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AUTHORS NOTES: Vaguely inspired by the 1970s television series by the same name — about the mysterious Mr. Roarke who runs a unique resort island in the Pacific Ocean that can fulfill literally any fantasy requested by guests, but they rarely turn out as expected. I really enjoyed the 2020 film version, directed by Jeff Wadlow — but wished it could have been a lot darker. I also notice that there is a 2021 television version with its first season released — but I haven’t caught up with that. So my thought was to make Roarke into a female figure. Maybe androgynous? And be more like an evil puppet master drawing the unsuspecting “victims” into her own web of twisted fantasies; that the demonic forces within Island seem to be only too pleased to amplify.

Thanks to BG for his thoughtful edits — and though he did suggest a radical restructuring of this story to put each of the “fantasies” in their own chapter — I have left these three chapters as they were originally written — to mix it up and keep it on the edge. Maybe in Phantasy 3, we’ll use a different formula?

STORY CODES: Supernatural, Religious themes, Transgender, Age-Play/Young, Demonic/Satanic, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, Rape, Snuff, Black Mass, Dante’s Hell, Cannibalism, NC, Sex Demons, Transformation.

CREATED: 04.02.2022 / REVISITED: 25.08.2023


Phantasy Island 2

Where only your “darkest fantasies” come true


Imagine a place where all your wildest fantasies could come true — this is the promise of the famed “Phantasy Island”. Now imagine, you’re one of the lucky competition winners that have won the opportunity to be invited to this luxurious, but remote tropical paradise. You will be welcomed by the exotic and enigmatic Dr. Ursula Roarke — an exotic delight that seems to be all-knowing, all-seeing — and like a ringmaster, with the crack of her whip, the fantasy circus begins. What you didn’t know was that there’s a dark side to Phantasy Island. Are you in your fairy tale fantasy or a victim of Dr. Ursula Roarke’s twisted nightmares?


  • Dr. Ursula Roarke (appears to be maybe 28, but of an unknown age) — an exotic islander, who is enigmatic, beautiful (and androgynous) — the host of Phantasy Island
  • Tattoo (35) — an ugly twisted dwarf-like man that is Dr. Ursula Roarke’s assistant
  • Hoku (20) — a young hostess (and a demon) on Phantasy Island
  • Kai and Loni (8) — twins, islanders (demons in disguise as little girls)
  • Father Tristan Moore (35) — desires to be a missionary sent to a South Pacific island to explore, discover, and bring religion to a lost tribe of savages
  • Samantha Lim (32) — a selfless primary school teacher and a virgin, who dreams of sharing a tropical holiday with unfortunate young orphans
  • Louise (35) and William Heath (29) — a childless couple; Louise want a baby; but what does William want?
  • Margot Sweets (45) — a MILF and a university lecturer who seeks to find the true God
  • Hilary Rowling (78) — a devoted grandmother who wants a fairy tale





“Bad dreams are better than no dreams … at least they tell you what you’re afraid of knowing.” — Kara Barbieri — “It’s like some of us are chasing after our nightmares the way other people chase dreams.” — Taylor Jenkins Reid.

William’s fantasy

It all happened just as Dr. Roarke had said it would.

William had taken his irritating wife (six years his senior) for a long walk along the shoreline. The moonlight was strong overhead and the burning torches lit the meandering pathway back from Long Beach and up towards Hangman’s Reach. They held hands as they walked. They had made love earlier that evening. William had cum inside her for the first time in a while. He had actually been surprised at his own sexual performance (usually he needed to imagine he was fucking a young boy to reach climax, but today was different). He hadn’t needed to pretend to be romantic in his gestures, as the thought of her being raped violently really got him very hard and excited.

Louise looked very content and was talking about the new baby to be; what names she liked; how they would decorate the nursery (would it be nicer to have pink flowers or daisies?); about how they would have a baby shower and invite all her close girlfriends. They would all be so jealous.

William couldn’t help but think about strangling her with his own bare hands, wrapping his fingers around her chubby little throat and throttling the life out of her. Watching her life bleed out as he pressed his thumbs harder and harder into her trachea. Yes, he wanted her to die as he watched and gloated over her. It was really getting him off. He would be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and free to fuck anyone he desired in their marital bed. He would never have to work again. Thank you Phantasy Island, he thought to himself.

They reached a turn in the pathway when suddenly they seemed to be surrounded by a maelstrom of movement. Out of nowhere dark shadows moved against them. In the silvery moonlight, it was difficult to make out who they were — or what they were — William felt his wife ripped away from him.

“Get off! Let me go! Stop! Get off! Help me! Help me …” screamed the hapless Louise as she struggled against the unknown assailants.

It was all happening so fast. William’s natural reaction was to resist, but he felt arms hold him back, pulling him away. There seemed to be two assailants, one behind him and one at his side. Still coming to terms with what was happening, his eyes tried to focus on the low light, but he could make out only blurred shapes as they huddled around his struggling wife. They appeared to be naked … more like dark aberrations than anything remotely human … with erect cocks as long and thick as his arms. They had horns upon their heads, breasts like women; and something that resembled tails. There were six or more of them, moving and overlapping as they all wrestled his screaming wife down on the ground, tearing her thin clothing from her body.

“Let me go! Help! Stop! Help!” she screamed, “Aarrghhmmmmmm …” her scratchy voice suddenly sounded muffled or gagged.

William saw that her chubby little white boobs were fully exposed first. Dark hands mercilessly groped and mauled at them. Then her legs were violently pulled apart, exposing her cleanly shaven cunt. Again, dark fingers probed her naked snatch. The she-devil rapists made only incomprehensible grunts and groans as they went about their savagery. Maybe they spoke a language that he didn’t understand. A demon language that was not meant for human ears. All the more evil, he thought. They ripped and pulled at her with no regard for her muffled pleas.

“Don’t … resist William,” cautioned a whispering voice in his ear.

How did they know his name?

“Relax! Just watch and enjoy, William — we are your kind — now enjoy the she-devils as they destroy her dry bitch holes! ”

William’s tenseness began to ease somewhat as he realized that he wasn’t the intended victim. No. His wicked fantasy was playing out, right now, right before his eyes. The arms still held him fast and he felt their excited bulges pressing against him; one against his upper thigh and the other against the furrow of his ass. His own cock began to stiffen as his mind began to truly realize the gravity of his perverted fantasy.

This was not the make-believe situation that he’d allowed to play out as he stroked himself in bed at night — this was for real — devil rapists were about to fuck her fat ugly cunt, flabby ass, and fowl mouth … they were about to fuck her hard and violently … violating her completely … ruining her permanently … without a shred of mercy … and he was about to see it all.

He felt effeminate hands between his legs — rubbing and teasing his already precum-dripping erection. He felt the fly of his shorts open and then his pants being pulled down his shaking legs.

“That’s it William … you are one of us …” the voice sounded soft and effeminate.

He felt the hotness of his assailant’s breath and the slickness of a tongue against his earlobe. William turned his head only to find a mouth over his — his lips opened — as his assailant’s tongue penetrated his mouth, exploring it, as their cocks ground harder and more urgently against him.

No longer resisting, William now felt flesh against flesh. The assailant behind him pressed his rigid cock against the entrance to his anus, while the other knelt between his spayed legs. William pressed backward against his assailant, against the very cock that threatened to impale itself inside him. Yes. He wanted it inside him. All the way up. To fuck his dirty shit hole. Oh, to be sodomized, while his dumb wife gets fucked to death.

“You want it, don’t you faggot brother … you want me to cum in your ass … while we watch your wife die! And yes … she’s going to die!”

William wanted to cry out, “Yes, oh fuck yes!” but didn’t want to interrupt the devils as they slammed their long black nigger cocks into her tight dry holes.

A warm mouth smothered the crown of William’s throbbing little beta cock; as eager fingers racked the underside of his shaved ball sacks. The fingers of the same assailant gripped the base of his stiff cock shaft … masturbating him hard and fast as he stared forward at the rape scene unfolding before him.

In the moonlight, the nigger-black devils continued their perverted rape ritual. One devil held each of her arms and legs as they held her spread eagle. First, they lowered her upon a devil cock that thrust upwards into her ass; just as another began to rape her dry cunt hole. Her body stiffened in acute agony. Louise screamed at the top of her lungs until another devil cock thrust down her virgin throat.

He heard the nigger devils’ groaning and grunting as they took their pleasure. They were relentless and only ceased once they had ejaculated inside his wife’s spoilt holes. Without even as much of a pause, they quickly changed positions as the next devil eagerly began to rape her over and over.

William watched in disbelief.

It was as if Louise’s torn whitish body was dancing in the moonlight; as the dark ones continued to violate her like a pack of hungry hyenas devouring the dead body of their prey — the inhuman devil cocks continued to fuck her cunt, ass, and throat — as Louise’s body thrashed about, much like a rag doll, between them.


Margot’s fantasy

Margot awoke. She felt hazy and a little drunk.

Completely naked, Margot had no memory of how she got here or where her clothing had disappeared to. She remembered being on the beach at sunset. She’d been in the company of the beautiful, young hostess called Hoku, who had seduced her on the soft sand of the salty seashore.

The moon had been bright and full, above them, as they’d rolled around together, tongue-kissing and fondling each other. Margot distinctly remembered licking Hoku’s exotically but heavily tattooed cunt. She had been licking the Devil’s face? Kissing the Devil’s mouth and sucking upon the Devil’s penal clitoris (of a tongue).

Was this Devil worship?

There was a strong aftertaste of urine in the back of her mouth. She remembered the beautiful and enigmatic Hoku pissing into her open mouth — there being simply too much foamy piss to swallow — and much of the sourish liquids had squirted over her face and soaked into her hair. Margot had loved the taste of the girl’s warm golden fountain. Now she stank of its odor.

Becoming more aware of her surroundings — Margot could hear the sounds of soft moans around her. Young moans. Female moans. Sensual moans … The sound of women pleasuring themselves. There was the chanting of young girls’ voices — and there was music — something distinctively ethnic. A flute. A drum. A tambourine. A rattle. A shamanistic melody?

Margot sat up slowly and looked around. She was in some kind of smoky boudoir. The walls around her seemed to shift in hue from orange to red, red to purple, purple to fuchsia — intermingled with more erotic images of Sapphic sex — of bright pink-skinned cunts opening like flowers to display their oversized throbbing clitorises.

Large soft cushions and pillows covered the carpeted floor. Feminine bodies swaying to the lullaby of strange Eastern music — maybe Persian? Her eyes followed the sounds of sex and she recognized Hoku laying spreadeagled with a young girl between her knees. The girl couldn’t have been more than six or seven years old. She watched the young girl between Hoku’s legs, her small fingers pressed against Hoku’s thighs, and her face was buried between Hoku’s open legs. — no doubt licking the Devil between her thighs. Margot watched as Hoku’s body undulated like a perverted serpent.

There were others too, maybe two or three dozen or more, all indulging similarly in cunnilingus with very young children — some with boys and some with girls. A pedophile orgy. They were all so very young — sweet and tender — Margot’s cunt began to throb as she watched with voyeuristic glee. Instantly dripping with cunt honey, Margot’s juices began to flow. She watched it all and listlessly started to finger herself.

There were other strange sights. A group of half a dozen exotic dancers, not completely naked, but dressed provocatively in tribal chain masks; with nipple and clit rings, chain checkers, bejeweled belly buttons; and diaphanous coverings that left nothing to the imagination. Their copper-brown skin shimmered with sexual perspiration as they all dipped and whirled elegantly in a circular ballet to the bizarre cacophonous sounds of unfamiliar instruments, groans of feminine ecstasy, and the droning beat.

At the center of their circle rose an elegant female figure with bare breasts that stood proud with long protruding nipples. Over her head, she wore the horned headdress of a Baphometic goat. As the occult goat figure rose higher, so did the intensity of the music. The exotic dancers continued to move in mock prayer around their living idol as she swiveled and thrust her hips back and forth to the slow gyrating rhythm — Margot couldn’t help but notice that from between her legs rose a golden animal horn that curved upright like a phallus.

“Margot … Margot … ” Margot recognized the voice immediately as Dr. Roarke’s. The doctor pointed towards the goat-headed dancer, “She symbolizes Agdistis, the goat goddess that possesses both male and female sexual organs … Her androgyny is seen as symbolic of a wild and uncontrollable nature … ” the doctor explained.

”Wild … uncontrolled …” whispered Margot to herself.

Margot had immediately stopped masturbating, embarrassed that the doctor might have seen her, until she realized that the doctor, like her, was also naked and finger fucking her own slimy cunt.

“No need to be shy here — in The Hall of Whores — we are all wild and uncontrolled and honor all the most profane of gods and goddesses.”

”The Hall of Whores?” Asked Margot as she looked around.

Just then, Hoku joined them. She slipped down next to Margot. Hoku tongue-kissed Margot’s mouth, her viper-like tongue tantalizing Margot’s perverted mind as she began to finger Margot’s dripping wet cunt hole. The young girl that had been licking Hoku’s cunt slipped down on the opposite side and began to suckle upon Margot’s sensitive nipples. The other whore-women began to congregate around them — the naked children too — the dancers and goat idol moved behind Dr. Roarke as the eerie music intensified.

“Yes, Phantasy Island has many kinds of whores. Whores to satisfy any and every deviant and perverted fantasy. Young whores. Old whores. Deformed whores. But your fantasy isn’t about fucking whores is it? … No, you came here to find the one true God.”

“Praise the one true God,” whispered Hoku, licking Margot’s ear.

”Praise! Praise! Praise!” The children cried.

”This is why you are here, right? To worship the one true God?” asked Dr. Roarke as she stood up.

”Praise! Praise! Praise!” They all cried.

“To offer prayer on your devout hands and knees? To give yourself fully to the one true God?” groaned Dr. Roarke as she raised her arms in sacred exaltation.

“Yes,” answered Margot as Hoku’s fingers slid in and out, faster and faster, of Margot’s oily cunt hole.

”Praise! Praise! Praise!” They all cried over and over as they all masturbated at a frenzied pace.

”Hail the one true God!” Cried, Hoku.

”Yes,” gasped Margot, as her orgasm approached.

”Are you ready to know,” said Dr. Roarke as she stood over Margot with her legs spread widely as the doctor stroked her cunt hole, ”Are you ready to know what it’s like to be one with your God?”

The evil doctor’s body seemed to glow against the backdrop of swirling bodies that formed a human canvas. Margot stared in disbelief as something began to emerge from within the doctor’s open vagina. Whatever was inside, seemed to be pressing outward through her swollen dark labia. It appeared disgusting. Long rivers of vaginal secretion ran down the inside of the doctor’s legs and even hung like viscous strains from her open cunt lips.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” shrieked the doctor.

This strange metamorphosis seem to bring instant delight to the doctor — everyone else around her seemed to anticipate this moment — as the evil priestess moaned in exhaustive ecstasy. Margot thought for a moment that she was seeing the doctor’s clitoris but it was simply too big to be a clitoris. First, a bulbous red-brown crown appeared, peeling back the doctor’s labia minora; then a serpent-like fleshly pillar began to emerge and curl, like a banana, out and upwards forming a long and thick succubus cock.

“Praise the Devil!” cried Hoku.

”Praise! Praise! Praise!” They all cried.


Father Tristan’s fantasy

The devilish drums were getting louder and louder.

Father Tristan had lost sight of his tour guide, Tattoo, who was nowhere to be found. His small convoy of luggage bearers began looking nervously at one another. Suddenly there was a muffled scream from the front of the procession.

The bearers immediately dropped everything and began to scatter in panic. They weren’t even sure which way to run, but scrambled left and right, falling over each other in the process. Father Tristan could only stand and watch the mayhem.

“Oh my God!” he cried, “Wait!”

Nobody was listening. It was as if the jungle had suddenly erupted with strange black devils, painted with white skeleton-like bones upon the dark skin of their naked bodies. All around the priest, it was a blur of motion. The black devils appeared from beneath the scrubs; from above in the jungle branches; and as they ascended or descended grabbed and captured the young boys and dragged them away into the undergrowth.

As quickly as it had begun, it was over. He watched a single leaf of foliage fall from one of the branches as the only evidence of whatever it was that just happened. The jungle was static again. Nothing moved. There was no sign of the dozen or so young boys that had formed his entourage. He stood alone. Only the incessant drumming continued— this time it sounded even louder than before.

The priest staggered around for a while.

“God damn it! Tattoo! Where are you?” he cried.

What had just happened? Where the fuck was Tattoo? Were these the cannibals he’d been warned about? How did they end up in the wrong place? A multitude of questions popped into his head. He remembered the atrocities he had witnessed on the DVDs that Dr. Roarke had left behind. His body betrayed him as his cock stiffened against the tight fabric of his pants as he recalled the so-called documentary. The abduction was only the beginning. The boys would be taken to their lair in the caves … there they could be firstly stripped naked and beaten; then they would be ritualistically raped before the cannibals’ evil idol; then tortured, castrated, and murdered; finally, they would be all eaten in an evil feast. But why was this so exciting?

The priest tried not to think of the possible outcomes. He had to do something. He began to walk in the direction of the drums.

The signs were everywhere. Warnings. Evil tokens. The decorated remains of those that had been sacrificed and eaten by this tribe of savages. But they also laid a clear trail toward the foot of the dormant volcano. The cave entrance was adorned with similar obscene markings — designed to terrorize the other, more peaceful tribes, to stay away, in pain of a fate worse than death.

It wasn’t too late to turn back. Maybe he should just go back to get help.

Father Tristan made the sign of the cross and entered into the damp warmth of the Cannibal Caves. The darkened walls stank of burnt things — of unspeakable things — was this the smell of human flesh?

Inside the caves were crudely lit with torches at regular intervals. He was on the right track. The drums sounded closer than ever as they echoed against the perversely painted walls of the cave. It was the same rhythm he remembered from the soundtrack of the DVD that he’d watched — the same rhythm that he’d subconsciously masturbated himself to — and the very cave walls seemed to vibrate with the pounding rhythm of the primal beat.

“Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dugger-dugger-dum!”

Was this all make-believe? A dark fantasy? But still just a sophisticated illusion? Maybe this was all just playacting? But somehow Father Tristan doubted it. Dare he say it … at some level, the priest hoped it was real — especially after viewing the licentious DVDs — he found it hard to believe that it was all just “smoke and mirrors”. The lewd rape rituals and perverted sex acts couldn’t have been just acting? Then there had been the human sacrifices and the cannibal orgy. He felt a deep shame at becoming aroused whilst witnessing their worship of homosexual demons that demanded torture, murder, and worse.

“Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dugger-dugger-dum!”

What would he do? The cave’s heat made him sweat more than the jungle. He could smell the sourish aroma from his own body. Armed with just his wavering faith, he stumbled on into the vibrating cavernous interior.



“Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares.” — Aman Jassal — “I see the dream and I see the nightmare, and I believe you can’t have the dream without the nightmare.” — Tori Amos — “Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares.” — Aman Jassal

Hilary’s fantasy

Dr. Roarke watched from the boat at the edge of the subterranean river as Hilary approached the dark magic mirror. The aged woman moved with the fatigue of her years. At seventy-eight, she’d had a hard life. What had been her reward? Nothing. She had been a forgotten soul.

Yes, three wishes, she had asked for. And three wishes she would get. The first was to be young. The second was to be sensual. And the last wish lingered in Dr. Roarke’s evil mind … “Maybe I could have been an exotic dancer, a stripper, a prostitute, a high priestess at a secret black mass … sampling my desires for both men and women and everything else in between.”

The magic mirror had come to life before Hilary’s disbelieving eyes. Her wrinkled old face had shown her complete surprise. Maybe she’d doubted the whole “three wishes” thing from the start. Was she in for a surprise? The evil spirit of the mirror had spoken to Hilary. She’d listened as if it were a fun fair novelty. Dr. Roarke watched the old woman undress awkwardly — and magically, as she shed her clothing, she began to physically change. The stooped shoulders, the wide midriff, the purple-rinse hair … they began to metamorphosize … Hilary no longer appeared as a woman in her late seventies … but her reflection showed her to be as she was when she was fourteen or maybe fifteen. As if time had turned back upon itself. She looked beautiful, sensual, and very sexy.

“Young temptress … You’re beautiful ….” said the voice from behind the antique mirror, “Your beautiful!”

It was a feminine voice. An alluring voice. A persuasive voice.

“Is … is … is that really me? It can’t be me?” replied Hilary.

She couldn’t believe that she was actually talking to a mirror. What was that all about? And looking at how young her reflection was. Her heart seemed to flutter with the possibilities.

“ Look at yourself. Look deeper into your delicious reflection. Look how young you look, Hilary.”

The voice within the mirror knew her name.

”What kind of trick is this?”

There was a soft feminine laugh.

“There’s no trick. Look how sensual you are. Your skin glows with a sexy sweat. Look at your perky breasts. Your nipples are so damn hard. Touch them. Touch your nipples. Feel them. See … there’s no trick … your first wish was to be young again. Your second wish was to be sensual.”

”Yes. But … but … but … But how is this even possible?” Hilary just stared at herself in disbelief.

Hilary’s hand traced the outside of her tiny little bosoms. Her palm touched her over-sensitive nipples. She shuddered in sudden sexual arousal. She felt so horny. Actually, she felt hornier than she could ever remember. She couldn’t resist touching her naked skin. Her arms, legs, buttocks … so smooth and firm.

“Feel how wet you are. What is it like to be a virgin again? A beautiful virgin. And all you can think about is being penetrated … “ groaned the voice with the evil mirror, “Go on … do it … feel how wet you are … you slut … touch yourself … finger yourself … defile yourself before me … show me what a little whore you really are …”

Hilary began to explore herself before her own reflection. She watched herself. She excited herself. And she did exactly as the evil mirror told her to do. Hilary’s finger gingerly stroked the soft mound of pubic hair. Her middle finger slipped inside herself … she couldn’t resist touching her erect clitoris and smiled at herself in the mirror. It was a wicked smile. A knowing carnal smile. One finger became two … two became three … soon she was finger-fucking herself like there was no tomorrow.

“Aaaaarrrghhhhhh …” Hilary moaned unabated.

”Taste your cunt … suck your dirty little cunt fingers … taste your horny cunt juices … mmmmmm … dance before me and masturbate … yes … mmmm … like that … dance like a prostitute … now finger your anus for us. We want to see you cum for us. Temptress … We want your juices!”

”Ooohhhhhhhh … argh …” she groaned doing everything that the mirror said.

Dr. Roarke saw her now as a fourteen-year-old. A totally horny teen frantically masturbating herself before the mirror. Hilary appeared just as her reflection as she danced and fingered jet cunt and ass.

Dr. Roarke knew it was time.

”You’re going to make us both cum,” moaned the voice within the mirror, “… oh yes, frig yourself faster, you fucking little whore! … You’re a fucking squirter aren’t you … We know it … Frig yourself and fucking piss onto the mirror …”

“Aaarghhhhh …”

Hilary orgasmed and squirted copiously over the mirror expecting it to run down the front of the mirror’s surface. But it didn’t … her piss spray seemed to pass right through the mirror’s surface … as if there was nothing there. Hilary groaned, almost out of breath. Again in disbelief. She reached to touch the mirror — but her hand passed right through it.

“Enter, if you dare,” taunted the voice within the mirror, “Come to me … and we will fulfill your third wish.”

The young Hilary wasted no time — She boldly stepped forward, allowing herself to pass through the mirror’s surface as if it were a doorway.


Samantha’s fantasy

Samantha’s body rippled with illicit pleasure as the young children feasted upon her milk-laden bosoms. She lay spreadeagled on the bed … her body felt almost paralyzed in shudders of forbidden ecstasy.

Her milky fluids sprayed into the back of the suckling mouths of the preteen twins … as their cheeks hollowed out in an effect to maximize their suction. Kia had folded her thumb tightly into her palm as she sank her entire right hand inside of the woman’s stretched, but throbbing cunt. Loni’s fingers worked to penetrate Samantha’s oily tight rectum.

“Aaaarrrghhhhhhhhh …” Samantha gasped out loud, shivering all over, as suddenly she began to spasm in her lactating-induced orgasm.

Kai pressed harder so that she was now wrist-deep and clearly intended to put her entire eight-year-old arm up the woman’s cunt hole.

“Arghhh …” groaned Samantha, “Please … please … stop … I can’t take it anymore … please …”

Her words fell on deaf ears. Kai and Loni had no intention of stopping. They may have looked like little girls, but they had the strength and wickedness of something far more sinister.

“I love to stretch Mommy’s dirty cunt … I want to reach inside your womb … and fuck you hard Mommy,” the perverted little Kai hissed, her eyes whirling with wonton, desperate madness as she ignored the older woman’s begging.

Kai’s fingers closed into a tight fist inside the wriggling woman, who had cum half a dozen times already. Samantha’s breathing was completely erratic as she squirmed uncomfortably with Kai’s elbow now bumping hard against her erect clitoris — the wicked child-like demon pumped her tight fist and the entire length of her arm, in and out at an increasing pace.

“Stop! Stop! Please … Please … I … I … argh…” screeched Samantha as she tried to slow the movement of Kai’s arm, but was too weak to be effective. She tried to sit up … but found she couldn’t. It was as if there was a tremendous weight upon her chest … something was stopping her from moving.

“Squirt your cum, incest Mommy! Cum and squirt!” groaned the evil, Kai, “Cum over our faces … We love the taste of Mommy’s piss and cunt juice!”

Loni had climbed on top of Samantha as she lay helplessly bucking uncontrollably in orgasm … as one crescendo finished, another began … over and over like waves breaking on the shore. Little Loni wasted no time squatting right over the helpless woman’s upturned face. The horny demon girl lowered herself down, squatting on her hinds, until she was pressing her tiny cunt directly over Samantha’s open mouth.

”Mommy … Mommy … my bladder is so full … it hurts … I need to piss!” exclaimed Loni with an evil grin.

”Do it Loni … soak Mommy’s face!” emboldened her twisted sister.

Loni laughed out loud as she pressed down on her bloated bladder and a cascade of dark yellow urine squirted from the child’s tiny urethra over Samantha’s unsuspecting face.

“Fuck yer, more!” shouted her twin.

The eager child tried to piss into the woman’s open mouth. Samantha gasped for breath as she was forced to swallow mouthfuls of sour piss, just in order to keep breathing.

”You’re a fucking dirty piss-drinker, Mommy!” cried Kai, as she further encouraged her twin.

“Suck me Mommy … suck my dirty little shitter … now you’re gonna eat my poop … “ Loni groaned, grabbing handfuls of Samantha’s piss-drenched hair and rubbing her perineum harder and harder against Samantha’s upturned face.

Loni farted loudly. There was a pungent odor stank of rotten things. The sulfurous smell of spoilt eggs and cabbage filled the room. Samantha tried to turn her face away unsuccessfully.

“Stop … Let … me go …” cried an exhausted Samantha as she felt yet another orgasm building to the point of no return.

“No Mommy, this is what you have always wanted … what up you’ve fantasized about …” protested Loni, “And you cannot spoil the fun now … not until you suck my dirty asshole … it’s gonna make me cum, watching you eat your daughter’s stinking shit!”

Loni pulled herself up, holding herself just inches above Samantha’s face. More hot salt piss sprayed out of her cunt hole as she began to defecate. Loni felt her bowel open as a large fat turd began to emerge from her stretched rectum. The sharp meaty smell filled Samantha’s nostrils. More of the dark brown turd pressed forth until it hung from Loni’s ass as she hovered over Samantha’s open mouth.

”That’s it! Yes! Yes, Mommy! … Eat your daughter’s dark chocolate delight!” ordered the little toilet demon.

”It’s the Devil’s feast!” cried Kai.

Samantha was reduced to making only gurgling sounds as her mouth filled with the dark bitterness of the child’s steaming turds.

“GGgrrrrrhhhhh …” groaned Samantha.

“Mmmmm … And don’t be greedy Mommy! Leave something for me!” laughed Loni’s twin sister, as she fisted Samantha as hard as she could, bumping against the woman’s cervix with every thrust of her closed fist.

Among all of this salaciousness and debauchery, Samantha had come to realize that these were actually real children — They possibly were not entirely human at all. — Maybe they were little monsters, evil and wicked, but packaged to look and sound like a pair of innocent young twins. If she had been upset, by being duped by Dr. Ursula Roarke, she’d long passed that point. She thought to herself that she must be as twisted as they were as she gave herself freely to them … gave herself totally to the darkest of her secretive pedophilic and incest fantasies.


Father Tristan’s fantasy

He didn’t have to travel far. In front of him, he saw, what appeared to be, an obscene idol. Made out of burnt wooden carvings and the remains of human and animal sacrifices; the idol was a depiction of pure evil … a skull-faced horned demon with both the breasts of a woman and the enormous phallus of a man. A Baphomet. A twin-sexed devil, be it a crude and savage version.

The young boys from Father Tristan’s entourage were all there. Their faces showed their fear. They had all been stripped completely naked. Each was tied with their arms and legs stretched out; like human x’s as they all faced the evil effigy.

“Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dugger-dugger-dum!”

The Pahu temple drummers danced completely naked around their terrified young captives — their nigger penises fully erect as their hands slammed out their throbbing tribal beat against the drum surface made from stretched gut from human sacrifices — their edges decorated in human teeth.

There was a loose gathering of what looked like long-haired young males and small-breasted females that all knelt in a crude circle around their captives, praying and chanting to their evil cave demon god. But as the priest got closer, he could clearly see that the bone-painted niggers were all — masturbating their erect cocks — they were a tribe without females. Only males and shemales. The priest tried desperately to ignore his own cock, which throbbed inside his tight pants with homosexual delight and ached to be stroked to the throbbing beat.


The beat paused for only a brief moment — as a fierce-looking figure entered the tight circle — as the beat began again, he too joined the primitive dance.

The newcomer’s face was obscured in a menacing headdress with blackened animal horns and crude slits for eye holes. This was their all-powerful witch doctor. No doubt, a figure of mystic and significant black magick power. Around the witch doctor’s neck jingled a necklace of freshly severed penises — trophies of recent rituals — his own groin covered in a pointed curved animal horn that protruded outwards as he shook his skull-headed witch spear and joined the dancing throng.

Father Tristan starred. There was something about the witch doctor that completely enthralled the priest — he was Father Tristan’s antithesis — a priest of evil, of wickedness, of profane homosexuality — yet, when the moment came, and the witch doctor removed his mask … Father Tristan recognized him immediately … he audibly gasped as he realised… it was himself … he was the evil witch doctor.


A bizarre interchange immediately began from voyeur to participant — In the blink of an eye — His eyes saw through the eyes of the evil witch doctor. From priest of the Abrahamic God to priest of the immoral cave demons!

The witch doctor’s flock of depraved cannibalistic followers furiously masturbating to the throbbing Pahu beat that urged the White Devil to begin the rape ritual — to sodomize the first of the young boys — offering sacrifice to their phallic death deity of semen, ass juice, and blood.


The White Devil slowly removed the curved animal horn. Its hollow interior concealed his aching erection. Now the White Devil’s cock was free. It pulsed and throbbed with evil desire. The White Devil looked up and caught sight of another voyeur — it was Dr. Roarke — who watched him intensely. The White Devil took a firm hold of his eager white meat — and began stroking himself to the same crazy rhythm.

The frenzied sex dance continued — even wilder than before — their dance broke as each of his evil followers knelt before their White Devil, taking turns to feast upon his fat white cock, testicles, and anus, before returning to their feverish dance.

As they pleasured him, he thought about the fact that all the while it had been him — he was the White Devil — that he’s seen in the obscene DVDs. The tribalist. The rapist. The murderer. The Cannibal. How could he have not known that it was him? He’d been masturbating while watching the DVDs of himself there, praying before the primitives’ phallic idol; partaking in their sin; their homosexual ritual of masturbation dancing and oral copulation; drinking urine and semen in unholy cock worship; raping the preteen boys violently; then cutting off their genitals; and soaking himself in their virgin blood.


As his worshipers pressed their open mouths to the White Devil’s excited genitals, he could feel the edges of their sharpened teeth, as they each, eagerly sucked and licked in worship of his unholy sex organ. The White Devil’s precum flowed like a river from the tip of his engorged demonic cock …. Yes … the White Devil was hungry for worship … hungry for man-boy sex … hungry for sodomy … hungry for rape … and hungry for the unforgettable taste of human flesh.


Margot’s fantasy

The transformation of the succubus was now complete. The Hall of Whores was also transformed into a tempest of copulation. Margot’s senses were overwhelmed by the strong concentration of the smell of vaginal juices, semen, urine, and other human sexual secretions — as if they pooled upon the carpeted ground and dripped down the walls and from the ceiling above.

“In Phantasy Island, there are many Gods and Goddesses,” groaned Hoku, “But, there is only one True God. And She is the devil incarnate. Come let us both worship Her. It is your time to offer yourself to Her. Offer your soul to the succubus and all your most depraved fantasies will be possible …”

Margot gasped out of breath — it was unthinkable … inconceivable … impossible?

She both trembled with fear and unnatural lust. Her heart beat fast in her chest as her smallish breasts rose and fell with her excited, but labored panting. For all her education and studies, nothing could have prepared her for this moment … a moment when she realized that she could no longer deny her baser instincts — she wanted to serve this demon — to get down on her hands and knees — in pure adoration.

Margot fell to her knees before the succubus. The succubus grinned at her and indicated that Margot should turn around. She did the succubus’ bidding and pressed her ass upwards towards the succubus’ cock, which pointed towards her as it drooled with long viscous strands of mucilaginous fluids.

Margot could think of nothing other than to have the succubus violate her with its huge fuck-stick; to have it plunge into Margot’s hungry holes.

“Margot … I anoint you,” said the succubus in her distinctive British accent.

Margot looked back over her shoulder as the succubus pressed her thick cock against Margot’s rear. “I anoint you … as one of our own … to serve in lust … and in depravity for now and always … on earth as it is in hell!”

Hoku moved in front of Margot and knelt down. She held a tiny young boy in front of her. His erect boy cock resembled a pale hot dog. She pressed his small body forward so that his cock was right in Margot’s face. Hoku turned his head towards her and kissed the boy’s open mouth; exploring it with her long viper-like tongue. As she held him firmly against her lap, Margot lent forward, just as the succubus pressed the tip of her cock into Margot’s impatient cunt hole, lubricating its thickness with the woman’s drenched fuck hole.

“Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh …” groaned Margot as she spontaneously orgasmed, taking the impossible girth of succubus’s cock as she started to penetrate her.

“It is your calling! To be one with God, Margot … ” replied the evil succubus as she began to fuck Margot deeper and deeper.


Samantha’s fantasy

Samantha felt her stomach bloat obscenely. She lifted her listless head. She felt so exhausted from the constant flow of demonic orgasms. One after the other. Over and over. Cumming and cumming. Samantha licked her filthy lips and couldn’t ignore that erotic taste of the acrid filth around her mouth.

The two shit demons no longer looked wholly female — little Lori and Kai still had the body and the face of the innocent-looking twins — but now each had hard, adult-sized cocks, sticking out from where their teeny-weeny little vaginas had once been.

They had both taken turns in fucking Samantha’s drooling cunt hole that seemed to only want more of their obscene sex organs as they ejaculated inside her over and over. She felt bloated on their potent seed. Evil Semen, who even now, seemed to be doing unspeakable things inside of her.

“AAaarghhhhh … FUCK GOD! FUCK JESUS!” moaned Samantha in blasphemous bliss.

The shit demon that looked something like Lori bucked and ejaculated again as both she and her twin sister, Kai, greedily sucked upon Samantha’s milk-laden breasts. The shit demon pulled her cock out and replaced it with her hand — folding her thumb and sliding her entire child-sized hand inside Samantha’s quaking cunt. The smell of demon semen, piss, and feces was overwhelming.

“Look,” said Lori with milk running down her chin, “Mommy gonna have a baby soon!”

Samantha lifted her head from the heavily stained bed clothing. Looking over her shit-coated chest, she could see that her stomach looked large and ripe — the thin skin stretched translucently — as if she were more than nine months pregnant.

But was this an impossibility?

Yes, it was true that she may have fantasized about being pregnant once, but never like this.

‘Aaarghhhhhhhhh … Jesus-fucking-Christ … FUCCCCCCK …”

Another orgasm rippled through her body as the shit demons continuously teased her pulpy clitoris and punch-fucked her slimy cunt hole, while still suckling upon her milky teats.

“Fuck yer,” replied Kai, “It’s coming soon. Mommy’s little baby. And when it does … we’re gonna get to eat it!”




“Nightmare and dream both are not real, but I do always love my nightmare; because it offers me gratitude.” — M.F. Moonzajer — “Give them pleasure – the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.” — Alfred Hitchcock — “What’s a joy to one; is a nightmare to the other.” — Bertolt Brecht

Hilary’s fantasy

Hilary felt a strange tingling sensation, like something hot and cold both at the same time, when she touched the surface of the magical mirror.

“Enter, if you dare,” taunted the feminine voice within the mirror, “Come to me … and we will fulfill your third wish.”

The young horny Hilary looked back at the dark cave. It was empty. With a deep breath (as if to be submerged) she boldly stepped into the mirror’s realm. The cave had vanished. The mirror vanished. There was a sensation much like a whirlwind of steam and heat. And then she found herself on the other side. The mirror’s realm.

Hilary found herself still naked and incredibly horny. She was still next to the subterranean river, but like Hilary, it had also been transformed into a hot and fiery place. Orange, red, and crimson. Naked fires burned intermittently across the water’s oily black surface. The smell of sourness, sulfur, and burnt offerings filled the acrid wind … the muffled sounds of screams, moans, and other indistinct sounds echoed against the charcoal walls of the vast caves. To most it was more of a nightmare than a fantasy … but not to Hilary.

“Hail lust,” said the enticing voice from within the mirror.

Hilary immediately knelt on the warm black sand in front of her goddess. The voice was now familiar, as was, the facial features that inspired Hilary’s dark lust ever since she had arrived on Phantasy Island. Before her, stood the androgynous figure of Dr. Ursula Roarke. Not the female version that had brought her to this strange yet wonderful underground world, but a demonically transformed version … standing wide-legged and naked, her succubus cock was erect and hard and dripping with copious amounts of slime seminal fluids … her skin was completely red, a flick of a tail, and upon her crown she sported two identical horns. Hilary admired the sexual demon. The succubus and the incubus — together.

“Am I dead?” asked Hilary.

”Far from it,” said Ursula, “But you are in the realm of Lilith. Hell — as most know it.”

More screeches echoed as dark-winged creatures leaped upwards, flapping their reptile wings, as they raised upwards into the rock cave sky and flew in the infernal heat of Dante’s dream.

“It was always my wish … strange I know,” said Hilary.

“Yes … Your wish was so unusual … I had to be here myself,” said Ursula.

“Better to rule in Hell than be a servant in Heaven …”

“Yes … Come with me … Lilith awaits … there’s much evil and wickedness to be done.”


Father Tristan’s fantasy


The Pahu drums pounded in the witch doctor’s ears. The strange rhythm matched the pounding of his heartbeat. He grabbed the lower back of the boy who was to be the first of their human sacrifices. His cannibal brothers (and sisters) danced crazily around them as their rhythm gained momentum and they pressed closer and closer to both their witch doctor and the bound young boy.

The insistent hands of the skeletal-painted natives grabbed, pulled, and stroked both him and the resistant boy. Their eager fingers pulled at the boy’s nipples and molested his exposed genitals — rubbing and groping at his flaccid little cock. The boy tried to resist by twisting and turning against his restraints, but all to no avail.

The evil witch doctor’s hips thrust back and forth at the same crazy pace as the Pahu drums. He gripped the slender hips of the squirming young boy firmly; as he first thrust himself against the boy’s backside; and then as he frotted hard between the furrow of the boy’s anus. His sheboi-nigger followers did the same, frotting against the boy’s front — rubbing their long black shecocks over him.


The young one cried out in desperation, but that only seemed to excite the evil horde further. The evil witch doctor pressed his fat white cock against the young boy’s oiled anus. All eyes were on him as cannibal hands and cocks rubbed against the pair of them — urging the sodomy to begin!

This was the moment that Father Tristan was supposed to step in and save the young boy from gang rape by these cannibalistic savages … but Father Tristan was no more. Was he still lost in the maze of tunnels? Should he have turned back to get help? Was he to offer prayers to his Abrahamic God? … No. Father Tristan was no more. His private little evil fantasy was never actually to save anyone. No. He wanted to stick his fat white cock in the tight anus of a young boy … to blasphemously and painfully sodomize his unwilling victim before the graven image of a phallic twin-sexed demon!

“Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dugger-dugger-dum!”

The witch doctor slammed his pelvis forward against his young victim, ramming his long thick cock sharply up the bowels of the tiny boy. The boy screamed in pure agony, only stiffening for a moment as he was simply too fatigued to resist any further.

The masturbating audience became even more animated as they took this as the sign they had all been waiting for. The cannibals all surrounded the other bound boys and similarly pounced upon them. They even fought among themselves to be first the to start the rape ritual. As the raping began, so did the screams … screams that blended with the pulsing nigger Pahu drums like a demonic chorus from hell itself.

“Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dum! … Dum-dugger-dugger-dugger-dugger-dum!”

The witch doctor gripped the boy’s young hips sadistically as he felt the rush of his sodomistic orgasm build. With every thrust, his deviant pleasure built stronger and stronger. He would fuck each and every one of them, and then the all-night-long-orgy of nigger sex would cumulative in their slaughter and then the feasting upon human flesh.

“Aaarghhhhhhhh …” groaned the witch doctor as his groin slammed harder and harder as the witch doctor neared his moment of emancipation.


Margot’s fantasy

The succubus didn’t fuck Margot for very long. As it seemed that the succubus had something else in mind. She pulled her long fleshy fuck-stick out of Margot’s dripped cunt and pressed the bulbous head of her phallus against Margot’s greasy anus. It was to be anointment by sodomy. The sex of demons.

Margot’s mouth closed around the young boy’s tiny weiner, taking his entire cock and his balls, into her hungry whorish mouth. She sucked it hard (almost tempted to bite down on it as the pain and pleasure intermingled as the succubus cock drove upwards deeper into her filthy bowels.

“Oh my fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkking gawd!” Margot bellowed.

“Oh YES …” cried the triumphant succubus.

With sodomistic delight, the succubus finally pressed her hips against Margot’s backside. Her shemale cock was driven to the depths of her woman’s guts — churning her excrement with every thrust.

Margot thought she was losing her mind; as her lustiness raced relentlessly to the beating of the Shamanic strokes; that only got wilder and wilder. She knew that the succubus had ensnared her in Her perverted hunger. Margot found herself swimming in the incessant of their sexual dance. Around her was the maelstrom of contorted faces, elongated tongues, open mouths, heaving breasts, open vaginas, erect penises, oversized clitorises — all intermingled; all gyrating; all fucking; all sucking; all frotting; all masturbating — their sweating bodies meshing together; entangling her in a vortex of wicked flesh. Their intoxicating fragrant embraced her … she began to orgasm over and over … and with every successive wave of multiple orgasms, she became absorbed into the maelstroms … a glistening swarm, no longer female, no longer male … she was the priestess of Agdistis, the goat goddess that possesses both male and female sexual organs. Her scared androgyny was symbolic of her wild and uncontrollable nature.


William’s fantasy

Without any true explanation, it seemed that William’s eyesight sharpened in the silvery moonlight. What before had been nothing but blurs and dark smudges in the night, became crystal clear. It was like watching a black-and-white film as he tuned into the sights and sounds of his wife being violently raped by she-demons. They were clearly not human and their endowment, strength, and virility were no match for anyone male or female.

His effeminate assailants continued to pleasure him while he took everything in … every detail … every smell … every sound … even the taste of it.

“That’s it, sissy … agh … fuck yer, your sweet little ass is so tight …” groaned his faggot assailant, whose teen cock was pressed upwards, as deep as it could reach into William’s filthy bowels; while the other girlie boy could groaning vibrated around the girth of William’s small faggot cock. Sandwiched between his assailants, William jerked back, pressing against the cock behind him, and then rocked forward into the suckling mouth in front of him.

Louise no longer fought back, her shattered body bent at impossible angles, her limbs hung limply and simply jerked back and forth with each and every thrust of the black shemale demons. Her little fat tits danced to the rhythm of her demon rapist’s thrusts. Her mouth was stretched to disfigurement. Her mouth was filled with thick cock as it descended down into the depths of her throat, choking her out, as her eyes rolled back into her head. Her hinds lifted and fell as the two rapists that penetrated her torn and battered cunt and her bloody rectum; kept pounding into her corpse over and over. As one ejaculated cock another took its place.

William could only gasp with perverted delight.

It had been the most thrilling sight that he’d ever witnessed — seeing the nigger transsexuals fucking his loathed wife to death — it had been even better than he’d ever imagined in his twisted-fucked-up-mind. His body stiffened as his gay assailant ejaculated, his femboi cum flooded deeply into William’s oily bowels. His prostate pulsated at the brink of orgasm. It too sent William over the edge as he began to jerk uncontrollably. His hands grabbed for purchase upon the shoulders of his petite assailant for support as he too pumped his slimy baby juice into the eager mouth of the effeminate male that knelt before him.

“Aaaafgdfhhhhhhhhh …” he groaned.

It was as if he was letting out years of pent-up sexual rage. His orgasm was long and hard — much longer than he’d ever experienced before — rope after rope of gooey cum pumped from his primed balls into the mouth and over the face of his sissy lover. Semen ran down the back of his legs, as the effeminate cock that had filled his anus, finally slid out. William stood shaking. He was naked and raw. The shock waves of his extreme orgasm left him panting, and out of breath … every fiber of his body felt limp from the perverted pleasure.

The she-demons had gone. Disappeared into the night.

What remained was his wife’s torn figure. It lay, where the she-demons had raped her in the dirt. Her plump white body was covered in semen … all twisted up and battered …. Louise was almost unrecognizable. William stood over her remains.

“Sorry you didn’t get the fucking baby you wanted,” he laughed and began to urinate over her body.

He guided his yellow piss stream over her motionless face. Pissing into her open eyes. He laughed as he tried to fill her mouth with his sour-smelling urine. The two dark-skinned fembois joined him.

“Don’t waste your delicious piss on her … I want it!”


Hilary’s fantasy

Hilary Rowling knew what Dr. Ursula Roarke was going to say. So she said it first.

“I cannot leave? Can I?” she said, “My three wishes will not work elsewhere.”

“You’re right. They won’t.”

Hilary felt horny again. Her cunt was so itchy. Her sexual appetite seemed to never dull. Even, as she talked, her cunt dripped with salaciousness.

“Phantasy Island keeps the fantasy alive,” continued Dr. Roarke, “Here, as you know by now, anything is possible. All you have experienced — all the evil pleasures you have enjoyed … Once you leave, you will return to your former self. But that is your choice. Stay here. Be forever young and sensual. The mirror may allow you to return to the realm of Hell and serve Lilith whenever you wish. How often do you wish? You’re a demon whore. You’re the personification of evil. And you’re exactly who you want to be. Now, I will have many new guests for you to corrupt, seduce and drag into the torturous depths of your fiery Hell … exact their souls … punish them for an eternity …”

“And I’d be one of Lilith’s whores for as long as I stay.”

“Is that so bad?”

Hilary laughed, “No. It’s perfect!”


Samantha’s fantasy

Samantha had found suitable clothing for the twins inside her room. It was as if they were to remain with her for the duration intentionally. The intensity of her sexual enjoyment of the two young girls and the depraved of their need for piss and scat sex seemed contradictory to her desire to mother them.

It was breakfast at the lodge, and the girls were busying themselves, stuffing their faces and filling their guts with cold cuts and breakfast sausages.

“Morning Samantha,” said Dr. Roarke, “They have taken to you I see.”

Samantha felt flushed in the face. As if everything that had taken place was on full display for Dr. Roarke to see.

“Errr … yes, they’re lovely girls,” Samantha replied.

“And you would like them to stay with you?” asked Dr. Roarke, as if she already knew the answer.

“Y-y-es … if that’s okay? If it is allowed, I mean?”

Dr. Roarke saw Samantha’s eager awkwardness. She leaned forward so that only Samantha could hear.

”This is Phantasy Island, my dear … everything is allowed. But, after breakfast, you must bring the girls to The Hall on the third floor. It is my private space. A few of my favorite guests are getting together — there will be more young children there for you to meet — maybe you can try some young boy cock? — and of course lots more dirty toilet sex. Look how the girls are eagerly filling their bladders and their bowels for you Samantha. It’s going to be a magnificent feast.”

Samantha nodded. She thought about the doctor’s words, “This is Phantasy Island, my dear … everything is allowed …” Yes, she would certainly look forward to the doctor’s private feast. Lesbian pedophilia provided an undeniable pleasure that she fully intended to follow upon her return home. Her position of power over the countless orphans would provide more than ample opportunity for her to follow her newfound desires. But incest itself … to fuck your own children … to train them from birth to suck and fuck their mother … to eat her caviar and drink her dirty champagne … that was something she could not wait to try … her two make-believe daughters, Kai and Loni, had opened Pandora’s box. She would become pregnant immediately; have children of her own, and couldn’t wait to sexualize them for her own pleasure.

Dr. Roarke had told her about a group of women that had each been to Phantasy Island. They met regularly — bringing their own daughters into a coven of lesbian pedophilia, scat, and witchcraft — but that is another story.


Margot’s fantasy

It was breakfast time at the Lodge. Margot saw Samantha with two twin girls. Local girls with flawless copper brown skin. They looked like they could be twins. Margot thought they were beautiful little children. Looking at them made Margot’s cunt leak with pedophilic desire.

“Margot,” said the young and beautiful, Hoku, “Will you be joining us later on in The Hall? I know it is your last day with us on Phantasy Island and Dr. Roarke wanted us to make it a memorable one for you.”

“Will Samantha and the young ones be joining us too?” she asked.

”I believe so. Kai and Loni are both looking forward to meeting you too.”


William’s fantasy

William was dressed conservatively for the journey home. The seaplane waited at the end of the wooden jetty at the Southern Anchorage.

Even in the relatively short time that had passed, the death of Willian’s wife seemed like a distant memory — especially after all the perverted sex he’d indulged in for the past week. As Dr. Roarke had promised, his bed had stunk of piss, semen, and sweat of a dozen or more effeminate lovers that had visited him every night since the rape and murder of his estranged wife.

There would be no baby for her.

It seemed that Dr. Roarke had taken care of all the necessary details. Death by misadventure had been the officially stated cause of death. Swept out to sea in a strong current. At this time of the year, the monsoon riptides were so dangerous. A silent killer, in fact. And though seaplanes had searched the entire area, her body had never been recovered. A tragedy. Condolences were given to her immediate family. And William would soon have to return home, alone.

They would have a funeral without a body. No fault would be placed on Phantasy Island as every contestant signed a waiver.

“Dr. Roarke, I must thank you and your staff for all that you have done,” said William.

“Your secrets are safe here,” replied Dr. Roarke, “And should you feel the need to return to Phantasy Island, Tattoo will make all the arrangements for future visitations. Just remember it might be too conspicuous to lose another bride.”

”Yes. I figured that.”

William boarded the seaplane as the crew readied it for the return journey. Phantasy Island had lived up to everything he’d wanted … though he’d never dared to ask.


Father Tristan’s fantasy

Tattoo packed up Father Tristan’s bags and the room was reset for the next guest. He wouldn’t be needing his priestly gowns nor his Bible nor his rosary or crucifix. For Tattoo, this was not anything unusual. Many guests arrived and some stayed a while. Some stayed longer. Some guests never left the shores of Phantasy Island. Father Tristan was one of the latter. Tattoo remembered to carefully pack away the perverted DVDs that had been provided by Dr. Roarke to the wayward priest — to inspire his evil fantasy — and to push it to its natural conclusion. Now the priest worshiped a different god and the cave demons would be well served.

Tattoo, himself, had found his place on Phantasy Island in the service of the incorrigible Dr. Ursula Roarke. To be consumed by one’s own desires. Such was his own fate. But that’s a whole new story for another day.




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