Feature Writer: HotTee666

Feature Title: Sacrificial Kimmy

Published: 27.04.2020

Story Codes: Sacrilegious, Priests, Nuns, Demons, Shemale, Anal, WS

Synopsis: An altar boy discovers his true calling


Sacrificial Kimmy

I cannot think of a more perfect setting than an evening of the Rosary.

Father Buckley was one of the priests to have seen how devout I was through the prayers; while other altar boys fidgeted and showed their boredom, I was the consummate cherub. I remained on my knees, bringing out the incense as directed, and faithfully repeated the prayers as expected. The intense scent fills the altar area and provides additional olfactory and visual stimuli of the solemn religious prayers.

The sounds of the prayers and organ ripple through the large church, the lights dimmed so that the candles became the only light for the parishioners. The flickering glow creates a wide spectrum of shadows which seem to dance around the cavernous interior.

After the prayers, the other altar boys ran off, ripping off their robes and dropping them into the closet… as usual.  I was leaning over to pick them up when I feel a presence behind me – it is Father who is standing and observing. He touches my back as he commends me for helping to keep the vestibule neat and tidy.

I stand up and he embraces me – thanking me again.  Pulling me to him, saying that the Lord is with us and then he begins to take my robe off.  I stand, as usual, at attention, in the presence of a man of faith.

“Let me undress you, my young man,” he said as he pulls off the white top and then unbuttons my robe. Father then notices that i am wearing shorts – which was finally allowed by the corpulent and abusive monsignor of the parish as it was so warm. But then he says, “O my, your knees are raw from kneeing so long.  Here, let’s get some lotion on those.”

Father guides me back into the sanctuary; now all the lights are off in the church and it is entirely locked up aside from the side entrance where i just left. Still, the glow of the candles has its dark, dancing partner of shadows which are centered at four opposite locations, each with its own saint icon.

“Would you care for a drink?” He asks me as he puts his arm on my shoulders, looking down at me as he then guides me to sit.

Father looks at me and i say yes please.  He reaches for the sacramental wine and pours us each a glass.  I am perplexed… drinking wine?

“It’s OK, dear lad and I know that those other boys sneak some of the wine.  But I am offering this to you; it’s a right of passage for all your devotion to our Lord,” he explained as his hand rested on my bare knee. I sip the wine slowly as he also sips his.

“You are a special young boi. Let me get the lotion so your knees aren’t chapped or rough, shall I?” He asks as he gets up.  He looks back at me to see my response. I run my small hand over my roughened knees and mentally acknowledge that Father’s observations are correct. 

”Yes, Father. Thank you.” I realized as he touched me how rough and raw they were.  Father returned with a tube of ointment and placed a little bit on his fingers.

“Here, let me do this.  Just like Jesus when he washed the feet of the poor,”  he said as he placed his hands on my knees. “In fact, should I massage your feet too?  That was such a giving action by Jesus, don’t you think?  What better action for me than to do as Jesus did.”

I looked and didn’t know what to think.  But he had already started to untie my dress shoes. Yes, my feet DID ache!  The other kids would wear loafers or even tennies but Mother demanded that I always wear dress black shoes when on the altar.  I sighed with relief as he took my shoes and socks off and then wiggled my toes.

Father laughed and then tickled my feet and i giggled- like a girl.  “Oh, you’re ticklish eh?” Father asked as he continued to tickle my feet.  He then said “Where else are you ticklish?  Here?  Or here?” He ran his large yet gentle hands over my body.  I giggled and wiggled as he touched me.

“No Father, o that is so sensitive.”  I replied, trying to wiggle away.

Several times, his touches drifted across my shorts and i felt his hand linger- there.. and i didn’t understand why, with all the tickling and touching, that i felt a warmth come over me and my.. little penis began to grow.  I felt embarrassed… but i couldn’t help it.  And my little penis stretched against my shorts.

Father brought the wine to my lips.  “Here, lets finish our glasses before it spills,” and I drank as he tilted the glass.  “Why don’t you finish mine as well, Kimmy?  You don’t mind that i call you that, do you?  It’s such a cute, pretty name.” He asked as he then brought his glass, barely touched, to my mouth.  His other hand rested on my knee and then moved slowly up as he also tilted his glass to my lips.

”That’s it Kimmy.  Drink it all. It is the blood of our Lord.  You are special, Kimmy.  Very special.  Feel the power of our Lord in your body,” he said, softly as his hand caressed my soft bare thigh.

Father’s hands on my feet felt heaven sent; the shoes were a bit tight and wearing them without movement for over an hour had my toes crushed! 

”That’s it sweetie; relax. Let your feet feel free.  The wine was good wasn’t it?  Don’t tell anyone Kimmy.  But sometimes, I’ll come in here and sneak a bit of a drink myself.  That’ll be our little secret, OK Kimmy? He asked.

I nodded OK to him and realized i had closed my eyes as he continued to massage my feet.  His other hand continued to stroke and caress my thigh, which felt like nothing else.  I moved about in the large leather chair, the one usually assigned to monsignor.

My flesh stuck to the dark leather and I yipped a bit as I moved. 

”Ah, the leather, it’s sticking to your flesh, Kimmy.  Here, I’ll put my cassock on the chair and you can sit on that,” he said as he disrobed.  I looked to see that he only had his underwear and a tight low cut t shirt on underneath. 

”O, this, it is warm in the church, Kimmy.  None of us wear pants except for the fat old priests… o my, did I say that Kimmy?  That’s another secret you must keep!” He said as he ran his fingers up and onto my crotch.  He continued as he touched my thigh. “With these late summer storms, the humidity is way too high; the congregation doesn’t want to see its holy men sweating, after all. So, a few of the other priests and deacons and I all decided that it is in the best interests of the parish to show ourselves as calm and cool. And, as you saw, the thunderstorms are now upon us.”

Almost as if he had known, we heard the thunder erupt around us as several flashes of lightning lit up the church proper. I shivered with fear and delight from the sounds, the echoing of the thunder rolling through the massive open space. Father sensed my emotional response and held me.

“My lad, not to worry. Perhaps that is our Lord signaling to us that he is here, with us. I love a good thunderstorm, don’t you?” He asked. I nodded yes. Now, sit down and be comfortable,” he ordered as i tried to sit back. As i wasn’t that tall, I had to go on my tippy toes to push back. Father assisted, holding my waist as he stood before me.  He then pressed his body against mine and i could feel his similar hardness, though he was so much bigger.

“I know Kimmy.  Why don’t you sit on my lap for a moment?  Let’s get to know each other; you can tell me how things are, if you have any girlfriends or think any of the girls are cute.  And how are those evil nuns treating you?  What is your favorite movie type?  Westerns? Cops n robbers?  What about science fiction or… horror movies?” He said as he held me and then took the seat, then moving me to sit on his lap.

“Movies?  Well, i like em all, i guess,” I said quickly, then thought of the movie I had watched earlier in the day.  “I did watch a movie about vampires.  They talked funny, though, I think it was from England.”

“Vampires, eh?  O my!  Now that is temptation!  Did you enjoy it?  What happened?” Father asked.

“Well,” the movie details were fresh in my mind, “there were these three sisters who inherited a castle and they were going… somewhere in Europe I guess, old country, is what they called it.  And they had to occupy the castle to inherit it and like a thousand  acres.  One of them got scared and locked herself in her room; one other, she was really pretty – she went to town with one of the workers and well.”

“Well what Kimmy?” Father asked, “describe them to me.  I don’t get to watch much TV in the rectory and fat monsignor, he doesn’t allow us to watch such topics – but golf- sure, we have to watch that.  What did they look like and what were they wearing?”   Father caressed my thigh as he spoke to me.

“Well,” I continued, pausing to get all the details correct.  “One had blonde hair, one brown and one red hair.  They were all like young women and…”

“Well.. go on…” Father directed.  “Were they tall, short? Fat? Like Sister Agnes fat?” He said as we both laughed.  “She must eat all of the food in the convent.  She is beyond fat. She eats like a pig” and then Father made pig noises and we both laughed, as he continued touching my thigh.  “She does have large breasts though, have you seen that Kimmy?  I think that Sister Marie is hot though! She is young and her body is very trim; her titties look so tempting!”

Father looked at me and then whispered again that this too was our secret.  I nodded in approval.  How could I tell anyone what he just said? And who would believe me?

I then described how the women looked and dressed, how two of them showed off their breasts and how the one was making out with the stable hand while the last sister stayed in her locked room and prayed.

And then I gave him the details of how the vampire approached her – in the form of a priest who had come to the castle to pray with her.  How she was on her knees praying with him and that she felt frightened so he held her and then he bit her neck and she became his.  That after that, she changed how she dressed, how she began to show herself completely and wore her hair wild and her makeup, her lips. I then began to drift off in thought.

“You liked that Kimmy?  Seeing that happen to her?  How she gave in and suddenly enjoyed being alive?” Father asked.

I looked at him; I knew the answer was bad, but how could I lie to him?  I nodded… “Yes,” I whispered. “Yes, Father, I liked it.”  He caressed my crotch and felt me becoming hard.

“And.. do you have a girlfriend?  Do you look at the girls in your class and wonder how they will look when they get older?” He asked.

“Me?  A girlfriend?  O no.. no Father. I don’t have any,” I said, honestly, though also sad, as none of the girls liked me. “There’s one girl i think is cute,” I admitted, the first time to anyone, “but i think she only likes the guys who play football.”

Father was aware that, as the center for the intramural team, i had flopped three snaps which led to the other team recovering the fumble and scoring three times.  Everyone had laughed at me and told me that I should go play with the girls.  All the girls were watching, including Dorothy, the cutest girl in the class.

Father noticed my sudden sadness and held me to him.  “Now now, Kimmy.  Don’t be sad.  These things happen and those boys can be so cruel.  Should we say a prayer for them?  Or should we call on our Lord to punish them?  Which do you want Kimmy?  You know, I am here in god’s presence, his representative.  I act in His service” he said as he pressed me closer, then kissed my forehead and my cheek.  He then whispered “Go on Kimmy.  It is OK to tell me… Shall we pray for them or to punish them?”

As he said these words, i felt such a surge of pleasure- to hurt all of them who had made fun of me and ruined, totally ruined any chance for me with Dorothy.  Father then rested his hand on my crotch and sensed my arousal and smiled.  He then moved me slightly and my small, round bottom rested on his crotch.  He moved gently from side to side and I could feel his hardness pressing against my soft round ass.

“Tell me Kimmy… it is our little secret,” he whispered into my ear as he placed a soft kiss on my lips.

“Yes, Father. Pray to punish them.  I want them all to suffer,” I said as I shivered.  “I hate them and wish they would all suffer… they would all get hurt,” I blurted it out.  “I wanted Dorothy to like me; she sits next to me and I can smell her perfume, she put her head on my shoulder and I felt so odd, Father. Now.. she laughed at me, I saw her.  She was laughing and pointing her finger at me, just like the rest.  She then cheered for the kid who took my place and jumped up and down when he also tackled the other team’s quarterback and scored. I hate her too.”

I started to cry and Father held me tight.  He then kissed me softly again and began to caress my crotch.

“Kimmy, then let us pray together.. to our Lord.  The Lord that you will discover .. now.. he is all powerful and vengeful and will punish those who hurt us.  He understands you.. us- so much more than other gods.  And… He will give you the pleasure of vengeance and so much more.  Just.. do.. as.. i say.. as.. our Lord.. demands…” he said, his words echoing through the room and into the church proper.

“Kimmy, are you ready to pray with me.. to Our Lord?  The one true god who wants us to have happiness and pleasure?” He asked me, looking at me, holding my hands to his lap.

“Yes.. yes Father, yes, please Lord. Please, i pray to you,” I said.

“Then, Kimmy, you must give yourself to Him.  Completely. You must bare yourself, showing you give your body and Soul to our Lord.  Are you ready to do that?  Do you want our Lord’s help and guidance?  He will give you the pleasure you desire.. all of it.  You will see those mean kids punished.  You want that, don’t you Kimmy?” He asked.

I nodded yes. 

And.. maybe not one of those girls in your class – they don’t deserve you.. but others.. other girls from other schools, will find you fun and want to be with you.  Maybe an older girl who isn’t mean, who will take you out to the movies – maybe to see a vampire movie.. wouldn’t you love that too?”  I again nodded my head yes.

“Then Kimmy, it is time to bare yourself to Our Lord.  The only god who will give you what you want.. here. and now,” and with that Father helped me take my t shirt off and then said… “Take your shorts off, just as i am doing, if you truly wish your prayers to Our Lord to come true.”

I shook as I knew I was topless, my boi boobies, which those kids had teased me about, exposed. I covered them, ashamed. I had already been the recipient of unchecked teasing from my classmates for over six years for my budding chest. On top of that, some of those boys also found it to be fun to spank my bottom because my young bottom was more round and apparent than any of the other boys, or most of the girls, for that matter. I didn’t have a big tummy so my ‘odd’ shape had become a prime target for their verbal and physical abuses.

“Now now, Kimmy.  You have a beautiful body.  Do not be ashamed.  Our Lord loves you just like this.  You are sexy.  Let me see.. now,” he said as I lowered my crossed arms.  He then leaned over and caressed my nipples which perked up immediately from his touch.

“They’re lovely Kimmy.  Here, you can touch my nipples.  You’ll see how good it feels.  Just do it,” he said as he took my hands to his chest.  His body was bare, smooth and felt wonderful.  He kept my fingers on his nipple as he reached to caress mine.

He then reached down and lowered his briefs… “And now, Kimmy… it is your turn” he said as he watched me.

I felt in another world, protected by Father and the sanctuary of the church, but also mesmerized by all that was happening. I thought of family for just a moment but Father pressed his body slightly and I felt his erection press against me. I did not move away. I could not move away even if I wanted; my body and mind were frozen, unable to process all that was happening. The storm continued to unfold around us. Lightning and thunder came upon us almost simultaneously. Each flash and following deep sounds rippled across me and the church foundation.

“Our Lord is here, I can feel him, my pet,” Father said. He continued to touch my nipples and I felt sensations that I couldn’t believe were possible. “We should light a ceremonial candle – I brought one especially in anticipation that we would have this time together. Let’s go out to the altar, Kimmy. We can enjoy the thunderstorm and bathe in the lightning together, our Lord is telling us. Don’t you feel it?” As he asked, he pressed his erection against me again, and I was drawn to it, touching it with amazement.

“We will go to the altar my pet. First, though, we must refill the chalice and also take the hosts for your new baptism,” Father said as he held my hand onto his erection and guided me to the cabinets which held the already-blessed ‘Body of Christ’ and the consecrated wine. He then touched my bottom, my briefs still on, and directed me to the storage closet to secure another incense charcoal briquette. “Kimmy, I have a special incense for us to share. Follow me now,” he ordered.

I looked into the empty church as we stepped to the altar. Aside from the constant rhythm of the rain and the thunder, there was no sound, no other signs of life. It was amazing how the sounds carried, how even the smallest sound of placing the chalice and the rest on the altar reverberated… but nothing like the repeated hum from the thunder.

Father then ordered me to prepare. “Light the charcoal, Kimmy and then come here next to me. You do wish for your new baptism, don’t you?”

I looked at Father and then into the church. No one around. I stood before him as he placed five candles onto the altar and reached for me to stand with him.

“Here, take the match and light these with me. The first one I light represent the darkness of not knowing. The second one represents the Giver of Light, the Angel of Light, calling for Him, the most beautiful Angel, to be here with us. Each strike of the match sent a bright flare of light around us. My hands shake as we light each match and candle. Father stops for a moment to place a grainy mixture onto the now glowing incense charcoal.

“Inhale, slowly, Kimmy.. this is a magical blend that will open you to the Lord and your baptism by fire,” Father said as he guided me to the aromatic smoke. He placed his hand on my round bottom and watched to make sure the entirety of my head was bathed in the strong drifts of magic.

I inhaled slowly, feeling the smoke fill me, from cool to warm to – I wasn’t sure. Father put his arm around me and then inhaled deeply as well. He placed the silver incense burner near me and asked “Do you want more?” And I nodded yes. He then moved behind me, pressing his crotch against my back as I leaned up to inhale. I placed my entire face over the incense and inhaled deeply several times, just as Father had done, and then felt his erection pressing and rubbing against me. I closed my eyes and moved my body against him.

“Yes, Father, let us bring the Angel of Light to us,” I said, the words uttered without me even thinking.

“Good Kimmy.. yes, He is here, I know it. Let us continue lighting the rest, now and continue your new baptism, one that will bring our Lord into your body and your soul will be his forever,” he said as he then guided my hand onto his Cock. I held it gently but firmly.

“The next candle represents you- your body and mind, your desires and thoughts – that you are begging your NEW LORD to be in you and to open you to know your desires and never run from them. Your NEW LORD will empower you to enjoy passion and pleasure, revenge, lust, and… Kimmy… SEX,” Father said, slowly, each word, spoken softly but firmly. The last word, SEX, echoed through the church, only to be diminished by the flash of lightning and then thunder.

The aroma of the herbs, oils and spices seemed to create a bubble around us, one that encapsulated us in a protective barrier. I inhaled deeply again and the Father continued, a wild-looking smile shaping on his face.

The fourth candle represents me – bonding me to you and to your NEW LORD – OUR LORD – the only true God. With this candle that we light together, we are one. Our bond makes us eternally together and I will become your Father, replacing the man in your home. You will come to me with questions and concerns and share your desires and needs. Your love for me will burn like this candle. Light it to show your unlimited bond to me and then your NEW LORD and I will know.

I looked at Father and he handed me the match. I lit it from the third candle and my hand shook as I brought the flame to this candle. His words raced through my mind- each statement of commitment registering in my brain, without question, with full clarity. Father pressed his throbbing erection onto the crevice of my round bottom and I felt a rush of heat over my body.

I lit the candle. I felt my own erection press hard against the altar. I felt so aroused, feelings of passion and arousal that I never had before. I loved it; I wanted more, much much more and I knew that, for all the years that I had dedicated to being a Christian, I had never ever had these feelings. My NEW LORD – I sensed that Father meant something with those words, that I was making a critical, life… no, eternal choice, and I wanted to go on. I wanted the fifth candle lit.

I looked at Father and smiled. He looked at me with pride and desire. “Now, Kimmy, my child; it is time to make yourself appear the same as me,” he said and I knew what he expected. I reached down and pushed my briefs down. My own small erection sprang out and Father looked at it and smiled, then reached down to caress and stroke it.

“Good, my lovely, sexy boi. Learn from me, this is the pleasure that you would never get from the pathetic church that was here. Our new religion, the oldest belief giving power and respect to ourselves, will rule all around. You have made me so proud and happy. Now, let us light the final candle- the one which closes the circle and is our blood dedication to … Him.”

Father then poured the blessed wine into the chalice and extracted several of the consecrated hosts onto a gold plate.

“Kimmy, you have watched this so many times at mass, haven’t you? Transubstantiation, Kimmy. This is the body and blood of their god. That pathetic god that demands you forgive others. You want revenge on them, Kimmy, isn’t that right? On those boys who made fun of you and the girls who laughed at you. Is that right?” He asked.

I had heard the term before, during our lessons for the sacrament of Confirmation. I understood how powerful that was – that the chalice actually held the blood of Christ and the plate had the body of Christ. I looked at Father and knew he expected an answer. He brought the incense to his face and inhaled and then brought it to me and I did the same.

Others would have thought this clouded my mind but for me, it created clarity of the ages. I inhaled deeply.

“Yes, Father, I understand. That pathetic god. I want revenge, I want to feel like I do now, all the time. I welcome, want, give – my body… and soul, to the one and only… TRUE LORD.

“Then, Kimmy, you must show your rejection of that god. You must destroy it, violate it, defile it. Pee into the chalice, Kimmy. Do it, just as I am about to do.” Father directed and I held my small penis and aimed my stream into the cup. Father smiled, touched his finger to the wet flow and brought it to my lips. I licked his fingers and then he began to pee as well, wetting his finger again and bringing the warm wetness to my lips again. And again, I licked his finger, though this time, with his finger fully wet, he slid it slowly into my mouth again and again.

“Dip the blessed sacrament into the chalice of our pee, Kimmy,” he ordered. I did as he directed and then he brought it to my lips and then to his. We looked at each other as we slowly consumed it, then he brought the cup to my lips and tilted it, watching as the wicked mixture flowed into my mouth. He then finished the contents and leaned to me, kissing me fully. I was on fire with passion and lust.

“Now we light the final candle, and we are with each other for eternity and one with our Lord,” he said slowly.

Father gave me the match and we lit it together; the fifth candle was large and phallic shaped. On it, I saw in red the number 666, the base was in the shape of a goat. I understood; the images were in the movie and in other movies and magazines and books I had read on the Occult. I knew.

“I am afraid, Father. I’m not sure… I… what about… I didn’t know how to even form a question. I just knew that I was afraid of making a decision: this decision.

“I understand, my child. I was like you, afraid of accepting the power. I was always picked on, by my brothers and father and then all through my youth, just like you. It wasn’t until I met others – others that you, actually, already know, that I felt safe… and felt ready, and gave myself,” he said, his erection pressing and touching mine.

“Let me call someone here. She has been sitting quietly, watching. She will help you, just as she helped me,” he said, even though he saw the shock in my eyes as I realized that we were not alone. Before I could contest, before I could run away- and where would I even go- I heard the click of heels from the side altar. A shadow of a person approached and I couldn’t figure out who it was. The sound of the heels echoed through the church, and when the person was eight feet away, a series of lightning blasts illuminated the whole altar area- it was Sister Marie!

“Father, merry meet! And I see we have someone here, who is this pretty one?” She stepped forward and I saw that she was wearing a nun’s uniform, but not like any I had ever seen. While she had her head cover on, I could see that she had long, dark hair flowing down. And where any and every time I had ever seen Sister while at school, drab, dull and plain, now she wore full makeup and her lips were painted luscious and wild in the deepest of ruby red colors. Where she normally was fully covered, here, her long covering showed wide slits which exposed her legs, covered in sheer nylons, just like the ones that I had taken from mother’s drawer.

Sister stepped into the candlelight and embraced Father and they kissed and caressed each other. She then went to her knees and looking at me, said, “My Lord Satan, I am here to serve You and bring more souls to You.” She then began to lick and suck his massive erection which continued to grow.

Father began to moan and then moan louder, his voice becoming earthy, deep, intense. “Yes, yes Sister… show our young Kimmy the pleasures of the flesh. Help him become one of us, to give himself completely. He is so close.”

Sister smiled at me, her bright white teeth glowing in the candlelight. She knew me from school and classes she taught. I had been in two of her classes when I was in second and then fourth grade. She knew how kids had picked on me all along and had comforted me a number of times when she found me in tears.

“Come to me, my Kimmy,” she said as she extended her hands. I then noticed that her fingernails were long and painted. Her touch sent shivers over me but I did not move away. She had always been so caring and nice to me, I knew she had my heart in her warm embrace, just as she had freely done many times before in her caring, comforting way. She, too, had me sit on her lap, then, when I was in second grade and I was in tears when I was falsely accused of pushing a boy. She heard one of the other nuns berate me and called me a liar when I had done nothing; I had been the actual victim, pushed by several other boys. Sister Marie had seen the tail end of the altercation and immediately came to my rescue, telling the fat nun that she would handle my punishment.

All of this came to the forefront of my thoughts as I felt her soft touch on my arm, and as I moved to fall into her safety and shelter. I remembered how she had done the same, those few years back, and brought me into her home room during the lunch recess, as we entered, she locked the door and told me she did not want us to be interrupted. She then had me sit with her, away from the view of the door, and then brought me to sit on her lap, wiping the tears away and then kissing me on my forehead, each side of my face, and then softly on my lips.

Her consoling words brought peace to me then- that she knew I was wrongly accused just as so many others had been picked on and wrongly punished. At that time, it was near Halloween and there were images of scarecrows and witches and ghosts decorating her classroom. Sister pointed to one of the posters she had put up behind her storage cabinet. This one was not in the common view of the students- it was a copy of a painting of an elderly woman in an open field. I asked who it was and she told me the story of the artist. She then said to lift that one up and look at the poster behind it. This one was of barely clothed young women- some very, very young and the oldest of the three looked no older than a teenager, being punished in Old Salem, tied up and placed before a large fire.

Sister saw that I was staring at the image and I remember her exact words, “My darling, sweet Kimmy, look at them. They, like you, were punished for something they didn’t do. Those old fucking men attacked them because they wanted to have sex with them and the girls resisted. Those fat, old men – look at them, their penises were probably only little nubs (and I remember her laughter filling the room), used their power to hurt them. Just like you, but they couldn’t get revenge, Kimmy. Not like you can… not… like you will.”

She ran her hands over my body, touching her finger to my subsiding tears, bringing the salty drops to her lips. “I hope my harsh words do not offend you Kimmy. I hardly ever use those and, aside from you, I have never said those in front of any children. You won’t tell Mother Superior, will you?” She asked as she then took her finger, moistened from her own lips and tongue, and placed it on my lips. “Your lips are sealed now, Kimmy. It’s only between me… and… you.” I heard her words and looked into her eyes, a glassy look on them like she was looking right through me, right into me.

“Yes Sister, I understand. I will never tell anyone, ever,” I replied, mesmerized by her look at me.

She then ran her fingers along my thigh as she adjusted me slightly on her lap and said, “Now, look at this poster. Lift that one up and tell me what you see. This, too, is our secret.”

I did as she ordered and saw an image like none before – of two women, one very old and the other very young, both mounted on a broom and flying. Sister told me of the image and how the elder woman was a true witch and the younger was under her study. The image followed the story of the three young women who were burned alive- that these two flew across the night sky and cursed the entire town. She told me of how some of the adult males became fatally injured, the first was the fat man who became entangled in his carriage’s harness and was dragged for miles until he was but a bloody carcass. Other males were discovered to have started homosexual relationships and left their wives; the women of the town didn’t escape their wrath either. A dozen were stolen by a warring tribe of Native Americans and either became slaves, sold off to others or, for the female members of the minister and the town council, they became the sex experiments for the medicine men.

I noticed that, as she told me all of the details, she was pressing me down onto her lap and was moving her legs up and down at a fevered pace. As she told me the final death, that the minister who had overseen the fake trials was found hanged in his own church steeple as it appeared he became entangled in the church bell lines. But he didn’t just simply die. When he was brought down, it was discovered that all of the blood drained out of him though no blood was on the floor. He was found inverted, at the bottom of the bell tower, hanged but also impaled on the large crucifix, with his head jammed down between the legs of the statue of Jesus.

The history books state that he was actually left this way for over eight days as no one, not even the regional bishop, was brave enough to touch him.

Sister looked at me and pulled me tightly to the front of her body and I felt her repeatedly kissing my neck as she thrust her lap up onto my bottom. She then whispered into my ear, “Our secrets, my darling… never to be spoken of unless I agree.”

I don’t know how I had forgotten all of this until just now- it was such an intense and formative moment. But I now remembered how, as she helped me down off her lap, I leaned to hug her in gratitude and she turned and kissed me fully. I felt so empowered after that and I didn’t care about the other nun nor the kids in my class. I was special. I had been chosen. And I had a destiny.

While my reflections seemed to have lasted for hours, I came back to the present and saw that Sister was calmly touching my hand just as she had before my flashback. Father was putting more of his magical incense onto the charcoal and then lit what looked like a cigarette. He took several deep puffs and then held it to Sister’s lips and she did the same. He then looked at me and brought it to my lips, and I also inhaled slowly but deeply.

Sister then moved closer to me and took my hand to caress her exposed thigh. “Kimmy, do you remember our special time together when you were in my classroom? How I comforted you and told you of your special presence?” She asked me as she moved my hand to continue touching her. I nodded yes, that I remembered.

“And, how, I told you about the power of revenge and witchcraft?” She continued. I again nodded yes.

“And, Kimmy; I knew that you felt something special, inside yourself… just as I can tell you feel it now,” she declared as she moved her hand onto my exposed, erect penis. She continued to stroke it, her long, soft fingers making it wiggle and jump from the stimulation. I could not deny how I felt aroused. “Kimmy,” she said as she moved my hand to top of her thighs, “and I knew you were similarly aroused when you sat on my lap and listened to me tell you those stories, and I could tell how you became hard when I told you the details of how the older witch was teaching the young one. How the young one gave her body to her teacher… her fingers,” she said, softly as she moved my hand further up, “her lips” as she then brought me close to her, lifting her robe completely to expose herself, bare, naked, moving my mouth onto her erection. Sister Marie has a massive erect penis and she moved me to begin kissing and licking it. “And your soul, Kimmy… your… soul,” she moaned as she moved the back of my head to take her erect cock into my mouth. “That’s it, my beautiful student. Suck it… just as you were doing for Father… this you will do for me… for us… for your Lord Satan. He is the one who gives us all these feelings of desire and pleasure. Only him. Take it in deeply and swallow my cream… do it and give yourself to Satan.”

I felt her become harder and thicker and longer in my mouth but I could not and would not move away nor stop. She had been the only one who cared for me at my time of need – not the priests, not the nuns, none of the kids… only Sister Marie. And the feelings I had then, and now- all so powerful, like nothing I had ever felt. And I wanted it more, all the time. I moaned with pleasure and sucked and kissed her, looking up at her with joy and pride. Father leaned over, pressing his cock against my face as he began to deeply kiss Sister. And I felt her eruption filling my mouth, a constant warm flow of cream pumping and covering my lips and tongue, then spilling out and dripping down onto my chin and then my chest. My own erection throbbed, my boi penis bouncing, screaming for release and completion.

“Yes, Sister… yes, Father. Our Lord… Satan… my New and ONLY Lord… Satan,” I said and they smiled and caressed my round, bare ass. I then touched Father’s erection and stroked him.

We lit the candle together and felt the power before us, filling us with unearthly delight. The candle flame was unlike the others, burning high, so dark blue it seemed black. “Yes my pet, our Lord Satan.. is with us; I am His high priest. Satan is in me. Show me your adoration and submission. Give me your body… give me your soul.”

I heard his words clearly, his voice now booming, filling the entire church as if for a Sunday sermon.

“Now, onto your knees, Kimmy. Take Satan’s Cock into your mouth,” he said and I felt Satan’s Cock touching my lips. Sister smiled at me and took her lipstick to cover her lips, and then mine. I felt an intense rush as the storm raged outside, almost no need for any internal lighting, and as the heat of Satan and his two servants also raged as they brought a new, young soul to their Master. I was one of them. I was one of His. My soul now belongs to Lord Satan.

I was in heaven, unlike any image I could have ever dream, I was not a passive observer but fully engaged. Father Satan’s cock throbbed and pulsed as I felt His long thick flesh slide deeper and deeper into my young mouth, and down my throat. I could not get enough and wanted to show my adoration.

Sister ended her kiss with Father and I looked at them both. “One more final step, my young child, to consecrate your baptism to Satan,” Father said as Sister took monsignor’s crucifix and dipped it into the vessel holding the holy oil which had been blessed by the Pope. Father took some of the oil and rubbed it onto his cock and around his bare bottom while she She dipped the cross into the pee-filled chalice and, with Father, helped me climb up onto the altar.

“Open your body, your mind and your soul,” they said in concert as she spread my legs and placed the crucifix at the small bud of my virgin bottom. Father then placed a different blend of incense onto the hot coal which created copious amounts of rich, earthy-pungent aroma. He moved the container around me body as he spoke in Latin

“Dies irae, dies illa
Solvet saeclum in favilla
Teste Satan cum Sibylla.
Quantus tremor est Futurus
Quando vindex est venturus
Cuncta stricte discussurus
Aperieatur stella et germinet
Atazoth et faclcifer!”

The smoke filled my lungs and I looked at both Father and Sister but their gaze was up to the ceiling, the smoke engulfing them as well. They were here before me but seemed distant. Sister had one hand on monsignor’s crucifix, thrusting it into me, the other on Father’s engorged cock. Father continued to speak as he brought the incense to my face and told me to inhale, which I did.

“Satanas Domino, accipe puerum et filius tuus et filia,
Dat tibi se corpus suum.
Carne eius uti ad alios adducere ecclesiam tuam.
Inspire et hoc peccatum in puero nomen tuum, Domine Satanas.”

(Lord Satan, take this child as your son and daughter,
He gives himself to you, body, mind and soul.
Use his flesh to guide others to Your church.
Inspire this boy to sin in Your name, Lord Satan.)

The storm continued to rage outside and I felt the very building shake as lightning continued to flash almost nonstop. Where I might have been frightened before, each bolt made me feel more invigorated and alive – I spread my legs more so that Sister could push the crucifix deeper into my tight, young virgin hole.

Sister looked at me, noticing my movement with great pleasure. She took the crucifix out of my cherubic ass and dipped it into the chalice of urine, then brought it to my lips to lick, which I did. She then coated it again with the sanctified oil and brought it back to my bottom. She looked at me and I lifted my small round ass up, spreading my legs and whispered to her.

“Yes Sister, place that holy crucifix in my ass. Coat the statue of Jesus with my excrement, I defy that god and now my only true God is Satan who I will worship in every possible way. My body is His to use for His own means.”

Sister slid it deep into me and I felt parts of me touched I didn’t know existed. I moved my bottom to receive it deeper and fully. Sister then saw Father motion that it was time.

Father took a small, brilliantly shiny knife and made a small incision below my budding breast. He then did the same to himself and to Sister Marie, who had removed her habit, exposing her full breasts and her garter belt and nylons, her red panties pulled to the side. He then took our mixed droplets of blood and dropped them onto the remaining large consecrated host, covering it completely.

Father then climbed onto the altar above me as Sister took the crucifix out of me. Father Satan’s cock was enormous – much larger than it had been earlier. The tip was dark purple and had expanded in size. It glistened in the glow of candlelight and blazed brightly with each flash of lightning. Father used his cock to inscribe a backwards sign of the cross onto my forehead. When done, he brought it to my lips and I kissed and licked it. My small mouth could no longer fully take it in as his cock had now stretched to over ten inches in length. Still, I showed my love for his cock and the blessing of Satan.

Father then moved to put his waist near mine and I looked with some concern as I saw his cock next to my small, boy-size cock. Sister smiled as she looked at the contrast, then poured some of the holy oil over my cock so that it flowed down onto my virgin ass. It felt warm and seductive. Father continued to speak:

“Dominus autem satanas in corpore et anima.
Et tu libenter Satanam Deo vestro?
Corpus animumque reddas venis?
Praedico vobis sicut falsi Christiani consputum omnes sanctos
Et peccare te et alios in peccatum apud vos? In nomine Domini satanas: meus es tu!”

(Lord Satan is in my body and soul.
Do you willingly accept Satan as Your Master and one true god?
Do you give your body and soul to Satan?
Do you denounce the christian god as false and spit on all the saints?
Will you sin and bring others to sin with you? In my name, Lord Satan, are you Mine?)

I don’t know how but I understood, every single word, every phrase, every sentence- the prayer Father spoke calling to Satan to come forth, to know that I wanted to be one of Satan’s children, and that Satan was asking me if I was giving myself to Him to sin and to bring others to sin with me. 

“Yes… Yes Lord Satan, I am Yours.”

And with those words, my words, I felt Father begin to slide into me. Sister guided him into me as each inch pressed me child-ass apart. The scent and the magic of the incense made me feel so different and I moved my head to inhale more. I felt relaxed yet aroused, present yet part of the universe; on the altar yet thousands of feet above, looking down on the three of us.

I moaned as Father, as Lord Satan, slid further and further into my virgin bowels. “Yes Lord Satan, I am Yours. Guide me to sin and to serve You in any and every way You demand,” I said loudly as I gave my body to Father and my soul to Satan. “Make me Your servant to sin and Your desires to destroy the innocents.”

Sister moved forward as she saw that I had taken almost all of Father’s cock into my round, gurly ass. Now, she too mounted the altar and brought her cock to my lips as she moved to press her body against Father. I began to lick and kiss and suck her cock and then she moved to place her bare, soft, moist ass onto my mouth. I slid my tongue along her flesh and began to put my tongue onto her rosebud and then into her wanton ass. I loved the feeling and wanted more. I moved my body, not as the small child I was but as I had seen in some of the movies- and I knew now what they were doing. I wanted cock in me. I loved the feel of his cock pounding into my boy-chill ass and I loved licking Sister’s ass, thrusting my tongue as deep as I could, feeling her cock pressing against my chin and chest.

Father pushed more and more into me until I saw his face glowing, his eyes wide open as he moved to look at me, eye to eye. 

“Ave Satanas,” Father sang out, and he was joined by Sister.

“Ave Satanas… Ave Satanas… Ave Satanas”

I then repeated with them as I felt Father’s cock begin to throb and pulsate and pump his Satanic cream deep into me. At the same time, Sister pressed her beautiful round ass down onto my face as she began to shoot massive amounts of cock cum onto my chest. She reached down and rubbed it onto my breasts and then to my lips, which I licked off her fingers again and again.

Father slowly pulled his cock out of me and Sister leaned over to lick him completely. My little boy cock was throbbing with so much stimulation I didn’t know what to do. Sister dipped her finger deep into my soaking wet hole and brought it to my lips and I licked her fingers off again, tasting the cum mixed with my own dark fluids.

“Lick it my child. Taste those delicious flavors together and know that you will want to taste both again and again- forever; mixed together but also each alone; each time you do, you will be with Satan and bringing another soul to Him. Do it in His name and then you will be His favored one. Do it and then you will have the pleasure with us as you did just now,” she said, and I understood and loved her guidance and directions.

And then Father spoke as he leaned over and kissed me, his tongue sliding into my mouth. “So, my pet. You are one of us. There are others, and you will soon meet them all. But remember your promises to Sister, to me, and to Satan. Promises and secrets that you must keep.. or face punishment from us all.” Father looked at me with both love and intense power. I nodded that I understood.

“Yes, Father, Yes Sister.. I understand and I will never tell anyone. I give myself to Satan and I am His servant; I worship Satan and thank Him for how I now feel. I am His,” I replied, and they knew I spoke the truth.

“Good, my pet. Now, to enjoy the revenge you covet- on your classmates and that little bitch, Dorothy. What do you have in mind?” Father asked.

As he helped me down off the altar, with Sister and Father each caressing my childish round ass, I began to think of how I wanted them all to suffer. The thoughts of revenge never seemed so sweet nor accessible as they did now.

“Father,” I said, then paused. “Father, I have some ideas.”