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The term is Acquired Savant Syndrome and refers to patients who have suffered from a serious head trauma or brain disease that causes a significant latent change in their mental ability. They are from the accident or incident literally transformed. There seemed to be a correlation between the impairment of development of the left hemisphere of the brain and the development of this syndrome, which for some reason affected mostly males, with over ninety percent of diagnosed cases being male.

Savants have abilities that can be considered super human and though they usually manifest themselves as being able to complex mathematical calculations without any prior knowledge of such things; they can gain incredible artistic abilities, like playing entire symphonies with only hearing the music once, and without any formal musical training; they can paint and draw realistically or with their fervent artistic talents conceive fantastic images never seen before. Though these occurrences are unusual, they do happen.

The expression ‘knowing without knowing’ is also applicable in these cases; where a patient has an intuitive sense of what to do, even though they may never have participated in anything similar previously. This is also true of clairvoyant savants or psychic savants, who have been said to have telepathic or mind-reading capabilities. There are those who find this incredulous, but there are those who strongly believe in their fortunetellers-like abilities, to read the future … To see that which others cannot … To bend the will of others to do their will.

In ancient times, these savants were thought of as a truthsayer or oracles … They were afforded advisory positions to great kings and queens, as high priests and prophets. In the Middle Ages, it seemed that their abilities were attributed to satanic influences and many were persecuted, tortured, and put to death, claiming their supernatural abilities appertained to influences of demons. Now, in more modern times, we are still skeptical. We no longer treat them like the boogie man, but their abilities are scrutinized as unnatural, and many are overlooked as frauds or fakes.


Joseph Black was thirteen at the time of the accident. His parents and siblings died in a headlong collision. Joseph, by all rights, should have died too … But he did not. He sustained serious head injuries and was in a coma for many weeks. Upon waking, relatives said he was like a different person. He was definitely changed by the incident… However, the degree of this change was not fully realized. What was obvious was his knowledge of things that he could not possibly know … Some said they felt him read their minds; some claimed he made them do things against their own will; while others accused him of being evil. Joseph’s best fried as Andy Dolan. Andy had had a secret crush on his best friend. The accident had been a shock at first, but as Andy prayed to the Devil for the fulfillment of his young homosexual desires, he saw significant changes in Joseph’s demeanor that filled his horny little mind with new possibilities.

With Joseph’s new abilities, he sees the world in a different way. From the death of his immediate family; to the changing relationship with his best friend, Andy; to the incestuous secrets of his Aunt Samantha Black (the sister of Joseph’s mother); to the evil intentions of the effeminate priest, Father O’Conner … this is just the beginning of things to come. What will Joseph do in light of his insights into the perverse and corrupted world around him? Will he keep his newly acquired talents to himself?



“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.” ROMANS 1:18 “And no wonder, for even Satan, disguises himself as an angel of light.” — 2 Corinthians, chapter 11, verse 14.

The wily priest, Father O’Conner seemed to be keeping an eye on Andy Dolan. It was uncomfortable to begin with, but over time became bothering. Was the priest suspicious or just worried about Andy? Andy wasn’t sure of anything. Things were not the same. They couldn’t be, but all that had occurred, good and bad, had left Andy in a state of almost overwhelming anxiety. He fidgeted. Now, Father O’Conner was onto him or so he felt.

“Andy, I haven’t seen you in confession for a while?” asked Father O’Conner.

Andy looked around and realized that they were alone.

“Sorry, Father. I’ve just been caught up with school and stuff,” replied Andy.

It sounded like a feeble excuse.

“Well, what do you think of your friend, Joseph?” asked the inquisitive priest.

He stood uncomfortably close to the young boy and put his damp palm across Andy’s. Andy could feel the priest sweating. It kind of repulsed him. Andy wanted to step away, but at the same time, thought his actions, any actions, may give away his guilty lust for his friend.

“What do you mean, Father?”

“Aren’t you amazed at how he can understand a foreign language like Latin without being taught in school?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s a bit strange … Haven’t really thought about it much,” andy replied meekly.

He really wanted to leave. He stepped back, but the priest pursued him further. Father O’Conner stroked his hair as he talked. It was kind of freaking him out.

“Strange? No, Andy, it’s an absolute miracle! The Bible says ‘With man, this is impossible without God; all things are possible with God.’ Joseph’s gift is a message from our Almighty. He has been blessed!”

“Sorry Father, I really have to get back to my school work.”

“Of course my son. But not without your confession. Come to the refectory now and we can do it there.”

“I really can’t Father. I have three assignments to finish.”

“God must come before everything else … I must insist you join me for a nightcap and after your confession, your clear conscience will speed you through your assignments.”

Father O’Conner held the boy’s arm in a firm grip and pressed him towards the church refectory door. The insistence of the priest was preventing Andy from any thought of escaping the inevitable confession. But in honesty, Andy didn’t want to confess as he might inadvertently say something that would give away his guilt-driven self-loathing over his sexual sinfulness and misconduct.


Maybe Joseph had said a little too much too soon.

Now he regretted his hasty actions. For one, people around him treated him strangely. He had survived the car crash that had been responsible for the death of his entire family and living with his mother’s sister, Aunt Samantha, was at times awkward and irritating. He had their sympathies, but there was also something else, since the passing of his family, like they saw him as some kind of freak. Speaking Latin didn’t help. Shit that was a mistake. But he had to persevere; keeping his thoughts to himself, and maintaining a distance from the outside world. If the people around him knew that he saw their most private of thoughts, they would burn him for a witch (metaphorically speaking that is).

The detached persona seemed to function most of the time, but that prying priest, Father O’Conner, was both a source of annoyance and a spark of diabolical interest. The priest was obviously a total pervert. A wayward sex freak. His thoughts telegraphed a message of deviance and sacrilege that sharply crossed his whole ‘holier than thou’ sermons. The man talked about how he loved God, but obviously he loved and worshiped the Devil’s cock.

It had all been triggered when the priest held his arm, an outwardly ‘reassuring’ gesture or ‘caring’ touch. But Joseph knew the truth, it was in fact a form of gauging Joseph’s comfort with his corruptive caress; maybe even grooming him to be ‘comfortable’ with it, so that he would be able to ‘touch’ him in more intimate places, especially between his legs. The priest was imagining him naked and hard. Yes, Joseph had seen that in the darkness of the perverted priest’s mind. Images of a phallic temple filled with young eager boys, all completely naked, dancing and masturbating before him as he prayed to the Devil’s cock for his pedophilic sexual pleasures.

Joseph idly toyed with his penis as he saw what the priest saw. The blood rushed to fill his flaccidity with a fullness that demanded him to masturbate himself immediately. Yes. It felt good. It felt better to be evil. Fuck yer. He rubbed his flesh and allowed these reprobate thoughts to run wild.

In a sick and twisted way, it echoed the fantasies of Joseph’s best friend, Andy, who he had seen masturbating himself before his wall mirror, dressed in a little demon mask and drinking his own urine, lusting over Joseph, as he acted out his sexual desires … manifested them in a kind of demonic lust ritual. Fuck. That turned Joseph on. Andy had orally copulated with him in the hospital and it seemed to have sparked a whole new dimension of sexuality in Joseph’s rather limited, thirteen-year-old, repertoire.


Andy felt the warm liquid in his belly.

The priest had given Andy a few of these strange drinks. He called it a ‘nightcap’ (whatever that was), but the sweet-tasting elixir made Andy feel light-headed, slightly inebriated, and unable to resist the priest’s more obvious advances. The touching was now, no longer limited to his arms and hair on his head, but seemed to focus on his more intimate parts. The priest had rubbed him between his bare thighs and moved upwards into the center of his lap to concentrate on rubbing Andy’s crutch. The elixir seemed to make Andy completely accepting of this aberrant behavior … Andy even opened his legs wider as an invitation to the dubious priest to continue his pedophilic plundering. Andy’s body had responded subconsciously to the priest’s molestation and now the pervert priest eagerly rubbed Andy’s obvious erection on the wet spot in front of the thin material of his school shorts.

“Tell me Andy … have you ever seen the Baphomet?”

“The what …” he answered almost incoherently.

His head was spinning. Baphomet?


“No … The Baphomet Andy. Let me show you a picture of the Baphomet.”

The priest fumbled to one side, not removing his hand from rubbing Andy’s cock albeit through his shorts. The old book looked biblical from the outside, all leather bound and brown-blackish, but inside the image of what the priest had described as the ‘Baphomet’ showed a figure with an animal’s head … a goat or ram, Andy thought … yes, more like a goat with curled horns and a long snout. Its eyes looked straight at him.

It was an evil-looking creature with a kind of flame burning from the middle of its head. The torso was more human … the outstretched arms … one up at a forty-five-degree angle up to the left and the other at right angles facing forty-five degrees down to the right … the beast had the naked pert breasts of a woman … Andy liked this naughty picture … between the Baphomet’s legs, rose an enormous erect penis with two intertwined serpents or snakes around it. Fuck it was hot. So that was a Baphomet. Andy subconsciously licked his lips thinking about sucking the Baphomet’s cock.

“Yes, look at the Baphomet’s delicious cock Andy. Doesn’t it make you want to suck it? Lick it … worship it with your hands and mouth. Mmmm … Yes Andy, I can see it does …”

The wayward priest now reached directly inside Andy’s open fly and into his school shorts. Ahhhh … More … Andy loved the sensation of the priest’s strong fingers grasping his little boy-cock … rubbing it up and down (like he did in front of his mirror as he drank his own urine and worshiped the devil. Fuck it felt good. He kept looking at the Baphomet’s cock while the priest now rubbed Andy’s throbbing little erection. The feeling of flesh to flesh was incredible. He liked this priest. He liked to be masturbated by this pedo-priest whose fingers curled around Andy’s shaft and sweaty little balls and in no time was masturbating fast and furious.

“The Baphomet … do you like the picture of the Baphomet, Andy?”

“Aaaarghhhhh …” groaned Andy.

“Look at the Baphomet’s cock, Andy … does it make you want to spurt your delicious boy juice?”

“Confess to me Andy … confess that you’re a little faggot, queer boy… you’re a little cock sucker, aren’t you? You love cock … that’s it …. you want to worship the Baphometic cock …”

“Aaaarrrghhhh …”

The priest had Andy’s shorts off by now and was masturbating him even harder and faster. Andy was feeling completely helpless – the pleasure from the wayward priest was more than he could take … he felt a dark blessing as his orgasm began to form … yes, intuitively it felt wrong, completely aberrant, but he could not deny his own perverse enjoyment.

“You must pray to the Baphomet Andy … Fuck yer, you fucking little cock-sucking queer … pray to the Baphomet’s cock with me …”

The priest turned the page of the old biblical book to the next page and it showed a pornographic ritual performed to the Baphomet. The image consisted of several naked couplings of boys and priests before the prone statue of the Baphomet. One coupling showed a very young boy going down on the erect penis of his priest-lover taking his cock into his tiny throat; whilst another was of a boy being sodomized by another priest, clearly showed the man’s erect penis, penetrating the boy’s rectum… it was an image of pedophilic ecstasy.

Father O’Conner’s voice was now very hoarse and husky … almost a growl.

“See Andy … see how they honor the greatness of the Baphomet.”

“Argh …” it was all Andy could manage to say.

“Hail Baphomet. Hail 666. Hail Satan!”


Joseph could not quite explain the duality of his emotions, but he hesitantly returned to the church without either his Aunt or Uncle. At this time in the evening, the church was empty. There was nobody at the chapel and Joseph was about to leave when he heard an unexpected murmuring sound coming from the direction of the old refectory. The sounds were guttural and harsh … something unsavory was happening. Joseph knew it but had to see it with his own eyes. A chorus of perverted angels was singing in the back of his mind… it was a calamitous and evil sound. It was a calling. A demonic calling … the Son of Satan.

He liked being clandestine. Joseph sneaked to the edge of the refectory door. He opened it gingerly, making sure that he was not heard or seen by whoever or whatever was beyond. The narrow doorway and inside corridor did not give away his presence, but from where he stood, the sounds were clearly of a sexualized nature. Maybe the pervert priest was getting off on his own or corrupting some pretty young thing? Yes, Joseph thought excitedly, Yes, he’d like to watch the fucking priest getting off; he wanted to see his nasty cock; he wanted to see him fucking and sucking.

There was a surge, like electricity flowing through his veins. Joseph’s cock was already rock hard before he glimpsed the sight of the priest and his new victim … Fucking Jesus! He thought as he realized it was his best friend, Andy, naked before the evil priest. Joseph saw the heavy publications that they were both cowling over … Joseph sensed the book’s evil intent … its corruptive content … and he could see the priest masturbating the young boy, drunk on corruptive lust, who’s eyes were besotted in the venality of the priest’s dark witchcraft.

Joseph’s hand slipped into between the elasticated waistband of his sweats and grabbed his wet greedy cock, rubbing it at the same tempo as the priest masturbated his new acolyte. Joseph knew that it was a ritual that the priest had performed before … yes … there had been others … maybe many others inculcated in his polluted cravings … now Andy was one of them.

Joseph knew, not because of his new gifts, but because he was also one of them … he had come to the priest, knowingly, and willingly … feeling the power of his wretched sexual urges. He had seen the content of the wicked book; as Father O’Conner had first sort to drug him with his occultist aphrodisiac and then seduce him into his seraglio fold. But Joseph had been more than willing … and the priest had come to recognize that Joseph’s supernatural abilities were not gifts from God, but were from Satan himself. At that point it had been the chagrin priest that had knelt naked before him; promising to serve him; and pledging allegiance to Joseph, the Son, the young devil.

Joseph thought about his first encounter with the priest (the first of a few). Once alone in the church, Joseph and the priest had begun with a candid and rather sacrilegious exchange. The congregation had long left them to continue the conversation about Christian theology. Joseph had brought up the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah … before the Divine judgment by God was passed upon the two neighboring cities, which had been completely consumed by fire and brimstone … he hinted at how in Abrahamic religions, Sodom and Gomorrah had become synonymous with impenitent sin, and their fall with a proverbial manifestation of divine retribution… that today they had become metaphors for sexual perversion, homosexuality and a warning to all those that indulged in evil lust. Father O’Conner had been only too happy to talk about this legend and his excitement had spurred Joseph’s seduction.

“The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous …” Father O’Connor quoted Genesis, chapter 18, verse 20, “The two angels, disguised as men, subjected themselves to the sins of the people … they fornicated and sodomized … for it was the season of gang rape …”

“How does that make you feel Father?” asked Joseph.

“I believe you are taking my confession?”

“If you so wish me took, Father.”

Joseph touched the priest’s hand and rubbed his fingers against the priest’s sweating palm.

“Well then young Joseph … I must confess that it would be a lie to say that it did not inspire my own lusting.”

“Why does God hate all queer faggots like us Father?” asked Joseph as his hands stroked the bulge that was obvious in his priestly robes, “And why does the Devil welcome our kind into his fold; and encourage us to blaspheme whilst masturbating and praying to him?”

“That would be sacrilege … Tell me, is that what you have been doing young Joseph?”

The priest began to touch Joseph in a similar way as the pair drew closer in their corruption.

“Are you now taking my confession?”

“Of sorts … confess your digressions, so that I may absolve your sinful thoughts …”

“But Father, what if I do not repent, that I should want to realize my perverted desires and fornicate with you before the altar of the Devil?”

“Then, I would have to be in league with his demons and offer your soul to the Prince of Lies.”

“That would be wonderful,” answered Joseph as the pair began to tongue-kissed each other.

Joseph now pressed himself up against the virile young priest, so that the hardness in his school pants rubbed directly against the bulging of the priest.

“Let us remove our clothing and continue our homage to the Devil in a way befitting his perverted horde.”

The memory of this first encounter stirred Joseph close to ejaculation … he remembered vividly how they had licked and kissed each other’s genitalia; then fornicated wildly in unbridled lust.

From that first encounter, they had met frequently. Sometimes the priest had cross-dressed as a nun. They had performed unnamed ancient rituals devoted to demons and devils … especially paying homage to the great Baphomet. Joseph had fucked the priest until he was sate, thrusting his shit-stained cock up his poop-shoot and cumming over and over. Now apprentice became the master and the master became the apprentice.



“Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love. ” — Proverbs, chapter 5, verses 18-19

“Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.” — Colossians, chapter 3, verse 5.

Andy woke abruptly. It was still dark outside his bedroom window but his cock was hard and wet at its tip. His balls ached to be touched. He stroked himself slowly, teasingly.

“Aarghhhh …” he groaned in his own self-pleasure as he began to stroke himself again.

Since the incident at the church, Andy now took every opportunity to masturbate himself in the privacy of his own bedroom. He was totally addicted to it. He got up from his bed. His cock bobbed and dripped pre-cum down his naked leg. He sat down at his study desk and turned on his study lamp. He opened the bottom drawer (where he kept his little demon mask) and pulled out what looked like a regular school exercise book – but of course, it wasn’t.

No. Andy had been very industrious since his experience with the perverted priest. The priest’s words had described him particularly well (a cock-sucking queer boy who likes it up the bum) and ever since his introduction what the priest had called the Baphomet (that they had both prayed to)… Andy had become obsessed with the evil twin-sex deity.

His exercise book was dedicated to Baphomet worship. he rubbed himself with his left hand as he scribbled with his right, savoring the feeling as he created his own sick and twisted form of pornography … drawing image after image of the Baphomet in various scenes of its evil worship, as he remembered for the biblical text that the priest had shared with him. He embellishes his memory of it with his own paraphilias. Though his memory was very exact, he secretly looked up other images on the internet (of which there were plenty). He was careful to only do this when no nobody else was around.

Before and surrounding the great phallic Baphomet, he drew with great detail, dozens of naked demon boys and girls, and some that appeared to be transgendered. They all danced provocatively, dressed in horned masks (not so dissimilar to his own), whilst they performed acts of masturbation before their depraved cock idol.

Over the many past nights, he had literally filled page after page of painted perversions and scribbles in obscene and explicit language. He’d carefully illustrated scenes of young worshipers all urinating over themselves and each other … drinking volumes of their salty liquids as they performed their shocking rituals. The accompanied wording had been equally profane and blasphemous as the images themselves.


Some drawings showed explicitly young boys, girls, and ladyboys smearing themselves in their own excrement; whilst others even eat it by the handful.


He explicitly colored their piss streams in bright yellow and their feces in a kind of copper brown, emphasizing his obvious enjoyment of this form of self-debasement. When his interest in self-debasement was quenched he drew images of oral sex and sodomy, often performed together in long chains of fornicating children.


“Argh …” he groaned.

His ejaculate was smeared across these evil pages, staining many of the repugnant images with his own sperm offerings. His images even found likenesses of himself and Joseph; especially Joseph, at the center of the most lewd of sketches. His semen stains seemed to concentrate themselves on priest-to-boy sex. The horned devil priests were obviously taller and more dominant — forcibly taking much younger boys and even infants for his demonic offering.



Joseph grinned broadly. He liked a challenge.

“She’s a virgin Joseph. A blessed fucking little virgin. And the Order of Saint Mary’s Nuns are very strict about their vows of celibacy. They even check that their Sisters’ chastity is intact … She will not bend to your perverted will,” Taunted the priest.

The young novice nun, who had only just turned fourteen, awaited patiently in the next room, completely unaware of the conversation that revolved around her abstinence. She was extremely young for a novice, but as she had been inducted into Saint Mary’s as an orphan, they afforded her some special privileges.

Joseph knew that he had already begun the task of unwinding the threads that bound the young nun’s spirit. Of course, he could get her to bend to his wicked will. He could get anyone to do anything. He just didn’t want the priest to see it that way, and his gift was his own, to be used as he saw fit … not to follow the instructions of his perverted lover.

“Your right. This cannot be done. I can feel her willpower is strong and her determination will not be subverted … her vow of chastity is what binds her to God Almighty.”

The priest looked a little disappointed at Joseph’s apparent lack of faith in his own powers.

Joseph didn’t really care what the priest thought. There would be plenty of time for corruption and Joseph was in no hurry.


Andy was surprised to see Joseph at his doorstep. He liked the way Joseph looked at him. He invited Joseph in and said that his parents were both out at a church function and that maybe they should play upstairs in his bedroom. It all sounded so innocent, but of course, Andy was thinking about his earlier experiences with Joseph while he was catatonic. Would he remember? Would he say anything? Andy was petrified of it yet exhilarated by it too.

Once Andy closed the front door, he turned around to find Joseph had disappeared. He quickly looked around the front room, kitchen, and backroom … then he made his way upstairs. When he got to his bedroom, he found Joseph in his bed, beneath the bedding. Joseph said nothing and just grinned sardonically. He pulled back the bedclothes to reveal that he was completely naked beneath the sheets. Andy gawked and swallowed hard at the sight of Joseph’s hard throbbing cock.

“Take your clothes off,” Said Joseph.

Andy was shaking. He fumbled as he stripped naked. His cock was equally hard and wet from sheer excitement as he climbed into the bed with Joseph. Their bodies lay side on together … face-to-face, feet against each other, chests and abdomens aligned … cock-to-cock.

“Don’t be scared,” Said Joseph as he stroked Andy’s flushed face.

“I’m not .. just excited that you are here.”

Joseph kissed Andy’s mouth softly at first, but progressively more lustily. Finally, Andy felt Joseph’s tongue fill his mouth. Fuck. He hoped this kiss would never end. The blood was surging through his body at Joseph’s electric touch. Joseph broke the kiss. They both needed to breathe. Then Joseph pressed Andy’s head downwards with his hands … pushing him towards his erect penis.

“Suck it … like you did in the hospital …”

So, it seemed that Joseph was fully aware of what happened in the hospital. That much Andy now knew but had no inkling of the rest of the perverted story of Joseph’s recent adventures. He instantly when down on his friend, eagerly taking his thirteen-year-old cock into his warm wet mouth.

“Aaarghhhhh … That it … oh FUCK that’s hot!” groaned Joseph in response to Andy’s pleasuring.

Andy rubbed his own cock, masturbating himself as he continued to lick and suck around Joseph’s blood-filled cock head. It was better than before. There was no fear of interruption. They could do whatever they liked.

“Good. Now stop playing with yourself and play with my bum hole,” ordered Joseph.

Andy willingly complied with Joseph’s abrupt command. He liked it that Joseph demanded sexual pleasure from him. He liked his authoritarian tone. He began to finger Joseph’s sweaty tight hole. It smelt dank and sucked hungrily at the tip of Andy’s digit, as he pressed it up and deeper inside Joseph’s anus … Joseph groaned as he sank his slender finger right up to the third knuckle. Andy began to finger-fuck Joseph and continued to suck his engorged mushroom head at the same time. A warm jet of salty liquid filled his mouth – Joseph had pissed in his mouth.

“Mmmmmm …” Andy murmured.

“You like it? You like my hot piss?”

Joseph pissed more into Andy’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm …”

“Now kiss my dirty hole. My shitter. My boy cunt.”

Andy swallowed the warm liquid and replaced his finger (that was deep inside Joseph’s rectum) with his tongue. Firstly, he gingerly licked around the wrinkled skin of Joseph’s nether-hole. He could taste its nasty bitterness. Andy found it a delicious turn-on as he kissed and sucked at Joseph’s dirty place. Andy’s fingers wrapped around Joseph’s cock, rubbing his loose foreskin back and forth as he fervently performed. His mind was immediately filled with the profane images of Baphomet worship… the images that he had drawn in his exercise book… especially the images of him and Joseph in Devil worship.

“Enough,” said Joseph, “Before I fuck you … you must share with me your secret book …”

Andy sat up. How did Joseph know about his secret book?

“Because I am the Son of Satan.” He replied to the unasked question.

Andy dutifully showed Joseph his drawings. They both continued to masturbate each other as Joseph turned the pages, sniffing at the stains and smiling at the images that resembled him and Andy together. Andy noticed how long his friend pondered each and every entry … especially the piss and scat images, performed before the Baphomet (that mimicked the images Andy had seen in the priest’s publication).

“It seems that I am not the only gifted one … your drawings are truly wonderful. Aaarrrghhhhh … They make me feel like spurting.”

And with that said, he ejaculated over Andy’s cum-stained drawings, adding his own wet emissions to that of his perverted lover.


Joseph found his Aunt Samantha crying. Her face was stained with recent tears and her mascara had run down the sides of her cheeks. She looked distressed.

It also appeared that she had been drinking in the middle of the afternoon while Joseph’s Uncle was not around, probably at work or something. Joseph had seen her sad before but what caught his attention was the combination of her inebriation together with her lack of appropriate clothing. In her half-dressed state, Joseph could clearly see her naked breasts in her half-buttoned top.

“Aunt Samantha. Are you alright?” he asked, almost knowing the answer before she spoke.

She looked startled and tried unsuccessfully to cover her exposed chest.

“Oh, Joseph. I didn’t see you there! I don’t want you to see me like this. I’ve been so sinful. The drink brings the worst out in me.”

“Makes you feel like a slut.”

“What?” Samantha looked surprised at his bluntness.

“I said drinking makes you think about sex with your sister… my mother… incest is a deviant sin!”

His Aunt was shell-shocked. Her eyes welled with tears of shame. Her face was flush pink. He could see on her face that she had no idea how he knew, but he did, and that exposed her in front of him.

“I don’t know what you mean?” she lied.

“I know a great deal of things Aunt Samantha. But who am I to judge? Only God will judge you for your filthy sexual perversions. Your evil sickness … Even now I can smell your cunt. You’ve been playing with yourself imagining having sex with your thirteen-year-old nephew.”

“I… I…” she stuttered, “I was not doing anything of the sort! This is preposterous. Joseph! That’s no way to talk to me!”

Joseph laughed and pulled his pants down.

“Look at my cock Aunt Samantha. I rub it every night thinking about fucking you in the ass.”

“You what?”

Again he laughed seeing the excited glint in her evil eye. Her worst nightmare turned into a sexual fantasy. She wanted to run away in embarrassment; but more, he knew that she wanted to suck him off … she wanted to fuck her little nephew that reminded her so much of his mother, her deviant incestuous lesbian lover.

“The Devil has a plan for you Samantha. It is the Devil that has brought you to me. You will obey me in all things. You will kneel before me. Before your thirteen-year-old nephew who will fuck your face and piss down your throat … I am your Master … and you will be grateful for it… Do you understand?”

Samantha was shaking. She knelt down before Joseph. She knew it bone deep that he was right.


“I said, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”



“Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.” — Colossians, chapter 3, verse 5.

The novice nun smiled at Joseph as he entered the refectory.

It was a warm and genuine greeting from one who was full of hope and the goodness of the world. A heavenly blessed kind of goodness that sprung from deeply felt emotions towards positive change that Joseph could see in every aspect of her being. Under any other circumstances, she would have been seen as a radiant light of hope… representing all that was just, good, and joyous. Joseph just continued his pretense of being anxious and unsure of himself.

“Hi, I’m Jennifer,” said the novice nun.

Her eyes were bright and full of anticipation.

“Joseph,” Joseph replied.

He faked a nervousness that he knew she would want to alleviate.

“… Shouldn’t I call you Sister Jennifer or something?”

She laughed — not loudly, but with the contentment and confidence of one more experienced.

“No, just Jennifer will do. Though I look like a nun, I am only just a novice. One day soon I hope to be a bride of Christ and dedicate my life to God’s heavenly joys … how old are you Joseph?”

“Thirteen … I … I just turned thirteen,” he deliberately stuttered.

“I see,” she smiled with perfect white teeth.

She was only a year older than the boy.

“And Father O’Conner says that you have been struggling since the awful accident?”

“Father O’Conner has been very kind to me. He says that all the strange feelings will go away after a while. But … but I’m not sure if he fully understands me …”

“Strange feelings? Hmmmm … I am sure that Father O’Conner is right about things … But what kind of strange feelings are you experiencing Joseph … maybe I can help as we are very close in age?”

The young novice turned to face Joseph and placed her arm around him in a caring way. It was an older sister, hugging a younger brother. Her small fingers brushed his ears as she smiled to reassure him. He could read her like a book. The good Samaritan in her was not fake. She was genuine about all she said and did, and she wore her heart on her sleeve … she saw him as a troubled young boy who had lost his way. She would be there for him … she wanted only goodness to prevail.

Joseph let his poison seep out to pollute her sickly innocence.

“I’m so … so embarrassed … it’s hard to explain these strange feelings that I have within me, Jenifer …” he replied (deliberately using her name, as he coerced her demeanor into believing that he could be saved … if she, and she alone, acted upon it).

“Oh, Joseph. I will help you if I can. You have nothing to fear … Father O’Conner said something about a gift from God. That he thought you were a miracle of God’s love? You should not feel guilty about surviving your family … It was the Almighty’s will that you should live on and it is Heaven that has blessed you, Joseph …”

At first, Joseph had kept his eyes lowered. He looked as if he was about to burst into tears as he continued to fake a nervous anxiety before her. Naively she believed him. She soaked it all up. Fucking stupid bitch. Now, he looking up directly into her delicate young face.

“I … I … see things, Jenifer … I see evil things … they are like monsters … like demons …”

She had been smiling so radiantly up unto this point, but now her expression had changed. She looked unsure and even a little hesitant. Even the hand that rested gently on his shoulder, felt a new heaviness.

“Sometimes they tell me things … they give me wicked thoughts … evil thoughts … sexual thoughts …”

Cotton-mouthed she mumbled, “… W-w-wicked thoughts? S-s-sexual thoughts?”

The young novice was blinded in disbelief. As if she was processing these acidic words but she couldn’t understand him … as if he was speaking in Chinese. There was a pungent aftertaste to this sharp bitterness, Joseph placed his hand directly over the novice’s chest …. he could feel her heart pounding fast and furious and her nervousness was making her perspire in an unnatural way.

Joseph’s evil little fingers curled around the shape of her young succulent breasts (her untouched virgin breasts) … she didn’t move a muscle. She looked catatonic. Her mouth remained open, but no sound came out. It was as if she was completely paralyzed by the bizarre nature of his behavior. This is not what she had expected.

“W-w-w-why? Why … Demons … Why … Evil … Why … Sexual thoughts …” she mumbled almost incoherently without being able to tear herself away from the directness of Joseph’s unrelenting gaze.

Joseph now put his hand inside her robe and directly fondled the lily white flesh of her exposed virgin breasts. Her nipples had become hard as nails and goose-bumps welled around her areolas.

“Father O’Conner said that my gifts are not from God.”

“Not from God?”

“No … He said that he lied to everyone. That in fact, he said that they are gifts from the Devil … he said that I should listen to these demons … to these sex demons … to heed their wicked demands … that I should act upon their perverted desires.”

The novice was physically shaking before him.

“What … What should I do Sister Jennifer? Should I suggest that you fuck a nice fat crucifix so that it can take your virgin blood … that you should copulate with both Father O’Conner and me? Should I suggest that you worship cock and despise the fucking Nazarene by praying to the Horned One while you blaspheme and drink your own urine? That the Devil wants you to corrupt and fornicate with the other novices from the Convent?

“Fuck the crucifix? Copulate with you? Copulate with other novices?”


“Pray to Satan? Drink my own urine?”



The sight that befell Andy upon returning to the church refectory together with Joseph was unexpected. Father O’Conner had been anticipating their return and brought the two of them immediately to the basement of the century-old church. In the basement, there were signs of the priest’s long-term industry; as he had over time converted the old stonewalled store room into his own personal temple of depravity.

The high-vaulted ceiling and wide pillars had given the entire place a darkly old Gothic appearance even before the addition of the heavy metal gratings that covered two of the walls, which lauded its dungeonous edge. The interior perfectly complimented the life-size statue of the black-shiny Baphomet that stood erect and insidious in its place of honor. Other pornographically altered and highly religious icons added to the temple’s sinful and blasphemous appeal.

In the center of the wicked temple, laid just before the hooves of the great goat idol, was a large black circular thing that looked a lot like an inflatable kiddy paddling pool (only without any water in it). Immediately Andy thought about his piss fetish, as both Joseph and he had consumed a large number of drinks and now his bladder was beginning to have that dull little ache that he loved just before masturbation and piss games. He guessed that it was no coincidence and that Joseph had deliberately planned for nasty devil games involving golden showers and urine drinking. Andy couldn’t wait.

Andy had no idea, up until this point, that Joseph and the priest were so familiarly acquainted … their intimacy became apparent as they entered the priest’s appointed demonic lair. Andy watched as the priest and Joseph kissed open mouth, and then they both drew him between; firstly they kissed Andy separately, and then in a trio of twisted tongues, they all pressed their mouths and faces together.

“At last,” said the priest.

Father O’Conner said something about getting ready for the ritual and then removed his simple black gown and donned a small leather devil mask with horns that just covered his eyes and nose. It was much more elaborate and ominous than Andy’s simple Halloween version. Andy thought it looked really evil. He wanted the priest to fuck in the ass as they both prayed before the Baphomet. Yes … he wanted both the priest’s cock and Joseph’s cock in his holes — imagining taking one up his bum and the other in his mouth at the same time … he delighted at such anticipated pleasures.

The priest had similar masks for both of the boys. They excitedly dressed as demon boys as they too stripped completely naked. Now, it was plainly obvious how excited they all were, as their cocks all stood upright in salute to the Baphomet … all very hard and erect in anticipation of their impending Devil worship.

Joseph disappeared for a moment and then reemerged with the pretty young nun in tow. She was no longer dressed in her drab novice gown, but was now naked (besides her wimple) as the rest of them. Andy could not help but stare at her small fist-sized tits, wide aroelas that were crowned with aroused nipples. His eyes looked down her petite torso to her tiny vagina that was covered light blond down.

Andy had never seen a real girl naked before. Only in porn. For a while, Andy had secretly wished he was a girl, so that he could do lesbian things. He had imagined licking pussy and pressing his little flat boy-tits against a very young female lover. This fantasy had lead to thoughts of androgyny and a desire for a feminine lover with a nice hard cock. But, there was something that he really loved about being feminine. There was something very sexy about dressing like a girl while being fucked up the ass by a nice hard cock.


Joseph brought Andy to the church refectory. It was a school night and he knew that Andy should be home. Joseph knew that Andy’s folks would be wondering where the hell he was … he knew that Andy didn’t care. Andy could not care … Joseph knew that Andy was moved by the same dark force that drove him to this insanity … Andy could think of nothing but the evil’s of unabated lust.

The priest and Joseph had an interesting evening planned for the four of them. It would be the night where the young nun would pledge herself to Satan, as would all of them. She would give her blood before the Baphomet, while Andy, Joseph and the priest performed their own depraved ritual of piss, sodomy and jism. To that end, he had made sure that the both of them had consumed copious amounts of lemonade and coke before arriving at the church. Joseph felt the dull ache of his over-filled bladder. The wet piss spot in his pants felt nice. They had both taken a couple of high potency Vitamin C tablets, as it always made Joseph’s piss turn a bright shade of yellow … no watery piss before the Devil.

Once inside the darkened church, Father O’Conner eagerly greeted them. His sardonic grim said that he could not wait to get started on their perverted ritual that would crown Joseph as the Son of Satan, a true demon among them, and theirs to offer sexual worship. Joseph kissed the priest, mouth-to-mouth, their eager tongues showing his young friend that he was not the only one to have fornicated with the wayward priest.

“At last. Let the ritual begin,” said the priest.

They followed the corrupted priest’s lead and changing into their little demonic masks. Joseph, knew it was time for the novice to play her part in fueling their demonic rites. Her blood would be a delicious addition to his demonic plans. Her corruption was to be the first of many … their convent was an orchard of ripe fruits, to be spoiled and turned putrid and rotten to the core. Joseph knew what needed to be done.

They descended to the church basement and where excited to see the changes that the wayward priest had been so diligently been undertaking. An intense labor of corrupted love. They could all see it was to be their new place to give worship … a temple dedicated to the priest’s beloved Baphomet.

“Christ be fucked! It’s perfect,” said young Joseph.

The priest beamed with evil joy. The group of naked demons wasted no time in getting their ritual started.

“Will it hurt?” asked the stupefied novice.

“Yes, my love … Your cunt is about to be spoilt. Penetrated with the likes of Jesus fucking Christ. Raped of its fucking purity and virginity for the glory of the true god … Lord Satan. Of course it’s going to fucking hurt you dumb fuck!” said Father O’Conner in his almost sing-song growl.

Joseph sat before the crossed legs of the Baphomet. He masturbated himself slowly as the ritual began to unfold … first the novice would be drenched in their urine in their little satanic paddling pool; then, she gets fucked with the long end of the priest’s fat cock crucifix; they’d all lick the blood from the broken hymen; each of them, Joseph, Andy and the priest, taking turns to fuck her hard in the cunt, ass and mouth across the evil altar.

“This is truly evil. Fuck yer. Truly wonderful celebration of evil. I have always dreamed of a moment like this …” said the enigmatic Samantha.




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