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Five Demons 2


Spoiler Alert!

We’ve all seen A Christmas Carol. A ghost story of Christmas. This novella by Charles Dickens was first published in London in 1843. It recounts the story of Scrooge, who is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. After their visits, Scrooge is pleasantly transformed and everyone lives happily ever after…

Well, this ain’t that story.

Five Demons is a story of a pious cenobitic priest, who over time has become disillusioned with the whole ‘Heaven and Hell’ thing. And in this delicate time, as his faith falters, he is visited via his dreams (or nightmares) by five demons. Transported to different times of his life, the demons have been sent to increasingly corrupt his heart, mind, and soul. Eventually, as the last bastions of his faith are lost, will he be finally liberated and willingly becomes a servant of Satan in Hell?



God formed Lilith as the first woman in the same way as he created Adam. The only difference was that in place of pure dust, he used filth. Lilith literally means ‘’the night’ and she is the spirit of fornication, salaciousness, but also fear and terror. She is said to be the demon queen of whoredom … and as such a forbidden sexual partner.

Isaiah 34:14 says … Among the howling and hissing wild creatures and demons, Lilith herself, demoness of the night will call Eden her haunt, A place to recoup and rest between her devastating forays.


“DUO. DUO. DUO,” they chanted.

It was nightfall at the monastery. Alone in his cell, Brother Alp vividly remembered his dream of Pan. The god of cocks. The pleasure and the intensity of the pain. It had been a corruptive experience. He remembered, in explicit detail, how it had felt to experience his first orgasm. Be it a dream orgasm. A wet dream. It was immediately addictive. He instantly felt guilty and ashamed of his sinfulness in the dream. Partaking in the pleasures of Pan. And then there had been his ‘initiation’ through sodomy. The flashes of light. Pain and pleasure. Pain and pleasure.

He remembered it described once by the Holy Fathers as ‘sex with the devil’ — “Sodomy is extremely important in Satanic orgy rituals and sex magick they had warned. Ritual sodomy stimulates the pineal gland. During this act demonic entities are invoked — the ‘unclean spirits’ are bound to humans through the penetration of the ‘wand’ at an upward angle so as to impress the nerves at the end of the spine, producing flashes of white light in the very mind of their victim …

They went on to say, “The key is in the trauma: the complete destruction of the inner spirit. Then at the propitious moment, the victim’s third eye is opened.”

More guilt. He shook his head. He shouldn’t feel guilty, he was the victim. Anyway, it was just a nightmare — yes, a shameful nightmare; and nothing that he could actually control. He pondered his immediate reaction. Guilt and shame seemed to surround everything sensual. Why did god give him a body, a penis, and the ability to masturbate — yet make it a sinful and wrongful act? Was god twisted in his ways? A sadist? A wicked sadist? Was this a form of punishment? Why was the flesh weak and essentially sinful?

He recalled that the dream explicitly focused on sex between young boys. Their hard little cock pressed against one another as they frotted and masturbated — praying to the evil demon god of cocks. How he’d loved the sensation. He loved touching the other young boys — though none of the boys at the bonfire seemed innocent, he began imagining his own seduction of an innocent. The power? What would that feel like? Like Pan, in the forest, corrupting him and showing him how to pleasure himself. The forbidden pleasures of sodomy. Ritual sodomy. Satanic orgies. The trauma of sex magick, evokes unclean spirits and opens the third eye.

No, he thought. This was wrong. very wrong. How could he allow himself to think of such wicked and vile things — yet his penis was still torrid. As he lay in his humble cot, the hardness of his cock pressed uncomfortably against the course and itchy lining of his torturous hairshirt. He turned over onto his front, trying to find escape through sleep.


Brother Alp was not himself.

He looked at himself standing before an oval mirror. He blinked his eyes. He rubbed them. His reflection was not of a thirty-year-old cenobitic priest. He looked like his fourteen or fifteen-year-old self or what he remembered he had looked like. He was lean with only a hint of stringy muscle — almost feminine. He touched his fair complexion as he stood before the mirror without a stitch of clothing on. His stomach was flat, almost concave, and the bones of his rib cage and pelvis protruded. He seemed to lack any public hair and his reflection looked gaunt and undernourished.

Without any warning, the mirror seemed to vanish into thin air. One second it was there, as real as he could reach out and touch its cold glassy surface — and then it was gone. Evaporated. His eyes took in his immediate surroundings. A twilight garden. A manicured lawn. Lust. Rich. The smell of exotic flowers filled his senses.

‘There you are, my love,” said a young effeminate voice.

Alp turned around. Before him stood a young girl with a very pretty face. She had thin features with a long aquiline nose and sensual pouting lips. Her hair was long and straight — the color of coal. The twilight seemed only to accentuate her pleasant features. Fourteen maybe at the most. She looked familiar. Very familiar. Her breasts were nothing more than bumps – small cones of creamy flesh with wide aerosols and darker nipples that seemed to stand upright like hard steel bullets. Her delicate hands rested on her bony hips. Impish. Indignant. Like Alp, she was completely naked.

She’d called him ‘my love’ and the familiarity was a little unsettling at first — though his disobedient cock stirred and began to stiffen. A dream, he thought. Another wicked dream. He relaxed. His eyes were drawn downwards over her small breasts and narrow torso to her hairless groin that bulged and protruded and looked disdained and sore with a kind of reddish.

“Why do you always look at me that way, brother?” she asked.

But it was a rhetorical question.

There was a strong sexual attraction. Brother and sister? The resemblance was definitely there. Ironically, it felt even more appealing in its illicit implications. The girl grinned naughtily — seeing Alp’s cock rise in direct response to her sexuality.

“Our love, brother, is so taboo,” she added, as her fingers brushed away her stray hair.

“I don’t understand,” he lied.

“Fuck, you don’t!” she grinned and licked her pouting lips.

She kissed his mouth. They Frenched passionately.

“Are you calling me a liar?” he taunted.

“FUCK YOU! Lilith and Samael. Eden. Your god would not look kindly upon us. We do together, what has been strictly forbidden. Yet, he doesn’t strike us down? I tell you, he’s inert. Missing-in-action. Fuck him … I say we do anything we want … no matter how perverted …” she laughed again.

Her right hand began to play with Alp’s excited genitals, touching the tightened skin of his testicles and then stroking the rigid shaft of his cock that stood in desperate salute to his urge for incestuous sex with her.

“Oooannmmmm …” Alp let out a low moan.

“Incest. Your god provides. Delicious incest. Your god forbids. Your god outlaws …”

She laughed again as she pressed her thumb over the tip of his cock, roughly rubbing the silky juices and pressing the crown of his cock as she continued to stimulate him.

“Touch my cunt. I’m so fucking horny for you my sinful and wicked brother. I’ve been masturbating with fruit, vegetables, and roots … but now I need your incestuous cock, brother. I want it in me. Up my fuck hole and up my ass. Fuck Jesus. Fuck Mary. Fuck God … I want you to cum inside me. I’ve wanted you far too long.”

Her fingers roughly masturbated Alp — who was still coming to terms with the whole brother-sister thing. Incest. ‘You shall not uncover the nakedness of your sister,’ Leviticus Chapter 18, verses 6 … The laws of god almighty, written in scripture. Heavenly rules were not to be violated. Her fingers made him feel in heaven. Or was this what it felt like to be in hell?

“Don’t you fucking dare deny me?” she kissed him over and over.

Only pausing to briefly talk to him. “I want you to fuck me hard. Give me your fucking baby juice. Fuck your filthy seed into me. Cream yourself up my cunt hole. Fulfill our destiny of wickedness. Yer. Fuck. Yer. Fuck god! We will create an ugly, deformed little monster; damned at birth; or maybe I should just carry it almost to full term and then abort it … so that we can eat it together maybe?”

With her left hand, she held up a fancy crucifix. Inverted it.

“Pathetic. They say that he died to save us. You and me. What a fucking loser. He died and we live on to sin for our own venereal pleasures.”

She plunged the long arm of the ornate crucifix up her greedy hot cunt. Alp watched in awe. Masturbating herself and moaning in sinful lust.

“See, brother, I’m fucking Jesus!”

His sister groaned lewdly as she fucked the crucifix in and out. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster. She pressed further upwards with each stroke. Each time, the tiny figurine of the crucified Christ twisted hard against her engorged and blood-filled clitoris that pocked out from between her cherry-red labia like a large deformed horn.

“That’s all the fucker is good for! Fuck JESUS! FUCK JESUS! FUCK THE NAZARENE …” she blasphemed and then discarded the soiled crucifix, “Honor me as Lilith — your queen demon of perverted sex. Come brother, get on your knees before me and worship at the altar of your sister’s sacrilegious cunt. Lick it. Drink by cunt juices. Lick me out and suck Lilith’s clit-cock.”

Alp eagerly knelt before his evil sister. Her blasphemy excited him as much as her delicious body. Evil mind. Evil flesh. His mouth covered her dripping cunt hole as he lapped feverishly at her wet groin. Tasting her from anus to vagina and back again. His face was drenched in her sourish nectar. Her hands pressed him forward, driving his tongue as deep as it could into her hot pissy gash.


His hand gripped her buttocks hard as his entire face and nose sank into her gaping fuck tunnel. He looked upwards. Her clit-cock stood proud of its fleshy hood. He took it into his mouth sucking it as a baby sucks its mother’s nipple. It filled his mouth as her screams of pleasure filled his ears. Her cunt fluids flowed over his chin and chest — like a cascade of vaginal marinade.

“I need your COCK. FUCK YER! MY BROTHER’S INCESTUOUS COCK …” she demanded, “I need it NOW!”


If there was a moment of doubt, it was long forgotten.

Alp looked lustfully at Lilith, his demon sister, as she knelt on the raw earth with her back to him. She looked backward over her sylphlike body. Her legs were open wide, her rump raised and her fingers busy between her legs, playing with her six-inch clitoris. Alp knelt behind her and pressed his rock-hard cock against the opening of her hot cunt, doggy style. She immediately pressed back against him. Willing him inside her.

He let the first few inches sink into her dirty cunt wetness. Hot sticky fluids dribbled out of her hole and ran down his taught thighs. He grabbed her bony hips and held her firmly as he sank the rest of his young boy cock into the depths of Lilith’s juicy cunt hole. The muscles in her vagina seemed to squeeze and contract painfully around his girth and down the entire length of his cock. Like strong fingers making a hard fist, grabbing him tighter and tighter; milking him from the inside out. More undulating pressure, squeezing him, releasing him, and then squeezing him again. The pain began to turn to pleasure. And the pleasure was indescribable … incredible. Inhuman. A true demon fuck.

“FUUUUUUUUUCK!” he screamed out loud.

He fucked Lilith back and forth. Incestuously fucked her. He wasn’t sure for how long. A minute. Ten minutes. And hour. Ten hours. Time seemed to be irrelevant. All he knew was that he could feel a growing orgasmic delight that seemed to rush upwards from his perineum, through his ball sacks, and along the length of his young cock. He was reaching his climax. It was unstoppable. wild. Violent. His legs quivered and felt weak and soon began to buck uncontrollably.


He began to spurt.


They had been in a sixty-nine in the reddish caste of the evil moonlight. Lilith’s mouth had brought Alp to several screaming orgasms, whilst he had taken to sucking her horn-shaped clitoris that protruded from above her vagina – she’d be fucking his face with it and demanding he worship her. The queen of perversion. Not a woman. Not a man. A transgendered demon. At this moment, Alp knew that he would do anything she asked of him.

Lilith gave Alp a short-riding crop. It was made of black sticky leather and at the flexible tip was a wider hard flap. He wondered why she’d given it to him until she pointed to a knobbly old tree trunk nearby. Tied to the old tree was a tiny young girl — no older than eight or nine. The girl had been stripped naked and her hands pulled tightly around the girth of the trunk, stretched painfully against its rough bark. She was crying for mercy … crying for her mother.

Lilith nodded at Alp and he immediately knew what she wanted him to do. He heard church bells ringing in the distance. Ding-g-g-g. Ding-g-g-g. Ding-g-g-g. Dong-g-g-g. They rang and echoed eerily. But there was nothing holy about them at all. They did not call for the faithful. Quite the opposite. Were they the bells of Hell’s infernos?

For a brief moment, Alp thought of his God. Would God Almighty allow such a perversion? Surely he would intervene. There was a pregnant pause in which nothing happened. Alp waited. What would God do? But then God created all things. God created pain, suffering, and even mutilation. God the creator. God the destroyer. God the sadist. God the fucking pervert.

Lilith rubbed her horn like an obscene penis, whilst finger-fucking herself fast and furious. As she masturbated her reddish-veined clit with one hand she sank three fingers of her other hand inside her gaping cunt hole. Alp looked at her. Her clit resembled something between a curved horn and a large dog’s knot as it pocked outwards drawing back the stretched hood of her labia and making her cunt gap like a yawning red mouth.

NOW. She spoke soundlessly. She seemed to demand Alp’s immediate action. NOW! He intuitively knew that the sight of the young child being horse-whipped would bring his evil sister intense pleasure. The harder he hit the poor girl, the more intense his sister’s sadistic pleasure. NOW. A voice almost screamed in his head. HARD. Hit her across the backside. Mark her for me. For your Goddess. Hail Lust. Hit the little bitch and make her fucking bleed for me. Make her cry out. Make her suffer. Do it now. NOW. NOW!

Alp found himself excited beyond words. This was a surprise. He expected to be horrified by the prospect of hurting anyone … let alone a young innocent child. But instead, his cock was rampant. Hard and dripping at its tip. He brought the whip down on the young girl’s backside. She reeled in pain. WACK … The girl cried out. The whip had left a wide red mark that was already welting. WACK … Again, screamed Lilith. He did as she commanded. Again the young child cried out. WACK. WACK. WACK … WACK … WACK … Alp hit her another five or six times. He lost count. The pleasure was intense welling up inside his untouched cock shaft. Delicious. Deviant. Suddenly, without warning, he ejaculated over her back as a gale-force orgasm tore through him. He almost collapsed as he gasped for breath.

Lilith looked on approvingly.

Alp was still gasping as his sister, Lilith, slipped between them. She rubbed his semen into the child’s bloody asshole. She pressed, first her forefinger into the girl’s rectum, and then replaced it with her rock-hard clit-cock. Lilith began to rape the girl’s anus.

Alp looked on. His cock was already hard again and demanding more sexual pleasuring. Evil whispers filled his head as he brought the whip down on his sister’s backside. WACK … Lilith cried out. In agony or in ecstasy? WACK.

“Oh yes! More my evil brother. Let the demon inside take control …”

He felt another wave of orgasmic delight building as he watched his perverted sister, his demonic sister, fuck the small child in the shit-hole with her demented clitoris that seemed to stick out of her public mold like the horn of a rhino. The horned clit slid inside the girl’s delicate anus, tearing flesh and she pressed it to the hilt. Lilith’s body undulated as it fucked the young girl harder and harder — her tight buttocks pistoning back and forth and an increasing pace as blood ran down the girl’s thighs.

WACK … Alp hit his sister’s ass again as she continued her relentless rape. WACK … Again. The young girl cried out hopelessly — her fingers clutched and un-clutched tightly. Blood poured from the whip marks on Lilith’s back, but she seemed to take no notice — as if all that mattered was the rape ritual! Alp the torturer was in a new kind of ecstasy.

Their screams became a chorus. Fear and terror. He felt other eyes upon him. They were not alone. An audience. Animal noises all around. He smelt the fetid breath of demons enjoying the scene as it unfolded. WACK. More blood poured forth. But still, they urged for more. They demanded more. They were all close to demonic orgasm, as was he and his evil twisted sister.

Alp felt strong fingers upon his eager cock. Gripping and rubbing wildly. Ghastly bony long fingers. Deformed. Ugly nobs of the knuckled sinus. Sibilant voices, uttered an evil litany as the adroit digits masturbated him furiously from behind. Faster and faster. hard and hard. His flesh throbbed with wicked pleasure.

Alp panted and groaned louder with every second. Like the crack of thunder, another tremendously powerful orgasm erupted and rocked through his immature little body. He screamed at the top of his lungs as his copious semen sprayed his evil sister’s butchered back …

It was slimy black semen. Demonic seed.





The Rising of the Adversary. The Baphomet or Sabbatic Goat or Goat of Mendes represents the equilibrium of the opposites. The god of the witches. Often depicted as an androgynous winged figure, the Baphomet has the head and hinds of a goat; the bare breast of a woman; and the erect phallus of a man encircled by the twin serpents of Lilith and Samael.

Galatians 5:19 says … When you follow the desires of your truly sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual perversion, impurity, and lustful pleasures.

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