Feature Writer: Longhunter


Published: 23.06.2016

Story Codes: Young Ones, Pedo Mom

Synopsis: With his brother away, his wife invites Jimmy into her bed that share shares with her young ones.

Author’s Notes: I did live with my brother/wife and niece. My niece was very sexual towards me and did not wear clothes very often when I was there. She would often come into my place, which was an apt attached to the house completely naked. These were fantasies of mine…

Jimmy comes home

Jimmy had stayed away from his young nieces for the past two years, hoping that he could get control of his perverse lusts. He did not know what to expect when he arrived at his brothers place. It was possible that he would be busted by his sister-in-law, Lexi, for his past transgressions – he had no idea what she knew. He was actually both nervous and excited about the situation. Lexi had asked him to come and stay for a while now that his brother, Danny, was deployed for the 3rd time in Afghanistan.

Danny was in the special forces and was on his Third deployment and he probably would be gone for at least six months. Jimmy had just sold his last software start up and was between jobs. He had made several million dollars in this last start up so he really did not need to work again, but he was very driven and expected to be back at work in a few months. However, he was certainly excited about seeing Lexi and her daughters.

Lexi said she needed help with their newest baby, Ashley, who had just turned 6 months old. Lexi and Danny now had three girls — Lacey who was five, Gretchen who was two and Ashley who was a surprise pregnancy. Jimmy was always amazed at how Lexi kept her boyish figure and good looks. She still looked like a teenager in the latest Facebook pics he saw. She was just a waif with small tits and beautiful smile. In the past, she was a bit of a flirt and Jimmy was always infatuated with her — and Lexi played this to her advantage.

Jimmy had lived with Lexi and Danny for the first three years of Lacey’s life as he was coding for the start up he just sold. This is where his nervousness and excitement actually came from. He lived in a small studio next to the main house and had baby sat Lacey for about four hours a day to cover his rent. They lived on five acres and had a lot of privacy. At the time, Lexi allowed Lacey to run around naked about half the time. Jimmy would have never guessed that he would get turned on by someone as young as Lacey. But she was very cute with a little mop of blond hair and a big smile on her face.

He definitely had a thing for girls from ages five to ten and had actually gotten sexual with a couple of nieces when he was a young teenager. So far, none of the nieces had said anything and they were very friendly to him at family gatherings. He still worried about word leaking out though. However, he figured the situation with Lacey was actually perfect. She would have no memory of his actions on her. He knew he would be helping watch Lacey for at least a couple of years and he could get out his pedo urges on her with none the wiser.

So, he started out by being a loving babysitter to Lacey. He took baths with her made her trust him. He kissed her a lot and would put his tongue in her mouth. He would rub her over his body during bath time, sliding her over his hard cock. Then he progressed to kissing her little body, and then licking her little pussy and ass. He would feed his cock into her little toothless mouth and cum on her body and in her mouth. As she grew older he taught her to really enjoy playing with and licking his cock.

He bought a little vibrator to give her pleasure, but never entered it too far into her vagina. She would giggle with delight as he ate her little pussy and asshole. Another highlight was straddling her on his rock hard seven inch, thick cock. He found the compulsion to put his cock inside her to be almost overwhelming, but he was always able to resist.

As luck would have it, he also agreed to watch another toddler off and on. Her name was Jessica and she was the cutest little redhead ever. He let his imagination and actions run wild with these two little girls. He would lay back with one straddling his cock while eating the other. It was so awesome. It was amazing how they both loved getting the vibrator on their clits while he licked them and spilled his cum into their eager mouths.

He had a raging hard on as he drove up to the house thinking about these memories. Would Lacey remember him? Would she be excited to see him or fearful? Would he be able to get Gretchen alone and play with her like he once did with Lacey? He figured Lacey was off limits now that she was 5, but it was also possible that he would simply find her irresistible. He pulled into the driveway and arranged his hard cock so it would not be so obvious.

And then he saw Lacey and his heart stopped.

She was flying out the front door yelling “Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Jimmy” with great delight.

She was wearing the cutest little sun dress and her golden hair was flying. He swept her up in his arms and she kissed him right on the lips, almost a little too long and her lips were not totally shut. Then Lexi came out holding Gretchen with a beaming smile. Lexi looked as amazing as ever! She was wearing yoga pants and a yellow halter top.

“Jimmy, I am so glad you’ve come. I need you more than ever to help with my girls because I’m barely keeping my head above water.”

She hugged Jimmy tightly with one arm as the other held Gretchen.

“Gretchen, meet your uncle Jimmy – you are going to love him. He treats princesses like you very special and loves little girls.”

As she said this she winked at Jimmy and he didn’t know quite what to make of it.

“Jimmy, come inside and meet Ashley who is asleep right now.”

“I have dinner ready and the girls will be going to bed soon. The studio is all cleaned up and ready for you and I will see you in a few minutes.”

The studio was just as Jimmy remembered. He took it all in with a smile. Lacey had followed Jimmy into the studio as he started unpacking.

“Do you remember me Uncle Jimmy?”

Jimmy replied, “I could never forget you honey – do you remember me?”

Lacey’s face colored and her eyes lost focus.

“I remember a little.”

This caught Jimmy off guard a bit, but then she smiled and exclaimed, “Do you like my dress?.”

She twirled around exposing her little panties that were pink with little red flowers on them. Her left butt cheek was completely exposed and Jimmy’s cock was once again rock hard. He sat down on his small bed and Lacey came up to him with a look of concern.

“Are you OK, Uncle Jimmy?”

Jimmy drew her close to him and let his hand slide down onto her ass and gently stroked i.

“I am just perfect now because I am with you.”

She smiled and he hugged her tightly and told her to wait a minute while he changed clothes behind the divider screen. He closed his eyes thinking of Lacey as he lifted off his shirt and peeled off his pants and underwear. When he opened them, Lacey was peeking behind the screen, staring at his hard cock.

“Lexi, I told you to stay over there.”

Lexi laughed and said, “Well I’ve missed you and wanted to see you.”

“Well, just give me a minute,” stammered Jeff.

Lacey ran back to the main house laughing. Jeff thought this was an absolute crazy start to his visit. He had planned on taking things slow, but now Lacey had already seen his cock and he had fondled her bottom.

After a very nice dinner, Lexi and Jimmy were relaxing in the living room while she breast fed Ashley. Both Ashley and Gretchen were naked, which was typical for Lexi’s household. Jimmy was really struggling keeping his cock under control. Although he preferred girls over adult women, seeing Lexi’s breast out feed her baby was also a huge turn on. On top of that, watching Lacey in her sun dress playing with her naked little sister was driving him crazy.

Lexi seemed to notice and asked, “Everything OK?”

Jimmy said, “Sure, I just haven’t been around girls much lately. I spend most of my time on computers and if I’m not doing that I’m a huge gamer.”

“That is so sad Jimmy because you are so handsome and any girl would love to have you.”

Jimmy flushed and did not know how to respond.

But Lexi went on, “Plus you are now a millionaire. So you are handsome, with a great body, rich and love girls. I’m surprised you have not hooked up yet.”

Jimmy looked at her and said, “I’ve never found a girl like you Lexi and I mean that. You are my ideal.”

It was Lexi’s turn to blush. She turned to her girls and said, “OK time for bed.”

Lexi put the girls to bed and came back for some wine with Jimmy. They talked about everything, including Danny.

“You must really miss Danny!” Jimmy exclaimed.

Lexi looked down and after thinking about it a minute.

“Not really.”

She went on, “We were having major problems and it’s good that we have six months apart.”

This surprised Jimmy quite a bit. Lexi grabbed his hand before he could say anything else.

“Come on, let’s make sure the girls are sleeping.”

They went to Lacey’s room and she was sprawled out on top of her bed. She was wearing a little t shirt with no underwear. Her little pussy was in plain view and Jimmy stood transfixed. Her little pussy lips were so tantalizing. She looked so innocent.

In a husky voice Lexi asked, “Do you like what you see?”

Jimmy was shocked out of his stupor looked up into Lexi’s eyes.

“Was it that obvious he thought?”

“What do you mean Lexi?”

Then Lexi nearly shouted at him, “Seriously Jimmy, get real. You know Lacey’s little pussy turns you on. Admit it.”

Jimmy thought, “Oh my god, I am truly fucked now”.

But before he could answer Lexi said, “Follow me.”

They went into Lexi’s bedroom. Little Gretchen was asleep on Lexi’s bed, totally naked.

“Oh you like that little pussy too, Jimmy?”

She then told him, “Sit down here.”

Lexi interrupted him as he denied being attracted to Lacey and Gretchen. He sat down in front of their computer and Lexi stared hard at him.

“You know, when you lived here I was not sure I could trust you. I wanted to put you under surveillance, but your brother disagreed.”

She went on, “But I went behind Danny’s back and installed cameras in your studio. Do you have any idea what I saw?”

Jimmy kept thinking, “This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening.”

He wanted to bolt out of there, but Lexi stared him down and he was petrified.

She reached over to flip on the screen. Jimmy could see there were hundreds of video files in the a directory called, “Jimmy Time.”

Jimmy’s face was white as Lexi clicked on a video. He could see that it was taken from the studio. Soon Lacey was running naked into the picture, laughing as usual. She was probably no more than two years of age. Then Jimmy saw himself come into the frame, naked with a raging hard on. He swept little Lacey up and lifted her vagina to his mouth and started licking her as she squealed with pleasure. Then he slid down to straddle his cock. Strangely, Jimmy was actually turned on by what he saw. He was terribly ashamed, yet his cock was hard.

Then Lexi fired up another video that had Jimmy cumming all over Lacey and Jessica, the cute little redhead..He was able to get Jessica to take the head of his cock in her mouth. They were literally both eating his cum. He had forgotten about that. It had taken him a long time to get the girls to enjoy the taste of his cum. He always gave them candy afterward as a reward.

“Look at me Jimmy”.

Jimmy could barely bring himself to raise his head.

“Look at me in the eyes, Jimmy!”

He raised his head with his lip quivering.

“When I first saw these videos I was going to call the cops right away, I was enraged. But then something stirred within me.”

“The more I watched you with Lacey, the more turned on I got. I could not stop myself and soon found myself also licking my own daughter’s pussy.”

“After you left, I continued on with her. She loves being eaten by me and she also loves tasting my pussy.”

To say Jimmy was dumbfounded was a massive understatement. He could barely move. He had gone from being scared shit-less to totally turned on by Lexi’s words in a matter of seconds.

“This is the main source of strain in my marriage with your brother. I let Danny know that I wanted us to be sexual with our girls and he had a shit fit. I was very glad that he had to go away on an emergency deployment.”

Jimmy whispered, “I’m really speechless and do not know what to say”.

Lexi started pulling down her yoga pants and ripping off her halter top.

“You don’t have to say a word. I want you to take off your clothes and starting eating out Gretchen. I want you to cum on her body and in her mouth and I will be licking up your cum. I have been dreaming about this for a long time and we are going to have some fun with all my daughters over the next few months …”

Lexi was now completely naked before him and her body was more beautiful and childlike than he had imagined. Her small, firm tits were larger now because she was still breastfeeding Ashley and Gretchen. Her bald pussy looked perfect and Jimmy found himself smiling.

“You are simply stunning and I still do not know how to process all of this. I’ve gone from my worst nightmare to my most perverted, taboo fantasy.”

“What fantasy is that Jimmy?”

“To be with a pedo mom like you … It’s my biggest fantasy and I thought it could never happen. I have also dreamed about being with you for years, but nothing like this. I did not think you would be my dream-come-true pedo mom!”

Lexi stepped over and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Well, we have something in common … I have also fantasized about you for years now. I so badly wanted to share you with my girls, but the timing was not right for your return. I needed you here alone.”

Jimmy’s shirt fell to the floor as she unzipped his pants. His cock was already hard and sprung out as his pants slid to the floor.

“It’s so much nicer to see your spectacular cock in person. And of course, to feel it …”

She wrapped her hand around it and squeezed tightly while dropping to her knees. She smiled mischievously and kissed his cock, lightly running her tongue around the tip before engulfing the entire head into her mouth. Still locking eyes, she moved up into his arms and kissed him on the mouth.

“Now let’s go play with Gretchen, shall we?”

They looked over and to their surprise; little Gretchen was awake and she was looking at them with a little smile on her lips. They approached her and it was clear from her mumbles and outstretched hands that Gretchen wanted some of mommy’s milk.

“I want to give Gretchen a real treat Jimmy. I’m going to feed her while you eat her little pussy and ass.”

“Can I eat you too Lexi?”

“Well of course. That goes without saying.” She laughed.

They moved over to the bed and Jimmy saw that baby Ashley was actually sleeping on it. It was a huge bed and he had missed her.

“Hey Jimmy, I’m going to lay down with Gretchen and start feeding her. Will you put Ashley in her crib? Of course, please rub your cock on her body and face before you tuck her in.”

Jimmy complied and started gently rubbing his throbbing cock all over Ashley’s tiny body. He let it linger over her soft skin, feeling her warmth on the underside of his cock, and the sudden tightness and pressure on his cock head when he pushed himself firmer against her. He looked so big and hard with his entire length lying against her small sleeping body.

He couldn’t help put gently place his now leaking cock tip against her sweet little check, so close to those delicious cherub lips. Ashley slept through all of it. Lexi was now breast feeding Gretchen and Gretchen was staring wide eyed as he rubbed his cock all over her sleeping little sister. But Jimmy was eager to start on some toddler and mommy pussy, so he gently picked up Ashley and delicately moved her to her crib.

Gretchen was nursing, but her mom had moved her body and was lewdly spread her little legs apart for Jimmy to see. Lexi stared into his eyes, her face a lust filled mask while lazily rubbing her daughter’s pussy with one hand and holding her tiny head tight against her nipple to feed with the other.

Jimmy shuddered a little at the site – this was the most erotic and taboo thing he had ever witnessed. His mind reeled with possibilities — they were just getting started on the festivities …

Jimmy almost leapt over to the bed and moved in to gently start kissing Gretchen’s belly and then slowly down to the top of her little pussy. Her skin was baby soft under his tongue and his cock twitched as he tasted her, his tongue now set to explore her tiniest little holes. His mouth watered while his tongue began feasting in between those chubby little legs licking both her pussy and asshole with abandon.

Little Gretchen was actually moving her hips a little and clearly enjoying the feeling of Jimmy’s wet tongue now flicking over her most sensitive bits. Lexi continued to breast feed Gretchen, while her eyes devoured the lewd and taboo site just inches away. She found herself holding her breath while watching this adult man taste and savor her baby girl.

“She loves it Jimmy, I knew she would.”

This prompted Jimmy to move down to Lexi’s pussy. His expert tongue eagerly flicked her clitoris and then he was tonguing her deeply. Lexi’s hand moved back to her daughter’s tiny baby clit, and on hearing her daughter coo softly around her nipple at the touch her pussy flooded even more onto Jimmy’s probing tongue. They went on like this for minutes, everyone in a state of erotic, taboo euphoria. Lexi was moaning like a cat in heat, her delight from Jimmy’s tongue almost as much as the wanton site of his entire mouth over her baby’s pussy mound. It was too much for her — she needed her release so bad.

“Eat my ass Jimmy, eat my ass.”

Jimmy worked his way around the inside of Lexi’s cheeks, then the outside of her anus, taking his time and teasing her.

“I want every inch of your tongue up my asshole now mister!”

Jimmy loved being commanded like this and he spread her cheeks as far as he could, watching her little asshole twitch as he tease it with the tip of his tongue, then with a moan he thrust his tongue deep within her asshole. He started tongue fucking her anus, slamming it deeper and deeper. His nose was moving in and out of her sopping pussy while his tongue feasted on her asshole. Lexi had her first orgasm of the night grinding and pushing against his tongue and Jimmy’s face was covered in her juices.

“I want your cock inside me now Jimmy! Now!” He moved up facing mother and daughter and Lexi started licking his wet face as he penetrated her.

“Feed my daughter my pussy and ass juices.”

She commanded in a stern husky voice. The tone of her taboo command shook Jimmy to the core and he could only smile as he bent his head down and started kissing Gretchen on her plump cheeks. His soft kisses become harder as he found her soft pink lips, pushing them from suckling at Lexi’s leaking nipple. He darted his tongue inside her tiny mouth as her mother’s pussy juices dribbled onto her little smiling face and mixed with the still-leaking milk from her mother’s tit. The taboo feelings were overwhelming him and he put his tongue deeper into Gretchen’s little mouth, tasting milk and the bay’s tongue swirling around his own. Lexi watched on in complete amazement, her body electric with excitement.

“Oh Jimmy, oh god, feed her … your cock.”

As the words tumbled out of her mouth, Lexi’s entire body arched and she screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed again, her hips thrusting up off the bed.

Jimmy was nearing the most intense orgasm of his life. He moved up and grasped his raging cock in one hand. He had never seen it so hard before and couldn’t remember if he had even been so desperate to cum as he was now, with the site of mother and daughter spread out in front of him. His head was spinning as he aimed his cock at Lexi’s baby and while she watched he began to rub it on Gretchen’s body, leaving a trail of precum, then on to her face and lips. Right next to her mother’s face — now twisted in wanton ecstasy. So close to her own lips she could see her baby’s mouth purse open, about to taste real cock for the very first time.

Gretchen was smiling and she stuck out her petite tongue to lick his cock. She had clearly been trained, her tongue soft yet licking up and down against the underside of Jimmy’s pulsing cock. It looked massive next to her miniature tongue and lips. His hips bucked forward involuntarily and he was able to get part of his head inside her little mouth. Lexi stared into his eyes,

“She is used to this Jimmy. I use a dildo all the time and share my cunt juices with all my daughters. They just have not had the real thing yet.”

Lexi grabbed his shaft and guided his head to her own mouth and then moved his cock back to her toddler daughter’s mouth. She rubbed his shaft, still wet with her own juices on Gretchen’s face. Then Lexi greedily took his cock back into her own mouth. Jimmy could not believe it, but Gretchen was actually smiling and rubbing her own little puffy pussy. The sight pushed him over the edge and he felt his pedo cock start exploding into Lexi’s mouth. Lexi squeezed him hard with her hand and quickly moved his still ejaculating cock over to her baby daughter’s lips. Spurt after spurt of hot cum gushed out of Jimmy’s cock, his moans and Lexi’s filling the room as stringy sperm coated Gretchen’s face and neck.

The still smiling baby’s face was drenched in cum as she still tried to suck on the cock tip when Lexi leaned over and started kissing his cock with her daughter. Cum still dripping out of her baby’s mouth the naughty mommy plunged her cum soaked tongue in between her sweet little lips and into her daughter’s mouth. Completely spent, Jimmy leaned down and joined them, his tongue entwined with Lexi’s as they shared his cum together with her daughter.