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AUTHORS NOTES: I don’t know how many times I wrote and rewrote the synopsis on this one … but it’s taken a while (for some strange reason). Too many ways to go … I guess. Well, I was greatly inspired during the writing of this story, by the 1994 Roland Emmerich epic.

STORY CODES: Blasphemy, Sacrilege, LGBT, Supernatural, Demonic, Satanic, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, Sexual Torture, NC, BDSM, Pederasty, Sexual Sin, Sex Demons, Snuff.

CREATED: 17.04.2018 / REVISITED: 20.07.2023

Death 2


Death is closely associated with the corruption of one’s own sexuality. Death, like perversity, changes a relationship (you cannot un-ring the bell). It is said that at the height of orgasm, we lose our conscious hold on reality and our ability to stop the inevitable. Like a roller-coaster reaching the point of no return at the apex before the plummet. What is inevitable is inevitable. So, we plunge downwards (out of control) into the world of perverted pleasure and feel its surge through us frenziedly. ‘La Petite Morte’ (French) translates literally to the ‘little death’ … is it the brief loss or weakening of our restraint or is it beyond our ability to refuse its dark calling.

Death is the transformation, the end yet also the beginning. Death is the ultimate purifier. All things are reborn, but not necessarily purified. Death does not discern between age, race, gender, or sexual preference. Death is darkness and the absence of light. As the sun dies every night to be reborn every morning, it is the catalyst of a perpetual cycle. There can not be life without death. Death is ruled by Scorpio (the sign of sex and death) and the number thirteen, which is sacred to the Light Bringer as there are actually thirteen moons in every lunar year.


Samuel Montague, an accomplished linguist and expert translator, harbors many sexual deviancies that he is now discovering. He finds himself in a remote monastery of the Dominican Order, who claim to have found the ‘Light Bringer’s Key to Divinity’. Samuel believes they have found a doorway, but is not convinced that it is of heavenly ascent. As he decodes the tablet he becomes aware that it could be decoy and is in fact the opposite. Is there darker agenda involved?

He believes the domain of the Light Bringer to be an evil place, tantamount to a demonic playground of sexual perversity, torture, and eternal torment. As his stay at the monastery continues, our protagonist is visited by strange dreams, some of which include a young boy, called Virgil. These overtly carnal and sacrilegious dreams spark Samuel’s interest in sexual perversity whilst giving him clues to the true nature of the Order’s discovery. Who really is the Light Bringer, angel or demon? What is beyond the Thirteenth Gate, heaven or hell?



“Their vine comes from the vine of Sodom and from the fields of Gomorrah. Their grapes are filled with poison, and their clusters with bitterness.” Deuteronomy 32:32 … “Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is fully grown, brings forth death.” James 1:15

Samuel awoke with a violent shudder. It took him a few seconds to work out where exactly he was. He was still in his narrow cot and in the room without a window or any natural light, he had no idea of the time. He checked his watch. Six in the morning. It was still early. He used the tiny bathroom and noticed the stench about himself. He smelt like shit. He splashed himself under the bare facet that sufficed for a shower. The water was cold but refreshingly so.

He dressed in his own clothes and was grateful not to have to wear the rough fabric of the monk habits. It would not be long until they would come and send him back to the city. Away from this crazy place. His dream of the vulgar ritual sacrifice and of the naked monks and penis nuns seemed absolutely ludicrous now.

Even the dream of the boy, Virgil … that claimed to be a servant of the Light Bringer. He remembered in his lucid dream how Virgil had defecated into his mouth. It had been a fowl and degrading act that he had fully participated in … perversely enjoyed and reveled in. These were the thoughts of a crazy pervert … Why did he now crave this strange and disgusting lust?

There was a loud knock at the door and Samuel answered it. It was the face of a pretty young nun that he had not seen before. She seemed rather agitated.

“Professor Montague. I know that Brother Basilio said that you would be leaving this morning, but there is a problem and Brother Erno has asked me to bring you to him.”

“A problem? What kind of problem?”

“Well, it’s not for me to say. You’d best hear it from him.”

“Is this about the money?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that. The problem is a ‘translation’ issue I believe.”

Samuel followed the pretty young nun up through the labyrinth of stone stairs and corridors. He thought about the warning. Oh my God … could something bad have happened? He remembered the fate of the Abbott in his sick dream … the knife slicing through the fat mass of the Abbott’s throat as he tried to fuck the young boy. He attempted to calm himself; slowing his laboring breath; and say that it was just a dream, an evil fantasy, and nothing more.

Waiting at the offices of the Abbott was Brother Erno. He lounged behind the Abbott’s oversized desk. He looked comfortable. Too comfortable. His smile was inviting, warm, almost precocious … and Samuel could not help but find it sexual.

Brother Erno asked the nun to close the door to the Abbott’s office. Samuel’s eye followed her as she strutted across the room and did as Brother Erno asked. Samuel’s eyes returned to the pretty boy Erno as the nun waited a few paces behind Samuel.

“Professor Montague. My sincerest apologies for the delay in your return. It’s just that we have a problem that we hope you will be able to solve.”

“Haven’t I done what we agreed upon?” asked Samuel getting to the point.

Brother Erno stood up elegantly from behind the Abbott’s oversized desk. He moved like a cat on the prowl. Sensing. Sensual. Sexual. More feminine than before. Maybe more outwardly obvious in his erotic androgyny. Was he erect? Could Samuel see a budge beneath the thin material of his habit? Did he lean back against the desk to display his excited state?

“Professor,” he said in a soft epicene voice, “We are very happy with the progress you have made … Actually, we need your help again. I need your help. You will get all the monies we promised … but if you are prepared to continue the good work … I will double the figure to eighty thousand.”

Samuel was stunned. That was certainly a lot of money. What were the strings? There were always strings.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, first some bad news. Unfortunately, last night our beloved Abbott passed away,” the sissy monk said without a hint of grief or sadness.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” he replied.

Samuel thought of his sexual dream and how it had been the effeminate priest whom he’d witnessed cutting the Abbott’s throat at the moment of the sacrifice. Fuck, Samuel’s cock was getting hard in his pants. He could definitely see the curve of the monk’s cock poking upright behind the dark fabric.

“His health, unfortunately. Well, you see, he had been unwell for a long time. But, we must not let that distract us from our important work. The Light Bringer calls … The Thirteenth Gate, Professor …”

Brother Erno took hold of Samuel’s hand and guided it to the bulge in his habit. Samuel was shocked by the monk’s openly sexual advance in front of the young nun, but made no protest nor did he move his hand away from where the young monk had placed it. Instead, his fingers grasped the monk’s rigid flesh through the thin material of his gown. It throbbed against his palm.

Samuel wanted to touch it flesh against flesh, put it in his mouth, in his anus. Brother Erno’s hand reach over and rubbed Samuel through the material of his pants. Samuel moaned and his sexual excitement was equally obvious. Brother Erno lent forward, ever closer. They kissed, deeply and passionately, their tongues driving in and out of each other’s mouths. Hotly urgent. Brother Erno broke the kiss … panting and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Time for the truth? … The Light Bringer is the Devil, Professor … But of course, you know that. And Satan is our God. We worship him through sex, Professor … Nasty, dirty, perverted sex …”

Samuel felt the young nun press up against his rear. Her tiny hands were busy undoing his fly. His pants slid down his thighs exposing his bulging underwear. She slipped her cool fingers inside his underpants rubbing his cock up and down as Samuel watched Brother Erno remove his gown, under which he was completely naked. His cock was long and thick too, almost out of proportion for his cadaverous body.

“Evil sex, Professor …”

He now openly masturbated himself before Samuel.

“Cock worship … Urine drinking … Coprophilia … Sex with very young acolytes …”

Samuel’s underpants were down around his ankles and the naked nun’s fingers wrapped around both Samuel’s cock and balls as she rubbed him in unison with Brother Erno’s masturbation rhythm.

“Offered up to our unholy God … to felch the evil semen of the Goat of Mendes from the anus of a freshly raped altar-boy … all in honor of our pornographic Satan … our baphometic Satan … our hermaphroditic Satan … Hail Satan … Hail Satan … Hail Satan!”

Samuel felt the young nun’s she-cock press against his naked buttocks as she pressed against him, desperate to burrow it between his open and sweating ass cheeks.

“The Light Bringer has a purpose for you, Professor … he has been preparing you for his service …”

“Aarrrghhhhhh …” groaned Samuel.

Samuel pressed backward upon the invading rigidity so that the transgendered nun’s cock began to slide upwards into his needy ass cunt. Erno pressed his wet slimy cock up against Samuel’s throbbing organ, frotting like there was no tomorrow as their open mouths and snaking tongues crashed together again. The smell of urea and the taste of salty rain erupted between their bodies as Erno pissed upwards between their bodies.



There was a loud knock at the door.

Samuel sat up immediately in his bunk. He was drenched in his own sweat. He instinctively pulled the raw sheet up around him to cover his turgid state. His pulse was racing. What the fuck?

The knock on the door came again.

“Give me a moment,” said Samuel.

He hurriedly dressed in his own clothes and answered the door. No young hermaphroditic nun. It was the elderly Sister Beatrice. She seemed rather agitated.

“Professor Montague. I know that Brother Basilio said that you would be leaving this morning, but there is a problem and the Abbott has asked me to bring you to him.”

It felt like déjà vu.

“A problem? What kind of problem?”

“Well, it’s not for me to say. You’d best hear it from him.”

“Is this about the money?”

He heard himself say the words like he was reading from a script.

“Oh, no, nothing like that. The problem is a ‘translation’ issue I believe.”

Samuel could not have felt a stranger. He followed the old nun to the office of the Abbott. He thought about the warning. He thought about the awakening dream.

Waiting there at the Abbott’s office was Brother Erno. His smile was inviting, warm, almost precocious.

“Professor Montague. My sincerest apologies for the delay in your return. It’s just that we have a problem that we hope you will be able to solve.”

The Abbott stood up.

“Montague,” he said, “We are very happy with the progress you have made … (cough) … Actually, we need your help again. You will get all the monies we promised… but if you are prepared to continue the good work … (cough) … we will double the figure to eighty thousand.”

“That’s very generous.”

Samuel was stunned, but not so much at the offer, more at the recall of his premonition. Was he an oracle or was this all in his fucked-up head?


It seemed that whatever progress they had made with the so-called divine device had been rather short-lived. The disappointed old Abbott explained that the device worked momentarily, two of the monks had submerged into the fowl waters of the Light Bringer. They had gone … Disappeared … Maybe, they needed someone to translate accurately the symbology for the return journey. The return? From where? It seemed that whatever animated the device in the monastery, would need to be done on its counterpart on the other side. Wherever the other side was?

The Abbott had said that it would be a big step and that he should take the rest of the day to think about it. Samuel was in two minds. There was a lot of money at stake … But what did it all mean? Where did they think this was leading them? And why would he want to be involved … the money was useless if he wasn’t alive to spend it.

By the evening, the Abbott called for Samuel to join himself and Sister Beatrice. They asked him for his decision and (succumbed to his greed) he agreed.

It had been two of the younger Dominican Brothers and Sisters, Brother Lucan and Sister Julia, who had made the first attempt with the device. Now it would be Samuel’s turn together with Brother Erno.

Apprehensively Samuel prepared himself for the unknown. A child-like voice echoed in his head.

“They seek enlightenment of a dark kind. They are, in fact, bringing you to the Light Bringer.”

It was the voice of Virgil. Samuel’s cock twitched and threatened to harden in his pants. Fuck! He felt so horny but had to occupy his mind, as everyone would see his arousal.

“When you are ready,” said the young precocious Brother Erno.

The Abbott had inserted the key-like object into the patterned exterior and the cylindrical device shuddered with a life of its own. The flow of its bubbling liquid frothed and copious amounts poured down the sides of the cylindrical vessel. Samuel and Brother Erno made their way up the scaffold until they reached the top.

This was it. No turning back.

He hurriedly removed his clothing and then immersed himself in the warm yellow broth that stunk of unsavory aromas. He couldn’t help but notice Brother Erno strip down next to him. His voyeuristic attention to Brother Erno’s nakedness did not go unnoticed by the young monk, who seemed to welcome Samuel’s eyes as they stared at his semi-hard penis.

What would happen next? Samuel had no comprehension. He followed the Abbott’s instructions. A sharp smell of urea filled his nostrils. He looked down at his bare feet on the edge of the cylindrical pool. The liquids bubbled and flooded over the sides. He felt his cock stiffen as he immersed himself in the strange liquids. He immediately felt as if he was on the edge of an enormous orgasm, as he sank into the briny liquid. Brother Erno went first, and Samuel took a last breath as he submerged below the surface too.



“And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already. .” 1 John 4:3 … “Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.” Jude 1:7

Samuel felt the world tumbling and spinning. Up was down and down was up. The light … the light… He felt sexual pleasure upon sexual pleasure. His cock throbbed as if he was orgasming violently, his creamy ejaculate flowing freely into the briny pool. Was this what it was like to drown? He was not breathing at all. He could not even hear his own heartbeat. This was a mistake? The death orgasm then?

Just at that moment, his head broke the surface. He gasped. Air. The liquids seemed to calm. He grabbed the edge of the cylinder and immediately pulled his weight up onto it. He was no longer in the Dominican Brothers’ chamber. He was alone. There was no sign of either Brother Erno, Brother Lucan, or Sister Julia … just the dull walls of a dimly lit tabernacle.

Samuel sat on the edge, and then as his strength returned, stood up on the fine marble floor. It was cool and smooth beneath his bare feet. He was still naked and dripping wet, but the air temperature seemed warm enough that he felt comfortable. What was this place? His hands touched the warm stone walls that seemed to angle upwards to a peak many times his height above and a glow of light from an unseen source illuminated the inside of the tabernacle.

He noticed the numerous Sanskrit inscriptions across the walls of the tabernacle that seemed to match that of the cylinder. These were accompanied by some illustrated hieroglyphs. They depicted a pornographic playground where throngs of participants, or onlookers, seemed to be enjoying an abundance of forbidden sexual perversities. It looked almost carnival in nature.

Samuel was familiar with the Turin Erotic Papyrus, which consisted of a series of twelve vignettes showing men and women in various sexual positions. Something like the sexual-themed Khajuraho sculptures of tantric sexual practices. The Turin illustrationed hieroglyphs depicted all the males with exaggeratedly large genitalia. Samuel remembered that the Papyrus had been badly damaged, but the hieroglyphs that adored these walls were as fresh as the day they had been painted… and their theme was far more sinister than just erotic, far more perverted than just sexual.

There were all kinds of bizarre acts; most depicted couplings were not of male and female participants. In these lewd hieroglyphs, all manner of strange fornications were explored… prominently featured were acts of non-consensual pederasty … masturbating voyeurs rebelled in an endless maelstrom of sexualized demonic creatures performing sexual acts with young men and extremely young boys … many being tortured cruelly, others being mutilated or even eaten alive.

He saw that all the females were in fact transgendered or hermaphroditic … these feminine characters, like the men and boys, were all sporting exaggerated erections … a central motif envisioned participants in a strange orgy, sucking and fucking in honor of their dark evil transgendered idol. Upon a stone that resembled the Sanskrit Apocrypha tablet, knelt a young boy that was in the process of defecating … his long dark feces being consumed with great reverence by shemale priests, that seemed more like queer ring-mistresses than divine agents of the Light Bringer.

As Samuel examined the inscriptions, the narrative itself was so obvious he found himself compelled to masturbate as he read. He could not stop himself from thinking of young Virgil and Brother Erno. His dreams seemed so real. So vile. So taboo. So delightful.

“You came to us,” said a young but slightly melancholic voice.

Samuel turned. Stunned. He immediately recognized Virgil. The child was dressed in a long black gown and adorned in bright gold and jewels around his neck, wrists, and feet. Samuel rubbed his eyes. Was this all another bizarre dream? Virgil approached him.

“You are real?” he said.


“Where are we?”

Virgil gestured to the tabernacle.

“This is the Thirteenth Gate and immediately above us, is the Light Bringer’s playground.”

“It’s all real?”

“Yes … Come, Samuel, you will be made an Oracle of the Light Bringer … you will be their honored guest … Come … the Light Bringer calls …”

Samuel noticed that young Virgil was not alone. There were others with him, like an entourage of gaunt younger boys, all completely naked with thick leather collars. They all looked malnourished and some even were marked and scared as if recently beaten. Samuel could not help but notice that all were sporting tiny erections. Samuel was not sure of himself. His lustiness for their genitals was also obvious. Virgil’s hand touched Samuel between his legs. His small child-like hand stroked and caressed Samuel’s erection. Samuel let out an unconscious moan of pure enjoyment. The other children masturbated themselves at a distance and watched hesitantly.

“The old Abbott sent me to bring back two Dominicans that came before me?”

“Ah, that would be Brother Lucan or Sister Julia,” said the boy.

“Yes. Where are they? What happened to Brother Erno?” said Samuel.

“They are all here in the Light Bringer’s playground somewhere … I think they are all enjoying the entertainment. It is very lively tonight. You must come with us, there is much to see and do,” stated Virgil.

“Who is the Light Bringer?” asked Samuel.

Was he the Devil? Satan? Or an angel of heaven (Samuel doubted the latter).

“The Light Bringer is all-powerful here … the Light Bringer makes all pleasures possible. All here serve the Light Bringer. All do his bidding.”


“Soon we must go before the Light Bringer … You will be an Oracle. But first, you must experience the eternal night of the Light Bringer … It is a constant celebration of the gifts he brings,” said Virgil.

“The eternal night?”

“Yes. Eternal … forever!”

Virgil took Samuel by the hand and lead him from the sanctitude of the Tabernacle into the throng of the Light Bringer’s night. Samuel was still unclothed but thought better than to question the unquestionable. He would see where all this was leading. Something was about to happen … he just did not know what that would be. And outside in the twilight, the true nature and magnificence of the Light Bringer’s playground came into full view.

It was initially overwhelming for Samuel. Noisy and calamitous. They were surrounded by an explosion of perverted erotica. Phallic-formed fountains of golden urine glistened in the pulsating lights of pornographic neon. There were huge video screens filled with every form of immoral perversion available from satanic pederasty to acts of bestiality, from vorarephilia to violent snuff. The symbols of phallic worship adored every column, every floor tile, and every structure. Sexual evil was omnipresent in this land of ever-nigh. It was alive with the throng of naked hunting predators seeking double-penetration rape, cream-pie, sadomasochism, felching, and extreme pedo sex.

All was so garish, glittering, and gaudy.

They passed a bunch of hermaphroditic table-top dancers. They gyrated their effeminate naked wares, masturbating to the deep growling vocals, screaming their blasphemous lyrics and obscenities of death metal music. It was endless and relentless. Everywhere Samuel looked there were neon signs announcing a myriad of bizarre offers…


The Light Bringer’s playground seemed vast (disappearing left and right as far as the eye could see) with towering illuminated temples of depravity, like demented fun-houses of twisted erotica, where every available surface was covered in their sinfulness — all seemingly competing against one another for the voyeur’s attention.

Maybe Samuel had expected a monumental marvel, but instead, he was affronted with this bacchanal circus. Above it all, the sky was of the blackest of nights in this land of permanent darkness beyond the Thirteenth Gate. It seemed that the Light Bringer’s shrine was dedicated to every kind of sick and perverted sex act imaginable.

“It’s unbelievable,” was all Samuel could manage to say.

“There is so much more to come. Please, this way Professor. ..”

The party atmosphere seemed unquenchable. Everywhere Samuel looked, there were crowds of near-naked merrymakers. Most of the merrymakers seemed overtly drunk, drug high or pumped up; and all sexually excited. Many patrons were either masturbating themselves or each other, neither seeming to care who was watching or who was participating, such was the sexual arousal and euphoria of this horrifically sinful place. Couples, both male and transgender, openly fornicated in their full view … almost so, that it appeared commonplace rather than a spectacle.

Maybe it would be too much to take in, but for now, Samuel did tire of admiring the perpetual phallic displays, multi-colored neon depictions of fornication, the flashing demonic proclamations and nefarious ballyhoo that aimed to seduce and tempt these debauched patrons to enter their dens of iniquity.

Virgil seemed apt at slicing through the crush of aroused patrons, bringing Samuel to a skull-like structure, covered in Sanskrit obscenities and lewd images of demonic sexual acts between half-starved children and shemale succubi with enormous genitalia.

“Come Professor, the show is about to begin.”


They passed a narrow entry at the mouth of the skull. It was guarded by a skeletal-looking transvestite. He looked over the professor with contempt in his eyes but gave a knowing nod to young Virgil and moved aside.

Virgil, Samuel, and his naked entourage entered the darkened theater.

Once inside, the excessive noises of the street immediately died away and were replaced with the thumping beat of black metal music. There were expectant sounds of excited patrons all around as the show was already in full swing. Virgil and Samuel, made their way to the very front row and sat upon silken cushions before the low curved front of the stage. Samuel couldn’t but notice a strong bleachy smell as spent semen.

In front of them the opening scene, act one, involved a group of four young boys, maybe twelve years old, all very effeminate, all erect as they danced erotically to the fast tempo rhythm of electric guitars and drums. Their shapeless lithe bodies gyrated and their narrow hips pumped back and forth as they touched themselves to the enthusiastic cries of the audience.

Virgil removed his gown and immediately one of the young boys began to perform oral sex upon him. As Samuel watched the boys dance in complete awe, another boy began to fellate him too. The soft warm mouth felt wonderful. Samuel was incredibly horny. He groaned lewdly and pressed the young she-boy child down further so much so that the boy began to gag as his cock pressed over the boy’s tongue and into his throat.

“That’s more like it.” Praised and encouraged Virgil. “Let him feel the phallic power of the Oracle. Pump his unworthy throat with your evil seed.”

Emboldened, Samuel grabbed the naked she-boy tighter in his grip and mercilessly thrust deeper into his gagging orifice.

“AAGGGGHHHHHHH …” Groaned Samuel unabated. He had never been so excited.

The theater was packed with like-minded perverts, all thrilled by the dance of the deviant boys as they each began to piss over themselves … their hot salty streams shooting high into the air as they danced with open mouths to gulp at their own golden rain.

Samuel looked around, back into the dark recesses of the audience. All around him were sadistic voyeurs who, like him, had gathered for masturbation, solo, mutual or oral copulation. The faces of eager perverts starred on the stage as they masturbated furiously. From the front to the rear seats, wet flesh slapped and the overwhelming smell of spent semen only excited him more.

As the beat seemed to pick up the pace, the piss-wet boys were quickly replaced with act two. Act two consisted of half a dozen transvestite teenage performers, all masturbating in high heels, stockings, and garter belts. Each wore a theatrical demonic-like mask.

“Tonight is a very special show … soon two new performers will take the center stage … fresh from the Gate … they have no idea that this is a snuff theater … Oh, Samuel, you will love being with me in the Light Bringer’s playground!”



“Look out for the dogs, look out for the evildoers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh …” Philippians 3:2 … “But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.” James 1:14 … “Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” Romans 8:8

Nothing it seems could have prepared Samuel for events to follow. It was an affront to the senses … A surfeit nightmarish blend of circus, oubliette, and anarchy. From the toxic neon facade to the semen-stained interior, the temples of the Light Bringer were monuments to satanic atrocity where the reprobate hordes that gathered within, all ravenous for all its deliciously sexual and sadistic excesses … Samuel, though highly aroused, was both horrified and yet excited at the same time. It was totally intoxicating. Electrifying. He sat on the edge of his silken cum-soaked seat with his throbbing cock still buried in the narrow throat of the choking young child. He groaned and blasphemed as he fucked the child’s face harder and harder.

“Fuck Jesus, Fuck Mary … FUCK GOD! YER,” he jeered out loud.

He laughed to himself as he remembered momentarily that he had been sent by the dying Abbott to the Light Bringer’s playground, to help bring back the two missing Dominicans. The hypocrisy of it all. The special show, that young Virgil described in the snuff theater would feature the very same, Brother Lucan or Sister Julia as their star attractions. They were to be offered to the hordes of Satanic Gods.

Vigil had said something about them being objectified, humiliated, raped, tortured, and then killed as the climatic highlight of the fiendish show. Samuel cared not for their fate, his seduction was truly transformational … he was not the same university professor that had been recruited to solve a simple translation … something had ignited the addictive evil seed within him and now he couldn’t stop it, even if he wanted to. And he didn’t want to. No, quite the opposite … In death, he felt alive, excited, and hyper-aroused. His hands gripped the choking child even harder.

“FUCK THE NAZARENE! … That’s it, let it ALL GO!” cried Virgil, grinning broadly at Samuel’s corruption.

Act Three had come and gone, and so had act four in quick succession. Act three had been a rather camp combination of evil cosplay, anal sex, and witchcraft. The fourth act comprised a circular bed that turned on the stage, on which four young boys dressed like kinky canines, barked whilst fucking and sucking each other until they all emptied their young testicles … shooting streams of white-hot jism high into the air to the fast tempo and screaming voices of the accompanying black metal death music. Act five and six were an equally strange mixture of black magic, occult, and sodomy, but more violent and blasphemous, than just sexual.

It was a perverted merry-go-round of demonic depravity.

Act seven consisted of two goat-headed baphometic performers; each of the transgendered characters carried a serpentine animal that coiled, uncoiled, and coiled again, wrapping themselves around the performers’ rod-hard cocks bringing them both to a steamy ejaculation of tsunami proportions. Cum sprayed over the faces of the audience immediately below the stage. Samuel had never seen anyone ejaculate so much. It was highly erotic and the act brought Samuel very close to his own orgasm.

“Don’t cum quite yet,” said Virgil.

He sensed Samuel’s impending ejaculation. Samuel slipped his cock from the gasping boy’s mouth. Virgil was panting in his own excited state.

“We must both save it … for the climax of the show …”

Samuel didn’t have to wait too long.

The stage cleared quickly after the sixth act and the lights went down. After a brief pause and then the left-hand side of the stage was lit with a narrow spotlight that draw the attention of all the hungry eyes of perverted patrons. A young androgynous figure stepped into the light and stood in the harshness of its glow. He was dressed plainly and simply as a parish priest. He wore a rosary around the waist of his straight black gown and open sandals upon his elegant white feet. He stood still as if to begin a serious mass or say a desperate prayer. He held his head up high and in his hands, he clutched a heavy book … a religious book … a bible, or something similar.

His voice was strained and haunting as he read out loud …

“Brothers, sisters, children of God. I call thee. Repent thy sexual sins. Repent I beg! We must break all curses of pornography, perversion, fornication, lust, incest, rape, molestation, harlotry, and sodomy in the name of the Holy One, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I hereby beseech you in the name of the Holy Spirit to forsake thy ecstasy of masturbation, for it is the devil’s pleasure curse that pollutes your souls with the temptation of his sex demons …”

The collective audience laughed and booed loudly and throw things at the priest as the light faded to darkness and he disappeared into obscurity.

Next, the right-hand side of the stage was lit with a similar narrow spotlight. A young androgynous figure stepped into the downward glow. He looked almost identical to the first, a twin maybe? He stood completely naked before the audience. His cock is erect. The effeminate boy’s head was shaven and he sported two large horns on either side of his head. A demon. A rosary was hung loosely around his waist so that it wrapped around the shaft of his cock and the shiny silver crucifix hung inverted below his erect penis.

“Rip the sacred flesh. Go sodomize the holy asshole. Masturbate upon the dead body of Christ. The king of Jews is dead and so are the lies. Masturbate upon the throne of God. Break the seals of angels. Drink the sweet blood of Christ. Taste the flesh of the priest. Sodomize holy nuns. Cover them in black shit. Rape the holy ghost. Fuck the church. Fuck, Christ … Fuck the Virgin … Fuck the gods of Heaven … Fuck the name of Jesus Christ.”

The light faded again. There was a dull metal scraping sound and lamented groaning. The black metal music began with a heavy beat that repeated over and over, forming the essential rhythm. It initially sounded to Samuel like the grating of nails on a blackboard, but this obnoxious sound that passed for the musical accompaniment seemed only to aggrandize the entire horror-like scene.

White smoke bellowed from backstage to the front; as eerie lighting illuminated the center stage. There hung upside down were the naked figures of Brother Lucan or Sister Julia. Their bodies twisted left and right without purchase, suspended in mid-air by their ankles. Their anguished expressions faced the anticipating audience. Surrounding the hanging couple was a troupe dressed as dominatrix nuns, identically clad in shiny black latex cowls and jumpsuits. Their narrow little chests were almost completely flat beneath the wet-look material. There were about eight of them, standing like sentinels in a perfect semi-circle behind the naked Dominicans.

“Help us!” Sister Julia cried out.

“Help. Stop these monsters!” cried Brother Lucan.

“Fuck yer!” cried someone from behind Samuel in the audience.

“Sacrifice them!” cried another.

It seemed that the demonic hordes were all sexed up and expectant of something loathsome and shocking to unfold upon their unsuspecting Dominican victims. Once again the light shows down upon the priestly speaker on the far left-hand side of the stage. The priest was now completely naked and on his knees. He held the bible over his exposed genitals.

“Repent thy sexual sins. Stop the sinful masturbation for it is the route of all evil. It corrupts you… it pollutes your soul with unholy thoughts of sacrilege, sexual thoughts, and unfitting of God’s holy laws. I beg you! Show restraint! Repent and let these poor souls go …”

He pointed to the Dominicans.

“Now … free them from their bonds. They come with only the goodness of the Holy Spirit … as pure of heart as our Nazarene …”

The light shown upon the far right exposed the priest’s twin. The light followed him as he laughed loudly, stepping up to the two helpless victims. He spat upon their faces and masturbated idly as he spoke.

“Repent?” he laughed again, “Repent? Restraint? Free their souls? Fuck you.”

The demon walked across the center stage to face the kneeing priest.

“Fuck you, brother! Fuck your absentee God! Fuck the Nazarene! Look how my nakedness excites you. Yet you protect your piousness and ask for their freedom?”

“Please, I beseech you,” the priest cried.

The demon grabbed the bible from the priest, uncovering his drooling erection.

“Look how feeble you are. Look how your cock betrays you. If you can resist my lust. We shall do as you ask,” laughed the demon, “Resist the temptations of your sinful heart. RESIST!”

As the demon stood next to the kneeing priest, their family resemblance was very obvious. Twisted incestuous twins. One praying for forgiveness, one praying for sinfulness. Good and evil. Evil seemed to be winning the struggle as the priest’s erect cock drooled with pre-cum. He reached below the demon’s erect cock and lent forward to kiss the inverted cross that hung there. His lips pressed against the slimy metal; as kisses turned quickly to licking and from licking the crucifix, he began to lick and kiss his demon twin’s itching cock and hairless balls.

“RESIST! RESIST!” cried the audience in mockery.

Of course, he did not resist. Instead, he gripped the demon’s cock at its throbbing root, taking the meaty head into his eager wet mouth as he lavished its bulbous crown with his tongue, coating it in incestuous spittle, then rolling its pre-cum sludge across his up-turned face and then back onto his mouth.

“Resist?” laughed the demon, “Resist you inbred fucker!”

He fucked his narrow boy hips back and forth as the audience cheered their approval of the wayward performance of the two incestuous twins.

The demon twin pulled his cock out from his brother’s mouth. He stood back a step. He groaned as he then began to urinate over him. He held his cock almost upright so that the aimed his dark yellow piss stream over his twin brother’s face and hair; and then directly into his open mouth. His priestly brother proceeded to try and catch as much of the voluminous piss stream as he could, drinking it down and masturbating furiously as he willingly wallowed in his demon brother’s salty offering.

“Hail Satan! I hereby baptize you in the name of the LORD. HAIL SATAN!”

“HAIL SATAN!” replied the horde.

“Hail Satan,” replied the piss-drenched priest.

Now tainted and corrupted, the young priest stood up and joined his twin brother demon before the two Dominicans.

“Sacrifice! SACRIFICE! SACRIFICE!” screamed the collective audience.

Samuel tore himself away from the perverted show and took a quick glance at his chaperone … young Virgil, who was in the process of being masturbated by one of his very young slaves … Virgil was screaming along with the rest of the crowd at the top of his falsetto voice.


Yes. Yes … YES … this was truly the way! To offer them both to Satan. Rape their souls for the betterment of the evil horde! HAIL SATAN!

The twin brothers now stood before the Dominicans. Being inverted for as long as they had, had made them both as they hung helplessly inverted and completely naked and exposed before the hysterical audience of perverts and deviants. Each of the eight dominatrix nuns unzipped the front of their latex pants, pulled out their femboi cocks, and began to ritually masturbate themselves in perfect time with the strange beat of scratching metal.




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