” I asked him caressing his face with my long clawed black nails.

“Of what might happen to me!”

I moved my claws near his crotch, searching for his member inside the red pool.

“Ahhhh… hssss… here you are Sissyboi!”

He shivered as my claws took his cock and I began to caress him. I was caressing his now long cock.

I whispering into his ear. “You must relax Peter. I will not hurt you. I have better plans for you my Sissyboi. I want to make your darkest desires a reality! You wanted a heavy and long prick and not that pitiful little penis. Now you already have it. You are now a stallion that produces a lot of sperm.” A diabolical laugh came out of my throat. “Hahahahahahahaha! Every time you cum, your sperm count will be higher. In addition, your small balls are already changing, they are growing. Soon you will have big balls like mine and very sensitive to any touch.”

I stroked his dick with my claws and he gasped in pleasure. A sudden jolt of pleasure made him grit his teeth and stifle a moan.

“What did you do to me?” He asked while his eyes shone of lust.

“Nothing my slutty boy!” I replied to him while was playing with his piece of meat. He moaned again.

“What do you want with me? Mhhhhooohhh.” He asked me again with a loud moan.

“I want all of you Sissyboi, your body and soul! You will be mine forever… like Cassi became tonight!” I continued stroking his long cock on the red pool, “You can stay the rest of the weekend with me and Cassi or leave anytime Peter! You are free to do so. But I’ll explain what will happen in the coming days. Peter, if you decide to go, you will return very soon, that is inevitable, dear. After you drank from my dick you became addicted to it. You now need my black cum; your hunger for it is now insatiable. You will crawl through anything to get to it! Over anything! And without it, the pain will be unbearable for you. If you decide to stay, we will go forward with your dark conversion. But if you leave here to go back to your regular activities, within a week you will return to me every night until the dark lust completely fills your soul. You should know by now that your body is already beginning to change!”

“What types of changes are you talking about?” He asked with a concerned look on his face.

Stroking his hardening piece of meat with my claws.

“Oh darling, it will be a wonderful change! Let me explain to you the wondrous changes that will occur in your body. These changes are the price that must be paid for that delicious dick you wanted. Your cock and your balls will continue to grow, and with it, your lust also will increase. Right now your skin is changing and it will become even paler and softer. The hair of your body will disappear completely. Your breasts will increase in size, your aureola and nipples will grow, and your face will become more androgynous. By Friday your body will appear to be very feminine! Your hips and your buttocks will also grow. On Saturday you will come begging and crawling back to me to fuck your sissy asshole with my big horse cock and finally you will receive your dark baptism with my black cum! I will fuck you hard! And you will become as lustful being as me, a corrupter entity. And later, if you like, you can get back at your mother superior for revenge.”

“So Peter, what do you want to do? Will you run and come crawling back to me or do you want to give yourself freely to me and the bliss of lust?” I asked him as I stared deep into his eyes.

“What will happen to my soul? I am a believer in God!”

“God is a lie! That Christian lie!” I screamed at him, “You will not lose your dear soul Peter! You are going to deliver your soul to the darkness! Sissyboi, if you accept my dark gift your soul and body will live in the eternal bliss of lust, corruption, sin and perversion!” Pushing him for a decision, I asked, “So Sissyboi! Let me know your desire! What is your decision?”

“I hope that you will let me stay here the rest of the weekend with you and Cassi. You can take everything you want from me now. Monday early I will be back at my work and I will return to you each night until you, my beloved Mistress Maryann, decide it’s time for my dark baptism. I want to be bathed in your delicious black semen. I do not want to continue with this pathetic life that I lead. I want to live immersed in lust and become your darkest whore. I will beg every night that you will come to me with your huge lust, passion, and your hellish cock to sodomize me.”

A unearthly laughter came from my deepest entrails as I thought, “You are my whore!”

I got up and took a few steps out of the tub.

Extending my hand to Peter, I said, “Look at yourself, get up and follow me!”

He took my claws and stood. His cock had grown to almost ten inches long and at least two inches wide his balls also enlarged. He was amazed. We walked to the dressing room in the basement, where I kept an extensive selection of fetish wear that was used in the dungeon.

“Choose how you want to dress bitch!”

Peter carefully examined the outfits hanging in the dressing room and poked through the items on the shelves, selecting several things.

When he finished, I said to him, “Show me your selection, little perverted bitch!”

He showed me a nun’s latex black and white hood with Baphomet’s symbol on the crest, a black latex corset with twelve inch gather belts. A pair of socks, faux lace up sheer thigh highs, a broad black latex skirt and black latex coat and platform shoes with stiletto heels.

“Very good little slut, now get dressed, put on your makeup properly, then sit and wait for me in the dungeon main room until I return with Cassi.”

While Peter was getting dressed, I noticed his skin was much paler, almost white. I went up to my bedroom, where I found Cassi wrapped in a cocoon of black sticky mucus, semen and blood. She writhed and screamed in pain and pleasure with every spasm. I put my arms under her and lifted her close to my body. She shivered with my hug.

I spoke softly to her, “Soon you´ll be free my beloved harlot! Relax and be quiet, you´re hungry, soon you’ll eat!”

A deep beast scream arose from her. I carried Cassi’s body to the basement, where Peter was sitting, fully dressed, and with his makeup perfectly done.

Peter looked like a perverted and corrupt nun. His dark lips, his eyes lined heavily in black, his skin almost white, his black latex wear and his Baphomet illustrated nun´s hood gave him a sinister look. He had in his hands a black rosary and a black cross with four penis-shaped ends. I laid Cassi’s body in the center of the round altar. She writhed in pleasure and pain inside her cocoon. I turned and looked at Peter who was sitting near her.

“Soon you will see a beautiful rebirth! Cassi’s true nature. Blessed in the dark!”

I approached Peter and took him by his hands and brought him to where the flat St. Andrew’s cross was.

“Lie face up!”

He complied, then I secured the straps on his hands and legs, placing him with his head leaning back and his arms and legs tied open wide. I opened his long latex skirt to the side exposing his long erect penis and unbuckled the harness that he was wearing for hours. Peter gave a lengthy pleasure squeal when I extracted the huge butt plug from his ass.

I took the black cross-tipped penis and buried it deep into his ass with a single stroke.

“Here you have the cross, Devil harlot!” I yelled.

His body tensed and shuddered with the pain with the new invasion of his ass.

“There is no pleasure without pain, little whore!”

I moved my lips close to his swollen black nipples.

“Mhhhhh that’s delicious!”

I caressed them with my long forked tongue. And then began to stroke and pinch his nipples with my claws. Sending jolts of pleasure to his tortured overloaded mind.

“I will pierce each with a black metal ring and I will hang a five-pointed cross from each of them,” I spoke into Peter’s ears as I showed him the devilish jewelry that was to pierce his body. Peter shuddered with each puncture.

“This bitch is ready! Each of the piercings I have placed on you is greased using my sperm, little whore. The corruption will spread from your breasts rapidly, just as it is doing in your penis and balls. You see your penis veins are black and bulging. As the corruption progresses and moves through your body, it will make your skin whiter and begin taking on paler shades of gray around the corrupted veins.”

A loud shout was heard in the hall, Cassi was almost convulsing within her cocoon.

“Now comes the moment,” I gushed to Peter.

The cocoon membrane broke with a loud cracking, shedding and jetting blood and goo onto the altar. Two hands with long black claws emerged from the remains of the membrane. The clawed hands gripped the edge of the altar pulling her body with the strength of her arms to free herself from the cocoon. Cassi was now completely converted into a Naga, a woman snake.

Cassandra’s body measured about six feet, three inches tall. Her face was fairly human in shape, but was covered in smooth, silver scales. She had a nice set of cheekbones and lips that had the barest hint of pout. Overall, her visage had a jaw-drooping feminine shape with bee-stung lips, an adorable nose, and long, beautiful eyelashes. Her eyes bore a vertical slit instead of rounded pupils, surrounded by a green iris. The lengthy, glowing red hair atop her head couldn’t possibly hide the pair of exquisitely long, pointed ears. Her mouth contained a black, thick, fleshy, forked long tongue, which, if she so desired, could elongate up to a distance of about four feet. Her tongue had sufficient manual dexterity that she could use it almost like a third arm. Two pair of black curvy horns, had sprouted from each side on the top of her head, the first one was ten inches long the second around six inches.

She had a humanoid shape. A pair of large wings had sprouted from her back; the membranes were covered in fine, delicate black scales with a wicked talon that jutted from the end of each bone. She had wide hips and a firm muscular ass that easily displayed the detailed curves of its lean musculature. A thick, scaly, prehensile reptilian tail, almost double as long as she was tall, swung behind her like a powerful living whip. Its tip menaced with spikes of bone; meant to deliver painful blows. Her legs were sheathed in black scales and ending in clawed feet. Three long toes were on the front, and a small hind-claw was on the back.

Cassi’s cleavage was now expansive with two breasts that could easily fill an EE-cup bra; each had a huge black aureola with a one hand width penetrable nipple. While she may have appeared to have inverted nipples, her chest actually contained wet, slippery secrets. A large cock could easily slip inside her breasts to give and get as much pleasure as any crotch-couched cunt. Her big, lactating love-pillows were sore and sensitive from being so stuffed with cum-black milk. Her stiff cock was shiny, black, and slicked with her thick precum: sixteen inches long and two inches in diameter. She had a long and wet tight cunt, with a two inch clit. The cunt´s external black lips protruded obscenely, and its inner fat lips were shiny red. Black juices dripped from her cunt and ran over her scaly skin.

“Mistress Maryann! I’m hungry… Sssstarving!” She hissed between her lips as she showed me her long black forked tongue.

I approached her and our lips met in a passionate juicy French kiss. I pointed to the Saint Andrew Cross.

“There Cassi dear, your meal is waiting. It is time to feed your new body!”

Together, we walked closer to Peter’s body.

She approached his penis and said to Peter, “I´m very hungry!”

With her bright green eyes glistening. She opened her wide mouth; her tongue rolled up round the huge Peter’s cock and continued searching until she found the base of the cross that was buried in his asshole. She completely swallowed his piece of meat with one motion. Then she used her strong tongue movements on the ‘Cross’ to fuck him in the ass while she began to suck his engorged penis with savage ferocity.

I positioned myself in front Peter’s face.

“Open your mouth wide cum slut! I want to fill you with my black cum!”

I placed the flared wide tip of my horse cock upon his lips and with careful movements of my hips. I advanced my cock into his mouth as he purred a soft moan.

“Are you ready for my devilish piece of meat, Harlot?”

He nodded. And as I thrust my hips toward his mouth, his eyes widened and tears began to flow when he felt my horse cock hit his throat. To Peter’s surprise, my dick penetrated very deep into his throat; and with two more thrusts, I pushed my cock even deeper until was deep buried on his stomach. My huge balls began to hit his head on every stroke.

I screamed, “Yesss! I’m fucking you Bitch!! Your throat is really tight my beloved Harlot and you will take all of my long horse cock! I will fill your stomach with my black cum!”

I plunged my dick in and out of his mouth and down his throat for more than fifteen minutes, fucking him with a savage insane rapture. Any normal human could not endure this invasion. But Peter was no longer a ‘normal’ human. The corruption on his body had already changed him.  My claws sliced into the skin on Peter’s chest, I was close to reaching a glorious climax. I sank my claws deeper into his chest and blood began to sprout from the wound.

I screamed aloud. “Yeeeesss fucking bitch!!!”

And loads of cum flooded from my balls, filling his stomach, which began to bulge with the immense amount of my black girl cum. Cassi marveled at all the events happening in front of her and she felt Peter’s cock pulsing. Her eyes shined, filled with lust and perversion. I continued forcing my enormous meat in and out from Peter’s mouth and throat, pumping my own cum deep on his stomach, and filling his body with my black corrupted seed. My semen began to leak from his anus, greasing the dick tipped cross that Cassi was using to fuck his ass. Peter nerves shattered as his balls squeezed tight and his semen gushed into Cassi mouth. Peter’s dick ejected huge torrents of cum into Cassi’s hungry mouth, sending her over an ecstasy peak that she never knew existed. Peter orgasms were so intense that he literally passed out from the pleasure.

Peter awoke in the darkness.

The black silky blankets curled around half of his body, hugging him like a giant anaconda. He awoke groggily in the early morning, peeling himself out of bed, his back and ass were sticky from the sweaty residue of the haunting dreams of the previous night, his throat was sore, his piece of meat was now massive; more than sixteen inches long and two inches girth. In addition, his balls had increased in size to become two large bull testicles. He heard pleasure moans in the room and Peter left the bed to investigate. In a dark corner of the room he discovered that I was fucking Cassi´s big cunt with my long horse cock while I was fucking her tits with my horse cock nipples.

Her inverted nipples were amazing and she was hungrily sucking my nipple cocks. The moans were loud; we were giving each other oral pleasure and were in a state of pleasure bliss. Peter approached our sofa. In the soft darkness that the candle lights gave us, Cassi’s unnatural green pupils stared unblinking at him while she breathed steadily.

“Come on Peter, join us!”

I motioned him to join us. I extended my hand, full of black cum, to Peter’s mouth, gently pressed my finger to his lips, and slipped effortlessly inside his mouth.

The flavor burst on his tongue with the delicious sweetness of a dozen fruits. Peter’s shuddered in ecstasy as he swirled my essence throughout his mouth. Peter’s suckled lightly on my fingers trying to scrape every last particle off my fingers with his tongue. Peter was no longer in control of himself. He now only had one objective, to obtain more of that delectable substance.

“Come my cum slut, you are hungry, this will be your meal now and forever, no meal will replace my demon black seed. And for you, we have two long cock’s full of cum to fill you!”

Peter knelt down in front Cassi and Me and sucked our dicks with eager lust. We both laughed as we witnessed Peter force our cocks into his face and begin sucking our shafts.

And then Peter felt a surge of nausea. Something was swelling within his throat. Gagging once, he opened his mouth wide, as his tongue pushed forward, lengthening, and thickening. The nausea passed as his tongue settled into its new size and mobility. His tongue seemed to have a mind of its own, lashing, twitching, salivating as his brain discovered and acclimated to the new nerves. Another surge of nausea hit as Peter’s tongue grew longer, thicker and more malleable. He opened his mouth and let his long tongue slide across the top of both cocks together. The amazing taste made his pupils dilate.

His lips grew plump, more inviting as he wrapped his tongue around our dicks, slowly exploring its new flexibility. He wrapped the long tongue around our bulging ridges and across the pumping veins. He needed both of them inside him, and hearing our moans, he brought our piece of meats deep into his mouth, sliding his lengthening tongue down around our shafts and balls as if to milk us dry. Peter could feel Cassi and me twitch against his tongue and throat. His gag reflex was gone. He looked up to see me, his mistress and Cassi staring down at him, eyes glazed over with desire and pleasure. Smiling as best he could around our dicks, he brought our cocks in deeper expanding his mouth and throat in an amazing inhuman dimension.

Peter asked himself, “how I can breathe?”

He had no idea, but the sensation was amazing, he fantasized about their inevitable load cascading into him and he was starved for demon cum. He was moaning, muffled by our cocks as Cassi and I finally came and he came with us. That ethereal desire Peter had seemed to sense before grew even stronger, flooding into and around us. Cassi and I began to orgasm driving him to a shuddering orgasm. We came, crying out as we let loose our load of cum into him. Peter felt the semen blast into his throat and he swallowed the huge load that we injected into his body. He could barely think. He had become a cum slut, a ravenous whore, an insatiable nympho by our black demon cum. It was as if his whole soul was in ecstasy.  His tongue was alive with pleasure. His nipples, brushing against the skin of my legs, were electric. He shook and shook as wave after wave of pleasure rattled him to his core.

“Well done Peter, you are becoming a lovely cum slut!”

Cassi came over to Peter and kissed him deeply. She began taking cum from his mouth as Cassi started fucking his mouth with her long tongue which began to thicken and expand in his throat. Slowly she snaked her tongue out of his mouth as she worked her way down his body and wrapped it around his straining dick. Suddenly Peter felt a pinch in his pelvis as Cassi bit into him while her tongue continued to stroke his length. Her tongue then retracted and she lightly caressed where she had bitten him.

“That’s to make sure that your body can withstand our ministrations tonight honey.”

Then Peter inquired, “What day is today?”

“Hahaha. It’s Sunday afternoon honey!”

Peter again questioned, “How long did I sleep”?

Cassi replied him, “You were sleeping for more than twenty-four hours hun! You passed out yesterday afternoon!”

Then I caressed him on his back.

“You’ve lost your virginity in many ways during this weekend Peter, but we are really hungry! We need your cum, and your cock is now large enough to fuck me!” I said.

I turned my body, spreading my wide ass checks apart with my claws, and showed him my dark black pucker hollow. Then I raised my tail to leave free the way for him.

“Come now and lick my dark ass like the dark whore that you’ve become!”

Peter came closer to my ass licking me with his long tongue.

Then he entered my asshole with his tongue, sliding down into the depths of my ass channel as he began stroking my large meat pole with his hands. At the same time, Cassi reached in front of me and began playing with my horse cock nipples while kissing me deeply. Peter then began fucking my ass with his long tongue which began to thicken and expand inside me. When he had completed his tongue ministrations, Peter pressed his huge cock between my butt cheeks, poised to penetrate my hungry ass. Black cum poured from my ass hole as he pressed his cock head in the first time.

He began to push into me, my sphincter spread as I moaned with pleasure.

“Yess, fuck me hard and deep my lovely Harlot!” I screamed to him.

He was immensely turned on. His cock was harder than it had ever been. Peter’s dick pushed and slid past the first sphincter ring. Four more were waiting for his cock. The pressure on my insides increased as Peter continuously fed his long hard shaft into my ass. He slowly pressed forward, inch by inch, as I felt his bulging cock rolled over my hyper workable and excessively active demon prostate. Peter then slammed the length of his meat into me and I felt his huge balls slap into my legs. He began to growl as my body began to shake from the impending climax. Suddenly, I felt Peter’s cocks expand and bulge as his shaft poured huge torrents of cum into my ass.

I screamed with pleasure! “Yessss, fill me with your cum. Feed me!”

Then he quickly slipped himself from my body with a pop, causing me to have a small, brief orgasm. A large amount of sticky cum poured from my ass hole. Cassi and Peter came over and started to lick and consume all the black juices that were gushing from my inner parts. They proceeded to kiss in a rapture of lust.

At 4.00 am, we were still fucking each other’s bodies in every kinky way imaginable. Finally, I stood up next to the bed while they continued licking each other’s genitals.

Peter screamed loudly, “Yesss, I want more, fuck me!”

“We need to stop my Harlots! It’s time to get out of my bed now!” I ordered to Peter and Cassi. “Come with me now hookers!”

They got out from the bed and followed me to my dresser.

I ordered Peter, “Take a shower slut. You need to be ready in one hour. A taxi cab will pick you up and take you to your job. You must drive the school bus today!”

He displayed a sad face.

“Don’t put on that face Peter! You will be back this afternoon honey and we will fuck you again!” I assured him.

Peter took off his nun apron and Cassi helped him to take off all his fetish rope. Peter showered and returned in a few minutes. He was more than surprised when he saw his body in the full length mirror when he discovered that his body was changed in more than one way.

His shape was more androgynous. His skin was white with gray hints. His hair was kept in a long boy’s cut style but was a bright fuchsia color. His lips sprouted obscenely out with a dark purple stroke around the edge. His meat shaft was now really long at seventeen inches long, two and half inches wide. His breast increased their size to a girly cup A. His black nipples were swollen to a half and an inch long with wide and darkened aureola; from them many black veins grew in any directions. His nails had grown and were turned black. He screamed when he saw his features.

“You don’t like little bitch?” I inquired.

“Yessss Mistress I like. But how can I go to my job like this? I will be fired today!”

“Ohhh, don’t be worried Peter. I have a solution for your problem. But first, get dressed! I have selected your inner clothes. This black corset heavy boned with twelve garter belts, this girly thong, and these lovely fishnet stockings. You will not dress with those ugly boy boxers anymore. Do you hear me little whore?”

“Yess Mistress, I love your selections!”

“And those black Daisy Moccasins. Mmmhh, we also need to hide your widened hips, take these black sweatpants and this black pullover!”

Peter dressed with Cassi’s help, and he took another look in the mirror.

“What do you think now?”

“Well think I’m ready.”

“Ohhh no, my little whore, we need to put some makeup to hide some of the changes to your face. Sit there, I will teach you.”

In few minutes he was ready to go out.

“With this woolen hood we will hide your fuchsia hair. Feel better?”

“Yess Mistress,” he replied.

“Great Peter. Just one more thing!”

I took a long black jewel butt plug with a broad base covered by a red stone from a silk wrapped box.

“Bend your body over pet! I have a gift for you.”

Peter obeyed. Cassi pulled down his pants and spread Peter’s buttocks apart.

“You’re going to take this fucking butt plug with you all day, Honey!!”

I buried the butt plug deep inside Peter’s ass hole and the doorbell rang. It was the driver who had come for Peter. We said goodbye to him with deep kisses and walked away. Cassi asked me again, with concern at seeing Peter leave us.

“Are you sure Mistress? Will he return to us?”

I assured her with calm voice.

“Yes my beloved Naga! He needs us more than we need him. He already cannot eat or drink anything more important than our cum. He is addicted to our sperm. He will return this afternoon very hungry!”

And then I spanked her wide butt and pulled her inside the house.

“We must get back to our room!”

I closed the door and Cassi and I returned to our bed. Throughout the day we sent selfies with our poses and texts to Peter on his cell phone, tempting him, telling him obscene things.

That Monday afternoon Peter returned to our home around 6.00 pm. He came bringing his belongings and the ones belonging to Cassi. I knew that they would both stay in my coven now and forever. Peter arrived home extremely hungry. During that entire night Cassi and I were dedicated to filling him with our black cum; feeding him and having him feed us with his large load of human sperm. We did not need any sleep. We just needed and wanted to fuck each other.

Every day that week, Peter left us and returned in the afternoon; at night we fucked each other and played in the dungeon. As the days passed his body kept changing. And on Friday, he looked much more feminine, her hips had widened, the exercise pants, were fitting tight. His breasts had grown to a C cup. That Friday morning I had to place a breast band on him to hide his cleavage; also we pulled up his hair into a large bun that we could no longer hide with the cap.

Around noon on Friday I received a call on my cell, it was from Peter, he was crying, he had been fired, humiliated by the school principal, Mother Superior, Sister Severina. She had treated him like a scum faggot.

“It’s not worth more tears and shame. Listen carefully my beloved harlot! Come to your home right now!”

He obeyed me, took a taxi, and came home. On his return he was still crying as he was hurt deeply by the thought of being fired. I reminded him that I had told before that these false nuns had tricked him with all their white lies about love and forgiveness. As I spoke with him his anger grew.

“Soon you can get back at them dear. Soon you will become into a delicious dark creature, and you will remember today will be a special day. Come into the safety of our home!”

We entered the mansion together and went down directly into the basement where Cassi’s was waiting for us. She was sitting in the chair of pleasure. The chair had a long dildo attached to the seat that was penetrating her ass. She also was masturbating herself with a long black cross shape dildo. To complete her lustful pleasures, her long tail was attached to the jutted point in the cross forcing fiercely stuck deep into her vagina. Her long and divided tongue was wrapped around her huge snake cock. Her eyes shone with uncontrollable lust. Her dilated pupils emitted a green inhuman light. I told Peter that he must dress appropriately for the ceremony and that he would find all his required clothing arranged in the dressing room. Then I slammed the door behind me in anger because that fucking bitch Cassi, was masturbating without my permission.

While Peter was dressing he heard my cat-o-nine-tails whip strike Cassi’s body over and over. Her cries of pain and pleasure filled the entire dungeon like demon music. After about twenty minutes, he was fully dressed, wearing a white hood coif, a black veil, and a black latex holy habit that could be opened fully forward or backward. For his inner clothes I had chosen a leather harness that fit around his breasts, forming an inverted cross on his abdomen by clutching his cock and extending out three bands on either side of his ass and one in the middle getting deep into his back slit. An embroidered garter belt with six straps on each side held the black stockings and light reflecting platform shoes illuminated legs. Peter’s makeup was simple, heavy black lines around his eyes, lots of mascara to lengthen his lashes, and black lips.

Peter entered the room, and I told him to approach us and stand in front of the throne. I was sitting in the throne and beside me was Cassi with a black leather collar around her neck attached to a long chain. Cassi stood up, walked over to where Peter stood waiting, and inspecting Peter’s attire. She pointed out that everything was correct.

I said to Peter, “Today you will get what want, you will give me your body and soul, you will turn into a starving infernal bitch, a whore of hell, like us. You must make the decision and bring yourself freely. You must answer all my questions freely Peter. Do you understand?”

He replied to me nodding, “Yes Mistress!”

“Very good bitch, it’s time to start the ceremony!”

“Peter, get on your knees and crawl up to my hooves!” I ordered him,

“I want to see you humiliated bitch, I want you to beg me to fill your pathetic ass with my delicious black and corrupting cum!”

He replied as he crawled to me, all the while begging, “Yes Mistress, please fill me with your delicious semen, I so desperately need it! It has been many days of torture without it, I want more, I beg for more, I want you to fill me completely with your essence and I want to fuse with my dark sister Cassi in your coven!”

I pointed at him with my longest talon.

“Answer my questions, Whore!”

“Do you freely give your body and soul to endless lust?”

He responded while he was licking my large black hooves.

“Yessss Mistress, I pray every night that you, my dark Mistress will come to me with your huge lustful, angry, and hate filled cock and sodomize me. I give you my soul and body freely.”

I asked him again. “Are you ready to be blessed by Baphomet, the demon of lust, our mother-father!”

He peered over his leg stared at me and answered with a low voice. “Yessssss My dammed Mistress. FUCK ME!! I want to turn into the Baphomet’s WHORE! I am Baphomet’s CUM SLUT. I am nothing without you, Mistress Maryann. I am a bitch in HEAT for you! And I beg to be filled by you and for you to change me forever and ever!”

I leaned over him and licking his ear lobe with long forked black tongue while whispering into his ear, “Do you give up your pathetic Catholic faith? Do you want to become a priestess of lust?”

He answered me as he licked his black lips.

“Yesss Mistress, I want black cum like my soul, corrupting semen, to corrupt bodies, to surrender to lust; I want to be a priestess of lust, a sodomy whore, a pleasure hooker, and a slut in pain and sin.”

Then I stood up and raised my arms above my shoulders.

“Well dear, it is time for you to join our coven, to be our sister!”

Cassi led Peter to the Spanking Bench, laid him face down, and then fastened his hands and legs. After Cassi finished strapping Peter’s body down, she opened his black holy habit, and exposed his ample and delicious ass. I stood behind him near his yearning ass.

“Bitch this is your time! Are you ready, for your baptism in the dark?” I asked.

He replied with deep lust and anticipation, “Yesssss! Mistress I’m your hunger bitch! fuck me hard, strong and deep. Break me! I beg you!”

“Bitch, as you want!” I warning him.

And immediately after saying that, I buried my huge horse cock in his wide hollow ass that had been trained all week with my evil butt plug. Peter cried out in pain as he felt my big meat pole being buried deep inside him.

“This bitch screams a lot. Cassi, stuff that mouth with your delicious cock. We must fill this harlot with our demon cum!”

We fucked Peter for over half an hour. I pushed my cock deep in his ass while I sank my claws into his back, causing blood to pour from his back again and again. I buried my horse cock deep into him all the way up to my base. Then I slowly retreated to the flared end, again and again. My balls hit his legs. Cassi filled his mouth and throat with her huge cock. Our cock heads kissed and touched inside his stomach forming two huge bumps. Our climax approached, my balls enlarged and a powerful jet of my corrupting juices shot out from the balls and ran through my cock to hit Peter’s stomach. His abdomen began to swell as he received immense quantities of cum in load after load of my ejaculations. At the same time, Cassi was cumming into Peter´s mouth and further increasing the semen volume on his body. His stomach distended even more to form a mass of dark seed. His distended belly made him appeared to be nine months pregnant.

“Yessssss,” I screamed. “A new dark creature is born; your name will be Spermula the QUEEN CUM SLUT! Born! Darkness takes his soul and body and morph this being into a devil creature! You are no longer a human being!”

Cassi unfastened the Spermula’s wrist and legs, and we together lifted her body on to the round stone altar. The Baphomet symbol on the floor was emitting a soft purple light. From Spermula’s mouth and asshole black cum flooded out and splashed on the stone surface. The darkness corruption was spreading fast in her body and was boosted in strength by the large amount of cum that filled her body. The desire exploded within her, accompanied by pain as the corruption made its way through the body. The creature felt two sharp stabs at the crown of her head and managed to wrest control from her hands. Two hard, bony growths were pushing up from beneath her deep fuchsia colored hair. Two pairs of horns sprouted from the demon nun. The Sulfur and Demon signs appeared on her forehead. A feral scream came from her throat as she wrested for control of her body. She felt the corruption slam against the barriers of her sanity once again.  She lost control.  Her hands flew towards her nipples and her huge cock, pleasuring herself, inviting the changes with sexual lust.

We watched in intense pleasure as a cunt, plumped and tightened, grew on her backside, just behind her black ass hole. It was very sensitive, and elastic. The cunt was like a flower. A crown surrounded her black asshole and the vagina’s inner lips. From this crown, tiny long tentacles sprouted, each one tipped with a harpoon that could inject a poison aphrodisiac payload. From the cunt and ass base a number of similar, longer tentacles formed, guaranteeing that pleasure would be forced upon any partners. A long black prehensile tongue snaked up inside of her wide cunt. She cried in pleasure when she saw her new tongue slide in and out from her cunt mouth.

She saw her feet curl into an unnatural ballerina-esque pose and hold that shape as a cone of horn tunneled out of her heel.  Her feet were permanent high-heels.  She would never again escape a sexual swagger. Her body changed more and more by the second, turning her into a machine of seduction and sexual power.  Drunk with sexuality and desire and utterly unprepared to control her own body´s form, Spermula screamed in pain as her face drastically restructured, becoming angular, beautiful, with black lusty eyes. Her girly nails elongated and became black sharp talons; her skin grew white with grayish tones. Her breasts increased further from their previously enhanced size until they could fill an EE cup.

Then she felt a sensation like claws raking across her breasts.  Nothing could have prepared her for this twisted change. With a tearing sound, Spermula’s breasts seemed to split in two and stretch.  She watched as they reddened, became wet, twisting and churning until they resembled two spotless replicas of her own cunt lips.  Involuntarily, she flexed and watched them open as sensually as her own cunt lips would.  Within each of them a wet tunnel like her vagina opened.  Her mind was immediately flooded with the thought of having them fucked and filled.  She smiled drunkenly and moaned as she imagined hot cum dribbling out of her cunt breasts as cock after cock plunged in and out, jiggling her massive tits as she sucked off another cock. Her black nipples elongated and widened and reshaped to become small headed cocks above her new breast pussy lips like twin black cum spewing extended clitorises. Red tendrils grew from the inner lips of her cunt-breasts! The tendrils were like pulp fiction arms with black harpoons on the ends.

Spermula’s attention was pulled away from her vengefully warped nipples and breasts to her pussy as she slid against the wall, shuddering.  The desire that now radiated from her pussy was something completely new.  As her new tongue moved around within her folds, self-pleasing, she tried to regain composure.  She lifted herself from the floor onto her heel-like feet which clicked lightly against the stone of the altar.  She tried to resist the images that came to her mind; of walking into the room and fucking me, her Mistress. Or Cassi, the Naga. Or leaving the building and fucking every man and woman that she met or sucking off a ring of men while sitting on the faces of their inferior girlfriends. She found her new visions as persistent as hunger, as commonplace as thirst.

With a shrug, Spermula licked her breast pussy lips with her tongue. Maybe two quick release. Her hands pumped up and down, clinging tightly to the sixteen inch beast’s flared head. Her stiff cock was shiny, black, and slicked with her thick precum, and she was desperate to cum once more. The painful ache of her throbbing balls meant she would need to climax soon if she hoped for even a moment of focus. The head of her shaft widened quite noticeably. All the better to stimulate her partners.

I went up on the base of the altar where Spermula was. I gave her a deep French kiss. Our black tongues played perversely.

“Welcome my dark Whore! My cunt slut! You’ve become a delicious creature of the night. I would like to fill your juicy hollows, my dear!”

I pointing to her pussy. It was expelling streams of black dense fluid with every loud squishy spasm.

“Yesssss fillll meeee!” Spermula answered with a guttural cry, hissing as she licked the black, thick and juicy lips of her mouth.

“Yessss Mistress, I want to feel your big cock deep inside my hungry pussy. I want you to take my last virginity. My creator. My mentor.”

A dark, thin, and pointed black tongue, came from inside of her vagina licking the hollow of her ass and cunt lips that was coated and bathed in the thick black vaginal fluid.

“Yeesss fuck me, I’m hot. I have become a burning hell bitch eager to be filled, I beg you Mistress fuck me. FUCK ME!” She screamed again.

The vaginal tendrils emerging from her vagina were frantically grabbing at ‘something’ in the air; they seemed hungry and needed to cling to ‘something’. I approached and moved my long prick close to Spermula’s body. They quickly spread even more in the air, as if they could ‘smell me’ until they reached and grabbed on my huge flared cock head and started to wrap it very tightly while pulling toward their origin, Spermula’s vaginal dark hollow. She screamed in pleasure as their tentacles wrapped my cock. Her long vaginal tongue emerged in search of my cock wrapped it also and groped even further. Their goal was my balls and my own vagina.

Spermula hissed, telling me with her sultry voice: “Come fill me, fuck me!”

I ploughed under her huge horse cock and penetrated her tight vaginal hole, breaking her virginal tissue. The blood mixed with her black viscous vaginal juice and came out from the walls around my tightly wrapped cock and dripped down our legs. Her tentacles spread to my balls and massaged and gripped them. The harpoons on each tentacle pricked me, injecting her aphrodisiac into my balls. Her long black tongue stretched out and penetrated my juicy vagina, large amounts of black sperm flowed out of me, dripped down my legs, and pooled near my hooves.

The Spermula backbone started to lengthen with strong spasms that shook her body. Apparently, she had not finished her changes. A long prehensile tail emerged, and began to fatten then divide into two at its base, the tip of each tail then began to change into a flower bud shape, and the two ends of the tail began to approach my body looking for ‘something’ until they found my nipples. Suddenly they opened revealing tips what looked like small black anemones that stuck to and into my horse cock shape nipples. Spermula began suck and massage my huge tits with these new appendages.

Cassi madly masturbated while she watched. With her scaly hands and claws she stroked her huge penis. Her long tongue licked the head. Spermula yelled to Cassi, “You Bitch! Come feed me, I’m ravenous, I want that big cock of yours in my mouth, you whore NAGA demon! I want your sticky cum inside me!”

Spermula had become a nympho. Insatiable. Addicted to sperm. Totally insatiable. Cassi went up to the altar and stood before Spermula’s mouth and introduced the tip of her cock while playing with her juicy black lips. She laughed at Spermula’s hungry desires. Then something happened that none of us expected!

The sound of broken bone and tissues was heard in the room, an inhuman scream of pleasure and pain came out of the depths of Spermula´s body while both sides of her lower jaw were split, opening from each side of her face like a half opened pocket knife. At the tip of each split jaw grew two large retractable fangs. Her black and fleshy lips expanded like stretched latex rubber to the extent that each side of the mutated jaw was covered. Her lips, inner cheek flesh and lower jaw resembled a one and a half foot long mouth-flesh, with the original upper and lower jaw line intact. Next, the teeth of the lower gum disappeared and were replaced by eight thin and very long red prehensile tendrils appendages that blew-out in the air. Her long, thick, black tongue licked and stuck out exploring new possibilities while four long sharp retractable fangs grew in the upper gum in her mouth.

The long tentacles grabbed Cassi’s cock head with inhuman strength, pulling her closer. She lost her balance and stepped forward; burying her big cock, in one fell swoop, wedding it to Spermula’s hungry mouth. Spermula’s black eyes glowed with satisfaction. She was impaled in front and from behind. Cassi grabbed Spermula by her huge horns. I began to take her from behind fiercely with forceful strokes. The two new sides of Spermula’s jaw stuck like suction cups on each side of the Cassi´s butt cheeks to finally bury her fangs and pump a powerful aphrodisiac into Cassi´s squamous, broad buttocks! We fucking and cumming our bodies, over and over; in an endless deep embrace. Filling our bodies and minds with lustfulness and sexual frenzy. More and more!

We fucked Spermula in so many ways throughout the night, exploring all of her physical properties. Cassi soon discovered that Spermula’s huge horse cock had a very large hollow and flared head. It had a V-shape. Spermula provided us another surprise when she was docking and engulfed Cassi’s cock up to her root, fucking and sucking her snake long dick. Cassi was filled with Spermula’s powerful aphrodisiac and her black eyes rolled back into her head, she was in a pleasure hell! She screamed in pleasure when she unloaded her cum that was taken by Spermula as she sucked Cassi deeply. Spermula had been blessed in a very spectacular way.