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CREATED: 22.07.2020 GIN & KRIS / REVISITED: 08.09.2023

Pleasure Has No Boundaries 6


The setting is now. Today, more or less. Gin is a typical Asian thirteen-year-old, growing up in a fast-paced Asian metropolis. She moved with her mother, Maggie, and her father, Alfred, to Hong Kong from Singapore, half her lifetime away. Her father works for a large multinational. He travels a lot. Her mother lives a leisurely lifestyle and when she isn’t teaching at the local parish’s Sunday school, you will find her at high tea with her friends. Though they all have deep Catholic roots in their family going back over three generations, things are becoming unhinged in Gin’s life.

First, Gin sees her mother’s religious faith begin to wane – slowly and surely. Her spiritual insouciance drives Gin to discover even more strange changes. There are disturbing signs including her mother’s infidelity—with another woman. Even worse, Gin suspects her mother of some kind of devil worship. It seems her wayward mother has developed a proclivity towards bizarre sexual perversions and even pedophilia. Inadvertently, poor little Gin feels caught; in between her own pious beliefs; and the corruptive influence of her mother’s new lover—a strange and intoxicating modern-day witch, called Kris—Soon Gin finds herself in a downward spiral that involves sexual abuse, incest, and satanical rites.


  • Gin (13) – Maggie’s daughter, quiet and brooding, dancer, A-cup
  • Kris (49) – Maggie’s secret lover, satanist, connected to the 14K triads and child trafficking, pedophile, petite, A-cup, shaven, short hair, slim build
  • Maggie (39) – our protagonist. Christian, Sunday school teacher, bi, shoulder-length hair, slim build, small tits/AB-cup, very attractive
  • Hannah (23) – Maggie’s younger sister, highly religious, adapt student, cute like a china-doll, used to love Korean dramas and the violin
  • Man Yi AKA Ay Yi (8) – Abigail’s daughter, small, petite, A-cup
  • Abigail (35) – Mother of Man Yi, Tai Tai, bi, satanist, another lover of Kris’s
  • Kim Ching Bi (20) – Hannah’s Korean flatmate, student
  • Delilah Levert (38) – Teacher at St Mary’s School Ascot, African, tall, athletic
  • Lilian Page (16) – Student from St Mary’s
  • Sister Melissa (52) – Nun and teacher at St Mary’s School Ascot
  • Jasmin Anderson (13) – Exchange student from Hong Kong, British/Chinese mix
  • Alfred (55) – Husband of Maggie, Regional CFO of MNC


Gin was a typical Asian thirteen-year-old. She struggled a bit at high school but was improving in her grades. The one thing she hated the most was being treated like a kid.

Her young life had revolved around her school, extracurricular activities, and their local parish — at Church of the Saints—For more than half her lifetime, she had lived away from her home in Singapore, in the high-rise metropolis of Hong Kong. Her father, Alfred, was the Chief Financial Officer for a big multinational. His company had sent them overseas (as a family), so he could be closer to Greater China and the emerging markets. At the time, it had been such a huge change for Gin. She had left behind her maternal grandparents, Grace and John, and her favorite auntie (her mother’s younger sister), Hannah.

Her mother, Maggie, was a thirty-nine-year-old woman, who always dressed smartly and elegantly. She was an attractive woman with a taste for fashion street branded goods. Gin had always thought of her as a sensible and responsible mother with strong Christian values.

Her father was much older than her mother. He was now fifty-five and rather overweight. Too many cigars and too much brandy, maybe. He was away for business most of the time (traveling for a week or two at a time). When he was away, her mother would usually keep herself occupied with her church activities. She’d been a teacher and in charge of the parish Sunday School for as long as Gin could remember. Even before they all moved, to Hong Kong from Singapore, Gin vaguely remembered her mother being a teacher there too.

They lived in a luxury apartment, high on the hill, that looked out upon an envious view of Victoria Harbor. But despite all their expensive facilities, expatriate privileges, and an upmarket lifestyle, things had been rather strained lately.

For a start, Gin found her mother to be more distant. She seemed secretive about something. Gin was not sure what was up and had no real reason to suspect her mother of any clandestine agenda. And there was nothing specific to support this notion. It just felt weird. As time went on, Gin noticed other subtle changes. They were all small things at first. With increasing frequency, when her father was away, she noticed her mother would act self-absorbed and very private. Her bedroom door was frequently locked. She would talk on the phone for long periods of time in a hushed tone (so nobody could hear her conversations). And she would be on her computer incessantly.

But, Gin had other things on her mind too.

She had lots of homework assignments to contend with; as well as her sports commitments and enrichment classes in Mandarin. She’d heard that her favorite auntie, Hannah, had won a full scholarship to the prestigious London School of Economics and would be moving to the UK for her post-graduate studies. Gin really looked up to her. Hannah was so smart and so pretty. Gin hoped that one day that she would be as intellectual and sexy as Auntie Hannah, who had always topped her classes; been active in the Young Ministry; as well as being an accomplished violinist in the Katong Church choir.

Fortuitously, Gin had been put forward by her school for a three-month foreign student exchange program with a British school, called St. Mary’s School Ascot. This was supposed to be one of the leading Roman Catholic boarding schools for girls, aged between eleven and nineteen. It was located, some forty-five minutes from the center of London.

Gin liked their motto, which was—Dei Gloriam as Maiorem — which translated to “The greater glory of God” — Maybe, by the grace of God, she would get a chance to see her favorite auntie while attending the exchange program.


Things really started to get weird about the time her mother became close friends with an older woman called Kris.

Kris wasn’t like her mother’s usual churchy ladies, who were all very tall, prim, and proper. No, Kris was very different. For a start, she was very short and petite. Gin guessed that she would be in her late forties, maybe early fifties. Kris had cropped spiky hair and wore strange Goth-like makeup, jewelry, and clothing. She was almost always in black. Though Gin hadn’t really seen her that many times, Kris had made an impression on her. She thought she looked pretty cool and a bit of a rebel. She even had a visible tattoo on her neck. Kris had treated her like a grown-up when they met — Gin liked that.

Gin had seen them smoking together. This wasn’t something that her mother had ever done before. Her father would definitely not approve. And there was one time, Gin wasn’t exactly sure, but she thought she saw them kiss. It wasn’t like a ‘hello’ kind of kiss, but it appeared to be a more mouth-to-mouth kind of kiss. It was confusing. It wasn’t that Kris did anything bad to Gin. Quite the contrary. Kris seemed to go out of her way to be nice to her during the very short and spasmodic times that they had crossed paths. Her mother usually met Kris outside.

Life had continued. Her father traveled away. Her mother seemed disconnected. And Gin just got on with things. Then she got an unexpected email. It was sent to her personal Gmail account. Usually, only her close school friends sent her messages; sometimes, she got something from her Auntie Hannah.

But this message was from her mother’s cool friend, Kris. She wondered how the woman could have got her address; and realized that it must have been from her mother. Gin read the short message that invited her for an ice cream. She said that she had a gift for her. Kris said something about the gift being a bit grown-up and her mother might not approve. She said that Gin was older now and shouldn’t be treated like a baby. She was thirteen going on fourteen and almost a woman. Kris sounded very sweet. Gin liked being thought of as a woman. Kris said that she wanted them to be good friends and asked Gin to keep this secret.

Curious, Gin replied. She said that she’d meet Kris in Mong Kok the next day after school. Her mother has a church event on that evening, so she knew that she would not be missed around the house — knowing her mother lately — she felt that she probably wouldn’t even notice anyway.


Gin was not particularly tall for her age and was still a little slow in the breast development area. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror as she brushed her shoulder-length hair and brought it together in a ponytail.

Her classmates often complimented her on having a pretty face, and there were a few boys in her form class who had a bit of a crush on her. She really didn’t care for them. She took her studies very seriously. And besides, she figured, if she was to meet a boy she liked, he would have to be from her church. Their religious upbringing was very important. She remembered her Auntie Hannah had a boyfriend when she was her age. He was very handsome and respectful. They had talked about becoming Christian missionaries together to spread the Gospel of Jesus. She thought that this was the kind of boyfriend she wanted.

On this occasion, Gin had been uncharacteristically fussy about her dress before going to meet her mother’s friend in Mong Kok. She wanted to look different from her usual school uniform or t-shirt and pants. She tried on a few outfits and settled on something that looked a little Goth. She hoped Kris would notice. She borrowed eyeliner from her mother’s bathroom. She liked to be seen as mature. Even her own mother was so condescending sometimes. Her mother just wasn’t very cool at all. She remembered how Kris had called her a woman. She liked that, even though, she still liked childish things — like her puzzle games, soft toys, and her Hello Kitty phone cover — there was a part of her that really wanted to be taken seriously.


Gin had walked to the MRT station and got the train to Ocean Park Station. She changed trains at Admiralty and then onto Mong Kok. It took less than an hour, but the trains had been very busy. Mong Kok was crowded as usual. They had arranged to meet at Haagen-Dazs in Grand Plaza. And as Gin arrived she saw that Kris was already waiting.

“Hi, Gin. Glad you made it,” said Kris, “You look lovely.”

“Thanks, Auntie Kris,” responded Gin as she hopped onto one of the stools at the bench table.

“Just call me Kris. Auntie sounds too formal. We’re friends right?” said Kris.

“Of course, Kris.”

Gin gave her a q uick peck on the cheek. Kris smiled at Gin’s openness. Kris placed her hand over Gin’s. It was warm and firm.

“You didn’t tell your mother, did you?” asked Kris with a grin.

“No. You said to keep it secret.”

Kris nodded and stroked Gin’s hand lightly.

“Well, I like your new look,” remarked Kris.

She took in Gin’s attempt to look at a more alternative lifestyle — rather than an expatriate rich kid— Gin slipped from the tall stall and did a quick runway-like turn to show off her black Goth ensemble.

“Your make-up is especially nice. It brings out your maturity,” lied Kris, “What flavor of ice cream would you like?”

They chatted for a long time about everything. Gin found Kris so easy to talk to. So open. She didn’t talk down to her. In fact, she asked her advice and treated Gin like an equal. Gin felt kindred to this woman in a way that she never imagined she would. Kris asked about her school; her sports (tennis and dancing); her friends; and her church. She never looked bored once.

Gin smiled and ate another scoop of ice cream. Gin mentioned that she saw her mother smoking with Kris. Kris only laughed and asked Gin if she’d ever tried. Gin confessed that she had tried smoking at school with a few of her friends. Well, more like after school, as she knew the school had very strict rules in place about smoking, drinking, and sex.

Kris said that she didn’t believe in the Christian god and never went to church. Gin was amazed by this. Everyone she knew was deeply religious. Yet Kris openly ran against the grain. Kris said she believed in female power; that society was overrun by masculinity.

Kris said that she worshiped a goddess. Again Gin was simply astonished. She found it interesting. She had always had a romantic fascination with spirits, faeries, and mythical creatures. Nothing too dark, but not exactly the kind of thing you brought up at in the confessional. She had read about things like this on the internet, but up until now, had just dismissed these occult ideologies as unchristian.

“They are,” said Kris quite proudly, “The Goddess will set you free. In in past, the church would torture and burn women like me … like us,” she paused. “They would call us heretics, witches, siphoners, and Jezebels. As a child, they try to fill your head with their male doctrine. They tell you that this is a sin; that is a sin; if you don’t do this, you will go to hell — it’s all about control— Gin. They want to control our free spirits. They want us to be slaves to their uncaring god — do these thoughts scare you?”

The truth was that Gin was not scared. She liked talking with Kris. She wanted to know more about this strange religion.

“I’m not scared,” she stated unequivocally.

“So you’re not going to run away?” Kris half-joked, “Knowing that I believe in the power of witchcraft? Occult magick? That I am a witch?—That I worship a demon goddess?” Kris smiled. Warmly. They held hands and it didn’t feel weird or creepy.

“No. Not at all … It’s quite refreshing.”

“Now, I did get you a gift. It’s back at my apartment. Why don’t we get out of here? We can have a smoke back at my place … it’s only around the corner … I promise not to tell your mother.”

They both laughed. Gin wondered what kind of gift Kris would have for her.


Kris linked arms with Gin as they walked back to Kris’s walk-up apartment. In only a short time, Gin felt a real bond with Kris. She wasn’t only cool looking but had a cool attitude — especially towards her.

As they walked the topic of sex came up. Was she a virgin? Gin laughed nervously. Yes, of course. She was supposed to save herself for her wedding night. She was supposed to marry someone from her church. Kris didn’t comment immediately. She only smiled and said that she had lost her virginity at eleven.

“See … I said they have your entire life laid out in front of you,” said Kris, “They will tell you, who you can marry. When you can have sex. What kind of sex you can have? And then you will get pregnant, have a child—and the whole cycle goes around and around.” Gin thought about what Kris was saying.

All her life she had listened to priests and pastors preach the heavenly gospel. There were the bible stories. The Ten Commandments. The Lord’s prayer. The hymns of praise. She had her first communion at seven and her first confession at ten years old. Her maternal grandmother had made her confirmation dress, that she had worn, only a year ago.

“But aren’t you afraid of God’s wrath? Won’t He send you to hell?”

Kris hugged Gin tightly as they walked and talked.

“No. I am not afraid of their false god. It is empty and poisonous. Why should you need to fear, that which is a lie? They promise heaven to those who follow blindly, without question, and don’t have a mind of their own.”

“But what about faith?”

“What about it,” Kris laughed, “Faith in a god that promises eternal damnation for disobedience? I would rather give myself to the Goddess. She offers only deliverance, independence, free will, and the pleasure of doing whatever we want to … whenever we want to … with whoever we want to be with … be they man, woman, or beast!”

“Free will?” asked Gin, “I like that.”


The apartment was dark and dingy, but Gin didn’t see it that way. She saw it as a place of sanctuary. A female place. She liked the things that Kris said about freedom — about the power of Kris’ Goddess. She wasn’t surprised by the altar next to the bed. She’d seen things like that before on the interest. The skulls, the beads, the black candles, the sigils of devil worship — the erotic statue of the naked demon goddess. Though she couldn’t fathom it all in totality, she just accepted what she saw, much like she would accept a dream, knowing that she would awaken and it would fade away.

Kris lit candles, many candles. The tall black candles twinkled in the dimness. Gin saw the large pentagon drawn across the floor. There wasn’t a chair or a couch, so the two of them lay on the low bed and smoked one of Kris’s funny cigarettes. Though Gin had smoked before with her schoolmates, this was quite different and after only a few puffs, Gin felt very lightheaded — somewhere between relaxed and excited. The room hummed with psychedelic hues.

Kris got up and when she returned, she’d changed into a diaphanous gown that fell to her mid-thigh. She offered Gin a similar outfit and said she could change in the bathroom. Gin did as Kris suggested. She felt grown-up. She wanted to try everything that Kris suggested. Once she’d changed, she realized how translucent the fabric was. But this only seemed to make it even more dangerous and alluring. Kris had put on some eerie music. But it wasn’t pop or church organ, but grind to a distinctively tribal tempo.

Kris looked at her young acolyte — The thirteen-year-old looked lusty and horny — Kris had worked her evil sexual magick.

“You look like a wicked priestess,” said Kris.

Wicked. Gin liked that word. It was a totally new vernacular that seemed to fit with her whole picture of; Kris the occultist; Kris the witch; Kris the Jezebel!

Gin could not help but notice Kris’s naked body beneath the transparency of her short gown. But Kris seemed to be very comfortable with that — Gin took another long drag and blew a bloom of bluish smoke into the air as they sat electrically close to each other on the firm bedding.

Gin felt a kind of sensual calmness filling her mind, body, and spirit. Her sensitive nipples rubbed against the sheerness of her gown — that made them stand erect and proud. Kris’s eyes roamed across Gin’s young body. Inappropriately. But Gin wanted Kris to look at her that way. She more than welcomed the older woman’s lusty stare. And Gin’s eyes, stared at Kris’s open and aroused vagina — seeing that it was completely shaved bald. Gin felt herself becoming very moist between the legs. Her little cunt was more than itchy. She wanted to touch herself.

Kris picked up a small black box wrapped in a black ribbon.

“I hope you find this interesting. I call it, the Coming of Age Token. It’s a gift that only a pagan woman gives to her most sacred of female friends.”

Gin handed back the funny cigarette to Kris. She pulled on the black ribbon and opened the shoe-box-sized package. Inside was a teddy bear. A small brown teddy bear. Gin couldn’t help but snigger. She didn’t know what to expect. But, as a coming-of-age gift, she thought a brown teddy bear seemed a bit benign.

”Look inside the zipper,” crooned Kris.

Gin saw that the bear had two little zipper pockets. One on the left-hand-side and one on the right. She unzipped the first and inside was a medallion-type necklace hanging a black metal chain. She held it up in the candlelight and looked closely at it. The circular coin-size image depicted a naked female goddess with demonic horns upon her head. The Baphometic Goddess was intertwined with a long serpent that was penetrating her vagina; or was it that the serpent was emerging from her vagina? Gin wasn’t sure, but she knew that accepting this gift was an acceptance of a new alliance.

“Do you like it?” asked Kris.

“Yes. It’s beautiful.”

Kris removed the small gold crucifix that Gin wore around her neck and helped her put on the goddess necklace. The cool metal felt heavy between her tiny cones of breasts.

“The Goddess Lilith,” said Kris, “Her lust will flow through you. Don’t show it to anyone — except when we are together,” Gin nodded, “Now look in the other pocket.”

Gin unzipped the other small opening in the little brown bear and found a pink U-shaped object. Gin held it in her hand.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Don’t tell your mother,” said Kris, “It’s called a Lush2 — Lovense Lush2 — it’s a special kind of vibrator. You insert it in yourself and its vibration power is controlled by a phone app.”

“Oh … you mean it can be controlled … remotely?” asked Gin.

“Yes, Gin. I want you to put it inside you when you get home. And when we talk on the phone together and share our darkest secrets, I will be able to pleasure you.”

Gin smiled at Kris’s sensual plan for the both of them. Kris took out her phone and used the app to make the Lush2 buzz ever so softly. It buzzed against Gin’s hand as she held it. Kris took the vibrator from her and pressed it against Gin’s nipples through the thin fabric of the gown.

The funny cigarette seemed to heighten Gin’s sexual arousal. She didn’t resist Kris’s seduction. Kris ran the vibrator down between Gin’s legs. Kris lifted the hem of Gin’s diaphanous gown. Gin groaned and opened her thighs wider — inviting Kris to use the vibrator directly on her tiny slit — Kris carefully press it against Gin’s tiny clitoris, sending pleasure signals to her brain.

Gin groaned again.

This time Kris pressed the pink vibrator inside of Gin’s young snatch.

Gin looked a little apprehensive as Kris pressed the velvety-smooth object inside her slit. Gin had never put anything inside herself. Not even her own finger. Though she’s had her periods since she was eleven, she was too scared of inserting a tampon inside of herself, so she only used pads. There was a moment of hesitation; of anxiety; a spot of blood as her hymeneal tissue was penetrated.

“A little pain?” asked Kris.

”No,” she replied.

Kris grinned knowingly. Gin felt even more mature. There had been no real pain. Now, the vibrator felt warm and fitted perfectly inside her.

Kris kissed Gin on the mouth. At first, she gave her a quick, gentle peck. Gin smiled. Kris kissed her again with a longer and more sensitive feminine kiss that Gin responded to. Their lips hardly touched as they lightly pressed against each other with pointed tongues. The pagan beat drew Gin’s body into its bizarre rhythm. The young acolyte felt as if she was swimming in feathers. Her mind was so relaxed, yet her sense of smell, taste, and touch seemed to be heightened to the extreme.

“Aaaarghhhhhhh … ” groaned Gin.

Kris controlled the phone app. The new setting made the tiny device increase its sensual intensity. Twofold. Threefold. It lightly purred (almost silently). Now Kris plunged her tongue into Gin’s open mouth. Their kissing became urgent and matched the pleasurable glow that Gin felt below.

“Oooohhhhhhh …” Gin moaned into Kris’s open mouth as their tongues dueled back and forth.

She seemed to have no control over the sounds she made—just as she had no control over the intensity of the tiny vibrator inside of her. Kris, once again, ratcheted up the pleasure level that seemed to increase exponentially. Fourfold. Fivefold. Sixfold. Now Gin’s hips lifted from the bed sheets and bucked wildly as the young girl began to reach the edge of her very first orgasm.

“Pray to the Goddess! Pray to the Goddess!” cried Kris as she took Gin over the edge.

“AAAAAARrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh …”



It wasn’t Kris’s idea — It was Gin’s.

Gin came to this conclusion all by herself. Her idea was to spy on her mother. Her fucking-god-fearing mother had been acting strangely for quite some time. It was as if she couldn’t wait for Gin’s father to leave on his protracted business trips. They didn’t really get on that much, as far as Gin could see. She would take him to the airport sometimes and Gin suspected she did this just to make sure he was actually gone. It was obvious to her that her selfish mother didn’t want him around and with his busy travel schedule, it seemed to be perfect for whatever double life she was living.

Her mother, Maggie, had been remiss with her usual church duties. Her routine which had for as long as a Gin could remember, circled around the Church of the Saints. Now, this seemed to play second fiddle to whatever her mother’s new interest involved. Gin had some ideas about what that could be.

Knowing that she had only met Kris because of her mother, made Gin think about what nasty things the two of them had gotten up to together. Her mother, cheated with another woman; with a Satanist; a pervert; and a pedophile. It sounded incredulous. Gin couldn’t believe it at first, but the thought actually turned her on. Her pious church-going mother, going down on evil little Kris, the witch? Maybe it was the ultimate perversion? Her corruption gave her young daughter an unnatural thrill. How far had her mother fallen?!

Gin had pretended that she was about to go off to school. She had dressed for school and made it obvious that she was going to be out of the apartment.

Finally, she yelled, “I’m going out!”

Gin closed the door loudly, as if she’d left the apartment, but instead, snuck back into her bedroom. She stood in her bathroom behind the door that was slightly ajar — with just enough of a gap for her to see clearly into her room and beyond.

She waited patiently — soundlessly.

Gin clamped her hand over her mouth, just to make sure she did not make any sound—What surprised her was the sight of her mother … She was completely naked. Gin had never seen her mother completely naked before — well not in her recent memory anyway. What’s more, was that Gin could see that her thirty-nine-year-old mom was touching herself between her long slender legs. Gin didn’t realize until then, just how sexy her mother’s body was. Like Kris, her cunt was clean-shaven. Gin could see her mother’s body was covered of in a light sheen of perspiration. Her pretty labia were open and moist with sexual arousal.

Her mother walked elegantly into Gin’s bedroom, making a bee-line for Gin’s bear. Maggie picked it up and sniffed the toy’s fur. Shit, she knows? — Thought Gin. Maybe she’d done this before. It was pretty obvious that her mother had realized what the bear smelt of and seemed to be getting off on it.

Next, she retrieved Gin’s secret diary from its hiding place. Beneath her mattress — Fuck?! — Thought Gin. As she knew the contents of her diary were more than explicit … they were downright perverted and evil — It contained all her most wicked thoughts.

Kris had told her to write everything she felt. And that is exactly what she’d done. Now watching her mother turn the pages, she felt almost dizzy with embarrassment. Her heart pounded in her ears. How would she explain herself? Her mother would know what she’d been up — she would know all her evil, blasphemous fantasizes — but then as she shook with abject anxiety … she saw her mother begin to masturbate as she read … her fingers slipped inside her slick cunt as she read her wayward daughter’s perverted manifest. She was really getting off on it. She heard her mother blaspheme openly.

“Fuck the Holy Spirit. Fuck God. Fuck God!”

Her mother grabbed her teddy bear and rubbed it against herself. The fur became soaked in her juices — as she rubbed it back and forth — almost maniac in her desire for self-pleasure.

”Hail Satan. Hail Lilith. Hail Satan … Aarghhhhhh …” she groaned, fucking Gin’s toy … “Fuck Jesus. Fuck Jesus. Fuck God … Aaarghhhhhh!”

Gin’s left hand grabbed her braless bumps, while her right hand slipped beneath her plaid school skirt. Without any knickers on, her fingers quickly found her baby cunt was soaked.

“Fuck me Gin. Suck my cunt, Gin. Lick me, Gin, you fucking little bitch!”

Gin tried to muffle a moan that tried to escape her mouth. She shivered in her own self-pleasuring. She could not believe the filth that came out of the mouth of her blasphemous and incestuous mother. She was amazed at how she was turned on by the sight of her own horny mother as she play with herself — fuck, she thought — her mother had become a devil-worshiping whore too!


It was Friday night. Gin hadn’t stopped thinking about her first experience with Kris — the pagan woman who had made a great impact on her. Gin felt different about many things since her first encounter. She had not worn her crucifix since Kris removed it from around her neck. She picked up her new teddy from her bedside table. The soft toy looked so benign. Gin brought it to her nose and sniffed deeply at the bear’s fur. It stank of Kris. She remembered how Kris had rubbed it vigorously against her juiced-up cunt, making sure that her pheromones penetrated the toy’s fur covering.

Kris had said that she wanted Gin to smell it every time she prayed to their Goddess. Their Unholy Goddess. And by praying to the Goddess, Kris meant torrid masturbation. Gin had never masturbated before.

She had been told that masturbation was a shameful and sinful act. In the least, she’d been led to believe that the practice of self-pleasure was viewed as not honoring the purpose of God’s gift of sexuality. The sexual sins of fornication, adultery, and masturbation, as well as hatred, jealousy, drunkenness, and other sins are considered to be sins of the heart as much as the body. God’s gift of sexuality?! She questioned their misinformation. So, sex was sinful? Unless within the context of Christian marriage and then to conceive a child? These thoughts, she now found insulting to her intelligence. Debilitating to her view of righteousness. In the eyes of their Christian god, sex was not for pleasure, but purely for procreation. Fuck that! She thought.

Every evening, immediately after school, she had taken her evening meal and locked herself in her bedroom — It was now her sanctuary — She ignored her protesting mother.

She had refused to go to church.

In the privacy of her room, she stripped completely naked and wore only her Goddess necklace. And every night, since their first encounter, Gin and Kris had spoken or Face-timed each other. Gin had inserted the Lush2 inside of herself — waiting for Kris to call.

Some nights Kris would talk dirty. She would say many blasphemous and evil things. Sinful and wicked things that turned Gin on. The more taboo the better. On a few occasions, Kris would tell Gin to dance erotically before her dressing mirror (and in full view of her phone camera) — dancing to Kris’s strange pagan music and playing with her nipples, and rubbing her pea-sized clit as the Lush2 purred inside her … the more vulgar the dance, the more Kris would reward her by incrementally increasing levels of pleasure — Gin knew that if she blasphemed, at the same time, Kris would notch it up too … if she urinated over herself, Kris would notch it up even more … it excited Gin to please the evil woman.

Sometimes Kris sent her images, GIFs, and videos of dirty lesbo-porn … young girls sucking disgusting dog knots, women masturbating with crucifixes — pressing Jesus Christ up their wanton cunts—girls urinating and shitting in the bible, nuns masturbating their huge clits and sodomizing themselves with Jesus Jackhammers … then, as they talked perversely and blasphemed together, Kris controlled the tiny device between Gin’s legs — increasing its sexual stimulation as she took Gin deeper and darker with every passing moment.

Gin truly loved to pray to her Lilith, her Goddess, and to praise the wickedness of Satan’s pleasures—Lilith was the Goddess of sin and fornication — The Jezebel Goddess of finger-fucking and cunt-licking … the Goddess of piss drinking … the Goddess of sex with dogs … and the Goddess of sexual abuse of tiny children and babies — Gin was totally addicted to it — She sniffed deeply at the cunt-soaked teddy bear and played with her nail-hard nipples and imagined being in bed with Kris and an assortment of perverted playmates.

Kris had told her all about sex with Man Yi or Ay Yi, as she called her. Man Yi was a young eight-year-old girl that Kris had babysat — and then fucked regularly — Kris had told her about the girl’s perverted mother. Abigail was also a witch with a clit that was long enough to fuck. Incest was such a delicious thing. Gin looked forward to when they would all get together. A black mass orgy before the devil’s altar. Drinking their urine and blood as they bowed before her Goddess.

Kris had told her to record her most intimate and wicked thoughts in her diary. To draw blasphemous images and finger-paint them in her own bodily fluids. Even as she thought about all that had happened, Gin could clearly hear Kris’s insistent voice over the phone.

“Fuck Christ. Fuck God. Write it all fucking down bitch. Write down every fucking blasphemous thought you have. Every evil. Every sacrilege. Hail Satan. Hail Lilith. Make sure you masturbate as you write. Write in urine. Write in blood. Write in feces. Fuck yer! Blaspheme for me … mmmmmm … Hail the Goddess of perverted sex! Tell me all the ways in which you’d like to appease our demonic Goddess. Hail the sex demons … mmmmm … Hail Lilith. Hail lust! Hail Satan. Fuck Mary. Fuck God!”

Kris’s voice cracked with her black magick venom. her evil intent spurred Gin onto new ambitions of wickedness. The vibrator hummed discretely, but the vibrations rippled through her deliciously. Kris had pushed the stimulation up even further as she chanted madly … the sound of her masturbating punctuated her sexually perverse mind. Gin’s wet cunt was convulsing in shudders of erotic pleasure — closer and closer to a huge orgasm.

“Soon … mmmmm … you must give her your menstrual blood to her … Fuck the Holy Spirit. Fuck Jesus Christ. Fuck Jesus. Fuck God! We must meet again — soon my pet … upon the full moon when you are ready to bleed … Fuck Mary. You will dance for me … dance for the Devil … dance naked before my evil altar … fuck and abuse Ay Yi for the Goddess … We will share your blood with Lilith — Share our juices, our piss — Hail Lilith. Hail Satan. We must smear it upon her glorious idol. Hail lust! Give praise to her as we offer her our orgasmic delight. Hail Lilith!”


Gin looked at herself in the dressing mirror. Her tiny breasts looked swollen and her nipples hard. She touched them; squeezed them; rubbed them hard. As a shudder of self-pleasure passed through her. She watched herself as if she was a voyeur spying on someone else … the young girl before her was someone else … she felt detached, but willed her reflection to be more provocative … more vulgar. She watched her reflection touch herself between the legs … she noticed her reflection had freshly shaven her little cunt … it already appeared moist and her reflection’s eager fingers easily slipped inwards.

The girl’s cunt looked so wet. She wanted her reflection to taste her own juices. Her reflection did, and then, grinned back at her, to say that she was a little fucking whore. She touched her Goddess necklace. Gin watched her mirrored self. Her reflection rubbed the wet tip of her finger against her tiny engorged clit. She half-closed her eyes as she rubbed her little pea-in-a-pod. The reflection picked up the vibrator and pressed into her wet slit … Yes, they were both ready to worship the evil goddess. Watching herself, always made her feel so hot!

She loved it when Kris controlled the entire process (remotely). After a protracted period of teasing, the two of them gooned together over FaceTime. The longer it was drawn out, the more powerful Gin’s orgasm. This journey with Kris was getting wilder with each successful call. Kris now made her beg for her orgasm — making her promise to do all kinds of depraved things for her. Kris wanted her soul. Gin was willing to give it to her.

But tonight, Gin craved longer and thicker things to masturbate with. She began to look at perverted porn on her iPad, saving images and videos … even when Kris wasn’t around. She’d found all manner of strange sexual fetishes and reported back to Kris nightly. Kris encouraged her vulgar explorations, encouraging her to delve into some of the most deviant and perverted. Devil worship. Sexual torture. Snuff.

Kris fed her descent into sexual depravity.

She shared with her a huge collection of videos of other young girls. These tiny little preteens seemed to also be fascinated with discovering their own sexuality and had recorded it and shared it via their mobile phones. Some of the young girls peed over their fingers or finger-fucked their tight little bum holes. Some were doing things with their own pet dogs, or even incestuous things with their younger brothers or sisters … some had already progressed to doing sexual things with adults, both male and female. Kris fed her daily.

“Hail Philatanus, the demon of pedophilia,” Kris would chant, as she brought Gin to one delicious orgasm after another.

There seemed to be no limit to the Kris’s circus of debauchery.



The moment had arrived.

Gin had been surprised to hear that her school had selected her as one of a number of students to be considered for an overseas student exchange program. Now she was about to depart. It meant she would be away from her family for three months in the UK. Her mother made no objections. She seemed perfectly OK with it.

What she’d seen, more recently, had made her look at her mother in a totally different light. She liked her new mother. But, she’d kept her distance. For now. She didn’t want her mother to know that she’d seen her masturbating over her daughter’s perversions. She thought about her mother’s words, expressing her desire for her own daughter … to perform incestuous sexual perversions for her. The thought turned her on … but she wasn’t truly sure if she was ready for it.

The trip away was a welcome distraction. She needed time to let all of this sink in. Kris was to blame. Of course. She laughed to herself. Yes, the trip away would be good for her … but most of all, Gin was looking forward to spending some time with her favorite aunt. Hannah had been for the longest time, her hero. She’d always wanted to be just like Hannah. She was smart, intelligent, and sexy. She hoped that they’d get some time together – though, she knew that Hannah was very busy with her studies.


The plane journey had been uneventful. She could still feel the impression of her mother’s lipstick on her face. Did her mother cry? No, she seemed distracted when she’d seen her off at the airport. Busy in her own wicked thought, most probably.

Gin had arrived at Heathrow airport. She had sent a text to her mother to say all the obligatory stuff …

“Yes, everything is OK. Yes, arrived safely. Yes, will be careful. Yes, I found the school bus. No need to worry. I will call you later.”

There was only a brief wait for the school bus (it was more of a luxury coach) outside T3. A teacher had been assigned to greet the arriving students, after the immigration formalities, and had directed them to the awaiting transport. She explained the process of pick-up and drop-off at the school grounds. There were some fifteen or more students, including herself. Gin knew none of the other students. Everyone was accounted for. All the Asian students were about the same age as Gin. Thirteen-going-on-fourteen. There were a few younger Indian students and two tweens who looked kind of Caucasian.

Gin kept to herself. She sent a text to Hannah. Just to say that she’d arrived. She didn’t expect an answer right away, but Hannah messaged her right back, saying that she couldn’t wait to see her again. Gin was very excited. She grinned to herself. On the bus, Gin sat next to another student, also from Hong Kong—her name was Jasmin Anderson. Jasmin was a mix. Her father was British and her mother was Hong Kong Chinese. Gin gathered that her family was pretty well off. Jasmine was very apprehensive about being away from her family and friends.

On her first trip away, Gin said that she’d be her friend. They talked a bit, but both were pretty tired after the long journey; and the motion of the bus, during its forty-minute journey to the school, put young Jasmin to sleep. Jasmin’s head lulled sideways coming to rest against Gin, as she sank comfortably to rest on Gin’s shoulder. Gin’s mind couldn’t help but undress her young colleague. She pretended to sleep too as her hand rested against the inside of Jasmin’s bare leg — Gin thought about Kris; about fornication; about devil worship — she began to get very horny.

The bus came to a standstill in the curved gravel driveway in front of the three-story-red-brick buildings. Founded in 1885, St Mary’s was purported to be the leading Roman Catholic boarding school for girls aged between eleven and eighteen years. It won some awards back in 2015 for being the ‘private school of the year’.

The school was set among fifty-five acres of beautiful grounds in the heart of Berkshire. The website described it as a friendly, stable, and caring community, proud of its academic and extra-curricular achievements and dedicated to bringing out the full potential of each of its three-hundred-and-eighty pupils. To Gin, she thought that it looked like Hogwarts, but without the magic train. They even had house names … Mary Ward, Babthrope, Bedingfeld, Poyntz, Rockwood, and Wigmore. Rockwood was Gin’s house because of her interest in dance and drama.

“Ladies. Welcome to St Mary’s,” announced a tall African woman with long dreadlocks.

Her uniform confirmed that she was faculty. She looked sternly down the line of the exchange students and folded her muscular arms across her chest.

“My name is Ms. Delilah Levert — but you can all call me, Ms. Levert — It is my role here at St. Mary’s to keep things in order. Hopefully, none of you will be brought to my attention, because, as your fellow students will attest, it will be very unpleasant.”

Gin thought she looked very manly. More like a transvestite — all black and nigger-like — she definitely didn’t want to cross this woman.


The accommodation at House Rockwood was refreshing and private. Each student shared a space with either one or two others. The modern rooms were large and airy and from the second floor, each had a commanding view of the ambling school grounds. The trees and wooded areas that surrounded the school gave it the appearance of a grand old country manor. Gin was pleased to find that she was in a twin-share with Jasmine, who, as it turned out, also had a predisposition for the dancing arts.

“I’m very nervous about what to expect,” said Jasmin.

“It’s gonna all be fine,” answered Gin, “The menu had some Asian dishes. And classes don’t start until Monday. So we’ve got a couple of days to settle in.”

The twin-share was kind of more hotel than motel quality. More four stars than two. Gin was going to miss the privacy of her sanctuary. But to make her feel more at home, she laid her teddy bear on her pillow. The bear still reeked of Kris’s cunt juices or were they more her mother’s now?

“That’s cute,” remarked Jasmin.

“Yer, it’s from a good friend.”

Gin grinned secretly.


Gin couldn’t wait to see Hannah. She was almost wetting herself with excitement.

It had been a long time since they’d seen each other. Though Gin usually saw her favorite aunt on the holidays, the both of them had been living busy lives that had conspired to separate them. Hannah wasn’t anything like her mother. Hannah was much younger — twenty-three years old to be exact — She had always been an adept student, smart and intelligent. She was artistic too, playing the violin; and deeply religious, participated in the Ministry Youth at her church in Katong. Gin thought she looked kind of cute with her hair, usually cut in the style of a china doll. They both shared a love of watching Korean dramas. Yes, Gin really missed her. And wasted no time in escaping the school (over the weekend) to spend time with her.

Hannah had arranged to pick her up.

They were thick as thieves almost immediately bonding. Gin hugged her aunt and kissed her on the cheek. Gin couldn’t believe how much her aunt had changed. She no longer had the china-doll look or the frumpy conservative clothing that she used to wear to church. This was a completely new Hannah. A much more cooler Hannah. A really sexy Hannah. Gin couldn’t help be fall in love with her at first sight. Gin explained how they weren’t supposed to leave the school premises at all, but by that time, they were already speeding away from the old red brick buildings of St. Mary’s towards Enfield Town.

“Auntie?” Gin said.

”Hey, Gin. Stop calling me auntie. Hannah will do. Do you really think I look like an auntie?” snapped her Aunt.

Gin laughed.

“No, Hannah,” Gin used her name, “Yer too sexy to be an auntie!”

“Sexy, me?” replied Hannah.

”I think so,” replied Gin, a little hesitantly.

”Thanks. You’re pretty sexy yourself. All grown up!” said Hannah. Gin blushed with a glowing face. Nobody but Kris had ever said she was sexy before.

“Do you like my dress?” Gin ventured.

”Yes I do,” answered Hannah.

It was short. So short in fact that it showed a hint of Gin’s knicker-line beneath.

“Mom would have a fit if she saw me in it — Don’t tell her Hannah. Please.”

“It will be our secret, Gin. You can keep secrets right — Can’t you?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I don’t wear knickers,” said her aunt as she grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“That’s so cool.”

“Why don’t you take off yours?”

“Can I?” Giggled Gin in the unexpectedness of it all.

“Yes. Take them off for me.”

Gin felt horny. She pulled her moist panties down over her knees.

“So, let’s not wear any panties over the whole weekend?”

Gin laughed excitedly.

“Can I share your bed?” asked Gin.

She wanted to see how her aunt would react.

“But, like a lot of adults, I sleep naked darling. Are you okay about that?”

“I’m a grown-up now,” replied Gin, “Maybe I will sleep naked too.”

”Yer. Let’s both sleep naked. But it has to be our secret, right?”

“Of course. I won’t tell a soul.”

Yes, thought Gin. She couldn’t wait to show her aunt how adept she was at cunt licking. She had fantasized about this moment for a while.


They arrived at Enfield Town. Gin was feeling peckish, so her aunt had taken her to a flash restaurant and ordered these raw oysters. Honestly, they looked and tasted like Kris’s cunt. Her aunt watched her eat about a dozen or more of the slimy things before saying something about being careful—as they tend to make you horny—They both laughed, but the truth was, Gin was already feeling incredibly horny.

Gin told her favorite aunt about her first experiences at the school. She told Hannah about Ms Levert — The tall negress — Gin hadn’t met many niggers before. She said that if Ms. Levert found out about her absence, she’d get into a lot of trouble. The other students all secretly called her the Voodoo Queen, as she had a wild head of dreadlocks and smelt of burnt things.

The conversation turned to the sleeping arrangements and then the showers. Gin said that she’d been a bit shy of showering naked in front of other girls – some as young as eleven, and others as old as eighteen. Her aunt asked her if she ‘liked’ looking at the other girls. Gin grinned a little and confessed her curiosity. Her aunt said that sometimes her Korean flatmate, Kim, liked to share a bath with her. She said that they could have a big bubbly bath together if Gin liked. Gin said that it would be fun.


Gin met Kim soon after. Kim kissed her on the cheek and Gin returned the gesture. She thought Kim was very sexy. Kim remarked about her how grown-up she looked. Gin liked that. Grown-up. Kris always made her feel grown up. She had come to know that pedophiles often used this as a grooming word—meaning that she was ‘ready’ for sex. So, my aunt and her flatmate were both lesbian pedophiles? Interesting.

She pretended not to understand their secret meaning. The game was turning her on even more than she’d hoped for or imagined. Gin pretended innocence. Kim remarked about how her dress showed off her lovely legs. Gin pretended to show off her clothing; making sure that at the same time, both of them could get a glimpse of her youthful body. Hannah announced that she and Gin needed to catch up, and they said goodnight to Kim.

“I have a gift for you,” said Hannah as they both flopped down on Hannah’s bed. Hannah pulled out a small boxed gift, ”Open it.”

Gin tore open the fancy paper to reveal a small box. Inside the box was a pendant hanging on a string — She’d seen similar ones of Kris’s. It was a sigil of the Devil. The Baphomet. The twin-sex goddess. She pretended not to know its true nature.

”Wow!” Gin swooned, “What is it?”

”It’s a witch’s talisman. It’s only for grown-ups to wear. It will ward off evil spirits. Let me put it on you.”

Her aunt wrapped the bootlace string around Gin’s neck. Gin felt her aunt’s fingers touching her — It felt like mini electric shocks — As she brushed gently against Gin’s neck. Gin noticed that the talisman smelt funky … like her teddy bear. Cunt smell.

“It’s wonderful!” said Gin.

Gin turned around to kiss her aunt on the cheek, but her aunt moved at just the same moment, causing their lips to meet. They kissed. It wasn’t a kiss of affection, but the lingering lustiness that told Gin that they would be soon fucking each other. Her aunt began to breathe heavily.

“See, it matches mine,” said Hannah, “We’re going to have so much fun this weekend – you won’t want to go back to school.”

“What if I don’t?” asked Gin.

They both giggled.


The small scented candles gave off a sensual aroma that made Gin feel wet. She couldn’t wait to fuck her aunt. She wanted to do the things that she did with Kris—it somehow felt even more taboo to be doing it with a member of her own family—bizarrely, she thought of her own mother and wondered what it would be like to lick the cunt that had given birth to her.

She watched her aunt undress. Her aunt’s eyes burned with what Gin could only imagine as incestuous lust. It excited her to know that she could have this effect on her aunt. Gin noticed how her aunt’s nipples were fully erect and her pussy open, wet and her clitoris protruding.

Gin undressed and showed how sexually aroused she was too. Gin lay back down on top of the bedding next to her sexy aunt.

“You have a lovely figure,” her aunt remarked, “You look so much older than your years. So mature,” Gin recognized the grooming language, “You said that in the showers at school, you were curious?” Gin pretended to blush, “Do you masturbate?” Again Gin pretended to be embarrassed. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re family. It’s our secret. Did my ‘god-fearing’ sister say that it was a sin?”

Gin gave a little nod. The game was so exciting. Her aunt reached forward and toyed Gin’s Baphomet talisman in her hand.

“Well, I love masturbation. It’s so relaxing. I do as often as I can. In fact, I feel like it now. Would you like to do it too?”

Again, Gin nodded. Her incestuous aunt slid her thigh between Gin’s and pressed it right up against the Gin’s moist cunt-hole.

“You know what, it’s even better if we do each other. You know, I masturbated you, while you masturbated me. What do you think?”

Her aunt’s slender finger quickly began to explore Gin’s slimy hole.

“Mmmmmm — you’re so wet Gin.”

Gin faked embarrassment about her obvious sexual arousal. Her aunt sucked her soiled fingers clean and then stuck them back up Gin’s cunt and brought her fingers to Gin’s mouth.

“Taste yourself. You’re so delicious!” Gin eagerly sucked her aunt’s dirty digits, “Hmmm — you’ve done that before? — Haven’t you?”

Gin didn’t bother to pretend. She nodded affirmatively. Her aunt held Gin’s hand. She finger-fuck her aunt with two fingers, sinking them into her wet fuck tunnel right up to the third knuckles.

“Mmmmmmmm! Oh, that’s lovely,” groaned her aunt.

“Taste me,” Gin sucked her own slimy fingers, “Good girl. You like my cunt?”

“Yes … Does that make me a bad girl?” Gin asked playing along, “Am I a sinner?”

“Yes. You’re very bad. A wicked little girl. But isn’t sin, so much better than being pious?”

Gin nodded, “Is this incest?”

“Yes. It is.”

“Will I go to hell if I want more?” Gin grinned.

“Yes — definitely. But remember — pleasure has no boundaries!”

They began to kiss harder. Open-mouthed.

Her aunt groped at Gin’s backside. She felt her aunt’s middle finger penetrate her bum-hole as they pressed their clits together.

“God or Satan?” asked Hannah.

“Satan! Oh! Satan!” exclaimed Gin — the game — the seduction was delicious.

Hannah had laid back on the bed and had encouraged Gin to mount her face. Gin wanted her aunt to eat her out. She wanted to be tongue-fucked, deep and hard.

“Aaaghhhhhhhh…” Gin groaned.

“Satan be praised,” Kim groaned.

Gin got a fright. She hadn’t expected anyone else to be there, but as soon as she turned and saw Kim’s nubile nakedness, the pair began to kiss each other deeply.

“Hail Satan!” replied Gin thinking three is better than two.


To be continued …


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