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Chapter 5 – Slut Day

Once she had been called Catherine Lloyd.  It was an existence she remembered, the life she had lived, the husband, friends and family that had filled it.  She had believed she was happy then, a forty something woman in a stable life whose future, if not bright was at least comfortable and secure. And then she’d been selected, and everything had changed.

That night was now the center point in her existence.  She could still feel the fear crawling up her spine as she realized that something wasn’t right, still feel the darkness as her very body had melted and reformed under the hunters touch, as her life and existence had been rewritten, washing away the incomplete old and filling it with the completeness of what she was.

Sensuously she ran her hands down the skin tight red dress that did little to hide what was underneath, reveling in the sensation of the tight smooth body which was now hers, the sense of pure pleasure that even this now brought her.   No one, no one would ever recognize her like this, the white Anglo-Saxon forty something woman’s body was gone, replaced with a body which was young, and designed to inspire desire. If she were to look at herself in the mirror, she would no longer see a face that bore any resemblance to the one she had worn her entire life.  No longer the white cow with the nondescript brown hair, now she was an oriental tigress, almond eyed, and as beautiful as a oriental doll, yet real and full of fire.

For a while, even her identity had been re-written until the one who was everything had allowed her to remember, had allowed her to choose …

A part of her still screamed inside at that choice … the choice to leave all that she had been behind and be what she was, the completeness of herself.

To be Slut.

Just the thought made her body shiver and her cunt clench, her mind yearn for the touch of she who had made her, who had set her free.

But the dark was was quiescent tonight.   She had engaged in a great struggle, one that had pushed even her to her limits.   Now she required time, time for the essences to be crafted and restore her, to replace the resources needed to create a suitable woman from a man.  And, resting, so the dark one had given Slut permission to prowl.

The thrill, the anticipation was almost more than Slut could bear.

Still, she was not stupid, just driven and like the dark one, Slut could be patient, Slut could hide somewhat in plain sight, Slut could at least attempt to blend in to the prey around her.

The restaurant she had chosen was stylish and the diners well heeled.   Tonight she wore a stylish tight red dress and high but reasonable heels, a set of expensive pearls lain perfectly over her perfect skin.   Her midnight black hair was hung loose and straight almost to her waist, decorative pins holding it in place away from her face as she looked out amongst the guests with deep green eyes. Even in this somewhat sedate pose, Slut still attracted attention, mostly men but an occasional welcome appraising look from a woman.  The first she ignored, the second might earn the observer a small smile that invariably caused it’s recipient to flush, often without truly understanding why.   But none of these were her prey.  True, some might do if necessary, but Slut had a certain kind of itch to scratch and had come here to find it.  She could be patient, the meal was excellent and the waiter smitten so she had all of the time she needed.

Eventually a possibility caught her eye.  Three young women, probably rich college age girls, sitting with three equally young men dressed in expensive suits laughing softly and speaking with each other in a way that Slut instantly recognized.   The three girls were obviously interested in the three young men, very interested.  I was almost written in bright bold letters for Slut to see, the signals they were sending, the slight lean of a shoulder, the subtle pitch of a voice, the men of course mostly oblivious to it all.

Smitten … almost puppy love …

Slut briefly remembered a time when she too had been like these, when her target had been Frank.   Frank had been helpless against her onslaught, almost unaware of what was happening until he too was as smitten with her as she with him.

Certainly these men were as clueless as Frank had been, only interested in what was directly in front of them, failing to appreciate all of the subtle nuances that represented what appeared to be a long term campaign for the young women.

Slut smirked.  It was time for these women to trade up to a more worthwhile objective.

She stayed still, finishing off her desert, an appropriate Cherries Jubilee, savoring each nibble as she waited.

Eventually it happened, one of the women getting up to head towards the bathroom, her friends, as in time immemorial, rising to go with her.

Slut delicately dabbed the remains of her desert off her lips and then rose as well, moving gracefully towards the far bathrooms where the younger women were just now entering.   Approaching the door, Slut watched as others left the bathroom, only finally approaching when she was certain the three women were alone inside.  As she reached the door, she slipped a hand behind a nearby potted plant and hung the “Closed for Cleaning” sign she had earlier acquired over the handle.  With that small detail attended to, Slut moved gracefully through the door.

As expected the three were inside, chatting amiably as each adjusted their makeup, talking about how hot their dates were, speculating where it all might lead, joking with each other, the kinds of things that friends are made for.

All three women were attractive in a fresh young way but they had also obviously had the help of an experienced hair dresser and the dresses each wore were hardly off the rack at Walmart.  One of the women was a mocha skinned beauty with black hair, the other as white as could be with adorable freckles and a long wavy red mane, the other a classic blond with an enviable form.   None had the overly massive breasts that adorned such whores as Alley Cat, nor were they small but pert like Slut’s, they were somewhere in the middle, just tantalizingly right for Slut’s desires.  The tasteful jewelry the three wore would have fed a hungry family for a good long while but they were also obviously comfortable with that wealth, with the position it gave each of them in the world they knew.

But that world was about to change.

Slut stepped into the marble clad bathroom and all three girls stopped their amiable chatting and stared at her for a moment.  People had never done that when she had been plain Catherine Lloyd, but then Catherine had never had a body as Slut did, never exuded the essence of raw naked desire as Slut did, never had an attitude that exuded sex, confidence and inevitability as Slut did.

But people did now.

Normally the effect was understated, something that effected people without them realizing they were being impacted.  That was for times when Slut was stalking, when simply announcing herself in every way possible was counterproductive.   Slut had been playing that game all evening, but with her prey isolated and alone, Slut simply was what she was … and what she was desire, what she exuded was sex.

Each of the three young women were obviously not genetically inclined to Sluts charm.   To one extent of another, all of them preferred the male gender, all of them were attracted to same, but raw desire … that was something all understood, all reacted to.

Slut smiled a slightly predatory smile as swayed her way towards the mirrors where the young women had been touching up their makeup, evaluating each in turn.

The young mocha skinned girl seemed to be the most flustered by Slut’s appearance, her breath noticeably shorter and exuding the slight unique scent of pheromones indicating an involuntary arousal at Slut’s presence.   Her lightly freckled friend with the red mane had been taken aback as well but her level of arousal was much less noticeable.    The last, a tall blonde with what seemed the most expensive jewelry in the group seemed least affected though Slut knew even she was not immune to what Slut was.

In the end, Slut was irresistible, she had been designed that way.

“Hello,” purred Slut in her sultry voice, “I didn’t disturb anything did I?  I can always come back later.”

“N-No” stammered the dark skinned girl in a confused voice, “you didn’t disturb anything.”

“That’s too bad,” Slut continued as she moved up to the mirror with the rest of the girls.  “That would have been interesting.”

The dark skinned girl looked down at the floor for a moment, her uncertainty growing as she responded to Slut’s presence in a way she’d never expected she could.  Her brain was beginning to fire signals that it’s body understood but which her memories of what she was didn’t recognize.

Slut slid up to the mirror, withdrawing her makeup kit from her clutch and began touching up her makeup, making sure that she lightly brushed the bare arm of the tall blonde depositing some of her concentrated essence in the process.

“What did you mean by that,” the blonde said with a little heat as she backed fractionally away.   “What did you think we might be doing?”

Slut stopped touching up her already flawless makeup and turned her head to look at the blonde.  “Something interesting of course,” Slut replied as she looked deep and directly into the blonde’s blue eyes.

The blonde quickly looked away, unconsciously not wanting to see what was in Slut’s gaze.   Perhaps it was some primitive survival instinct that recognized how infectious that gaze could be, how it could reach into a woman’s soul and make it flame with desire … but it didn’t matter, what the blonde had seen there could not easily be forgotten.   No … as Slut saw the confusion on the girls face, saw the hesitation in her eyes, she knew that she had reached the blonde far more deeply that the young woman suspected.

“And what do you mean by that,” the red haired girl spoke up assertively, trying to be insulted but not quite managing it.

“Well,” Slut said as she looked boldly into the redhead’s eyes.  “You know … three girls in a bathroom, just imagine what might happen.”

The redhead’s eyes widened slightly as Slut’s own special pheromones reach her on an unconscious level, as the girls thoughts were directed down the lewd lines Slut wanted them to travel.

“That’s … that’s not right … ” said the mocha skinned girl, trying hard to be forceful but failing miserably.   Even now Slut to see the tiny rises on her dress showing where the girl’s nipples were hardening against the fabric.

“Oh it’s not is it?” Slut purred to her.  “That’s too bad, your friends are beautiful, don’t you think it would be nice to do something interesting with them?”

The black girl’s mouth dropped slightly as she stared with wide eyes, Slut’s essence helping guide the young woman’s imaginings exactly where Slut intended.

“No, she doesn’t,” snapped the blonde firmly which apparently was a mistake.   Unless Slut was mistaken, and she wasn’t, she sensed this one’s arousal grow and peak just at the point where she’d been most aggressive.  Well, everyone had a weakness, finding them and using them was what Slut did.

“Well, maybe she doesn’t,” Slut smirked.  “But apparently you do.”

Slut looked pointedly at the blonde’s chest where the clear bumps of her nipples plainly demonstrated her growing arousal.

“Why you fucking piece of garbage!!” the blonde spluttered in growing rage and arousal.   “Who the fuck do you think you are!!?”

Slut smiled, then without another word, slipped up close to the blonde, pressing her body into her prey and pulled the taller girl into her kiss.

The young woman was shocked at first and then fought hard to break away as slut’s pheromones poured into her, as her unyielding mouth unintentionally parted allowing Slut’s tongue to slip inside against hers.   The blonde’s rage grew ever greater as her body’s desires betrayed her, driving her arousal ever higher until she was kissing Slut back as forcefully and hard as Slut was herself, her hands pulling Slut’s mouth firmly against her own as Slut’s own hands kneaded the taller woman’s ass.

Finally the blonde regained enough composure to slip away, her hand going to her mouth as if to wipe away the very memory of what she’d just done.   The look she gave Slut was equal parts pure hate and inferno like desire to do it all over again.

“Now, that was interesting,” purred Slut seductively licking her lips.   “Didn’t you think that was interesting?” Slut purred looking the young black girl in the eyes once more.

The girl was obviously confused, but equally obviously aroused, one hand uncertainly squeezing one breast while she desperately attempted to keep her other hand away from the crease in her legs.

“Oh, yes you did,” laughed Slut softly as she slid over to the redhead.   “I imagine you would like this even better.”

The redhead looked around helplessly, looking over at the blonde for help, for guidance.   Slut smiled like the predator she was, obviously this girl needed direction.

“Look at me,” Slut said in a clear forceful tone.   “Look at me closely … look at ALL of me.”

The redhead reluctantly shifted her eyes away from her blonde friend and looked at Slut with new eyes, seeing all of her, every curve, every line, her stance, her eyes, the confidence and sexuality that literally radiated from her.   “You want me … you know it’s true,” Slut stated.

The redhead’s eyes grew larger with fear as the young woman realized that what Slut was saying was absolutely true.   She did want Slut, wanted her so badly she could feel her body shake.

“You want me to keep doing this, keep doing this to you, to all of your friends until those boyfriends of yours are history … until you can’t be aroused by them or any like them … you can only be aroused by each other, only aroused by those like me.”

The redhead was nearly crying now as she felt each word Slut gave to her ring with nothing but truth.   Even now she could feel nothing for her boyfriend Kyle … he was a nice guy but … she knew now he could never do anything for her, ever make her feel anything.  She didn’t desire him, couldn’t desire him.   Only someone like this woman could give her that, only those like her friends.

“Oh god … ” she whimpered.

Slut turned to look at the blonde who was almost shaking with rage and arousal.   “Bet that makes you angry,” Slut sneered. “I bet that you can’t stand what I’m doing to you, to all of you.”

“Yes,” the blonde said in a sharp bark.   “Who the fuck are you?” she snarled.

“Me, I just want to see something interesting.  Want me to do something that’ll really piss you off?” purred Slut.

“yes,” the blonde involuntarily gasped, her eyes widening as she realized what she had said.

“Why don’t you go over there and fuck that pretty little black friend of yours.  Take her, put her on the toilet and lick her cunt out like the trailer trash whore you are inside.  You know you want it, you know you need it, and that’s what makes it so fucking hot.  Knowing what it means, knowing what you are and knowing there’s not a fucking thing a white trash whore like you can do about it, nothing that you want to do about it!!” snarled Slut as each word slashed at the blonde’s psyche.

The blonde looked over at her black skinned friend in the cream colored dress, looked at the confused and helpless face as her friend struggled against what was happening to her. Watched with anticipation as the young woman seemed to melt under her hot frustrated gaze.  Fuck, it was the fucking hottest thing she’d ever seen.  She shouldn’t be like this but who the fuck cared?  She knew it, she knew she couldn’t lose control and yet … she knew she was going to do it … she knew that it was wrong, hated herself for even thinking about it … but she couldn’t wait to feel her tongue on her friends wet slit, listen to her scream in lust for her.  It was what a cunt like her wanted more than anything, the taste of raw pussy draining deep into her fucking soul!!!

The blonde’s entire body shook, her fists clenched against her own blue silk dress, glaring at her friend as if it were all her fault, all her fault that she looked so hot, that she just needed her cunt licked.  Fuck, she’d show her, she’d show her who was the Queen Dyke around HERE!!!

“Get the fuck over here,” the blonde snarled, roughly grabbing her mocha skinned friend her the arm, her head swimming with the pleasure of doing that, on knowing what would come next.

“Crissy,” moaned the black girl as she warred against her own desires.  “Don’t listen to her… please!”

“Shut the fuck up Dee!!” snapped the blonde as she half guided, half drug her friend toward the nearest bathroom stall.  “You’re my bitch now, so just shut the fuck up do what I say!!!”

The taller blonde girl pushed her friend into the stall and down on to the toilet.  “Now, just fucking spread those legs you filthy cunt.  You know you want me to … girls like you always want me to lick their filthy fuckholes!!! You aren’t fooling me you fucking whore!!!”

“oh … no crissy” the black girl pleaded.   “we’re friends and … oh fuck … this isn’t right.”

“Course it does, we were meant to fuck!!”  snarled her friend.

Without another word, the blonde reach down, lifted and spread her friends legs, kneeling down on the floor with her head just inches from the black girls already soaked panties.

“No … no crissy … not that.” whimpered her friend feebly.  “you can’t.”

“The fuck I can’t.” snarled the blonde as she ripped her friends silk panties into shreds and then buried her tongue deep inside the black beauties ready and waiting snatch.

“oh nooo … oh … oh … nooo … oh god … oh god,” moaned young woman as she unconsciously reached forward and drew her friends head into her.  “oh fuck … oh fuck … oh fuccccckkkkkkkk.  Oh my god … Ohhhhh  Ohhh Oh my God … YES!!!!”

Slut looked on in satisfaction. “You’re all Sluts, you’re all rug-munching cunts and dykes … god what a torrid bunch of bitches.  Isn’t that right?”

A shriek of “Yes!!!!” issue from the black girl’s mouth as her blonde friend angrily lashed her clit, her tongue too busy to do more than grunt in agreement.

“You see,”  Slut purred dangerously as she turned back to the terrified redhead. “It doesn’t matter that you’ve go money, it doesn’t matter that you’ve smart or talented.   You’re all sluts … and of all the pussies you can’t wait to taste, mine’s the one you’re going to want the most … always.”

The girl trembled as the unwanted truth washed through her, undeniable just like her torrid desire for the oriental beauty who was doing this to her … doing this to her and her friends.

“This is what you always wanted to be … it makes you all complete, it makes you all what you should have always been,” purred Slut.  “Isn’t that right.”

The redhead’s eyes widened even further as it all came clear to her, it all became so apparent.   She could hear her blonde friends snarls of passion, and Dee’s moans and screams of pure desire echoing from the stall.  She could actually smell their desire, and then, more importantly, she could smell her own … and the woman standing in front of her, a woman that she was just dying to taste … dying to fuck forever if she could.

“Yes,” she gasped.  “It’s what we always should have been.”

“Then show me,” commanded Slut.

The red headed girl stepped into Slut’s arms and melted eagerly into her, plunging into a deep kiss as she began to carefully undo Slut’s dress.


By the time the young women exited the bathroom again, Slut had returned to her table, her visage unruffled and elegant.   Her sluts were not quite so composed.  With Slut’s help, they had unruffled their dresses, redone their hair, but they couldn’t completely keep the new sway out of their stride, or gaze at the women around them without a tinge of hunger in their look.  It was now a major effort for each of them not to touch each other and do the things they knew they had been designed to do. The boys would soon figure out something was wrong, even if they wouldn’t grasp what, and the evening would turn out badly for them, their girlfriends sending them home alone as they stayed out a bit longer … without them.

Shortly thereafter they would return to the hotel above this restaurant, reserve one of the suites for the evening and then Slut would spend the rest of the night, and probably many nights thereafter, teaching them how to be what they already knew they were, her cunt loving little sluts.



It was enough to make Slut smile and pity the prey around her who would never know what it meant to be complete.

Chapter 6 – A Rose for Sally

Sally moaned loudly with pleasure which drowned out her confusion.   She had awakened like this, her arms holding on to the headboard of the bed, her ass thrust up as a woman with bottle blonde hair fucked her dripping pussy with a long pink dong.   Everything else was somehow wrong too.  Her skin was too pale and white and her hair had never been raven black nor this long and there was no way in hell she should be enjoying any of this … but she was … she was reveling in it in a way she’d never thought possible.

“Am I fuckin you good baby, are you gonna cum for me?” the blonde girl cooed.

Before she could even think to reply she heard a voice issue from her mouth.  “oh yes … oh yes!!   Just fuck me HARD!!!”

My god, she’d said that … and it hadn’t even been her voice … just way too high and the pitch all wrong … ALL of this was wrong.

Those thoughts were driven out of her head as the woman increased the strength and speed of the dong and began slapping Sally’s ass which, unimaginably, made Sally want to cum even harder, even more.

“OH FUCK!!” she screamed, reaching one hand back to grab on to her clit and rub it oh so hard.   “OH FUCK … YES … THAT’s IT …. OH GOD I”M CUMMINGGGGG!!!”

And she did … came so hard the whole world spun in a white dark light that sent her mind reeling.

What the hell was happening to her.

It was hard to piece it all together, it was like little fragments like this one.  She was aware for a few moments and then nothing until, like now, she was aware again in some totally bizarre situation. And everything was just wrong, from her body to what she was doing, how she was reacting.    Just like now … she was being fucked by another woman and she’d liked it … not just liked it, LOVED IT.   Since when had she been into other girls.  Or maybe she wasn’t … maybe it was just this weird body that did.

And speaking of which, how the hell had she ended up with black hair, and her breasts, when had they shrunk down to itty bitty titties?   It was like she was a foreigner in someone else’s body, but quite obviously, she was dammed comfortable in it too.   Her pussy was still spasming from probably the best climax she could recall … ever.

“So, didja like it?” said blonde asked in a playful tone?   “Ya seem ta.”

Sally rolled over on to her back and without thinking gasped “That was fucking awesome.”

“That’s like what I aims for, ta please the customer,” the other woman replied in a satisfied tone.

Sally’s eyes snapped open and looked at her recent fuckmate. She hadn’t been really able to pay much attention before, facing the wrong way and busy with other things at the time, but this time she really looked.  This time she saw a well designed woman with tanned skin, light bottle blonde hair that came down to her shoulders, truly massive breasts barely contained in a hot pink corset and matching thigh high boots that left her lower stomach and sex fully exposed, all set off by her gold hoop earrings and screaming pink nails and lipstick.  This wasn’t the way say, a JC Penney’s clerk might dress, whoever this was had a different line of work.

“Did … you know … did I hire you?”  Sally gasped in a voice much higher than she remembered.

“Oh, like you must be really out of it babe,” the whore said in a distractedly shy voice. “You don’t like nevers have to pays me … that’s like other peoples … you I do coz I want ta … and well … you like knows I’m yours, pussy tits and tongue anytime, anywhere, totally free of charge.  I’m your own personal Alley Cat.”

Sally tried to take it all in … somehow the name sounded somewhat familiar.

“Um … I’m a little out of it right now … sorry … ”

“Well you ought to be,” Alley said a bit sharply.  “After fucking Red Light till she burst that like tires most girls out.  Anyway like Slut told us to stay away from you for a few days, let you get better and stuffs.”

“Slut?  The others?” Sally asked in confusion.

“Wow, you are out of it sweetie,” said Alley with alarm. “I can see how you might get a little confuzed, it like happens to me all the time, but to forget like all of us?  No, that’s not right.   You just stay here and I’ll get help.”

The blonde woman moved quickly to the door, how she managed that with those heels was beyond Sally’s comprehension, but she did.   A moment later she was back with the most awe inspiring woman Sally had ever seen.   In her new form Alley made her tingle, but this one radiated such desire and longing that Sally was squirming the moment she laid eyes on her.

The young Asian, wearing as close to nothing as made no difference, sat down beside her and gazed at her with mysterious green eyes.   “Do you remember me?” she said in a voice of pure silk.

Now that she mentioned it, she did seem familiar though Sally couldn’t quite place her.    “I … I don’t know.” Sally said.  “I … I don’t know about any of this.”

The young woman took her hand and smiled comfortingly.  “It’s alright, I remember you,” she said.   Two other women joined Alley at the doorway, each stunning in their own way, both obviously of Latin extraction but the younger one soft and feminine with long wavy platinum blonde hair, the other taller, a bit older with short almost spiky black hair with an aura that said there was little soft about her.

All of them, All of them looked familiar but Sally was equally sure she’d never met any of them before.

“Is she gonna be ok chica?” the older of the two asked.

“Oh she’ll be fine,” the Asian woman said as she gently stroked Sally’s hand.   “She’s just remembering a time before … ”

“A time before what?” asked Alley.

“A time before she was what she is.  I met her once this way, the day she made me hers from the top of my heart to the bottom of my soul,” she said with a beautiful wistful smile. “Now go leave her in peace for a while.  Shortly she will be her old self again.”

The others slipped out of the room and closed the door behind them.

“Who are you?” Sally asked softly

“I’m Slut,”  she replied in a soft voice.  “Like you, I was once something else, but you see, you gave me a choice, you gave me a choice to be what I am, or go back to what I was, and when I made that choice, my world became complete.”

“I don’t understand,” Sally said as she unconsciously drew closer to the woman.  “How did I … get this way.”

“I don’t know, you never told me,” Slut said as she gently brushed her lips over Sally’s forehead.

“H … How did you … become?”  Sally whispered as she delicately kissed Slut’s neck.

“You did that … in a dark alley downtown.  You took me there, molded my body and my mind and filled in all of the pieces of me that were missing,” Slut replied as she slid up against Sally’s body.

“I … people can’t do that,” Sally moaned softly as she soaked in the closeness of this woman.

“You can …   perhaps this will help,” Slut said as she bent her head down and gently drew Sally into her kiss.

This was wrong, wrong on so many levels she couldn’t count them, but this woman was mind-bendingly irresistible, almost unearthly.

But that’s because she’d been designed that way.

Of course, Sally thought as she lost herself in that kiss, that’s why Slut was so amazing like this, she’d been designed to be that way, designed by …

I designed her.

Sally pulled away from the kiss for a moment as that thought registered in her mind.

I designed her.

Sally’s eyes widened … she’d done this … made this work of art … she’d …

Taken her.   Taken her and molded her like clay because she knew what design she’d required … and she’d known that Slut was the perfect vessel for what she had to give.

“Oh my god,” she whispered in shock.

“Remembering?” Slut looked at her with an inquiring lift of an eyebrow.

“Yes,”  Sally said, “I remember the alley … I remember … grinding our pussies together on that bed … oh … you were so beautiful and … and …”

“Yes?” Slut said

“i wanted to … I wanted to fuck you … I wanted to drive you crazy … I wanted you to choose me and leave everything else you’d been behind.”

“That’s right,” Slut said gently nibbling Sally’s earlobe.   “You did … and so did I.”

“I remember,” Sally said gently taking Slut in her arms.   “There’s … something else about me that’s different … but … but I chose you … I chose this.”

“Yes” said Slut skillfully wrapping her body around Sally’s. “You chose us all.”

“I did?  I … I don’t remember,” Sally whispered. “I did that to all of them?  It wasn’t something else?”

“I don’t know, not really, but when I look in your eyes, I always see you there, you may act different but you are always there,” Slut sighed as she slipped her leg between Sally’s thighs.  “You are the one who owns us all, we obey what you are because you made us whole.  But this part of you … the echo of what you were with what you’ve become, this … this is what I gave myself to.”

Slut’s leg was now nestled where it belonged, gently stroking against Sally’s sex, emotions, feelings welling up inside of her.   She could remember many dark places like shadows in her mind, places of terror she knew she had once known … but for so long … she had so few things that were like this. Soft tears began to flow like drops of rain down her cheeks.  “I don’t want to go away … I don’t want to leave.   Please stay with me.”

“I will always be with you,” Slut said as she kissed the tears away. “And I will be here when you need me … I promise.”

“Ok,” said Sally softly, “then make sure I remember this.”

And Slut did.   For the rest of the evening until the morning came, she made love.   For all others, it would simply be carnal pleasure and desire which was natural as that was how she was designed, but for the one whom she had given herself to, that was not enough.  All that it was, Slut gave freely and completely until she felt with certainty her partner return it all.

Slut had thought she was completed, but in that moment, Slut knew what completeness truly was.

When the morning came, the dark one was once again herself, but as Slut looked into her eyes, should could sense Sally there and knew that she would indeed remember.

Chapter 7 – Meanwhile

“So, how did it happen?” asked the man behind the desk.

“We don’t know sir.  Escape should have been beyond it’s parameters,” replied the man in the white smock coat.

“It did just a bit more than escape, didn’t it Mr. Huggins,” came the reply.

“Yes sir, a great deal of damage was done to the information systems as well as the various lab cultures and growth farms,” the man in the smock coat replied.

“And the XV-99 was responsible for that?” the man behind the desk replied.

“I … I’m not sure that responsible for is the right word sir.”

“Oh really?” replied the man behind the desk.  “Your report indicates live elements of the XV-99’s systems corrupting the entire information system.  It said here that these self same elements initiated an uncontrolled meltdown of all of the processing subsystems causing them to destroy all of the advanced batches, not only those in process but those is storage as well.   How can the XV-99 not be responsible for that” the older man declared with obvious frustration.

The man in the smock coat loosened his collar a bit as sweat began to trickle down the back of his neck.  “It’s the protocols sir, all of the X series have them.  They are simply incapable of engaging in this kind of action without a creative and directing authority. Within their own designed limits, X series can be very innovative and creative, but only within those limitations.  In order for XV-99 to have caused this kind of damage, in order for it to even contemplate escape from this facility would have required some form of outside guidance and authority, something which the XV-99 could not have supplied itself.”

“It’s been suggested that it’s latent could have done exactly that Mr. Huggins,” the man behind the desk commented coldly.

“That’s … that’s impossible sir,” the man in the smock coat replied nervously.  “Latents, those that survive in any degree, are incapable of integrating successfully with the X protocols, at least independently, and XV-99 had gone well past the prescribed limit of Latent survivability since it’s last episode.   The Latent in XV-99 was gone sir, no trace detected or discernible and that’s presuming that even if it had survived in some form, that it could influence and direct the X protocols, which it would not have been able to do.”

The man behind the desk settled back into his chair a bit in thought. “So, then if it wasn’t the XV-99, it must have been someone … inside.”

“Yes sir,” the man in the smock coat said in a relived voice.

“That’s troubling Huggins, very troubling,” said the man behind the desk.  “You know how sensitive the work we do here is.  If a breath of this ever reached a reporter … ”

“Sir, we have protocols to handle that,” said the man in the smock coat confidently.  “A number of both our Y and X series were once members of the media.”

“Oh yes,” the man behind the desk smiled wistfully.  “Y-741 was a most enjoyable distraction.  Still, don’t be overconfident Huggins, this breach might get out of hand in ways even we can’t control.”

“Yes sir,” the man in the smock coat replied obediently.

“So, what are the retrieval protocols of XV-99, how soon will its core deplete so that we can locate it and bring it back?” the man behind the desk asked.

The man in the smock coat looked suddenly nervous again.  “Uh … sir … as you saw with the technical proposal for this model … well … ”

“Out with it man, what are you dithering about!” snapped the man behind the desk.

“Well sir,” the man in the smock coat replied in a nervous voice, “that is one of the advanced aspects of this design.  Unlike the earlier models, it has the ability to replenish itself over an extended period of time.  It can rebuild and replicate it’s components over a long term … in addition to other significant enhancements.”

“What do you mean,” the man behind the desk ground out in a dangerous tone “by long term.”

“Theoretically,” the man in the smock coat replied in a small voice, “we don’t know … we never tested it out fully … but given the right environment … indefinitely?”

“INDEFINITELY!!!?” the man behind the desk thundered.  “YOU MEAN TO SAY IT’S OUT THERE AND IT CAN JUST KEEP ON GOING!!!?”

“yes sir,” the man in the smock coat whimpered.

The man behind the desk sat still in dark contemplation.   “What is the status of the program at present,” he finally spoke in flat level tones.

“All the advanced growth bins were destroyed,” the man in the smock coat said is a hesitant voice, “as were the design records and supporting research archives.  We can’t grow anything greater than a level X-4 and … it might be some time before we can make any progress at recovery … as you know … key members of the research team … encountered XV-99 during it’s escape and were … injured.”

“Yes,” said the man behind the desk levelly.  “Which is exceptionally fortunate for you Mr. Huggins.  Failures like this are not easily overlooked.”

“sir?” said the main in the smock coat with genuine fear in his voice.

“Fortunately for you Mr. Huggins,” the man behind the desk continued, “you are the most senior of your colleagues … in working order, so I’m going to need you and your skills to rebuild this program.”

“oh thank you sir,” that man in the smock coat said in a choked voice.  “I swear nothing like this will ever happen again.”

“Oh, I hope not Mr. Huggins,” said the man behind the desk in a dangerously pleased voice.   “You see, while I do need you, I understand you have a wife and a daughter who is in college.  They I don’t need at all.   So, in order to motivate you, I’ve already issued take orders for them both and to apply a X-series modification program to them. Since level 9 is now unavailable to us, level 4 will have to suffice.   I understand from your research that this does not necessarily need to be a permanent condition for your loved ones.  If you can advance the program sufficiently quickly, the process may eventually be reversed … which means Mr. Huggins, speed and effectiveness are at a premium here.”

“No sir,” the man in the smock coat recoiled in horror, “you wouldn’t do that … it’s … it’s … INHUMAN!!”

“No Mr. Huggins, inhuman it is what your wife and daughter soon will be.  The order has been given so I’d advise you to work especially hard and well, you and your knowledge, your ability to rebuild and advance this program are their only salvation.  Just be thankful I need you Mr. Huggins, just think of what I might do to you if I was able.  Carlos, take Mr. Huggins back to his lab.”

“Noooooo,” the man in the smock coat screamed as two burly men dragged him from the room.

“What now sir,” said a thin woman in a severe suit as the hatch slid shut cutting off the man with the smock coat’s screams.

“We need to apprehend XV-99, bring it back.  If what Mr. Huggins says is true, the only source of new level 9 components lies with that unit.   How many level 9 operatives do we have active?”

The thin woman tapped some commands into her Pad. “Two are on missions, two are on rehabilitation and are low on components.  We can restock then with what we have of level 4 components but that will significantly reduce their effectiveness.  Six others are in various states of readiness.”

“Very well,” said the man behind the desk.  “Terminate the level 4 retirement program and bring all older models up to full readiness.  We should be able to supply them from what we can currently produce.   If we are short, issue additional take orders to refill the ranks and assign them to all normal field operations possible.  Recall all level 5 through level 8 operatives from tasks that are not absolutely critical and assign them to the task of locating XV-99.  All level 9 series are to stand by to support and retrieve XV-99 once found.”

“The differences in operating capabilities between the models is significant sir,” the woman replied.  “Even the other level nines are likely to be outmatched.”

“Oh, no doubt you’re right,” the man behind the desk replied casually.  “Against any of them singly, I’m sure the 99 would triumph, but alone and without direction, against them all?  Quantity has a quality all it’s own.”

“As you say sir,” the thin woman replied with a slight nod of the head.

“And I want a copy of the taking of Huggin’s wife and daughter streamed to my personal system.   I’m feeling a bit … on edge.  Watching them squirm might just be what I need.”

“Of course sir,” said the thin woman as she began to make the necessary arrangements.


Chapter 8 – A place for Dominique

Dominique carefully noted the subject’s information and added her own mental notes to the file.  There was something in the breeze, something that the Dark One had sensed in a way that Dominique could not begin to understand and yet accepted.  It simply was the way things were, the way she and the others had been designed.   And she had been designed, she could feel it to the center of her being.  She vaguely realized that she hadn’t always been as she was now, but that didn’t matter.  After all, what could be more fulfilling than to be what she was and to service the Dark One.

Making her final notes and preparation, Dominique slid out of the front seat of the Benz she had borrowed, snatched her briefcase in one hand and adjusted her glasses with the other.  Preparations were complete, it was time.


Emily Martin popped open a beer and gratefully sank into her recliner with a sigh.   It has been a hard stressful day, not to mention a week for the books.   The most frustrating thing, the part that kept her awake at night was the certain knowledge that she was failing.

People simply didn’t vanish into thin air, they always, always left something behind, some trace, however obscure.  But the people she was responsible for finding seemed to have walked to a certain point and then just vanished.  That two of them were her friends and co-workers only made things more stressful … no … haunting was a better word.  That and the feeling in her gut that it hadn’t ended, that there were more disappearances lurking just around the corner.

She brushed back a lock of her long blonde hair and took a frustrated drink from the can as she thought about it some more.  She’d busted her butt to finally make Lieutenant, finally been trusted enough to take the lead detective case on one of the hottest assignments and she was coming up with zilch, nada, nothing.

The doorbell rang and Emily glared at it for a moment, trying to decide if she should open it or just say the fuck with it and finish her beer.   The bell rang a second, possibly more persistent time, so she reluctantly left behind the cool comfort of her chair and headed toward the door.

“I swear, if it’s a Jehovah’s witness or someone with a petition I’m going to take out my gun and … ”

Calming herself slightly, Emily put her eye to the door’s peep hole and saw a tall hispanic woman dressed in a blue business skirt suit and carrying a briefcase, probably not the gangland type nor did she strike Emily as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Putting on her best face she opened the door and smiled at the woman on her front porch and said, “Can I help you?”

The woman looked at her with a level gaze and replied, “I’m here about the room.”

“Pardon me?” Emily replied with a questioning look.

“The room,” the woman replied in a soft yet persistent voice. “You advertised that you had a room for rent.”

“But I don’t,” replied Emily with a confused frown. “You must have the wrong address.”

“This is 3544 Somerset, you are Emily aren’t you?” the woman replied with a slight yet compelling arch to her eyebrow.

“Well yes,” Emily replied firmly.

“Then you advertised for a room for rent,” replied the woman as she presented Emily with what appeared to be a copy of the local paper.

Emily took the paper, found the ad circled in black marker which said ‘Woman seeks renter for room in quiet safe neighborhood, $800 a month including utilities, first and last month’s paid in advance, apply in person at 3544 Somerset after 6:00 pm, ask for Emily’.

Emily looked up feeling slightly uncertain of herself.  “I didn’t place that ad,” she stated.   “There must be some kind of mistake.”

“No, no mistake … this is 3544 Somerset, and you are Emily so I’m in the right place, speaking with the right person,” the other woman insisted.

Emily looked at the ad again in confusion.  Well yes, the ad did say that, it did say she had a room … but …

“I didn’t place the ad,” Emily replied a little less firmly than she had intended.  Instead it had come out soft and somewhat uncertain.  For the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why.

“You don’t have a room?” the woman continued in a rich deep voice with just a hint of steel that Emily couldn’t help but somehow find … appealing.

“Well … yes … I suppose I do …,” Emily replied feeling even more confused.  The house was pretty big, two stories and a basement, all kinds of room but …

“So you do have a room,” the woman persisted.

No … no I don’t … but …

“Yes, but it’s not for rent,” Emily finally replied in a soft small voice.  For whatever reason, she just couldn’t seem to put any force behind her replies, the kind of replies that would send this woman away from her door so she could sit back down and enjoy her beer.

“I’ve come a long ways to see the room you advertised, I would like to see it,” the woman continued.

But … I didn’t advertise … did I?

The answer was obvious, Emily hadn’t posted the ad, she hadn’t intended to rent a room to anyone.  All she needed to do was tell this woman to get lost.

Instead Emily heard herself reply, “Umm … well you did come a long way.”

“Yes,” the woman replied as she walked through the door and into the house in a sure confident manner. “I did.”

Emily closed the door behind her with a small shiver of reluctance.  Why had she let this woman into her house, she hadn’t placed an add and … well it was her house and …

“Thank you,” the woman said with the faintest hint of a smile, looking around examining everything with a critical air.

Emily almost trembled as a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine though, for the life or her, she didn’t know why.  There wasn’t anything pleasant about this … except for the woman’s voice which had a compelling quality that Emily felt she could listen to for hours.  It was pretty impressive, and now that she thought of it, the woman was pretty impressive all around, the suit couldn’t disguise the fit figure within or the tight ass, long legs and powerfully sculpted but indefinably feminine face, and those luscious lips were.

Fuck, what is the matter with you Emily … focus.

Emily began to frown and frame an appropriate response when the raven haired woman finished her inspection, locked her eyes onto Emily’s and everything she had readied to say simply disappeared.

“Do you live alone?”  the other woman asked in that honeyed voice.

“N..no … I mean my boyfriend lives here … but he travels … a lot and … he’s gone for a few weeks,” Emily replied.

“He’s not going to be a problem is he?” the woman replied in a stern voice.

Problem? Emily thought about it for a few moments … of course it was a problem … there was room of course … but still …

“No, he’s not going to be a problem,” Emily replied almost before she realized the words were leaving her mouth.

“Good,” said the woman with another small smile and a satisfied tone.

Emily smiled in return despite herself.  God what was in that beer anyway?

“So,” the woman said with an expectant look.

For a moment Emily didn’t know how to respond.  Obviously the woman wanted something but what might it be and for some reason it seemed vitally important that she do … what?

A lewd impossible image flashed into Emily’s mind that made her widen her eyes in surprise.  Quickly she banished it from her thoughts but it was one of those things that once seen or thought was hard to ignore and the edges of it seemed to dance around the corners of her mind.

The woman’s face above her soften a bit with the faintest whisper of a smile. “Are you alright pet?” she said in a comfortable voice.  “You’re flushed.”

Emily didn’t know exactly what to do.  If she could have melted into the floor right there in embarrassment that is exactly what she would have done, but she couldn’t, there was just no-where to run, to find a place to compose herself.   And fuck that, she’d faced down organized crime and not so organized crime figures without breaking a sweat.  She knew how to handle herself or else she never would have survived the first week on the job, much less years on the force.

She pulled herself together with a snarl inside and looked firmly into the woman’s eyes.

And they were beautiful eyes.  Somehow familiar in a haunting sort of way, blue eyes on a soft brown face with classic lines, and thick luscious lips.  The dark black hair was short in a cut that was a bit less feminine than she really liked in her girls, but she could get around that and …

What the fuck!!? … God Emily, you’re not into crap like that!!!

She shook herself slightly, horrified by the lack of control she was experiencing.  Lifting a hand to her brow she replied a bit unsteadily “No … no I’m alright, just a bit stressed out from work is all, you know how it is.”

“Indeed I do,” the statuesque woman replied in a knowing tone which sent involuntary shivers down Emily’s spine.  “Can I see the room?”

Another lewd image seeped in from the edges of her mind but once again she pushed them aside.  The woman wanted to see the room.  It didn’t matter that she wasn’t renting a room, she’d just show her Dale’s crappy bedroom and the woman would be disgusted and find someone else to bother.  It wasn’t that much of a bother to Emily, it was just a guy thing but other women couldn’t stand it. All she needed to do was get this over with, get this woman out of the house and throw all the beer she had out the door never to drink that brand again.

“Um … yes, It’s just upstairs,” Emily managed to mutter.

Emily headed up the stairs but couldn’t escape the impression that the other woman was admiring her as she followed her.  Emily looked back briefly but didn’t see anything untoward, just a satisfied smile on the dark haired woman’s face.

Is she checking me out?  Why the hell do I care if she is or not.  I’m not some kind of freak after all!!

Emily glanced back again as they continued up the stairs and this time caught the impression that the woman was indeed admiring the view.

Emily affixed her eyes directly forward, certain that she was blushing furiously again.  But … she had to admit there was a part of her … a part she’d never known existed, that was … pleased.

Dale’s been gone for too long, and I’m drunk … yeah … on a half a can of beer … right.

She reached the top of the landing and turned the handle on the knob to the small upstairs bedroom.  It wasn’t much of a bedroom at all, just enough room for a twin sized bed, a small chest of drawers and a night stand.  She’d rented it to Dale until they’d gotten drunk one night and they’d hit it off.  It had been a good half year since Dale had moved into her room with her, but his crap was still in here and the odor was stale and … just smelled of overripe guy sweat.

“Here’s the room,” she said brightly turning back to the woman.  “Sorry for the mess but my boyfriend hasn’t cleaned it in a while.”

“This is your boyfriends room? It is, I suppose, something I’d expect from a man.” she continued in a tone filled with scorn.

Emily looked back into the room.  Yeah, sure it was disorganized and stuff but …

But nothing, it was, she realized, a complete sty.  How could anyone live like that, and it wasn’t just Dale, she realized, it was like all the guys she’d ever dated.  Each of them thought they were god’s gift to women but they all acted like Orangutans when it came to something as simple as hygiene.  She couldn’t understand why she’d tolerated it as long as she had.  One thing was for certain, there were going to be some changes when Dale finally came back again.

“Yeah, disgusting isn’t it?” Emily replied in a tone layered with disgust.  “But this is the room.”

“No, this will never do,” the tall woman replied turning her gaze back on Emily.  “Show me another one.”

Emily looked up into the woman’s compelling blue eyes speechless for a moment.  Other room … what other room?

“You do have other rooms do you not,” the woman replied gesturing to the house at large.  “A house of this size surely has more than one bedroom.”

Emily’s eyes flicked down the hall for a moment.  “Well yes … but.”

The woman’s gaze followed Emily’s and landed on the door to the master suite.   Striding the few steps down the hall before Emily could do more than stand there like some sort of moron, the woman opened the door to Emily’s own room.

“Oh, this is much better,” said the woman in a satisfied tone.  “Plenty of room, sunshine, and a four post brass bed,” she finished in admiration.

“Yes … it is nice … but … I mean … this room … it’s not for rent,” Emily replied

“Not for rent? But it’s perfect.  Why didn’t you show me this at the first?”  replied the woman expansively.

“Well,” Emily stammered more forcefully, “because it’s … it’s MY room and … I’m not giving up my room!”

Emily could almost feel herself stamp her foot like a child, a rage … but a totally impotent one.  What the hell was the matter here.

“Oh, that’s not a problem,” said the dark haired woman as she made a dismissive wave in the air.  “You can stay.”

Emily started to speak but stuttered in astonishment.  “What … what do you mean … I can stay?”

The light brown skinned woman turned back to her with a look one might give to a recalcitrant child.

“I mean, you can stay.  You have a King sized bed and there’s more than enough room for two,” she replied in a patient tone.

No, this was all wrong.  “No … I mean … my boyfriend … and me … ”

The dark haired beauty replied with a stern tone.  “I thought you said he wouldn’t be a problem.”

Well, thought Emily … she had said that but that wasn’t what she’d meant … had she?  There was something not right … why was she even listening to this woman when she should be booting her tail out the front door.

Oh … her tail.  Emily hadn’t had time to really appreciate it before but her visitor’s business suit couldn’t fully disguise the hard shapely ass that the dark haired woman possessed.  In fact, it was hard not to think about the firm hard body hidden under the guise of her severe garments. Booting her tail … no … but there were so many things one could do with …

GOD!! … what the hell am I thinking?!? What’s the matter with me?

Emily closed her eyes and took a step back as her jumbled thoughts tried to organize themselves.   She felt … unsteady, like she’d drank just a little too much but that couldn’t be it.  It was something else, something in the air maybe.  Reaching back she felt the wall then the door.  For some inexplicable reason, she felt the desperate urge to run, to get away while she still could.  It was almost as if something deep in her gut was telling her she was in danger, the same kind of sense that had kept her alive and well on the force, on the dark streets where no sane person would choose to tread.

She was about to turn and head out the door when she felt a light touch on her shoulder.

“Emily,” the woman’s voice said, except this time there wasn’t that edge of steel or the demanding prim tones she’d heard before.  This voice was soft, concerned, warm and gentle.

Emily opened her eyes and looked into the eyes for the woman who’d spoke her name.  Electric blue eyes all at odds with the rest of the woman’s light brown face and raven black hair.  Those eyes were beautiful, at that moment the most beautiful things Emily had ever seen and it struck her … why hadn’t she gazed into them before, why hadn’t she appreciated the amazing sculpture that was the woman’s face, the sensuous lips … really very kissable lips …

She found herself leaning forward ever so slightly, her head turning just a bit before she had even realized she had moved.  It was just the slightest of gestures, just a moment between the action and the realization, a moment before she understood what she was doing and attempted to retract it.  But in that moment, the woman’s eyes softened, her lips parted, she took the half step forward and into Emily’s kiss.

Emily felt their lips touch and before she could stop herself, she parted her lips and slipped her tongue into the other woman’s mouth.

It was impossible.  She could feel herself moving, wrapping her arms around the other woman, feel her body move close against hers, feel her tongue gently playing with that of the other woman.  And it was so … so amazing.  She could feel her heartbeat, even smell the other woman’s desire.  And it was desire … it was burning flaming desire and she couldn’t understand it, couldn’t understand any of it, but she couldn’t stop it either.  She could feel her breasts against the other woman’s, tasted her on her tongue, feel the other woman’s hands cup her ass and draw her in.   And she wanted it … suddenly she wanted it so badly.  It was like a dream she couldn’t wake up from.

She felt the other woman’s leg press between hers, felt her own legs part allowing the woman’s leg to rub against her sex.  Oh god, I was so wonderful.  She couldn’t stop, she could see herself rubbing herself against the other woman, her arousal climbing as she pressed harder and harder against her leg, rutting like a whore trying to fuck herself, a slutty lesbo whore …

Oh my God, this can’t be right!!!

Emily opened her eyes with a start and pushed herself away from the other woman, but she was already up against the wall.

“I was going to ask you if you were alright,” said the woman in a husky voice not backing up an inch, her leg still pressed possessively against the young blonde’s sex. “I guess you are.  Is this one of the incentives that comes with the room?”

“No,” gasped Emily with a small moan. “I’m … I’m sorry but … I’m not … ”

“Not what?”  said the other woman the look of desire still burning in her eyes as she pressed her breasts more firmly against Emily’s own.  “Not someone who kisses a total stranger, who pulls her close and presses her body close to theirs.  You’re not that?”

“I,” gasped Emily as the thoughts of what she was feeling burned through her.  “I … I don’t know what came over me … I … I have a boyfriend.”

“You’re not into women then,” the woman stated.

“No,” replied Emily desperately.

“Let’s test that,” said the woman as she leaned into Emily, her lips almost brushing the panting blonde’s. “Kiss me.”

Emily didn’t know what to do, but her body did. The moment the woman told her what to do, her lips immediately bridged the gap to the other woman’s and hungrily kissed them.  This time the raven haired woman pressed her back against the wall, confining her, pinning Emily’s arms against the wall with her own powerful hands.

It was too much.   For some reason the thought that she was confined by this woman was unbelievably erotic.   Emily couldn’t begin to stop herself as her tongue wildly trashed with the other woman’s, as she pressed her body as if to mold herself against her, ground her needy sex harder against this goddess’s leg.  She was so wet it was hard to think the need to cum against this strangers leg overwhelming. It was so frustrating that Emily wanted to cry out, but her mouth was consumed by the other woman’s and she didn’t want it to stop, she never wanted it to stop. She thrashed but it was no use.  She couldn’t move the other woman and the more she thrashed the hotter, the more desperate she became.

Finally the woman relented, pulling her lips back beyond the range of Emily’s searching tongue, though her body and powerful arms kept Emily pinned against the wall.

“For someone who doesn’t like women, that was an … enthusiastic demonstration,” the woman said in a deep vibrant voice.

Emily moaned softly in confusion.  The woman’s kiss had set her on fire and the fact that she was still being held in place by the stronger woman only seemed to make it worse.  She wanted it all to stop, to gain some distance, find herself again.  She shouldn’t be enjoying this, needing this, but the urges within her loved it all with a passion that scared her.

“Let me go,” Emily finally managed to moan through her arousal.  “You’ve got to let me go.”

“Oh,” said the woman with a quirk of her beautiful eyebrow. “Very well,” she said backing away a half step and releasing Emily.

Emily moaned again as they parted, as the woman’s body separated from hers, and the raven haired beauty’s hands released her and left her alone, so horribly alone.  It was all Emily could do not to follow her, throw her arms around her and press herself into this stranger who was invoking these impossible desires within her.

“It would seem,” said the woman with a touch of steel returning to her voice, “that you do like women after all, quite a bit in fact.  I think sharing the bed with you would be … interesting, don’t you think?.”

“No,” Emily whispered even as her mind told her that perhaps the woman had a point. “I’m not … I’m … just sick or something … or … everything is … wrong.”

“Really,” said the woman as she removed her jacket. “How wrong exactly were things.  Were they wrong when you leaned in to kiss me, or when your tongue plunged into my mouth, or maybe when you rubbed your sex against my leg.  I rather liked it all.  I’d like to do it again.”

Emily shuddered at the thought, rubbing her legs together to try and control the spike of arousal the woman’s words fired in her.  She wanted Emily to kiss her again, fondle her again, press her body into her again.  How did someone want something like that?  She had met all kinds in her life, her line of work demanded it, but she’d never seen the attraction, never understood why even some others on the force couldn’t just choose to be normal.  But now, it was like seeing things from the other side of the mirror.

Now, it was like looking at life with new eyes.  When she’d looked at beautiful women before, she’d admired their build and recognized their beauty in an academic way, but now as the woman removed her jacket, it was easy to see the large beautiful formed breasts which strained against the woman’s white blouse.  Yes, they were impressive before but now they sent shocks of pleasure through her wet and dripping sex. She wanted to see them, feel them with her hands, touch them with her lips and tongue.  God, what was it about this woman that did this to her, made her think like this, feel like this.

Looking at herself, she had to ask the question, it was wrong, she knew that, but those few moments in this woman’s arms had felt like the rightest thing she had ever done.  But this wasn’t her … this had to end.

“I’m sorry,” she finally managed to say. “This has all been a mistake.”

“So,” said the woman as she began to unbutton her blouse until it lay open in a V down to her navel. “You want me to go, and never come back.”

Emily couldn’t take her eyes off the woman’s hands as one by one, the buttons were undone revealing the woman’s light brown skin and the edges of her beautiful breasts.  She needed this woman to leave, but the thought of her walking out the door, leaving Emily behind so that her life could be normal again, the thought just seemed unbearably painful, made her feel somehow … empty.

“I … I have a boyfriend,” Emily stammered again.

“You said he wouldn’t be a problem,” the woman said, undoing the last button and allowing her blouse to hang from her breasts, revealing a sliver navel piercing set with beautiful blue stones.  “You want to see these … touch them, suck them.  You don’t need a boyfriend Emily, you need me and I want you to be mine.”

Emily’s mind spun.  She had told the woman that Dale wouldn’t be a problem.  In fact, now he seemed less than a problem and more like a colossal mistake. That couldn’t be right, but she couldn’t help thinking about him that way.  And the thought of seeing this woman’s breasts, needing this woman sent spasms through her sex as a series of small orgasms swept through her.  And the piercing, those had never made any sense to Emily either but this one just was so hot.  God, why had she never appreciated that before!!?

“It seems you’re looking for a girlfriend too,” said the woman with a smirk pointing towards Emily’s pants.

Emily looked down and saw to her horror the growing wet spot on her jeans.  It shouldn’t have been possible but obviously she was soaking through her panties.  “Oh my god,” she whimpered.

“Take those off and show me how much you want to be mine,” the woman stated in a husky voice but with an edge of steel that made Emily quiver in pleasure.

“I … I don’t think I … I mean … I want …” Emily stammered.

“I know what you want Emily, and I’m going to give it to you.  Take off your pants and show me your pussy now,” the woman replied more forcefully.

Emily leaned back against the wall as waves of pleasure swept through her again, pleasure that only became more intense as her hands began to undo her pants.  It was insane, it was embarrassing that she had so little control, but she couldn’t help herself, it just felt far too good to stop.  In a few moments her pants fell to the floor followed rapidly by her completely soaked panties.  Now there was nothing between the woman’s eyes and the nakedness of her sex and the trickle of cum sliding down her leg.

“Beautiful Emily, so much desire, but you’ll need to shave that hair away, otherwise it will catch in my teeth,” the woman said matter of factly. “Maybe you’ll keep just a fringe, like a porn star, you’d like that.”

Emily’s eyes widened at the thought.  How dare this woman say things like that to her … except that the thought made her nipples hard like cherry pits and pussy grow ever more needy.  The thought of what this woman would be doing between her legs, what she needed to shave her pussy hair away to allow her to do, almost made her cum on the spot.

“I’m … not like that … I … why are you doing this … I don’t understand,” she managed to whisper as the woman reach behind herself and undid her skirt.

“You are like this,” the woman continued as she removed her skirt and slip. “It’s what you want.  You want to be mine.”

Emily gasped as she heard the woman’s words.  She did, God help her, she did!!

As the last fabric slipped away, Emily finally gazed on the other woman’s perfectly trimmed pussy with just a fringe like two interlocked female signs apparent. Already the woman’s pussy lips had dropped, showing the other woman’s obvious desire. It was the most compelling erotic thing Emily had ever seen and … she wanted it … she wanted her pussy to look just like that, maybe with the word slut there instead and maybe … God help her, with a piercing right through the hood of her clit.  It was all so perverted, so impossible but she wanted it … wanted it all like she’d never wanted anything before.

“Come here and do what I do,” the woman said in a deep sultry voice.

Emily didn’t want to … but she couldn’t resist approaching the woman again.  It just … seemed unbearable to do anything else.

The woman took her hand and slid it down between Emily’s legs and despite herself, Emily couldn’t stop from doing the same.

“Slip the finger in and slide it up the slit until it glides over the clit,” the woman said as her finger slipped inside Emily’s own slit.

Emily moaned at the woman’s touch and then again as her own finger slipped up the woman’s slit, feeling her hole, the slick tight tissue above and then the woman’s clit with it’s hard head.  She’d touched herself many times before, but just for her own pleasure. Now, it was so different, she could feel the slick wetness of another woman, feel her desire and know that she was causing it.  She didn’t understand it, why it was so alluring, but as the woman let a small sigh of satisfaction escape, Emily glowed inside with the knowledge that she’d done it right.

It was still impossible, it was still so utterly wrong.  She had no idea why this woman’s satisfaction meant anything to her, they’d known each other for only a few minutes and now … now she was acting like some kind of lesbo freak and she had no idea why.

The woman slipped her finger into Emily’s hole and all thoughts of why vanished.  “This is who you are, this is what you want,” the woman spoke. “Now, rub my clitty while I fuck your whore’s cunt.”

Emily couldn’t believe what was happening to her as the woman began to slide her finger around the entrance to her womb. She felt like a whore, squealing with pleasure but not to the point where she forgot to circle and rub the woman’s hardened clit with her own fingers.  At first she was clumsy, but as the woman pressed two, then three fingers inside of her and began fucking her cunt in earnest, Emily found her skill increasing as she began it fuck her lover’s slick cunt as if she has always been meant to do so.

OMG … I’m fucking her … OH GOD … SHE’S FUCKING ME AND I LOVE IT!!!!

She tossed her head back sweeping her blonde tresses around her as she reveled in the sheer need and bliss of it all.  The complete and utter need for it to consume her. Every moment, every sensation, every gasp, nothing had ever seemed more perfect … that is until the woman whispered “Cum now pet … cum for me now.”

There was something in the words, something about being directed to do something, something about doing it for “her”.  Even the word “pet” was somehow unbelievably perfect.   It didn’t happen in a few moments, it didn’t take any thought to build up to it, it just happened, just like that.  She came.

“OH GODDDDDDDDDD!!!,” she screamed as her cunt gushed juice over everything, over the woman’s hand, down her legs, audibly splattering on the floor. “OH GOD YESSSSSS!!!!” she screamed again as she felt the woman shudder and sensed her juices begin to flow. “YES OH PLEASE CUM WITH ME!!! CUM WITH ME!!!!”

She shuddered against the younger woman as the raven haired beauty came. She felt so torrid, so dirty and yet so alive, totally unable to believe what she had just done, what she was doing.  She was acting just like a lesbian whore but she wasn’t … she couldn’t be …

“I’m … I’m not a lesbian … I’m not a whore,” she panted on to the woman’s shoulder, desperately trying to believe it.  “I can’t be.”

“But it is, you are,” said the woman as she stepped back and looked at Emily with something approaching … respect.  “You are a stubborn one.  But the more you struggle, the more deeply you are going to fall.  But … yes, struggle all you want, it will only make the end sweeter.”

Separated from the woman so suddenly left Emily feeling hollow and empty.  “What … what do you mean?”

“You were born for this,” the taller woman replied in a husky voice, her blue eyes shining seductively, as she gently reached down and wet her fingers in her dripping sex.  “You were born to be mine, everything else before me was nothing, meant nothing.”

Emily’s eyes were focused on the other woman’s finger as it lifted from her perfect sex and the other woman pressed it against Emily’s lips.  “Resist me if you can.”

Emily shuddered as she tried to control herself, as she tried to resist, but she couldn’t help herself as she drew the other woman’s finger deep into her mouth and began to eagerly suck it clean.

OMG, this can’t be happening, this CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!

“Yes pet,” the other woman cooed as she slipped her finger free again.  “Now, show me how deeply you are mine.  Move to the bed like the slut you are, and lay down face first with your ass raised for a good fucking.  You know it’s what you want, the slut’s existence you were born for.”

Emily tried to resist, it was absurd that she, a trained police officer would submit to any such thing.  She’d never let any of her boyfriends treat her this way, if they’d asked, why let this total stranger do so.  She wasn’t a slut, lesbian or otherwise.  And yet she found herself sauntering over to the bed, swinging her ass like the street whores she had seen so often on the streets.  Even as she tired not to, she leaned over, placed her hands on her bed, spread her legs and raised her wriggling ass upwards for the woman’s inspection.  She just couldn’t help herself.

The woman looked over at her with an approving glance as she opened the briefcase and showed Emily what was inside.  I had not, as Emily first believed, been full of papers or other objects one might expect, but instead was filled with a number of translucent phallus’s and well as other devices. Dongs, harnesses, clips, padded cuffs, what had to be ass plugs, all things she had seen at one time or another but why would anyone put such things into a briefcase when interviewing for a room?

Oh dear God, she planned this!!  Somehow, she’d doing this to me!!!

Fear began to course through Emily’s mind but, somehow, she couldn’t wipe the seductive smile off her face, couldn’t stop the intense arousal that her discovery was creating within her.  Couldn’t stop from making her wriggle her ass ever so much more eagerly and make her yearn to be touched by this woman again ever so much more intense.  It was like someone had reversed the wiring in her mind and body … where the things which should repel her, make her resist and fight back, instead attracted her irresistibly …

“Oh, I see you understand,” the woman said as she watch Emily nearly collapse under the sudden swell of arousal within her. “I know what you want pet.”

Emily moaned with unwanted desire as the woman selected some kind of harness and slipped one of the large blue dongs into it. “You want this more than anything you’ve ever wanted in your life.  I am what you’ve been looking for, and now, now I’m going to fuck you like a slut whore until every action, every thought, every beat of your heart is owned by me. You’re going to beg me to do it, you can’t resist, it’s who you are now.”

Emily tried to get up, tried to scream for help but instead all that came were soft moans of desire.  “Why are you doing this to me,” Emily whimpered.

“Because you need me,” said the woman as she stepped into the harness and fastened it across her hips.  “You need me to be in control of you … you want to be owned like a piece of property.  You need to be my willing slave and for me to take you as your Mistress. You can’t resist it, you don’t want to resist it.”

Emily whimpered as the impossible truth her mistresses words sank deeper into her thoughts. Watched as she walked slowly towards her, the artificial dong jutting obscenely and temptingly from between her perfect legs.   Giving Emily’s ass a sharp slap that generated a moan of pleasure from the struggling blond, the woman bent over and whispered in Emily’s ear.  “You can start begging now.”

Emily sobbed a moment in frustration as her mistress positioned herself behind Emily’s ass and placed the tip of the dong just at the edge or Emily’s cunt lips, where she could feel it but do nothing about it. “Beg me … beg me like the slut and whore you truly are,” the woman commanded.

Emily hesitated, not wanting to say the words that were forcing themselves through her lips.

“You want this, you need this,” said her mistress rubbing the tip of her dong slightly in and out, just on the verge of penetrating, and then out again.  “You’re a lesbian slave, my lesbian slave and you can not resist me.  I am the woman you need for your Mistress.  Beg me.”

It was all said with such confidence, so much control, as if she were stating a fact of life, an unalterable truth, immutable and undeniable.  It was a vision that Emily tried to fight against, something she could not accept, but the more she fought, the more she desperately needed it.  She needed to be fucked, needed this woman’s touch. It was undeniable … she needed to be fucked, fucked Right NOW!!