Feature Writer: HotTee666

Feature Title: Luscious Temptation 2

Published: 23.05.2020

Story Codes: Blasphemy, Sacrilegious, Incest, Priests, Nuns, Devil Worship, Satanism, Church, WS, Transgender, Pedophilia

Synopsis: Young Brennan discovers himself and the pleasures of Satan.

Note from XP: This has got to be a favorite of mine. HotTee666 builds a fantastic story and weaves into it some of most beloved fetishes. Be patient and let it build – a rewarding delight that I hope he follows up on. HAIL LVST XP

Luscious Temptation 2

Chapter Nine

Father continued his ritual ceremony as Sister and I embraced, her hand caressing my small, boy penis. He then told me that their coven would gather at the new moon where I would be brought into their family in a complete, formal Black Mass. I felt thrilled in contemplating how special that will be and hoped that it would be soon.

“You are anointed with us in our Lord Satan’s name, my son, and now – now, your task is to learn and open your mind. You will bring your small, new friend, Peter, into our fold. We are familiar with his family and he needs our love and guidance. Let us think of how to help your mother explore her passion and lust, her need for cock. I also know her friend. Wouldn’t you love to see your mother with her?” Father asked, watching me.

I smiled and nodded yes.

“And, my son – Sister and I have not forgotten what you want… revenge. How do you want that bully Jacob to suffer?” He asked, but then told me to think more about my answer as what I ask will happen.

Father and Sister kissed deeply as they placed my hands on their cocks. I kissed and licked each, wanting more but knowing that I was still a novice and unsure of what I should do. After getting dressed, Sister unlocked the door and looked out. No one was about and we all exited, sneaking up the stairs into the side foyer. From the hallway, we heard the soft tone of the nuns’ evening prayers. We all smiled as we knew we had also conducted our own prayers. Father leaned over and kissed me fully and then we left the convent.

On my short trek home in the cool, twilight air, I looked around to see if anyone noticed anything different about me. I felt empowered and strong, fearless and capable. My sense of vigor was soon put to the test. I knew that Jacob and a few other kids lived on the second street I had to cross to get home but didn’t think they would be out and about at dinner time. I realized they were nearby not by seeing them but from their taunting calls. My choices were to run, ignore them, or stand and fight. Jacob always had his crew around him- I hated them even more than I did him. They enabled him and gave him his own sense of dominance. I wanted them all to suffer.

“Hey, Brenny- where ya goin?”

“Hey, Brenny, sweetie, how’s your mom?”

“Hey, Brenny, tell your mom I’m gonna bring her some meat for dinner!”

“Hey, Brenny, I’m fuckin talkin’ to you!”

I tried to ignore them. I knew I was outnumbered, and in spite of my state of mind, I knew I was still smaller than Jacob and a good thirty pounds lighter. And this wouldn’t be the first time where his gang would surround someone and either push them into a fight or hold them should a solid punch stop Jacob’s abuse.

I knew that if I stopped to fight, there would be no schoolyard teachers to stop his assault and no school bell to force them from attacking me. The thick evening fog had moved in again and I thought that I may be able to run and escape but if that was my course of action, it had to be quick, immediate and without second thought. I had to pick as direct a course as possible but not be predictable. I saw my one opportunity was at hand, to turn the corner out of their direct sight and to run… fast and straight down the middle of the street. Traffic had subsided in this bedroom community and by going straight down the street, I avoided any tripping hazards of stuff that usually dotted the sidewalks. It also cut down a good thirty feet of sidestepping which had to be put to my advantage.

“Stay there and I mean it.”

“Don’t make me come after you, Jake.”

“Just leave me alone or else!”

I hoped that my verbal responses would make them think I was standing there, scared and expecting a beat down by them.

I ran.

I ran into the fog, hoping my footsteps would be muffled by the dense, moist fog. The mist grew more and more dense which played to my advantage. I knew that I had a good twenty second jump start on them… at least.

“Get him!”

I heard Jacob screaming at his punk friends. They had walked up to where I had been and realized I had taken flight.

“Where is he? Where’d that bitch go?”

His friends were all yelling, trying to figure out my whereabouts.

“I’m gonna kick your ass, you faggot. I’m gonna beat your ass and then I’m gonna get your mother! You ain’t gonna get away from me, you hear? I know where you live, bitch!” Jacob yelled.

I realized I was not breathing deep, not overwhelmed, nor fearful, not like I would have been, had always been, when challenged by him and his buddies. The fog was my friend; it had grown and engulfed the streets to provide me cover and escape. I closed my eyes and ran. I didn’t need my vision to know my course. I felt… invincible.

I reached the pathway to my front door at the same time that I heard the screech of tires and the screams of pain from what seemed like a mile away. The siren and flashing police lights came on almost immediately. As I stepped to the front door, my mother opened it and saw me, then wrapped her arms around me.

“My goodness, Brenny, what happened? Are you OK?” She asked as I felt her warm embrace and the scent of a new perfume on her.

I looked up to see her breasts pressing out in her (new) tight top. She exhaled from her cigarette and leaned down to kiss my cheeks and then softly place a wet kiss on my lips. I could taste wine on her breath.

She put her hand on my small, round bottom.

“We should go see what happened.” She said. “Put your book bag down and let’s go see. I hope someone’s pet didn’t get hurt, the mist is so intense; but this fog is so lovely, doncha think?”

She then took my hand and we walked the block up the street.

When we arrived, a small crowd had gathered, comprised of the neighbors that we otherwise hardly ever saw. Odd how something like this would draw people out. In the distance, we heard the screech of sirens- multiple ones. Something big did happen… right here. We really couldn’t make anything out until we were within ten feet of the scene. The police car was the only vehicle around, the driver, in his service uniform, had cropped, peppery grey hair but, otherwise, appeared young. The markings on his uniform shirt suggested he was of senior rank, and as he spoke into his phone, he definitely showed authority in his demeanor and speech.

“No… these kids ran out of nowhere. Idiots running right down the middle of the street. Damn fog made them invisible… they should have seen my headlights, wasn’t going more than fifteen miles per hour if that. I saw a coyote running after a black cat so I had already slowed way down. More like these stupid kids ran into me than me into them…”

Then his voice drifted off as he must have realized people could hear him.

Mother usually didn’t like to see blood or gore and would have pulled me away to protect me from seeing anything gruesome, but now, she was actually pulling my hand to see the accident scene.

“Do you know that kid? Damn, hon… he doesn’t look too good. And that other kid; his arm is snapped. Dammm!” She said as she stepped closer with me.

“That… that’s the kids who were chasing me, mom” I said, trying to whisper to her.

“They were chasing you? These are the kids you told me were picking on you?”

A sense of anger rising in her tone. I nodded yes, as I looked at them, the faces of three kids bloodied and their bodies contorted.

“Well then… fuck em Brenny. They got what they deserve. Little fucks. Let’s see that one run after you now!” She said as she moved her foot to bump the one boy’s leg. I saw him jump in pain as she had touched the raw, exposed tip of his femur.

“Oh… poor baby… did that hurt?” She said to him as she leaned over so that only he could hear her. “You little fuck, you fuck with my kid? You should consider yourself lucky this is all that happened to you. You ever bother him again, I’ll rip your leg off and stuff it up your father’s ass. You hear me, you little shit?”

I saw the unchecked fear in his face and wondered what she had said. She then took my hand to walk over to the other side of the police car. Here, I saw Jacob, laying on the ground with one arm still under the rear tire. His other warm was bent sideways.

“He was making ugly comments about you, mom. He said he… was going to visit you and made dirty comments about having sex with you. I wanted to beat him up but he had his whole gang there and…”

I wanted her to know who the kid was and why I was running from them.

“Oh?” She said as she pulled me to a bent knee position right next to her, both of us looking down at him. “So, you’re the little fuck who’s been picking on my Brenny?”

She poked his free arm. Jacob let out a small yelp and then looked up at me and then her. He seemed to be pleading with me for sympathy.

“And… you think you were gonna have a chance to what… take that pathetic little dick of yours and fuck me? With that?” She reached down and squeezed his penis. “You better enjoy that touch cuz it’s the last time you’re gonna feel any thrill down there. Enjoy that view of my breasts too, you sad pathetic ass-wipe!”

She leaned down close, where anyone looking would think she was consoling the poor child.

“If you get out of the hospital, I’m gonna cut your dick off. I’m going to then gouge your eyes out, slowly. You hear me? You fucked with the wrong person. And Brenny… Brenny is going to take a broom handle and make you his bitch. If you think you’re going to get even, just watch. Wonder if your mom or dad will even be around. Maybe I’ll make them a meal tomorrow, something delicious, right after I take a large shit in the mixing bowl” She said and I heard every word.

She then twisted her hand and I could see the excruciating pain on his face. I laughed. Mother then squeezed my hand and said we should say hello to the other parents.

“Such a tragedy… so sad.”

We stood around as more neighbors came out to see what was happening. Three of Jacob’s group of punks were watching in shock, two who had their parents by their sides. They stood there, watching Jacob and his close friend both mangled and physically void of movement. My mother decided this was a perfect time to wrap this up.

She walked slowly over to the group and spoke briefly with the parents, extending words of sorrow for the injured kids. The parents also seemed to be in a state of shock; they knew that their sons were out with the two injured boys and, no doubt, envisioned their kids also injured.

“It’s just terrible boys.” Mother said with a sad tone. “So, tell us all – what were you all doing out in the middle of the street, especially in this devilish fog? Tell us.”

The parents heard her words and one of the moms chimed in; she obviously was not aware of what they were up to.

“Jimmy, what were you doing out? I want to know, too. What were you up to?” She demanded.

Her son, along with the others, looked at the ground and tried to avoid having to answer. That was when Father William emerged from the mist. Almost like a ghost, his body appeared as he stood next to the parents and restated the question.

“Let’s have it boys. Your mother asked you a question. I want to know as well. Those two lads may be near dead for all we know. Were you up to no good? Speak up! I know.. you, lad… were you smoking again?”

The boys now had not only their parents but also the priest breathing down their necks. As if that wasn’t enough, the investigating officer stepped forward and asked the parents if he could question the boys. They didn’t seem able to say no and the boys were brought to the back of the police car where they were grilled. I laughed.

It was then that mother suggested to the group that they should all move closer to listen to the answers – that it would be the only way for this tragic event to be fully understood. It was then that Jimmy felt the pressure from all around and told the entire story – that Jacob had told them they were going to beat Brennan up, that he wanted to do more than just hurt him though, that he wanted to take pics of him naked and having to touch everyone’s penis.

Jimmy knew that this was the end, that his parents were going to punish him and that the rest of the boys were either going to admit it or face a hard police investigation. If it hadn’t been a police car, they might have been able to say they were just playing games and blame the driver, but now, none could cover it up.

Father listened as he smiled at me. Approaching mother closely, he took her hand and, in a comforting way.

“I am so glad that your son was not hurt, that these young punks were the ones who were injured instead. You should be proud of your son; he is an amazing young boy and a delight to have around. He was such an inspiration to the entire group last night. I did not have a chance, yet, to thank you for allowing him to join us.”

He paused, still holding her hands, then continued as he looked closely into her eyes.

“I walked him home last night to assure his safety, especially in that thick fog. I’m not sure you were in the house yet. I hope you had a very enjoyable night out, my dear. It’s important that you enjoy life, you know. And any time at all, I would be glad to stop by and supervise Brenny when you want to go out. I think you should go out all the time. It’s not right that you are home… alone… such an attractive, exciting woman such as yourself should be out and about! I’m sure your friend would love the company. What’s the harm, after all, right?” He asked, well aware of his words.

“Well… Father… thank you so much for guiding young Brenny. He does need a father figure around as his dad is always working. And what better father image than you, Father?” She laughed loudly, which we all saw was a bit of a shock to the somber crowd. “And… well, it was such a wonderful evening, yes, Father. If you think… it would be… OK… to go out… I mean, there were men who…”

“Of course there were men, my lovely lady” Father interjected. “Why wouldn’t there be men? You didn’t go to a lesbian bar, now, did you?” He laughed, catching mother off guard.

“Not that going there would be a bad thing. You should – go out, to a lesbian bar, a gay bar… you know what is right and wrong but go on and have some fun! I have been to a number of gay bars to enjoy the music and friendship. That doesn’t mean that I was kissing any of the men or kissing or sucking anyone’s cock. It doesn’t mean that one of the men was fondling my cock while I sat at the bar or that we went to the back of the bar to make out. That was going on, I know. Men who were taking cocks in their mouths, kissing and fucking. But that doesn’t mean that I was.”

Mother listened to his words and nodded, somewhat surprised at how blunt Father had been. If she was trying to assimilate all he said, she was quickly overwhelmed.

He then said, “And you know… I went with one of the nuns to a lesbian bar just a few weeks ago. It was quite an experience – I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised – there are so many different types of gay men, after all- do you know how many gay types there are? Maybe we should continue this conversation back at your home.”

“Yes, Father… let’s talk there. I have a Devil’s Food cake that still needs frosting. And my friend is probably waiting to get in the house – she had gone out… with a friend she met last night… and texted me that she’d be at the house soon.” She said as she took my hand.

“Brenny, I made your favorite – Devils’ Food. It’s delicious. Maybe you can convince Ms. Lilly to join us.” She added as she touched my round, child-size bottom.

“Brenny, that would be a wonderful idea. And given what we just saw – oh that poor, mangled heap of flesh, that dear boy – Jacob is it, Brenny?” The Father commented.

It was a comment directed at me with a wicked smile.

“Well, I’m sure that Mother Superior will have a large part of the morning spent in prayer. I think it’s fine if you miss that and stay home and rest. You… have my blessing, my sweet boy.”

And Father then pulled me to his side and then rested it on my bottom, caressing it as we all walked to the house.


Chapter Ten

“This fog is enchanting, don’t you think, Mrs. Russell?” Father asked my mother. “It just appears out of nowhere, like it is magic, shaping and shifting like other-worldly spirits visiting upon us for the evening. I find it fascinating…”

Mother reached to touch Father’s free hand and offered, “Oh, please call me… Leila, Father William.”

“Well… then… and you know, Mrs. Russell… Leila – what a beautiful, enchanting name.. dare I say… I would love to lay naked in a forest or beach and feel the fog, these spirits, all over my bare flesh!” Father said with an air of joy.

Mother smiled and laughed, her voice echoing back off the dense fog.

“Oh my, Father William, that sounds… so… primal but invigorating! But where would you go to enjoy such an experience?”

“Well… my dear lady… maybe we should find such a place… and please.” Father replied. “Please, you must drop the formalities and call me… Bill.”

Mother smiled and they touched hands, this time for an extended time, their bodies touching as they walked close to each other, Father’s hand now fondling my round boy ass more aggressively.

“Father Bill…” She started.

“No… just… call me Bill.” He interjected.

We approached our home and mother took a moment to reflect before opening the front door.

“Well… Bill… I hope you can stay for a bit. I think that sweet Brenny may be in a slight state of shock, with seeing his classmates in such a terrible mess,” She said. “And… my dear friend Lilith, may also need a little bit of comforting – her divorce from that useless husband of hers has taken a toll on her; she was so devoted to him…”

She entered the house and, taking Father’s hand, escorted him into the living room.

Looking at me, she said, “Sweetie, why don’t you go freshen up and then come join us. Oh, hon – I went to the department store this morning and bought some lingerie and some new outfits. I can’t wait to show you… and I also bought you some real cute underwear like we talked about. I laid them out on your bed as well as some new spring things. You can do a little fashion show for us.”

She then patted my bottom then turned to Father and asked him what he would like to drink. Father suggested a glass of bourbon, on the rocks. Mother went to the bar area to prepare his drink.

“My, I must look a mess.” She said. “Pardon me for a moment… Bill… while I go change into something more appropriate for your company. I’ll be back in a moment. Also, if you wish to smoke, please go ahead.” Mother began to follow me down the hallway and then added “Oh, Bill… if Lilly comes to the door, please let her in.. thanks.”

Her voice sounding warm and almost melodious.

As I entered my room, mother then poked her head in.

“So, cutie…”She said, “Lilly and I went shopping and I think you’ll love what we bought you. I can’t wait to see your sexy little round bottom in those. Take a quick shower and then pretty yourself up for us. I’m going to change also- I hope the outfit isn’t too much!”

I hadn’t seen her so excited in years, if ever. She blew me a kiss as she walked off to her bedroom. I looked at my bed and was both scared and thrilled- the garments they had purchased for me were anything but what one would expect a nine year old boy to wear. Lacy panties, sheer panties, several ‘cute’ panties which had little animals and hearts on them- and then there were the new tops- the fabric was stretchy and frilly, all in totally girly, pastel colors.

And then there were tights and shorts – nothing like the cutoffs that mother had made from my old jeans. I looked and touched each one, wondering where I would.. could.. wear any of these. What about Jacob picking on.. and then I started laughing- quietly, but with total joy. Jacob would not be bothering me or any of the other kids, not for quite a long time. My smile erupted into me dancing around the room, holding the items to my body. Fuck Jacob and all his punks.

I saw how the Devil protects me. In the shower with the warm water splashing all over me, my eyes closed, the images of the day’s events washed across my mind; I then realized that I was fondling my boy cock and with my other hand was sliding my soap -covered finger into my small child anus, the wetness of demonic cock cum covering my fingers. Dare I taste it? I did, an earthy combination of cum, my own wetness and the soap. I wanted to climax – I wanted to feel my boy penis erupt just like Sister and Father did earlier – but I knew I had to hurry.

After spritzing myself with the small perfume bottle that mother had in the hall bathroom, I darted, naked, into my bedroom and sorted through all of my new clothing. With my boy penis still throbbing, I opted for a lacy pair of soft pink panties which promised to contain my erection better than the other, more delicate, panties. They felt amazing and did nothing to subside my arousal. I loved that. As the evening was cool, I chose the white tights and a soft blue tight top. I felt so pretty… I felt so sexy!

I had no stress in presenting myself to Father dressed as I was. I sensed that he wanted me look and dress this way and I loved how it all felt on me. I knew that my boy erection was small but still very visible under my tight-fitting tights.

Entering the living room, I saw that Ms. Lilly and Father were engaged in a deep discussion, sitting very close to each other, each having their respective hand on the other’s thigh. They were laughing and enjoying each other’s company and I stood at the entryway quietly, not wanting to interrupt. Father was the first to notice me and he waved me to him.

“Come in, my sweet boy. Let me see you, freshened and alive.” He said as he beckoned me to him.

I walked in and he touched my round child bottom, caressing it and patting it gently.

“Yes… so lovely…” He said and then ran his fingers along Ms. Lilly’s thigh. “You and Leila did an exquisite job in finding this doll new apparel. I find it delightful and I hope you bought more… it’s wonderful that our cute lil Brenny is exploring his… sense of being, don’t you?”

Ms. Lilly smiled while she drank the remainder of her cocktail.

“Oh, thank you Father. Yes, I think it was so wrong to see him constrained by societal norms. And Father, thank you for your guidance regarding my divorce. You are so right. My ex is a piece of shit. You are right, I need to say what I feel – it does feel good to say it! He was useless as a provider and totally useless in bed. I bet that Brenny has a bigger cock than my ex!” She laughed as she ran her fingers over my encased erection.

“I’m sorry, Father, that was inappropriate. And sweet Brennan, he shouldn’t be exposed to this. Sorry, hon.” Lilly said.

“My child, it’s quite alright. I understand your anger and sadness as well. And, it wouldn’t be a bad lesson for sweet, lovely Brenny to know how terrible some people can be. I will say, though, that he may now have some wicked dreams about how his boy cock may be more capable of giving you pleasure than your ex’s little dick.” Father said. “Stand up, Brenny, let’s get a little hint of just how big your penis is.”

Father then took another large drink from his glass.

“Mmmm Leila, your husband won’t mind that I am drinking all of his fine bourbon, will he?” He asked.

“Oh… him? Not to bother, Father… Bill… he hardly ever drinks. In fact.” She said as she leaned to speak softly to them, “he hardly does anything of an adult nature… if you know what I mean.”

Mother then made a motion with her hand thrusting towards her thighs. I blushed.

“My dear! Have you had marriage counseling? Is there… something… I could do? To help? You? Such a stunning, beautiful, sexy woman should be given intense pleasure all night long… if you ask me.” Father said.

“He’s too busy working all the time. He’s a good provider, I will say. But, that’s all he does. When he is home, he sits in the family room and reads the bible. He wants to talk about the bible and Jesus and all that. He thinks that our entire life should be walking such a straight and narrow path, with no consideration of my desires. Father… Bill… we were supposed to get away for a week over spring break – just the two of us. We were going to go to the Caribbean for a week of fun and… things… you know.” She said, and I felt sad for mother.

“…for .. sex?” Father asked.

“Yes! Yes, Father… for sex… just like we used to – all the time. He used to make love to me all of the time, any time. We used to make out most everywhere! We even… made out in church! It was before you came to our parish; we went to pray during Lent but we were late and therefore sat in the back pew. I don’t know what came over us but I suddenly wanted him so bad and I touched his crotch and moments later he was fondling me, sliding his hands all over my body. We didn’t care who may have seen; it was the most intense sex we had ever had. Well, I bought some new outfits, some really sexy outfits and a new bikini and a matching thong for him to wear for our getaway. He got so mad at me, told me I was planning to dress like a slut. He said I should wear only long dresses and be humble in my presentation. I have been so depressed since then…”

And then mother looked at me and pulled me to her, having me stand before her as she sat.

“Darling, my sweet pretty boy, I’m so sorry. I’ve been cold and unfriendly to you for months and I know I may have hurt you. I have been so down from having to conform to what your father demands and it made me so mad! I should have told you… I should have been warm and fun and escaping his abuse – with you.” She said.

She ran her hands over my bottom, caressing my child ass cheeks, pulling up the tights to accentuate how they molded to my small, boy bottom.

“Things are changing, honey. I won’t be what he expects. I want you to know that, now… that your dad needs to change or else. But I want to be sure that if he begins to fight back, to argue with me, that you understand.” She said as she continued to caress me, now, her hand moving around my body.

“…And that you will support me… completely.”

I looked at her, my boy penis throbbing from the perfect stimulation from the sheer, tight material covering my legs and bottom. I understood, finally, why she had been so cold to me. I nodded and leaned forward and gave her a big hug of support. As I did, I realized that my child erection was pressing against her and I pulled back but she kept me tight to her, then whispered in my ear.

“It’s OK, sweetie. I want you to enjoy how you feel. You look so cute in your new clothes. I can’t wait to buy you more… maybe we should grow your hair out too. Your dad has had you in crew cuts for way too long. Wouldn’t you like that, honey?” She asked as I felt her hands sliding up and down my small thighs. “And you know… I think a hint of my lipstick would make your lips look so pretty…”

She rubbed her fingers on her lips and then onto mine. I felt warm and overwhelmed and anxious to turn around, knowing that my little boy erection was now beyond noticeable. Mother turned me, then pressed me forward.

“Isn’t Brenny so absolutely pretty?” She asked, a hint of bragging in her voice.

Lilly and Father Bill observed me and smiled, both saying that they loved how I appeared and that she definitely needed to continue.

Mother then realized that Father’s glass was empty and that he was concerned about her well being.

“Father – am I a bad person to want to look young and sexy and beautiful… for him? I felt like I was just an old woman, that I had to just become old and plain and dull. But then my best girlfriend got a divorce and she shared with me what she went through and I know I do not want to go through that pain. When we went out, Father… I felt so alive.. and Father.. the attention I had from men at the bar? I loved it! I felt alive and sexy and when they danced with me, I loved that they were so turned on, I felt their cocks become hard and I.”

Mother blushed, knowing she was telling so much in front of me. Mother looked at him and smiled, her breasts seeming to bulge out even more from her dress.

“Shall I refill your glass, Bill? Maybe… you would like something… else. Why don’t you come with me to see what else you may want to… taste.” Mother asked as she reached to take the glass from his hand.

“My child… my lovely, sexy Leila. I thought you were beautiful before, but now – now, I must say that you are doing exactly as you should. It is your right to enjoy being alive and knowing that you are a sexy, thrilling woman. You should always show yourself off. Always. I can only imagine how aroused you were when you made love to him in the church. I wonder what prompted that… temptation in the house of the Lord… perhaps the Devil was tempting you? I should pray with you- just imagine if you felt that way again… if you were in church while I was conducting mass and I saw you suddenly become wanton and full of lust. Would you be able to control yourself and deny the temptation from those demons? Just imagine if you wore that dress to church – would you do that? While I was conducting mass? You know I would be distracted by the click of your high heels… and unable to focus, looking at your legs and breasts and lips.”

Father then stood up and visibly adjusted his pants, showing all of us how erect he was and how big his cock was. I, of course, knew how big his man cock is and how much cock cum he had. I subconsciously licked my lips. Father visibly eyed mother as she slowly walked to the bar with Father a few steps behind her.

“Oh… you like this, eh Bill? I wouldn’t want to be the one who tempts you to sin, though. Should I… take it off?” She asked.

Her voice sounding coy and wicked. Mother moved around, showing off to everyone. The dress she had put on was extremely tight and showed her off completely. The deep ‘V’ in the front was matched by a cross of two straps in the back, which was otherwise completely open, actually showing the top of her shapely, round ass. The side of the bright red dress had a long slit, and overall had angled cuts which also then exposed the front of her lower body. Mother had opted to wear thigh high nylons which clung to her legs and were encased in matching five inch red, satiny heels.

“Father, do you think it’s too much? Lilly helped me pick it out for when we go out next time…” She added.

“That… would be tomorrow night, pet.” Ms Lilly chimed in, letting them know she was listening in.

“Oh, that’s right! Brenny, you don’t mind being home alone, now – do you?” She asked me. “You know, your dad has one more night shift and I wanted to have a little fun before he is home in the evenings…. Just our secret, right honey?”

“That’s fine mom. I can be home alone, I can find something to do.” I replied. “And… of course… always our secret!”

As Father and mother stood by the bar looking at the various bottles of alcohol.

“Brenny, cutie – go in the kitchen with Lilly to serve that decadent Devil’s Food cake.” And then back to Father, she asked, “Bill… it’s not a sin for you to eat Devil’s Food, now, is it? I did have the choice of Angel’s food, but… I just think Devil’s food is so much more satisfying… don’t you?”

“I hope that we can savor the tempting food of the Devil, all together,” Father replied, “I think we will all find it to be irresistible and much more enjoyable on our lips, our tongues, and in our souls… than that boring Angel’s food. Brenny… I think you can attest to that, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Father. I could not get enough.” I replied. Mother looked at me with a slight quizzical look and I thought quickly, “um.. it was served at the discussion group.”

Father stood behind my mother as she pointed out the different adult libations. Father reached around her, which brought his crotch into very intimate contact with her round, shapely ass. I heard light laughter from them as Ms Lilly and I sized up the cake.

Lilly helped me slice the cake to serve everyone as mother and Father came into the kitchen with their fresh cocktails. I noticed that she drank another cocktail while pouring them. A dollop of chocolate frosting rested on the edge of one of the plates which Father noticed. He scooped it up with his finger, then brought it to mother’s lips.

“Taste the Devil!” He said as he slid his finger into her mouth.

She sucked on it and then licked it clean.

Father then looked at me.

“Brenny… perhaps you would like to taste the Devilish cream as well?”

I nodded my head yes; mother took her finger and dipped it into the frosting and slid it into my mouth, just as Father had done to her.

“Is this the right way, Bill?” She asked as she repeatedly slid it into my mouth.

“Oh, yes, love… that is just perfect.” He replied.

We sat in the patio area where mother and Ms Lilly decided to enjoy cigarettes while enjoying the cake and cocktails. They offered a cigarette to Father out of politeness; he looked at it, a long, elegant, feminine one hundred and twenty. After a few moments of consideration, he deferred to me in a quiet voice.

“Brenny, this just seems way too delicate for me, its long and, with the pretty decorations on the tip, it looks very unmanly. I am going to smoke one of my special cigarettes but… perhaps, you may want this one? You did tell me that your mother allowed you to smoke. Go ahead. It will be fine. Do it.”

I looked at him and then at my mother, who was fully engaged in her conversation and drinks with Ms. Lilly. Putting the tip to my lips, Father took mother’s lighter and lit the tip for me. I inhaled slowly and fully, then blew the smoke in the same way that I had seen them do. Father smiled and approved. I felt aroused, perfectly so. Father then lit his own cigarette and inhaled slowly. The scent of the smoke from his was potent and somewhat different than mine. It seemed to combine the contents of tobacco with some of the incense I recognized from church services.

Father took another puff and then offered it to the women. They looked at him and each took several deep puffs. Father asked mother if I could try it; she looked at him and then me and, with a nudge from Ms Lilly, nodded her OK. He handed it to me and stressed that I should only take a small puff and then to hold it in. I looked at the tip – a hint of the lipstick from both women remained on it and I felt the creaminess melting on my lips. I felt the smoke expand in my small lungs and closed my eyes as I sensed a change coming over me.

“Let’s all go back to the living room couch where we can be more comfortable together, shall we?” Father said.

I walked with them, feeling lightheaded and a bit woozy. I felt hands on me, on my small, boy bottom as we walked and then sat down while mother and Ms. Lilly sat on opposite sides of Father.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes and saw that they were all smoking his cigarettes and they were all seated very close to each other. I watched for a few more minutes, until they noticed that I was watching. They all smiled at me as I saw that both of the women had their hands on Father’s thighs, and the women’s dresses were hiked up, exposing their panties.

Father looked at me and then leaned over to kiss mother fully while he took her hand and placed it onto Ms. Lilly’s bare leg. He moved her hand up and down to guide her caressing touches. I remained fixated on what I was seeing. Father then called for me to step to them. I did as directed, still very lightheaded and feeling tingly all over.

“Just look at this sexy, young boy, ladies. He is divine… go on, touch him.” He told them.

“Your boy penis is so hard, isn’t it, Brenny? It looks so inviting, wrapped in those white tights. And your mother told me that you picked those out to wear, along with your pink panties. I think it’s perfect. You should pull those down to see if your little boy penis is truly bigger than her ex-husbands. Wouldn’t that be such fun, Lilly?”

Lilly moaned with approval and mother helped by reaching to show me how to pull my tights down in a purely feminine way. Now, all that hid my small boy penis from them was the lacy panties covering me.

“Pull them down. I want to see it. Lilly.. help him, let’s see how big he really is” Father directed and I felt her hands softly touching my panties which caused my small penis to respond and begin to throb. Father then brought the cigarette to my lips and told me to take another puff, which I did.

“Well? Lilly… is sweet, young Brenny’s boy penis bigger? Caress it and make sure.”
Then, looking at mother, he asked, “Shouldn’t she suck it to see if it will get bigger?” All the while, he had brought mother’s hands to his zipper and she was pulling his pants down. He had no underwear on and his massive man-cock was once again visible to me. It looked amazing and I licked my lips with desire.

“Go on, Lill… go on… it’s OK… Just give him a little kiss and tongue. Let’s see how big he really is.” Mother said.

A moment later, Ms. Lilly was on her knees, kissing and then sucking on my baby penis. Her mouth was warm and wet and took me in slowly and then completely. I watched in amazement, studying how she moved her lips and tongue and how her lipstick left marks all along my small penis.

Her sucking increased in pace and I felt sensations that I couldn’t even imagine. She brought her finger to my mouth and slid it in deeply and then put it on the opening of my boy anus. Though my boy anus virginity had been wickedly taken just a few hours earlier, the thrill of having this happen in front of mother especially made me overwhelmed with arousal.

When I looked at mother, I saw that she was looking at me while she began to suck on Father’s massive cock. Her moans were loud and wanton, her words vulgar and wicked.

“Fuck my mouth, Father. Fuck my mouth and fill me with your cock. Fuck my pussy and my ass. Make me soaking wet with your cock cum. Drench me… fill me completely with your cock. Make me your slut, your whore. You know that my husband will be home soon. Fuck me so hard, I want your cock cum pouring out of me.”

Father grunted and thrust, making mother gag. I could only guess that, aside from the man she was with last night, dad had deprived her of doing this for quite some time. She ached to be fucked and begged Father to fill her. Moving her to stand, her round ass pointed into the air, she was looking directly at me as Father fucked her from behind.

She continued to curse and say wicked words, telling Father that she wanted to sin and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and that she didn’t care about dad, that she wanted man-cock all the time. Father rammed his thick cock deeper and deeper into her.

The lust and forbidden pleasures before us seemed to drive Ms. Lilly into a fevered pitch as she took mother’s hand to touch her pussy and told her to play with her clit, which she did. She then slid her finger deep into my boy anus and I knew that something was going to happen. With her mouth fully over my aching boy penis, I felt a release and began to thrust into her mouth.

Ms Lilly looked overwhelmed and then shocked and then satiated as she thrust back into mother’s hand as she climaxed. She then pulled me to her and kissed me fully. And then I realized that I had peed and her mouth was full, which she shared with me, darting her tongue into my mouth to swirl the golden nectar back and forth. She finally released me as we both swallowed; she brought mother’s soaking wet fingers to my lips and made me lick them off just as Father began to climax. I knew the look of his state of ecstasy and knew that he was pumping his man-cream deep into her body.

I felt ready to collapse.

As everyone finally recovered and breathing patterns returned to normal, mother suggested that it was time for me to go to bed. I nodded and said goodnight to everyone, and each gave me a full, deep wet kiss, including, and especially, Father Bill.

I climbed into bed and thought about all that had occurred in the past forty-eight hours, wondering if I was dreaming or if any other kid in school had experienced anything like this. I was beginning to doze off when I heard a soft knock on the door.

“Hi sexy… I so love that you are such fun and open, Brenny.” Mother said. “This will be our little secret as well… promise?”

“Yes, mom… it’s our secret… But… what about dad?” I asked.

Mother leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek and then on my lips.

“Baby, don’t worry about him. I have some ideas that, if he’s willing… he will enjoy… he used to be lots of fun when we went out.. and when we went to bed. Honey.. he used to be really fun.. wild… and I plan to get him back to that. Fuck the church and his bible. You may need to hide a bit some times.. I’m going to do my best to get your daddy to want to fuck and have sex at any time, any where… and.. with .. any one… Now, here’s a little treat for you. Father said you might enjoy it.” She then placed her one leg up onto the bed and slid her finger into her soaking wet pussy and slid it over my lips and onto my tongue. She then leaned over and kissed me, her lips parting mine to taste the mixed cream in my mouth.

“Our.. little… secret …”

I passed out. Dreams raced through my mind in torrential fashion. Images of demons and massive forked man-cocks, women sucking them, impaling themselves onto them, being bathed in fiery baths of semen continued to flash through my mind. Small children danced in seductive ways, their small bodies dressed as adults, the female infants had massive breasts while the male infants had cocks which dragged on the floor. They were all engaged in lewd behavior and all stimulated me in ways I didn’t yet understand.
And then I saw Jacob and his buddy, the fear on their faces, looking at me, their hands reaching out, straining for help. They appeared to be in a large body of water, their legs flailing about as if they were near drowning, trying to escape from perilous death from the water and from what laid within. In this wild dream, I watched, wondering why they were there and why they couldn’t swim. I then saw my mother, Ms. Lilly, Father Bill and Sister Deanna. All were watching me, observing me and I wondered if this was some sort of test.

I guessed that I should give them some help. They were my classmates, kids that I had known for most of my childhood. I debated on what I could do… what I should do. I thought about all the times that they had interacted with me. One time in second grade, I had the chance to be quarterback for a pickup game. I knew how to throw the small football we used, in fact, the one we were playing with was mine. But Jacob told the other kids that one of the other kids should be quarterback and I got skipped over. I looked at a flotation device that appeared by my feet. Hmmm… I guess I could throw it to them… if only I had had the chance to develop my throwing skills. Oh well.

I then heard their cries for help.

“Please Brenny… help us! There’s something biting at our feet! Please…”

I then saw three… four… ten other kids from my school; they too were watching. They saw that I had kicked the life preserver to the side. Janelle, one of the prettiest girls in school who had always flirted with Jacob, was there and watched. I kicked the life preserver and it hit her in the face, knocking her into the same pit. I laughed. I had always been really good at kickball. That was one hell of a good kick. The other kids looked and laughed as well.

Then I heard a call, a soft, gentle voice from a young boy, it was Peter.

“Brennan, shouldn’t you help them? I think they’re going to get ripped apart by the demons in the water if you don’t help.”

I waved Peter to stand by me and a moment later, he was by my side.

“Well, Peter, what do you think I should do? That pool of water seems to be on fire. Maybe we both can pee on them and put the fire out!”

Peter looked at me and then began to laugh. I then brought his hand to touch me and I realized that I was naked and my small boy penis was erect. He touched it and then began to suck on it and I began to fill him with my pee. His lips melted to my small penis and milked me without end. I looked at him and smiled, and then looked at the adults. They were all waving to me and smiling.

“Hon, what are you going to do?” It was mother asking me. What should I say? What should I do?

“I think they don’t know how to swim, mother. I guess if I don’t do something, they all will drown.” I said, a sense of woe in my voice.

Father and Sister then joined in voice.

“Do what you know is right, my son. Think of your actions, think of today’s lessons… your future is before you and the Devil is in the details.”

Hmmmm… lessons… details. Of course! I know how to save them. I can be the hero they all hoped for. And with that, I threw down ‘The Complete Guide to Beginner’s Swimming’ text book. What better way to get Jacob, the lazy, piece of shit student, to pick up a book? Janelle is a quick learner; she could read the basics and save herself, if that stupid fuck Jacob doesn’t drown her in the process. As for the other kid? Ha… I couldn’t even remember his name. Fuck him. Asshole.

I brought Peter up to stand and leaned over to kiss him fully, then bent him over and slid my boy penis into his child bottom. He screamed with pain which prompted me to pump into him harder and faster. After four minutes of fucking his small, virgin anus, I began to pee and pumped him full of my urine, with each thrust I saw another similarly small demon appear before him, thrusting their penis and pussies into his face.

Chapter Eleven

I woke up in a cold sweat. Wow! That was such a wild, crazy, realistic dream! Wow! I needed a drink of water and to go to the bathroom. Looking at my bedside clock, I saw that it was one-twenty in the morning. Dad should be home by now; I didn’t hear anything… I was pretty sure that everything I remembered from the prior day was real- wasn’t it? I didn’t hear any arguments or yelling from my parents’ bedroom- maybe it was all a dream?

I tiptoed into the bathroom and stood before the toilet but I also needed a drink. Still shaking the cobwebs out of my head, I stared at my small boy penis; it was erect and aching. I needed to pee. Focus.

But my mouth was parched, dry, dusty. A hint of the Devil’s Food cake lingered in my mouth- it was delicious, but so did a myriad of other flavors. The taste of… the cigarette, of… the drink I had, of… the kisses… I looked into the mirror and saw that I had lipstick marks all over my lips. I guess, I guess, it happened? It must have happened. I looked in the mirror and pursed my lips and then I blew myself a kiss. I wanted lipstick on. I wanted to feel the creaminess of lipstick and… makeup.

I foraged around in the bathroom drawers and found at the very back what I had hoped for- lipstick, left by one of my aunts, from the look and color of it. I painted my lips and thought of kissing… of kissing Father and other men. And to feel a cock sliding into my mouth. Yes.. It wasn’t a dream. I thanked… god. For that… and then I laughed. Thank you Satan, yes, the Devil is with me.

I poured a little bit of water into the glass and began to swallow it, but then placed it at the tip of my boy penis and peed into the glass. Looking at it, I felt warm… hot… and I brought it to my lips and began to drink it down. I loved it and wanted to drink pee from Peter and Father and… everyone.

It was then that I heard a voice and then another. Oh damn… did I wake my parents? I quietly stepped to the wall and turned the light off and then opened the door. What did I hear? Voices again rose – from my parents’ bedroom. I had to hear what was being said.

“Hon, I need to sleep, I have to get up early. It’s not the time to fool around. Maybe this weekend” dad said.

“Baby… you don’t have to do anything. I just want to touch you. Relax. Think of when we used to date.” Mother replied.

I peeked into their bedroom and watched. Mother was kissing him and caressing him, from what I could see. I moved so that I could get comfortable and the floor squeaked. Damn! It was then that mother turned and saw me in the room. I heard her move slightly and then a light of a match, where she lit a candle. In the candlelight, I saw her wave to me and blow me a kiss and then she placed her finger to her lips, motioning that I had to remain quiet. I nodded my understanding and I sat down.

“You remember that one time, after finals, and we smoked some weed and made love on the beach? That was so much fun. You were an animal. You devoured me! Your hands and your mouth and your cock. You fucked me three times… do you remember that, baby?” She asked him in a soft, soothing voice.

I saw that she had slid the blankets down and I now had a full view of her naked body as well as dad.

“Hon… Lilly gave me a joint. Let’s smoke a little bit, k? Just a little bit, it’ll help you sleep and… just a little bit.” She said.

She took her lipstick and coated her lips, looking at me as she repeatedly coated her lips. She didn’t even wait for him to answer; I saw the flash of the match and the pungent aroma that I had smelled earlier. This was one of Father Bill’s cigarettes. She took two large hits and then brought it to dad’s mouth.

“Come on baby. Just a lil bit.” She begged as she then leaned over and gave him a full, wet kiss.

“Damn, Leila… if it will make you quiet and I can get to sleep, fine…” He said in an abrupt manner.

I saw the glow from the cigarette, once, twice… a third time. Then she took two large hits and placed it down on her nightstand. She looked at me and motioned for me to take it.. but quietly. She moved to press her body against his which gave me ample time to crawl over to the bed and to take several hits – it was magical and I loved it. I was now at the side of their bed and able to hear everything they said and see almost everything they were doing. It didn’t take long for me to feel euphoric, and it appeared it had the same fast effect on dad.

“Baby… what’s gotten into you?” He said as he felt her lips on his body, as she slid her hand down to his now growing cock. “Oh, god.. that feels good. But.. do you really want to make a baby? You know.. the bible says that…”

“Lover, not now. Let’s not focus on what the bible says. Let’s focus on what Leila says. And… “ she said as she moved down to place her mouth near his now erect cock, “Leila says that she wants to suck and fuck. Give me that cock, baby, I want to taste you.”

Dad struggled with what was happening, moving and trying to create some separation from mother, but she had the upper hand; she was awake, wanton with lust and fully focused on what she wanted to have happen. I then heard her begin to suck on his cock and, watching her, seeing her mouth wrap around his cock made me also feel so aroused. I began to touch myself, but knew that I had to remain silent.

“Fuck my mouth. Make me your slut. You know you want me… just like we used to… fucking and making out all the time… every where.” She said, taking a moment to breathe.

“Feel my breasts, I want you kissing and sucking on my nipples… do it… do it.” She ordered.

“Oh, god. You are wild. I… I… can’t believe how you’re touching me. God, yes…” He moaned.

The weed taking its magical action on his inhibitions and reservations.

“You’re sucking me… so good. You’re gonna make me cum…”

Mother made eye contact with me as she sucked on his cock. It became very apparent to me that she had moved to make sure that I could watch and hear everything they did.

“Gimme your cum… fuck my mouth. Do it… I want cock. I want you fucking me, give me cock… cock… in my mouth… in my pussy… in my… ass.”

“O god… you are wicked… not in your ass… no.” He said, trying to maintain some control.

Instead, she slid her finger down to caress him below his sac and she knew he was going to climax. Moments later, he let out a loud moan and I saw him thrusting his hips into her, pushing his cock into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as he made one final thrust and then laid still. She looked at me, smiling, but then showed a bit of anger. She appeared to be upset. Their intimacy lasted perhaps four minutes. Mother moved back to her side of the bed and leaned over to me. She waved me to her and I leaned up and mother leaned over and gave me a wet kiss. I could taste his cock cum on her lips and she smiled, then reached to touch my lips, sliding them over each lip. She then noticed that I had lipstick on – I had forgotten! She took her lipstick and covered her lips and then quickly covered my lips as well. She then put her finger to her lips and motioned for me to remain quiet.

“Baby… I need your cock in me. Fuck me… now.” She ordered.

Dad grumbled. Even with the weed, he seemed to be unwilling.

“I’m not gonna let you sleep till I feel your cock in me. I need cock… Fuck me… Fuck me baby” she said, her words sounding so erotic and inviting. She moved her hand back to his cock and began to caress and stroke it. In spite of whatever level of exhaustion he had, dad’s physical desires overrode his intent to go to sleep. I saw that he was becoming erect again and mother wasted no time to strike.

She moved and mounted him, sliding her pussy down onto his cock. She moaned loudly and from the sounds of their motions, it was very apparent that she was very wet. Images of Father Bill fucking her hard returned to my mind and I thought of how perfect his man-cock was and how delicious his cock cum tasted.

“Fuck me… god, I want your cum in me. Fuck me hard. I want cock… I want to fuck again and again. I want to fuck all night, baby. Drench me… fill me with cum.” She said, her voice hoarse and intense.

I watched as he thrust and pushed into her and then I saw her looking at me, making a yawning motion with her hand to her mouth. I then realized that she had other ideas, other intentions at hand.

“You came.” She said. “Oh baby, that was so good. You made me so wet.”

I peeked to see their interaction, glad that the candlelight was poor and that he had no idea I was there. He seemed relieved that the night’s actions were over and he began to roll over.

Mother laid next to him and looked at me once more, a wicked, devilish smile coming over her face. She lit the cigarette and took two more large hits and then brought it to his mouth, pressing it to his lips.

“Just a little bit more, lover. It’ll help you sleep… Baby, you remember that time… when you just couldn’t get enough of me? We fucked and then you woke me up with your lips on me. Do it again.” She said.

The memory must have surprised dad a bit as he wrestled in bed and looked at her and moaned.

“Yeah, I remember. That was such a wild night. But… honey, I’ve given all that up… I am now with Jesus. Sex… it’s to make babies.”

“Oh… honey… just one more time… please? And then, I promise, I’ll let you go to sleep, and I won’t bring this up again.” She countered.

What could he do? She had mounted his face and strategically positioned herself so that he was unable to move. Mother looked at me as she pressed her soaking wet pussy into his face. His muffled sounds suggested he was giving her some level of pleasure but I sensed that she was not even remotely satisfied.

“Lick it, baby. Taste all of that cock cum. Just like you used to do. I was thinking back to when we used to fuck all the time… everywhere. And I want that again.” She said

Her words projected towards me. She then motioned for me to light the cigarette and I did, taking a hit before covertly handing to her. He couldn’t see or hear and I smiled as mother saw how erect I was.

“Remember… that time… when we were in church?” She asked as she put the cigarette to his lips. “Take another hit. Give in, baby.. enjoy my body, enjoy sex…”

“Leila… you’re so wet. I didn’t think I came in you like this. Sooo… much… cummmm.” He said in soft whispers.

I saw his exhaled smoke filter up and dance along mother’s body, hovering over her breasts. Her nipples glowed in the candle light as she squeezed each nipple, aching to reach her own orgasm while on his face.

“Doesn’t it taste so good? You said it’s wrong… that it’s immoral… that your bible says we shouldn’t” She said in guttural tones. “But… I love it and I want it. I don’t care that it’s wrong. I want cock. I want to fuck and taste and suck cock. Again and again. And I want you licking me after I get fucked.”

Dad tried to move away from her.

“That is wrong, Leila. God told us that sex is only to make babies. You are sinning and I can’t do this. I won’t. I must pray. I must.”

Mother would have none of his complaints. She continued to grind herself into his face. She placed her hand down between her legs and placed her hands on the posts of their bed to balance herself. She had dad’s face completely covered as she beckoned for me to stand up and move to her. I did as directed and stood at the side of their bed, my boy penis throbbing and erect, as small as it was. Mother licked her lips and then began to whisper words into the dark void of the night. The candle glow seemed to increase as her words echoed for all to hear but dad.

“Satanas Domino, accipe me in tua mundo. Tolle animam meam. Et ego invocabo tu pasces me.”

I touched myself in her plain sight which prompted her to smile at me and lick her lips.

“Yes, baby… lick me… taste it all… lick me clean and then you can sleep. Lick me, just like you did when we were in church that time. Do you remember how I got on my knees and sucked you and then you did the same, licking my pussy while the priest said the rosary? Lick me… lick me you fucking pig… taste all that cock cum… do it!” She screamed.

And she came. And then I saw that she had defecated on him. She saw the pile of shit that now rested on him. She looked at me and laughed, then made a humble apology to him as he tried to get up without dropping the fecal matter onto the bed.

“You… you are sick. I cannot believe you did that!” He cried.

“Oh… I’m so sorry honey. My body lost control. I am so sorry, should I get a napkin for you?” She said as she waved me to hide by the side of the bed.

“No! Just… leave me alone. I am going to sleep on the couch. I need my bible. Good night!” He yelled at her.

He stormed out of the bedroom. A moment later, we heard him in the shower, crying and praying out loud to god to give him strength and guidance. Mother looked at me and laughed.

“Oh my! Do you think he is upset?” She asked me.

She continued touching herself as she beckoned me to sit on the bed with her. I climbed up and she pulled me to her, caressing my extremely hard, throbbing boy penis.

“Maybe…” She whispered as we heard him storm off into the family room, the faint sounds of him reading from his holy book filling the night, “Maybe.. I should have pissed all over his face instead!”

And with that, we both laughed as she pulled me to her and kissed me deeply.

“Let’s smoke the rest of the joint, baby. And… I think it’s time for you to get to know me… in a biblical way,” she said. “I loved how you peed in Lilly’s mouth; that was so naughty. Maybe I should do that to you now?” She asked as she moved in her bed, her breast now resting by my lips. I looked at her and smiled and nodded, yes…

“Your stupid fuck father didn’t even realize that he could barely cum in my mouth; he couldn’t fill my pussy with cock cum if his life depended on it. Useless, pathetic man. Father Bill fucked me so hard. I’m still so soaking wet. Lick me… show me that you know how to give me pleasure.”

I kissed and sucked on her nipples and then kissed my way down to her pussy. Mother moved and gyrated her hips in anticipation of how her little boy was going to touch and thrill her. I did not want to disappoint her and I did want to taste Father’s cock cream again. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her about that, after all, I did swear to Father and Sister that it was a secret.

As I moved myself to between her legs, my lips now just inches from her pussy, she reached to light several more candles.

“I wanna watch my baby boy… lick me, baby. Momma’s gonna give you such a delicious, wet treat.”

And then she reached down to guide me into her inner thighs where I began sliding my tongue up and down her red lips, tasting the mixture of her wetness and Father’s cock cum. I felt beyond aroused as I slid my tongue into her, wanting to taste every drop inside her.

“That’s it, baby. Lick momma’s cunt. Lick all of mommy’s pussy cream. And taste all that delicious cock cum that Father pumped into me. God, he fucked me so hard. You saw him fucking me, didn’t you? How he rammed his cock so deep into me. God, it was so good. I felt so slutty, Brenny. I wanted him to fuck me again and again. And your dumb-fuck dad thought that was HIS cock cum? What a fucking ass. He never came like that. I loved watching him lick Father’s cock cream from me.” She said, her voice wild and barely subdued.

I felt like my tongue was ten inches long. I felt like it was sliding deep into her pussy, touching every bit of her. I wanted it all. With each thrust of my tongue, I felt like my tongue became thicker and longer, making sure that mother received all of the pleasure, all of the wicked, demonic pleasure that she ached for. As I felt her thrusting her body into my face, a new surge of wetness poured from her and I licked every drop, drenching my face and filling my mouth.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it baby. That’s my little boy giving mommy all the pleasure she needs. Do you like how I taste?” She asked as she continued to touch herself and press her vibrant pussy lips onto my mouth. “Drink it… drink all of me.” She ordered.

I felt her bladder unleash and her urine flowed into my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as possible, welcoming all of her wetness into me.

“I can’t wait for your boy penis to get bigger… for now… I wanna give you a special treat… put your tongue down… lower… I’m so wet all over.. ALL OVER” She told me.

She moved, exposing her backside and round ass to me. I knew what she wanted and I moved to place my mouth onto her ass cheeks, kissing them and then moving my lips and tongue to taste all of the wetness which escaped from her pussy.

“Oh yeah baby; that’s the way. Slide your baby tongue into mommy’s ass. Taste it and lick it. If you do it really well, you can put your boy penis into me. Wouldn’t’ you love that?” She said… the sound of lust now her new voice.

I did as she directed and licked her and explored her round ass, down between her wet, inviting rosebud and in, tasting her fully, completely.

“I’m coming baby. My little boy is making me cummmm sooo good!” She said, trying to muffle her ecstasy. “Now… put your little penis in my ass. Slide it in and fuck me. Fuck my ass… do it my sweet baby boy.”

She lifted her ass up slightly and the glow of candle light made us appear as one life form. I grunted as my throbbing boy penis ached for release. I wanted to cum… I wanted to feel what Father Bill had felt, and I wanted to feel what Sister had felt, as well. A small prayer of lust filled me, closing my eyes, I envisioned Sister and Father there with me, guiding me, feeling them both, one in my mouth, the other in my boy ass as I fucked mother.

Her round ass sucked my small, erect penis into her as I gently pulled her ass cheeks apart so that I could go as deep into her as possible. I wanted to give her intense pleasure; mother had changed in every possible way and in every way became a person who showed intense love and passion for me.

“Ohhhhhh mommyyyyyy!!!” I squealed.

Mother looked back at me and smiled; she was ramming three of her fingers into her wet pussy and brought them to my mouth.

“Hush, baby… don’t let that fat fuck hear us. Lick mommy’s cum and fill me, baby… fill me with your boy cream!”

I licked each of her fingers feverishly and felt my own boy-sized stick stretch and throb as I erupted into the tight hole of mother’s aching round ass.

I fell backwards in exhaustion. Mother pulled my hand to her lips and began to lick my fingers and then ran her fingers over my body, resting on my thigh. I wanted more with her but I struggled to stay awake. Passion and desire raged in me as I thought of Father fucking her but then images of Sister flared into my mind and I thought of my baptism into their devotion to Lord Satan. I felt my boy penis throb again, wanting Sister to mount me again- to indulge in every act she desired and to learn more, much more of my true faith.

“My little boy! I see your little penis wants more. Mmmmm. But we have to be wary that your fat ass father may come back in here. Sneak back into your bedroom, darling. We have much to do tomorrow… much, much to do.”