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Feature Title: Satan Queen /

Published: 05.08.2019 /

Story Codes: Satanic, Evil, Horror, Young, Bisex /



Satan Queen

The Queen in Hell was always rammed-fucked by her Devil Lord and lots of choices in hell. So many families using their children, as all demented wants could be lived out in hell.

She tired of Satan’s cock as she devoted her entire to a faith of the filthiest acts. Every hall and every room and every floor were filled with humans already in the lust.

No virgin pussy. No little girls. No scared little girls with their little hands under their nighties rubbing little pussies.

Satan’s saliva when she was first found her Devil Lord, she had intended and expected to be death did not work as Satan intended. The slim tiny woman simply would not die no matter what Satan tried. She simply licked the snarling maw and accepted Satan’s tongue, forked and always whipping in her little belly so her lord could lick at the cock he rammed.

So that was yesterday and now she had powers. She would never refuse her lord. But young pussies bloomed on earth. Little girls in their little beds had no concept of the wonderful young pussy juice. All the little tried to be quiet as they struggled with their new little clitties. It was not their fault, it just happened, and they did not know they were just horny little girls. Perfectly normal for earth.

The hell queen wanted fresh pussy and could now smell every young girl trying for a cunnie feel. All hoping mommy and daddy would not see their small hands rubbing their developing fuck holes. They had no idea why they wet their panties in school. Just a new adolescent horny. Even their chest hurt as tit tubes pushed out. All was horrible and the child girls developed fuck bodies they would quickly understand. Orgasms and sperm. Cunt suckers, pussy eaters once the bored hell queen could instantly appear in any little girl’s bedroom.

It was not random as the smells of young cunt may be missed by earthlings, but she not only sensed, smelled she savored for virgin earth pussy.

Yes she had her pick of the rams, the boys, the moms and dads still fucking some little girl, or dog. In hell there were no limits on the already captured.

The Hell Queen with her new powers wanted little girls with wet pussies. What the hell she might bring Satan new fuck toys.

In flash of thought she was in this little struggling girl that did not know what to touch. The Queen of Hell had a forked tongue now. It could extend as much as any devious mind and she could reach deep in any hole. But she savored young, never fucked yet. Satan had not yet destroyed this little girl and her family.

The little child just instantly removed her nighty. Her wet panties were somewhere. Her legs spread and bulging new cunt mound that confused her mind. Daddy and mommy looked at her different when mommy or daddy helped her dress. Some murmurs that she needs a bra.

“Those are not normal, they are so long and poke out.”

The Hell Queen used her new forked tongue softly the first of so many little virgin girl pussies that need that first wondrous orgasm. The forked tongue lick softly at the child girl clit.

The small innocent barely out of puberty held her legs above her head. Her blond hair cradled her cute little face. Her blue eyes stared right at the queen of hell and presented her little ass crinkle, her cunnie she had been rubbing was all red.

The child presented her very essence wide open with want. The queen of hell had powers she had not realized, or maybe the little girls were just filled with fuck lust.

Tired of the church and tired of the commandments to remain pure. Never seek and never wonder. The little pussies all over the earth were the same. Little children frantic for their small button still hidden my young skin.

None knew of clit hoods that covered up what they had be trying to open as much as their little wet pussies. They all rubbed so hard in their little beds hoping mommy and daddy would not hear their fuck filthy moans.

The devil queen savored fresh little girls. Human children that did not know of hell, yet. The wonders of orgasm, and the permanence of the filth in hell. No, these little girls were hers alone.

Her forked tongue licked at this open wanton child. Her darling little pink ass still had some human shit she did not wiped away. Cookie shit the expectant child opened her little legs in new glory of lust.

Keeping her tiny ass and red cunny wide open, the most exquisite sensation in their young human lives as the devil queen sought out more cookie dough girl shit. The tongue slivered up the child hole searching. Little pink girl ass and above it was the treasure. Girl pussy all puffy from rubbing, swollen from all the rubbing made the clit hoods look as precious as the virgin cunt holes that were as open and ready as little girls could make their slim legs spread.

Little human virgins yet to have their first periods meant every egg was still hidden deep inside. One nip of sharp teeth on the skin that hid the little clits, then harder to just rip it off. Child clit stood up.

The devil queen sank her mouth and sucked at the very youth of unused pussy as she sank her long-forked tongue up the girl already in not only her first orgasm but constant orgasm pulsing out girl cream.

The devil queen tongue found the true treasure of ovary sacks on one side licking out every egg like human caviar. Her squirming long tongue causing so much bliss even as the blood from her torn away clit cover dripped, the child did not realize any chance of having a child was being sucked out.

Now only orgasms as the child smiled brightly. Her little slim pelvis in a continuous frantic pumping.

The Devil Queen liked her new powers but did not realized her effect on humans. Her saliva that derived from Satan’s own mouth was very potent much like young venomous snakes held venom so concentrated it was more lethal than older snakes.

She had allowed too much to infuse the small virgin as she selfish removed the fresh human eggs. Too much satanic saliva had been soaked through the child cunt walls and fallopian tubes. She had made the child insane permanently in orgasm.

The slim little girl thoughts were own with the devil queen now and one flash about her best friend, Cindy two houses away had just gotten her first training bra so thick it made look like she had tits. The extra thick padding was deemed necessary to hide her hard-young tit cones. Nipples constantly poking her own father stirred as did her brothers. Even her own mommy was in a hurry to get her child covered up as she too felt her cunt throb each time, she saw her precious innocent child bounce into the kitchen still in her nighty oblivious of her tit tubes bouncing around as well. Dad almost coughed up a mouth of coffee as her boys squirmed under the table to hide their young hard dicks. That was as bad as her little girl, knowing her little boys had hard young dick.

Thoughts instant shared as the slim wonder remained in orgasm, the queen would have to do something different next time even though she loved the adolescent young virgins’ gyrations. Cindy and she shared everything. They often had sleep overs with slim legs wide open, night shirts on the floor, young tit cones on slim bodies.

Sharing everything as they rubbed their new pussy mounds. Both frustrated each would make recommendations and even touch small finger tips to some area on each other’s open wet virgin fuck holes.

Always the same, “I heard it was up here.”

“Well I heard you have to get inside and rub around.”

The slim legs so flexible the small wet cunnies would almost touch. Frustrated they often gave up and just practiced kissing with little pink mouths and tongues, at least they were getting really good at that. They had a pact that they were practice for some future boyfriend and would give each other titty feels with soft small girl hands. Just practice.

Every thought was absorbed, Cindy just started getting pussy hair. In a flash both were in Cindy’s bedroom. Pussy hairs meant a first young period was close.

Her first earthly conquest was wrapped around her in constant pumping orgasm. Her clit hood had been ripped off, but the Satanic saliva not only healed her, but made her clitty bigger than her small tit bumps.

The hell queen’s powers basically made the cute girl’s room, all pink and frilly, a cloaked off in silence. Cindy was not startled or afraid. She was naked and had been rubbing and searching for that spot and the feelings for over thirty minutes already. She had been thinking about her best friend sharing titty feels and the wet warm ‘practice’ kissing. But nothing would happen, not like all the other girls said. Cindy was getting too frantic to care anymore. Her titties ached. Her nipples were so sensitive.

Cindy stared at her young friends’ new body and her pumping slim pelvis.

“You found it.”

No, she did, and she is here to help you too. Cindy stood in slim virgin wonder of youth.

She basically presented her teen flesh in horny need, “where is that damn spot?”

The first earth conquest would be a princess in waiting. Her new identity was disciple of devil pussy. She would do anything for the queen of hell forever. She really had no choice anymore in constant orgasm. She was losing fluids as her cunt pumped the queen magically brought forth Satan piss and cum mix all in hell sustained themselves with.

The new fuck demon drank the first bottle in one gulp.

She licked her best friend, Cindy, with a wet tongue that tasted of Satan piss and sperm. Cindy sucked her friends mouth and tongue. Cindy only flashed a thought about how her had been looking at her, and Cindy stood alone in front of the Queen of Hell. Her best friend with her Satan piss and cum mouth was gone. She was sitting on Cindy’s mommy face. The daddy asleep only inches away. Cindy’s mommy had so many thoughts about her little girl’s pussy and new titties she was as frantic, and lust filled about her own child. She had no idea of what young cunt was on her face, maybe her daughter she lusted about daily. Maybe her little friend she often saw in naked splendor of youth.

She hoped it was her daughter, but child cunt was child cunt. She slept nude and still had perky tits for a mom with nipples that had been paid much attention to lately. She loved titty pain, pinch and pull her nipples. She always thought her huge nipples were the most erotic area on her body. Years of marriage her husband seldom paid the attention to them as he once did. She liked them bit and chewed, pulled and twisted. The message was delivered as she wrapped her arms around slim hips pulling some young cunt hard on her hungry open mouth. Her titties and their huge nipples were mauled, pinched and pulled, punished for her evil thoughts about her little girl and her boys’ stiff cocks. Punish me.

The Devil Queen was with Cindy. The child came to her. Her best friend said this one new the spot.

She only let out a small whimper as her clit hood was ripped away and swallowed. Her young clit, the spot, now open and relieved of its cover. Her slim arms fondled some head of someone she did not know. Something sank deep in her virgin fuck slot, it wiggled around making her shiver in lust.

Her exposed child clit rubbed somewhere with something so wonderful in her child cunt she convulsed. Her first orgasm, finally. Who ever this lady was she found the spot all little girls sought out.

The Devil Queen would be more careful. She had just made some small girl a slut forever only seeking young girl pussy on earth. She even wondered how long she would let Cindy orgasm. The young child pussy cream was delicious, but was she converting on just a greedy child molesting girl cunny. Five, let the slim girl have five, keep your damn demon tongue just in the wet hole, don’t eat all her eggs.

The child had her first period. Only one orgasm stirred her body into ‘adult hood’. She sat on someone’s face and had her first period sucked out. Her tiny uterus shed its lining intended to let some fertilized egg embed an become new human. Every essence of young girl just for the Queen of Hell to suck out letting the slim child have her second orgasm ever. She would be more careful as she counted and that was two. Keep her long tongue just in the cunt this time.

The Devil Queen found a name for her first earth conquest “SIN, Lady in waiting” she would protect because her own rampant lust had destroyed the slim child. She had not meant harm, she wanted the fresh young girl pussies.

SIN was twisting Cindy’s mommies it made her best friends mommy squirt across the bed. She was eating and sucking so hard on some young cunt meat that slammed her mouth in wonderful hard slim pelvic grind. Constant young cunnie cream filled her mouth over and over and the wonderful demon on her face was destroying her long-neglected tits. Yes, she had mommy tits. Yes, she had fed her children and hid how wonderful it felt to let her children ‘teethed’ on her nipples. There were teething things, but the sharp teeth made her orgasm as they bit to relieve their gums in their own pain. Chew on anything and mommy loved every bite. Every chew.

The thoughts between SIN and the Queen of Hell were instant.

They vanished and left Cindy’s little wet pussy settle down on her mommies face. Cindy wondered why her own mommy never showed her the spot before. Mommy sure liked her ‘spot’ now. Mommies titties were not really big but had huge purple tops that made great handles. Mommy really liked me using her handles. The more Cindy used the handles, the more mommy sucked her new period fluids out, ate her fuck hole, engulfed her entire young pussy in mommy mouth. She would not need tampons or pads as none of her young cunt fluids would ever be wasted in cotton just to be thrown away like trash.

Cindy had a thought about Sarah. She was a year ahead and Cindy loved her friend dearly, but in the showers, Sarah had tit cones. She often thought she would some day have real tits like Sarah, sometimes thinking her friend would somehow be somewhere she and her friend could ‘practice’ with Sarah. She was always very nice in the showers and helped the younger girls with soap and getting clean.

Sarah had real pussy hair already. Sarah had titties that were so white her nipples in bulbs as she helped the younger girls clean all areas of their little bodies. Sarah was always helpful with the younger girls.

Cindy was unaware that the woman that found her ‘spot’ and her friend had vanished. Cindy was grinding her young cunt meat on her mommies mouth as she used her mommy’s nipples as hard as her little hands could. Mommy really liked it when she got her titties hurt and she chewed harder on her own daughter’s little pussy. The more Cindy pulled on mommy the harder mommy bit her cunnie.

Sarah’s room in a flash.

Somehow Sarah sensed this moment. She had shaved her pussy bare to be like the little girls she ‘helped’.

Sarah simply stood naked with her torrid protruding tit cones that had never seen the sun. so white in their innocence. Hard huge nipples looked like they were painful. Sarah opened her arms to the child now SIN. She had so loved helping her in the showers. Her tiny slim body and just the beginnings of tits. Bumps really. But the child nipples were so hard as she ‘helped’.

All the little girls loved Sarah. She always knew the spot on their tender slim bodies that needed the most cleaning. Some of the cleaning had to be in their tiny holes as they held precious wonderful sarah hard as they were ‘cleaned’ They were helped and they got to feel Sarah’s hard tits rub their titless slim bodies. Every slim thing loved the help. Everyone wanted tittys. Their friends had bumps and Sarah made sure they were very clean.

The kids loved Sarah so much for her ‘help’ they spread their slim legs open. Sarah had to contain herself around Cindy. Cindy was so sweet and kind, but her young pubis bulged. It was getting to where it needed the best “help”, the hardest cleaning.

Sarah stood naked and bare. Her own fuck meat as bare as all the little girls she liked to help in the showers. Her tit cones were so hard they barely shook. She stood naked and bare and ready for filth. Ready for whatever may happen, and she had lots of ideas. Small cunnies, small little hands that often ‘accidentally’ held her young haired pussy. Now she was bare and presented herself for fuck.

Four naked women looked at her available slim body. Two girls she had washed and got very, very clean stood naked. Cindy’s mommy was panting and her very nice tits looked all bitten by some sharp teeth that could only come from a small little girl. Sarah smiled as she finally connected Cindy to her mommy.

The one she liked so much was not at school yesterday. She was her favorite child to get really clean. She seemed to have some pelvic issues as she pumped her hips. Her tiny slim legs she washed up and down were wet with girl drip.

No other smell was like this. Girl pussy. She had restrained her “help” in the showers. She convinced herself an all the little girls that she was just a kind teen.

Every girl she “helped” just wanted tits, hoping theirs would look like the girl that helped them get real clean.

Her favorite to clean was nude and she seemed to have issues. Her little hips were frantic pulse. That was the devil Queens fault and before anyone could speak any word, Sarah sank to her knees. Her favorite to help in the shower looked as if she was in pain.

Sarah could care less about her tit cones. She knew the little girls she helped wanted to be big girls with titties. All the cleaning. Hard washing made her demented. She wanted young cunt. She new she could find the priest and his huge cock. The priest welcomed her in confessional. Silent resolve of all sins, the priest slid the window open presenting 10 long inches of throbbing cock.

She confessed her sins of sperm thirst, her cock sucking. In just the last week she was in the woods and sucked cocks, she ate sperm. She had come for absolution, she confessed. She was given one hail Mary when the long cock, her own priest she just confesses her sperm thirst, her cock sucking and all the ways she just accidently got cock in her mouth. She was so innocent. She was so young, and her little tit cones made her crazy with lust. She came to the priest for confession.

She spilled all of her sins. She swallowed all ten inches of the priest’s cock. She planted her face for fuck against the confessional wall. She would not relent or gag. She was her for saving and the priest did his hardest to save he delivered, in pulses in the young mouth. Sarah was given instruction to be in the confessional every day as some other priest may have some ideas to get as deep as possible into her faith issues. Sarah thanked for the deliverance of divine substance. She truly had faith and she was the pertest teen sperm lover that needed as much help about her sins than any other slim child that budded all new.

Sarah had gotten use to going to confessional after “helping” all the little girls she had little time to study. Her time helping and her time in the confesses wit so much help for her as she ate every word in huge gulps of sperm. Every day wash and fondle little girls just to make sure every hole was very clean.

Then church in the cube as priest after priest “delivered” divine guidance. In her mouth.

Sin, her savior of sorts that had turned her into constant orgasm. Needing bottles of Satan piss and cum she would forever need if her wonderful constant state of orgasm. The Devil Queen that caused it all for the tiny girls that only yesterday searched for her “SPOT”.

Really, she and her friend had worked with each other to find that “SPOT”. Some wonder hiding and they kissed and practiced so hard.

Sarah stood upright in her small room. She knew. She sensed she was fuck. All her confessions confirmed her mouth in every delivery of saving.

Sarah liked washing all the little girls in the showers. She knew the little girls wanted to “Grow” and show off their new titties. Little pussy pulsing The Devil Queen smelled and knew every room in every little girly frilly room as everyone wanted to find that “spot”. The entire surface of earth was filled with little girls hoping mommy and daddy would not hear their search for that “SPOT”.

Most gave up and had sleep overs to really get technical and push at the place. It was supposed to be right here, try me. Across the world little girls searched for the “SPOT”.

Four people looked at her slender body. Her hard-teen tit cones. Her wet dripping pussy not yet cunt. She had wanted some little girl at least to search or feel. She would never abuse. She hoped every day “helping” but no child would get their tiny hand close enough for some “accidental” washing in warm tender arm all slippery that would slide so easily. Sarah’s mind seemed to be captured. Their young slender hands, each and every one of the girls could easily fit. She would have to help the younger as they would tire. Sarah came out of her fantasy.

Four in her room. Three she knew. two she got really clean to send home and her mommy. She held her mommies’ hand. Legs spread open, her wet open fuck. The mommy had nice titties but looked like they were purple, they were long as “Cindy” pinched her mommy, she pulled her mommies tits. She made her mommy orgasm from tit pain. Mommy loved her child more every day.

Sarah new she would get eaten as she spread her legs. She openly presented her flesh somehow knowing she may die. She might be chewed on by her most favorite child she every got as clean as possible.

That wonder she washed stood in her room and seem to have some problem. Cindy stood beside her mommy as she twisted mommy into the same constant’s orgasms.

Sin finally kissed her. This child she washed and got as clean as she could in every hole. Sometimes soapy fingers just got deep in some hole. It was an innocent slip by someone only “helping”.

Sarah had washed the little girls and received more rich saving as she went to confession.

Sarah grabbed her pulsing pumping child in a mix of tender help and wanton lust. The child needed her help more than ever. Sarah licked Sins face. Sin melted in the loving embrace of one that had washed her so hard. Sin had Satan saliva pulsing through her small body. Her clit exposed and in constant throbs.

It may take hours or days or years to get these two apart. Sin nipped and sucked waiting to see what Sarah liked. Sarah’s mouth never stopped sucking Sins pussy. Only a grunt as Sin tried to find Sarah’s “spot” to return all the wonderful feelings, when Sarah grabbed her slim arm and shoved the hand deep.

Sin had her cunt flesh in a grip on a mouth and her slim arm, her slender fingers found Sarah’s “spot’. It was so deep but slim arm was so wet and silky, her convulsing forever in orgasm pussy was held in a tight but insistent mouth.

Her washer that always got her the cleanest.

Sin sat her wet young cunt down. She was fastened to a mouth. She used both of her small hands to pull. She used both small hands to open everything up. She pumped each hand as hard as she could In search of Sarah’s “SPOT”.

Every plunge of tiny search she got harder bites. Sin liked hard bites on her long clit and wet little cunt.

Sarah bit down hard on Sin’s entire cunt flesh, her little girl cunt flesh that fit nicely in her mouth. The little girl she had washed and washed and had so many demented thoughts about as she masturbated and rubbed for her own spot.
Sarah got wet and even gushed cunt cream, but never had the kind of orgasm she sought. She knew there was something missing, she knew she had more in her to release as she laid spread open every night thinking of each little girl one by one. The tiny bodies all soapy and slippery. Little places and tiny holes and cracks that needed to be cleaned.

Sin was always the child that consumed her lust. Her personal hell and demented sex lust.

Sin found it, Sarah chewed child pussy, sucked child pussy she had only wished about. Sin found it. Sin had her little hand and entire slim arm in Sarah cunt. Her little hips in constant frantic thrusting as she could feel Sarah’s hard young firm tit cones every girl hoped for, grind on her tummy. The dug into her tummy like two drills.

Down deep in Sarah was another smaller hole. Every time her little hand touch the rubbery new thing Sarah would bite down on her little pussy. Chew her forever orgasm fuck meat.

The Devil Queen already knew and savored how humans discovered how wonderful the release of all their demonic lust if given an open. Actually achieve and live out their filthiest ideas.

Cindy had her mommy on the floor right beside Sarah’s bed as she sat her little girl pussy on mommy’s face. She twisted mommy nipples into purple tubes. Her mommy had somehow lost all of mommy cunt hair and mommy cunt was very big and very wet and mommy had a really big clit cock that liked to be twisted and pinched. Cindy owned her mommy slut now as she turned into a steaming mass of human protoplasm that just might burst or melt. It was glorious.

Sarah did not know she was womb slut, womb fuck, a womb that once opened would forever be her “spot”. Sin poked a slim finger at the hole and got the hardest bite on her cunt that made her feel so warm and wanted. Sin was stuck in orgasm purely by accident and would require constant fluids to keep her little titless body from drying up. The Devil Queen was actually sorry about that. She liked to seek out little girls to molest. Little girls on earth. Hell was full of them and little boys, moms and dads.

Earth had fresh fuck, fresh pussy, wet little girls searching for that “spot”. They helped each other search for it on sleep overs while parents tried to sleep. Dads with thoughts of their little girls and boys. Moms the same. If only they talked they could open up and accept Satan as the real lord. The lord of fuck and filth, the lord of incest and families exchanging every member over in any fashion as so many had deviant hidden lustful thoughts. If humans only talked to each other all kids would be fuck. All dads with little boys sucking for daddy juice. Daddy’s chewing boy cocks, sucking boy cocks. Dads fucking their precious daughter’s little bulging new pussies.

Moms harbored the most wonderful thoughts. Moms wanted the mom next door to come over for more than coffee. All having hidden lust as they so innocently wore only robes nude underneath. Some savored mom cunt or tits, each other’s kids. Mom’s had the filthiest thoughts with all their hidden fake cocks in the back of some drawer hidden by panties just waiting to rush their children off and go next door with loose robes to let their mommy tits wobble at any movement. Sometimes a huge nipple accidentally fell out. Sometimes the robes accidentally revealed their naked cunts as they simply recrossed their legs over and over. They really wanted to just cunt flag fly. Get naked and talk about each other’s kids. Eat cunt or get fisted. Moms had the most hidden desires. But humans were timid and needed a nudge.

The Devil Queen seldom had spontaneous orgasms anymore. She got every manner of sex down in Hell. Sin and Sarah looked so precious. They had wanted each other but were timid. Now they were wanton fuck, wanton cunt
sucking and fisting and even The Queen of Hell quivered in delight.

Sin sank a slim small child finger into the smaller hole deep in Sarah and almost lost her pussy. Sarah really, really liked that. Sarah had always been her favorite and had girl titties. Now Sarah was her fuck toy. Sin’s tiny body would never recover and was “converted” even though she did not know it yet. She could never live on earth, never get by, never go back to school or the showers again, well maybe something could be worked about the showers.

Sin tried two tiny child fingers and just gave the slightest try to open the new hole so deep, her arm soaked in Sarah cunt, her little pussy fuck meat being chewed.

Sarah bolted upright throwing Sin off her face. She had a frantic look. She grabbed Sins little arm and slammed it hard, so hard sins hand was forced into her womb. Womb fuck the Devil queen already knew but loved watching humans discover and find their own filth. Any of them could be instantly transferred to hell. The Queen knew that Satan knew and was letting her have fun.

Hell was so full of families even the huge dogs and rams were tired. They were always obedient bred for one purpose but still whimpered when called to service. Satan was watching and even hell got boring at times. The Queen felt or heard his chuckle of delight. His Queen was delivering something different and it was fun.

Sarah looked almost insane as she used the slim child arm like a dildo, a ram fuck. Sin let her little hand form a small cone and that did it. Sarah forgot that some little girl she adored and washed so many times had her tiny arm in her cunt and womb. Pure womb fuck and the Devil Queen almost clapped as she sensed Satan’s approval.

Sarah had lost her mind as she stood open legged on her bed. She used her young legs as if she was doing squats in the girl gym. That school gym withy the showers full of little girls hoping for titties like Sarah’s. Every weekend across earth little girls had sleep overs. Little girl panties could be used to as chew toys for Satan’s dogs. They were all soaked in virgin little girl cunt juice. Wet panties every where on so many frilly pink rooms as mommy’s struggled with thoughts of sucking their little girl’s pussy’s.

Every mom struggled as they remembered those days, rather those nights they hoped mommy or daddy was asleep. Spreading tiny legs wide with wet panties on the floor. Raising nighties up to compare titty. “Jenifer said if you pinch right here it feels good, but I keep pinching” Here you try me, and I’ll try you.

“well Sam said she found the “spot’ but I don’t believe her, she couldn’t find mine”.

Across the earth little girls in wonder. Wanton lust brewing. Like the richest smell of morning coffee or bacon sizzling, child pussy pumped out the most wonderful fuck horny perfume.

Sarah had lost her mind. She had no concept that she might be hurting her darling little favorite. Her young legs her well as she got so frantic one slim thigh almost suffocated Sin. She had Sin’s arm shoulder deep while little
wonderfully delicate little fingers wiggled up her womb. Sin’s hand could not deliver saliva like the Devil Queen she captured Sarah all the same. Sarah was owned by a child in continuous Satanic, well Devil Queens really that turned the child in forever orgasm for as long as she my live on earth. The Queen would not let her die and would always keep an eye on her. That mix of Satan piss and sperm was available to keep the child alive. Keep her at least hydrated.
Sarah found herself holding quivering Sin in warm embrace. She had collapsed and could not remember when. She was holding this wonderful child warm against tit cones. Every squirm the child’s back enflamed her tit cones. Her titties poking in the back of a little girl that had such a darling flat chest. She only had tit dots. Her little ass was equally darling. Her tiny bikini her mommy finally let her get like the other little girl’s. Mom’s spent a lot of time in dressing rooms making sure the tiny bikinis fit just right.

Adjust the tiny tops to make sure her child would stay covered. Adjust the bottoms over and over to make their young hairless cunt bulges were held firm. Often sought help from the little high school teens that worked at these stores for some extra money were eager to sit with the mom’s to help, showing as much interest in the proper fit of the tiny tops and little bottoms looing for the most part like panties. Mom’s knew that as did the young girls. All so young they did not need bras. Well they did to hide their young firm tits but took them off the moment they knew mommy or daddy had left. Girls were very proud of their young tits and wanted to show them off. Big girls now.

They were more than eager to assist mommies with their little girls. Often rechecking every fit mommy had already thoroughly checked. The mommies strained to hold their breath as some braless teen in the tiny tank tops and little skirts knelt to make sure their little girls had just the right first bikini. Many often disagreed and left little stand naked in front of trembling mommies. Wet mommies. Mommy’s with wet big mommy cunts.

Often the teen girls returned with what they would be better. They fussed as if helping out. Standing and squatting every move made the little teen skirts creep up right in front of the horny moms still holding their breath to stifle some accidental moan or whimper. They had been left in the confines of the small fitting room with their naked little girl until the teen helper retuned with a new one.

The teens would squat and adjust. Stand up over the child’s head so their little tit cones and teen nipples dangled in their loose tank tops they snuck out in their little back packs that held what they wore for mommy and daddy and their little teen bras, open loose the darling young titties dangled in mommy’s face. The little tiny skirts rid higher and higher and higher on the slim hips. Their little panties must be in their back packs as little bare pussy so accidently exposed. Some moms held their lust and many just lost it all. Too much. The quaint little teen smile, the oopises, the young bare pussy and young turgid teen tits hardly moved they were so young and hard. They pronounced to all this little girl was growing up. She finally got titties and wanted the world to know.

Many, really most mom’s gave up the struggle as lust that Satan pumped out, or maybe the Queen as they “assisted” some basically naked no mom or dad would ever let out in public. The growing girl already just acted so innocent in her littles panties hugging her pussy mound. Her T she slept in was old and practically see thru as her young titties bounced around.

Often so innocent on the floor right in front of mom and dad a she watched TV with them. The night shirt too short now. Her little panties on full display. Her little ass and cunt bulge right in front of mommy and daddy. Mommy and daddy would suddenly get tired and tell their little girls they could stay till ten but get to bed. Mommy and daddy practically raped each other. Mommy open wanton and wet. Daddy’s big cocky so hard. Damn their little girl and her tits and her ass and the cunt bulge. Damn that child to hell as mommy planted her face, mommy loved to be throat fucked as daddy twisted her long mommy nipples. Mommy did not sag much but her tits were bigger. Mommy loved feeling used, to be a slut owned used and fucked as her throat was filled by cock. Her titties being pulled and twisted she had the first of many orgasms. Damn that little girl, their own daughter for Christ sake. Christ had little to do with them anymore. Satan was in charge and been in charge from the child’s first bikini.

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The Devil Queen had absorbed every thought about the little girl that always seemed to have to pee pee when daddy took a shower. Ginny was next and may have been a door away or across the earth. Ginny had just turned 11, she also had two older brothers that were 14 and 16. Their family had lots of money and a really big house with big tiled showers that did not have doors or shower curtains.

Ginny had her bathroom, really big bathroom with marble counters and huge mirrors for the day she would try makeup. Ginny only used the mirror to see if her little bumps had gotten bigger overnight. Every morning now she would push and pull on her slim chest with no idea how cute her little bottom had begun push out a little more. Her little hairless pussy slit had also pulsed out in an adolescent mound of virgin cunt meat. She did not pay any attention or even notice those parts. But mommy and daddy sure did. For Ginny tits made would make her a big girl like mommy and her babysitter, now she had titties.

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At breakfast her mommy would often forget to tie her morning robe tight. Mommy was the most wonderful mommy and the prettiest of all her friends. Mommy was kind of small and daddy liked to hug her lots. Even her brothers liked to hug mom real hard and that was probably why mommy’s robe kept getting untied. Mommy had nice little titties that became the titties I wanted on me. I only knew because all the hugging would leave her robe open. Ginny often saw her mommy’s pee pee and she thought all mommies had hair, after getting titties, the first hallmark of being a big girl, you got hair. At least that what her friends all said. They often searched each other, nope none yet, no that is not the “spot”. Damn it all growing up was so confusing and very horny as Satan planted the seeds of filth.

Satan was planting filth in little Ginny and she did not know it. The Devil Queen did know and sent a message of “thank you lord”. Satan sat back to watch the show as his Queen just gave more more entertainment. One little girl had her little thumb in her mouth as she toddles to Satan’s throne. Hell did not have diapers and her mommy had sucked all her shit out while daddy had licked her all better. Satan could vanish the little girl to the rams, but they were already over whelmed in human fuck holes, the dogs but his old princess might just kill her to keep the hounds to herself. But no one ever approached Satan’s throne unless summoned and often for imminent death.

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Saturday morning was a special family time. When Ginny went to pee pee and watch daddy, mommy must have tucked her brothers for a very long-time last night. She must be really tired from all the tucking in because she was walking all wobblily making little Ginny think “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”. Mommy seemed to be looking for her robe. Her long hair was sticking to her face. Mommy was walking so funny Ginny giggled. Mommy looked around for her robe and went back in to tuck in my brothers more and I heard mommy moan. She must have found her robe.

I went to pee pee in daddy’s and mommy’s huge bathroom. This morning I felt something new as I really did not need to tinkle at all. I just loved my daddy. I reached down to my girl part and for the first time felt how much bigger it had gotten, and it was really wet. All little girls want titties and I had to grow “DOWN THERE!”. But watching daddy get real clean this time my new growth, DOWN THERE, felt really tingly.

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Damn Satan loved this Queen.

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Loud bangs rang out quickly followed by her two bothers saying, “sorry mommy” “we did not mean to do that”. Ginny heard her mommy say “lets get back on the bed”. What was mommy talking about? Did something happen to her mommy while she was changing sheets, did her brothers somehow hurt mommy?

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Her big brothers that would kill to protect their little sister put mommy down. Mommy moaned more. My oldest brother was under mommy, the other from the back as mommy moaned.

Mommy looked real happy but her long hair was stuck everywhere on her face.

Daddy helped me as my brothers helped mommy. Daddy held me in big strong arms as we sat me on lap on the couch. Mommy was naked because she could find her robe this morning. My bothers forgot their gym shorts as well. Daddy was even warmer than ever as he was naked and big daddy cock was between my little legs. Daddy was helping my little tit bumps grow so warm and loving like all daddy’s do with little princesses. Help them, protect them. Letting little girls watch them shower as they pretended to just have pee pee right when daddy showered.

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As she looked up at her daddy that was helping her all over, her young innocent face and brilliantly blue eyes seeking daddy approval , daddy’s love, be her daddy’s little girl, when something very new and wonderful happened ‘DOWN THERE” her down there that she never considered as she strained every morning pulling and pinching her little bulbs to get titties. TITTIES would make her a “big girl”.

Her little pussy she never noticed or considered was feeling really good as she sat on daddy. Her brothers were helping mommy.

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The Devil Queen had produced and directed the show for the Lord Satan. Her husband had allowed her on earth search of earth filth. Earth was rampant with want to do this or that with most any filthy thought. The Devil Queen could be recalled in a flash. But damn hell Satan was loving his Queen more. Yes, he only had to only have a thought to bring her back, but this new fun. He held the whimpering POP CORN bucket just for fun as he watched the earth show. He was letting the tot lick and let the tiny child slit become cunt and let the fun tot get a long clit on her tiny increasing bulging fuck. The tot heard her mommy. Mommy had dared to approach Satan’s throne as her little child was being turned into cunt. She was so small she would just be cunt if Satan let her suckle devil cock, let the tiny girl eat devil slime, suck devil cock that she also wanted. Lick her little child’s big wet cunnie. Just one taste, one little lick when the bull ram mounted her again before she could crawl far. Mommy looked up at her little girl and blossoming fuck. Her little girl was all smiles. Her mommy’s tits shook as her mommy knelt for fuck. Any fuck. Any cock. Mommy moaned as the largest bull ram slammed twelve huge thick inches of Satanic cock, fuck tools in hell, into her mommy. Her daddy still held her brother on his lap over in the corner. Big daddy cock in her brother’s ass as he licked her brothers’ ears. Daddy had just found her brother again on the slimy stones covered in the richest fuck slime, sometimes blood, mostly sperm and cunt covered the ancient floor.

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Daddy’s big finger was making her whimper over and over. Her little eyes closed as she shuddered on daddy’s lap. Daddy loved her so much he put his thumb in another hole that only hurt a little and pinched his big finger and thumb that almost made little Ginny pass out.

When the darling princess finally stopped shaking she saw her daddy needed lots of drying. Her little fist was holding her loving daddy’s cock was wet as she forgot to keep drying. Her little body limber she could dry daddy further down before daddy got the couch all wet. Mommy would not like that, but mommy was bent over hugging one brother beneath her and her other brother was giving lots of hugs from behind. Ginny loved her brothers that were helping mommy pee pee over and over. They were good brothers to help mommy so much.

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Daddy kept his hand “DOWN THERE” as his princess seemed to really like it.

He lifted little Ginny’s tiny face and her slim body, titless little body as Ginny looked up with her shiny blue eyes wondering if she had helped her daddy. Had she been a good little girl? Had she been a bad little girl? She had made her daddy shake, pump and moan and maybe she had hurt daddy.

Her big strong daddy held her all warm and licked her tiny somewhat reddened lips. Then daddy kissed her. Her first kiss, the entire reason she needed titties to find a boy and kiss some boy.

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Little Ginny was about to start crying. She was shaking so much on her big daddy a she pushed, and nothing happened. She did not know what she wanted but she felt so warm In daddy’s big arms and daddy’s big wet thing was really hard again and really wet. Maybe she stop her crying and dry daddy some more. Daddy had made her feel really good and her brothers kept hugging mommy.

Daddy stared into her bright blue eyes and Ginny stared back. Daddy’s big loving hands held her tiny hips. Daddy’s always helped their little girls, their princesses.

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Ginny had forgotten about her little tit bulbs she had been pulling and pinching and sometimes slapping as she was so eager to get at least more bumps. Something that would poke out. Something, anything that would attract a boy.
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Little Ginny was kissing and licking her tiny pink tongue all over her big strong daddy’s face. His mouth, his nose, his head, Ginny was gone. “OH DADDY” was all she could ick out anymore slavering her daddy’s face with her little tongue in little saliva.

Little tiny Ginny had lost her mind.

The Devil Queen had produced and directed the spectacle she was clapping as her Satan husband just loved his new demented Queen more and more. Satan could not remember being this happy and entertained. Damn it Satan loved his queen and the filth she could spread and cause on earth. The tot on his lap had licked so much Satan drips she was basically a ball of cunt. Her mommy was being fucked up her ass by the biggest Ram bull that kept dragging her back like she was his own property. Mommy was not really upset now that she was in almost constant orgasm only getting some rest when the huge Ram drank or ate , but she had little rest as she was owned by a Ram she was starting to love. Sometimes she saw her husband sucking some cock and her little boy getting sucked or fucked or both when the Ram left her left her but always bully and pushed the other younger rams away if they tried to approach his fuck toy. The huge bull ram had his pick of any human on the slimed stones. He was the ram king as he was the biggest and most brutal when anything got near his fuck. The mommy, a wife and mother was in love with a BULL RAM.

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Her brothers were helping her mommy so much she sometimes cussed and mommy never said bad words like fuck of shit but quite often said DEAR GOD.
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The Devil Queen was trying to think of new entertainment she might find when little Ginny had a thought about her baby sitter. A young teen two doors down. Her baby sitter always got her very clean over and over in what she said was her special place that needed to always be real clean.

Samantha was known as Sam. She was the best baby sitter and all the little girls loved her especially when she gave baths.

Samantha all little girls loved to be their babysitter gave the best ever bath time. Lots of little girls screamed her name when mommy and daddy went out.

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The home was huge and any manner of child snack was available. The home had an enormous basement play area with huge TVs and small ones all hooked up to some video thing with controllers.

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