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CREATED: 10.09.2016


About Kali, the Goddess of Kundalini.

Kali Mah has many names; the Goddess of Kundalini, the Black Mother, the Serpent Goddess, the Demon Goddess, the Goddess of Death… just to name a few. Kali’s most common four-armed iconographic image shows each hand carrying variously a sword, a trishul (trident), a severed head and a bowl or skull-cup (kapala) catching the blood of the severed head. The sword signifies divine knowledge and the human head signifies human ego, which must be slain by divine knowledge in order to attain moksha. The other two hands (usually the right) are in the abhaya (fearlessness) and varada (blessing) mudras, which means her initiated devotees (or anyone worshiping her with a true heart) will be saved as she will guide them here and in the hereafter. In some, less common depictions, she carries a wriggling serpent.

About Guru Swami Vishnu dubbed ‘Shaitan Guru of Kolkata’.

Controversy seemed to enshroud this illusive man that had been labeled as the ‘Shaitan Guru of Kolkata’. Shaitan means literally devil or evil spirit and as the Guru Swami Vishnu notoriety grew, so did his cultish following that rode upon the wave of alternative eastern medicines and healing power through extreme yoga and tantric sex spawn from what was referred to as the ‘Fire of Kundalini’. It had been alleged that the Guru Swami Vishnu and his inner circle of brahmacharis (novice monks) were all in fact homosexual pedophiles, rapists, murderers and even cannibals; that they worshipped some kind of hermaphroditic serpentine deity that demanded perverted sex orgies as well as human sacrifices to sate demonist appetites. Of course, these outrageous claims were never substantiated, mainly because those that had accused the Guru Swami Vishnu simply seemed to disappear. To better understand this wicked man and his wayward disciples, our protagonist, Lewis Gracie, a young, handsome and homosexual private detective poses as a ‘potential follower’. Once inducted Lewis quickly realizes that he is out of his depth and in danger of losing his mind as well as his life.


In tantric sex, says the Guru Swami Vishnu, there is no final goal of achieving an orgasm. Instead of leading your intimate time with this goal, surrender yourself to the moment and see where the Serpent Goddess will take you. The idea here is that you cannot achieve a full body orgasm until you have evoked the Serpent Goddess (Kundalini) to wind her way up each of your chakras, beginning with the Svadhistana (genitals), followed by the Muladhara (base of spine), the Manipura (navel), Anahata (heart, sacred love), Visshuda (vocal chords, communication/ expression), Ajna (third eye), and finally the Sahasrara (crown, brain/pineal gland).”


The interrogation.

Lewis Gracie was a young private detective. He was in his late twenties but often taken to be much younger than his biological age. He was of slight physique with dark burgundy shoulder-length hair. Some would say that he was handsome; some would say he just blended in – the latter being good as lately taken to deal mostly with martial affairs and the surveillance of the unfaithful. The problem was that the work was irregular, did not really pay well and more recently there had been a dwindling supply of adulterers to support his bank account.

This was the status quo until he was asked to help out with supportive services… some so-called ‘dirty work’ that local enforcement officers did not have the time for. The Deputy District Attorney, Mrs. Michelle Powers, had always had a slight crush on Lewis and that had proved to be useful leverage. Lewis was not really into older women; in fact he was not really into women full stop. But Lewis was a pragmatic guy and knew the Office of the District Attorney’s Office paid regularly. So he jumped at the chance and flirted to maintain the illusion of a mutual attraction that could never be realized for a second reason as Michelle was not about to do anything behind her husband back – so it remained a convenient fantasy and one that Lewis of the beneficiary of.

So there was Lewis in one of the many the dingy old interrogation rooms. The victim, Adam De Santigo, was a Caucasian male, college student that majored in political science and was aged nineteen years old. Lewis drew the last drag from his filtered cigarette and stubbed it out in the overflowing ashtray. The room stank of stale tobacco and metallic sweat.

“Mr. Santigo I’m on your side here. It says here that on August 24, you were subjected to mind-control techniques and subsequently abused by this so-called Guru Swami Vishnu and his Indian disciples?”

“Yes.” Answered the victim without looking up.

“Aha. Right. I read the report and it doesn’t add up. Can you tell me it in your words what exactly happened on the evening of the twenty-fourth?”

“Well. I was in pain…”

The pain in Adam De Santigo’s arms and legs had become intolerable over the pass few months. He had tried many things to alleviate the problem, none of which really helped his situation – albeit painkillers to relieve the chronic pain. It was all very temporary.

He could not remember who had made the recommendation to see the visiting Guru Swami Vishnu. But upon arrival at his so-called temporary treatment temple, Adam had an immediate feeling of regret. He had been there no longer than fifteen minutes, alone in the outer waiting room, when Adam had made up his mind that this was not going to help and that he was wasting his time. It smelt funny and there was that strange Indian drum music. He was about to get up and leave when the dark exotic man opened the inner door and called his name.

“Mister Adam?”

“Yes.” Adam looked in the direction of the sultry dark voice.

“I am Indra – one of the Swami’s Brahmacharis (novice monks).”

Adam had always considered himself a typical heterosexual male, though he was currently between girlfriends; he usually never had problems finding available female partners. Despite what he knew about himself, he seemed strangely drawn to this character dressed in a long dark grey sherwani and elegant bare feet. The well-groomed man smiled with perfect white teeth – truly a Hollywood smile.

“The Guru is ready for you now.” Announced Indra with more than a hint of Hindi accent. He gestured towards the open doorway.

“Maybe… I should come back another time.” Adam mumbled meekly.

“Please Mister Adam, I am sure you are a very busy student with lots of papers to complete. You mentioned that your pain is unbearable. It will not take a moment. The Guru is here to help you.”

Still unsure of himself and of the whole situation, Adam stood up and followed Indra through the doorway and into the adjoining room. The inner temple felt much warmer than the outer rooms and the glow of indirect light made the treatment area anything but clinical. Within a minute, sweat had started to flow at his armpits and trickle down his spine. Indra indicated for Adam to remove his footwear and socks as he stepped onto the rugged floors covered with what appeared to be authentic antique Agra carpets lining the floor in exotic reds, oranges, and gold.

Inside the pungency of bitter, musky incense seemed to be far more intense; with a potent mixture of Galbanum, Ferutinine, Tenuferidine and Feroline; their powerful aphrodisiac qualities stirred Adam’s reluctant loins.

“You are experiencing chronic pain in your limbs?” Inquired Indra.

“Yes, it’s my arms and legs…” Replied Adam.

“Please remove your clothing, so that the Guru may examine you.” Explained Indra as he assisted Adam to remove his shirt and pants. “It will be best to remove… everything.” Insisted the Swami’s devotee.

Adam’s discomfort with nudity seemed multiplied by his unnatural arousal in front of the Swami’s disciple, Indra. Adam stripped naked. It was about the cure. He would not have to see these people again, once his problem was settled.


The strange deception.

Indra smiled to himself as he noticed the patient’s obvious sexual arousal. It was a positive signal for what was about to occur. This sham. The Shaitan Swami had been accused of many things in Kolkata including theft, murder and sexual misconduct with his under-aged brahmacharis, but of course nothing had been proven. Witnesses simply disappeared. Indra felt his own cock stir as he drew a deep breath for the aphrodisiac smoke. Soon his cock would be buried deep in the anus of this young student. Indra’s lustful taste for young men and boys was only rivaled by that of the Guru himself, whose daily carnal needs must be appeased. Soon Mister Adam’s bank accounts would be emptied, everything he owned would be signed over to the Swami and his new life, as a devotee would begin in the Kolkata ashram as a sexual slave dedicated to the worship of the androgynous Serpent Goddess, Kali Mah.

“Please relax Mister Adam.” Cooed Indra with only the slightest hint of impatience… “The Guru is meditating the power of the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ – it is the source of life, spontaneous power and male sexual prowess… it will enable you to overcome any pain or suffering.”

Adam sat down on the floor before the Swami, whose blurred outline could be seen behind the light fabric curtain. Adam felt Indra’s strong fingers massaging his painful arms and upper thighs as he knelt before the translucent screen.

Adam began to notice the bizarre artworks that covered the tent-like walls of the room – strange homo-erotic images of naked men and boys all as erect as he was… they seemed to be worshiping at the feet of black-skinned shaitans (demons) with talons, reptilian wings and with both breasts and long serpent-like penises.

The strange Indian music was more unsettling than relaxing – a cacophony of unfamiliar instruments and insistent chanting voices – urging a strange kind of sexuality. The combination of his own nudity and the ensuing arousal from Indra’s potent touch was more than he could stand. His tip of his erect penis was beginning to pool with clear lubricants. He had to leave. He could not take anymore.

“Mister Adam. Remember how you want to see. Remember how his words must be followed. Remember your love for the Guru.”

Indra’s words were completely hypnotic. Adam blinked. He felt no pain; he felt no desire to leave; he felt compelled by Indra’s sensuous voice and luxuriating fingertips as they caressed him. Adam tried hard to remember exactly what it was that he was supposed to remember. He could not. The harder he tried to remember, the harder it was to recall. He wanted desperately to see the Guru. Yes. The Guru was the key. He was here for the Guru.

“Mister Adam. Remember how his words must be followed. Remember your love for the Guru. Remember how you worship him.”

He trusted the Guru as his words were to be followed to the letter. Yes. Yes. His memory became clearer. He remembered his deep appreciation and love for the wise old Guru. The Guru would set him free. No pain… only pleasure.

Indra had removed his sherwani and continued to stimulate Adam’s limbs. Adam seemed more relaxed than before as he kneel before the shrouded curtain in a lotus position, facing the Swami’s outline awaiting his wisdom. From behind, Indra massaged Adam’s limbs as he explained about the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ – he mentioned the mantras, the enlightenment of the Goddess, of super-sensational feelings deep within the sexual self.

As he talked about more and more about sexuality, about sex magick, about tantric sex, about phallic worship, about the sexual worship of the Guru… a profane ritual of masturbation, fellatio, anal sex… the sacred opening of sphincters during the act of sodomy as a holy consecration… Indra’s brushed continuously against Adam’s erection, allowing the back of his hand to dance softly against Adam’s cock and testicles whilst stroking the soft muscle tissue of Adam’s legs. His fingers burrowed beneath Adam’s thighs and gingerly teased his anal opening, sending electric beads of pleasure between his anus and his scrotum – pressing and stimulating his perineum.

Adam closed his eyes, he felt suddenly very sleepy. His trust was complete. His cock throbbed urgently… wantonly. He needed Indra to touch him, he desired Indra to grasp his throbbing erection, to masturbate him hard and fast – to bring him to a cum-drenching orgasm.

“The most powerful chakra is called the ‘sex chakra’ and his two inches below the navel.” Cooed Indra as he stimulated this sensitive area to induce their new follower. As he lent forward against Adam’s back, he pressed his own wet-headed erection against Adam, rubbing himself up and down against his spine.

Adam could now feel the oily sexual flesh of Indra’s full erection as he knelt behind him. Indra’s hand closed around Adam’s manhood in a tight fist and firmly massaging Adam’s cock – stroking his rigid flesh up and down in time with the throbbing beating of the strange Indian music.

“Mister Adam. Remember how his words must be followed. Remember your love for the Guru. Remember how you worship his cock with your mouth, hands and anus.”

Adam dreamily watched the fabric curtain rise to expose the Swami seated behind. The Shaitan Swami was old and wriggled; his white haired dreadlocks hair fell down over his bony shoulders and chest. Behind his was an idol of the Black Kali, the androgynous demon goddess – celebrated as the goddess of perversity, of sexual obsession, of rape, of pederasty…

Adam watched in awe. The naked old Swami slowly stood up. His white bearded face looked pasty and wrinkled. His skin had an awful greasy waxed texture to it. The stench of stale urine accosted his senses. His right hand was slow beating the foreskin of his erect python of a penis – masturbating him self while approaching Adam. Adam could not move. He was paralyzed. He just stared at the Swami’s phallus that was so enormous that its bulbous reddened cock head reach up over his saggy stomach and crowned in line with his shallow bony chest and dark nipples.

He was hideous yet beautiful… disgusting yet divine… and Adam thought only of his adoration for the Shaitan Swami’s oily penis, the desire to appeasing him with his mouth, hands and anus – to do anything and everything that the ‘Shaitan Guru of Kolkata’ wanted. He would kill and eat a baby at the will of his new Master.


Hinduism dictates that Kundalini is a Serpent Goddess who lies dormant at the base of our spine, coiled, waiting for us to unlock her energy through a combination of meditation, yoga, and sacred sex. The Guru Swami Vishnu prefers to describe this awakening as an explosion of our psychic FIRE. The bestial spirit uses only six percent of the mind’s potential to see and understand the world around it. The enlightened spirit dedicated to Kali Mah uses 94 percent of the mind’s capacity, allowing it to enter a hypersexually transformational journey from bestial dormancy to complete sacred ecstasy.


The dawn of wickedness.

The Shaitan Swami’s eyes looked upon the Serpent Goddess – the blessed Goddess. It had been so many decades ago that he had first drawn to her. He had been so young and pure then.

The Guru Swami Sinha had been his teacher once – a long time ago. He had shared the Secret Temperaments of Earth, Water and Air with him and he had been so thirsty for the sacred knowledge. They were the building block on which his learned teachings had been articulated – they were both elementary for achieving spirituality.

When young Vishnu asked about the Fire Temperament the Swami explained about its unpredictability. The Swami had been a profoundly knowledgeable man and influence on the young Vishnu, who sort to heal the world of its pain and suffering.

“You see the Fire Temperament can bring great creation but also great destruction. After contemplation for most of my life, I believe the Fire Temperament to be that which binds the others together; separate yet more potent in its ability to transmute magical forces that we sometimes refer to as energy. But in its power, it can both of lightness and darkness.”

The ever-conscientious student could not see how such an energy could ever be dark in nature? Surely being able to harness the power of the Fire Temperament would be a mastery of its own?

“You see the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ is highly sexual in nature… though it is said that in fact all religions are sexual in their origin – this power is omnipresent and impossible to fathom.” Explained Sinha.

“When one observes the aboriginal religions, that is, the religions of the different tribes of Indo-America or Africa or Asia, one can directly evidence that in all those religions, in all those cults, there is a mixture of sexuality with mysticism, that is to say, of what is religious with what is erotic. One is amazed when seeing in India that type of temples or pagodas where our gods and goddesses are found in erotic postures, copulating.”

“Great processions were celebrated where sensual priestesses walked with enormous erect phalluses made from sacred wood. In those times the phallus was not considered something vulgar like we do in this day and age, rather they rendered it true reverence. They also rendered reverence to the yoni, that is to say, to the sexual feminine organ.” Continued Guru Sinha.

“The ‘Fire of Kundalini’ is not only fundamental and sexual… its is also very unstable as it does not just transmute one energy form to another, it can be a destructive and disruptive force that can lead to corruption, perversion and awaken the darkness. Think of the Serpent Goddess Kali. She is both creator and destroyer.” Cautioned the wise Guru.

Vishnu was impatient. He thought that the Guru was not telling him the whole story. He had on occasion felt the immerse power that seemed trapped between various states of matter during meditation – could this force be used for the greater good? If released into the hands of someone pure and innocent, surely it would only advance the healing process of the world?

Looking back the older Guru remembered how he as a young follower had been rash and had gone against the better judgment of his teacher. He had read in the Gnostic scriptures that the Serpent Goddess, also known as the Goddess of Kundalini, held the key to open the doorway to the power of Fire; that she could be called upon in deep meditation to bring forth what Vishnu quested – the great healing power.

It was then, in the meditation dream that she first appeared to him. Vishnu knew this vision to be more than just another dream – as he had many dreams before, most were vague and indistinct in their substance. This was different to dreaming. This was vivid, bright, focused, and powerful and made his fearful in its realism. There in the meditation vision he saw her naked black-blue skin shinning with sexual perspiration. He smelt sour vinegar and spice. At first Vishnu was afraid of her – her long red forked tongue that poked through vampiric teeth, her necklace of dried bone skulls, her weapons held aloft, the trophy head with bloody sinus dripping from its severed neck and the bright pink flesh of her yoni open and wet. But as he attempted to quell his fear, he started to appreciate the exquisiteness of her beautiful features and sultry face; her eyes seemed to contain a great sadness that captivated young Vishnu. He was drawn to the firmness of her ample bosoms, each beating breast was tipped with hardened pierced nipples; her many arms moving around her as she sensually danced in a slow and very provocative manner. In one of these many hands she held aloft a wriggling Serpent – its reptilian eyes seemed to focus on Vishnu. And Vishnu was drawn to it too.

Goddess of Kundalini stirred the young Vishnu and called upon him to be completely naked and to stroke his manhood before her. The young Vishnu did not understand what that meant, as Guru Swami Sinhu had not taught him such things. Yes, he had mentioned the deeply sexual meaning within the origins of all religions and faiths – but this seemed a very direct translation of this sentiment. At first the Goddess laughed at the boy’s sexual naivety but also seemed to revel in her corruption of his last vestiges of innocence. She pointed her be-ringed finger at Vishnu’s penis that had become excited to the state of erection before her blue-black nakedness. The Serpent’s eye bore down upon him; it coiled itself around his arm and whispered secretively into the young boy’s ears. Vishnu blushed and then allowed his small boney fingers to brush the underside of his hard little penis and tight-skinned testicles as he knelt before the wicked Goddess… his Goddess.

As Vishnu’s meditation vision unfolded, he found himself dancing naked like a temple prostitute before the Goddess of Kundalini. The evil Goddess presided over the orgy ritual of sacred sex.

Vishnu was not alone. In fact he found himself surrounded by other naked boy followers. He felt the power. He felt the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ between is legs. As they all danced in perfect synchronization with each other, their young nubile bodies moved in vulgar thrusts to the sensual beat of the mrdangam, Vishnu’s young cock felt wet and hard between his small fingers as he slide them up and down, as all the boys masturbation-danced in unison before their audience with the Fire Demon.


The Corruption.

Once awakened to it, the young Vishnu quickly became addicted to the copious amount of his own self-pleasuring – the exquisite delights of solo masturbation as he edged for hours meditating in his own strange world of autoerotism that filled him with escalating darkness and perversity of thoughts.

The visions became more frequent. The Fire Demon and her Serpent, preached more and more about the joys of perverted sexuality, about sex magick, about Tantric sex, about phallic worship, about the sexual worship of the Goddess Demon and her wicked Serpent. They filled his head with ever stranger and increasingly extreme exotic desires. Vishnu meditation vision that had started out as ritual of male masturbation now turned towards the joys of self-fellatio in which Vishnu was instructed by the Serpent to urinate into his own mouth and then to drench himself in his own hot salty piss.

Soon all that Vishnu thought about was sex with other young boys his age or even younger – in these fantasies, like him, they were all thin, pale and androgynous; if he was not imagining sucking their hard little cocks; sharing urine-flavored kisses; he imagined licking them eagerly in scatological analingus. The Serpent told Vishnu about the sacred opening of sphincters during the act of sodomy – claiming it was a holy consecration.

It was in a mediation vision that Vishnu watched the evil Serpent coil its yard-long reptilian body around the upper thighs of the black-blue Goddess as it slivered upwards towards her hot, wet cunt lips, plumping with the blood of arousal. The Serpent’s long forked-tongue flicked in and out of its open fanged-mouth as it sang in wicked hisses. The Serpent’s head moved hypnotically back and forth as if in a carnal dance. Poised before the Goddesses aroused crotch, it curled its upper body in front of her as it teased her disdained clitoris that looked just like a miniature cock. Red, hard and throbbing. Vishnu gawked at her undulating labia that quivered as they opened and closed willing the Serpent to advance. As they flared wider, Vishnu could see inside – the bright pink flesh of the Goddess’ fuck tunnel that opened like a flower then gaped as the Serpent’s head darted forward and began to wriggle itself between her labia pressing itself upwards inside its Goddess.

“Aarrghhhhhhhhhhh…” She groaned with ecstasy as more of the Serpent’s ribbed length entered her.

Vishnu watched in wonderment as the Serpent’s entire length had entered the Goddess’ body; only its tapered tail remained hanging for a brief moment before even that disappeared upwards inside the bright pinkness of her hairless gash. The Goddess began to dance vigorously and chant vile words – Vishnu could feel the evil sex magick at work and he felt overwhelmed in fear, anxiety and lust all at the same time. He roared at its shear addictiveness, thrashed his foreskin back and forth like crazy.

The Goddess convulsed with the effects of the wriggling Serpent inside of her. Finally, she screamed out loud – a harrowing scream of orgasmic delight, as she seemed to reach a new climax every few seconds – her vaginal lips flowed with copious fluids and quivered uncontrollably. Vishnu thought he was witnessing the re-emergence of her Serpent from within the divine mother; but as the crowning head came forth, it was something else that appeared much more phallic in form, as her new cock telescoped outwards and curved upwards from between her open legs. Vishnu bucked wildly and groaned loudly, his hot semen sprayed in heavy loads. Thick threads of stickiness pulsed from the eye of his cocklet, over his own face and chest, as the dark vision of his Goddess was completed before his eyes. He panted in exhaustion at the glorious sight of the androgynous Goddess… the phallic Goddess… the cock Goddess.

The world went black.

Vishnu awake suddenly. It was as if he broke the surface after being engulfed by a breaking ocean wave. The dusty air filled his lungs. He was unsure how long he had been lying alone on the floor in his Brahmacharis chambers. His naked body ached all over and his chest and lower face were covered in the dried emissions of his mediatory orgasm. Had he witnessed the Fire Temperament? Had he seen the power of transformation? He could only be overwhelmed by the immensity of its creative powers. He though of the obscene Goddess, her wicked Serpent and how they had conjoined to form this new and more powerful sexual demon. He should have felt revolt for the disgusting and depraved thoughts that they preached to him… debauched acts they willed him to part-take in. Violent, sexual, perverted thoughts! But the young Vishnu did not feel any disgust or remorse, quite the contrary. All he could think amount was the incredible surge of power… he must master this power. He wanted it more than anything else… and to get it, he would kneel before this Goddess and pray for the blessing of her dark energy.



It is generally understood that the Muladhara Chakra, or Root Chakra, is completely interwoven with the sexual organs and when Kundalini is awakened there is a inseparable relationship between them.” Preached the Perverted Guru to his naked and excited students. “It is easy then to understand why part of the Kundalini process can be to feel the extremes of sexual activity and, conversely, inactivity. A person experiencing K will feel a hyperactive sexual drive ~ whilst for other people with unawakened K or simply lesser appetites, this may be problematic.”


The disappearance.

Lewis was not convinced by the victim’s strange account of the events on the day in question – quiet the opposite. All this talk of hypnosis, power words, mind control and his subsequent recollection of oral and anal rape by some mystical Indian Swami and his entourage was not just too incredulous, it was frankly ridiculous. There had to be another explanation. To his way of thinking nobody ‘thought clearly’ in these situations, no matter what they pretended. Being lucid amidst a crisis is not possible and in the foggy glimpses of our mind, victims tried to make sense of it the best they could – and despite the need to be factual in criminal cases, victims hung onto their preconceived notions of the truth, colored by beliefs, opinions and prejudices, and compared to the haphazard way of which the unfolding events were, even the goofiest opinions seemed wonderfully clear, sane and self-evident to them.

That’s right, the college boy had obviously seen one-too-many crime horror movies or in a self-delusional state of homophobia. Whatever happened, there would have been a logical explanation, and it certainly bared no resemblance to the part spiritual, part religious, part mumbo-jumbo that the student had reported in his statement to the police.

Still Lewis had to get to the bottom of it. That was his role. If there was some kind of wrong doing, or a criminal offence to be punished that would be up to the law enforcement to take care of. His job was one of simple investigation and surveillance. Disturbingly, it did ignite Lewis’ morbid fascination and at maybe a subliminal level aroused him sexually. He shrugged it off.

The address of the so-called treatment rooms had proven not to be a dead-end. Though there was nothing left of what the victim had described as the Swami’s den of iniquity, with pornographic decor and a large phallic goddess. Lewis found that the occupants had recently moved interstate. This could also be a sham. They well maybe out of their jurisdiction – but the Office required him to follow the lead, so the file could be officially closed as the victim had reported a felony rape. They would pay for the travel and his daily expenses, plus the normal day rate for his services – so who was he to complain.

A fleeting reference in a ‘missing persons report’ mentioning the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ proved to provide a new location upstate towards the northern county border. He would take a drive and see what that all meant.

The trail led to some small non-descript town in the middle of nowhere, but more importantly to the missing persons report for a student Charles William Smith. Mister Smith had disappeared. It happens. A coincidence? He was twenty-two. A student. His family had filed the report and mentioned something about a strange account involving an Indian Swami and the ‘Fire of Kundalini’. The Kundalini was a mystic enchantment that supposes to cure afflictions of both physical and mental nature. It seemed to support Mr. Santigo complaint.

In the police report there was a printed flyer. The cover exclaimed some exhalations of the ‘Great Guru Swami Vishnu’ proclaiming the true bliss and health benefits of his alchemist treatment; the awakening of the ‘Kundalini’ (the coiled one); and the blessing of the Serpentine Goddess. The image was stranger than the prodigious wording – this multi-armed goddess of Indian origin was completely naked with the breasts of a well-endowed woman, but rising from the so-called ‘Kundalini’ chakra between her thighs was a large snake-like penis – more homoerotic and obscene than divine or sacred. Lewis un-clipped the flyer and slipped it into his pocket.

Further investigation provided Lewis with a lose pattern – several missing persons, all young males ranging in age from twelve to early twenties, all seeking some form of health or lifestyle enhancement, all never seen again. He would have to talk to Adam De Santigo again – as he seemed to be the only fish-that-got-away. He would drop in on him and ask a few more questions.

Returning to Mister Santigo’s family residence he found the young man standing naked and staring out of the window of his bedroom. Santigo did not move a muscle. Lewis closed the door and sat on the boy’s bed.

“Mister Santigo. May I call you Adam?”

The boy did to say anything. In fact he made no movement at all, not even to acknowledge the presence of the detective in his room. Lewis could not help but admire the boys tight young buttock. But this was not the time and place.

“Adam, I know it maybe painful to recall, but is there anything further that you can tell me about your assailants? This Guru and his assistant… I am trying to locate them, but haven’t had a lot of luck. The trail has gone cold. What… what can you tell me about your ‘escape’? Did they let you go? What happened?”

“They were going to take me to the ashram in Kolkata. I was to become a disciple to the Guru Swami Vishnu. It would be there that I would learn to worship the Serpent Goddess and to dedicated my life to service of my new family.”

“But you didn’t go? Why?” Lewis pressed him harder.

“There was some confusion. They said I was tainted.”


“The Guru was very angry. He was upset with his Brahmacharis.”

“I’m not sure why… you know they violated me in the most humiliating way… they were going to kill me… but I was tainted, so they changed their mind and left in a big hurry.”

“Where too?”

“Kolkata I think.”

“Kolkata, India?” Asked Lewis. The story was getting more incredulous by the minute – this was definitely out of his jurisdiction.

“The ashram is where they take all the new disciples – to be initiated into the Guru’s sacred family… the Goddess is so beautiful, so sensual, so sexual.”

“I went back to the place. But there was no sign of any evil altar, demon snake-like goddess or perverted artworks?”

“It was there I tell you. It was all there!” The boy sat down next to Lewis and began to cry.

Lewis patted him on the shoulders. “What can you tell me about the Brahmaci?”

“Brahmacharis.” Adam corrected him. His voice was cracking.

“Yes, the Brahmacharis… what can you tell me about the Brahmacharis?”

“I’m not gay. I’ve never been with other guys before. I mean its sick right? It’s like unnatural. Touching another guy’s dicks and all. Sucking on some ugly old guy’s knob that’s drooling in cum and stinking of urine? Having anal sex? It’s sick and perverted. But I don’t know what he did to me… he made me like them I guess. I was out of my mind. One minute, I was there because of the pains I get in my arms and legs… and next I’m have sex with these filth old niggers!”

“Niggers? They were black?”

“No, no… I mean niggers from India. Queer old nigger demons… Kolkata faggots who made me do disgusting things with them. Oh my God! It was horrid.”


The Induction.

It had been a few months since the interview and the subsequent disappearing act of the so-called ‘Shaitan Guru of Kolkata’. Lewis had long completed his reporting on all that he had encountered and was already involved with another more routine surveillance-type assignment, when a breakthrough in the case came through in the form of a sighting of similar activities across the border. The detective had been requested to proceed with caution as the number related disappearances of young men and boys had now doubled.

Lewis recognized a similar flyer that boasted of miracle cures for a wide range of health problems and it was his intention to present himself as a potential patient to gain access and gather evidence against this strange Kolkata cult. Though the evidence was mostly circumstantial – in Lewis’s estimations, there was no smoke without fire… be it the ‘Fire of Kundalini’…

As Adam de Santigo had described the situation to him during the interview, Lewis faked muscle spasms and constant pain in his thighs as he also faked his age as 20 years old. It would not be difficult to believe he was only 20 years, as Lewis looked much younger than his actual age. Under the assumed alias of William Boer he managed to secure a time to meet the Guru. He would go alone for now – as this all may pan out to be legitimate. But in the back of his mind, Lewis contented with other elements of the alleged mind control and rape.

There in the so-called treatment rooms of the Guru’s makeshift temple, Lewis awaited to meet with the great man himself. Maybe there would be a bonus in this one for him from Mrs. Powers – as he was going far beyond his mandate of surveillance.

From what he had witnessed so far the whole exercise was beginning to look like it could turn out to be a gigantic waste of time. That was all about the change. The refined Indian gentlemen that had initially asked him to wait in the antechamber had returned. He was no longer wearing is long dark grey sherwani, but had changed into a simple white dhoti. He had introduced himself as Indra – one of the Swami’s Brahmacharis (novice monks). Now Indra ushered him into the darkened area beyond. Indra closed the door behind them and Lewis immediately felt stifled by the temperature of the makeshift temple.

The man called Indra had asked Lewis to remove first his footwear and then undress. Indra seemed to busy him self with the preparation of some medicated oils that he would be administering to Lewis’s fake injuries. Lewis found his eyes starring at the sensual Indra’s almost naked body. His eye travelled over the young man’s coffee colored sinus of lithe muscle. He looked away, not wanting to dare allow him to become too aroused, but as he glanced around the at the embellished walls, Lewis caught sight of what Santigo had described to him in his interview as ‘the highly pornographic images’ of strange demons and young boys engaged in an epic battle of hands, mouths, cocks and anuses. His cock stiffened against his will.

The strong smell of herbs and spices tickled his nose and as he breathed in he felt increasing his unwanted arousal. He had never felt so aroused before. Was it some kind of drug or the strange erotic décor that brought him immediately to a full erection and a deliciously tantalizing and euphoric feeling deep in his testicles? Lewis was not sure, but thought that this was evidence that supported the witness’s statements. The fog of sexuality seemed to be preventing his analytical mind to focus.

When Indra finally returned his attention to the young man he thought was William Boer and requested that ‘Mr. Billy’ remove even his underwear, Lewis’s erection was hard to conceal. There was a moment where he considered collecting his clothing and bolting out the door, but Indra slipped from his white dhoti and stood equally naked, equally erect before Lewis.

Indra seemed to grin encouragingly at Lewis and signaled that ‘Mr. Billy’ should kneel on a soft carpet before the translucent screen. Mr. Billy seemed mesmerized, lost in the moment. His cock drooled with pre-cum as his hungry mouth salivated at the thought of sucking Indra’s dark hot meat.



The Hindu Goddess Kali Mah is no different than Satan. The Bible says for “the things which the gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God” (1 Corinthians 10:20). The fierce Goddess Kali is the goddess of change, power and destruction – she compels her followers to commit mass rape and murder. In ninetieth century India there was a cult dedicated to the worship of Kali, called the Thugees. The film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, portrays the Thugee cult as a murderous group that commits appalling sex acts and even human sacrifice: The reality is that there was indeed a Thugee cult in India and they did commit mass human sacrifice by the millions, but not by putting people in lava, rather they would rape and strangle their victims to death. According to the Guinness Book of Records the Thuggee cult was responsible for over two million deaths.”


The malevolent urge.

The Guru sipped from contents of the pewter cup, much like a connoisseur would taste a fine vintage of wine. Half filled with Brahmacharis semen, the Guru allowed the creamy liquid to slide across his lips and tongue – it tasted bitter and salty and had the visceral scent of bleach. Semen was the elixir of life.

The Serpent moved inside of him. He felt its venomous presence. Evil things would soon follow. Creation and destruction were equal and opposes of the Fire Temperament. From deep within his testicles he felt an acute ache – a deep longing for his own release. His meditational masturbation had prolonged his sexual charge for many days as the Serpent coiled and uncoiled. Now the time was close.

His return to the Temple was always a time of dark celebration, sex and death. Several young Brahmacharis’ would soon perish – but for the greater good and in the honor of the Fire Demon. Their sexual energizes would replenish his own. It was the way. They would serve their purpose to him and to their Goddess Demon. Again, he felt the Serpent move.


The induction.

Indra had contemplated cutting short the rest of the Guru’s visitations. He had suspected for some time that their activities may have gained the unwanted attention of the local authorities – it had been very lucrative with the acquisition of almost half a million in funds and some three dozen new Brahmacharis – comprising of about a dozen young men and twice as many young boys, some as young as twelve years old.

These Caucasian boys would be prized back in the Kolkata ashram as white sex slaves among the Swami’s wealthy and influential disciples. Many would not last a year before they either died from the complications of multiple rapes and sexual abuse or were offered up as human sacrifices to win the favor of cannibalistic Demon, Kali, whose unpredictability led to the death of many of their Brahmacharis.

Yes, Indra thought, tonight he would recommend to the Swami to leave for the relative safety of their home away from home, that he called Little Kolkata, immediately after the last of the treatments. They would then plan to leave until the heat was off. It had been the way they had operated for many years. He was already high aroused in anticipation of the early evenings activities – he had witnessed the Swami lustily fuck a nice young blond boy that he had under his mind control. The boy had bleed from the ferocity of the Swami’s carnal sodomy and had then envied the two other Bradmacharis cleaning the Guru’s blood and shit-coated cock with their mouths after the fact. The Guru’s sexual appetite was always relentless, his cock never flaccid as he never allowed himself to ejaculate fully – orgasm was not the goal for his extremely perverted priest. His goal was to serve their secretive idol – the Serpent Goddess herself.

Indra, dressed in a simple white dhoti that was nothing more just a loincloth, welcomed the new initiate. His name was William Boer or Billy for short. He seemed to be perfect. Shorter than average of slight-to-slender build with little or no body hair – easily feminized, his anus would be filled with Indra’s hard black cock within the hour – and though it was expressly forbidden of the Shaitan Swami’s monks he longed to taste his hot salty semen as it sprayed in the back of his eager mouth.

Billy seemed quite accepting of his invitation to remove his all his clothing and though it was quite normal for his new initiatives to be aroused to half mast by the intoxicating miasma of powerful aphrodisiacs – he could not but take note of Billy’s fully erect cock, that seemed to immediately drool pre-cum as if highly aroused to the point of almost spontaneous ejaculation. This of course must not happen. Semen was the sole territory of the Shaitan Swami and the food of the demonic gods… he would be angered beyond measure for the waste of this precious ‘life force’ enhancing fluids.

Indra thought back to his own induction in Kolkata. It had been his eleventh birthday when his mother and father had so proudly presented him completely naked before the great Guru, his father had knelt before the Guru offering the little money they had to accept him at as one of the Brahmacharis. Though it was a great honor for his family, he had been afraid, especially when the perverted Guru had openly fondled his tiny cock bring it immediately to erection. He had been so unsure at the time, but he remembered the pleasure he had felt as the Guru tasted his pre-cum and given his consent to accept him before his proud parents and his peers.

Later he would come to realize that the Guru had two groups of young monks at the evil sex temple in Kolcatta, those with homosexual and bisexual tendencies, who he groomed to perform increasingly profane sex acts with him, with the other more senior Brahmacharis’ and with each other; some of these boys displayed feminine tendencies that were encouraged – they wore make-up and grew their hair under the stewardship of the Guru’s hijras or the third sex that, like the Serpent Goddess, were blessed with both generous breasts and fully functioning penises.

Then there was another group, made up of the more reluctant young boys who exhibited behaviors that showed they shared no joy in sex with other boys, even disgust at the acts that they were forced to perform nightly for the Guru. They never lasted long. Their flaccidity and tears of fear only made the Guru more excited as he offered them to the great Serpent Goddess, killing them only after they had been anally raped before her demonic statue for many hours. Their sexual organs would be removed and added to a profane necklace of severed penises that the Guru wore at special sacrificial rites. These dead boys would also become Indra’s primary source of protein as they would be cooked and served as part of the many strange rituals in the evil sex temple.


The Initiation.

Lewis found himself in a deep floating sensation. He tried to remember what it was that he was supposed to remember, but he was clasping at straws. Vivid moments preceded long lapses of indecisiveness and pleasurable vagueness. He had an assignment, an important assignment, but the recent past was such a blur as he knelt naked before the dark statue.

From in front of the translucent screen he could make out the naked blue-black figure with a radii of multiple arms, the face of a fearsome devil. Her tongue was long and red and hung from her grimacing lips. Her eyes held no sympathy or compassion as they were filled with hatred and a disturbing death lust. This was the face of pure evil. In one hand she held a bloody knife, another held a spear and yet another held a wiggling serpent – the fingers of the forth hand clutched the hair of a recently severed head, its blood still dripping from the exposed veins and arteries. Around her neck hung the skulls of her victims, damned souls that screamed in eternal agony from gapping mouths of ivory – this daisy-chain of death hung heavily against the Goddesses full bosoms that were capped with the thick phallic nipples dripping not with mother’s milk, but with the semen of the devil. As his eyes rested between the Goddesses thighs, he noticed she was not completely female… a serpentine penis, stood erect and excited curving obscenely upwards from between her open legs that danced upon her headless lover – dancing to the exotic Indian beat that filled his ears.

“Mr. Billy. Remember how his words must be followed. Remember your love for the Guru. Remember how you worship him.”

Lewis’ body was filled with a new lustfulness that he had never experienced before; he felt an arm reach around from behind him with strong and purposeful fingers that wrapped themselves around his incredibly stiff penis. These fingers closed around his engorged organ, stroking him delightfully. Lewis let out a low groan. The primitive beat pulsed in tune with the fervor of his sexual pleasure – so delightfully that he fell in love with the exquisite movements that masturbated him to the brink of a rapturous orgasm and kept him there on the brink but deigned him the release.

“Mr. Billy. Remember how his words must be followed. Remember your love for the Guru. Remember how you worship his cock with your mouth, hands and anus.”

His pre-cum leaked in copious quantities, lubricating the fingers of his masturbator. The pleasure was almost torturous. At the same time there was a dull pressure placed against his oily rectum. An anal intruder pressed upwards through his stretched sphincter. He felt his bowels yielding. The painfulness only added to his bizarre desires.

As the disembodied voice talked about more and more about perverted sexuality, about sex magick, about Tantric sex, about phallic worship, about the sexual worship of the Guru… a profane ritual of masturbation, fellatio, anal sex… the sacred opening of sphincters during the act of sodomy as a holy consecration…

A hot wet mouth sucked at the nape of his neck and a hand groped his tender testicles that ached with their unspent semen. He was desperate for orgasmic release. His mind pleaded, but it never came – just endless vexing pleasure. Soon his bowels felt full of thick nigger cock, thrusting upwards with every beat of the urgent drums further and deeper inside his shit tunnel, pressing with each impaling stroke against his ripe prostate – quadrupling the anguishing pleasure.

Yes. He remembered the words… profane words of devil worship that formed taboo images of a young women having sex with a horned goat; several Indian nigger-boys fucking the limp body of a newborn; the evil Guru defecating into the open mouth of transgendered disciple as another sucked and masturbated the Guru’s enormous penis; naked monks copulate whilst a young white boy sodomised… then castrated in a shower of blood, his arms and legs bound and stretch out in a tight x-shape before the idol of the black devil goddess…

The curtain rose before him and the kneeling figure of the Guru stood up as the grunting of his sodomiser echoed around him and the pounding death drum dictated the rhythm of his ass-fucking. The Guru’s hands moved rapidly in unison as he pleasured himself, stroking his twitching twelve inches of black wet flesh.

“Mister Billy.” Cooed the disembodied voice. “Worship your Guru… Worship him with your hands and mouth… Now Mister Billy…”

Lewis felt completely lost in burning passion. He had never felt so compelling to do anything before in his entire life. The beautiful Guru stood before him. The Guru’s huge penis stood upright as his hand stroked over the protruding veins that cross-crossed its wrist-thick shaft. Now the Guru was right in front of him. He could smell a strong odor of stale urine and the aroma of spent semen.

“Pleasure him! Pleasure him!” Grunted the dispassionate voice between anal thrusts.

His eyes focused on the Guru’s cock. He wanted to taste it – to wrap his and hands around its shaft; to take the wet bulbous knob between his lips; he wanted it in his mouth where he could wrap his tongue around it. He knew only love and hunger for this man.

Lewis knelt upwards, meeting the thrusts from his sodomist, at the same time craning his neck to lavish the Guru’s cock with all the gusto he could. The three figures moved together lustfully… Lewis had long forgotten his initial reason to be in the company of these malevolent lovers… is investigation assignment now erased and lost to conscious thought.



Kali is a female deity, naked, black or smoky in color, wearing a mala of 108 human skulls, representing the memories of different births. Kali’s lolling tongue of blood red color signifies the rajo guna (passion) whose circular movement gives impetus to all creative activities. The sacrificial sword and the severed head, held by the left hand are the symbols of dissolution. Darkness and death are by no means the mere absence of light and life, rather, they are their origin.” 


The seduction.

“Please relax Mister Billy.” Cooed the corrupted Indra with a warm seductive smile. “The Guru is masturbation meditating the scriptures of the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ before the dual sex Goddess – it is the source of life, spontaneous power and male sexual prowess… it will enable you to overcome any suffering. The way of the Guru will bring you new joys of the serpent phallus that only sharing our maleness together may bring… do you understand?”

The young handsome man nodded dreamily as he inhaled the poisonous fumes that perverted his mind and stripped away any resistance to Indra’s sexual advances.

“Remove all your ridiculous western clothing and be in your natural state before your great Guru and show him your willingness to be cured… to submit to him and his devotees… submit to him before the Black Cock Goddess… accept the sex demons that now flow within you, compelling you to serve their wickedness.”

It was to Indra always a moment of total elation. It was one of the many joys and reasons he served the evil sexual Guru. His own cock stiffened sharply beneath his plain white dhoti the moment the young man removed his cloths before him. The skinny young man looked delicious to Indra – he was already imagining ramming his black cock to the hilt up his boney little ass. Indra’s sexual power over ‘Mister Billy’ was absolute and had brought this new initiate to full erection without him even touching him; such was his susceptibility to Indra’s seductive patter.

There would no further need to disguise his sexual intent – as he had felt the homosexual attraction between them. Indra guided him before the Guru, who knelt in contemplation behind the curtain. He knew the Guru would be watching. Indra wasted no time discarding his dhoti and crutching behind the new initiate. He stroked the flesh of the young mans arms and legs drawing closer to his genitals with every successful movement. Finally his fingers danced across the flesh of his penis, touching and toying with him at first – then he wrapped his slim fingers around the shaft, drawing the man’s foreskin up and down over its wet head in perfect time to the beat of his beloved Taal rhythm. Slow, slow, fast, fast, slow, slow, fast, fast… his masturbation mantra was driving his victims crazy with forbidden lust.

“Aarrrrgghhhhh…” Groan Mister Billy subconsciously.

Indra’s tongue tasted the salty heat from the young neck. He liked this one a lot – he was going to enjoy a nice long arse-fuck with him and let the Guru wait his turn. He pressed his weight against Mister Billy, whose body automatically moved forward until he was on all fours before Indra. Indra’s hands momentarily stopped masturbating his, as Indra positioned himself, pressing the head of his own cock against Mister Billy’s warm sphincter. A number of short pushes, pressed the crown of his penis inside and as his hands returned to Mister Billy’s cock, he leaned forward, drilling his shaft further and further up the white boy’s backside. Yes, the pleasure – so tight and delectable. How Indra loved fucking white trash – the only thing they were good for.


The Deputy District Attorney, Mrs. Michelle Powers, checked her messages. Nothing from that private detective, Lewis Gracie. Not a word. She was sure that he was onto something and it was not like him not to come back with a regular update. She was sure that there was a connection between the ‘missing persons reports’ and the young man that claimed to have been abused by that Guru. She needed an indictment after the money that had been spent on tracking him down and she wanted closure on this rather sordid business. Her intuition on matters was usually very good and this one stunk to high heavens of something incredibly bad. Damn Lewis, what was he up to?

She thought about the lithe young man that always made her heart beat a little faster than usual. His fair complexion framed by his shoulder-length black hair. So young, so delicious. She allowed herself the fantasy of undressing him in her mind, imagining him naked before her – slim and wiry like a girl, yet dynamite between her legs. His cock would taste of his sweat nectar that she longed to drink. Thinking about his bodily fluids fueled her crazy daydream. She shuddered involuntarily. Oh what a dream. Her generous breasts heaved and her nipples stiffened as she longed for his succulent, almost feminine lips to feed upon them, to lactate into his mouth. What a kinky thought – for this young stud to milk her. She felt dizzy.

She would encourage him to nestle between her open legs. Her cunt wanted his pale long fingers, his wiggling tongue and his twitching cock. Oh the thought of his delicious cock thrusting into her mouth, into her dripping hot cunt. She would go on all fours and beg him to fuck her hard in the ass – to take her in the most humiliating manner, to forcibly sodomize her against her will (the illusion of which she found so forbidden). She thought about a threesome – her dream boy with another young hot and sweaty boy, performing explicit acts together, boy-to-boy for her illicit enjoyment… bisexual… transsexual… hypersexual… Oh Jesus Christ! Oh Mother Mary… she blasphemed and immediately felt the pleasure of guilt. Sinning was so delicious!

Alias, she was bound to convention and to the responsibilities of her life, her job, her husband and her family. That old fat bastard who could no longer get it up; so sluggish and overweight. The rolls of fat in his gut hung over his groin so much so that the old bastard could not longer find his cock. His tiredness of contagious, making her cunt dry and arid – she was reduced to finding secret relief with one of her many dildos or vibrators, fucking herself and dreaming of her young detective lover, whose nubile young body could fuck her into the most exquisite of orgasms. But as the orgasm faded, the reality was sometimes too much to take.


The poisoned soul.

Lewis dreamt. He was far away in a place where he knew neither how he got there nor what to expect. Reality and dream seemed to intermingle. Pain and pleasure intermingled. He remembered he had an assignment. There was a purposefulness to what he was doing, but for the life of him, he could not remember what that assignment or purpose was. His memories seemed to have been tampered with, his vision of the future limited to that which the Guru’s Brahmacharis had reprogrammed into his mind.

The service of the Guru seemed to all that mattered and even that was a complex web of contradictions. The dreamlike state invited introspection about all that he had been shown – the disembodied voice talked in his head… about more and more about perverted sexuality, about sex magic, about tantric sex, about phallic worship, about the sexual worship of the Guru… a profane ritual of masturbation, fellatio, anal sex… the sacred opening of sphincters during the act of sodomy as a holy consecration.

Lewis looked up at the blue-skinned devil. His eyes traced the many armed form and its hideous adornments. The sword blade gleamed in the artificial light of the secretive temple. The blackish blood dripping from the severed head dripped with an unnerving realism. The Serpent’s eyes seemed to follow his ignorant stare.

“Mister Billy. You must not be afraid of her.”

Lewis blinded to try and refocus his eyes in the direction of the voice. It was Indra. He extended a hand and helped Lewis to his feet.

“She is a devil to those who oppose her. She is the savoir to those worship her. What will she be to you?”

Lewis held onto Indra for support. He felt so strange – somewhere between awake and a dream. He was trying to remember his assignment, but could only connect the desire to know, to his desire to serve.

“She ignites the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ – I can see it in your eyes and by the hardness of your lingam.”

Indra steadied him. Lewis swayed but felt able to walk.

“There will be a celebration here tonight and you will pledge yourself to her. But now the Swami Guru awaits you in his private temple. You will be honored with special duties for the Goddess tonight.”


The Evil Serpent.

The young Vishnu opened his eyes… his Serpent eyes. The world seemed a very different one. Instead of his desire use the power of the ‘Fire of Kundalini’ to heal the world; was now the desire to transform it in the likeness of that of the Serpent Goddess – his all-powerful mistress that beckoned him to follow, to kneel, to appease her wanton she-cock.

Vishnu knew that his vision could not be realized without the willing participation of others. The Goddess wanted him to teach others the secrets that he had begun to appreciate. The young Brahmacharis that shared the small space that they slept, washed and prayed in would be the most natural and furtive recruitment ground. Atul, Hem and Jumai where all about the same age as Vishnu and like him had come from very poor families, pressed into the service of the Swami on the promise of a better life and godly enlightenment. Their families left them to their fate – whatever that would be. Vishnu had seen their slender golden brown bodies naked on many occasions, as they slept, bathed and lived closely together for the past few months of their lives. But something had fundamentally changed – with the awakening of the Serpent, Vishnu looked upon the other Brahmacharis in a new and excitingly sexual way.

The first to fall prey to his intentions was Atul. He was the smallest of the boys in the communal room. Whilst Hem and Jumai were doing their working duties, Vishnu approached Atul, who was bathing before his prayer time. Vishnu offered to wash the young boy and immediately paid special attention to washing Atul’s genitals, rubbing the boy’s penis between his soapy hands until it began to reluctantly harden. Atul seemed very coy and shy about it but at the same time he made no attempt to stop his roommate slow molestation. He just groaned lowly to him. Vishnu removed his dhoti and guided Atul’s hand to his excited penis, wrapping the boy’s small fingers around his cock shaft. Atul looked as if he was in a trance but complied with Vishnu’s intentions.

“Rub it Atul. Rub my Lingam.” He told him as he increased the pleasuring of the dumbstruck boy.

He removed his hands away from the effeminate boy and pressed Atul’s head down between his legs, remembering the meditation vision, and the pleasure of being sucked off.

“Suck my Lingam Atul. Suck it till white stuff comes out.”

Atul did exactly as he was told, almost trance-like. Vishnu lent back against the wall of the bathing house. Now he held onto Atul’s thin bony shoulders for support as he thrust his hips upwards fast and fast into the small warm mouth of his roommate. Vishnu prayed to the Goddess with each and every thrust – asking her divine blessing.

When Hem returned to their sleep quarters, he quietly washed and then lay down on his blanket to rest. He was very tired but was surprised to see both Vishnu and Atul lying naked together on the same blanket. At first he thought they were asleep, but then he noticed how Atul’s breathing was uneven and sounded elevated in excitement. He sat up and could now see that Vishnu was fucking him in the rectum. He could clearly see his roommate’s hard cock thrusting in and out of Atul’s rear – and Atul pushing back against him with equal force, pressing Vishnu’s cock further up his shithole.

Hem’s cock began to stiffen immediately watching this taboo act. If the Swami found out, they would all be in no end of trouble. This sort of behavor was not acceptable and they would be thrown out and humiliated by the Swami. But despite the consequences, his hand snaked beneath his dhoti and he stroked his cock as he watched the two young monks fuck harder and harder, completely obvious to his presence in the room.

Without really thinking it over, Hem slipped his dhoti completely off, so he had better access to his own genitals, rubbing himself faster, as he watched the two forbidden lovers eagerly.

“Oh my goodness…” Said Jumai. He had been standing at the sheet-covered doorway. He saw not only Atul being fucked by Vishnu, but Hem masturbating himself whilst watching them. It was scandalous, depraved and shocking – but still Jumai could not look away.

The scene played out, not in Vishnu’s meditation vision, but in reality and soon the four of them were sucking and fucking each other in every conceivable combination.

Vishnu knew that the Goddess would be pleased with him. He could feel the Serpent in his anus every time he was sodomized. Vishnu was not a well-endowed boy by any means nor was his three young lovers – but the Serpent’s black magick seemed to infect them, poison them – soon their penises seemed longer, thicker and unquenchable in their need for sexual attention. The four Brahmacharis secretly worshipped the Goddess until it seemed that nothing else mattered to them – nothing.



Some other gurus say that anal sex can reverse the flow of the sexual energy in the passive partner. Many ancient texts warn about anal sex or what they refer to as the REVERSED KUNDALINI. They often say that the sensation that appears is a chill followed by strange, scary and exciting thrills at the same time.Firstly warned the Guru. Then he quickly added… “What they call abject and degrading experience of the REVERSED KUNDALINI, that is supposedly deeply noxious to the psychic and to the mind and it also weakens the body physically is simply a mistruth and false myth. After copious experiments with anal sex and in fact all forms of sexuality associated with MALE HOMOSEXUALITY I have found the FIRE of KUNDALINI only to burn stronger and more intensity. They lie because they are afraid to admit their lack of vision and narrow perception of sexuality.


The blood sacrifice.

His Swami Guru Sinha could feel the change in his young Brahmacharis. He requested that Vishnu, Atul, Hem and Jumai join him in his private meditation room. They reluctantly agreed.

When they all entered the room, the Guru was already seated upon a small prayer matt. His legs were crossed in a lotus position. His eyes opened at the presence of his student and he nodded to Vishnu to be seated immediate in front of him. Vishnu complied. The other sat similarly. Vishnu sat in a similar position and waited for the Guru to speak. There was a long pause. The Guru never said a word. Vishnu was getting impatient and he started to fidget.

“Young Vishnu, you’re distracted. Consumed in your own thoughts.” Said Guru Sinha without opening his eyes – more a statement than a question.

He had become concerned lately about his Brahmacharis missing some of his morning meditations and his duties around the temple.

“Have you been contemplating the three Secret Temperaments?”

“No Swami I haven’t.” He answered flatly.

“But they are the building block upon which all divinity stands. The contemplation is essential in your training.” Reinforced the Guru. He opened his eyes now and looked directly at Vishnu.

“I have been contemplating the ‘Fire of Kundalini’.”

“The Fire?” The Swami looked puzzled. “We talked about the dangers of getting lost and confused in the Fire.”

“Yes, but you omitted to tell me about it’s pleasures!”

“The pleasures?”

“Yes… the pleasure of serving the Serpent Goddess.”

Just speaking these words out loud caused Vishnu to feel a rapid stiffening beneath the thin white fabric of his white dhoti. What a rush.

“The Serpent Goddess Kali?”

“Yes… she appeared to me in meditation vision and shared with me the secrets of her dance… its transformational pleasures… the inner Serpent aroused a new and incredible energy within me…”

Sinha looked confused, maybe a little afraid. Yes, there was definitely some fear in his expression. The Serpent moved in Vishnu’s loins… as it did in the others. They all stood up and circled the Guru.


“What can we learn from a weak master who is too afraid? Why bow done to a guru is powerless, worthless, and sexless…”

Vishnu stood up and pulled aside the thin fabric of his white dhoti. His cock seemed to spring forward, uncoiling like a snake. It was thicker and longer than ever – completely disproportionate to his body size. The other boys watched in mild amusement and seemed to enjoy Sinha’s obvious shock. They too ripped their dhotis away to display their corrupted and oversized phalluses (they appears child-like with man-sized erections) – all standing proud, rock hard and weeping with clear ropes of cock juice dripping.

“We all have been praying to the Serpent Goddess and she has gifted us with the power of the Serpent… the blessed COCK SERPENT!”

“Vishnu… dear Vishnu! What have you done?”

“It’s not what I’ve done – but what we’re going to do!”

Hem and Jumai grabbed the weak old man by his flimsy arms, twisting them and holding him in an awkward kneeling position before victorious Vishnu. Atul looked on excitedly. With one hand, Vishnu grabbed the old man’s long oily white hair and pulled his head back sharply, with the other hand, he ripped the Swami’s clothing from his frail old body.

The Swami tried to fight back, but there were too many of them. He coughed and chocked as he felt hot sour liquids squirt across his face and directly into his mouth – filling his open orifice and stinging is throat. The strong smell of urea and salty taste confirmed that Vishnu was pissing in his face. He spluttered in an effort to reject this foulness – but Vishnu was simply too strong and Vishnu’s iron grip forced him to remain where he knelt in a pool of stinking yellow urine.

“Taste the Fire of Kundalini” Screamed Vishnu pressing his rock-hard cock into the Swami’s powerless mouth.

There was a brief muffled cry that escaped the Swami’s polluted lips; he stared upwards wide-eyed; and then there was silence as Jumai slit his throat in a cascade of crimson blood.

The body slumped forward and fell to the floor. The boys placed their hands in the spreading redness and smeared it across their faces, chests and abdomens. Vishnu pressed his blood soaked fingers against the lips of his new disciples that had now proved their loyalty beyond doubt.

“Taste the Fire.” He repeated over and over as they all began to masturbate.

Vishnu pulled the flimsy dead body of the swami before him and kneeling between its spread thighs, Vishnu pressed the tip of his erection deep into the furrow of the corpse’s anus and thrusting forward he sank his snake-like cock up onto the dead bowel of their expired spiritual leader. Vishnu grunted animalistically as he fucked the corpse with much gusto. The others continued to rub their oily cocks, waiting for their turn to take any vestige of power left in the old guru.


The Ritual.

The Temple of the Guru Swami Vishnu was located in Sonagachi (North Kolkata’s centuries-old prostitution district). It was just one of a thousand nameless temples along the lower Ganges Delta and looked like a squalid place surrounded in high bricked walls topped with nails and broken glass – to keep the unwanted out and the wanted in. The old Temple was more industrial than religious and more prison than sanctuary.

Indra knew intimately the sprawling and impoverished cityscape of Sonagachi with its endless shanty towns made of corrugated iron sheeting and plastic tarpaulins; its jaded nineteen-century architecture; and rabbit warren of dark narrow alleyways most filled with accumulated trash and its familiar stench of human garbage, raw sewage and the putrid smell from the nearby river.

Inside the Temple, it was perpetual night, as the windows had all been painted out black from both in the inside and out. No natural light ever reached the internal workings of this evil place – only oil lamps and fat candles burned down as they caste their eerie illuminations across the shadowy art that adorned the bare brick walls – images of naked figures, mostly men and boys, dancing and fornicating in celebration of their worship of the Goddess of pederasty.

“Muga Muga Dug. Muga Muga Duh. Kali Kali Tiaag. Kali Kali Mah.”

The rancid air hung thick, hot and stifling. Indra watched three of the Guru’s insouciant disciples take turns in fucking a beautiful young slave boy. The first was thrusting hard into the boy’s torn rectum as the others held him down against the altar soiled with blood and feces. Undignified and humiliating, the urine-soaked boy sobbed into the hard leather ball gag that tasted of vomit and blood. More disciples looked on enviously at the prized fair-skinned body of the twelve year old as he danced in complete agony, like a tattered rag doll, upon the disciple’s cock.

“Muga Muga Dug. Muga Muga Duh. Kali Kali Tiaag. Kali Kali Mah.”

Looking across at the raised platform where the Guru was seated, Indra could see the fetor of sexual sweat of ceremonial masturbation coated the pasty skin of his beloved and corrupted Guru. The Guru was luxuriated upon his thorn-like seat as he watched over the profane ritual. Two very young Indian boys, no older than nine or ten years, each took turns in pleasuring the Guru’s fetid cock-meat – one sucking its hideously engorged purple-black bulbous head, while the other stroked its thick veined shaft from tip downwards to the heavy testicles filled with his unspent semen.

“Muga Muga Dug. Muga Muga Duh. Kali Kali Tiaag. Kali Kali Mah.”

The faithful were calling for the sacred Hijras to bless their offering to the serpentine Goddess Kali. These Hijra priestesses were feminized young males – most were transgender but none had been castrated yet. Tonight they were not adorned in their usual white and slivered salwars – but were decorated for a different sacred dance.

The temple crackled with erotic electricity and all eyes were turned to watch. As the raw persist throb of the Taal beat filled the ears of temple gathering, the chants of the devil-possessed Brahmacharis joined in the cacophony. Each of the elegant Hijra priestesses had colored their skin from head-to-toe in bluishness – even their flaccid cocks and testicles were painted in blue. They commenced their eerie dance around the death altar. Pairing off they dancing back-to-back with legs bent and sprayed wide, moving in unison with their arms giving the appearance, from any one vantage point, of their multi-armed Goddess.

Indra stroked his dripping cock watching the Hirja’s effeminate movements accentuated their lewd nakedness each of the transgendered beauties stirred their loins from flaccidity to full erection. As the pairs of Hijra danced together back-to-back, they rubbed their bluish bubble-breasts and slowly stroked their hardening cocks.

There was something about the Hijra’s that elicited the darkest desires of Indra’s sexual interests. He preferred the Hijra to either males or females as he saw them as living mongrels of androgynous ambiguity; of pansexual contradiction; of flesh laid corrupt and of demonic inception. They were all beasts of perverted sex. And how the temple celebrated that hellish duality on every wall, every statue and every evil prayer.

“Muga Muga Dug. Muga Muga Duh. Kali Kali Tiaag. Kali Kali Mah.”

The maniac cries from around the dark manse echoed against the evil stone statues and phallic idols of psychosexual serpents. Every alcove and recess of the shrine was replete with fevered fornicating bodies, male, female and transgendered.

Indra knew that this arcane ritual would go on and on for many more hours in this place that was perpetually night – the realm of mischief, wickedness and devils. The white boy that had been brought many miles to be used explicitly for this purpose would be dead before it ended – his torn little body shattered by the endless copulations from the Guru’s sex-crazed disciples that all hated the light, loathed goodness and worshiped sexual violence and their revered Guru – who was the personification of the devil himself.

“Muga Muga Dug. Muga Muga Duh. Kali Kali Tiaag. Kali Kali Mah.”

Indra brought the new comer forward. He was dressed in a black funeral shroud, but its translucency did nothing to hide the naked form of the young resplendent male beneath.

“Mister Billy – this is the great temple of your beloved Swami. This is where the Serpent ruins supreme and we honor the name of the Serpent Goddess. You have nothing to fear. You are one of us now. One with the Guru. One with your brothers and sisters – to whom there is nothing taboo except the spilling of seed of life – which must only be done at the explicit command of your Guru.”


The nascent pyre.

Lewis blinded, his eyes not yet accustomed to the dimness lit only by the scintillation of hundreds of phallic candles. The stench in the sepulchral temple was overwhelming. This was an awful place concatenated to his journey into wickedness. Putrid, oily, dank – the funky smells seemed to befit the votive occasion. He was a disciple of the devil and this was hell.

Naked forms moved in corrupted ecstasy all around him. He said nothing. He did nothing. He felt nothing. Is sole purpose was to serve his Guru – the beautiful Guru seated upon his evil throne as he was serviced by two dark-skinned youngling. As they touched and caressed the Guru’s cock, Lewis felt a pang of jealousy – for he wanted nothing more than to feel the Guru’s cock deep in his bowel or thrust into his throat. It was what he was born to do.

His spiritual guide, the coffee-colored man called Indra, had dressed him in a dark cloth that was loosely wrapped around him but did little to hide his diffident nudity – but looking around the Temple, he could see clearly that nudity was nothing to be ashamed of as most of the disciples were not only naked, but their sexual arousal was obvious, some were already engaged in various sexual activities that teased him to a hardness that he had never experienced before.

“Mister Billy… you must be still… the ritual is about to begin…” Whispered Indra, who stood close to Lewis’s left shoulder.

Paean cries filled his ears in discord to the caprice that filled the chamber. He could see a young boy of Caucasian origin being brought forward before the Guru’s sepulcher. He was struggling wildly against the three naked disciples that held him across a darkly stained altar. Two of the naked disciples held him down as the third cut away the boy’s flimsy dhoti to reveal his pale nudity. This stirred Lewis. His eyes registered the boyish physique. He wanted to touch his flesh, to fondle its childish softness. He wanted to run his hand over the sharp bony points of his hips and into the recesses of his concave buttocks. Lewis’s cock throbbed and ached to be touched – but without the explicit permission of his Guru, Lewis stood obediently with his arms at his side and only watched with great expectancy.

“Mister Billy… they are preparing the sacrifice…” Seeing Lewis interest, his spiritual guide rested a hand upon his shoulder adding, “soon my friend… soon your cock will have its share… look, here come the Hijra priestesses…”

“Hijra?” Asked Lewis.

“They are both brothers and sisters… see they have both breasts and penises… they are highly regarded in the temple… the Guru seeks their blessing before the offering to Kali… yes Mister Billy, they make the most exquisite lovers…”

Now Lewis could clearly see the slow possession of feminine figures entering the steamy temple. They were all painted in blue and as Lewis looked closer he could see their mixed genitalia.

To be continued …


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