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CREATED: 07.04.2023 / REVISITED: 15.09.2023


Thanks, Philip for this introduction to Randonautica!



What does Wikipedia say about it?

Randonautica (a portmanteau of “random” + “nautica”) is an app launched on February 22, 2020, founded by Auburn Salcedo and Joshua Lengfelder. It randomly generates coordinates that enable the user to explore their local area and report on their findings. According to its creators, the app is, “An attractor of strange things,” letting one choose specific coordinates based on a certain theme. It has gained controversy after several reports on the app generating coordinates, seemingly coincidentally, where disturbing things were present.

So what happened?

Actually, the app acts something like a modern-day version of an Ouija Board — tapping into the paranormal — there was a particularly chilling incident where a group of friends in Seattle, Washington state, followed the Randonautica trajectory, after all choosing to think about the topic of, “Death.” This, in turn, led them to the coast where they found a black luggage bag — inside of which, they discovered the remains of a dismembered body. They naturally called the police. Which shot the app into the social stratosphere.


This a short story about an app, called Randonautica, that’s a little like a “treasure hunt” for dark energy … so our protagonist, Sandi, finds herself and her young friends up against a bunch of evil sex demons, all hell-bent, on collecting their souls


  • Sandi (17) – protagonist, Randonaut, first-year arts student and Frankie’s girlfrienD
  • Frankie (18) – student and Sandi’s dull-witted boyfriend
  • Tina (17) – student, Randonaut, Sandi’s best friend and Samuel’s girlfriend
  • Sammy (18) – Student and Tina’s boyfriend
  • Eve (8) – the protagonist’s younger sister



“It’s just a fucking game,” exclaimed Sandi.

The seventeen-year-old art student couldn’t believe all the naysayers. Someone had to bring up the whole comparison with an Ouija board. They had to mention their irrelevant fear of dark spirits, evil demons, or becoming possessed by the Devil himself. What fucking pussies!

Sandi had been bored. Actually, she’s been bored for the longest time. Bored of life in her small hometown of Dorking, in deepest, darkest Surrey, England. Bored of her art school. Bored of her family. She really craved to do something different. Something unexpected. Something risky. Maybe something that she felt was even forbidden. Life wasn’t always about being safe.

She was rapidly losing interest in her so-called boyfriend. Yes, she was fond of sex and masturbation, but there must be more to it than that. The idea of doing something dark and creepy actually seemed to appeal and turn her on. Like sex with Jenna Ortega? Or like incest with my younger sister? Maybe a supernatural lover? Yes … something, anything, more interestingly dark and wicked … what about anilingus with a young succubus with a huge clit?

Even though it was all just make-believe to her — it still got her all hot beneath the collar and got her naughty cunt juices flowing.

“I think it’s a good idea!” chimed Tina, Sandi’s seventeen-year-old best friend.

Tina was the only one in the group that seemed remotely interested in Sandi’s suggestion. She was a little fire-cracker. Lots of energy. Always up to mischief. Today, Tina felt rather sexy, and between taking multiple selfies, she’d taken the time to read the rules; and the instructions; and downloaded the Randonautica app on Sandi’s mobile.

She hadn’t needed a lot of prompting (unlike the two boys) — Tina really wanted to try it. She thought it would be super cool to experiment … not that she really believed in dark spirits guiding hapless victims into situations beyond their control … but there was something alluring about the preternatural. She was also drawn to the darkness. Both Sandi and her had always enjoyed watching horror movies together … screaming in fright, together … clinging together … she’d especially loved gripping her best friend tightly in the dark. She’d never followed that compulsion but, admittedly, it secretly made her pussy purr.

“What’s with the creepy fucking owl logo thing? Is this some kind of occult game? Is it like summoning the Devil? I’m really not sure about this,” critiqued Frankie, “Maybe we should just watch a movie instead?”

Fuck you Frankie, thought Sandi. She’d originally asked Frankie, her boyfriend of six months, to download the Randonautica app, but she had come to realize that, though he was a year her senior, he wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the toolbox. In fact, Sandi used to think he was cute, but really not someone she would take too seriously. He always seemed so distracted; and not so eager when it came to cunnilingus. Cunt licking wasn’t his forte. Tina’s eighteen-year-old boyfriend, Sammy, wasn’t that much better. He was probably as inept in bed as Frankie was. She smirked to herself. They were both so fucking clueless — which sometimes worked in her favor.

“I just dunno,” mumbled dozy Frankie, scratching his itchy ball sacks, through his black denim jeans.

Frankie really didn’t feel much like going out tonight. In fact, most of the time, he’d preferred to stay home and edge to porn videos that starred Japanese new-halves. He loved to masturbate furiously whilst watching them spurt their delicious girl-cum over their horny flat chests and pretty Asian faces. There was someone quite exquisite about a girl with a cock. He thought, who better to suck you off, than someone who knows what it feels like. Cunts were just boring. A hole to put your cock in. But the Asian anus? Fucking a tight queer ass? Now that was far more interesting. Of course, Frankie never dared to tell anyone about it — they would think he was homo. Having a girlfriend was one of those things that said that he was a normal teen, even though his preference, from very young, had always been for sucking femboi cock and rimming their nasty brown flowers.

“You dunno? You dunno anything! Let’s just do it!” taunted Sandi.

She was really losing her patience with these boring losers. Maybe Tina and her should both dump their dumb-fuck boyfriends and have a rug-munchers’ affair. No really, she thought. That would be more exciting.

Tina was a beautiful sexy redhead with cute freckles and rosy dimpled cheeks. They both seemed to have a lot in common — enjoying horror and gore … being frightened seemed to enhance Sandi’s sexual drive. Of course, Sandi had seen Tina naked in the school changing rooms, and her tiny lithe body was super hot and sexy. Well, Sandi always had a bit of a crush, since primary school, on her best friend — but in their small town of ultra-conservative Dorking — people still didn’t accept that kind of “Unnatural” relationship.

Tina hadn’t been totally honest with herself. Her father was the local priest. Maybe this was a foundation for her belief set … and somehow life was supposed to be a procession of things … doing God’s work … following God’s rules … it was a life that consisted of love, engagement, wedding, house, children, golden anniversary, retirement, grandchildren … something like that … but this whole, Christian-Holier-than-thou thing just didn’t sit with her. Did she have a subversive streak? Was she a weekend rebel?

“How does it actually work?” asked Sammy.

Sammy didn’t really care but tried to sound like he did. I’m such a hypocrite, he thought to himself. Tina and he hadn’t been together long. Yes, she was sexy and hot. But Sammy had a dirty secret. He had wanted to share his love of cross-dressing with her — but he wasn’t sure how she’d react. She’d probably freak out. She could possibly expose him for the pervert he was. His favorite porn was always about pegging. Guys getting fucked by hot girls with strap-ons. He’d often thought about her pegging him — but then again, he’d totally die if his parents ever found out about his bisexual proclivities.

An intelligent question, at last, Sandi thought to herself.

“Well, like it’s called — Randonautica — it generates random locations in our neighborhood that have — a strange energy — about them. We get the coordinates on our phone and follow them using the GPS,” said Sandi, sounding much like a bored school teacher.

“And, we report back on what we find! If we find something cool, we upload a video onto YouTube,” added Tina enthusiastically.

Tina brushed the stray hairs from her blunt fringe. Her pale blue eyes sparkled with mischief. Fuck, Tina looked so hot tonight, I totally could fuck her, thought Sandi. Shaking the Sapphic fantasy from her mind, she stood up with her hands on her hips.

“Are we going to do it or not?”


Before they all left Sandi’s parents’ place, they had all focused on the so-called theme. They had to imagine something. Maybe this is simply too difficult for the two cow-brained guys, thought Sandi. She laughed to herself. A theme! There had to be a theme. They would have to focus their minds … their imaginations … their desires … before asking the app for the coordinates of their destination.

They all had heard the stories on YouTube. Stories about Randonauts (that’s what you called those who use the app) following bloody trails, hearing strange evil voices, seeing ghosts and spiritual aberrations, and even finding the mutilated remains of dead bodies.

What would they find?

Sandi suggested the theme of a demon. They all laughed. But Sandi had a way of getting what she wanted. They all finally agreed, mainly due to the lack of any better ideas. They would focus and ask to find evidence of a demon. Not just any demon. It was Sandi’s turn to laugh out loud.

“Let’s find a sex demon?”

It was crisp autumn Surrey weather in boring Dorking. The evening sky was still light, but the sun had already dropped beneath the horizon. It got darker much faster this time of the year. Frankie was the designated driver. Sandi was the navigator. Tina was the videographer. Sammy was … well … just Sammy.

“We’re only supposed to use the app during the daytime,” harped Sammy, “That’s what the rules say.”

“Oh fuck the rules,” Sandi replied, “Sammy … if you don’t want to come … you don’t have to … stay home and play with yourself, I fuckin’ don’t care!”

Sammy ignored her.

There was no more talking about the rules. Of course, they wouldn’t actually find a sex demon. How dumb was that? But that wasn’t the point. It was something to break the mood of just another mundane Friday night in nowhere — Dorking was for dorks!

Frankie started up his old sky-blue Mini Cooper. The engine purred. It had a tiny interior with only two doors, and it was a squeeze for the four of them. They had selected a radius of about five miles. Not too far, but far enough to create a little adventure. Tina and Sammy smooched in the back, while Sandi held the phone and directed their designated driver.

It had been about a twenty minutes drive, approximately northwest of their starting point — there were no street lights down these small winding roads. They were heavily tree-lined and any houses were usually set way back from the road — so there was no illumination for surrounding structures. The darkness and the canopy of trees made Frankie drive more cautiously than he usually would.

Sandi was impatient as usual.

“It can’t be much further,” she said, “There. There! THERE!” she pointed towards a low concrete structure, just fifty meters away, “I think that’s where we’re supposed to go.”

Frankie stopped the car and the motley crew piled out — led by Sandi, with a renewed sense of vigor.

“Sandi, it’s getting dark,” said Tina, “The rules say …”

“Fuck that,” Sandi cut her best friend off, “We’re here now!”

She looked impatient and everyone thought it best not to antagonize the situation. After all, they had torches and their phones. And this was just Dorking. How exciting could it possibly get? Tina was still religiously recording everything. They were fully equipped.

“It says … Private property. Keep out … We’re not supposed to trespass, right?” asked Frankie, but before he got an answer, Sandi was already over the low fence and walking towards the old concrete structure.

Frankie just laughed and joined her, with the other two in close tow.

There were no windows, only a single industrial-type door that was not locked. Immediately inside, they found a set of metal stairs. It was some kind of service entrance to something. Sandi found a switch and a dull set of spiraling lights led downwards.

“You mean we’re gonna find a sex demon in here?” asked Sammy.




Sandi blinked in the darkness. There was the sound of heavy breathing. What had transpired?

She remembered walking down the metal staircase. There had been a tingling feeling inside her stomach. And accompanying this, was an explained wetness between her legs. She’d remember how they’d all descended, the sound of metal clanking with every step. Echoing. Reverberating. Cobwebs hung to impede their downward journey. Deeper and deeper. Darker and darker. The further they went, the greater her unexpected arousal had been. A sex demon? She laughed at herself.

But it was as if the darkness itself was making her incredibly horny.

It seemed to have taken forever. They had eventually reached the bottom and found they were at the center of a series of connected circular tunnels — like some eerie Victorian-style sewer system from the eighteenth century — but the further they walked, the more it appeared to be like a decrepit labyrinth covered by slippery moss and entangled with subterranean plants.

There had been a bouquet of pungent earth, mixed with the essence of something baser, and the smell of burnt things.

She remembered the calamity. Her heart thumped loudly in her ears. The light from their torches had revealed that they were not alone in the sewer. White naked flesh. Something alive? Someone screamed —


That’s when all hell suddenly broke loose. It was a total calamity. Tina’s phone fell noisily, as it slipped through her fingers onto the floor. Frankie and Sammy both turned to run … so much for male chivalry, Sandi thought. Someone or something grabbed her arm. And then there was just darkness …

Now all the commotion was over.

It felt hot and humid. Sandi was uncomfortably warm. Was she naked? Why was she naked? Where did her clothes go? All she could hear was the sound of heavy breathing. Her breathing. As if she’d run a mile.

Where were the others? She tried to piece it together. She found herself among unfamiliar flora and fauna. The leaves were giant — unlike the trees and plants of Surrey, these were from some exotic rainforest paradise. Above her, there was no sky, just more darkness.

She seemed to be in a small clearing where the ambient light illuminated her immediate surroundings — beyond that and all around her was dense dark foliage — turning three-hundred-and sixty-degrees — everywhere she looked the jungle disappeared into the gloom.

“Anyone … Anyone, there?” her timid voice echoed, “Frankie? Sammy? This isn’t funny!”

A practical joke, maybe? She heard the soft moan of a young feminine voice. The sound was kind of sensual. She could smell her own sexual heat … fuck, I’m so horny, I haven’t been this turned on … forever, she thought.

”Tina? Tina, is that you?”

The dull light offered only a soft glow, illuminating the naked form of a young girl who stepped forward out from behind the foliage. She was completely naked too. She looked small and immature, completely flat-chested, and very lithe. She couldn’t have been taller than four feet. She immediately reminded Sandi of her younger sister, Eve. Their bodies would have been identical, however, her face appeared to be covered in a white pantomime mask — the one with a “Smile” …

“Sandi,” said the young child.

“Who … who are you?” asked Sandi.

“You’ve been looking for me, right?” the girl answered.

“What do you mean exactly?”

The young girl chuckled.

“Well some may call me a sprite … others call me a sex demon.” answered the tiny girl — letting her words penetrate Sandi’s consciousness.

“You? You’re a … sex demon?” replied Sandi, thinking this was all rather incredulous … even ridiculous. A bad joke, maybe? “Where’s my friends?”

“You don’t have to worry about them. You should be worried about yourself.”

“I don’t understand. I need to get out of here!” cried Sandi.

“Why leave? You’ve just arrived. Aren’t you at least a little bit curious?” the young girl was touching herself.

The dainty little fingers of her left hand played across her tiny cone-like breasts … her nipples looked inflamed with lust. The fingers of her right hand began to rub the small nub of flesh at the tip of her vaginal opening. It looked wet and swollen.

Sandi audibly gulped. It reminded her of Eve. A guilty feeling of being aroused by one’s own baby sister. However … Sandi couldn’t take her lustful eyes off the young sprite. The sight of the young one’s obvious sexuality was inspiring lewd thoughts in Sandi’s head … and Sandi’s cunt throbbed, desperately needing to be touched.

“Look …” Sandi’s breathing gave away her arousal, “Errr … I don’t get this. Let me go and I won’t tell anyone … “

The sprite just laughed. She seemed to be mangling her tiny nipple buds at the same as she sank three fingers into her tiny cuntlet.

“Doesn’t my body please you? You can call me Eve — if you like. Didn’t you ask to find a sex demon … Didn’t you want sex with Jenna Ortega? An incestuous romp in the dark? A supernatural lover maybe? Something interestingly dark and wicked … like anilingus with a young succubus?”


Frankie emerged from a dullness. He seemed stunned, if not initially listless. Lifting his head, he noticed a soft glowing light. Where the fuck am I? he thought. He felt hot. It was a wet warmth — a tropical heat — like in a sauna. There was a slight movement of air against his body. He realized that he was completely naked. He recalled their game. The Randonatica challenge. A stupid game. This was all Sandi’s fault, he thought.

He half remembered the commotion. He’d been running away from whatever it was that had appeared before then. He’d panicked. Where were the others? Was it in some kind of tropical greenhouse after dark? Trees and foliage. He hated nature.

Suddenly he noticed a shape move behind one of the oversized leaves. He moved towards it. Whatever or whoever it was moved away rapidly. He took chase.

There was a girlie laugh.

“Sandi?” he called out. No answer. “Tina? Sammy? Is that you?” Still no answer, “Stop fucking around. It ain’t funny. You’re all such prats! Where’s my clothes? I’m not kidding. You’re really pissing me off! … I’m gonna make you all walk home if you don’t …”

His fast walk turned into a run … It was a full-on pursuit. He caught a glimpse of flesh. Pale, white flesh. Naked flesh. There was a girlie laugh. He ran faster towards the staccato voices as his breathing got harder.

“Wait! Wait! Stop, damn you!”

He pushed his way through the undergrowth, running as fast as he could … It seemed that he was catching up.

“Damn you. Fuck. Shit. Fuckers …”

He stopped in mid-sentence. He was standing on the edge of a small clearing, in the middle of which was a shallow pool. Inside the yellowish glow of the pool were three young waifish girls. He couldn’t see below the waterline, but above that, he couldn’t help but notice their sexy long black hair, dainty Asian bodies, bare fist-sized breasts, and pronounced dark nipples. They all looked deliciously hot to Frankie, who found his body responding, despite his misgivings about everything else.

“Oops! Sorry … I didn’t mean to intrude,” exclaimed Frankie, as he stepped back behind a bush to conceal his erection.

”Frunkie-San, watashitachi o fakku,” said one of the Asian girls.

Did they know his name? How did they know my name? He didn’t understand the words they were saying. Was that Japanese? They giggled and splashed the yellowish fluids, playfully, in his direction, seemingly only concerned with their own sexy fun.

Two of the girls embraced each other. Frankie’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched the two of them kissing each other passionately. Their wet bodies pressed together, frotting against one other provocatively. They openly groped each other’s tiny bubble breasts as Frankie watched their feral tongues dance back and forth between their open mouths.

“Ohhhh, Frunkie-San, chinpo o motta on’nanoko wa suki janai no?”

One of them stepped out of the yellowish pool. She walked over towards where Frankie was still half-hidden. Her slick-wet Asian body moved like a wriggling serpent. Her hips swayed hypnotically as she moved. Frankie’s eyes were glued to hers. They appeared to be like two dark pools of wicked lust.

That was when Frankie first noticed the two little demonic horns on either side of her forehead. Was she a demon? A sex demon? A Succubus? He wasn’t sure if this was such a good idea.

He remembered Randonautica and the stupid theme of their quest — “To find a sex demon,” — could there be any truth in this? He recalled his personal thoughts at the time, be it a kind of dark fantasy, about an orgy of self-sucking new halves that wanted to piss down his throat before sodomizing him?


Where was Tina? Where was Frankie and Sandi? The forest was hot and he had to constantly wipe the sweat from his brow. Sammy was feeling very lost and intimidated by it all. Something was very wrong.

He had been walking around in circles for some time before, in a small clearing, he came across a wagon. Well, it looked like an old gypsy caravan-like wagon — the old wooden type with a curved canopy, that used to be pulled by horses in the olden days. It seemed strangely out of place amongst the dense foliage. But there it was.

He had long given up on finding his clothing. Maybe there was something inside that he could wear? He climbed the steps at the rear of the carriage and gingerly knocked on the small door. No answer. He knocked again. Sammy pulled in the brass handles and the two sides of the doorway opened to reveal a cosy interior.

“Anyone at home?” Sammy asked timidly.

Silence. He stepped inside. Without any windows, the only illumination came from a number of candles. The interior of the wagon was warm, colorful, and inviting. Everything about it said “Gypsy style.” The inside of the caravan looked a lot bigger than it had done from the outside. The walls were lined with colorful feminine clothing (much like a wardrobe) and there was a full-length dressing mirror attached to one of the walls. Sammy looked at his reflection. He appeared skinny, pale and a bit effeminate. Nothing new. What was surprising was the length of his hair. He recently had it cut very short, but that’s not what he saw. This hair was long and thick. Sammy ran his fingers through it. It felt lush.

It was then that he noticed a number of items of exotic underwear laid out on a small dressing table. They were all lacy and delicate. Sammy couldn’t help touching them … feeling the finery against his fingertips. He held up the padded bra, garter belt, and harness. They would all fit him. His cock twitched unconsciously at the thought of dressing up. But what if the owner returned? He’d be so caught in the act? He held the sexy lingerie against his naked form and looked in the mirror. His cock was already standing to attention. He smiled at his reflection — knowingly.

He slipped the translucent panties up his leg and pressed his erection inside the exotic material. He donned the bra, garter belt, stockings, and harness. He added lipstick, eyeliner, and some blush. Dressed for sex. His fingers brushed lightly over his cock which was already leaking precum from its tip. The sensation was something he’d always dreamt about, but never actually done before … Now he looked at his reflection in the mirror. Fuck, he thought, I look like a lingerie model … or maybe a courtesan awaiting my turn to have sex with the king …

”You look divine,” said a strong male voice from the back of the caravan.

Sammy nearly had a heartache. Shame and humiliation. His face blushed with embarrassment. He tried to hide, but there was no escape.

“Don’t be shy, Samantha. You look beautiful.”

Stepping into the candlelight was a figure of a naked bronzed youth. He appeared to be about the same age as Sammy. Maybe a little older. His handsome and youthful features were easy on the eye. Not too muscular. Lean and defined. His cock was also fully erect and pointed upwards towards the ceiling of the caravan.

“I thought you’d like them. They’re my sister’s. You both have similar body shapes … and tastes.”

“I’m s-s-sorry,” stuttered Sammy as he tried to apologize and back away, “Let me take them off … I didn’t mean to…”

“Relax Samantha. Relax.”

He called me Samantha, thought Sammy.

It was then that Sammy noticed the horns on either side of the youth’s head. Not big curly horns, but definitely horns. Was this some kind of cosplay thing? He remembered the thoughts that crossed his mind as they had all focused on the theme … they had been conjuring up their own versions of a sex demon … of course, his version of a sex demon had been … exactly like the youth standing in front of him. He’d imagined being fucked in the ass by this glorious youthful devil, his cock penetrating his, while he stroked his own cock, dressed in drag.

”It’s all coming back to you, isn’t it?” asked the demon knowingly, “Come … and suck my demonic cock first, before we fuck like animals.”


Tina had been crying. Her eyes were blurred with tears. She felt scared and lost. She didn’t want to be left naked in the dark jungle that was full of strange noises. She just wanted to go home. She wished she’d never heard of Randonautica. She wished that she’d stayed in boring Dorking — where nothing exciting ever happens! She was supposed to meet the man of her dreams … They were supposed to ask her father for his blessing and get engaged.

“Are you lost?” said a friendly voice.

Tina looked up. The first thing she noticed was his bright eyes and dark skin. He stood over her and offered his hand. She half wanted to scurry away from his black face with large horns. But she didn’t. He smiled with bright white teeth. His body was shiny black. His hairy arms and legs were black. His torso was black. His cock was black.

“Don’t be scared, Tina.”

“How? … How do you know my name?”

”I know many things. Does it matter how I know? Or is it more important that I know what you want?”

How can he know what I want, when I don’t know what I want? She thought.

“Where am I? Where are my friends?”

The black devil laughed.

“So many questions. But they are all the wrong questions …” he added.

“Are you a black devil? A sex demon?”

“Now that’s a more interesting question,” the black devil rubbed his erect cock, “Do you want me to be an evil sex demon? A blasphemous and fornicating incubus … that will suck your very soul out of your vagina? Bind you to the nearest tree, rape you, and abuse you? Make you his devil-worshiping cunt slave … and force you to perform all manner of depraved and filthy perversions against your Abrahamic God to appease me?”

Tina had been fearful of whatever it was that the black devil wanted from her. But for some unexplainable reason, hearing him say such shocking and sacrilegious things — actually turned her on — her tight little vagina began to leak pussy juices and the aroma of her arousal seemed to be noticed by the black devil.

“On the inside … we’re not so different … you and I,” said the black devil.

”I’m nothing like you,” said Tina, “You’re strong and virile. You know what you want and you take it.”

The black devil grinned.

“I’m scared, weak, and indecisive … I’m the daughter of a preacher … aimless and forgettable … Look at me … My life is dull and uneventful …” she cried.

“Yet … Here you are … About to be molested, raped, and probably eaten alive …”

Tina was fingering herself with one hand, and pinching her nipples with the other.

“Are you going to stick your big black cock in all my holes? Fuck my face … Fuck my cunt raw … Take my anal cherry? Are you going to force me to lick your dirty big testicles … Suck your demon cock until you cum all over my face?

“It would be a start …” laughed the black devil.




Sandi felt totally aroused by the sprite that closely resembled her younger sister. The thought of incest with Eve wasn’t completely a new one to Sandi — however, there was a line between fantasy and reality, and this all felt so real — her conscience seemed to prick her. It was unnatural to want such deviant things …

The sprite removed her pantomime mask. It was Eve’s face that confronted Sandi. Eve … her darling little eight-year-old sister. Her immature body seemed to ripple in sensuality and arousal. Sandi wrapped her arms around Eve and kissed her deeply, not as a sister, but as a perverted lover. Eve’s small mouth opened to welcome Sandi’s persistent tongue. They tongue-kissed forever, exploring each other’s mouths. Sandi’s hands roamed freely over Eve’s small childish body in a way that she’d only dreamed of before. She pressed her clit hard against Eve’s tiny vaginal opening — frotting urgently against her.

“I love you, Eve,” said her incestuous sister.

The sprite’s dark magick encircled the forbidden lovers. Sandi found the neb of her clitoris pressing more prominently against the demon lover that had taken the form of her baby sister. It felt thicker and longer. She stopped frotting and looked down at herself. She was right. Her clitoris now resembled a small sausage — like a cocktail wiener — it felt very sensitive.

“What’s … what’s this?” asked Sandi.

Eve’s small hands reached down and fondled Sandi’s new fleshy protrusion.

“Aaarrghhhh …” Sandi groaned in pleasure, “Fuck, that feels good.”

Without saying anything further, Eve knelt closer and took Sandi’s nub into her eager mouth, sucking it like a tiny cock, whilst pressing her small child-sized fingers into Sandi’s boiling cunt hole. Her fingers pressed further between Sandi’s labia. Two fingers became three. Three became four. The sprite folded her thumb tightly to her palm, thrusting it inside until her entire hand, up to her wrist, was inside Sandi’s cunt hole.

“Ohhhh … Fuck … You’re gonna … make … me cummmmmmmmm …”

Sandi’s body jerked back and forth against Eve’s tiny arm as it pressed even further inside her cunt hole, protracting Sandi’s orgasm beyond anything she’d ever experienced with Frankie or through solo masturbation.

Sandi gasped for breath.

Wave after wave of demonic pleasure seemed to ripple through her body, mind, and corrupted soul. Even as the pleasure began to subside, more tingles from her distended and swollen clitoris drew her attention back to its extreme sensitivity — it looked even larger, thicker, longer … more like a tusk or a rhino’s horn …

“It’s … it’s got much bigger?” Sandi croaked, between her heavy breaths.

She looked at herself in disbelief. The horn-shaped appendage that extended from between her labia, was now about the length of her boyfriend’s cock … Maybe even bigger … She rubbed it and gasped in depraved pleasure.

”Aaarrghhhhh … Fuck yer!”

“Do you like it?” asked Eve, “I will let you fuck me with it if you give me your soul?”

Sandi was beyond redemption. Her libido was in overdrive as your child-sized lover mounted her phallic clitoris.

“Take my soul … give me what I want, Eve!”

The tiny child-like demon slid down upon the length of Sandi’s clit-cock — all the way until it was buried completely inside her guts.

“Aaarghhhhhh …” groaned Sandi as another whole-body orgasm ripped through her.

If Eve had actually been human, this would have ruptured the child’s delicate internals — but she wasn’t really Eve. She was a sprite taking the form of Sandi’s baby sister to sexually acquire her soul … a soul that now belonged to the devil.


As the attractive Asian she-demon moved into the light, Frankie’s jaw dropped open.

Between the she-demon’s elegant long legs, where he had expected to see a nice smooth Asian cunt — there was in its place a large and very stiff cock. It appeared to be at least twice the size of his modest endowment — the curving she-demon’s phallus reached up to her bellybutton.

Fuck, thought Frankie. He was completely and utterly paralyzed.

“Frunkie-San … come to me …”

Her gaunt body shimmered with wetness from the yellowish pool. She stood with her hands on her narrow hips in front of Frankie. His mouth moved, but no sound came out. He was utterly speechless. He could only stare at the delicious flat-chested transgendered beauty before him. She was sexier than anything he’d seen in porn.

She placed her hands upon his shoulders, pressing him downwards so that he was now kneeling immediately in front of her shecock and low-hanging testicles.

“Frunkie-San …” the she-demon spoke like a mistress, “You suck me … ”

The voice was definitely feminine, but a little forced to hide a more masculine undertone. Frankie remembered how he’d always found cunts to be boring. The she-demon’s cock quivered before his eyes … his tongue snaked out to take a lick.

The she-demon laughed and thrust her groin hard against Frankie’s face. Her strong hands steered Frankie’s mouth up against the tip of her precum-wet cock. Frankie’s tongue licked eagerly against the underside of her purple cock head, lapping up her demonic precum. He couldn’t believe that he was going to suck her cock — it was something he’d imagined a thousand times whilst masturbating to perverted tranny porn.

Up close, the she-demon smelt of urine, sweat, and cum. It was all making him feel a little lightheaded. Another thrust from her hips and her long cock penetrated Frankie’s open mouth and bumped the back of his throat. She held him firmly, face-fucking him, like a cheap whore. He could feel her cock begin to slide down the inside of his throat. He began to worry that he may suffocate on her phallus.

Then as quickly as it had begun, the she-demon withdrew her cock … Frankie coughed and spluttered.

“Frunkie-San … We fuck you .. Come now …” ordered the she-demon with her strong Japanese accent.

Was that a collar around his neck? Was he on a dog lead? The she-demon dragged him on his knees back to the edge of the pool of bubbling piss. Before he had time to think, Frankie found himself surrounded by the three horny she-demons. He was on all fours as they moved around him.

Up close they appeared a little more masculine. Not that Frankie seemed to mind — to him they were sexual divas — not well-endowed Asian boys; but with long black hair, make-up, and little fake bubble tits.

They almost fought among themselves, jousting for position. One tried to fuck his face, while another gripped his backside, pressing her stiff cock into his anus. The throat-fuck came first. The she-demon wasted no time, getting straight away into vigorous thrusting as her she-demon cock pushed beyond his oral cavity and down his gullet.

“Drink my piss, Frunkie,” said the face-fucking she-demon in her aggressive broken English, “You swallow all — Fucker! Don’t spill any!”

With that comment, a jet of hot, salty piss squirted, fast and furiously, into his mouth and down his throat. Frankie gulped to swallow as much as he could before the overflow ran out the sides of his mouth and out his nose.

“Yer! Fuckin’ white trash … You like my devil piss,” the she-demon laughed, “Maybe you eat my shit too!”

They all began to laugh together, getting rougher and rowdy with him. He felt like their dumb sex doll, being fucked and passed around from cock to cock.

“Now time to take your soul, funkin’ white trash. Me fuck you and your soul is mine!”

Frankie was in too much ecstasy to really contemplate the consequences of it all. Fucked to hell …

Then came the pain.

His virgin anus had never had anything more than a couple of fingers jabbed up inside it to tease his prostate. Now, he felt the full girth and length of one of the she-demon’s python, as it began to unmercifully sodomize him. He felt stuffed with a dirty big cock. Spit-roasted. More urine. In his mouth and up his ass. They took turns. From one end to the other — ass to mouth and mouth to ass. He tasted his own bowels on their shit-streaked cocks.

His little penis had never been harder — precum leaked like a tap — as he groveled on his hands and knees, trying to survive the demon orgy that had claimed his soul for the devil.


Sammy liked being Samantha.

In fact, dressing as a sexy girl made him feel so much more alive than anything else he could recall … It felt so taboo and forbidden, but also so sensual and highly sexual … He felt like a diva porn star. His hands roamed over his lingerie-clad body that seemed charged with electricity.

He grabbed a translucent veil from one of the hangers and began to dance erotically for his new demon lover.

His narrow hips swayed and thrust back and forth to an imaginary beat — it was a tribal dance of seduction — his cock thrust pleasurably through his nimble fingers as his erection pressed outwards from within the confines of the sheer panty material.

Sammy felt his bladder ache for release. Dare he do something so naughty as piss in his panties? Fuck that excited him even more. He groaned in sexual abandonment as is his precum and pee saturating his tiny panties and the silky feeling made it impossible for Sammy not to play with himself. Sammy, no longer caring about appearances, drew his cock out from the soiled underwear and urinated over himself — his salty piss spurted upwards, over his chest, and into his face and hair.

All the while, the naked demon masturbated himself furiously. His eyes glowed fiery red as he watched Sammy perform his obscene little piss dance — coaxing Sammy to do more with his loud lewd groans. His movements matched that of Sammy’s — his cock was ready for Sammy’s ass-pussy.

As Sammy danced, he eyed the naked youth lustfully. He’d imagined feeling such a delicious cock penetrating his filthy bowels — he’d experimented so many times with a variety of vegetables and household items to attain the girth and length — but now his mouth watered at the thought of all that rigid demon flesh pumping his guts with devil’s seed.

Sammy knelt in his own urine, before his demon boy. His fingers curled around the demon boy’s fleshy wand. It looked flushed with blood. His saliva dripped from his lips and over the demon boy’s pulsating cock head.

“Let me seed your pretty mouth before filling your girly bottom,” swooned the demon boy as he stroked Sammy’s long blond hair, “If you cannot swallow all my seed, you know that your soul will belong to the Devil …”

Sammy no longer cared about his mortal soul. He wanted to take the demon boy’s load; taste his cum; and take it into his belly. Sammy’s lipstick-covered lips closed around the demon boy’s cock head, creating a divine suction that had the young lover groaning in no time.

“Aaarghhhhh … Yes, Samantha … suck me deeper … Aaarghhhh … I’m close … Give me what I want … Give me your soul …” he muttered.

Sammy could only mumble with his mouth full of young demon cock.

He masturbated the demon boy’s shaft, drawing the fingers of his right hand tightly up and down the veined length — from his ball sacks to his mid shaft — urging his semen to explode into his waiting mouth. Sammy’s fingers of his left hand wrapped tightly around the demon boy’s testicles, squeezing gently at first, alternating between his testicles and stroking the sensitive skin of his perineum and then seeking out his brown flower.

“Grghhh … Fuck Gawd. Grrrrghhhhhhh … Fuck Jesus. Fuck the Holy Spirit!”

Sammy’s tongue lapped the demon boy’s cock head as he thrust into Sammy’s gullet. The boy’s precum shot out like a fire hydrant, filling Sammy’s mouth, until it started to squirt out the sides of Sammy’s lips. With every thrust now, his thick turgid cock seemed to penetrate further and further. The demon boy held his head in a vice-like grip and screamed out loud.

“Fuck Gawdddddddddd …”

Sammy’s mouth and throat filled with spicy seed. There was far too much for Sammy to swallow. Even though he tried. Creamy cum pumped from his nostrils and out of the side of his mouth. So much hot, tangy semen.

Sammy was a mess. His make-up was well and truly smudged. His hair was matted with sweat, piss, and cum juices. His outfit was ruined with the see-saw of the demon boy’s violent face-fuck.

But the demon boy didn’t bother with any of that. His strong youthful hands grabbed Sammy and turned him to face the mirror — pushing him down on his knees and elbows. This time the demon angled his hips, so that his still rampant cock was pressed hard up against Sammy’s anal flower. Sammy momentarily looked at himself in the mirror. No longer the pretty diva, but a pervert in lingerie, covered in the slime of demon semen.


Tina kissed her evil black devil.

Her lips pressed urgently against his, more fuller mouth. He tasted so bitter-sweet. Her tiny hands reached around his heavy head, gripping his curled demonic horns. Their mouths locked passionately together and their tongues dueled back and forth. He smelt of nasty nigger sweat. She wanted to rub his sharp acrid aroma all over herself, like a bitch in heat.

His powerful hands gripped her tiny white buttocks and lifted her from the ground as if she were weightless.

Her body pressed against his. Her cunt was on fire. She desperately needed to be penetrated. Her legs wrapped around the black demon’s thick torso, so that his horse-like cock pressed against her perineum — nudging between her oily cunt and anus.

“You know that if I cum inside your spoiled little Christian cunt,” groaned the black devil, “I will have fucked a black demon baby onto your womb … Your father and mother will abandon you! Everyone at your church will call you a slut and a dirty nigger lover! You will never be satisfied by a human lover ever again … And your soul will belong to the Devil, so you will burn in hell for eternity!”

“Shut up and fuck me!” cried Tina, as she thrust down upon the black demon’s cock.

Tina felt the black demon’s cock impaling her.

“Aaaarghhhhh …” she screamed.

It felt too big, but she still wanted it. She wanted all of his horse-like cock inside her — penetrating her — filling her womb and crushing her cervix.

“Oh, Fuck!” she yelled, almost fainting from the sheer pain.



The rain had begun to fall. A sprinkle had quickly become more like a storm. The combination of rain, thunder, and lightning, brought their journey to an abrupt end. Frankie had turned on the windscreen wipers. Rubber and steel squeaked, as it labored left and right, but was no match for the volume of water that now blocked their vision. He’d slowed the vehicle down to almost a standstill.

Sandi looked at the phone. The direction on the app was unclear. Maybe the storm was disrupting the signal. Sandi switched her phone off in disappointment. She wasn’t very happy with the outcome.

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed, “Let’s just turn around and go home.”

“Can’t you get it to work?” bemoaned Sandi’s best friend, Tina.

“No. Not in this weather,” answered Sandi, “Frankie, take us back to moms.”

Frankie gave an affirmative grunt. He had turned the small car around and was making slow progress, but was now pointed in the direction of Sandi’s parents’ place.

Sammy looked out of the side window. There wasn’t much to see. Rain and darkness. Only ahead, he saw the glistening of falling raindrops as they were caught in the car’s headlights. He turned and looked backward and caught his reflection looking back at him. There was a strange feeling of loss that came over him. While the others were preoccupied with the journey home … he suddenly felt drained … empty … as if they’d left something important behind.

“What’s the matter?” asked Tina, who was sitting beside her boyfriend, Sammy.

“Errr, nothing, I guess. I just feel a bit car sick maybe?” he answered.


Sandi was rather glad that everyone didn’t hang around. She felt weary to the bone. Frankie dropped her home first; then Sammy and Tina; and then continued on to his parent’s house.

The lightning and thunder had got worse. Her mom and dad had already retired for the night, so Sandi trudged upstairs to bed. She brushed her teeth and changed into her comfortable flannel pajamas. It was cozy to be home on nights like this. She messaged Frankie, to check that he’d got home safely. He had. Sandi looked forward to putting her head down on her pillow.

“Sandi,” it was the voice of her younger sister, “I’m scared of the storm … can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Sure,” replied Sandi, not giving it a second thought.

The two sisters got comfy beneath the heavy bedclothes. It was warm and dry. Sandi was tired. Very tired. Her eyes felt heavy and she found it so easy to drift off … only stirring as she felt her young sister, cuddling around her. Dreamily, she kisses her sister’s cheek. It felt damp with tears.

“What’s wrong, Eve?” asked Sandi.

“You love me, Sandi, right?”

“Of course I do,” answered Sandi.

Eve kissed her back. Pressing her tiny eight-year-old lips against hers. It felt like a strangely lingering kiss.


A sharp thunderclap woke Sandi with a sudden jolt. The curtains had been drawn back. The lightning brightly lit the entire room for a second or two, and then it plunged back into darkness. Sandi turned in the bed. The covers were thrown back and Eve was gone. Maybe she returned to her own bed, Sandi quickly surmised.

Another loud clap of ominous thunder. The room lit up again. This time Sandi saw Eve. Her young sister was standing at the end of the bed wearing a white pantomime mask — the mouth was different — it was down-turned and angry-looking. Eve just stood there, stark naked, and obscenely masturbating herself.


The room plunged back into darkness. Sandi’s heart was in her throat. A jolt. A memory of something that should have never happened stirred within her memory.

“Eve … Is that you?”

The lightning stuck again. The eyes behind the pantomime mask stared maliciously back at Sandi … but this time, Sandi had an inkling of who it truly was — a sprite.

“Your soul!” growled the sprite, “Give me your moral soul!”




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