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AUTHORS NOTES: Vaguely inspired by the 1970s television series by the same name — about the mysterious Mr. Roarke who runs a unique resort island in the Pacific Ocean that can fulfill literally any fantasy requested by guests, but they rarely turn out as expected. I really enjoyed the 2020 film version, directed by Jeff Wadlow — but wished it could have been a lot darker. I also noticed that there is a 2021 television version with its first season released — but I haven’t caught up with that. So my thought was to make Roarke into a female figure. Maybe androgynous? And be more like an evil puppet master drawing the unsuspecting “victims” into her own web of twisted fantasies; that the demonic forces within Island seem to be only too pleased to amplify.

STORY CODES: Supernatural, Religious themes, Transgender, Age-Play/Young, Demonic/Satanic, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, Rape, Snuff, Black Mass, Cannibalism, Abortion, NC, Sex Demons, Transformation.

CREATED: 03.06.2022 / REVISITED: 25.08.2023


Phantasy Island 4

Where only your “darkest fantasies” come true


Imagine a place where all your wildest fantasies could come true — this is the promise of the famed “Phantasy Island”. Now imagine, you’re one of the lucky competition winners that have won the opportunity to be invited to this luxurious, but remote tropical paradise. You will be welcomed by the exotic and enigmatic Dr. Ursula Roarke — an exotic delight that seems to be all-knowing, all-seeing — and like a ringmaster, with the crack of her whip, the fantasy circus begins. What you didn’t know was that there’s a dark side to Phantasy Island. Are you in your fairy tale fantasy or a victim of Dr. Ursula Roarke’s twisted nightmares?


  • Dr. Ursula Roarke (appears to be maybe 28, but of an unknown age) — an exotic islander, who is enigmatic, beautiful (and androgynous), the host of Phantasy Island / Serpent Eyes (60) — the female tribal leader from the fishing village
  • Tattoo (35) — an ugly twisted dwarf-like man that is Dr. Ursula Roarke’s assistant
  • Hoku (20) — a young hostess (and a demon) on Phantasy Island
  • Kai and Loni (8) — twins, islanders (demons in disguise as children)
  • Makaio (12) — a young male host (and a demon) on Phantasy Island
  • Ahe (16) — a young male porter rather effeminate
  • Mikala (15) — a young woman from the fishing village
  • Tony (37), Rosa (42) & Yolinda Cleary (9) — Father (separated), Mother and daughter 
  • Mercedes North (32) — Transvestite that dreams of being herself
  • Maddie Haig (23) — Christian, primary school teacher 
  • Corbin and Kitten Pistis (36/32) — a once religious married couple with issues
  • Swami Guru Salil Gupta (52) — an ugly fat India guru who worships the Goddess of Sex and Death
  • Sofia Sian (38) — she is a herpetologist (studies snakes)





“Even if she be not harmed, her heart may fail her in so much and so many horrors; and hereafter she may suffer — both in waking, from her nerves and in sleep, from her dreams.” Bram Stoker

Sofia’s Fantasy

Mikala, the young girl from the fishing village, wakens Sofia gently.

Sofia rubbed her eyes. She felt lightheaded, unsteady, and slightly disorientated. The morning glow streamed in through the open entry to the darkened hut. Though her sight was still a little blurred, the first thing that Sofia noticed, was that the sweet young tribal girl was completely naked. She looked gorgeous. As Sofia sat up, she realized, that she was naked too.

“Our tribal mother is waiting for us,” said Mikala, “You may call her — Serpent Eyes — just as we do. It is her secret name that only our tribes’ women use.”

“Serpent Eyes,” repeated Sofia, still emerging from the uncertain sleep, “The ritual? Did I miss your ritual?”

“No Sofia. You were glorious. Come now … Serpent Eyes awaits us … to bless our journey to the lost city.”

“Our clothing?” Asked Sofia, mildly embarrassed to be naked with the sexy young girl. Aware of her uncleanliness, Sofia said, “And I haven’t washed.”

Mikala smiled, “We have shed our skin before Snake Eyes, we will wash and dress for the journey after … come we receive her blessing. Just do as I do …” she added reassuringly.


The tribal mother welcomed Sofia to her cluttered hut.

She sat majestically, naked and crossed-legged, upon the weave fabric flooring. Sofia was getting a little more used to being naked, but her eyes couldn’t help but study the body of the tribal mother. Her breasts were small and still shapely for her indistinct age; her skin was surprisingly pale compared to the others in the village; and her head was completely shaven; with matching snake-like tattoos that circled her ears on either side of her head. Her smile was so wide with bright white teeth, that Sofia found a little unsettling. Carnivorous? For some reason, the tribal mother reminded her of Dr. Ursula Roarke. It was just a fleeting thought.

The tribal mother’s hut smelt of incense, urea, and burnt things. Small bones, snake skulls, reptile skins, and other unrecognizable trinkets combined to form native decorations that hung from the hut’s low ceiling.

The older woman indicated that Sofia and Mikala should sit down with her. They sat or rather knelt upon the calves before her. Sofia followed Mikala closely (as she had suggested). The tribal mother drank from a small bowl and then offered it to Mikala. Mikala drank some of its content and then passed the bowl to Sofia.

The fluid looked dark and rather pasty. It smelt awful too. Mikala nodded to Sofia, egging her to taste it. Sofia did. The fluid burnt her tongue and throat — but the ghastly taste was quickly forgotten as its intoxicating effects began to take immediate effect. The ritual … Yes, the ritual … Serpent Eyes … she remembered her … and the strange offering of the unborn … for Nahesa … the Whore-Devil … the Serpent that devours souls …

The tribal mother spoke. But her voice was strangely harsh, and at times, was nothing more than a hissing sound.

“Serpent Eyes says, that she blesses us both. That our journey will bring you what you seek,” translated Mikala.

Sofia heard the sanguine sounds … they began to form recognizable words … as they echoed in her mind, but everything was so jumbled up.

… Serpent Eyes’ ophidian hissing … reminded Sofia that she’d drunken that strange concoction before. At night. Yes, the ritual at night. Serpent Eyes. Her serpent-like eyes were so piercing. Her serpent-like forked tongue flicked in and out of her mouth — as if she was tasting the air. The unborn, The pungent smell of urine was so strong. The ritual of offering. The naked gathering of sexy young girls and women. The pulsating sound of native drums. Firelight everywhere. There was erotic dancing. They all danced around a large blackened wicker basket. The basket top was removed. Inside, Sofia saw something wriggling. The unmistakable shapes of moving snakes. Long black snakes. Their reptilian skin was shining in the burning glow of the fire torches.

Serpent Eyes stood naked with her legs splayed, immediately above the wicker basket. She hissed in her strange voice and began to urinate into the basket, pissing over the wriggling snakes. The pungent urine filled Sofia’s nostrils. This seemed to agitate the snakes as well. They hissed back at her. Coiling and uncoiling. Still urinating, Serpent Eyes’ body undulated like a snake. Some of the black snakes began to rear up from inside the basket.

The tribal women were all dancing. Sofia found herself whipped in the throng around Snake Eyes as she performed her dark magick. Sexual arousal was heavy in the air. There was a young girl among them that was obviously very pregnant. She looked no older than Mikala. Her belly pronounced as she danced, grinding her hips and thrusting back and forth in a mock fucking motion.

Mikala touched the girl’s belly. They grinned at each other and then tongue-kissed. Already, Sofia saw the women and the young girls touching each other — bumping and grinding against each other’s naked sexes — some had begun masturbating. Others were making out. Mikala pressed herself against Sofia — her thigh slipped between Sofia’s legs — as she began to frot against Sofia’s thigh. Sofia did the same back to her.

As the tribal mother danced over the basket, she reached down and lifted up one of the larger wet snakes. Bringing its hissed diamond-shaped head close to her gaping vagina … the snake’s tongue flickered out … licking between the tribal mother’s open labia. Serpent Eyes hissed evilly, seemingly to draw great sexual pleasure from the snake’s touch. The tribal women all watched. Their masturbation dancing become even more vigorous, as the tribal mother pressed the snake’s head closer … until it began to enter her vaginal opening.


“Are you ready?” asked Mikala, “It is time to leave.”

The herpetologist looked around. She was in the hut.

Sofia was dressed and so was young Mikala. Clothing seemed strange all of a sudden. She thought about the journey to the lost city. They were supposed to go to the lost city in the depths of the Dark Jungle. It was why she was there. The search for the Nachash. Her mind was still rather vague about the details … but never the less excited about the day’s discoveries ahead.


Mercedes’ Fantasy

“Miss North … Miss North … Miss North …” said the young host, Makaio, as he lightly shook the guest’s shoulder, “… You missed the announcements in the main reception.”

Mercedes looked down at herself. She was still in her arrival clothes. She’d fallen asleep on the veranda of the resort. Wow, she thought! Far too much champagne? A dream? She remembered a strange dream …

”Did you say that I missed the speech? Dr. Ursula Roarke’s speech? And the rave party?” she asked.

The boy looked lost for a moment, “Sorry. Yes, you missed her speech. But, there was no party? No. The other guests just moving to their villas for the evening. You really haven’t missed anything that important … I’m sure that Dr. Ursula will talk to you very soon … she usually does, when our special guests first arrive,” reassured the young host.

Just as Makaio spoke, Dr. Ursula Roarke appeared — almost on cue.

“There you are, Miss North. We were all wondering what happened to you?” asked Dr. Ursula in her distinctively British accent, “I like to talk to all our special guests before they start their fantasy holiday — Maybe a little too much champagne? — not that it’s a bad thing. Here in Phantasy Island, you cannot get too much of a good thing.”

Mercedes looked at the Doctor. No signs of bulges, erections, or masturbation? No crazy sex parties? So weird, she thought to herself.

“My apologies … I must have missed your speech?”

“You did. But no problem. Makaio will help you to your villa shortly.” Dr. Ursula looked down at her clipboard notes. “I hope your stay will be an interesting one … finding your, “True self,” can be an adventure all of its own! — And remember … you are on Phantasy Island … so, anything is possible here.”

“Yes,” answered Mercedes with the eerie feeling of deja vu.


Tony’s Fantasy

Tony Cleary had had an uneventful first day.

He had half listened to the “Boring,” speeches and stories about Phantasy Island. To Tony, they were all part of the “fantasy” rhetoric. An over-rated sales pitch.

But maybe, while he was here, he could score some serious pussy. He looked at the young islander hosts, like the beautiful Hoku. Yes, they were all so nice, slim, and sexy … but they reminded him of how much he hated beaners. Fucking colored people invading his nice “white” country.

So, what caught his interest was a rather mysterious lady at the pool bar. Obviously, she was a white Caucasian. He estimated that she was in her early thirties and obviously a guest, like him, to the island paradise. She wasn’t the usual woman he went after. No, he usually liked the more desperate types, but this woman was kind of different. Unexpected. Solitary yet secretly slutty (he imagined). Maybe that’s what turned him on about her. And he was guessing that she would not be the easy kind. A challenge, he thought.

Actually, sluts aside (as he called all women), Tony couldn’t believe his luck in winning this opportunity. He thought about his dumb ex-wife for a moment, Rosa, and his nine-year-old daughter, Yolinda. He’d left them behind. Not that he saw much of either of them. Long story short. He didn’t want a child anyway. Fucking bitch got pregnant just to spite him. She was a boring cunt anyway. Maybe she had some colored blood in her family fucking tree (he thought)?

Then there was the day when he happened to find her tablet open on a website called, “ASSTR Loliwood Stories” — that featured same-sex stories about incest taboo. And finding out about his wife’s secret fantasies about mother-daughter sex was the perfect way out for him — now she would have to pay for his lifestyle — and would continue to pay him … otherwise, she’d lose her precious brat-of-a-daughter.

Yes, it was fucked up. Yes. He knew it was blackmail, but Tony didn’t see it that way. It was what his ex-wife deserved. Pervert cunt. Irony it seems, wasn’t without a sense of humor. He laughed to himself. Fucking gay bitch! Tony hated gays. In fact, Tony hated all homos, queers, faggots and cross-dressers. He hated them almost as much as he hated beaners, niggers, chinks and pakis. He hated the whole LGBTQ thing. Fucking rainbows and bum-chums. Fuck, he thought, whatever happened to their, “Nice white, heterosexual society”? The world seemed to be full of perverts and sodomites. Fucking disgusting. These fucking deviants were taking over! They all should be shot or even better, hung.


Tony made his way to the pool bar. He brushed the lint from his white singlet that showed off his muscular shoulders and arms. Its tightness pinched his core and showed the outline of his abs.

“Hi there, I’m Tony,” said Tony, “Can I join you for a drink?”

The woman in question, smiled brightly. Her eyelashes were long and dark. She tossed her silky black hair to one side and pointed to the bar stall next to her. She was tall, rather flat-chested, but very elegantly dressed in a high-cut white bikini with a soft white beach wrap that emphasized her delicate hips.

“Mercedes,” said Mercedes, introducing herself, “And the champagne is wonderful.”

“Yes, it certainly is,” answered Tony, looking for signs of a wedding band on Mercedes’ long elegant white fingers, “Are you here alone, Mercedes?”

As he perched on the bar stall, and glanced down at her long white legs and sexy bare feet.

“Yes I am,” she answered flirtatiously, “And you, Tony?”

“Yes. Single … and looking!” He made it no secret that he was checking her out.

“Here’s to looking!” Said Mercedes.

They both laughed and clinked their half-filled champagne glasses together.


Yolanda and Rosa’s Fantasy

Rosa Cleary was a forty-five-year-old mother.

Yolinda, or, “Yoyo,” as her mother called her, was excited about being away from home for the first time ever — starry-eyed at all she saw. They had arrived, by seaplane, a day or so later than most of the other guests to Phantasy Island — but were received with all the pomp and attention they deserved.

They didn’t have any idea that Rosa’s ex-husband, Tony Cleary, was also a guest on Phantasy Island. Yoyo’s father had been separated from her mother for some time. Not a pleasant situation. To be on Phantasy Island, seemed to be the perfect getaway adventure for Rosa and her precocious little nine-year-old.

“The problem is, we left without our swimming costumes,” explained Rosa to the kind hostess.

“Not a problem,” replied the smiling Hoku, “We’ve arranged for outfits for both of you at your private villa … in fact … your villa pool is totally private … you may not need a bathing costume at all?”

Rosa laughed uncomfortably.

Of course, she never wanted anyone to know about her private thoughts and feelings … thoughts and feelings, brought on by the sight of her own naked nine-year daughter. It was the crux of the problem. And it was why, Tony and her, were no longer together. Not that Tony cared about Yoyo. No, Tony only cared about Tony. He had been five years younger than Rosa. That had been a mistake. He got her pregnant and had been a reluctant father, right from the start … if you could call him a father at all.

It had been only fortuitous, on his part, that he’d found out about Rosa’s sexual interests in the subject of mother-daughter incest through the online stories she’d read. He’d spied on her. He knew her passwords. He was a sleazy bastard. Then he’d caught her red-handed and blackmailed her. He could have filed for sole custody of their daughter, claiming that she was an unfit mother … but instead … he wanted money and freedom. So, she paid the price … over and over … she really hated him.


“Mommy, they have matching bikinis for us!” cried Yoyo.

It had been a hot day outside and both mother and daughter were keen for a swim in their private lagoon. Rosa brought her book, suntan oil, and a hat. The lagoon wasn’t big or deep — but was completely private. Rosa lay her towel down upon one of the fancy deckchairs and set it to recline. Getting comfortable, she watched her daughter play.

Yoyo leaped about energetically in her new pure white bikini. The water was warm and inviting. As Yoyo splashed about in the water, Rosa noticed how the material of her bikini became almost completely translucent. Her tiny dark nipples were clearly visible through the fabric … her tiny pussy was emphasized by its sheerness, which left nothing to her imagination. Rosa’s cunt throbbed looking at her young daughter. She was so sexy. Thin and small. So delicious.

Rosa adjusted her position and slipped her fingers inside her juicy vagina as she watched Yoyo play. It made her so horny thinking about the things she’d love to do to her in bed. She lifted her dirty fingers and put them in her mouth, tasting her own juices and imagining they were her daughters. Incest. It was such a beautiful word. Incest. Dirty and perverted. Incest. Evil and taboo. Every time she read a perverted story about mother and child having sex together, she’d cum so hard. If only?

Was it something about this place? Something provocative about Phantasy Island? Was there something that made her want to be more daring with her daughter around? It definitely felt that way. It was as if a veil of secrecy had been lifted. That everything was possible. Even the most profane of her dark desires.

Her ex knew very little about her real tastes — only what he gleaned from the stories she’d read on that unlucky day. If he knew how she’d touched, kissed, and caressed Yoyo as a baby; how she masturbated during breastfeeding; anointing their daughter with her cunt juices. She’d had all kinds of abusive fantasies about molestation, rape, and even ritual abortion — if he knew — he would have hit her up for more than just the meager amount he tried to extort from her.


Corbin & Kitty’s Fantasy

“Asssshhhh … I feel … I feel …” stuttered the excited Kitty.

”Yes!” said Dr. Ursula pressing the young boy, Ahe, to his knees, “Yes. You feel it! Don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!” she was shouting.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” cried Corbin, “Stop this right now. This unholy thing … whatever it is … STOP GODDAMN YOU!”

“Kneel,” ordered the Doctor.

“Assssshhh … Oh … Oh … Oh …” panted Kitty with tears of joy.

In all his panic, Corbin’s towel had fallen to the floor, leaving him completely naked — his penis was shockingly erect. He didn’t comprehend why. This vile woman was no real Doctor — she was obviously possessed — they needed to leave this evil place immediately. But again to his astonishment, he couldn’t move. His heart raced and his face was blood red with angst. As he struggled, he found his knees buckling beneath him and he fell to his knees against is own will. This was some kind of unholy witchery.

“Stop! STOP!”

“My dear Corbin … but why? We’ve only just begun,” stated the Doctor as she approached him, “Look how your cock is hard for me … for us! … ask yourself, who is “unholy” here?”

She laughed.

“Get help!” he yelled, looking at Ahe.

But Ahe said nothing. He just knelt submissively, as Corbin did.

Kitty’s hips began to buck wildly beneath the heavy blanket that lay across her waistline. They hadn’t moved of their own accord for years — not since her mysterious illness — Kitty’s mouth hung open in wonderment and complete disbelief.

“They’re moving …” cried the excited woman, “… They’re really moving … I can feel them … I can feel … I’m wet … Fuck … I’m wet … Fuck my cunt is so wet … What’s happening to me?”

“Your fantasy my dear. Your fantasy to become a devil!”

“Take off your top, Kitty. Show Ahe your naked breasts. She me your hard nipples!” asked the Doctor.

Kitty did exactly as the Doctor ordered. Slipping her top over her head, she wore no bra, so that small-fist-sized breasts were clearly visible to all. Her nipples were unnaturally long, hard, and pointed with little or no areola.

Ahe looked on eagerly, his small young cock trapped painfully inside its cock cage. Precum already leaking from its tip as he watched the Doctor’s twisted magic unfold.

“Stand!” cried the Doctor, “Stand and show the world your true self!”

“But I, I …” stuttered Kitty.

Kitty’s hands grabbed the steel arms of her wheelchair and she lifted herself forward. As she did, the heavy blanket that had been covering her crippled and deformed legs fell away.

Corbin, who’d been watching silently in awe, recoiled in abject horror, as his wife stood up on her legs. Naked below her waist, it was obvious that her lower body had changed. Her legs unfolded slowly. They no longer ended in feet, but cloven hooves instead. Her thighs were thin and resembled the pelvic legs of a goat, elongated and covered in fine black hair.

“I can stand! I can walk! Look, Doctor! Look at my legs!” grunted Kitty ecstatically, “LOOK!”

It was as if she completely ignored the fact that these were no longer humanoid legs. She didn’t seem to care about the euphoria of being able to rise and walk again. She strutted about, completely naked. Her eyes burned with a new kind of energy.

“I can walk again … I can walk … Look, you fucker!” she turned her attention to her naked husband, who cowed down, terrified by what he saw, “Look at me! Look at my body! I’m fucking hot!”

“You are blessed by demons, my dear,” said the Doctor, “Come … see yourself in the mirror with me!”


The Swami’s Fantasy

In the semi-gloom of the villa, looking up in reverence, his eyes focused on the living image of the Goddess of Sex and Death. The thickness of cock meat throbbed in his fist as he pounded it up and down. The sound of the tabla had gotten much louder and more urgent — as did the sound of his primitive grunts in response to the masturbatory pleasure of his prayer.

“Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali …”

As he looked upon his Goddess whose long blood-red tongue lulled out from between her black lips — he recoiled as the image of a demonic deity began to suddenly move.

“Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali …” he cried urgently.

As if his prayers were answered — light suddenly burst from naked flames that pushed back the shadows. All around the fat guru, his luxury villa had been transformed into a Khajuraho sex temple with the walls lined with the most perverted of sex acts intricately carved in marble.

This was no cheap parlor trick — even the skeptical Swami — could appreciate that.

No longer just a flat painted figure, the ebony demon had form and volume. The Swami’s eyes widened in disbelief as her multiple arms stretched out seeming to be in motion all at once — articulated around her fearsome face like a fleshy aura — both graceful and highly erotic. One hand yanked at the skull necklace that fell about her bodice; another set of fingers fondled her full blossoms and phallic nipples; while another hand parted the skirt of bloody severed arms; and yet another stroked the curved length of her blue-black cock.

The thumping sound of the tabla matched the beating of the fat man’s heart — it beat so fast that he thought he was going to die of a heart attack — yet his self-pleasuring only increased exponentially with every passing motion.

“Kahaan hai? [Where is it?] … Kahaan hai?” crowed the dark Goddess.

The Swami’s throat was dry, though sweat poured from everywhere else in his ugly and obese form. He wasn’t sure what the demon meant.

“Kahaan hai? Mera Chuna Hua! [Where is it? My Chosen One!]”

What did she want from him? He knew that in the worship of Ma Kali males were expected to be passive and submissive to the carnality of their sex demon.

“Mere lie mera kunvaaree rakt balidaan lao! [Bring me my virgin blood sacrifice!] … Main do baar nahin poochhoonga. [I will not ask you twice!] … Mere paas laut aao aur jo kuchh main chaahata hoon use lao! [Return to me and bring me what I desire!]”

An intensely strong orgasm suddenly hit the Swami like a freight train. His balls exploded as he ejaculated semen all over himself.

The Swami felt the energy collapse upon itself. It was like watching the dying embers of a fire, turning from amber to red to brown to black. The tremendous heat had chilled and all of a sudden he felt cold in the darkness of the villa.

The bedside lamp light that he’d switched on (that hadn’t responded to his command) suddenly illuminated the room. It was all in place. Nothing different to the way it had been before his bizarre escapade with the Goddess of Sex and Death. Ma Kali. The painting looked like a painting. The flat image still looked forbidding and evil — but nothing like the presence that he’d seen and felt. His body was spent, but his mind was alive. Only Her words remained … “Kahaan hai? Mera Chuna Hua! [Where is it? My Chosen One!]” … He knew what he must do to appease his Goddess.




“I still get nightmares. In fact, I get them so often I should be used to them by now. I’m not. No one ever really gets used to nightmares …” Mark Z. Danielewski

Maddie’s Fantasy

Hoku pressed the teacher back against the black satin sheets of the huge circular bed. As Maddie lay back, she looked up and noticed, for the first time, the mirrored ceiling above. She watched voyeuristically as the naked threesome shifted positions. She saw the young twelve-year-old boy, Makaio, kneeling down between her spread thighs. His child-like fingers parted them further as he edged forward towards her aching cunt. Her legs were quivering as he pushed them wider and wider.

“Aaarghhhhh ..” she felt him rubbing his cock head against her — eager to get his adult-sized cock inside her juicy cunt hole — but it seemed that Hoku had other ideas.

Kneeling next to him, his godmother grabbed his ear.

”Listen … You can fuck the slut’s eager cunt later,” his godmother said, “But first, I want you to stretch her dirty little asshole for me — make the fucking bitch gape! You hear me!”

The young mischievous boy grinned evilly.

“But I want to fuck the stupid white slut!” he bemoaned to his godmother.

“No! … Let the bitch wait — and I wanna see her lick her filthy shit from your gorgeous young cock — Hail Satan — ass-to-mouth …”

“Fuck yer!” shouted Mikaio in Maddie’s face, “Your gonna lick my dirty cock clean, you fucking white slut!”

The dirty language was making Maddie’s hips buck against the child’s rampant cock. And it was obvious that he’d done this kind of thing before … not just once or twice … but it seemed to Maddie, that the young boy was a practiced sodomite.

“Aaaattghhhhhhhhhhththth …” groaned the school teacher.

She grimaced as he pressed his thick cock head against her virgin anus. There was a dull pressure that built up and then a pop as his thick cock finally penetrated her anal passage. Fuck! It felt so big. Like it was going to split her in two. Bigger than she’d expected. This was going to hurt … but her body wanted it … it wanted to be filled with this dirty little fucker’s cock … Yes, she wanted it in all her holes. And yes, she wanted to suck his cock clean.

Hoku quickly straddled Maddie’s prone body. She squatted on her hinds over Maddie’s upturned face. She positioned herself, only a few inches, above Maddie’s mouth. Maddie looked closely at the hostess’s heavily tattooed cunt. It was the monstrous face of the adversary. The goat-faced devil. The hostess’ erect clitoris stood out, like an obscene tongue, from the sheath of skin that formed the grotesque lips of the devil’s face.

The smell was strong and heady. Maddie could smell the sourness of the hostess’ unclean hole … cunt juices, urine, and feces … it was almost overpowering her. Her clitoris was almost two, maybe even three inches long. Its bright red tip touched teasingly Maddie’s lips.

“Open your mouth wider bitch … And pray to the true God … pray to Satan … Kiss him, kiss Satan … Suck Satan’s penal tongue! … While I piss in your unworthy slut mouth!”


Maddie felt stab after stab of dull pain as the young boy mercilessly thrust the entire length of his cock, in and then out, of her delicate anal passage. She felt stuffed as his cock head reached upwards, deep into her guts. Fuck! It hurt so much. The searing pain inside her guts burned like hell. Maddie opened her mouth to scream in shock — only to find it overflowing with briny-bitter fluids — as the hostess forced her monster penal clitoris between her lips while she pissed like a fountain.

She looked up momentarily at the mirrored ceiling. But looking at the reflection — it wasn’t what she had expected to see — she could see herself, laying on her back surrounded by the circular pool of black satin. But instead of the hostess and her hot little godson … Maddie saw herself pinned down between two black-skinned creatures — that looked more like hounds than humans.


Tony’s Fantasy

Tony offered to escort Mercedes back to her private villa. She accepted without hesitation. Of course, his motives were less than chivalrous. But Mercedes didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed quite keen to bring him back to her private space. An easy lay, after all?

Tony’s cock throbbed against the insides of his dress shorts as they walked arm-in-arm together. She walked with a firmness that said that she was a strong lover. His equal. Not subservient. Maybe even more dominant. He sized her up to be an eager cock sucker … he hoped. An experienced and skillful fellator. Capable of pleasing him. Doing the things he wanted, but not without getting what she wanted too. And then, eager to open her firm sexy legs, to give him access to her ripe and delicious cunt. Yes, he looked forward to bedding her. Fucking her mouth. Fucking her cunt.

They finally reached Mercedes’ villa and she cordially invited him in, for a drink (of course). He accepted and he closed the door behind him, lending against it, as if it were a triumph. They kissed passionately there. Holding each other. Caressing. Their mouths open. Lips smoothing. Their tongues attacked each other. Rough, but very pleasurable. He liked her strength. Her body was slight, but stringy muscle. She obviously worked out a lot.

“You’re special,” he said.

His hand was up and inside her small bikini top, discovering her hard pointed nipples. Her pierced nipples. His fingers fondled them, as they ate each other’s faces and pressed their groins together. He dropped his hands to her hips and then sort to feel her up through her bikini bottoms — but she playfully slapped his hands away — letting him know that she was in charge. Sex at her pace. Not his. She kissed his neck, sucking ravenously at his exposed skin.

Mercedes’ hand slipped between them, searching for his cock. Her strong fingers gripped him harder than he had expected. Her fingers squeezed his length through the thin fabric of his dress shorts. Feeling for his length — as if sizing him up, ready for penetration. His fly was open in an instant. And before he realized it, her fingers closed around his shaft in a tight fist, masturbating him, until he was dangerously close to orgasm. She really knew how to please a cock — but he didn’t want to cum just yet — no, he wanted to be inside her silky cunt hole when he shot his load. He imagined her cunt hole gripping his cock head tightly as the very walls of her fuck tunnel milking it. His mind seemed focused on spurting orgasmically up inside her.

Mercedes seemed to have a different agenda. She slipped down onto her knees and engulfed his cock between her hot lips, sucking his cock head in such a delightful that he could only hold her broad shoulders for support as she began to deep-throat him. He’d had many a blow job, but nothing like this.

“Eeeerghhhhhh …” he moaned uncontrollably.

Tony arched his back and gasped for breath, as he quickened towards an unstoppable climax.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh … I cannot … I cannot … Oh fuck! Fuck! Araghhhhhhh … FUCK,” he screamed as he shot his creamy load into the back of her mouth … spilling absolutely nothing. It was as if her vampiric throat was devouring his cock and draining his seed, and at the same time, sapping all of his sexual energy.


Mercedes’ Fantasy

Mercedes liked the attention. No. She loved the attention. She felt his sexual excitement. She felt his frustrated yearning. He wanted to fuck her — as if she was a real woman — he wanted nothing more than to plunge his eager hard cock deep into her cunt hole. The only question remained … how he would react when he discovered she wasn’t who she appeared to be?

She was getting ahead of herself … for now … his cock quivered and throbbed inside her throat. He was about to cum and he had lost all control of himself. His hips bucked wildly as he thrust harder and harder into her face … pressing his rigid cock further and further down her gullet. She knew that his mind was filled with a single thought — to orgasm — she squeezed his testicles hard, plunging her forefinger into his anus, just as he began to ejaculate.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh … I cannot … I cannot … Oh fuck! Fuck! Araghhhhhhh … FUCK,” the shaken man slumped forward, unable to support his own weight.

Spurt after spurt, she milked. Without any gag reflex… swallowing him to the hilt. Her lips pressed against the root of his cock.

His hands tightly clasped her shoulders. As if hanging on for dear life. He tried desperately to stay upright on his shaking legs. His body seemed to go limp from his explosive orgasm. Mercedes, on the other hand, felt a new kind of energy. It was as if his very life force was triggering an inner strength — dare she say — as if she was draining him of manhood.

She lifted the spent man up carried him to the large circular bed and laid him on his back … face up. She pulled off his remaining clothes so that he lay prostate and completely naked. His cock was now flaccid and he looked up at Mercedes with a depleted look on his face. His eyes were still wide open as if to say, “What the fuck just happened,” — but he remained speechless, his expression, meek and anxious.

But Mercedes was far from done.

Her cock had never been harder, as it pressed outwards at ninety degrees against the thin white material of her bikini bottoms. The crown of her cock had made a large translucent wet patch, in the front, from her copious precum. She pulled her bikini briefs aside so that her thick shemale cock stood upright before her pierced belly button. She felt so powerful. She felt so dominant. She felt she could do anything she wanted. And right now she wanted to fuck his little white ass.

Tony looked at her with abject disgust.

“You’re no woman!” he said the obvious, “Get the fuck away from me … you … you fucking freak!” He yelped.

Mercedes laughed and pulled his legs apart, lifting his hips upwards, so that her knees slide beneath his back, bringing his anus into alignment with the tip of her twitching cock.

“You said that I’m special, right?” she asked, recounting his very words.

Mercedes spat into her palm and rubbed the length of her thick throbbing phallus. She pressed her cock-head against the tight pucker hole of his virgin sphincter.

“Fuck yer! Oh, Tony, you’re so fucking tight! I love my bitches to be tight!” Mercedes groaned as she sank the first two inches of her cock into his burning colon.

“… you … you fucking queer bitch … stop… stop… you can’t … stop… stop… ” his voice trailed off into nothing more than a whisper.

“GGGRRRHHHHHH …” Mercedes roared like a lioness, “YES … it’s true Tony … I’m nothing but a fucking QUEER BITCH … FUCK! Feel how, “Special,” I am! … Feel my QUEER BITCH COCK FUCKING YOUR GUTS OUT!”


Yolanda and Rosa’s Fantasy

As she played, Yoyo pretended not to notice her mother’s busy finger movements. Even though her mother had tried to position herself, so that it wasn’t obvious, Yoyo could clearly see her mother was masturbating herself whilst watching her play in the lagoon. She’d noticed too, how the sheer material of her bikini made it appear as if she was completely naked in the lagoon … she loved to tease her dirty Mommy.

Yoyo moved towards the edge of the lagoon.

“Can you put some sun oil on me, Mommy,” asked Yoyo.

Of course, her mother would do it. She would jump at the chance. Yoyo knew her mother liked to touch her.

But there was something about being here, in this strange place, that made Yoyo’s erotic games a little more exciting. Her pussy throbbed with an itchy urgency. She had wanted to masturbate from the moment they’d arrived. The urge was so strong. It was as if everything about Phantasy Island made her feel sexy and horny.

Her mother never knew that she’d been sexually active since she was six … and masturbation was her favorite pastime. She masturbated day and night, whenever she got a chance. Sometimes six or even eight times in a single day. Yoyo had started with just her fingers; then her hairbrush handles; and then vegetables that conveniently disappeared from the kitchen. She’d even found her mother’s secret stash of sex toys. Dirty toys that smelt of her mother’s private parts. She never cleaned them. How Yoyo secretly liked to taste them. Licking and sucking her mother’s filthy dildos and vibrators … imagining doing all kinds of naughty things with her sexy mommy.

“Okay darling, come here then,” replied Rosa.

“Thanks, Mommy. Can I take these off, as nobody is around?” she pointed to her tiny translucent bikini top.

“Sure. No one will see.”

Only you thought Yoyo. Her heart was beating fast as she pretended to be coy. Her mother poured a generous portion of oil into her palm and applied it to Yoyo’s arms, shoulders, and back. The oil felt silky against her young skin and her mother’s hands were gentle, but firm.

“Mmmmmmmm …” she moaned subconsciously.

“You like it?” asked her mother keenly.

“Yessssss, Mommy … it feels so good. Can you do my front?”

It was as if her mother had been avoiding her tiny little buds. They were so hard and excited. Her mother made a sound like she was clearing her throat, as she pressed her fingers over Yoyo’s sensitive nipples. The sensation made her tiny nine-year-old pussy throb desperately for penetration. She yearned to play with herself — but this game — was just too much fun.

Without a word, Yoyo slipped her thumbs inside her bikini bottoms pulled them down, and slipped them off of her petite feet. She turned and faced her mother, whose face was flushed with arousal.

“Can you do my bottom too, Mommy?” she said with a voice so innocent … but loaded with secret profanity.

She turned around slowly and stood with her legs slightly parted. Inviting her mother to caress her delicate little rear. She was immediately rewarded by the sensation of her mother rubbing her buttocks with the sensual lucrative fluids, her oily fingers slipping into the crack of Yoyo’s ass; rubbing softly against her perineum; and eventually into the soft folds of her tiny slit. Yes, she thought … touch my baby cunt … finger me, Mommy, stick your thumb inside, and feel how wet I am. I need to cum soon.


Corbin & Kitty’s Fantasy

The Doctor guided Kitty to one of the many large wall mirrors.

“The one who does what is sinful is of the Devil …” cried Corbin.

”Always quoting fucking scripture … even to the fucking end …” said the Doctor as she undressed herself.

Kitty looked at herself in wonderment … Yes her legs looked very different … but they worked … she could walk … the Doctor stood behind Kitty as she admired herself in the mirror. The Doctor’s eager fingers caressed Kitty’s little fist-sized breasts — It had been so long since anyone had touched her sexually.

”Look how beautiful you are!” said the Doctor as she lightly frotted against the rear of Kitty’s hairy thigh, “You are blessed by the demons of Phantasy Island … look at your genitals!”

Kitty’s eyes focused between her legs. Her cunt throbbed and ached with a need to be touched. Her vaginal juices flowed down the inside of her fur-coated legs. She could smell her own sexual arousal. Her clitoris looked red, inflamed, and very swollen … it was much bigger and more obvious than she remembered. It had been a very long time since she’d felt this way.

“I’m so fucking horny!” she grunted, “I can feel everything. My cunt is so wet.”

Her demonic dreams and obscene fantasies welled up within her as she began to explore her new genitalia — touching herself, as if for the first time.

“Let me show you, darling. A demon is blessed with both a cunt and a cock …” said the Doctor as her fingers stroked Kitty’s thick clitoris and it immediately responded to the sensitivity of her wicked touch.

”Aaarghhhhh ! Yes! That feels … aarrrghhhhh … that feels, so fucking good!” cooed Kitty, her hips bucking to the touch of her new Mistress.

Kitty’s abnormally big clitoris began to stiffen further and even elongate … growing longer and harder as the evil Doctor’s magic touch, stirring Kitty’s perverted passions, as she began to masturbate as if she were a man.

“Ooohhhh … fuuuccckkk … I have a cock … I have a fucking huge cock! I look like the Baphomet!” exclaimed Kitty.

“Yes Kitty … no longer a kitten but now a LION … As the fucking Bible says in 1 Peter 5, … “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” … you are your husband’s enemy, my dear, and it is your time to devour!”

”Devour! Yes …” she repeated.

Kitty turned and looked back over her shoulder at her pathetic naked husband. Corbin was still cowering on his knees. His cock is still fully erect. His hands remained at his sides, unable to move because of the Doctor’s power over him.

“Come Ahe, help your Mistress. Help me take him to the basement and chain him up for our mutual pleasure,” said the evil Doctor, “Come Kitty — we have much to do together!”


“Stop this madness!” cried Corbin.

He struggled against his bonds but to no avail. With his arms strung up above his head and his legs secured by restraints that forced his legs apart, he was immobilized — at Kitty’s complete and utter mercy. But there would be no mercy. His cock strained and dripped with precum from the dark magic cast by the evil Doctor.

The basement below the couples’ private villa appeared more and more like some kind of medieval chamber of horrors used by the Inquisition to extract confessions of sin from the weak — so that the powerful and the perverted could enjoy their morbid and sadistic sexuality. Strange devices of unknown origin and unknown purpose lay around the circumference of the strange basement.

Young Ahe had helped his Mistress to hang Corbin up and now he knelt to one side … may be relieved that it was Corbin and not him that would be subject to their evil plans of torture, rape, and castration.

The lower half of Kitty’s, once broken, body no longer looked human. She strutted about the dungeon on her fur-coated satyr legs. She couldn’t resist stroking her huge clitoris which now resembled a stick of bright red rhubarb. The head, of her clit, seeped with long strands of viscous fluids. Her cunt purred as she fingered herself.

“Please … stop this … for heaven’s sake, Kitty … let me down … let’s leave this evil place!” cried Corbin.

“For heaven’s sake? Do you think I want to reside in heaven? What has heaven done for me? Your heaven has been my hell, Corbin … and now my heaven will become yours!” answered Kitty as Dr. Ursula handed her the shiny gelding knife.


Sofia’s Fantasy

It had been over two hours. Sofia could see why they called it the Dark Jungle as the dense foliage and canopy of huge trees made the jungle floor very dim. The young girl, Mikala, had led the way. Soon Sofia’s clothing stuck wetly to her bodies in steamy jungle heat.

All the time Sofia seemed to get hornier and hornier. Maybe it was something to do with the aphrodisiac qualities of the strange mixture she’d ingested with Mikala and the tribal mother. The damp darkness seemed to only intensify Sofia’s sensual feelings, as she found herself aroused constantly. Her pussy tingled with the desire to be touched as she followed the young pretty girl. Her memory of the night before, of the strange ritual, kept flashing in and out of her recall. Frustratingly incomplete. Nakedness. Erotic dancing. Long black phallic snakes. Thoughts of what had transpired, and of the bizarre tribal mother, intensified her desire to masturbate.

“Is it much further? Can we take a break?” asked Sofia.

“We’re … sss … almost … sss … there … sss …” answered the dark silhouette of Mikala without turning around.

Her voice seemed strangely different — maybe harsher, maybe older — with almost a hissing quality to every word. Sofia remembered the kiss of tribal mother. Her forked tongue plunged in and out of Sofia’s mouth. Why had they kissed? She recalled the sensation of their perky nipples touching. There had been the taste of urine in her mouth. The entire tribe of women were gathered around. All masturbating furiously as Serpent Eyes fed the black snake into her own cunt. First, the diamond-shaped head disappeared inside the folds of her labia. Serpent Eyes had groaned in sheer pleasure as its thickness slipped further and further into her vaginal opening. Then the twelve inches or so of the shimmering length of its piss-wet body disappeared until only its black tail hung below as she squirmed and rubbed herself vulgarly. The drum beat throbbed and the tribal mother screamed in ecstasy. Then it was gone. Inside of her. Completely gone.

Sofia had studied these animals all her life. Now she finally understood her erotic attraction to them as she too fingered herself in a frenzy. A glimpse back to her own childhood — as an inquisitive eight-year-old — how she’d discovered the pleasures of masturbation and had used her rubber toy snake. Sticking it inside herself, there had been a dull pain, followed by a little blood and fragments of her hymen, as she broke her virginity. Her rubber snake became her regular masturbatory toy of choice. Snakes and sex were inseparable.

“Nahesa! … sss … Nahesa!” the demented tribal mother cried out.

The other women and young girls cried in frenzy too, “Nahesa! Nahesa! Nahesa! …”

At first, Sofia thought it was the snake reemerging from inside the woman’s plump cunt — but it looked different — more flesh-like — its head more bulbous, more phallic, as if it were part of the strange tribal woman’s anatomy … emerging less reptilian and more like a fat curving cock. Serpent Eyes thrust her hips back and forth displaying her new appendage as it grew outwards from her hips, standing firm and thick … the others joined her rhythmic grunting and thrusting … her serpent cock now complete, curving upwards from between her gyrating groin. Sofia was curiously cautious … but never more excited by this dark occult magic.

Had Serpent Eyes fucked her? She remember her cunt being completely full (something had reached up into the back of her cervix). She was being fucked so hard. Yes, she remembered an intense pleasure … she remembered screaming in adoration of her powerful orgasm.

Sofia’s body twitched as she continued to walk. Her cunt was soaked in girl cum.

“Hey, Mikala … I really got to stop for a while.”

The light fell from a slight break in the jungle path. A clearing ahead? The woman in front of her turned around — but it was no longer Mikala that stood there — It was the face of the tribal mother, Serpent Eyes.

“We … sss … are … sss … here,” she hissed.

Sofia’s reaction surprised her. It was as if she knew all along. That this was how it was meant to be.

Looking beyond the shaven head of her spirit guide, the jungle opened to reveal the broken stone. If this was the lost city, it had been transformed. The vines and vegetation had taken over. Little was left that could be described as actually a city. Sofia watched as the old, but very nibbled, woman climbed up onto one of the large stone ruins. She moved with animal elegance. Once up, she held her hand out to help Sofia climb too. Sofia reached up and felt the tribal mother’s strong grip.

“Your … sss … destiny … sss … awaits you!” she hissed.


The Swami’s Fantasy

Those were the last words he’d recalled from his chilling conversation with his deity. He knew instinctively what She demanded of him. A blood sacrifice. An offering. In exchange for his own ascendance. This was no illusion or phantasm … this was Her command … he must obey Her without hesitation. The night was still not over and a virgin must be found.

Taking a walk outside in the cool air, the Swami followed the flame torches along the beachfront.

He walked briskly for his size, as he thought about his experience with the bewitched painting of his beloved Goddess. Without realizing it, he’d quickly reached Hangman’s Reach. The torch lights had become less frequent and the sky darker with every footstep. His mind raced ahead, but his eyes scanned the beach line until he found what he was looking for. There he saw the lonely figure of a young boy with a fishing pole, silhouetted against the rippling waves tipped with moonlight.

The Goddess’ words reverberated in his twisted mind … “Mere lie mera kunvaaree rakt balidaan lao! [Bring me my virgin blood sacrifice!]”

The wicked Swami rubbed his fat hands together. He would quickly smother the boy. Maybe the boy would resist a little but would be overcome with little effort on his part. The Swami would then, drag him back to his villa. There, he would slit the young boy’s throat — spill his lifeblood — before the living effigy of the Goddess of Sex and Death.

Maybe he would use the boy first. Being near his beloved Goddess made him so fucking horny. She would stroke her magnificent cock with one of her many arms as She watched him perform his solemn duty for Her. Yes, why waste an opportunity? He would break the boy’s virginity before Her. Rape him fast and hard. He would scream in agony … but out here … nobody would hear his death rattle. He brought himself to a glorious orgasm for Her. Celebrate all that She stood for in sex and death. She would bear witness to his total adoration and devotion to Her.

“Mera Chuna Hua! [My Chosen One!]”

And then, once his blood sacrifice was made … his glorious Goddess would grant him the gift of making him — Her lover — Yes, he thought to himself, thinking about the ancient Tantric symbolism of his rape sacrifice. Just like Shiva, Her dead consort, whose cock was permanently erect. But unlike Shiva, who was just an empty corpse … the great Swami Guru Salil Gupta … Her chosen one … would dance with Her for eternity.

“Seks aur Maut kee mahaan Devee ke saath nrty karane ke lie. [To dance with the great Goddess of Sex and Death] … Main chuna hua hoon! [I am the Chosen One!]




“Which is the true nightmare, the horrific dream that you have in your sleep or the dissatisfied reality that awaits you when you awake? …” Justin Alcala

Maddie’s Fantasy

The “Horrors,” in the mirrored ceiling above her — were no longer just in their reflection — Maddie saw them for what they truly were. At that very same moment, the surface of the black silk sheets of her bed seemed to come alive. Black silk-covered hands gripped her tightly — holding her down — so that she couldn’t escape.

The godson and godmother. There was nothing godly about them at all. No longer concerned with her pedophilic seduction, the sex demons showed themselves in their true form — carnal and animistic — they were dark-skinned beasts from the courts of hell. Like deformed wolves their erect penises unsheathed and dripping with the seed of impiety.

“Get … Get away!” she yelled, “Get away from me!”

Maddie recoiled, but black silk hands held her firmly. She couldn’t move, even if she wanted to. Her first reaction was revolt at their obscene appearance — yet her body seemed to have other ideas. Had she ever thought about bestial sex? No? Yes … Yes, she had. There, somewhere in the darkest recesses of her perverted little mind, she’d imagined this. The reality … versus… the fantasy? Her body bucked continuously against the demon cock that still pounded her bowels — her mind was bifurcated between the extremes of repugnance and vulgar lust.

“Gggrhhhhhh …” groaned the hell beast, that crouched across her chest.

It lent forward and pressed its veined cock into her mouth. Her mind was screaming but her lips opened without protest, accepting the demonic creature’s canine-like sexual organ as her body continued to buck rhythmically, as the other, much younger demonic creature, continued to thrust its phallus up her over-stretched anus.


Yolanda and Rosa’s Fantasy

Rosa’s fingers roamed across her daughter’s nubile flesh. The massage suddenly became very sensual. It had been a long while since she had done such a thing (only when Yoyo had been much younger and unable to comprehend the true nature of her mother’s sexual abuses).

The perverted thrill and lustiness were driving Rosa insane; as her small daughter wriggled and squirmed so delightfully — if Rosa didn’t know better — it felt as if Yoyo was encouraging her mother’s miscreant behavior. Taunting her. Teasing her. Fuck, she thought — imagining her nasty little kin actually wanting her to molest her — wanting her own perverted, sick mother to sink her adult fingers into the little slut’s holes … her cunt purred secretly.

“Mommy, would you like me to put some oil on you?” asked Yoyo guilelessly.

Thinking that this might help defuse her wantonness … Rosa nodded in agreement. She was surprised that Yoyo made no effort to cover herself or to re-dress … she seemed perfectly happy to be completely naked around her mother.

Yoyo began to rub her mother’s shoulders and neck. Rosa tied her hair up so that it wouldn’t get oily. That’s when Yoyo undid her mother’s bikini top strings, so that the thin material fell away, exposing Rosa, small, but pert breasts. Yoyo’s fingers immediately began to massage the underside of her mother’s breast meat, rolling it and kneading it gently between her small fingers. She seemed to pay special attention to her mother’s nipples — bringing them to an erect and excited state.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” said Rosa, encouraging her daughter’s movements.

As she lay back on the reclining deck chair, Rosa’s cunt watered. She couldn’t believe how intimate this all felt. Her earlier thoughts about her own daughter’s intentions came crashing back — turning her on almost to the boiling point.

“Mommy, you’ll be more comfortable without your bikini bottoms on,” suggested the little sprite, “Can I help you?”

“Oh, yes dear. Thank you, It’s so relaxing I’m almost falling asleep” lied Rosa as she quivered with incestuous lust at the touch of her daughter’s hands.

Rosa had long removed any pubic hair from her body. She’d used Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment in her teens to permanently remove all unsightly body hair — she loved it slick and hairless — as it reminded her of her love of smooth pre-teen vaginas.

Yoyo stopped and massaged the flat of her mother’s chest and stomach. Her small fingers pulled the string ties of her mother’s bikini bottoms and they fell to the ground. Rosa watched her daughter very carefully (whilst pretending to be sleepy). Rosa muffled a groan of ecstasy as she parted her legs — encouraging Yoyo to touch her exposed cunt.

“Mommy … you smell so lovely,” muttered the small girl, as if talking to herself.

Rosa saw her daughter leaning closer to her open, wet vulva. “Yes … touch it … touch the dirty place that you came from …” she thought to herself, “stick your fingers in me, you little harlot … finger-fuck your dirty, perverted mother! Yes, yes … yes …”

But to Rosa’s complete surprise … Yoyo didn’t stick her fingers in … instead, she began to lick her mother’s cunt lips, tasting her mother’s own oily juices.

“Aaaaarghhhhhh …” groaned Rosa in response to her daughter’s first experience of cunnilingus.


Yoyo looked up at her mother’s flushed face and smiled. They truly understood the unnatural desires that they both harbored. It was so truly beautiful. This intimate and incestuous love that they had both discovered, opened up a whole new world of perverted opportunities.

“I love you, Mommy,” said Yoyo.

They embraced. “I love you licking my cunt, darling,” confessed Rosa as she kissed her daughter.

Their kiss was not just a mother-daughter kiss, but a kiss of wantonness — their tongues exploring each other’s open mouths.

“There you are,” said the unexpected British accent of Dr. Ursula.

Mother and daughter broke their passionate kiss and turned to see that they were not alone at the poolside. Though naked and in a compromised position — neither moved or feared anything — as they both intuitively knew that their fantasies about one another, had been somehow brought to life … and the Doctor had had something to do with it all …

“So wonderful to see you both,” encouraged the Doctor, “Incest is so beautiful.”

“It is,” agreed Rosa, holding her daughter close to her bare breasts.

”But, I haven’t come to interrupt your love making … you will have plenty of opportunity, now to explore your newfound love. And Phantasy Island has so many others, like you Rosa … the two of you will have to meet the other mothers and their kin — incest and pedophilia — are celebrated nightly in the temples of Satan … but for now … I wanted you both to join me, for a short while, there’s something you must see.”


Mercedes’ Fantasy

As Tony tried to pull back, Mercedes caught him off guard as she slapped him hard around the face. His entire body fell limply backward — unable to move — it was as if he’d already given up the fight.

She gripped his hips tighter and sharply pulled his rump back against her thrusting hips; as she continued to pound her reluctant lover’s burning bowels.

“Aaarghhhhhh … sssstop … no more … pleasseeee … ssssstop!”

Tony’s pitiful pleas rang out, As Mercedes’ cock violated him, she laughed insanely. Nobody heard his screams. Nobody came. Nobody cared. Nobody, but Dr. Ursula Roarke … and a couple of her guests.

The evil Doctor — the puppet master of Phantasy Island, stepped from the shadows of Mercedes’ private villa.

This was what she enjoyed most. Her devious plots playing out. She continued to watch with pride for her new protege. Transformed. Not in any physical sense. Transformed because Dr. Ursula heard Mercedes’ acceptance of herself.

The Doctor was not alone. Standing with her, both naked and excited, stood Rosa and her daughter, Yolinda. They kissed each other. Rosa pulled her daughter tightly to her side as they voyeuristically watched with Dr. Ursula, as the scene before them played out.


Sofia’s Fantasy

The crumbled building must have been a magnificent monument once. But now the jungle had reclaimed its glory. There were no more illusions in her mind. The ritual was clear. The offering of the unborn, which she’d not only witnessed but had been a distinct part of was utmost in her mind.

Nahesa was the Devil. Serpent Eyes was the Nahesa. She was the origin of sin itself — the wicked perverted Serpent from the Garden of Eden. The Nachash. The ancient one that brought the forbidden fruit to Eve’s lips.

Serpent Eyes undressed and indicated to Sofia to do the same. Sofia stripped naked.

Serpent Eyes retrieved a small bowl from her bag and filled it with the blackened fluid. She held it to her naked sex and added her strong salty urine to it. She stirred it with her pale middle finger. And satisfied with the consistency of her concoction, she sucked her finger clean.

“You know … sss … this was the original … sss … Garden of Eden,” Serpent Eyes spoke without actually speaking.

Sofia understood her. Her cunt throbbed. This was the birthplace of womankind. Eve, not Adam. The Serpent had offered her the secrets of carnal knowledge to the First Woman — and she had accepted it … disobeying and turning her back on the Abrahamic God. She had fornicated with the evil Serpent … just as Sofia had done, when only eight years old … her first orgasm was the moment of true enlightenment through sexual pleasure!

There was no going back.

Now, in her mind, she relived the final steps of the perverted ritual. Sofia, like the others, had each taken turns to urinate into the basket of demented snakes … pissing over their dark wriggling forms. Each had reached inside and brought forth a small black snake … and pressed its diamond-shaped head against their excited sexes.

“Nahesa! Nahesa! Nahesa!” they all screamed as each had transformed themself.

Hungry for penetration. Hungry to make the sacrifice of the unborn. The pregnant young girl had screamed and resisted. Realizing her fate too late, she tried to escape. But that was a foregone conclusion.

The forced abortion proceeded — the Devil, in the form of Serpent Eyes — had been the first to rape the pregnant woman … thrusting her snake-like cock into the poor girl as she screamed in agony … thrusting until bloody … they had all done it .. one-by-one until there was nothing but bloody pulp dripping from the girl’s tore cunt hole. Their cocks were covered in the blood of the unborn. Their insane lusts were unsatisfied — the cock women began to sodomize each other as they all prayed to the Devil to accept their offering of the unborn — not to keep Nahesa away … No … but quite the opposite — to join with them — welcoming her as their Devil Goddess …

“You have joined your sisters in our secret ritual. You have tasted the blood of the unborn. You have given yourself willing to the Devil …” said Serpent Eyes as her serpent cock began to emerge from within her quaking cunt hole, pressing forward until it was fully exposed and rampant — with its reddish, wet, and throbbing head — “You are now one with Nahesa. And in this place, where I raped both Adam and Eve, you will learn the secret knowledge that only the corrupted fruit of the Serpent’s loins can bring …”

Sofia was trembling. Her cunt throbbed and ached … as, like Serpent Eyes, her phallus began to emerge … like a skinless sausage, long and hard … she stroked it and it gave her much-forbidden pleasure.


The Swami’s Fantasy

It began as it had done before. It was dark and gloomy among the obscene Indian images of the villa. The fetid stench of the Swami’s naked perspiration and sexual sweat filled his senses. The tinkling sound of the Indian Tabla began to echo against the pornographic statues.

The ugly fat Swami had become roused to the point of sexual obsession. His huge fat cock dripped with sticky precum in anticipation. Her powerful eyes seemed to look down upon him — urging him to begin — so he did.

The naked young boy lay face down — prostrate across the ruffled bedding before the looming painting of the Goddess of Sex and Death — with his tormentor, the Swami, kneeling over his small buttocks.

The boy was still only semi-conscience as it began and the Swami’s fat hand held the boy’s head down, pressing it into the black sheets, as he began to push his huge cock into the boy’s virgin little anus. It was tight. Very tight. But that only multiplied the Swami’s perverted delight. The boy was whimpering and objected to this treatment, but they were quickly muffled as the Swami pressed the boy’s face harder and harder into the bedding.

“Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali …” chanted the evil Swami.

Now the boy’s wriggling began to become more obvious. His pain was more pronounced. But the Swami’s excitement only increased with every passing second. He slid the first six inches of his thick black cock into the boy’s posterior. In and out. In and out. In and out. Harder and harder. He thrust his obese torso against his tiny victim … as he looked up in total adoration at his beloved idol.

“Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali …”

The painting began to change. Morphing in the dimness. Transforming. Metamorphosing with every stroke of the Swami’s throbbing cock — piercing the wriggling boy with more and more urgency.

“Mera Chuna Hua! [My Chosen One!]”

The Swami bucked hard against the boy’s flesh-less buttocks at the sound of Her divine voice. Yes, it was Her. She acknowledged his rape sacrifice. She had returned to him.

The eyes of the Goddess of Sex and Death were on fire. Once again, the light suddenly burst from naked flames that pushed back the shadows as his luxury villa had been transformed into a Khajuraho sex temple with the walls lined with the most perverted of sex acts intricately carved in marble walls. The urgent beat of the tabla seemed to become almost deafening.

“Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali! … Jai Ma Kali …” he chanted over and over.

Without allowing his cock to slip from the boy’s ass, he lifted the boy’s feeble body upward from the bedding and brought him hard against his ugly fat stomach and hairy black chest. With a knife in hand, like an invisible steel ghost, he slit the boy’s throat before the eyes of his evil Goddess. There was no sound from the boy — only his blood flowed — across the Swami’s plump hands and down over both their genitals.

“Main chuna hua hoon! [I am the Chosen One!]” he cried at the top of his voice.

“Mera Chuna Hua! [My Chosen One!]” replied the Goddess.

The Swami let the limp and lifeless body of the young virgin boy fall forward onto the bloodstained bedding. He looked upwards in adoration of his evil Goddess. He was ready to dance … ready for coitus with his Goddess … to make love to his glorious Goddess … to offer, the great Swami Guru Salil Gupta, his omnipotent semen instead of Her dead and inert consort (Shiva) … to perform the “dance of eternity”.

“Seks aur Maut kee mahaan Devee ke saath nrty karane ke lie. [To dance with the great Goddess of Sex and Death],” he prayed out loud.

The Goddess stepped forward.

The Swami lay back, as the corpse of Shiva did, in so many of the paintings of their copulation. He was ready. He thought of nothing, but, copulating with his deity. To dance with Her. With Her. To be one with Her.

The Swami’s cock stood upright, covered in blood and feces (as the boy voided his bowels in death).

The Goddess’ multiple arms moved around her — each with its own duty to perform — her heaving bosoms bounced as She moved. Her blue-black cock dripped, as it protruded from between the severed arms of her dress. Her vagina opened like a mouth of a hungry octopus as she stepped over the Swami’s rampant phallus.

“Mera Chuna Hua! [My Chosen One!]” grunted the Goddess.

As the Goddess stood over him, he looked up and watched in awe as Her vaginal lips seemed to open and close, like the mouth of a hungry beast. Viscus fluids dripped over his groin.

This is it … thought the Swami … the moment he had waited for all his life. To be one with his Goddess. He’d frequently masturbated to this very sacred scene — imagining his penetration of Her divine Yoni — instead of Shiva. The dead Shiva.

But the Swami was not a god. No, he definitely wasn’t Shiva.

His divinity was only that of an exaggerated and preposterous old man — just a man — and that was when the Swami felt it. But it was too late. The weight of a Goddess was the weight of the heavens. As She sat down upon his cock, his body began to crumble — crushing him under her Godly genitals.

“AAaarrrghhhhhhhhh …” screamed the Swami.

“Mera Chuna Hua! [My Chosen One!]” said the Goddess


Tony’s Fantasy

Tony could only watch.

It was as if he was having an out-of-body experience … how can this be his fantasy? He felt Mercedes lift him as if he was nothing. And then he was against the bedding. He tried to get up, but his body lacked the resolve. He just had nothing left. His mind and body still drifted on the crest of his protracted orgasm. An orgasm that left him innate. Immobilized.

His eyes saw the Devil before him. A psychic vampire. A monster that seemed to be draining his very being.

Her obscene queer cock pressed against him. No. This wasn’t supposed to happen? He wanted to scream, but only rasping air immersed from his lungs. His anus was on fire as her cock invaded his virgin rectum. The humiliation — of having a fucking queer cock inside his bowels — made him want to vomit blood.

She thrust into him, over and over. Her own orgasm gathered momentum with every painful jab. Fucking queer bitch … Tony felt like a rag doll dangling on the end of her demonic phallus. As his head lulled to one side, he thought he saw someone watching. A woman and a small child. Was it her? Was it that fucking bitch that had brought this upon him? Was this her fantasy to see him suffer? Fucking pervert bitch! Fucking pedo slut!

Everything … went black.




Dr. Ursula watched from the large windows on the third floor of the resort. A new day. Such possibilities.

She could see Hoku, Makaio, Mikala, Ahe, and the other pretty young hosts all gathered at the long wooden pier of the Southern Anchorage. Tattoo was organizing everything as usual. The seaplane circled above them, as it prepared to land on the rippling waters with yet another group of special guests.

It was a beautiful day. A perfect day in fact. The sunlight flickered like a thousand diamonds upon the soft rolling surf. A slight breeze cooled the wet air. The pretty white Plumerias in the flower necklaces smelt so sweet … there was a familiar rhythm to life in paradise. And soon the champagne would flow. Libidos would surge.

Dr. Ursula smiled to herself.

Kitty Pistis, the pervert in the wheelchair. On the realization that her legs would return to their innate state, if she should ever leave Phantasy Island, had chosen to stay behind. Poor old Corbin. Still chained in their basement —Kitty had many years of torment to make up for all her suffering at the expense of her estranged spouse.

The Doctor had been sad to say goodbye to Sofia, the herpetologist. Her adventure had been eventful, to say the least. Mercedes had left too. A “changed” woman indeed. Dr. Ursula had found a role for Maddie — the young twins Kai and Loni — needed educating (in more ways than one). She seemed only too happy to assist.

Rosa and her tiny daughter, Yolinda, had also departed — but asked to return … very soon. Rosa seemed only too pleased that her blackmailing ex-husband had somehow disappeared. There were of course a few other casualties along the way. There always were.

The most difficult explanation was the strange and unfortunate death of a guru. What was left of his body was sent back to India for forensic evaluation — being crushed by a falling tree — had been the official cause of death … but Ma Kali’s painting still remained in place for Her next unlucky suitor.




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