Feature Writer: Nada Bits /
Published: 28.07.2019
Feature Title: SATAN’S CAMP /
Story Codes: Satanic, Young, NC /


Satan’s Camp

An RV resort in the desert was a place for the most debauched of any humans that were into devil worship. They bought their entire families and relinquished all of their worldly ownership to their Lord Satan. Beyond any human concepts of decencies and some God beliefs that never gave them what they truly craved.

They all had wanted to be child molesting fuck and sought others that would of the same faith. Families that exchanged children for fuck and every adult ate child cock, girls cunnies and no one would ever hear the screams of the little girls getting their tit bumps twisted and horribly pinched into purple tubes on slim young bodies.

All day this camp offered the rampant humans to live out any filthy thought they could conceive of how to use or fuck some child in the most abusive ways the Satan worshipers loved and savored. The adults all were fuck for anything. Dads knelt to suck down any sperm on any dirt path. Mom’s strained to get as many fingers up some young cunt as deep as possible while some one did the same to her child that laid open for anything.

Each and every human that entered this resort was fuck for all. Training camp.

They all worshiped Satan now.

Available for fuck or abuse. Body destruction as daddies exchanged boys to suck on young turgid small cocks. Some daddies wanted to bite the small boy meat but Satan forbid anything beyond letting his fuck filth eat young fuck slime. These humans were the filthiest of all and freely gave every aspect of their being to the Lord Satan.

Satan let them have their fun until some one got tired of sucking boy cocks off or fucking the tots. If a mommy with milk filled tits got tired of fist fucking some child cunt he would reach up with long horrid hands and rip balls boys off, daddy cocks just for a snack. Mommies that tired of fisting open some young child pussy got bulging tits ripped away to wash some child in blood. Then the other milk filled tit as she bled to death on someone else’s little girl she failed to get her hand into.

Failure was instant and brutal for his fuck flock of converts and all learned quickly. Fuck and use get fucked or used, suck cunt and eat sperm. Once you enter this resort you are fuck for whatever purpose Satan deems.

But Satan let his flock that increased to be horrid abusive humans to use each other just for the fun of watching how humans could abuse each other as they got their demons escape. Hidden deep concepts of wants instantly opened up in their minds as dads raped their little girls in front of men with small boys on daddy fuck meat as they got the once pink ass pussy turned into purple mush of fuck. Each boy whimper for more fuck daddy that made even Satan’s cock quiver.

These humans were the worst and the best. Satan had reached into their minds as they sat so reverent in churches in many churches with their small children on their laps, listening to the drone of how they were all sinners in need of guidance. Most struggling not to at least fondle some young crotch. To be filth and join in to pure fuck paradise Satan offered.

Use any kid and suck off any cock. Get fist fucked deep at will. Watch her daughter or son suck some dog cock some cock rammed their cocks in the tiny asses. Cunt was open and free. Cocks of all size was on constant display for the pleasures of the lord Satan.