Feature Writer: Succubus Maryann
Feature Title: Part 4 – Sephora’s Rise
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: Transformation, Demon, Demoness, Demongirl, Futanari, Rubbertemple, Bigboobs, Bigbreasts, Cumshot, Horsecock, Succubus, Cumflation, Rubber, Nuns
Introduction and acknowledgments: This is the first time I write in English, comments and criticisms are welcome! In the first chapter we established the characteristics of our main character. I want to thank my friend @gcharis for his patience and support he has given me in this adventure. Also I would also like to thank xMLx for the permit to use the OC Dezrael, his drawings of Dezrael have been a source of inspiration. “Rubbertemple” belongs to Sabrina Blaze.
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Part 4 – Sephora’s Rise


  1. a female demon or supernatural entity in folklore that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity.. Compare incubus.
  2. any demon or evil spirit.
  3. Slang: a strumpet or prostitute.
  4. Slang: a sexually attractive woman.

Etymology: from Medieval Latin, from Late Latin succuba, “harlot,” from Latin succubāre, “to lie beneath”, from sub-, “under” + cubāre, “to lie”.


The leaves on the trees began to change color from pale green to yellow and then to the orange tones that characterize the best time of year, THE FALL! I thought to myself. “Damn, time passes so incredibly fast.” Looking out the large window from my office I could see how the color on the leaves continued to change as fall came into full bloom. October 31th had been selected by Mistress Sabrina and Dezrael (my wicked sister) as the day for the ceremony that would celebrate my transformation to a succubus.

Suddenly, I was distracted from my thoughts when somebody rang the doorbell. I yelled to Cassi to go and see who was at our door. Since Cassi and Spermula had been transformed, they had been unable to stop playing with their bodies nearly continuously throughout the day. However, I had to maintain order, so they each had their ‘job’ in the home. Cassi was responsible for cleaning our rooms, which was primarily mine room since that was where we passed the entire night fucking. Spermula provided general maintenance of the house. this allowed me to focus on the businesses and my investments. Virtually all of my efforts could be accomplished by email or phone. These electronic conveniences allowed me to stay at home and enjoy my wonderful surroundings.

After the doorbell rang for the fifth time, Cassi attended to the intrusion and then came to my office to tell me that a girl had come to bring a number of company documents that required my signature immediately. This was something that was completely unusual, especially for this time of day. It was already after 3:00 pm and the Director of the company knew perfectly well that I was not to be disturbed after noon. I told Cassie to guide the visitor to the office. She returned to the main entrance, where our visitors waited patiently, and returned accompanied by a beautiful creature that made my mouth water.

Our visitor was no more than twenty years old, with fine straight black hair, a good figure, and beautiful cherub like face. She was professionally attired in a black full cut suit, black stockings, and black patent shoes. I asked her to take a seat while I sent an email to the Director of my holding company.

I said to her, without looking at her:, “Please dear, allow me few minutes and I will give you my full attention. I’m sending an email to your boss regarding this unusual visit.”

“Sorry for my intrusion.” She replied me. “Excuse me for this interruption Mistress! We know that we’re outside of your specified schedule, Ms. Maryann. However, Mr. Michael Callahan; was emphatic and ordered me to bring these urgent documents that require your signature.”

“Mhhhh, I understand, what did you say your name was dear?”

“Ohhh, excuse me Mistress! My name is Sephora.” She replied to me with a wide smile on her angelic face.

“Too many excuses for your first visit to my home, Sephora!” I advised her with a wicked smile displayed on my lips.

“Excuse me!” She replied again, while she covered her mouth with her tiny hands that I noticed were beautifully manicured in black.

I lifted my gaze and stared coldly at her. She swallowed hard.

“I do not want to hear you say ‘excuse me’ again! Is that clear, Sephora?” I firmly directed her.

“Yes, Mistress!” She meekly replied, with her head down buried into her chest.

“Good dear,” was my curt reply.

I stared at her and in my best business tone continued, “Okay Sephora, now let me take a look to those documents. Let me see if this really was as urgent of a matter as you say to bother me out of my business schedule.”

She got up from her chair and approached to my desk with a leather briefcase that contained several folders with documents. I carefully observed her hands with their very white skin, well-manicured nails done in a stiletto style, perfectly shaped, very long, and painted in mat black.

I moved closer to her, took her hand.

“Sephora. Mhhh your finger nails are manicured in such a lovely style.”

She blushed. And then I showed her mine, done in the same style, only longer than hers, a little more pointed than Sephora’s and with glossy black polish.

After I assessed the quantity of the documents requiring my attention, I asked her to take a seat and be comfortable. I inquired while I drank a sip of my black coffee from my cup: “Sephora, this is a very large amount of documents to be reviewed so quickly. I afraid that this will take me some time to complete! And did you say that I need to sign them today?”

“Yes, Mistress Maryann”, she replied. “Mr. Callahan was very clear to me! Indeed he was really emphatic with me! I must return to Prague with these signed documents today! Mr. Callahan needs the signed documents in the office early tomorrow morning in order to be presented to the notary”

“Well, Sephora, it will take several hours for me to completely read and review all of these documents,” I advised her.

Then, I looked directly into her eyes and said. “I beg your pardon, that I wasn’t more receptive and kind to you when you first arrived, Sephora! It was not your mistake. You are only the messenger.”

“Thanks Mistress.” She eagerly replied to me as she nodded her head in relief.

“Look Sephora,” I said to her. “Let me introduce you to Cassi. She`s my personal assistant and she will accompany you to our lounging area in main hall. There you see can relax and watch TV or read a book or a magazine. You can do anything that you like, while I complete this review.”

I called to Cassi.

“Please honey, escort our lovely guest. Sephora, to the lounging area and make sure that she is comfortable. Bring her a cup with tea or coffee or whatever she would like. Ohhh, don´t forget to share some of our special elixir with her. I’m pretty sure that she will love it!”

Cassi clearly understood my message. Cassi accompanied our guest to the main hall and then quickly returned to me. She winked at me and wondered aloud.

“What do you want me to do?”

I replied to her, “Cassi, my dear, it is simple. Bring me the Tee jar. I want to give our guest a little of my ‘Special’ elixir.”

“Yummy, mhh” Cassi hummed as she licked her lips. “Maryann! You want to transform her?”

I answered her, my red eyes glowing.

“Yes Cassi! Something tells me that she will be an extraordinary acquisition. Where is Spermula?”

“She’s in the basement,” Cassi replied to me with a wicked smile while her long tongue licked her lips.

“Tell her get up here and bring me a glass jar and a crystal glasses.”

“As you wish Mistress, hahaha,” she replied to me with a chuckle.

“Move your ass Cassi, I have to read all these documents.”

I shut the door.

After Cassi left me, I started reading the documents. Managing my businesses sometimes required a large part of my day. So I had hired Callahan as my business manager director. He had become addicted to my delicious cum about five years ago and from the main office of SINER Inc. he was responsible for the management of businesses that included my Bordello; production and promotion of porn and horror movies, a network of stores that specialized in porn videos and sex toys; and a factory that made and sold Gothic clothing, along with leather and latex fetish attire. The store was based in Prague but distributed online throughout Europe and the world.

After about twenty minutes Cassi returned with a silver tray, a glass jar, and four cups. I directed her to place the tray on the side table to her right as she entered the room. I then directed her to look in on our visitor, to ensure that Sephora was comfortable and well attended,

“Do you understand my instructions Cassi?” I asked her.

“Can I bite her before you get there?” Cassi asking me.

My eyes shone with anger and I displayed my fangs.

“No, she is mine Cassi! I will come and join you in a few minutes. And do not worry about the jar with my special juice elixir. I will bring it with me when I am finished here!”

“Cassi!!”, I yelled to her. “One more question before you go. Did you call Spermula?”

“Yessss, she`s coming Mistresss,” she hissed. “Spermula is rising and will be with us in a few minutes.”

“Well then go back into the hall with Sephora and behave Cassi! I will join you and Sephora in about thirty minutes.” I told her.

Few minutes later, Spermula knocked on the office door. I raised my eyes and looked at her! I was just finishing. I signed the last document and motioned for her to come into the room. Spermula entered the office.

“You called me Mistress?”

“Ohhh yes, dear Spermula. I need your delicious services. I want you to kneel where are and then get on all fours and come to me. Then, like the whore that you are, I want you to suck me!” I answered her with a devilish smile on my face.

Spermula knelt down as directed and started crawling towards me like a bitch. As she moved closer, she licked her black lips with her long pointed tongue; her eyes shining with lust.

”Mhhhhh, well done my little whore!”

I opened my long black latex skirt along the lengthy side slit, exposing my huge cock.

“I need to fill the jar with my elixir. Bring the jar with your mouth my perverted slut! Well done bitch! Come on! I’m really hot!“

She stroked my cock with her long fingernails and then she moved her face closer to my cock. Then she opened her mouth and her tiny mouth tendrils reached out and gripped the head of my cock while her long tongue simultaneously began to wrap around my blossoming dick.

“Mhhhhhhh, yessss!” I emitted a loud groan. “That’s my cum slut.”

Spermula eyes sparkled, her long slender tendrils tentacles clung to my hardened cock and injected her powerful aphrodisiac into my organ. She inserted my huge cock into her mouth and she began to suck me with enormous force. Her long tongue sought out and found my cunt and introduced itself between my cunt lips and then deep into my womb. My vagina responded by squirting my addictive vaginal juices that quickly began to slide down my legs.

“Ohhhhh you are a delight! Spermula!!”

I said grabbing her by her head, and pulling her further toward my body. With one stroke I buried my massive twenty-one inch cock completely into her hungry gullet. I fucked her mouth with violent blows.

“Look bitch! I want you to deposit all of my cum into the glass jar! My juices are not for you today!” I screamed like animal when from my glorious cock began to sprout jets of my dense black seed. “Take all of it my dirty whore!” I cried out while holding her tight and pushing my swollen cock deep inside her.

When my orgasmic spasms subsided, I pulled out my cock from the Spermula’s hungry mouth. Her tentacles waved about in the air, like they wanted more. And her tongue shrank while cleaning all the residual semen left in my huge cock.

I yelled at Spermula: “Bitch throw up and spit out everything!”

I pulled her head back! Reluctantly she opened her mouth, released the majority of my delicious cum, and filled the jar. Her long and pointed tongue led the fluid into the glass jar,

“Mhhhhh well has done, my hungry bitch! Maybe tonight you’ll eat something new!”

I looked down at Spermula attired in her black and white latex nun habit. I stroked her face with my long black nails and gave her a deep French kiss. After licking the bowels of her mouth and throat with my long black forked tongue I complimented her.

“You are a delightful creature honey!”

Then I got up from my chair, adjusted my long latex skirt that concealed my cock that was already sagging. I took the signed documents and placed them in the document holder. As I left the office on the way to the main hall I asked Spermula to tidy herself and bring the glasses and the pitcher with my elixir on a silver platter to me in the main hall.

When I walked into the main hall Sephora and Cassi were sitting on the couch watching American Horror Story on the TV! They turned to me. Sephora stood up and I reassured her as I approached her with the leather briefcase.

“Please sit dear. Everything is ready, here are the documents.”

She took it and sat down again. I sat down beside her and moved in close so that our bodies touched. Sephora seemed slightly surprised by the contact, but she did not pull away. Cassi was dressed in her lovely maid outfit in very short latex skirt, with fishnet stockings, and severely tight corset that marked her ample curves, revealing her broad chest.

“Do you like American Horror Story?” I asked Sephora.

“Ohhh yes ma’am, I like almost every horror TV series. Of course I also love horror movies and the classic horror tales. I love to read books.” She replied to me with a wide angelic smile. “At the office they said that I’m a dark soul because I’m almost always seen wearing black. My friends call me Arachne!”

“Why, my dear?” I asked her.

“Ohhh that’s because of my love to spiders. I have several at home. My favorite ever is the so-called European black widow or the bloody spider Latrodectus tredecimguttatus.” She answered me while her eyes focused on my luscious cleavage.

“You are an interesting creature Sephora!” I encouraged her.

“Thanks Mistress Maryann!” She exclaimed.

“Ohhh please Sephora! Do not call me Mistress anymore. I’m Maryann for you. Furthermore, it’s almost five in the afternoon and officially we have left the office. Hahaha! Do you agree Sephora?” I asked as I began to caress her angelic face with my black pointed nails.

“Ohh yes Mistress!” She again replied.

I stared at her and she corrected: “Sorry, Maryann”

I clapped my hands sayings, “Very good Sephora! I do not like formalities! Especially when we’re confidants.”

Her face reflected concern and she said, “Maryann, but I must return to the office today!”

I caressed her young skin again.

“Ohh dear that will not be necessary, hahahaha.”

“But why, I do not understand? Mr. Callahan is waiting for me!” She replied to me still showing concern on her face.

I caressing her and replied in my best calming tone, “Please, Sephora do not be worried. I phoned Callahan an hour ago. Early tomorrow morning he will come here personally and then will go back to Prague with you and the documents. Tonight you’ll stay in my house, you’re my guest Sephora!”

“Maryann, I am so sorry but I cannot accept your invitation!” She responded with a firm voice.

I put on my very best unhappy face.

“Ohhh…. Are you rejecting my hospitality?”

“No, no, no! Excuse me Maryann. I did not mean to offend. I do not want to be an inconvenience to you!” She reacted with a worried face now.

“Honey you are not an inconvenience! We are pleased to have visitors at home!” I responded to her with a big smile.

“Yes, we love visitors” Cassi added.

“And your spider, can it survive a night without its mom?” I asked Sephora.

“Ohhh, I am sure it will be fine Maryann. Last night, I fed Darky a little mouse!” She responded to me with a happy face!

“Who is Darky?” I asked Sephora.

“Darky is my favorite spider, she’s pretty! Darky is her name. I guess I can relax tonight. She will not eat anything for a week or more.” She replied to me.

“Ahhh, wonderful! I understand.” I replied.

At that moment Spermula arrived with the silver tray, my elixir in the jar and glasses.

“Mhhhh, Spermy dear has joined us and what a marvelous liquor she has brought to us!”

I applauded seeing her entry into the room. Sephora studied her with her eyes.

“Oohhh, I am a bad hostess. Let me introduce you to my other assistant Sephora! She’s Spermy. Spermy, please honey, take all this to the center table. I’ll get a bottle of wine to toast our guest!”

I went over to the bar and took out a bottle of Casillero del Diablo, Legend from Chile. One of my favorite wines. I buried one of my long nails into the cork and with a strong pull uncorking the bottle. I walked over to the table and began to serve the drinks. After serving the wine into each of the glasses, I took my black elixir jar and placed a few drops of the elixir into each glass. After distributing a glass to each of them, I offered a toast.

“Here’s to Sephora!”

We all raised our glasses and tapped our glasses against each other’s. Sephora was the first to drink, we all watched as she took the first sip of her drink, while Cassi, Spermula and I did the same. I took the seat next to Sephora, wanted her to tell me more of her delicious spider, Darky. Cassi got up and hugged Spermula and took her over to the chase lounge. The lounge was covered in purple velvet and embossed with buttons. It was located next to the long black leather sofa where Sephora and I were sitting.

We enjoyed our drinks while watching the finish of an episode of the fifth season of American Horror Story. In the last scene, a one hundred and eleven year old vampire named Elizabeth Johnson and played by Lady Gaga, is with her new lover Tristan Duffy. They lead a couple to bed between kisses and caresses that ends in an orgy of blood. Sephora’s eyes shone brightly during the bloody end.

“I see you really like this series.”

I almost purred when I said that to Sephora after seeing her reaction to the series end.

“Maryann. Hahaha! As you know from our earlier conversation, I have always been attracted the dark things.” She replied me and smiled.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll turn off the cable and turn on the Blu-ray? We love horror movies too!” I said to Sephora as I caressed her hand with my longs pointed nails.

“Cassi and Spermy, isn’t that true?”

They replied to Sephora with wicked smiles upon their lips as they nodded their heads.

“Yessss Maryann we love them.”

“See Sephora! You are not the only one! Sephora! You are fascinating to us!” I encouraged her.

Sephora had finished her drink. I removed the glass from her hand and asked her if she would like one more.

She replied to me shyly. “OK.” and then said, “I do not really drink much alcohol, but this particular one is delicious.”

I asked her if you want the same amount and she replied with a wide smile, “Yes the same amount would be perfect Maryann!”

I approached her and delivered the refilled glass. As I handed the glass, I stroked her hand softly. I again noticed that her fingernails were painted black.

I said, “We talked about your nails before but I must say again. Honey, I really love your nails painted in dark mat black!”

She responded, “I love yours as well, Maryann. They are very long and elegantly pointed. I hope to have long nails like yours some day!”

“Ohhh I’m glad you like them, Sephora!” I answered her.

On the screen we were watching The Hunger. One of my favorite movies, where Catherine Deneuve played Miriam Blaylock, a beautiful and dangerous immortal vampire who seduces Sarah, played by Susan Sarandon. Miriam offer Sarah eternal life filled of lust and pleasure.

I watched as Sephora eyes shone transfixed with the last scene while taking a long last sip of wine from her glass. My dark juices were beginning to affect her. This time, it took just two drinks and she had consumed the entire glass.

“Ahhh I see that you enjoyed your drink Sephora, let me serve you another one! Would you like another?” I asked her.

“Ohhh yes, please Maryann. It is really delicious! Although, I probably should not drink more. But I cannot deny that the taste is addictive. I’m not sure if it is the wine or the elixir you add it that gives it that particular wonderful flavor?” She replied me as her eyes began to shine with hunger.

“Mmhhh, do you want to try each separately?” I asked Sephora, and added “So that you can discover which one gives the particular flavor that you will found so delicious Sephora!”

“Well, yeah!” She said with a smile and her eyes sparkling.

I tempted Sephora with an evil smile on my lips, “Why not try the black elixir first?”

“Ohhh yes, sure please! Why not? It is a mystery to me. And I love mysteries, haha.” She answered laughing.

I responded to her, “Well, my dear Sephora, you are about to taste the most delicious and intoxicating elixir ever. I assure you that you’ll love it and that after you taste it, nothing will be the same, ever again.”

I approached her with a glass filled with my black elixir. She took it into her hand, moved it to her lips, and took a small sip to taste. Her eyes sparkled immediately when the intense flavor of my concentrated cum invaded her mouth.

“Ohhh, this is really delicious Maryann!, I have never tasted anything so enjoyable. It is fruity and slightly salty, I absolutely love it!”

She took a long sip and exclaimed, “Mhhhhhh, I could drink it forever!”

“Your wishes could become reality dear Sephora. I know where you can drink it forever and ever, dear!” I answered her as I observed how she reacted to my strong elixir.

Sephora eyes shined even more brilliantly!

Spermula and Cassi began to kiss in front of us.

“Ohhhh you girls are kinky ones!  Mhhhh, Maryann can you believe it? My glass is empty again!”

There was a shine in her eyes and sweat decorating her face.

“Could you give me more? Not the wine, just the elixir! Is it is hot in here or is me?”

“Of course my dear.” I filled Sephora glass again and added, “It is a delightful. Drink all you want!”

Her lips shimmered! Her eyes had a wild look that became lost in the sight and sounds of Cassi and Spermula melted together in a deep French kiss while their hands explored their bodies in an openly lecherous manner.

I handed a refilled glass to Sephora.

“Dear, drink more, drink my elixir!”

I moved my hands to her legs and began caressing her inner thighs.She reacted immediately with a soft moan of pleasure,as she bit her lower lip.

“Drink more!” I murmured into her ear.

She grasped the glass, took it to her lips, and with one gulp drank the entire contents.Her lips were wet and shining with my black sperm.My hands advanced up her thighs towards her crotch. She looked lost! She was mesmerized at the sight of Spermula and Cassi kissing each other.

Sephora opened her legs, allowing my hands to find her hidden treasure. She whimpered softly and turned to look at me.

She staring at me and asked softly, “What happening to me Maryann?”

“Lust invades you dear! This corruption grows inside when you drink my elixir! Sephora, do you want more?” I asked her, ready to fill another glass for her.

“Yes, I want more! I want to drink straight from the source of the elixir! I want more than just a glass.” She announced as she threw the glass on the floor.

Then she moved to kiss my mouth. Our lips melted into a deep kiss.

Just then, Spermula pulled Cassi’s huge cock from under her skirt and began stroking it. Sephora glanced at the scene as she kissed me.

“Maryann I want more, I beg you, do not torture me more! More black elixir!”

I gently slid my face closer to hers and whispering into her ear.

“Listen carefully my little Sephora. If you desire to journey beyond this point, you will never want to come back. You will dive into a sea of lust that will never recede. You will not be the same person that you were before you met me.”

She softly answered me, “Maryann I have lived one life in the dark and I do not care. I do not care if you tell me you’re the Devil himself, I want all of you!”

“Okay, dear Sephora, as you wish!” I responded her.

With one hand, I opened my skirt and let out the huge beast between my legs that was already starting to gush precum.

“Sephora, this is the source of my black elixir, drink it and you will never be the same being. The corruption will take your whole body and soon you will become a creature of darkness like me! Join me and you will become another of my daughters, like Cassi The Naga and Spermula.”

“Do you give me your soul and body freely?” I asked her.

She moved her open mouth toward my huge cock and with soft moan replied me, “Ohhhh, yes I do. I want to be part of your family! I do it freely. I will give you whatever you want from me! Take all of me!”

She was approached her mouth opens to my huge cock and with soft moan replied me, “Ohhhh Yess I want! I will give you whatever you want from me! Take me all.”

“Ohhhh dear suck me!”

I take her head and gently showed the head of my huge dick and said, “Sephora is your time, lick my whole cock, bitch! I want you suck and swallow all my black cream; my dearest black spider!”

“Yes Mistress I will drink from the original source, I want to be one of your harlots on the hell”

With that sentence she started licking my cock with her tongue, as she swallowed all the cum that flowed slowly, slowly started to force my huge cock inside her mouth but with gentle strokes, she felt the blows in her throat, while my huge failure sought go deeper. The reflex reaction did not allow her to go further. She choked on the deepest penetration and reflexively tried to expel my cock.

I pulled my cock out and asked her, “Do you trust me Sephora?”

She looked into my eyes and nodded.

“Yes, Mistress I trust in you completely!”

I caressed her face.

“You have already progressed far away from any ordinary human being. And your throat is no longer like an ordinary human. I have given you the gift that allows your throat to expand and take all my big horse cock, Sephora! You are turning into a whore from hell. So relax your throat and let me fill you! You know that is what your body wants. Let your cravings dominate your body. The hunger and corruption are working rapidly on you, Sephora! Embrace them.”

Her eyes shone with a stream of red.

Then I said to her, “I want you to show me your tongue, Sephora!”

A black long tongue sprouted from her parting her lips and began licking her lips and exploring around her hungry mouth.

“Yesss, look at you now my little hooker! I know that you can eat my long cock!”

She smiled me and open wide her mouth. With her long blackening tongue she licked the head of my cock. Then she began deep eating my long cock. With a slow motion from my hips, my cock broke through her gag reflex and went deep into her throat. I moaned a deep!


Then I said to her, “Now I will fuck your mouth honey and will fill you with my dark seed!”

I then began to fuck her mouth with enthusiasm! Her tight throat wrapped tightly around my hard long dick. Meanwhile, Spermula was sucking Cassi directly in front us and providing a delicious exhibition. Cassi was crying out like a bitch from hell! I continued fucking Sephora’s mouth deep and hard! My balls began to tense up indicating that my climax approached fast! Sephora could feel the increased urgency of my strokes and braced herself.

I cried out, “I´m cumming” and released load of black cum deep inside her throat.

I filled her stomach as load after load of cum rushed from my body and into Sephora! It was too much for her body! After a while, her eyes shined red and rolled back, she pass out and fell into my arms.

Sephora woke up a few hours after our first transformational experience. Exhausted, we moved her and she had rested on our great big four poster bed. Upon waking, she looked at her body and discovered that she was dressed in lovely proper kinky attire that brought her immediate lustful pleasure.

She was wearing a black latex corset; black latex stockings; black latex fingerless gloves; and black patent heels. In the distance she heard cries of pleasure and bodies panting. She stood up and walked toward the source of the screams of pleasure! What she saw left her paralyzed. Directly in front her were three Succubus! Our demonic bodies completely exposed in all their glory. We were fucking each other fiercely likes hell’s harlots.

When we realized her presence, we all turned and with our arms spread open invited her to join our feast of lust and pleasure. Cassi was behind my body burying her long snake cock into my ass. Spermula was in front me and I had my huge horse cock sunk deep inside her delicious pussy. Sephora could see how Spermula’s tentacles grabbed my balls and her huge black vaginal tongue wrapped my balls and explored deep into my vagina.

Her breasts slurped my horse cock shape nipples while her tentacles massaged my big breasts. Large amounts of black cum dripped down my bright red skin. My huge cock pointed tail was buried deep into Spermula’s hungry bottom. Spermula’s double tail was buried deep into Cassi’s cavities. We had been playing with each other for hours like wanton whores., Sephora remained frozen upon seeing us! We called to her between moans of pleasures and continued to invite her to join us in our orgy and our debauchery.

I looked into her eyes.

They were shining with feverish red light; she was full of lust. I called her directly, pointing at her with my long black claw.

“Come Sephora; join us! We want to finish your conversion. Surrender to our corruption and you will be like us forever!”

Her body already showed the first signs of corruption spreading through her body. She still was not fully aware of how much had changed. She was awake, but she was in a trance like state of lust, that dominated all her senses. She began moving toward to our web of bodies. We were embraced in lust and pain; pleasure and hunger was waiting for her. Her reddish eyes glowed and her black tongue licked her lips in anticipation of delicious black semen.

She was starving and wanted more cum. She was hungry for sex! She wanted all of her orifices to be filled and satisfied. I could read all her thoughts. I knew everything she felt. I could feel the moment she woke up. I could see what she saw and everything in her mind belonged to me! That was the kind of bond that formed with my children, with my dark daughters once they were given to me.

“Sephora come. And join your sisters. We want to fuck you!” Cassi and Spermula said at same time.

They took Sephora arms and pulled her body to us. We were soon fused into a lustful encirclement. I placed my wrist into my mouth and bit deep. Then I moved my bleeding wrist close to her mouth and to allow her to drink. She looked surprised as the blood flowed in gushes from my wrist.

I ordered her, “Drink my little whore; you must feed your body.”

She brought her hungry mouth to my wrist and started drinking my dark blood! Her eyes sparkled with great delight! Her body radiated an intense lust that gripped each cell. Her breasts had grown three times the size that they were before our first meeting; from a small B cup breasts now filled easily a cup D. Her tongue was black and very long for a human being. Sephora continued to lick my wound with her tongue as it healed.

I whispered into her ears, “I can see that you’re very hungry, my beloved bitch!”

Then, Cassi bit her own wrist and offered her blood to our hungry creature. She began drinking the Cassi’s dark green blood. Some green drops were visible on her black lips. Spermula did the same, offering her black blood. She drank like a needy drunk from both sources while Cassi, Spermula and I approached our own ecstasy. We were harlots on fire. Together we seemed like a volcano about to explode and the time of the explosion was approaching fast. Our bodies were in rapture. In unison we convulsed in pleasure. As huge amounts of dense black semen gushed from our cocks and filled our bodies, the excess began to flow from our holes forming a large puddle at our feet.

Sephora fell to her knees and began to drink the semen that formed a puddle at our feet! Her tongue was extended even further trying to absorb as much of our dark sexual juices and blood that had spilled from our wrist wounds. We looked down and watched her hunger from above. A macabre laugh gushed from deep in my bowels and was accompanied by demonic laughter from Spermula and Cassi. I walked toward the bed and looking back I directed Spermula and Cassi to bring the ‘new’ harlot to our bed.

“We must fill her lust.”

They took Sephora by the arms and raised her body that was bathed in the semen and blood that covered the floor. When she arrived in front of me, I placed a full black latex mask over her head with only openings for her mouth and eyes.

I caressed Sephora latex clad face with my long black talons and whispered into her ear, “Come bitch, it’s time to fill your belly with our cum. I want to see what kind of infernal creature that you’re going to convert into.”

“Cassi had been lying in bed with her claws and playing with her big snake cock.”

I continued to whisper into Sephora’s ear, “It’s time to fill your pussy Sephora! I will enjoy watching that huge snake cock getting buried deep into you until it hits your uterus!”

Sephora in her rapture of lust began to stroke her enlarged pussy lips on Cassi’s huge cock. She screamed with pleasure as her cunt juices began to spill from the lips of her cunt. Cassi guided her cock head between Sephora´s cunt lips and with the next motion of her hips, she buried nearly every inch of her snake cock deep into Sephora hungry cunt. A resounding cry of pain and pleasure came from deep inside Sephora. Black tears began to flow from her eyes as she continued her rhythmic movements. With each stroke, Cassi’s cock was buried even deeper.

Sephora cried out, “You will tear me!! Cannn’t, nooooo! It will kill me!”

I spoke directly into her ear, “Look my little whore of hell! You will take it all, you want it! Cassi has already buried almost everything!”

And with my signal Spermula stepped in front her, facing Sephora with her massive horse cock.

I continued to speak into her ear, ”You see that bitch? You want that delicious cock in your mouth too! You will become into a cum slut, like her! And I am going to stick my big horse cock in your ass Sephora. We are going to fuck you my darling bitch and completely fill every one of your holes. You are a very lucky bitch!”

Sephora moved her head closer to the horse cock, her mouth was now close to the huge cock.

Spermula licking her lips with her obscenely long tongue said: “Lick me sister!! Suck me hard! Shows us that delightful black tongue! I want your tongue to envelop my huge dick and then bury itself deep inside my vagina.”

Cassi´s huge cock was already buried deep in Sephora’s bowels and with every move her huge breasts were squeezed which further stimulated the sensitive Cassi´s nipples. Cassi’s tongue emerged from her mouth and began to play with Spermula balls. She was almost over Cassi mouth. Sephora’s tongue began to wrap around Spermula’s cock all the way to its root, searching to meet the Cassi´s wet pussy. Until Sephora’s tongue joined in an embrace with Cassi´s sticky forked cunt tongue. Their tongues wound around each other and then inserted into Spermula’s cunt.

Sephora’s eyes shone as she embraced the feelings of having her vagina filled and her mouth stretched wide open and wrapped around Spermula’s huge cock. She was surprised at her abilities. Something unnatural was going on with her body! That cock had a diameter of about 3 inches and she had taken it in as if she was an anaconda that was swallowing its prey. With every advancing movement Spermula was progressively inserted that enormous cock deep into her throat.

Sephora could not scream; only soft moans would leave your body. Sephora instantly felt a new sensation when I started to lick her delicious ass with my long tongue. She shuddered when inserting my tongue deep inside her, in a sort of black kiss. With my sharp claws I gave several smacks on her ass cheeks. Then I changed my position and began lubricate the wet crack of her ass with my black sperm. She shuddered with each administration, her body trembling with pleasure.

I shouted out, “Soon you will be all mine!! Give your body and soul to our mother Lilith, slut!!”

And I press the tip of my horse cock into her dark hole.

Sephora’s ass resists my first onslaught. She shuddered hard when I felt my cock trying to overcome the natural resistance of her ass.

“Relax whore and swallow it with relish!”

With the following stroke her body convulsed with relief, as I pierced her sphincter resistance and advanced deeper within Sephora.

”Ahhhhhhh yessssss!”

I screamed with pleasure when I felt like her ass consume all of my cock! I could feel Cassi’s cock very close to mine with only a very thin layer of tissue separating us. The head of my huge horse cock caressed Spermula’s cock head. We were fucking all Sephora holes at same time. We squealed with pleasure as cries of lust filled the room.Our huge cocks were shoved deep within her body and she convulsed with each thrust. No human could have endured such an outrage. Our demonic bodies shone with lust. My body radiated a dark energy that enveloped everything.

We were all close to climax. We had fornicated every orifice of Sephora´s body for over several hours. It felt like my balls were ready to burst with my powerful black cum. I could feel that the bodies of my daughters   tighten as our lustful orgasms approached. Finally with euphoric spasm, that shook my whole body, a load of sperm shot out from my huge balls, through my long horse cock, and filling Sephora’s stomach. Then I saw Spermula’s eyes shine! She opened her mouth, her black tongue and the tiny tendrils searched in the air, and an inhuman guttural cry escaped from her.

“I´m cummingg grrrr!” She screamed!

Spermula sperm filled Sephora´s body. At the same time Cassi’s cock exploded with an impressive load of cum filling the Sephora´s womb, her belly began to expand in an impressive manner. They trembling in ecstasy and collapsed over Cassi’s body. My orgasm was extremely intense, my eyes sparkled with lust, my body glowed red, and finally I also collapsed over my dark creatures.

Our huge cocks had lost their strength and began to withdraw from the body of fainted Sephora. I pull out my huge dick from Sephora ass, sat up, stretched my wings, and freed Spermula’s body of my weight. With loud pop sound! A gush of black sperm began to flow from her obscenely exposed ass hole. Spermula awakened from the rapture of lust that had consumed us. As Spermula moved to her side and freed Sephora’s mouth of her cock, Sephora made guttural sounds of pleasure. Squirts of black cum began to flow from her mouth, dripping down her lips and onto Cassi’s body.

I stood up and got off the bed. Spermula did the same and we both looked at the body of our dark child as she began her complete transformation. Cassi pushed Sephora’s body aside and eventually could withdraw her snake huge cock from Sephora’s vagina. When she did, a stream of black seed began to flow from her vagina. Sephora´s body trembling and shuddering with intense waves of pain and pleasure. The transformation of her body progressed rapidly and was accompanied by loud sounds of cracking bones. We could see her body being reformed and restructured.

Once, she screamed in agony.

“What is happening to me, Maryann?”

“Don’t worry Sephora, you are becoming into a delicious creature!” I assured her.

Sephora was bathed in our sperm and her body rested in a puddle that had formed with our sexual juices on the black latex sheets. Somehow her body was absorbing all those juices as the transformation progressed. The black latex gloves shone and seemed to blend with her skin. The black covering grew and advanced over her human tissue. Her nails began to grow and become long pointed black claws that quickly merged with her new latex skin. As the covering advanced and wrapped her entire body, her big boobs also expanded to reach a HH cup. The shape of her mouth acquired a more delicious contour and a bright juicy red color that made it so inviting to be fucked. Her cunt plumped in wonderfully obscene way and was full exposed. Her eyes turned bright red. Sephora had become a perfect rubberdoll. Her skin was shiny black latex.

A hellish scream emerged from Sephora’s throat as her hips began swelling and lengthen. On each side of her hips below her waist and above her legs, three new appendages began to emerge. They seemed to be legs, but with three segments. The new long black glossy ‘legs’ grew and grew, while Sephora screamed with agony. Her buttocks began to expand sideways and then elongate until it was a dimension comparable to the size of her legs. The three appendices on each side had reached the length of her legs, finished in long black talons like her hands.

The human feet had also changed into the shape of sharp claws. Sephora was lying on her back and her legs were seeking to lift her new body. From the tip of her abdomen to just below her round red asshole, a sort of spinneret structure was taking form. From her new body structure we saw a black spider thread shoot out and hit the ceiling of the room, just over the bed. Her new claws grabbed the tread and lifted her body up from the bed. On her shiny black back we saw a large red spot surrounded by a white halo, the telltale characteristic of the Black Widow.

Sephora lowered herself onto the bed, this time coming to rest on her abdomen, keeping the thorax upright, as her body continued its incredible transformation. The four new pairs of legs rested at her side. Her face began to change, the head began to elongate and she moaned endlessly. Sephora moved her claws hands to her face, while the features of her face were being altered.

The cries of pain were intense. We watched with astonished delight as her head grew until it had the shape of a large crest extending backwards from the front of her black skull. She open her jaws showing us that it was filled with razor-sharp transparent teeth that were each several inches long. Her tongue was transformed into a sort of fearful cunt maw that was much like a human arm. It had five digits on the hand that were more like spikes and the third digit was much longer than the others.

Sephora took a claw to her breast and the other to her huge pussy. She looked directly at me and spoke to me for the first time since her metamorphosis.

“Mistress I’m hungry, I`m starving, need to be fucked badly!”  She cried as she buried the longest digit of her claw into her starving cunt.

She masturbated her pussy fiercely.

“Yess my darkest creature, you must be nourished with more of my black sperm.”

Her red eyes shone with delight. My huge cock was now completely erect and I took a few steps toward her fully exposed pussy and buried my cock head in one fell swoop. She screamed with pleasure. Her claws dug into my buttocks and pulled me toward her with great force, making my huge cock go deep into her womb.

“Yesssss! Want more!”

“My divine creature you will become my DEMON MOTHER! We will spawn many demons and minions!” I informed her.

“Yeessss Mistresss! I want to be your breeder. Fuck me and fill me with your damned cum. Soon I will produce eggs which have been fertilized with your darkest seed!” Sephora said.

“Come, Daughters of darkness and welcome your new sister!” I exclaimed.

Cassi approached Sephora from one side and Spermula did the same from the other side. They began to suck Sephora`s nipples as she moaned like a crazy bitch. I fucked Sephora hard for more than one hour. Cassi took me by my ass and buried her snake cock deep into me, while Spermula fucked Sephora into her ass, and I sank my long tail into Spermula cunt. We blew our loads of cum deep inside each others holes; it was an orgy of pleasure.

When I removed my horse cock from Sephora, I noticed how Sephora’s cunt sealed itself, not letting a single drop escape.

She said to me, “It is all mine!”

An evil laugh came from me, “Good bitch!” And I kissed her deep. “My dark daughters, enjoy your bodies, I must attend business! Cassi dear, please can you show to your new sister our dungeon? I’m pretty sure that all of you will enjoy yourselves there.”

“Ohhhh yesss, Mistress I would love to show her our dungeon and play with her. Come with us Sephora!”

Cassi took Sephora by her clawed hands and escorted her from the bed while Spermula made her way to the elevator. When they left me alone on the master bedroom, I turned my succubus body back into my human shape and dressed in a strict leather dominatrix dress. I was looking to be ready when Michael showed up. Mr. Callahan must come to my home early.

I made some phone calls. One of them was to Sabrina, our superior Mother! She told me that we should arrive at the RubberTemple in the morning on Saturday October 31st, ready for the ceremony. I should arrive with my daughters and all details would be provided to me upon our arrival. I advised her of the recent conversion of Sephora. She was delighted to have another creature for the great ceremony, one that will be blessed by our queen Lilith. I said goodbye to our Mother Superior and hung up the phone. We have a week to training Sephora, I thought. October 31st marked a very special day. After two thousand years, for the first time a perfect lunar eclipse would occur on Europe.

A red moon!

The exact site where the umbra was projected to occur was directly on the central dome of RubberTemple.

At 7.00 am, rang the doorbell. Michael Callahan was coming to pick up the documents.

I spoke to him by the speaker, “Welcome Mr. Callahan, I’m in my room, I’ll open the door, I’ll meet you in the office, you know where is! I will be with you in few minutes.”

I pushed the button to release the lock. The buzzer sounded and I saw him enter on the security monitor. When he entered the house, he was smoking a cigarette nervously. He was standing, waiting for me on the office. When I arrived, I looked him up and down and ordered to him to sit.

He nodded and replied, “Thanks Mistress!”

He moved his hands very nervously. He could not sit still and relax.

“Why are you so nervous?” I asked him.

“Mistress, I’m late!” He replied to me with a trembling voice.

“Relax Honey, we have time! I have not bitten you, yet! Hahahahahaha.” I answered him while a wicked smile crossed my face.

“Please Mistress, with your permission, where is Sephora?” He asked with agony on his face, as if he knew something bad was about to happen.

“Ohhh my beloved Michael, I’m afraid you’ll have to find another assistant.” I responded to him with a defiant look on my face. “She will never return to work for you. She’s mine now, Callahan! I was clear with you. My home is not for business! Did you forget?”

“No Mistress, my apologies.” He answered me with his gaze directed downward.

“Mistress, may I ask, what happen with her?” Callahan asked me again with concern showing in his eyes.

“Oohhhh sure, Callahan. She’s fine. She’s a divine creature now! Maybe I will allow you to meet her again in the near future.” I answered him with my evil smile.

Callahan assured me that this terrible mistake would not happen again. I told him that hope that was true for his sake. Then I asked him about Sephora’s background.

“Callahan, do you know if Sephora had a family?”

He advised me that according her documents that she was an orphan from an early age. She lived all of her younger year in a government institution. When she became an adult, she worked in many places and lived in a rented room.

“Well Callahan, listen me carefully. I want that you to close out her lease and bring all of her belongings to my home. She will live with me now and work for me in my home. She will be our link on business matters. It is clear?”

“Mistress, yes, it is clear for me.”

“OK Callahan. Here are the signed documents,” I said while pass him the leather briefcase. “I also would like to inform you that we’ll be out of town later this month and won’t return until the first or second November week. During that time I will not available for anything and for no one! Do you understand that simple order?”

“Yes Mistress! As you wish.” He replied with a bow.

“Very good. I think that we are done with business for today!”

I got up from the chair and I went over to where he was sitting. His nerves were easy to perceive. His hands were shaking like an addict needing a fix. I knew the source of his agitation his desire; his inner lascivious was consuming him.

I asked him. “Why are you still sitting silly pet? You already know what you should do! Or do I have to remind you again, my Sissyboi!?”

“Ohhh Mistress, I beg you to sate my crazy lust!” He responded as he knelt front me.

“Yes, we will satisfy that lust, but first I want to have a look at you before you enjoy the pleasure of my semen. Strip down and let me see the beautiful effects of my sperm.”

When he hesitated briefly and I knew something was amiss.

“What the hell are you waiting for?” I demanded.

He removed his clothes and I could see immediately the cause of his reluctance. The tattoo that ran up his left leg, across his stomach right above his genitals, and down his right leg that said ‘Forbidden: Property of Mistress Marianne‘ was decorated with bruises.

“What the hell is that bruising on the insides of your thighs? Those thighs are my possession. You know that. Who has been playing with my thighs!?” I roared at him.

Cowering, he pleaded, “Please forgive me Mistress. It won’t happen again.”

“You had better believe it will never happen again. Who did this? I want to know the details of your betrayal.” I demanded.

“It was by chance, an accident. I was just browsing the selections at your adult toy store when my eye caught a glimpse of a figure dressed in a Dominatrix style black latex body suit and corset. I tried to keep from looking at her, but my obsession with latex and BDSM made that impossible. My lust and my imagination caused me to become slightly aroused and revealed itself as a bulge in my pant leg. The latex Dominatrix noticed my excitement and approached me before I could make an exit. She inquired about my arousal and my interests. It was like she was a witch. I could not disengage myself from her or refuse to answer her questions.”

He continued his confession.

“Once she had identified my obsessions through her questioning, she invited me to her dungeon for some BDSM play. The combination of my continual state of lust and the witch like spell that I was under made it impossible for me to decline the invitation. I did make her agree to complete avoidance of your required off-limits areas of my thighs and cock. She swore to abide by that limitation. However, almost immediately after she had bound me securely to the St. George’s cross, she began to flog my, I mean, your thighs and cock. It was like she was possessed. And more she flogged me, the more aroused I became. I am ashamed to say that, in the excitement of the flogging, I lost control of myself and I blew a load of your cum all over her dungeon.”

“You did what!?” I screamed. “You know that you are never allowed to cum without my permission!”

He beseeched me.

“Please forgive me. I just could not resist her invitation and you know what submissive pain slut I am. I lost my mind, my control, I am so ashamed. She must be a witch. I promise to never let you down again.”

I continued my interrogation.

“Once again, who was this witch that used my possession? Does she have a name?”

“She insisted that I call her Mistress Jacqueline.” He replied.

I had previously heard about that bloody bitch ‘Domina’. I would make her pay for this violation of my property rights.

“One final warning, Michael. Do not betray me again. You are replaceable.”

Then I unzipped my long black leather skirt, releasing my huge cock.

“It’s all yours, my unfaithful but beloved pet. Eat it! That’s an order!”

Michael’s eyes twinkled and opened his starving watering mouth. He extended his long tongue and started licking my massive cock.

“Yes, darling! You are doing an excellent job. Now I want you to take it completely!”

He obeyed me and opened his mouth wide and began to swallow my enormous cock. The prolonged exposure to my corrupting black cum had dramatically affected his own will, making him submissive, human servant, totally addicted to my sperm.

Some parts of his body were modified by regularly consuming my sperm: His tongue had grown and could now stretch and extend far out of his mouth. Likewise, his cock had blossomed to about fourteen inches long and two inches wide. His balls also had increased in size considerably and were now capable of producing huge amounts of white sperm. His body had also benefited. It was more toned and showed a deep muscular body as if it were a bodybuilder.

While he was sucking my huge cock, I scratched his bald head with my long black nails. I quickly approached an orgasm. Michael had become an expert in the oral art and knew how to satisfy me. His eight years ‘working’ for me under this special contract, had made him a delicious cum slut and very wealthy.

“I´m cumming bitch! Yess! Yess! Yess! Ahhhhhhh, fucking drink it all! Do not waste a single drop you dirty whore!” I yelled to him.

Michael swallowed all my semen, his stomach swelled with the large amount of cum load. I pulled my huge cock out of Callahan’s mouth. His eyes shone with lustful desire. With the tip of my longest black nail, I wiped a small drop from the corner of his lip and took it to my mouth.

“Mhhhhh! Yesss, my dirty bitch, you did well!”

Now it was my turn! I lay face down on the desk and yelled to him, “Come Bitch! Is time for my creamy breakfast! I want you to fuck me. Your cock has grown wonderfully!! Want to felt it deep inside me.”

My hands separated my broad cheeks ass and exposed my huge black asshole. From my ass a reddish fog was expelled. Michael sucked in the red cloud though his nose and filling his lungs with the wondrous fumes. His eyes were transfigured, and now shone with an evil glow

“Come and fuck me bitch!” I ordered him again.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Michael introduced the tip of his long fat cock into my back door. With a hard stroke he buried his long fat cock in me!, He had become a possessed beast. Completely unlike his usual self!

“Yesss fuck meeeee” I shouted! “Fuck me hard bitch. Come fill me with dirty cum. My ass is hungry! Fill me!”

Michael fucked me hard for about twenty minutes. His balls were beating against my legs. I felt when his body began to shudder and tense up announcing the approach of his orgasm. He was like a bull in heat. As he repeatedly penetrated me hard, I played with my sensitive nipples. Then his body trembled and a strong spasm shook the Callahan’s body. Soon I could feel the hot semen begin to fill my bowels.

Callahan was panting after his intense orgasm. After he removed his huge cock from my ass, I knelt in front him and cleaned his cock with my long black tongue. Then I got up and kissed him My tongue played with his deep inside his mouth. Then I caressed his ear, bit the lobe softly.

“If you betrayal me again, I will suck you all of you until devour your soul, Bitch!”

I adjusted my clothes, walked over to the full body mirror to check my makeup, reapplied lipstick to my lips, and turned to Callahan.

“It’s time for you to be gone. I have other things to do.”

He picked up the leather briefcase with the documents and I led him until the door.

“When I return from my trip I will feed you again, Pet. Until then, behave!”

Callahan nodded in agreement, got in his BMW 320, and drove away from the house. I locked the door and went down into the basement.

The next few days, before our departure to the RubberTemple, passed quickly. Each of the nights we explored the new promises of Sephora’s body. We fucked her body in every conceivable way. She learned to use all of its new possibilities. In the middle of the week, I brought two victims for her to enjoy. They were two drug dealers, which served to quench her thirst for blood and sperm. Sephora had become a true Black Widow that devoured her male sexual partners.

I watched Sephora wrap their bodies with her spider web in a severe and powerful bondage that left only the genitals of her victims exposed. Then Sephora injected a powerful aphrodisiac with her fangs that made these men obtain powerful erection. With her powerful arms, she took their bodies, suspended them in her web, and used them to fuck her like they were living dildos!

She controlled the orgasms of her victims, while penetrated their ass holes with her powerful sharp penis shaped tail. Sephora played with them until she reached orgasm several times. With each orgasm, her eyes shined with the glow of a red aura. When her hunger was satisfied, each sex slave was allowed cum into her cunt. Her sexual feast ended when she buried her fangs back into the exhausted bodies of her victims and extracted all of their blood and bodily juices. She sucked them until they were completely dry and turned into ash.