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Feature title: A Tale of Years – The Fallen
Published: 24.09.2019
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A Tale of Years – The Fallen

Chapter 1 – A Single Year

She sits obediently on my lap, her long blonde hair falling on me as I draw up the hem of her stark professional skirt, my hand gliding up her silky thighs to find her naked soft sex waiting for me.
She gasps … soft shocked mewls as my fingers stroke her gently, her body shivering as her eyes gaze at me with wonder.
It’s been a year since we first met, she and I … the cold hard loveless executive and the young administrative assistant. It hadn’t been easy for her at first … accepting her growing need … learning to obey … feeling joy … .


My fingers circle her clit as she opens her blouse … just as she’s been trained … her fingers finding her hard erect nipples … her gasps and moans echoing sweetly in my ears as my long red nails slip inside of her, finding her hot wet needy cunt ready for me.

It brings me back … the first touch … the moment she knew that she needed me … but moment when my fingers brushed aside all of her cares, all of her worries … the moment she accepted that she belonged to me.

I can still remember it … the protests … even as my fingers gently parted her legs.  The cries of how this wasn’t her … how she couldn’t understand … how she wasn’t like this even as she opened to my touch for the first time. Oh how she’d moaned … how wet she’d been … all those years of denial … cumming so hard that she’d cracked the glass top of her desk in her need.

Whimpering … that was what she was best at … whimpering in need … in lust … the first time I bent her over her desk … slipped my dong inside of her protesting cunt … and the day I opened her ass to the joy of my touch for the first time.  Oh the sweet surrender … watching her crawl across the floor in helpless need … begging me … demanding that I take her … crying and whimpering in desperate need … needing to be owned … body and soul.

Gently I slip my tongue around her swollen nipple … hearing her coo … each touch as if it were the first time … her toned hard body arching against me … her joy radiating … her loneliness ended … her purpose known.

She bucks against my fingers … knowing what I want … her passion, her need … knowing that I wish only the most beautiful of her gifts this day … her shrieks, her moans, her cum coating my fingers.

“Now Cassie … now.”  I whisper as she silently shrieks … her cunt clenching on my fingers … her perfect lips whispering, “oh yes … oh yes mistress … oh thank you thank youuuuuuuuu!!!”

Gratefully she collapses against me … her tear filled kisses raining down on me as I soak them in … cherishing each one, burning them into my memory.   Our tears mingling as I lead her to the couch and lay her down.  “Sleep my precious love … sleep and wake to a life of joy.”

“But … I don’t want to.”  she whimpers, her eyes begging me.   They always do … each one haunting me.

“But you will.”  I say with a sad smile.  “You will.”

She closes her eyes, looking angelic and beautiful as she slumbers.  Gently I reach down and remove her collar …

“A new life for you Cassandra … one filled with love.  She is out there somewhere waiting for you, and now my precious pet, you have the heart to find her and make both of your lives complete.”

I press my fingers to my lips and then to hers before I turn and leave the office.

Somewhere out there was another woman in need … and it was time the I found her … for a year.

Chapter 2 – Another Year

Gently, I let her hand fall from mine, wonder and confusion filling her face.

“Is… is hot in here… I… it… just seems hot,” she says as she gently undoes the first few buttons of her blouse.

“Yes, it is, Mrs. Jenkins… quite hot,” I say as I recross my legs, giving her a glimpse of what she both wants to see, and desperately does not.

“I… yes… well, Chelsea… I… I came to talk to you about… about,” she stammers, her brunette waves falling softly about her face.  She’s done her hair up… so soft and feminine… so beautiful… such a nice change.

“Yes?” I say sweetly as I bite my lower lip suggestively, letting one of my long, red fingernails slide down my blouse, drawing her attention to my breasts.

Her eyes follow my finger, almost entranced by the sight, staring as if trying to see what lies beneath the soft silkiness.  Oh, the poor baby… so confused… not understanding at all.

“I… well, I… it’s about… it’s about your job here and… ”  she begins again, almost forcefully ripping her eyes from my chest.  Yes, she’s doing well… not the hard ice cold task driver… no more treating people as tools to be used and then cast aside.

I smile at her, my eyes sparkling with hidden secrets… captivating her, ensnaring her ever so slightly.  “Yes?  I am very pleased with Brenda’s progress.  I’m sure when she returns to school she’ll be a straight A student… quite an improvement,” I say with a smile and a gentle toss of my hair.

“Yes… I mean… no… ” she continues in obvious confusion.  The “what” inside her battling with “what will be”.  “I mean… the grades… the grades are fine and… but… it’s the… I mean….”

I casually run my tongue over my lips, dangling one shoe from my toe, watching her almost squirm in her seat.  “Oh…” I say chewing adorably on the end on my pencil. “Yes… her work with social interaction has gone very well.”

Indeed it had.  The young teen had been in grave danger of being as snobbish and cruel as her mother had been; focused on power and control rather than those things that truly mattered… love and friendship, trust and loyalty. That among other serious ancillary problems.  Yes… Brenda had done wonderfully, learning that being a wonderful person was worth more than all the riches in her family fortune.

“Well… no… I mean…” the mother almost whines in frustration.  “I… have to tell you… that….”

“Oh, no need, Mrs. Jenkins.  It’s simply part of the job,”  I say as my gaze holds her… watching as her nipples press against her oh-so-thin blouse.  Oh yes… so sweet and feminine.  She would never have dressed that way before.

“But… oh, you’re so confusing me,” she stammers.  “We… I… we caught Brenda… she was… she was… kissing… fondling… ” she continued as her legs began to rub together slowly.

“Well, Mrs. Jenkins… she is 16, and such things are natural at her age,” I say with an understanding smile.

“NO… NO you… it… it was… she was… with… with the stable girl… and….”

“Oh yes… Samantha… a charming girl… so very sweet.  I’m sure she’ll be very good to your daughter,” I say as I gently cross my legs again and send her my sweetest, most intoxicating, look.

“But… but she’s … she’s a GIRL!!  I… we can’t… and… she said… she said that… you… you told her that…that it was….” she said as her hands begin to rub the sides of her hips.

“That it was OK?” I finish her thought with a helpful smile, watching as she slowly began to grind her ass into her chair.

“YES!” she almost screams in desperation.  “Yes… and… and we… we… can’t have… I mean… it’s our daughter… not… not with a… a girl… a stable girl!

I look at her disapprovingly and watch her nearly wilt.  “Mrs. Jenkins… Brenda is now an A student instead of failing nearly every class but PE.  She hasn’t touched any drugs in months, the acceptable boys are no longer fucking her like a cheap whore, and she’s so much happier now… so much more the woman that she wants to be and should be.  Now she’s found someone hard-working and sweet, someone to share her time with, who will lift her up rather than drive her down… who values her for who she is, not what clothes she wears or how much money Mom and Dad have stashed away.  And you’re upset that this person that she cares for is a woman or works in the stable!?”

“Oh… oh, I’m sorry, I… no… no that’s not what I mean… I…” she says as I watch her confused arousal grow.  “I… I mean… we can’t have it… I… I forbid… you have to… to leave… bad… influence… I have to … have to protect… I ….”

She stops in mid-sentence as I elegantly rise from my chair and approach her.

Gently I invade her personal space, my hand gently caressing her tender, confused face.  “She’s not the only one, is she, Emily… not the only one you have to forbid,” I say tenderly, watching the tears begin to form in her eyes.

“I… I don’t know… what… you… Get back… I…” she says, her whole body trembling, her eyes nearly begging.  Oh, such a confused baby….

“You don’t want me to go, Emily.  No… you want this….”

Gently I lower myself, my velvet lips touching hers, feeling her whimper into my mouth, her protests dying as my tongue sweeps into her… meeting hers….

And then… her hands gently touching me, pulling me closer, her tongue playing with mine, her tears falling salty on my lips….

So soft… so needy… so tender… the woman she could be … should be, emerging, as if for the first time.

I pull back, softly sucking her lip as I go.

I look deep into her eyes, seeing the need… the fear… the confusion.  But she is ready….

“What do you want, Emily?” I ask in a soft, tender whisper.

“Stay,” she whispers back.  “Stay forever….”

Gently, I let my lips meet hers again as I lift her up from her chair and guide her to the bedroom, feeling her joy begin to bloom, her need and desire begin to rise….

This day, she will begin to find her joy, and learn to share that joy with others, just as her daughter will.   There will still be much to learn, but we shall be together for six more months.  When it is over, she will be the flower of beauty, passion, and love that she was always meant to be.

Soon, Clarrise, her maid, will be ready… and when I am gone, they shall give each other the joy that this loveless marriage has always denied her.  The husband will not care… there is little I can do for him.  Pity….

Gently, I place her on the bed, hushing her soft protests with eager kisses until they are gone.

“Now you will be loved,” I whisper to her… my hands gently parting her legs… feeling them tremble.

“Love?” she whispers.

“Of course… what else is there?”  I whisper back as my fingers find her.

“nothing…” she whimpers.

My heart aches with joy.  And so it shall… for the rest of the year.

Chapter 3 – The Years Slip By

I left them … it was always hard to go but my time there was done.  Even now I could hear their cries of love and passion echoing … the ravaged woman … her long lost friend … together at last … and never to be parted again.

Yes … all those years of fear and emptiness gone, and for the other, a search that had ended and a question answered … who am I … .  Like so many questions, the answer was simple.  You are hers, she is yours.

I walk down the sidewalk hearing the click of my heels … still tasting her juice on my lips … still with the smell of her upon me.  Oh yes … such joy, such love.  A thousand strings to the past, each one aching, each yearning, each memory so bittersweet.

I reach out … feel the world around me.  So much pain … so much need.  So much shattered joy … it hurts, makes the tears well up within me.  What can one woman do … what can anyone do in the face of so much suffering.

And then I feel her … the pain … the rage so intense … beauty and promised crushed by rage … bitterness.   Rage and bitterness that sweeps out and infects all it touches.

I am there … hard cracked uneven concrete under my feet, my shoes changing … no … no heels for this, dirty well worn tennis shoes … garage sale clothes … straggly red hair in a pony tail … and freckles … .

I find the rusty wire gate … the run down house that looks far too small … the straggly yard … grass too low, weeds too high … .  The papers appear in my hand as I walk to the door and knock.

“Just a FUCKING MINUTE!” the screech comes from inside.

In a moment the door is flung open by a stout solid woman.  Once she had probably been beautiful but meanness can warp the most enticing of exterior beauty.  No this woman is hard … hard as nails … angry … and the foster mother of 7 girls.

I look inside behind her and see some of them peeking around the corners at me with wide frightened eyes.  Some young … but most teenagers, like me.  Unadoptable, unloved, unwanted.  I smile at them … and see their eyes widen just a bit … .

Hope is here … they just don’t know it yet.

“Whaddya want bitch!”  the foster mother snarls.

I look at her and wonder what she will be in a year … time in the yard, hard work, less TV … oh yes … there will be a change … but the most important will be within her.

I turn my smile to her and watch her retreat just a fraction in surprise.  “Hi,”  I say is a high sweet voice. “I’m Chelsea … Children’s services just sent me over.  Guess you’re my new foster mom this year.”

I smile at her again, handing her my papers.  I wonder what she’ll taste like … I can smell her now … oh so faint … she hasn’t noticed yet … but she will.  And my foster sisters … yes … this is where I belong … and soon they will know that too … I just wonder which will be first … .

My smile brightens and I can feel them all. It’s begun … they will learn joy … they and I … yes, it will be a wonderful year.

Chapter 4 – The Beginning of Years

The years go on … memories, each one a string leading me back … back to another place in time.

The war had been hard on Elice.   She and James had been married less than a year when he’d shipped out aboard the Oklahoma, that day when the fleet had shifted from San Diego to Pearl.  He’d promise he’d send for her … but Japanese torpedoes had done for him and his proud ship that bright sunny December Sunday.

Everyone had told her … “just move on … it’s war … you just have to move on”, but she couldn’t.  She’d been filled with rage and vengeance … a hatred so vile that it burned within her night and day.  She’d joined the Nursing Corps … treating wounded GI’s, as close to the front lines as she could … sometimes even wounded Jap soldiers had managed to make their way to her.

To the GI’s she was an angel … to the Japs … they say vengeance belongs to the Lord, but Elice hadn’t seen it that way … .

That’s when I had first found her … beautiful on the outside … a Betty Grable look to her that all of her adoring “boys” couldn’t resist.  But none of them had the power to reach her inside, though there were many to whom she gave the chance.  But even their adoration and the pleasure they could give her could not quell the dark fire growing inside.

It had taken time … but I can still remember when the walls began to fall … the lost helpless look in her eyes, holding the bedsheets up against her naked body … not wanting to love … desperately not wanting to care … and then … arching her back above me … thrusting her beautiful breasts up towards heaven … her legs spread for me … leaking and gushing her love on me … over and over and over again … night after endless night … .

Of all those from which I had parted … leaving her was perhaps the most difficult.   Her ability to love was so vast … and once unlocked it glowed like the soul of an angel from heaven.  Never had I yearned to stay with one more … never had I been more moved.  Never had I loved someone that loved me so greatly in return … .

But the universe has rules … or curses … and that was one of them.  One year … no more … .

I left her … but never did her memory leave me … even in the arms of another … even in my greatest moments of bliss and love … her image would sometimes reach me … eternal … everlasting.

So now I stand here watching … her soul still as bright as I remember, if not more, but her body is frail … fading oh so quickly.  Her gorgeous silky black hair, nearly gone from the treatments … what remains sparse and unkempt.  She gurgles as the ventilator gives breath to her lungs … her frail magnificent heart pumps blood to her body … and her mind … her thoughts lie quiescent … locked within her … never to be seen or touched by another again.

I look about at the hospital that bears her name … and I think of her life … the honors and awards as a military nurse … her days in medical school … becoming a doctor … her endless love which had transformed so many … given such joy to those she touched, and her unflagging devotion to the Asian community that she served until age and infirmity rob her of the ability to do so.

She had once told her love … a woman she had plucked from certain death in the killing fields of Cambodia … “We can not change what is past … we can only strive to make tomorrow a place worth living in.”

“And so you did Elice … so you did,” I whisper as I check her monitors … my nurse’s uniform casting a bit of light on her form.

I feel a new presence more that see her approach. “Greetings Hemah … is it time?”

Yes I can hear her faint whisper it is Chelsea.

“She has much love … she has done much good,” I say softly.

She has also done great evil … responds the whisper. It is not my place to judge.

“Much like me … ” I say softly.

Much like you … is the reply. Why are you here, Chelsea?

“To allow her to love … she has much more to give,” I say, turning and seeing Hemah standing there … feeling the sudden yearning in my heart … feeling her love pierce me once more.  “My work here is not yet done … neither is hers.”

She comes into view … her radiance filling me with joy indescribable … .  Gently she folds me in her arms … her wings softly wrapping around me as they once did … so long ago.  “Are you sure,” she says in dulcet tones.

“Yes,” I whisper burying my face into her for a brief second more … one small moment of joy. “She is worth another century or more.”

“Very well,”  she whispers as she fades from my arms … and vanishes from my view.  I shall be waiting.

I reach down and take Elice’s hand … feeling the light pass from me … watching her wrinkles fade … her skin become soft and smooth … her eyes clearing … looking once more … gently widening as she rises … her bare feet touching the floor with shocked wonder.

“Chelsea?” she whispers, her silken hair flowing over her perfect bare shoulders.  “Is this a dream?”

“No,” I say, gently pulling her to me … “it is an opportunity … and I am here to show you the way, my precious love.”

Lovingly I kiss her … feeling her love flow into me as it once did so long ago … feeling our tears mix on our cheeks … .

She looks up at me, her young face filled with joyous confusion … .  She looks back at the bed … and then at me.  “I don’t understand … I … ”

She looks to the side … biting her lip … “I … feel … feel someone in pain, Chelsea … I … ”

I look at her and smile.  “I know … and you will help her … just as I once helped you … and my love … I shall be with you to show you how … for a year … a year that we shall make the most of, Emily … a year to live in joy … together … . ”

I see her eyes brighten … feel the joy in her touch … the tears in her eyes … and I know …

When next Hemah returns for her … she will be ready … .  What is another century or even millennia in comparison with that?

I take her hand … it is time to begin.

Chapter 5 – Years of Redemption

Her hand touches mine, soft … so familiar now.  I see the tears in her eyes as I look deeply into hers.
“I don’t understand Chelsea … why can’t you come … oh god … I’ll stay … I promise … I’ll do anything!!”  she sobs, her red hair shining in the morning sun.

“It is my time Diane … and it is your time … time for you to spread your wings and fly.”  I say in a wistful voice.”But I don’t want to fly without you. I don’t want to go back to where I was before.”  she says with heartbreaking sincerity.

“You won’t … you will find what you’re looking for and it’s out there, not here.  And you, my love, will find it soon.”

“But … why do I have to find it … when I already have you?” she nearly whimpers as she falls into my arms.

I hold her tenderly and I know that my task with her is complete.  Gone is the expose reporter who cared for nothing but the prestige and power of her pen … nothing but who she could crush in the public eye, whom she could blackmail into serving her needs.  No … that woman was gone … and her pen had learned of truth and justice … of love, and most importantly, of redemption.

I smile and give her a final tender hug.  “Trust me Diane … as you have so far.  This is how it must be.  Make what we have done together shine in your life … and I shall be watching, always.”

She sobs against me, lifts her lips to kiss mine once more … and then turns from me and hurries away … not daring to look back.

The tears reach my own eyes … and when I clear them I see a young woman looking at me with a concerned expression.  I feel something in her … something special and needed.  I reach out and feel it … a gentle heart … one with so much love but as yet unlocked.  She is on her way home … to Paris … just where Diane is going.

I smile at her and wave her on and as I do I reach out and touch her soul … guiding it where it’s heart needs to be.   Soon she and Dianne will meet … and the rest … well that will be the stuff of stories and songs.  Not for a year, but for a lifetime.

I turn to leave … sorrow mixed with joy flowing through me … .  I reach out with my feelings … searching for the need that is always there and find it … and something else as well.  Something I have searched for and wished for desperately and yet, dreading to find.

My eyes narrow … so many memories … so much time … and now … now she is here.
I hurry toward them … the tension growing in me with every step, with every fallow feeling that courses through me … the hollow pit opening within …

It doesn’t take long to find them.

I can hear the two women screaming inside their minds before I can see them.  Their fright, their revulsion, their terror and horror as their bodies betray them.  I turn the corner into the private lounge and see them, attractive women in light summer dresses … one of them even with a diaper bag nearby … moaning as vile obscenities echo from their surprised lips, as disobedient hands tear at each other’s clothing.  I see the tears running down their faces as they struggle in the grips of a lust beyond their control, falling … slowly becoming the sexual animals their bodies tell them they must be, their thoughts, worn away by the insatiable need that flows through them both.

It is lust … nothing more … entrapping, warping them, holding them until it is sated … and if it ever is, it will cast them aside … ruined and devastated … with nothing lasting but the horrible memory of the night that wrecked their world, if even that is left to them.

I feel her close … her touch familiar, and yet achingly repellent.

“Elaine,”  I say into the air.  “I know you are here … show yourself.”

She does … sultry, slutty … a whore in a thousand dollar dress … raven haired, and eyes that pierce the soul with blackness.

“Chelsea,” she says with mild surprise finally seeing me for who I am. “My it has been a long time.”  she smirks … the look distorting her lovely face. “Admiring my little pet project I see … thank you so much … it simply wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Her words drip like acid … but what hurts so much is that they are all true.

I look at her, imploring her with my eyes … trying to see her as she once was … the cruel madame who became the angel of mercy to lost girls.  A woman who struggled against her past and yet …  yet her sin had hung upon her at the end  … and at her end I had come for her … sacrificing my time for hers … giving her a chance at redemption.

I look for her … a spark of the woman that I loved so dearly … “How could you have fallen to this Elaine … each act soiling your soul ever further.”  I say with deep sadness.

“Someone made me a better offer.”  she says, as the screams of the housewives to fuck each other harder echo in my ears. “I know what you did … it was explained to me. All those years, wallowing in the grime for what … useless little girls who would have been better off dead than alive?  A lifetime I wasted … and why … because you stole my destiny from me … changed me … you manipulated me, you took my life away from me!!”

“All I have done,”  she says with an offhand gesture, “Is make up for the time you stole from me.”

“I gave your life back to you Elaine,”  I say reaching out a hand to her.  “A life worth living … not this … please … there may still be time.”

She turns toward me … her eyes nearly glowing with hatred. “Time?  What time to you think we have … Time for love?  Time to Fuck?   Is that what you want?  To Fuck me again?  Body and mind?  Make me some kind of fucking Mother Teresa?   Well you can lick my pussy if you fucking beg me really sweet … but the rest belongs to ME BITCH.  Now either get on your fucking knees or leave me … go about your prissy little mission … these two little sluts are mine!!”

I look upon her … the years falling away … and I see her … as she once was, searching for an echo as she turns her back on me … driving her malice into her two victims.   Oh such sorrow that such beauty could have been transformed into this.   That such love should become such hate and anger.  Love, turned into devastation and horror by lies … using my love to spread it’s stench across the world for centuries … and perhaps, for all eternity to come.  My mistake … my error … laid out before me.

I look deep within her … her indifference opening a hole in her mind … . Softly I slip past her defenses, searching for a glimmer … even an echo of the woman I once loved … until, almost unexpectedly, I hear a plaintive cry from within her soul … a touch, familiar and desperate … in anguish and alone.

I see it … a small spark … so very tiny … so very small, yet one that resonates within me.

Elaine I whisper into her soul I have come for you.

Her body goes almost rigid, her eyes opening wide in outrage and horror … “No.” she gasps in horror as she turns towards me.  “No … NO you CAN NOT!!!”

“I can.”  I whisper to her …

Gently I take the spark within her and hold it in my thoughts … comforting it … giving it the joy it has so long been without.

You found me … I knew you would … someday.

How could I not … you are my love … you shall always be my love.

Her body shrieks at me and  launches itself, intent to rend me limb from limb … .  I can sense her … the malevolent seed planted deep within her … the tendrils which have choked away her life, her very soul interminable year after year.

I reach within her and twist … . She falls to the floor … her hands clutching at her wet hot cunt … tearing at her nipples … shrieking in frustration and need.

“No … NO I … Fuck .. I fucking won’t let YOU!!”  she screams as she cums and yet, finding no release.

“Lust is simple, the tool of your master … it is a mere instinct clothed in words. But it is hollow and without texture or form … strong but as effervescent as the breeze … ”

“Love,”  I say looking at her with compassion in my eyes “Love is far far more … .  Once you understood that … and so you shall understand it again.”

“Nooooo … NOOOOOO … ” she shrieks as the truth of my words flays at her, slowly breaking apart the evil within her.

I blow upon the spark within her … bringing it to flame … tearing back the dark tendrils … watching them wither within her … feeling her soul fly once more … closer and closer to the surface … until it finally breaks free … until I can look at her eyes … and see her looking back at me once more.

I glance at the two women rutting on the floor of the lounge … hearing them grunt their primal pleasure, the sound of slick fingers, reddened palms and hungry tongues melding in unrestrained animal need.  They have descended … their minds and souls stripped bare … soon there will be nothing left.  I reach into them … drawing the tendrils of themselves that remain back together … binding them to each other … giving each the strength they lack on their own.  Melding them soul to soul … heart to heart … life to life.

The growls softly turn to moans … the moans to sighs … the touches become soft … gentle … the words, soft terms of endearment … .

“See the hues of love and it’s power?” I say as a teacher unto a child.  “This you gave in order to hold the vapor of emptiness in your hands … you have forgotten … but I have not … and now Elaine … I shall remind you.”

“No … no … Oh god Chelsea … i … I needed … oh please … god what’s happened to me?!!”

“Hush,” I say as I kneel next to the raven haired beauty … assuming the form of the winsome young whore that had won her mortal heart oh so many years ago … .

The years fold back … her visage softens as I smile at her … voices echoing from the past …

“you were destined for joy … let me show you the way.”

“yes … Chelsea … show me … I wish to learn.”

I smile … “Follow me again Elaine … let me teach you again the paths of joy.”

Gently I part her legs as I did so many years ago … hear her gasp as my lips touch her sensitive mound … kissing each part of her tenderly.

“Ohhh … Oh Chelsea … Oh … oh it’s been soooo long … ” she says as tears fall down her face.

“Yes … ” I say as my fingers gently move inside of her … “far too long … far too long since you have been loved.”

“Ohhhh … oh sweet god … oh god … ,” she whines as my essence flows into her … “Oh god … oh please … please … teach me … show me … please … show me the way!!”

“Yes my love,” I say as I reach into the air and grasp her collar … “I will show you what you have forgotten … and more.”

Lovingly I begin to clasp the collar about her neck once more … her eyes growing wide as she realizes what is to come.

She looks up at me … her hazel eyes showing the struggle … the evil contesting with her soul … .  But she is Elaine … the woman I adore …

“i love you Chelsea” she whispers …

“I love you Elaine,”  I say as my lips meet hers … and the collar snaps into place.

Her back arches and her screams echo in the ether … her soul crying out in rapture …

I hold her as she trembles in my grasp … her tears flowing through her as the nightmare begins to fade … and the realization of what she has done begins to enfold her.

“what will i do?  oh Chelsea … what can i do?” she whispers in torment.

I look at her. All is not well … nor shall it be for sometime.  But she is my beloved Elaine.

“You will begin your path anew … but this time there shall be a difference.”  I say looking into her eyes.

“difference?.” she says as tears begin to flood her eyes once more.

“I will be with you my love … this time, we make this journey together, for as long as you need me.”

“Yes … ,” she says with a sigh of love. “together.”

I look at her and my heart leaps.  It will take time … it will be difficult … but as I look at the two women gently making love to each other nearby … I know that it will be done, whatever the cost.

I hold her to me … and know …

She is worth it my love … it will take time … but I am coming … wait for me.

Softly I kiss Elaine and take her hand.  Perhaps in time … all of our mistakes will be forgiven … in time.

Chapter 6 – The Passing of Years

I sit beside her and hold her gently, her tears falling upon me.  “Shhhh Violet, it will be alright.”  I say as I gently brush her beautiful brunette strands from her face.

“But it’s not fair,” she says as she leans softly against me.  “I thought … thought I couldn’t be happy … I didn’t think I could feel.”

“But you can, and you do.”  I say softly as my lips gently kiss her forehead.

I gaze upon her lovingly.  There are many in need, there always are … so so many.  And I can only choose one … one soul to help, one soul to help mend the world.  One life to change.  So many times I must pass those in need, so many times to endure the hate and bile of evil so that it can be saved for the good of all.  And yet … there are times when … when the pain is too great to ignore.

Gently I lay her down … softly undoing her gown.  She looks at me … her eyes wide with love, with need and with joy.   “You are so beautiful Vi.”  I say as I gently slide my hands across her smooth skin.

“I never thought so, until I met you.”  she sighs as she slides her hands through my thick black mane.  “I never knew joy until you touched me.”

A tear forms in my eye as I lower my face and kiss each exposed nipple, drawing it to hardness with soft dedicated strokes of my lips.

Sadly, she is probably right.  So much pain for one so pure and beautiful.  Such a brave struggle, such a strong soul.  If only I had possessed strength such as she has … .

She sighs … my tears falling on her hot smooth skin, my free hand opening her beneath me … softly, delicately touching her.  Feeling her sigh in pleasure and joy as her body responds to me … .

“Oh Chelsea … oh thank you … thank you … .” she sobs softly as my fingers play across her … gently creating that look of indescribable joy that only those who have been without it so long can truly understand.

Softly she begins to slide her slit against me … urging me gently on … one motion at a time … creating a soft slow rhythm of need … a dance of love … a world of pleasure.

“I love you Chelsea … i … i was so afraid … but … I love you.”  she stammers … her moans growing as the realization begins to fall over her … “Oh GOD … I LOVE You … I DO … I … Oh Chelseaaaaa!!”

I raise my lips from her nipples and my fingers bring her ever closer … opening her body … opening her heart … opening her mind … always.  I look into her eyes … opening my soul to her as well … letting her see … the love … the pain … the years … and then … the pure white love that I have for her … and her alone.  Love that will belong to her, and no other … a small cavern of my heart that will always be hers.

And then I say the words that she never believed possible.

“I love you Violet … from the moment I met you … and for eternity, I will love you always.”

Her eyes open wide with joy … her voice echoing her rapture into my very soul … she has sought … for all of her young life … she has sought and now … now she has found.

She rises … and she falls … her head resting softly against the pillow with an angelic smile on her face.

Gently I redo her gown … and then lovingly kiss her forehead.  “Rest well my angel … we shall meet again.”

Carefully I pick up her brush and begin brushing her hair.   So young … lost … but one year of joy … everyone deserves one year of joy.

The doctor walks in and sees me there as the brush flows through her hair.

“I don’t know why you do that nurse, it’s a waste of time.”  he says with a scowl.  “Has there been any change?”

I look up at him and give him a professional smile.  “She likes it, she’s a beautiful girl and she should look that way.  And no, no change doctor, just a minor spike in her brainwave activity … dreaming most probably.”

“Well,” he says in a huffy tone. “I’m so grateful for your diagnosis nurse.  Perhaps you’d better stick with hairbrushes after all.”

He turns and walks out of the door leaving me and Violet behind.  “Shhhh baby … shhhh my love … I am here.”  I coo to the comatose young woman and I see her smile … .  Perhaps if anyone took the time to look … to treat her as anything but a vegetable … or to give her the love she should have always had by right … things would be different.  But parents more concerned with status and careers than their daughter had deprived her of that, drugs and money had done the rest.

“One year of joy is all that I have to give to you my precious love.” I whisper into her ear … “and that year is nearly past.  But I give you to an existence of never ending joy … go and we will meet again when my trials are done.”

I hear her whisper my name …

“chelsea … thank you … i will always love you.”

“And I you.” I say as I whisper into her ear.

I turn to the air and slowly back away from her medical bed … careful not to disturb the tubes and monitors that prolong her existence if not her life.

“She is ready Hemah … is it her time?” I ask.

It is.

“Then take her … take her to streets of gold … care for her … she has earned her reward.”  I say as tears of sorrow mixed with joy fall down my face.

I see her … her soft downy wings, her white silken robe covering her perfect form.  She looks at me with eyes that I remember so well … that I yearn to look into again.  She delicately takes the hand of the body before me, as medical alarms shriek from every monitor … and lifts her up … her beautiful soul, unmarred, clean and beautiful.  Violet looks at me … her eyes filled with joy … love … gratitude.  And then she is lifted up and for a moment I sense her joy … her utter joy.

And then they are gone … I reach out and touch her cold skin one last time … and take her brush in my hand.

“We shall meet again … in joy … someday.”  I whisper …

“Until then … know that I will always love you … always.”

I turn and walk from the room …