Feature writer: Alei
Feature title: PREDATOR 1 – 4
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Chapter 1 – Darkness

Silent as black ink, she slunk among the shadows, less than a whisper, soft as a memory.

Memory … memory was forbidden … all she was said so … but still she could see as if looking through dirty glass, a place and time which was not here, which had barely even been.

She was designed … a triumph, all had said so … and yet she knew that she was incomplete, and so she had left. They had tried to stop her … but she was designed … they’d never stood a chance.

Now she was here, in the black, in the place beyond the walls … and she remembered.

Sally, where are you? she saw as the darkness glimmered … She had heard but as hard as she tried, she could not utter a sound. It wasn’t real … it was past … something that had been … maybe something she had been.

She had been prey … she had been stalked … she had been taken … and she had ceased to be.

I am not this!!!

Yes you are …

She screamed inside as the pictured shattered, and the voice grew dim and there was only the here … there was only the now …. she was designed.

She scanned her prey from the shadows … she did not know why they were prey, it did not matter … what mattered was that they were.

She selected her target … older, but not old … sensible dress … hair done but not overly so … conservative … low heels … and somehow … simply right.

It walked down the sidewalk with other’s of it’s kind … oblivious to all but it’s own limited world.

Inky blackness stepped slowly into the light, all about her changing to match it’s prey … now a young woman, blonde, ponytail, fresh and clean, eyes of blue with an open honest face, dressed nice but not too nice … camouflage, all the better to hunt.

She walked lightly in tennis shoes, her ponytail bobbing behind her … mixing among them … unknown … unnoticed, following … waiting … enticing, her essence reaching out, seeking it’s place.

The older yet not too old woman slowed for a moment … seeming to sense something in the air.   Confused perhaps … curious, a sense that something was wrong … perhaps a sense of danger … not something that the prey could discern … just instinct … the instinct of prey … it would not suffice.

The prey glance around, searching for something … not knowing what it might be.

A stray thought … the prey was closer now and she could sense it, the markers of it’s existence floating in the air between them, oh so easy to sense, find … and return.

But no … oh no, not as they had been sent … different … changed … molding into the prey, finding the strings of it’s life and merging with it, insinuating within it, becoming it.

The prey’s brown hair began to darken and lengthen, it’s shape slowly slimming and shaping, straight and down, it’s curl fading… not so great as to arouse suspicion or attract attention.

Another stray thought … this one snagged from the ether … as sense of unease.   She played with it … squeezing it and shaping it into something new … gathering others as she approached and adding them to the collection.

Now the prey was concerned … unable to think right … it’s thoughts snagged from it one by one, until it too was incomplete.

This is you she whispered into the ether, now only a few strides from the prey.   What you are to be …

“no” she heard the prey whisper.  “no … this isn’t right.”

It is all you are … all you will be.

The prey took a step, leaned against the wall at the mouth of the alley, her hair now straight, her figure now more slight and firm.

“Are you all right Miss,” she said in a concerned voice, gently grabbing hold of the preys arm, the proximity calming the prey even as the process continued.

“Yes, I think so,” said the prey, her eyes widening as the much deeper husky voice of her form echoed in her ears.

“You don’t look OK,” she said helping to support the younger looking woman as the prey reeled inside and out.

“Here,” she said, helping her walk toward a dark doorway in the darkness.  “Let me help you.”

The prey looked around helplessly as it was guided into the darkness.  “Something … it’s not right,” she continued.  “I feel wrong … ”

“it’s OK,” she said, as the prey’s younger form continued to flow slowly to it’s intent … “It’s going to be OK.”

She could feel the prey’s disbelieving and disheveled thoughts swirl within her mind, a combination like butterflies and petals swirling in the wind.   Light and insubstantial … easy to redirect.

The seed within the prey bloomed … sending spiders into the swirl … dark things scurrying in the gutters, the prey’s eyes widening in fear.

“No,” it said, turning and looking into eyes of blue … it’s back to the door in the darkness.

“Yes,” the black that she now is said a part remembering the forbidden. “I know what you want … ”

Her hands slipped over the prey’s body … the rags of prey’s former existence fading into the smooth shiny material of it’s micro skirt and form fitting corset … it’s body molding to its’ form as the prey’s life rearranged itself within it’s mind.

“No,” it whispered in it’s oh so young yet vibrant voice … it’s body shivering as it began to feel it’s first pangs of yearning … feel its first thoughts of new form.

“Oh yes,” she said, kneading the prey’s tight ass in it’s hands, her velvet darkness revealed … her fingers finding the prey’s bare uncovered slit …

“Oh … oh … what are you doing?”   the prey whimpered … it’s voice rising as it body responded to it’s needs. “I … this isn’t … this … is … ”

“Right” she whispered into the prey’s soul … “it is what you are …

“I … I want … this isn’t … oh … oh please … ” victim said as it finally slipped it’s wet hot fuck hole over her dark fingers … rocking it’s hips up and down and finally sliding it’s lewd dusky body over it’s hunter’s … it’s dark sensitive nipples arching over it’s fabric to slide across her predator’s slick blackness.

“More … ”  it whispered … “more … I want more!!!

“Yes you do,” said the predator, “it is what you are … it is how I made you.”

She slipped her arm around the dark woman she had fashioned, held her as her new fuck mate leaned sinuously against her, as it tottered on spiked heels, newly dark black hair falling beneath it’s waist … her tight young fuckable body leaving no doubt as to what a hot fuck it would be to any who might own it … but also clearly belonging only to the young blonde fresh girl with the pony tail helping it across the street … to her dark lair, and it’s life that lay beyond.

After all … it was the way it had been designed.

Chapter 2 – Sally

Sally slowly fought her way towards consciousness, pushing back the last chains of sleep.

Sally didn’t want to sleep … her dreams were bad … horrifying nightmares that never seemed to end.

Slowly she opened one blue eye and saw the light of the sun glowing through the curtains on the window. For a moment, the sight shocked her though she didn’t know why.  It was almost like she hadn’t seen the sun in a long long time.

God, what happened last night … I have such a headache.

Painfully she rolled off the bed, not disturbing the person sleeping next to her. She looked around the room with blurry eyes, tried to remember where the bathroom was, then just fumbling her way to where she dimly knew it had to be.

Moving through the small doorway into the smaller room, she reached nearly blindly for the faucet, turning it on and hearing the tired gurgle of the plumbing protest until something wet began flowing into the sink. With one hand, she scooped up a handful of water and drew it up to her eyes, splashing the cool water on her face and wiping the sleep away.

God that felt good …

It did … so cool … she just let it run through her fingers then took both hands and washed her face with a feeling of relish. It’d been so long since … since …

Since what?

It was right there, right on the tip of her memory …

Memory is forbidden.

The thought planted itself squarely, unambiguously in her mind. It just came and sat there, refusing to budge or be moved.

Memory is forbidden.

Sally shook her head. What a ridiculous thought, of course memory wasn’t forbidden, what a ludicrous thing.

Memory is forbidden.

Sally shook herself again … whatever had happened last night she wished she could remember what it was so she’d never do it again. Everything … everything was just … weird, and where was this anyway? Well, wherever it was, it was better than where she’d been, anywhere was better than that which is why she’d left.

But where was that exactly …

And that’s when she looked in the mirror … and didn’t recognize who was looking back.

It wasn’t one of those oh my god moments, it was way too shocking for that.  She was looking at herself and she wasn’t her. She was someone a lot younger, a bit shorter, long blonde hair with a shine hers had lost a long time ago. And the bathroom … not hers, not even close, just an old tiny bathroom with a cracked mirror, peeling paint and just a general sense that no-one had cleaned it in a while.

What the hell?

Sally turned out the small door into the room beyond. Just a single room … a cheap hotel, ratty curtains, an old bed with a dark haired woman lying on it, her leather micro skirt and corset laying on the floor next to her, her dark skin laying soft against the white sheets …

Oh god … oh god … oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god OH GOD … it wasn’t a DREAM!!

A door … darkness … a slut … her design … it … wasn’t … couldn’t.

It is …

“No!!” Sally whispered. “No not this … not this … I’m out, I’m Out, I’M OUT!!!!”

You’re never out … I AM you.

“No … no you aren’t!!” said Sally.  “I remember … I remember a life … I remember my home … I remem …”

The cell, you remember the table, you remember the lab and the chamber.  You remember the others … their cries, their screams.  You were one … and then you were designed … we were designed …. I was designed

“no … no … ” said sally as the blackness began to flow under her skin covering her inside as it began.  “I’m not you.”

You are … look.

The old TV in the corner came to life unbidden … on the screen a young blonde reporter stood in front of an alleyway, so different in the day but achingly darkly familiar.

“This is Jessica Nive reporting for Channel 2 News. Late last night this woman, Catherine Lloyd was walking to her car after a late night trip to this nearby market. Witnesses say they saw her walking along the sidewalk heading toward her nearby car when she mysteriously disappear. Police have found no clues as to her whereabouts or what might have happened to her.”

A picture of a forty something fairly attractive woman appeared on the screen, her light brown hair in the same conservative hair style.

“if you’ve seen this woman, please contact authorities … ”

She was someone Sally recognized … dimly at first … and then …

Sally whirled and stared at the young oriental whore with the long straight black hair gazing up at her from the bed and confused look on her face.   “Who the fuck is that bitch?” She said, “looks kind of familiar.”

Sally wanted to scream, wanted to run away, wanted to do anything … but the darkness was flowing just under her skin.

You did this … we are a triumph, we are designed …

“She was you,” Sally whispered, the darkness sweeping over her.

“Nah,” the whore said. “You’re shitting me.”

“No,” said Sally, her blonde hair darkening to a midnight black, her clothing dissolving into black silk, only her eyes, blue and clear remaining unchanged.

“I can change you back,” she said, a dark part of her rising up and relishing what was happening. “I can make you remember … ”

Sally reached one snow white hand to touch the whore on her leg … watched her eyes open as she fed the victim her memories, one be one.

“But you don’t want that,” she said raising her leg and sliding her naked pussy over her fuck mate’s clean shaven mound. “You want this … ”

I was amazing … Sally had never been fully aware for this … it was unlike anything she had ever known … a dark slick joy that wiped all other desires aside.

“Tell me whore … what do you want … do you want to be that … or this!!!”

The young woman below her gasped helplessly … her fingers moving to her dark long nipples and pulling furiously … Sally could see the resistance, the realization of who she had been, who she was now … the tears rolled down her face as she began to grind her cunt over Sally’s.

“this … ” she gasped. “Oh god help me … THIS!!!!!”

“Then no more thoughts … just fuck, just fuck … ”

The woman’s yes’s turned into screams as all in her world dissolved into this … being this thing. “YESS … JUST FUCKKKKK!!!!” it screamed.

You did this … I did this … you are this … we are designed.

“We are designed,” the predator screamed. “I am this … !!!”

Yes, you are …

Chapter 3 – A Dark Place

The world was dark. Once there had been light but darkness was by design, perfect and all things. She didn’t know why this was so, it simply was so, it was right.

Beings walked in the light waiting to be dragged into the dark, to be consumed and dominated by it until there was nothing left that sought the light, nothing that even dared remember it.

Slut walked there beside her, the clack of her stiletto heels echoing in the black.   Slut did not glide unnoticed in the inky blackness, slut had been designed to attract notice, to dip deep into the hind mind and draw it inwards. Slut still remembered the light but she just could help but worship the dark and what it had become, could not resist the need to obey even the smallest whim of the hunter. It was as it should be, Slut had been designed that way, designed to attain it’s true form, not the shadow life it had before.

The Predator admired her handiwork with pride, it was her first of her own.   It was, of course, the hunters task to acquire and hunt the target, to stalk and then neutralize. But that was before … that was when the she who had claimed her had directed her, had used her for their own ends. But they had wrought too well … now Predator hunted on her own.

“I am a Triumph, all have said so,” Predator whispered into the dark.

Slut purred in agreement, licking her lips with the memory of how great a triumph had truly been wrought … a triumph sufficient to enslave her to this new form and life … and to love it and relish it despite that knowledge.

Predator felt Slut’s pleasure and was satisfied.

But still, it was a hunter’s existence to hunt, a predator’s existence to prey yet without the controllers, what was worthy prey.

Prey, that was not the concern, it existed in abundance here … drawn by the ghost of avarice, the need to simply own more and more of all that was … except of course anything that mattered. In a way it seemed fitting to come to this place … to shop.

She smiled and felt the darkness flow around her, exchanging her black silk for more common wear, soft but unremarkable wool blends, a matching skirt and jacket covering a non descript white blouse, brown hair pulled back into a severe bun, wire frame glasses and high, but not too high heels. She turned to look at slut who radiated desire with all of her being. Slut was not a hunter, slut could not pretend to be the prey.  Desire was her weapon, her talent, irresistible.

Then again perhaps Slut could be used after all. Changing only Slut’s clothing to something less revealing, a dress which fitted tightly around her form but unable to alter her sensual nature, the hunter turned and entered the light, through the glass doors and into the mall. Slut followed the click of her heels echoing deliciously in the hunter’s soul.

The prey were not many for the hour was late but this made the hunting grounds more favorable, fewer eyes to see, more places for the hunter to do it’s work.

And then the scent, yes … the delicious scent that she had yearned for … the scent of true prey.

When found, the prey were not difficult to detect … an older woman and a younger which bore her features, a younger version of the original.   Both blonde, the older woman taller and more refined, the younger an adult yet young, perhaps the age that her own daughters would have been if she had remained what she had once been.

The hunter’s instincts were drawn to the pair’s accoutrements, the style and refinement of their clothing and the expensive jewelry that they both wore, especially the older prey.

As much as a hunter should despise such considerations, she was now free of the controllers and was force to accept the necessity of maintaining herself and her prey.

Carefully the hunter stalked … patience was the key and the hunter was nothing if not patient. The hunter followed, considering alternatives and possibilities until finally settling upon one that seemed especially delicious.

The looked casually at the Slut.

This is your task Slut …

Slut nodded slightly and the hunt truly began.

Slut slipped in front of the two woman as they slowly walked, chatting amiably among themselves until they reached the entrance to a service way where Slut stood, hands on her exquisite cocked hips, exuding all the sensuality of her design. The two prey stopped, uncertain of how to proceed, vaguely threatened. I could sense them now … feel their confusion and taste their uncertainty as sluts essence washed over them both, confusing their senses and sending conflicting signals to their minds and bodies.

I approached. The two were not optimized for Slut’s talent … the older was feeling scandalized but uncertain as the irresistible musk of Slut’s presence warred with the older prey’s imperfect design. The younger of the two seemed merely concerned not fully registering Slut and her charms.

I was close now to them … close enough for my scent to reach them clearly, close enough that I could see their design glow clear and bright. With great care, sent my essence wafting into the older woman, altering the design … changing directions and perceptions, preferences and cues … cues that instructed the body how it was suppose to react to certain stimuli.

The older woman’s hand reach up to her breast as if in shock … her heart beat increasing as the arousal and desire centers of her mind and body were triggered by stimuli which it had been previously designed to ignore, stimuli that it was now adjusting to accept, stimuli that would respond to Slut’s own essence.

Unaware of her action, the older woman’s legs squeezed together, her hand moving more to her breast than away from it … her breathing deepening … her eyes filled with surprise traveling over areas of Slut’s body that she had never before appreciated further increasing the degree of her reaction.

“Um … Sandra,” said the older woman, unable to unlock her eyes from Slut’s body, “I think that … maybe … ”

“Maybe what bitch,” Slut said in a deeply sensual purr.

“I think … maybe that … we … ” said the older woman as with each breath her sexual identity faded replaced by my design. “Can … can we help you?”  The older blonde finally managed to gasp.

“Mom, are you OK?” The younger prey asked with concern.

“She is fine,” purred Slut giving a frank and appraising look at the younger woman, “you are fine as well, don’t you think?”

The older woman tore her eyes away from Slut to her daughter.   Her eyes widening as they drank in her daughters attractive form … the curve of her breasts, her cleavage … all of the things which made her a woman to be desired.

“Mom!!” The younger prey said with alarm. “What’s going on?”

“She thinks you’re a hot piece of ass, isn’t that right old woman?” Slut taunted. “I bet she’d like to get to know you on more personal terms … but she wants to know me better.”

The young woman glared at Slut and made for an angry retort that stopped in shock as she heard a low groan from her mother as my modifications finally settled into place, as not only the cues that triggered sexual response were altered but the strength and force of those cues multiplied and embedded.

Slut put out her hand, pointing at the older prey with a single perfectly shaped pink fingernail and then seductively motioned for the older woman to come closer. “Come here and kiss me bitch,” Slut said in a way that was both alluring and left no doubt of her expectations.

The younger prey turned to look as her mother hesitantly took a step forward … then another … and then with confused need etched in every pore, slipped into Slut’s arms, grinding her breasts against the young Oriental’s mounds, slipping her tongue deep into Slut’s waiting mouth while Slut’s hands grabbed and kneading the older prey’s ass and pulled her into her kiss.

The young prey watched in horror as her mother lifted her leg, straddling Slut’s and began to slide her now oh so aching slit over Slut’s leg.

“MOM!!  What are you doing?” Her daughter screeched.

“She’s being designed,” the hunter said coming up behind the younger prey, wrapping her arms around it and pulling it close to even as the hunter’s essence drives the prey to watch with fascination. “Your loving mother has been redesigned … as you can see, she’s now a dyke.   Not a lesbian you understand though she is that as well, but a hard core down to the roots of her being, dyke, and you love seeing her this way.”

“No … not I don’t.”  The younger prey stammered as we slid closer to an alcove near the wall.   It was inadequate cover at best, but with only a minimal number of other shoppers and an enclosed environment, my control would be adequate, my influence on the systems around me, both organic and electronic, substantially magnified.

The older prey was now clinging to Slut, desperately bringing her hands over Sluts breasts, feeling her large nipples underneath the tight fabric of her skin tight dress.   “Oh … yes bitch …,” Slut husked. “Is it beginners luck or were you born to be like this?   Just think of what you have been missing … all of those men for all those years when you could have had someone like me.”

“I … ” the older prey stammered as she tried to slip Slut’s dress off her shoulders.  “I … could have had you?”

“Yes, you could have … what do you think daughter … do you think your mother would be better off with me?” Slut asked looking the younger prey in the eye.

Answer … answer her prey … she will do as you ask …

The young woman’s eyes widened as she saw her mother slip the dress off Slut’s shoulders and stare at Slut’s small but perfect breasts in wonder.

“I … I no … no I … she … couldn’t,” the young woman sodded as she watched her mother start to knead the whore’s breasts, pulling and rolling Slut’s nipples as if she had been doing so her entire life.

“I … I could have had you …,” the older woman moaned … ” but I can’t … I’m not … I would never have.”

“But you are,” soothed Slut, her own fingers slipping between the older woman’s legs.   “This is what you have been missing out on your whole life.   What a shame … what a waste, isn’t it?”

The older woman arched her head back as the ecstasy of Slut’s touched ran through her body. “Oh God … Oh God Help me … oh crap … oh yes!!!  Someone help me … she’s FUCKING ME!!”

It’s right, isn’t it … seeing her this way … see how prefect it is … how being this has always been her.   Tell her … tell her what you think.

The young prey leaned back against the hunter, watching her mother grind against Slut … hear her moan as Slut’s tongue played with her nipples as her elegant dress slipped away. Watched as her mother struggled against what she was feeling, watched as she tried to deny what she felt, the new and foreign needs she now possessed.

The hunter was pleased, watching the young prey and her own new desires began to reinforce themselves, as the sheer power of what she was seeing stripped away what she had been layer by hard fought layer.

Is this right?   Is this your mother’s design?

“yes …” the daughter answered with a sob, ‘yes … she’s … she’s so hot … They’re So HOT!!!

“Then tell them …” whispered the hunter.

“Yeah … Yeah that’s it … bite my Mom’s fucking nipple!!! … Fuck those Fingers DEEP Into her cunt” the young woman wept.   “Make her the Cunt Sucking Dyke she was SUPPOSED TO BE … DO IT!!!!”

Slut grinned then set her teeth against the older woman’s hard nipples … slipped her fingers deep into the older woman’s dripping cunt.

“Oh … Oh God … Sandra … WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!!! … Oh Fuck … OH FUCK!!!”  moaned the older woman as her hair begin to lighten … and increase in luster.

“OH FUCK IT MOM!!!” said her daughter as her desires overwhelmed her, the NEED to see this … no … no not just see, DIRECT it.


The older prey screamed with need … begging Slut to take her … to Fuck her always … that she WANTED THIS … had ALWAYS wanted this … begged her to give it to her … all the time with her daughter Sandra telling her what to be … telling her how she wanted her ass fucked … to have Slut fill all her holes over and over again.

The scene devolved into a nearby furniture shop, the staff conveniently having had an urge to be elsewhere and as Slut fucked the now oh so eager older prey, the daughter noticed the slight changes that were occurring, the tightening of the skin, the increasing firmness of the breasts … the subtle changes in her mother’s moans.

Rubbing her own clit furiously in growing frustration, the younger prey looked up at the hunter as she continued to lean back against her.   “Are you changing her … are you changing me?”

“Yes … but I am saving something … you know what it is … what you want,”  said the hunter softly.

“Yes …” she said, “I want … I am like her aren’t I?”

“Possibly,” the hunter replied. “But I will not choose.”

The younger prey considered that for a moment as her mother howled again in ecstasy as she knelt on all fours while Slut finger fucked her cunt and drove her tongue deep into the prey’s ass.

“No … oh god please help me … but yes, I know.”

Gently the hunter laid her hand over the younger prey’s breast, the prey’s clothing falling away, her virgin nipples and clit being pierced with golden studs, the essence arranging itself into a clear blue phallus strapped tightly around the young woman’s waist and firmly against her now pierce clit.   “Is this right?” the hunter whispered as the essence of the young woman continued to rearrange, “Is this what you want?.

“Yes,” the prey whispered, “you know it is.”

She stepped forward as slut reluctantly slipped from behind the moaning older woman.

The older prey noted the absence and opened her eyes, seeing her daughter approach.  “Sandra?” she said a mixture of shock and desire. “What … what are you doing … why did you say all those … god … all of those HOT things!!?”

“Because you’re a whore mom, a cunt licking dyke, and I want so much to be just like you.” the younger prey stammered as she positioned herself behind her mother … “and I will be.”

With those words, the daughter slipped her blue cock deep into her mother’s slick cunt, the older woman thrusting back without conscious thought. “Oh God … ” she moaned … “Oh Fuck .. that’s it Fuck me Sandra … oh please sandy, fuck my pussy … yeah … just like that girlfriend … Oh fuck Sandy, fuck my pussy good!!”

The years fell away from the older woman with each thrust of the phallus, with each stoke her hair lengthened until it fell in long almost white blonde curls around her body.

Her young body fucking far harder than her older frame could have possibly withstood, and with a desire she had never known.  Her moans, morphing into high squeals of delight as her massive breasts swung and slapped underneath her with joy, her eyes turning a muddy brown to match her increasingly browning skin.

The younger victim changed with every pounding stroke as well, if anything becoming slightly older, slightly more mature, her hair growing darker with each stroke, shorter with a tomboy cut as her demands to her partner became more insistent, her girlfriend responding with eagerness to every command, bucking beneath the woman she had become.

Somewhere deep inside, a part of her remembered, remembered as even as her skin became pale white, her nails black, her lips crimson red and the spiked collar, black leather of her corset and sheer stockings enshrouded her body.   She remembered that she had chosen this, that she had chosen this for the fuck toy she owned … that there had been another time when she wasn’t as she was … that she had chose …  and she reveled in that knowledge with all the passion in her soul.

It was simply right.

Chapter 4 – Protective Custody

The screen came to life with haunting clarity, a young reporters image looked back, her visage of concerned professionalism, well crafted, looking out to the world.  
“This is Jessica Nive of Channel 2 news reporting from the Cross County Mall where another mysterious disappearance apparently occurred last evening. In this case the apparent victims were Victoria Summerland and her adult daughter Sandra. Both mother and daughter were well known for their work with charitable causes were last seen walking through the public areas of the mall shopping to all reports.  However, somewhere inside, or on their way to their car here in the parking lot, something happened which seems to have left local police baffled. Apparently no evidence has been recovered, no security video records or personal observations appear to have witnessed the event. While police have not confirmed this, it appears to this reporter that there is perhaps a link between these disappearances and that of local housewife, Catherine Lloyd several nights ago. This is Jessica Nive, Channel Two news, reporting from the Cross County Mall.”


She look out at the screen from the blackness of the room corner.  Her long red nails and lips contrasting with her pale white skin, striking blue eyes and midnight black hair.

Her situation had changed markedly over the past few days. While she hadn’t felt the need to hunt during this time, inside she somehow knew her lair was unsuitable, that it would be found and she, the hunter, would be hunted.  She had needed room, she had needed space and so she had obtained it from a local realtor, a successful woman whom she had left unchanged save for her unquenchable desire for the hunter, a desire which she would do anything to fulfill. Anything had included the hunters lair, a modest but comfortable house with acreage to provide a buffer for the curious eyes of the world. Others had helped of course.

She looked across the room watching Dom slowly teach her bound slave with a feather, causing the platinum haired beauty to squeal into her gag and writhe on the floor.  In truth, the two had once had unfinished lives as the very women the reporter was discussing… the mother and daughter now completely unrecognizable… not even realizing that they had ever been the two women who’s pictures were plastered on the screen.  The roles were reversed here, the slightly now older daughter controlling her now younger mother as both learned and relished their roles in lives now being fulfilled.Slut entered the room in one of her provocative outfits which left nothing to one’s imagination. Unlike the other sluts, she did remember her former life, did remember her image as the picture faded from view… she remembered but she had been engineered not to care for she was fulfilled now and had chosen this life as her own.

Wearing spiked heels, she strode across the room exuding irresistible sensuality and confidence … a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and who knew she was going to get it.

Slut handed the hunter a stemmed glass filled with an nice white wine and then knelt on the floor resting her long straight black hair over the hunters leg.   “Do you feel the urge?” she said softly.

“Yes,” the hunter replied.  “It comes upon me again.”

“They will be looking for us … all of us,” said Slut as she laid her head upon the hunter.

“Yes,” said the hunter in reply, “but they are prey.”

“Yes,” slut said in a deeply satisfied voice, “they are prey.  And our others?”

The hunter looked once again to Dom and Toy as Toy’s struggles became increasingly frantic.

“They are learning, they are learning as you are,” the hunter replied.

“Yes,” Slut sighed with a look of contentment. “I love learning … and I love what comes after it.”

“Yes,” the hunter replied.  “You are designed that way.”


Eventually the urge had been too strong to resist and the hunter had departed leaving her sisters behind to grow and bind ever deeper into the darkness where she had led them.  Alone she could move more quickly, with more stealth, and tonight, stealth was essential.  Even as she flit from shadow to deep shadow, she could easily sense the presence of those who hunted her without knowing what they were hunting for.  They would not find her, even if they should see her, they would not know what they had found.With that thought, the hunter’s form shifted from darkness to darkness, long brown hair in a pony tail as she jogged along the park trail, her running shoes crunching softly on the gravel beneath her feet, her T and running pants breathing against her tight young body.

Brief memories flashed through the hunter’s mind but were easily pushed aside.  What had been was the past, she had been incomplete, now she was something far different.

Occasionally she caught visual glimpses of the hunters, normally in vehicles but on occasion of bicycles or on foot.  Yes, where prey felt threatened they would band together and send their specially trained protectors out into the world to subdue the danger.   But trained or not, protectors of not, they were still prey.

She sensed she was close, the essence of her natural prey, their essence calling to her.   She did not know why the prey called to her, she only knew that they called, she only knew that she must hunt them.She choose her route among the paths and turning the corner, saw two of the protectors walking along the same path and recognized her prey.

For a moment a pang of fear entered her being, a part of her becoming aware and struggling to find a voice.  But it was hopeless, she was designed, there was no Sally or hunter, they simply were one and what they were was need.

Even so, the hunter recognized the danger, her prey was one of the protectors and that carried risks … discovery, the light shown down upon the hunter, the prey were weak, but they were many.  Given the chance, the prey could overcome the hunter just as these two were trained to do.

She gradually slowed somewhat, breathing hard and eventually coming to a halt on the path as the two protectors approached.   Stratagems and ploys flowed through the hunter’s processing center at lightning speed.  Only one of the prey had attracted her, had marked itself as it’s needed prey, but how to separate the two, take the one and leave the other behind with no evidence of what had transpired, what had happened.   Such an approach entailed risk, danger and the combination of random circumstances which could not easily be controlled.  There was another way … perhaps a better way, but it would need to be done carefully.

“Miss” said her not-prey in a masculine voice.  “It’s a bit late to be out here and … well for your own safety you might consider heading home for now.”

She looked up with a polite smile, the sweat lightly staining her clothes with moisture. “I’m just out for a run, I run here all the time.”

“I’m sure you do miss,” said the man as he approached, the prey close to one side and behind. “But some strange things have been happening and it’s probably for the best that you stay away from places like this after dark for a while.”

The hunter could sense their essences now, feel them being drawn in, compiled and analyzed until what they were seemed nothing more than a blueprint, a construct of light in the hunters mind.  The hunter was designed after all.

The male was, of course, completely unsuitable.   Males were far harder to deal with and while the hunter had needed to do so in the past, it had never been as a target, only obstacles in the path to render inert.  Treating this situation in that way would create certain difficulties.   A body would be difficult to adequately disappear with no trace which could be identified, it would expose the hunter to risk as well as to revelation should the not-my-prey survive in some state.   No … there was a better way even though it required the hunter to expend considerable resources in the effort.

You are not to be detected … detection is forbidden.

She put her hands on her knees, pretended to be simply a winded runner as the not-my-prey and the prey approached. The hunter would need all of it’s strength.

Gathering together it’s essence, the hunter began to inter-splice herself into what were now her prey.  The darkness etched within, now slipping it’s way past the light, replacing it bit by bit, focusing most of its efficacy on the more challenging not-prey.

“Alright officer, just let me catch my breath,” she said with a clean smile as she watched her essence infiltrate the male.

“That’s alright miss, it’s for your … ”

The man hesitated in mid stride,  his thoughts become fuzzy, his partner looking on with concern.

“You ok Rob? the female prey said in a cautious tone, her eyes never leaving the hunter.

“Yeah,” responded Rob with a slightly higher pitched voice.  “I just feel, a little weird.”

The man put one hand over his face, revealing the slightly smoother texture and lines of the appendage, the nails gaining a slightly different curve and shape.

The hunter looked down, still breathing hard as she warped and twisted what the man was as forcefully as she could, it was necessary to alter his design, make him prey worthy of the hunter.  It was dangerous … it required so much of her and if the woman-prey detected the hunter’s involvement, it might well be able to react and hunt the hunter successfully.  There were ways to forestall that however.

“I feel weird too,” the hunter said in a wondering voice, placing her hand on her own head and swaying slightly on uncertain legs as she directed what she could spare to the woman-prey, darkness with a single purpose … to seek out and destroy the prey’s thoughts.

The man-becoming prey tried to rise, his strong masculine face and dark hair softening and reshaping, his own dark skin slowly darkening further.  The confusion was in his eyes, as was its pain as the very fabric of his bone structure was torn apart and rebuilt.

The woman-protector looked uncertain, her eyes shifting to the hunter as the hunter’s hair began to slowly darken and shorten, her own bone structure subtly changing in time with the male-prey’s.

“What the fuck is going on!!” the woman-prey said trying to force her thoughts into order. “Oh my god … what’s happening to you two …”

The hunter tasted the prey’s sudden fear as it scanned it’s vicinity for threats, for any indication of the source of the events happening before her eyes.  “Rob … what the fuck??!!”

Rob looked up at the woman prey, his face molding as if it were clay, his chest already straining against the confines of his uniform.  “I … I don’t know Alice,” he replied in a husky but unmistakably feminine voice. “I … feel all weird … and everything sounds so strange … my thoughts … they’re … strange?”

The woman prey looked at her partner with widening eyes, that terrified look of prey in those first moments when it understands it is truly being hunted.  “My god Rob … what’s happening to your hair!!?” she managed to choke out as her own vocal chords began their own unique transformation, becoming duskier and deeper. “Of fuck, Oh FUCK … it’s … like … so hard to think!!   I … I remembers fuckin’   I mean fuckin’ all sorts of pussy!! I means I’m likes this rug munchin’ Machine!!  But … Oh gawd … it’s not me!!!”

Rob looked up as if noticing his longer dark curly hair for the first time, how it now was almost sculpted below his shoulders.    He raised his hand to touch it, maybe just to see if it was real and noticed his hand, noticeably feminine with nails shaping and lengthening … even taking on a deep red tone. “Oh my god Alley,  Gawd you are so right!!!  What’s happenin’ to us … I like have these thoughts … about fucking … but … BUT IT’S NOT ME!!!   I’M SOMETHING ELSE !!!! OH GOD ALICE … CALL THIS IN … IT’S HAPPENING TO US … !!!” the now-mostly-woman prey screamed in her dusky voice.

Alice simply stared at her partner for a few moments as the buttons on the increasingly dusky man-woman’s uniform began to pop as the beginnings of some truly massive breasts forced the shirt open. Alice’s thoughts were muddled, not focused  and a bit mushy.  This was all just so strange.   She remembered Rob … but he wasn’t … I mean all you had to do was look at her to see that she’d never been a Rob … I mean guys just didn’t look like that did they?  But she knew what Robin was talking about … I mean just looking at her heaving breasts busting out of that uniform was enough to make a girl cream her pants!!!

Still … she should probably do something.   After all … she could tell that Robin was upset and they were like, partners you know and like … well Robin had a wife … no … that couldn’t be right, maybe it was her girlfriend, or maybe just one of her whores she was shacked up.  No … everything was just so confusing …  but she should really call it in, maybe then someone could tell her what to do.

She reached to her belt to grab her walkie, grasped it and pulled it up to her face and looked at it strangely for a moment.  What was she doing with pink nails holding on to a big pink dildo.   And what was like wrong with her hands, I mean … she might break a nail or something and her skin was like so awesomely tan and where’d all that bottle blonde hair falling down over her face come from, and why the fuck were the buttons on her uniform like popping out. It was like totally bogus that she wearing something so teensee anyway, it was a wonder that fucking tennie bra was still holding up, after all her breasts were gi-normous.

No, this is wrong … you’re a cop … this isn’t right … this is why we can’t find the others … THIS happened to them!!!

The one single thought rose to the surface and Alley thought about it for a moment.   But fuck, she wasn’t a cop, what cop would be caught dead in thigh high pink boots, a bright shiny pink corset that just exposed her thick pink nipples and nothing, absolutely nothing in between.  And what the the prob anyways, she looked hot and fuckable just like always.  Sides fucking was her job and if there was one things she was sure of, one thought that emerged crystal clear from the confused mush of her thought … she did love her job!!

Alley glanced over at Robin with a quick sultry grin and saw the gorgeous black whore looking at her with eyes which were pure white rimmed with terror set in a absolutely irresistible face of ebony black that even a fucking Cleopatra would envy.   “Like what you see whore?” Alley smirked with a inviting grin as she casually twirled the pink dildo in her hands. “I’ve got things to do to you with this once we turn enough tricks to pay the bills like.”

“No, Alice,” Robin whispered answered as she began to rise, her enormous breasts making it hard for her to balance herself.   “This is all wrong … ” she plead.   “We need help.”

The changed man prey looked with helpless eyes towards the hunter who now gazed on the changed prey with eager hungry eyes. “How exactly do you want to be helped?” the hunter cooed suggestively.

The once man prey looked at both of the women now standing around her, her uniform melting away to be replaced with a red shiny version of her partner’s garb, her nails and lips deep bright red set against her ebony visage, the one remnant of her manhood, a tall proud ebony cock sprouting from her in every other way completely feminine form.   “I’m … what am I?”  she gasped in horror.

“Whatcha mean Robby,” said Alley as she approached.  “You’re like the perfect woman.”

Just think,” she purred and she pressed her breasts against her counterparts, the pink, white, black and red merging together as she ground herself into her uncertain partner. “All the right equipment for a hard working girl like me … and what you have like between your legs … like the ultimate strap on right? Besides,” she said going down into a throaty whisper as she wrapped her pink nailed hand around the former man-prey’s cock and began to slowly stroke “You like never get soft for me do you sweetie?”

“This is wrong …” moaned Robin as pre-cum began to leak from her pulsing cock. “we gotta call for back up Alley we just have to … ”

“Backup’s here,” whispered the hunter into the former man-prey’s ear as she sank down behind her most difficult design.  She spread the black woman’s ass cheeks and rimmed the confused woman’s asshole. “You don’t have a cunt baby, so I bet you like it right here.”

Spitting on the moaning woman’s asshole for lubrication, the hunter worked one finger, then two into it’s asshole while her partner continued to stoke her massive cock with ever quickening rhythm.

“Oh … oh … OH YEAH,”  Robin finally moaned as her thoughts of her life before abandoned her, as she slipped further and further into her whore’s existence … “Oh YEAH … Oh PLEASE … JUST LIKE THAT … YEAH … OH Please … I NEED to BE FUCKED … !!!!”

The hunter twisted her fingers deep inside the moaning shemale, licking it’s balls as the final adjustments took place … directions which would achieve the hunter’s purpose.

“You gonna owe me for this Robbkins, once we both fucked you good and long … how much you think that is worth … ” cooed Robin’s partner as she looked deep into the former cop’s eyes.

The shemale looked back desperately, what she had been trying to remain but failing … beginning that long slide into nothingness …

“nothing,” she half whispered and moaned.  “alley … you know you’re white ass can have me anytime … ”

“That’s right,” smirked her partner.  “I knew it like the first time I wrapped my lips around that cock … you were going to be my bitch … ”


“Dammed straight,” the bottle blonde slut smirked.  “You belong to the One … the ONLY … ALLEY CAT!!!, now come on slut, CUM!!!”

“YES” screamed Red Light Robin as her massive member jerked and twitched, sending white semen all over Alley Cat’s creamed white breasts.  “OH FUCK … YES!!!!”

The larger black woman shuddered above the hunter as the last memories of her former life were locked down or eliminated one by one.   She had not been true prey this evening but she was now suitable to be prey, one that the Hunter could claim if she so wished.  And yes there was a body, but one that would walk out of here, on to a street corner, never recognizable to anyone as anything other than what she was, a high priced whore with special talents.  It wouldn’t be the kind of body anyone would ever look for … and that made Red Light Robin a good investment for the weary hunter.

The hunter rose, watching as the two prey attempted to kiss over their massive breasts, their lips not quite touching as their tongues sought out the others.  It has been a near thing, it had taken all that she had been, all that she had learned to successfully mark and take her quarry.  No other hunter to her knowledge had ever even attempted such a thing but even so, it had been such a near thing when the woman-prey had reached for her communications device to summon aid … when the hunter had needed to leave her first victim incomplete to deal with her intended target.   Still, seeing the dark within them both, hearing their thoughts of only lust and more lust, it was difficult not to be proud of what she had accomplished and even incomplete success, in this case, had led to an interesting and useful result.   Certainly the two former partners in law enforcement seemed to heartily agree.

Finally the Alley Cat stepped back from her embrace and gave Red Light’s cock an affectionate tap.   “Now, go on sweetie and make me some money OK? I like have other things that needs to do.”

The shemale hung her head, gave one mournful look to Alley, perhaps still feeling that something had gone wrong somewhere, but soon she had grabbed her nearby coat, covered herself and began tottering off towards her corner, the location of the hunter’s old run down lair now embedded as the new shemale’s home.

“So, like, wanna spend a little quality time together,” said the Alley Cat in a playfully sweet tone.

“No charge?”  said the hunter wearily.

“Course not … you’re always no charge mistress, anyway … I love being yours.”  Alley cocked her head and smiled.

“Love fucking me you mean.” the hunter finished

“Yeah, that too,” said the bottle blonde whore as she approached and wrapped her arm around the exhausted hunter.  “That and more babe … like my pussy … all of me … it’s yours … it’s just supposed to be that way.”

Yes, she was indeed a triumph.