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Devil 1


The Devil. Lucifer the Angel of Light. Father of lies. This card, the fifteen cards of the Major Arcana represents Satan’s excesses and extremes. It foretells careless and unrestrained sexuality. It is the card of perversion; giving in to one’s temptations; exploring one’s darkest of fantasies; and the fruition of one’s most debauched desires. The Devil helps us unleash the repressed animal instincts we all have inside. This Devil is Pan, the Goat God, known for his extreme appetites. The chains around the necks of his “captives” are so loose they could easily remove them, but they choose to remain on the Devil’s leash.


Samael is twelve. He knows that he is gay and rather effeminate. A lecherous priest, Pastor John, befriends Samael. Pastor John invites young Samael to join him at a rather special summer camp that is filled with like-minded boy recruits and priests. Nothing is what it seems. And love or lust comes at a price. It is the beginning of a slippery slope that leads young and horny Samael down into a twilight world controlled by depraved men that serve and worship an unspeakable ancient evil. But that’s just the beginning.

EXCERPT FROM Hymn To Pan (Aleister Crowley, 1929)

“Pan, oh Pan, half goat half man, we heed your call from a far off land. Before Thy grove, naked we stand with lust in our hearts and phallus in hand. Wild beast, hoof and horn. Spread our buttocks to mirth and scorn. Spare us not your fiery lust but release. Thy seed in Thy final thrust.

“With insatiable lips and loins spread wide. We invite, Thee Pan to come inside Pan, Pan, oh Great God Pan. Lord of our hearts in this mystical land. Lead us to the meadow’s stream. Or abandon us in a lover’s dream. But come again as soon as, Thou can come again oh Great God Pan!”


I watched with a mischievous thrill in the pit of my gut as their ceremonial leader, The Grand Goat held the young naked boy in a vice-like grip. He pressed him hard against his bony old pelvis while his cock plowed mercilessly in and out of the nine-year-old boy’s bowels. One moment I could see that the entire length of his long hard endowment was buried to the very hilt and his slimy old scrotum smashing up against the helpless boy’s tiny ball-sacks; and then in the next, his shit-stained white shaft was clearly visible, its disdained veins bulging as he grunted like a wild animal and continued to thrust upwards without regards for the boy’s pitiful little yelps.

“HAIL PAN!” cried the priests.

It was a fucking roller-coaster ride. Was I screaming inside my mind? The evil priests had rallied us to their nefarious cause. The celebration of the one that they called ‘Pan’ was just a Trojan horse. The so-called ‘God of Masturbation’ was nothing more than a proxy for the Devil himself. Their true evil was quickly revealed as the thin veneer peeled away, revealing their wicked purposefulness that focused on their perverse sexual gratification through the violent rape of the young boy before us.


Now, I saw ‘The Grand Goat’ as the instrument of pure evil – his haggard, pale, and fragile exterior hid well the demonic power he wielded. With a muttered word, the filthy old pervert had turned the gathering into a frenzied orgy – sweating naked bodies of sex-crazed boys crushing against each other, all their inhibitions gone as their screams for blind ecstasy filled my ears. All around me the other boys openly offered themselves for the sexual possession of ‘The Goats’ – the priests dressed in goat-like masks and hairy sheaths with cloven hooves for feet.



Two weeks earlier.

My name is Samael and I am twelve and half years old. My friends call me Sammy. I live with my mom on the outskirts of the city in a small town. My dad left us years ago, but that’s another story. It’s a quiet place. I have an older sister, Lucy, who is always calling me names and teasing me because I am not like most boys. I don’t like sports or rough games and when my sister isn’t around I use to play with her dolls, sometimes I dress in her underwear while I play with myself. I am very small for my age; in fact, most people think I am only ten years old. But I don’t care what they think.

I discovered the pleasures of solo masturbation at a very tender age and became an addict by the time I was eleven. Spurred by an over-imaginative mind, I instinctively realized that my sexual tastes tended towards the more extreme – but that was the point, the more extreme I felt they were, the greater the kick they gave me.

While I was sure that other young boys enjoyed the tug to their favorite cheerleader fantasies, this did nothing for my libido. It wasn’t just because I was gay, or because of the incessant bullying that I was subjected to, that my fantasies seemed to invariably include aspects of ritual sexual abuse, sexual torture, and anal rape. I remember reading somewhere that my name was similar to that of the first of the fallen angels; an archangel that became the lover of an evil succubus called Lilith; that in some texts it was said that Samael was in fact the Devil of the Old Testament. I don’t know why but even at a very young age, the whole devil worship thing seemed to really turn me on, and my name being associated with demonology and the occult only strengthened my connection with these dark sexual ideologies.

My story begins during the long summer holidays, between the end of July and the beginning of September, when the days are long and the six-week school break seems to last forever. My mother had arranged that I spend time in a summer camp run by our local church. The pastor, Pastor John, was new to our town. He had been at some other parishes, but had to move to ours as our usual pastor, Pastor Matthew had been taken chronically sick some month or so earlier. We were all very sad about it – but welcomed Pastor John to our small village community. Pastor John was much younger and I felt I could relate much easier to him. He smiled at me a lot and I liked that.

In my first confession with Pastor John, I had told him that I was teased a lot, as the older boys called me a queer, faggot, poofter, and pillow-biter. They sometimes made me cry by yanking my shoulder-length hair, spitting on me, and sometimes pulling my pants down and laughing at my small hairless penis. I think Pastor John knew that I was gay and that did not seem to bother him. I said that I felt lonely sometimes. He asked me if I masturbated. I went completely silent. How did he know? I felt very embarrassed. His voice didn’t sound angry and he told me to say five ‘Hail Marys’ and I left the confessional.

A week later at the camp, there were about three-dozen boys under the church’s charge. None of them were from my local school, so none of them knew me and for the first time in a long while, I was not teased. What I liked was that none of the boys was the rough type (that typically bullied me) – most were all small, underdeveloped, and effeminate like me. I felt very comfortable. Pastor John and the other two Pastors, Pastor Michael and Pastor Ethan, made sure that we all got along and I was happy, really happy. They each looked after twelve boys each – I was glad to be under Pastor John’s charge. The twelve of us all had a communal sleeping place and showers. During the day, we were free to join in group activities or just hang out by the lake or in the parklands that lay adjacent.

On the first night in the dormitory, everyone was very shy – especially at shower time. None of the toilets had doors and it was very open. When I eventually had a shower, I couldn’t help but get an erection being near all the other naked boys. I was really embarrassed and hide myself the best I could. I hoped that nobody noticed how aroused I was. If they did, they never said a thing.

At bedtime, the dorm felt uncomfortable and warm, but I still lay in my thin bed shorts under the covers because I was still rock hard. As the sun went down and the dorm finally darkened, I slipped my hand into my pants and began to rub myself thinking about all the naked boys I had seen in the shower – and how I wanted to suck their lovely fem-cocks and put them up my bum. I tried to keep quiet as a mouse so that nobody would notice – only barely rubbing myself for fear of detection.

A few times I stopped rubbing myself, aware of the noises around me in the dark. I could hear the telltale sounds as the wooden bunk beds made faint rattling movements. Obviously, I wasn’t the only midnight wanker there. I didn’t dare let myself cum. No, that would have given me away, so I had to be content with just gripping myself hard, squeezing the shaft of my cock, and rubbing my foreskin back and forth extremely slowly. My fluids flowed freely, lubricating my subtle movements. I was so fucking horny.

It was on the second evening of my stay at the summer camp when Pastor John asked me to join him at his private accommodation that was situated some distance away from the main accommodation blocks and activities rooms. He said that he wanted to talk to me about something important.

I liked spending time with Pastor John; he was always so kind to me. He felt like a big brother as he wasn’t anything like old Pastor Matthew who was always so austere and looked at you as if you were a sinner. Pastor Matthew had always managed to ingrain the feeling of guilt and fear in anything that was not holy than thou. I secretly hated him. No, Pastor John was nothing like that. He was really cool and when he participated in our outdoor games; I could see that he had a lean body that was nice to look at.

In his private accommodation, Pastor John did not wear his priestly collar, in fact, he wasn’t even wearing a shirt at all, as it was a very hot evening. The sun did not set until very late, so it was still very bright outside. Pastor John was happy to see me and locked the door so that we would not be interrupted. He said that private conversations were exactly that – private – like a confession. He made me feel very special. He asked if I read the Bible and I told time that I did on occasion. He reminded me of what I said in confession and again I went cherry-red with embarrassment at the topic of masturbation.

Pastor John was very soft spoken and though I felt shameful (the residual of Pastor Matthew’s stern sermon about the sins of the mind), I admitted again to him that I had masturbated before. I said it as if I had not done it for a long time, as if it were an isolated incident – but of course, it wasn’t as I did it all the time. In fact, I masturbated three or four times a day, thinking about all the nasty things that I like to do with other femboys – especially cock sucking whilst dressed like a girl. In fact, I had even masturbated thinking about Pastor John, imagining what his cock would look like, long and hard – I had fantasized about sucking it until his white stuff ejaculated into my mouth – maybe that is why I felt extra sinful talking to him about this sensitive topic.

Pastor John told me that I should not worry about it and that the Bible never said that it was a real sin. He told me that he did it all the time – that in fact, he did it as often as he could. He asked me if that grossed me out and I said that it didn’t. We both laughed. He asked me if I had ever seen a porn magazine. I hadn’t. He said that he had a big collection of porn and he loved to masturbate while he looked at porn. He said that he brought some of his collection with him to the summer camp, for those evenings when he would be alone. He asked if I would like to see some porn. Fuck yer!

He told me to come to his bedroom – as that is where he hid his porn magazines. I followed him. My cock was already hard in my camper shorts thinking about our conversation. It’s funny how something so embarrassing, could be such a turn-on. Well, Pastor John had brought quite a few magazines – they were all a little tattered and stained but that only added to this feeling of being a co-conspirator with Pastor John. It was as if he was confessing to me. I wondered if he had a hard-on and looking at his camper pants, I could see the outline of his nice cock pressing against the inside of the thin canvas material.

I don’t know what I expected to see. I had heard about porn from my school friends – I know it had pictures of naked people doing sex stuff, but I imagined it to be about men and women – I never realized that they had pictures of men and young boys. I was shocked … but totally absorbed. Pastor John looked a little nervous at first. He was shaking. But I smiled at him and said that a private conversation was private like a confession. He seemed a little relieved and showed me pictures of young naked boys sporting their erections. They were all touching themselves, stroking their rampant cock and ejaculating over themselves. It looked so hot. He asked me how it made me feel and I said that it made me want to masturbate.

He was very happy to hear this and suggested that I could if I wanted. He said if it made me feel less embarrassed that he would masturbate too. I said that that would be cool. We both removed our light canvas shorts and I looked at Pastor John’s cock for real. It was like I imagined only bigger, longer, with more fat blue veins pulsating down its white fleshy shaft. His balls were hairless as he shaved them. In fact, all his bodily hair had been shaved smooth, and young looking. I liked it.

The crown of his cock stood out, as he pulled his foreskin back – it was already wet and engorged with lust. He was breathing deeply as he touched himself in front of me. I wanted to take it in my mouth there and then but didn’t. Pastor John looked at my little boy’s cock too – it was still the cock of a small pre-teen, shaped like a little white bullet. I rubbed myself slowly at first and then got faster in my pace to keep up with Pastor John. He stopped and asked if I wanted to touch his big hard cock. I asked him if it was a sin to do such things. He placed my small hand on his slimy shaft and guided it up and down the hot rigid flesh. It was the most incredible thing I had ever done. He saw my joy and laughed, saying that he was, in fact, a Priest of Pan – the God of Masturbation and that touching each other’s cocks was not sinful but a divine thing.

I asked Pastor John who was Pan and he told me that Pan was a pagan god from a time before the time of Christianity; that he was arcane, lecherous, and phallic. He said that Pan had the body of a human and the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr. I was not sure what a faun or satyr was so he showed me an old porno magazine with pictures of a man dressed as Pan with the head and legs of a goat – his cock was hard and rampant.

Pastor John told me that it was one of his favorites and that it always made him ejaculate hard. The magazine was like a photo story and it showed the sexy Pan with two young boys about my age – the two naked boys were rubbing themselves against each other, pressing their hard little cock-swords together before their Goat God. They both knelt before him and took turns at sucking his cock and licking his anus. It was really hot.

Pan fucked one of the boys in the bum, while the same boy sucked the cock of the other boy. I imagined myself in their situation as Pastor John rubbed my drooling cock. He could see that I liked it and said wouldn’t it be fun if one of the other boys from the church camp could join in with us. I asked if it would be sinful for me to worship Pan with another boy – Pastor John said that it was his plan to make it happen.

He asked me about the other boys in my dorm and I said that they were all very sexy. He asked me to pick out a couple of the other girly boys and that we’d have a special ritual dedicated to the God of Masturbation – Pan. I immediately thought back with keen wickedness to my early ritualistic fantasies of anal rape dedicated to sexual demons. The thought of that was too much and I ejaculated over Pastor John’s hand.

He licked my sticky white semen from his fingers and asked me to suck him. I knelt down between his thin legs and licked his cock like a lollipop. I took hold of his ball sacks and fondled them in my fingers while I took my time licking and sucking his knob. He groaned lewdly and in seconds shot his load into my face. There was a lot of salty semen. I wiped every little bit of his delicious cream into my mouth. Pastor John reminded me of my assignment and sent me back to the dorm.

Back in the dorm, I fell fast asleep. It was not deep, but more of a vivid sleep with dreams of the strange god, Pan. I remembered the images from Pastor John’s porno magazine – images of the two boys paying homage to the God of Masturbation, to the erect, lecherous, and animalistic Pan. Though the images that I had seen had been in the form of the man dressed in the kinky goat mask – in my mind’s eye I saw this strange and wonderful creature that was wicked and lustful. The young boys in my fantasy tentatively offered him their urine and their feces. He masturbated in their offerings and came over their faces, just as Pastor John came over mine – pumping his slick hot seed over them.

Then my fantasy changed and in my new dream, I saw myself as Samael – the demon they called Pan. As Pan I instructed my worshipers to perform only the most illicit and perverted sex acts for my entertainment and enjoyment – my cock was as long as Pastor John’s. It looked deformed, so huge against my smallish body size. When erect I could take it in my own mouth, sucking myself as I watched the orgy ritual before me. As I sucked, I stroked my shaft at the same time.

The self-pleasuring was so intense – rubbing and sucking me until I was close to ejaculation. My fantasy worshipers begged for me to first piss and then cum over them. I obliged with an enormous and inhuman volume of both, first hot salty rain and then my slimy semen – squirting it high into the air like a cum fountain. As I awake in the blackness of the night — and quickly stroked myself to a mind-blowing orgasm, making sure not to give myself away by making too much noise.



During the warmth of the day, I loitered around the playground and made two new friends, Billy and Stephan, and though we had not known each other for very long, I could tell that they were both gay and wanted to fool around with me. Billy was very effeminate with long dirty blond hair, and a very pale complexion, and was as gaunt and skinny as I was. Billy stayed in the group of boys looked after by Pastor Michael. Stephan on the other hand had short jet-black hair with some sort of Middle-Eastern or Asian in his complexion. Stephen stayed with Pastor Ethan.

After a while, we slipped out of sight together and stripped naked in the nearby woods. We were all extremely hard and very excited. In no time, we were groaning lewdly, kissing each other’s open mouths, and rubbing our stiff little cocks against one another like there was no tomorrow. Billy told us that he desperately needed to take a piss and told him to do it in my mouth. I knelt down in front of him and he aimed his cock directly into my mouth.

The smell and taste of his urine were surprisingly different from my own, but I drank thirstily from his delicious piss stream as he sprayed it all over me. This seemed to ignite a whole new level of perversion between the three of us. We sucked and fucked and shared our most perverted gay fantasies – we were all faggot-cock-sucking fairies and proud of it.

That afternoon, I told Pastor John about Silly and Stephen and he was very pleased with the news. He said that he was busy that night with the other Pastors, but he would arrange for the three of us to join him the next day for special bible instruction. Pastor John said excitedly that it would be a celebration before the ‘pornographic bible’ according to Pan, the God of Masturbation. I was very happy.

That same night in the dorm I was reminded that I wasn’t the only one jacking off in the dark. I even heard spasmodic low grunts, short groans, and the obvious squeaking of the old wooden cots. Inspired by this, I slipped my bed shorts off completely and lay in the electric darkness on top of the sheets of my bunk – I moaned lewdly as I rubbed myself faster and faster. My moaning seemed to inspire others to express openly their own self-pleasuring – one by one we were only silenced by our individual climaxes.

As I was close to reaching my own salty orgasm, I prayed out loud to the Horned One, imagining what I would witness between the semen-stained pages of Pan’s bible; in my mind’s eye, I pictured it as a large voluminous manuscript, leather-clad and illuminated by only the most insidious and extreme of sexual fantasies; all zealously inked in a concoction of blood, semen, and urine by the most perverted of Pan’s priests.

I saw myself, Billy, and Stephen performing these very acts together before our goat-legged brotherhood. Of course, these were all the evil fantasies that I had imagined over and over during the countless hours of self-pleasuring – but that was not the point, I knew they had been given to me, like depraved gifts from the ‘God of Masturbation’ – this is where I belonged.


On the fourth night in the shower room, I discretely noticed that I was not the only one sporting an erection. In fact, inhibition had started to wane somewhat. Everyone was still a little shy when completely naked and exposed, especially pissing and shitting – but they all seemed to be happy pretending not to notice each other’s sexual excitement – except one boy in particular.

The object of my affection was a young boy called Lilian and he slept in the bunk next to mine. He was really very cute – only slightly smaller than me but much more effeminate. I loved his puffy little coned breasts.

Anyway, I could see that he was taking a discrete peep at my erection, so I obliged by deliberately touching myself in front of him, taking time to let him see how rigid I was as I slow-stroked myself under the shower. As the shower water cascaded over me I thought of my activities in the woods with Billy and Stephen. I let the water spray tease the top of my cock-head which in turn made me feel like spontaneously peeing; and as my piss sprayed from the eye of my cock, I stepped side-ward out of the cascading water, pointed my cock upwards, so that dark yellow drizzle sprayed over my lower face, down my bony little chest and hairless pubic area.

I licked my salty piss lips lewdly. It gave me such a thrill to do this naughty thing knowing full well that I was being watched. It was like I was putting on a secret little show just for Lilian. I pretended that I did not know that he was still peeping at me, but when I looked up, he smiled at me showing me how rigid his little cock was. He seemed to really get off on my little piss-fest.

After it got dark and the noises began almost immediately, I heard Lilian approach me in the dark and whisper in my ear. He said he was afraid of the dark and asked if he could lie next to me. Of course, I knew it was only an excuse, but I was only too pleased to play along. As soon as we lay next to each other, I could feel his hardness against my bare thigh, as his feminine little rigid cock stood out through the thin material of his bed shorts.

He said that he saw me pee over myself in the shower and I pretended to be ashamed. He said that there was nothing to be ashamed of it and that seeing me peeing and touching myself made him want to do the same. It was my turn to whisper and told him that wanted him to rub his nice hard cock against mine. Cock to cock. He was quivering with excitement. We both slipped our bed shorts off and pressed our naked hard little erections together – grinding our hips as we lay side by side in the darkness.

I kissed his open mouth and pressed my tongue inside as I thrust my pelvis against his as our cocks danced wildly against each other. He kissed me back curling his tongue around mine and whispered that being together felt so hot, that in fact, he wanted to suck me off from the first day. I said that there were other boys that liked what we both liked, in the camp and that he could suck as much cock, as he liked.

We shared our nasty fantasies about the other girly boys as we continued our frotting. I felt a hot jet of his semen squirt up between our sweaty bodies as he tried to smother his groans of ecstasy against my neck. After his orgasm subsided, I got him to lick all his sticky sperm from my belly and chest and then suck me until I blew my load in his sweet mouth. After I came, Lilian kissed my mouth and shared my salty slime, and then he slipped back into his own bunk. I knew from that point that we would have sex with each other every night in the dorm.


On the fifth day, Billy, Stephan, and I reported to Pastor John for our special bible instruction. Instead of meeting in the activities room, we were told to go to the old chapel. Pastor John met us there and took us down into the chapel basement. The old basement was very warm and the air was stagnant as it had no windows. There were no lights either, so Pastor John lit lots of fat candles, most of which had left long waxy stalactites and stalagmites (between the candelabras and the floor).

It occurred to me that the priests obviously used this space on many occasions in the past. In the flickering candlelight, I could see that all the chapel basement walls had been defaced – or so we thought. Blasphemies and obscenities had been inked on every surface together with crude drawings of naked figures, mostly men and very young boys having all kinds of perverted sex. Looking at them made me horny. There was a low table that seemed to be an altar, below the image that had the sexual embodiment of Pan, the God of Masturbation stood erect and proud ready for our worship. Before the altar, there lay a large dirty mattress – stained with all kinds of bodily fluids.

Pastor John removed his frock and instructed us all to do the same. Pastor John’s cock was already fully erect and was drooling with his clear fluids. It was obvious that he had primed both Billy and Stephen for this moment, as neither of them looked surprised or afraid, just very excited. They were both as hard as I was. Pastor John gave us these little horned masks that covered our faces but left our mouths exposed. We all looked like evil little animals – like devils.

Pastor John wore an impressive leather goat-headed mask that covered his face in a similar way. He switched on several video cameras that focused on the mattress and told us to kneel down before him. He told us that whenever he wears this mask, we must not call him Pastor John, but we were to refer to him as ‘The Goat’, and that we were to pray to him and rub our cocks saying “Hail the Goat … High Priest of Cocks.” We were each to take turns at sucking his long hard cock, licking his ass, and sucking his balls. I couldn’t wait!

The Goat said that we must bring other boys from each of our respective dorms to worship with The Goat. That once all the thirty-six boys had been initiated that we would serve The Goats as their special acolytes. I didn’t know what an acolyte was but realized that it was a position of authority over others, which meant more sexual pleasure for me. The Goat said that The Grand Goat would visit us all shortly. He would arrive towards the end of the first week – at which time there would be a number of great ceremonies in response to his visit and that there would be orgies every night in his honor and sacrifices would need to be offered.

He brought out an impressive large leather-clad bible that was sealed with a locking mechanism. He told us that this was Pan’s Bible, which could only be opened by the most loyal of Pan’s priests. He promised that if we did what The Goat’s instructed us to do, we may get to see Pan’s pornographic testaments for ourselves. I longed to see it for myself.

Next, The Goat brought out a long hollowed animal horn. It was decorated with ornately carved cocks all over its outer surface. He held it beneath his hard cock and then urinated into it. His yellow fluids bubbled as he filled the volume of the hollow horn with his pungent urine. The Goat said that this was an important part of our initiation as his acolytes.

He said that as we drink The Goat’s sacrament, we must in turn return our own fluids to the mouth of The Goat himself – the circle of desire must be renewed. I took the horn first and brought it to my lips as The Goat took my cock into his mouth. I took a large gulp of his hot salty piss and at the same time pressed down hard against my own bladder, shooting more than a mouthful of my pee into the back of his throat. This was a sacred act of initiation – we now all belonged to The Goat and he belonged to us.

When we had all done the same The Goat told Billy to fuck me hard in the ass, while I was to suck Stephan’s cock. I was so excited. Billy’s cock pressed against my oily anus and I pushed back against him. As his hard little cock began to stretch my virgin hole. I felt a pop and then his shaft slid into me – all the way to his tiny ball sacks. Stephen grabbed my shoulders and thrust his girly-boy cock into my awaiting mouth.

We took turns fucking and sucking in every combination until The Goat said it was time to bless Pan’s Bible with our ejaculate – to which he masturbated each of us until we each shot a heavy load over the manuscript’s greedy cover. I swear it. It seemed that this living parchment was hungry for our semen – it was then that I knew it was both evil and sexually magical.


Upon returning to Pastor John’s dorm, I noticed how many of the other boys had already paired off for the night, as if there was nothing more natural. None seemed to be at all perturbed by my gleeful eye as they now openly kissed, touched each other, even fondling and groping their respective partners with no regard for anyone or anything else. Lilian, my beautiful little pansy, was waiting for me. He lay across my unmade bunk.

He was completely naked and sported an eager erection. I pulled my pants down, so he could see that I was equally horny for the ‘Blessings of Pan’. I climbed up on the thin mattress and we kissed each other passionately – exchanging spit and tongues as Lilian wasted no time grabbing my hard little dick as I grabbed his. We groaned into each other’s mouths as we began to masturbate one another faster and faster.

The dorm itself was filled with the sounds of frotting boys. The temperature was still hot as hell though the light was beginning to fade. I broke our kiss and dragged Lilian from the crumpled bedding. He looked disappointed until I pointed out that we should sneak outside. We both disappeared out the back door into the dying ambers of daylight.

Outside, it was still a warm night. The air smelt of the ashen dirt and the spice of conifers and was alive with the sounds of incest bravado. The slight breeze cooled the sweat that trickled down our naked backs and chests as we tipped-toed naked across the shadowy courtyard and into the adjacent woodlands. As the night’s shroud began to fall, I blinked my eyes to quicken the process of adapting to the low levels of illumination. It was a full moon. My young eyes and ears were alert to the unfamiliar sounds that lingered beyond our sight line.

We stopped for a moment and leaned up against the bulk of a huge tree, pressing each other against its rough bark, kissing each other, and rubbing our hard little cocks together. Being naked amongst nature seemed to hold its own incredible excitement.

The moon’s fertile magic seemed to weave its sultry spell in the blue-black twilight. I began to notice that we were not alone in the woods – I swear, I could see pan-like creatures, lithe maenads in the meadow beyond, whitish ram-skinned beings nimbly dancing and fornicating around the Great Goat. I remembered Pastor John said something about a tradition that encouraged intercourse between animals and willing young boys. It was sinless and guiltless, all part if the natural order, an eclipse of time-honored worship of the sexual brutality of nature; more than just survival, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten – it was a shameless dance of bestial lust.

I heard the calling of enchanting Pandaean pipes and took Lilian’s hand and lead him into the twilight glen. Lilian was unsure about what he saw. I told him not to be afraid, that it was the Great Pan. I did not mention that Pan’s epithets were lecherous, barbarous, and ferocious; that Pan was, after all, the god of rape, the god of masturbation, the god of pornography and the god of bestiality. I remembered that Pastor John said that his sexual appetite was insatiable. He constantly indulged in solitary pleasures when he wasn’t preying sexually upon nymphs and young boys (like us) with complete indifference.

As we approached the goat-ram figure lay on its back in the thicket. His evil eyes never left mine, burning as if they were black beads. The animal’s strange-looking penis stood upright, thin, and elongated. I told Lilian that he should be the first to lick and suck it – then to take it into his anus. He was reluctant but did as I told him.

He climbed up upon the goat-ram’s cock and slide down upon it. I told him that it was beautiful. As the goat-ram fucked his ass, I first sucked his small crested girl nipples and then descended lower to begin to suck his hard little cock. Lilian groaned and pumped my mouth full of his slimy seed. I felt the sharpened bone knife in my hand. As the goat ram ejaculated inside him – I brought the gelding knife forth and castrated Lilian.

He looked wide-eyed in shock and screamed at the top of his lungs. Blood squirted everywhere. I eagerly drink from the crimson fountain as it sprayed unabated from his open wound whilst I clutched tightly to my bloody trophy of his castrated genitalia. The music of Pan filled my ears.

I awake the next morning with the taste of blood still in my mouth. I felt remorse but an incredible sense of fulfillment. Had we really walked through the glen? Had we both had sex with the wild animals of the night? Had Pan sanctified my love for him? Had I sacrificed my lover in the worship of the God of Masturbation? I looked over at Lilian, still fast asleep next to me. Was it all a dream or a future vision? Either way, I felt special – as I had been chosen for a very special task.



Just as Pastor John had said, on the evening of the end of the first week, the Grand Goat arrived with much pomp and ceremony. Pastor John brought the three of us back to the chapel basement. Billy, Stephen, and I were ushered inside. We were told to strip naked and to be very quiet. The chapel basement stunk off the acidity of boy sweat and spent semen mixed with other distinctive odors. It seemed the putrid stench was more concentrated than before. My cock was as hard as nails.

The Grand Goat stood before us in the raw candlelight. He was so old and frail looking. The texture of his skin was slimy and his stark white body excessively thin – as if he was just skin and bone. His thin grey hair, what was left of it, barely covered his skull-like head and was slicked back over his white cranium. He seemed, slow, inert, and lethargic – like death warmed up. As he stood with his black gown open from the front, his disproportionate penis hung limply between his slightly parted legs – even limp it reached almost the full length of his bony, fleshless thighs.

We were all instructed to kneel naked and hard before him. The Goat (Pastor John) introduced Billy, Stephan, and myself, as the chosen acolytes, saying that we were to serve Him. The Grand Goat’s eyes stared down at us through sunken pupils – they immediately burned bright and beady as they scanned back and forth, suddenly alive with nefarious depravity and renewed lecherousness. The Goat reported that the other boys in the camp had already been initiated and that the first of the special rites would be held in honor of The Grand Goat at midnight.

The Grand Goat nodded listlessly, stepping forward towards us slowly and deliberately. His expression was that of a snarl as his bony fingers extended and ran through the top of Billy’s long blond hair, as he caressed the boy’s scalp. I watched in awe as his pendulous penis twitched like a long convulsing snake.

His fingertips brushed across Stephan’s pouting lips, parting them as he pressed his forefinger in and out of Stephen’s mouth. The serpent rose as if being hypnotized by the snake-charmers flute – dancing its way to an upright position. His cock lifted to a full erection as it pulsated to life. The Grand Goat’s hand came to rest under my chin. With only the slightest of gestures, I lifted my eyes upwards to the gaunt man’s sinister face. His yellowed smile was that of a terrible predator.

The Grand Goat muttered something almost inaudible that I heard but could not understand. The arcane muttering sent a spasm through my entire body. None of us knew what he said but we were all suddenly drawn to him. His gown fell from his narrow puny shoulders and Billy was already kneeling behind him feasting noisily on The Grand Goat’s disdained and disgusting anus. Stephan too, was groveling over The Grand Goat’s loose ball sacks that huge heavily beneath his now fully erect member.

I felt as if I was being pulled forward, though no arms physically touched me. I felt drawn toward the head of his thick long cock. Clear fluids pooled at its tip and then beaded down its long veined shaft. His cock was cold and clammy to hold. The smell of stale urine, fecal matter, and other indistinguishable aromas filled my nostrils. My mouth opened on autopilot and I began amorously sucking on the huge bulbous head, then licking around the crown and lapping up its sticky wetness. The Grand Goat groaned like an insane wild animal – it was a heathen guttural sound that seemed to encourage our oral efforts of pleasing him.

Touching this hideous creature seemed to evoke the goat-ram dream but multiplied in its perversity a hundred times. I felt that I was standing at the precipice where Paganism and Christianity parted ways, as Christ represented Christianity, Pan represented Paganism – then Pan metaphorically changed into the looming dark figure of the Devil incarnate with his goat’s horns, his goat’s feet, and his long black goat’s hair.

Pan was the Antichrist, an arcane symbol of lust and magic.

I saw the Grand Goat as the Devil Baphomet – who enjoined men and boys to lust and enjoy all things perverse. I was sucking the cock of the Horned God himself. His nightmarish conjuring intensified, swirling like a vortex around me, drawing me downward into the very cum-stained pages of Pan’s demonic bible. I found myself in a place that knew no boundaries. I witnessed a profane vision of an endless wasteland filled with violence sex, perverse suffering, and death. Yet I felt no fear – only belonging.

I heard The Grand Goat mutter again in that same strange way and felt a release from whatever ‘black magic spell’ he had put upon us. I felt like I had been choking, my breathing cut off and suddenly restored. A gasped for gulps of air. At some level, I was aware of the presence of the three Goats in their evil masks watching the three of us as we pleasured their Grand Goat. They had been masturbating furiously while they watched, toasting the demonic magic they lusted for. Billy and Stephan were wide-eyed. We all remained on our knees panting insanely from our sexual laboring.

I saw The Goat (Pastor John) replace the gown around the shoulders of The Grand Goat as he turned away from us. The three Goats whispered between them in strange Sanskrit words that I would never be able to pronounce. Pastor John removed his mask and looked directly at me as they continued their strange incomprehensible conversation. It was a very different kind of stare – almost anxious. I wondered if I had done something wrong. He told us to go back to our dorms to wait until the summoning just before the stroke of midnight.


The enchantments had begun to build long before the midnight hour. We had been instructed that there was to be no sexualized contact of any kind, of ourselves or of each other… but however, the dark magic conspired to make us all disobey. Lust was driving us insane. My cock ached to be rubbed. I wanted nothing more than to fuck Lilian hard in his sissy ass.

Our flesh was weak and getting weaker. Just at the point of breaking, when all I could only think of was lust, it was then that they came for us. The Goats, dressed in strange regalia, herded us down into the bowels of the old chapel basement. It seemed that we had been waiting for this moment, not from the hour or so from our acolyte testing, but for a lifetime to accept the honor to be in the presence of The Grand Goat; to be honored with sighting Pan’s Bible; the honor to serve the Devil.

The Devil walked among us – to preside over this dark and evil ritual. The iridescence of the flickering candlelight danced eerily across the excited phalluses of The Goats as they drank fresh boy-piss from hollow horns and the evil beauty of the androgynous ones as they masturbated in unison to the sound of necromantic drums that stirred sometimes primal and base within us all. It was the beginning of the descent – the blasphemous journey to hell’s fires.

“HAIL PAN!” cried The Goats.

The Grand Goat stood before his coven. His entire body was beaded with a sweaty sheen. His ugly face was hidden behind a long leather goat mask with enormous horns and a mouth filled with pointed sharp teeth. His hips and shoulders swayed to the demonic music as The Goats chanted.

“Grand Goat of Pan, the God of Masturbation!”

His satanic penis looked enormous – it was so long, hard, and dripping with beads of slimy pre-cum. The androgynous ones, so beautiful, so feminine, so erect, danced in a slow circle around him as he masturbated his magnificent cock with one hand and fingered his anus with the other. We all did as he did. Rubbing ourselves at the same pace and motion.

“Grand Goat of Pan, the God of Cocks!”

He spoke without speaking. Billy, Stephen, and I were automatically drawn towards him… drawn to the Devil, to serve his sexual desires… each taking our place; Billy sucking his anus; Stephen sucking his testicles; and me, sucking the bulbous end of his snake-like cock that was simply too big to get inside my mouth. His gratification was the only thing that filled my mind. I could not stop myself, even if I wanted to.

The tempo seemed to have got faster and more urgent. As I licked, sucked, and applied myself to the pleasure of our Devil, from the corner of my eye, I could see a small procession making its way to the center of the chapel basement – a young girly boy, no older than nine years was carried aloft. He was clothed, in parody as a tiny cherub, with white loral of olive leaves upon his head, small white wings upon his back, and dressed in a short translucent white confirmation gown.

“Grand Goat of Pan, the God of Masturbation!”

The Grand Goat spoke without speaking and we stopped our pleasuring to assist the androgynous ones with the appropriation of the young boy – to bring him to our Devil. We held him by the arms as he wriggled against us, pressing our erections against his soft baby-like skin as he stared, eyes wide at the sight of our naked Devil. His penis beckoned the boy’s anus. The boy mouthed the words of the chant … “Grand Goat of Pan, the God of Masturbation…” but no sound left his parched lips. He was the sacrificial one to be offered our Horned One. The androgynous ones tore away his decorations, and stripped his cherub wings, halo, and dress – defrocking him of any purported innocence.

“Grand Goat of Pan, the God of Piss!”

The Grand Goat took hold of the young naked boy in a vice-like grip and lifted him with little effort until the squirming boy was immediately above his huge throbbing member. At the same time, the three androgynous ones urinated over us, the overpowering stench of their salty discharge intensified our perverted desires, and then they pressed themselves against our rears we all faced our Devil. Around us, I could hear the grunts of The Goats and the girly boys masturbating as they bore witness to the perverted ritual. I felt the androgynous one behind me push her shecock hard against my oily rectum. I wanted her cock inside me. I longed to see the young boy fucked by our Devil.

“Grand Goat of Pan, the God of Sodomy!”

The Grand Goat pressed the boy down upon himself, as his hip thrust upwards with considerable force, driving his impossibly large cock inside the boy’s virgin bowels, piercing his guts, stabbing him over and over as the boy’s delicate body danced upon the first four to six inches of the Devil’s spear. The cherub screamed in uncontrollable lust and extreme pain – his small erect penis pumped clear fluids over his chest and stomach as he reached climax after climax.

The Grand Goat fucked the cherub harder and harder, violently thrusting his cock further and further into the boy’s dangling torso until his cock was buried down to the hilt. Reddish fluid flowed from the boy’s buttocks with every thrust. The Devil’s shaft was smeared in blood, semen, and shit. The androgynous ones pounded our bottoms too. Inside me, I felt her shecock rubbing back and forth, tantalizing my ripe prostate ring.

Their hands grasped our narrow effeminate hips as we each pressed back to meet their joyful thrusts, groaning in absolutely perverted delight. Our cocks bobbed up and down, dripping with seminal fluids as our collective orgasm built. The acolytes, the androgynous ones, and the Devil himself –one orgasm like no other gained momentum with every debauched movement. The crescendo was almost upon us.

“Grand Goat of Pan, the God of Semen!”

All of us reached our unholy climax together. I felt the sexual power flow between us; as the androgynous sisters blew their loads, each of them, deep inside our guts; whilst our cum sprayed over the copulating demon and sacrificial boy as wave after wave of orgasmic delight rippled through us – with the Devil at its epicenter. The Grand Goat groaned insatiably. His rapid movements stopped abruptly and then he let the boy’s body slide from his still fully rigid member. The cherub’s crippled body lay motionless on the chapel basement floor – his young life force forfeited by sexual vampirism.

The Grand Goat removed his mask. His once ugly skeletal features were now fuller and filled out – definitely less corpse-like in his appearance. His pale-skinned body too seemed almost triumphant and reinvigorated with wickedness in its new sexual prowess. The ritual was not complete. The Grand Goat called to us without speaking. We were immediately drawn to him, to do his sexual bidding without question or hesitation, licking the blood and shit from his disdained cock shaft whilst continuing to stimulate him, with our mouths and hands.


Evil filled my heart or maybe it had just been re-awakened inside of me. The summer camp was far from over. The depraved ritual of rape was repeated night after night, and with every successive rite, the excitement and debauchery became more addictive in its intensity. With this also came the miraculous changes to the appearance of The Grand Goat.

After the sacrifice of three young boys, he removed his mask to reveal the face of a virile young man in his late teens. The recent memory of the grotesque freak that I had encountered upon the arrival of The Grand Goat had almost vanished from my mind. His face was handsome and almost feminine in its attractiveness. His body matched this new face, youthful, slender, and highly sexualized. I found I was more and more aroused by The Grand Goat’s virile yet boyish looks.

Upon the fifth night, the last night, he stood before us; his body stature, and shape had changed considerably. His height and weight matched that of any of the three acolytes – young and wiry. All I could see was a horny preteen. What was most unsettling was his face that now appeared more familiar and particular than before. He was I, or I was he. It was a revelation. There in the chapel basement, I realized there were only two acolytes remaining, the young blond Billy and the dark Middle-Eastern Stephen. The Grand Goat was no more and I was no longer the boy I was before the events of the summer camp. I felt no fear. No regret. No remorse. No shame. Only my dark lust remained and intensified.

I don’t remember the moment precisely. It was so dreamlike. But The Goats and the androgynous ones seemed to be aware of this significant change. I was no longer just another student of the church camp induced into their perverted acts like the rest of them. No. Now I was the very reason that they were all there in the first place. The sodomites’ celebration was for me. Something had been passed between us. I was not just Samael, a schoolboy from a small village; but I was Samael, the first fallen angel, and the first demon of hell– as if reborn to this role. I knew many evil things and would do many evil things. And the first order of demonic business would be to open Pan’s bible.


To be continued?


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