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Incubub 4


The Incubub is a fictional creature that is an embodiment less of evil than a representative of repressed desires: all those things you want to do but can’t, that you wish you’d done but didn’t. Incubub can and does do them all. It thrives off of sin and temptation, and if there’s any inclination to do something especially something wicked, the Incubub does it and coerces others to do the same. It has a particular fondness for sexual sins, and even more so for getting people to partake in sexual sins. The Incubub manifests in many dark forms, sometimes to scare and intimate with a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, goat-like horns, and the shiny black wings of a bat; other times its guise is to tempt and seduce in the form of a young androgynous boy or girl.


The INCUBUB’s evil influence has begun to spread exponentially. Originally it had been only a young eleven-year-old boy, Aaron Thomas, and his apprehensive mother, Lucy Thomas, that had been drawn into the corrupt world of this evil creature that lurked inside a strange ‘child-like’ pop-up book. The enchanted book seemed to change its script and content at will, becoming increasingly more and more sexually perverted as time passed. The spider web of the INCUBUB soon spans to entrap others, like Lucy’s best friend, Suzy Shaw, and her reluctant nine-year-old daughter, Trinity Shaw. They were closely followed by their local priest, Father Williams, who had his own wayward beliefs to trip and entangle him into the salacious worship of the INCUBUB. Lucy and Suzy began to seduce those who had once shunned and ostracized them, like the stuck-up Sally Sampson with her five-year boy, Matthew, who did not stand a chance of escaping their inevitable corruption.

Meanwhile, Sister Margaret seems to be the only hope to stop this out-of-control train wreck. Still, struggling with her own checkered past, could she be there in their hour of desperate need to prevent the sacrificial offering? Could she alone thwart the will of the INCUBUB and prevent him from changing from abstraction and dreams into the world of flesh and blood through the human sacrifice about to be made? Does Sister Margaret even realize the burden she must bear? Could she prevent this evil deed and bring an end to this devilment?


Sally Sampson sat with her five-year-old boy, Matthew, bouncing happily upon her knee as she did whenever she came to the church. As usual, the model mother, sat in the first pew of the congregation awaiting the commencement of Father Williams’ sermon. The young boy sat quietly, as he always did. He was such a good child. A blessed child. Sally, on the other hand, did not feel so content. No, in fact, she had felt strange ever since she had met up by chance with those troublesome mothers, Suzy Shaw and Lucy Thomas. She had never liked them. They were corrupt sinners and they made her flesh crawl. They deserved to be shunned and ostracized by her and her ‘godly’ few. But things had changed quite dramatically since then.

She had been doing the rounds, collecting alms on behalf of the poor (as all good God-fearing Christians should). Yes, helping the poor folk was one of her many Christian duties. So there she was standing outside that creepy old house … the one that belonged to the terrible woman … Lucy Thomas where she lived with her miscreant son, Aaron. Sally had no intention of knocking on their door … no, she would walk across the street to the opposite side rather than chance crossing the path of that hideous family … but, there she was on their secluded doorstep. It was as if she was standing beside herself, or perhaps looking on like a voyeur … she watched the door open and there standing on the other side of the threshold were both Lucy and her equally repugnant friend, Suzy Shaw.

Sally blinked aimlessly. Her mouth remained wide open but no sound came out. She could see that neither was dressed. Naked. The repugnant sinners were completely naked. Not a stitch on. It immediately revolted her. Not that she had never seen other women her own age without clothing on, but she did not understand herself. Her vagina was wet and aroused by the sight. She gawked at them despite the fact that she wanted to step back from the doorway … that she wanted desperately to turn and run away … but she just could not. Her feet refused to move and she continued to just stare like a stunned mullet.

The two naked women had taken her by the arms and drew her into the darkened interior. The two acted as if acolytes to a dark god. Why were the curtains drawn even in the middle of the day? What were those strange odors? No! Why did the place reek of sexual smells? Sally moved trance-like. Every step forward took her away from the only way to escape. From the light. From her Savior. From God Almighty and into their den in iniquity.

She felt the sinners undress her. Removing every article of clothing. Powerless to stop them, she was now completely naked too. She wanted to scream at them to stop this bawdy wickedness. They should obey God’s natural laws, but neither seemed affected by any bounds of faith or sense of decency. They were both devils. Oh God, they were evil devils, touching themselves, and each other, and now they began to touch her.

Sally’s eyes searched the darkness for purchase; a way to escape, what seemed to be inevitable. She looked left and right, searching the darkness for something or someone that would come to her rescue. Nobody was coming. There would be no rescue. The demons closed in around her, she saw for the first time in the dull light, the unnatural body transfiguration of her captors. Suzy Shaw and Lucy Thomas, were not as she had known. They filled her with dread. A demonic construct of evil, lust, and unholy androgyny. They placed her hands upon their penile appendages that stood upright from above their vaginal openings. Distorted and exaggerated … these fleshy things were wet and excited … they grow larger as her hands disobeyed her conscious thought and reached out to touch them with a mind of their own … her hands now eagerly massaging their swelling sausage-like appendages as they curved upwards like enormous cocks.

They both began to buck their hips against her touch, searching for a place to invade, to penetrate … Oh my God … they intended to penetrate her with their demon phalluses. Sally began to panic even more than before. But her cunt was dripping with sexual arousal. Let this be some kind of dreaded dream that she could awaken from … let it be something that she could escape and forget in the brightness of the day … but it wasn’t and Sally knew it. This was about to happen. They had pressed against her, front and back, and she was helpless to prevent them from pocking their long protrusions against her delicate cavities. One demon trying to penetrate her vagina, while the other her anus … neither opening sufficient to take their girth and length.

But now, as she sat in the church awaiting the sermon of joy from Father Williams, her cunt began to itch. A perverted itch. Yes. Hail Satan. Her cunt was drenched with sexual juices. She craved demonic cock. Today, she had not worn any underwear — just as the demons had told her. Lucy Thomas sat down in the pew next to her. Suzy Shaw sat down on the opposite side. They both smiled enigmatically at her. The game was about to begin.


Sister Margaret sobbed quietly to herself. She clutched her cold leather-bound bible closely and pressed it to her bare bosom.

“Heavenly Father, I love you, I praise you, and I worship you. I thank You for sending Your son Jesus who won a victory over sin and death for my salvation. I thank you for sending your Holy Spirit who empowers me, guides me, and leads me into the fullness of life. I thank you for Mary, my heavenly mother, who intercedes with the holy angels and saints for me.”

But praying never stopped the onslaught of depravity. She had seen this scenario play out in her mind’s eye. Sister Margaret was not a nun that dreamt of divinity or of holy and godly things. No, she was haunted by aberrant and gruesome nightmares that pierced her subconscious with premonitions of the unthinkable. Prayers could not stop them from coming. These terrible things were about to happen. Sexual sins abound. A supernatural wickedness presiding over the satanic ritual abuse by grotesquely phallic witches. Their minds, as their bodies, transformed beyond the realm of humanity to complete devilment. A name appeared that she had heard upon the sacred hill …

The name was the INCUBUB.

She had clearly seen a vision of her beloved Father Williams with those obscene creatures. They were all so vile. God help us all. They had obviously perverted the loving soul of her dearest Father Williams, turning him away from the purity of the light, corrupting him in their malevolent darkness. Wasn’t Father Williams as much a victim as was the young baby boy that he held tightly in his grip as he eagerly deflowered the child through anal rape?

The nun could see the pinkish-whiteness of the priest’s naked body, his penis so thick and prone, as he thrust upwards so viciously into the twisted little body of their sacrificial victim. The witches chant their approval of Father William’s deviant act. Sister Margaret held back her own scream of hopelessness. Oh, what darkly evil possesses us? Save us all, Jesus. It was this savage perverse ritual that played out over and over. It was a never-ending opera of wickedness and destructiveness.

Was there a purpose for this horrid nightmare? Sister Margaret felt, in some ways connected to this splinter in her mind, in a way that she cared not to understand, but appreciated, like a warning of an Armageddon. She knew that she was there for a hidden meaning or specific reason. Had she been sublimely selected? Was she chosen for this task, like an angelic soldier of the faith in a foretold quest? Actually, all told, she didn’t want this responsibility. What if she failed? What if she was too weak-willed to see it through? What if she faltered?

Wasn’t it then to prevent this aberrant horror? Wasn’t it her destined duty to risk all and intervene? Wasn’t it by divine intervention that she was there at that exact moment to end the suffering of the screaming child? There was a haunting salaciousness to the chanting of the debauched witches — their very bodies turned into sexual demons — as they sexualized their own kin for the pleasure of their beloved devil, the INCUBUB. The creature could not be allowed to prevail.

The INCUBUB had to be stopped, one way or another.

Her self-questioning came to an abrupt stop. A sticky heat filled her body as her mind, maybe in overload from the peculiar nature of these nightmares, sent her into a fit of convulsion. There was a constriction of her blood vessels … contraction of heart muscles … dilation of the lungs. The resultant chemical reaction is like a massive endorphin and non-epinephrine rush that send Sister Margaret into something akin to a substance-induced psychotic shock. She was orgasming uncontrollably without even touching herself.


Sally Sampson had invited two of her closest friends to a surprise catch-up. Hillary Newton and Diana St. Patrick were both local mothers. Hilary’s child, Thomasina, was still suckling. She prided herself on being a great mother, using only natural mother’s milk for her precise daughter. Diana’s son, Jefferson, was a precocious little seven-year-old who purported to know everything (even at this tender age). The three mothers had been thick as thieves, though, in the religious context of their lives, they would never use this term.

Friends that prayed together … stayed together … that was their motto.

But their closeness was their weakness and as Sally fell to the demands of the evil witches … becoming a witch herself … she quickly lured Hilary and Diana into their corrupted fold.

Hilary was the first to fall. She invited Hilary around to her home on Sussex Street. It was a beautifully appointed semidetached house that overlooked the pine forest grove. Hilary arrived at around 2.00 pm and immediately needed to feed her young child. She thought nothing of popping out her perfect 34B breasts and attaching young Thomasina to the cherry-colored nipple. In their social group, natural childbirth and natural breastfeeding were thought of as highly positive things. It wasn’t for at least a couple of minutes that she realized that things were not as they should be. Seeing Lucy Thomas and Suzy Shaw arrive at Sally’s place was unexpected and of course completely unacceptable to Hilary.

“What are they doing here, Sally?” asked Hilary, more out of surprise than anything else.

She had long known Sally’s low opinion of them both and seeing them in her friend’s home was more than an awkward surprise. She went to cover herself, suddenly aware that she was bare-breasted in front of unwanted company. Hilary watched in complete bewilderment as Sally began to kiss Lucy full on the mouth. It was a long salacious kiss. Their tongues wriggled together in plain view of the young mother, who cradled her baby tight to her bosoms.

“Don’t be afraid,” assured Suzy as she began to undress in front of her, ”We only want to fuck your nasty tight holes and then eat your deliciously little baby.”

Suzy laughed out loud as she grabbed the child from the unprepared woman, who could but look on in complete disarray. Sally slapped Hilary hard in the face and pushed her to the ground. Hilary fell back onto the living room floor. The carpet padded her fall, but she was still surprised and stunned by the turn of events. By this time all the witches were undressed. Suzy stood over the fallen woman holding her yelping baby in one hand by its leg — like a chicken about to be killed for their meal.

“Lick my cunt you fucking little whore … or I’ll crush your baby’s head!” demanded Suzy pulling her disdained cunt lips apart.

She laughed as a shower of pungent urine sprayed over the woman’s face and exposed her upper torso.



Trinity watched from the top of the staircase. Her bright young eyes had become well-adjusted to the darkness inside the secluded house and she watched as Aaron’s mother and her own walked over to the front door. The pleasures that she had experienced since her seduction had changed her perception of things. All things. Now she no longer felt the fear or the anguish that had preceded her feelings when she had first arrived at Aaron’s house.

The creepy old house … the creepy young boy … She had wanted to leave immediately but it had been her mother that had insisted that she stay and obey his every word. She had been fearful of him and his sexual domination of her that followed. But now, instead of fear, all she felt was a deep and painful hunger.

An itch that needed to be scratched. An itch that could only be satisfied by a demon cock.

Her tiny little body still quaked at the thought of the kinds of abhorrent violations inflicted upon her by all the inhabitants of the house — especially by her own mother — yet the net effect of all of these visited evils was one of perpetual lusting … her own appetite had become so piquant, that licking her lips she could taste there all the individual lovers that had collectively used and abused her for the glory of their dark god.

She had seen him. The INCUBUB. He had been watching at first, from a distance, half hidden in the shadows of the old wooden wardrobe … but once the boy, Aaron, had brought her into their dark fold, he had made himself known to her. She had thought, at first, that her voyeur was another girl… another scared young girl, like her … possibly equally conflicted by everything she had seen and done… but she had been completely wrong … the long hair, effeminate physique … all so girlie … but all of this seemed at odds with the demon’s strange genitalia … its enormous worm-like cock seemed out of proportion to its delicate frame.

Now she felt a calling. She must return to Aaron, who was still in his bedroom. She would come and see what the mothers were up to later … for now she knew intuitively that Aaron needed her and that something important was about to occur.


Aaron sat silently. So much had happened. His mind whirled with the shocking newness of his corruption. He greedily rubbed his aching cock and wanted to fuck or be fucked. It was all he could think about. His semen flow never depleted. His cock was never soft. He had brought himself to orgasm over and over — addicted to the sensations that he had been instructed to achieve by the omnipresence of the INCUBUB. Aaron’s sexual demon was there in the shadows …

watching, urging, masturbating … relentlessly.

Aaron opened the heavy book as it lay across his legs. Its weight was a reminder of its perverted burden that inspired him and his mother … catapulting them into the depths of depravity in the worship of their mutual sex demon.

“Mayhem unleashed in the worship of hell, cocks, and cunts, you love the smell. Join the INCUBUB, if your dare, For more mischief, awaits in his secret lair.”

The illustration showed a drawing of his room, drawn in the usual heavy charcoal blacks and greys. He pulled the little lever and the door of his old wooden wardrobe opened wide. There was a strong light that seemed to emit from within it … as if to beckon him to enter … to step inside and to explore … He looked up at the shadowy end of his bedroom, where usually the INCUBUB stood and watched him. The INCUBUB was not there, but as he looked the wardrobe door swag open. It creaked and there was definitely something glowed from inside … just like the drawing.

“Join the INCUBUB, if your dare, For more mischief, awaits in his secret lair.”

Aaron closed the heavy book and stood up. Just then Trinity appeared. The both of them were completely naked and comfortable with their mutual sexual attraction.

“What is it?” she asked as she knew something was imminent.

Her fingers curled around Aaron’s erect cock and began rubbing him without any provocation. She was as much a sex addict as he had become. He pointed to the old wooden wardrobe and then opened the book.

“Beyond the gate is the promised land, Salacious and perverted, where nothing is banned. Your darkest fantasies will all come true, Welcoming Aaron and Trinity, too.”

The drawing showed the chalky image of two naked young children from behind, as they walked hand-in-hand, stepping into their hunted old wooden wardrobe. Their figures looked silhouetted against the brightness that beckoned from within the supernatural gateway that obviously lead them to an unknown destination beyond the line of sight of the illustration.

“He wants us to follow him …” Trinity said and they both stepped into the tiny wardrobe space together.


Aaron brushed past the clothing that hung on the inside of the old wooden wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe, it smelt of an old woody staleness that was strangely comforting. He could not remember ever stepping inside the old wooden wardrobe, not even in games of hide and seek in the past. He held Trinity’s hand tightly and the other hand gripped the old book against his thin little torso. He felt no fear but was anxious, to say the least.

As he stepped to where the back of the wardrobe should be, he found there was more hanging clothing — he pushed through — deeper and deeper the pair went. Though it made no sense in terms of the spatial dimensions of his old wooden wardrobe, it seemed that they were moving further away from its door into the dull darkness within. Hanging cloths became foliage, became the edge of an exotic forest. They stepped out into a clearing. Above them the trees seemed to tower upwards, closing the direct light to only glimpses. To their left and to their right the dense forest seemed to obscure its secrets. There was a narrow stone path.

“This way,” said Trinity.

Aaron nodded as though she knew something that he did not, but that he accepted unquestioningly. The young perverted lovers walked gingerly down the twisted forest path away from where they had been until in less than a minute they came across a signpost. It was faded and hard to see, but simply said ‘Secret Lair’ with a pointing arrow. Aaron thought it strange that you would have a secret lair and then signpost it. The world of the INCUBUB was indeed strange.

“Beyond the gate is the promised land, Salacious and perverted, where nothing is banned. Your darkest fantasies will all come true, Welcoming Aaron and Trinity, too.”

The words of the INCUBUB’s book rolled through his mind. His fantasies had certainly got much darker and twisted. He imagined all kinds of sexual couplings and his cock was dripping with anticipation of nasty evil sexual fun to come.

It was no more than a few hundred steps along the strange winding trail that they came to a wider track that resembled something like a road. Standing on the side of the track, they saw something moving. It was a creature that looked much like a child-sized satyr. The creature tensed and stood very still. Its elfin-like ears swiveled as they scanned the ambient forest sounds. Its bright eyes then looked directly at them, unblinkingly, as if they should not be there, or as if it could not believe it was seeing. Was it that two fully naked children standing on the side of the track were simply something completely unexpected?

The small bipedal creature was no taller than Trinity, standing upright upon the hind legs of a goat. Its body from the waist upwards looked like that of an androgynous boy with two budding little conned breasts and horns pocking from its brow. Below its waistline, the faunlet was covered with the fine fur of animal pillage. Aaron looked between its legs and saw its small penis twitching. Soon the faunlet’s Sigmoid flexure straightened out; its penis achieved a full erection as it gawked at Aaron’s and Trinity’s mutual nakedness. They stood only a few feet apart, but both the faunlet and the two children remained transfixed. The faunlet’s obvious arousal stirred Aaron corrupted mind, who openly stroked his cock in invitation. The faunlet touched itself, mirroring Aaron’s masturbatory gestures.

“Your darkest fantasies will all come true …”

Aaron remembered how he once had a vision of a forest filled with a strange sexualized evil, where the strange animalistic inhabitants worshiped phallic idols among the vine-covered ruins of a crumbling ancient city … pornographic statues surrounded the secret lair where they practiced highly perverted rituals; offering young ones in human sacrifices before their malicious phallic god. They danced naked in the firelight; stroking their erect genitals to the sounds of strange drum, flute music, and the sounds of the forest … Then the copulation began, an orgy of pistoning young cocks all eager to ejaculate. He’d seen himself in some kind of pivotal role, as the vision had continued its bizarre playback, it was he that they worshiped … a horned, goat-like Aaron. It was his evil and sexual bidding that they did; as he sat upon a throne that consisted of a huge stone phallus as its back and two large balls as its seat. The perverted ritual ensued as his priestess, Trinity, presided over the offering of helpless victims to be used and abused sexually in his great honor. Yes, this indeed could be the place of such a dark fantasy.

The faunlet grinned and rubbed its hard little pizzle. Aaron, held the book tightly in one hand and his cock in the other, as he took a step closer to the creature. The faunlet seemed to welcome Aaron’s advantage and emboldened, both Trinity and Aaron got closer. The creature was masturbating quite furiously and Trinity went down on her knees and began to take its pizzle into her eager mouth.

“Aaarghhhhh …” groaned the faunlet as it began to fuck her face aggressively.

“Fuck yer. ..” said Aaron.

He was getting off and watching the strange creature fuck the girl’s head violently.

The faunlet’s beady dark eyes kept staring directly at Aaron as its hips bucked wildly back and forth, pleasuring itself against Trinity’s face … but then as it cases its gaze downwards, the faunlet noticed the heavy book under Aaron’s arm. The faunlet pulled back from Trinity with a trail of saliva and sexual juices between the pair of them. It said something that Aaron found intelligible.

“It wanted to know what’s in the book?” Trinity said, still gasping from the violent face fuck.

Aaron showed the faunlet the book cover. The letters that spelled the name ‘INCUBUB’. The faunlet nodded enthusiastically in acknowledgment. Aaron then opened the book. There on the page in front of them was a drawing of the three of them. In the naive style, the likeness was still uncanny. The sexuality is raw and obvious. Surrounded by woodlands, the drawing clearly showed the faunlet performing oral sex on Aaron, kneeling in homage before him. The words scratched into the page said …

“My acolytes are eager to please, Performing oral upon their knees. Bringing my guests to the secret pyre, They offer you whatever you desire.”

The faunlet seemed to understand the words and fell immediately to his knees before Aaron. With delicate hands, the faunlet took Aaron’s cock into its succulent mouth and sucked him into the back of its magical throat. Fuck it felt good. Better than good. Down the entire length of Aaron’s cock, new sensations brought him quickly to the edge. Like a head job from hell, the intensity of the pleasure was instantly overwhelming and had Aaron bucking and ejaculating in a matter of only a few moments.

Gasping for breath. Aaron grinned wildly at the creature whose mouth was obviously a source of intense sexual pleasure. What other things could it do? Aaron wanted more of this. The pleasure had left his testicles tingling and his penis no less hard.

“It wants us to follow … it’s taking us to the INCUBUB’s secret place,” said Trinity.

Aaron accepted this, as he had accepted the pleasure from the strange creature. He liked this enchanted forest.


They finally arrived at what appeared to be the exterior remains of a crumbling amphitheater. The remaining stone blocks stood like huge monoliths of a forgotten past. Statues interrupted the debris, sculptures delicately carved of strange gods, goddesses, and mythical beasts, all naked and prone. It was a strange assortment of exotically mixed sexual genitalia. Some were even depicted in fornication, while others in solo masturbation — but all highly sexualized.

The twisting tendrils of the fauna, like wisteria and clematis, had taken purchase, creeping over and covering much of the stone surfaces in its lush greenness. It reminded Trinity of a scene from the cartoon animation ‘Jungle Book’ … but instead of monkeys everywhere among the ruins, were dozens of delicate little nymphs and more creatures that resembled the faunlet. They all had been busy preparing for something important, and Trinity wondered if they were the expected guests or was something else about to take place.

She had tasted the delicious faunlet, as it eagerly fucked her face, and she wanted more from this exquisite creature. The sexual juices seemed to enhance her own horniness which was growing harder to ignore … Trinity was desperate for sexual release. Yes, she wanted to cum long and loudly but was still apprehensive about the strange forest and its inhabitants.

As they entered the strange amphitheater, Trinity was shocked to see that Aaron and she were not alone in their search. It had occurred to Trinity that this must be a bizarre place dedicated to a celebration of perverted sex worship; and looking around, there were other naked children that were just like them, dozens of them. They all looked just as excited as Aaron and Trinity, maybe almost frenzied and wild … but all eager to begin whatever it was that we about to occur.

Just as they both arrived, almost like a fanfare in their honor, the sound of a longhorn vibrated through the ruins and all the nymphs, faunlets and children looked up and towards the source of the sound. Trinity felt a surge of sexual energy pass through her, like a wave or a joint of electricity. Others felt it too, as she could gather by the reactions of the other excited young children, nymphs, and faunlets around her.

There, standing upon the podium at the epicenter of the amphitheater was a single figure. She knew instinctively that it was the INCUBUB. They had arrived at its secret lair. The INCUBUB had taken the form of young androgyny. With translucent alabaster skin, thin hips, and a flattish chest. His long hair cascaded over his bony shoulders. He looked so delicate and very effeminate. But Trinity knew this was all part of his way. His erect cock pointed upright and Trinity longed to suck its fat juicy knob-end that seemed to be wet with pearls of pre-cum.

“My children!” exclaimed the INCUBUB, addressing the gathering of some three dozen or more naked and very excited children.

Trinity could not but notice that there were definitely more young boys than girls (albeit many of the boys were quite effeminate). She smiled to herself … thinking about the dozens of angry-looking cocks for her to fuck and suck. Her slutty little cunt was so wet in anticipation. She instinctively knew that this was why they were here. It was to be a perverted celebration in honor of their evil sex demon. They had all been summoned to serve and worship, together with his sexual forest of nymphs and faunlets.


“Welcome to all. Finally, you are here. What a joyous occasion this is,” crooned the widemouthed INCUBUB as his hands slid up and down his own erection.

All eyes were on the INCUBUB. The strange little creatures, the faunlets, and the nymphs all seemed to be awaiting a sign or a signal to begin. They began to bang on crude drums and leap around. All the faunlet’s pizzles were all excited and erect, just like Aaron. The din was increasing in volume as did the ferocity of the body movements of the wildlife.

The INCUBUB held one hand up, and the ruckus seemed to quell for a brief moment.

“Tonight, as every night in my lair … we celebrate with the pleasures of the devil … the delights of the pederasty god! Soon you will all fornicate and show your devotion to me… but first, there a those who are reluctant to join in … those who see us as adversaries … those who would prevent us from partaking in our joy … they must be punished … they must be made to suffer … they must be offered to the demons of darkness, so that we may never be interfered with.”

There were many cries of enthusiasm. The drumming began again, more vigorous than before. The nymphs and faunlets were already dancing wildly as they began frotting their bare and excited genitals against those of the naked children closest to them.

“Bring me a sacrifice!”

There was a small possession of faunlets and nymphs dragging a young boy whom they had blindfolded and bound. They carried his naked body forward toward the center of the amphitheater. The blindfolded boy seemed reluctant to join the perverted revelry. Aaron guessed that he did not share their desires. This was more than Aaron had hoped for, more than he dreamed. He stroked his cock, eager for the human sacrifice to be made.

The INCUBUB held his hands aloft and his skin darkened to a shiny blackness, his fingers extended and curved into knobby claws. Curved horns grew from his forehead. From his back, wet leathery wings erupted as his face contorted, his wide mouth looked even wider and filled with pointed teeth. From between his legs, his horse-sized phallus extended like an obscene telescope, upwards and outwards. As the INCUBUB spoke, his voice became deeper and more gravelly …

“To the dark gods of perversion … pedophilia and pederasty! Unholy sex demons make us cum hard and long! AS WE FUCK AND SUCK IN HONOR OF THE DEVIL!” screamed the calamitous INCUBUB.

The bind-folded boy was brought before the INCUBUB, who grabbed his naked bound victim and thrust his demonic cock into the boy’s bowels.

The entire amphitheater seemed to erupt into a cacophonous explosion of vulgar sights and sounds. Aaron and Trinity looked at each other briefly, their lust overflowed. The faunlet and nymphs now grabbed the naked children, wildly frotting and attempting penetration with their human hosts. The naked boys and girls seemed to be equally amorous and libidinous … boys on boys … boys on girls, girls on girls, and all manner of combinations with nymphs and faunlets.



Lucy and Suzy looked at each other, amused at the ease of Sally’s seduction. She looked cow-like, demure, and malleable. They had already drawn her into their dark abode and though her consciousness was trying to understand what was happening to her, her body responded to their calling. Once inside the house, Lucy closed the door and with the aid of her bewitched lover, Suzy, they quickly undressed their new recruit. She felt the power of the INCUBUB flow through her. Lucy felt invigorated like never before. She felt strong and masterful … her sole purpose was to serve the INCUBUB. It was as if she was one with her sex demon. She knew what it wanted her to do and she was its willing servant. In her mind, Suzy and she were the evil demon’s temple acolytes … there to serve and provide everything that their divine, but dark god, should want of them … she knew it wanted sacrifice … human offerings were to be made, on a regular basis … unreservedly … for its exclusive pleasure.

The shadows came alive and a dark form moved exposing something sizable. Lucy glimpsed the shape of its evil inhumanity. It was a dark-skinned predator lurking with its clawed fists, razor-sharp teeth, and leathery bat wings. This was a form that Lucy had seen before, but not so close up and personal. The devilish creature moved in a wide circle around them … it looked hideously hungry and sexually lusty. Lucy noticed how its huge phallus stood upright pointing towards the ceiling, with thick protruding veins that crisscrossed the girth of the monster’s tapered serpentine length.

“Bring me her friend … that feeds her baby at her bosom … And the other one with the young boy … I hunger for their flesh …” said the darkly gravelly voice.

It was more like a growl than a complete sentence. Its long arms moved at the speed of a whip, lashing out and grabbing Sally’s neck. The monster pulled her towards it whilst holding her around the throat. Sally choked at the INCUBUB’s grip as its black-clawed hands pressed against her delicate trachea. The veracity of the evil creature’s hold shook her vulnerable nakedness violently as she dangled like a rag-doll. The insatiable INCUBUB pressed its long hard cock upwards, rubbing its bulbous wet head against her perineum, as if the monster was considering which hole to violate first. It flapped its leathery wings, maneuvering the cow-like woman over its appendage in preparation for penetration.

“Please … help … me … ” whimpered Sally.

Her bloodshot eyes almost popped from their sockets and her voice was barely audible as the creature crushed her throat.

“FUCK HER HARD MASTER!” cried Lucy spitefully, willing the woman’s demise.

Sally’s bladder and bowels gave way, sending a warm cascade of urine and feces over the INCUBUB’s groin. The smell was obvious, but Lucy saw it only intensified the monster’s desire to deflower their offering.

“H-e-l-p … m-e …” Sally’s voice was all but a distant echo.

Lucy and Suzy both masturbated furiously as they eagerly watched the evil events unfold.

The evil demon wasted no time in impaling the limp woman down upon his evil spear – her body went momentarily rigid as the INCUBUB raped her bowels. The INCUBUB gave no quarter and thrust harder and faster into the deranged woman that dangled hopelessly upon his evil tool. The thrusting motions her equally met with enthusiastic cries from the witches, urging their demon god to fuck her senseless. And it did.


When Diana St. Patrick arrived with her seven-year-old son, Jefferson, at her best friend’s house in Sussex Street, she was not feeling herself. She couldn’t really explain the strange oddities of the week gone past. All she knew was that she had been very uncomfortable with her thoughts. In the first instant, Diana was a deeply religious person. She had devoted much of her life and all her spare time to the service of the church and in turn to the local community in which she lived. It had been her calling. Besides her modest interest in yoga to stay flexible and fit … she had precious little time for much else. But these wayward thoughts were not like her. No, they were plainly sinful and totally uncharacteristic of Diana’s self-image and persona.

She had always maintained that sex was something that happened in matrimony, between a husband and wife, for the purpose of bearing children. Nothing more. Nothing less. But that was not the way of these strange dreams … or maybe more accurately, nightmares. She had for some unexplainable reason found herself in situations that she would have considered blasphemous and sacrilegious … or down-right sexually perverse. How could she entertain these delinquent fantasies? God would certainly not approve of this kind of thing … not even in the realms of one’s unconscious imagination.

They seem to focus on a deepening need for sexual enjoyment. Diana knew intellectually that sexual enjoyment was only a means to an end. To procreate and become pregnant … but that was the problem. Why did she want to have sex with other men that were not her husband … with other women (that stepped outside the boundaries of what she would call heterosexual) … with a widening interest in the androgyny of transsexuals … and sex with very young partners, both boys and girls. She couldn’t believe her worst infliction and that was a growing attraction to her own child. Incest was so taboo, but still, her body and unconscious mind seemed to imagine it. She was shocked at herself. She felt a deepening guilt as a Christian, and especially as a mother. This was not the Diana who worked selflessly at the homeless shelter or in the convent or at the orphanage … this was a Diana that was somehow poisoned by the devil.

Yes, this must be the work of the devil. And even in that thought she found a new sexual energy. Worshiping the devil and having sex with her own seven-year-old son. It was depraved. It was aberrant. It was evil. Yet she found herself masturbating at every opportunity, searching the internet for child porn, incest porn, for images of sexuality and devil worship. Her body too seemed to be different.

Her clitoris seemed to have enlarged. At first, it was only a slight thing, but now her clit had taken on the form of something almost penile… it looked conical and when touched, it became hard and pointed upwards, extending from the looser flaps of her vagina lips. She found that it gave her great pleasure to massage it between her finger, much in the way she had once touched her husband’s penis.

She had begun to like watching herself in the mirror, willing her ‘pink demon’ to get bigger and it did. If she sat with her legs wide and pulled her vagina lips open, she could make her ‘pink demon’ move on its own accord … pulsing as she touch it and stroked her sopping wet cunt whilst squeezing her monster clitoris between her thumb and forefinger. The devil was in her … she knew it … she had begun to really get off on it.

Diana had found images and videos online of women like her. It fascinated her … no it enthralled her … she would finger herself and rub her ‘pink demon’ whilst searching for more and more extreme things. She found Femdom Empire videos of obscene-looking bodybuilding women masturbating their own monster clits and she loved them … she wanted to suck her own clit … and with her yoga flexibility, she found that she could almost reach it with her tongue fully extended.

She had avoided all sexual contact with her husband as she feared he would expose her as some kind of freak. He would see that she had been possessed by a sex demon and she could not allow that.

Her ‘pink demon’ had a thin sheath of skin that would roll back to expose a more bulbous end. And the more she played with it … the bigger it seemed to get. More recently she had taken to videoing herself as she played with her clit, posing and dancing erotically as she masturbated shooting her girl cum for the camera. As she experimented with herself, she imagined her young boy child kneeling before her. This taboo was almost too wicked to contemplate … but of course, she did. His innocence would be poisoned by her perversity.

His little head would be pressed to her hairless groin, enthusiastically licking and sucking her big fat ‘pink demon’. FUCK yer, she thought, let him fill his naughty mouth with it as he worshiped her enormous phallic clit. And when she orgasmed … it would be a huge violent cum that lasted forever. She would imagine grabbing the hair on his head and spraying his baby face in a huge gushy mixture of her sour sexual juices and dark heady urine.

Diana found Sally and Hilary in the backyard. It was a rather balmy day, hot and sweaty near the pine forest grove. Both Sally and Hilary were dressed in nothing more than their bras and panties. Diana thought it strange but did not want to seem like a prude. She wondered where Hilary’s young baby, Thomasina, was too, as her friend was always fusing around her newborn. And where was Sally’s little five-year-old?

Jefferson was impatient as usual (he wanted to play, but there was no one to play with), and Diana had to give him a stern word so that he would behave himself. She often had to resort to giving the child a slap around the back of his legs. It quickly put the boy in his place. Her husband didn’t like it, but he was not around.

“Diana … come and join us,” called Sally, as she luxuriated upon the day bed in the sun.

Diana noticed that she was drinking … in the middle of the day. She didn’t usually approve of such things. But now she wasn’t sure. Many things had changed in her mind. She noticed that Hilary was doing the same and as she turned to face her long-term friend, Diana was doubly surprised to see the strange scratch marks across her chest … the large scratches looked a little sore and fresh.

“What happened to you?” she asked Hilary.

Hilary took a sip of her drink and tilted her head as if she didn’t understand the question.

“Hilary is a new woman,” remarked Sally as she stroked and petted Hilary’s hair in a most inappropriate manner.

If Diana didn’t know them better, she may have thought they were carrying on like a couple of old lesbians. But she knew better than that and that neither of them approved of any kind of homosexual activity … as they both saw it as a sin against God and a sin against all that they held precious as Christians. Diana considered her strange new feelings. She could never explain this to either of them and the best approach was to pretend she was the same old Diana.

“Have a drink Diana … you’re too uptight. Why don’t you strip down to your bra and panties and join us?”

“I didn’t think it was appropriate in front of Jefferson,” said Diana.

She was trying to sound like a concerned and responsible mother. Though it was probably the furthest thing from the truth (now that she regularly fantasized about incest).

“Then, we should all go topless,” announced Sally.

And without any further discussion, Sally removed her bra and exposed her smallish breasts for all to see. Laughing at her brazenness, Hilary followed her friend and removed her top, and then kicked off her panties too. Diana was not sure what to make of the pair of them. Had they gone crazy? Could they have been affected as she was … now that would be interesting, she thought to herself. She blinked and tried to push aside any wayward thoughts.

“Stupid wearing these too!” she added, showing off her shaved cunny.

“Wow, look at that, does it look hot?” said Sally, sticking her finger into her friend’s cunt and rubbing what could only be described as a very large penile clitoris.

It looked at least the same size, if not bigger, than Diana’s.

“What the hell?” said Diana.

Despite everything she hoped for, she was still in complete shock.


Father Williams was inconsolable. With a heavy heart and his head in his hands, he looked forlorn and completely despairing. Sister Margaret tried her best to comfort him. She put her arm around his shoulder and draw her warmth against him. She had found him in the empty grounds of the old church completely naked … wandering aimlessly … blabbing like a buffoon … he was making no sense whatsoever. Sister Margaret had covered him in a crude blanket that she had found and brought him inside the refectory … to his private rooms where he’d feel more comfortable and reassured. Whatever the problem, she was sure that with the love of God, they would both overcome it.

Actually, she was still perplexed and wasn’t sure what to make of it all. Of course, she was more than aware of her dangerous nightmares … those evil predictions of what was possible… her mind jarred at the thought that her precious friend and the young priest could be ever involved in such an outcome. No, it must never happen! The imagery of the pinkish-whiteness of the priest’s naked body danced before her eyes.

She could clearly see in this vision, the priest’s penis that was so thick and prone, as he thrust upwards so viciously into the twisted little body of their sacrificial victim. The tortured soul of the young child is being subjected to such wickedness. Oh, God, save our souls … And then there were all the evil witches that surrounded the priest, chanting obscenities and voicing their approval of Father William’s deviant act. Her own body seemed to feel something unnaturally arousing about these evil thoughts. Inappropriate arousal. Sinful feelings echoed inside her body … unwanted, but still lingering … she immediately quieted herself with prayers.

“Heavenly Father, I love you, I praise you, and I worship you. I thank You for sending your son Jesus who won victory over sin and death for my salvation. I thank you for sending your Holy Spirit who empowers me, guides me, and leads me into the fullness of life. I thank you for Mary, my heavenly mother, who intercedes with the holy angels and saints for me.”

The crying priest looked up with tears in his eyes. Forlorn, he looked pathetic and weakened from whatever illness had impacted his mind. He looked like a broken man. Sister Margaret took a deep breath and stood up. As she did so, the crude blanket that covered Father Williams slid away, exposing him again in front of her. He was no Adonis … slightly overweight and insipid in flesh tone … but Sister Margaret could not help but stare at his unrelenting erect penis. It looked swollen and hard … its reddish flesh disdained and vulgar … still she ached to touch it. Sin upon sin.

No … she must resist all temptations.

She looked into his face and to her complete surprise, he grinned devilishly as his fingers curled around his own flesh and he began to masturbate before the shocked nun.

“You must stop this! Stop this NOW I say!” cried the desperate Sister Margaret as she physically shook.

She tried to slap the priest’s hands away from his sexual misconduct. But she was ineffectual and only annoyed the frantically masturbating priest more, as he only doubled his efforts in self-pleasuring. Sister Margaret tried to pull away from Father Williams, who looked like a man possessed. His eyes were now, no more than just narrow slits and he frothed from the mouth.

“Stop your sinning! Stop in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Stop! Be gone you demon spirits … For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!” cried out the frantic nun.

Her prayers had no effect on the mad priest, who now grabbed her fiercely by the arms and pulled her towards him.

“Let me go!” she screamed.

He tore her robe away, revealing her raw nakedness beneath.

The demented priest pressed his groin against hers, gaining purchase against her naked flesh in preparation for his imminent penetration. But Sister Margaret was too smart for that and quickly grabbed one of the fallen brass candelabras, that had spilled in the struggle. With all her might, she swung the heavy metal object at the side of the priest’s head. The power of the blunt force trauma toppled the awkward priest side-wards. Sister Margaret had only seconds to use this advantage. She scrambled out from under his reach and tried to crawl away as quickly as she could.

Bloody and raging the priest tried to gain his balance. His violent seduction had been severely hampered by the gaping wound to the side of his head. He was momentarily disorientated and groaned in pain. There was now blood everywhere. But despite the priest’s state, his cock remained rampant and hard. As Sister Margaret scrambled to get away, she lost her footing in the slippery blood and fell face downwards, giving the possessed priest his opportunity to subdue her, pressing himself against her exposed rear as he fell on top of her wiggling form.

“Get off of me … Let me go!”

His eager cock sank between her open legs and her slight build was no match for the wounded priest, who paid no heard to her screams of anguish and protest. Without a moment of hesitation, he penetrated her, his cock sliding all the way in as he viciously thrust into her with all his body weight.

“Aaarghhhhhhh …” he groaned lewdly as he sank balls-deep inside the squirming nun.

Resting the entire weight of his upper body against her, the priest was able to hold Sister Margaret down. His strong hips began to jackhammer her. Uncaring, without a shred of compassion, he simply and desperately needed to ejaculate and nothing was going to stop his quest.


To be continued …


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