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The Sinstitute


Marilyn Taylor is thirty-five, divorced, extremely rich, and powerful. Among other things, she is also a lesbian pedophile, Satanist, sadist, and pervert and has made a lot of money from the exploitation of young girls. She is not the only one. She has many rich and powerful friends, who share her interests in occult sex and the supernatural. One of those friends is Simone Vladimir, who also happens to be the Head Mistress of St. Jezebel’s Academy for Young Girls – an institution well known in Marilyn’s circles as the go-to place for sin and perversity. Simone, in her early forties, controls her girls, their mothers, and those who share her desire to unleash the demonic slut in all her pupils, one way or another.

Their world seems to turn in an anticlockwise direction to the rest of London’s high society of formality, rules, and regulations. And with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – the chemistry of life is such that for those who profit and enjoy, there are those who must obey and suffer. Lena Edwards has just turned twelve and her recently divorced mother, Susan, is keen to place her in the right school. She meets other similarly wealthy divorcees and sets her sights on a place for her precious daughter at St. Jezebel’s Academy for Young Girls. But there are fees, entry requirements, and the all-important mother and child psychology evaluations. Has Susan bitten off more than she will be able to chew?

There are others who believe they understand the true nature of the activities that happen behind the secretive walls of the elite boarding school; some who are convinced that the administrators, teachers, and families of those who patronize the institution are pedophiles and seek to expose them. Hilary Stuart is an investigative reporter, with an eye for a good story. To get the exposure of a lifetime, she will have to compromise her values and go underground to gain the confidence of those who know the truth.


The panoramic view of the city lights of London looked absolutely beautiful from the 40th floor of the Duck & Waffle restaurant on Liverpool Street. It was almost sunset as Marilyn Taylor joined Simone Vladimir to sip artisan cocktails and select their fill from the fine Anglo-French cuisine. Marilyn was thirty-five, divorced, extremely rich, and powerful; and her companion, Simone, now in her early forties, happened to be the Head Mistress of St. Jezebel’s Academy for Young Girls. Marilyn was the Chair, of the Institution’s investment committee and though tonight the conversation touched on little to do with finances or investment, the two were thick as thieves in their salacious endeavors.

Besides their high-society profiles, both Marilyn and Simone shared many secret interests. Both were active lesbian pedophiles, sadists, Satanists, and deviant perverts with unquenchable appetites. Even as they dined, the two eagerly discussed the new intact eleven-year-old girls, selected from the many suitable candidates of well-to-do families … however, the selection criteria that both Marilyn and Simone contemplated included their susceptibility to sexual domination, their potential as Satanic slaves, and their mother’s potential to be a closet pervert, to become an incestuous abuser, an inductee of their unholy covenant and to further their worthy pursuit of bringing out the fuck-slut in every scholar at St. Jezebel’s Academy for Young Girls … always willing, ready and available as prostitutes to service their growing numbers of deviant pedophile supporters.

The discussion was making them both very horny. Luckily Simone’s city apartment was not too far away … and she had a little surprise waiting for her Satanic High Priestess. Another interest they shared was that of the supernatural and their mutual love of the Devil … to serve their dark evil god, whilst maintaining the ‘holier-than-though’ Catholic approach in the scriptures and its rigidity and unquestionable fundamentalism … the complicity of the abuse in the name of the Holy Father, of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and of the Saints was to them, a beautiful thing. Bible studies that focused on fornication, incest, rape, and perversity, whilst maintaining the policy of zero tolerance towards masturbation, self-abuse, or any normal form of sexual relief. Punishment and humiliation were to twin tools used to craft their young recruits; to shape their young thoughts and escalate the perversity of their desires; to bend them at the knees and make them willing to do the anything that their teachers ask of them – day or night. Right from the very start, they never stood a chance.

Their school had two chapels … both dedicated to their little-known Patron … Saint Jezebel of Thyatira.

The first chapel respectfully celebrated Saint Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal, the King of Tyre, revered in the Church of Thyatira for her cause as a reformer of young misguided girls to help them, teach them, and lead them towards the One True God … pictured as a beautiful pious princess with her angelic aura, white hooded gown with bright red cape … underpinned by the words of love, faith, service and patient endurance, but mostly of tolerance and religious servitude …

The second chapel openly celebrated the true ‘Jezebel Spirit’ as the Whore of Baal, an apostate masquerading as a servant of God, a wicked, vicious, and rapacious temptress, worshiped as the Priestess of Whoredom … a demonic slut that performed witchcraft and sex rituals to coerce, corrupt and pervert young girls to seduce and rape them in the worship of the One True God … Satan … pictured as a beautiful succubus, naked and fornicating with young girls, boys and even animals … underpinned by the words of lust, sin, and promiscuity, but mostly of blasphemy, sexual immorality and satanic servitude …

One chapel beneath the other … one pure, one impure … one open, one secret … but make no doubt, both dedicated to the sexual appetites of their evil hungry patrons.


Marilyn and Simone arrived at the private apartment. It was still early, but both of the women were too horny to wait any longer. As the double doors closed, both stripped naked, discarding their clothing as they went.

“Don’t spoil the surprise darling,” said Simone.

Simone led Marilyn into her private pleasure chamber. The windowless room was dimly lit with fat black candles. Three of its four walls were completely mirrored floor-to-ceiling. In the center was a low circular bed covered with black leather sheets. Above the bed was a large painting of an evil-looking Baphomet, endowed with an enormous erect penis thrusting upwards from between its hoofed legs. None of this caught Marilyn’s attention, as she had seen it all before. But there, in the center of the bed, sat a tiny angelic nine-year-old child who hugged her knees to her naked body and stared without blinking at the two naked women with abject fear and trepidation. Evidence of tears stained her puffy little cheeks and matching abrasions on her wrists and ankles hinted at the abuse she had already been subjected to.

“My, my, my … what do we have here?” asked the excited Marilyn.

Her cunt was already beginning to moisten at the sight of this delicious young morsel.

“I was thinking of an expansion of the curriculum this term … of course, it will need the approval of the Investment Committee and some initial seed capital to fund it,” expressed Simone with the air of officialdom.

Marilyn climbed onto the low bed. She almost growled at the youngster, before regaining some resemblance of self-control and lightly stroking the tightly clenched arms of the reluctant little girl.

“Call this my business pitch Marilyn … imagine, pre-teens available to all our special patrons? The clientele has already expressed interest in this new endeavor … all we need to do is to make it happen.”

Marilyn used her superior physical strength to overpower the child, forcing her onto her back and viciously slapping her arms and legs until the child remained still. The child knew who was in her control … and quietly recognized that she had no choice but to comply with this aggressive woman.

“A mixed offering maybe?” noted Simone touching herself vigorously as she watched Marilyn mounting the helpless girl’s upturned face.

“The opportunity for some entertainment even, whilst getting our teens into the groove of abuse of their younger siblings?”

“Fuck yer,” shouted Marilyn pushing her hot, wet cunt over the girl’s mouth.

The girl initially wriggled, but Marilyn soon overpowered her … relentlessly thrusting herself against the child’s upturned face. Without any air supply, the kid began to thrash about beneath the Satanic High Priestess, enhancing the build up of her private orgasmic delight.

“Incest can be so beautiful, don’t you think?” asked Simone before attaching her hungry mouth over the girl’s tiny slit as the girl began to piss herself in mortal fear.

Simone gulped at the delicious salty fluids as they sprayed over her face and hair. Dripping wet, her strong hands held the girl’s legs wide as she began to tongue-fuck the suffocating child. The various video cameras purred in the background – recording the abuse for the two women to enjoy over and over.

“Christ be fucked, Simone … why haven’t you suggested this to the committee before?”


It had been a few years since Susan Edwards had touched her child, Lena, inappropriately. When she was much younger it had been easy to disguise her true sexual intentions, but now her daughter was older, she was left to only fantasize. In those earlier days, when her husband was working, she could strip her daughter down, so they could both play naked – not just at bath times, but all day around their very private house.

She could be so brazen as to even masturbate whilst licking her daughter’s tiny genitals … all the pictures and videos she had taken … such happy times. But as her daughter developed, she had to modify her activities, settling for only brief opportunities to touch, smell or taste the daughter she craved. Her husband never suspected. She had lost interest in sex with him, but when they filed for divorce, she painted the picture of him as a sexual monster … taking him for everything that he had. Now it was just Lena and Susan. She was happy but very frustrated.

Selecting the right school would not be a problem. She could afford the best. She could not remember when exactly, but for the longest time, the thought of St Jezebel’s Academy for Young Girls had been at the top of her list. The fees were predictably high … and the thought of a boarding situation made Susan rather sad … but then again, she would be free to pursue her nocturnal online interests in young children without the chance of being caught by her own daughter.

Besides the fees, there were other requirements to be met. The psychological assessment of both mother and daughter was rather unorthodox … no other school required it. But then again, this might have something to do with the overtly religious aspect of their schooling and the nuns that served as teachers. A letter from her Pastor … Tick. Her confirmation papers … Tick. Photographs of her dressed in pious white dresses in Church … Tick. Everything was in order.

On the day of the interview, Susan had expected it to be a joint session, but to her surprise … mother and daughter would meet the school psychologist separately. She felt apprehensive. The school psychologist was Doctor Daisy Harvey. Her reputation was impeccable. Just her name alone made Susan perspire profusely.

“Mrs. Edwards?” asked the extremely attractive woman in a suit and rimless glasses.

Beneath her arm, Susan could see dozens of manila files … the chances of her daughter’s selection seemed to be getting less with every moment. She felt hopeless. Sinking. What if she said the wrong thing?

“Yes. But, please call me Susan.”

“Of course. My name is Dr. Daisy Harvey – call me Daisy. I will be performing the Psych test for both yourself and …” Dr. Harvey opened the folder to make sure she got the right name … “And Lena.”

Dr. Harvey indicated that Susan entered the darkened room and lay on the leather couch. Susan removed her high-heeled shoes, lifted her pretty feet onto the leather couch, and tried to calm herself down … but it was all too much. Dr. Harvey looked at her sympathetically.

“I see you are a little nervous about the psych test?”

“Yes. I can’t lie. It’s something I’ve never done before. It makes me rather unsettled, if you know what I mean?”

“Yes, I do. I understand exactly. And let me say that there are no right or wrong answers here, I am only to assess the parenting environment of your child, as the school has very strict rules that must be followed.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Anyway … here, drink this, it will help you relax.”

Susan sculled the drink without any regard to what it was. She had to get her daughter into the school … no matter what! The fluid seemed to do something to her; she was not sure what … but she still felt nervous and unduly apprehensive about the whole thing. Dr. Harvey had locked the door and the room was very quiet.

“Susan. I want you to look at the crucifix that I am wearing around my neck. Look at the shiny gold crucifix. I want you to relax and focus only on the crucifix.”

Susan did as she was told. She did feel more relaxed. Obviously, the drink was working. There was something wrong with the crucifix … she tried to focus … yes, it seemed to be inverted … wasn’t that the sign of the devil?

“Susan. You’re totally relaxed. You feel that you are among friends. Close friends. Friends to whom there are no secrets. Do you understand Susan? If you do understand, then simply nod your head. Good girl.”

Susan nodded and smiled at Dr. Harvey. The sign of the devil. She trusted this woman with her deepest and darkest secrets. Something sinister? No … love and trust. No secrets.

“Susan. You love your daughter. But have you ever thought about making love with your daughter? If you do understand and the answer is yes, then simply nod your head.”

Susan nodded her head obediently.

“Good girl … have you ever acted upon those extremely perverted sexual impulses? If you do understand and the answer is yes, then simply nod your head.”

Again, Susan nodded her head obediently.

“Excellent … describe to me how?”

Susan explained how she molested her every day as a young child. Dr. Harvey checked the tape recorder. Yes, everything was working. Dr. Harvey slipped her right hand inside her pants and felt the fleshy load tucked within. She felt aroused listening to Susan’s history as an incestuous mother. Christ be fucked she thought. This was the first one today that showed any real promise.

“Susan. Given the opportunity to continue the abuse of your daughter … if you were unable to be caught … or she was a willing participant in your abuse … would you continue? If you do understand and the answer is yes, then simply nod your head.”

Susan nodded.

“Excellent … have you ever desired sexual activities with other children? If you do understand and the answer is yes, then simply nod your head.”

Susan nodded.

“Excellent … how do you feel about watching others or participating in activities with other women who enjoy the same sexual interests as yourself?”

Susan explained how she fantasized about it all the time … that given the opportunity to abuse other young girls to satisfy her desires, she would be very happy. Dr. Harvey fingered her anus as she listened. This woman was making her horny.

“Susan. How do you feel talking so openly about such perverted things?”

Susan said she felt very horny. Dr. Harvey’s hand snaked between Susan’s open legs. Yes, her crutch was hot and very wet.

“Susan. On a scale from one to ten … one being the mildest and ten being the most perverted and evil sexual things you can think of … where would you place your desires?”

Susan held up two hands with ten fingers.

“Susan. Are you saying, your preference would be for the most depraved and perverted … the most degrading and vile?”

Susan nodded.

Dr. Harvey washed her hands, to remove any evidence of her brown-stained fingers. She straightened herself up.

“Excellent … in a moment, when I say the words ‘Wake up, Susan’, you will awake. You will feel refreshed and lively. You will not remember the actual contents of our interview. You will only remember being happy with the fact that your daughter’s acceptance into the school was highly likely … however, you will go home tonight and masturbate thinking how much you hope that you will be able to abuse your own daughter and that in the back of your mind, you believe that this is something that the Academy will help you achieve … I will give you a trigger word … that will free your mind of the normal sexual boundaries, that when you hear me say it, you will be willing to do anything I or any of the teachers of this Academy ask of you … the trigger word is ‘piss god’ … now relax … relax and wake up Susan …”

Susan shook her head. Was it over? But what happened? Oh, she thought … it was all very positive. My fears were unjustified … there is a strong possibility that Lena could get in after all.

“Thank you, Doctor. Thank you,” said Susan as she got up from the leather couch and straightened her dress.

She felt a little cold in her pants. Nerves, she thought, I must have been so nervous that I must have wet myself a little. How embarrassing. Luckily the good doctor did not know that!


Lena saw her mother outside, sitting in the corridor. Obviously, her psych thing was over. Lena burped without covering her mouth. Lena did not have any expectations. It was all bullshit anyway. What was the big deal? She walked into the doctor’s room.

“Lena. I am Dr. Harvey. I just met with your mother. Now, to wrap all this up, I need to ask you a few questions … won’t take very long. Here can you drink this and lay down on the couch, please,” said Dr. Harvey locking the door to her room.

Lena was chewing gum and said nothing. She looked bored as she sat on the edge of the couch as if waiting for the train to leave. She peeped at the funny liquid. What the fuck?

“Wot is it Doc?”

“Lena, it’ll help you relax.”

“I’m chill. So wot do you wanna know Doc?”

Dr. Harvey could see where this was going; she had met many young girls like Lena. They pretend to be so tough. They put on this little show. So fucking pathetic. A nice hard spanking on the bare ass with a leather paddle always made them have second thoughts about talking back.

“Wot did my mom say?”

“Lena. I am here to ask the questions. But since you asked, I am going to tell you … you see St. Jezebel’s is not what you would call a normal school. No. Not by any measure. The Academy is run by very determined people that only have your best interest at heart; your mother trusts us to do the right thing; no matter how severe the punishment. Do you get the picture?”

Lena stared without blinking. Holy crap!

“Drink it all.”

Lena did as she was told. She did not feel more relaxed – quite the opposite. She watched the doctor remove her jacket, shirt, and bra, hanging them up behind the door. Everything felt detached with an almost dreamlike quality to it. Lena could clearly see the doctor’s beautifully shaped breasts and pointed hard nipples. They looked artificially large – as if filled with silicon. Her nipples were pierced with gold studs. As she approached Lena, she could see that the doctor wore a large crucifix … an inverted crucifix.

“Undress for me Lena … and don’t take your time, I haven’t got all day … get naked Now!”

Lena understood what she was being told to do … maybe it was part of the examination? She was a doctor after all … but why was she also undressing? But despite any misgivings, she felt compelled to do exactly what the doctor ordered. Now naked before the authoritative doctor, she was told to bend over the couch as the doctor removed her pinstriped skirt. Rising up between the doctor’s legs was the penis of a man – it looked long, hard, angry, purple in color and clear fluid had pooled upon its bulbous head. The doctor laughed at Lena’s reaction. She had not anally fucked a child all day … and her heavy balls desperately needed emptying … Lena began to sob quietly.



Hilary Stuart was a young and aggressive career woman. At twenty-two years old, the attractive sandy-blond of 5’2” had a massive chip on her tiny shoulders. She desperately wanted to get the attention of the Managing Editor, Steve Wright — the fucking old asshole. He always passed her over for one of the so-called ‘more seasoned’ journalists for investigations.

That was just bullshit.

They were all guys her age. Sexist bastard! What was that? She had been at the Daily Messenger for over twelve months and had written far too many obituaries, some minor league sports write-up, gardening tips, ‘how to sharpen kitchen knives’, comparisons between ‘various brands of vanilla essence for the effective removal of odors from old fridges’ and other wonderful assorted fill-ins stories — none of which had ever been actually published.

Being a journalist at university had sounded such a noble quest … but now it was rated poorly, in recent surveys, only marginally better than an oil rig worker, an enlisted soldier, a dairy farmer, and a lumberjack. Hilary agreed. The long hours; on-call almost all the time; low pay; and the constant pressure of deadlines made it more than challenging. Now that the publisher was going heavily online, she thought there would be more opportunities due to the regularity of writing updates, but so far there had been no improvements.

She closed her laptop. Fuck it. Her phone buzzed loudly. Sammy, her so-called no-hoper boyfriend messaged her. He was on his way over. Hilary looked at the wall clock. It was after ten o’clock. She knew at this time of night, he only came over for a blowjob or a quickie. Actually, she needed something to take her mind off her stupid job. She had been toying with an idea that she thought might change her fortunes at the Daily M … if they were not going to give her an assignment, she would pursue one of her own.

She had a good nose for a story and had only recently come across a very strange private school called St. Jezebel’s Academy for Young Girls … she smelt a rat in there, maybe more than one … her suspicion was that there was some kind of drug problem within the school system … all those perky rich bitches sniffing, ingesting or injecting some kind of illegal substance, right under the noses of their overpaid and complacent teaching staff. Yes, that would make a story! With her physical attributes, or the lack of … her small frame, boyish chest, and tiny hips … she could easily do the ‘21 Jump Street’ trick, pose as a student, blend right in, take pictures, collect the evidence, tape conversations and then BAM! A front-page expose … and Ms. Stuart, investigative reporter extraordinaire, would be on her way!

The door opened to Hilary’s apartment. Sammy had his own key. Usually, she would chain the door. Make him wait outside. But Hilary had already accepted the fact that it would be one of those evenings. He would lay down next to her and press a kiss on her mouth too hard, say something lame like ‘I missed you babe, how about a fuck?’ and then Hilary would think … let’s get it over with because I have to get up really early tomorrow morning … Sammy would ask ‘how about a head-job?’ and she would not answer because he already had his stupid penis in her face and would be panting like a puppy dog. Totally gross!! She hadn’t always thought this way, but lately, she had.

“Hi, Babe. Did you miss me? I missed you.”

Here we go, she thought.

“Well, actually for once, I am really glad you’re here.”

Sammy had a look on his face as if she was about to ask him to unblock the toilet, take out the trash, or some other ‘guy-thing’ that she needed him to take care of.

She just laughed at him.

“Come here,” she said trying to sound something between demure and seductive all at the same time.

He jumped onto the couch next to her and kissed her mouth hungrily. He tasted of beer and stale cigarettes, smelt of moldy cheese, and his hands felt like a fucking octopus out of water.

Hilary peeled her lips from his.

“How about we watch some … porn together?” asked Hilary.

There was a pregnant silence.

“I bet you never thought you’d hear me say that right?” she smiled mischievously as she calmly removed his belt and unzipped his pants.

“Cool. Where’s yer laptop?”

Sammy didn’t wait for the answer as he saw the edge of it, as it hid beneath today’s copy of the Daily Messenger. He opened it up and logged into one of his favorite porn sites and clicked on a streaming video. By this time Hilary had her delicate little hands wrapped around his stiffening cock. Why do boys always smell so gross? If you were going to have sex with your girlfriend, you’d think you wear something sexy … or at least be clean! Hilary looked over at whatever it was that Sammy was in the process of downloading… some gang bang thing with a bunch of guys fucking a solitary girl … she looked whorish with fake bleached hair and large silicone implants. This was Sammy’s idea of great porn.

“Oh, yer! Oooghhh! Rub it harder.”

Sammy’s hips bucked, practically fucking her hand, as they began watching the video. The story was a very straightforward one, you know, “girl meets boy”, and his mates … they fuck like rabbits and then they all cum on her face. Perfect? No … to Hilary it was rather boring!

“Hey Sammy, what else is there? This is getting dull.”

“The best bit is still to come … cum … get it?”

“What else is there?”

Sammy reluctantly looked for something else. It said “Les Nuns Drink Piss For Satan” … A video with two girls making out popped up. Both were very young and slender, obviously over eighteen but made out to look under-aged. They were dressed like novice nuns in some sort of religious-satanic-like setting. Sammy grinned lewdly.

“You’re not into this is kind of …” Sammy was saying and was just about to select another video.

“No wait … you like this, don’t you baby …” cooed Hilary, stroking his cock harder and faster.

“Yer, but, I thought,” stammered Sammy, not quite believing his luck.

“Let it play … if that’s what you want …”

She kissed his mouth and let her tongue slip between his lips. Sammy groaned into her mouth, her fingers encouraged him as they slid his loose foreskin back and forth faster.

As his eyes returned to the screen, the two young nuns were sucking each other’s hard little nipples … neither had breasts … just small cones of soft white flesh. Hilary felt Sammy’s clumsy hands between her legs …

“Relax Sammy … Let me do you first … Cum for me baby … give me your cream!”

Again Sammy could not believe how horny it felt. Hot lesbian piss porn. Oh yes! The novice nuns were now in a sixty-nine and their groans of ecstasy were matched by Sammy’s as Hilary had one hand on his cock and the other squeezing and rubbing his hairy testicles.

“Fuck this is hot!” groaned Sammy.

Without consciously registering it, Hilary’s concentration on her boyfriend’s cock, seemed to diminish, as she watched the two naked teens urinate over each other, sucking and licking the bright amber liquid from each other’s nubile bodies.

Sammy groaned.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! … I’m gonna cum… Oh yer, fuck yer … Arrghhhh!”

And with that, he shot his greasy load over Hilary’s hand, and then his penis began to soften.

“That … was so fucking hot!”

Hilary got up from the couch and went into the bathroom. She washed the spent semen from her hands and fixed her hair quickly in the mirror.

“Babe … I gotta go … I catch you on the weekend?” shouted Sammy through the door.

“Sure,” answered Hilary as she emerged from the bathroom.

They kissed briefly and he was gone. Hilary did not know how she felt. A little used as usual, but it was harmless really. Sammy was, what Sammy was. At least she had not thought anymore about her work, and now it was time for bed. Hilary locked the front door and put on the chain latch. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. She slipped out of her clothes and was about to dress in her onesie when she noticed the glow from the laptop … on battery power, it would be dead in the morning, and she needed it for an email catch-up on the train in.

In the darkness of the room, the screen looked like a beacon and she was about to shut it down when she realized the porn video that they had been watching was still on pause. She laughed at herself. She actually had butterflies in her stomach. Whilst Sammy had obviously got off on this disgusting thing … she too had subconsciously been … somewhat intrigued by it … maybe a little more than curious.

She sat on the couch and using the mouse pad dragged the scroll bar back to the past when the two young nuns were kissing and fondling each other. The groans of the two girls gave way to some kind of pagan chanting about “Drink Satan’s unholy sacrament,” … it was very loud and overwhelming … she killed the sound… watching them in silence as they began to frot against each other. Their perfect little thighs rubbed up against their partner’s hairless pussy.


It looked hot. Hilary’s hand pressed softly against her mons. She ran her hands through the soft ginger pubic hair around her vagina and looked at the two girls drinking each other’s urine from their bald vaginas. A nasty idea crossed her mind as she felt a mild pressure inside her bladder. She stopped the video and walked into the bathroom. Minutes later, she had shaved herself as bald as the girl in the video.

Coming back into the lounge, she brought a big fluffy white towel and her dressing mirror. At first, she examined herself in the mirror … shaved and bald. Mmmmmm. She felt strange — totally horny as she contemplated what she was about to do. She laid the towel over the couch and positioned the mirror so she could clearly see herself in it. Mmmmm. She lightly stroked her nipples in the mirror … and imagined herself as one of the two young lesbians. Their soft skin, tight hot bodies … imagine … how horny it would be to lick another girl’s … dare she say the word …


Just saying the word in her mind made her tingle all over.

“Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Mmmmmm.”

Tonight, she no longer wanted to be conservative little Hilary Stuart, but wanted to pretend to be a young slutty lesbian deviant.


As she touched herself, she realized how hot she felt and how wet she was. Dripping wet … from the inside out. Sammy had never made her feel quite like this. His stupid little cock and gross hairy sacks! Who needed them … she wanted a hot cunt … pissing cunt … pissing young lesbian cunt!

She drew back the scroll bar again to the point of the video where the girls were about to urinate over each other, but this time she turned the sound up … the lounge was filled with the sound of the groaning girls dressed only in their wimples … Hilary silently repeated the words from the pagan chanting as she sank two fingers between her drenched vulva, her eyes flicking back and forth between the lesbian pissers and her own reflection.

Fuck this was so much hotter than looking at guys!

As she masturbated, she pressed down against her bladder and watched herself pee through her fingers … the almost colorless liquid trickled out at first and then soaked into the towel beneath her.

She felt so naughty to do it. Yes, she liked being fucking nasty. Her heart beat faster and faster.

One nun was kneeling between the open legs of the other, spraying her hot piss over the other’s face as she aimed for her open mouth.

Hilary brought a urine-flavored finger to her mouth and tentatively tasted it. Warm and mildly salty. It didn’t kill her. She grabbed an empty wine glass from the coffee table and watched herself pee into the glass until it was about half full.

She wiped her hand on the dry portion of the towel and scrolled back again to the commencement of the pissing and the pagan chanting and then pressed play …

“Drink Satan’s unholy sacrament! Drink Satan’s unholy sacrament!” she chanted.

She watched herself in the full-length dressing mirror. She brought the glass of urine to her lips. Her heart felt as if it was going to explode. Rubbing her clitoris as hard as she could, she eagerly drank her own warm piss — she suddenly quivered uncontrollably at the onset of a delicious orgasm.

Having finished the content of her glass … and still wanting more … she quickly lay upon her back across the damp towel and propped her legs over the back of the couch. The Satanic chant made her feel as if she was doing something very taboo. Something blasphemous. Squeezing down hard on the remaining contents of her bladder, she managed to spray her stomach, breasts, and face in warm urine. She felt deprived, disgusted in herself, but never more excited! She was a piss-drinking lesbian satanic nun. As she rubbed her clitoris to the very edge of orgasm, she aimed her urethra so that she received a hot jet of piss directly into her open mouth – jerking wildly; it took her over the edge. A powerful seizure-like orgasm shuddered through her entire body.

“Fuck! Drink Satan’s unholy sacrament!” she screamed.



Simone Vladimir, the Head Mistress of St. Jezebel’s Academy for Young Girls, watched from a rear gallery of the Chapel of Saint Jezebel. Initiation was one of her most treasured moments. Let them see the sexual abuse. Let them sample it. Feel the perverted joy it brings between your legs. She stared at the delicious young morsels that would soon enough entertain her in her bedchamber … all willing to sell their souls to the devil himself… wicked little shit-eating child sluts … but she was getting ahead of herself. She slipped a finger inside a hot wet cunt and then brought the juicy digit up to her lips. She loved the taste of cunt … especially young pissy pussy.

It was late in the afternoon as the new intake of twelve young girls gathered in the first row of uncomfortable wooden pews. The new girls were all dressed in simple white tunics that consisted of nothing more than cloth front and back held on by thin bootlace ties at the shoulders and hips. Their feet were bare against the warm stone floor. Their anticipation was palpable.

Lena shifted the weight from one leg to the other. It bothered her that beneath their ridiculous outfits, they were almost naked in a church. In front of God! Lena felt the eyes on their backs … it made her feel even more apprehensive. The stern nun-teachers seemed to watch them like birds of prey. They were all told to stand still, be silent, and wait for Sister Faex. She had heard rumors about some of the old nuns … they liked to touch up the youngest girls … it made her flesh crawl. Why had her mother sent her to a living hell?

A woman dressed as a cloistered nun, with her long black gown flowing, brushed passed them and ascended the steps to stand behind the wooden pulpit. The nun studied the faces of the twelve young girls. They all looked so defiant, arrogant, spoilt … that would soon change. Her cunt twitched.

“Young students of the Academy … my name is Sister Faex and I am your spiritual guide during your initiation into school life at St. Jezebel’s. Let me firstly welcome and congratulate you all on your selection to this fine Academy… but let me also point out that this will be no holiday camp. No, it certainly isn’t. Your families have entrusted us to educate you … and educate fully … we will. This is your first step of many learning about the life of servitude to follow in the footsteps of our great patron Saint… Saint Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal, the King of Tyre, revered in the Church of Thyatira.”

Lena hated being at the school already. Stupid fucking penguin nuns. Stupid clothing. Stupid church … who gave a flying-fuck about Saint-fucking-Jezebel?

“We have simple rules at the Academy that you must obey.”

Here we go. Blah, blah, blah. Rules blah. I want out of here.

“Whatever you thought you could get away with in your previous life … that is no longer the case. You will do anything and everything that your teachers ask of you, day or night, without reservation and without question. Do you understand?”

There was a slight murmur.

“The correct answer to the question is ‘Yes, Sister Faex’ … Well?”

“Yes … Sister … Faex” they responded unconvincingly, almost robotic.

Sister Faex nodded to her colleagues at the rear of the chapel. Two more nuns made their way to the front. Taking the closest student in their reach, they forcefully pulled the student forward onto her knees, holding her there so that she faced her new peers. The girl struggled against their hold, but the two sisters were strong enough to force her to remain kneeling against the uncomfortable stone step. Sister Faex emerged from behind the pulpit with something that resembled a short riding crop in hand. She snapped the whip against the air. It cut like a knife. The two sisters untied the girl’s tunic and the fabric fell from her shoulders so that the girl was now kneeling completely naked in from of the gathering. The other girls squirmed uncomfortably seeing the fellow student humiliated, naked, and very scared. The girl began to weep openly.


“Ni … na … Sm … ith,” mumbled the girl between sobs.

“Well, Nina Smith … discipline is a necessary evil … if you cry out … I whip you again … and again and again, until you learn to take your punishment in silence,” roasted Sister Faex as she brought the whip down across the girl’s naked backside.

“Grrrrr …” moaned Nina through gritted teeth, as she tried not to scream out.

The nun whipped her again. This time Nina wet herself. Her pee slashed down her legs and over the stone steps, followed by a strong pungent aroma of urine.

“Filthy little slut!” cried the nun.

“Make her lick it up. Filthy slut. Defile God’s chapel! We’ll teach you some manners!”

The two nuns forced the girl’s face into the puddle of her own mess as the others looked on in abject horror.

“As I was saying … you will do anything and everything that your teachers ask of you, day or night, without reservation and without qualification. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sister Faex!”

“That’s a bit better … you’re all getting the picture!”

The first punishment is always such a joyous moment, thought Simone watching the girl squirm on the chapel floor. Pissing herself was such a joy to behold. The perfume of urine … so delicious! It made her thirsty. Simone dug three hungry digits into her urgent wet cunt. She pissed on her own fingers and brought them to her lips. Christ be fucked … she prayed.

“You,” Sister Faex pointed to Lena who recoiled immediately in fear.


“Lena Edwards,” she timidly responded.

“Remove your tunic, Lena.”

Lena hesitated, unsure what was to follow.

“Are you deaf and dumb?” screamed Sister Faex.

No, she was not. And Lena removed her tunic but tried to cover herself in modesty. Sister Faex stepped forward in front of her, using the end of her whip, and she flicked it at her hands. Lena got the picture and dropped them. She inspected her private parts. Lena noticed the nun’s tongue subconsciously lick her lips.

“Lena … now naked before God … just like Eve was, in the Garden of Eden … the natural state in God’s garden. Now … I don’t think your colleague, Nina, has learned enough about discipline … so I want you, Lena, to take the whip and I want you to finish her punishment for me. If you punish her a single blow short of what I would believe is thorough … you will receive twice her punishment. Do you understand?”

Again, Lena looked stunned but managed to nod.

“Yes, Sister Faex.”

“Good. Proceed.”

Lena tentatively took the hard leather whip from Sister Faex and stepped forward to where the other two nuns held her fellow student … her face still wet with her own urine. Nina’s eyes pleaded with her, but Lena was not going to take the punishment for anyone.


The whip came down on Nina. Nina groaned.


Nina’s body twisted in pain against the two Sisters who held her firm.


Lena looked hesitantly at the nun, whose face appeared to be grinning and urging her on.

Wack. Wack.

How many more should she do?

Wack. Wack.

Nina’s bottom and lower back were covered in thin red lines that were beginning to swell up.


Lena puffed out of breath. Thank God it was over … she was visibly shaking.

“Turn her around. I want you to whip her nipples, breasts and pay special attention to her vagina. Harder this time! Much harder! Whip her harder!”

Wack. Wack.

Lena, felt strangely invigorated by this?

Wack. Wack.

She aimed at the girl’s most sensitive parts.

Wack. Wack.

Lena was shaking … not from fear, but from some weird sense of enjoyment.

Wack. Wack. Wack.

“Enough!” announced Sister Faex.

Sister Faex retrieved the whip from Lena’s shaking hand and gestured to the two sisters to take the brutalized girl to the infirmary.

“Now let me warn you all. Here at the Academy, whilst a student of Saint Jezebel’s, we enforce a strict prohibition on any form of self-pleasure. I don’t care what you have been told by your hapless parents. Masturbation is a filthy, dirty, evil sin! The Lord Almighty wants you all to be pure of mind and of body. The devil makes work for idle hands! Touching yourself … pleasuring yourself … in any shape or form will be immediately punishable. I will flay the very skin from your back to your breasts. Do you understand?”

“Yes! Sister Faex!”


As the visibly disturbed young students were about to leave in single file, Sister Faex grabbed Lena’s hand before she could redress herself and leave with the others.

“That will not be necessary, my dear.”

Lena watched desperately as the other girls were being led out of the chapel and off to their dorm rooms. Lena wanted to leave with them. She didn’t like this sadistic nun, who stood next to her, holding her wrist firmly as she obviously waited for the last of the other Sisters to leave the grungy old chapel. Without warning, Sister Faex rubbed her index finger between Lena’s crutch. Lena quivered in fear.

“Just as I thought,” taunted the nun.

She looked Lena in the face.

“Whipping her made you wet, didn’t it?”

Lena bit her lip and nodded. She expected the worst.

“That … in my books is not necessarily a negative you know. Don’t be afraid. My special children … get special treatment, you know? Are you special?”

Lena thought about the consequences. She reluctantly nodded … not sure if she wanted to be special, as it seemed to carry an odious price that she may not want to pay … but, then again, she would rather have been the one punishing than being the one punished.

“Very good … follow me to the real shrine to our beloved Jezebel. After this, there is no going back. A word about it, and I will slit your throat and drink your blood … What will it be?”

“I want to be special Sister Faex,” confessed Lena.

Lena looked a little shocked as Sister Faex removed her gown. Just like the girls, she too was completely naked beneath it. Lena could see that Sister Faex’s body was fit for her age and hardened from the working life of a monastery nun … her breasts were still firm, her nipples like hard bullets, and her pubic hair shaved down into the shape of an inverted cross.

“A word … and I will slit your throat!”

Lena nodded in agreement.

“Then follow me.”

She led Lena behind the pulpit and down an almost vertical flight of stairs into the darkness below. As they reached the bottom of the stone staircase, her young eyes had already adjusted to the subterranean twilight. The darkened room looked empty … Lena’s eyes scanned the obscene paintings that adorned the walls … depictions of their so-called beloved Saint Jezebel … now naked, prone, sexual … the adult figure guiding a pagan-like orgy between children and adults.

“One chapel upon the other. One of light. One of darkness. The true Jezebel was a whore … a beautiful whore who dedicated herself to the worship of Baal … the god of sexual perversity. This my special child is where we celebrate our devotion to her wickedness … just like the nuns of Thyatira for countless centuries we fornicate with the Devil … you must fill your minds with thoughts of lust, sin, and blasphemy … then you will be truly a special child. Do you understand me?”

Lena was lost in alternate waves of disgust and delight.

“Here … here in this sacred place … we make no false gods … here we worship with the ‘Jezebel Spirit’ and bow down …”

Lena followed Sister Faex in front of the large phallic statue. The two of them knelt together before it, heads bowed as they held hands aloft …

“To The True God … Baal! Hail Baal!”

“Hail Baal,” mimicked Lena.


Hilary used her journalistic resources to hack the school’s system. It wasn’t that sophisticated after all. She momentarily studied the strange notations recorded against the other students on record. It was as if the idea of a model student with matching high levels of academic achievement was in complete reverse. They seemed to focus in on the ‘single female parent’ status as well as an interest in the most bizarre characteristics of the child itself, notably a willingness to be sexualized. Social experiment? Helping the needy maybe? She borrowed and mixed details from various other students to create a similar pattern in her own fake profile. Then she placed her fake name, Mary Rose, into the registry and uploaded her equally dubious profile. She would be Mary Rose, thirteen years old, daughter of Lillian Rose, a wealthy widow. A troublemaker, expelled from her last school. Delinquent. Sexually active … underlined.

With the groundwork now done, all she had to do now was slip into the school compound and blend in with the other students. She would sniff out the troublemakers, expose the incompetent, and accuse the wrongdoers … and like a superhero, be back home in time for dinner! She took a taxi to the next block over from the school and then completed the rest of the journey on foot. A recording device, mini torch, camera, notepad, her fake paperwork … all stuffed into a small rucksack.

She even dressed like a delinquent in a short denim mini with a shoestring halter neck top and canvas shoes! This was her big break. She would need to steal a uniform or two and the rest she’d figure out as she went along. She scaled the wall at its lowest point, avoiding the video cameras or snagging herself on the barbed wire around the top of the solid brick exterior wall. Finally, she was inside. The night made it easier to slip in, but harder to find her way around.

A lower basement window left open was the perfect entry point. Opening it up carefully, she made no sound. She slipped inside and lowered herself down onto some sacking that had been palatalized and laid under the window. She used it like a stepping stone to reach the floor of the darkened storage room. Inside, it was warm and smelt a bit funky, like a dirty toilet. She brushed a cobweb from her arm and waited for her eyes to get used to the low illumination.

She heard voices through a wall to her left-hand side. She cupped her ear to listen to it. It was the voice of an adult woman … talking to an underlining or maybe a child, she couldn’t tell. The adult sounded pretty pissed off! And the other voice seemed afraid. Hilary made her way to the storeroom door … it would lead out into a corridor … if it was not locked.

It wasn’t.

There was a shaft of light coming in from under the door. The voice of the angry one seemed to get even more elated and excited … almost screaming at the other … there was a begging tone from the other, younger-sounding person … pleading … then it stopped … only a constant sobbing … Hilary peered through the crack in the door. She saw a woman dressed like a nun leave the room next door. She slammed the door shut and bolted it from the outside, effectively making, whoever was inside, a prisoner. Then she was gone.

Stepping out into the dimly lit corridor, Hilary pulled back the latch and opened the door. She had to know what or who was inside. As the door opened the occupant recoiled, obviously suspecting that the nun had returned.

“Please Sister … please Sister I will do what you ask!”

A naked child, no older than twelve was cowing on the dirty mattress that was laid on the floor. Her head looked up at Hilary. Her fear was obvious. Had this child had been abused in some way? Or was this some form of punishment? A headline crossed her mind ‘Abusive nuns torture young children held naked against their will’. She was of course way too premature to jump to this conclusion, not realizing how close she was to the truth.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.”

The young girl still continued to retreat and slide herself backwards to the furthest point on the smelly old mattress, which was covered with stale urine stains and worse.

“Don’t be afraid … I’m Mary Rose. What’s your name?”

The timid girl seemed to sigh.

“I’m Louise … but, Mary, you better leave before they catch you here … Sister Faex will have you flogged and then she’ll rape you …”

“Is that what they said they’ll do to you?”

“No … I’ve seen them do it to others … she has this large double-ended penis thing … she sticks one end up inside her and straps it around her waist … she calls it ‘Satan’s Cock’ … me and Sarah were supposed to do it with her all night … but it hurts too much … look how sore my pussy is …”

Hilary couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She looked down and gasped at the sight of the little girl’s private parts. The shock should have made her cringe … but for some reason, it didn’t. She stared at the small girl’s hairless little slit and for the first time since she entered the room, she felt her vagina moisten at the sight of this under-aged little morsel of sexuality. Under the disguise of examination, Hilary lightly touched the girl’s vaginal area … parting her vulva … surprised to find how lubricated it was.

“Oohhh! Mary!” said Louise, “Now you’ve done it … That feels nice … ohhh … that’s even nicer!”

Before she realized it, Hilary had pushed her finger up the girl’s wet little hole. Instead of rejecting it, the girl seemed to squirm against it, encouraging Hilary to finger-fuck her. Hilary’s mind raced to the video images of the lesbian nuns urinating into each other’s mouths. It made her hot.

“You … you like it?” Hilary asked unsure of herself.

“Oh! Yes. We all do … that’s why the nuns picked us … to suck their nasty old twats … they’re all lickers you know! Lezzies. All the teachers want is sex with children … and if we don’t do it with them … or if we don’t please them … they beat us, tie us up … make us drink their piss … while they pray to the Devil! Some of us do it more than willingly … like their whores … they do it for their own sexual pleasure … but not all … some resist, fight, and worse … the dirty old nuns like that too … they love to humiliate and abuse those who resist … like it’s all part of their sex games …”

“And … what about you?”

Louise’s eyes looked down.

“I’m a whore … can’t you feel how wet I am … I just play hard to get sometimes … why don’t you get undressed and we can do each other … if she comes back … she’ll get off on watching us … they’ll all be doing it now … it’s after dark …. That’s when all the sex stuff happens …”

“What about your parents?”

The young girl laughed uneasily.

“You must be one of the newbies … you think they don’t know? Mother and daughter sex is highly encouraged.”

“But that’s incest!”

“Yes. They come to the school … all of them … regularly … not just to have sex with their daughters … but to participate in their orgies in the evil chapel … sex rituals … witchcraft … black magic … Devil worship … the high priestess and the Headmistress they are like living demons …”

The young girl leaned up on the mattress and kissed Hilary’s mouth. Her tongue pushed through her parted lips and explored her mouth. It was the first time Hilary had ever kissed a girl. She thought about how men tasted like stale cigarettes and beer. Louise tasted sweet and sexy. Louise’s gentle hand reached beneath the short denim skirt and rubbed Hilary between the legs. Not like a grabbing octopus, but knowingly touching her in all the right places. It made her want to groan.

“Oh … you’re a whore too!” whispered the young girl, “Your knickers are so wet!”

It was true. Hilary’s body responded to the child’s hand on her crutch. She was right. She was feeling so fucking horny. No man ever made her feel like this. Now it was flesh against flesh as the young girl’s hand pulled her knickers aside so that fingers brushed directly against her erect clitoris and moistened labia … while her other hand was beneath Hilary’s braless halter neck top massaging her sniff nipples. Hilary kissed the girl’s mouth back.

“I’ve never done it with a girl before,” admitted Hilary.

“But it is obvious … that you’ve wanted to, right?”

“Only … very recently …” admitted Hilary.

Hilary quickly stripped naked and got onto the dirty mattress with the tiny young girl. They embraced and kissed deeply, their moist pussies pressed together … their sharp little nipple points bounced against each other. How small the girl felt in her arms … she liked the difference in their body size.

“Let’ me show you what the kinky nuns like …” invited Louise.



Sister Maria and Sister Sarah brought the remaining new recruits to their dorm room. The room was made up of steel frame beds with plastic-covered mattresses, laid out in rows. The Sisters insisted that the girls each consume almost two liters of water. They didn’t hesitate to follow the sister’s orders. And of course, none of them realized that the liquid was laced with a very strong aphrodisiac.

“No talking. Remove your tunics and get into the showers.”

The girls followed orders, not daring to cross the line for fear of the punishment and humiliation of their colleague, Nina Smith. The showers were all facing each other in a rectilinear bathroom of white tiles and mirrors. The absence of toilets of any description seemed to escape their immediate attention.

“Wash yourselves thoroughly. We’ll be watching, as there will be no peeing in the shower.” Ordered Sister Maria, openly perving at the sight of naked young girls.

They all showered nervously aware of the unwanted stares of the nuns who seemed to find glee in the unfettered sight of their flat chests and hairless vaginas. A couple of the girls wanted to pee, but didn’t want to risk detection – and the corporal punishment that was assumed to go along with it. They all started to feel rather queer with the influence of the aphrodisiacs – none wanting to reveal their surprising and growing arousal.

It was upon their return to their dorm, that the consequences of the forced consumption of the copious fluids began to add to their discomfort. Each thought that the humiliation was over, only to find that the nuns expected them to sleep naked on their plastic-covered mattresses without any covers.

“We can’t have you girls accidentally touching your private parts in the night … this is why the Headmistress insists that we bind all your hands and legs to the bedposts.”

A couple of the girls pleaded with the nuns if they could be excused … to use a toilet … the nuns refused. The girls had no choice but to lie down, desperate to relieve themselves and perspiring from the drug-induced sexuality. They were all bound by the wrists above their heads and by the ankles. They now all lay spread-eagled upon their plastic-covered mattresses, open, helpless, face up, and flushed with embarrassment with their own vulgar exposure. Now, some of them wished they had urinated in the shower, as their bladders started to burn.

“There we are,” announced Sister Sarah

Her hand toying with one of the bound girls, her hand absentmindedly fondling the girl’s boyish little chest – making no secret of her molestation. As the strange chemicals caused through the child’s body, she raised her groin from the surface of the bed, grinding her hips and humping the air.

“Lights out. And remember that masturbation is a sin,” said Sister Maria.

The dorm fell into complete darkness but began to buzz with a strange sexuality. The Sisters both moved eagerly from bed to bed, feeling up the girls at their leisure. Under the cover of darkness, Sister Maria and Sister Sarah removed their habits and openly touched themselves as they began to lick, suck and kiss the girls in the most inappropriate of places. The girls themselves, realizing they were prisoners at the whim of their perverted supervisors, twisted in their beds, half trying to move away from the unwanted affections of the horny nuns, half seeking penetration of their itchy vaginas. All need to pee desperately. Sister Sarah was the first to climb onto one of the beds … Christine’s bed … her mouth moved across the child’s, kissing her forcefully, pushing her tongue into her mouth, as her hands fondled Christine’s tiny chest and her heartbeat terrified in her chest. Sister Sarah’s legs straddled the child, frotting her hot wet cunt against the girl’s hairless mons.

“Please! Please don’t … please Sister!” cried Christine.

“Piss in your mouth!” ordered the perverted nun.

Christine wanted to be sick, as she felt the evil Sister’s mouth over her pussy that tingled with an unnatural desire to be licked, and smolder with the desire to empty her bloated bladder.

“I said, piss in my mouth!”

“Please Sister … don’t please make me do it … untie me so I can go pee-pee please!”

Sister Sarah laughed as the nun pressed against the girl’s bloated stomach causing urine to squirt over the nun’s face. Sister Sarah groaned at the delicious salty taste of girl piss.

Sister Sarah knew the drill. Sister Maria would be doing the same to one of the others … molestation was always the first step … they would all soon be willing participants … little piss-drinking whores… that were there to be used as human shit-eating toilets, at the total discretion of the evil sisterhood! Other Sisters entered the darkened dorm … naked and wanton … each taking a young girl, forcing the girls to urine into their mouths before they molested them … soon it would be the sisters’ turn to empty the foul contents of their bowels over the helpless girls … the first night was always such a glorious experience!


Dr. Daisy Harvey entered the Headmistress’s private suite. The suite consisted of a number of private rooms, a lounge, a bathroom, and a bedchamber, all designed around her needs for constant sexual entertainment. The lounge was made up of several low backless couches that faced a low circular stage area … more like a boudoir for her private toilet sex orgies. As she entered the odor of girl piss, female sexual arousal, and feces made her girl-cock immediately hard.

The sounds of primal grunting told her that they were already well advanced in their evening’s perverted entertainment. The low lamplight and many flickering candles added to the sensual and erotic mood of the place. On one of the low couches, Marilyn Tailor knelt naked over the face of a small girl, Dr. Harvey rubbed herself as she watched the highly sexed mature woman kneading the flesh of her own petite breasts, as she rode back and forth upon the girl’s upturned face. Opposite Marilyn was the Headmistress, Simone Vladimir. Dr. Harvey could see the animated Headmistress sandwiched between two young girls, one trying to fuck her in the anus with a large ribbed strap-on dildo, and the other hungrily sucking upon her breasts and masturbating the Headmistress with both arms inserted inside her cunt up to her elbows.

At first, neither noticed the presence of Dr. Harvey, as they were so self-absorbed in their own pleasuring. She could not help but masturbate herself furiously, as all eyes were transfixed on the foursome of young girls, all no older than eleven. Three of the promiscuous girls were dancing lewdly upon the small raised stage, masturbating themselves and each other over the body of the fourth naked child – so depraved and so disgusting.

Dr. Harvey could see that one of the four girls was thrashing around, restrained by stretched arms and legs stretched painfully across the Baphomet stage, while the other three girls took turns urinating over her, they laughed as they each pressed on their urethras in an effort to aim the dark yellow piss flows towards the gagging mouth of the distraught girl. It looked beautiful.

“Hail Satan. Hail Satan. Hail Satan,” they all chanted.

The first of the three hexed girls continued to masturbate but stood open-legged directly over another girl’s piss-soaked face. As they chanted the girl standing over her, farted loudly and then began to defecate over the girl’s face and chest. The smell wafted across to Dr. Harvey’s delight as she watched long slimy ropes of girl shit hang lewdly from the girl’s open sphincter. The stench was putrid. The more hot piss flowed.

“Sorry to interrupt you ladies,” said Dr. Harvey.

“Fuck! Christ be fucked! What is so important that it cannot wait until later?” screamed Marilyn.

“Well, this can’t wait … I believe that we have been infiltrated. We have someone among our ranks that doesn’t belong.”

“Impossible!” snapped the impatient Head Mistress.

“I assure you it isn’t impossible, Simone. And I think she could be either connected to the police department or maybe a private detective … or maybe even worse … a reporter?”

Marilyn ordered the girls to stop their perverted shitting act. She panted and looked annoyed.

“If there was an adult on the premises, we would have detected them by now.”

“What if they could blend in?”

“What like one of the fucking nuns?”

“No … what if they could pass off as a child … an older child … look … someone hacked our mainframe … this child is not one that I ever interviewed, the name and the picture don’t match my notes.”

“Could it be just a glitch? You missed one this year?” asked Simone.

“No. Mary Rose … is a made-up student. I am sure of it. She was not on any interview list that I conducted. I want the Sisters to find her. Now! Bring her here … to us … so we can deal with her!”

“Well then, you’d better get Sister Faex in here, right away.”


Hilary looked desperately back and forth. She kept testing the leather straps that held her taught – they did not give more than half an inch. Restrained by both wrists and ankles she hung spread-eagled. Naked. She was completely vulnerable. A young nun said nothing. She just observed her. Young Louise was also still naked and knelt up like a guard dog at the heels of her nun-mistress. Her demeanor of servitude towards the nun was obvious.

A stylish woman, hair tied in an exquisite bun, in rimless glasses, and dressed in business attire entered. She opened her leather portmanteau and looked downward through her spectacles at her notes.

“Let me see now … Mary Rose, thirteen years old, daughter of Lillian Rose, a wealthy widow. A troublemaker, expelled from her last school. Delinquent. Sexually active … underlined.”

Hilary, despite her obvious predicament … being completely naked, exposed, and vulnerable in front of these perverted people … could not explain these unexpected sexual stirrings inside herself that seemed only to increase as the woman inspected her clinically. The bespectacled woman stepped close to her. She smelt her neck and took note of the urea on her body. She then used the end of her rather fat pen to flick Hilary’s small brown nipples – they instantly hardened. Hilary held her breath. Then she pushed the end of her pen between her vulva lips. A clear string of vaginal fluid hung tellingly between the pen and her labia.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Daisy Harvey … now the question is … who are you and who sent you here?”

Hilary said nothing.

“Fake identity, cleverly inserted into our system. Never happened before. In fact, nobody would have questioned it … except, I do every interview … assess every female parent… and I know that I never spoke to a Mary Rose or a Lillian Rose. Interesting. Caught fucking this little piss slut,” she pointed to Louise, “I can still smell her urine on your body! How perverted? Sexually aroused … even by this very interview …” The woman put the end of her pen into her mouth, making it obvious that she was savoring the taste of Hilary’s pussy juices.

“Don’t tell me. Let me guess. I would say you are acting alone. In fact, nobody knows you are even here … a dangerous position to be in don’t you think? Now you are mine. All mine.”

The woman openly fondled Hilary’s small breasts. She took her time and sucked each nipple in turn. Hilary tried to disguise her enjoyment, but her hips bucked back and forth subconsciously. This time the woman continued to suck on her nipples but pressed two fingers into her vagina, dipping them into her juices and sucking them clean. Stepping behind her, the woman pushed her forefinger inside Hilary’s rectum… it sank up to the second knuckle.

Hilary gasped.

It felt strange but instantly pleasurable. She slowly finger fucked her anus for a while and then stood again in Hilary’s view. The woman brought the dirty digit to her face and smelt her finger … then sucked it clean again. She smiled at Hilary. Hilary could see out of the corner of her eye that Louise had knelt between the legs of the nun, her entire head and shoulders hidden from view beneath the nun’s habit.

“Don’t mind them … tonight is about you and me … we’re going to have our own fun! Not thirteen. I would say, somewhat older. All the same, you have a nice girlish little body. Good nun material. Sexy, wanton, and very aroused.”

The woman kissed her mouth. Hilary did not resist … in fact quite the opposite … she sucked on the woman’s invading tongue like she used to suck Sammy’s cock. Pleased with her response, the woman broke off the kiss.

“By the items found in your bag … I would conclude that you were a news reporter? Looking for her first big break? Acting alone to get a story that will get her noticed at the publication no doubt? Yes?” she sank her fingers back into Hilary’s warm cunt … oh it felt good … “Usually I would just hypnotize you and get the answers … but this is much more fun … am I right so far? A little reward if you answer correctly?”

The woman beckoned Louise to her side. Louise smiled eagerly at the woman and then began to lick Hilary’s outer pussy lips. Her small tongue made circles around Hilary’s exposed clitoris, drawing it into her mouth and sucking it hard, and then licking her way downwards between her puffy blood swollen lips. Looking down, she could see the joy on the child’s face as she did as the woman told her. One of Louise’s hands was already busy between her own legs, while the other explored Hilary’s rear. Hilary grunted as Louise’s small fingers penetrated her sphincter.

“Doesn’t that feel good? Real name?”

“Hilary … arrghhhhhhhhh … Hilary Stuart …”

“Very good Hilary. But, you bit off more than you could chew … you never thought you’d get sexually involved … maybe it’s all a new thing to you? Yes?”

“Ohhhhh!” sighed Hilary.

“Maybe you never considered sex with other women … and certainly not sex with minors… never imagined that fucking perverted little children could be so … how you say? Exhilarating?”

“Ohhhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes, it is!” groaned Hilary.

This woman seemed to have figured her out. Hilary registered that the game was up. She had been caught out. Caught with both hands in the cookie jar. But at that moment she didn’t care. Fuck! She wanted sex with women, sex with young girls … nasty dirty … perverted sex. How she had enjoyed dominating the young Louise … she had quickly developed into a piss connoisseur … eager not to waste a single salty drop of the child’s urine.

The nun had stripped naked and openly fondled her flat boyish chest and touched something phallic between her legs. The nun stood next to the woman displaying her little penis to Louise.

“Hermaphrodites … so beautiful … delicious pussy and hard little four-inch clit … so much fun all in one package don’t you think? Some would call her a freak … we think of her as one of Satan’s special servants.”

The woman handed the nun her glasses as the nun assisted the devilish doctor in undressing herself.

“Satan isn’t interested in vaginal penetration … no my dear I will leave that to the lezzy little nuns with their plastic dildos. No, Satan wants us to perform anal sex … many of the nuns use prosthetic penises … vibrators … double-ended dildos … strap ons … they have many names here … the largest of them is worn by the high priestess, who affectionately calls it ‘Satan’s Cock’ … but the dark god has blessed some of us with a serpent of flesh to carry out his work.”

Hilary looked down at the protruding organ that reared up. It was much bigger than the nun’s. Louise began to kiss and lick it.

“Christ be fucked,” prayed the hermaphrodite doctor.



It was a week since the start of school. Susan Edwards arrived at the campus as requested by the Headmistress. She had dressed in her favorite dark blouse, medium-length skirt, and stiletto heels – it made her feel younger and less motherly but said confidence without being over the top. The darkness of the blouse allowed her to get away without wearing a bra, as her small breasts really did not need the support, and being braless made her feel less restricted.

Arriving at the interview suite, she was received by one of the teaching nuns, Sister Patricia, a young female of about twenty-five, obviously junior to the role, but eager to be of service. She could not quite understand the correlation between her sexual needs and the Academy, but after several days of constant masturbation to some of the vilest child pornography she could get her hands on, she had the strange notion of needing to seek out the nuns of the Academy – not a rational thought, but still, the unconscious connection was driving her insane.

The room she now waited in was comfortable enough. It was carpeted in rich thick fibers and the furnishing was soft leather. There was a large curtained wall and no windows.

“May I get you something to drink?” the pretty little Sister asked.

The middle-aged mother of Lena Edwards sat nervously on the edge of the large soft leather sofa. She was conspicuously anxious about what the meeting could be about and fidgeted with the hem of her mid-thigh skirt. Had Lena got in trouble already? It had been barely a week. What was it this time? Was she going to be expelled? Surely it couldn’t be that serious already? Her presence here at the Academy had an almost pre-destined feel to it. Impossible of course, she didn’t believe in fate. Her thoughts bounced backward and forward as she nervously waited.

“A drink?” asked the young Sister.

She smiled down at the mother. Her eyes seemed to sparkle, as she looked approvingly at Susan’s dress code – even a hint of attraction or maybe it was just envy for having choices, that nuns obviously could not make. Susan liked this young nun’s fresh face and she almost felt herself wanting to flirt with her despite the fact that she was a lot older than the girls that Susan was usually attracted to.

“Errr … yes please … some tea would be very nice,” she answered.

“We have champagne if you prefer?”

“Oh? Champagne?”

It sounded like her daughter wasn’t in any desperately bad trouble. Her fight-or-flight response stepped down a few notches. Maybe it could be something positive for a change? Yes, she was definitely attracted to this young cloistered nun. She imagined what she would look like beneath the shapeless habit. A nice tight skinned body. Her firm youthful breasts still defied gravity … a lovely hairless intersection between shapely legs.

“Oh, champagne would be lovely my dear. May I say, Sister, you have a beautiful face.”

The Sister blushed at the compliment and smiled wider, approvingly; as if she was inviting Susan’s subtle advances. She quickly shuffled off and then returned with two champagne flutes both filled with effervescent amber liquids. The Sister held the large bottle of champagne. Susan downed it in one gulp. The nun refilled it.

“Thank you, Sister. I must say that it is rather pleasant to be treated so royally,” she drank the second glass. It was surprisingly easy to drink.

“It is our pleasure, Mrs. Edwards. Some more,” asked the smiling young Sister Patricia.

“Please call me Susan … Oh and yes please, more bubbly.”

A little time later Sister Faex entered the room and sat down opposite Susan. She smiled in an almost knowing way at the mother – like two co-conspirators getting together. After five glasses of drink, Susan felt a little lightheaded and her bladder gave her a little reminder that she may need to relieve herself sometime shortly. Susan suppressed the feeling and tried to compose herself in front of the nun, who was obviously more senior than the young and attractive Sister Patricia. Susan was also surprised to see Sister Faex, a woman of the cloth; pick up the other champagne flutes. Did nuns drink? Maybe she was getting confused.

“Mrs. Edwards I am Sister Faex. May I call you Susan?”

Something was not completely right about this situation. Susan could not work it out, but she felt it – not in a negative way, quite the reverse. Her anticipation increased, partly fueled by the drinks she had consumed.

“Of course. Thank you for your kind hospitality,” answered Susan.

She continued to feel strange – almost off balance. It was not that she hadn’t drunk champagne before, but the feeling was somewhat different to being just a little tipsy. For one, she now felt a strong itch between her legs. She was aroused for some unexplainable reason. The pretty young nun maybe? No, it was more than that. The drink itself was not enough to have this effect on her – there was something else about it. She shook her head and tried to concentrate on what the older nun was saying.

“… celebration Susan.”

“Sorry … I … missed what you were saying, Sister?”

The nun smiled in recognition of the effects of the drink. Yes, it was good quality champagne, but it had been mixed with something else – something to lower the barriers of decency, something arousing, and something powerfully sexual. The effects would take a little longer to reach their desired result, but in the meanwhile, the nun knew the signs of its progress.

“I said Susan, that it is something of a celebration tonight. Your daughter, Lena, has been making marvelous progress. The Headmistress herself, wanted me to invite you here to congratulate you on such a wonderful young girl.”


Susan was genuinely surprised. She didn’t expect anything like this. Between this unexpected compliment and the heat between her legs, she remained tight-lipped.

“Let me explain further Susan,” said Sister Faex.

She indicated that the younger nun moved the large flat-screen monitor closer. She moved it into the middle of the room and made sure that it was all working. The screen snowed for a while and then it showed an empty room. Sister Faex indicated that Sister Patricia took a seat next to Susan. The nun looked eager to please her superior.

“You see, with every new intact of students, there are a few that are singled out. They display certain characteristics that we want to groom.”

The image on the screen showed her daughter, Lena, entering the room and standing in front of the monitor. Obviously, there had been a camera in front of her as she stood before her remote audience. Susan gasped audibly as she realized that her daughter was completely naked, besides a wide leather choker that resembled a studded dog collar and black thigh-high boots that seemed to tilt her hips forward and draw the eye towards her pouting hairless vagina.

“We recognize those girls who are special among our students. The ones who seemed to have a certain propensity for, let’s say, more perverted behaviors.”

“I don’t understand?” said a confused Susan.

But even as the words left her mouth, her eyes drank in the image of her own sexy kin. Her arousal seemed to have doubled, no, maybe tripled at the shocking sight.

“Maybe we should let your daughter have a few words.”

As the Sister finished speaking she turned on the volume control and Lena’s voice came through loud and clear.

“Mommy, I know you are watching with the lovely Sisters. I hope you like what you see … Mmmmmm … the Sisters wanted me to tell you about the great progress I have been making at the Academy.”

Susan blinked at the screen. This was incredulous – firstly seeing her own daughter naked and sexually alluring … the lewd thoughts of incest that seemed to make her drip with wetness as they multiplied inside her … and then the blasphemous awareness that her nakedness had something to do with and encouraged by the nuns and their strangely unorthodox religious education. The words ‘more perverted behaviors’ bounced around her head and stirred her own perverted thoughts of molestation that she had enjoyed with her daughter in the years before she had been forced to stop.

“Mommy … do you like my hot little puss-puss? Mmmmm. It’s very wet at the moment! Mmmmmm. Yes, I want to finger myself while you watch me. Mmmmm. I want to cum while you touch yourself. Mmmmmm. The nuns like it when I pee myself … yes, I love to play with myself and make pee at the same time … Mmmmmm … they like to watch me while I pee all over myself as I worship god … oh yer! I love god … he makes me so fucking horny … look how wet I am as I pray to Piss God!”

The word “Piss God” stirred something in Susan’s mind, like throwing a switch.

“I don’t understand …” Susan said unaware of the potency of the trigger word.

She felt the young nun that was seated beside her move closer … closer … closer … until she felt her hands touching her through her clothing … touching her in the most inappropriate manner … shamelessly rubbing her braless breasts and fondling her groin. She could not move. Her eyes were transfixed on the screen – watching her own daughter masturbate. The blasphemous words made her feel so fucking horny … actually, she had never felt so horny herself … her legs opened wider, inviting the young attractive nun’s probing hands to roam freely over her itchy crutch. Her breathing had become short and shallow.

“Can you see how much your daughter wants only to please you … look how beautiful her sinfulness is as she worships … Piss God!”

There it was again. The desire to do evil and perverse things.

“Yes … she loves the thought of nasty wet sex with her own kin … see how she longs for dirty incest with you … she wants you to touch her in places that you only have been able to fantasize about … yes … we know Susan … because we are all like you … the children here at the Academy are ours to use at our leisure … your daughter is such a little slut … a cunt licking slut … a piss drinking whore … an incestuous Jezebel … look how she longs for a cunt to be sucked by her own mother!”

“Mommy, worship Piss God with me … finger yourself … worship the dark god … he wants us to have incest … he wants us to make love upon his evil altar … like all mothers should fuck their little girls …”

“Oh, my gawd!” groaned Susan.

She pressed the hands of the young nun against her breasts and cunt. Sister Patricia’s hand was already inside Susan’s soaked undies. Her fingers tantalized her erect clitoris as Sister Faex lifted the hem of her black habit and began to touch herself openly in front of both Susan and Patricia.

“Yes, Susan. Give into it. The incest you’ve always wanted. Call her … tell her to suck your juicy cunt … drink your urine … and she will come! Do it now while we watch! Praise to the dark god! Praise to Piss God!”


To be continued?


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