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Little Monsters 1


As a fatherless family gets involved with the sexual activities of a Satanic cult, they discover the pleasures of incest, sadism, and non-consensual sex. In the course of their involvement with the occult, they find out that the Devil is real and his devout believers use sex as a way of corrupting young and old alike – to draw them into a hellish world – where the end game is for their eternal souls.


Sandra had been a widow for two years. After the accidental death of her husband, she was forced to, at forty-two years of age, make ends meet as a single parent. They had some savings and the insurance payout meant that they had something to fall back on. Sandra had two children, Sally, the youngest was ten, and Stephen, the eldest was eleven.

During her marriage; against her husband’s strict religious beliefs and a pious life of church and abstinence; she had always felt an alignment with darker forces; and had pursued a secret interest in witchcraft and magic lore. She can’t be sure, but she dreamed of sex demons, soon after which she became pregnant with her first child. It happens again with the result being a second pregnancy. Could it be purely a coincidence?

Now that her husband was gone, her sexuality had turned from a rather privately kinky and bi-curiosity to highly perverted and hyper-sexuality. She masturbated continuously, looking for new thrills. It was through the Internet that she furthers her dark fantasies, and by a chance visit to an occult shop she found others with similar interests. They convinced her to join their Satanic sex and encouraged her to involve her own children in her debauched bedroom activities.

As the pendulum swung from devout Christian wife to incestuous occult whore, she saw a new beginning, a faith, and a new god to kneel before. What was once fantasy and dreams rapidly became a lusty, sordid, and wicked reality. The Devil was real. Hell was a real place. And she wanted to feel his evil cock between her legs. Her young and impressionable children quickly learned to enjoy the newfound ritualistic pleasures. Were they really the offspring of her pious dead husband or half-demon children from her perverted sexual fantasies?



It was bath time and Sally, aged ten, and Steven, aged eleven, got out of their dirty school clothes. Both brother and sister had matching ginger hair, pale complexion, and a sprinkling of light freckles. They could hear their mother, Sandra, a single mother of 42 years, running the bathwater down the hall.

Sandra fingered the pendant that hung loosely around her neck. It was made of bone, human bone, skillfully carved into an inverted phallic cross. Her loins twitched as she touched it. She thought for a moment about her pious married life, her stern husband who had insisted that the Devil was real; and that they had to pray to the Lord for eternal salvation

“… Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you …”

She had despised attending their local church. It seemed to attract Christian zealots of the strict orthodox kind which her husband clearly identified with. They had prayer meetings, and special sessions to deal with, what her husband called, temptations of the Devil. Their sex lives became more and more Spartan.

“The Devil hides behind every door … he knows our vulnerabilities and preys upon them to make us weak in the eyes of the Holy Lord above! Hallelujah! Deliver us from the sins of the flesh! Save us Hosanna in the Highest!”

His philosophy of complete abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes, dancing, the Internet and the ‘sexual vices’ never saved him from his eventual premature death. Sandra, for the longest time, felt a deep guilt at his death. The mourning wife on the outside, also felt a weight lift from her shoulders on the inside.

She stopped short of burning all the religious materials that filled their home … giving them to his close associates as gifts of remembrance. She gave the excuse to her husband’s church friends, that she was simply too weak and upset to attend regular services. Sure, she made a few spasmodic appearances now and then, that got further and further apart, until one day, she stopped going altogether. One day, when the children were at school, she took the last item of her husband’s … the item that reminded her of the guilt and sufferance … his large leather-bound bible. She urinated and defecated over the pages, every day for weeks, until it was completely soiled. She felt free. She felt a burden gone at last. Fuck god, fuck his soul, and fuck them all!


Steven pretended not to watch his younger sister as she stripped. It excited him to see her completely naked body – especially as he could get a good look at her naughty parts. He could remember a time when being naked together was no big deal, but something had changed and now he could not wait until bath time came around.

His little penis strained against the inside of his school shorts making it awkward to get them down without drawing attention to the fact that he had a boner. He did it, and what was unbelievable was that she seemed not to notice him, as she stood naked as touched herself between the legs. Steven was yet to discover the true pleasures of male masturbation and what it felt like to ejaculate through orgasm. Thus far, he had experienced only the sensations of rubbing his little boy erection against various articles of clothing, and of course, in his fingers.

Sally, however, had developed a keen interest in self-exploration of her private parts. She used every moment on her own to discover the pleasures of masturbation. She loved the feeling of rubbing her little nipples. Combining rubbing her clitoris and penetrating herself at the same time was also a lot of fun. She had already experienced many fulfilling orgasms, as she secretly experimented to see what generated the best results, like using lipstick compacts, shampoo bottles in the bathroom, and even small vegetables from the kitchen.

She liked that her brother’s penis became stiff while he looked at her naked. She wanted to touch it and put it in her mouth … to suck it until white stuff comes out as she had seen on the Internet. Actually, she had looked at many things online and it had fueled her furtive imagination. She was sure that her mother would never approve of what she looked at when online but she did it anyway.

She wondered what it would be like to put her brother’s boy-cock inside her. It was about the same girth as her mother’s hairbrush handle and pushing it inside herself, while she imagined it was her brother’s cock, was such a dirty little thrill. Sally continued to pretend that she did not notice him rubbing himself. Actually, it was an added delight to touch herself deliberately in front of him … knowing that it made him equally excited.

Their brief interlude of masturbation came to an abrupt end as they both heard their mother’s call. As they ran naked into the bathroom, Sally and Stephen were surprised to see their mother, also naked in the bathroom. Their mother looked up as she shaved the last of her ginger pubic hairs away from her pussy and used a small washcloth to wipe away the remaining shaving cream from between her waifish thighs.

Steven’s penis immediately became hard again looking at his mother’s adult body. His eyes feasted on her small but shapely white breasts, pointed pinkish nipples, pronounced rib cage, and downwards over her flat stomach and towards her hairless pouting cunt. He looked at the strange pendant she wore across her chest. It looked like a Jesus thing, but different, as it was the wrong way around.

They both climbed into the soapy water of the bathtub. Steven noticed that their mommy was going to make a home movie of them playing in the bath. She had set the camera on a tripod so that she too could also be in the home movie.

“Okay, you two. I want to make sure that you are both clean for bedtime. Say hello to the camera.”

They both waved their bubbly hands in the general direction of the camera.

“Stephen, I want you to stand up first, while Sally soaps you down.”

Stephen felt a little funny, but stood up in the bathwater, as his mother told him to, his little erection caught on film for posterity. Sally soaped his legs briefly and then made a beeline to wash his genitals. She did exactly as her mother had told her, she keenly cupped his little nut sacks in one soapy hand, while slowly washing his erect penis with the other … rubbing it gently back and forth.

“Oh Mommy, his thing is all nice and hard,” said Sally.

She stroked Stephen’s penis between her soapy fingers.

“It’s not a thing Sally. It’s your brother’s COCK … call it by its proper name darling. Say it out loud for the camera.”

“Cock. Cock. Cock,” replied Sally giggling childishly as she closed her grip around it harder.

“That’s it, darling. We’re going to play some secret games with your brother’s cock tonight. I want to capture it all on our home movie, so make sure his cock is nice and clean Sally … keep cleaning it until I tell you to stop. Clean it a little faster now.”

“Yes, mommy. I like cleaning cocks.”

“That’s a good girl Sally … there will be plenty of dirty cocks for you to clean soon enough,” said their mother looking down the barrel of the camera, “Lots of dirty big cocks!”

Stephen could not believe the pleasure he was getting from his sister’s masturbatory movements. It felt good when he did this to himself, but having her small, delicate fingers wrapped around his member, rubbing it so deliberately slow, was beyond his wildest dreams. He panted in acknowledgment of her pleasuring.

“Slowly Sally … that’s it, smile at the camera Sally … tell the camera what you’re doing to your brother … show everyone how much you’re enjoying rubbing his dirty little cock.”

“Yes, mommy,” she said looking down at the lens of the camera, “Look everybody, look what I can do.”

Sally pulled Stephen’s erect downwards and then let go of it so that it strung back against his stomach.

“Very good. Tell everybody what you want to do after your bath, Sally.”

“Mommy says that after we’re all clean that we’re going to play a secret game with Stephen’s … with Stephen’s cock …”

“It’s called fucking Sally. Can you say that for the camera?”

“Fucking. Fucking. Fucking.”

“Good girl.”

Stephen stood with his eyes closed as his hips began to buck back and forth in response to his little sister’s movements. He audibly moaned as her soapy little hands rubbed his tight foreskin back and forth across the delicate tip and fraenulum.

“Sally. Take the hand spray and get rid of all the soap,” Sally did as her mother told her to, “Now, I want you to continue to wash your brother’s cock but use your tongue. Lick it Sally … lick your brother’s cock clean.”

“That sounds fun mommy.”

Sally began by licking his shaft and quickly worked her way up to the exposed purple tip that now extended beyond his foreskin.

“Suck it, Sally. Suck his cock for mommy … make sure you’re looking into the camera.”

Sally could see Mommy was touching herself in the same way she did … her fingers were stroking her little pea thing. Sally put her hand beneath the waterline, so she could do the same. Stephen moaned continuously at the efforts of his little sister. Her tongue constantly moved over the sensitive tip, while the suction on his penis felt beyond description. He also noticed that his mother was touching herself as she watched them.

“Sally, I think it’s time for your brother to clean you now.”

Reluctantly Sally released her brother’s erection from her mouth and stood up next to him. Stephen knelt down in the bathwater next to his sister. He wanted more cleaning but was also excited about touching his sister. The prospect of cleaning her using his tongue was something he was not sure about.

“Now it’s your turn, Stephen. Use your fingers and push them inside.”

Stephen began fingering his sister, who was virtually dancing on his fingers.

“Good boy. Look how happy your sister is that you’re cleaning her cunt. Show everyone how much you like touching her cunt.”

Stephen moved his forefinger and index finger as his mother instructed, watching as she demonstrated on herself. Sally moaned in appreciation and rubbed her little pea.

“Good boy. Now tell everyone what we are going to do after our bath. What is it that wants you to do for mommy?”

“We’re gonna play a secret incest game.”

“What happens in the secret incest game, Stephen? Tell everyone that you are going to first fuck your sister … and then you are going to fuck me.”

“I am going to fuck my sister and my mommy. I am going to put my cock in their mouths and then in their vaginas.”

“Good boy … now it’s time to clean your sister with your tongue. Now stick your tongue inside like you did with your fingers. Good boy.”

Sally’s hand’s rested on her brother’s shoulder briefly and then pushed against the back of his head – pushing his face hard against her tiny pussy.

“Ohhh mommy … ohhhh mommy … it feels so good!”

“That’s it baby … cum on his face … fuck his face for mommy.”

Sally almost lost her balance in the bathwater as Stephen brought her orgasm. Her breathing had become very shallow as she sharply drew in her breath.

“Oh, Mommy … it was so good. It makes me wanna make pee-pee.”

Their ginger-haired mother pulled the plug out and the bath water quickly drained away. She smiled at her daughter … a miniature of herself.

“Then make pee-pee darling. Don’t move Stephen … it’s more fun this way. Make sure they can see exactly what you’re doing in the camera … pee over your brother’s face … it’s only for fun … that’s it, darling, guide your yellow pee-pee over his face.”

Sally almost yelped with glee, as she released her bladder over her brother. This was the most fun she’d ever had. It felt very naughty to do it to her brother, making him drink her nasty pee, and though she knew what exactly what the salty taste was like … it thrilled her that her mommy had encouraged her to do such naughty things, as she watched her mother’s fingers slide deeper into her bald hole.

Sally could see her mother shaking in orgasm as she watched her. The room smelt slightly acrid and a small stream of yellow piss flowed downwards and pooled in a little yellow puddle at the end closest to the bath plug.

“Sally that was truly wonderful. Stephen, I think it only fair that you return the favor.”

“Do you want me to make pee on Sally?” asked Stephen.

He was obviously very excited by the idea. He could still taste his sister’s salty pee in his mouth. He liked her pissing over his face and chest as it made him incredibly hard. He licked the residue droplets from her pussy lips.

“Good boy. Now stand up.”

Sally and Stephen watched their mother grab the glass from the shelf above the bathroom sink and gave it to Sally.

“Now when your brother pisses over you. Catch some in the glass for Mommy to drink too. Mommy has a special mattress cover on her bed, so we can play more pissing games in bed tonight … but watching you too do such naughty things makes me very thirsty.”

Sally knelt in the empty bath and waited for her brother. She licked his erection as he rubbed it across her face. Then without warning, his piss exploded from the tip of his cock, drenching both Sally and his mother. Stephen had not peed for several hours and as his mother had insisted on him drinking almost a liter of cordial when he got back from school, his piss was concentrated with a strong smell and taste of urea.

“Delicious Stephen,” said his mother guiding his piss spray toward her own mouth, “Save some pee-pee darling … I want you to pee inside both Sally’s and my cunt in bed shortly. Maybe we all need to seriously refill?”



Both Sally and Stephen could still smell the strong odor of the urine as their mother had instructed them to let it dry on their skin. They embraced each other.

“Do I smell like pee-pee?” asked Sally, sniffing at herself.

“Yes. It’s nice. What about you?” replied Stephen licking the dried salty pee from her neck.

“Yes. I love playing peeing games! I use to play them on my own, it’s so much more fun doing it with mommy and you,” laughed Sally.

In the bedroom, Mommy had set-up the video one on either side of the bed. The room was semi-darkened with lots of candles burning everywhere. It felt like being on a scary movie set. They jumped up onto the shiny white satin bedding. Sandra put the video cameras on and sat back and watched her two little monsters. Both of them were fidgeting with their uncomfortably full bladders.

“Why don’t you both show the camera how you can stand up and wet the bed … make a big puddle for Mommy to lay in!”

“Cool … you want us to just pee on the bed?”

“Yes dearest, pee your little hearts out for mommy.”

Stephen was first and aimed his erect little bullet upwards so that his pee stream flowed in an arch into the center of bed where Sandra sat waiting. The warm yellow flow splashed across her and she opened her mouth to indicate to her son just where to aim.

Sally laughed as she tried to match her brother’s effort, pressing down on her urethra, to angle her uneven spray in the same direction over her mother’s chest and face.

As their flows finished she beckoned them to join her in an inch or so of their mixed piss that pooled around her in the indentation of the bedding. She masturbated vigorously as she scooped up the pee by the handful and drank it eagerly. The kids did the same, rubbing their piss-soaked bodies against their mother as they all recycled their golden juices for the camera to see.

“That was wonderful,” said Sandra.

She got up, leaving the room to get a few towels so that they could dry off a little before their next game could continue.

Behind the kids on the wall, the usual painting that hung there was replaced by a large black cloth, with a kind of five-pointed star drawn in red, the point of the star faced downwards with a strange goat-like head inside it.

“Mommy calls it Satan,” said Sally feeling very much the expert in front of her bigger brother, “Mommy loves Satan and so do all her new friends. She says when we do incest, we do Satan’s work.”

“Don’t you think he looks kind of weird?” asked Stephen.

“No silly. He loves having sex with children. Mommy says, if they like our video, Satan will want us to join his cult and have lots of parties with him.”

“I like parties.”

“So do I, especially at parties when everyone gets naked and dances for Satan.”

“Is that what they do?”

“Sure. All the boys have boners. And all the girls get wet between their legs. They dance to this strange drum music. Satan wants us to have sex with each other in front of all our new friends. There is a big statue of him and a thing called an altar. It is like a special birthday treat for Satan. He has lots of black candles, like the ones mommy has in the bedroom.”

“Do they play party games?”

“Yes. Yes. They have lots of party games. Some of the naughty children, the ones who don’t like to do sex things … they are tied up with their arms stretched out between some big poles – like Indian totem poles, but they look more like, you know … big cocks …”

“And then what happens?” Stephen was getting excited.

Sally rubbed his penis playfully as they chatted on the wet bed. Lifting the sticky wetness of his pearly pre-cum to her lips, she tasted it.

“Then the good children. Satan’s children get to punish them for the adults, who all like to watch while they touch themselves like we did in the bath, only the big girls make white stuff come out of the big boys’ cocks.”

“But how do they punish the bad children?”

“Mommy says there are lots of ways. If they are just a little bad, then we have sex with them, even if they cry and scream. It’s fun making them cry, she says. The more they cry, the more Satan is happy with his special children. It’s like giving him a really good birthday present.”

“Wow. But what if they are more than a little bad?”

“Well. Mommy said the really bad ones get punished by the adults, but not before we get to hit them with sharp thorny branches.”


“Mommy said if we’re really good … we both might get to have sex with Satan himself.”

“What’s he like?”

“He has a really big thing … I mean his Cock, you know. He’s very hairy and has breasts like mommy … and his legs are like an animal.”

“He sounds strange?”

“Yes, but you know what it feels like to cum?”


“Oh, Stephen … cumming is so cool. When we fuck with Mommy, she will make you cum. It’s like… wow, it’s like you’re going to explode in your naughty parts!”


“It’s hard to explain. It’s like the best feeling in the world … Anyway, Mommy says that when Satan makes you cum, it’s like a hundred times better than when you do it to yourself! I can’t wait to do it with Satan!”

Looking up, Sally saw her mother smiling at her. Sandra sat on the edge of the bed and kissed her daughter gently on the mouth. She pressed her lips against her and Sally could feel her mother’s tongue pushing between her teeth and exploring her tiny little mouth. It felt really good and Mommy started to rub her little spot … the little bump that makes her quiver all over. She loved the queer feeling as she thrust back and forth, humping against her mother’s fingers.

“I couldn’t help overhearing you talk to your brother about Satan.”

“Yes, mommy … I want to have sex with Satan.”

“Can you say it again for me … say it to the camera. Say it nice and loud.”

“I want to have sex with Satan. I want him to put his big thing in me.”

“It’s not a thing. It’s his …”

“Big cock! Satan’s big cock!”

Sally was bouncing up and down with joy.

“And what about you Stephen?”

“I don’t have a hole like Sally.”

“Yes, you do darling. Turn around and bend over. Look, here it is. Satan will want to put his cock in there too. He loves to fuck little boys in their nether-hole.”

“But it is too small?”

“Well, we will have to work on that, won’t we … you need to start off with your fingers and then we will find something else called a dildo … it’s like a pretend cock … but you will love it inside your botty.”

“Mommy, will Satan like my nether-hole?” Asked Sally, feeling a little left out.

“Sure. Satan will fill all your holes Sally … your cunt, ass, and mouth … he will fill them with lots of hot semen.”

“What’s semen, Mommy?”

“It’s a special gift from Satan.”

Sandra laughed and lent forward to suck her son’s penis. It felt warm and wet inside his mother’s mouth. Her tongue twisted around the delicate head of his pecker bringing him close to his first orgasm. Tasting his excitement, she lifted her head away.

“Let’s save that for your sister’s mouth.”

Sandra climbed onto the bed and guided her son between her legs … leading his tiny little mouth and tongue to its final destination. She then pulled Sally across her face, so that she was positioned immediately above her mother’s mouth. Sandra’s tongue snaked out to give her daughter an idea of what to do next. Her own cunt tingled with excitement as the cameras rolled to capture all the incestuous action.

Sally straddled her mother. Her mother’s tongue began to bury itself inside her tight cunt lips. It felt thick inside her opening as she rode back and forth across her mother’s upturned face. It didn’t take too long before she began to quake with orgasm.

“Arrrggghhhhhh ….” Sally moaned uncontrollably.

Her cunt spat her female ejaculated into her mother’s eager mouth. Her orgasm seemed to trigger her mother’s too, as she felt her mommy twisting and turning against her brother’s face.

Sally fell forward and rested against the pile of pillows at the top of the bed. She looked back at the mess she had made around her mother’s head. Her juices had soaked the bedding like an angel’s halo of child cum. She saw her brother kneel up – Sandra was licking his face that was drenched in her vaginal juices.

“Sally … I want you to suck your brother off now … take his cock in your mouth and suck him until …”

“Until he cums!”

“Yes, dear. Until he cums.”

Sally wasted no time and took her little brother’s boner between her pert lips. Her hands cradled his tiny ball sacks. She squeezed them lightly; she slipped her index finger up against his tight little rectum and edged her fingertip into the moist opening.

“Good girl,” encouraged her mother, “Rub it as you suck. That’s it baby … make his cum for Satan.”

Stephen bucked uncontrollably against his sister’s face. The feeling hit him like lightning. His mouth opened as he tried to say something, but all that could come out was a long drawn-out moan.

“Aaargghhhhhh …” he screamed.

Stephen’s knees gave way and he felt his weight slump against his mother’s arms. His breath had become short and sharp as if he had been running at full speed. His body was sweating profusely from head to toe.

“Wow … Sis … that was … that was … “

Sally kissed her brother on the mouth. He welcomed her wet kiss and then frowned. He could taste the strong saltiness of his semen in her mouth.

“Semen. It’s the taste of semen. Your semen Stephen,” said his mother.

“It’s not bad?” asked Stephen, who looked puzzled.

“No, my brother, it’s delicious,” added Sally.


Sandra thought back to the first time she fantasized about sex demons. It was during the time of her unhappy marriage when she was forced by her late husband to attend church twice and sometimes three times a week. His over-zealous belief in salvation through a pious lifestyle of abstinence had made her life a living hell. Like the pendulum of day and night … when her religious husband slept heavily at night, she would touch herself openly and imagine taboo thoughts of a demonic lover who would do nasty things to her. It was about that time she had had very vivid dreams … dreams of being raped over and over by sex demons, fucking her roughly all night long, filling her every hole with their evil seed.

She would awaken soaked in sweat. Sometimes she noticed excessive vaginal fluids, and other times unexplainable marks and scratches. She thought it was coincidental, but this was about the time she became pregnant with her first child. And nine months later, Stephen was born. She forgot about these weird fantasies for a while as she busied herself with the work of being a new mother, but as little one breastfeed at night, she eagerly rubbed herself to orgasm. Sometimes at the nappy time, when her husband was at work, she would strip naked and masturbate in front of her child as she licked her baby’s penis. She knew it was deeply wrong, but it brought her to the most powerful orgasms … a secret delight that she shared with no one else but her child.

When the dreams began to reoccur a few months later and she discovered that she was once again with a child. She did contemplate the likelihood of this being connected – but dismissed it as a wildly insane thought. Once again these wild dreams had been accompanied by sweats, vaginal fluids, and bruises on her hips and thighs. Nine months later Sally was born. A beautiful baby girl with an eager and hungry mouth … Sandra’s orgasms increased in intensity.

It was completely by chance when the children were old enough to attend school, Sandra found a keen interest in witchcraft and magic lore. She also started to find a keen interest in pornography on the Internet – as soon as the kids were safely off to school and her husband had left for the day, she would strip naked and trawl the most perverted websites she could find. Her interest in the darker side of religion drew her into blasphemy, occult, and Satanic sex sites.

The children were already nine and ten when their father died in a work-related accident. The insurance payout was more than generous, but as a single mother, it wasn’t going to be easy raising two kids on her own. It was about this time that she happened upon a strange occult shop in the old downtown area. From the outside, it looked to be filled with interesting things and despite her obvious curiosity, she didn’t venture back there for another six months.

It was a late afternoon in winter, and whilst out without the children, she got the nerve up to enter the shop. It was dark and dingy inside. No bigger than a curiosity shop. A woman behind the counter, she was the only customer. She pretended at first not to know what all the strange things were. Penis candles for sex spells, Spanish Moss-filled phallic voodoo dolls, books on sex magic, Satanism and the left-handed path, naked and erect Baphomets, Satanic pendants … it all made her giddy with sexual excitement.

The woman behind the counter was dressed in a black-netted top that made her small breasts and nipples visible beneath the fine fabric. Her bare arms were both covered in sleeves of tattoos and around her neck, she wore an inverted pentagon. Sandra looked at her pale white skin and blunt red-black fringe. She definitely wanted to have sex with this delicious creature.

Sandra hesitantly approached the counter. Her heart was pounding. At close inspection she could see that the woman’s tattoo on her left arm were images of the first seven of the major Arcana, of the fool, magician, high priestess, empress, emperor, Hierophant, and the lovers; on her right arm were images of the second seven; the chariot, strength, hermit, wheel of fortune, justice, hanged man and death. She wondered what parts of her body were tattooed with Devil. Sandra pulled her gaze away and asked about the pendant that the woman behind the counter was wearing.

“I like your pendant. I am interested in finding something similar.”

“It is for yourself?”


“So you know what it symbolizes?”

“Yes. I guess.”

The woman didn’t question her further but smiled and brought out a tray of similar necklaces, different sizes, designs, colors, and materials. She picked an inverted phallic cross and stepping around the small glass counter, the tattooed woman placed one of the blasphemous pendants around Sandra’s neck.

“What do you think of this one? It’s sacrilegious, Satanic, and very sexy.”

Sandra looked into the small round mirror on the countertop. She could feel the woman’s nipples pressed against her back as her hands draw the pendant’s chain like a choker around her slender neck.

“I like it very much,” replied Sandra very excitedly.

Her voice was just above a whisper.

“It’s made of bone. Human bone. Said to be carved from a human sacrifice offered to the devil … a powerful amulet. Does it make you wet?” asked the woman.

“How do you mean?”

Sandra liked the woman’s bluntness, but still felt very inhibited.

“Does the pendant make you want to masturbate?”

Sandra was still a little shocked. The truth was that she had been dying to masturbate whilst in the shop, and the pendant had seemed to have a very sexual feeling over her.

“The right pendant will enchant you. If you wear it during masturbation it will encourage sex demons to pursue you. Your orgasms will be unbelievable!”

“Oh. I see,” Sandra was very turned on, “Actually I feel very horny.”

“Good. That is the first sign that the pendant is right for you. The pendant chooses the witch. Do you belong to a coven?”

Sandra thought her heart was about to burst, as the woman’s hand cupped her breast and pressed against her; drawing the phallic cross to Sandra’s lips so that she was kissing it.

“No, I have wanted to, but didn’t know where to look.”

“You have children … a boy and a girl … they are of initiation age … they have been fathered by the Nephilim or fallen angels … they need to be among their own kind.”

Sandra turned around and faced the tattooed woman.

“How do you know this?”

“I am a witch. Not the kind who gives out ruby slippers. I practice black magic. I am a cannibal and I also have sex with demons … we have much in common, you and I … the pendant tells me everything. I know your sexual desires. This is why I selected it for you. Wait here.”

The woman locked the shop door and turned the sign to say that the shop was now closed for business. She hurried back to Sandra, who had been too dumbstruck to move from the spot.

“My coven will require you to have perverted sex with your children. Make an offering of them to the Devil. Record it and give it to me. If I am right, which I am, about their origin, it will begin their own dark journey towards their rightful place at the altar of Satan.”

The woman put her hand beneath Sandra’s short skirt to discover that she was completely knickers-less.

“You’ve even dressed appropriately for this occasion I see.”

“I just thought it was the right thing to do.”

“Kneel and lick me out. And I will be the one to invite you to the altar.”



Sally and Stephen were excited to hear from their mother, Sandra, that her friends really liked their video. She had told them that they had been invited to participate in a festival on the 26 January. They had called it the Da Muer Ritual or Grand Climax. Sally and Stephen were to take part in an initiation prior to this special day and then be allowed being part of the Procession of Kin.

“What is an initiation?” asked Sally.

“Well, it’s like becoming part of Satan’s club. There are special things that you and Stephen will need to do and say, and then we will be able to join in with everyone else.”

“Is it like a test?” asked Stephen.

“Yes. Just like a test. Now run along both of you and change into your robes – with the ritual tomorrow, the initiation must be done tonight.”

Sally and Stephen striped naked and pulled the silky material of their initiation robes over their heads. They had long sleeves, but were slit on both sides right up to the armpits, in the front they were decorated with an inverted cross embroidered in red shiny thread.

“These robes are cool Sis don’t you think?”

“Yer, specially as only the good children get to wear them – mommy said it’s because we going to be blessed by Satan.”

“Does that mean that we will be in his club and can join his parties?”

“Something like that. Mommy says that there will be others there too and we need to follow what they do. The big party is tomorrow where they have something mommy called sex ritual and human sacrifice.”

“Sounds cool.”

“Yer and we get to do sex stuff with other children and adults … and the bad children will be sacrificed to Satan … after we get to do nasty things to them.”


Since the night that their mother had introduced them to incest, both with each other and with her, they had been at it constantly. There was never a moment that they weren’t involved with something sexual. Their mother had given them access to both porn on the Internet and her MCLT collection. They were quite aware of the attraction of pedophiles to young children and the concept of the sexual enjoyment gained by inflicting pain and suffering on others. The idea of non-consensual sex with children their own age or even younger appealed to them – it made them feel like little demons doing the evil will of their true father … Satan.

Sally and Stephen smiled at each other. As their eyes became accustomed to the dimness of the underground grotto below the great cathedral, they could see a gathering of half a dozen young children, dressed similarly to them, their identities initially were obscured by the depth of their silken hoods. Sandra had introduced them to a teenager called, Olivio, who was to be their guide through the initiation ritual. She was a stunningly attractive girl in her early teens, dressed similarly to the young ones, but her robe was reversed in its coloration, it was made of red silk with a black embroidery of the inverted cross on the front. Where her small breasts were, the robe was cut to expose them completely.

Olivio had ordered the children to undress and hang their ceremonial robes carefully, and then upon a low altar bed Sally and Stephen spent a good two-hour with four other chosen children, two boys and two girls. Olivio had sex with each one in turn, while the others watched. She made sure they understood the terminology of Satanic sex … where to touch, rub, suck, lick, and penetrate the bad children during the night of the Da Muer Ritual. She also showed them pictures in a large heavy volume, of the naked young Satan. She called him Io Pan, the glorious god of masturbation, explaining how to please him and what would happen at the Procession of Kin. The children were all very excited and Sally and Stephen felt well prepared and looked forward to the more sadistic elements of their participation.

“When the bad children are brought out in the ritual, they will be crying and screaming for us to let them go,” explained Olivio as she encouraged all the children to continuously masturbate themselves.

“Why do they cry?” asked a ten-year-old boy called, Trent.

“They cry because they are afraid and because they have not accepted our father into their loins. We want them to be afraid. Their fear is a good thing. Some will even wet themselves or even empty their bowels. Satan likes this. The more afraid we make them, the more our father will be happy with us.”

“Is that why we wear these scary masks and horns on our heads, to make us look like evil demons?” asked Stephen, proudly holding his mask up to Olivio.

“Yes, exactly Stephen. We want them to know they will be treated cruelly – that their suffering brings us delight and pleasure. But we also want to keep a hope that they could redeem themselves, if they wanted to … that there is a path to redemption by the acceptance of Satan as the one and true god.”

“What’s a redemption, Olivio?” asked Sally.

“Any child that accepts Satan as their father can become one of his special children. It is only those who believe that he is not the Father, that who are disbelievers in the pleasures of sin … acceptance through masturbatory prayers can be a positive sign; another can be simply sexual excitement despite their fear. If they become aroused, then there is a chance that they may be really one of us.”

“What happens, if they become … aroused?” asked Louise, a precocious, twelve-year-old with small budding breasts.

“Then they need to be tested further. If they are ready to give themselves sexually to the father, then we would celebrate their awakening … their transformation.”

Olivio stood up and began to dress again.

“It is time. Dress in your gowns and cover your heads … you will follow me to be anointed by Io Pan, the glorious god of masturbation. You must all continue to masturbate throughout the initiation, but do not orgasm, until your own individual initiation. Do you understand?”

All the children nodded and then followed Olivio down the dark passage, their hands beneath their gowns, touching themselves as they walked barefooted in a single file. The warm air in the underground grotto carried the sound of distant chanting. Sally turned around a smiled at her brother, who returned her devilish grin.


The initiation room was small but with an extremely high ceiling. The floor was covered in a thick ornate rug and the oversized fireplace cracked with orange and red flames that were the only illumination in the room. Olivio instructed the six children to kneel a small distance before the fireplace and bow their heads in waiting.

Stephen looked around at the highly pornographic wall covering that fell from the ceiling to the floor. These aged dull tapestries appeared to be centuries old, and though their threads had long lost their luster, the potency of the demonic sexual images had lost none of their lust.

Olivio placed an odd charm around the neck of each child. Sally thought it looked like the five-pointed star she had seen in the bedroom when her mommy had been videotaping them on the bed.

Olivio opened her robe from the front and knelt at right angles to the kneeling children, facing the fire, and began to chant slowly and quietly, almost a whisper repeating the strange Latin words over and over as she finger-fucked herself.

“Gloria tibi, Satanas Luciferi (Glory to you, Satan, Lucifer).”

Suddenly the fireplace roared with uncomfortable heat. The light became so brilliant for a second or two Sally and Stephen could not see a thing. Then as the light died back, a figure of a young boy stood before them. Well, he looked like a boy above the waistline, his legs were that of a beast, like a goat, and even his facial features seemed almost boy-like, but still retained something that resembled a wild animal. His horns were small but obvious.

“Satanas gratias (Thanks be to Satan),” said Olivio.

She opened her gown to display her shaved and aroused vagina.

The six children had been prepared for this strange sight, but all the preparation, still could not take away from the moment of strangeness and their apprehension of what to expect. The goat boy stood but a few feet away. He was no taller than the tallest of the children. As he stepped forward and as he turned towards Olivio, Sally, and Stephen could see his erect penis that telescoped from a sheath much like a dog’s knot from between his hairy hind legs. It was blood red, pointed, and looked angry. Sally could see its veined length throb, as it seemed to be getting bigger by the minute.

Olivio knelt before the goat boy and took his animal-like organ into her mouth and sucked upon it while touching herself. Pale white semen dripped from the corner of her mouth as her head bobbed up and down in an effort to appease the goat boy.

“Satis … da mihi stirps prima (Enough, give me the first child),” said the goat boy.

Olivia wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and pointed to the first child in the line that happened to be a boy named Trent. He nervously raised his gown and display his erection to the goat boy, who moved closer to align his groin area with the boy’s face.

“Satanas gratias (Thanks be to Satan),” said Trent.

He too took the goat boy’s cock into his mouth.

The goat boy groaned and fucked his face until semen overflowed the boy’s mouth and the goat boy laughed as he pulled back. He nodded to Trent who bowed and continued to masturbate himself until he came in a small chalice held by Olivio.

This process was repeated for each of the initiates. Sally wanted to show how good she was at fellating, but just like the others, there was far too much of the goat boy’s salty semen to swallow. Stephen watched his little sister. He was proud of her sexual appetite and in the short time they had been having sex, he had come to appreciate her ability of giving oral pleasure.

“Satanas gratias (Thanks be to Satan),” said Sally, and then it was Stephen’s turn.

Stephen lifted his gown and proudly showed off his erection that pearled with precum. The goat boy smiled at him, then turned and presented his hairy anus. Stephen bent forward and licked at the goat boy’s rectum. It tasted foul, bitter, and dank, but Stephen sank his tongue into the goat boy’s nether-hole. He squirmed and farted across his face as Stephen rubbed himself into orgasm. Olivia collected his semen, and as the last of the six children, she presented the goat boy with the challis of boy semen.

“Gloria tibi, Satanas Luciferi (Glory to you, Satan, Lucifer),” she said softly, and in another roar of the fireplace and the intense heat, the goat boy and the challis were both gone.

“The initiation is complete.” Announced Olivio. “Come, your older ones await your outcome. They will be pleased with all of you.”


Sandra was happy to see her kids again. They embraced and eagerly described the initiation to their mother, who listened with extreme interest.

“I am so proud of the both of you,” said Sandra cuddling them both in her arms.

“His semen tasted so strong Mommy, it made me cum so hard I thought I was going to pass out. It was amazing,” told Sally excitedly.

“Yes, he made me lick his hairy botty. When I blew my load the feeling of cumming seemed to last forever. I wanted to do it again, but the ritual ended!” added Stephen.

“They were highly sexual with Io Pan, the young Satan,” remarked Olivio to Sandra, “You have taught them well.”

Sally and Stephen both knew that this was just the start of their dark journey. Yes, they had passed their initiation, but Olivio would now show them what to expect at the Da Muer Ritual. So far, all their sexual partners had been consensual and more than willing to participate in any form of sexual activity, no matter how deviant or perverted. Now they would learn to defile, deflower, and desecrate those who may not believe.

The six children, once again, dressed in their initiation gowns followed in single file behind their teacher. Olivia led the way into the maze of tunnels inside the dark old grotto. They came to a series of rooms that were obviously designed like holding rooms for those who were to be abused and offered.



The heavy door opened and Sally was thrown to the ground. Sally lay still for a while on the floor of the stonewalled room. It had no windows, only the heavy door from which she entered. The young girl sat naked and sobbing with her upper arms across her face afraid to open her eyes as she hunched on a thin mattress against the far wall. Sally lay quietly as she stared in the low light, her eyes roamed across the young girl’s pallid and waifish body. The place stunk of urine and feces. Sally could see that the abrasive smell came from a small chamber pot in the opposite corner of the room.

“Don’t cry. It’s going to be all right,” comforted Sally as she moved closer to the weak and obviously terrified girl.

“I… I just want to home,” she said between heavy sobs, “But they won’t let me go.”

“Who are they?”

“I don’t know. They are just bad people. They took my clothes and beat me, stuck things inside me, and told me that they are going to cut my throat. I have been here a long time … I don’t even know if it’s night or day … or how long until they kill me … I just want to go home.”

“I’m sure they not going to kill you.”

Sally sat down on the stained mattress next to the girl and put her arm around her tiny shoulders.

“I am Sally, what’s your name?”

“Nina. Did they hurt you too?”

“They took my clothing and put me in here with you.”

“Do you think they are going to kill us both? I don’t want to die.”

“You’re very pretty,” blandished Sally, as she softy stroked Nina’s hair.

For the first time, Nina looked up at Sally and stopped whimpering.

“Thank you,” she answered and lowered her eyes from Sally’s fixed gaze, “I think you’re pretty too; maybe that is why they abducted us; they kidnap pretty girls and hurt them?”

“I heard boys’ voices too; on the way here; in other rooms.”

“You think they have others?”

“Yes. I think they do.”

“What could they want with us? It isn’t like my family is rich or anything?”

Sally stroked her shoulders and bare arms. The girl accepted Sally’s caresses like two long-lost friends caught up in terrible trouble.

“They told me that I was nothing but a slave and would die in the service of the true god? I don’t understand Sally,” whispered Nina, as if the walls have ears, “They said I would be forced to do sex stuff with the other bad children?”

“A slave? Is that what they told you?” asked Sally.

The juices inside her vagina began to flow at the thought of domination.

“They pushed their fingers in me. I still hurt below in my … you know …”

“Where did they hurt you? Show me …” asked Sally trying to hide her excitement.

The girl pointed to her vagina and anus.

“Let me kiss it better,” whispered Sally.

Nina didn’t protest at first, but when Sally started to kiss her vagina and lick her slit, she began to struggle against it, trying to stop Sally’s unwanted sexual advances.

“Please stop, I don’t like it.”

Sally was stronger than Nina and held her down, while she continued to probe at the girl’s twat and anus. She dug a greedy digit into Nina’s tight little vagina’

“Stop. You’re hurting me, Sally!”

Sally slapped the girl around the face.

“Listen to me, Nina. If you don’t do what I tell you, I will force you to drink and eat everything in that filthy chamber pot. Do you want to do that?”Sally pointed to the chamber pot filled with stale urine and shit, “Do you understand me?”

Nina struggled again and Sally hit her once again and this time dragged her over until her face was inches from the stinking shit and piss.

“Do you understand me?”

“Please don’t hurt me.”

Sally dipped her finger into the nasty bowl and brought it to Nina’s face. She squirmed and tried to slip out from under Sally’s weight to avoid any contact with the disgusting fluids. Sally laughed out loud. Nina was bawling, snot was coming out of her nose and she tried to keep her lips tightly closed.

“Open your mouth and suck my finger now. If you don’t, I will force you to drink the lot. All of it! Suck my finger you little cunt!”

Nina was having difficulty catching her breath between heavy sobs. Her body constantly wriggled but to no avail. Sally was simply too strong. Her lips parted slightly and Sally jammed the urine-coated finger into her mouth.

“Suck it clean. Suck it or I will beat you — slave”

Nina sucked Sally’s finger and she pushed it in and out like a cock fucking her little mouth. Nina moaned and groaned as if she was being poisoned. Her distress made Sally even wetter between the legs – the wettest she’d ever felt. She straddled Nina’s face. She rubbed her clit to bring herself to the edge of orgasm.

“Errgguhhhhh! You are nothing but a slave! Tell me what you are?”

“A slave,” said Nina through gritted teeth.

“Say it again louder. What are you?”


“Lick me between the legs, SLAVE. Suck my cunt and make me cum, SLAVE.”

Nina complied, but not fast enough. Sally grabbed her hair and pulled her face harder against her cunt, grinding herself against the smaller child. She grabbed the chamber pot, filled with the girl’s filth and poured it over the both of them.

“Bless me, Satan! Bless me, Satan!” Screamed Sally.

The stench of feces and urine was overwhelming as the disgusting fluids soaked every part of their bodies, drenching their hair and the thin mattress below them. Nina was shaking uncontrollably as Sally now pushed her entire weight over Nina’s lower face, rubbing the filth back and forth against her mouth and nose Nina tried to breathe, but only managed to get mouthfuls piss and shit mixed with Sally’s slimy cunt juices.

Something stirred within Sally.

She felt the beast had awakened; the black magic of transformational energy that she had felt briefly at the initiation surged to her loins and the image of Io Pan filled her with perverted lust. It gave little Sally an incredible sense of power; her fluids sprayed from her greasy slit as she convulsed in a rapid succession of multiple orgasms with Nina gagging beneath her.

“Argh!” moaned Sally.

Her Satanic orgasm was so powerful she lost consciousness

When she finally awake, she found herself in bed against the warm body of her sleeping mother. In a glimpse of her dream, she remembered seeing the fear in Nina’s face. She could still feel the heavy lust, but tried to remember exactly what happened after her orgasm, but couldn’t piece it together. She snuggled up to her mother and sucked on her nipple. She felt proud of her punishment of the disbeliever. She hoped that her mommy and Stephen would be proud of her too. She couldn’t wait to tell them how nasty it made her feel to have Satan between her legs; she felt his desire and she relished his blessings of more powerful orgasms yet to come.


Stephen sat naked on a thin mattress in a windowless cell. The small cramped space was dark and dank. After a while the narrow shaft of light become brighter as the door opened and a young boy, close to his age, was thrown into the cell with him. The newcomer, who was also naked, moved back against the stonewall and remained silent. Stephen said nothing. In fact, he didn’t even acknowledge the boy’s presence.

Looking up Stephen could see the boy staring at his naked form in the shadows. Stephen stoked his cock lazily. Finally breaking the silence the boy asked.

“What you doing?”

“What’s it look like?” Stephen said it in a very matter-of-fact way, not lifting his eyes from the floor as he continued his slow masturbation.

“They’re going to kill us. I heard they worship demons and they are having some sort of big party tomorrow night — they are going to force us into having sex with them and then they will kill us all.”

“Sounds Okay … I mean the sex part. Don’t want to die though.”

“Aren’t you scared?” asked the boy.

“Yes, but I figure I might as well enjoy myself – got nothing to lose.”

Stephen noticed how the boy’s flaccid cock had twitched and then become erect whilst watching him play with himself.

“Feels good doesn’t it?”

The boy gave a grunt of agreement as he started to rub his foreskin back and forth at about the same slow pace as Stephen.

“How about we do each other?” suggested Stephen.

“What, touch each other’s cocks? But isn’t that kind of bad?”

“So what? You’ve got a juicy-looking cock.”

“You think so?”

“Fuck yer. Come over here and jerk me off, while I do you.”

The boy moved hesitantly closer to his body and Stephen’s fist closed around the smaller boy’s cock. The boy was shaking with nervous excitement. The initiation was the first time that Stephen had ever played with another boy’s cock, though he had imagined it many times before. It felt different to touching his sister or his mother, but he liked it just as much. The boy grunted in primal pleasure and began to touch Stephen coyly at first … then slowly matching what Stephen was doing to him.

“Yer man, squeeze my cock hard. Jerk it faster. Fuck that feels good.”

The boy seemed to be emboldened by Stephen’s encouraging words and certainly by the masturbatory pleasure of being jerked off by another’s hand.

“Doesn’t it feel good to do bad things?” asked Stephen.

“My priest told me that we should never do these things. That we would go to hell if we did? He said god doesn’t love queer children; he says it what Satan wants us to do.”

“Maybe god doesn’t want us to enjoy ourselves? And maybe we should do what Satan wants instead.”

“Do you really think so? I have thought about it, but I was scared to even consider it; they are always saying stuff in church about sex being bad and it being a sin to even think about; but I can’t help and it feels so good to rub myself.”

“I was like you. Scared about it. Told that it was wrong, but now I don’t feel the same. When I cum, I say his name out loud and it makes me cum so fucking hard!”

“Yer! Maybe you’re right.”

“Then tell Satan, who you are and what you want!”

“I am Ryan and I want to fuck other boys!”

“Then lie back Ryan, let’s suck each other off.”

Stephen lay down next to Ryan and took his cock into his mouth. At the same time, he felt Ryan’s hands on his balls and cock, followed by Ryan’s warm mouth around the crown of his erection. Stephen fondled Ryan’s balls and brushed his index finger across his anus as she suck on Ryan’s entire penis in his mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” moaned Ryan uncontrollably.

Stephen licked Ryan’s lower shaft and kissed and sucked on his hairless nuts, then licked up and down his nether-hole. At the same time, he could feel his young boy lover doing exactly the same to him. It felt nasty.

“That feels so hot! I … I feel a tingling all over,” Stephen knew that Ryan was about the experience his first orgasm.

“The feeling will get even better if you call out to Satan!” affirmed Stephen, bringing him to the precipice of orgasmic delight, “Do you want more?”

“Yes. I want more …”

“Then call his name and you shall receive.”

“Oh! Satan, I will worship you. Please give me MORE!”

The young boy was almost delirious with the build-up towards his release.

Stephen’s fingers moved fast up and down Ryan’s organ as fast as he could. The boy started to quake from his toes to his head, shaking as his balls tightened and his penis suddenly exploded with clear semen. Stephen directed it across Ryan’s chest and chin, as it shoot from the eye of his cock. As Ryan began to cum, Stephen pushed his cock against the boy’s rectum.

“Satan you are my god! Ahhhhgggggghhhhh!” the boy groaned out of control, his orgasm magnified by its illicitness, as Stephen whispered perverted prayers into Ryan’s ears as he pushed the length of his cock into the boy’s bowels.

Stephen had made his first convert. He was proud of this achievement. He hoped his mother and sister would be too. But just as the boy’s orgasm began to end, his anus tightened around Stephen’s cock. The sensation was incredibly tight, he felt his penis reaching upwards into the boy’s body as he began to spasm in orgasmic delight. Pleasure upon pleasure surged through Stephen’s loins as he shot his load into the boy’s guts … everything went blank.



Sally still felt totally exhausted after her first experience in the dungeon. It all felt so surreal. Taking full advantage of the girl, whose name she had almost forgotten had been such an adventure. She slipped back into sleep again — her sleepy head had drifted into the land of dreams and nightmares.

She dreamt that she was back again in the dungeon dominating the nameless young girl. Like most dreams, there was no before to prelude, it was just the now. The young girl looked completely terrified of her. She smelt her anxiety and fear as she prayed hopelessly for salvation that would never come. It made Sally feel high, drunk with a sense of power over her. She was hers to play with, or to destroy, as she felt fit. She felt the sexual adrenaline of evil ooze from between her legs.

As she looked down, her usually flat chest had developed into small mounds … breasts with nipples the size of bottle corks. As she touched them she felt stabs of erotic pleasure surge through her. Looking down, she realized that legs were no longer human; they were that of a beast; the Goat of Mendes, with huffs and hind legs covered with fine hair. Between her legs, she discovered her clitoris had enlarged to that of a small boy’s penis, erect and hard it pointed upwards and dripped with pre-ejaculate, its highly sensitive nerve-endings formed like the perfect crown of a male penis with a small hole from which pearled clear fluid. Her vagina, below the penile appendage, dripped with copious sexual secretions.

As she explored her new sex organs with intense interest, her girl cock seemed to enlarge further as she played with it. It was now the size of a grown man’s cock, thicker and longer as it curved upwards to reach as high as her sternum. Her vagina lips opened and closed like a hungry mouth as she masturbated both her cock and cunt simultaneously. Her youthful flexibility and penile length gave her the ability to take her new cock head into her own mouth, wrapping her lips around its damp crown as she began to auto-fellate.

She could not quite understand but was aware of the horror of her transformation in the naive eyes of her younger companion, who now cowed in the furthest-most corner, holding onto the wall comfort and protection. The girl had never seen anything so lustful and obscene. Yet Sally sensed her unexpected undercurrent of sexual arousal that in itself seemed to fight the fear of the unknown, with an equal and opposing power, an archaic desire to fall in worship to this lissome yet vulgar creation. In her dream-like state, Sally was the shepherdess and pythoness; she was the hermaphrodite, Io Pan, the ancient and beautiful god of masturbation.

The young child with great trepidation began to inch forward with her hands held aloft; praying and quietly chanting …

“Io Pan, Io Pan.”

She began to gyrate and thrust her pelvis back and forth to an unheard pagan beat of nymphs and satyrs as in dark possession towards her devil goddess! Without warning, Sally grabbed the girl with inhuman strength and quickly impaled the girl upon her rigid organ, furiously thrusting in and out of the girl’s tight vagina. The girl screamed and hung unconscious like a broken ragdoll as Sally pumped against her body relentlessly. It was completely animalistic. As Sally’s cock erupted inside the broken girl, semen streamed out of every orifice. Sate, Sally let the limp body of the girl slip from her giant appendage onto the stone floor.

Sally awake from the dream, her body covered in sweat. It all seemed so real. Could it have been real? The transformation had been so life-like. She wondered what happened to the girl in the dungeon. What was her name? Nina?


Sally and Stephen sat in their ceremonial robes with the other good children. Tonight was the big party that they were both looking forward to. Sally had been thinking about the events of the past two days.

“Stephen. What happened when they put you in the dungeon place with the bad child?”

“Well, I did as Olivio had told me. At first, the boy didn’t do anything, but I got him hard and we played with each other. I got him to say that he worshiped Satan … so that he could be like us.”

“Did anything else happen? I mean, did you change at all?”

“What do you mean, Sis?”

“Well, I did as Olivio told me to. I touched the girl up, but she was bad and didn’t want to have sex. I kind of forced is lick me out and I remember cumming on her face … but there was something else … I can’t explain it.”

“What happened?”

“Well, it was like in a dream. Like I dreamt it, rather than it was real. I dreamt that I changed into a girl version of Io Pan; that I had a big cock and it felt like I fucked the girl to death. I know it sounds crazy, but the dream felt so real. I can’t find the girl anywhere now. I just don’t know what is real and what was a dream – it’s all mixed up?”

“But that sounds crazy, but for some reason, it makes me hot, Sis.”

“Me too, but I am so confused.”

“Well, the weird thing is that I couldn’t remember anything after I came in the boy’s ass. I mean, I remember the pleasure and then nothing?”

“Did you dream anything strange?”

“Well, come to think of it. It’s a bit weird.”

“What happened Stephen, it may be important?”

“Well, I dreamt I was a demon last night. I only remember bits and pieces.”

“Try and remember Stephen.”

“It was in the dungeon I think. The boy was there, but I was not the same. My cock was so long that when I fucked him, it came out of his mouth. There was blood everywhere!”

“Wow, that is so cool.”

“Do you think we should ask Olivio about this?”

“No. She might think we’re stupid. Maybe we should talk to Mommy after the big party?”

“Okay. We’ll talk to Mommy afterward.”


Sandra watched from the arched doorway. The children made their way in the Procession of Kin, into the great pentagram-shaped amphitheater. The chamber walls, high vaulted ceiling, flooring, columns, and furnishings were all ablaze with deep red and blood crimson. The five walls of the pentagram were adorned with ornate and intricate designs, each depicting the four elements of water, fire, air, and earth, and the fifth depicting the evil spirit shown as the Sigil of Baphomet. Aligning the pews, the worshipers dressed also in brilliant red hooded silk robes.

Their choral-like voices lifted above the sound of the pagan drums into the voluminous temple with songs of praise to the evil gods; calling for Lucifer, Baal, Belial, Beelzebub, Samuel, Lilith and Io Pan! It was a ceremony of vibrancy, fire, passion, and lust eternal. They numbered six hundred and sixty-six, witch and magus, acolyte and ‘the ones that were to be offered.’

Her mind skipped back and forth; first to the moment inside the occult shop; it had been a day like any other. But the strange woman with the red-black blunt fringe had seen her anguish, seen her sufferance, and had foretold things that only a black witch would know. They had drunk each other’s menstrual blood; eaten each other’s feces; made love after sacrificing a newborn. They had become sisters of blood, bone, and sexual cannibalism. Then there had been the stories that her children had told her about the boy from the fire; how he had appeared with the hind legs of a goat, like the old paintings of the benevolent Pan, only, she knew he was not benevolent – he was evil incarnate. It had been their initiation into the sect – a rebirth dedicated to wickedness.

She had secretly witnessed the change in her own children. They were, after all, the son and daughter of an incubus; of Nephilim blood; of the fallen angels – a Cambion, as the sexual union between demons and humans was sometimes referred to. They were supposed to be devilishly cunning and angelically beautiful. The witch had said that they were destined to take their place with the father; to sit at the red altar; and share in the endless orgasms of the orgies of hell.

But to see how they transformed from human children into sex demons and how they had both ravaged the disbelievers had been something she would have found difficult to have believed if she had not witnessed it firsthand… her daughter’s cock-like appendage had penetrated the girl, thrusting deeper and deeper until the disbeliever hung like a broken ragdoll … her son’s cock of iron had erupted from the boy’s mouth, his whole body skewered and covered in blood.

Neither of them had been able to control themselves in evil ecstasy. Neither could even consciously recall what they had done. It would happen in time. The demon-half had taken over as it would shortly as the orgy was about to commence in the red chamber. How many more would die? All of them, most probably… the demon children would have their human feast … and she would watch and encourage them. It was the way.

Following the Procession of Kin were the two-dozen pre-teen children ‘those who are to be offered,’ naked and bound together by the neck chains. They were led to the central podium in front of the great red altar and the huge effigy of the erect Baphomet. It reminded Sandra of the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana, of the day ruled by the Devil. A symbol of the baser side of humanity, darkness, secrecy, manipulation, raw sexual hunger, lust, inordinate desires, perversion, evil thoughts, desires, and deeds.


Sally walked in the Procession of Kin. Looking around at the hungry faces, she had awakened and could now see their true nature – those seeking orgasms compulsively, quantity for quality, fucking indiscriminately. This was where the orgasm was worshiped as God. She could see the nymphomaniacs, the satyrs, the pedophiles, and the incestuous ones that shared her immoral desires; there were others whose thoughts harbored evil seductions and a multitude of perverse and deadly fantasies.

She and her brother were there to honor this God of deceit, of lust and seductions got through trickery and falsehood, where sexual triumph will be followed by severe punishment if not death. The Red Chamber was truly the hellish brothel temple of domination and subjugation, and an intense and suffocating orgy of the most depraved kind was about to begin.

Olivio stood at the front of the Procession of Kin. She turned to the young acolytes holding her hands aloft and shouting in an ancient tongue. The rape ceremony would begin – ‘those who were to be offered’ began to panic and thrash against their bindings – but the bindings held fast. They were not going anywhere. The acolytes, including Sally and Stephen, began to change. Their young innocence had hidden their true nature and form – they were monsters of evil birth. With huge sexual appendages, they descended upon the helpless bound children. There would be no mercy in the Red Chamber. Their blood would flow upon its floor, their flesh would be the feast and their bone would join those of the thousands of others that had perished before them in the name of the God of Hell.


To be continued …


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