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Master PC – Cally’s Journey

Chapter 2 – Tammy’s Plight


This was not good, Cally thought at she tried once again to get the program to reset her to “normal”.  At first she had thought it was going to be easy, just instruct the program to reset her to her baseline configuration.  There was even a “go back” button to progressively erase undesired changes.  Unfortunately, every time she tried, the system spit back the same message.

“Subject format locked. Unable to accept changes.”

As first she’d thought that Tim had password protected his changes, but had soon realized that that just didn’t make any sense.  Obviously she had made changes herself, though in the state she had been in at the time, she couldn’t quite figure out what all of them might have been.  In any event, if the system had been locked then, she would have been stuck as the brainless bimbo she looked and sounded like now.

No, this wasn’t Tim’s doing and if it had been, he would have told her by now.  The little dickless bastard was so servile at the moment that he wouldn’t have disobeyed her even if the thought was still capable of crossing his mind.

It had to have been something that had happened since, something she had done.  Probably, she realized with a sinking sensation, something she had done with all those random clicks trying to get rid of the “flashy beepy thing.”  Undoubtedly, one, or more of “flashy beepy things” had been menus with options, and while she had been clicking them one, or a combination thereof, had somehow locked her profile out of the system and “frozen” her the way she was.

“That is, like so totally unfair.” She groused as she prettily pouted at the screen.  “Don’t you think so Tammy?”

Her footstool squirmed just a bit as it replied in a high feminine voice. “Yes Ma’am”

Cally hadn’t been happy with Tim Cochrane and that was an massive understatement. While Cally had never been a vengeful or even aggressive person one of those new pink bars said that had all changed now.  She’d wanted to change the bastard into a greasy spot on the carpet. Still, she wasn’t sure she could really live with herself if she’d outright caused him to cease to exist.   That was sort of the old good news / bad news thing as far as Tim, or Tammy as he now answered to, was concerned.

Really, technically Tammy was still a Tim, but it would be hard to notice from anything but a close examination.  Cally had given the hulking guy a makeover as only the Master PC could.  Oh, he wasn’t actually dickless, he still had one, about the size of a somewhat overgrown clit that was covered by his downy public hair.  Besides that, the rest of his punishment was anticlimactic … long flowing brunette hair, harsh edges sculpted into smooth curves, wide soft eyes, full lips.  Cally had even given him a small breast enhancement, not much more than A cups but the nipples would be as fully sensitive as any woman’s.

Best of all, she’d made sure to leave Tammy with vivid memories of everything she had been, with full knowledge and the realization that the complete and utter truth was, he was far far too subservient to be anything but what he was now.  Oh the desire was there, but the capability or even the idea of how to be anything other than a subservient little bitch simply no longer existed.

After all, what was the point of getting even if the person you were getting even with couldn’t remember that you were getting even with them.  Tammy would have a long … a VERY long time to remember everything.  Besides, on his knees like that, Tammy made an excellent footstool.

Yes, revenge was sweet, but while satisfying, it didn’t do much to improve Cally’s immediate problem.  She had, as far as she could tell, no viable way to get back to being … well … herself.  Instead she was stuck in this porn star’s image of beauty with a sex drive that would make a teenage nympho blush with shame.

She’d enjoyed “working” on Tammy’s new look, simply having that much control over him had been liked being fucked hard and often and she’d cum over and over again while her transforming subject had eagerly lapped up every drop.  But that had been a few hours ago and the novelty had worn off.  There also seemed to be some limitations to the Master PC program.  It appeared that, the more drastic the change, the more drain on the systems resources there were and the system needed to recharge, for lack of a better word, if it was used too extensively, too often.   It was all down there in the code somewhere if you looked behind the interface.

Cally had to admit, whoever had programmed Master PC had been a genius.  Even with her enhanced IQ and her years of experience, she could only reach and decipher outlying portions of the program and it’s structure.  Much of what she could see wasn’t comprehensible, and it seemed that a great deal of the actual program itself wasn’t even on the machine itself, but somewhere else.  Where somewhere else, Cally didn’t know, but she really wanted to find out.  On the other hand, the program was actually quite small and with minor modifications, should easily fit on something as small as a PDA, maybe even an I-Phone.

There was a lot to learn but the one thing she really truly needed to know she just couldn’t figure out.  Of course, there were better places to do research like this she supposed.  Certainly sitting the middle of the Sty Tim had called home, while very fragrant in a male kind of way didn’t do much for Cally or her concentration.

“Tammykin’s … gawd you are so totally lame at keeping your place all clean and sparkly like.  If I stay here much longer, I swear I’m going to like totally barf.” Cally said in a completely air headed kind of way.

Why Timmy chose to live like this, Cally didn’t have a clue.  According to what Tim had told her after his little change of perspective, he was actually quite well to do.  A Trust Fund guy though who only worked because he wanted to “wear the suit”, stroke his ego, impress the girls and everything he thought was the right of people with power.

The question was, what to do with him.  Wipe his memory and let him go on doing what he did?  Exactly how many girls had he already done this too, or would he do this to if left on his own.  More importantly, what would he try to do to her.   The Master PC was powerful, but it wasn’t perfect, that much Cally knew from experience.  Even in her bimbo-fied form, memories had kept struggling to make it to the surface and in the end, just enough had snuck through to turn things around on Timmy.

No … letting him go wasn’t the answer.  It was Saturday anyway and it would probably be a few days until he was missed.  Maybe she’d think of a solution by then, but in any event, it was probably best to keep Tammy under control until something bright occurred to her.  Besides … he really was a hot looking girl … not that it should have mattered to her … but for some reason it did.

She turned back to the computer and synchronized it with the I-Phone she’d salvaged from her purse.  She’d spent the better part of the last few hours studying the Master PC program and she’d figured out what she was pretty sure was a safe way to download it on to her PDA.  Considering she was naked and that none of her clothes lying around the room had the slightest chance of fitting her, having a mobile form of the program seemed to be rather important.

The second order of business, Cally thought as she looked disdainfully at her A cup bra, was new clothing.  As part of Tammy’s punishment, well the least that he owed her was a new wardrobe until she could get back to normal.  Besides … Cally thought as she looked at down, Tammy could use some new clothes too.   The thought made her begin to giggle madly.

“It’s time to go bgff, how about we go shopping.  You like shopping …  I mean … like … who wouldn’t?” Cally said with a mischievous look in her eye.

Tammy’s eyes lit up with more anticipation than shame, Cally couldn’t tell, but it was interesting to watch.  “Yes Ma’am … I’d … I’d LOVE to go shopping.  I need … I need …”

The young man, or was it woman, looked around desperately … trying to find the words.

“Panties?”  Cally said helpfully

Tammy moaned softly in pleasure.  “Yes ma’am.”

“A frilly little bra?”  she continued

Tammy blushed furiously, shaking his head to try and say no but all that came out was a eager “Yes Ma’am”

“Maybe a tight dress … hose … heels … .”

“Yes… “ Tammy moaned

“And maybe we’ll get your ears pierced … maybe your nipples and that little clitty cock of yours too?”  Cally said sweetly

“Oh … Oh oh YES … Oh … OH.”  Moaned Tammy as she squirmed uncontrollably … her hips rocking at the thought … “Ohh … oh YESS!!!”  she whimpered as her tiny cock began to jerked, rubbing against his public hairs.

“Good girl.” Cally whispered in his ear.

The thought was just too much for him … he wanted to resist, he wanted this to not be happening, but he couldn’t help it.   He was nothing but a subservient little bitch … .

He screamed softly in a high voice that was no longer recognizable as his own … his hips bucked in the air and his tiny cock jerked and began to spew tiny amounts of white liquid over his public hairs and the carpet beneath him.

Cally had to admit, he really was much cuter this way.