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Spiritual possession is a phenomenon in which a stray being from the Spirit World constantly or temporarily possesses and exerts a negative influence on a person living on earth. Most commonly they are known as ‘evil spirits’ and, although many people may scoff at the idea, it is a real and undeniable fact that they exist and influence our lives.

The concept of spirit possession exists in many religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Haitian Vodou, Wicca, Hinduism, Islam, and Southeast Asian and African traditions. Depending on the cultural context in which it is found, possession may be considered voluntary or involuntary and may be considered to have beneficial or detrimental effects on to host.

Gabrielle is a struggling artist in her mid-thirties. Not unattractive, she frequently gains the unwanted attention of males, and some females, wherever she goes. Surviving her devout Christian upbringing and tyrant father, she is constantly plagued with the struggle between her virtuous beliefs, pious moral values, and her indisposed sexual feelings that have only increased with her age. The daughter of a priest, church life has always been ‘front and center’, where masturbation was considered a moral sin. Increasingly she finds her unconscious thoughts, dreams, and desires tempting her with lewdness and profound sexual perversity that seems to personify itself in her artistic expressions.

No longer under the watchful eye of her dominating father, her bad experiences are a catalyst, triggering her interest in spiritual possession or disturbances – voluntary or involuntary, This influence is growing into an overwhelming feeling of resentment against her former God, lust for both genders and dark thoughts of sex with demons. As the black energy attracts the attention of evil spirits, answering her call initially through lucid dreams, they fill her with a dark sexual power that expresses itself through the vernacular of her artistic abilities.

POSSESSION Chapter 1 (2,494 WORDS)

“What say I then that the idol is anything, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is anything? But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.” — 1 Corinthians chapter 10 verses 19-20

Gabrielle examined herself closely in the large antique dressing mirror. It was dark inside her small art studio cum loft apartment. In the flicker of black candles that she had arranged around the room, the eeriness of the midnight hour brought a special purpose to her intensity. The strong smell of incense suggested an esoteric atmosphere. She had read about the power of scrying and had been eager to try it. Scrying had been described as the ancient practice of envisioning the spirit world, of opening a gateway to which one could interact with spirits … be they benign or other. She had heard about others using it … more often for purposes of divination or fortune-telling with reflective, translucent, or luminescent substances such as crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, or even smoke.

However Gabrielle’s curiosity was not about prediction or enchantment, but about one thing … demon lust. Her eyes cast downward momentarily over the pale nakedness and shapeless physique that looked more like a pre-pubescent child than that of a thirty-year-old woman. The absence of pubic hair had been only a very recent change since she moved away from her dysfunctional family; from her estranged brother, Gaubert, and sister, Claudette, and as far away as possible from the authoritarian control of their wicked father, Father Saber.

Father Saber had been their sole parent since their mother died. Though he was seen as the affable village priest, out of the eye of the community had been a dark and brooding man, devoid of any love or kindness towards her or her siblings. He had dispensed both cruelties in corporal punishment as well as the religious brutality in his unforgiving scriptures. It had been like salt rubbed into the emotional wounds that filled her with acute anxiety and mortal fear.

Even now, his words pricked her fresh like a bed of nails.

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly’ … And by the thief, you know that I mean the Devil! … What solid believer in Christ wouldn’t admit that pornography addictions destroy people’s lives, marriages, and families? Is there anything that says that Satan can’t work through an evil spirit within a person, with the intent to destroy their life through pornographY?

“What about masturbation, which only brings waves of guilt and shame upon the person? What about unnatural sexual desires that God’s word says are not natural? The two most identifiable sexual demons are the incubus, which is a male sexual demon that traditionally assaults women, and the succubus, which is a female sexual demon that assaults men. Sometimes they also lure people into homosexual behavior.”

She laughed nervously. Her finger trembled as it did the unimaginable. Her hand physically shook as it traced upwards over the shape of her pronounced hipbones and pubic mound, caressing her completely flat chest. Her fingertips quivered as they reached the crest of her erect nipple which now stood proud and hard as a nail. She let out a muffled moan. The intensity of her arousal was in sharp contrast to the softness of her groaning. Pleasure. Forbidden pleasures. Her father’s scolding words of her father reverberated in her mind.

“The Devil makes work for idle hands! Just like the whoredom of Jezebel and fornication of Ashtoreth … make no mistake that in God’s eyes masturbation is a sin! Masturbation is a SIN! Masturbation is a sin!”

Realizing she was truly alone, truly alone. No longer policed by her zealot father – she moaned in a more exaggerated way, drawing on an almost animalistic urge to express herself through her self-pleasuring to a new level of release – unlocking her soul from her own profoundly self-censoring agony of years of angst and repression.


She looked at her reflection in the mirror as if it were someone else as if it were a bolder person unhindered by her upbringing. The reflection pinched her nipples even harder as she thought about how much she hated the Almighty God; that malevolent God of her father’s severe and controlling church; that fucking pious God and his bastard son that demanded her to pray for forgiveness for any and every transgressions or fleeting thoughts of self-indulgence. Her father’s favorite punishment was for her to face the large wooden crucifix that hung on the wall, to knee naked on the hardwood floor with her arms extended like the crucified Jesus. Should her arms begin to fall, he would beat her bare backside with his short cane. How humiliating it had been. How excruciatingly painful it had been – too much to bear. And to cry out only meant further punishment. How she hated him, hated the church, hated God.

She had wanted out — and the recipe for Gabrielle’s freedom was simple – fornication with sex demons. Old Father Saber’s words still hung on stubbornly like psychic leeches in her childhood memory.

“Spirit of whoredom, of adultery, of idolatry lead God’s people astray … A demon spirit caused, as they allow it access into their lives, them to turn away from our Almighty God! No child of mine will EVER DARE follow the ways of Satan!”

She had once heard that if you were a woman willing to have sex with a demon or astral entity, they could feel like someone stimulating every one of your g-spots at the same time … male demons, female demons, or even transgendered demons … her imagination ran wild! They could do it to her all night long … giving inhuman levels of sexual pleasure … incredible orgasms that just never stopped!

She had also read somewhere that an innocent person could become possessed by these sex demons – that in certain circumstances, the demons could enter an innocent victim. Innocent victims may include children who are not loved, who are mistreated, abused, or rejected by their parents and siblings. Gabrielle wondered why she had never been possessed before. She wanted it but did not know how to make it happen.

If she was not possessed could she not instigate another to be possessed? Gabrielle had later learned that possession commonly occurred through sexual molestation, incest, and especially homosexuality.

She thought that an interesting notion. Her cunt moistened at the thought of something really taboo. How she had been tempted to touch the children of her own siblings … the spinster aunt watching them play naked in the bath … or laying asleep in their little cribs … how she had excited herself through objectifying them and using them for her own sexual gratification, like a sex toy, in the servitude of her ‘pact with Satan’.

It was said that when a sexual act was committed against an innocent victim, the one performing the act cursed them. The innocent victim, at the time of the act, should be filled with fear and terror. Through this fear and terror, the demons can easily enter the victim. Fear and terror became tools. They could be used masterfully for sexual vampirism, that is, absorbing the licit pleasures attained from the enormous amounts of unconscious thoughts.

Sex, as the essence of life, was completely integrated with the concept of death, with the demons of the spirit world. She had read somewhere that ‘daemon’ or ‘daimon’ originally meant ‘thing of divine nature’. She liked that. Whether it’s a succubus or incubus, in their human form or out of it, that has an innocent under attack with their seductive sexual practices, would welcome the enlargement of fear as an opportunity for greater, if not, complete control of the innocent.

Gabrielle had come to realize that unwanted, unloved children could also become victims of possession, as they often looked for “familiar” spirits. These evil spirits become their secret friends, a surrogate family, a place where they can find refuge. The refuge she could have found from her father’s beating — but it had not happened that way for her.

She was feeling incredibly horny. Thinking about molesting young children and offering them to Satan was driving her crazy. Now Gabrielle dig her middle digit inside her soppy wet cunt hole as she prepared to summon the black energy … they said through scrying, that she would be able to communicate with the spirit world; ask them for what she craved … offer her soul for eternal damnation in return for the unholy pleasures that she truly desired.

She began her dark prayer out loud.

“Lord Satan, by your grace, grant me, I pray thee the power to conceive in my mind and to execute that which I desire to do, the end which I would attain by thy help, O Mighty Satan, the one True God who livest and reignest forever and ever. I entreat thee to inspire Baal to manifest before me that he may give me a true and faithful answer, so that I may accomplish my desired end, provided that it is proper to his realm. This I respectfully and humbly ask in Your Name, Lord Satan, may you deem me worthy, Master.”

By the end of her prayer, Gabrielle was panting from anxious excitement. Her cunt throbbed on the edge of orgasmic delight. What was supposed to happen next? Smoke and mist? An apparition would appear? Did this scrying thing really work? Did the sexual spirits hear her dark prayer … could they not feel the black energy that dwelled inside her … screaming for sexual release?

Gabrielle was about to abandon her first attempt at scrying; end this supernatural misadventure, and simply masturbate herself with the long arm of the wooden crucifix that she had so lovely carved into the shape of an unmistakable phallus.

To her complete surprise, her reflection became milky in the mirror. It couldn’t be. Did something really happen? She felt dizzy with anxiety but her masturbation had become more urgent with a pulse of energy that seemed to surge through her fingers to fill her dripping hole. Gabriel shook all over. She had now made an invocation … it had been a magickal act in which she had invited this impure sexual predator to enter her.


She thought she heard the name ‘Jezebel’ … it had been nothing more than a quiet whisper. It sounded like ‘Jezebel’? Was this a voice from the spirit world? Who was Jezebel? Gabrielle immediately thought about her father’s severe words about the worship of false gods as he quoted from the Old Testament.

“Those sacrilegious demons involved with ungodly sexual activity and bondage! Jezebel was an active Baal worshiper. She could hear her father’s raspy voice in her head … Do you know what the idol Baal looked like? It stood straight up and had the shape of a male’s sexual organ. Baal was a sex demon to the core!”

But as the murkiness of the mirror began to clear, it was still her reflection that stared back at her.


There it was again. The distant whisper cooed from beyond her comprehension. As her eyes adjusted and she examined herself reflected — it was Gabrielle — but there was something different about her reflection — something bizarrely different — from between her white waifish legs, her cunt lips began to peel apart, opening outwards like blooming flower, deformed as something inside was trying to snake its way out from between her reddish disdained Labia Minora. Small at first, the fleshy knob pushed forward and ballooned quickly like a white sausage. The appendage continued to transform into the distinctive shape of a prone male sex organ. Now it quivered, curving upright, rampant, and drooling with copious pre-cum. It was a thing of nightmarish beauty.

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l … you called for me … J-e-z-e-b-e-l.”

She was profoundly frightened by what she saw but undeniably excited. The reflection seemed to snarl back at Gabrielle’s surprised expression as its fingers wrapped around the veined girth of its enormous fleshy appendage and began to pump its veined length slowly and deliberately.

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l … worship me … J-e-z-e-b-e-l. Pray to Baal! Pray to Baal!”

Gabrielle felt woozy. Her knees gave way as she knelt before the mirror. Subconsciously her right hand continued to feverishly finger herself, faster, faster and faster until her movement became a blur. Her left hand forcefully pinched hard on her flat boyish chest. Her eyes never left her Baphomet-like twin as it continued to pleasure the enormous appendage protruding upright from between its legs. She wanted desperately to take it between her lips; to suck this glorious she-cock; deep throat its bulbous cock head; and feel the rush of its ejaculating semen. Her cunt quivered over and over.

Globules of viscous pre-cum, first pooled at its tip, and then dripped from its open cock-slit as the mirror-image of her small delicate fingers rubbed at an ever-increasing pace … her androgynous reflection groaning lewdly as she glided the foreskin back and forth along the curved she-cock shaft and then began to perform auto-fellatio. Grinding the crown of its demon cock against its own lips, the demon grinned broadly as it engulfed it and roughly fucked its own mouth.

Gabriel could only stare in complete enchantment at her reflection of this obscene creature. Part her, part something else. It fascinated and scared her to the bones. Releasing the bobbing organ, it stared back at Gabriel.

“Pray to Baal! Pray to Baal! Masturbate you fucking bitch and pray to the demon of sex … Pray to Baal!”

Her heart raced and she found herself sweating profusely. Her excitement about making a connection with the dark side of the spiritual world was almost too much to comprehend, and the form of its realization still shocked her. Was she still dreaming? Was this really happening? The dreamlike quality of it all cast doubt on her current state of consciousness. But unlike any dream, the full sense of her sexual pleasure was too vivid to be only a wet dream.

“Create my graven image … paint a blasphemous painting of your dark angel … dedicate your artistic talents to Baal … but you must only use your own bodily fluids and waste … make me real, Jezebel, so that we can be together once more … pray to me and make me real!”

At that moment both image and reality melted together as both joined in their respective orgasms … Gabrielle fell backward upon the floor convulsing in the strongest orgasm that she had experienced in her lifetime as she watched her evil twin spraying upwards over herself, an unnatural volume, spurt after spurt of sinfulness erupted from her quivering demon she-cock.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and everything went black.


POSSESSION Chapter 2 (2,307 WORDS)

“Defraud ye not one the other, except it is with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan [by means of evil spirits] tempt you not for your incontinency.” — 1 Corinthians chapter 7 verse 5

The morning found Gabrielle curled up in a fetal position, lying naked upon her studio floor. She was still lying in front of the strange old dressing mirror. She uncurled herself and felt a slight. All the black candles had now burnt down to nothing more than stubs, but the morning brightness from the small windows lit up the attic bedsit.

She sat up and touched the mirrored surface, remembering her experience from the night before. It had felt so real. She also remembered the words of her mirrored spirit … about using her artistic talents to make the spirit materialize beyond the mirror surface. Her cunt immediately flooded with thoughts of the demon’s cock as it had grown from between her reflection’s cunt. She would begin without delay.

A blank canvas, sized and ready for application lay against the furthest wall. She carried the large canvas to her wooden easel. Without dressing Gabrielle readied her paintbrushes, palette knives, and other paraphernalia.

A distant voice echoed in her mind.

“… But you must only use your own bodily fluids and waste. Make me real, Jezebel, so that we can be together once more …”

She touched herself, playing with her clit as she began to urinate into one of the tall jars that she used as water containers for use with her paintings and then defecate into another. Soon she became caught up in a frenzy of brush strokes, mixing her own saliva, urine, feces, and menstrual blood.


Gabrielle turned in her naked restlessness as she lay in her bed.

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l …” cooed the persistent feminine whisper brushing softly against her ears, “J-e-z-e-b-e-l … you have been chosen. Worship. Kneel. J-e-z-e-b-e-l … Offer me sacrifice! Urine, feces, and blood!”

At the edge of a lucid dream, Gabrielle woke suddenly and drew in a sharp breath. Her entire body of drenched in a cold sweat. Her pussy throbbed uncomfortably and her bladder demanding of immediate relief.

She looked across the small apartment to the bizarre painting that she had been consumed with for the past twenty-four hours. It had been painted in a frenzy of unnatural black energy unleashed from an uncertain source of dark inspiration. She had thought it strange at the time – but had willingly undertaken the task that meant painting using a mixture of her own urine, feces, and menstrual blood.

It was a far cry from her usual still-life compositions of fresh flowers, clay pots, and objects d’art. She had never wanted to paint such an ugly thing … such a bizarre mixture of masculinity and femininity … sexually meshed together with her own human waste to form this obnoxious demonic character that seemed to command its own creation. But it had been unstoppable … the weirdness had completely consumed Gabrielle with one enormous burst of sexuality and sinfulness after the other … she had masturbated furiously non-stop through the entire painting process, her fingers drenched in her own sexual juices seemed to be drawn into the painted image that emitted its own highly sexualized vibrations that gave Gabrielle multiple orgasms with every paint stroke!

Lying across the room, her eyes began to draw focus. She could smell the unmistakably strong aroma of the dried urine in her own bedsheets. Since the outset of this bizarre project, she had not used the bathroom once – opting to use her bodily waste in the interplay of masturbatory painting. She allowed her bladder to flow over her hands as she touched herself. She rubbed her piss over her stomach; wetting herself again and again, she rubbed more over her breasts; then tasted the strong salty fluids.

“Arghhhhhh ….” she groaned completely free and unabated.

Her fingers slipped between her wet labia as she pleasured herself staring at her bizarre creation. The dark and turgid shit-brown background punched out the whitish androgynous form of her strange fantasy. She had never been so sexually excited before. The curves of a thin, skeletal young girl, bat-like wings, horns upon her head, and a pointed tail gave the creature its demonic dimension … and between its legs hung two hung testicles, and above them snaked upwards a thick, erect penis that she desperately desired to take in her mouth, cunt, and ass.

“Arghhhhhh ….” she groaned the sleepy Gabrielle again and again as shock waves of sexual energy surged through her delicate young body.

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l …” whispered the dark spirit in Gabrielle’s half-conscious state, “Offer me an innocent … You must share your creation … You must offer young ones … You will make them kneel before your creation … They will be your first sacrifice of innocence … You will share your passion with them … I will possess their souls in exchange for your own phallus … You will become like me!”

“Hmmmm … the twins … my niece and nephew? Yes, oh yes! Satan be praised!” Gabrielle groaned, as thoughts of their naked young bodies entwined around her own entered her mind on the edge of her consciousness, “You will possess them and I will become like you …” she repeated over and over.


Simon and Simone were identical twins. They were about two months away from celebrating their twelfth birthday. Their mother, Claudette, had promised them a party for all their young school friends for the day.

“Almost there,” Gabrielle said almost out of breath with excitement, “It’s going to be fun, the three of us over the weekend.”

It was already getting quite late and darkness had fallen. Gabrielle observed them in the light of passing cars from the rear vision mirror. Innocence personified. Her cunt tingled with the sexual possibilities as she quietly prayed over and over to Satan. She had planned their seduction, masturbating furiously herself over every sordid detail. It was going to be glorious. The power of her mirrored doppelganger surged through her like wildfire.

Fear! FEAR! They must experience it. Not just fear, but absolute dread, the kind of ABJECT fear of EVIL. Then and only then could they be coerced and terrified into devil worship.

They finally arrived. Gabrielle’s hands shook as she helped the children up the loft stairs. Dumping their rucksacks, she wasted no time in steering them to the old-style bathroom, where she told them to strip down while she ran the bath water. Collecting their clothes, she falsely apologized to them about the apparent ‘broken toilet’ and explained how they would all have to use the communal ‘potty’ for the weekend. Her cunt throbbed as she looked at their nubile young bodies. Soon the ritual abuse would begin.

Gabrielle stood back and observed them playfully splashing each other in the rapidly cooling bath water. She held out thick white towels for the twins to dry themselves off and then brought them to her living room.

“Where’s our clothes, Auntie Gabby?” asked Simone.

“It’s such a warm night, why don’t you both just play as you are,” suggested Gabrielle as she too stripped naked.

The twins looked at each other. Neither seemed bothered about it. They both seemed very comfortable without being dressed. It felt nice to have the freedom. They thought their Aunt was cool to join them.

“What’s behind the big sheet?” Simon said, pointing to the large covered canvas that hid Gabrielle’s vile masterpiece.

“It’s my new painting. It isn’t finished yet. I will show you both later,” answered Gabrielle as she offered them both large glasses of sugary drinks.

After their large fast food meal on the way home and all the additional drinks, she would have their pre-teen bowels and little bladders overflowing in no time. Gabrielle smiled to herself in the dressing mirror. As the naked kids sat watching a cartoon video, she dared not touch herself – not quite yet. Fuck was going to feel so good.

Soon enough the drinks did their part and both children crouched awkwardly over the old china chamber pot. She took in the strong aroma of their sweet-smelling urine as it mixed with the sourness of their feces.

“Who’s brave enough to watch a horror movie?” asked Gabrielle.

“ME! ME! ME!” the twins said in unison as they both held their hands aloft.

“I don’t think you’re brave enough to watch this one!” she pretended.

“Yes! Yes! We’re old nuff! Mommy lets us… if we’re with an adult,” shouted Simone.

“I don’t think your mommy would approve of this one.” Gabrielle sniggered.

“OH! PLEEEEEZE, Auntie! PLEEEEEZE! Mommy doesn’t need to know, right?” pleaded little Simon.

“But this is really scary. And it has some nudity in it?” Gabrielle added, showing them the video jacket that gave away little of the content of the actual movie that combined elements of horror, gore, Satanism, and pornography.

“But we’re all nude!” added Simone and laughed out loud.

“What’s it called, Auntie?”

“It’s called the Devil’s Playground.”

“He is the bad guy with horns that lives in a place called hell,” stated Simone.

“You’re both so clever!” laughed Gabrielle, “Some say he’s bad, but others think the Devil is a god and they worship him.”

“Why do they want to worship a bad god?” asked Simon.

“Well, to some people he isn’t that bad. In fact, they like to do naughty things together. It’s fun to do bad things right?”

“Like doing something you shouldn’t?” Simone asked timidly.

“Exactly. It’s fun to be bad,” added Gabrielle. She pointed to the chamber pot filled with their waste, “Like saying bad words. Like the word PISS and SHIT.”

The children laughed nervously. “

Go on. Say it out loud.”

“PISS and SHIT!” said Simone.

“What about the word – Fuck?” prompted Gabrielle.

“Fuck!” said Simon then covered his mouth.

“Fuck!” said Simone.

Again they both giggled nervously.

“Say COCK and CUNT!” said Gabrielle grinning like a Cheshire cat. They both laughed again in disbelief that their Aunt would say such words out loud. “Say it …”

“I can’t!” laughed Simone.

“Cock. Cunt,” said Simon quietly.

“Louder!” ordered Gabrielle.

“COCK! CUNT!” shouted Simon, “YER! COCK and CUNT!”

“You know that the Devil appears in many forms. Sometimes as Pan – the mythical god of masturbation.”

“What’s masturbation Auntie?” asked Simon.

“Well, Jesus doesn’t like little children to have fun, cos he’s always too busy being nailed on his stupid cross … and well, people like to go to heaven, but it’s a really boring place. The Devil likes us to have lots of naughty fun … like masturbation and incest. Now masturbation is when brothers and sisters touch themselves in their private parts.”

“Touch their COCKS and CUNTS?” asked Simon, sniggered as he emphasized the swear words.

“Yes exactly.”

“Simon is always touching his willy. I mean his COCK,” added Simone.

Looking down at her young nephew’s penis, she noticed that it had become semi-erect.

“Look at your brother’s COCK … WOW … It’s getting bigger. Rub it for us. Show us how you masturbate.”

Simon looked proud; emboldened by his Aunt’s enthusiasm for his bad behavior … he rubbed his little foreskin back and forth.

“But I don’t have a COCK?” said Simone disappointed with the inequality of it all.

Gabrielle took her niece’s hand in hers and pressed the girl’s tiny fingertips against the topmost edge of her tiny girl slit, rubbing it in circles over her niece’s little clit – showing her how to masturbate herself.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” asked Gabrielle, “That’s what it feels like to worship the Devil … mmmm … rub faster … both of you. Now, the Devil loves his children to enjoy incest.”

“What’s incest, Auntie?” asked Simone, thinking that her brother was having most of the attention.

“Well, Simone. If masturbation is what happens when brothers and sisters touch themselves — incest is the fun you can have together and with your naughty Aunt,” said Gabrielle as she guided her niece’s hand over her brother’s cock.

“Feels nice don’t it Simone?” the child nodded, “Now, Simon felt your sister’s CUNT,” ordered Gabrielle, “That’s it, put your finger inside her and feel how juicy she is. Mmmmmm … that looks great!”

Gabrielle ached to touch herself and to touch the both of them … but she held back. Not quite yet, she told herself. Her cunt ached and throbbed.

“Mmmmmm!” moaned Simone, at her brother’s intimate touch.

“Now, as I was saying the Devil appears as Pan, the god of masturbation … he loves it when his young disciples perform these lewd rituals for his pleasure – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here,” Gabrielle smiled evilly, “Sometimes the Devil appears as the Baphomet. As half man and half woman.”

She lifted the cover from the painting, displaying her vulgar art piece to the young children.

“The Devil has a big COCK!” said Simon.

“Much bigger than yours,” laughed Simone.

“And the Devil has bigger boobs than Auntie too!”

They both laughed.

“What’s that funny smell?” asked Simone.

“Well, I was feeling very naughty when I made this painting. I made it out of my own PISS and SHIT!”

“Errrhhh …” said Simone in disgust.

“I think it’s cool,” said Simon.

“Why don’t we add some of yours to it?”

“Wow … can we do that?”

“YER! JESUS is FUCKED! The Devil wants us to do it and worship him! After all, he’s god, right!”

“Mmmmmmm …” moaned Simon as he enjoyed his sister’s hand movements.

“This is so cool!” whispered Simone, half closing her eyes, as she rubbed herself harder against her brother’s hand.

Gabriel dipped a long-handled paint brush into their combined piss and added a few brush strokes to her obscene canvas and then did the same after dabbing the brush into a lump of their soft shit.

“There … we are all connected. The both of you, me and my Demon!” announced Gabrielle.


POSSESSION Chapter 3 (2,242 WORDS)

“You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and has nothing to do with the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” — John chapter 8 verse 44

Gabrielle popped the video into the player. Part of her wanted to get on with their sexual abuse, but another part of her wanted to savor the corruption. She knew that the video would be completely shocking to the children, as it was filled with sexual violence, rape, murder, and sexual perversity from start to finish.

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l …” Gabrielle could hear the calling.

As the naked children continued to masturbate each other in front of the glowing screen, she looked across at the large painting of her demon. And then she looked at the dressing mirror that she had positioned so that she could see her reflection behind her niece and nephew.

The ‘Devil’s Playground’ purred to life… a copy of a copy of a very illegal underground snuff movie that Gabrielle had acquired from a seedy porn store owner. It had cost her dearly. More than two hundred bucks and the elderly fucker had made her blow his dirty old cock in the backroom toilet. She had found it disgusting, but it had been worth it.

Alone, she had enjoyed its contents over and over, as she prayed to Satan to bestow her with opportunities to partake in a sex ritual involving abuse, rape, and sacred murder. She often cum thinking about seducing her own father, the pious priest, and then in the throws of incestuous orgasm, castrate his cock with a long sharp blade while she bathed in his gushing wound for the glory of Satan. It was a fantasy that made her cum so hard, she had lost count of the times she’d used it. Now, she needed more, much, much more.

Sitting back against her rather tacky synthetic leather chair with its wide armrests, she relaxed her mind to the familiar storyline. Her naked niece and nephew knelt up closely on either side of her legs, both masturbating themselves furiously to her specific instructions. The plot was very simple but the build-up was even more intense knowing that someone really died in its making … a person who probably thought they were participating in some strange cult horror movie, but never suspecting that their murder was essential to the scenario.

The Devil’s Playground was set in the catacombs of an old Gothic cathedral. The walls were adorned with the bones and skulls of the dead. All aspects of this film were extreme clichés. But Gabrielle loved it. Black candles, aphrodisiacal incense, pentagon, altar bed, Satan’s bible, and sacrificial dagger. The inverted cross garnished with a blasphemous carving of the naked Nazarene his upturned cock fully erect. The black-clothed priests chanted ominous Latin prayers with clandestine occult meanings.

The two young children kept their eyes glued to the screen as Gabrielle fought the urge to touch herself as she had done so many times during the developing scene.

An emancipated young man was brought forth, dressed in only a simple white loincloth, by two hardhearted black-clothed brothers. Their inverted pentagram necklaces gleamed in the iridescent candlelight. They secured his weak arms and scrawny legs spread-eagled across the black-clad altar bed. His head rolled from side to side in a state of delirium from the lack of sustenance. His parched lips mouthed the words ‘save me, save me’, but no sound emitted from his long drawn skeletal features.

“Are you scared?” asked Gabrielle.

“A bit,” answered Simone.

“I’m not!” affirmed Simon, but sounded unsure.

“CHRIST BE FUCKED! Keep watching and don’t stop touching yourselves.”

The black-clothed priests made way for a rather androgynous-looking nun to take center stage – they bowed in silent salute to her as she cavorted about dressed in shiny black high heels. Besides her black and red wimple, her clothing was unbecoming of any clergy. Her small naked breasts with tapped crosses on her nipples were parted by a simple piece of cloth cut in the shape of an inverted red cross that covered the central line of her body and wrapped around her waistline, obscuring her genitalia. Her hands caressed the upper body of the restrained man moving downwards until she reached the cloth covering his genitals. She sneered at him. Spitting in his face and tearing the thin covering to completely expose him to all present. Her hands wrapped around his cock and balls and massaged him to a full erection.

The young effeminate priests all removed their black clothing, standing naked before their ‘devil priestess’. Their cocks were also all fully erect and dripped with pre-cum as they rubbed themselves and continued their demonic Latin hymns.

“See how they all love the Demon. They want to appease the Demon, children. They worship the Demon with their rock-hard cocks, as you too are worshiping the Demon with me now. Mmmmmmm.”

The rhythmical chanting was now very loud as the ‘Devil Priestess’ removed the crosspiece that concealed her true sexual identity. As the red cross stole fell away, her huge erect cock sprang to life, hard and throbbing between her feminine legs. Gabrielle quivered as she always did at this point of the storyline; her cunt juices flowed, dripping down the inside of her legs.

“Auntie … I’m not sure if I like this Demon person?” whined Simone.

“Me neither!” harped Simon.

“Watch you little bastards! Watch and don’t you dare stop masturbating! RIGHT?!!” Ordered Gabrielle.

“Pleeeease,” Whispered Simone.

“Keep worshiping!”

The ‘devil priestess’ jumped up upon the altar bed standing above her human sacrifice as she rubbed her enormous cock. Her brethren gathered too – now mutually masturbating each other as they stood around their victim. The ‘devil priestess’ urinated over his emancipated body, concentrating her piss spray over his parched and open mouth. She laughed and masturbated with greater earnestness – as did her ritual audience, who grunted in obscene prayer.

“Please Auntie … I don’t want to watch anymore!”

“Yes! I’m scared of this demon,” they pleaded.

“If you stop masturbating … the demon will come alive from my painting. See. Look at the demon painted in our piss and shit! Don’t stop! DON’T STOP YOU LITTLE FUCKERS! WORSHIP THE DEMON!”

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l …” Gabrielle could hear the calling.


The ‘devil priestess’ knelt down upon the emancipated man, so that his hard but unwilling penis entered her anus. One of the effeminate priests jumped up upon the altar bed and offered her his cock. She devoured it while thrusting up and down upon her reluctant lover. Soon the young priest was in the throws of his own orgasm – pumping his semen into the open mouth of the ‘devil priestess’. An orgy of gay cocks erupted around the altar bed. Two of the brethren steadied their ‘devil priestess’, so that she could slide herself off their ritual victim’s still rampant cock and with great dexterity brought him to orgasm for the last time – as his semen spurted from the tip of his engorged organ, the ‘devil priestess’ took the sacrificial knife and sliced it off at the root. Blood sprayed everywhere and the screams of the hapless victim echoed into the movie’s ending.

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l … J-e-z-e-b-e-l … J-e-z-e-b-e-l …”

Too scared to look away, too scared to halt their masturbation, and too scared to disobey their evil Aunt … Simon and Simone quivered with abject fear at the sight of the bloody castration… whether they believed it to be movie magic or real black magic at work; they both stared open-mouthed at the sight of the human sacrifice.

“J-e-z-e-b-e-l … J-e-z-e-b-e-l … J-e-z-e-b-e-l …”

“Oh, mighty Satan! Accept my offering of innocence. Bring forth the sex demons that I may serve you further on Earth as it is in Hell!”

Gabrielle at last felt the tingling between her legs that she had been waiting for – in her reflection, she witnessed her own transformation. Just as she had seen in her first attempt at scrying… her body, not just her reflection convulsed in demonic pleasure … looking down, she could see her own cunt changing before her very eyes. No longer a body of weakness, she was a she-cock demon. Strong. Virile. Prone. She would fear nothing. Take her pleasure and her first victims would be her own family.

The sex demons summoned in her blasphemous painting screamed with evil joy as they crawled up through its slimy surface, leaping free from the heavily scratched, deeply etched, rough palette marks of the combined excrement of the painting and into the physical beings that once had been her niece and nephew.

Her deal with Satan had been made. Her dark fantasy was realized as they both turned to pleasure her newly formed androgynous body. She was now the ‘devil priestess’ and she would oversee her own cock orgy and make offerings to her beloved Satan!


Father Saber looked across the sea of expectant faces of the village that he had served for longer than he cared to imagine. Long ago, he knew of the hypocrisy that he preached. How he loved to give long sermons about the evils of the flesh, to sins of fornication, and the importance of abstinence. He laughed to himself – never denying himself the pleasures he so fervently opposed. Seeing his congregation in abject fear of their own hapless desires was a pleasure all of its own.

And how he’d enjoyed the torment that he had exacted from his own young family. He missed those days. Before the death of his wife, it had been difficult, but once she was gone, he was free to abuse them mentally, physically, and of course, sexually. His thoughts strayed to the occasions when he would punish his little ‘Gaby’.

She was so gullible, more malleable than the others. He had instilled the fear of God in her. To deny her even the most basic of dignities had been such a thrill. He remembered how he had made her kneel before the large wooden crucifix, naked and exposed. Her fair young body looked so fragile. He had forced her to receive the punishment of his favorite short cane, marking her small white backside in a crisscross of reddening welts. It had been an orgasmic experience to him that he had repeated numerous times.

His attention returned to the sermon at hand. He noticed how his cock had hardened and now strained for relief against the rough fabric of his cassock, but from behind the pulpit, it would not be noticed by his following.

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly’ … And by the thief, you know that I mean the DEVIL! … What solid believer in Christ wouldn’t admit that pornography addictions destroy people’s lives, marriages, and families? Is there anything that says that Satan can’t work through an evil spirit within a person, with the intent to destroy their life through pornography?”

His congregation had heard his ominous words many times. Their guilt showed in their faces and gave him great satisfaction. They were all sinners! All of them!

“What about masturbation, which only brings waves of guilt and shame upon the person? What about unnatural sexual desires that God’s word says are not natural?”

Thinking carnal thoughts! Touching themselves at every opportunity! Sinners all. It was a sweet game that entertained him while he rubbed himself against the edge of the pulpit. He would draw out the deviant pleasure until they all left and then he would touch himself before God and cum in hot spurts of pleasure.

“The Devil makes work for idle hands! Just like the WHOREDOM of JEZEBEL and FORNICATION of Ashtoreth … make no mistake that in God’s eyes masturbation is a sin! Masturbation is a SIN! Masturbation is a sin!”

Just as the fog of arousal took over him, Father Saber caught a glimpse of someone he had not seen in a while. He was more than surprised to see his little ‘Gaby’ in the audience. She was seated with his two grandchildren, the twins of his older daughter, Claudette. His cock lurched even harder against the material.

“Those sacrilegious demons involved with ungodly sexual activity and bondage! Jezebel was an active Baal worshiper. Do you know what the idol Baal looked like? It stood straight up and had the shape of a male’s sexual organ. Baal was a sex demon to the core!”

The Sunday evening service was at an end and as the congregation filed out the rear of the church, his eyes focused on his Gaby and the twins who remained seated in the pews center and left of the altar. God works in mysterious ways, he thought. The pleasures of her punishments made it difficult for him to lose his pressing erection. Beads of pre-cum were already seeping down the length of his cock. He breathed in deeply and stood with his hands folded across his bulging cassock.

“Well, well, well! What an unexpected surprise,” said Father Saber.

“Father …”


To be continued …


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