Feature Writer: Nada Bits /
Feature Title: The Acolytes /
Published: 30.07.2019
Story Codes: Young, Pedo, Satanic, Ritual, Incest /

Synopsis: Young acolytes discover the pleasures of serving Satan /

The Acolytes


All the little boys got to get nude with the priest. And stared in wonder at the huge cock that hung down. They were reverent as they donned their white gowns for the service. The white cloth that draped their small bodies did little to hide their hard boy cocks. For one they were almost transparent. On the other hand, they could not begin to hide boy stems as they stood in front of the congregation.

The huge Priest cock got them stirred up. Up when the older boys in the choir came in with hard cock meat all naked to get some equally revealing white gown. The boys hoped in several ways. Get bigger cocks or get to suck on one.

As the service began morning sun came through the stained glass behind the altar. The sun made the already sheer gowns almost disappear. The choir stood while singing by the young teens with angel voices filled the church with rich melody.

The lovely sounds had nothing over the sight the choir presented as if innocent but the priest, and Satan, had purpose.

Turgid teen cocks on strong young bodies tented the gowns so much the broad wet cock head looked glorious. The teen girls that got gowned with the nuns had been finger fucked by nuns and each other so their little tit cones poked through the gowns in lust. But they all sang like nothing was wrong at all.

But the design of the church as the sun rose brighter made them all look nude. Teen cocks, teen titties out and proud. The tan lines of little bikinis on the girls made it all so much more of a decadent sight as the white flesh instantly drew every eye to sex organs, sex places, young taught tits and bare little pussies. Parents looked on at their children as dads gazed at their little teen girls in lust. Moms simply gazed at the display of hard young cocks. Well a few moms looked at their own little girls and the others as their cunts got wet.

More than dad shifted from titties to cunnies, their own little girls on full display wondering when her titties got so delicious. The bare little cunnies rather red as the sun revealed more.

Many dads looked at the turgid young cock meat, even their own sons’ stiff dicks.

The display this Priest put on every Sunday, with the help Satan, made the entire church fill with lustful thought. Every cock was hard, and every cunt practically dripped wide and open for fuck.

No panties ever in fact all were commando as no man or boy wore anything that would obstruct the quick zip of their fly’s that allowed cocks to pop up hard and stiff, some already leaking precum as they study each other’s children as much as their own.

The real beauty of life was that each year more boys developed, and their cocks would be hard forever. Little girls blossomed, every year from slim stems to suddenly have cunt bulges and titties with sensitive young nipples.

In the huge lounge Satan had provided nuns were busy making coffee and placing ram sperm cookies out on trays. Ram sperm cookies were a special recipe handed down for centuries and not easy to get just right. Too long in the ovens and all the ram sperm taste would evaporate, too little time and the cookies would just be cookie dough wet with animal sperm, actually several of the nuns loved ram sperm cookie dough.

The last hymn from the horny group of teens all taught titties and cocks that had made themselves crazed with lust. Some boys wanted to be with the tiny acolytes that looked so damn cute. Some of the teen boys wanted the priest’s huge cock. Many of the teen girls already had wet cunts thinking about cock or their best friends’ cunt. Some boys and girls had filled their minds about mommies and daddies. Incest lust Satan savored.

Down in the lounge with coffee ready and the delicious ram sperm cookies perfectly baked filled the space with wonderful smells of fuck. The nuns stood ready to serve. Naked. They retained wimples just for recognition of nun status. Slim nude nuns with bare wet cunts. All with perky tits and huge nipples that pulsed almost as much as their cunts. They waited for the filthy minded crowd.

Satan was delivering what he wanted this Sunday to each mind. Entering lust thoughts, no human would conceive. They may think obscene things, but these timid humans needed Satan’s help.

Church convened with the most glorious melodies from the horny teen choir. Nude nuns at the ready for Satan’s pleasures. The biggest strain the horny nuns had to endure was this wait. They wanted to fist themselves and their sisters. So, lust filled as each knew there they were favored by some child that would race to their naked bodies. Tender young children that would grow. Blossom into some form of fuck for Satan.

The choir entered first as they had little to do but rip the white saintly gowns off. Suddenly a room of naked horny nuns and lust filled teens. Teen titties, teen hard cock.

The young acolytes with dangling boy dicks, they would grow. Young priest in training followed with huge stiff cocks that looked wet. Sometimes little acolytes took longer to just pull off the shear white gowns as they were eager to help the priest’s in training get undressed just for a feel of the long hard cock meat. Some little boys had to be lightly swatted when they snuck a lick on some cock head, “Sorry father but it was dripping” All is in divine guidance as you know. Sperm is the divine gift to children, so you are forgiven.

You look stressed child as he hefted the boy to his mouth and engulfed the dicklet and just dropping boy balls in one swallow. There would be no boy sperm that was the pure sperm. But he could give this little boy some tingles to just show his love of all children, in saintly duty of course. That is why the acolytes and priests in training always took longer to simply pull white gowns off with adult assistance that little boy required. Damn boy meat felt so wonderful in his mouth. Silky and young and tender boy meat.

In the lounge Satan had already choreograph this Sunday. Satan loved Sundays when families gathered in faith. Then turn them into fuck lust.

As if one demand, and it was, one father grabbed his budding teen daughter with her new budding titties and bulge of bare young cunt. She had not had ram sperm cookie yet as he slammed nine inches of daddy cock in her young pussy. She was thankful to the nuns that had finger fucked her before the service. She looked at her daddy’s face with her pretty face and licked her fathers’ lips. Nine inches of cock in her girl pussy in one violent thrust.

She smiled up and said, “Hi daddy. Fuck me daddy. Use me daddy. Hurt my new titties and FUCK my daughter cunnie.”

Daddy enraged slammed harder and the only response from his daughter was an open mouth for a daddy kiss. This was wet and sloppy as his teen child wrapped her little legs around big daddy and moaned fuck me in a whimper so soft and loving as she pulled her fathers mouth to her own and tried to get daddy tongue as deep in her slender throat as the huge daddy cock was in her little bare pussy. A daddy had lost all sense during the service. Lots of teen tits and pussy, but daddy could only see his little girl and her new titties, her bulging cunt mound on display to the entire church.

Daddy and daughter fucks ignited the lounge as all sought out their own demented thoughts that Satan had implanted. While daddy rammed fuck his daughter with nine inch cock and his daughter trying to suck his tongue out, the rest went insane with fuck lust of any hidden concepts that Satan always sensed. Humans were so fun.