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CREATED: 04.03.2020 / REVISITED: 02.09.2023

Pleasure Has No Boundaries 1


The setting is now. Today. Hong Kong. Maggie had followed her husband overseas to live a privileged lifestyle. A conservative housewife with a strong Christian upbringing, she was a virgin on their wedding night. Now living away from her parents and siblings, she served in the local church as their Sunday school teacher – helping young teens and the youngest of the parish children. She had always had a fear of God Almighty and lived by her inherited stoic Christian values.

This, however, was all about to change. Maggie meets Kris. Kris is a woman from the opposite side of town. She is the opposite of Maggie in so many ways; and as a Satanist and practitioner of black magic, she introduces Maggie into her nihilistic world. Maggie is shocked and scared at first (and bored with her pious lifestyle). She cannot ignore her curiosity for this darker side of life. Kris sees Maggie as a conquest of her satanic corruption. Kris sets about to tempt Maggie and seduce her with illicit lesbian lust, an entree into a world of satanic rites, devil worship, pedophilia, and incest – to Kris ‘pleasure has no boundaries’ and the prize is Maggie’s eternal soul.


  • Maggie (39) – protagonist. Christian, Sunday school teacher, bi, shoulder-length hair, slim build, small tits/AB-cup, very attractive
  • Kris (49) – Maggie’s secret lover, satanist, connected to the 14K triads and child trafficking, pedophile, petite, A-cup, shaven, short hair, slim build
  • Gin (13) – Maggie’s daughter, quiet and brooding, A-cup
  • Man Yi AKA Ay Yi (this is what Kris calls her) (8) – Abigail’s daughter, small, petite, A-cup
  • Alfred (55) – Husband of Maggie, Regional CFO of MNC
  • Abigail (35) – Mother of Man Yi, Tai Tai, bi, satanist, another lover of Kris’s
  • Amanda (8) – Sunday School child in Maggie’s church class
  • George (42) – Maggie’s neighbor, George is Chinese, an ex-banker, now no job
  • Betty (36) – George’s wife, attractive, airline stewardess, ambitious, bi
  • Gigi (8) – George’s daughter, petite, A-cup


Maggie stood completely naked in her plush upmarket apartment. It was the early hours of the morning and she could clearly see her own nubile reflection in the large windows that looked out onto the twinkling lights of Victoria Harbor beyond. Her thirty-nine-year-old body looked hot. She was slim and her chest was modest. She felt very sexy, looking at herself. There was a slight moisture around her labia as her fingers couldn’t resist stroking her hungry cunt. She rubbed around her hard little clitoris. Mmmm. Her cunt had been freshly shaven. She’d shaved her pussy because Kris wanted it bald. Just like a little girl’s cunny.

How things had changed since Maggie had met the enigmatic Kris.

Maggie opened the sliding door of their balcony. The air was cooling. She grabbed a smoke. Kris had started that nasty bad habit too. Secret smoking. Maggie would never have smoked if it wasn’t for her. Sin and Satan. Kris had insisted that Maggie do many things that she’d previously thought bad or immoral, and that was even before they met in person.

Hong Kong was an expensive place to live. Her fifty-five-year-old husband, Albert was in the C-Suite of a global corporation. He was always working hard and was constantly traveling. He made lots of money, but that was about it. It had been lonely at first, coming up to Hong Kong from Singapore. She’d missed her family at first. Missed her church. But there had been an upside. Maggie enjoyed the expatriate high life of leisure, shopping, pampering, manicures, swimming in their condominium pool or going to high tea and yam char with her respectable friends from the ‘Church of the Saints’.

Returning to the bedroom, her husband still lay fast asleep. His breathing sounded loud and labored. He was much older than her and far too overweight. He’s attempted to fuck her earlier in the evening. But he was never hard for long enough. It was frustrating. She knew he felt embarrassed by it. It hurt his ego. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the urge. It was physiological. What made it worse was anxiety. The pressure to perform for his hot younger wife only exasperated the problem.

Maggie thought about Kris. In some ways, Kris had appeared ordinary, but appearances could be so deceiving. Impish, short-haired Kris. Forty-nine-year-old Kris. Short, petite, shaven cunt, A-cup, Kris. Fuck, thinking about Kris made Maggie feel so fucking horny. Kris made her instantly wet.

Maggie had never been with a woman before. Heavens. Maggie had always assumed herself, as a normal heterosexual. Adultery? Up until only recently, she’d have been shocked at that thought. Lesbianism. Satanism. Pedophilia. Immorality. Growing up as a third-generation Catholic, there had been many family expectations of her. She’d even been a virgin bride on their wedding night. Albert was her one and only. She loved teaching children in Singapore and had taken up the responsibilities of looking after a group of seventeen young students, mostly girls, aged between eight and twelve, in their church Sunday school. She had an assistant, but basically, Maggie was the one in charge. She liked this responsibility. It made her feel respected. Looked up to. She was the molder of young minds.

How her perspective had changed.

At first, it had actually scared her. But fear brought its own kind of illicit excitement, like the first time she’d met Kris. They had been chatting online. They’d talked about many taboo things. For Maggie, it had been an exploration of unknown territories. Kris had suggested that they meet up in a small noodle house in Mong Kok.

Maggie immediately felt stricken by this petite woman. There was something about Kris that made her irresistible. They talked about sex and demons. Sin and Satan. Maggie felt wet between the legs. They had the look of two co-conspirators, secretly chatting as they sat opposite each other. Kris reached out and held her hand discretely across the table. To others, they may have looked like old friends catching up after a long time, but this was far from the truth.

It had been walking distance from Kris’s rented apartment, just a few blocks away. As they approached, Maggie noticed that the exterior of the building block looked old and decrepit. Maggie really wasn’t sure about this. She almost declined. But her curiosity was much greater than her fear. She was very wet – wet from the illicit excitement that she could not deny.

Alfred turned in his sleep, interrupting her reverie and reminding her of his disappointing presence.

What did she feel for him? Her husband. Nothing much. To her, he was simply disposable. Maybe she’d loved him once. They even had a daughter together. Young Gin. Thirteen going on fourteen.

Despite the interruption, Maggie couldn’t resist sinking two fingers into her soaking cunt. She stifled a moan. She could still recall the unusual aroma inside Kris’s old rented apartment. It smelt of female pheromones and incense, candle wax, and burnt things. The interior of the four-story walk-up had been freshly renovated in a kind of darkly painted retro style. This was a far cry from Maggie’s luxurious expatriate lifestyle.

Was this where Kris intended to seduce her? Use her? Make her do disgusting and degrading things? She hoped so. Maggie recalled how anxious she’d felt. A genuine fear rose when she first saw the huge demonic pentagram painted across the dark floor; the low bed that faced a candle-lit altar covered with obscene strange dark objects – blasphemous inverted crosses; long strings of black beads, a skull; a challis; with a demonized phallic figurine of an evil goddess, that seemed to be the centerpiece.

Maggie’s heart had been beating loudly. She felt the blood rushing to her ears. Her cunt had never been wetter. The dark altar with its blackened candles gave her a shiver. She remembered the gentle pin-prick in her finger, as Kris guided her hand so that her blood smeared across the phallic statue of the evil goddess that she called Lilith.

Why blood?

Kris had immediately sucked upon Maggie’s punctured finger, tasting her blood. Kris had grinned wickedly. Why? What was the significance? Somewhere in her mind, she thought about a binding spell. A lust spell? Was this to make her helpless, so that she’d do anything Kris asked of her? Was that it? Kris had muttered some strange archaic words that Maggie had not understood. Latin? Sanskrit?

The words had been almost hypnotic. Maggie’s body felt so damn hot. She was perspiring as if she’d been doing an intensive workout. She felt Kris’s firm hands undressing her. Her nipples were erect … so hard they hurt. Her hips bucked unconsciously as Kris first ran her hands over the smoothness of her breasts, ribcage, and stomach.

Kris was undressed. Maggie couldn’t remember how. Now all she felt was an intense lust for this confident and assertive woman. This satanist. This devil worshiper. It was an unnatural hunger. They kissed for the first time. It began sensually but quickly escalated to something far more carnal.

They ate each other’s mouths, like wild animals, as their mutual desires overflowed. She felt Kris’s fingers inside her overheated cunt. Her fingers parted her juicy labia. She wanted them inside her. She needed her cunt finger-fucked desperately – as if nothing else mattered. That delicious sensation. Scratching her sexual itch. Maggie wanted Kris to touch everywhere.

She gazed across at the dark altar. The piercing eyes of the evil phallic twin-sexed idol seemed to be glaring at her — willing her to give herself fully — Was she tripping? Her fear and acute anxiety had melted away and had been replaced with an animalistic craving. Maggie felt lightheaded and giddy. Her body fell slowly backwards onto the low bed, that had been positioned before the blasphemous altar. Kris spoke more elaborate enchantments as they both lay naked together. Kris’s fingers had felt incredible; her tongue was even more divine. Maggie’s hips rose as Kris’s hands groped her backside for purchase as she drove her exquisite tongue deeper. She felt drunk on lust.

Albert stirred again and turned over. Maggie got up and slipped out of the bedclothes to head into the privacy of their ensuite bathroom. She closed the door silently behind her.


Alone in their private ensuite bathroom, Maggie sat on a backless stool opposite the full-length dressing mirror. She parted her slim legs and pretty feet. She groaned to herself as she watched the busy fingers of her right hand masturbating her oily slit furiously, while she flicked her erect clitoris with the other. Fuck, she was so horny. Images of her recent past fueled her self-pleasure. She sucked her dirty cunt-flavored fingers. It tastes acidic and salty. Her cunt was on fire. Two fingers became three, three became four. She bucked against her hand. Sin and Satan. How she got off on their secretive devil worship. They’d been almost ritualistic – smearing each other in their menstrual blood upon the evil pentagon.

Kris had used a strange sexual challis, ornately designed. She’d mixed their blood and urine together and prayed over it for the glory of Satan. Kris drank the concoction first and then kissed Maggie deeply. The ironic taste of their blood and the fishy taste of her urine was on Kris’ lips as their tongues twisted and snaked back and forth in each other’s mouths. Then it was Maggie’s turn. She drank it without a second thought. She felt so libidinous. Her senses were heightened by their pervertedness.

Was this going to be another session with Kris, like the first, when Maggie had orgasmed so many times she’d actually lost count? Her husband could never make her feel this way. Poor old Alfred. His clumsiness and ineptness frustrated her. She wanted to be fucked hard. He’d got on top of her. She used that word and he’d been surprised. The good wife never spoke like that, right? The good Christian wife never used the ‘f’ word. His cock sank into her wet hole but it didn’t last long. After a few strokes, his cock became soft and he couldn’t continue. He made a half-hearted apology about it.

Yes, his cock was not prone, hard, and rampant like the cock of the twin-sex goddess of the witches — the Baphomet. Kris knew exactly how to eat her out; finger-fuck her cunt and ass; scissoring their stone-hard clits against each other … until she’d literally blacked out in pleasure. That was hot sex.

Oh, how Kris made her cum over and over with orgasms that sent her screaming with wicked joy! Sin and Satan. Yes, she’d changed. Had there been black magic involved? A wicked enchantment maybe? Maggie’s quick transformation had frightened her. Was there some kind of dark spell cast over her? Her lust had increased literally a hundredfold. She had heard the term hypersexual and she knew this change had made her totally addicted to sexual perversion. Hail Satan.

She laughed at herself. Yes, she’d actually tried to repent a few times. She’d even gone to confession. She’d prayed to the empty god for salvation. Prayed and hoped that this spell and evil affliction would leave her. She prayed hard. She deleted her online accounts. She purged her computer of pornography.

She promised never to look at anything improper ever again. She even made a big donation to the ‘Church of the Saints’ charity for wayward and orphan children. She had felt like such a fucked up hypocrite. But after each time she tried to be good and sincerely attempt penitence, the evil feeling came back even more powerfully. She knew the truth. And the truth was that she had fallen for Kris.


Her husband, Alfred’s, business trips had increased in frequency and duration. That only made Maggie happier. Something about a new business venture for his company in Myanmar. Fuck. Maybe she’d like it better if he didn’t come back at all. All she knew right now, is that with her daughter at school, she had a lot of free time on her hands. She was a lady of leisure. The live-out maid was only around for the briefest of times. But, there was something in the Holy Bible about ‘idol hands’ — was it that ‘the devil made work for idol hands’? Was it the boredom? Was it just curiosity? Or a nihilistic desire to disobey? To sin?


The word carried an unequal weight. Sexual sin. It was inevitable, but Maggie found herself looking at online porn. She used her old laptop computer, as Albert used to check her mobile phone for some undisclosed reason. Did he suspect something? She’d been on an explicit porn site, she couldn’t even recall which one when an unexpected thought crossed her mind. Had she dreamt about it or had it been a malicious whisper? She entered the search term ‘Satan’ and it brought her to a satanic sex site. There had been a number of postings of blasphemous images posted by someone called Kris. She clicked on the name and a chat box appeared.

She closed it and closed her computer.

It wasn’t until the next day that she got the nerve up. She returned to the same satanic sex site and once again clicked on the chat function. What had she typed? Something lame, probably, Maggie couldn’t remember what, only that she got a reply.

Maggie’s fingers had trembled as she typed on the keyboard. Her cunt had throbbed. Their exchange had been fast and to the point. Maggie was turned on by their explicit chat. She’d never considered a woman as a sexual partner before. She’d assumed that she was heterosexual and a one-woman man. Chatting with a lesbian Satanist seemed at odds with all she knew and all she held in reverence. But, the illicit thrill was undeniable.

Kris asked her if she was alone and in a private place. Maggie said yes. Kris asked her if she was masturbating. Maggie said no. Kris told her that she was. She said that she was completely naked and fingering herself thinking about the two of them praying to the devil together. She had never spoken to a more assertive and reassuring woman before. Maggie continued to tremble. She slipped from her pants and top so that she was now sitting naked in front of her computer. She’d never done this before. She began to touch herself. Kris shared a few images of sexual demons. Evil images of sexual perversity. Maggie was thrilled.

It was not that these images were not readily available, but the fact that this woman had sent them to her – to excite her. And they did fuel Maggie’s excitement. This was followed by a number of short video clips, each more explicit and more perverted than the one before.

Over the course of the next few days, Maggie chatted regularly with this strange woman, Kris. Maggie really got off on it. She looked forward to it. When Maggie wasn’t online masturbating, she was thinking about wanting it. More and more. She found her own evil and satanic porn to share with Kris, as Kris encouraged and emboldened her.

Yes, this was exciting.

Kris told her to do things and she would do them. Kris told her to burn her copy of the Holy Bible. She did. Kris told her to smoke a cigarette. She did. Kris told her to shave her cunt and take a photo of it and share it with her. She did. She told her to take a close-up video of herself fingering her newly hairless cunt. She did.

It was a little over a week later. Albert had left for another business trip when Kris continued her talk about sexual demons. This was when Kris broached the subject of child porn. Being a school teacher of young children between the ages of eight to twelve, Maggie should have found such a suggestion relating to seeing young girls and boys as sexual objects to be abhorrent – but as Kris began to describe the sexual awakening of a young girl, Maggie became interested. Enthralled in fact. She could imagine how sexy the body of a slim young girl could be. Kris stroked the flames of these wayward thoughts. Yes, she said, imagine the softness of their flawless skin and the sweetness of their hairless pussy. Untouched, pure and innocent. Virginal.

Kris said that she would send Maggie something special. She said to Maggie not to freak out. That it was double-password protected. Maggie opened the file with some trepidation. It started inside a dimly lit room. On the bed, Maggie could see a young boy and a young girl. They were no older than eight or nine years of age. Asian kids, maybe Filipino or Indonesian. Probably the latter. They were both naked sitting on a bare mattress.

The boy’s penis was already fully erect and the girl began touching it. The boy grinned at the camera as the girl lowered her head to suck his penis. Maggie couldn’t believe what she saw. She’d never, in her wildest dreams, realized that they made such videos. It was completely immoral – yet within minutes of watching it Maggie began to cum. She groaned and her juices ran down the inside of her bare legs. Fuck, she thought — this was a new kind of shocking high!

Was it the shock? Maggie remained breathless for a while as she came down from her orgasmic state. The wickedness continued. A second video file arrived and Maggie opened it eagerly. This time there were two young boys and an adult woman. The boys were maybe ten or eleven years old. The naked woman in her thirties spoke Bahasa and one of the young boys laid down on the dirty mattress so that she could mount him. Once she’d started riding the first boy, she spoke again in Bahasa and the other boy stood immediately in front of her and began to fuck her face. Again Maggie came hard.

Kris asked Maggie how she felt about the videos.

Maggie was still breathing heavily. Heaving from cumming twice already. She simply asked for more. Kris said that she had been involved in child trafficking and these were nothing compared to what she had seen (and done with the Hong Kong Triads).

Maggie thought about how taboo it felt. This was unsafe. It was, in fact, right off the morality scale for her – a Sunday school teacher from a conservative Catholic upbringing. How sick, evil, and wicked it was to abuse this young child in this illicit way. But still, she wanted to see adults fucking the young girls and boys, anally and vaginally. She envisioned a cum dump of oral sex and sexual abuse and even bondage. Maybe even sick rituals. A human sacrifice. Sin and Satan. Oh, yes — she had never felt so alive.

Despite Maggie’s trepidation, they planned to meet up.



The service at ‘Church of the Saints’ concluded and Maggie led the young boys and girls out of the quaint old chapel, and into the annex block next door, where her Sunday school classroom was located. It was a neat and tidy place. Very orderly. It smelt of lavender bleach.

Maggie was fastidious about detail when it came to teaching, which was in sharp contrast to her masturbation habits. She’d come to love the smell of her dirty cunt and while Albert was away, she frequently left it unwashed for the entire duration … her own sourish odor was so fucking arousing. Dirtier cunt, dirtier thoughts.

Her young assistant awaited her to start the class. She looked as if she was standing to attention. Around the walls were the reminders of the scriptures, all illustrated in bright paint and crayon. The stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The crucifixion. The birth of Christ. The burning bush of Moses. The parting of the Red Sea. Noah’s Ark. The Ten Commandants. They were all there.

Besides Maggie’s class of seventeen children, aged between eight and twelve years old, which were mostly made up of girls, she also had responsibilities over the premarital counseling for young couples. All the children came from wealthy families. Families that sheltered and pampered them. Maggie knew that one of the young girls had a bit of a crush on her. Amanda was very shy and sweet. Her grandmother brought her to classes. Maggie thought that her parents were probably non-believers. Now Maggie found herself scheming on ways she could exploit this.

She’d already had some very imitate experiences with the children of her class – things that she had taken as part of her responsibility of care before. Now she saw these opportunities as something else, exploring the corruptive ideas she had towards her little flock. She had even taken the opportunity, whilst looking after a strange woman’s baby whose mother had popped into the supermarket, to lick the baby’s tiny cunt. In her classroom, Maggie couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to taste all their little cunts or suck all their little cocks.

These thoughts had got her very hot and horny. She’d disappeared into the toilet as the urge to masturbate herself became almost unbearable. Maybe it was the pollutive influence of all the illicit child porn that Kris and she had been frigging each other too .. And increasingly so that the intensity of their perverted sex had only escalated.


A week or so had passed by when Maggie met up with Kris at her apartment again. Kris answered the door without a stitch on. She beckoned Maggie inside and announced that she had a surprise for her. Maggie was immediately wet in anticipation. She undressed and joined Kris in the bedroom.

There, on the bed, in front of the evil altar sat a naked young girl. She had her back to the door as Maggie and Kris entered. Kris explained that she was babysitting the daughter of a friend and lover called Abigail. This was news to Maggie. She had wrongly assumed that She and Kris were exclusive, but obviously, that wasn’t the case. She felt a stab of jealousy, but this quickly subsided in the excitement of being near the naked child.

The girl looked about eight years old and Kris said her name was Man Yi. She added that she often called her Ay Yi, as it was more affectionate. Kris introduced Maggie to the girl who seemed very quiet and docile. Maggie couldn’t help but stare at the girl’s delicious puffy nipples and tiny slit of a vagina. She seemed unphased by the presence of the naked adults and sat quietly until Kris said that it was time. Time for what? Kris took the girl by the hand and pricked her finger with a needle. A globule of her blood was smeared across the phallic statue of the evil goddess of the witches, Lilith, and Kris chanted strange words, as she’d done with Maggie.

Kris offered Maggie the girl’s bloody finger and Maggie sucked it eagerly. The taste was sharp and irony. Kris positioned the girl in front of the wicked dark altar and kissed her on the mouth. It was a sensual kiss to begin with, but soon she grabbed the back of the girl’s head and pressed her tongue into the back of the girl’s mouth. Maggie’s cunt was dripping, She couldn’t help herself, she needed to masturbate herself furiously at the sight of such exciting perversity.

Kris licked her own fingers, wetting them in her saliva, and began to press them against the girl’s tiny labia. Man Yi said nothing. Soon Kris was finger-fucking the girl as they continued to kiss. Man Yi didn’t seem to resist. In fact, she looked to be enjoying all the adult attention.

Kris broke off their passionate kiss and sat back. She indicated that Maggie should take her turn. Maggie was shaking. Was this really going to happen? She knelt down before the beautiful young child and, just like a Kris, she kissed her gently. Man Yi let out a soft moan and opened her mouth so that Maggie‘s tongue slipped into her warm little cavity.

Their tongues met between her teeth. They dueled back and forth in the most exquisite of ways. The girl tasted of sugar and spice. Maggie’s hand stroked the girl’s skin gently. She felt so smooth and delicate. Maggie’s finger finally pressed between the girl’s moist labia. She gingerly pushed her fingertip inside. Just a little bit more. She gently rocked her finger back and forth, pressing against the base of her vagina. The girl sighed.

Maggie felt Kris’ hot breath against her ear as she whispered perverted ideas of what the three of them would be doing all night long. She felt Kris’s wet cunt press up against her, encouraging her to do more to Man Yi. Two fingers. Press deeper. Yes, fuck her for Satan. Hail the goddess of lust. They took turns masturbating her and each other. This was to be one of many encounters between Kris, Maggie, and Man Yi — each time they took the youngster further into their world of depravity. Sin and Satan.


Maggie had put up with him all weekend. She could not wait for him to leave. Fuck she hated him sometimes. He was such a fucking loser. How quickly love had turned so sour. He didn’t bother to do anything sexual, his limp dick wasn’t up to it. She was kind of glad. She didn’t want him to touch her. She wanted the kind of orgasms she knew that only her satanic lover could provide. She wanted more perverted sex and more child porn. She wanted to fuck little Man Yi.

All this skulking around, hiding in the bathroom to masturbate or trying not to move too much as she frigged herself in bed as Albert lay sleeping next to her. She wanted to be naked and masturbating in front of her computer while hunting for the most deviant of satanic porn.

He finally left. Maggie watched from the balcony as the taxi left the gates of their condominium compound on the way to the airport. Alone at last. Maggie stripped naked immediately, discarding her expensive clothes like rags on the floor as her fingers wasted no time stroking her hot wet cunt hole. She took some naked images of herself. Finger-fucking selfies. Sin and Satan. Hail Satan.

The phone rang. He’d forgotten something? Fuck no!

It was Kris’s voice on the line. She was breathing heavily. Panting. Probably masturbating, just like her. Yer, phone sex. Groaning. Hot fucked dirty phone sex. They started to chat about extreme child porn and fucking young boys and girls and worshiping sex demons. The wickedness of the black mass. The human sacrifice. Rape. A pedo fuck orgy. Fuck. Younger and younger. Fucking babies. Maggie was turned on by this evil woman. She always seemed to know what to say and do. Pleasure has no boundaries. Maggie came another half a dozen times as they talked dirty together until finally, Maggie had to sleep.


As Maggie lay naked and comatose on the couch, she recalled another sexy phone call—actually they had been both fucking the young girl, Man Yi—when Kris decided to call the young girl’s mother. At the time they were both taking turns in sexually abusing her daughter. Again Kris had pricked the girl’s finger and smeared the phallic statue of the twin-sexed Lilith and sucked her bloody digit afterward. They had both shared the irony taste of the girl’s blood. Delicious. There had been much more blood than before. Kris said something about it being a sacred offering to these evil sex demons. Witchcraft. Black magic.

And that was when Kris began the phone sex with Abigail.

Maggie remembered it vividly. As they talked dirty for ages. Kris watched Maggie finger-fucking Abigail’s daughter. Maggie felt her jealousy flare back up. She hated to share her satanic lover with another. She hated this Tai Tai that lived off the wealth of some fucking millionaire. Her hate was palpable.

This time she took it out on Abigail’s daughter. She finger-fucking her harder and harder. She no longer wanted to pleasure her, but instead, she wanted to punish her. She had even masturbated herself over the girl’s face. Man Yi had cried. She wanted Maggie to stop. But Maggie didn’t. It made her feel powerful as she slimmed the girl in her sourish cunt juices and orgasmed screaming her love of Satan. Kris looked very pleased. ‘Hail Satan’ cried Kris. Maggie felt conflicted—she hated the child but absolutely craved the perverted pedophilic sex — It was a high that she couldn’t get any other way.

Actually, as she recalled it, the whole situation had given her an incredibly evil thrill. She liked being abusive with young ones. Non-consensual. One-way pleasure. She wanted to know more about Kris’s experiences as a child trafficker. She was sure that Kris had abused her victims. Maybe even sexually tortured them.


George was in his early forties. He was one of Maggie’s immediate neighbors. They hadn’t really talked much before, but on this occasion, he seemed very upset. Maggie invited him into her apartment and offered him something strong to drink. He was shy, to begin with, but after a drink or two, he began to open up.

He’d been a merchant banker at one of the major firms in Hong Kong and then he’d lost his job during the financial crisis. He seemed a proud man and this confession didn’t come easily. As he hung his head, he said that being dependent upon his wife made him feel so useless. His wife, Betty, worked as an airline stewardess. He had always prided himself on being a good provider for his wife and eight-year-old daughter. And now he felt less than a man. Less than a husband. Less of everything.

Maggie comforted him, saying it wasn’t his fault and that she was sure his situation was only temporary. There would be new opportunities on the horizon. They laughed a little. The drink helped. She poured him another and sat closer to him. She was feeling horny again.

He seemed to like Maggie’s closeness and didn’t back away. Then he made another confession. He confided in Maggie that he his wife and he were experiencing some marital problems together. Maybe it was the stress. He wasn’t sure why. Only that they’d not been intimate for a very long time. He looked unsure as if he’d said something he shouldn’t.

Before he could regret it, Maggie showed that she was sympathetic. She saw his frustrations. She felt his frustrations too. She confided in him about her husband, Albert, and his limp cock issues – how she wanted him to fuck her hard but his limp cock couldn’t do it anymore. She confessed she needed to masturbate at least four times a day, as her sexual urges were very powerful. She said that she’d turned to watching pornography for self-gratification.

The conversation stirred him, as Maggie figured it would. Talking about fucking, masturbation, and porn, made his cock stir and Maggie noticed the tell-tale bulge in George’s shorts. Maggie sat even closer and began to stroke his upper leg. Her hand casually pressed against the bulge in his pants. He didn’t move or rebuff her advance. As she stroked him through the thin material of his shorts, he said nothing but just looked at her coyly – almost apologetically.

She took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom. There was something about adultery that was such a turn-on. Getting a married man to break his matrimonial vows. It made Maggie feel wicked. She’d seen his daughter, Gigi, around the condo complex and this stirred more aberrant thoughts inside her wicked mind. Maggie wasted no time. She stripped in front of him. She enjoyed the way he looked at her so lustfully, as his hungry eyes burned like bright flames staring at Maggie’s slim, sexy nakedness and perky little breasts.

George undressed. His stiffened cock pointed upwards to the ceiling. Maggie admired the thick rigid flesh she fully intended to use in all her holes. Oral, vaginal, and anal. She suggested they watch some porn while she suck him off. George was as excited as a kid in a candy store. She wanted to be in control. She thought they could start with some regular porn, adultery, cuckold, and lesbian. Maybe later they could get into something a little darker and far more perverted.

Her cunt was so itchy. She engulfed his stiff manhood into her wet mouth and she began sucking his engorged cock-head. He groaned as her tongue made circles around his sensitive cock head. All the while her fingers played with the base of his shaft and danced across the sensitive skin of his testicles, perineum, and over his rectum.

George groaned over and over, as his eyes moved between from watching Maggie’s head move up and down as she jacked him into her warm mouth; to the pornographic video of two Asian females, rug-munching, in a wild sixty-nine. The loud erotic sounds of their Sapphic coupling in the video, fuel George’s desires. His hips thrust upwards in anticipation of Maggie’s suction and exquisite finger pressure.



Maggie had been fucking George for over a week when he reluctantly introduced her to his wife, Betty, and their adorable eight-year-old daughter, Gigi. Betty was an intense, attractive, and determined woman.

She was very open and mentioned the problems that they were having as parents; that Gigi was growing up very fast; and could be quite difficult at times.

Betty seemed to warm to Maggie immediately. Like best friends. She’d been told that Maggie was a Sunday school teacher at the church that they attended. Of course, she had no idea that Maggie was an adulteress and was fucking her husband. Maggie sensed something about Betty—there was something in her eyes—It was as if she was checking her out, lustfully. Maggie pretended not to notice, instead, she smiled sweetly and acted very prim and proper in her presence. She patted her daughter on the head and consoled Betty by saying, in her experience, it was pretty normal for girls her age.

Actually, Maggie thought Gigi looked a little old for her age. The eight-year-old could have passed for a ten or even eleven-year-old. Regardless of what her mother had said, Gigi seemed to be sweet, polite, and well-mannered. Of course, Maggi thought immediately about molesting the little mite. Using her like Man Yi. She wanted desperately to touch her in the girl’s most intimate places.

Just thinking about the possibility of getting Gigi alone so that she could finger-fuck the little bitch; or better still, go down on her and taste her tiny snatch. The thoughts were driving Maggie crazy! Their meeting got Maggie quite wet and she hoped the mother didn’t smell her arousal – if she did, Betty never said a word.

Maggie suggested taking Gigi down to the condominium swimming pool one day soon. George was absolutely clueless. He thought it was just sweet of Maggie to suggest something like that. Would she share with him her nasty little plan?


Maggie had already progressed George from what could be seen to be ‘normal’ sex to something a little more interesting. She’d selected porn featuring younger and younger teens. She didn’t want to ruin it—so she held off from sharing her small collection of child porn (that she’d obtained from Kris.)

They’d been fucking in his apartment when she suggested that they both sniff his daughter’s dirty underwear. At first, George seemed unsure about it, but seeing her enthusiasm, he went along with Maggie’s sexy little game.

Maggie was surprised at how malleable he was. It wasn’t long before he was doing it without her even suggesting it. The thought of possibly suggesting incest was quickly becoming an exciting proposition. Could that be the pathway to Maggie getting to his daughter? She imagined riding Gigi’s pretty little face. So fucking hot. The thought of seducing his delicious young daughter was far more illicitly exciting than just fucking her dad.

They fucked on his daughter’s single bed. George was sprawled naked on top of a sea of pink Hello Kitty characters. Maggie climbed on top of him and took his throbbing cock deep into her nasty greedy cunt. Her fingers eagerly rubbed her engorged clit as she rode him, up and down, up and down. George groaned and grunted as he thrust upwards against her pelvis.

Maggie grinned evilly before mischievously crying out, “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy!”

It felt so nasty. And when he didn’t react negatively, she did it again. And again. It seemed to have a strong effect on him. He seemed to be inspired by her incestuous suggestions. He began to fuck her even harder.

“Oh, Daddy. Oh Daddy,” she cried.

She bucked in an instant orgasm.

George was very close to finishing too, so Maggie slipped from his bucking hips. He groaned with disappointment. Ignoring him, Maggie grabbed one of his daughter’s favorite soft toys off the bedside table and rubbed it against her juiced-up cunt lips. To further taunt him Maggie held it in front of George’s nose as she began to jack him off furiously.

This drove George crazy.

He jerked and groaned. His ropy semen shot out and spilled over the soft fabric of the cunt-wet toy. His cum even dripped onto his daughter’s pinkish Hello Kitty bedsheets. Oh yes, Maggie loved the feeling of corruption.

She imagined watching George fuck his own daughter at her command. Doing her evil bidding. Sin and Satan. She would masturbate and watch him defiling her virgin cunt hole with his adult-sized cock. Its thickness filled the little tart while banging her hard. Yes, she thought to herself, I can make this happen.

Yes, there were so many nasty things she wanted to do with George’s child. She imagined sucking her tiny little pointed nipples. She imagined pressing her sweet little face down into her own hot salty-flavored cunt. Rubbing her juices over her face as if she owned her. Her sex slave. Her toilet slave. She imagined fucking her with all her fingers … So many nasty things to do … so many nasty things …


She pressed George further into his downward spiral into complete depravity. Maggie had taken to masturbating him while talking about incest. She wasn’t sure how far or how fast to push him, but his enthusiasm for the topic seemed to spur Maggie’s wickedness. She’d start with the line ‘imagine’ as if it were pure fantasy, describing how she’d watch him seduce his own daughter as they sniffed her used underwear together.

She teased him by calling him ‘Daddy’ and saying how ‘big’ he was in a childish voice (mimicking Gigi’s). To her surprise, George was into it. He retorted saying that she’d been a bad girl and needed to be punished. The punishment was of course sexual. Maggie dressed in her tight little panties and masturbated through the gossamer-thin material, wetting them in her sticky cunt juices. Later, she did put the soiled panties back into Gigi’s underwear drawer.


With Betty’s approval, Maggie suggested taking Gigi down to the pool for a swim. Betty said that she’d love to join them. Maggie was disappointed that she couldn’t get time alone with the girl, but it was too late, Betty was already getting ready.

Dressed in their bikini swimsuits, the three of them held hands as they walked together down to their condominium pool — Gigi in the middle, Betty and Maggie flanking her. Betty seemed to notice how comfortable Gigi was with Maggie. Gigi smiled at her escorts — maybe more so at Maggie than her own mother. The pool area was very quiet and they had no problem finding a shady spot under the tree.

Betty said that she should put on some sunscreen. To Maggie’s surprise, Betty suggested that Maggie could do it — if she didn’t mind — of course, Maggie didn’t mind! The thought of touching up this woman’s daughter, right in front of her, was somewhat interesting. She felt a little nervous. Maggie wasn’t sure if this was a trick. Did Betty suspect something? But then Betty sat back with her sunglasses on and picked up her book.

Gigi sat down and Maggie applied the sun cream to her bare shoulders and down her thin arms. Then she smeared more down the girl’s legs and across her bare stomach. Maggie’s kitty purred as she took her time in making sure that she delicately touched Gigi all over. Gigi smiled and said the cream was a little cold. Betty seemed not to care. Maybe all that Sunday teacher crap had colored her thinking. Or so Maggie thought.

While Gigi was away in the pool, the two women lay side-by-side on reclining pool chairs. The weather was warm, but under the shade, it felt very pleasant. Maggie watched Gigi splash about the pool from a distance. Betty mentioned to Maggie that Gigi had had a strange dream the night before. She said that she heard her daughter call out Maggie’s name. Betty didn’t suggest anything untoward. This comment reminded Maggie of something Betty’s husband had said about Gigi’s knickers being very wet — like a wet dream. George intimated that he enjoyed licking them of their preteen essence while masturbating.

As she laid back, these thoughts had been highly arousing and Maggie sought to hide her arousal. It was then that Maggie noticed Betty’s subtle hand movement beneath the pool towel that lay across her upper thighs and lower abdomen. Was she masturbating?

By the time Gigi returned from her swim there was nobody else at the pool. The three of them were all alone beneath the relative seclusion of the trees. Wet and dripping with pool water, Maggie picked up a fluffy white towel intending to dry her. Then to Maggie’s delight, Betty told her daughter to remove her wet costume first. Gigi did as her mother ordered. Maggie’s eye sparked at the sight of the girl’s completely naked flesh. Her tiny buds were on full display and her thin bare slit glistened with pool water. Maggie desperately needed to masturbate as she slowly dried herself off.

All the time, Betty seemed to be preoccupied. Then she had Gigi ‘model’ for them. She said something about one day Gigi being a fashion model and that she should pose for Maggie. Prove to their new friend that Gigi knew how to be a grown-up model. Gigi nervously glanced at Maggie. Betty said something about them all being girls and not to worry. To Maggie, this seemed very bizarre, almost awkward, but Gigi seemed to be into it. Maggie began to wonder who was trying to seduce who.

Betty took out her mobile phone and started to take pictures of her daughter as she posed completely naked before then. Maggie was shaking with excitement. Betty suggested poses and Gigi performed for her fashionista audience of two — as if it was a photo shoot for Playboy or something similar — Betty kept remarking on how beautiful her daughter looked. How cute. How pretty.

With each click of the ‘camera’ Gigi’s poses became more and more erotically charged; and opening her legs wide, her mother told her to show off her little cunny as she continued taking picture after picture. Betty praised her and asked Maggie what did she think. Maggie had a cotton mouth but muttered something unintelligible. Betty smiled knowingly at Maggie and said that she thought Gigi looked very sexy.

As they all finally packed up to head upstairs to their apartments, Betty asked Maggie if she would like a copy of the pictures that she’d just taken of Gigi. Maggie’s heart stopped. This was an open invitation to something definitely salacious — an indication that there was more to Betty’s sexuality than Maggie had originally anticipated.

Maggie said diplomatically or coyly that Gigi showed promise as a model and she’d be happy to have copies for herself. For the longest moment, the two women looked at each other, knowing exactly what the other was thinking. The incestuous mother. The pedophilic neighbor. Something was about to happen but neither woman wanted to be the first to admit it.


Maggie had been noticing things being different at home.

She would have dismissed her daughter’s unsettling behavior as that of a normal teen. Being rude. Uncommunicative. Generally preoccupied with her own selfish thoughts. But ever since Maggie’s encounter with Kris, Maggie had been wondering about Gin.

Kris had insisted on her giving Gin’s email address to her.

If she’d had misgivings about doing this, Maggie could have simply said no. But she didn’t. She couldn’t. Why? She simply couldn’t say no to this woman. She actually couldn’t say no to anything Kris asked of her. Was this some kind of black magick? No, she didn’t think so. Was she in the trance of love? Was she so in love with this perverted witch, such that she’d be willing to sacrifice her own daughter? There were times she’d tell herself no … but most of the time, she knew the answer to this question and slowly realized that was something she wanted as well.

Kris had said something about it being ‘really good for the both of us’. The optimum word was ‘us’. But Kris never thought of anyone but herself. She was completely wicked and nihilistic. Maybe it was that Maggie had been so mesmerized by Kris that she hadn’t thought it through. What had she done? Why would she ever think that it could possibly be really good for the both of them? Maggie was in two minds. Her daughter’s strangeness only exasperated the situation. Had something already happened?

Gin had locked herself in her room again. She only came out for her meals — and even these, she took to her room. Her reclusive behavior went completely unnoticed by Albert. He was such a fucking annoying fool. He had no idea what was going on. In fact, the way she felt about him was getting to the point where she had no love left, no feelings for him at all … He was completely dispensable.

Maggie had been spending an increasing amount online. She’d found an interesting website called ‘Littlesally666’ and had been reading that erotically combined incest, pedophilic, and satanic stories. These all fueled her own private fantasies about pedo sex with Gigi and with the Sunday school kids; even incest with her young nieces and cousins, and now imagining sex with her own daughter.

Her adulteress relationship with George was also gaining some momentum and the possibility of Betty’s involvement made her head spin with the perverted possibilities. She even began to think about all the amorous young couples who attended my premarital classes. Virginal? Innocent or all eager for sex? Wouldn’t it be fun to corrupt them too? Sin and Satan. How she loved devil worship with Kris, who’d indelibly changed her sexual life.


To be continued …


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