Feature Writer: Nada Bit /
Feature Title: Saintly Mother 2 /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemy, Young, Lesbian, Zoo, Clit Enlargement, Scat /

Synopsis: A story about a convent of nasty nuns /
Author’s Note: I am basically lost in lust filth /
Note from XP: Thanks Nada for sending me your story. I hope you will continue /


Saintly Mother

Chapter Two

The Saintly Mother often has to chastise the cunt biters. Many of the culprits were repeat offenders. They bit nipples and cunt meat so hard at times blood would appear during the screaming of some young nun in the middle of the night. It was always the same as they begged for mercy with Cheshire cat smiles on their bent heads in total obedience.

Child we have sent you the dungeon over and over and your firm white ass and moist young cunt are bruised horribly, so what can i do to stop your hurting nipples and cunts anymore? I am so sorry mother just not the kennels again. You always seem much more docile when you have served time in the kennels dear.

The small smile widens as she murmurs yes Mother it is so brutal out there for six months and my lecherous treatment of other nuns does lessen, but please not another six months again. Your behavior causes me concern so maybe six months of kennel service does not teach you well.

The biting young nun tried to contain her inner joy as she begged not the big kennel, again with the largest dogs. Seven huge breeding dogs. It must happen child as the clasp that held the firm collar around her slim neck was closed for the fourth time in her four years at the convent. The Mother ordered stripped for her penance as cothe was valuable and her small dainty frame belied what she did to other nuns.

She barely had any titties other than purple bulbs protruding horrendously and hard in anticipation of her plight. Her small mons was bare as well as if she had anticipated the horrible ordeal that would be served upon her. Looking side to side at the strong nuns holding her trembling frail body then finally looking at the Saintly Mother with a small sigh of your will be mine.

Marched out to the kennels along the harsh gravel path in front of all other sisters she hung her head in mock shame. The huge sisters held her slim arms yelling a year for this one children due to her disobedience, she must be taught to be proper in the house of God. She will learn the rightful way to serve our Lord the announcements continued as her small titties and thick purple nipples jiggled and her slim white thighs dripped with cunt hope.

The gravel was harsh on her small pink feet as she was forced to her punishment a hundred yards away to the kennels. She pretends to struggle as the largest pen was opened containing the biggest breeders they had, all seven huge brutes of animal that never tired of their duties. Please not this one again sisters as she was held until her collar was removed and she was forced to her knees in prayer as her deliverance was announced to the Lord for the good of God.

Kneeling in dirt as huge animal cocks stirred from the mere scent of female cunt and she tried hard to keep her small eyes shut in devotion. Her pale body and thin red hair hanging over her shunned face. She could not resist looking as the huge animal cocks emerged so dark red and mottled with just a half inch protruding. Huge thick heads of animal cock dripping, seven huge animal cocks dripping.

She begged one last time as she was locked in for a full year of service or penance as the Saintly Mother saw it. She moaned loudly as she held the kennel gate until she was sure her escorts were gone and sat her tiny pale ass in the dirt. She looked around once more before softly saying hi babies I am back as promised.

Reaching for the first mottled red dog cock to to get her small mouth around as her turgid purple nipples got bitten and chewed on. The largest attacked her dripping cunt flesh as if to rip her cunt off. A full year of huge dog cocks would demolish her pale face and pink lips and do horrid unbelievable destruction of her tiny pink cunt and ass for a full year. She was home again.