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The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts 4

The slim sixteen year old sales clerk had fit tiny panties on little brownies as mommy’s watched her suck the tiny slits or the girls ate her. In only three months she went from a sweet little high school teen to a sweet cock sucking fuck slut and accomplished pussy eater. Even after the daddy ram fucked her with the biggest eleven inch thick cock ever even close to her once small cunt meat she was nervous as hell. The party was in two hours as she sat inn the little fuck slut eleven year olds room helping each other with hair and touches of makeup. The hung daddy just left them alone having fucked the teen five nights straight as she ate his little darling.

They went through several sets of transparent bras and panties, but the tiny girl kept going back to the purple set that cupped her pussy tight. The bra already completely unnecessary barely covered her young poking tit buds. The sixteen year old nervous fuck went with the child’s insistence on a crotchless pair of tight panties with only a string up her ass and slim slivers of lace on either side of her puffy pussy meat pushing her puffs out leaving her hard clit poking. The child insisted she go with out a bra as her pure white titties and puffy nipples were highlighted by the dark tan on the rest of her body making them look like she had an invisible bra. She just went with the child’s recommendations as she had been to these fuck parties and it would be her first. Like all teens she wondered if she would be accepted as any fucking did not concern her at all. Would the other people like her?

The hounds still whimpered like puppies when the eight year old walked by in her little brownie uniform after pretending to deliver cookies to suck cunt or cocks and twice today husbands were home so she just did them both. She walked in the front door barely glimpsing at her naked mommy with the fourteen inch dragon knotted in her cunt and a huge seven inch ass plug. As always, the house smelled rich with cunt slime and some sperm. They needed to get ready for the party. Mommy would need her help again to pull the dragon dildo and ass plug out. It was getting easier to get them in but still took an hour of huffing and shoving each morning. The child always left the ass plug for last after licking all of mommy’s cunt slime off the dragon and just standing it up on mommy’s dresser for her. She loved mommy’s ass slime now the best making mommy bend over even more and spread her knees as wide as possible to lick at the edges of her ass gape lubing the ass plug with her child saliva before starting to pull.

Mommy did not use lube preferring the brutal pain of dry rubber ripping her ass tube. She wished her cunt was not always so wet so the dry dragon would do the same. The child slut fuck licked every crevice of the ass plug before putting it with the dragon for mommy and returning to lick her tiny tongue as deep in mommy’s ass gape before it closed. Mommy thanked her with a deep kiss tasting her ass slime on her tiny daughter’s mouth. The child was delighted had gotten her new nipple clips as her nipples were coming along nicely and she may get nipple rings sooner for weights to help them further. They needed to hurry as they gave each other deep warm enemas letting the shitty water wash over their faces before carefully washing each other. Mommy held her warning these new tit dot nipple clips may hurt a bit more before taking the old ones off. She licked at her child’s dots that looked painful from the sharp teeth. Mommy sucked so hard on her chest to pull out some of her flesh that would become buds until she got enough to hold as she let the new clips wider and with more and sharper teeth that bit into what was not yet tit as mommy held the young flesh.

The new clips were stronger and went in deeper and she went into instant violent shaking orgasm. Her just cleaned cunt squirted all over the carpet in mommy’s bed room as mommy held her quivering body. Do the other mommy please. Mommy did the same to her other darling chewed tit dot and surrounding flesh, but the child knew what to expect and did not make so much pussy mess quivering as mommy held her tiny body. She studied her self in mommy’s huge mirror as the new clips hurt like hell and she loved it. She marveled at the little pink pearls in rings making her look like she had real nipples. She turned to mommy hugging her small face into her cunt. Mommy had to wipe both of their cunt meat again before she pulled on the soft sun dress before pulling an identical one so mommy and child fuck sluts looked somewhat like twins except for size. Mommy had her rings with weights clearly visible as they would shake through the thin almost transparent sun dress.

The school secretary had to be helped completely impaled on a double dragon the principal bought her. it was something very new the slut principal found on the internet for her darling piss drinking secretary that somehow kept everything run as smooth or smoother than ever before. The little girls no longer caused any problems as the satanic young English teacher had become the brownie leader for many holding naked meetings for them to practice with the tiny pink dildos and tit sucking and ever new things the Satan Queen filtered into the young satanic slut’s head.

The math teacher fucked little girls now as they eagerly crawled on his desk as no panty was worn in the school anymore. A Latin teacher supposedly from Spain was straight from hell would be there next week. The sucking noises as the secretary was pulled off the double dragon that had been up her ass and cunt for six hours as she could not even get up when the little girls needed to shit or piss. They had to stand on her desk or chair to fill her mouth. The double dragon was firmly glued to her chair so it would not shift. The ten-inch model was just right for her tiny body for now. She had to get her legs to work for a second as she went to help the principal.

She held the principals strapped tits to tug out the knitting needles little girls had pushed through her tit flesh. Seventeen in each tube of huge tit. The principal just panted ass he also needed help with the tight bands removed explaining she had something new to Sunday’s black mass and may need her help Sunday morning. The straps had been on for weeks and stuck the pain of tugging them off very evident as the principal gasped until two huge hanging bags of tit finally got air. The secretary had never seen her principal like this before as she licked the dots of blood of every inch of huge tit flesh before nuzzling her small face in the bags whispering, she could just come over now as she did not need clothes or anything sealing the idea with hard sucks of the principal’s huge nipples. They walked hand in hand to the principal’s car naked no longer caring as most everyone new how demented sluts they were.

One brownie came over to help the lady with the fuck hounds even though she was not a dog fucker, yet. The little naked brownie and naked pain slut woman bathed the dogs her back yard so they would dry in time and hopefully not roll in dirt. The woman would give her pussy tickles and the brownie would paly with her cunt lips, but they were saving it for the party where the tiny brownie may or may not get doggie hound fucked. She liked when the huge thick cocks came out and she could hold them, but they were huge and could not imagine something that big in her little pussy, hell she was just getting tit dots let alone cunt. Her brownie troop had only gotten to small pink dildos and pussy licking and she already had her badge for cunt sucking after so many women had given her letters of praise. She had the satanic English teacher/brownie leader spread out wide right after she got her badge to prove she deserved it giving her a wonderful orgasm a she sought out her clit to chew.

Daddy was bathing his darling massaging her little muffin in warm soapy water. She was his precious jewel as mommy died four years ago, she was now 9. They had just arrived in the town for daddy’s new job and she was not worried at all because daddy took very careful attention to her every need especially at bath time making sure every crevice was clean. God, she loved daddy. Daddy was more concerned that she would like the new schools and having to find new friends. He would make lots more money and they had a huge house she hoped she could have great slumber party’s once she met other girls.

Daddy pulled on her tiny child panties trying not to look at the darling cleft of her pink slit that had always just been white and as puffy as his late wife’s. Daddy did not know she had her first everything in her life at slumber parties as little girls kissed and played with each other when they felt safe to get naked. Her friend one night did something very different licking at her tight clam barely a slit yet. She did what she thought best at the time as she bent over and get in a sixty-nine even though she had no concept they sucked slits not ready to open but it felt so damn good. She loved slumber parties and hope for more, but daddy made her feel good in different ways. She did not like boys all that much yet but loved her daddy.

He took her to stores he found for the best clothes doting on her every need. She no longer pretended to have bad dreams anymore as daddy just let her snuggle her warm tiny body under his warm bed covers. But tonight, was a special daddy daughter night to explore the new town to see what his darling would like to eat if it had anything. All the boxes were unpacked and gone and her precious princess bed she no longer slept in was perfect. She could barely contain herself this Friday night as she walked with her tiny hand in daddy’s huge hands. All she could think about was the huge log she felt thru daddy’s silk shorts last night when she crawled over him to snuggle it rubbed hard on her tummy. Daddy was trying to get her to look around, but her little eyes kept looking at his shorts.

She just had to know what it was and determined to find out. She bit at some chicken nuggets as daddy ate a hamburger and some fries when she told daddy she was tired now, but she just had to know. She figured out if she got on top the log would get harder. She did not even pretend as she crawled in naked silky and slim pulling daddy’s huge hands to her tiny ass to hold her. it really only took one to cradle her body, but she wanted both of his hands on her ass as she pretended to squirm to get just right. It did the trick as daddy’s log kept getting longer, thicker and harder. She kissed daddy’s neck cooing how much she loved him as she reached under her tummy to get her little fist on daddy cockhead. It filled her hand as daddy tired to pull her off to tell her how wrong it was even though he loved her when she ever so softly tugged his meat whispering for him to shush as she owned him, and she knew it.

This is mine now daddy just as his late wife had said way back in college crawling on him in a dorm room with hard tit tubes he just loved to suck on as much as she loved them sucked. Her puffy nipples would just thicken in his mouth as she trembled on his huge hard body. He was afraid for her to see his cock as it scared off so many other girls racing out of his dorm room hugging their pussy meat while trying to get dressed. Hell no nothing like that would get near their tender pussy meat no matter how horny they were. It was a pole of cunt destruction. But this silky soft hard tit girl that love her titties sucked just held it as she drifted down to see what she had found that rubbed up to her slim chest. She was far from frightened more fascinated wonder what in the hell it would feel like or what to even start to do with it. She did the only thing she could think of at the moment just licking as she tightened her grip. It was twelve hard thick inches of pussy destruction and it was hers.

She told him so as she licked her tiny tongue and he did not argue as she went after every inch trying to figure out the best way to get in her tiny pussy. Let’s see what his sperm taste like first so she could think it through as she fastened as much of her mouth, she could use both hands to tug up and down. It erupted in her mouth violently and she tried to suck and swallow, but it was a pump of pent up sperm it exploded out of her lips all over his sheets. The next thing he did solidified their relationship when he pulled her into a deep kiss with her mouth still full of his cum and now all over her body. It took weeks as they mixed studies and at least trying to fuck as he held her tiny body until she just got too tired. She was tired of studying for finals and horny as hell when she called to see if she could come to his room.

Of course, as she snuck out silently of her all girl dorm of lesbian cunt suckers knowing how to get in silently to crawl over him just like his silky daughter was doing now planting her cunt meat on his cock head. She did not care if it hurt, she just wanted to try at least once. It hurt like hell as she pushed her slim body holding on to the arils of the bunk bed to help her push down. It took all of her body strength to push and she had been a gymnast all through high school. It took until early morning until her tiny ass sat on his thighs with twelve inches of thick cock up somewhere inside her body, she leaned over to kiss him.

He just held her slim body as she was too tired to move or pump. They kissed for thirty minutes but both had finals to get to as the tube of cock made sucking sounds. They both ace every final as the tiny wonder just left her panties in his dorm room as the tiny pink shorts had a growing wet spot. She could careless now just wanting to get back. She got the thing in but really had not fucked it. It just got in. He told her his roommate would be gone in two hours and he was hungry as they went hand in hand looking like something huge had captured a little girl with tiny pink tight shorts getting a bigger wet spot with her bra the only thing hiding her hard horny titties.

They settled on a popular sub shop getting subs much larger to take back to his dorm room. It was cleared and all theirs as the bag just sat on a desk she attacked him trying to pull of her shirt and bra and wet pink shorts before stripping his huge body she considered hers kneeling to suck his cock or as much as she could fit he stopped her and she was thinking he did not want her tiny body when he pulled both mattresses out of the bunk beds she went into trembles realizing he did want her and wanted her comfortable. He wanted her as much as she wanted him as he just laid down with twelve huge inches of cock as she just crawled over him letting him suck her titties as they had all weekend and the rest of the dorm was empty. She cradled his head as he sucked pushing her pussy meat all over the huge cock head, she would somehow get fucked by instead of just getting it in.

It went in a little easier as she used all of her gymnast flexibility to get her tiny legs as wide as possible, but it turned out to be her worst move as could not get her knees back under. She was a tiny cock impaled thing stuck when he came to her rescue whipping her on her back like she was nothing at all in his arms and his hips started to pump. He was careful but insistent on fucking her tiny body as she screamed out loud on the first of many orgasms. He plunged her through fifty more as he was puling most of his log of cock out before plunging deep back into her silky cunt tube as he tried to get her tiny legs around his body. She was on the verge of passing out when he took one more plunge pumping so much sperm deep inside, she was instantly pregnant.

His darling daughter was just as horny with a special interest in sucking cocks and eating sperm. The only all girl school for miles seemed eager but insisted she get privately inter viewed which seemed strange but the only choice as his child would chew boys up. He let her off and told he would be called to pick her up as she walked in alone with all her papers and all the girls were very friendly leading her to the principal’s office. So far so good but the secretary was naked with a wet face. This school was getting better at every tiny step. The secretary did not stand and just took her fist full of papers as she told her the principal was waiting. The principal was naked on her back and only asked one question. Do you need to piss child and she really did as she bit through her panties to tear open a hole telling her panties were not allowed before pulling the tiny thing on her face licking until she pissed. She was delicious and told she was accepted as long as she never came to school with panties again. The best school ever.

The principal and the secretary went the principal’s as her huge tit bags hung and hers just stuck out in stiff hard young peaks getting hornier every second that passed. It was Friday and the school locked up for the weekend as they looked forward to Sunday’s black mass. It had been two months since the last one where she dared to offer herself out of turn once her principal was a quivering mass of sperm filled and covered ball of constant orgasm.

They went straight to her bedroom and huge bed stripping what little clothes they had on and the young slim hard cone tit secretary went right after the principal’s tit bags all purple abused from the knitting needles, straps and beatings the tiny girls did to them. The contrast between the two could not be much different as she was a small hard tit girl still and the principal still hard a hard tummy and slim ass but towered over her when they stood but her tits were huge and hung. She used to just flatten them out strapping them to her stomach before one horny dildo fuck crazed night, she found the new bands to hold them out in thick tubes and that had changed her life forever.

She only bought four, two for each tit and they hurt like hell but still some tit meat hung down and she bought thirty the next night as soon as she could with a dildo up her cunt tube. Her fierce stern principal days were drifting into the past as she became more loving around the horny girls always getting into trouble and her new attitude was the best thing for the school as the girls suddenly got very obedient. The satanic English teacher eating child pussy and the math teacher fucking child girl pussy into cunt helped a great deal. No girl tried to skip out of school now eager to get to school. Even the parents praised her for the changes in their little girls as they started to help more around homes.

The much smaller secretary just nestled her entire head into the tit bags tenderly licking all over them being very careful as she tried to get the huge nipples in her small mouth hoping to sooth them some. She just massaged the tit bags on either side of her unable to get one of her hands completely around either. Her only intent was to sooth her principal, but it was making both of them horny. The small secretary sat on her stomach massaging cream all over the tit bags that would help heal the holes and bruises. The principal was starting to moan as each tit was thoroughly covered and slick a she just looked up at her small secretary and small pointy tits with her little pussy meat rubbing on her stomach as she had to spread her legs wide just to sit on her. it made her slit open and sliver like a wet snail leaving tracks of pussy.

The secretary tried to control herself telling herself she was only there to assist and be as helpful as possible. The principal and her tits were feeling wonderful as she stared directly in the small girls’ blue eyes and at her hard-young tits. The small slim girl was losing it getting close to orgasm as her slim legs spread so wide had her entire cunt spread and her clit rubbing a sit had nowhere to hide with her cunt lips spread. She almost started to cry as she only been in the principal’s house for two hours and was already losing her control on the verge of orgasm. She was biting her bottom lip willing her self not to cum on the principal when the principal gave out a shudder and pulled her much smaller body down into a fierce deep tongue kiss for another thirty minutes with the principal easily cupping her tiny ass to hold her pussy meat and clit at bay.

She was not going to waste young cunt juice and slime on her stomach for Satan sake it would be such a waste of fuck slime boiling inside her. Where it could come from was a mystery as the entire floor under her desk and her chair were thick with girl fuck slime. It would be wasted like that in her house and bed. Her slim body and hard tits just slid between her tit bags soft and covered in soothing cream. When the small thing whispered she needed to piss and did not want to soil her bed and before she new it she was gripping the head board with her slick wet pussy meat in the principals mouth as she quivered and squirted though an orgasm directly in her mouth and straight down her throat and started pissing uncontrollably as the principal gulped every rich pulse of piss not missing one drip holding the slim hips keeping her cunt firm on her sucking licking mouth a she had five more shaking squirting orgasms as she just drifted off into satanic Latin praising Satan and hell and all its glory of fuck filth and demented sex.

She was a sweating wet mess as she drifted down across the huge slimy tit bags to get at the principal’s cunt plunging her tiny fist up to her elbow and started chewing the principal’s huge clit even as she was still shaking in the remnants of orgasm pushing and pulling her slim arm in and out until the principal squirted directly in her mouth pushing hard on her stomach until the rich streams of piss started and she gulped everything to keep the huge bed clean. They sat Indian style satisfied for now as she massaged the abused tit bags with more cream that was doing wonders to help them heal but her nipples hung in huge cones as well full of blood rushing to help them heal. Neither were hungry as they cuddled and slept.

The trio of hung dad, tiny fuck daughter and sales clerk teen arrived at the fuck party house and he just walked them in helping his little girl with her sun dress knowing she was eager to show off her new panties and bra to the fuck crowd of incest Satan followers. Some of the little girls had been promised to get hound fucked but the lady with the huge puppies was not there yet. The teen was nervous as hell as the walk just pulled the already too small crotchless panties had pushed her puffy pussy lips into even more puffy and protruding as her clit had endured both alternating with each step to rub the sides of her already hard horny clit.

She was a mix of emotion not knowing what may happen or if anyone would even be interested that concerned all teens wanting to be accepted and liked. She recognized many small smiling faces of little girls she had helped into panties but not dare look as the hung daddy was hanging up his shirt and pulling off his shorts letting his cock log out but everyone else was openly staring as he not come to a party for five weeks. Some of the wives started to cross their legs and cup their pussies after seeing others take it when it was hard a all eleven thick inches the man could fuck for hours on end as woman begged for relief crawling into balls of whimpering orgasmic fuck holding their cunts just wanting the orgasms to stop.

The teen did not dare to look at the thing that had destroyed her pussy into a fuck cunt as it sawed in and out while she sucked his little girl’s pussy in the dressing room just last week. One little girl sat naked on her naked mommy’s lap just playing with mommy’s bugling nipples as they whispered back and forth as the child urged her to go with her to welcome the teen as she was quite obviously nervous. Mommy please she is already dripping when mommy stood with her hand in hand to the teen and huge hung man. He had never seen them before as the little girl that scared the hounds knelt and swallowed all 9 inches of thick cock like it was a noodle. The mommy explained she was only 8 and hard to control still as he held the teen giving her tiny kisses as she cupped her slimy puffy cunt. The teen opened up to her and gave her a kiss as she let the woman take her to huge couch and many more woman and mommy’s as they just played with her hard titties and puffy nipples while their own little girls were sitting on men’s laps getting finger fucked as they held cock meat.

The tiny hound destroying eight year old had her little chin up between his huge hanging balls full of sperm letting the huge tube grow and go right down her throat without the slightest cough or twitch as the cock went down her small throat creating a huge swell in her neck always looking up at the man with bright blue darling eyes. The teen was indeed feeling welcomed as woman hands were all over her telling her how darling she was some asking if they needed an appointment to bring their own daughters for a “fitting”.

Stroking her puffed pussy, they asked who made such panties for some one so tiny and did they come in child sizes? Mine would look so precious just look at her puffy mound getting finger fuck on that man’s lap. She would just love at least one if she was willing to help as she stared at the tiny thing getting fingered holding some man’s cock, she had an involuntary orgasm before anyone had really touched her hard clit. She never recovered after that because once she started her orgasms just got worse or better, she was not sure, but she leaked like an open faucet as one woman she did not know planted her mouth over her pussy cunt meat to capture pulse or drop of teen pussy slime.

The little blue eyed 8-year-old pulled back slowly letting the huge now hard cock come out excruciatingly as he kept sucking until it finally all came out like a huge hard pole. It stuck on her little tummy as she pulled the man down for a kiss asking him if she could fuck it. He was stunned just looking at her tiny body wanting his cock that made other moms hide their cunt meat fearing it was a pussy cunt tool of pure destruction. He was stammering on about the impossible concept when the tiny thing pulled him to the center of the carpet as the group held their breath. The tiny thing was a quarter of his size.

His own little girl was prancing around for everyone to see her new panties and first bra before stopping in front of the black couple with the wife home and the big black man that had all of his friend’s gang bang her for over five hours. They praised her and play with her pussy covered panties telling her how beautiful she looked with her first bra. The huge gasp got her attention to notice her daddy laid out with his huge cock standing up and she just loved it but the rest of her life to play with it and willing to share. The tiny naked eight year old titless and darling had to get on her tippy-toes just to get the head of the cock log right where she wanted it.

The daddy just looked up and her tiny body a bit startled as were many women just keeping a firm grip on their pussies not believing what the child was doing to herself and the destruction that would certainly occur. The tiny thing just kept her smiling face and blue eyes on his as she finally had the log where she wanted and started to just sink down slowly so she could feel every inch. The huge gasp as her tiny white ass met his hips with her tiny slim titless chest bulging with cock log well past when his cock was down her throat.

She let out a little girl giggle having accomplished what so many women had feared rubbing the cock bulge in her small chest that made her little dots tingle. She could not move impaled and her tiny legs were spread out like she did in gymnast split al she could manage was small pelvis pumps savoring the feel of being a fuck tube from mouth to tiny cunt she was a tube of satanic fuck. The Satan Queen that had been leading her since she was only four was very proud of her and she got her lovers husbands, Satan himself praise.

The seven models only had tiny bags with some tight shorts and t-shirts and a few tank tops as everything would be provided. Thankful for the relief of soft flats on their dainty feet as their long legs made a startling presentation as they just walked. The millionaire super model and silky very tall slim fourteen year old in training was showing more promise at every shoot or model runway event that put their protruding clits and puffy pussies had almost destroyed their modeling careers as no one would even dare to have them in a family catalog for teen or younger panties, shorts or anything. Now they were in great demand all due to the lesbian talent scout’s diligence as she had found them all in small towns with no futures, they all lived in a luxury in a huge condo with very need instantly taken care of by the tiny Japanese lesbian stewardesses/ live in attendants now were in darling new uniforms.

Most of the time when they were “home” they were naked and slender sometimes giving each other orgasms eating each other as the millionaire super model and fourteen year old just slept with the huge brutal black killing machines that kept them all safe as they drifted through airports as no agent dared to ask a question or even a passport with one look from the huge killers. They were more than happy as two of the most beautiful slim girls fucked them or had them fuck with huge black cocks.

The two small Japanese that had at first been frightened now loved them and just walked around naked taking care of their every need. All eight models praised their darling new uniforms as the two were learning more English everyday just loving not being sold slave fucks in some dark smelly Japanese fuck resort for dirty men to use. Even the brutal killer guards were getting rich not having to pay for anything the millionaire model kept raising their pay as he and the teen trainee fucked them or just let their silky soft bodies sleep like kittens practically weightless for them.

The doorbell announced the limousine was ready as the guards stood in new very expensive suits and ties just picking up the tiny Japanese and all the small bags like they weighed nothing. The huge black hands holding their naked asses as they never wore panties should scare them, but they knew they were safe in their huge arms and would never hurt them or do anything to their tiny bodies. The huge now private elevator let them all pack in to go down to the waiting limo.

The entire lobby went silent as the models drifted by in tiny shorts and poking titties. Outside the sidewalk came to an abrupt halt just to watch them long slim things spread their legs to get in making their clits so much more. The super model millionaire insisted the guards not sit in the back alone as just hired help, so they now just let the two tiny Japanese lesbians sit on their laps like soft kittens. The lesbian talent scout that had made it all possible waited at the new bigger jet stairs as the limo pulled up. The guards waited for each one to get out as they carried the tiny lesbians and all the small bags.

The Japanese started to race around to check every part of the new jet cabin and the bigger galley making sure they had enough steaks for the guards and everything they needed for all the models before they would join the rest as all of the silky models took off their tiny shorts and t-shirts for the long fight. The flight was twelve hours as the lesbian talent scout stripped of her very expensive clothes handing them to the now naked tiny Japanese for them to carefully fold and store asking her if she needed anything at all when she finally said she had not had an orgasm for a week the two went after her naked body.

Her cunt her tits and did not leave her until she went through four very hard orgasms having to be helped into a lounge chair and safely buckled in before they sat for and buckled for takeoff. They loved this part as it was like a park ride, but this new jet was even better as the bigger engines almost pushed them straight up leveling off at 30,000 the tiny girls had made a mess of the brand new lounges as their small pussies could not hold tight enough just on the edge of violent squirting that would make even more mess they raced to the bathroom to wipe themselves and clean the chairs.

The models noticed instantly they were walking funny instead of racing around as usual the looked a bit stunned. The models recognized somewhat ashamed they did take more care of the cunt eaters that went above and beyond for everyone wherever they were the two needed relief as quickly as possible looking like they might just explode if someone did do something they could barely remember where the new bigger gallery was as the models captured their small bodies pushing lounge chairs back laying them back and spreading their tiny legs as the small slits opened up wet and deep coral so the models licked as far up inside as they could before concentrating or their hard clits as other models stood behind fondling what small little tit mounds they each had knowing they really liked their nipples twisted but waited until they saw the tiny tummy’s and so small hips start to go into uncontrollable pumps making them have to be pushed down to ride it through.

Five orgasms each as models sucked out every drop of teen pussy juice the both stopped shaking quickly jumping to their small feet to get to work. The models sat back licking the silky pussy juice all agreeing they needed to take better care of those that took so much care of them. They were both in the much bigger galley rolling the mostly vegetables rolls the models preferred and had huge steaks of the best beef for the guards now able to pay attention to so many things at once like it was nothing at all checking to see if anyone was awake the models were all stretched out naked and slim and the guards had a huge closet to hang up their suits always awake and alert for any sign of danger that may befall their charges. The naked tiny Japanese mad sure the steaks were absolutely perfect with just the right vegetables they knew everything about each of the brutes preferred carrying the new bigger palters down the long aisle giving every guard that could crush them in one hand a soft peck on the lips before setting the platters carefully cooked and prepared as each liked each guard gave them a strong hug on their tiny asses before they danced away prancing like young fawns in wonder and delight of their lives.

Maybe they were somewhat slaves but willing to always go above and beyond. Six hours into the flight they had very silently picked up the guard’s platters as they finally got nap carefully cleaning everything and getting everything properly stored sitting silent looking for any move from any model when they started to come awake as some went to the back of the much bigger jet just for a pee to find it with two big showers and a table with stools so they could freshen with makeup that none needed as the two tiny Japanese were always ready to brush out their hair or braid as desired they had plates for each model exactly as each preferred as they started to wake up each was quickly served as the seemingly tireless tiny things seemed to dance around the jet cabin now that they had their orgasms sucked out. The models all agreed they needed to pay more attention to the tiny two.

Everyone was awake, the models pulling tiny shorts back on and t-shirts that did nothing to hide their poking nipples even went they weren’t horny they poked like hard spikes. The two Japanese took a brief moment to pull on their darling uniforms. The brutal killer guards were dressed and did not need anything and none of the models as they buckled safely in as the wheels dropped for landing.

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She would have been looking at her little sister if she had one as the little brownie was a mirror image of her when she was that age, maybe ten? The little brownie was on a mission for the Satan Queen knowing exactly what to do and look for. Dear God she was so precious she invited her and her little empty cookie box like the little sister she never had. This one was so easy as he was already horny as hell, she had her at hello. She could smell it. Pretending to present her cookies she presented the one she knew was needed. The tiny very horny young widow had never been a brownie so did not know the skirt was way too short as her little legs spread the skirt almost over her hips and the idealistic child and little sister, she had always wanted had no panties. She let out a moan and the tiny satanic child just spread her little legs pretending to look in her empty cookie box.

The young widow getting even hornier mind went back to the high school shower days when all the girls sized each other up making comparisons of titties and pussy meat. She had never had a lesbian thought before, but she remembered how much she liked this pair of titties of that pussy she had an appreciation of female beauty.

This darling pink slit on display with the long blonde hair she just wanted to brush like she would the little sister she did not have, was stirring something inside so much she lost grip of her silk robe. The Satanic child said what the hell Queen at least give me a challenge!

I hope to get titties soon. Maybe like yours I don’t know cause my mommy has big ones. The young horny widow realized she was on full display for tit to cunt pussy meat she had not shaved for a week now it was just getting a dust again. You have a cute pussy do you like mine? It is not really big yet but I like playing with it. She could not breath as the tiny thing had her tiny skirt off naked from the tiny waist as her little shirt was unbuttoned to present her slim chest naked. They are still just dots really but I am starting to get a little tit meat here and here as she pointed to places sitting her naked body on her half naked lap. Her small silk fuck robe was off her shoulders pooling around her tiny ass.

Hell it took five minutes from door knock to both naked and the young horny widow unable to speak. Would you like to suck them? Lots of women suck them but mommy still does it best. She could just hold the tiny thing speechless sucking her tit dots. Some women like to suck my little pussy, but mommy does that best too. Mommy is helping me be a better fuck slut at our parties. You might like our parties. The young horny widow could not believe what was happening convulsing and squirting all over the new carpet and furniture. She did not know she could or would squirt until that third night of brutal fuck.

You are a bad lady making so much mess. Mommy does not let me make messes as mommy keeps her mouth on mine when I do such naughty things.

She was half off the new couch pulling the tiny thing on her mouth to drink things so much silkier than sperm that pumped out. The horny widow had not said a word as this demon thing just molested her.

Your mommy and daddy are at a party right now and your daddy is probably fucking my mommy. SQUIRT! My daddy may be fucking your mommy if she is not already sucking dog cock. SQUIRT! Did you know your mommy sucks and fucks dogs? SQUIRT! Your daddy has a very big cock did you ever sneak in when he showered? SQUIRT! Can I play with your titties now? I want mine to look just like these because your nipples poke like cones and mommies have to spread on her big titties.

You know you are doing it right? The widow had only two fingers up her pussy cunt when the demon child pulled them out, sucked them clean and shoved her tiny fist. The young widow was grabbing every where trying to pull away as the child raped her. Was there a reverse of child molesting?

The yacht had never been cleaner deep in the ocean far away from any land the captain was so much kinder and naked like the entire crew. The slim perfect stews naked did not get his on any of the deck crews’ attention. Only day two the stews barely did anything as the naked little fucks took over everything. They just stood behind those tiny asses and puffed out pussies crawling around to get the beds just prefect. The chef was finally accepting his cock was going to be in the girl’s mouth ass or pussy when she was not naked helping on the counter.

The overnight watch huge deck crew looked like a whipped puppy as he updated the captain on weather, course all seemed well as he held the tiny thing on his cock. The captain had his own problems with the tiny blonde always holding his cock tube even limp she was always right there like she owned it.

The naked captain settled back in his chair a little sticky as the tiny thing was getting his cock just right before raising her tiny arms like the innocent tiny thing she was certainly not. She got her pussy meat just right on his now hard tube he could easily see over her to keep them all safe as her tiny body pumped or pulsed.

All had eaten and the entire yacht sterling he hardly took notice of the entire staff on the huge bunny pad right in front. Some stews had been looking at some other and the girls pulled them tighter.

Everyone knew the chief stew was lesbian as hell, but she always kept her mitts off her staff.

The silky Swedish thing was the youngest and high maintenance in only two ways. She needed help with her long blonde hair still learning English and her tiny uniform had to be over-nighted. She chief stew had only seen her once naked as she tried on her new uniform somewhat startled as her puffy pussy and tits still pushed.

The charter guest kept her as if teaching her English just so she would stand. She was delicate but one of the hardest workers eager to learn and do her very best she did not realize what her tiny body did for tips. The chief stew let her just go without a bra having to race away to finger fuck herself to just settle down. She might lose with this one.

The captain could see over her tiny body to see all the radars and instruments with a hand on her tummy full of his cock as he barely noticed his naked crew on the bunny pads.

The overnight watch had a child still on his huge cock as he and she slept.

The chief stew just lost it as the tiny swede was spread out all pink poky and naked with a long blonde pony tail off her side. She only whimpered once before attacking those cones and puffy pussy. She went after her youngest up and down for tits to pussy as she just spread out whimpering something Swedish no one understood but all were quite sure she was very happy.

She did not have the right words to let her chief know she was lesbian before fearing for her job and now she was getting sucked on screaming so loud in Swedish as she wrapped her legs for more in pure panic screaming as her puffy muffin would not stop. All it could do was spread as the chief stew ate deeper.

The chief stew was on her back before she could get a breath with a mouth full tender young cunt cream still trying to swallow that long pony tail danced on her cunt as the slim thing was murmuring something between tit sucks making the chief stew a whimpering helpless tremble. Down her stomach. Until she violently screamed out into the vast ocean when the tiny so small and delicate swede attacked her pussy.

All were naked for lunch as the darling naked swede kept pointing. Titties? Yes. Yours? Yes titties. Down her what? Pussy. I like pussy the stews giggled as the deck crew and captain got hard wondering about survival. The chief stew gave a very rare comment, Yes, she likes pussy.

The horny widow had been fisted, sucked on all over as the demon child would only let her pull her silk fuck robe for a party. She had not managed to speak yet as the child tugged her only two houses away. The demon child fuck just pulled her in to a room of naked people fucking.

One very tiny thing had a huge black cock up her cunt as the slim black wife licked her pink ass tube.

Some lady had a huge dog on her bent over a bench. MOMMY? Hi dear go see your daddy. DADDY! As her robe was pulled off. DADDY! As he held her. DADDY OH DADDY.

The Amish teens were all feeling different as puberty was making them poke or wet all over. The Satan Queen smelled the twenty pussies descending down into the innocent quiet to create her fuck havoc.

These people were helpless. The teens were trying not to touch anywhere as they tugged the long white Amish legging like panties and pull on the excuse for a bra over titties hurting. The long very harsh black robes made it so much worse as the ruff fabric scraped over their developing pokes.

Through years of genetics and some interbreeding all the women tiny perky fucks even at sixty and the men were huge hung mule cocked brutes.

In a blink from the Satan Queen all of the Amish teens collapsed in fields or barns started ripping holes in their long white saintly underwear finger fucking like beasts. Three were in different barns washing huge breed plow horses as their silky soapy hands made the huge horse cocks harden as always it was just what they did but now it was very different for them.

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The horses had not bred for two weeks now as no mare was in heat and went of fast with packed up horse sperm as the teens gasped, sucked, swallowed, gulped a lot just flooded all over them as lips got spread for a firmer fit. They loved it shivering through their first orgasms sucking horse cum by the bucket.

Those way out in the fields realized hoes, rakes and pitch forks had handles as they had those ruff long things they had to wear up around their necks along with the white excuses for tit cover twisting hard on nipples while shoving and polishing the rough wood handles with cunt. Two shoved too hard as the rough wood went halfway up their slim small bodies in pure fuck frenzy.

All those echoing grunts and screams every night they thought were animals were mommy and daddy animals fucking. There was nothing else to do with no electric or TV or anything the pious community by day turned into pure fuck and suck at night.

The Satan Queen was already bored as this silent hidden community of fuck ready people was too easy and not a worthy show for her love, her husband the lord Satan. She may come back but drifted off to see what she could come up with elsewhere.

The high school of horny teens had promise. The little darling blonde sat alone as always looking out of place. Her family was the richest and she had anything but at 17 she still looked like a child titless and tiny. She lamented her mommy was tiny and this may be all going through high school never one date and prom was in two weeks. She would graduate a virgin.

The farm boy was a huge brute all state in three sports but dirt poor. So confident on the fields and courts her was a nervous wreck around girls. He could have his pick of the cheer leaders that actually had titties but was always fascinated by the tiny girl. He bucked up his courage to just once try as he wanted to go to prom but would lose his voice or just stammer whenever he started to approach her little body.

It took every bit of his courage just to bring his lunch tray to ask if he could sit but she saw him looking with her blue eyes. She could not believe what she was seeing, and he just lost his breath looking at her.

He steeled himself to ask if he could sit in mumbles. She realized he was more nervous than she was as her panties were about to disappear in her pulsing pussy slime, but just pat the bench. God he was thankful he did not have to speak. The pair were a sight as her tiny child body was dwarfed beside him.

The cheerleaders and so many others wanted him to fuck them were mad as hell. Why her?

He could not keep his eyes off hers straining to manage words she took control. Not hungry? And he damn well was but not for anything on the lunch tray. He finally stammered out PROM. Yes, what about it? Do you think or would you want if you don’t already, she was already saying yes? No, I don’t have a date, do you. He was suddenly settling down but unable to ask he reached around her for the ketchup his huge arm drifted over her tiny back making her pussy pulse. She needed to get to a bathroom to get the wet things off but hoping he would ask.

Even as he calmed down and nibbled, she took control. Are you looking for a date?

Well I was just wondering and don’t have much if you. ABSOLUTELY! The cheerleader and many other girls that kept showing him titty just said damn.

Mommy saw that look when she said she had a Prom date meaning she would be getting fucked. The glow was unmistakable like so many years ago. Mommy was excited as she was.

Go get ready for dinner and let mommy make some calls. Mommy was on the phone. Zeroes. We might have something in the child section, she hung up calling to France and Italy as they understood how to dress little girls sexy. Matching panties and bra? Of course, mam you have a child going to fuck and we have helped many of course the panties and bra will be lost. I hope so.

Mommy booked the best suite at the Lincoln called the honeymoon when it just a beautiful fuck room rarely used. Yes, mam the Jacuzzi will be warmed. Yes, mam we will have it all just right.

They ate lunch together everyday now that the huge boy was warming up to her teasing him moving the salt and ketchup, so he had to wrap his huge arms around her to make her stop. But he at least smiled and said real words. The cheerleaders and many other girls just cussed.

Prom night the brute was already stunned having been picked up by one of the limos. Mommy started to pulse at the many scrambled thoughts of would her so small princess would hurt at first. The boy was in a cheap tux with a box with the best corsage he could afford.

She walked down the long winding stairs in the house his would fit in just the what was a lobby.

Like an angel she came down to him. He was funny and shaking as mommy had to stifle a laugh.

The French were the best. Mommy helped her dress pulling on the nothing there tiny panties on her tiny pussy and ass. The tiny shelf bra held her little mounds and long nipples that were only so hard about being fucked.

The dress was perfect, and the tiny shelf bra made her look like she had titties.

Her fuck God date so huge was trembling. She was not the little girl in school. God she was beautiful. He was trying to get the corsage out just staring. She drifted like a delicate angel right to him and mommy was holding back from laughing helping him with the box looking all over her darling he would be fucking in only a few hours looked for a place to pin it. He was huge and simply precious when she took it before he poked the needle through one of her titties.

Jerome and Samantha have them dear. The Lincoln suite. No, she won’t make curfew tonight. Yes, that suite. The limo will have problems. None of the cars work tonight. Just shut up and fuck me.

He did not know where to put his hands on her tiny body as she had to help. Before only minutes he was holding her tiny body as she taught him how to dance and hold her. Like a tiny kitten she owned him like a puppy as he danced her tiny body as she taught him how to dance. She was doing two things to him. building his confidence and making his log cock so damn hard with her tiny body.

Daddy can you do that again? The fuck party just loved her small body. Mommy really likes dogs. No my ass Daddy, yes there. They can have me daddy but maybe later.

All of the other girls at the prom had been fingered fucked but her brute was so timid he would have to be led like lamb and trained. Is instant love did not want make him do something all wrong. Dear God, he was just a hung huge puppy.

Just get at my panties! You keep me all over that log!

Samantha was once her nanny but one of the best and hardest workers at anything, plus she fucked the living shit on Jerome’s fourteen inches. She seemed to do the impossible as we as getting Jerome somewhere in her body. Jerome pulled the battery cables as ordered. They had dropped the child they had carried, driven around to the best hotel for her first fuck.

The huge boy needed so much more training. Help me as he unzipped the gown all down to her tiny ass. The French were the best with the long zippers.

The tiny doll just took her extremely expensive tiny gown to hang up he was breathless as her tiny ass was so precious.

His huge body just shook as she walked to undress him in tiny bra and those panties. He was delirious as she took so much very careful time in her tiny panties and bra she just hung every piece of the so cheap rental until she started.

Her god was very difficult as his damn cock cover seemed stuck.

She had to both of her small hands about to rip when it popped out. She would never want to be near him now. That was why he hid and never tried to date because of his fourteen inch log.

Her licking at it made a manic mess of his entire huge body letting her just push him.

She had him on his back helpless. It took her three times about her so tiny bra as she went all over his huge cock and just licked him as she squirmed for her tit tubes to his mouth.

She was panting about her panties as she drove him insane. She crawled all over him up and down his cock she seemed to like then back up sucking his tits or anything she could get at sometimes trying to suck his tongue out.

MY PANTIES! He ripped them off but wanted one thing. He lifted like a tiny doll. Can I suck it? Just let me and do whatever you want but let me suck your pussy.

He held onto her with no experience he was so good. She had to beat him to stop.

Jerome and Samantha had another room after they were sure as she fucked.

Honey she is just getting fucked so stop. Yes deeper, just like that. No slam my pussy. Your tiny thing might be fucking or sucking. Silence a bit as she moaned.

She crawled all over trying it on her pussy meat back to his lips now stammering it wont fit. She sucked as much as she could out of him four times and was a trembling mess so afraid, she was not his fuck.

You own me. What? You own me if you want. He just grabs his tube and shoved. She only got five straining when he just held her. I have loved looking at you and sure you would not…. When her soft. Tiny mouth just covered telling him to keep trying. No hold me down her. OK now push. Suck my tits a bit, DEAR.

He could not believe any part of prom night. She sucked on him letting him play with every inch of her body.

He was so lost she had her hung fuck puppy as she had to pull anything.

Her mommy ordered so much for her daughters first.

So many platers of sausage, bacon and eggs, he was only hungry for her.

We tried that so just get over me.

They nibble at cold food as she went on about her being so small. His figure was her last thought.

She was on her back as he licked her entire body as she was just a snack. He sucked her so tiny tits and then back on her pussy then back up all over her so many times she knew she was his breakfast.

He put his mouth right on her and she did the worst. Did she just piss? He kept going at her body at her chewing her at her tiny tit tubes and meat the back down on her pussy. She did something so many times right in his mouth she was about to break apart.

She was frantic and crazy trembling as somehow, she got him on his back. His huge cock log only hurt a little as she was so horny and wet, she fucked him with her tiny pussy on his log she owned. Her tiny tummy bulged in and out.

The two were just holding each other as both passed out.

They nibbled at very cold bacon as she fed him bits of sausage. I own you now. She was on her back fucking her.

Mommy called Samantha as she was panting saying maybe tomorrow, dear god! I think she is very happy. Oh lord! Yes, Jerome is right here. FUCK FUCK FUCK!

So sorry mam but whenever you want her. Yes the limo is here. Mommy called the desk telling her husband to just shush.

The fuck party went on over the three-day weekend as couples kept coming with more dogs and others left. The young widow just stared at all the little brownie girls fucking or getting fucked while her mom sucked a new dog hard. She was holding her daddy’s huge cock with three loads of daddy sperm up her pussy. She knew the girl with long dangling strawberry hair that was one of her best friends in high school lean over the bench mommy was getting dog fucked. Her ass and body as stunning as it had been in the showers. So tall and slim the only color on her pale body was her puffy red nipples and huge bulging cunt meat. When she bent over the dog fuck bench her ass cheeks naturally spread her asshole was deep red and gaping wet.

Her mom licked it and got her ready as the hung hound was more than ready. No one would believe she was an anal fuck slut as she always seemed so innocent. Mom got the huge hard dog on her back as another woman squeezed perky tits and twisted her puffs. Mom guided the dog cock to her hole she loved to be sucked or hurt, fisted and licked. Mom sat back as the hound took over from there. The plunge of hard hound cock was violent, and she squirted instantly in long streams. Her mom cupped as much of her fuck sucking it out of her hand licking her hands clean as other women took turns twisting her titties. Daddy massaged her fucked pussy meat when mommy crawled up between her slim legs.

Mommy had wanted at her pussy since she was ten and started getting puffy. Hi baby. Hi mommy.

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