Feature Writer: Nada Bits

Feature Title: The Devil Queen Destroys America (Series 1)

Published: 04.09.2019

Story Codes: Demonic, Transgender, Young Ones, Zoo, Incest

Synopsis: Back in Riverdale a small quaint community in Iowa that the Devil Queen was turning into fuck.


The Devil Queen Destroys America 1

Pedophile fuck filthy parents were on a very long flight home from the filth they lived out in Japan. The tiny maids any everyone was generously tipped more they could conceive in a life. The staff was rich by their standards. They were returning to very good children they only dreamed as fuck. The long flight and dark cabin they fingered and sucked still not over their wants, their filth. They were returning to new fuck. The Devil Queen was working it all out now in a new earth production for her Lord Satan. Dogs and children and two siblings that could not stop fucking.

Only doors away they had no concept of each other’s filthy concepts. What they could do or what they would allow to themselves. Mouth fuck, ass fuck, cunt eating, cock sucking and sperm swallowing. Whatever filthy thing was a platform for The Devil Queen.

It almost started without her as parents came home. Two tiny things holding little legs almost to their ears as doggy was licking anything that came out. They came home to child dog fuck meat.

Doors away a door opened as their tiny darling daughter had her brothers cock in her ass. She struggled out a hi mommy and daddy went she started to orgasm. Her delicate young titties barely moving as she bucked on her brother. Her long silky hair dancing on her tiny butt and across her big brother as she rode cock, slammed cock, fucked cock if she could rape herself, she would but no hole needed rape. All were fucked and ready for more. Hi mommy. Hi daddy.

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In just a block away the lawn boy was bent over the back of a sofa as he was being ram fucked by twelve inches of black fuck. Thick inches he had had before never seemed to stop stretching his ass every week. The teen loved looking at all the mommy titties but could not resist this one house of where they could be fuck, ass fuck, black owned and used. Lick their own ass slime off the huge thing that gaped them. Fuck them as they quivered like little girls. Nothing pink or dainty any more as black fuck turned boy into pussy. Purple fuck holes every week. Stiff teen white meat pulsing like some girl would orgasm. Thick white floods of sperm rammed up boy pussy. Big black cock ramming it deep. Not one drop would be left in the teen balls or meat as they squirted like little girls on their first date. He like many others were black owned and black fuck.

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Both sets of fuck crazy parents had gotten through the long flight only with the help of five slim stewardesses. Two were Japanese for translation when required, two were Danish and spoke broken English, the last one was Irish with long red hair. All as slim as little teen girls. Perky little tits and tiny fuck muffins. They all noticed the rampages the couples were performing with each other and their only response was warm damp towels and blankets. All five were quite probably more fuck lust insane than anyone in Japan. The tiny thongs they wore with their white thigh thighs were not much more than string with a very tiny front cover just for appearances if someone raised their skirts. Their skirts were often raised on these long flights which is why it was a highly coveted job among the endless river of young fuck that applied.

In the darkened cabin they would stand very close to the filthy couples as if just doing their duties. The tiny pussy cover quickly found as mommy had stroked up the slim legs. Between the slim legs the tiny mounds were slick and bare from what they had been seeing. Wishing they could just strip and show their perky little tits in wanton fuck they had to settle for getting finger slammed, sometimes many fingers for the two Danes. The Japanese preferred ass fingering as they massaged bigger American tits as they shuffled blankets over the crazed wife. The slim delightful Irish young lady found ways to have to search for some dropped item as she wolfed down daddy cock. Her petite frame and slim neck defied logic. Her throat was endless, and she had absolutely no gag reflex. She had not found a sex act she did not love.

All wore tiny bras that were hardly necessary and not more than the tiny thongs they each had on their slim bodies. Just flimsy triangles covering their nipples allowing them to poke out when they saw something in the dark cabin or brute of a man that could easily throw them around like fuck toys. It only took one accidental loose button to reveal the small tit cones when they wanted to display as invitation for more service.

One Dane was straddling one mommy getting her little wet pussy sucked, licked and chewed. Multi orgasmic all they had no limits on flights or not. They were fuck perhaps with different personal fetishes, but still fuck.

The Irish steward swallowed repeatedly savoring very thick glob of rich cum as she had a mini orgasm herself. The tiny piece of cloth saturated in cunt slime. As she extracted herself mommy grabbed her slim hips and shoved her mouth on the tiny cover sucking out every drip or drop or smear of fuck. The young thing had a real orgasm as she pulsed out more savory cunt fuck slime for the ravenous pussy eating mommy.

Both couples were silently given a list of phone numbers for the five and where they usually stayed in America. They shared an apartment with several other stewardesses that ripped each other apart on layovers. The apartment not far from the two couples’ homes. These mommy’s and daddy’s would soon meet.

The slim white teen lawn boy was learning about black ownership. The huge fuck was hard and rubbed across his sweat soaked hair as he licked black balls, sucked black balls, pushed back enough the huge black head met his white lips. The piss slit was wide and wet and dripping precum he could not help but taste. The impossibility of where or how this big black man meat would fit had not really been considered as a new lust filled him. Man love, man fuck had not been on his radar before. But having to see the huge fuck in those grey shorts when he was paid stirred something he could not control.

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The ass eating and continued licking all over his back kept him unaware a thick black was nudging his pucker. Treat them nice at first before his friends would take turns, make them black cock sluts first so they would eagerly return. The first inch which was the just the head was the tell. Some screamed and may be right for the group. This one moaned so hooked he did know he was going to be black fuck meat from now on. Another inch and the white cock became instantly hard. Another inch he whimpered. He now had a warm silky wet fuck ass. His cocksucking training could wait as the big black man converted him to white teen boy fuck. 4 inches in the wet boy pussy fuck blossom the remaining 8 slid in as the teen quivered and creamed the back of the sofa. Never had he thought about anything like this feeling so good. He had only marvel at the huge hanging black cock and may have stared to much which got him where he was now.

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The Devil Queen took notes as she and her Lord watched the debauchery of teen boy. Not sure how this might fit yet she just stored the information for now.

Mommy’s and daddy’s in separate house only doors away from each other dropped their bags and clothes as they approached their wonderful fuck children a little startled at first they were delighted.

Mommy knelt near her tiny twelve year old and just marveled at how well her big brother had taken care of her long hair and the whole house. She sucked on stiff preteen tit cone a she stroked the tiny belly until she tickles the young clit of her own daughter. God she was beautiful. So tiny and delicate and mommy knew big brother had taken very good care of her while they were off doing unimaginable to little Japanese maids in a hotel that was filled with rampant devious sex acts many would think only Satan could allow in hell.

These damn humans seemed to be in a contest with hell and he loved it as much as he Loved his Devil Queen. Best queen he had had for millennia. The previous princess he transformed and then became a discarded twit just in the way then ram owned was busy having something very satanic pumping out of cunt gape. She was giving birth to something new, half ram and half sort of human. She cuddled whatever these things were licking her after birth from the squirming new developments in hell. Already with sharp teeth they bit her tit tubes to suckle a mix of devil and human milk. Whatever came out of her tiny titties her children grew right before her eyes.

Mommy stroked the small tummy and gently tuggled the small clit as she watched her little girl go through a stream of orgasms on her brothers’ cock. The tiny delicate daughter shook and quivered gasping for breath when her eyes opened and she saw her daddy. She felt his big hand gently stroking her perfect little head. His 10 inch daddy cock throbbing so close to her face. Daddy was lots bigger, but daddy seemed to need his little girl as she quickly caught the drip of daddy precum about to drop. The tiny tongue licked at daddy cock. She wondered if she could really do it but she had swallowed her big brother so she tried finding it much easier as daddy cock all ten inches sank deep in her small mouth and down her throat. If she knew why she would thank the Devil Queen. Mommy stroking tiny tummy and her back and chewing her young tit cones. Brother cock hard in her tiny cunt and huge daddy cock down her throat she just exploded. Bucking, pulsing, sucking, getting her young titties suck and bitten and chewed. Her little clit knob being pinched by mommy, the tiny so delicate thing lost her mind.

Only doors away mommy and daddy were watching their tiny nine and eleven year olds getting licked by family fuck doggy. So much better than anything in Japan as they dropped their bags and quickly stripped. Mommy was marveling at the pink hole on her nine year old as doggy licked. It looked open. It looked fucked. It was the most wonderful fuck hole with a deep coral red look. Maybe crimson in its beauty as she pushed doggy away and ate the tiny protruding cunt mound. She tasted a little like dog sperm as she sucked, and mommy was thrilled. Her little girl was now doggy fuck.

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“Do you hate me?”


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