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CREATED: 13.10.2020 / REVISITED: 08.09.2023

Pleasure Has No Boundaries 7


The setting is now. Today, more or less. Gin is a typical Asian thirteen-year-old, growing up in Hong Kong. Her father works for a large multinational. Her mother lives a leisurely lifestyle. Though they all have deep Catholic roots in their family going back over three generations, things are becoming unhinged in Gin’s life. Away from home, Gin is attending the renowned Saint Mary’s Catholic Boarding School for Girls — together with her Aunt (Maggie’s younger sister) the young girl’s eyes are open to a whole new world of salaciousness — from Devil worship to the Sapphic abuse.

Back in Hong Kong, her mother, Maggie, has become disillusioned with her marriage. She wishes she could have the sexual freedom to explore new, more exciting relationships, especially with young girls. But with her ever-present mother-in-law and her mommy’s boy husband, she feels restrained to the point of imprisonment. She contemplates a way out and calls upon a wicked ex-lover, Kris, for some preternatural assistance to fix the problem permanently. Being involved with Kris brings its own set of problems – but Maggie is determined to get her way and escape to where pleasure has no boundaries.


  • Gin (13) – Maggie’s daughter, a quiet and brooding, dancer, A-cup
  • Kris (49) – Maggie’s secret lover, Satanist, connected to the 14K triads and child trafficking, pedophile, petite, A-cup, shaven, short hair, slim build
  • Maggie (39) – our protagonist. Christian, Sunday school teacher, bi, shoulder-length hair, slim build, small tits/AB-cup, very attractive
  • Hannah (23) – Maggie’s younger sister, highly religious, adapt student, cute like a china-doll, used to love Korean dramas and the violin
  • Kim Ching Bi (20) – Hannah’s Korean flatmate, student
  • Delilah Levert (38) – Teacher at St. Mary’s School Ascot, African, tall, athletic
  • Lilian Page (16) – Student from St. Mary’s
  • Sister Melissa (52) – Nun and teacher at St. Mary’s School Ascot
  • Jasmin Anderson (13) – Exchange student from Hong Kong, British/Chinese mix
  • Alfred (55) – Husband of Maggie, Regional CFO of MNC
  • Deborah (70) – Maggie’s stepmother-in-law, very young-looking


It was almost a month into her exchange program at St. Mary’s.

Gin had managed to disappear almost every weekend. The sex with her aunt had been unbelievable. The three of them — Hannah, Kim, and Gin — had indulged in almost non-stop sex for the entire time that she was with them. She hated going back to the school. Though, even at school — there were some interesting prospects — she hadn’t seduced Jasmin but their relationship had advanced somewhat.

It had been a long week of classes and extracurricular activities (including dance and drama). English literature and language, science, geography, math, and RS. RS stood for religious studies and RS was seen at St. Mary’s as the basis of everything.

Her RS teacher was an elderly nun, Sister Melissa, who took a grim view of anything that did not abide by the strictest of doctrines. She always quoted the girls their school motto to inspire their attention, “Dei Gloriam as Maiorem” which translates to ‘As the Greater Glory of God’ … and talked about the school’s founder, Mary Ward, who was from a wealthy recusant Catholic family. She believed that women were intellectually equal to men, and deserved an education that reflected that equality. Sister Melissa reminded them of how lucky they were to be born in this day and age.

The elderly nun led the girls to the grand chapel that was the centerpiece of the entire school, with its towering Gothic columns and stained glass windows. Sister Melissa was also a member of the Ministry team, with particular responsibility for sacramental preparation … something that her class would no doubt be involved with as part of the spiritual life of the school.

“A Catholic education,” said Sister Melissa, “Means fulfilling human potential, not for self-aggrandizement, but for the Glory of God and for the benefit of others. You must all feel that sense of service to the community — in all its meanings — this was what inspired Mary Ward, and continues to inspire us all today!”

At St Mary’s there were morning prayers, prayers at meal times, evening prayers, and all the exchange students were expected to fully participate in every way — Gin hated it — She hated God. She hated Jesus. Mary, the Holy Spirit, and all fucking saints.

Gin closed her eyes and imagined lying next to Hannah.

“Gin!” the voice of an angry nun brought her back to reality, “Do I have to remind you? Hebrews, chapter 2, verse 1 … We must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.’ Psalms, chapter 94, verse 11 … The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man’ … And little girls!”

Jasmin glanced sideways at Gin as the nun scolded her for daydreaming. The nun gave her a piercing stare.

“Maybe I should send you to Ms. Levert?”

Both girls stiffened in fear of the prospect but hoped it was an empty threat.


Exhausted Gin and Jasmin returned to their accommodation.

“I’m too tired to shower,” said Jasmin.

“Me too,” agreed Gin slipping from her uniform; leaving her clothing crumpled in a pile on the floor; while falling face-first onto the bedclothes, in just her underwear.

“That was a close one … I mean with Sister Melissa,” remarked Jasmin as she undressed and folded her clothes neatly onto the back of a chair.

“She said it, just to scare us.”

“Well, it worked! I nearly peed myself.”

Gin laughed and sat up on her elbows.

“You gotta loosen up, Jaz.”

“And you need to be more careful. Disappearing nearly every weekend?!”

“I love spending time with Hannah,” explained Gin.

Again she started thinking about the Sapphic sex. And the more she thought about it, the more she thought about sex, with Jasmin

“What’s so great about it?” asked Jasmin, completely unaware of their incestuous relationship.

“Well,” said Gin toying with her medallion (that was usually hidden), “For a start, she isn’t stuck-up and all Jesus-fucking-crazy!”

“That’s so blasphemous,” whispered Jasmin.

“Don’t pretend to be all righteous and proper,” laughed Gin.

“But, I am,” protested Jasmin with a mocking proud.

“Fuck that. I say ‘Fuck the Holy Spirit’ … ‘Fuck God’ …” Gin grinned sardonically.

“You’re in a funny mood,” answered Jasmin standing in just her bra and panties.

“I’m just horny,” said Gin, “I need to frig myself.”

Jasmin looked completely stunned.

“You do that?”

“All the time. I love jilling off … I do it every moment I get alone — you?”

“Er … well … I do, but I’ve never told anyone before … you know … it being a sin and all. My family all think I’m a complete angel …” mumbled Jasmin as she turned bright red.

“But being sinful is so much more fun … don’t you think?” asked Gin.

“To be honest,” confessed Jasmin in a hushed voice, “When you’re away, I get the whole room to myself … it’s kind of nice to … you know?”

“So, when the cat’s away.”

Jasmin laughed uneasily.

Gin, jumped up and locked the dorm door. She leaned back against it, grinning wickedly.

“All this talk about frigging is making me wet!” said Gin, “Look, my pussy is all putty and gooey!” Gin slipped her pants and bra off, so she was now completely naked in front of her roommate. “Do you think I look sexy?” Jasmin turned red again, “I won’t tell everyone, I just get that vibe … that you’d be … into a bit of rug-munching?” Gin laughed, “Not that I have a rug anymore … all clean shaven … nice, hey?”

Gin moved closer to Jasmin. She kissed her lightly on the lips and at the same time, up-did her front-fastening bra, exposing Jasmin’s tiny breasts and coin-sized nipples.

“Girl kisses are so nice,” said Gin as she kissed Jasmin’s nipples.

Jasmin watched Gin’s actions. She smiled nervously. As if she was in two minds — either to laugh or cry — Gin knelt at her pink-painted toes and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her plain white cotton knickers. In one smooth movement, they were gone … left in a pile at Jasmin’s ankles. Gin was now eye-level with Jasmin’s tiny slit. Her mons were covered with the lightest of pubic hair. Gin kissed her mons … the same way she kissed her lips and her nipples.

Jasmin let out an unconscious moan as Gin’s tongue began to penetrate her tight little pussy, lapping at her hot little snatch like a cat licking milk. Gin’s wet worm worked its way inside her — deeper and deeper — Jasmin’s hands had been resting against Gin’s shoulders for support as she rocked back and forth with each wave of oral pleasuring; suddenly gripped the back of Gin’s head. Her body stiffened and Jasmin’s hand pressed Gin’s face harder and harder against her as Gin’s tongue teased her tiny clitoris — bringing her roommate to a new level of arousal.

“AAAaaargghhhhh …” groaned little Jasmin.

She could no longer control herself, as her orgasm made her legs give way. Jasmin fell forward over Gin. Gin climbed out from beneath her. Gin’s face was wet with Jasmin’s girl juice. They kissed deeply.

“That was wonderful,” said Jasmin, trying to get her breath back, “That was the most.”

Gin laughed.

”You taste so delicious,” replied Gin as she caressed Jasmin’s hair.

They lay naked together for a while on the carpeted floor, kissing and holding each other.

“Your necklace is very interesting,” remarked Jasmin, “What is it? It looks like a woman with a serpent or a snake … like it’s coming out of her vagina?”

“It’s the goddess. Her name is Lilith,” answered Gin.

“Isn’t Lilith a demon?” Jasmin asked.

“She is the equal of Satan. She is the Mother Goddess. She represents feminine power.”

“I guess that means that my roommate is a Devil worshiper?” asked Jasmin.

“And if I was, would that bother you?”

Jasmin kissed Gin on the mouth. It was a long tongue kiss.

“Maybe I could be persuaded to worship the Goddess with you,” said Jasmin.


Gin noticed how delighted Hannah was that her niece was not alone. She’d convinced her roommate to slip out of school for the weekend and had wanted to surprise both Hannah and Kim, with Jasmin.

”This is my roommate, Jazzy,” announced Gin as the pair of them jumped into the rear seat of Hannah’s hire car.

”Hi,” replied Hannah, “You won’t be missed?”

”We said we had a lot of work to do and got out of our extracurricular activities. I hope it’s not an inconvenience, having me come along?”

“No, not at all,” answered her Aunt, “The more the merrier!”

Hannah turned to look at Gin and winked. Gin could see her aunt’s wicked mind was already working in overload at the potential of this situation.

“No knickers then?” asked Gin, directing her question to Hannah.

”No knickers?” asked Jasmin.

“Yes, definitely no knickers — all weekend!” answered Hannah.

Gin grabbed Jasmin and kissed her roommate — mouth to mouth — and as they started to make out in the back of the car, Gin lifted her own short plaid skirt and splayed her legs as wide as she could. She ground her hips, making sure her aunt took notice of her erotic display through the rear-vision mirror. Gin groaned. She returned the wink to her aunt, and took Jasmin’s hand, pressed it between her dripping wet thighs.

”Jazzy likes my cunt — nice and wet — don’t you Jaz?” said Gin.

“Mmmmm … Nice and wet …” repeated Jasmin.

“She wanted to pay homage to Lilith,” Gin added.

Gin noticed her aunt was feverishly fingering herself as she watched the pair of naughty young girls play-fucking with each other through her mirror.

”We’re going to have so much fun together,” mumbled Hannah.


Hannah led the four of them down the steep stairs, into the cellar below their terraced house in Enfield. Gin couldn’t hide her excitement. She couldn’t wait to initiate her new lover, and school roommate, into their perverted little coven.

In the basement, Hannah and Kim had lit lots of fat black and red candles — blood-red candles —to illuminate their perverse temple. that had been decorated to Kris’ specifications. There was a huge metal BDSM bed with a barred cage below its mattress. A heavy Saint Andrew’s Cross with ankle and wrist restraints, attached to one of the walls.

The walls were decorated with an assortment of satanic tapestries and highly pornographic images. There were a few altar candle holders made of deer-hoofed feet; various human bones and a half skull cup; pentagon offering bowls: an inverted cross; an altar bell and matching silver phallic aspergillum; three large wooden phallus’ and several wooden wands: a long bullock dagger; and two Baphomet piss-goblets. On the low altar, there was a perverted statue of a phallic goddess – Lilith, as depicted as the fertility goddess, her head shaped like the crown of a penis.

She wasn’t sure whether or not Jasmin would find it all too overwhelming. They had blindfolded the newcomer and carefully led the new initiate to the center of the five-point star of the Baphometic pentagram that had been painted across the black cellar floor. Gin helped the naked young girl kneel as their centerpiece with candles placed all around its outer circle.



Gin and Jasmin had intended to sneak back into the dorm. It was dark and everyone else was fast asleep in their dorm beds. But their luck rang out as they tried to slip back into their room. A strong hand grabbed them both by the wrists.

“Where have you two been?”

It was Ms. Levert. Delilah Levert. She was the school’s disciplinarian. Gin and Jasmin were caught.

“Be silent. I don’t want to disturb the others,” rasped Ms. Levert.

Gin tried to make some lame excuse, but Ms. Levert would have none of it.

The tall teacher dragged the both of them away before the two could wake the other students. The disciplinarian quickly brought the miscreant girls to her private room. Gin was very unsure of herself, pulling against the tall and athletic black woman but she was no match for the older woman.

Surprisingly, there was already another student waiting in the room, Lilian Page. She was an older student, maybe she was sixteen. Lilian was dressed very strangely, in a school uniform that was three sizes too small for her. Her small breasts were squeezed into a painful cleavage. The short pleated skirt barely covered her knicker-less ass and her long white socks were pulled up to her knees. Gin had seen Lilian with one of the much younger girls doing lesbo things. So, she kind of knew Lilian must be a dike. Lilian looked excited to see Gin and Jasmin.

”What do we have here?” piped Lilian.

”Shut up,” responded Ms. Levert to her underling.

Ms. Levert or the Voodoo Goddess, as some of the girls called her (behind her back), said something about how the pair of them stunk. Gin and Jasmin didn’t reply.

“Where have you been? You know it’s a serious offense to leave the school grounds. Who’ve you been with?”

When Gin blurted out that they’d been with her older sister. Both Ms. Levert and her student accomplice, Lilian, looked at each other knowingly.

“Take off those stinking clothes — Both of you — Now!”

Jasmin began to cry.

“Shut up you little harlot!” commanded Ms. Levert as she brushed the back of her hand hard against Jasmin’s face, “Don’t you think that I don’t know what the two of you were up to?” she spat in her face. “PATHETIC! GET UNDRESSED AND STOP THOSE INSINCERE TEARS BEFORE I GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO REALLY CRY ABOUT!”

The two girls removed their tops and skirts under duress. They both tried to cover their tiny boobs as they stood in just their tiny undies.

“Everything!“ barked the strong Negress.

Gin and Jasmin removed the knickers. Lilian collected up their clothes, humming merrily as she stashed them away. Gin felt very subconscious about being naked in front of her oppressive negress. She desperately tried to cover herself, but Lilian batted her hands away with a sharp smack that stung her hands.

“Miscreant girls don’t get to wear clothes during their punishment,” ordered the aggressive Ms. Levert, “What exactly did you get up to with your sister?”

They both kept their eyes on the floor, but Gin could feel the angry Negress’s eyes staring at her nakedness.

“If I have to ask again. I will be forced to put you over my knee and spank you.”

“Nothing Miss, we just hung out with my big sister.”

“You’re a lying little slut,” responded the Negress, “You both reek of sex. So tell me tell me what really happened.”

Gin didn’t answer.

“Okay. So that’s the way you want to play it. Lilian, get the cable ties. Fastened their hands behind their backs.”

“Yes Miss,” answered the diligent older student.

Lilian smiled as she pulled Jasmin’s hands behind her back and secured them with a pair of black cable ties. She then did the same with Gin. They both stood naked and restrained before the disciplinarian.

“As I see it … you girls have two choices,” said the angry Negress, “I can make the rest of your stay here at St. Mary’s a living hell; inform your parents of your disobedience; and report you to the school board. They are sure to make an example of you both … or …” she paused, “I’m prepared to let you off … maybe even allow you to see your ‘sister’ again if I’m in a generous mood … we can consider the incident, our little secret … as long as you agree to submit to my special punishment?”

Jasmin looked at Gin.

“Well … I haven’t got all night?” prompted the Negress.

Gin gave a reluctant nod and Jasmin followed her lead.

“Yes, what? Yes to the special punishment?” pushed the older girl impatiently.

“Yes, we’ll do whatever you want,” agreed Gin quietly.

“A wise choice,” answered Ms. Levert, “And if you ever speak of this to anyone. We have the video footage of the pair of you leaving … anything you say will be discredited — you understand?”

They both nodded.

“And from now on … in punishment … you will call me ‘Priestess’ …” said the nigger priestess.

Again they both nodded.

“What must you call me?” she affirmed.

“Priestess …” they both chimed.

The older student removed her clothing. Gin watched in surprise as the skinny, titless student began masturbating herself openly in front of them whilst looking lustfully at the two, much younger girls.

“Fuck, I’m horny, Priestess …” cooed young Lilian.

Surprise became shock, as Gin saw the nigger priestess, herself, also remove her gown. She’d never seen a real nigger naked before and the nigger priestess was no ordinary woman. Her black-skinned body was very muscular, like that of a bodybuilder. When she removed her panties, her ugly vagina had large black-skinned flaps, that were parted by what Gin would learn later to be a huge penal clitoris. The deformed nigger priestess rubbed her obscene deformity while staring lustily at their naked bodies.

“Start with this one,” chimed the nigger priestess as she pointed to little Jasmin.

Lilian stepped closer to Jasmin and began to fondle her tiny breast cones. Jasmin turned her head and cried more.

“Shut up!” snapped Lilian, who was obviously enjoying Jasmin’s reluctance.

Lilian’s fingers pinched meanly at the girl’s nipples. Gin could see her roommate wince in pain as she squirmed awkwardly in complete helplessness with both hands restrained behind her back. But despite their predicament, Gin began to feel a wetness between her thighs. The sight of her roommate being abused seemed to be the unexpected source that was turning her on. As Lilian fingered her, Gin’s pussy began to purr with a new kind of sadistic delight. Yes, more — she thought to herself.

Lilian laughed at Jasmin’s pathetic whines as the sixteen-year-old continued her abuse her dry little cunt.

“Enough, now the other one,” commanded the nigger priestess.

Lilian grinned. She forced Jasmin onto her knees and then moved over to where Gin stood. She held Gin by the jaw and roughly kissed Gin’s mouth, forcing her tongue into Gin’s mouth. Gin pretended to find it distasteful, rewarding the older girl with the feeling of domination that she seemed to get off on.

Lilian squeezed her nipples, twisting them painfully and watching Gin’s reaction to her punishment. It hurt, but again, Gin felt only elation. Next, Lilian’s fingers pressed against Gin’s mons.

“The little slut,” barked Lilian, “She’s wet!”

“Interesting,” said the nigger priestess under her breath.

Lilian pressed Gin downwards so that she was kneeling. The hardwood floor hurt Gin’s knees. The nigger priestess now stood in front of Jasmin and pressed her slimy black cunt against Jasmin’s face.

“Lick me,” she ordered.

Between the loose skin flaps, Jasmin could see the nigger priestess’s pink cunt hole. It smelt awful. Like the woman never washed her smelly cunt or ass for days.

Jasmin began licking and sucking the nigger priestess’s oversized clit-cock. As Jasmin tried to orally pleasure the Amazonian woman, her clit-cock began to throb and grow, more and more like a male penis. She laughed at little Jasmin’s disgust and said she’d have to try harder or feel the nigger priestess’s wrath. She didn’t realize that the woman was a complete sadist and fully intended to mercilessly beat the two of them anyway. The path to the nigger priestess’s pleasure was always through extreme humiliation, pedophilia, and demon worship.

Soon the nigger priestess’s clit-cock got so big, that Jasmin was sucking it as if she was fellating a fully grown man. Jasmin began gagging as the nigger priestess literally fucked her face, while Lilian masturbated and watched with evil glee.

“She’s not doing it properly!” complained Lilian.

The nigger priestess groaned at Jasmin’s poor attempt to pleasure her. She was obviously not happy. She pushed Jasmin backward. She slapped her in the face hard. Jasmin began to cry.

”I will deal with you later,” said the nigger priestess, “Let’s see if you can do better …” she said turning to little Gin.

“Go fuck yourself — NIGGER!” said Gin.

Her language and demeanor caught both Ms. Levert and Lilian by surprise.

“What did you say?” said the nigger priestess.

Ms. Levert’s eyes narrowed to black slits and her open hand shot out like a viper snake — catching Gin across the face in a hard slap that knocked the child side-wards off her feet. Both Gin and Jasmine lay on the floor, nursing their faces, as Ms. Levert and Lilian stood over them.

“What did you call me?” screamed the angry teacher.

“I called you a fucking-ugly-nigger!”

Ms. Levert laughed — then turned to Lilian.

“We will have to teach them both a lesson that they will not forget — EVER — and while you are here in Saint Mary’s, you will come here every night that I am on duty — and we will make sure you learn exactly how to pleasure this fucking-ugly-nigger until she is fully satisfied — otherwise you will both be expelled.


Gin lay in her bed.

Jasmin was curled up next to her. They had locked their dorm door so that the both of them could sleep naked together. After their night with the nigger priestess — she remembered how Ms Levert had treated the both of them. Her black teacher’s attempt at abusing Gin had made Gin realize how much she enjoyed the domination. Helplessness had its own joys. Though the sexual pleasure had been intended to be only one-sided, Gin had derived much delight from this perverse experience. Ms. Levert had fucked the pair of them in both their cunts and their anuses with her deformed clit-cock. The black bitch had squirted them with her juices.

Ms. Levert and Lilian had tried their best to break her spirit — they had subjected both Jasmin and her to a spectrum of punishments — including being used as their human toilets. Gin could still taste the bitterness of the nigger priestess’s shit in her mouth. Both Ms. Levert and Lilian had exhausted themselves on this effort. Gin and Lilian had cum with their tongues deep inside each other — while Jasmin nearly choked on Ms. Levert’s clit.

The threat of expulsion still remained, should either of them fail to comply. Ms. Levert gave Gin and Jasmin a burner phone and told them that they both must follow her messages — to be available whenever she wanted them — which was frequently. They were her new fuck toys and throughout their stay at Saint Mary’s, they would both do, whatever the nigger priestess wanted.

Strangely in Gin’s warped little mind, she imagined herself as the corrupter (abuser) — how much she would enjoy the sensation of control over another. She thought about enacting her fantasy on someone much younger than herself. She’d felt that same sensation when she was with her mother’s strange friend, Kris.

Kris was a total pervert. Just like Ms. Levert was. But Kris was small and petite — her power seemed to be less obvious, but even more sinister than the nigger priestess. Gin remembered Kris had brought along another woman and her daughter. It had been very ritualistic, involving the drinking of their menstrual blood, pissing and even eating their shit. Abigail. That was the woman’s name. Man Yi, was her eight-year-old daughter. Man Yi was delicate. Fragile. Perfect for abuse. Fuck, thought Gin, I must fuck her again — soon. Abigail had a large clitoris — not as large as the deformed nigger teacher, but she’s used it to fuck her own daughter.

The incest was so hot.

And when it had been Gin’s turn to use little Man Yi. That incredibly evil sensation of sexual power over someone helpless was almost intoxicating — she’d rode the young girl’s face to the point where the child had nearly suffocated. Fuck, she’d cum so hard — her juices squirted everywhere. Kris had videotaped the whole thing.

Gin got up from the bed, leaving her naked young lover fast asleep. Gin turned on her tablet. She opened her email browser and wrote a quick message to Kris. Kris never failed to reply. Kris loved her — she needed her — and though they hadn’t texted or emailed as much lately, she knew she’d always be in Kris’ carnal thoughts. She typed a message saying that she missed her, that she would be back soon, and that when she returned, could they meet up again with Abigail and Man Yi.



Maggie had received a number of reports about her daughter’s progress, or rather the lack of it, from St. Mary’s. After some consideration, she decided not to share these negative comments with either her husband, Alfred, or with Gin’s maternal grandmother, Grace—who was always sticking her big nose into Maggie’s family’s affairs. What was worse than her own mother, was her damnable stepmother-in-law — Deborah.

Alfred’s father remarried while Alfred was very young and he had grown, up only knowing Deborah, his stepmother. When his father passed away, Alfred took in Deborah — much to Maggie’s dismay. The last thing she wanted was an overbearing stepmother-in-law to take away her coveted privacy. Deborah — though she was seventy, looked like a lively fifty-year-old — good breeding and lots of the right cosmeceuticals.

The two of them, Maggie and Deborah, usually avoided each other like the plague. Alfred was such a fucking mommy’s boy. He constantly prioritized Deborah’s needs over Maggie’s. And Maggie resented it big time. In fact, Alfred would frequently ignore Maggie completely — it drove her nuts — especially since his job had entailed a lot of traveling overseas, for extended periods. And when he was not missing in action, he was dotting over their thirteen-year-old daughter, Gin; or running his stepmother here and there, like she was the lady of the house. Sunday was God’s day … church day … and when Alfred was at home — he would make a big deal of taking them all for the Sunday service. He was such a fucking hypocrite.

Maggie had grown to despise him over the years. Their romantic life was like a vague memory – or even a lie? He would try to over-compensate by buying Maggie expensive branded gifts of jewelry, bags, and even lingerie. She accepted his peace offerings begrudgingly. She started to imagine what it would be like without him — if they were to divorce — how she would be free to pursue her perverted sexual encounters with other women, men, young boys — and especially vulnerable young girls. She could make a real whore of herself. Fuck the Church. Fuck motherhood. And no more Deborah. But the reality was that Alfred was a great meal ticket — she was currently a lady of leisure — she didn’t have to do much around the house (as they had a part-time maid) and Gin was old enough to entertain herself.

Fuck, she thought — wouldn’t it be great if he died. If he was dead, she would be free at last! She’d chuck old Deborah out on her ass. It was of course a fleeting thought. Despite Alfred being a fat fuck who ate all the wrong things, drank far too much brandy, wheezed, coughed, and couldn’t get hard, Maggie didn’t see the signs of an impending heart attack. Not anytime soon.

Unless it could be done with black magic?


Maggie’s first thought was Kris. She was a witch. An evil twisted fuck of a witch. Maggie had witnessed her black magic firsthand. She knew Kris had dabbled in curses, poisons, and hexes. It had been such a long time since the two of them had talked. Ever since the witch had disappeared from her life. Maggie told her that she didn’t want to say much over the phone and insisted that they meet face-to-face.

The thought of meeting Kris worried Maggie. Despite the married woman’s adoration towards Kris and willingness to dive into the realms of pedophilia and bizarre, ritualistic lovemaking, something made Kris leave Maggie behind with nary an explanation. Despite this worry, Maggie was sure Kris would help kill her dumb-fuck husband. She thought about all the motivators that she could possibly offer — and the implications of what she was planning. Kris had sounded guarded — as if she was up to something — but then again, when wasn’t she? They’d arranged to meet at an old haunt in Mong Kok.

Maggie had taken the time to check discretely on their family insurance policies; and the last will and testament that her husband had prepared and filed with their lawyers. She had a copy that she’d kept — at the time she had not thought of any particular reason to hold onto it — but luckily she had. She made sure that their lease holding on their company apartment could be transferred in the case of her husband’s incapacitation. He also had a key man insurance policy that would pay out to her, in the case of him being unable to work. There was the car. Her jewelry, Their overseas investments. Their emergency cash. Yes — she had it all covered.


“It has been a while,” said Kris, “You look gorgeous!”

Maggie smiled as she pretended that she had not made an effort. She didn’t return the compliment.

“Thank you for meeting me so quickly or me on such short notice,” Maggie started, “I don’t know where to begin. So I will just say it. I want you to help me kill my husband.”

There it was. Kris didn’t laugh or even frown. Maggie looked deadly serious.

“It is not easy,” Kris said, “But I know what to do. We call it Gu. It is an ancient form of poisoning.”

Maggie fidgeted in her seat and looked around to make sure that nobody else could hear.

”How … How does it work?” half whispering Maggie, trying not to get too excited.

“Well, we take several venomous creatures,“ explained Kris, “Like centipedes, scorpions, and snakes, and we place them in a jar. Of course, they will try to kill each other and as their venom flows, we use the survivor to make the base of our black magic potion. It must be mixed with other toxic herbs to induce invisible death and leave no traces of poisoning. The body of your dead husband must not harbor any evidence of our involvement — and his passing must appear to be of natural course. Lastly and most importantly, the potion must be enchanted through a demonic hex and sacrificial ritual.”

Maggie listened carefully to Kris’ description without interruption.

”The last ingredient will be added during our ritual to ensure the desired result — this ingredient will make sure the toxins will kill your husband and not the poisoner — making you immune to the effects of the lethal poison.”

“What is this last ingredient?” asked Maggie.

“During our profane ritual, we will infuse it with your sexual juices.”

Maggie looked puzzled but knew better than to question Kris’ evil abilities.

”Are you having second thoughts?” asked Kris, “Gu is not for those who will have a change of heart!”

”Will it be painful? Will he suffer?”

“Most definitely,” answered Kris, “It will be excruciating.”

”Good. I want the fucker to suffer. And what of your price for this?”

Kris grinned evilly.

“I only ask for your blessing.”

“My blessing?” asked Maggie, though she really knew exactly what Kris was talking about.

”Yes — I have been involved with some members of your family for a while,” she confessed, “We have kind of danced around this. I want you to accept this.”


Gin checked her email browser— a short message from Kris — saying she was excited about Gin’s return but would be delayed a while — as she had to do something for a close friend. She said that she would organize to fly to London over the up-and-coming long weekend and was going to be staying with Gin’s aunt, Hannah (for a while – she wasn’t specific).

Gin was very excited and told Kris about her roommate, Jasmin. She knew Kris loved sex with young ones more than anything. Kris had replied that they were to meet at Hannah’s place for an orgy of wickedness dedicated to their beloved, Goddess Divine — Lilith.

Gin couldn’t wait. Hail Lilith.

Shortly after that, Gin got a text message from her Auntie Hannah. Hannah had obviously heard from Kris and was excited about the all-girl incest orgy. She asked what had the two young lovers been up to. Gin told Hannah about her evil nigger teacher and her sadistic accomplice, Lilian. She told her aunt how the pair of them had terrorized them for a week, with the threat of expulsion, if they didn’t submit to their perverted and abusive ways. She told her in detail about Ms. Levert’s penal clit, being used as a toilet — eating nigger shit and drinking nigger piss. She told her aunt about the burner phone and their secretive messaging system.

Hannah asked for the number of Ms. Levert’s burner phone. Gin was not sure about giving it to her aunt, as she didn’t want to get herself into more trouble than she was already in. Hannah said that it would be okay. She said that she knew what she was doing — it would be good for them all, she said.

Hannah suggested that it would be fun to invite her blackmailers to their little basement party. Still, Gin was very apprehensive, telling her aunt about the ritual abuse. Hannah said, with even more gusto, that Kris would know exactly what to do. She said that it would be a great way to make new friends — Gin just hoped to get some payback. That would be more like it, thought Gin — that fucking nigger had it coming — she longed to do something really evil to happen to the fucking nigger priestess and her bitch girlfriend, Lilian.


Maggie stood outside Kris’ apartment for the longest time. It wasn’t that she was having second thoughts – that was not the case. She had been thinking about the use of Gu. The deliberate infliction, using a very ancient form of poisoning — combining the lethal toxins and black magic. The thought of it strangely turned her own. She felt wet. Why hadn’t she done this sooner? She thought about the lost opportunities to indulge herself in all her favorite passions. All those lovely little girls she longed to fuck and suck.

It had been about two days. Kris had called Maggie. She had said that the base potion was ready and that they were to meet at Kris’ apartment for the final stage of the process. Maggie knew that in accepting Kris’ help she would be ‘blessing’ the relationship between Kris and her young daughter, Gin. But then again, she knew this was going on and she had done nothing to stop it. She even encouraged it — instigating it with sharing her daughter’s email address, all those months ago?

Kris had said that the toxins would be too easily given away by their foul taste and that the best way for the toxins to enter her husband’s bloodstream was through sexual intercourse — like a sexually transmitted disease. Maggie had been surprised at this.

Kris said that the toxin paste must be rubbed directly inside her vagina shortly before sex. Well, Maggie thought, how was that going to work? At least she knew he would never detect the taste there, as her bastard husband never went down on her — he thought cunnilingus was improper and dirty.

But what if her husband couldn’t get it up? His limp cock was also a point of contention. Kris had an answer for that too. The poison would be mixed with a sexual spell to keep him hard long enough — his cock would need to be rampant so that the poison would work.

It would be as if he died of a heart attack whilst fucking his wife wildly.

Kris was a sick bitch. But then again. This method seemed to appeal greatly to Maggie too. The thought of it made her even wetter. And she’d been masturbating non-stop thinking about it. It would mean that she would be directly involved in the evil deed itself — literally fucking him to death! Hail Satan, she thought.


Kris opened the door. There was a sparkle of wickedness in her eyes. Her evil was so enchanting. She was dressed in a long translucent gown that was open from the front and her delicate bare feet were visible below. Maggie could not help but stare at Kris’ pale petite body between the opening in her sexy gown.

The sight of her flat chest and hairless mons that looked so childlike, made her dizzy with arousal. Just being around Kris made Maggie extremely horny. Like a natural aphrodisiac. She’d felt it when they had met up to talk earlier — but she’d been very cautious then — maybe she still was. Now, as she looked lustfully upon Kris, Maggie’s freshly shaved cunt tingled with oily wetness.

“Come inside my dear and undress quickly — I’m feeling so horny,” said Kris.

Maggie moved silently inside the doorway of Kris’ old walk-up apartment. It was still as decrepit as it was before. Kris closed the door behind her. The light inside was rather dull and Maggie’s eyes took a little time to get accustomed to it. She could see beyond the entrance there was the flicker of black candles.

The aroma of incense and acrid sexuality brought back memories of their past seductions. Maggie’s first thought was of the young, Man Yi, and her strange mother, Abigail. Her first experience with a child lover. Then she thought about the first time she came to Kris’ apartment. At that point, they had only talked over the phone and exchanged pornographic images over the internet.

Kris had shared with her some of her child porn and Maggie had been shocked, but still very excited by it. Maggie recalled being very nervous and shy, but so curious and turned on. The Baphometic symbolism had been intimidating. The dark satanic altar. Menstrual blood, piss, and feces. The whole satanic thing was still new back then. She remembered how she’d felt the excitement of original sin — of becoming more and more perverted — of the realization of her twisted Sapphic fantasies. The fact was that she’d never been with anyone other than her pathetic husband — let alone with a lesbian pedophile witch.

“You seem a little nervous, darling?” cooed Kris, “Why not take the edge off?”

She handed Maggie a glass of a nondescript liquid.

Maggie just looked at it, “It’s not the Gu!”

Kris laughed and kissed Maggie directly on the mouth. Her kisses made Maggie’s head spin. She took the glass out of Maggie’s hand drank the strange liquid herself and then poured another.

This time Maggie drank it. It tasted foul and whatever the ingredient, it burned her throat, But soon, to her pleasant surprise, the nervous jitters turned to a smoky mellowness; and at the same time seemed to turn up her carnality.

Maggie immediately began to strip naked and Kris gave her yet another dose. She drank that too. Mmmm. She tingled all over from the powerful aphrodisiac. The effects seemed to magnify as the tiny dark room began to spin and Kris’ words started to slur.

Kris rubbed her cunt and offered Maggie her soiled fingers. Maggie craved for the taste and sucked them eagerly. Kris fingered Maggie and sucked her own fingers approvingly. Kris embraced Maggie. And Maggie didn’t wait for another invite, she held Kris’ face and kissed her deeply. They kissed long and deep. It felt more like a kiss of release than a kiss of passion. Oh, Satan, she loved this woman deeply.


To be continued …


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