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AUTHORS NOTES: For my friend T Smile – thanks for inspiring me to continue this story. It’s been a while since I first wrote chapters 1 to 7; so it’s been a mini voyage of re-discovery of the characters and the rather bizarre plot.

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Wicked Souls & Tainted Hearts 3


Strange things are happening in the small village of Leatherhead in Surrey, England. This is a story about Adam and Eve. They are star-crossed lovers. Adam Collins and Evelyn Chambers are both fourteen years of age. Their love is forbidden because Evelyn’s paternal aunt, Sophia Meredith, has other plans for her. The plan involves Evelyn’s brother, Larkin, one year her senior and who, under the influence of Sophia, has been involved with them both in an incestuous love triangle since Evelyn was orphaned at the age of only six.

Sophia is a witch and though she is in her forties, she has the appearance of a young girl. Make no mistake – behind her deceptive appearance, she is truly wicked, corrupt, and said by many to be a succubus. Her black magic is very strong as it has been in her family for generations. The evil spirits of Lilith flow through her granting her unnatural transformational qualities. Know as the Bone Goddess, she has made a pact with the Devil for life eternal but in return, she must eat the unborn fetus from the incestuous coupling between Evelyn and Larkin. The brother has already impregnated her during a profane ritual and with the powers possessed by the witch; time itself has been brought forward so that Evelyn is already showing with her unborn at fourteen weeks.

Adam looks on helplessly. His father and the whole village are there, all under Sophia’s evil spell. The demons of the dead, also known as the Lilims, are at her beck and call. There seems to be no escaping the inevitable. The witch will get her way and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her.


Jacob had led the majority of his congregation down to the Old Mill. It was his calling and they followed.

The Bone Goddess’s evil influence was so strong. Jacob and his parishioners gathered under the high vaulted ceiling of the Old Mill basement that had taken on an almost cathedral-like appearance trapped with the full satanic trappings of ritual sacrifice. The Bone Goddess herself, Sophia Meredith, was the first to welcome them with her open arms and an obscene nakedness. Her child-like appearance did little to hide her wicked demeanor and her highly sexualized aura.

All the wayward villagers removed their clothing and their sexual arousal was obvious. Jacob’s wife, Elisa, immediately began to stroke the priest’s rock-hard cock as the Lilim, the spirits of the dead, intermingled with the bodies of the living; conjoining them as they all began their ritual of devil worship. The blasphemous orgy had already begun.

The boy, Adam Collins, had been also stripped naked and hung against one of the many large phallic poles that supported the ceiling above. At the arrival of the Bone Goddess’s acolytes, Larkin Chambers and Leslie Collins, that had brought the Offering, Larkin’s sister, Evelyn, Adam began to thrash against his restraints, screaming from them to leave her alone – that was not about to happen. Evelyn was pushed down upon the straw-covered floor.

“I’m so glad you could join us,” said the jubilant, Bone Goddess.

She stepped out from behind Larkin. Jacob knew that Evelyn’s Witch Aunt in the guise of something insidiously innocent was in fact a profane demonic being, the Lilith of old; ready to take her vows as Satan’s whorish mistress.

“Christ be fucked!” said Larkin as he grabbed Leslie and shoved him onto his knees before his own father.

Jacob licked his lips. The obedient boy began to fellate his father, caressing his balls and teasing his anus. Jacob thrust his hips back and forth, wallowing in the incestuous pleasures of his son’s eager mouth.

“Bring her to the grindstone – I haven’t got all night!” ordered the impatient Bone Goddess.

The boy, Larkin, dragged his unwilling sister over to the massive grindstone under the instructions of the Bone Goddess. The Bone Goddess cried out to Lilith.

“Bright Moon, Lilith, goddess of the darkest, Whose hands form the hellish mire. Transform your priestess to your kin, Mould my flesh, make thy phallic fire.”

Sophia stroked her blood-engorged clit that now stood out from its fleshy hood, its narrow sheath parting as it quivered against her fingers … its size altered before Jacob’s eyes. Sophia grimaced as her neb elongated further with her conjuring. The Bone Goddess pressed her hermaphroditic appendage against Jacob’s rear. It felt an honor to be taken by this evil creature, but as her cock speared him, Jacob reeled at first in absolute pain – it was as hard as an iron bar and thrust with satanic power, but as the pain subsided, all he felt was the demonic pleasure of being filled with the devil’s cock. He grabbed his son’s head and thrust deeper into the boy’s throat.


Larkin tore his sister’s clothes from her and threw her down on the hard pitted surface. He felt so strong and virile. His cock burned to fill her virgin cunt. His eyes followed Evelyn’s helpless stare as she gazed pitifully over her true love, Adam, as he stood paralyzed under the Bone Goddess’s spell.

“Don’t worry sister – your boyfriend is safe and sound as long as you do exactly as your Aunt Sophia says. If you fight me, she’ll slit his fucking throat. Understand?”

His sister nodded in affirmation, her eyes soaked with tears. Larkin’s cock was rampant, dripping pre-cum like never before. He had fucked his young sister anally for years, but strictly forbidden to use her cunt until this very moment. He never understood his Aunt’s thinking – he fucked his Aunt’s cunt almost every night, sometimes several times a night – so what was so special about his sister or the long wait? He actually did not care anymore. He just wanted to do it. This was it. He would fuck her, cum inside her, and give his Aunt the baby she so desperately wanted.

She did not resist, and as he slid his nubile young body over hers, his cock slid into her wetness. She wanted him or was that just part of his Aunt’s sexual magic? He thrust into her to take her virginity.

“At last! At Last! …” the Bone Goddess screamed with dark joy.

She drew her bloody, shit-coated cock from the exhausted priest and stood over Evelyn and Larkin as he neared his incestuous orgasm. He grunted loudly, his sweat pouring from every pore in his efforts to reach the unholy moment of conception.

“Fuck that bitch harder. Fuck that baby into her for me, damn it!” cried the Bone Goddess rubbing the red-brown slush over her flat chest.

‘Aaaarghhhhhhhhh …” cried Larkin as he shot his cum deep into Evelyn’s cunt – a gallon of baby juice sprayed inside her womb.

“That’s my boy! Give it to her,” encouraged Sophia, “Do it again. Again! Again Make sure you’ve done your part!”

Larkin panted profusely. He pulled back slightly but left his hard cock inside Evelyn’s ruined virginity. Diligently, he began to fuck her again.

“Magnanime Lilith … tempus accelerare … partus! Magnanime Lilith … tempus accelerare … partus! Tempus accelerare … partus!”


Sophia was elated. All was as she had orchestrated. The gathering had arrived just in time to greet the miscreant girl, Evelyn, and her imbecilic brother, Larkin. They were to consummate the incestuous union, to give her the power of life eternal, by the fruits of their loins. The boy, Adam had been used to lure the girl out of hiding, her imminent threat of harming him had worked a charm and there she was in all her stupid virginity. She would claim that which was rightfully hers. She was the new Bone Goddess.

Sophia called upon the demons that she cultivated to do her evil deeds, to join the orgy of hapless villagers led by their so-called spiritual leader, Father Jacob – who was reduced to just one of her minions. The spell had been cast and it was time to claim her prize. She would take the unborn fetus and feast upon it. The divine power of Lilith, the First Lady of Hell, would be bestowed upon her. Great power and responsibility lay ahead. Unholy lust simmered beneath the surface.

She felt the great lust of Lilith’s phallic fire, burn inside her as her clitoris began to grow forth. The hermaphroditic power of Lilith surged through her veins – blood bellowed to her over-ripe clit. She looked so young, so virile, and so potent. She knew the reflection in the mirror would appear as a twelve-year-old girl, even younger in appearance than her niece, who was at that very moment, bound across her phallic altar – prone and pre-offered to the evil gods. Her cock itched on the very edge of orgasm the entire time.

“Hail Satan!” she praised loudly, stroking herself, but not wanting to lose control … not yet … not until her moment of ultimate glory.

Bringing ‘time’ forward by just the needed quantum, Sophia could see her niece’s belly swell. The fetus would be only five and a half inches long and weigh about seven ounces — a tiny thing. Its little heart would beat just long enough as she ate it alive after impaling it upon her spear-like phallus. She brought her focus to the task at hand as all around her fell into chaos. Her fingers pressed against her niece’s spoilt virginity. She rubbed and stroked the curve of her magnificent cock-like appendage and using the omnipresent sexuality of her Lilim, she found the girl well lubricated.

“Aaarrghhhhhh … Please stop! Please stop!” groaned Evelyn.

She was just on the very edge of consciousness.

Sophia could tell that her niece was trying to resist the pleasuring, but was too weak to offer any resistance. One finger became two, two became three, three became four … soon Sophia was fisting the little bitch, getting her hand up further with every thrust … her wrist and forearm coated in vaginal slime. She fucked her deeper and deeper, reaching up into her birth canal until her fingers felt her niece’s gestational sac. She muttered the final viperous spell and as the vampiric words left her lips, she pressed her razor-sharp nails into the delicate membrane.


All around her, Evelyn could hear the screams of abject terror. The fire crackled as if it laughed at their torturous dismay. The heat was overpowering. The stench of burning flesh filled her lungs as she coughed in the fumes of raising ash-filled smoke, as the world seemed to fall in around her. Fear gripped her so tightly that she suffocated from its toxic hold. This was truly hell. But suddenly from the corner of her eye, a figure stood against the frame of the burning door. It was he. That boy. He grabbed her by the wrist … he knew the way out. He had come to save her.

She had had this dream many times; so many times. But this was different. She knew his name, Adam. He knew hers, Eve. They were star-crossed lovers. The feelings they had for each other were not of those gained by their fourteen years of existence (in Leatherhead), but from an ancient coupling in name and in virtue. Their love was eternal, just as the life that her evil aunt pursued through the Adversary … the Devil’s gift.

She held his hand tightly as they both retreated from the slaughterhouse. Stepping back from the crackling fire, from the stench of burning flesh. The Old Mill was a blaze; fire had engulfed the entire building and its wooden structure was disintegrating in the process. Why were they not burned alive? How was it that they could just walk away? Why were they not ashen black and wilted?

Evelyn tried to look away; in her mind’s eye, she still saw the frightful sight of burning people, obscenely fornicating as they were consumed in the devouring inferno — fire and brimstone. It was a scene from hell itself.


The witch screamed and jumped back just in time as the fire brought down a huge hammer beam, crashing down upon her phallic altar. Another beam fell crushing the naked priest and several others as they continued to fornicate. Fire rained down and descended upon them all. It was like a cleansing force – murdering and destroying everything in its path. They were trapped. They screamed until the smoke filled their lungs and could no longer chorus their abject terror. More of the old building collapsed killing most of the villagers before they burned alive.

Sophia grabbed hold of young Larkin. His eyes were blinded in tears from the smoke that filled the air. The beautiful witch cursed and retreated. She would not vanquish today. She had lost the moment. Her moment. But not all was forfeited. There was still a way. Her black magic was strong and the power of Lilith flowed through her corrupted veins.

“Damn you!” she screamed.

Her agility saved Larkin and herself from the fate that the others in the village would not escape as the upper story collapsed downward, bringing bricks, timber, and more fire to kill those that had survived so far. There would be no escaping this time.


Evelyn held Adam tightly in her arms. He felt weak from the ordeal, but strong of heart. She loved him so. They had made it up the hill, away from the Old Mill, away from the nameless graveyard, away from her Aunt and her wicked intent. They watched as the fire engulfed the entire structure of the Old Mill, the barns, and other outer buildings. It was now an inferno.

There could be no survivors with the speed and veracity of the fire that seemed to come from nowhere. Almost willed into existence. How was it that they managed to escape this fate? She was not sure. She could still feel the residue of smoke in her lungs. All she knew was that she was not the victim that she had been born to be; a pawn in her evil aunt’s plans; the means of extracting Sophia’s demonic ambitions.

Adam kissed her gently on the lips. She tried to smile but found it almost too painful to think beyond the moment. They were alive. She should be grateful for this mercy. However, it came about.

“What happened back there?” asked Adam.

“I’m not sure. It was, as I remembered in my dream … not as it was in reality. I don’t understand it yet myself.”

“They’re all dead, aren’t they?”

Evelyn wiped a tear from her eye. She recalled hearing the excruciating screams. She saw them burning alive. The smell of singed flesh filled her senses. It was awful. Red, orange, and crimson. The heat upon heat. They were all on fire. Burning. Fucking. Screaming. Fornicating. Dying. The building had collapsed, almost mercifully killing most of them before they succumbed to the flesh-consuming flames.

“I’m not sure Adam. I think they all must have perished in the flames. How could anyone survive?”

“You saved me,” said Adam.

“No. You saved me.”

The smoke from the cauldron lifted upwards towards the dark sky; black on grey; crooked in its journey. The smell of burnt things was inescapable and reminded them of the disaster that they had both avoided. Adam and Evelyn were both still naked and covered in soot. They both sat down on the warm earth gathering in each other’s arms inseparable. Evelyn’s belly told them that her impregnation was no figment of her imagination – her brother had violently raped her upon the Phallic Altar. The bloody ritual had all been real. The smell of demons inside the Old Mill had been so overwhelming and unmistakable.

The Lilim and her witch aunt had almost taken the baby growing inside her. Her aunt’s black magic had brought time forward so that the fourteen weeks from conception had passed in nothing more than the blink of an eye. She had not come to terms with the fact that she was carrying the incestuous baby of her brother – whose fate in the fire, she would never know.

Oh, Larkin. He was a puppet, as she had been.

They had been both sexual puppets of her aunt’s perverted desires from those early years. She had abused and molested both of them as young children – spinning her web of maliciousness throughout their entire lives — a poison that neither of them had ever wanted.

Evelyn was sure that Sophia had caused the death of her parents; so that she could control the pair of them. So evil and so corrupt. She was a killer. She was a demon. She was a Succubus and a cannibalistic witch. She was the cause. This was all because of her and her quest for life eternal. It had been ritual murder. The Devil’s gift in return for the tiny fetus that now grew inside of her.

“My father and mother were there,” said Adam.

He looked ashamed.

Evelyn did not have the heart to say more. She had turned to Adam’s father for help and he had seduced her, with Adam’s mother, Elisa. They were like the others, bewitched into Sophia’s employ. She controlled them all.

“I’m sorry,” she said plainly, “They all perished because of my evil Aunt.”


It had been two weeks since the fire.

The official investigation into the disaster had been concluded. There was much news about it in the local press. It was reported that almost the entire village community had perished in what the headlines called the “Hellfire Harvest Blaze”.

Of course, neither Adam nor Evelyn had told them what had really transpired. How could they? Who would believe them? They had said that they had seen the fire burning from up upon the hill and by the time they had reached the Old Mill, everything had already been burned down.

They had witnessed the removal of the charred remains of family and friends – as they were one of the few left to identify the bodies. It had been a harrowing experience – so much death and suffering. Nothing was found of either Sophia or Larkin – though some of the bodies were so badly burnt and crushed it was impossible to identify each and every part. The mystery built and continued.

With no other witnesses, Adam and Evelyn’s story was credible. As for the origin of the fire or why all the villagers had been there, in the basement of the Old Mill, nobody had an answer – though there was already widespread conjecture and malicious speculation. Some said black magic. Some said witchcraft. Some said devilment.

The only thing that was difficult for the two young survivors to explain was the pregnancy of a fourteen-year-old girl. Evelyn claimed the father of her child was Mitchell; a boy that she knew was among the dead. As Adam and Evelyn had deliberately not openly shown their relationship the issue was dropped. How to hold a dead boy accountable for a teenage pregnancy? To this end, the authorities deemed it best that Evelyn should be sent to live with her only living relative, Augustine Meredith.

Augustine was a Benedictine Sister who lived in the Chilworth Benedictine Monastery near Guildford. It was not unusual for the Order to take in an underage mothers’-to-be. Adam had found a place to stay in Guildford town. It was not much, but an inexpensive bed and breakfast. The key thing was that it was close by. Adam could visit her in the guise of a close friend and fellow survivor of the “Hellfire Harvest Blaze”. From the B&B, he could walk down the monastery in thirty minutes and run it in ten.



Sophia fumed. She had life eternal in her grasp … the Devil’s greatest gift … and she had let the opportunity slip through her slimy little fingers. She looked haggard. She looked closer to forty years old again; tired and without sleep, the bags under her eyes made her look puffy and bloated. Her magical energies had been minimal since the “Hellfire Harvest Blaze”.

She had escaped with her life, and so had Evelyn’s brother, Larkin. They could have surfaced immediately after the fire, but Sophia thought it best if Evelyn thought that they had perished. It gave her niece a false sense of security. Being dead had its benefits. Besides, how could her aunt be held accountable for anything that happened from this point on, if she was supposed dead? Her plan would be to recuperate and hold up until her strength returned in a couple of weeks. She would need to siphon as much psychic energy from Larkin as she could – she would probably need to suck him dry, but then again he was no use to her anyway … he had done his job of getting his infuriating sister knocked up.

Next, she would find her and complete her demonic ritual. The window of opportunity was narrowing, but as long as the baby was not born, she would have time to kill the mother and eat her fetus whilst it was still alive. She bit her lip and tasted her own iron-flavored blood.

She would make Evelyn suffer before killing her. She had underestimated the girl’s abilities. She must have learned that magic somewhere along the way. Damn her. Why hadn’t she been more vigilant? The spell. The conjuring of the fire. The timely escape with her lover boy. It was all so neat. Adam And Eve. Eternal love. Fuck. She loathed the bitch. The little cunt needed to suffer a humiliating death.

Their hideout was a property that Evelyn’s parents had owned and she had hidden the deeds too. It was nothing fabulous but provided her and Larkin a place to hold up for a while. Sophia looked at herself in the mirror at herself. She was a shadow of her original beauty. Larkin slept most of the time. She stirred him only to suck his cock and draw forth his sexual essence.

Each day she felt a bit stronger. Each day he just looked weaker and more skeletal.

She did not care about him, as long as he gave up his life force to her – unwillingly but he was too weak to protest, too stupid to realize her intent. He would perish in a matter of a few weeks, maybe three at the rate that she was milking him. Already she felt younger, more vital, and more sexually excited. But instead of masturbating for hours as she felt she would like, she chilled … she needed to bring back the great lust of Lilith’s phallic fire … to once again transform herself … into the hermaphroditic demon to complete the enchantment.

“Aunt Sophia.”

It was young Larkin stirring in their cot. His body was wilted and with little muscle tissue left, he looked like only skin and bone. His face had sunken into a skeletal mask from the handsome features that he used to possess.

“There you are. Let me taste you, my boy. Let me please you with my mouth. Come now, lie back, and let me suck that delicious cock of yours.”

“Aunt Sophia … I don’t feel so well … I need to …”

“You don’t need anything, my boy. You only need your Aunt Sophia. You need to feed her with your delicious hot salty cum. Now, let me take you between my lips … I want to see how much semen there is in your young balls. Blow for me. Blow in my mouth. Let me suck your delicious fuck pole.”

Larkin reluctantly fell back against the pillows stacked up against the headboard.

“Aunt Sophia … I don’t think …” he muttered unintelligibly.

His voice had been reduced to a weak whisper but still, his cock stood erect immediately that Sophia touched him. Her black magic was strong. She knew how to please the boy. She knew how to turn him on despite his weakened state. It would not be long before he was dead … she could not afford to wait for him to completely recover each time she stole his essence as time was not on her side. She had already used significant power to accelerate the pregnancy. Now she had to work fast to kill the mother and eat the unborn.

“Aunt … Sophia,” groaned Larkin.

There was no air in his lungs. Deflated and exhausted he tried to object, but her insistent fingers played up and down his shriveled balls, pressing the delicate nerve endings to bring him to ejaculation as fast as possible. She did this almost hourly and throughout the entire night. Cum after delicious cum. Milking him. She licked the tip of his engorged cock head. It was the only part of his body that had not succumbed to the weltering. He bucked against the bed as his jism sprayed again into the back of his aunt’s mouth. Swallowing every last drop, she felt refreshed, she felt her hunger sated, and she felt her clitoris tingle with Lilith’s power.

“Yes … Yes … It’s coming back … Mmmm … Yes!!”


Sister Augustine appeared to be a gentle soul. Maybe at times a little misguided. Evelyn thought she lacked the tenacity needed for life as a Meredith – it was rumored that she had been abused as a child and escaped to find her own way. Who knew what happened back then? She was now an older woman in her late fifties. Maybe she had never forgotten the terrible things she had seen, or maybe she just pretended they never happened.

All Evelyn knew was that she had come here to this remote and quiet place giving up her life in the outside world; and her chance to be loved by a man; to give herself to God Almighty for the rest of her natural life. Did she have regrets? Evelyn tried to imagine. Had she come to accept the circumstances that had fallen upon her and had decided to live her life in the service of the greater good?

Evelyn had been only a baby herself, the last time her Augustine would have seen her; and now she was a girl that was pregnant with a child of her own. Sister Augustine seemed to not condone her actions; quite the opposite, she professed that to live and to love was one of God’s greatest gifts. The news of the terrible fire that had taken Evelyn’s brother, Larkin, and her paternal aunt (and Augustine’s cousin) Sophia Meredith had reached the monastery. The name brought back horrid thoughts. She wondered if Sister Augustine knew how evil Sophia had become – obsessed with her claim for life eternal.

Evelyn had been quiet and cooperative, now just over sixteen weeks she needed all the love and attention that Sister Augustine could provide – not a reminder of the horrors of her recent past. She could tell that Sister Augustine wanted to know more but never brought up the fire or her missing aunt. She seemed just accepting and loving.

“Evelyn. I know it cannot be easy. I know you have lost all that you loved in the world and I am but a distant memory … if in fact, you remember at all … I have been a Sister of the Cloisters for so many years … I wish I could have been there for you, my dear.”

Evelyn did not answer with words; she just clung to Sister Augustine and hugged in silence.

“There will be plenty of time to talk later. If you ever feel inclined. Let me get you settled. It isn’t exactly ‘The Savoy’, but you will be safe and nurtured here with the Sisters of Chilworth.”

Had Sister Augustine noticed how Adam visited Evelyn regularly day after day? The story that they had told her was that they were survivors together and had become close because of the fire. It seemed plausible that they could become so close due to the circumstances. She was sure that Sister Augustine could sense that there was more to the story. Did she believe Adam was the father? She was not sure.


Sister Augustine closed the door to Evelyn’s room. She sighed.

And then made her way downstairs. She wanted Evelyn to feel at ease with her. She needed to be seen as a caring motherly figure. She was used to playing this part. Her desires were unseen. She wanted to appear as simple and uncomplicated as possible. This falsehood had held up so far. Seeing them both together had stirred her. Evelyn. Adam — Adam and Eve — that pretty young thing. That handsome young boy. She wished she could seduce them both – bring them to her bed, and lay with them. Her groin quivered and quaked at the thought.

Depp below the old monastery there was the secret crypt.

She accessed it through a hidden stone spiral staircase. It was a place where few ventured these days. The bodies of the forgotten lay quiet in the cool stillness. Waiting for eternity. The stench of death was long gone. The bones were picked dry – and used as elaborate decorations in the walls, ceilings, and floor of the forgotten crypt. It was the city of the dead. But there, Sister Augustine kept her secrets behind lock and key. Being a nun had not been a vocation of choice. She had grown up in a magical family; a strange and sometimes misdirected family; but a family that knew a thing or two about the supernatural.

She had taken with her, a number of books, secret books; books filled with strange spells and incantations — some considered white magic, others considered then occult in origin — of black magic. She had read most from cover to cover and knew many interesting spells by heart – especially the spells that could bring sexual corruption and sensual delight. These were her prized secrets that she shared with no one. In the past, there had been one other.

A nun, by the name of Sister Anna, had gained the confidence of Augustine by professing her love for her — a Sapphic love had bloomed for a brief time — as, not too soon after Sister Augustine had fallen for the pretty young nun, she discovered that she had been duped by her new lover, who was sharing her love around with others in the monastery.

Humiliated and angry, she poisoned Sister Anna. She was never to share that lovely feeling between her legs again – not with the likes of the living … but in twisted death … her magic brought back the spirit of her lover to satisfy her each and every night. Sister Anna’s spirit was trapped by Augustine’s unforgiving jealousy. A sexual slave to be used as and when she needed to be sated – a jilted lover, her wicked soul, and tainted heart never forgiving Sister Anne for her insincerity.

Sister Augustine locked the door to her secret place and lit a number of candles. She stripped from her gown and hung her clothing neatly on the bed stand. The low bed was comforting and provided her with all she needed to conjure the spirit of her spirit lover. Tonight, she thought about her beautiful niece – Sophia Meredith. Her uncle had been so proud of his daughter. He called her the “First real witch,” in their so-called magical family. Augustine was profoundly jealous. She was as good a witch as her incestuous niece. She was a two-faced bitch. She used sex to get what she wanted.

There was nothing so magical about that? But nevertheless, it seemed to be something that even Augustine’s own father warmed to. He’d been fucking her too! Disgusting creep. Augustine had been consumed by this feeling of jealousy. Poisoning her lover had been easy. But back in those days, Augustine had hated Sophia. She was younger, prettier and sexier. Yes. Yes. She wanted to fuck the little bitch too, but that was not the point.

Holding her down and rubbing her big hairy cunt all over Sophia’s snug little face – now that would be more like it. Sister Augustine slid a nice thick candle inside of her. She had lovingly shaped quite a few … in a variety of girths and lengths. Phallic dildo candles. She used the thickest and longest tonight. Oh yes, it felt good up her greasy old cunt. In and out she fucked herself. Faster and faster. Fuck. Yes. Christ be fucked. She watched herself in the mirror as she masturbated furiously.

She knew what Sophia had in mind for young Evelyn. The spell of “Life eternal”. She laughed. She knew that same incantation. The unborn fetus. The ritual of blood. She knew how to make it happen. If she wanted to. Augustine imagined the two of them. Evelyn. Adam. Catching them fucking and forcing them both to perform perverted acts that she wanted. Yes. That sweet young boy urinated over his lover’s face, directing his dark yellow stream into her open mouth. Urine games – Augustine wanted to see that. Yes. Degrading and disgusting. Watching Evelyn defecating over his baby face. His upturned face, smeared with her disgusting bum fudge. Brown streaked faces. Mmmmmm. Yes. The smell. The taste. How perverted. How depraved. How divine!

The dead spirit of Sister Anna began to materialize before her as she whispered strange words in an ancient and forbidden language … she had no patience tonight, she needed to be fucked hard … candle and cunt … she need to cum desperately. She could complete the spell and eat Evelyn’s unborn … if she wanted to.


Adam hoped that all was well.

He had tried to see Evelyn as often as possible. She had asked him to make it less obvious. Maybe Sister Augustine was growing suspicious about the regularity of his visits. He would leave it for a few days. Evelyn had quite a few weeks to go until it was her time for delivery … even if she was early, there was a long time to go and there should be nothing to be concerned about.

Life felt so much less pressured and complicated with her evil aunt and her misguided brother around. It was not that he was glad that they had perished in the fire at the Old Mill, it was that their evil influence was no longer a concern. In the back of his mind, it did prick him that they had never found their actual bodies. With all the debris and the collapse of the Old Mill. There had been a few “Villagers,” that were unaccounted for. She was such an evil character – could it really be that she was gone? Maybe he should take a look at the site. He was no forensic expert. He could not be going back there digging up the site. What would it achieve? How could he be sure?


Larkin stirred. It was past midnight. He had never felt so feeble in all his life. He had always been such a strong boy. Strong and independent. Never getting sick. Never suffering from any of the usual illnesses that seemed to affect the other children. Evelyn had been the same. But now she was gone and he was alone with their aunt, things felt different. Sure he loved sex with his Aunt. She was beautiful, youthful, and sexually aggressive. But something was wrong with him. He was so weak he felt it a strain just to sit up in bed. He lay on his back.

His Aunt would awaken soon. She would pleasure him. Pleasure his cock. Take his manhood between those black-painted lips … suck him until he ejaculated. Over and over. She had been doing this for days. He no longer seemed to revel in sexual pleasure anymore. No, it seemed he was far too tired and exhausted to enjoy it. Yet she returned to him, every hour upon the hour, coxing his to full erection. His cock obeyed her every command. Her sexual magic was so strong. Then he would feel her warm mouth close around him, her nimble strong fingers playing with his anus … with his testicles … and then it would happen. He would cum. Spurting into her mouth. And then he would sleep. He felt so tired.

“Larkin? Larkin darling … are you awake?”

It was she. He felt her long black-painted fingernails dragging lightly across his scrotum. He saw her. She looked younger each hour. More youthful. More vital.

“Please, Aunt Sophia. I don’t feel well. I need to rest.”

“Rest you shall … but first, I need you. I need your delicious cock. I need it in my mouth … come, show me how virile you are my boy!”

“Oh, Aunt Sophia …”

Larkin could see his sister in her. She looked nothing like the forty years she had lived already. She looked young and pubescent again. Renewed. Her small fingers were painted as usual … the black nail varnish contrasted her pale complexion. She stroked his balls and perineum, bringing his cock to immediate attention. Larkin lay still. He did not have the energy to pull away or to make a fuss. She would have her way. She was the Bone Goddess.



Evelyn stirred in vampiric nightmares.

The drums pounded and the naked dancers taunted her. She could not move, as she was lashed down across the phallic altar. There in the flickering candlelight; she saw the blood libel; the cure for her evil Aunt Sophia’s malady. The violent ritual continued as their chanting rose and fell like an orchestra of demons. Dancers thrust and undulated. They fiercely masturbated and urinated over themselves and each other. It was a putrid stench of obscenity-filled her nostrils. She looked to escape.

The Bone Goddess stood between her parted thighs. Evelyn struggled against her bonds. The Bone Goddess laughed at her as she stroked her enormous cock-like appendage. She was the Baphomet — the Unholy Hermaphrodite. She began fingering Evelyn’s cunt – making her wet and subtle. More fingers entered her, stirring her sexuality below. Unwilling pleasure began to build. Evelyn tried to fight against the waves of sensual delight that stroked her pleasure sensors against her rational will. The more she resisted, the more the dark delight grew inside of her.

Her hips rose from the Phallic Altar, bucking against the Bone Goddess’s hand. She was close to a screamingly powerful orgasm — then suddenly extreme pain filled her lower abdomen. It was as if her guts were being wrenched out from between her legs. She yelled out at the top of her lungs. The pain only got worse. She screamed again. Then Evelyn saw it. She saw the whitish-coloured umbilical cord covered with blood as it hung between her open legs still attached to her vicious aunt’s hands. Blood ran down her aunt’s forearms. It made Evelyn sicken. The Bone Goddess stood over her, blood mixed with embryonic fluids that dripped from the dying fetus that she now held up so victoriously.

“Ave Satanas! Ave Satanas!” chanted the onlookers as they beat their cocks and fingered their cunts.

“Sanguinem in sacrificium … pro vita aeterna!” cried The Bone Goddess.

Her moment was approaching. Her glorious victory. The moment she had been waiting an eternity for. The only reason that Evelyn was still alive…

“Nooooooo … Stop! No! Oh, God no!”

Evelyn screamed out to stop her but the witch began to eat the unbaptized fetus while its tiny heart was still beating. She felt its pain. She felt its shock. Her baby was dying before her eyes and she was powerless to stop it. How could such a wicked act be performed? Blood and body fluids flowed from her aunt’s half-open mouth as she chewed the flesh.

“Vivo ego in aeternum!”

Her unborn child did nothing wrong? The demons of the Lilim danced around them. The congregation continued its celebration through fornication. The stench of sex, blood, and death was overpowering. It was a child born from incest, and evil begets evil! And The Bone Goddess was reborn!

“Aaaghhhhhhhhhhh …” she screamed.

“Evelyn! Evelyn!”

Evelyn awoke with an open mouth gasp. Her hands immediately traced the shape of her unborn child, protected inside her womb. Her skin was damp with the perspiration of her terrible dream. She rubbed gently around and around. Comforting both herself and her unborn.

“Oh … Oh … Oh, good God!” she sighed in complete relief.

“You were having a nightmare, my dear … a particularly nasty one by the looks of it?” asked Sister Augustine.

“Oh, dear Augustine … I was there … I was back there … before the fire … the evil ritual …” Evelyn blurted.

Then regretted saying too much. This was not for her to share. Nobody was to know the truth.

“I know, child. I know a great deal more than you imagine,” Sister Augustine stroked her sweat-soaked hair, “I know all about Sophia. I know her ambitions. She was a powerful witch … but now she’s gone. It’s safe. You are safe with me.”


Sister Augustine sat alone in the Monastery garden. It was a contemplative place filled with the colors of the end of summer, just as it began to turn in early autumn. Evelyn was resting and it was the perfect moment for reflection.

She had given the matter a lot of thought. Augustine had come to the conclusion that the situation that presented itself to her was one of fate. The spirits must look favorably upon her destiny to rise up and take her rightful position at the left hand of the Lord himself — all those years, waiting in the wings, in the shadow of her miscreant niece were preparing her for this role and her ascension to become the next Bone Goddess. Sophia death was the positive sign, the signal she had been looking for all these years. Her cunt dripped in anticipation – the power and responsibility; the sexual prowess, unlimited sexual pleasure that accompanied such an evil bestowment.

Sister Augustine subconsciously licked her fat lips. She tasted salt. All she had to do was to gain Evelyn’s trust, and when the moment was right, she would render her unconscious, bring her to the catacombs where an altar would be prepared, the rites of passage chanted, and the ritual performed.

She did not need the trapping of a full ritual – Sophia was always so “Over the top”. It had been her undoing. But Augustine knew she needed to do it soon before the fetus was too advanced, otherwise, Evelyn may not survive the trauma of forced removal of her unborn baby. She may even die. But that would be a small price to pay. Augustine was sure that Sophia would never have allowed Evelyn to live anyway.

As Augustine contemplated the power of the Bone Goddess she became more and more convinced that it was no small miracle that the stars had aligned, that this was no coincidence, that it must have been pre-ordained by the courts of hell itself that she be the one. They had seen her evil. They had witnessed her evil acts performed upon the misfortunate that had crossed her path.

How she had offered small sacrifices as often as she had. Performing the most obscene of rituals, killing the unwanted babies of mothers who never should have been pregnant; believing that their unwanted children were ‘fostered’ away; whilst she had abused them sexually until she was ready to kill and eat them. How delicious the taste of their blood; the soft texture of raw baby flesh? There was nothing like it.


She reflected on the monster she had become. She was a demon baby eater. She laughed out loud at herself.

“Hail Satan!” she murmured under her breath.

Her cunt throbbed for some more candle girth to fill it — to fuck herself into a blasphemous orgasmic bliss. Even as she sat in the late evening light in the garden, her juices peed down the inside of her thighs. She would need to return to the catacomb soon.


Evelyn traced the shape of her stomach lightly with her small fingers. It felt mildly uncomfortable. Not physically but mentally. She was not sure exactly why. Sister Augustine had been like the mother she had never had. Not that her real mother would not have been there for her, she surely would, but she had died before Evelyn was six years old.

Her memories of both her mother and father were strong, but sharing the bond of being pregnant with Sister Augustine had been so reassuring. Yet, there was something of a nagging sensation that warned her that there was still danger at hand, but from where and why? If Sophia had perished in the fire then what could be giving her this feeling? Maybe it was simply the normal anxieties of giving birth? She could not be sure. Maybe her supernatural senses were out of whack.


Sophia looked down at Larkin. He looked like nothing more than a shadow of his former self, a skeletal corpse sucked dry of its sustenance. He coughed like an old man and turned. His life seemed to hang by a thread. If she were to draw upon him any further that night, he would surely perish. Sophia had noticed that even his semen tasted less and less appetizing. There was simply no magic left, only fibers of moral skin and bones. And what was the use of that to her? Nothing. This would be it. She would make him ejaculate this one last time and then she would need to find his damned sister.

She was not too far away. She sensed it. She admired herself in the mirror. Her pubescence was once again as enchanting as it had been before the ritual – before the fire. No man or woman could resist her sexual energies. Even her clitoris throbbed anew as it pocked out of its thin sheath. Lilith’s fire would burn strong once again between her legs – she would once again be the magnificent hermaphrodite – the Baphomet. Her prize awaited her. Her throne awaited her. She would not be curtailed this time.

Her fingers played with her long silky hair. The blue-blackness gleamed in the candlelight – full of magical luster. She had lost many magical things in the fire at the Old Mill, things that she had kept for a lifetime. Her Bone Goddess necklace was one of them. Her bone phalluses too. She could materialize them, but she needed to save her magical strength until she had the fetus in the grips of her fingers – to gorge herself upon its unborn flesh; to taste its blood. With the power unleashed, she could have as many bone necklaces and phalluses as she wanted – in fact, she’d have eternity to do anything she wanted. There was no reason to wait any further.

“Larkin? Larkin darling … are you awake?”

She dragged her fingernails lightly across his shrivelled little scrotum. His eyes flickered half open. Yes. Yes. It’s time to feed your goddess, she thought.

“Please, Aunt Sophia. I don’t feel well. I need to rest.”

“Rest you shall … but first, I need you. I need your delicious cock. I need it in my mouth … come, show me how virile you are my boy!”

“Oh, Aunt Sophia …” His voice trailed away.

She closed her painted lips around the boy’s engorged. His frailty was obvious. He looked like she could break his bones by just leaning on him too hard. She licked his love pole like a lollypop, suckling at the purple-headed tip, licking around it as her fingers milked his shaft and balls – coxing his erection to deliver the last of its cloudy white juice.

“Cum for me Larkin. Show me that you worship your goddess.”

“I can’t, Aunt Sophia … I can’t …”

She was getting angry with him. Frustrated at the lack of progress. His erection began to wilt. She began to massage his prostate while she sucked on his softening cock. Her expert fingers knew exactly how to finger him, pressing and rubbing that hidden place just inside his rectum. His body began to reluctantly react to her powerful stimulation. She would draw it from him. She needed all of it – not caring in the slightest what negative effects it was having on Evelyn’s brother.

“Pleeeease … Aunt … Sophia … I … can’t …” his voice croaked.

“Give me what I want!” she snarled as his body quaked.

His merger testicles contracted under the unwanted pleasuring in his dank anal passage.

“Aaarghhhh …” he groaned in a low, gravelly tone.

It sounded like his long-awaited death rattle.

His bony body suddenly pressed upwards as if a surge of high-powered electricity twisted through his frail, failing body, bucking against Sophia’s open mouth as he began to ejaculate into Sophia’s waiting lips. She grinned as she drew down upon his quivering cock, sucking every last drop of his precious juices dry … leaving Larkin to crumble back against the bed sheets below. He lay still, very still. Sophia wiped her lips crudely with the back of her hand. She stepped back from the bedding and turned to leave.


Evelyn awoke again. Traumatized by the evil visions that filled her head. Her nightmares seemed only to be getting worse. She pulled herself up, untwisting herself from the entanglement of body, clothing, and bed sheets. She waited for her heartbeat to normalize and took some deep breaths to gain her composure. Looking around she found that it was still very dark outside her window. Without streetlights and traffic, the country night sky was very black. She pulled back the damp bed clothing and hunted for her dressing gown to pull over her nighty.

Her stomach was very puffy beneath. Carrying a baby was hard work; and at only sixteen weeks, she knew she had a long way to go. Her morning sickness seemed to have stabilized for now, but she did have cravings. Right now she really fancied a large helping of double chocolate chip ice cream — but where to find any in a monastery? She laughed to herself. She wondered how Adam was holding up. She wanted to call him, but she thought twice about it — as it was still only three in the morning.

Sister Augustine had said that she should not walk around too much and had mentioned that the monastery was not designed like a hospital. She should be very careful moving around outside her room. Evelyn needed some fresh air, so she made her way down to the monastery garden.

The monastery halls were deserted as all the nuns were asleep. Outside in the garden, it was darker than Evelyn had expected, but the sky above was lit up with a million stars – each tiny pinprick twinkled back brightly as it tried to compete with the big round moon. There was not a soul in sight and the monastery garden was so quiet. It was truly a peaceful place. Evelyn walked barefooted in the moonlight through the simple garden. It was a beautiful night.

Suddenly, without warning she felt a hand wrap around her mouth and another twisting her right arm behind her back. She struggled but felt the omnipresence of magic … black, occult magic. She tried to bite the hand that was smothering her, but it was too late. She felt herself falling; falling into a pit of nothingness and everything went pit black.


It was like a psychic distress signal. Adam woke with a suddenness that made his head spin. It was dark. There was nothing but quietness. The scream he heard in his head had sounded so real, so definitely Evelyn – it told him that something was wrong. He felt it in his bones. He was not magic, but their connection had made him feel there was some magic in him – even though it was more likely to be Evelyn’s. He jumped out of bed and hurriedly dressed. As he left the boarding house he started to run. He ran all the way to the monastery gates.

The gates were closed, but Adam easily scaled the wall and was into the grounds within a heartbeat. Though it was pitch black, Adam’s young eyes quickly adjusted as he made is way through the rambling grounds that surrounded the old monastery.

He saw a figure standing in silhouette against the broad white canvas of the monastery fascia. The moon was full and its light reflected off the white surfaces. He knew it was Evelyn. She looked perfect. Beautiful. What was she doing up so late? Why was she out in the garden? Maybe she sensed him too and had come out to meet him? But just as he got close, another silhouette appeared. Evelyn struggled but was quickly overcome. He rushed forward, only to find that there was nothing there.



So who gets to eat the unborn fetus? Will Sophia finally triumph and fulfill her ordained destiny as the Bone Goddess and attend life eternal from the Devil? Will Evelyn fall into Augustine’s hands so that she may get her just dues? Will Larkin live or die? What will become of the innocent love between our star-crossed lovers? Should good vanquish over evil, or should the Devil have his day?

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