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AUTHORS NOTE: This story derives inspiration from a couple of sources – as they say, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’. The first is the British band from the nineties called ‘Rock Bitch’ (I unapologetically borrowed many elements from their strange but wonderful world). The second is the character ‘Lucy Fur’, who I revived from a story I wrote many years ago (but never finished); echoing the villain of the 1987 movie ‘Angel Heart’ called ‘Louis Cyphre’. I know it all sounds a little contrived but watching the movie over again recently was inspiring. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know your thoughts.

CREATED: 02.11.2017 / REVISITED: 13.11.2023

The Baphomet 2


In chapters 1 to 3 we learned that Fiona Stone was a reporter that had taken on a freelance assignment. She is asked to do a feature article that follows the narrative of a rather bizarre and controversial rock band called ‘The Baphomet’. During her investigations into the true nature of the band, she rediscovers her own delinquent past, which seems to be at odds with her ‘holy-than-thou’ persona. Repressed desire rushes forth to be quenched as she takes advantage of the perverse situation that she finds herself in. She finally comes face-to-face with their enigmatic lead singer, Lucy Fur. Amongst the backdrop of the band’s secretive commune, Fiona’s lusts are further fueled by their highly sexualized libertarian lifestyle that blends dark paganism, sex magick, and Bacchanalia’s style orgies.


Lyrics from 2013 Hit Single / Moloch’s Fire:

“Fires torch within blackened block, Child cries, stripped from its smock. Naked for all the worshippers to see, Burning soon, its fate will be.

Evil priestess offers to smoldering hand. Young one screams as skin does brand. Blazing light by fiery stock, All hail. All hail, to Moloch’s cock.

Chorus: Depraved acts fulfill our desire, Fuck all night before Moloch’s Fire, Yerrr… Depraved acts fulfill our desire, Fuck all night before Moloch’s Fire.

Red-hot demon never sate, Vaginas wet we masturbate. Dance-chant to the evil one, The wickedness that must be done.

Demons of hell call for more, Child sacrifices, they keep the score. Burning flesh from virgin stock, All hail. All hail, to Moloch’s cock.

Depraved acts fulfill our desire, Fuck all night before Moloch’s Fire, Yerrr… fuck yerrr! Depraved acts fulfill our desire. Fuck all night before Moloch’s Fire.”


Two days after the interview with Anjali Kara in the Venus Bar.

Life is full of strange twists and turns. Fiona found herself on the way to the commune to meet up with the infamous Lucy Fur and the rest of the band members of The Baphomet. After her encounter with Anjali, one of the band’s sex performers, she had been surprised at herself.

Recent memories of the illicit joys she had discovered, brought her a new sense of who she was and who she wanted to be. Instead of the omnipresent guilt and fear of the Lord that had haunted the majority of her childhood and adult life, there seemed to be a beckoning darkness of a very different Lord, one that did not judge her, did not persecute her for her depraved desires, did not reject her for her dark thoughts.

The deep sense of past victimization left her angry with all that had been forced upon her in the name of exclusivity of faith – all that she had been forced to accept and all that she had once enjoyed and had been denied to her in the name of their malicious god. Christ-be-fucked — she thought to herself.

Fiona felt the car moving quite fast. It turned left and right and her body moved as it turned. The blindfold kept the journey and their final destination a secret, but the iridescence from the streetlights and passing traffic was still visible through the dark fabric that had been tied across her eyes. There were also the familiar sounds associated with busy intersections and well-traveled byways. But as time passed the streetlights, passing cars and other ambient sounds had died away – they were now traveling into places much more isolated and remote. The silence was conspicuous as the journey continued. She had been told that the location of their commune was a secret and that until they knew Ms. Stone better, the need for secrecy would remain.

She had not taken it personally. From what she knew already, she had gathered that the performances that made up their stage act were in fact glimpses of more elaborate rituals and profane rites that were performed within the inner sanctum of their commune, between its members and their initiates. According to Anjali, there were many ceremonies dedicated to the worship of sexual demons; the practice of witchcraft (of black magic); of pagan rites performed in the isolated forestland that surrounded the hidden commune. These strange and sexually arousing acts continued to profoundly excite Fiona as she awaited their imminent arrival.

Anjali had confided in her about some of the philosophies and the underpinning reason for the band. Not as a commercial vehicle to air their point of view or simply to make money – yes they used it to recruit new members (especially the young and impressionable) and the money helped significantly to fund the ongoing lifestyles of those living in the commune; but the shock-rock music was there to sew the seeds of what The Baphomet proclaimed the arrival of their dark messiah – the one that now walked among them.

It was almost the antithesis of everything her askance family had beaten into her over the many years. Every punishment, every denial, every accusation … Fiona could not help but find kindredness with her new sisterhood of sin – she wanted nothing more than to kneel before this demonic messiah and offer herself!


The Baphomet Band members (2016 line-up):

  • Lucy Fur: lead vocals, lyrics
  • Cherry Chamani (“Hekate”): guitar
  • Amanda Fry: bass, backing vocals
  • Nikki West: keyboards, piano, flute
  • Joanne Blight: drums, cununo, guasa
  • Nikola Gossman: lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Anjali Kara (“Kali”): dancer, sex performer
  • Erica Angel (“Jezebel”): dancer, sex performer


Late afternoon on the same day at the secret commune.

They finally arrived and Anjali removed her blindfold. Fiona blinked for a while, getting used to the dying light of the late afternoon. She stepped out of the car that had parked in a small clearing before a tall ivy-covered stonewall.

“We are here,” she announced.

It had been raining and everything was moist and smelt of the dampness. The wall ran left and right for as far as she could see. Immediately before them was a small iron gate that secured the only entry beyond the wall. Anjali gathered a few things and helped Fiona who was still somewhat disoriented.

“Are you okay?” asked Anjali.

“Yes. Just very excited.”

The girls smiled knowingly at each other.

Fiona picked up her shoulder bag (packed with her laptop, a change of clothing and bathroom accessories) and followed Anjali as she made her way towards the gate.

The car turned around sharply and pulled away behind her, Fiona had not even noticed the driver leaving, and by the time she glanced back over her shoulder, the car had already disappeared around a bend in the dark forest track. Gone. They were all alone with the sounds and smells of the deep forest.

It felt primal. The late afternoon light was amber bordering on orange with flecks of a reddishness that seemed to spell an omen of something forbidden. She joined Anjali at the small iron gate that led through the ancient stonewall.

Anjali smiled at her.

“Lucy … she awaits you.”

Fiona’s first impression of the exotic Lucy, the singer/songwriter of this strange band and the leader of this even stranger commune, after seeing many posted images on their official website, was that she reminded her physically of an enigmatic mixture of Patricia Velásquez and Rachel Weisz. She had secretly longed to run her fingers through Lucy’s lush long black hair. She imagined that it smelt of moonlight and that her lips tasted of Bordeaux wine. But it was her eyes that seemed to be so haunting, the iridescent blackness of mother-of-pearl against the soft alabaster of Lucy’s flawless skin.

She had seen all the videos and listened intently to all the lyrical content. She had masturbated numerous times over their sexualized performances and now had fornicated with one of the band members. But despite all the sexual inferences, there was something more, she sensed there may be a connection between the dark messiah and the singer — Anjali had only hinted at the pagan underplay of witchcraft, black arts, occult practices, and sex magick that brought this commune together – to seemingly worship at the feet of their Lucy Fur.

The heavy gate creaked on opening and they both bent their heads in order to get through the low arched entry. On the other side, Fiona was hit with the richness of the turned earth – there was the strong wet mossy smell of fertility, a miasma mixed with something baser like human excrement and menstrual blood. She didn’t gag. In fact, quite the opposite — she drew in a deep breath. Her head span with the sensuality of the rawness of nature; the natural state; and what she could only imagine as a pagan celebration of feminine power, motherhood, and Mother Earth itself.

Another woman stood awaiting them as they made their way down a meandering path between fruit trees in full bloom – their fragrance blossoms adding to the potpourri of unfamiliarity. Fiona was not surprised that she stood completely naked and that this seemed the new normal.

“Fiona,” said the young woman plainly.

She was short and petite and Fiona recognized her as Nikki West, their keyboard player.

“Welcome. Anjali has told us so much about you – we are so pleased that you have agreed to write for us.”

Fiona was still a little unsettled by the journey and orientating herself in this unfamiliar place was taking longer than she thought.

“It is a pleasure, Nikki. I am so excited to meet you all,” she replied.

“Come, let me take your bag. You must be tired and in need of some refreshments before the initiation.”

Nikki took her shoulder bag from her and gestured towards the dark outline of a building so distance down the pathway.

“Initiation?” Fiona asked.

“Oh, yes … Lucy has been expecting you. She has been preparing a little initiation ritual, especially for you … how we all love initiations! Don’t you Anjali?”

“Oh yes. Initiations are so much fun.”


Early evening on the same day at the secret commune.

Fiona was quickly introduced to a group of young females lounging around in the large communal space on low day beds and beanbags. They were all in various stages of undress, most favoring to be completely naked. The majority seemed to be in their mid-twenties, some older, and some were in fact children as young as eight or nine years old. There were too many names for her to remember. She instantly recognized the members of the band, but there were others, commune members, and initiates that she was unfamiliar with. Her eyes sparkled at the nudity of some of the youngest of the commune, as they seemed totally comfortable being seen without a stitch on. Fiona became wet between the legs, her fantasies of corruption and pedophilia danced at the front of her lewd imagination.

It was a lot to take in. Nikki did most of the introductions that were followed by kissing and embraces that bordered on intimacy. This was not the time or place to take out her notepad, but made a number of mental notes of things she wanted to know more about – there would be time for the more formal requirements of her assignment – for now, she was just glad to be finally here and among other kindred women who all seemed dedicated to their common cause of pleasure for pleasure sake (with themselves, each other and with the young ones).

Soon she was as naked as the rest of the women. It was refreshing not to have to be guarded about her attraction. Her eyes roamed freely from one naked body to the next, to be welcomed by their mutual looks of sexual interest. She was enjoying the obvious flirtations, but could not escape her special attraction to the younger members of the commune.

One of the women who immediately caught her eye was Erica Angel aka Jezebel. She remembered her from the video bootleg. Her distinct tattoo matched that of Anjali. Fiona was not sure if that was her real surname, but she was everything but an angel. Erica had been chatting with Anjali out of earshot of Fiona and was obviously up to speed in terms of the events in that sweaty seedy hotel room.

“Fiona. Welcome. I’m Erica. Erica Angel,” said Erica.

Her hand idly fondling Fiona’s bare breast before linking their arms together, drawing her close – almost possessively.

“Yes, I recognize you from the videos,” answered Fiona.

“So how are you finding this strange misadventure? A little like ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ I suspect?”

“It’s all very new. I really didn’t know what to expect.”

“But you knew what you wanted it to be?”

“Leave her alone Erica,” said Nikki.

“Well?” Asked Erica more insistently.

Fiona hesitated, looked at Nikki, and then back again at Erica and simply answered.


“And,” urged Erica.

“It’s a little … early to tell.”

“Well, we had better get things moving then?”

Erica took Fiona by the hand and pulled her towards a side door that led back out into the dark garden.

“The party will be going all night – don’t worry, you won’t miss anything. Maybe a little one-on-one time would help you to get into the mood?”

“Okay,” Fiona replied nervously as she was pulled away into the darkness of the outer garden.

“Don’t be afraid of the darkness. We are all daughters of the darkness. It is in our nature – our sexual nature is to be part of the darkness …”

Her strong Eastern European accent was sometimes hard to understand. Once outside, the darkness really surrounded Fiona. Was she a daughter of darkness? The moist earth felt wet beneath her bare toes. Fiona followed Erica’s silent commands. Erica took her hand and pulled her deeper into the lushness of this primal garden.

Being naked among the sounds of mating insects and the smells of nature’s potent fecundity seemed to fill her needy senses – overwhelming them with its sexual pungency. The stars seemed brighter than ever before and the longer Fiona remained, the better her sight adjusted to the low levels of light. Was it her imagination or did the dreamy night seem alive with strange silhouettes fornicating all around them?

“So you know about Jezebel?”

“From the Book of Hebrew?”


“Isn’t that what they call you?”

Erica laughed pulling Fiona closer in the darkness so that the heat of their bodies entwined. Holding Fiona against her body, she tongue-kissed her hungrily. Fiona returned her passion with equal neediness.

“The Jezebel is the goddess of promiscuity. She masquerades as a servant of God but is really mocking him. She is the spirit of sexual perversion – her covenant is that of immorality, wantonness, and Satan’s agenda against heaven.” Said Erica, pressing her wet hairless cunt against Fiona’s upper thigh, “And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth … “

“Revelations, chapter 17, verse 5 … I would kneel down before her. Worship her …” blurted Fiona excitedly.

“That’s the spirit,” replied Erica pressing Fiona downwards to force her to kneel in the muddy filth, “Lick the Devil’s cunt you little bitch – show the ‘Jezebel’ how much you want to worship her!”

For the second time in her life, Fiona found herself licking eagerly at another’s itchy wet cunt. Erica tasted differently from Anjali. Her unwashed cunt smelt of stale urine. It made her hot to lick her in this primal place. She fingered herself as she pleasured Erica – who lewdly ground her bucking hips against Fiona’s moistened face.

“Anjali told me all about you. The little piss and shit whore that you are! Tonight in the garden of sin, you will drink the wine of my womb – the Claret Ruadh Mead! … quench yourself upon my menstrual blood and give thanks to Jezebel the Scarlet Woman; the Moon Goddess; the High Priestess of the Demonic Sisterhood!”

“Jezebel!” cried Fiona.

She quivered with excitement as Erica’s period blood squirted from between her disdained labia directly over Fiona’s face and into her open mouth.

“Ah yes. The Scarlet Harlot! Feel the dark magick of these lustful fluids of female fertility – so we may harvest the fruits of our loins and savor our unbridled sexual wantonness in the service of the Horned God!”

Fiona was quickly drenched in Erica’s dark menstruation. It had run down her neck, over her chest, and down to her abdomen. As the blood congealed, Fiona rubbed the sticky fluids, over her hardened nipples and caressed it into her breasts and then down over her pubis. Fiona stood up again and Erica kissed her bloody mouth. The metallic taste was stronger than she had imagined.



The Baphomet/Videography:

  • 2008 First European ‘Gospel of Demons ‘ Tour (2008)
  • Introducing The Baphomet – Behind The Scenes (2008)
  • 2009 Second European ‘Ritual Slaughter’ Live Tour (2009)
  • Living with ‘Darker Gods’ – Commune Documentary (2010)
  • Official Baphomet Rock Video of the ‘Red Devil’ Tour (2010)
  • 2010 Eastern European ‘Red Devil’ Tour – Behind the Scenes (2010)
  • 2010 Eastern European ‘Red Devil’ Tour – Exposure (2010)
  • The Baphomet Five Years of Video Hits 2006 – 2011
  • 2011 UK ‘Temple of Evil’ Tour (2011)
  • Controversial Bootleg Video – ‘Golden Waters’ (2011)
  • Behind the Scenes Bootleg Video (Banned) – ‘Moloch’s Fire’ (2013)
  • Video Collection 2014 (Banned) – ‘High Priestess of Hell’ Live (2014)


Early evening on the same day at the secret commune.

Erica and Fiona walked hand in hand back to the commune courtyard still naked, excited, and bloody. Erica took Fiona to the communal bathing area and they both washed each other down. Erica carefully shaved the fine layer of pubic hair from Fiona’s mons in preparation for her initiation ritual. She kissed gently her newly shaved pussy, her fingers lightly stroking her outer labia, making them flush. Erica expertly licked Fiona’s cunt lips, stroking upwards towards her sensitized clit, pressing her tongue flat against it, making her lover quiver as her juices instantly began to trickle forth in fresh arousal.

“Lucy has given you a name … you will be known in the commune as Lilu – the daughter of the Demon Goddess of Lust — Lilith.”

“Lilu … yes, it’s a beautiful name. I am greatly honored,” Lilu answered.

Erica slowed her assault and left Lilu wanting for more. They kissed passionately. Lilu loved this woman like she had never loved anything or anyone before. She thanked the Devil for his blessing. She wanted to shout it out loud but thought she was being hasty. Lilu also felt deeply for Anjali. Their sexuality brought out the true pervert inside her. She looked forward to more piss, shit, and blood play.

She wondered what it would be like to make love with Lucy. To lay with that dark-haired beauty, who was so eloquent in her dark sexualized lyrics. What would it be like to seduce their young ones? It seemed so unreal. This was truly the Devil’s playground she had always fantasized about. This was everything she dared hope for. There was nothing she would not imagine doing with them, for them … she wanted all that their evil Sapphic paradise could bring.


Midnight in the commune courtyard.

The initiation ritual had been prepared. The outdoor courtyard was well lit with a large central fire and several smaller fires that illuminated the periphery. The trees that lined the courtyard were decorated with demonic charms and black Wicca to attract and incite the evil spirits of sexual lust.

Lilu remembered elements of the ritual from one of the stage performances that she had watched on the bootleg CD. It had been acted out in all its lewdness to a song entitled ‘Red Devil of Perversion’ and it featured the lead singer with her entire body painted completely bright red coloring.

“Cunt Priestess, Cock Priestess

Evil lust, wanton lust of our subversion,

Fuck Priestess, Phallic Priestess

Red Devil of Perversion, of, of our Perversion.”

She looked like the Devil – only her groin remained covered in a slender black sash that wrapped around her midriff and huge vertically downward between her legs like a tie. The vocals were scratchy and venomous over the throbbing beat of the African cununo beat. Her split tongue had been stained black, and between choruses, she uncoiled it from her open mouth giving her an added serpentine quality.

Just like in the stage act, Anjali and Erica performed completely naked dancing around on open fire, whipping and undulating their evil tattooed cunts back and forth to the hypnotic beat. The song’s performance on stage looked tame in comparison to the ritual now performed in their secret coven. Anjali’s body moved in unison with Erica as they circled the ‘Red Devil’ – her hair pulled back with only an extended ponytail of long black hair draped across her arm. Erica and Anjali both carried phallic-carved crucifixes that they pre-offered to the ‘Red Devil’ to kiss and lick appreciatively.

“Red Devil of Perversion, of, of our Perversion.”

The other women: Cherry, Amanda, and Nikki all sat naked in small white circles, each masturbating their erect clits, while Joanne crouched naked over a large dildo that she slid up inside her as she played a slow pulsing beat on the cununo. Lilu had been afforded a privileged position upon a raised podium in a small circle of her own and just behind her knelt Nikola. Nudity was never something that Fiona would have been comfortable with, but Lilu loved it, craved it. Being with these women who appeared to have no inhabitation, made Lilu feel like she was one of them – wanting them all to see that she was boldly playing with her freshly shaved cunt whilst eagerly watching the strange ritual unfold.

“The ‘Red Devil’ will use her sex magick to stir her worshipers …” Crooned Nikola, her lips just hovering at Lilu’s ear level.

The ‘Red Devil’ danced around each of the seated women stirring the sex magick between them, stroking the nipples of her firm breasts and wrapping the long ponytail around them one by one, tongue kissing and drawing them up from their seated position to join the masturbation dance.

“See how she taunts them … her diabolic dance mesmerizes them … arouses them until they go crazy with perverted lust …”

Lilu felt it too as she watched the ‘Red Devil’s’ abnormally long tongue snaked out and lick their lips, teasing their tongues to touch hers without allowing any other direct contact. Her movements were like that of a strange mix of Indian traditional dance in slow motion combined with something more pagan, more vulgar, more sordid.

“Their cunts are wet for Satanic lust … they want to appease the sex demons … her dark sex magick is so strong … can you feel it …”

“Yes … Yes … Yes … I can,” groaned Lilu.

She felt crazed. The heat between her legs was intense. She was unable to contain herself as Nikola began to masturbate her from behind as they both watched the demon’s seduction.

“Soon it will be your turn Lilu … soon the “Red Devil” will call upon you to please her with your most perverted desires …”

“Yes … Yes!” groaned Lilu as Nikola’s fingers worked both her cunt and her anus.

The blasphemous dance continued as the beat became more urgent. The fires seemed to blaze with more intensity as the ‘Red Devil’ pressed the tip of the phallic crucifix against Cherry’s cunt. She pushed her pelvis against it, letting it slide its phallic length into her wet and highly aroused hole. The ‘Red Devil’ pulled the dildo crucifix from Cherry’s labia and pressed the slimy tip to the girl’s lips – so that she could taste herself upon it.

The two dancers re-emerged each holding the hands of two young girls no older than eleven. Their immature bodies were covered in whitish translucent gowns that imitated Christian confirmation gowns, only the transparent material allowed the onlooker more than a hint of their pale nakedness beneath.

“See … the Hand Maidens come … so delicious … such young flesh … the ‘Red Devil’ taunts you … you desire sex with young children …”

“Oh, oh! Yes, Yes I do!” Lilu cried as Nikola masturbated her faster and faster.

The lyric in the song ‘Red Devil of Perversion’ had a line about ‘Cherubic Hand Maidens of Satan’ and how they were “Stroking your Phallus of Evil Creation’. This thought teased Fiona closer to her first orgasm as she eyed the young girls with strong pedophilic desires. She imagined the ‘Red Devil’ fucking them with the Phallic Crucifix – taking their virginity for the pleasure of Satan.

“Urine Priestess, Scat Priestess See the Cherubic Hand Maidens of Satan, Incest Priestess, Pedo Priestess Stroking your Phallus of Evil Creation.”

“Satan is among us … You must pay homage to Satan!” urged Nikola.

“I must!” Lilu cried, unsure of what that would mean, only knowing that it pushed her rapidly towards orgasm.

As if following a script, the two ‘handmaidens’ knelt before the ‘Red Devil’ whose provocative movements had become more vigorous – thrusting her groin towards their upturned faces. Everyone seemed to be masturbating frantically in response as if a crescendo was about to happen.

“Cunt Priestess, Cock Priestess Evil lust, wanton lust of our subversion, Fuck Priestess, Phallic Priestess Red Devil of Perversion, of, of our Perversion.”

“It is the She-Devil … the Goddess of the Phallus of Evil Creation!” spat Nikola in Lilu’s ear.

The ‘Red Devil’ pulled at the thin material of the black sash. Fiona gasped as the true nature of their lead singer was revealed. Between Lucy’s thin thighs, curving outwards and upwards was an enormous erect penis, seated upon a pair of red-painted testicles. Was it a prosthetic cock? No, the flesh was too real – it was hard, throbbing, and drooled with pre-cum.

“Oh, oh my … Argghhhhhh,” cried Lilu in excited shock as she bucked harder against Nikola’s fingers, as the orgasmic pleasure began to overpower her.

“Give yourself to the cock demon!” poked Nikola.

Lucy Fur was the hermaphroditic Devil … The image of the Sabbatic Goat, the evil idol they called the Baphomet … She looked even gaunter than she had done in the band’s video clips, her face looked hollowed out and her arms and legs looked scrawnier and emancipated close up. She reminded Lilu of those medieval drawings of hellish creatures as she danced to the throbbing pagan beat, drawing back her foreskin to reveal her shecock’s bulbous domed head, glistening with seminal fluids. The Devil’s seed drooled freely from her disproportionately large phallus – like a spear protruding from where her cunt should be. The Devil began to stroke herself, rubbing her cock fluids across the faces of the two kneeling handmaidens. They each opened their mouths, taking turns suckling the tip whilst their small childish fingers rubbed the girth of the ‘Red Devil’ as her perverted ritual continued.

“Watch first … her passion knows no bounds and soon Lucifer will fill your bowels!”

The two dancers cut away the pre-teen handmaidens’ coverings and once again Lilu was surprised to see both ‘girls’ were, in fact, young feminized boys with hard little clits of their own, each standing to attention for the ‘Red Devil’.

“Oh my … agghhhhhhhhhhh …” gasped Lilu as she was overcome with another power climax.

The ‘Red Devil’ turned to face Lilu. Flanked by her fem-boy handmaidens. Lilu ground her cunt harder against Nikola’s fingers as they thrust in and out of dripping cunt.

“Lilu,” whispered the ‘Red Devil’.

“Yes, my Goddess!”

“Are you ready to give your soul to the Horned One?”

“Yes! I must! Take my soul!”

Lilu leaned up upon her knees. Nikola pressed herself against Lilu’s back. Nikola brought her close to her third orgasm as Lilu wrapped her eager lips around the demon’s drooling cock head, her fingers wrapped around its thick red-skinned shaft and grasped her heavy ball sacks as the ‘Red Devil’ began to fuck her face.

The demon kissed the femboys alternately as they pressed their small boy worms against Lilu’s face – frotting softly against her as their demonic mistress face-fucked her harder and harder, pressing more and more of her slimy cock down her gullet. Lilu sucked and bucked coming over and over upon Nikola’s skillful fingers – her orgasmic spasms contracting her throat around the demon serpentine cock that thrust even further into her.

She felt the warm splash of the femboys as they both cum over her face, their ropes of slimy semen pumped against her flushed face and hair – that was followed by their salty warm pee that drenched her from head to foot. Lilu’s eyes bulged from the passionate thrusts of the ‘Red Demon’ as the whole commune gathered around her and chanted as they either masturbated themselves or each other or fornicated furiously. Chaos was rampant.

“sell thy soul. sell thy soul. sell thy soul …” cried the commune.

“Lusteth thy corrupted flesh … ” snorted the ‘Red Demon’.

The wild satanic chanting and screams of unbridled lust abruptly halted and in the momentary quietness, like the eye of the storm passing overhead, the ‘Red Demon’ suddenly roared furiously like a Sabbatic goat as her copulation peaked seconds before ejaculation. The ‘Red Demon’ gripped Lilu’s head tightly in a talon-like grip as she bucked like crazy, driving her cock deeper still down Lilu’s tightening gullet. All hell broke loose as the Devil fired her elixir down the Initiate’s throat – the quantity of which was far too much for bug-eyed Lilu to take. Hot white fluids gushed from the sides of her mouth and out of her nasals.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhh!” gasped Lilu.

“Ye soul is mine!” proclaimed the ‘Red Demon’ her spent cock twitching undiminished in its hardness.

Lilu fell to her hands and knees and then laid her head resting on the floor of the ritual ground with her rump still raised in the air. Still gasping for breath, Lilu felt firm hands grip her from behind, pulling her into alignment with a stiff organ that pressed against her gooey anus. There was a brief burning sensation as something bulbous pressed against her tiny puckered rectum. There was a pop and then Lilu felt a demonic cock begin to burrow its way up her shit hole. She felt the thickness stretching her from the inside, each thrust impaling her as the engorged organ that fucked mercilessly upwards, deeper into her filthy bowels.

Lilu could only groan, as Nikola’s fingers never stopped their orgasmic stimulation – she knew in that instance that her soul now completely belonged to this sex demon.


One week after the initiation at Fiona’s apartment.

The time had passed so quickly. It had been such a frisson of excitement. The whole episode of the commune, of the initiation into devilment, of the week or so spends in sexual bliss … days, and nights all blurred together in one almighty perverted orgy of demonic worship. Now she was home. All the cacophonous was gone… everything was quiet as she sat at her laptop with an open blank page.

She looked across her notepad of scribbles that during the course of the events had become almost intelligible – yet Fiona knew the story. She felt the story. It sharply contrasted her vapid life of Christianity. It made her hate her previous self that she had lived out with acquiescence. Wasted years of recalcitrance. And of all the things she had experienced since her journey of discovery … she had been much more than just an observer of the dark paganism, sex magick, and Bacchanalia’s style orgies … she had been initiated – not just becoming one of them but becoming one with them. It was truly beautiful.

Outside the louring sky brought the perfect mood. Fiona sat naked touching herself without feeling the need to draw the blinds or to check if the door was actually locked (though it was). She had disinterred her child fantasies and intermingled them with her new appreciation of the Devil. Never would she capitulate to that malevolent Christian god. Fuck God! Fuck Jesus! Fuck, Mother Mary! Her cunt was itchy to play as she began to write her article. Her head was filled with the sounds of sexual pleasure – the soft groans tersely changing to cries of unbridled ecstasy. She sank two fingers into her wet cunt and then brought her soiled fingers to her lips tasting herself and she typed one-handed, absentmindedly masturbating as she began her feature on the band.

Later, she would have to thank her ex-CME (Christian Musical Express) colleague, Leanne Sutton, for the opportunity that had changed her irrevocably.



One week after the publication of the first article in a café near Fiona’s home.

Fiona sat in the local coffee shop as she waited for her friend and colleague, Leanne Sutton, who had been the woman who had first muted the idea of Fiona writing the article on the strange band that had renamed her, Lilu.

The journalist sipped her lukewarm beverage as she watched the busy working crowd pass the cafe window from the secluded wall booth. It was like an endless river of humanity. In her mind, they were like mindless sheep trudging back and forth; doing their meaningless work; praying to their worthless god.

Fiona smiled to herself. She thought about the devil’s cock bumping against the roof of her cervix – the delightful pain of being completely filled, both front and back with so much cock, she thought she would literally split in two. Her cunt ached. She wanted more. Next, the recent delights of our pedophilic adventures rushed delicious warmth between her legs as she sat alone reminiscing about the commune. How she loved the touch of such young creatures – it felt divine to dominate these willing child acolytes of the Devil.

“Fiona,” said a detached voice.

Fiona’s attention was brought back to the dreary café.

“Ah, Leanne,” answered Fiona, “Sorry, I must have been daydreaming.”

“It’s been a while?”

“Yes, it has.”

Leanne simply smiled and took a seat close to her colleague. Their bare legs touched briefly as she sat down and the electricity of their unexpected touch reminded Fiona of how fresh-faced her younger colleague looked. Leanne was seven years her junior and was very appealing with her straight sandy-blond hair that flowed down her back; her petite and pretty freckled face; her make-up was light but accentuated her deep blue-grey eyes. Fiona licked her lips subconsciously, suddenly aware of the cuteness of this lithe young lady beside her. Fiona, in fact, had had a little crush on Leanne in a time when she would never have admitted such a deviant desire, but now she acknowledged her attraction to her friend, albeit to herself.

“So, what did you think of the article?” asked Fiona cutting to the chase.

“I must admit … you really surprised me, Fiona.”

“How’s that?”

“I mean … with your staunch religious upbringing and dedication to your faith, I guess I expected a knock-back on this assignment. I thought you might even think it inappropriate. I had a whole speech about journalistic variety in preparation. I mean … I had asked five other colleagues before you and all had declined.”

“I needed the cash.”

“I read the article, Fiona. It was very good. It was fairly balanced … but …”

“But what?”

Looking at Leanne with corrupted eyes, she saw a glint of something there – something that was out of place. Though this woman had expected her to turn down the rather dubious assignment, she had not. No Fiona had embraced it. She knew it was not about the money – and she could see that Leanne knew that too. That fact seemed to reveal something new about Fiona to a friend that she had not deliberately revealed … or had she subconsciously?

“I sensed a deep appreciation for the band … of their rights to worship …”

“Well. They aren’t exactly the material I get to review every week I must admit, but they are all solid musicians with a unique approach to their music. Should I discount them, like their critics, because of their lifestyle choices or beliefs?”

“That’s not exactly what I meant.”

Leanne’s leg pressed against Fiona’s under the table and Fiona felt aroused by the young woman’s seemingly deliberate movement.

“It wasn’t exactly what you said, but the way it was said … it was as if you were really quite sympathetic to their cause?”

“You mean their — highly sexualized libertarian lifestyle that blends dark paganism, sex magick, and Bacchanalia’s style orgies —” replied Fiona, quoting a line from her own article.

Leanne laughed uneasily, unsure if Fiona had made a joke of it or was plainly serious.

“Yer … Bacchanalia’s style orgies … No, it was more so from the references about the lead singer, Lucy Fur.”

“Hmmm … what specifically Leanne?” Fiona slipped her hand down beneath the table and let in rest on Leanne’s bare thigh.

Leanne quivered momentarily. Fiona’s fingertips lightly danced upon her colleague’s skin, bringing Goosebumps immediately to her bare flesh. Leanne did not move and seemed to accept Fiona’s gentle caress. The two friends looked into each other’s eyes.

“It was your obvious reverence about something or someone, that most would find irreverent,” said Leanne.

Her voice dropped to a mere whisper, as she stroked her thumb alone the back of Fiona’s hand before pressing it further up her inner thigh. Fiona could feel the warmth between Leanne’s legs.

“It was as if you had experienced a deep revelation … found kindred spirits … had …”

Fiona studied her friend closely. She felt Leanne’s strange arousal. She wondered what Leanne actually knew about the band and their commune. Was she aware of the perverted sex acts that she had performed with the other members of the commune – their obsession and celebration of the devil incorporating many strange and vulgar rituals, most of which involved open pedophilia?

“I was inspired by her. She showed me the way.”

Fiona pressed her fingers directly against Leanne’s damp crutch.

“What do you mean? What happened to you at the commune? I have only heard rumors about their secret commune. What was it like meeting Lucy Fur?”

Leanne twitched with curiosity and unknown expectations.

Fiona smiled evilly at Leanne’s searching eyes that were glazed with a combination of naivety and undiscovered lustiness. Fiona removed her hand from Leanne’s lap and got up to leave.

“How are the twins?” asked Fiona changing the subject.

“Um? Yes. Samantha and Steven,” remembering she was a mother of two six-year-olds, “Well … when Rodger, my ex and I parted a few years ago, Rodger got joint custody and they’re with him until this weekend …”

“I want you to invite me over for the weekend – we can talk further then. I will answer all your questions.”

“You will?”

Fiona leaned forward and kissed Leanne on the cheek.

“I won’t disappoint you,” added Fiona, and then she left.


Late afternoon on the following Friday at Leanne’s apartment.

Leanne’s apartment was modest but homely. It showed that she had gotten a less than generous settlement from her divorce from Rodger. Leanne looked apprehensive but still managed to smile at Fiona as she let her in. Leanne’s makeup was done nicely (though she did not need it), but she was dressed demurely in a simple button-up housecoat. Fiona looked around and could see the trappings of parenthood – a simple front room and adjoining kitchenette filled with children’s drawings and toys.

“The kids are watching television in their bedroom. After school, I let them relax before dinner,” said Leanne gesturing for Fiona to join her on the couch.

The old couch looked as if it had seen better days.

“Good,” Fiona replied and took Leanne by the hand, “Let me answer all of the questions you had for me in the café. Sorry I was aloof back then, it just wasn’t the time or the place.”

“Please,” appealed Leanne, “To be honest with you Fiona, I was thinking of taking the assignment myself. I really was … I mean … I have been a God-fearing woman all my life. You know that my father was a pastor in our local church. I grew up with his strict Catholic doctrine – I had always been a little confused about my belief …”

“I know exactly what you mean. Like an itch, you cannot scratch,” acknowledged Fiona.

‘Yes! Yes! Exactly. I was told one thing, but … thought another,” she hesitated.

“Don’t worry. I have been conflicted too. I’m not the angel that I purport to be.”

Fiona’s words seemed to open a floodgate for her friend.

“Oh Fiona, you don’t know the half of it!” confessed Leanne, “I had a deep loathing within me about it. I loathed myself because of my conflicting thoughts. As I researched the band, I was completely applauded by their demonic antics – everything about them seemed so wicked and ripe with sexual evil. They were scandalous, blasphemous, and sacrilegious! But there was a part of me that was so drawn to this. I didn’t understand. I felt revolted at my attraction to it all. It was as if there was a longing within myself to participate… to be part of it. I even touched myself whilst watching or recalling their taboo performances. I … touching myself! It shocked me.

“When the other journalist declined the assignment, I thought it was an affirmation of my own personal apprehensions. But then you accepted it. I was surprised. Part of me was elated … but secretly jealous of what you would find there.”

“I understand completely. I had exactly the same reaction.”

“You did? But, you still accepted it?”

“I did. I read the reviews and the rhetoric. And like you I felt somehow drawn to them, to the band; the commune, and to Lucy Fur. I too touched myself … no … I actually masturbated furiously as I enjoyed their profane videos – and as I reached my climax … I even found myself secretly praying to Satan.

“Leanne … I enjoyed their wickedness … you see, you released me, Leanne … you started my journey to this dark and sensuous place where all my sexual desires are possible.”

“Oh my God! You masturbated watching their profane acts!“

“Yes I got off on it all, Leanne. I came over and over, enjoying every nasty deed – sang their songs in my tainted heart. They are all the things you mentioned and much more. I met the band and they brought me to their secret commune – I had sex with each and every one of them. I joined in their satanic rituals and prayed to the Devil. I have never been so excited in all my dull fucking life. I hated God and I loved the Devil. I don’t care if I am damned for eternity – I wanted it and could not get enough!

“They gave me a new name whilst I was there at their commune, Lilu – it means the daughter of Lilith. They gave me a whole new attitude – Christ be fucked – I will no longer suffer a moment of our malicious God; I no longer feel the constraints of so-called Christian godliness. I think only of pleasure, perverted pleasures … in fact the more perverted the better. Lesbianism, voyeurism, bondage, sexual torture, rape, corruption, pedophilia, and incest … Lucy is truly a Messiah … she has made me a believer … she is the devil incarnate!”

“Oh fuck, Fiona! I see it in your eyes! You look so alive! So excited!”

Fiona placed her hand across Leanne’s and guided below her short dress, under which she wore no underwear. Her cunt was wet and open.

“Feel how wet I am for you.”

“Ohhhhhh …”

“I want only to return the favor and to set you free.”

“Free?” Leanne’s voice cracked … a single tear escaped her eye and slid down her cheek.

“Free from the bondage of our upbringings?”

“Oh, Fiona … I want to feel like a complete slut …”

“Like me? I fucked a demon,” Fiona smiled evilly, “When I was young and my mind was free, I imagined the unimaginable. To experience a sensuality that made my heart sing. And then my religion destroyed me. God destroyed me … killed me! The religious zealots locked my heart up in a prison that I could not see, touch, taste, or smell … we can be free together.”

“I’m scared!”

“Have you read the lyrics to their song ‘Moloch’s Fire’?”

“Yes… I think so… is it about the worship of an evil sex demon that requires the sacrifice of small children?” answered Leanne.

She was shaking.

“Yes. The worshipers of Moloch had a huge bronze statue of the phallic idol, heated by fires within. Wicked priestesses masturbated before it – raped the children before it – burnt them alive before it!”

“Oh fuck! I know I should be appalled … but I’m not … I am so turned on!”

“Yes. Think of it as a metaphor for burning our religion. Burning our burden. Burning down our prison.”

Fiona kissed Leanne on the lips. She tasted her salty sweatiness – the perspiration of injustice.

“Open your eyes … open your mind … Open your legs …”

Fiona’s hand pressed upwards between Leanne’s slim thighs. She smiled to find that Leanne was naked beneath her housecoat. Fiona’s fingers found her wetness. Her cunt was wet and open too. Fiona wasted no time in pressing her fingers against Leanne’s erect clitoris, She moaned softly and closed her eyes. Fiona kissed her mouth again, this time her tongue pressed between Leanne’s nervous and quivering lips. Her free hand guided Leanne closer, closing her mouth over hers and pushing her tongue deeper into her hot little mouth.

“It’s time to burn it all down. Take hold of your most private fantasies… let them surface … without the guilt … think of the most vile and disgusting things that make you wet and hot … the thoughts that make you cum hardest!”

“I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be. Let your mind and your imagination run free … let it out … let it all out … your children are just next door … two lovely innocent babes … untouched by the filth of our sexuality … a perfect offering don’t you think?”

Leanne was shaking as Fiona continued to masturbate her as they conversed.

“You’re talking about committing incest?”

“Yesssss …”

You’re talking about doing evil things to them? Corrupting my poor and innocent young children? Forcing them to do unspeakable perverted sexual acts with each other and then with the both of us? Forcibly raping the two of them and then sacrificing their innocence to appease our sexual demons?

“Isn’t that exactly what you fantasize about every day?”

“Oh Lilu, daughter of Lilith. You are truly evil. Ohhhh! Fuck! I’m cummmmmming …”


Early evening on the same day at Leanne’s apartment.

Leanne entered the bedroom, abruptly turned the television off, and told her six-year-old twin children, Samantha and Steven, to get ready for their bath time. The children looked up and saw that their mother was not alone.

“This is Auntie …” announced their Mommy.

“Auntie Lilu … Hey,” said Auntie Lilu.

“Hello, Auntie Lilu,” they both dutifully chimed.

Auntie Lilu noticed how the twins looked so much alike and some much like their mother – each had a petite face, soft androgynous features, straight shoulder-length sandy blond hair, and fair freckled faces. The boy could be so easily feminized. Auntie Lilu immediately thought about the two delicious handmaidens of the ‘Red Demon’. They were both perfect.

They quickly stripped completely naked from their school clothing. Auntie Lilu eyed their lithe white bodies – the only differentiating factor being Steven’s little hairless cocklet and Samantha’s smooth hairless little cunny. Auntie Lilu thought they were both delicious. They both ran carefree past the adults and into the bathroom. The bath water was already running and they jumped and splashed in the shallow water. Auntie Lilu and Mommy looked on lustily. Auntie Lilu and Mommy stripped from their clothing too and embraced each other – enjoying the sensations of their nakedness together.

“You are beautiful,” remarked Auntie Lilu.

She drew her new lover closer. The heat from their moist cunts was intense – one clean-shaven and the other with neatly trimmed ‘v’ of sandy-blond pubic hair. With the kids out of sight, they eagerly ground their hips together and rubbed their hardened nipples against each other. The two women groaned with deviant ecstasy, their juices smeared and dribbled down the length of their thighs. They continued to kiss deeply and passionately, rutting their erect clitorises against each other.

“Christ be fucked!” gasped Auntie Lilu.

“There is no turning back is there?” asked Mommy.

“No turning back. Just freedom … ” affirmed Auntie Lilu, “Depraved acts fulfill our desire …”

“Fuck all night before Moloch’s Fire …”

They sang in unison as they walked hand-in-hand into the bathroom.

The sound of children playing came to a halt as Leanne opened the door and both Fiona and her walked into the steamy bathroom. They looked at their naked Mommy and her naked companion.

“Auntie Lilu and Mommy have a fun game we can all play in the bath,” said Mommy.

“Yes … It’s all called the pee-pee, poo-poo game,” added Auntie Lilu.


To be continued?


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