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Feature Title: The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts 2

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The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts 2

Nineteen little girls sat Indian style naked on the carpet. The English teacher pain slut had been encouraged to volunteer as the new troop leader but she insisted on having the tubular teen fuck be her assistant. Cubbie holes held all the little brownie uniforms but they never wore panties anymore. The contained the white blouses, vest and tiny skirts. The girls looked eagerly at their English teacher/leader. She too was nude with her tit clips and weights pulling her nipples. She barely had more than her long nipples. When she would sit Indian style her gaping cunt was now just a normal part of any troop meeting. The basketball coach had fucked her so many times her cunt tube was useless for most cocks. Lots of women would fist her and suck her long clit. The tubular tit teen sat beside her with a smaller cunt hole but huge pussy muffin. She had a longer clitty that stood up like a finger. But they had already gone over cunt sucking and all had their badges. The English teacher had been very creative with new badges for the girls only they would recognize.

The meeting started as usual with the brownie pledge as each naked stood with a hand over tit dots or beginning bumps. Only two had the cock sucking badge and the others were jealous. But today was about pain and knot tying. The tubular tit teen was vividly horny as fuck. She was the one they would practice their knot on. The leader opened the big box for their next badge. Each was given nipple clips with silver chains holding them together. The tiny girls looked at their leader and many sighed as they had nothing to clip onto. They would have to probably wait for this badge. The leader really surprised them handing out small pink dildos. They had some idea what they were for as they had seen their leader ram fuck huge black dildos up her ass and cunt. Each little girl got on their knees just like the English teacher as she demonstrated how to put the small dildos up under their tiny pussies. Leader demonstrated how to sit back down as 18 faces got a smoldering smile. One was whimpering as the tubular teen went to her seeing only the tip had spread her little pussy lips. She was so tight she could not sit back down like her friends. The tubular tit teen kissed her lips and shushed her whimpers massaging her belly and tit dots and her little pussy as the small slim dildo started to sink in. The child’s face changed from concern to wonder. She smiled up thanking as her tiny ass touched the carpet. The teen walked behind every preteen to check and two had found the wrong hole with the slim pink dildos up their ass tubes.

silent looks on all the small faces she had them hold up the nipple clamps. Only two could get enough nipple The out as the teen fuck and slut leader went to the rest pulling on tit dots until there was enough to clamp. Some were rocking back and forth as the leader got their attention. The teen was wet and horny as she sat in a chair with her legs spread and cunt open. She was dripping already as she loved bondage. The little girls would practice their knots and her already long tits were pulsing with teen blood. Her huge nipples were the only ones not clamped as they would be in the way. Each brownie was reluctant to get up but there was no chance the small dildos were coming out. A few had disappeared entirely. Each was given silky rope. The leader demonstrated how to properly wrap the ropes around the tit tubes and pull them really tight pull each end to get enough length for knot tying. The teen had flooded the chair just in anticipation but the leader almost removing her tit tubes made her squirt. The only thing she liked more was when her cunt meat was whipped. She had whipped the leader at one party but was too kind. The men and other women were much harsher. She trembled but wanted to go next. Her tubes were turning purple at the party as her nipples just kept getting bigger. The pain was already intense as men and women twisted. She was hanging on the cross when the English teacher put a cane on her bulging fuck. By the third strike she was squirting. The pain was incredible and delicious. The English teacher was showing her the proper way to ruin cunt meat. They became friends and the assistant troop leader.

Brownie after brownie took turns tying her long tubes. The only thing that would have made it better would be someone beating her cunt. The troop meeting was longer than others. The teens already horrendous and long were rope burned and welting. Finally, the last one approached her and had a mad fierce look. One of the ones that put the dildo up her ass. She was a devious demented child that the Satan Queen had been filling her head. The Queen always sensed the best. The teen finally screamed as the ropes were pulled so tight. The child punched her cunt and bit her nipples as she finished the knots. The teen was delirious when the child bent down and bit her clit.

Each dildo had to be pulled out with sucking noises and two had to be found and fingered out. The teen was limp in the chair. Each little girl donned their uniforms and were disappointed that they could not take the dildos or the nipple clamps. Tit dots now hung like purple meat tubes. The last one scampered out and the teen was on her back with legs spread. She did not need to be tied or restrained as she was caned all over her body until no inch did not show a welt. Her tits just stood up for more and her cunt was a purple mess. As usual she told stayed over. Her trembling frame had to be helped to the English teacher’s big bed. She just trembled for hours as she was kissed and licked.

The math teacher almost lost his balance. Only two little girls had their tiny legs closed looking down and scribbling. The rest were spread and spreading as the bare pink slits stared back at him. The English Teacher pain slut had delivered him a gift. He had beat her cunt a week before as his favorite cock sucker sucked his cock for her to watch. The child smiled up at her with a mouth full of sperm. Most of his students pulled their skirts back down and went to the next class. The last tiny thing waited until the room was clear. She had pulled her up over her tiny hips presenting her tiny pussy as she asked about tutoring. The math teacher already had a tremendous hard on as his 8-inch cock after seeing all the pussy slits. He no idea this was for her next badge. Her cock sucking badge. She took his hand to her slit saying she needed to get to her next class. He fondled her muffin as she tugged at his zipper. His hard cock was making it difficult, so he helped her. The cock popped out and up as she sank her little mouth as far over as she could. He was so worked up it was seconds as the child coughed a little but sucked and swallowed. She would not get her badge if she did not get all the sperm. She handed him a slip of paper to sign and he recognized the secret name. He signed it as she pulled her little skirt down and scampered out. Her next class was English, and she raced in to show her tiny mouth full of sperm. Her leader and teacher looked around before putting her hand up the tiny skirt to sink a finger up the silky virgin tube. The tot had to swallow. The room was filing as the child handed her the slip. The small drips on her tiny face had to be licked off and her skirt pulled back down as the child hoped the small drips of sperm would not ruin her badge. The teacher turned around to suck her wet child pussy fingers before she tried to get class started. Her cunt was already wet when she looked out. All but two little girls had their legs spread. When they fidgeted, she saw had panties as all of the other pussy slits were pink on full display.

She nodded at one wet fuck slut and looked at the two with white panties. The child nodded and spread her legs further pushing her fingers up her tiny tube and sucked her wet fingers. School was getting impossible for her and the math teacher. The child cleaned her fingers and spread them to lick between. The English teacher pedo pain slut stammered barely able to open her books to even start. She got through the lessons, but her skirt was soaked in cunt. She had tried so many tampons and adult pads but nothing would contain her after the coached had fucked her open back in college. None of her dildos worked anymore as she went from one fist to two. It was Monday and it was days before her next beating. She always brought a wrap to hide her wet skirt.

The next day was even worse. At first, she was disappointed that wore panties were sitting at desks right in front of her desk. The little girls had connived exchanging desks. She was writing on the chalk board telling them about an assignment. She turned and the chalk shattered o the floor. The two panty girls had their tiny skirts up over their hips. She could the little ass cheeks that barely spread so hard and young, but their tiny legs were spread. The crimson pussy slits on full display. She had to sit down and try to finish but her beaten fuck cunt was leaking. Thank God it was the last class for the day. The little girls handed over last night’s assignment just before the bell was about to ring. Each girl kissed her and fondled her tit tubes. She did not wear the nipple weights at school. It would be too much. She thanked the child that she had signaled yesterday to get the girls out of their panties.

She should just get home but was just to horny. She was beating her cunt meat with a ruler using the sharp edges on her clit. The math teacher was throat fucking his little tutor. The scream echoed through the empty halls. The teachers raced to the noise. The throat fuck child knew what was happening and followed naked wit her little ass barely jiggling.

It was the principal’s office the horrid sound was coming from. The principal was a sadistic bitch using any excuse to pull their panties down and beat their tiny asses telling them what little sluts they were. She would straighten them out. She always looked very matronly with her hair in a fierce bun but secretly she was getting into devil worship. She would get home every day to let her hair down and pull out her huge dildos. All day she had to look at the tiny girls and those tiny asses. She wanted to suck where their shit came out and eat their little slits. But she had to maintain order and put a front as one in charge. The brownies had had enough of her sadism. The most demented brownie most certainly had a demon in her. She had planned it all. The brownies knew all about rope and tying tits.

The principal had a surprisingly hard body but huge tits. Over time her tits began to sag from the weight. She worked out very hard to keep her ass tight and small. She was very tall and usually a dominate figure. Now she was over her desk with her ass and cunt up and her tit bags hanging. She was tied to each leg of the desk and her hands tied to each on the other side. Totally helpless the girl had wrapped her tits into tubes. Her already huge nipples were turning purple. Two little girls were beating her tits with rulers. They were welted and red. Her bun came loose, and her long auburn hair hung down. Normally her body was very pale but had ruler stripes and welts. One little girl hand her arm up her cunt. Others took turns beating her hard ass into welted red mess. It was the most demented child that had shoved her fist up her ass causing the horrid loud scream. The brownies might beat her to death as the English teacher started to stop them, but the math teacher held her back. He knelt to look at the principal’s face with his long cock still wet in child slobber. She was a drooling slobbering moaning mess. He asked her if she wanted the girls to stop and she managed a moan of no. This was part of her filthy dreams. Satan often had people beaten and fucked and abused in the many fantasy stories she had read. The math teacher moved out of the way as the girls beat her tits. Her cunt was pulsing out thick white cream as she could not stop her orgasms. They beat her cunt and clit even though an arm was up her fuck. The demented child had not used any lubrication at all were she pushed her hand up the principal’s asshole. Now her arm moved easily as the ass pulsed out its own lube. Her orgasms just kept racking her body.

The next day the principal surprised everyone. She had her long luxurious hair in a pony tail. She had on a very short black leather skirt highlighting her firm slim hard ass. She did not have panties but had to wear a bra to hold her big tits. Her legs obviously revealed the bruises that had developed. Normally just pure white and pale they were mottled with healing welts. She had several rather flimsy lacy bras that she only wore at home as she fantasized and abused her cunt with huge dildos. Her huge nipples very evident through the bra and her white silk blouse. She bent to every child to welcome them and each time her swollen puffy cunt was exposed. Suddenly tender to each girl. She had lunch with the English teacher she knew had seen her. Devil worship and abuse came up. The English looked around before pulling her skirt up to show what a beaten cunt would look like. The principal had an instant violent orgasm with her knuckles white trying to hold the table. She would have eaten the cunt except for being in the lunch room with so many other little girls. She still did not know which had beaten her into slobbering sub fuck. The English teacher would see if she could bring her next weekend. The principal whimpered and could not concentrate for the rest of the day.

The little slut brownies went overboard to be bad and get called to the principal’s office. Now they would be sat on her desk as she pulled her rolling chair up between the slim legs. Telling them what bad little girls they were. How to be better and treat everyone kindly. The principal started to wear the kinkiest bras she could find and unbuttoned her blouse. She now came to school with an ass plug and thick black dildo. Not her biggest but they helped her through the days. The little slut brownies would pretend to be sad and some even teared as they apologized for their slut behavior. Many were sucking cocks at recess. Others were caught sucking pussy.

She would continue to chastise them as she put their little legs over her shoulders. Sucking and chewing the small pussies until they whimpered promising to be better. The principal no longer wiped her face and just let the young cunt juice dry on her face. Sometimes walking the halls with young cunt dripping off her face hoping for another bad little girl. The ass plug punishing her shit tube with each step. She looked in on the English teacher’s class. Beckoned in her orgasms started to make her crumble. So many bare little pussy slits.

The priest was young and devout having been sent to a parish in one of the most violent areas of black boys joining gangs. He damn well knew why he had been sent. He was the best cock sucking throat fuck in the Catholic church. He had a thick long 12-inch white cock. He had practically been raised in the Catholic church as an abandoned child. He went through all the steps very obedient as an acolyte and had such a silky voice was soon in the choir. Nothing could hide his huge cock except for long robes. He tried to turn his back to the rest when ha had to strip down and pull on a robe. He was only 13 when one day he had no other way to turn but the door. The scarlet choir robe covering his head he did not hear the door open. He wore long white very reverent shorts much like the Mormon faith. Nothing else would hide his huge cock and still it was very prominent. Usual white briefs hurt with little room for his cock. He would get hard during mass as the chants started and he helped with the wine and wafers. His hard cock would tent his robe no matter what he tried. The choir leader almost fell back seeing it. Certainly, one of God’s gifts to humanity.

Mass finished and his long young cock was steel hard. He waited until all the others left before struggling with the robe. It kept getting caught on his cock. Suddenly the robe was pulled loose and his cock was warm and wet. The choir director priest had swallowed it. Back then it was only 9 inches. The robe was tangled on his head as the priest throat fucked himself on the young hard huge cock. The boy sperm erupted with ropes of rich barely teen sperm. His sperm reservoir had never been released before and his cock became a sperm pump. The thick wads seemingly endless. He was alone and had no idea what had just happened, but his cock was limp enough to get dressed. It still hung huge. He went to his dorm room he shared to find all of his belongings gone. He had been moved to a private room. It was bigger and had a bigger bed. He had his own bathroom. The room was fitted with cameras. Every priest now knew about his cock but all they would see was his hard-white ass. Sometimes a glimpse of the hanging cock tube. The boy never masturbated unlike all the others with much smaller cocks much less entertaining to the pedophile priest. This very special boy had a sperm pump and the priest loved boy sperm.

He had no idea what he could have done to be called to the Father’s chambers. No one went there unless they had done something wrong. He was God as far as he was concerned. He had provided him with a safe comfortable place and food. He had no robe to hide him and the loose white shorts let his long cock tube dangle and wobble and there was nothing he could do. He lost his balance when the Father grabbed his tube. Seven other priests held him. He was whimpering in shame as his shorts were pulled down. The rubbing of just walking would make him stiffen. Naked in front of the heavenly father he started to get hard. Priests were massaging his firm white ass. Very unholy thoughts as the wet mouth engulphed his cock. Something was making his ass warm and wet. There was no need to spread his ass open as his slim body did nothing to hide his ass rose. Sucked and licked his sperm pump started out of his control. Thirteen ropes of thick boy sperm filled the Father’s mouth. He did not realize a finger was in his rimmed asshole. His thick boy cock was only slightly softening as he pushed back on the finger up his ass. The another and his cock hardened all over again. It was simply heavenly as he slim body was on the huge couch. Another mouth on his cock when the first cock sank up his spit lubed ass.

Priest after priest filled his ass with sperm. Someone was always sucking his cock as his ass was used. His sperm pump simply had no more. One licked his swollen ass bud and kissed him with a tongue full of priest sperm. It was the most heavenly revelation as he loved the sperm. He sucked the tongue for more, but he and the priest were worn out. His still long teen cock was limp on his thigh wet with spit.

He could not sleep.

He had no idea the sperm that had been pumped in and fed to him was from Satan’s own disciples. The huge church was Gothic and huge. The basement was closed off supposedly for safety. No one ever thought about the missing boys as they were run always in the first place. The father was the only one that could open the basement. Lit by candles that never melted. The hug black marble alter was over a thousand years old. The basement stone floor was stained with sperm and blood. The smell was rich in Satanic sacrifice. Boys would be laid out and the very life was sucked out of them before they were thrown away like trash for Satan’s hounds. The hole was deep, but all could hear the gnashing as boy bodies were torn apart and eaten. Only two boys had been thrown in alive as far as they knew, but the church and dungeon were ancient. The hole was a portal straight to Satan’s hounds and hell itself. The boys had resisted too much.

The hounds went straight for tender boy cock and ripped it off. The flush of blood was elixir for the hounds as they licked it up as other hounds went after his feet and arms. They ripped and chewed as the crunch of bones and screams could be heard. The priest stood around beating off furiously. The hounds ripped his legs and arms off in huge gulping. The legless arm-less boy was still screaming until his stomach was torn open. The boy finally stopped screaming as his face was ripped off leaving just a bloody hole, but he was still breathing even though blood was filling his lungs. The boy was disemboweled as the hounds swallowed his softer intestines. The fought over his liver as his heart kept pumping. The pack leader was the biggest as the heavily pregnant female hound followed. The other hounds cowered when ever he approached. She would get the still beating heart as they licked each other’s snarling maws. The leader bit off the boy’s head in one swift bite swallowing it hole. It took the pregnant hound three bites to rip the heart out. The rich meat and blood would nourish the seven hound pups in her belly, she was due any day. The priest flooded the hole with sperm hailing Satan. The other hounds were allowed to finish what was left. Taking ribs and hip parts to a corner to chew. The pack leader lay with pregnant female that needed to sleep.

The principal was sinking deeper into satanism and devil worship as she studied any thing she could find. The English teacher helped her usually with a fist up the principal’s ass or cunt. The principal was going insane awash in the filthiest demonic ceremonies and pure abuse. She stopped wearing a bra at all as her huge tits would swing around as she walked the halls to kiss every little girl. Now the girls did not need to get in trouble as they came to the secretary to see her. The secretary had an ass plug with a long furry tail hanging down. She had trouble standing as the huge black 12 inch dildo stuck to her chair. She had small perky tits with big nipples and wore transparent blouses. She just loved coming to work now. The girls would squeeze her tits and the principal was always available to suck her gaping cunt. One day the principal could not be found as girls kept needing to go potty. The principal was naked in the bathroom as word spread. They saved a lot of toilet paper as the principal was there to lick any piss drops. The article she read last night had her frantic. She went online to buy tit bondage items and had three tight rubber bands on each turning her tits into long painful tubes that got purple. The brown bruises mottled her tits and body. She was a naked demonic convert. She heard the plops of girl shit as the equally vicious brownie presented her ass smeared with shit. The principal had another orgasm as she licked the messy shit and sucked the little girl’s asshole for more. She walked back to her office nude carrying her clothes. She had left a puddle of cunt slime on the bathroom tiles. Her lips and face were covered with shit remnants. Her teeth brown. Her secretary had a glazed look as every day was just one continuous orgasm. Some of the girls had stopped by to give her a kiss and unbuttoned her blouse to get better feels and squeezes of her perky tits. Her tits were on full display when she saw the principal. She beckoned her closer to clean her face licking some girls shit off the principal’s face. The principal’s breath was horrid as they went into a deep kiss as the secretary searched her mouth for more child shit. She was on her way to be a satanic fuck slut. The principal did not sleep as tomorrow was the devil worship service having no idea what would happen to her.

The 13-year-old alter boy no longer turned his back In the choir room. His huge teen cock hung as he could not wait for the mass to start. Other alter boys would take turns holding the meat. He was already stiffening as he pulled the robe on. His cock bulged the front of the robe. The satanic priests were steel hard throughout mass. The father seemed to miss parts of his tirade about sin and his flock were sinners that needed to repent. The farther had fucked all the women and most of the males had sucked his cock or ass fucked. So many children had a remarkable resemblance to the father. He could not wait to fuck one of his own as soon as they got big enough. The alter boy was summoned directly to fathers chambers still draped in his robe. His cock tented the robe as many of the women and men stared at him admitting they were indeed sinners with filthy thoughts. The women loved to be church fuck and the men had developed a taste for sperm getting better at throat fucking.

The alter boy knew he was not in trouble or had done anything wrong. The seven other priests were The there as well. The father started feel his hard-thick cock meat through the robe. He simply stood with closed eyes. The other priest had removed their robes standing naked behind him pulling his robe up and off. The father knelt to suck his sperm pump thick cock. The boy pushed him away which startled all the satanic priests. The alter boy knelt in reverence as he lifted the father’s robes. The even bigger hard cock hit his face as the other priest assisted in stripping the father. The alter boy rubbed the huge wet cock head over his lips and face smearing fatherly precum until his face glistened holding the enormous cock, he steeled himself and put it in his mouth. The mammoth priestly fathers cock just kept sinking in. the father had other priests kept him shaved as the alter boy massaged his hanging balls. It took three gulping hard breaths before his nose press against the father’s stomach. Three priests held him as his cock erupted thick ropes of sperm down the alter boys throat. The boy pulled back enough to taste some of it. It was richer than his as the father started to go limp. He just turned to another priest and the rest were far easier. His throat was open, and he let them face fuck him but now pulled back when he felt them start to pulse and throb. They all filled his mouth with sperm. He loved sperm all thick and slimy, rich in wonderful flavor and taste.

Over the years he got taller but remained very slim. His cock kept growing and his balls got bigger and hung in his hairless ball sack. The priest kept him shaved fondling his silky ball sack. Bishops started to come more often some travelling great distances. He sucked every cock as the bishops struggled just to swallow his cock head. He was only 16 and his cock was now 14 inches and as thick as his arm. He was accepted to seminary school without question at 17. The youngest ever and got the highest grades. He also sucked off every cock secretly reading about Satan on a site his former father gave him. The filthiest concepts so unholy. Cock sucking boys and little girls. Sacrifices as some were fucked to death. Many would sneak to his room just to lick his huge cock and suck his sperm out. Few could take his loads that just got longer and thicker as his balls never ceased production and only grew bigger and fatter. His sack hung almost as long as his cock when he was limp. His cock even limp swung in his robe and now his huge balls searching for room made his bulge even bigger.

The principal was trembling as her cunt was already wet. The satanic English teacher led her to the cross. Men strapped her until she could move. The school secretary was sitting in the front with her ass plug tail. She had begged the English teacher and the principal. It was unacceptable to bring someone not approved by the satanic vicious gathering about to destroy the principal. She to sit on the principal’s desk and spread her legs. Her ass plug tail sank even deeper. She braced herself the English teacher beat her cunt meat with a hard ruler using the sharp edges on her clit. Her cunt was a purple mess and part of the furry tail was up her ass. The English teacher satanic slut let her come promising to talk to the leaders with no guarantee she would be allowed. She had a robe on bare underneath. The robe hid her ass plug tail. The leaders allowed her in as her perky tits and nipples were clamped in vicious sharp toothed alligator clips dug in. She had her first orgasm just walking in. The black marble alter, the candles and the cross X was just like she had read about. The room was rich with cunt slime and sperm. The alligator clips were making her nipples bleed. She had found another ass plug tail bigger and struggled to get it up her ass. The enormity of the plug pushed her pelvis and cunt out as if she was pregnant. Her stiff clit was still red and swollen from the ruler beating.

The principal was strapped and naked as people took turns fisting her. It took an hour for everyone to drive arms up her fuck. Her tits were bound into tubes unable to sag at all. Her nipples and tits turning purple. She was a drooling slobbery sweaty mess. Her long luscious auburn hair matted on her face as she gasped for air. The satanic slut English teacher rubbed her face with a crop. She opened her eyes and whimpered. The first strikes were on her nipples and tits now just meaty tubes. Across her belly leaving harsh welts. The secretary was getting frantic as her smaller pussy throbbed. The larger thick ass plug was settling in. The demented English teacher hit the principal’s cunt. Then her clit that stuck out hard and longer than it ever had. She whipped her cunt and clit until it was just a red swollen mess. Her clit standing out for more as she was beat into pulp. The stones beneath the huge X were soaked in cunt slime. Each member got a turn to beat her tit meat and cunt. She was moaning sweaty slobbering mess murmuring something very silent. The demented English had to put her ear close to her whimpering moaning for more. She summoned two extremely sadistic women that had beat her cunt only weeks ago. They were savage demonic disciples. The principal’s huge nipples were turning into purple tubes as each took a tit. Biting the swollen nipples and wetting them. The long needles pushed through her nipples. The principal took one last gasp and hung her head. She was gone.

The secretary did the unthinkable act of racing to the alter. It was for ceremonies only and by extreme interviews and previous whipping. No one was allowed to even approach without being led after approval. She was a tiny thing and had to hop just to get her small ass on it. She laid back and spread her legs. Her tits so hard and perky they stood up in young cones. The leaders just shrugged their shoulders and as they started to get straps. She resisted them laying her young body out for fuck. The leader looked at the gathering of Satan worshipers as he relented and nodded. The crowd was all over her. Her nipples were chewed as her ass plug tail hung over the edged of the alter. One woman chewed her cunt meat before the first cock viciously shoved up her young tube. She was whispering something softly as the cock drove in her fuck tube. She was brilliant young girl with a starling memory. Anything she saw or read she could recite. She could have been anything but was chanting in soft whispers. Satanic passages she had read when the crop hit her perky tits to speak louder. She spoke in Latin every word as he was fucked. Briefly taking a breath to yell out in English, “HAIL SATAN”.

Everyone chanted with her as she was fucked as few had to follow her words. She had remembered every word. The principal was let down and curled up on the cold stones in her own cunt slime and sperm a total shaking sweaty slobbering mess. Unable to even move she curled up in fuck filth.

The secretary was wide awake with open eyes as cock after cock fucked her into senseless satanic fuck. Women squeezed her titties. One got on the alter and placed her cunt on her face. The secretary sucked the cunt flesh as the fucking continued. Totally converted the leaders were unanimous in accepting her to serve and worship the Lord Satan. The principal was finally coming out of her beaten fist fucked orgasmic coma. It was dark as they walked naked to her car and had to search for her keys. She had to get her secretary home and struggled with her car trying to remember how to drive. The secretary was curled up leaking sperm when the principal asked her the address, but she whimpered no reaching up to squeeze the closest tit. Yours please as it was late on a Saturday with no school on Sunday. The principal turned to her house pulling into her garage. Neither could barely walk. The silky young secretary had never been there before and had to be led. Stumbling and still quivering in violent orgasmic after shocks with the robes and clothes in the car the secretary crumbled on the king bed. The principal joined her and both were softly snoring in seconds totally fucked senseless or beaten with in an inch of life.

The principal woke first with her secretary curled up against her. Her tits were bruised and mottled as they covered the smaller shoulders. Her nipples looked more like cow udders long and thick. She did not remember everything had wondered how her nipples got so long. Her secretary turned over moaning somewhat still asleep but took a nipple in her mouth. The principal thought she had had enough but her secretary started to chew her nipple. She put her hand down on what should be a much smaller pussy and it gaped wet and silky young. Her finger found the young clit and the secretary instantly woke up. She hugged the principal and sucked her long-abused nipples harder. Both were famished as the naked slender thing followed her principal to the kitchen somehow managing a form of breakfast.

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