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The Cure


Most Christians believe that homosexuality is a disease. Some of them think of it as a mental disorder, while others see it as actually a manifestation of sexual demons – like a form of demonic possession. Whatever their understanding of homosexuality, they all denounce homosexual behavior, male, female, bisexual, or transgender as something that is against God’s laws, against the natural laws as described in the Holy Bible – which to them is God’s word.

This is not something new; in fact, Christians have been trying to cure gay boys and girls, and men and women since the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Sodomites are cursed to damnation for their perverted behavior. They have used various methods to assert ‘heterosexual desires’ in the minds of those who have strayed from the so-called righteous path.

They have used conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy; they have employed chemical castration with hormonal treatment; aversive treatments such as the application of electric shock to the hands and/or genitals; and nausea-inducing drugs, administered simultaneously with the presentation of homoerotic stimuli for masturbatory reconditioning.

This is the basis of this story. One of our two victims is Richard Collins. He was born a healthy young boy, maybe a little shorter than average and possibly not the star athlete of the school either, but nonetheless a happy individual who enjoyed creativity and close friends. The other victim is Lori Walters.

She was a bright-eyed young girl who also was a little late in the development cycle, with a petite frame and a pretty and gentle face. Her complexion was always pale as she was not the outdoors type. Enter the two protagonists; Dr. Alex Falkner, an East German psychoanalyst and innovator of a revolutionary new treatment called the A.N.G.E.L therapy; and the Reverend Mother Cassandra Dalton of the Black Cross Ministry – both famed for their convictions to purge the world of the gay plague.


“And Dr. Faulkner, as a renowned East German psychoanalyst, is homosexuality curable?” asked the news reporter.

“Absolutely. We have strong documentary evidence to prove that in most cases where a homosexual is willing to be cured; and undergoes our A.N.G.E.L. therapy; they will change and start to exhibit normal heterosexual desires,” answered Dr. Alex Falkner in a heavy high-German accent.

“At what age should this treatment begin?”

“As young as possible. The older they get, the less effective the results.”

“But some say this is simply the eroticization of childhood – that the cure is far worse than the decease?”

“That is always a matter of opinion. As dedicated Christian Scientists, we believe that homosexuality is the infestation of the Devil. What price should one pay for saving their soul?” countered the Doctor.

“How do you respond to the claims that the effects of your so-called A.N.G.E.L. therapy have left most patients detached, almost zombie-like; that they were subjected to procedures nothing short of gross indecency and … torture?” probed the reporter.

“Lies. It’s a smear campaign to hurt the reputation of the ‘Eternity Institution’ – we are all committed Christian Scientists who seek to do God’s work through the application of science. Whatever suffering the patients feel is the work of the Devil not of our scientific methodology.”

“Well, thank you Dr. Faulkner, renowned East German psychoanalyst from the famed ‘Eternity Institution’ for your insights. We will return after the commercial break with comments from our listeners.”


Some three months earlier …

Charles and Wilmer Collins, the parents of Richard Collins, the little tyke they nicknamed ‘Little Dicky’, were shocked to have discovered that their eleven-year-old son had been looking at internet porn – what’s more, his homophobic father, Charles, was horrified to have caught ‘Little Dicky’ masturbating whilst looking at transsexuals and cross-dressers. Unable to contain his disgust and disappointment, the couple immediately made arrangements for ‘Little Dicky’ to see Brother William Morris, a trusted priest in their neighborhood.

“Well Mr. and Mrs. Collins, I am glad that you have brought this problem to me and of course, I will try my best to help,” said Brother William in a somber tone.

“We were both so relieved to hear that you could help our son,” cried Wilmer holding onto her husband for emotional support.

‘Now, now – it’s going to be alright,” reassured Brother William.

“I am so embarrassed about it Brother William. It revolts me. It’s the Devil’s handy work. We have prayed so hard for forgiveness – that we will have the strength to pass the Lord’s testing of our beliefs. It is such a relief to know that there is now a cure for the homosexual curse — we will sign over the full responsibility for Little Dicky to the Eternity Institute,” said Charles.

“You understand the severity of the situation. When you sign young Richard over to the Institution, though they will try to do everything possible, there can be no guarantee of success. Things may not work out for young Richard?”

“Yes, we completely understand. But what life is there, if not in the complete service of the Lord?”

“Good. Then it is done. Is Little Dicky outside the parish office? Do you have his things?” asked Brother William.

“Yes, Brother William. His things are in the duffel bag. Shall we bring him in?”

“Yes, please. I will take him straight to Dr. Alex Faulkner. She’s an expert in the cure of homosexuality. I have heard that her A.N.G.E.L. therapy can be invasive — but necessarily so. My role will be Richard’s spiritual guide – as I am sure that you are aware that exposure to such perverted material is an open invitation for the possession of the child by sex demons – you mentioned earlier what ghastly things he was caught looking at.”

“Filth. Evil filth!”

“Yes exactly – you know they say the ‘Devil is transgendered’. It’s wickedness personified. It’s an endemic online. As one of God’s soldiers, I must stand up against homosexuality, pedophilia, cohesion, sex slavery, and child abuse. I force myself to observe what is out there and how pervasive this evil is in our modern society – you have no idea how profane our civilization has become Mr. and Mrs. Collins. I have even seen images and videos of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, envisioned in sexual blasphemies; cross-dressers pretending to be Sisters of the Cloth, masturbating themselves over the cross – ejaculating over the Holy Bible!”

“Oh my …” mouthed Wilmer.

She only stopped short of taking the Lord’s name in vain. Charles and Wilmer were shocked and the more Brother William said, the more they realized that to save Little Dicky they would need to leave their miscreant son in the hands of this doctor – to do whatever it took, no matter how extreme, to cure this gay curse.

“Whatever it takes Brother William. Whatever it takes!” affirmed Charles.


Some four months earlier …

Richard Collins was a cute young tyke, small for his age and definitely not the sporting type. He liked drawing and painting and had a talent for dance. He was somewhat effeminate, but not overtly so. Being brought up in a strict religious household had molded him into a polite and respectful young boy. He had excellent manners and always did what he was told. In fact, he did not really know what a ‘lie’ really was, as telling the truth was something he had been brought up with, regardless of the consequences. He loved Sundays and going to their local church. He enjoyed singing in the church choir and his favorite hymn was ‘All things bright and beautiful’.

It had been soon after his eleventh birthday, that things changed for him. Little Dicky noticed his small body changing. He was still petite compared to the other boys in his class and he was embarrassed at gym classes to let anyone see his modest sized penis and tight little hairless scrotum. He was still very shy in public – but in private he began to like to look at himself naked in the mirror. He would touch his penis and make it stand upright – pull it and make it drum against his flat stomach. Sometimes he would use is his long nylon sports socks to tie around the shaft of his penis, pulling them as taut has he could – the tightness felt pleasurable.

When his parents were out at church meetings, he would like to dance naked and squeeze his cocklet as hard as he could, while pressing his middle finger hard against his tight little anus, letting his finger slip inside up to the second knuckle – it felt funny in his stomach, but very pleasant. In fact, he became so infatuated with doing this that soon he thought about nothing else.

About this time, he had found that he was becoming sexually attracted to some of his friends at school and other young boys like himself. He did not like the big gruff boys or the sporty types, but those, like him that were more soft and effeminate. There were a couple of boys from his art class, in particular, Steven Paterson and an Asian kid called Lim Hock See. They hung out together at break times and lunch; and when Little Dicky was on his own, he would imagine what it would be like to see his little effeminate friends naked too – he wanted to touch their cock and balls. He also imagined what it would be like to suck their penises and put them inside his anus (instead of his finger). He had seen pictures on the Internet of other naked boys doing such things to each other and it made him extremely excited.

At night time in his bed, he would snake his hand inside the elasticized waistband of his flannel pajamas, squeezing his erection as he thought about his young friends. He remembered a conversation between himself and Lim. Lim had boasted that he had had sex with his younger sister and had described the sensation as similar to rubbing his foreskin back and forth until ‘white stuff’ came out.

Little Dicky envied Lim having sex with his sister, as he did not have any siblings. He also thought it interesting to feel what sex was like, so that night he checked that his door was securely closed and lay naked in the dark upon his Batman bedspread – he did as Lim had described, using only his thumb and forefinger he draw his foreskin back and forth.

It felt better than squeezing and the faster he rubbed, the better it felt. Soon he was rubbing himself as fast as he could when suddenly he began to shake all over – from his head to his toes; his cock and balls quivered uncontrollably and hot sticky fluids pumped, from the eye of his cock, squirting over his chest and face. The pleasure was so intense – it was the first time he had ever experienced an orgasm. The white stuff tasted salty but not unpleasant.

Immediately he had regrets. Had he done something wrong? God could see him and would know of his sin. He promised himself never to do this bad thing again. He felt so guilty about it but was also overcome with tiredness that he climbed into the bed sheets, sticky and wet, and fell into a deep sleep immediately.

The next day, despite his promise to himself of never repeating the bad thing he did in bed that night, it was all he could think about. He left school early, faking illness, and returned back to an empty house. His cock had been hard all the way home and now naked and alone, all he wanted to do was begin to rub himself again – to bring on that incredible shaking feeling and spurt more white stuff.

Without his parents around Little Dicky stripped naked and stood in front of the full length-dressing mirror. Little Dicky was excited and his heart beat faster than it had ever done before.

He felt a mixture of anxiety, shame, and devilishness. He knew he was about to do something completely unforgivable. To sin without knowing that it was sin is one thing, but to knowingly sin was unforgivable in the eyes of the Lord. Well, he thought, fuck Almighty God. Fuck the church. His mind had become instantly addicted to this new sensation. It only added more excitement to the lovely prickly feeling, imagining that he was doing the ‘will of the Devil’. It felt so wrong, so vulgar and so blasphemous – he absolutely adored that feeling.

He thought back to the night before and how wonderful it had felt. Now knowing what was about to happen made the anticipation of this new delight even more desirous. The build-up was euphoric for young Little Dicky as he looked at his profane reflection in the mirror. He rocked his hips back and forth as he gently brushed his fingers across his cock tip, shaft, and ball-sacks – teasing him until droplets of pre-cum pooled at the tip of his cock. The ‘Devil’s dance’, he thought to himself.

Yes, this is how demons enjoy themselves. He imagined that he was among a group of young miscreant boys of a similar age; all naked like those African natives he had seen in National Geographic magazines. They began to gyrate provocatively as they danced the “Devil Dance” around a large phallic idol, openly masturbating themselves and each other. Praying to the devil. The thought was so intriguing to him. It overwhelmed him as more pre-cum poured from his cock tip with the thoughts of his blasphemous homoerotic fantasy.

He watched himself intensely as he gripped the shaft of his cock. He began rubbing it hard and fast; and then stopping completely; pausing to allow more fluids to drip from his cock as it pulsed in his fist. Then he rubbed himself again hard and fast, followed by another hip-pumping pause, rocking his hips back and forth in his vulgar Devil-dance; then again rubbing himself hard and fast. The sensation built so rapidly that this time there was no stopping his hand movements. He quivered violently, spurting and spurting, groaning in absolute delight as he sprayed his slimy jism over the dressing mirror surface.


For the next few days, Little Dicky repeated his ‘Devil’s Dance’ in front of the mirror. On the last day of the week, he was about to do it again, when a strange thought crossed his mind. Already naked and excited, he went instead into his father’s study and turned on the desktop computer.

Usually, when his parents were not around he was not allowed to use the computer or access the Internet – he was told that he had to be properly supervised by an adult. But he knew how to use it without his father’s detection and he immediately began scanning the Internet for naughty naked pictures and found many interesting images of young guys rubbing their hot-looking cocks.

They all looked so big and hard – so much bigger than Little Dicky. He liked looking at the young Asian guys, as they reminded him of his sexy friend, Lim. He wanted nothing more desperately than to be able to suck Lim’s cock and to taste the ‘white stuff’ when he ejaculated into his mouth.

As he looked at the filthy pornographic images and videos he continued to rub his aching hard cock. It was so thrilling, but felt funny being naked in his father’s office. It was something that he never dared to do before. This only escalated these new lusty sensations. As he was looking for more young Asian boys he came across a site that featured Thai ladyboys. He wondered what was a ladyboy – he found to his absolute delight images of effeminate young Asians that looked more like girls than they actually looked like boys. Most had feminine figures, hairless bodies with flawless skin, lovely long hair, and small bubble-like breasts — but all of them had incredibly hard little cocks. Little Dicky began to buck hard and as he groaned he shot a heavy load over the office floor.

“What is going on?” said his father.

Little Dicky froze at the sound of his father’s voice. His father looked mortified. Little Dicky was caught red-handed. With his cock still dripping with jism, his father looked as if he was about to have a heart attack.

“Oh my God!” Cried his father seeing the perversions on his computer screen.

Little Dicky burst into tears and was about to run off to his room when his father grabbed him by the arm.

“You Sodomite!”



“I am talking to the Reverend Mother Cassandra Dalton of the Black Cross Ministry. You have been very outspoken on the matter of homosexuality and religion; and I believe that the Ministry is responsible for various forms of exorcisms conducted on gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians to rid them of; and I am quoting you here; ‘a demonic sickness that is the manifestation of perverseness’.” stated the priggish news reporter.

“Is there a question there?” asked the stern wheelchair-bound Reverend Mother.

“Sorry. Yes, there certainly is. Are you saying that homosexuality is the result of demonic possession?” asked the reporter.

“My dear, that is a gross oversimplification of the situation. But, yes, the individual has or is under attack by the forces of darkness. To the degree of possession – well, that can only be determined after spiritual investigation.”

“So how do you respond to your critics, that your so-called cure for this problem is ineffectual; that in fact it is the clergy who are the manifestation of perverseness – using these poor misguided souls for the Ministries own deviant purposes?”

“I assure you, there is just reason to fear the Devil. My brothers and sisters in the Black Cross Ministry are all devoted to this cause.”

“Well thank you Reverend Mother Cassandra Dalton of the famed Black Cross Ministry, we’ll return after these brief messages from our advertisers.”


Some three months earlier …

Lori Walters may have been a little late in the development cycle for twelve, but she was a bright and intelligent girl who enjoyed her school. She had a petite frame, a pretty face, and gentle features. Her complexion was always pale as she was not the outdoors type. She had been brought up to have mostly everything that she wanted. Spoilt as an only child; her mother, Laura Walters, was a helper at the local parish; and her father, Martin Walters, was a devoted husband and father who read the Holy Bible every day.

Lori was head over heels in love. Her heart was bursting at the seams. She had felt this way for a few months and the object of her affection was a girl from her school, two years her senior, a fourteen-year-old called Raven. It was not her real name, but all her friends called her Raven. Raven was a kind of wannabe Goth. She always wore heavy black make-up, and black clothing and was interested in darker things. Lori dreamed about Raven night and day, consciously and subconsciously – it consumed her utterly and completely.

At night she would touch herself thinking about how much she wanted Raven to ‘make love’ to her – cumming over and over at the thought of the two of them naked together kissing each other’s pussies. At school, she would often be doodling her name on her exercise books and when others weren’t looking draw images of what she imagined Raven looked like naked – erotic drawings that that reflected her Sapphic fantasies. There was not a moment when she was not fantasizing about being with Raven.

Lori’s incessant staring had not gone unnoticed. Raven ignored her at first, but when others started to mention it, she got annoyed. Finally, she spat loudly at Lori, and shouted at her to “Fuck off.”

Lori was very upset. She ran off crying and hid behind the old toilet block after school. To her surprise, Raven turned up. Lori was sure that Raven would hurt her physically but instead of berating her more she put her arm around her and kissed her tear-stained face.

Lori kissed Raven on the lips and Raven returned the kiss, pressing her tongue into Lori’s eager mouth, as she wasted no time in fondling her between the legs. Feeling Lori’s wetness, Raven told Lori to come inside the dirty cramped toilet cubicle. Inside, she told Lori to take off her school uniform and masturbate herself ‘like the little slut she was’, while Raven watched. Lori would do anything for Raven. Anything.

After that initial encounter, the two of them met secretly at Raven’s house as her parents were never around. Lori loved being naked with Raven. Sucking her hard little nipples while having Raven’s fingers frigging her tight little pussy. Raven seemed to have the touch and could make Lori orgasm at her will, over and over – often in mind-blowing multiples. She longed to stay overnight with Raven so that they could play with each other all night long, but she knew that her parents would begin to get suspicious if she suggested it.

Still, she felt compelled to try it anyway.

To her surprise, her parents consented to her sleeping over – they seemed to trust her and told her not to forget to give them a call before sleep time. Sleep time, she grinned to her back teeth, there would be no sleeping only cunt-frigging bliss all night long; fucking Raven’s sex toys and watching hardcore lesbian porn — she stifled a crazed laugh.

With her new sense of freedom, Lori was introduced fully to Raven’s darker side where she claimed to have prayed to the Devil himself. Lori was in shock at such open blasphemy. It made her feel giddy with the extent of Raven’s ability to challenge every belief she held dear and turn it into something undeniably lusty. Raven told her that she prayed to the Devil for longer and harder climaxes and had professed that it had worked for her. Lori was eager to try too (as she had become addicted to the sex).

Raven introduced Lori into the culture of a lesbian rock band called ‘Rockbitch’ famous for the onstage sex fetish antics, which included urinating over each other. When they watched this online for the first time, Lori said that it was a disgusting act. Raven only laughed at her.

She boasted, rather than confessed, to her that she loved the taste of her own urine and that she frequently peed over herself and drank it during her nightly masturbation sessions – especially those that she dedicated to the worship of the Devil. Raven insisted that Lori was to try it and of course, Lori did not need to be coerced to go along with everything that Raven wanted her to do.

Raven made sure that Lori had had plenty of her mother’s homemade lemon squash to drink before bedtime. When Lori wanted to go to the toilet, Raven had said that she must save it.

Lori’s tiny little bladder had begun to hurt and she was so excited that a little pee escaped into her white gossamer-thin panties, making the front damp and translucent. Raven rubbed her fingers up and down, pressing the wet patch of fabric against Lori’s excited intersection – this made Lori wet herself even more. They laughed together. Raven offered Lori her piss-wet fingers to suck.

Lori did as she was told. Raven had grabbed a champagne flute from her mother’s cabinet and positioned it below Lori’s dripping panties.

She told her to pee more. Lori felt some relief from the now painful pressure of an aching bladder and even more excitement about doing such a profane act with her devilish lover. She peed more clear liquid through the thin fabric. The champagne flute filled quickly and Raven lifted the glass to her lips, sipping at the clear liquid as a connoisseur of fine wines. Then she gulped the whole contents down, deliberately letting some spill over her chin, neck, and breasts. She told Lori that it was delicious and that she must try it. Lori refilled the champagne flute and Raven pressed the lip of the glass to her mouth.

“Drink baby. Drink the Devil’s sacred fluids,” said Raven.

Lori sipped her own urine for the first time. It was mostly like warm water with a hint of saltiness, but not unpleasant. She drank the rest of the contents of the glass as Raven pulled Lori’s wet panties to one side as she started to lick her urethra directly, urging Lori to piss more – directly into her mouth this time. Lori giggled and let go of the remainder of her bladder over Raven’s face and mouth. They kissed passionately, and Raven exchanged some of the fluids she had saved in her mouth.

Now it was Raven who sat across Lori’s naked chest and peed a little into her own panties. Lori could smell Raven’s urine – it was much more pungent than hers and the white materials turned a dirty saffron color. Raven laughed at Lori’s discomfort with the headiness of her urine. She lifted her groin forward to press the piss-soaked material directly against Lori’s upturned face. Soon Lori developed a taste for Raven’s piss – drinking her salty hot urine fervently directly from her urethra, as Raven squatted over Lori’s upturned face. Lori liked piss-play with Raven.


Lori’s father, Martin Walters, was concerned with the amount of time that she was spending with her new friends. He had consented to her having sleepovers on weekends, but now she seemed to have skipped a few school lessons and had missed some church commitments. In her father’s mind, she needed to be reminded of the importance of her faith. She needed to be in touch with Jesus Christ, her Savoir; and less in touch with her so-called heathen friends.

It was completely by chance that during one of those times when Lori should have been attending a church activity, as she was missing in action, her father noticed the corner of Lori’s diary poking out from under the edge of her bed mattress. He did not know why she would want to try to hide it there in the first place, as they had no secrets in this house. God saw everything. God knew everything. There was no hiding from God. However, it seemed to pique his curiosity. He would normally never think to invade anyone’s privacy, but this was his daughter and he had noticed a few changes in her behavior and was rather concerned.

Checking that nobody else was around and retrieved the diary to have just a harmless peek. He sat down on the edge of her unmade bed and flipped Lori’s diary open. To his complete and utter horror, he found it filled with vile filth. He was stunned. He could not believe what he was seeing. Every page was covered in the worst kind of blasphemy he had ever seen; words far too obscene to comprehend; accompanied by insane scribbling, drawings depicting perverted lesbian sex acts, fornication, oral sex, twosomes, threesomes, orgies of urolagnia, coprophilia, menstrual sex and themes that were suggestive of Devil worship.

“The Raven loves me. I love the RAVEN. Black is her heart. I lick her menstrual blood from her fingers so that we are bound together by demonic magic. Her CUNT is my temple! My CUNT is so wet! I need to SUCK her clit. She rubs her clit across my lips! I need her fingers in me now. Yes, she makes me CUM so hard. She makes me scream. I want her. I need her. I’m her SLUT slave. LUST! FUCK! CUNT! ASS! I lick her wet slutty CUNT! Frig me hard! I FUCK HER FACE and pray to the DEVIL as she makes me CUM. GOD IS DEAD! FUCK THE CHRISTIAN GOD. FUCK THE MESSIAH. Fuck the church! FUCK MOTHER MARY! FUCK JESUS! Fuck me with the cross. Make me cum on the crucifix. FUCK YER! I worship her CUNT. I lick her ASS. I drink her PISS! I rub her pee over me. She shits and MENSTRUATES in my mouth! I love her! I love her! Raven is my goddess. Raven is the devil’s daughter! Hail Raven. HAIL RAVEN. PRAISE THE DEVIL. PRAISE THE GOD OF SEX. FUCK JESUS! HAIL LUCIFER! HAIL BEELZEBUB! HAIL BAPHOMET! Let me stick the crucifix in my hot wet hole. Rub Jesus hard against my clit. He makes me cum. FUCK! SHIT! CUNT! HAIL SATAN. Hail the DEVIL! Praise the DEVIL! Give me cum! Make me CUM Raven. I need Raven’s fingers inside me NOW!”

Lori’s father was quaking. He closed the book.



As a consequence of Mr. and Mrs. Collins’ horrific discovery, Brother William took their son, Richard or Little Dicky as they called him, away to see the highly revered Dr. Faulkner. Brother William escorted the young boy towards a large modern building with the name ‘Eternity Institution’ emblazoned high upon its featureless walls.

They had traveled quite a distance from his home and all the time Little Dicky had been crying to himself. His face was stained wet with his tears of self-pity. He was of course deeply ashamed of what he had done. He knew that he had hurt his mother and father and that they were equally shamed at having a sodomite as a son. God hates faggots and queers and there is no place in heaven for them. They all went straight to hell. He also felt that God hated him for his sinful and shameful feelings – for being tempted by the Devil and for doing the Devil’s passion. Especially since he had performed the ‘Devil’s dance’.

Little Dicky had overheard the words of the priest saying that the “The Devil Is Transgendered,” and his most recent memory of enjoying the look of the Thai ladyboys had shown his desire to undeniably worship the Devil through his sexual perversion. He knew that the priest was taking him somewhere to be cured of his sickness. The priest had told his parents that there was a doctor who would treat him to make him better. He would never masturbate ever again, as God was his witness, Little Dicky prayed for redemption.

“You must pray hard my son. Pray for forgiveness,” reinforced Brother William.

“Yes, Father.”

“The Devil’s in your loins boy. You are infected by sex demons that have driven you to this carnal wickedness – you must be cleansed of these evil homosexual thoughts; you must be saved from these perverted gay impulses.”

“Oh. Yes Father I will.” Said the timid young boy. He was physically shaking with the fear of God.

“Dr. Faulkner’s A.N.G.E.L. therapy can only help you so far. You must pray. Pray for forgiveness. You must pray hard and repent from this sinful path my son.”

“I’m scared, Father.”

“You should be, Son. The Devil’s inside you now – inside your genitals. Many Christians believe that homosexuals should be castrated as they go against the word of God himself – as it says in the bible ‘A man shall not lie with another man as a man may lay with a woman,’ – but we believe there is still a glimmer of hope for you yet.”

“Oh, Father. Help me. Please!” cried the boy.


Beyond the closed doors of the Eternity Institute, Brother William and the boy were met by Dr. Alex Faulkner herself. She was an elegant woman dressed in a pure white laboratory coat in her late forties with her oily black hair tied back in a bun, not particularly tall, but very slim and wiry. She stared down at Little Dicky through her black-rimmed spectacles.

“Thank you, Brother William. Welcome to the Eternity Institute. So this is the miscreant, Master Richard Collins?” asked Dr. Faulkner.

“Yes, Doctor,” answered the priest.

“And you may call me Dr. F.” said Dr. Faulkner ignoring the boy’s apprehensions whilst looking at him as if he were a specimen.

“Yes … Dr. F.” answered Little Dicky trying to be polite despite his fear.

“I am glad you sort my advice in this matter, Brother William. I must say that not all can be cured, but I have had a higher success rate than most. He’s younger and smaller than you described.”

“The Devil doesn’t discriminate. For the Devil, the younger the better,” said the priest with a grimace.

“Yes of course. Anyway, I have read the case notes and he will be perfect for the A.N.G.E.L. therapy. The therapy will involve a series of assessments and stimuli based on changing the patient’s perception of sexuality. Now let me see, I have processed his documents. Let’s bring him through and get started on in Room ‘A’ immediately.”

Her tone was very cold, analytical, and matter-of-fact.


Little Dicky’s heart beat fast beneath his chest bone as he was quickly ushered down into the bowels of the building and through its deserted hallways. The only sound was that of Dr. F.’s footsteps against the polished concrete floor, as she strutted along on the points of her stiletto heels. They stopped along a corridor with five doors – each with the letter that spelled the word ANGEL. Dr. F. turned the handle of the door marked with a large capital letter ‘A’ and they all entered a whitish room without any windows. Little Dicky noticed that one wall was a complete floor-to-ceiling mirror and the other had a large flat screen mounted on it. There was a padded white chair facing the monitor.

A young female assistant dressed in a white laboratory coat collected the boy’s bag and held a translucent plastic container.

“Please remove your clothes,” instructed the young assistant casually, as if asking Little Dicky to pass the pepper and salt at dinner.

Little Dicky undressed reluctantly. The room was not cold, but he got goosebumps being naked before the priest, doctor, and the female assistant. He felt exposed and when he got down to his underpants he stopped.

“Take them off,” barked Dr. F.

Little Dicky made a vain attempt to cover himself. The female assistant collected Little Dicky’s clothes in the container marked with his patient code, H52, and then guided him to the padded white seat and indicated that Little Dicky should sit down.

He did.

The seat was strange as it had a raised ridge and rounded nub that when he sat down upon it, firstly separated his buttocks and pressed upwards against his perineum – the nub penetrated his sphincter. Little Dicky felt strange but not unpleasant. It was like putting his finger inside his bum as he had done a few times before. The female assistant fastened the white leather straps across his wrists and then his ankles securing the naked Little Dicky to the white chair.

“Attach the penile plethysmograph,” instructed Dr. F. to her young assistant.

Talking into her Dictaphone, the doctor began to make remarks.

“Male patient. Caucasian. Aged eleven years. Reported to have exhibited homosexual tendencies. Starting Analysis phase.”

The female assistant retrieved a small device that resembled a flat plastic bracelet that was connected to a monitor by two wires. The assistant bent over Little Dicky and wrapped the device around the base of his flaccid penis. It was the first time anyone had touched his penis and Little Dicky, despite his embarrassment, felt a little excited by the assistant’s touch. It was over quickly and with the device attached, the assistant stood back.

“So this is the start of the process doctor? How does it work?” asked the priest.

“Well, Brother William, our A.N.G.E.L. therapy has a step process. We start with the ANALYSIS phase, of evaluating and measuring; this is followed by the NEOPHYTE phase, where the patient is subjected to some intense behavior modifications. The GELDING phase is where we intercept behaviors under extreme duress. By then the patient is at make or break – if the patient responds to this phase he or she will then go onto the Elementary phase of acceptance, followed by the LIBERTY phase of re-integration, where they can be reintroduced to their family environment. However, if they have not responded positively to the GELDING phase, they will return to Room ‘N’ in a loop until they do respond positively.”

“What about that gadget? What does that do?”

“I am assuming that you are referring to the penile plethysmograph?”

“Err, yes.”

“Well Brother Williams, it simply monitors the girth of the subject’s penis. We will commence audiovisual stimulation shortly and it will tell us the extent to which he is sexually excited by what he experiences. We have a similar device for young girls that measures blood flow to their vaginal passages.”


“Now, let my assistant, take you through to the viewing room and we will commence.”

The attractive young assistant led the priest away and Little Dicky was along with the Doctor. Now alone with Dr. F., Little Dicky felt his anxiety almost too much to bear. He wanted to cry but also wanted to be strong, as Brother William had advised him. He closed his eyes in a silent prayer.

“In a moment you will see a video. Many videos. In fact. Dirty, filthy pornographic videos, that you’ll keep watching until they stop. Can you do that?” asked the doctor.

Little Dicky nodded again.

The doctor picked up a remote control, pressed a few buttons, and then left the room. Little Dicky was now completely alone — though his audience observed him from behind the two-way mirror.

Dr. F. entered the observation room where her female assistant and the priest were waiting. Talking again in her Dictaphone the doctor recorded further notations.

“In a moment the patient will be exposed to a series of sexual acts. Heterosexual. Lesbian. Gay. And transgender — We shall analyze his sexual responsiveness.”


The video screen came alive. Little Dicky did not know what to expect, only that he felt a little less intimidated without everyone else around and had begun to settle down somewhat.

The first scene was a young male, about fifteen years old, and a young female about the same age, undressing. They began to kiss and fondle one another; this led to mutual masturbation. Soon the boy sucked the girl’s perk little breasts as he fingered her shaved pussy and then the girl began to suck his hard cock. The cute couple started to fuck in quick a raunchy way, with both of them moaning loudly and using profane language. It was all rather straightforward and Little Dicky watched ambivalently – he liked it when the girl wrapped her lips around the young boy’s nice hard cock, groaning and making loud sucking noises, but after that, the whole fucking scene was rather vanilla.

Next, the scene involved two very cute thirteen-year-old girls and was also rather sensual with lots of tongue kissing, fondling, and intimate touching. The two girls giggled and laughed as they played with each other – stroking each other tenderly and orally copulating in a sixty-nine position. The camera zoomed in closely, as the tongue-fucked each other. Little Dicky quickly got bored and found it also tedious, though both girls were very young, sexy, and attractive — he felt only a vague stimulation.

The following scene opened with three young boys, no other than eleven or twelve, all completely naked and already highly aroused — they looked directly into the lens of the camera and were laughing at the instructions being given to them to touch themselves, nevertheless, they complied with the directions off camera and were soon rubbing their own cocks in full view of Little Dicky — who was immediately aroused to full erection. The pretty young boys looked as if they were really enjoying this form of voyeurism. As the camera came close to each of them in succession, they openly showed their full enjoyment of their masturbatory techniques.

Following further instruction, one of the three boys knelt down before the other. The kneeling boy pulled the other boy’s foreskin fully back exposing the angry knob-end of his upright penis. First, using his tongue, he wrapped it around the wet crown and pressed it into his piss slit. He then took it between his parted lips, sucking the engorged head as the recipient bucked hard against his face with the intensity of this pleasuring.

Little Dicky could clearly hear their groans of intimate pleasure — his own cock throbbed with blood flow making his cock pulse as he began to leak pre-cum. Little Dicky desperately needed to rub himself, but with the restraints, all he could do is buck back and forth against the little nub in the seat. The third boy then knelt behind the boy being sucked and the camera followed him, as he began to lick hungrily between the clefs of the standing boy’s buttocks. The camera zoomed in and caught the image of his pink little tongue plunging into the boy’s puckered little crack, licking around the brown flower, pushing his tongue inside as far as he could. Little Dicky wished he had two young boys doing that to him.

The final scene began with two of the same pre-teen boys kneeling before a third participant wearing a very short latex skirt. As the camera panned upwards, it was obvious that the third participant was a feminine cross-dresser, with small bubble-like silicone breasts and an enormous cock that poked out from under the short skirt. Both boys took turns in sucking the cross-dresser’s drooling cock — neither able to take more than the first four inches into their eager young mouths. The cross-dresser rubbed her stiff little nipples and pressed the boy’s face harder against her urgent groin.

Little Dicky was so excited. He thought the scene with the boys alone was hot, but this was even hotter – he hoped that the cross-dresser would fuck the boys with her pink-red cock as he pushed as hard as he could against the little nub that slide further up his anus. The cross-dresser groaned in pleasure and soon Little Dicky’s fantasy started to play out. With one boy on all fours; he was sandwiched between the cross-dresser whose cock head was pressed up against his tiny bubble butt; and the other young boy whose cock filled his mouth.

They were all thrusting back and forth, groaning loudly. Little Dicky’s cock felt as if he could cum without even being touched as his mind focused on the stiff flesh of the cross-dresser’s cock entering the boy’s tight pink anus. The cross-dresser grunted and thrust in and out of the boy’s poop tube. Little Dicky was fascinated – how the young boy could take so much cock into his ass. He was sure that it was impossible. Suddenly, with an enigmatic grin, the cross-dresser abruptly pulled her shit-stained cock from the boy’s ass just in time for it to ejaculate, in thick white wads, over the boy’s open brown eye.

Dr. F. studied their new subject closely. The readings from the penile plethysmograph on the remote monitor showed clearly Little Dicky’s reaction had attained the maximum level of sexual stimulation.

“Subject responded to the initial stimulus,” recorded Dr. F. into her Dictaphone.

She seemed satisfied with the test results.



Lori returned home. She could still taste Raven’s nasty pussy in her mouth when she unlocked the front door and dropped her heavy school bag in the quiet hallway of their home. She looked up at the large crucifix on the hallway wall and remembered that she was supposed to have gone to Bible class — instead, she had been with Raven all afternoon. She stunk of sweat, urine, and sex. She needed a shower before anyone could see the mess she was in – her usual spotlessness was replaced with a bedraggled mess.


It was the voice of her mother coming from the living room.

“Yer mom it’s me – going to the shower,” she answered.

“Can you please come here first?”

“Can it wait? I really need a shower after sports,” she pretended.

“It cannot wait. Can you come here now?” Her mother’s voice sounded disturbed and very sad – almost to the point of cracking up.

Lori stuck her head around the corner. In the living room were her mother, Laura, and father, Martin, and Sister Maria from the local parish church. Missing her Bible class? Oh dear, she quickly tried to think of excuses for her absence.

“Lori, please come in,” insisted Laura.

“We missed you at Bible class today Lori,” stated Sister Maria.

“We need to talk,” said Martin sternly. Lori could sense that she was in real trouble this time and there would be no escape. She thought about retreating – but really, where would she retreat to?

“We need to talk to you about this,” said Sister Maria, holding out Lori’s diary.

Lori’s heart stopped. It was as if all the air in the room had suddenly been sucked out – she could not breathe. Lori looked at her diary knowing full well its graphic contents. She stepped forward and snatched at it, but the nun withdrew it and Lori could only stumble forward between the three accusers.

“Your mother and father are extremely worried about you. And I must add my own feelings of grave concern for your morality child.”

“It’s private. Give it back. You have no right!” cried Lori.

“You have always been such a good girl. This is not the Lori that we brought up? The Lord, as my witness, we never intended this sort of behavior!” bemoaned her Mother, Laura, “It’s that wicked friend of yours … that evil little Goth girl … that ‘Raven’ bitch, from your school. She has been a toxic influence on you!”

Martin held Laura in his arms, comforting her in this extreme moment of stress.

“Demons have the ability to bring about many forms of sickness and diseases. Our minds are subject to their evil torture that may come with many kinds of fears. It is Jesus that showed us the power that was given unto him by God, over all unclean spirits and over all manners of sicknesses of the flesh. It is Satan who sinned against God; was cursed; and cast out of heaven. All the angels that were united with him were also cast out and called demons … this Raven … she sounds as if she could be one of them!” asserted Sister Maria.

Lori simply did not know what to say. She wept openly. Embarrassed. Angry. Confused about everything.

“Can you help her? Can you save my daughter from damnation, Sister Maria?” asked Martin.

“You have a sickness, my dear,” explained Sister Maria in a rather matter-of-fact manner.

“Demons have infected you. Sex demons have corrupted your soul. When you open yourself to sins of the flesh — these evil creatures can be passed from person to person. Most likely ‘Raven’ is infected … and in turn, she has poisoned you too. You show all the signs of infestation. But don’t worry; we are here to help you. I will take you to a place where they can rid you of these unclean spirits — there is a Reverend Mother there that I have been told about and she will know exactly what to do.”

“So it’s not too late Sister?” asked Martin.

“No, it is not too late. There is a cure,” assured Sister Maria, “But we must move quickly if we are to be effectual — I will take her to the Black Cross Ministry without delay.”

“We will go with you Sister.”

“No … Martin and Laura … this is a journey that Lori must make alone – the Reverend Mother of the Black Cross Ministry will be there to guide her … but there is nothing left for either of you to do. Just trust in the Lord.”

“Amen,” said Laura.


It was already dark by the time Sister Maria and Lori arrived at the old monastery that served as the home of the Black Cross Ministry. It was situated in a remote rural area, surrounded on all sides by spasmodic woodlands and farms. She brought the miscreant girl, still dressed in her school clothes to the offices of the Reverend Mother Cassandra Dalton – the foremost expert in the curing of sexual vices.

The room was stark with only an oversized wooden desk; a large wardrobe to one side and an imposing large black cross upon the bare stonewalls. The single naked light bulb was insufficient to really illuminate the entire room – giving it an overbearing, gloomy feel.

Upon arrival, Sister Agatha, the Reverend Mother’s aide, had suggested that Lori change into the simple clothing of an acolyte before being brought before the Reverend Mother for evaluation.

“We are all children of the Lord my dear. Amen,” said Sister Agatha.

Her hand stroked Lori’s hair gently back into place.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes that smell of evil deeds. Don’t be afraid my dear – though the Reverend Mother will be here shortly to test you, she is here to cure you. Remember that,” assured Sister Agatha with a broad smile on her face.

Sister Agatha seemed to be more understanding of the situation, so Lori put up little resistance. She dressed in the course, loose-fitting material of the one-piece tunic that looked as if it belonged to a different century. Lori tried to put up a braver front. She liked this Sister Agatha, as she seemed not to be so condescending and cruel.

“There you are,” added Sister Agatha, getting Lori something to wipe her fresh tears. Turning to Sister Maria, she said, “Sister Maria, thank you for bringing young Lori to the Reverend Mother. She will be here shortly. You have done the right thing.”

“Thank you, Sister Agatha. Lori’s parents are so worried.”

“They need not worry any further. Their prayers will be answered,” Sister Agatha turned back to Lori, lightly caressing the girl’s naked shoulders and arms, “Now when the Reverend Mother comes to test you … you must do whatever she asks you to do, without question, without delay. Do you understand?”

Lori just nodded. Sister Maria passed Lori’s diary to Sister Agatha.

“Shall I wait here with her?” asked Sister Maria, as she was unfamiliar with this situation.

“No. The Reverend Mother will see her first. She will know what to do with Lori – these young ones are so vulnerable; so easily mislead … and the forces of darkness are extremely powerful and persuasive my dear.”

Again, she touched Lori’s bare arms in a soothing and reassuring way.

Lori ventured a glimpse of a smile – unsure of her fate.

“Now, Sister Maria, please wait in the antechamber, the Reverend Mother will address you after the testing.”

Sister Maria reluctantly left the room to pray and await the verdict of the Reverend Mother.


The Reverend Mother Cassandra Dalton was a strong, lean woman of some fifty years but was confined to a wheelchair. Her presence instilled an abrupt change in Sister Agatha, from an intuitive motherly type to austere and militant in her demeanor. Sister Agatha’s hold on Lori’s arm became like an iron grip – holding her like a prisoner in readiness for conviction.

Lori stood awkwardly next to Sister Agatha before her large oak wood desk in the stark office. Lori looked up at the large black cross with the twisted naked body of Jesus Christ cast in shining silver – the literal symbol of the Black Cross Ministry. She had never seen Jesus depicted completely naked before, as his groin was usually covered in some draped cloth cover. Stretched and twisted in agony, his cock appeared large and aroused.

Sister Agatha jerked Lori’s attention back to the crippled Reverend Mother who said nothing straight away. She simply waved her hand, signaling to Sister Agatha to lock the door. Sister Agatha did as she was instructed in complete silence and then returned to Lori’s side. Across the large desk lay, before the Reverend Mother, laid Lori’s diary.

“Sister Maria has explained your situation … she believes that you could be saved from the clutches of the sex demons that possess your soul … she believes that you could be cured … do you want to be cured, Lori?” Asked the Reverend Mother.

“Yes,” said Lori.

“Yes, Reverend Mother,” corrected Sister Agatha.

“I mean … yes … Reverend Mother,” Lori stuttered in a mousy voice.

Feeling intimidated, she spoke almost inaudibly.

“I see. And this is your diary?”

“Yes … Reverend Mother,” replied Lori as she began to weep again openly.

This time there was no sympathy from Sister Agatha.

The Reverend Mother offered a thin-lipped smile.

“Now, now. Don’t cry. You need to be brave. We are here to test you, my dear. Test you to see if we can save you … to test you to see if we can drive out these wicked sex demons that seem to have infested your loins.”

The Reverend Mother picked up Lori’s diary and studied it intensely as Lori stood in front of her squirming with embarrassment. She wanted to die. Nothing could be worse than this. The Reverend Mother took her time to read Lori’s handwritten notes and study her perverted drawings. She sighed occasionally as she turned the pages. It was an agonising process for Lori, as she knew too well all the wicked thoughts that she recorded there – never intending them ever to be seen or read by anothe r… especially not by someone like the Reverend Mother to read from cover to cover.

“Lick my wet slutty cunt!” said the Reverend Mother, reading out loud from Lori’s diary.

“Frig me hard! I fuck her face and pray to the Devil as she makes me cum.”

Lori continued to cry – sobbing louder as the Reverend Mother read her words with contempt and distaste. Sister Agatha held Lori firmly as she awaited instruction from the Reverend Mother.

“I’m her slut. I drink her piss! Raven is the devil’s daughter!” continued the Reverend Mother.

The scribbled drawing showed an image of the two girls naked together, the smaller one lying on her back while the other urinated over her face and into her open mouth – the pencil sketch was highlighted by a dash of bright yellow to indicate the girl’s piss stream.

“It’s not what it seems,” mumbled Lori.

“Liar. Slut. Whore. Jezebel!” screamed the Reverend Mother.

She looked furious. Sister Agatha thrust Lori’s face down across the wooden desk over her open diary. She was over a foot taller than the petite girl and more than twice her body weight. In one fluid movement, the young nun had hitched Lori’s acolyte tunic up over her waist – exposing her nakedness below.

“Eurggggghh! Please don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me!” cried Lori, who was now face down across her diary – she was completely exposed.

“I can smell the sex demons inside of her Reverend Mother. She reeks of their diabolic odors,” stated Sister Agatha with fingers pressed against the girl’s exposed anus and labia – pushing her forefinger and index finger inside the girl’s cunt.

She brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted them.

“Indeed. It’s pungent,” affirmed the Reverend Mother.

The Reverend Mother leaned across the desk pulled Lori’s head up by the hair and pushed the open diary before her, pointing to a specific passage of text that she had hand-written.

“Read your own blasphemous words. Read your perverted diary to me. Read it out loud!” Cried the Reverend Mother, as Sister Agatha roughly worked two fingers in and out of Lori’s tight vagina.

“Ahhhh! It hurts. Please stop,” cried Lori.

“Read. You, blasphemous child! Read!” shouted the Reverend Mother, as Sister Agatha pressed her fingers further up the girl’s cunt.

“Hail Lucifer! Hail Beelzebub! Hail Baphomet,” sobbed Lori.

“Louder!” ordered the Reverend Mother.

As she raised her voice, Sister Agatha thrust her slick-coated fingers in and out, faster and faster – masturbating her as she read out loud.

“Hail Lucifer! Let me stick the crucifix in my hot wet hole. Rub Jesus hard against my clit.

By now Sister Agatha’s frigging was having the desired effect on the young girl and despite her extreme discomfort and embarrassment, she was getting wetter and wetter. The arousal had not gone unnoticed by Sister Agatha, whose fingers were slick with the juices of the girl’s unwanted arousal.

“And…” urged the angry Reverend Mother.

“She makes me cum. Fuck! Shit! Cunt! Hail Satan. Hail the Devil! Praise the Devil! Give me cum!”

Lori was close to orgasm. Panting and confused, she was still face down across the table. She felt Sister Agatha loosen her vice-like grip on her. She had not stopped crying through the whole incident. Sister Agatha pulled her upright – facing the Reverend Mother again.

“Stand upright, slut.” ordered Sister Agatha.

The Reverend Mother played the crucifix that hung around her neck on the outside of her black habit. Though her vision was blurred in the tears, Lori noticed how it matched the large black cross that hung on the wall immediately behind her. She watched as the Reverend Mother toyed with its black rounded crosspieces that held the twisted body of Jesus Christ.

“Call Sister Maria in,” said the Reverend Mother.

Sister Agatha pulled a hard wooden chair up and sat Lori down on it.

“Don’t move. Don’t you dare move!” she ordered.

Sister Agatha left the room and returned with Sister Maria in tow. The Reverend Mother watched Lori intensely from behind her oversized desk. Sister Maria appeared and stood behind Lori.

“The girl is infected with wickedness,” announced the Reverend Mother, “It is the worst kind of wickedness – she is like a true Jezebel. This evilness is entrenched. It is pervasive. It has corrupted this girl utterly and completely – we will need to act immediately if we are to save her soul from the grips of these sex demons.”

“Is there anything I can do?” asked Sister Maria pleaded.

“Unfortunately no. This must be dealt with by means only at the disposal of the Black Cross Ministry.”



The priest swallowed hard and made the sign of the cross. He almost shook from watching the whole depraved process. He knew it was wrong, but there had been some kind of perverse enjoyment he had felt watching the analysis. His cock was still throbbing and was fully erect beneath the folds of his priestly gown. He hoped that nobody else had noticed his arousal. His loins seemed to have a mind of their own that worked in contradiction to his priestly duties. He felt the ignition of a strange desire – an unexpectedly predatory feeling, a lewd and wantonness.

These were not wholesome thoughts and that gave him cause for grave concern. He was supposed to be there as Little Dicky’s as his spiritual advisor – he had a responsibility to his parents.

“You do not look so well, Brother William?” remarked Dr. F.

“I am feeling rather disorientated. Maybe my presence here is disruptive to your important work?” he answered, as to give himself an excuse to slip away from the carnal temptations that seemed to have suddenly gripped him.

“Quite the contrary Brother William. I feel you are a kindred spirit – a new ally to our program.”

“I am not sure what you mean?” replied the priest.

He felt that Dr. F. could see through his mask of philanthropy.

“While one of my assistants makes the preparations for the patient in Room ‘N’, let me take you through to Room ‘L’ – where you will see some of our more advanced patients. That way you will have a better appreciation of the entire process.”

Brother William felt his face burning with guilt but pretended that his flushes were from some unrelated disorder. When the doctor said nothing further about it – the priest felt a sense of relief, especially since his painful erection had begun to subside.

From the long corridor, Dr. F. and Brother William entered Room ‘L’. There were six young boys all dressed in short little shirts and wearing high-heeled shoes. Sitting around in the windowless room painted in pale blue that smelt of baby powder. Their obvious feminization started to bring back the priest’s unwanted arousal. On closer inspection, he noticed how all the children had the same blank expression and vacant look about them – as if they were there in body, but not in spirit.

“See how docile they have become. By the time they reach Room ‘L’, they are almost ready to rejoin society,” noted the proud doctor.

“They look drugged — almost zombie-like?”

“Yes, a side effect of the A.N.G.E.L. therapy can leave some patients listless. But they are more malleable, meek, and no longer capable of committing random acts of homosexuality. They have been cured Brother William – isn’t that the whole point of the exercise?”

“Well, um … is this what will happen to Little Dicky?”

“It’s hard to tell. The exact response to treatment is very individual. But let me tell you a secret. I have engineered their behavioral change, such that I can elicit a very different response from these young children. You said that they are like zombies … well, with the use of a secret trigger word – each and every one of these meek and docile feminized young boys will be beautifully transformed … into the most delightful of sexual deviants.”

“Beautifully transformed? Sexual deviants?”

Her terminology disturbed him greatly … but echoed an unraveling of his own corruption.

“Go on. No need to be coy in front of Dr. F. – I saw you in the ‘A’ Room … staring at him through the two-way mirror. You were gloating at him all naked and excited – you wanted him so much! I know what you are Brother William, even if you didn’t know yourself.”

“You’re … you’re mistaken … none of that is true!” stuttered the hapless priest.

“Dr. F.,” she laughed, “The little ones sometimes call me Dr. Fuck. Especially when I beat them with my riding crop! You must realize by now that there is no cure here. I may be a doctor … but I am no real Christian … and, I am certainly no real woman …”

Dr. Fuck unbuttoned her laboratory revealing her pale nakedness beneath. The priest’s eyes trailed down her long white neck, over her flat bony chest, exposed ribs, and hollow stomach, and down her pubic bone to the hairless male-like genitals below.

“Oh my God. The devil is … transgendered …” he muttered.

“Before the iron curtain finally fell, like many others at that time, during the sexual revolution against the bourgeois society that controlled sexuality – radicals, like me, were free to explore our sexual preferences for young feminized boys – it was thought to be ‘progress’ to encourage sexual encounters with young children and adults.

“Brother William, we could exploit them, use them, to sate ourselves in all the perverted pleasures that we desired. With the political change, came other changes, but I saw an opportunity to relive these glory days of endless pre-teen orgies and my beloved sexual tortures. Yes, they could all be revived. The church and state wanted a cure for the homosexual plague… so I gave them one, and the combination of my cocktail of drugs and psychotic treatments produced a whole army of young boys and girls eager to please my kind … I mean, our kind Brother William.”

“You are crazy!” blurted the priest.

“Indulge me this whim.”

Dr. Fuck removed her gown completely. She stood naked in her thigh-high stiletto boots. She donned a peeked black cap that appeared similar in design to that of German SS offices of the Second World War. With a short riding crop in her hand, she whispered in the ear of two of the docile young boys, both between ten and eleven years old. Their faces lit up immediately. The carnal change was like a light being switched on inside their lusty little minds.

They both immediately knelt before Dr. Fuck, each taking turns in sucking her flaccid white organ. Dr. Fuck looked over at the priest and grinned broadly. It was a victorious grin. The priest was already highly aroused watching their boy-cocks stiffen and poke upwards from beneath their short girlie shirts. Both boys eagerly began to masturbate themselves, their little pink tongues flicked out of their open mouths at the exposed red knob of Dr. Fuck’s thickening cock that was already pointed upwards toward the ceiling.

Dr. Fuck laughed insanely.

“Don’t be shy Priest … You want what I am getting? You want a nice white little cherub to suckle that nasty fuck meat of yours?” Cried Dr. Fuck. Her long bony fingers pressed one of the boy’s heads closer so that she was now violently fucking his open mouth – her long thin she-cock throbbed with distinctive bluish veins that now pulsing with the blood of her perverted arousal. The priest watched and drooled.


Little Dicky recognized the totally black decor from Room ‘N’ – it was the same room in the sexy videos that he had been shown during his first session. He was not alone. There were already two boys about his age waiting. Like him they were unclothed. They both had their knees drawn up close to their chests as they sat still on the black padded floor.

“Sit here,” ordered the Assistant, who turned on her heels and reversed direction.

The two boys looked nervously at him. Little Dicky felt very nervous too but ventured the first words.

“What are they going to do to us?” he asked.

“Not sure,” mumbled the first boy.

“It’s what they expect us to do to each other I think,” said the second.

“What do you mean?” asked Little Dicky.

“They … they will tell us to do, you know, sex stuff with each other,” Stated the second boy.

“Sex stuff?” Asked Little Dicky

His flaccid little cock twitched at the prospects (his mind was still deeply aroused by the video show).

Just then assistant returned with some strange-looking props.

“We’re going to play a game,” she said, “You like playing games right?”

“Yes,” ventured Little Dicky while the other two remained silent.

“One of you gets to play as Devil-boy and the others get to be his worshipers.”

“I don’t like this stupid game!” announced the second boy.

His face was red and flushed with panic.

“Well then, you don’t get a turn at being Devil-boy.”

The assistant looked annoyed. She stepped forward and slapped the boy’s face so hard it sent him backward.

Turning to Little Dicky and the first boy, she said. “Now, which one of you too would like being Devil-boy?”

Little Dicky’s hand shot up straight away. He thought about what Brother William had said about the ‘devil being in his loins’ and how he first discovered how he loved to do the “Devil Dance” whilst he masturbated naked in front of the dressing mirror. He wanted to be Devil-boy more than anything else. His cock was already stiff as a board and dribbling with clear fluids. The assistant smiled at his enthusiasm for her perverted sex game.

“Okay, you will be Devil-boy. Now put on this costume.”

She gave Little Dicky a black latex mask with zippers for eyes and mouth, small nose holes, and two quaint little horns that stood upright on either side of the head. He put the mask on. The latex smelt funky but he liked it. Next, she gave him an anal dildo that started off very thin but tapered down in circumference, so that the base was shaped like a butt plug with a small forked tail hanging below – he pushed it up his rectum until the butt plug was secure and swayed back and forth – admiring his new tail. The anal dildo immediately heightened his arousal as it pressed upwards rubbing against his prostate. She then gave Devil-boy a pair of black stiletto shoes to wear that made him stand at least four inches taller. He liked wearing girly high heels – it made him feel very sexy.

“That’s it. You make a pretty Devil-boy!” affirmed the kinky assistant, as she removed her laboratory coat.

Devil-boy liked her better when she was naked, as he could see that she was no longer a real girl, as her girl-cock stood out as hard as he did. Another assistant who carried a professional-looking video camera joined the first — she smiled at Devil-boy’s obvious arousal at the sight of their feminine cocks. The first assistant pressed the play button on a small music box and the sounds of native drumming filled the air – it reminded ‘Devil-boy’ of those National Geographic videos that he liked with the near-naked niggers of the Dark Continent, dancing around their stone idols.

“I don’t want to play this game anymore,” said the second boy (obviously this was not his first time) and he started to cry.

The first boy smiled at Devil-boy … his little pecker was also very hard.

“I like to worship Devil-boy,” he said.

The first boy then knelt in front of Devil-boy and began kissing his erection as Devil-boy thrust back and forth to the beat of the native drums. Devil-boy loved doing his little “Devil Dance’ whilst being worshiped by other young boys.

“See,” said the first assistant.

She knelt down too next to the first boy, taking her time to kiss the Devil-boy’s hard little cocklet as the other assistant caught the cock dance all on high-definition video. Turning to the second boy.

“If you don’t want to worship Devil-boy willingly, that means that we must force you!”

“I don’t want to. Just leave me alone! Go away!”

“What shall we do Devil-boy?” asked the first assistant playfully, as she kissed and licked around his tight little scrotum.

Devil-boy thought for a moment.

“We should make him change his mind.”

“And how do you think we should do that Devil-boy?”

“The Devil-boy thinks we should fuck his face and piss in his mouth. If that doesn’t work, we should hold him down and fuck him hard in his bottom hole!”

The assistant laughed.

“Excellent. You learn fast. Very fast. I’m going to enjoy this. You make a wonderful Devil-boy. Let’s do exactly as you desire, Devil-boy!”


Dr. Fuck and the priest returned to Room ‘N’ to see that her assistants had advanced to the next stage. Brother William discarded his priestly robes, giving up any pretense of his so-called godliness. His cock was already drooling at the sight of the naked assistants and the three boys – so much delicious cock to suck. A lifetime of pent-up sexuality had been released. He was pleased to see that the slender long-haired assistant was half girl, half boy. His thought about “The Devil Is Transgendered” was foremost in his mind, as Dr. Fuck had revealed her mixed gender identity. He knew he was in the company of sexual demons – now as the game was playing out, the young boy, who he recognized as Little Dicky, was dressed in a strange mask.

“Devil-boy,” said Dr. Fuck, “It’s a game we love them to play. It breaks down the sexual inhibitions and introduces them to some of the darker aspects of an eternity of debauchery.”

The priest smiled. He did not miss the secret meaning of eternity – his cock was desperate for release.

“I understand,” replied the horny priest as he now shamelessly stroked himself, “And when this game is over … what happens next?”

“Next, I think you want a couple of “devil boys” all to yourself … don’t you? As you have some sex demons of your own to appease?”

“That would be an understatement!” the priest simply grunted – his attention was centered on the naked sexy five-some.


The boy who’d refused to cooperate had already been overwhelmed. Collectively, the three of them had pinned him down on the padded floor. The assistant held his legs wide, whilst the first boy held his arms aloft behind his head. Devil-boy swayed back and forth to the insistent beat of the native drums as he danced above the boy’s heaving chest. The boy grimaced and struggled to break free from his oppressors but he simply did not have the strength. Devil-boy was laughing and slapped the boy hard in the face several times until he stopped struggling beneath him. The first assistant goaded Devil-boy to force the boy to suck his hard little cock.

“Please me … and we will let you go,” promised Devil-boy.

He had no intention of keeping that promise. This was just the beginning of the adventure. Devil-boy’s bladder was full and was in urgent need of being relieved. He wanted desperately to piss – and he was going to do it down the boy’s throat; maybe drench the boy in hot salty pee; then fuck his face and bum hole until his ‘white stuff’ came out. The beat thumped loudly. Yes! Yes! Yes!



Sister Maria looked down for a moment and prayed in silence. She called upon the strength of her beliefs. She thought of Laura and Martin in pain for the wrongdoings of their daughter. She thought of the trust that they had instilled in her. She felt compelled to help this poor girl. To witness firsthand the exorcism for herself – to be sure that Lori was cured. She had to see this through, whatever that meant.

“Reverend Mother, I am committed to this course of action. I want to help this young girl … and others like her. These demons must be purged from her soul. Please allow me to participate in the exorcism. I am willing to become a Sister of your order and will submit to whatever you believe is necessary …”

The crippled Reverend Mother did not address Sister Maria right away, instead, she instructed Sister Agatha on what to do next.

“Call Sisters Cassandra, Rita, Joanna, and Sophia. Make preparation ‘The Room of Sin’.”

“Yes, Reverend Mother,” answered Sister Agatha leaving immediately to gather her sisterhood in accordance with the Reverend Mother’s wishes.

Turning back to Sister Maria, the Reverend Mother pushed her wheelchair around so that she faced the younger nun. She took Sister Maria’s hand in her ice-cold fingers.

“Though it pleases me to see such commitment … before you take this path, I must explain what we do here – it may change your mind before it’s too late. We the Sisters of the Black Cross Ministry, and cure those who have strayed from God’s righteous path – those who have become infected with sex demons and want only to do the Devil’s wickedness. We do this by consumption. The only way to atone for these sins is for us to trick these demons to leave their young hosts and it is through the process of exorcism that we absorb them into ourselves. This is not an easy task and there is a grave price that we must pay. Are you ready for that?”

“Yes, Reverend Mother I want to help Lori. I want to help those unfortunates that have fallen!”

“It will be shocking. It will test your belief to the extreme!”

“I am ready.”

“Then we shall proceed. Bring this girl and I will lead the way.”

With those last words, the Reverend Mother’s strong arms pulled her wheelchair around to face the doorway. In her lap was Lori’s perverted diary. Sister Maria helped the sobbing girl to her feet and followed the Reverend Mother to the ‘The Room of Sin’.


‘The Room of Sin’ was a darkened elongated space with high lofty ceilings. The plain walls were plastered from floor to ceiling in an obscene wallpapering of pornographic images – they seemed to have been attached to every vertical surface. Above the bed suspended against the furthest wall was an inverted black cross – Jesus hung naked, erect, and upside down – his penis seemed to be so long that it reached his open mouth.

In the middle of the room, there was a low narrow bed covered in a simple black sheet. The four edges of the low bed had long curved wooden phalluses that protruded from the wooden base and pointed upwards on all four sides. The room itself was light with fat black candles that lined the pornography gallery walls. Sisters Agatha, Cassandra, Rita, Joanna, and Sophia were already awaiting the arrival of their Reverend Mother. They all knelt around the bed frame praying in absolute silence.

As the Reverend Mother entered ‘The Room of Sin’ Sister Agatha stood up and indicated that Sister Maria should take her place joining their bedside vigil. Sister Agatha and Sister Cassandra stripped Lori of her gown and brought her to the low bed. They forced her to lay naked across it and secured her, by the wrists and ankles, binding her with crude ropes to the four phallic bedposts.

The Reverend Mother pushed her wheelchair forward until it rested near the foot of the bed. As the sisters prayed out loud in strange Latin verses, Sister Maria remained still, unclear about what would happen next. She glanced around at the filth that covered every wall – she could see the way they called it ‘The Room of Sin’. It felt bizarre among these strange sisters of the Black Cross Ministry – to which she had now committed herself to. There was something almost sinister but equally compelling that kept her remaining steadfast in this course. She looked across at Lori’s naked spreadeagled body – this was for her own good, she thought; this was to save her soul from certain damnation. She must be set free from these toxic demons.

“It is time,” announced the eager Reverend Mother.

The four nuns removed their black habits, leaving only their wimples on. Sister Maria could see for the first time that the naked sisters had all been obscenely tattooed, each with the blasphemous face of the Devil emblazoned upon their groins — Satan’s malevolent face etched in all its wickedness, his horns reaching up over the pubic bone stretching as far as their midriffs and his obscene open mouth formed from the hairless lips of their disdained vaginas.

“See the mark of the Sisterhood, Sister Maria. We must consume their inner demons – drawing them out into the open. We must trick these sexual demons into leaving their host… It is us that must eat the sins of the wicked,” cried the Reverend Mother.

“Amen!” chanted the Sisters.

“I’m her slut. I drink her piss!” read the Reverend Mother from Lori’s diary.

Sister Agatha groaned with glee. She climbed up on the low bed and stood directly over Lori’s upturned face as she rubbed herself vulgarly. Her tattooed vagina was slick with excitement and open, exposing the inner pink flesh of her urethra; above which her thumb-sized clitoris now protruded from between her labia – it looked as if the Devil was poking his tongue out of his ugly mouth. The other Sisters began to press their Satan-faced cunts against the long wooden dildos that extended from all sides of the bed – their obscene prayers had become grunting and groaning as they each impaled themselves on the thick wooden phalluses.

Sister Agatha balanced on her hands, hovering no more than six inches above Lori’s distressed face. Sister Agatha groaned as she began to urinate over Lori’s face and upper body. Her foul-smelling yellow fluids splashed over Lori, soaking her face, hair, and the thin bedding beneath her. ‘The Room of Sin’ stunk like a public urinal. Lori twisted against her bidding but found that escape was impossible as the hot salty rain soaked her from above. Sister Agatha laughed and squatted lower, forcing her piss-wet cunt over Lori’s mouth.

“Lick my wet slutty cunt!” read the Reverend Mother from the diary.

Sister Cassandra bent forward gripping Lori’s spread legs pressing the wooden dildo as deep into her cunt as it could and leaned over so that her face was directly between Lori’s legs – she began to lick feverishly at Lori’s tight little child-cunt. Meanwhile, Sister Rita and Sister Joanna each sucked upon the young girl’s budding breasts humping their hot wet cunts and their own phallic dildos. Sister Sophia knelt upon the dildo at the rear masturbating frantically as she prayed to summon the sex demons and draw them from the girl.

“Hail Lucifer! Let me stick the crucifix in my hot wet hole. Rub Jesus hard against my clit,” continued the Reverend Mother, raising her voice louder and louder, repeating Lori’s blasphemous words.

Sister Cassandra wiped the cunt juice from her lips and pressed the long arm of her black crucifix into the child’s little cunt hole. Pushing the arm deep enough so that the twisted body of Jesus Christ was pumping up against the child’s tiny clitoris. Lori screamed into Sister Agatha’s dripping cunt that now covered her face. Lori felt impaled upon the girth of the black cross as Sister Cassandra fucked it in her baby cunt, twisting it in a slow and deliberate movement.

Sister Maria stood back and watched everything unfold dispassionately. Her ability to decipher between right and wrong, good and evil seemed blurred. It was beyond bizarre. She felt confused; on one hand, she wanted desperately to save the girl; on the other, she gravely feared what this all meant. She was truly conflicted. There had been nothing to prepare her for this moment and she trembled in anticipation of what would happen next. She knew that she should be disgusted – but there was something in the back of her mind that told her that this is what needed to be done … what had to be done … what must be done.

“Undress Sister Maria. You must join your devoted sisters in tempting the sex demons. Do your part, Sister … tempt the demons and save your little girl,” commanded the Reverend Mother with a gravelly voice.

Sister Maria shyly slipped her habit over her head. She could not believe that she was going along with this facade. It was unholy yet righteous. Depraved yet divine. Unlike the other sisters, she also had undergarments to remove. Finally standing before the Reverend Mother. She was now completely naked – though she had been naked many times before other sisters of the cloth (mostly for bathing), this felt very different. She hoped that she could be alluring enough ‘eat the demons’, as the Reverend Mother had described it.

Sister Agatha was now riding back and forth, wriggling with obvious pleasure and obsessed with this deviant activity. The unfortunate young girl’s cries seemed to be a mixture of pleasure and agony. The Reverend Mother pointed a twisted finger towards Sister Agatha’s direction, whilst looking directly at the naked Sister Maria.

“Take her place. Ride her demons. Draw them forth, Sister.! Do your part! You must be lewd to save her! You must be depraved to save her. Do it now! Do it before it’s too late!”

Sister Maria looked at Sister Agatha, who had stood up again and held out her hand to help Sister Maria up upon the piss-soaked mattress. Sister Maria did as the Reverend Mother had commanded. She steadied herself with Sister Agatha’s help above the sobbing girl who begged them to stop. Her fingers parted her hairy untrimmed cunt and pressed down upon her bladder sending a cascade of her warm urine over the girl below.

“Yes!” cried the jubilant Reverend Mother.

Sister Maria had never felt stranger … but there was an unexpected spark – definitely a strong feeling of sex arousal. She must be summoning the deviant demons from within the child, she thought. This was the purpose of these depraved acts. It was her calling to free this young child. She was doing God’s work – saving the girl from an eternity of damnation.

“Arrghhhh …” Sister Maria pressed three fingers into her hot wet cunt and groaned in her public pleasuring. Having completely emptied the content of her bladder, she then squatted down as Sister Agatha had done, pressing her hairy minge over Lori’s face, squirming with lewdness at the sensation of doing such a wicked act.

“Fuck! Shit! Cunt! Hail Satan,” read the growling Reverend Mother, “Hail the Devil! Praise the Devil! Give me cum!”

The deformed Reverend Mother dropped Lori’s diary as Sister Sophia scrabbled forward to help her stand up from her wheelchair. Awkwardly she removed her long black habit.

Sister Maria looked across at the naked Reverend Mother and gasped. From the waist up, she looked much younger than her years — as perky as any of the other young nuns, with breasts that defied gravity, firm with long pointed nipples crowning her coin-sized areolas. But looking downwards Sister Maria could see that her deformed legs were not only covered entirely with long fur-like hair but also ended with hoofed feet.

As she stood up, Sister Maria could see between her parted thighs hung an ugly appendage; a long semi-erect penis nestled at ninety degrees upon a pair of low hanging testicles — its grotesque foreskin began to retract to down its leathery feral sheath to reveal a wet bulbous purple head.

“See Sister Maria!” growled the mutated Reverend Mother, “This is the price we pay for the deliverance of others! — penitence and atonement come at a terrible price — a price that must be extracted from our blessed sisterhood. It is us that must consume the depravity of these sinners; devour the demons of the flesh; drawing them into us, absorbing their shamefulness, to be trapped within us — it is the only way to save their guilty souls!”

Sister Cassandra had removed the soiled crucifix from the girl’s lubricated cunt and moved aside, to allow the Reverend Mother to take her place between the child’s spread legs. The Reverend Mother lifted the girl’s lower torso with unnatural strength so that the child’s vagina was aligned with the Reverend Mother’s bestial sexual organs. No longer a crippled old woman, she seemed to move with the feral gracefulness of the beast, like a wild and dangerous predator pouncing upon her stalked prey.

“Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck!” groaned the entranced young girl.

Sister Maria pressed down harder to smother her noise as she rubbed the nub of her engorged clitoris. She felt an electric shock followed by the warmth of extreme pleasure flood throughout her body. Was it her imagination, or did she feel something move between them, like an arc of electricity leaping between the young child and herself? The pleasure continued to intensify – she could see how addictive this could become. It filled her with a renewed carnal desire that was building faster and faster. Something seemed to be willing her from within towards a new apex of debauchery.

“Aaaarghhhhhhh …” screamed the nun.

At the same time, she felt the child beneath her muffled scream into her highly aroused cunt as she watched the Reverend Mother plow her demonic cock deep into Lori’s torn vagina, pressing it inwards and upwards, driving up into her immature cervix. Sister Maria was on the verge of a colossal orgasm but knew exactly what she needed to take her over the edge. She crawled forward over the body of the struggling child and turned around so that her backside faced the goat-legged Reverend Mother.

“Fuck me … Fuck my dirty ass with the Devil’s cock!”

The Reverend Mother groaned loudly, pulling her she-cock from the young girl’s cunt. Long strings of bodily fluid poured forward as she withdrew her obscene sigmoid-like sex organ. She leaned forward against Sister Maria, pressing it against the younger nun’s anal opening. Sister Maria felt possessed with the desire to have the Reverend Mother’s deformed animal-like appendage stuffed inside of her; to have it ejaculate inside her filthy bowels – to fuck her in the most degrading way.

Lori and Sister Maria now lay face-to-face as the freakish Reverend Mother began to sodomize her. Sister Maria licked at Lori’s soiled face, neck, and down over her tiny breast buds. Her tender young skin was covered in the combined filth of both Sister Agatha’s piss, shit, and cunt juices as well as her own. Greedily Sister Maria sucked upon the child’s nipples. She felt the tip of the Reverend Mother’s demon-like cock entered her anus – she pushed backward against it, forcing its bulbous head inside her itchy rectum. As it stretched her poop tube the pain was intense – but the pain soon gave way to a new intensity, drawing her back towards the evil orgasmic pleasures that the sex demons trapped inside of her demanded.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” Sister Maria screamed.

All hell seemed to have broken loose as she felt a torrent of juices explode deeply inside her rear, filling her bowels and intestinal tract. Her orgasm was long and hard. She bucked uncontrollably at the crescendo of her orgasmic wave – she could feel the sex demons within her as they all collectively reached their demonic climax and then she passed out.



Dr. Fuck idly stroked her long white cock with one hand and roughly rubbed the tip of her finger against her itchy asshole with the other. As she dreamed her evil plans, the pleasure intensified, and her strokes became firmer and faster as she finger-fucked her prostrate. She groaned out loud. Yes, she thought, the corrupted priest was so pleasurable and he would make a loyal addition to her so-called “Research and Development” team. He was now primed to surely bring her many more “Troubled boys” for their cure.

The current batch of young boys and girls that had been through the A.N.G.E.L therapy were due for reassignment – and she had a number of interested parties, expressing their perverted willingness to continue their re-education. She would need to create cover stories for their apparent failures and subsequent need for further treatment. Some of course would never be returned to their past lives. Her assistant had expressed a great deal of promise in that Little Dicky – the small boy that Brother William had brought to her. She said that he had been an exceptional student and though his treatment had only just begun, she reported that he would be soon ready for Room ‘G’ where his priest would most certainly want to get involved directly in his therapeutic journey. It was all going well at the ‘Eternity Institute’.


It had been two months since Sister Maria’s induction into the darker side of the mysterious Black Cross Ministry. The shock of everything that had transpired was still fresh in her mind. She had learned that the sex demons could take many sessions to remove – in fact, Lori had taken almost a month of multiple sessions in ‘The Room of Sin’ to cure. After that, young Lori had spent that time in the infirmary and now Sister Maria had returned her to her parents — a happy family once again.

Sister Maria had ceremonially received her vagina tattoo and had partaken in many more exorcisms of budding young girls – each infected with sexualized demons; each exorcism had brought her deeper into the fold of the Sisterhood; and each had infected her with an increasingly strong demonic libido. She masturbated almost constantly, as did the other sisters, in an effort to hold her personal demons at bay. Sex with the Reverend Mother and the other Sisters of the Black Cross Ministry had given new meaning to her life, a new purpose for her faith. She consulted with the Reverend Mother and they both agreed that the next step was to deal with this Raven girl. Sister Maria looked forward to bringing her to ‘The Room of Sin’.


To be continued?


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