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Incubub 1


The Incubub is a fictional creature that is an embodiment less of evil than a representative of repressed desires: all those things you want to do but can’t, that you wish you’d done but didn’t. Incubub can and does do them all. It thrives off of sin and temptation, and if there’s any inclination to do something especially something wicked, the Incubub does it and coerces others to do the same. It has a particular fondness for sexual sins, and even more so for getting people to partake in sexual sins. The Incubub manifests in many dark forms, sometimes to scare and intimate with a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, goat-like horns, and the shiny black wings of a bat; other times its guise is to tempt and seduce in the form of a young androgynous boy or girl.


Lucy Thomas is a single mother. Her husband died in an accident on the same day she gave birth to their only child. Daytime, she works as a caregiver at a rest home for the aged and infirm. Her eleven-year-old son, Aaron, is hyperactive. He annoys everyone and has over the years alienated both himself and his mother through his restlessness. He has no friends and is disliked by his teachers at his school.

They say he is a disturbed boy and needs psychiatric help with his many issues. One of these ‘issues’ is that Aaron claims that he sees and hears things at night. Granted that their family home is old, isolated, and a little creepy, but that’s a big jump to the boy’s claims of ghouls and ghosts. Now, eleven years after the death of her husband and Aaron’s father, Lucy struggles with her twisted little life and still harbors a deep felt resentment towards her maniac son and is constantly frustrated with the outcome of her lonely and sexless life.

Her son’s bizarre tomfoolery seems to only make things worse as he has become almost unmanageable. Aaron seems to dominate their troubled relationship, making all sorts of demands upon his hapless, weak mother – one of the least of these reading a story to him before bedtime. One day in particular, he presents her with a strange-looking book that from the outset appears to be a rather morose publication about a strange creature called “The Incubub.” Paraded as a childish pop-up book, the pages seem to present an evilly poetic portrayal of a nightmarish beast that will do unspeakable things to those who refuse its will. Horrified by it, Lucy takes it away from Aaron … but that is when things get strangely darker …


Lucy Thomas brushed the stay blonde hairs away from her eyes and picked up the last of the trays filled with cups, plates, and cutlery from lunch. The Home of Peace was quiet again as most of the aged residents had returned to their rooms or settled in for the rest of the afternoon. The common room television noise mixed with the echoic squeaks of rubber shoes on the polished lanolin flooring and the faint voices of other caregivers as they went about their tasks.

Lucy checked her watch it was two hours until shift change. She ran through the mental list of things she would need to do afterward. Her eleven-year-old son, Aaron, would need to be picked up from outside the school gates; on the way home she needed to buy some potatoes, eggs, and cheese from the corner grocery store; then there was the evening meal to prepare; there would be the usual palaver over Aaron’s homework and his insistent babbling about whatever; his bathing time would give her a moment to herself before the arduous task of settling him down for bedtime.

Lately, things had got worse. She was at her wit’s end. Aaron was not the easiest of children. He had always been different. Annoying was an understatement. Most of her friends – her so-called friends – had abandoned their attempts to be involved in her life … maybe with the exception of one of her closest friends, Susanne Shaw, but that relationship had been strained. Even their pastor, Father Williams, had been reluctant to step in. The rejection was not the hardest thing. No. The hardest thing was that she felt so alone. Tristan, her late husband had died on the same day that Aaron was born. It was a wicked twist of fate. He had died in a car crash as she had been giving birth. She missed him so dearly. She missed his handsome face. She missed his loving arms. She missed their lovemaking.

Lucy sighed to herself. It was a sexless, listless, and empty life.

Her frustration returned back to Aaron. Sometimes Aaron made her blood boil. She remembered not so long ago how he had ransacked their basement, where she had so carefully stored all her keep safes – all her precious memories of her beloved Tristan. How she had found his photos, his books, his clothing, and his collection of vinyl records strewn over the basement floor. It was a mess – together with older junk that had been left behind by the previous tenant. It took her days to sort it all out again. She had been so angry with Aaron. She felt she could have literally throttled him!

Then there was Aaron’s illogical fear of the dark – his constant nightmares and his insistence about the existence of ghouls and ghosts were sometimes just too much to take. Admittedly their home was old, tired, and dilapidated – the creaky old two-story detached house was somewhat isolated and even a bit creepy at times, but it was their home, and in it were the last remnants of Tristan and of happier times … before Aaron was born … before he spoilt their love nest. Lucy made a sign of the cross and asked the Lord for forgiveness.

Lucy checked her watch. One hour and fifty-five minutes until shift change.


Done at last. After going through the motions of the afternoon and evening, her son was finally in bed. Another long and tiring day, she thought to herself. She opened the bedroom door to make sure that Aaron was actually in bed. He was.

“Can you read to me? I cannot sleep, Mom,” said her restless and impatient son.

Lucy signed to herself.

“Just a short story,” Lucy responded.

She crossed the darkened room, lit only by the bedside lamp.

It was difficult. He was difficult. Sometimes Aaron’s dreams were so bad that he would have to sleep with her. She didn’t mind it, only that he was always so restless, moving around and consequently, she would never get a good nights sleep. The increasing frequency of his night horrors had meant that she had been very tired at work and had on occasion had to take a day off to catch up.

Now Aaron sat up against the slatted vertical bars of his wooden headboard as Lucy sat down on the bed next to him. He gave his mother the book he was interested in her reading to him and she took it onto her lap. It was a strange-looking publication with a black cover and the dark shape of a ghoulish being in silhouette with the de-bossed word “INCUBUB”.

She opened the book’s cover. The first spread of the book showed a monochromatic childlike drawing of a door that unfolded in a ‘pop-up’ style. It could be any door. Like the door to Aaron’s bedroom, but this door was slightly ajar and had a ghoulish shadow peeping around its open edge – like a creepy monster trying to enter. The cursive text was painterly handwritten. Lucy read it out loud to Aaron.

“No petition, hymns, or prayers, can stop these horrible nightmares. He knows your every little sin, Now, it’s time to play and let him in.”

Aaron pulled the paper lever at the side of the page and the creepy monster lurched out from behind the door. BOO! This was a rather strange book. She turned the page. The next monochromatic illustration showed a cowling young boy laying on a bed in the bottom right-hand corner – the ghoulish silhouette from the previous page had extended from the open door to dominate the entire page like a sinister shrouded specter that seemed to be hell-bent on devouring the tiny boy.

“He lurks just beneath your bed, those strange sounds aren’t inside your head. From darkness, dirt, and grub, it’s the shadow of the Incubub.”

Lucy did not like the look of this book. It seemed far too grim, dark, and rather foreboding for a child’s book. This was not something she should be reading at bedtime, especially with her son’s sensitivities.

“Where did you get this book?” she asked.

“It was on my bookshelf Mom,” answered Aaron.

It was obvious that he was impatient for Lucy to read more.

She reluctantly turned another page. This page showed the shrouded figure’s skeletal horned head with its gaping mouth open, baring razor-sharp teeth, hands like claws, and eyes full of concentrated hatred. She scanned the handwritten words that looked more like they had been scratched upon the page – reading them to herself without saying anything out loud.

“You’ll hear him knock upon your door, the Incubub is back again for more. Rest yee not for he is nigh, INCU-BUB! BUB! BUB! You’ll cry!”

Lucy physically shivered. Enough. She snapped the eerie book closed.

“Okay, Aaron … that’s enough of that.”

“But Mom!”

“No. You already have nightmares … and this will only make it worse! Now say the Lord’s Prayer and get some rest – school tomorrow.”

Lucy lightly kissed Aaron on the forehead and without a further word walked to the door, without thinking too much about it, she placed the heavy book back on the bookshelf and then headed off to the kitchen to clean up after their evening meal.


Lucy blinked in the darkness of her room, as she lay awake. Usually, her exhaustion was more than enough to put her into an almost immediate dreamless sleep, but tonight she continued to wait for sleep to take her. It did not. Her mind seemed bothered by something. What was wrong with her? That damn awful pop-up book. She should have confiscated it and placed it on top of her tall wardrobe so that Aaron would not find it again. Damn.

She was half expecting Aaron to appear at her bedside, wanting to sleep beside her as he did when he was scared – sometimes wet with the perspiration of his night horrors. Again she thought about the strange book. What was it called? The Incubub? Stupid. Idiotic. Juvenile literature should never be that Gothic and dark. Where had it come from? She thought about the strange drawing of the evil-looking character … this Incubub, or whatever it was called.

“He knows your every little sin, now, it’s time to play and let him in.”

She could still vividly remember the dark shadow of a thing with its skeletal face, demonic horns, gaping mouth filled with vicious sharp teeth, claw-like fingers, and eyes filled with potent evil. She looked up subconsciously to the adjacent wall to where she knew her wooden crucifix hang – though it was too dark to see clearly … the twisted body of the crucified Son-of-God’s presence was always reassuring. Bless us. Amen.

A faint noise caught her attention. Was that a scratching sound? Could they have mice or worse, rats? An infestation? She cringed. Lucy raised her head and stared in the general direction of the faint sound. In the darkness of her bedroom, the elongated shadows of her furnishings held no clues. Was it coming from the hallway or was it from beneath her old wooden wardrobe? Then there was nothing. She laughed out loud at herself. Stupid! How easily she was spooked these days. She lay back down on her pillow and closed her eyes again, pulling the bedclothes up around her neck.

“Mmm. Mmm.”

She sat up immediately at the sound of the muffled voice from down the hallway – it must be Aaron. Maybe he’s experiencing another of his night horrors? She reluctantly pulled back the bedclothes and dressed in her shapeless nightgown made her way down the dark landing to where her son’s bedroom was. Aaron’s bedroom door was closed. She put her hand on the doorknob and turned it slowly. As the door silently opened she peered inside. It was very quiet. No crying. No sobbing. No sound albeit the soft breathing of a sleeping child. She noticed that the curtains were drawn back and that the streetlight illuminated the room.

She felt a sense of relief but still stepped inside Aaron’s small bedroom. She could not help but notice an unexpected aroma that smelt something between that bleach and human sweat. It stirred a memory. It was an intimate smell … like spent semen? In the dull ambient light that came in from the open curtains, Lucy noticed that Aaron had fallen asleep on the top of his bedspread without any clothing on. That was strange – he was always so shy about nudity. His pajamas were in a crumpled pile on the floor next to his bed.

His skin’s paleness seemed exaggerated in the florescent gloominess of the exterior illumination – he looked pasty and insipid. As Lucy moved closer, her hand covered her mouth to stifle a sharp gasp as she realized that Aaron’s right hand was wrapped around the base of his penis, which stood out erect from his body. His small fingers were curled tightly around the thin shaft of his penis and slowly moved up and down as he masturbated himself before her very eyes. She could see his eyelids were closed but his eyeballs seemed to move back and forth beneath their lids.

Lucy was unsure of what to do. She was trembling with shock. Should she say something? Should she stop him from doing this foul sinful act? She felt embarrassed and conflicted. She stepped backward to the open doorway. On the floor by the bed, she saw the book. That damn book. Lucy picked it up and without a word she found herself out on the landing. She let out the air in her lungs, realizing that the whole time she had been holding her breath. She silently closed the door and returned to her bedroom.

She was shaking. It felt strange and shocking – as if she had witnessed something she was not supposed to have seen. Of course, she knew that children eventually discovered these sorts of things. She had heard the very harsh words of Father Williams when he often talked about the sins of ‘young children playing with themselves’; but she also knew that at times (without her husband alive) that she had done that wicked thing herself. But that of course was very different. This was her son; her lovely little Aaron. And there was something else. She could not quite describe it, except by saying that the whole scene had looked somewhat directed; guided – but that was of course completely ludicrous.

Back in her bedroom, with the book still tucked under her arm, she tried to forget what she had witnessed but struggled with it. She made the sign of the cross and in the warm light of her bedside lamp, she looked up at Jesus. He gave his life for us. Jesus. Give me strength.

She sat on the edge of her double bed and studied the hardcover of the book. It looked so unassuming; so benign. She turned the page and the same foreboding illustration of a monochromatic apparition trying to enter a child’s bedroom adored the spread pages.

“No petition, hymns, or prayers, can stop these horrible nightmares. He knows your every little sin, Now, it’s time to play and let him in.”

She flicked to the next. The dark illustration showed a young boy laying out on a bed – she remembered how the child first looked so helpless, fearful, and forlorn … but that’s not what was there … no … now the boy on the bed was completely naked with his pasty white body on full display, his erect penis was clearly visible. She gasped remembering how her son Aaron looked and as she looked back down inspecting in greater detail the illustrated drawing, through the dark shroud of the specter’s clothing, Lucy could clearly see its ghostly phallus was also standing upright … long and curved like a snake. Was the Incubub willing the child to perform his sinful act?

“From darkness, dirt, and grub, it’s the shadow of the Incubub.”

Gingerly Lucy turned the page. The illustration seemed to have zoomed in on the naked boy lying prostrate across the bedding. Enlarged she could see in detail the boy’s small fingers wrapped around his erect penis and the spent semen spread across his stomach and chest. Toying with the paper lever made the boy’s hand stroke his penis, and with the horned beast holding its huge face immediately over the boy, the lever made its long lulling forked-tongue, that had snaked out from between its razor-sharp incisors, lick at the boy’s wet emissions.

“Nasty children play with he, whilst whorish mothers watch with gee. Devouring innocence around the clock, another warm place to stick his cock.”

Lucy felt revolted. There was a gnawing sickness in the stomach and a strange weakness in her legs. She felt that the book was mocking her. It was obscene. It was vile. It was evil … but what was more shocking was her incestuous thoughts about her son. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but seeing him touch himself in such a lewd way had actually brought on a strange sexual excitement inside of her.

She shook her head in disbelief – but there was no deigning the wetness between her legs. She began to tremble, not from fear or anger, but from the sheer taboo nature of her thoughts – forbidden and guilty lusts seemed to fill her mind. She subconsciously played with the lever, making the illustrated boy masturbate himself, while feeding the monster, as she remembered vividly how her son has performed the same obscene act.



After his long warm shower, Aaron brushed his teeth with the soft fluffy towel tied around his waist. Their bathroom was dingy and old. From the stained porcelain of the sink and toilet to the mottled silver of the large wall mirror – it had all seen better days. Aaron hung the damp towel on the antique brass rail and glanced at his reflection in the pitted mirror. His little pecker stood perfectly upright against his flat stomach. He smiled to himself.

As he stood directly in front of the mirror, his little white boner strained, hard, and throbbing. It was not unusual to have an erection in itself – he usually ignored it and it went flaccid after a while. But then he did something that he had never done before taking his erect penis between his thumb and forefinger, he pulled his foreskin back as far as it would go, in a sharp deliberate movement, holding it back and unveiling the little purple crown beneath. It was moist under his foreskin and it felt strangely nice touching himself in this way. Yes, do it again.

He did it again pulling it back harder this time. Mmmmm. The bare light bulb in the bathroom flickered and gave him a heart flutter. He felt suddenly nervous and afraid his mother might walk in and catch him in the naughty act of touching his little peepee (as she called it). Aaron double-checked the bathroom door was locked. As he stepped back to the mirror, his audience of one was waiting. The nervous jolt only seemed to make it feel even more desirous to touch himself. He took his cock between his thumb and forefinger again, this time pulling back his tight foreskin up and down movement in a continuous movement, over and over, pulling it back harder and harder each time. It felt good. Mmmmmm. It felt really good. Aaron trembled in delight, nervous and excited all at the same time.

“Aaron. Are you finished yet?”

His heart stopped.

“Yes, Mom.”

It was his mother’s voice. He took one last look in the mirror and then quickly pulled his flannel pajamas on. His penis was still hard and tented on the front of his pajama bottoms. He opened the bathroom door. His mother was in the kitchen downstairs. Aaron quickly ran down the narrow hall to his room and was about to jump into the relative safety of his bedclothes when he remembered the book lying on the top of his bookshelf. He picked it up. The cover was titled “INCUBUB” in bold capital letters that sank into the material of its surface.

He had found it in the basement among a bunch of old things that lay in piles in that stale-smelling place. It was a strange find. Maybe it belonged to one of the kids of the family that owned the house before they moved in? He was not sure about its origin; he just liked the cool ‘monster’ design on the outside and thought he would read it at bedtime. Well, not him … his Mom … always read to him before sleep time and he had exhausted his current library of favorites. He climbed into bed just in time as his mother came to check on him.

“Can you read to me? I cannot sleep Mom,” pretended Aaron.

“Just a short story,” replied his mother.

She crossed the darkened room, lit only by the bedside lamp.

Aaron sat up against the hard wooden bars of his headboard and his mother sat down next to him. He gave his mother the book. She looked at the cover briefly. Opening the book, Aaron could see that it was filled with black and white sketches — like the pencil drawings he did in art class at school, but only much better. They had a rather scary tone about them but that only intrigued him more. Aaron thought they were cool. The first drawing showed a door. It could be any door, but Aaron thought it looked like his bedroom door. The door was slightly open and something that resembled one of his nightmares was hiding behind it — it appeared that the nightmare wanted to enter and scare someone. He looked expectantly as his mother read the scribbled words.

“No petition, hymns, or prayers, can stop these horrible nightmares. He knows your every little sin, Now, it’s time to play and let him in.”

As his mom turned to the next page, it showed a young boy, his age, laying on his bed in his pajamas and the nightmare loomed over him — he knew what that felt like. He knew how scary the nightmares could be.

“He lurks just beneath your bed, those strange sounds aren’t inside your head. From darkness, dirt, and grub, it’s the shadow of the Incubub.”

“Where did you get this book?” his mom asked.

“It was on my bookshelf,” Aaron lied.

His mom stopped reading out loud. He read the words waiting for his mom to say them, but she never did.

“You’ll hear him knock upon your door, the Incubub is back again for more. Rest yee not for he is nigh, INCU-BUB! BUB! BUB! You’ll cry!”

“Okay, Aaron … that’s enough of that.”

“But mom!”

“No. You already have nightmares … and this will only make it worse! Now say the Lord’s Prayer and get some rest – school tomorrow.”

Aaron’s mom kissed him goodnight and turned the bedside lamp off. And then left his bedroom. For a while, Aaron didn’t do anything. He pressed his hands together to say the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ as he did every night – to say thank you to Jesus, Mother Mary, Almighty God, and all the Saints.

“Our Father who art in heaven …”

He stopped there. Where had saying the Lord’s Prayer done him any good? He could not explain the new thrill that he had never felt before. He waited and then turned the bedroom light on again. To his surprise, his mom hadn’t taken away the bad book. Fantastic, he thought.

“Rest yee not for he is nigh, INCU-BUB! BUB! BUB! You’ll cry!”

He jumped up out of bed and brought the publication into the light of his bedside table. He wasn’t sure why, but his penis was hard again. Very hard. It tented his pajamas as he laid the book on his lap his hard-on pressed upwards through the soft fabric of his nightclothes against the hard cover of the magical book. His groin seemed to buzz as if the book itself was vibrating in his lap with a bizarre energy all of its own. The light of the lamp flittered momentarily as it did in the bathroom. His heart beat faster. He opened the magical book on the page again.

“Nighttime is best to play with he, whilst others sleep, naughty fun will be. Playing naked in the dark you rub, touching your cock with Incubub.”

The drawing that before had shown the boy lying in his pajamas on the bed had changed. It was definitely different. It now clearly showed the young boy lying naked on his bed touching himself … touching his hard little penis just like Aaron had done in the bathroom – only it looked much naughtier doing it naked in the bedroom. Inspired by it, he put the book down and slipped out of his pajamas. He turned off the lamp and opened the curtains so that the light from the street spilled into his small bedroom. He felt very naughty. It felt good to be bad. He eagerly lay back across his bedspread like the boy in the picture. The darkness felt electric. As his eyes became more accustomed to the low light he looked down at his hard little cock. It twitched with eagerness to play again.

“Playing naked in the dark you rub, touching your cock with Incubub.”

Aaron stroked his upper thighs. Take your time. No need to rush. His fingers brushed across the flatness of his stomach, and then around his upper groin at the top of his thighs … teasing himself, he felt as if he was putting on some kind of erotic show. Someone or something was watching from the shadowy recesses of his tiny bedroom.

Look at me. Watch me. I’m doing a dirty thing.

Though he felt a little afraid, he feel more excited than anything else. Look at me, lying naked as I touch myself. He had butterflies in the stomach just like at the beginning of a roller-coaster ride when you reach that final moment that you know you cannot turn back and everything is about to go out of control.

Finally, Aaron began rubbing the flesh of his testicles and down the length of his little peepee. He squirmed in delight. Mmm. He pulled the skin back on his peepee as far as it would go; then pulled it back to cover the wet little head. He felt a strange surge of pleasure as he stretched the skin back as far as it would go …

Yes, oh yes! It felt so naughty. He knew that Father William would not approve. He thrust the skin back again harder. Oh yes. He felt another delicious surge of sexual pleasure. He repeated this process over and over gradually increasing the tempo. Up, down, up, down. Mmm. Up, down, up down. Mmmmm. Up, down, up, down. Mmmmmmm. Watch me. Watch me. He hoped the Incubub was there. Up, down, up, down. Mmmmmmmmm …

Yes, it felt so weird – but he couldn’t stop even if his life depended upon it. He closed his eyes and imagined other young boys, just like him, touching their peepees as they played with themselves before Incubub. The Incubub would like him to be nasty to other children. Yes. The Incubub would want to watch them rub themselves against each other. Aaron wanted to touch their peepees. He wanted to rub his peepee against theirs. Like two young boys, their groins pressed together. All slick with delicious cock juice. The feeling of two young cocks frotting eagerly against one another. Aaron pictured a slender young boy tasting his mouth, sticking his tongue between his teeth, and pressing their lips firmly together …

OH! OH! OH! He imagined what it would feel like pressing their hips together – young meat against young meat whilst they furiously tongue kissed. He would kiss the boy’s slender neck, bony chest, tiny nipples, and the concave of his belly button.

More. More. More.

Kissing him softly, all the way down to his delicious rigid peepee and marble-hard balls. He wondered as he masturbated faster and faster, what exactly would it taste like to be sucking another boy’s peepee in his hungry little mouth?

All of sudden his whole body convulsed, his muscles contracted and tightened involuntarily.

“INCU-BUB! BUB! BUB!” he cried out loud.

A power wave of orgasmic bliss passed through him as he erupted with his first-ever orgasm. Sticky fluids sprayed from the tip of his pulsating penis across his stomach and chest. OH MY GOD! He did not understand exactly what had happened and the feeling was a little scary … but so intense and yet incredibly pleasurable … WOW, what a RUSH he thought!

Aaron’s curiosity peaked. He looked down in the darkness. The fluids glistened in the ambient light. He cautiously dipped his index finger into the gluey fluids as they began to run down the side of his concave stomach. He brought his wet finger to his lips and tasted his own seminal juice. Slightly salty, mostly watery, but not unpleasant. He scooped up more, eating the cum that had pooled in his bellybutton. The Incubub would like the taste. And then in the afterglow, Aaron felt so relaxed and suddenly very sleepy. Sleep took him before he had a chance to redress or even to slide back under the bed sheets.


Lucy sat in the quietness of the confessional. Her mind was a flood of things unsavory. For the past day or so her thoughts had been occupied with what she had been experiencing. There was more to it than just the guilt and shame. She found it hard to reconcile the bizarre feeling she had about her strange arousal and sexual excitement. It was wrong. Bad. And there was definitely something evil about that book. God forgive me.

She should have thrown it out or destroyed it straight away. She should have torn it apart. Burnt those obscene pages … but she somehow could not. Instead, she had settled for simply hiding it in the back of her wardrobe. Safely tucked away from prying eyes. Aaron’s eyes. But still omnipresent, ready, and undiscovered. More guilt and shame. She made the sign of the cross and knelt before the lattice screen.

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned it has been two weeks since my last confession,” said Lucy.

“What is your confession my child?” it was to the stoic voice of Father Williams.

“I have had doubts about God’s path for me Father. I feel a pang of deep guilt and shame … I feel lost and confused to the point of frustration.”

“God does not always illuminate the path, my child. You must be patient and reflective about his slender.”

“But Father, I had been having sinful thoughts … sexual thoughts … unnatural thoughts that I feel are completely inappropriate for a mother … I just don’t know what to do anymore!” cried Lucy as she held a handkerchief to her watering eyes.

There was a pause. Maybe Father Williams was waiting for her to collect herself together. She heard him clear his throat.

“Sexual thoughts are normal my dear. God created us to start families and sexuality is part of his blessings.”

His voice sounded less harsh. Maybe there was hope?

“Father, since the passing of my husband, I have felt so lonely. I miss him so much. But … but these sexual frustrations are not born from this … these thoughts are disturbing, destructive, demonic … they create doubts in my faith and in my own sanity.”

These were not easy words to share with Father Williams.

“For His mercy endures forever.”


“Sexually demonic you say?”

The priest’s voice definitely sounded different. Intrigued maybe. Definitely interested in what Lucy had to say. She hoped he could help her. She felt so weak.

“I know not where these thoughts came from, but have you ever heard of an INCUBUB Father?”

“Incubub? No, not exactly … Incubus and Beelzebub … these are of course the names of demons … evil creatures sent to do the Devil’s work, my child.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Now … wait a minute; I do recall a vague reference to some kind of malevolent spirit called an Incubub, yes. It’s rare. A truly demonic creature of extreme sexual perversity?”

“Father, these malevolent spirits … these sex demons … could they encourage a young child to commit the sin of self-pleasuring?” asked Lucy hanging on his every word.

“YES most definitely.”

“Oh my …”

“We must both pray … pray to the Lord for him to give you the strength you need … It’s hard being a parent with a young child… even harder being a single mother.”

“Yes Father I want to be a good mother … to be a good Christian mother.”

“And the Devil makes work for idle hands. May I remember that masturbation is a vile act against the holy body that God Almighty created for your son? You must prevent this from ever happening again. Never allow them to be alone. Remove their door from its hinges. Bath them so that they cannot touch themselves. I suggest binding his hands at night to the bedpost; make sure he never sleeps on his back. As I have said in sermon, sparing the rod will not save the child – beat him regularly to remind him of God’s love. Beat him and humiliate him if he transgresses. Amen!”

“Amen Father. Yes, I will.” She lied.


Lucy looked in on her son, Aaron, and was relieved to find him snuggled up in the bedclothes fast asleep. She thought about Father William’s harsh words – she wanted her son to be good. Beating him and tying him up to his bed sounded so medieval. But she wanted to be good too. She gingerly closed his bedroom door behind her but listened for a moment outside the door. Silence. Peace. Nothing. Maybe this was all in her head. Was Father William right? Should she be that harsh? Spare the rod and spoil the child. Masturbation is a venial sin. The fact was that it was hard for Lucy to be severe when she seemed prone to transgression herself.

She returned to the bathroom and took a long cold shower. As she dried her wet hair, she looked hard at her own reflection. Could she be the good Christian mother she wanted to be or was she something else? She was in her mid-thirties, thin as a beanpole and pale as a white sheet. Had all this responsibility made her look so anemic and emancipated? Had all the frustration and anxiety of being a single mother really brought her to this breaking point? The lights in the dully-lit bathroom began to flicker. Her heart fluttered. She laughed at herself. Now she was afraid of her own shadow?

“Nasty children play with he, whilst whorish mothers watch with gee.”

Despite the coldest of the show water, Lucy felt an unfamiliar hotness throughout her body – especially in her groin. She dabbed the towel to dry her blond sprouts of public hair. She noticed how her clitoris looked engorged, more pronounced than she remembered. Maybe it was the poor lighting. She laid the damp towel over the edge of the blemished bathtub and examined herself more closely. Her fingers gently parted her labia which were also moist and inflamed – her clitoris throbbed as she touched it, as if performing some kind of medical examination … without realizing what she was doing, she began to rub the neb of flesh and slide two fingers into her heated vagina.

“Devouring innocence around the clock, another warm place to stick his cock.”

“Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” she groaned softly to herself.

Actually, the Father’s disgust of masturbation made her want to do it more. Her fingers slid in and out, faster and faster. Her mind was filled with the intimate pleasures that her body had missed.

Yes … Oh yes!

She remembered the image of the disgusting creature with the huge black snake-like penis drooling over the naked boy – the boy’s semen spent across his own body. Unconsciously, she overlaid this image with that of her pasty-skinned son rubbing his erect cock with venomous delight. Nasty. Wicked child. Sinning before God. She saw herself naked in the bedroom watching him. His dirty little hands rubbed faster and faster as he approached the inevitable conclusion. Venial sin. Venial sin. Masturbation is a venial sin. She should have bound his hands and stretched him whilst naked between the bedposts. She would be free to molest him.

Yes. Yes … YOUNG BOY Cock.

Her fingers continued to press harder against her inflamed clit as her soaked digits moved in and out of her soppy cunt. She saw herself climbing onto the bed above her bound son, naked and wanton. He would twist and turn against his bonds – but she was now in complete power. Watch me. INCUBUB. Watch me. She mounted his pretty little face, pressing her elongated clitoris … which seemed to mirror the size of her own son’s little boy cock, pressing it into his open mouth. Forcing her clit-cock between his wet lips …


His sucking motion brought her close to orgasm. Not yet. Not yet. Now she could feel his lapping tongue worming its way up her lubricated fuck tube or maybe into the dirty neither hole of her anus …


The Incubub would be watching approvingly; urging her to do it; she knew it was incestuous… to have oral sex with her own son …


It seemed to be a crime against everything she held sacred. But now her soul belonged to the evil Incubub.


She would kneel before it … as she did in confession, before Father William … she would pray to the Incubub for its demonic blessing …


Her cunt was on fire. She watched herself masturbating furiously as if there was no tomorrow. She thrust her hips back and forth in a lewd dance before the Incubub. She bought her cunt-flavored fingers to her mouth and tasted herself.

Her cunt juice was salty and sour. FUCK! Her clit was so big! So long! Like a little boy’s cock! Like her son’s cock! Fuck! She wanted to suck it. She wanted to suck her son’s nasty little cock … she wanted it to cum in her mouth. She wanted to taste her son’s semen. Salty and bleachy like her dead fucking husband’s. Fuck! She wanted to be watched. She wanted to act like a complete whore. To corrupt any innocence left within him. She wanted that evil creature to see what she had done … how she wanted desperately to please it … how she would worship it like a god … HER a cock god.

“… a demonic creature of extreme sexual perversity” (she heard the voice of the Father) … like … like worshiping the devil himself …”



Father Williams threw his cum-stained priestly robes into the laundry. It had been a long day. Confession was a very exciting and exhilarating process. He had always thought that sitting in the confessional and handing out absolutions would be such an arduous task – but ever since he discovered the pleasures of masturbating to the sins of his flock he had come to enjoy these suffering sinners.

His cock still twitched into life thinking about his perverted little sermons that he had forced upon his weak-minded congregation. He saw it in their eyes during mass. He felt it in their lips as he pressed the sacramental bread into their mouths. He felt it when they described, in the most intricate detail, their most intimate venial sins. How he loved to hear about their sexual sins. His perverted nature loved to torture and torment them with proclamations against any form of sexual relief that they all seemed to desperately need …


Don’t touch yourself, don’t let the little ones touch themselves. And all along; he masturbated furiously, as they shared their most intimate of secrets. It was the price of absolution. Being a priest had some interesting benefits – especially if you were a pervert who got off on it all.

Lucy Thomas. She was some hot young mother. He knew how frustrated she must be. No husband. No sexual release. It was delicious. He laughed to himself as he picked up the ‘Compendium of Demons’ from the bookshelf. Such a publication was not a standard issue to priests – but then again Father Williams was not your usual priest. It was a beautifully illustrated eighteenth-century masterpiece that described these supernatural creatures and their influence over the natural world. It always made his cock rampant thinking about his secret love of these evil wicked things.

The full Latin title of Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros, roughly translated to “A rare summary of the entire Magical Art by the most famous Masters of this Art” with the additional warning of Noli me tangere (do not touch me), hinting at the true nature of the dark oddities lurking inside its pages. The book depicted a bestiary of grotesque demonic creatures as they chewed down on severed legs, spitting fire, and parading around decapitated heads on sticks, while long snakes extended from their deformed genitalia.

The perverted old priest opened the book to a page that showed an illustration of what the eighteenth-century artists thought the ‘Incubub’ would look like. It was described in Latin as ‘Et dæmonium habes sexualem iniquitatis extremae’ which roughly translated to “A demon of extreme sexual perversity.”

Yes, he found it. The Incubub.

The illustration depicted a creature capable of materialization in various forms. The first was horrific. The horned head was more skeletal. It had deep-set eyes with rows of razor-sharp teeth. With claws for hands, it was endowed with enormous snaking-like genitalia. The second was small and androgynous. In this second form, the Incubub looked more like a child – innocent, pale, androgynous but with clearly male genitalia. It appeared to be at worse mischievous like an imp or sprite. The priest rubbed himself between the legs with the prospects of Lucy’s peril at the whim of this devious beast.


Aaron waited in silence. He felt time moving too slowly. But he would not let his impatience spoil his new game. He had pretended to be asleep when his mother entered his bedroom. Usually, he would have been begging for a story. But not tonight. His mind was fixated. His resent memory of what it felt like to orgasm had not dulled one single bit. His cock had been hard all day – waiting for him to repeat the performance. His heart beat loudly in his ears. It was as if he could hear the blood flowing into his rigid little cock.

As he heard the door close, his hand immediately snaked below the elastic of his pajama waistline and he squeezed the solidness of his cock shaft. It felt delicious. Better than delicious. He squeezed it harder. Oh Yes. He squeezed it as hard as he could. He listened out to make sure his mother would not return. He desperately wanted to rub himself again as he did the night before … and imagine all sorts of nasty things — the nastier the better — but instead, he just squeezed and teasing himself. He felt some fluids ooze from the tip of his cock. His heart rate was already through the roof.

He heard footsteps going down the hall and into the shared bathroom. He heard the shower water coming on. Aaron quietly pulled back the thin bed sheet and stripped from his nightwear, rolling them back like an erotic snake, shedding his skin to stand prone and naked in the darkness. He once again drew back the curtains, so that the light from the street spilled into the small bedroom, illuminating it in the same eerie way.

His forefinger traced along his cock to the tip of his penis and wiped the wetness. He liked the taste of his pre-cum. He repeated the process of the previous night … only standing this time as the thumb and forefinger of his right hand pulled his foreskin back as far as it would go … enjoying the surge of sexual pleasure with each slow and deliberate stroke thrusting his hips forward and back in unison with his new masturbation technique … he pressed his middle finger of his left hand into the clef of his anus … touching his dirty brown hole. It felt itchy and moist.

He brought the soiled digit to his nose and smelt his poopy finger. Nasty. He tasted it as he hoped the Incubub would be watching. It was almost as if he was performing some kind of nasty ritual, especially for the Incubub … in return for more sexual pleasure — more orgasms …

Yes! Yes! Yes!

A ritual to appease this dark spirit of the night that had opened Aaron’s eyes to these nasty pleasures. Forbidden by God Almighty. Forbidden by Father Williams. FUCK that! He rubbed faster.

Aaron stopped catching his breath. He wanted this moment to last. He wanted to prolong this nasty feeling as long as he could. He opened the door to his old wooden wardrobe. He knew there was a long dressing mirror on the inside of the door and he was eager to watch himself perform. He propped the door open so that he would not close and he knelt down in front of it. With his sharp young eyes, the light from the window was just enough to see what he was doing … but it still kept the mood in this sapid and almost creepy feeling.

He felt wicked. He gave his reflection a lascivious kiss, imagining that he was kneeling before another boy lover. He could not explain it. He felt he was doing exactly what the Incubub wanted him to do … but not against his own free will … no … quite the opposite. This is what he wanted more than anything and he knew the wickedness of the Incubub was eager for him to do more vile and obscene things to himself. Sin was so much fun. They were violations against God but that made it even more exciting. His constant nightmares and night sweats seemed strangely distant, as he was no longer fearful of the dark. Instead, he wanted the darkness. He embraced the darkness. He worshiped demons … perverted sex demons …

“Don’t be afraid,” said a soft whispering voice from the shadows immediately behind his shoulders.

Aaron was startled … more from surprise than fear. He did not immediately panic as something deep in his subconscious kept him riveted to the spot. He just stared into the mirror’s reflection as a naked androgynous figure emerged from the shadows behind him. Could this be the Incubub? It had long black hair that fell limply against its pale flesh. Its emancipated physique resembled that of a young pre-pubescent girl whose breasts were no more than tiny little cones. Advancing, it stood directly behind Aaron in the mirror’s reflection. Now that Aaron could see clearly, he could not but notice the Incubub’s erect penis that stood straight up and drooled with delicious strands of transparent fluids.

“You know who I am?” asked the androgynous boy with an enigmatic grin.

“You are the Incubub?” replied Aaron nervously.

“Don’t be afraid of me,” said the Incubub.

“I’m not,” he lied.

He was shaking inside.

The Incubub’s hands lay gently upon Aaron’s shoulders and though his touch was cold, it was strangely reassuring. The Incubub stroked Aaron’s hair lightly as it knelt down behind him. Aaron watched him, transfixed, in the mirror. In the low light, Aaron could make out the features of the Incubub’s face – he had the face of a young girl about the same age as Aaron. When the Incubub smiled there were no razor sharp teeth. Aaron felt it reach around him and take hold of his aching cock. Despite his trepidation, he remained fully erect. The Incubub began stroking Aaron’s hard-on.

“Aarrghhh …” Aaron groaned as the Incubub masturbated him.

The pleasure was intense. Aaron steadied himself as he glanced down into the darkness between his legs and could see the Incubub’s fist closed around his small boy-cock – thrusting up and down, creating waves of euphoric dizziness. Aaron felt the Incubub’s cock pressing upwards against his perineum. Its wet tip rubbed back and forth against Aaron’s greasy rectum.

“Playing naked in the dark you rub, touching your cock with Incubub.”

“You must not be afraid. But you must obey me,” Aaron could only nod in response as he bucked his hips against his new lover’s pleasuring, “You must obey me! Completely.”

Tightness and stretching were followed by light pleasurable spasms inside his virgin anus told Aaron at the Incubub’s ghostly penetration as it began to sodomize him. Aaron welcomed the intrusion and pressed backward against the Incubub’s phallus so that it pushed further up his greasy little poop hole. There was a few moments of pain and then as it began a slow in and out movement …

Fuck! It felt thrilling.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” he groaned unabated.

Aaron wanted to be fucked. He wanted the Incubub inside him. Their bodies seemed to move together, thrusting slowly and deliberately so that with each moment more and more of the Incubub’s cock filled his bowels. The Incubub masturbated him faster as Aaron was rapidly approaching orgasm for the second time in his short life.

“You must not cum yet,” said the Incubub.

His movements slowed deliberately and just kept Aaron on the edge without allowing him to ejaculate.

“You must go to your mother’s room. You tell her that you are having a nightmare. She will comfort you. I want to watch you seduce you. Make her our sex slave … can you do that?”

Aaron wasn’t sure what to think. He was on the brink of orgasm … but knew he had been told that he must not ejaculate … and he had surrendered himself to the power that the Incubub held over him.


Lucy opened the wardrobe and recovered the book from its rear. It felt heavy with sin and coercion. She smelt an erotic odor oozing from its corrupted pages. Her fingertip was pricked with sexual magick. Lucy felt an inexplicable necessity to be naked before it. She undressed and brought it to the light of the bed lamp and opened the pages. The explicit drawing that darkly welcomed her was one of a ritual orgy seemingly led by a naked priestess that closely resembled her. Upon a blackened altar bed, the painterly priestess lay together with a naked young boy not so unlike her Aaron. Priestess and initiate; mother and son.

The young boy lay on his back whilst the priestess feasted upon his cock – wrapping her eager lips around it, sucking its wet head. The boy was caught in a moment of forbidden incestuous bliss, his eyes closed and his mouth open to express his delight. Around them, other naked women gathered with young boys and girls all masturbating and praying to the ghoulish face and enormous erect penis of the Incubub who looked on inspiring the dark lust between them all. Lucy could not but notice the extreme size of the women’s clits, especially the woman, her pale-skinned avatar that assumed the priestess role – their aroused glands were so pronounced and elongated they resembled cocks pocking out of their hooded sheaths just below their pubic bones.

“Incest is such a treasured game, fucking, sucking without guilt or blame. Doing it together all night long, Before the Incubub, you both cum so strong.”

Lucy drew in a sharp breath.

“Suck and fuck in god we mock, worship the Incubub with cunt and cock. Corrupt your children before my eyes, A human sacrifice to the Prince of Lies.

She touched her own clitoris and felt it immediately swell. Admittedly, it was not as long as the drawing of the priestess in the book, but as it hardened, she imagine it could easily be used to penetrate her son’s tight little rectum – as she rubbed the sensitive gland, her juices poured down her legs and the sourest aroma of sexual sweat and hot cunt filled her nostrils. FUCK! She needed to cum again.


She looked up at the twisted body of Jesus and was inspired by the thought of masturbating using her old wooden crucifix – sticking the longer length of its curved form into the depths of her hot wet cunt, pressing the legs and body of the Son-of-God hard against the underside of her engorged clit-cock. She felt so blasphemous. She got up and brought it to her bed. Inverting it, she rubbed it against herself, soaking it in the sourness of cunt juices. She felt dizzy with the sensation of sacrilegious salaciousness.

Hearing a noise from the hallway, she realized that her bedroom door was still ajar. It must be Aaron. She quickly hid the slimy crucifix under the bed and pulled the bed sheets up around her she nakedness as she lay back on her pillow pretending to be asleep.


To be continued …


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